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Mass hypnonis – how could it happen?

Today we need to learn a new word. Not only do we have to learn a new word, we also have to find out why so many people are still under the mass hypnosis that started in March 2020.

The word is: mass formation

We have heard various explanations for the phenomenon of Operation Lockdown. We may also have a reasonably certain feeling that this is an act of staged pathology on a large scale. A relatively young Belgian professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent, Mattias Desmet, who is also a statistician, has made an analysis that is uncannily accurate and answers the question in detail:

Why do people fall for the media-driven narrative,
and how is it possible to keep them spellbound for so long?

The combination of psychology and statistics is an interesting combination. And have we not had statistics thrown in our heads in the past year and a half? What Mattias Desmet discovered from the start was, that there was something seriously wrong with the statistics. Statistics have a somewhat tarnished reputation in the popular consciousness, and statements such as: Statistics are a scientific form of lying are quite common. However, it is important to understand that statistics are merely methodical collection and processing of data, and that it requires an intention, an agenda, to turn the corner on this data. There is something true in the statement about statistical lies, because statistics can be manipulated both before, during and after the collection of data. And who, though, could be interested in abusing statistics? If we think media, politicians, companies and ideologues, then we are on track.

This neat, well-dressed academic suddenly stopped being neat.
In return, he retained his academic competencies
and used them to puncture the illusion bubble.

Professor Desmet discovered quite quickly as a statistician, that most statistics and models and the media’s reference to these models dramatically overestimated the danger and mortality of coronavirus. He was not alone in his discovery. A world-famous statistician from Standford University, Joannides, warned early on about this media phenomenon. One of the key models who completely shot over the goal came from Imperial College London. Among other things, their model predicted that in a country like Sweden there would be 80,000 deaths if they did not shut down. Sweden did not shut down, and 6,000 died of something for which there is no certainty was coronavirus. In manipulated statistics, one can move around numbers, and how was the flu and the other annually recurring infections? In England there would be half a million dead and in the United States 2.2 million, predicted Neil Ferguson of Imperial College.

This professor in turn, did not have his academic integrity in place.
Instead, he chose to take part in a dirty operation, so that England could be shut down.
Or: who bribed or threatened him to be dishonest and participate in that game?
Look at his eyes, he is surely afraid of something.

Here the agenda, the intention revealed itself. When it became clear that the models were completely out of sync with reality, this was not corrected. The story and the wrong numbers continued to flow out in the media. Here, Desmet shifted perspective from statistician to clinical psychologist with the question: How is this possible?

Even institutions like the United Nations (WHO) warned from the start, that more people in the Third World would die of starvation due to the shutdowns than of this virus – even if no action was taken. In other words, the cure was significantly worse than the disease. The focus on people claiming to have died of coronavirus was so intense that all other perspectives were obliterated.

What took place here – and Professor Mathias Desmet was in no doubt around August 2020 – it was a so-called mass formation on a large scale.

Define mass formation

This phenomenon occurs in a society when four conditions are present:

  1. Many people experience a lack of social belonging and connectedness.
  2. Many people experience a lack of meaning = meaninglessness.
  3. Many people experience free-flowing anxiety, anxiety that is not associated with a mental representation, anxiety that is just there for no reason and thus without control.
  4. Many people experience a lot of free flowing and unfounded frustrations and aggressions.
    The aggressions like the anxiety have no object and no cause.

When these conditions are met, AND a particular narrative is simultaneously conveyed in the media that presents an object and a cause of the free-flowing anxiety, AND at the same time presents a redemption for the problem, then mass formation can take place. A whole lot of people can now multiply, ie. that there is a great willingness to join the synthetic narrative to get this feeling of redemption.

When the solution and the redemption are presented, it is part of a presentation strategy. There is a will and an intention behind it. This is the problem-response-solution model. The masses – note how this language has existed for over 100 years as Marxist terminology, the ideology that was all about controlling the masses – connects the masses’ massive free-flowing anxiety with their newly presented object of anxiety = synthetic-mental representation, and they now feel that they have an opportunity to control this object of anxiety. But feel may not be the same as real.

