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The Empire and East Asia

How much do we know about the history of East Asia? For example, do we know the history of Japan? Or an even better question: Do we know the history that was shredded when the post-war mythologies were pumped out by the Allied victors like toxic, thick fogs over our infoscapes? Was it even a victory? This and many other questions are today’s topic. We come a long way.

We could of course start by asking ourselves, what does the history of East Asia even concern us? But if you get through this blog article, you will no longer ask yourself that question.

We are not content with Japanese history. We cannot understand their history without understanding a great deal more and how it is all interwoven across East and West. The outlet, however, is a Japanese understanding of the world, and it is in marked contrast to, for example, the British and American understanding of the world – or perhaps we should say: the West’s non-understanding of the world and thus of ourselves.

As main source I have chosen Joshua Blakeney: Japan Strikes Back and a series of interviews totaling 10 hours with early military research librarian and current military historian, Douglas Dietriech.

The Emperor as a young man

USA – The whore of Saudi Arabia

We start the story in San Francisco, California.

Presidio Military Base was the Western Command Center and headquarters of the US Military 6th Army. All American wars in the Pacific were controlled from here. This applies to the Spanish-American War and the Philippine War, which was the USA’s ‘First Vietnam War’. Likewise the Chilean-Peruvian war in 1979, where the US literally went to war over bird shit! On to WW2, Korea and Vietnam. All were controlled from this military base.

Presidio Military Base

Three days after Pearl Harbor, January 1, 1942, the United Nations was created at the Presidio Military Base. Unknown to most, WW2 was a conflict created by the United States. You read that right: the UN was from the start a war agency responsible for US participation in World War II! It can be read in UN Article no. 42. That is, all nations from Denmark to the Philippines were under the supreme command of PMB. When the UN moved to New York in 1945, all of the organization’s documents were still stored in PMB. These documents were set to be destroyed by military librarian Douglas Dietriech in order to remove a piece of incriminating history for the military and the United States. He did that for 10 years, and because of the man’s almost autistic memory, he could quickly read all the documents to make sure they were the right ones, destroy them as ordered, and then go home and write down what he had read.

Who rules the United States? Among others and next to Israel, it is the House of Saud that dictates US foreign policy. Incidentally, there is a secret connection between these seemingly troubled couples. The Wahabis are an ancient Jewish lineage. This is why the English gave them control of the peninsula.

In 1945, Roosevelt met with the Saudi king on the USS Quincey on The Great Bitter Lake. He implemented the Bretton Woods agreement created in the 1940s that established the dollar as the reserve currency. His geophysicists had told him that he had used up all of America’s oil reserves to wage war on. Before, the US had been a bigger oil producer than Saudi Arabia. Before the war, USA supplied the whole world with oil: Europe, Russia, England. England alone was an Empire with a billion people. England had not developed its North Sea oil and Russia its natural gas. So the Americans can thank Roosevelt for their oil shortage and dependence on foreign powers.

The oily sheiks laughed their butts off

So he met with the Saudi king to buy him out of the clutches of the British. A strange and grotesque scene unfolded when the king and his staff had brought a flock of sheep onto the ship. These sheep, said the king, are for your men to copulate with, lest they prey on our pure Muslim women! Roosevelt bit into this exquisite mockery and condescension, and thus the petrodollar was created. So it was Roosevelt who removed the gold standard already in 1933 when he came to power and not Nixon in the 1970s as the economists claim. Nixon, on the other hand, wanted to remove Bretton-Woods and restore American sovereignty. That’s why he was framed with Watergate – not because he stole a few measly papers from the Democrats’ office in Washington. Today he is portrayed as one of the greatest villains, although in reality he could be a hero. And he did not, as people often think, start the Vietnam War. It was Lyndon B. Johnson, the man whose fingerprints, among others, are found on the Kennedy assassination. People like Roosevelt and Churchill, on the other hand, have managed to be portrayed as heroes.

Today the USA does not get oil from Saudi, but from Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria, etc. Saudi sells to Europe, China and Japan but has a stranglehold on the world thanks to all the American wars. When the US went to war in Iraq, they exercised S.A.D – and how sad isn’t that? Strategic Area Denial. They dumped depleted uranium in the form of dirty bombs to the extent of 44 Hiroshima bombs! The Iraqi oil facilities are so deeply contaminated that no one can exploit them anymore. Iraq is functionally out of the market forever – all because of Saudi Arabia.

