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Shipwrecks that changed the world

How strange it is, the way shipwrecks have played such major roles in scullduggery and fraud in our time?

  • USS Maine was sunk in the harbour of Havanna to start the Spanish-American War.
  • Lusitania was sunk to bring USA into World War 1. Winston Churchill knew all it about beforehand. The glorification of this sinister figure as a sort of national hero is one of the dark-hole-dead-angles of anglo-saxon peoples grip on World History.
  • We will dig into below how The Ulympic was sunk under the name The Titanic for a whole bunch of reasons. Like the Twin Towers it was a a piece for insurance fraud.
  • The US Pacific fleet – or a worn out and dispensable part of it – was sunk in Pearl Harbor to bring USA into World War 2. The Japanese did it, but the general staff around Roosevelt knew all about it, and they never told the people about it. The planned effect was the same as with Lusitania and WW1 – America entering yet another war, they had no part of.
  • USS Maddox was sunk in the Bay of Tonkin to start the Vietnam War. And may we add to this piece of fraud: this war had very little to do with fighting communism but everything to do with opium/heroin and CIA just like the later occupation of Afghanistan – and just like the CIA operations in Central- and South America for the sake of cocaine.
  • USS Liberty was attacked in the Mediterranian north of Egypt by the Israelians in an attempt to start a nuclear war on Egypt claiming, that the Egyptians had done it. It was revealed by the very pilots that were ordered to attack and didn’t believe their own ears, since they knew it was a US Navy ship – and the provoked nuclear response was stopped.
  • We will also dig into below how passenger ferry MS Estonia was sunk as part of a military operation in the last days of the Cold War – and fuck 852 civilian passengers!
  • Some readers will remember a shipwreck in Skagerak, the strait between Norway and Denmark, MS Scandinavian Star? The case has a foul stench of non-solved – meaning sabotaged insurance fraud.
  • A couple of years ago shots were fired at Japanese trade ships in the Persian Gulf when Japanese diplomats were visiting the Iranian government. Although this was a minor incident compared to others, it is an example among many of how ships getting lost at sea play a dirty geopolitical role.

The Titanic – The Ship that Never Sank

We were told, The Titanic sank April 15, 1912 at 02:20 hours.

1500 people perished into the dark, icy waves, there can be no doubt about it. But did an ocean liner by the name The Titanic sink due to an accidental collision with an iceberg? That’s another story. The following report is a highly qualified reconstruction based on comprehensive investigation of all available material made by British investigative journalists. The story is a little different than the one in the history books. 

Three giant passenger ships were build at Harland & Wolff in Belfast for The White Star Line financed by JP Morgan’s for the commercial fleet of this famous – some would say infamous – finance-business mogul. They were called The Titanic, The Olympic and The Britanic and was a combination of American big business and British shipping industry.

In the beginning of the last century most ships were designed to operate for poor emigrants and was in poor condition. They went under the name ‘coffin ships’. It was common knowledge that there was widespread insurance fraud and forgery in the industry.

In 1911, The Olympic sailed its maiden voyage under Captain Smith, and was upon arrival in New York involved in a collision that almost caused it to sink. Three months later Captain Smith collided the ship again with a British warship, HMS Hawk, in Southhampton port. The warship was simply sucked into the Olympics huge wake and rammed into its side. In the Navy records it says – not surprisingly – that it was Olympics fault. Testimony confirmed it, and the owners had to put up paying. The Olympic was seriously damaged in the front left side. Even its keel underneath was bent. The British fleet do have solid warships.

As the ship, which was known as The Titanic, six months later made its maiden voyage starting from Southampton, the ship had a peculiar tendency to gravitate toward her left side. Several surviving passengers had noticed it. The same was indeed the case with the The Olympic since it after a scanty repair in Southhampton sailed to Belfast to be finalized.

The Titanic was there when The Olympic arrived. The work was stopped to stake everything on the repair. The screw was moved from the Titanic to the Olympic due to an injury after repair and exit from New York. These two ships were sister ships and almost completely identical. However, there are small but significant differences shown by pictures taken of them side by side at the dry dock in Belfast. The Olympic had 16 port holes in the rear. The Titanic had only 14. The Olympic had uneven windows on deck, The Titanic had evenly spaced windows.