A new form of opportunistic solidarity is emerging where people are experiencing a temporary lifting of their state of isolation together with a fusion with the high level of connectedness found in mass identification. The problem with this kind of connectedness is, that it is synthetic and that it causes mental poisoning. THIS is the explanation for why people kept subscribing to the story, even though it was clearly absurd. People experienced a redemption, a catharsis, which is a feeling so strong that it completely obliterates rational thinking.

This behavior has the same characteristics as a ritual. Rituals are intended to show that you belong to a group, to create solidarity with the group and thus to gain acceptance from the group. The more absurd the ritual is, the better, for the more absurdity people are willing to swallow, the greater willingness to submit to the collective they show.

Bullshit jobs

The preconditions for the mass formation that was the purpose of Operation Lockdown did not start in March 2020 but were already present. Meaninglessness, the second prerequisite for mass formation, is extremely dominant in Western culture. A comprehensive study from one of the world’s leading business universities, the London School of Economics, of how people experienced meaningfulness and satisfaction in their work showed that approx. 50% of all workers perceive their work as, as the title of the report says: Bullshit jobs. People experience great incompleteness and dissatisfaction when going to work. Put another way: Half the workers hate their job and consider it a pointless shit job.

People are fucked-and-fed-up with more and more inflated work pace, lower and lower wages (purchasing power has fallen and fallen), more and more disease, more and more consumerism as valium for pain, greater and greater purposelessness.

The mass formation is an operation that channels this chronic tension to an external source, an external enemy, an object of fear or hatred, or vice versa to an object of desire (consumerism). Thus, the focus is removed from the real source of the tension, and the attention disappears from all the inner work that people should have done to tackle their anxiety and-or the identification of their real enemy: The cynical and anti-human concentration of power in the hands of their national and supernational leaders , who have created their shit job and consequently their shit lives. The performance of the ritual deprives and absolves people of that responsibility. Via a false representation, the narrative shoots itself in and sabotages this process, leaving people locked up as powerless victims in their meaninglessness and fear of life.

Add to that the extent of free-flowing anxiety, anxiety for no demonstrable reason. Professor Desmet mentions that in his country, Belgium, 300 million doses of antidepressants are prescribed every year to a population of 11 million!

The story of the deadly virus allowed people to deal with their anxiety in a convenient way. But the solution was symptomatic (symptomatic), and such solutions end up being destructive due to their falsity. The actual solutions can only emerge by answering four questions that are connected to the four preconditions for mass formation:

  1. Why do we experience this isolation?
  2. Why do we experience this meaninglessness?
  3. Why do we experience this free-flowing unfounded anxiety?
  4. Why do we experience these free-flowing frustrations and aggressions?

Could it be that the rulers of this world – who are the same ones who have created Operation Lockdown – themselves have a basic anxiety, an ancient anxiety that is certainly not free-flowing but absolutely concrete:
That the victims of their cynical surgeries should start asking just these questions?


Once that cat is released from the bag, the answers are at hand, and then the rulers of this will get some seriously unpleasant images for their inner self-vision:
Bodies dangling in ropes from trees and lampposts.

How does mass formation work?

One of the tools is a radical narrowing of people’s focus area. People’s field of vision is massively narrowed, and they see only a very limited slice of reality. Suddenly people had only empathy for those, that were said to be infected with coronavirus, and people with all other diseases de-materialized, young people with suicidal thoughts in their isolation from peers, old people who died of loneliness in nursing homes (or of simple anxiety of dying), people who died of starvation and misery in the outlying world, people who lost their jobs or were forced to shut down their business. And the disempathy continued to people who now became seriously ill or died from vaccine injuries – fuck them! It put the narrow-minded out of pedagogical and communicative reach, and all sound arguments seemed to bounce off of them. ALL due to this operational mass formation.

