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Created with the stated purpose of defending the West against enemies
and a guarantee that another World War would never break out again.

One thing is a stated purpose, another thing is what someone has in mind.
Because when the enemies packed up and shut down the Warsaw Pact,
and when it was high time to shut down ourselves and find an honorable employment,
a new purpose was invented for the Atlantic Pact:
To be an instrument of globalist oligarchy and world domination
based on aggressive advance of military installations, illegal interventions,
and attacks against countries that opposed globalism and that shamelessly
and inappropriately believed that they had a certain right to define their own way of life and governance.
And with this new and brilliant purpose
was NATO then a guarantor that a New World War will break out.


Created with the stated purpose of creating world peace and cooperation among nations
and work for people’s right to a good life on earth.

Whether this was the real purpose is seen in the light of history is extremely doubtful.
As the shiny varnish has peeled off and despite ongoing attempts
on spraying new coats of glossy varnish on top of the shells of the rusted bodywork,
then the organization appears as what it has become,
and which, in other words, would have been the intention from the beginning:
A totalitarian construct calculated to create over time a world government,
a corrupt money laundering scheme for channeling member states’ contributions into a black hole,
a partnership of globalist manipulation from the WEF to the pharmaceutical industry,
a charity scam where emergency aid is diverted to a big black hole,
a starting point for eugenics and radical reduction of the world population,
a military intervention force wearing blue helmets intended to exploit crisis situations,
and a final total dissolution of all the nations of the world.


Established with the stated purpose of creating a single market for the benefit of member countries,
and at the same time ensure that conflicts and war would no longer arise in Europe.

That was the up-front idea behind the European Common Market, because they said so themselves,
but with the name change to the European Union it shone through,
that the purpose was the United States of Europe, a clone of and a tool for the United States of America,
which thereby made Europe a tail hang on the USA defined by American interests.
The purpose was the same as the UN: to dismantle all national sovereignty,
to transfer all power to a circle of oligarchs in the EU Commission and other undemocratic bodies,
and induce a slow and imperceptible dissolution of local and national culture,
local and national traditions and all initiatives belonging to locality and nationality.
The internal market was now no longer a benefit to member states but a stumbling block to internal growth and well-being, and the purpose of peacekeeping fell away completely with direct involvement
in the US’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, after which the EU was now a direct belligerent body.


For the time being, we will refrain from taking a closer look at a whole range of organisations,
institutions and other -stations that all have as a common denominator,
that on the outside they have a stated purpose that they flaunt and on the inside a hidden agenda,
which they are not too fond of hoisting into the air for public assessment.

We will content ourselves with stating that this double layer appears to be a pattern,
a standard for how to get people onto a collective train carriage,
leading to their corruption and at the terminus to their annihilation.
Right now we are riding in closed carriages in a train line headed for our own extermination.

But as the title suggests, the three above are ugly examples
on double standards, fraud and corruption already on that tombstone,
which they have carved out for themselves via their crimes against humanity.

The hypocrisy can no longer be hidden, and as humanity we no longer have any other choice
than to lay these bastards in the grave with a large bouquet of flowers in respect of,
that a whole lot of good people have helped to maintain the institutions for so long
without having the slightest idea of what they were contributing to.

It is unnecessary to piss on the graves for the same reason,
knowing that in the cemetery records there are records of those
who knowingly created these institutions as well as their real purpose.
Also knowing that the autopsy reports state,
that the actual cause of death is a highly co-morbid combination of their own misdeeds, corruption, lies, fraud, genocide and well-being based on funds stolen from those they were supposed to care for and protect.

The only indispensable condition for forgiveness is,
that the impartial contributors make themselves aware of their contribution
and allows themselves to be confronted with the intentions before and the consequences in the aftermath combined with a piece of incomprehensible remorse.

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