In March 1912 they lay side by side for the last time. Here the decision was made to swap them around. It was Lord Perry, who was chairman of the company, The White Star, who probably conceived the idea. The alternative was bankruptcy because of the huge costs associated with the two shipwrecks. 

Those were the times before the first World War. There were no press people who sniffed around, photography was in its infancy and people believed generally on what you told them. The harbor was huge and full of activity, and no one would notice anything. It was easy to swap. You just changed the name tags on the sides, the head of the menu in the restaurant and the signs on the rescue belts. And they laid the carpet on top of the linoleum that was unique for The Olympic. Everything else interior, that is the equipment and the plates-cups-forks-knives, you name it, were standard for all ships of the White Star Line. It could be done by a small working group on a weekend, selected, bribed or threatened to shut up. Back then you separated to orders and did not ask on critical issues.

Captain Smith had one of the worst career records. He had damaged the entire three large ships before The Olympic: The Romanic, The Republic and The Koptic. There had also been a fire at The Majestic, however, he denied knowledge. The company had a serious squeeze on this incompetent captain. They told him that the ship would be exposed to calamities and sink, but that there would be a ship, The Californian, right near to rescue the passengers and that they had already arranged it with the captain. Captain Smith agreed on the terms that he could select his own crew.  

A rather peculiar thing is, that several machinists refused to be hired to work below deck at The Titanic’s maiden voyage. This is contradictory to the coal strike and unemployment, and they would desperately need a hire. Why did they refuse, and what had they seen or heard? They preferred to wait until they were shipped out on another ship. Another sailor wrote just before departure in a letter to his sister that he ‘did not like this ship’. He had sailed with The Olympic. Did he recognize significant details from the interior?
When the Titanic sailed, the ship was not fully loaded at all. Lots of first-class cabins were empty. Why did the already financially strapped shipping business middle of a coal strike where coal fuel was scarce not to fill up the ship? In a similar manner Captain Lord of The Californian sailed away five days before with the cargo full of coal and woolen sweaters – but without passengers!

About 50 passengers, mostly first class, canceled their trip at the last minute. Many of them were business associates of banking mogul JP Morgan, who had originally financed the ships. Morgan himself should have been traveling as passenger, but canceled the trip at the last minute, even though he had the ship’s ultimate luxury suite. He was sick, he said. A few days after it sank, a reporter spotted him in brilliant form in Aix-les-Bains in France – with his mistress. He had also ordered a collection of precious bronze statues removed from the ship before it sailed. They would simply have been moved to New York, and this could hardly have been a coincidence. So there was another reason.

Sailors are generally very nervous about one particular thing: fire on board. Nonetheless hortly after departure a fire broke out in the pile of coal at section 10 in the bottom of the ship. The captain knew all about it, but the crew was ordered to throw more coal on top of the section, while trying to keep the fire under control. Could this controlled fire have been a Plan B?
The Californian sailed in haste to set sail for Boston, but stopped suddenly on April 4th in the middle of an area full of icebergs. Captain Lord insisted on sleeping with all his clothes on a couch on the bridge. He also ordered the boilers heated and engines on standby. What did he expect?

Captain Smith on The Titanic took a different route than normal. He received the radio signals coming from The Californian, who told me that this was standby, AND where ice field found himself – which he steered his ship directly into it.

It was quite normal to sail full speed through areas with icebergs. Any iceberg that was large enough to damage an Atlantic cruiser, would be seen in ample time to avoid. So actually the captain did not do anything unusual except that he took a detour. And also he chose to rest fully clothed in a room behind the bridge. He expected to be called to the bridge at any time?

An officer stood on the right side of the bridge when he saw the iceberg about one kilometer ahead. Instead of steering away at full speed as usual – full speed and control provides full turn – he struck his machine in reverse, which disabled the ship’s steering ability and increased the risk of collision dramatically. This he had to have known as a fully fledged officer licensed to drive an ocean liner.