People behaved exactly like individuals under hypnosis, and even the conditions that were usually important to them, such as their physical-mental-social well-being, they were now able to ignore as sleepwalkers. People lost civil rights in a very short time, as it had taken generations of fierce battles with those in power to fight. Democracy disappeared under the feet and before the noses of the people, while they were quite and utterly apathetic. We know that it is possible with people who are in hypnosis to perform surgical operations on them, cutting directly through their sternum without them noticing. Something similar was going on here in the collective sphere. The civilian bodies of the people were amputated and thrown in the trash without the people lifting a finger. Paralysis of the Public Access to Information Act, Terrorism ActInfluence Act and Pandemic Act – a bunch of weird acts that one after one arrived from out of nowhere – gave unprecedented powers to the State and the authorities, which are only seen in totalitarian regimes. People accepted the onslaught of fascism overnight while clapping their hands or saying DUH! People were even willing to line up as the civilian police of the fascist state in a way that has only been seen in East German Germany during the Stasi era. In Stalin’s Soviet Union, half the party’s leadership was liquidated – without protesting! They were under ideological mass hypnosis.

Shutting down small businesses seems to be one of the main purposes of Operation Lockdown. Globally, an estimated $ 4 trillion has been transferred from small businesses to globalist corporations-syndicates-cartels. Is there possibly a causal link here? Remember the principle of system theory: A system is what it does! So if this significant closure of companies has taken place to the huge advantage of the globalists, then it WAS the purpose of the system. A similar phenomenon could be observed during the globally staged financial crisis of 2008-09. In other words, a huge transfer of resources to major banks and the globalist cartels. If one takes the trouble to study the current statements of the World Economic Forum, which is currently the main center of globalism, then the connection becomes quite clear, and the answer to the question: Coherence? becomes a unique: YES! They do not even bother to deny it anymore, they brag about it. They admit it blankly and shrugging with the side note: And so, what do you want to do about it? we just keep going!

It is the same people who are now doing it again, and every time there will be huge transfers of resouces to them from their competitors and from us. They did it in the financial crisis of 2009 (where Kissinger gave the above speech to the pharmaceutical industry / WHO), they did it during 9/11 (insider trading), they did it during the IT bubble in the 90s, they did it during the oil crisis in the 70s. And the Federal Reserve admitted that the central banks created the Wall Street crash at the time in 21929-33. But again: People’s willingness to follow the flow like cattle on their way to the slaughterhouse is markedly frightening. There has been an extreme willingness to sacrifice, and as the globalist executioners like to say: a willingness to make a sacrifice for a higher cause. They always make it sound heroic, but they just forget to tell that the higher cause is THEIR cause and their business case. That is why globalists love and pay homage to collectivism / communism, because here the whole population sacrifices itself for the higher cause and gives up their fundamental rights as individuals. Here it is striking how precisely the technocommunist agenda is at the forefront of the field at the moment, ie the already established practice of social control points, which they have cultivated in China.
If not, you obey and submit, then you will be shut down (Operation Lockdown).

An interesting phenomenon is, that people now no longer want to return to the old normal. The rulers do not want it, because they have now gained so much totalitarian power. And people (50%) do not want it because they do not want to go back to their bullshit jobs. The politicians for their party have got the illusory feeling that they are finally allowed to step into character as leaders. The few cunning among them know very well, that they are not leading shit but have been allowed by their overlords to pose as such. The vast majority are too stupid to understand the larger context at all. This also applies to business leaders and managers in state-owned enterprises. I see it on a daily basis because I associate with them and make my living amidst them.

The Cult

Mass formation bears all characteristics from the cult. The same division and intolerance has arisen towards deviant opinions from the established normality – the new nod-appeared normal – that one finds in the cult. Any outside criticism of their brainwashing is met with aggression. In the past year and a half, friends, girl-and-boy-friends and families have broken up (a system is what it does). Again a projection takes place. The free-flowing anxiety and frustration are quickly projected onto those who oppose and ask questions. This kind of mass cruelty is being exercised in a state of sacred obligation. They act as the immune system of the solidarity collective, they protect their cult.

