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The Babel syndrome and the two timelines

There are basically two existential threats to humanity (according to Jordan Peterson)

The first enemy is nature in its ruthlessness.
This is the original threat in the form of wildlife and natural disasters.
The enemy was certainly not unequivocal, for nature could also be kind and generous.

In the ancient cultures, the forces of nature were personified as gods who could be man-friendly or unfriendly if it suited them, or if man had transgressed against the laws of nature = the gods. One could view nature as a projection or at least a reflection of human nature, and it could be argued, that it is human nature that is the enemy. It could also be argued, that it is because man has not realized his true nature or human essence that this enemy arises.

The second enemy is larger systems in social structures, that assume their own lives and justifications. This forms, when civilization assumes the character of some kind of other nature or substitute for nature. The system turns to those who have created it and those who have been forced to do so. For example, money economy and finance. Besides trying to manipulate it in all possible ways it runs wild, because there are so many people trying to manipulate it that it appears as a kind of natural disaster. The same with the environment, but here it is really nature itself that takes revenge against being neglected and vilified. A better example would be urbanization. Once the mega-system of a metropolis has reached a certain complexity, all the problems arise, whereby the city becomes hostile to its inhabitants. Again, it can be discussed how great the degree of human intention lies behind.

Deus ex Machina is this god or demon who steps out of the system – some will say: have taken up residence in the system. Something out of control has taken over. Parts of the control state see it and ride on the pig’s back. The control henchmen may arrive and offer an explanation and a quick-fix.

The Tower of Babel

Perhaps the best example is science, as it took over the position in The Age of Enlightenment as the only legitimate world explanation and access to reality. In addition to the fact that this science is reductionist – a synonym for blunt – and thus has cut itself and humans off from a universal explanation, a fundamental problem is that science suffers from Babel Syndrome. The extreme degree of specialization has meant that scientists simply do not understand anyone other than their closest colleagues and not even those who are outside their own specialty but still within their branch of science. The sciences can no longer talk to each other, there is no holistic understanding of knowledge anymore. Roughly speaking. Mankind suffers from the fragmentation and isolation of the very institution that is said to be the foremost expression of our culture of knowledge. It has lost its immune system and has been unable to defend itself against being financed, politicized, ideologized, militarized, dogmatized, and transformed into a pseudo-religion. Or as someone said (forgot who): There are two kinds of science: real science and paid science. And the first is obviously on the defensive.

A social system, a civilization, or a society at the stage where it begins to be eaten by its inhabitants, poses a threat far greater than nature and is very difficult to fix. You cannot communicate with the system, because it is out of educational reach. Nevertheless, it always brings the revolutionaries out of the caves and the basements of their parents’ homes, where they are still being fed and washed, and out onto the field, where they definitely believe they can fix society and the whole world – though they are unable to fix themselves let alone their family.

Jordan Peterson has a clue, as to why the revolutionary probationary hordes get away with proclaiming a world crusade to save us all. If their project was to free themselves from society by proclaiming that they have only rights and no duties, then society’s reaction would arrive promptly. If, on the other hand, their project is to liberate the whole world – whatever that means – then the reaction would arrive with such a long delay that they would never discover their mistake. Just ask if it is not exactly what we have seen and still see in the United States with the twisted wokeness culture. The curling culture has created the cancel culture, and its congregation, the cult members have ended up in hubris.

A subcult within the wokeness cult is the LGBT movement. Already the four letters of the acronym are an absurdity, for none of the four sexual minorities can tolerate each other if you ask its members off-the-record. The phenomenon is so constructed, that the acronym metastasizes to… yes how many letters are on the list today? And have the pedophiles, the necrophiles, the cannibalists and the animal fuckers come along over time? The movement fragments and becomes so multi-contradictory ad absurdum, that it falls apart. Here the Babel Syndrome again.

Mnjae, I hear in the background, the fact that human sins can invoke natural disasters, it’s just such an Old Testament superstition.

Well, is that it? Then you just have to explain to me the statement, that contemporary human sins are said to be to blamed for global warming, which will soon cause the earth to sink into a flood of sin.
Is that not an almost litteral recycling of The Old Testament?

The story of the Flood is an archetype but is not recognized as such due to self-preoccupation and lack of self-awareness. And simple-regular brainwashing. The Tower of Babel is hubris, the flood is nemesis. First we are affected by language confusion, then we are affected by the flood. Burning fossil fuels (some nonsense) and emitting ‘the toxin’ CO2 (more nonsense) = hubris provides man-made global warming (even more nonsense) that causes the poles to completely melt down (the flood) = nemesis. And then god arrives in the form of the globalists and imposes on us global green punishments that smoke right down into their already overcrowded pockets = double nemesis, and then we can learn … that we have not learned a single piece of shit.

The third existential main enemy?

Maybe there should have been a third existential main enemy of humanity. Maybe it’s the demon in the machine. In that case, it would be the system administrators. Or while we have them up front: the globalists. Otherwise we will easily make the same mistake as the Marxists with their cliché: it is the fault of society, it is the fault of the system. They depersonalize their enemy so they do not have to face it. It’s the fault of big business, it’s the fault of the bourgeoisie. Or in the latest racist edition: It’s ALL white people’s fault! Or feminist version: It’s ALL men’s fault. And since the high-pitched social warriors can not run from their own skin color, it is of course implied, and you can probably understand: so unless you like us is saved and every day ritualistically confesses our systemic inherited sin and kneels for the cult of PC on the lawn.