The passengers felt a disturbance in the ship, but it was indistinguishable from the sound and feel of the machine and screw on the reverse. When the ship hit the iceberg, it was not perceived as other than the sound and vibration of a slowdown. The iceberg had driven away before it became clear that the ship was damaged. Some passengers came out of their cabins, as the machines were stopped. In the first 40 minutes there was nothing to report. The ship would be unable to sink, passengers had been told, so no one was worried about it. The part we all know as the official version. But the crew in the circle around the captain behaved very laid-back. They even knew that there was a fire in the huge pile of coal no. 10. They cannot have been unaware. They knew, in other words probably what was about to happen. But they knew that they would be rescued. They then spent 45 minutes on doing nothing, then nonchalantly started the usual emergency procedures: pumps, radio signals, lifeboats, and so on. It took an hour and 25 minutes before the first distress rocket was sent up!

Only six crew members were on duty when the ship hit the iceberg. Two of them drowned. Two survived, one of which saw nothing, and the other was hastily transferred to a post in Cape Town as far as possible from the first maritime inquiry in New York. Only two were able to be called by this interrogation. One was extremely nervous and defensive. Had he received any specific instructions or threats before? He repeated again and again: ‘I did not see it, I did not see it, I did not hear …’.

The Titanic had, as you know received radio signals from The Californian with returns of position. But from his browser he obtained a completely different position about 12 miles from the correct position. The captain could see a ship on the horizon, but it was a completely different ship. Captain Smith could have sailed his ship there, but instead he turned off the machine. He figured that it was The Californian, and it would come to him? Did he believe that it all went according to the agreed plan? He was as described above not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

On The Californian they saw the flares. Captain Lord asked repeatedly his crew what color the rockets had, and the answer was always: only white rockets. Did he expectt red or blue rockets? In between The Californian and The Titanic was a fourth ship, The Samson, who performed illegal fishing with small boats in the water. They used white low-flying rockets so they could see each other in the boats. The captain told several months later that he had seen flares from a larger ship, but that he had not sailed over there due to his illegal activities.

One of the survivors of The Titanic, Edith Russell, reported that the officers told them that they should not worry, for The Californian would come back and pick them up if they did not come back from lunch. They even sent half full lifeboats off. How could these naval officers be assured that it was The Californian, they saw on the horizon? They figured that it would come immediately and save them? But it was the wrong ship fore The Californian was 19 mil away awaiting colored rockets that due to the distance never were seen.

At one time it must have become clear to Captain Smith on The Titanic, that the planned rescue did not arrive. They began filling the lifeboats, and the passengers were about to panic.

The other surviving officer, Lightholler, made maritime inquiry full of contradictions. He was in his cabin, he said, but he gave all sorts of information that he could not have gotten there. He had both seen it all and not seen anything. He lied then about the number of warnings that had arrived about the iceberg as if it had almost come out of thin air. He also claimed that he had spent half an hour in the water before he was picked up. This is not physically possible if the water is below freezing and the water surface only ice-free due to the currrent. A human being can survive only 3-4 minutes there. Such an explanation would today be peeled apart, but the questioning referee had no alternative but to take to his head.

When Captain Lord of The Californian was aware that The Titanic was over there, he started at full speed but too late. The ship had already sunk and a ship called The Carpatia had arrived and was about to pick up the survivors.

When the surviving crew members, who had not been on dyty, arrived at Southhampton April 29th, 1912, they counted on getting to return to their families But they were detained for 48 hours and forced to sign various papers. They were told that there would leak information about scams and insurance fraud, they would be thrown in jail for 20 years without a job to get out to afterwards. The officers returned to The Adriatic and had plenty of time on the way to reconcile their statements for the upcoming British maritime inquiry.

Then started the chapter of the British government’s connivance and complicity. It is inconceivable that a fraud of these dimensions may have taken place without the core people in the government having knowledge and giving their approval. Whether this approval then was voluntary and wholehearted is probably a question. The British government could not afford a huge shipyard in Belfast being forced to close and render 20,000 people unemployed. The opposition would gain speed, and the government would lose the next election. Prime Minister Lord Asquith was made painfully aware of the situation and strongly reminded, that JP Morgan had agreed to British use of his merchant fleet in times of war – if need be. Remember the year 1912! If the Company The White Star Line went bankrupt, it would be JP Morgan, who stood as a general creditor. England would lose disposal over all this substantial fleet.