Paradoxically, the cult will never destroy its last enemy. The cult needs the enemy, without the enemy it is nothing. We saw it with the left-wing cult in the United States when Donald Trump disappeared. It got worse and worse for them, for their brief historic flare-up took place because of Trump. The only thing they could figure out to think they meant they thought … was the opposite of what they thought Trump meant. In fact, they did not mean a shit, as they were unable to form an opinion, so instead they downloaded an opinion substitute as a pre-cooked package. When the hate object disappeared, their cult collective cracked, leaving only a pathetic play in the form of Joe Biden’s zombie government.

The leaders of the collective, the politicians, are scared at the moment. They have played high stakes and they have been willing collaborators for a mass crime. They fear the day when the masses break free from witchcraft. That day, the object of hatred moves to the real enemy, the inner enemy, who said it was your friend. History shows that on that day, the people will murder their own leaders in anger. Quite literally according to history. The only thing they can hope for is, that this time it will be in a figurative sense and that people will just dump them, dismiss them. One can not help but get the idea that ‘someone’ has promised them, that it is not going to happen, for how the heck could they be so sure that they would get away with it?

The psychological pioneer Gustav le Bon (1841-1931) puts it this way:
Everyone who takes the lead in the masses should rather prepare to be killed by the masses.

The hour of reckoning moves closer day by day. The decisions made in the corona period have been entirely southlandish. It is something that was also typical of the great collectivist experiments of the 20th century. The way in which Soviet communism destroyed the entire agrarian culture that was at the core of Russian culture, was so brain-deadly incompetent. Even though we take into account that the star psychopaths at the top, the fathers of the revolution, knew very well that this destruction was part of their mission (a system is what it does) and that it was the commissioned work of those who financed the revolution, the Jewish financial oligarchs and Wall Street (Jacob Schiff).

Dictatorship and totalitarian state

There is a difference between the classical dictatorship and the totalitarian state.
In the dictatorship, the people obey the dictator because they are afraid of him. It’s that simple.
In the totalitarian state, people are hypnotized. They are enrolled in a state cult. It is as Mussolini put it: There is NOTHING above the State, and by the State he meant the re-established Roman state where the emperor WAS god. Stalin and Mao portrayed themselves as gods, Hitler was seen as a messiah.

If the opposition is silenced in a dictatorship state, the dictator begins to behave kindly towards the people, because he realizes the importance of sympathy.
In the totalitarian state, the opposite happens. Once the opposition is silenced, the State will begin to exercise the most perfidious atrocities against the population. Totalitarianism seems to be a psychopathic magnet. Then the State (quote: Hannah Arendt) becomes a monster that eats its own children.

The lessons of history

What can we learn from the history of our current situation? That we have to keep talking loud and clear about it, because once we get silent, hell breaks loose. The masses themselves will commit the atrocities on behalf of the totalitarian state, and its leaders will look on silently and applauding. It annoys the totalitarian fascists every day, when people take to the streets without it developing into a riot – AND without THEM having initiated and controlled the riot. They want violence and blood, because here they can intervene with the military, police, shutdown and coercion. It’s happening right now in Australia and Canada. It is so sick that one must expect a turning point where one might want to see concrete lynchings of politicians. The English and New Zealanders have taken their turn, and in the United States it is rolling out.

But beware, Biden and co., For Americans have a history of serious resistance. It is building up as we read and write, and it will not disappear. The only thing that can prevent the awakening of the Americans is trumpism, for Trump succeeded in channeling this patriotism and creating a cult around himself. And now all the poor gullible and well-meaning voters – who were cheated in the election because it was stolen and the state was overthrown – believe that he returns from the dead as the resurrected messiah and saves them… just as he did not the last time. The best thing that can happen to the Americans is, that Trump stays in the hole he climbed up and crawled down into again. Then people will have to take matters into their own hands.