The Marxists stepped into character and confessed full suit in the 2010s showing the world, that they are fully and completely in solidarity with the globalists. They have simply recognized in their dazed brains, that internationalism and globalism are the same. They have in their foggy minds sensed, that the tyranny of the globalists is the very thing that Marx-Engels-Lenin-Trotsky called the dictatorship of the proletariat, and that proletarians in all countries unite with you. Their latent totalitarian brains have popped inside. Censorship has become their declared method, cf. the Google-Facebook-Twitter Marxists. At the same time, they have taught us a lesson without even having learned the lesson themselves: That the difference between fascism and socialism is: NADA. Black or red is irrelevant, same-same but same. Right and left are so-last-millennium. The terminology is undermined and eroded, and we can no longer understand the world through this petrified vocabulary. And what’s even more interesting is, that once we have understood it, it dawns on us that we have never been able to understand the world through this designer new speak, but simply imagined ourselves that we could. The concept of being progressive has always been nonsense. The term reactionary has always been a projection that only said something about the user of the word. Just look at how non-thinking-infantile-reactionary the left is currently.

Incidentally, it is now time for the right wing to be undressed to the skin again.
In the United States, they still believe Trump is coming back and saving the world.
Read: Looking back on an era [link coming up]
It will not happen. But the majority of the American people believe it, and now they are stuck in the same trap that Obama created for the left in the period 2008-16. Europeans at the moment are a little more realistic. In England, they have seen that right and left are equally corrupt. In Denmark, we have experienced Lars-Løkke Rasmussenb corruption, followed by Mette Frederiksen (the latest prime ministers’) corruption. Have the Danes learned anything from it? Well… Are Australians and Canadians learning the lesson the hard way? Now you’re talking! Australia right now is a fullblown state-terrorist-fascist state. The third existential main enemy has emerged completely from the darkness as power-hungry light extinguishers. The incumbent government will NEVER be re-elected legally. They know this, which must mean that they feel so convinced that they will be able to copy-paste the election fraud of the United States 2020-21. And that they have been promised that with vaccination of the population in the future it will be possible to control it to an unprecedented degree due to certain components in the vaccines, they never told you about.

Politicians have simply been promised exemption from liability, criminal immunity – just as the pharmaceutical companies acquired back in 1986 when they lost all cases of vaccine injuries – as well as additional money in their pockets. The reality will turn out to be quite different, for the globalists are notoriously infamous for NOT living up to their promises. The collaborators will be expedited after the end of the outing and collaboration, because some decision-maker with a piece of inside knowledge could risk talking to the public.

Will the parachute open?

The two timelines

The above description is according to the timeline that was the blueprint for the implementation of the New World Order (NWO), the concept introduced by George H.W. Bush at a speech in 1990. That was while the globalists were fully convinced that their unilateral world order after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the proclaimed end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union was only a matter of following the plan. But just six years later in 1996, it suddenly became clear to them that their agenda was in no way in place but instead doomed to failure.

The reason was that the circle around Dick Cheney had hired a group of the foremost experts in simulations and computer models to confirm their self-confidence in relation to the NWO. But these models kept coming up with a disappointing result: that the race had been run, and that there was very little chance of success with their plan. In short: GAME OVER! Unless there was a major disaster on a global scale and / or their opponents made serious mistakes. In that case, the calculations said that the probability of success could at best creep up to 17.8%.

The first condition is alarmingly reminiscent of what in 1999 became the PNAC, Project for the New American Century, a report by a globalist think tank that assessed the United States’ possibilities for global dominance in the 21st century and said that this could only feasible if ‘a new Pearl Harbor’ occurred. Only then would it be possible to maintain the presence of the U.S. military across the globe. As is well known, this happened two years later on 9/11 2001, which then led to attacks on a series of countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia and thus to a provisionally locked military presence in, among other places. Iraq and Afghanistan.

The problem for the NWO and the globalists was that their upscale terrorist activity – which they ironically called the ‘war on terror’ – only managed to postpone the shift between their timeline and a radically different timeline that was in humanity’s favor. Timelines are energies that can be controlled with special technology that is not accessible to humans. The closest we come to small scale is what is called a bio-feedback machine. It can read essential energies in the body, obtain large amounts of data and calculate an answer to restore imbalances. It works, even to an astonishing degree, but is not widely known let alone recognized by medical science. However, there is so much that is not recognized, for this science is owned by the pharmaceutical industry.

The global energies / timelines have for millennia been governed by an implanted algorithm and an AI. Every 1008th year, a programmed shift took place to balance dark and light energy. Most recently, at the time of writing – starting September 2021 – such a shift was meant to take place. The NWO had seen this as an opportunity to coup energies to maintain the dark timeline for another 1000 years – their so-called Millennium Kingdom. This was their last chance to break the prognosis they themselves had made in the 90s, and which spoke so clearly against their favor. That is, their 17.8% probability, which had meanwhile been reduced to 12.5%. It failed, for the dualistic black-and-white time machine was sabotaged, jammed, destroyed. It is now useless, and at the time of writing we are now past point-of-no-return. What NWO saw in their computer models and their Project Looking Glass has now become a reality.

We will then experience a change of energy. It does not happen overnight, but it will be noticeable in the long run. NWO is now a dead herring. The globalists’ latest initiative, Operation LockStep also known as Covid-19, still sticks and unfortunately has an unpleasant inertia. Ask the people of Australia. We will find, that more and more high-ranking people who inwardly did not like the system, but who were unable to escape – for real fear of losing their lives – will now begin to speak out and act on behalf of humanity and not the system. It is now reported that their handlers have disappeared, ie those who told them what to do, otherwise… The hidden pyramid top has been dismantled and no longer works.

When it became clear to the NWO, that their chance of reversing the forecast was 17.8%, it was like sitting in a plane that was about to crash, the engines had stopped working, there was no chance of a safe landing, and the passengers were given a parachute with the message,that they had the choice between perishing in the crash or attempting a parachute that had a 17.8% chance of opening up. They chose the parachute.

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