The Prime Minister with all likelihood took his decision with great distaste and contempt for the fact, that greedy and cynical bankers like JP Morgan – and here we are talking about the all-time most powerful and most cynical rogue in the industry – could dictate to governments what they should do. It was decided to bring a Lord Mercy on the field to carry out investigations and interrogations. This was a shrewd person with a special experience for the type of cover-ups that were needed to put a lid on events like these and make sure that the hearing was obstructed and historiography falsified in the same manner as the foul play already done.

The hearings were held in a room with an impossible acoustics, so that the audience had trouble hearing what was said. The person who represented the yard, said The Olympic instead of The Titanic. Lord Mercy ‘failed’ to ask about all relevant issues that could have uncovered the fraud, and the press was more interested in the scandal with a naval officer, Bruce Ismay, who should have been on board the ship but was stuck on one of the first lifeboats. Experienced sailors could tell that even on a moonless night there would be no difficulty in spotting an iceberg 5-6 kilometers way, but it was not put on the record nor did it form the basis for conclusions.

The whole scenario was a staged white washing. Captain Smith was no longer alive and could not tell about the dirty deal that was signed let alone defend himself. The officers were not held responsible, the ship’s construction was made responsible. No one had a responsibility! Except Captain Lord, who was standing alone. Lord Mercy manipulated his statements and accused him of not rescuing The Titanic. Captain Lord chose not to defend himself as he, after all, had been part of the scam. With the attention to Captain Lord hereby given, he drew attention away from all other sensitive topics. 

Hereafter the insurance fraud itself. The real Titanic could be insured for the full amount at that $ 10 million. The Olympic could not have been insured for anything close to the same due to its extensive damage. Here alone, there was a motive for the swap. In the days before the sinking the insurance premium for The Titanic was even raised significantly and Lloyds of London paid subsequently $ 12.5 million. 

What about the wreck that has lain 3/4 century at the bottom of The Atlantic (probing took place already in the 80s)? The black paint has fallen off in most of the ship, but it is still possible to see areas of the original gray primer. Moreover, it was only at The Olympic that was used gray primer. Photos of the screw shows the number ..01 plunger. The original screw on The Titanic had number 401, but remember that the screw was replaced in Belfast, so this is the original screw from The Titanic, which should have been at The Olympic. Remote-controlled submarines also shows constructions of the hull that is not original. It corresponds closely to the repairs and reinforcements that were deployed after the two shipwrecks.

And then there’s the name. In 1986 the French Oceanographic Institute and Dr. Robert Ballard studied the hull where the original letters of iron were encapsulated and painted over. The place is corroded by rust, and the letters are dropped out, leaving a hole corresponding to the shape. It is the letters …M P..

  • The Titanic is the first ship in living memory, which is sunk by collision with an iceberg.
  • Captain Lord tried before his death in 1962 several times to reopen the case to clear his name, but without success.
  • Lord Mercy was summoned to lead the investigation on the Lusitania sinking – the British-American hoax and cover-up that brought America into WW2.
  • The mate who first spotted the iceberg, committed suicide in 1965
  • Bruce Ismay left the company 12 months after the sinking. All people around him were strictly forbidden from ever mentioning The sinking of the Titanic

The original Titanic sailed for 25 years under the name The Olympic. It was used by the British Government for troop transport in World War 2.


It is recommended to see one of several excellent British documentaries, based on the above referenced investigation of this piece of mythology from the last century, that most people only know from a romantic movie with a young- Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet, and a bad-taste, high-fat pop ballad sung by Celine Dion.