The Trumpists thought the economy was doing very well, but did the life of Americans actually get better? They were told to run around with masks on, 60% of small businesses were destroyed, the compensation never arrived, the school children did not learn anything for a whole year, democracy and elections in 2020 were stolen, the streets were full of fascists and racists, and Trump turned out to be in bed with the pharmaceutical industry. At one of his rallies he tried to set up a stand with vaccine products from his own company – yes he has one. It was buhed by. He allowed a Dr. Mengele-type with a 40-year criminal career behind him as Anthony Fauci to dictate, that Americans should be vaccinated to the heap. It was said throughout the period that it was the Democrats’ fault, and they were certainly contributing to an astonishing pile of fraud and deception. But Democrats were eaten up from within by leftie neocons in the same way Republicans were eaten up by right-wing neocons during the Bush era. And the Zionists were in both rounds, because they do not care about right and left, and Trump delivered what they asked for.

The hypnosis-suitable and -unfit

In mass formation, there are always three groups.

  1. The 30% are totally brainwashed, sheep-like. They are out of pedagogical reach, and rationality bounces off of them.
    In the totalitarian state, only 30% are actually totalitarian. They are the hypnotized, the zombified.
  2. The 40% are not brainwashed, but they have no civil courage, and they usually choose to keep up with the main stream and keep a low profile. Off-the-record you can talk to them, they are open to arguments, but they do not bring anything to life. They are obediant.
  3. The 30% are awake and conscious and they are trying to say no. The problem with this group is that it is very diverse. There are people from all sides of the political spectrum, people with high and low education, different ethnicities and different status and views on life. They have a hard time agreeing on quite a lot.

If the 30% awake find a way to unite and find a common identity, then the crisis is over and mass formations will cease.

How can it be,that there are so many after all, even though they are in the minority, who are not easy to fool and who are hard to hypnotize?

Professor Desmet has a slightly surprising answer but in the good way. He says – which resonates strongly with the view you find on and – that those who tend to agree with the submission and the official narrative are those who also accept the mechanistic-materialist view of man, that is to say in a another way: the soul-forsaken human beings. They are already well on their way into the globalists’ wish scenario: the creation of the transhumanist human being. At the same time, it is the pharmaceutical industry’s favorite person: the wandering body with a synthetic immune system. One can also call it: The God-forsaken man. Or rather: The man who has left his God, and who therefore no longer sees himself as a soul in a cosmic space, where everything is connected, and where man is a part of the god-created = the living nature. Nature is now just a dead thing in a tin can. Vaccines make sense to these people in a way, that suits the industry that makes a living by selling them with high prices.

The yea-sayers are fine with the reductionist ideology of the godless man. The technocracy would not be able to grow as strongly as it does today without this blunt view of life, that so many have bought into. The process has been under preparation for hundreds of years – read: Materialism – Into Hell – but lately technology has come into place to put it into system like never before. Even in the early technocracy of the 20th century and the collectivist experiments, the means were often rather coarse-grained. There was boot trampling, gagging and physical torture. It was the circle of the British establishment around HG Wells, Bertrand Russell, Aldous and Julian Huxley, the so-called Fabian socialists, that developed the idea, that the masses should be seduced into doing it against themselves, so that the fine gentlemen got rid of all that blood and begging and screaming and barking. Mankind was to learn how to love its own oppression. The Fabian Society was founded in 1884 – exactly 100 years before Orwell’s book. Coincidence? For what Orwell describes here, as described Huxley in his writings, is more a kind of blueprint, a wish list than a scare scenario.

Mnjae, they tried to warn us, did not they?

That’s how we think they should be understood. But Huxley was a member of the elite inner circle, who worked for the realization of what he described. People think he warned about Dystopia, but he did not, he announced Dystopia. His brother-in-arms, Bertrand Russell, also portrayed himself as a peace-loving philosopher with the Russell Tribunal and peace-on-earth and all that violin music. This peace was Pax Romanorum, Pax Americana, Pax Commonwealth or Pax Globalistan. And then he said straight out what one of the means was to ‘create peace’: Vaccines are chemical lobotomy, and it was completely without the tone: and is it not terrible. He meant it, he appraised it. People become so wonderfully peaceful after the white cut. He knew that when the day came, the global elite was going to poison and kill most of humanity.

They were ‘visionary’ in the sense, that they knew what the establishment had on the drawing board and that it was going to happen. They were free-riding prophets, for the prophecies were those, they sat and boiled together in their country clubs, their think tanks, and their lodges. It was not prophecy at all, it was the script itself. And their task was to describe it in a wrapped way so that people could slowly-slowly get used to the thought. In business and communication strategy today it is called nudging. David Icke calls it the totalitarian tiptoe. The Fabians had named themselves after the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus Verucosus, whose strategy was to slowly wear up the enemy by persistence and various terrorist attacks. That strategy was used by the company on behalf of the establishment against their people.

World War III – same-same but very different

It has been said that World War III will be the war of the peoples against their leadership segment. It is not a horizontal war with nation against nation but a vertical war, in which a tiny powerful group entrenched in their exclusive globalist ivory towers has started an unreported war against their peoples, where biological warfare is one of their means. This war started small when the Cold War ended and is today in full swing without people seeing it.

Here’s what one of the 20th century’s seemingly immovable war criminals and mass murderers, Henry Kissinger said in a speech to the pharmaceutical industry in 2009 – and we can safely say the pharmaceutical industry about WHO, for WHO is funded and thus owned by Bill Gates, the pharmaceutical industry and the Chinese Communist Party:ti:

And further:

These statements speak for themselves and there is nothing to be in doubt about. But where have we heard about it? The WHO’s eugenics council is not a place you and I have access to, it is not on the list of UN bodies, and there are no meeting transscripts from there, as eugenics after WW2 has not had a good reputation – even though there must have been a participant at the meeting who has written down what was said and who may not have been quite happy with it.

It is due to the practice of eugenics in WW2, that there is a Nuremberg Treaty that obliges the international community to prevent Dr. Mengele-style rat experiments on humans – which the powerful industry in 2020 chose to ignore by breaking the agreement. Even the industry, Phizer for example, admits that their product is a so-called experimental vaccine, which means that they skipped the rat experiments. We ARE the rat experiment! And when have we allowed them to do that? Well, informed consent went down the drain on the same occasion. Incidentally, the first UNESCO Secretary-General was Julian Huxley, Aldous’ brother, who was a declared a eugenicist. It is these people, who for half a century have preached overpopulation on Earth, and who would like to see the earth’s population reduced to half a billion (see: The Georgia Guidestones). How do you get rid of six billion people?

And no, eugenics was not invented by the Nazis, it is the British Eugenic Society founded by Sir Francis Galton and further developed by The Rockefeller Foundation, which funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. And where does the pharmaceutical industry get the meat from aborted fetuses to refine into their vaccines? They do this through organizations like Planned Parenthood in the United States, which supply the meat daily. The founder of this organization, this piece of meat industry with feminist blue stamp, was named Margaret Sanger. She was an ardent eugenicist, advocating for the total extermination of blacks in the United States. Note the staged media-borne struggle in the United States between pro-life and pro women’s right to take the lives of the unborn if it suits them. In the neo-Marxist stronghold of New York, people went so far as to allow abortion until the 9th month, and if the lump of meat was to survive the abortion, then it was perfectly OK to leave it on the steel table to freeze to death – because it was declared an abortion .