And untimely joking aside, we of course were all taught in primary school about the sinking of the Titanic. History has become iconic. It has been diligently used as an expression of hubris / pride – but on a false premise. It has become symbolic of the downfall we unsuspectingly sail against dancing around on the parquet floor and drinking champagne. It has become the story of the unsinkable ship and the morale of science pride – on a falsem premise. And the narrative fits like a hand in a glove with the mindset of the apocalyptics and the escatologists, if you are into those genres. We are all in the same boat, and doomsday is near. You’d better be scared to death!
But it was in deed a prelude to the great disasters that would come – the two wars, both of them thoroughly based on the very same methods of fraud instigated by the establishment of the very same British Empire.

There may be some truth in mythologies. But behind the myths a true story often hides, which can be even more instructive, although not so slick and beautiful. The truth is not polite.

MF Estonia in Memoriam

MF Estonia sank on the night of September 27th-28th 1994. 852 people died, and 137 people survived.

The main source of the following information is Henning Witte, the German lawyer practicing in Sweden and doing his work and research in connection with a case for nearly 1,000 relatives of those who died at MF Estonia, and during which he discovered that there was something terribly wrong with the case.

 Although the memeory of mainstream audience reading and listening to mainstream news seems to be extremely short these days, you as an intelligent reader may recall, that a treaty was signed between Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark and Great Britain (although it is not a Baltic country?), that the area in international waters where the ship is located, is forbidden ground. It was claimed to be a basic respect for the deceased lying there. This is in stark contrast to the very substance of the case that Henning Witte was hired to lead where the bereaved exactly out of respect for their relatives demanded that their bodies would be brought up so they could get an honorable burial on land.

The Treaty was in force – and still is – only to residents of those nations that have signed it, and also through Swedish military radar surveillance some activity is spottet at the site. Strangely and counter legal is also the fact that some countries have formulated a contract for a site in international waters, where international maritime rules unambiguously confirms that there can not be prevented access. Open Sea is all man’s domain. Also note that the following countries have not signed the Agreement: Germany, Poland, Belarus (Kaliningrad) and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Henning Witte knew from the beginning the available information, that anyone could read and hear in excerpts popularized by the media. It is the story of the defective carriage house that suddenly opened up and flooded the car deck, after which the ship quickly sank. Focus was quickly on targeting the designer of the ship, the Meyer Shipyard of Northern Germany, and if the culprit had to be found, it would, according to mainstream accessible information, be here. Also the French company Beveritas in charge of the ship’s control system was in focus. Moreover, the Swedish Maritime Administration in Nordköping as part of the national solidarity aid, it had done private tasks for the newly detached Estonian State where the ship was registered, in the search lites.

MF Estonia was a passenger ferry, which was en route from Tallinn to Stockholm. It never reached its destination since it ran into certain problems in the middle of the Baltic Sea, where it sank in 45 minutes and disappeared from the sea’s and the earth’s surface. Subsequently, a small storm, and it was said officially that it was due to this, the ship sank – in spite of the inversed chronology.

The weather was nothing like this with 15 meter high waves.
This is part of the cover-up mythology.

A commission was quickly formed a in Estonia for a survey, which was the natural relation, since the ship had its registration here. Furthermore, a commission was formed in Sweden since the dead were mostly Swedes, and also in Finland, as it was the Finns who took care of the survivors.

The Swedes came quickly out with their report. Here the responsibility was smeared onto the German shipyard. It was said to be a combination of poor design and bad weather. All believed the rapport, including the lawyer, Henning Witte, the story of the watergate and the flooding of the the car deck seemed a plausible explanation for the major public – as we all didn’t know anything about ship technology. As Witte began to interview professional naval architects and marine experts, he heard quite a different story than the official.

He was told that the official explanation simply was against the laws of nature. When the officially described incident would occour, there would be 18,000 cubic meters of air trapped in a giant air pocket in the two lower floors called Deck 1 and Deck 0. The ship would be capsized in the surface for several days before it would sink. MF Estonia sank in less then one hour. The only way this would be a serious leak in the level below deck, so the air could slip into the water. The professional experts in shipbuilding was not afraid to state that the Swedish commission report was full of lies.