New York. It was in the same town, where the mayor took the lives of 20,000 retirees in nursing homes by forcing them to live with corona-infected people. So: death over all the useless old filthy assholes, who thought they were going to enjoy their last days and that it costs money to keep alive! Eugenics AND euthanasia, fine Greek-synthetic words for genocide. New York today is a dying city in the same way that Los Angeles is a giant fecal dump, a dystopian homeless-drug-illegal-immigrant-latino-gang-human-trading-hell. In other words, an urban social experiment. The same with Portland, Seattle and Chicago, all led by neo-Marxist Democrats. Everywhere, BLM and Antifa have gone crazy. Everywhere, the police have been prevented from doing their job. Everywhere, the people have been terrorized by their mayors and governors. Everywhere there was massive election fraud in 2020. Everywhere black Americans are experiencing a flare-up of neoracism in a country that had come a long way in eliminating racism. Everywhere has rising crime statistics.

Stupid intelligence – wise ignorance

Back to those who seem to have psychic immune defence against mass hypnosis. As mentioned, they have an aversion to biological reductionism, that blunts them into being bodily depots of chemical reactions, that not only can but should be reorganized and controlled through scientific manipulation. Technocracy is the corporate-state religion of our time, and precisely this total-totalitarian fusion of state and corporations is neo-fascism. Or neo-feudalism if you prefer. You can call it neo-communism, but it’s just a matter of the label on the bottle, because the contents are the same.

A strange finding is that it has nothing to do with intelligence and level of education whether one is hypnotizable. There are intelligent and highly educated people among the decision makers, who have brought us to the abyss. In fact, they are more brain dead than the so-called less intelligent and less educated. Let us call it the academic-intellectual infallibility syndrome. Because they have studied for so-and-so many years, so-and-so you have passed exams and university degrees in their CV, earn so-and-so money, have so-and-so nice titles… then they cannot make mistakes, can they? While people with lower IQ (what is intelligence anyway?), lower level of education and status, etc., but who are at least aware that they are not omniscient, people that allow themselves doubt and uncertainty and the search for answers. The arrogant leaders never look for answers, because they think they already have them. If they have answers, then they simulate the having-ness, because they should not seem insecure. And why listen to people’s worries? because they will not be able to understand it anyway.

In mass formation, highly intelligent and highly educated people become as stupid as the masses. And this is said with some disgust to call people stupid and label them as masses. People are not necessarily stupid, they are ignorant and gullible. It is the highly educated and in their own opinion wise-smart, who are the really stupid ones, which is shown in the moment they brag about their oblique ignorance. And we have had to listen to oblique stupidities from their team for 19 months. The word mass is used here to describe the human view, that globalists have and that they practice through mass formation. They dog around with the cattle, get them into the paddock, after which they milk and slaughter them.

The backlash

But people are starting to wake up. There is stir in the duck pond all over the world. An example: quite recently here in October 2021, the Romanian people have said no to compulsory vaccination, and the government had to close 117 vaccination sites and put the establishment of 371 others on hold. This government is now in deep crisis and is printing elections as soon as possible. In Scotland, authorities have now tightened the grip so violently that anyone who opposes the vaccine mandate is now being called a domestic terrorist. This is so shrill and out of proportion, that it is doomed to backfire. On the whole, it is interesting that it is all the Commonwealth countries, where full-fledged neo-fascism has now been rolled out. We just lack the concentration and extermination camps, but in the United States they are already ready as FEMA camps equipped with parking lots full of disposable chests, guillotines, tons of ammunition, and barbed wire facing inward. Australia and Canada are right now population prisons, and their leaders have gone completely sick-sick – that is, exactly as Mattias Desmet describes the totalitarian state will do when it believes the opposition has been silenced. But it also means that peoples here will see with the utmost clarity, who their leaders are and what they stand for. It’s a huge rate for the leaders, because they have completely lost the trust of the population (except for the brain dead 30%), after which they will NEVER be able to return.

In Denmark, the pharmaceutical democracy contented itself with massacring 17 million mink under the slogan: We are driving Denmark down – together. This strange, absurd and macabre action had a powerful taste of ritual. Look here, Danes, it could also happen to you, if not… And now they are rolling out the global supply and food crisis. There are ships in the ports of Europe, such as the large port of loading and unloading Rotterdam, which is not emptied of cargo, because the crisis is artificial and staged. Remember the ship in the Suez Canal.
Mr Kissinger also has a suggestion about hunger as a weapon of mass destruction:

The British Empire was a major consumer of the weapons of mass destruction of hunger. 50 million Indians died of starvation due to the British rice embargo. Half of the Iranian population died of starvation for the same reason during British occupation 1919-21. Half of the Irish population died of starvation during the embargo looted by the empire’s historians for the potato plague – The Great Fame. The entire indigenous population of Tasmania was exterminated by the British. Later, US President General Eisenhower starved and froze 1.3 million German prisoners of war in the US concentration camps in the Rhineland.

The mass murder of mink was thus part of the mass formation. But it was also a feasibility study. The next thing you want to demand, is the slaughter of all the domestic animals, because now they are also deadly contagious – they will argue.

The counter-strategy is to keep talking loudly about it. A totalitarian government hates when the people talk them up in the face. They know there is talk behind their backs, but it’s hard to control. However, it does not stop the mass formation, it dampens it so that the government can not commit decided atrocities. By talking loudly and openly about what is happening, you do not dampen the anxiety, on the contrary, but the anxiety can for the influential 40% to become productive, so to speak. For the object of anxiety suddenly becomes realistic. It is not the virus that is dangerous, it is what it causes us to do and what they say is the cure for the virus that is dangerous. AND the people who contribute to the outrage. Both those who know what they are doing and those who are so stupid that they do not understand it themselves – the cynical opportunists and the brainwashed idiots.

This strategy works on some. You could say it’s piggybagging and doing the same as the brainwashing cult entrepreneurs, but it works. As the country stands right now, it will be difficult to avoid this totalitarianization of society. The result will be similar to the societies people experienced in the 20th century, but there will be no external enemies, only internal ones – cf. Scotland, which now calls protesters terrorists. The state will become the enemy of the people, a kind of vertical civil war. The totalitarian state also needs enemies, but its enemies, who are the opposition to its regime, will be ostracized and marginalized as in China. China IS the model for the technocratic global community.

Workers at a car factory in Wuhan mass-multiplying social distance during the lunch break.
Should someone fall out of line, the human robot will lose social points.

Politikere i Belgien udtaler nu, at der nu er tale om en krise skabt af de uvaccinerede, og at man nu skal holde op med at udsætte de vaccinerede for risiko. Tænk lige over det absurde i udtalelsen. Hvis det kun er de uvaccinerede, der er problemet, hvad er så problemet? Hvis vacciner er så sikre, hvad er man så bange for?

This is an example of the agenda of ritualistic absurdities in a totalitarian state.
The reality is quite different. In Israel, about 85% are now vaccinated, and the latest report is a 35% increase in those infected among those vaccinated. The prognosis for public health in fully vaccinated Israel looks very bleak for the next five years, and the question is how many will survive the vaccines.
1st jab reduces the immune system by 15%
2nd jab reduces by 35%
3rd jab – and they now talk about booster jab four times a year – is pure countdown.

The good news

History shows that the totalitarian state always ends up destroying itself. It will also happen for Communist China, the model of the global totalitarian state. In the counter-strategy it should be included as recognition, that the enemy is very strong, but that it is also its weakness, for it can ultimately not handle its own strength and will collapse under its own weight. Anyone who has studied totalitarian states throughout history has noticed this phenomenon.

So what we need to make sure is that OUR story survives and is told, and that we protect ourselves and survive for a number of years. Totalitarianism is unsustainable. We should never seek to overcome the enemy, for the enemy can only be overcome by himself.
As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War: Never disturb an enemy that is in the process of destroying itself.

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