Then came the interviews with survivors of the shipwreck. Statements were made of sounds of several explosions before the sinking. These statements had been omitted from the commission’s report and by Swedish and Finnish police. For this very reason, these witnesses were rather frightened when they approached Henning Witte. They had also been exposed to some very strange behavior from the special police force who quickly had encased them aboard the Finnish vessel, that picked them up. They were not allowed to have conversations with each other or other and were almost treated like criminals.

The journalist Jutta Rabe, who was employed at the media agency that counts as the most serious written media in Germany, Der Spiegel, contacted 1996 Henning Witte, and told that she had come across quite a few oddities in the case, and that she was contacted by people who had a different story than the official. A new element, arms smuggling, was hereby introduced to the story. A possible root cause for the false explanations / the lies promoted by official sources. Rabe and Witte agreed to combine their research.

One of the testimony came from a Swede sleeping in one of the inexpensive cabins on the lower floors of the ship, below the car deck. He woke up by an explosion that was so powerful that he was thrown to the opposite side of the room. He reported that it felt as if the ship had hit a rock and went aground. When he tried to get away from the place, he saw that there was water coming up from below. The official story told, that the water came from above.

There is in fact official image footage. But there is no official pictures that shows the interesting part of the hull, where there may be metal sticking out – or sticking in – from an explosion. You will see every time when approaching one of the areas where engineers and marine experts will talk about holes and leaks – you will see .. nothing!

The people who made the film, was from Scotland and employed by the company Halliburton Enterprise. The name is invariably a bell to ring. Halliburton is one of the companies that have contracts with the US government when conducting military tasks that the US Army does not want to associate with themselves. Then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney had a top position in the company. Halliburton is one of the contracters in Iraq War. We are talking about one of the key players in the military-industrial complex.

The semi-whistleblowers were only employees of the company contracted to perform a special task. But they told – not knowing that they blew any whistle, but just being honest people – that Swedish police officers were deeply involved in the film shooting, and that they, the employees, at certain key moments received messages from the police to actually stop filming.

Detailed studies of the films revealed for Henning Witte and Jutta Rabe, that Halliburton peoples had made a mistake while editing the film footage taken by divers and a ROV (radio operated vehicle). Firstly, the ramp at the front of the ship was closed where it according to the official history should be left open. Here the water was supposed to have entered. It was found during filming, that you could not get into the ship from the front side, but that one had to enter from the bottom. Then the movies goes dark and you do not see any holes. But suddenly the cameras is inside the hull. The camera has, in other words, entered a place normally completely closed. Although the hole is not shown directly, this is an indirect sign of a hole in the starboard side below the waterline.

Jutta Rabe later took part in an expedition, where filming was made. From the footage here you will see more of the hull around the watergate together with metal pieces pointing outwards. This indicates a large pressure from within and will usually be interpreted as a sure sign of an explosion. Jutta Rabe was able to obtain two bits of metal cut loose and brought home. These pieces were examined by four different technical study institutes, and all found that there must have been an explosion. These studies were only shown at a few occasions, and never in Sweden. BBC also got the material but they just a fun out of it (England was a signatory to the Treaty, although the country was not involved with the incident … or were they?). This very important material was simply suppressed.

These metal debris and explosions are not proof of the shipwreck, but only signs that bovlåsen was blown by a bomb, ie by sabotage or terrorism. It is located at the level of the car deck, and the fatal leaks must be underneath the deck.

It is uncertain whether the supposed leaks in the bottom of the ship was caused by internal or external explosions. Witnesses explained about ‘scraping sounds’ from the side of the ship as if there was a submarine rubbing against the hull. Psychics from Sweden contacted Henning Witte and said they could “see” a submarine, but that they could not see from which nation. That can be taken into account by temperament and worldview – or completely ignored. But you can still have different theories on a combination of internal and external damage.

This was further researched by Jutta Rabe – it was her main job as an investigative journalist (not to be confused with a desktop journalist) – and in the journalistic detective task, she thus took on, she had to at some point relate to possible motives and any responsible actors in a crime, a terrorist act. She had an informant who was a former intelligence agent, Hannelore Marek, who had worked for the Russians, stating that arms smuggling had taken place. It was about special weapons, ‘space weapons’, which the Russians still had a technological edge over the Americans. The Americans either succeded stealing or buying these weapons. It all took place in the period after mid-1994, when the Russians pulled out of the Baltic States, and here some of the most exotic equipment was located.

A connection can be made to the event with the submarine Kursk, the most advanced nuclear submarine, the flagship of advanced submarine technology in Russia, that suddenly sank in August 2000, when it was about to participate in an exercise in the Mediterranean. Kursk not only sank, it was lowered. You may recall that Putin behaved rather strangely, and that the Americans for officially unknown reasons donated a lot of money to the Russians subsequently. Henning Witte had revealed by sources in Swedish intelligence service, that it indeed was the Americans who sank the submarine, for they did not want competition in the field. They were in the process of implementing the New World Order, that just a year later got a boost with 9/11.

Natasha Loginova, wife of Lietenant Commander Sergei Loginov that didn’t make it to the surface.

The Swedes have since 1948 been a secret member of NATO. They have always helped the Americans. Smuggler route between the Baltic states were well established. After landing in Stockholm harbor, the carriage was to be conducted via Arlanda airport and on to the United States. Besides being advanced weapons technology, it is hard to say exactly what this technology was, all according to Henning Witte and Jutta Rabe’s informants in the intelligence agencies. This may be called low-profile sources. There is, however, clear indications that US soldiers in Tallinn helped loading boxes. Everything was later taken over by the Swedish military and police. This is evidence, whereas the master plan, of course, is almost impossible to get hold of.

Remember, theories are not forbidden, they are necessary in the persuit of truth. This goes for science as well as investigtions of a crime. Even if theorizing is being demonized by those, who are anxious for truth NEVER to be told. But also remember, that facts must support theories. What else do we know?

We know, that there were two captains aboard the MF Estonia. Arvo Piste was the one to be replaced. He was heading for his pilot exam in the Stockholm Archipelago pm. 5 in the morning immediately after the expected arrival. The second captain, Anderson, did not survive. The media broke the news the next day that Arvo Piste had been rescued. Then Interpol sent an arrest warrant out on him, fore at that time he had disappeared!? The same happened to 8 other naval officers. They simply disappeared! We know that one was murdered. There are subsequent hints that they were transported to the United States and had been given a new identity under the witness protection program, but their relatives have not heard from them since. Were they protected or murdered? What could they tell, what would they have known and to whom would their knowledge have been a threat ?

When Hollywood actors don’t know, that they are participating i CIA-coverup-propaganda

A KGB officer had a listening post in Tallinn. A month after the sinking, he was shot down in the street in Tallinn. The leathal weapon was a pistol from the Estonian army. Had he received information about weapons transports? Henning Witte was as lawyer always wary of evidence counter-evidence. But in the movie that came up later under the name ‘Baltic Storm’, this angle uses the fictional freedom to spin on the loose threads. This film is interesting in many ways, in particular because of its format. It is certainly no B-movie, but a heavy Hollywood production with big budget and top actors like Gretha Scacchi and Donald Sutherland – he even has a love scene with the Danish, now German resident singer Gitte Hænning, in a cabin! And any resemblance to the living and deceased people and events in the film is completely intentional, of course …

It will be be all fair to name both the Estonia incident and Kursk incident as a kind of extension of the Cold War. They fall completely within the scheme. You could call The Cold War WW3 or WW2 that never ceased. Same-same, and whatever called the connection is clear and direct. And now the War Party is trying to revive/promote a Cold War and WW3 at the same time in the Middle East and in the Ukraine!

As with the case with The Titanic – the ship that never sank – subsequently an organized cover-up took place. Always remember after an operation, be it a terror act, be it a false flag or be it any state sanctioned robbery: the cover-up. Any curiosity from any media is to be prevented according to the counter-information-manual of the Deep State. The case of the Treaty, even though nations according to international maritime law can not control international waters, is significant. It is neutral ground. Yet certain leaders of governments made an exclusive agreement as if they just urinated up the toilet wall at a conference venue, while agreing to something that the other participants would not know – one privy high-level agreement! Sweden and Finland at this ‘high-level’ agreed that their citizens were not allowed to approach the site.

A completely ridiculous detail the Swede’s zealing of the wreck of MF Estonia was, that they tried to get Lichtenstein and Luxembourg to sign, although none of these miniput countries had an inch of coastline or other ‘fleet’ than a couple of rowing boats in a puddle. Henning Witte interfered when the Swedes approached the German government, and the government was convinced that there should be no signing.

You can recall the plans to cover the wreck with cement (the cover-up …). The Swedish state had already paid for it. But it could not be done because of the weak seabed at the place where the ship was located. The Swedes then lied about why they abandoned the project and said, that it was for the sake of protests from the relatives – a blatant piece of hypocracy.

The leader of the group of relatives who Henning Witte was working for, stated in 1997 that he had received a phone call from a Swede with an American accent, who encouraged him to try all possibilities to get the bodies rescued because, as the voice said: ‘They are in very well preserved condition, and I know, because I’ve just been down there to salvage some important papers from a truck’. He told, he was working for the US government. There is also a report that the wreck has changed position, the ramp has changed position, and so on. There has been much activity at the site, and everything that has remained at that level of military equipment, of course, have long since been removed. The funny treaty in other words, brought the activity to work.

The American Gregg Beames was on the diving-ekspedion by Jutta Rabe participated in. It was said about this man, that he was the person who had to ensure that the Swedes made their cover-up correctly. He also came up with a lot of money. During the expedition, however, a curious incident took place. There almost was a mutiny, and Jutta Rabe got the crew on her side and pushed through courageously so that metal pieces from the explosion came up. Gregg Beames had tried to prevent it.

The idea of encapsulation in concrete is a weird thought. It recalls the encapsulation techniques use at the meltdown of nuclear power plants. The aforementioned Russian agent by the way, Hannelore Marek, mentioned that there were nuclear batteries attached to the aforementioned ‘space weapons’.

It is recommended to listen to the full interview with Henning Witte on Red Ice Radio in 2013

There are many details that Witte can give about MF Estonia and the peculiar circumstances of this case, which we seem to have forgotten over the years. It may be mentioned that he rather predictably in the years to come had problems with the performance of his legal profession. A variety of impacts were done to discredit him. The film ‘Baltic Storm’, which he had co-scripted, was heavily criticized, though it was/is actually a pretty good movie. It was in comprehensive style prevented from being shown i cinemas, and in Sweden it has never been shown.
By time, the hypocrisy and hysteria became a little too glaring. The Danish survivor, Morten Hviid Boie, told the Politiken:
‘I do not think it is immoral to make a film on Estonia’s sinking. And I’m also going to see ‘Baltic Storm’. Although there is a great risk that the film is made in a way that we do not like. Some of us who have had it so close in the life and who have paid a very high price for it. But from there to criticize, that’s being made a movie about it, is simply not justified’


Today there are apparently gone JFK and Olof Palme in the case, and it may never officially solved despite tons of evidence that there is something that is completely wrong. Or perhaps you should rather than Olof Palme say Mona Sahlin and Carl Bildt, who have both played their active roles in the subsequent cover-up. But I will leave that to Henning Witte to report.

About the Oluf Palme Murder: see Ole Dammegaard’s overwhelming reseach in his book Coup d’Etat in Slow Motion. He basically unravels the whole story of the murder, unofficially, but very, very convincing. And not only does he document the murder in details after details, he connects this political assassination to a whole series of similar assissinations done in the 20th century.

And how this story connects to the Estonia incident you may want to listen to the video-interview, that – Radio Paradigmet – did with Ole Dammegaard, where he gets into further details with motives for the Estonia sinking. On board the Estonia were 70 Swedish policemen returning from a conference in Estonia. Anyone of them would have known certain things not told to the Swedish public about the connection between the Swedish security police, SÄPO, and the assassination of the Swedish prime minister. 

By the way, Olof Palme was a double agent working for the CIA. And was he murdered? 
Crimes of this magnitude are never done for just one reason.

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