A pile of scrap ready for scrapping – or for a False Flag in the Gulf

This is WHY Israel-Saudi-USA wants to close the Strait of Hormuz (Armuz in Arabic) with a nuclear attack on Iran. The USS Enterprise has 6-8 nuclear reactors on board. It is old and insecure and is like a floating Fukushima constantly in the area. No doubt there are plans for a false flag where it will be bombed. An exercise called the Millennium Challenge has already been held. A retired admiral was asked to play the enemy and use only Third World weapons. He used speedboats, yachts and Chinese silkworm missiles. They were designed by a Chinese American who defected to Communist China after being accused of racism. In the war game, retired Admiral van Ripper took down the USS Enterprise and 16 other ships with these missiles. If you close the strait, which can easily be done, then you close almost all oil transport in the world, because it has to pass through here. The world economy can be shut down in 24 hours if the Saudis decide to. The only thing that keeps them from doing it is the fear of a crushing counter-attack if it is discovered that they are behind it. Right now it seems that Vladimir Putin has them by the scruff of the neck, but that’s another story.

The American military coup – this is where it all started

The whole mega-mess about the aggressive USA starts after the Civil War. In 1866, just months after the war between the North and the South – which is, by the way, the aggression of the North towards the South – an American ship named the USS General Sherman attacked Korea, firing on civilians and taking other civilians as hostages. Eventually the ship was surrounded and locked in at the Kay Dong River and the entire crew killed. In 1871, the Americans returned and invaded Korea with 100 ships. They stormed the castle, removed the king and forced Korea into protectorate status, i.e. a colony. No one knows about the story today because the authorities and historians have concealed it.

USS General Sherman on fire

The reason was due to railway lines. They wanted to build a line that connected Tokyo with Korea, Manchuria and on with the Trans-Siberian line to Moscow and on to Europe. In addition, they wanted to create a line up to the Bering Strait and build a bridge to Alaska and down through Canada to the USA. It would therefore be the new American Silk Route, where they could control world trade.
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It’s about railways. The entire American Civil War was a railroad war. All the main battles took place less than 20 kilometers from a railway line. Just as it later became the oil barons who ran the American wars, it was the coal barons at that time. In 1873 came the first great depression in the United States. The men in power wanted to get people out of the cities and west. The president, Ulysses S. Grant therefore set in motion the project of the America-around-the-world railroad. One out of four men in the United States had no job, and at nightfall in New York, 80,000 homeless people arrived at police stations to spend the night in jails. The Homeland project, which was supposed to bring them west, was exploited by the railroad syndicates to grab land for a candy. Here, the United States of America began to fly pirate flags, and what started in 1776 with the Land of Hope And Glory already died with the coup d’état of General Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876.

Samuel Tilden

Samuel Tilden was the political maverick, a Ralph Nader for his time. He was a Southern Democrat, fiercely fighting corruption, and was elected president by a quarter of a million votes in November 1876 over the Republican general who represented the military-industrial complex. However, Tilden was deprived of his electoral victory due to systematic election fraud and manipulated vote transfer. Here began the parody of a corrupt electoral system we know today, where election campaigning is nothing more than a form of wrestling, and where the winner is decided in advance, while people cheer and cheer as if it were a real fight. The Americans already knew in 1876 that there had been fraud. Rebellion was in the air, but due to the depression, people did not have the energy to rise up against their coup d’état federal government. Does it look like something we know from today? Then began the revived tradition of electoral fraud we witnessed when George W. Bush was elected 120 years later, and continued with the 2020 election. and these are only the frauds that became visible and obvious. Nowadays socalled democrats in the USA should perhaps study Samuel Tilden and learn, what an honest democrat with ethics looks like.

The coup d’état maker that buried American democracy

After the fraud, the President-General, coup d’état Hayes was ready to build his Pacific Railroad as a counterpart to Cecil Rhodes’ Cape-to-Cairo project. It was considered such a prestigious project that President Grant condescended to be the first to visit Japan.

In 1883, a diplomat named Durham White Stephens had resigned his post as American delegate in Tokyo and joined the Japanese diplomatic corps, thereby representing a foreign nation in his own country. However, he was a mole with orders to facilitate the railroad through Korea.

The Philippine Holocaust and Korea

In 1889, President Harriman started the Spanish-American War at the same time as the Americans invaded the 7100 Philippine Islands. Commander-in-Chief General Smith ordered to take no prisoners but to assassinate all potential gunmen. It was interpreted to mean men, women and children over 10 years of age. Some of the islands were inhabited by Japanese people who had lived there for hundreds of years. They began reporting back to Tokyo about a genocide that surpassed the Armenian one.

Those who carried out the massacres were an illegal off-the-record army unit similar to The Flying Tigers who fought the Japanese from 1937 until after the war. The US Constitution has always clearly prohibited Americans from being hired as mercenaries and fighting for any foreign state or corporation. Today the government doesn’t really care about that kind of thing, but back then they had to invent cunning ways to get around the law and the constitution. Not only were these entities criminal under US law, but also under international law according to the United Nations, which the US co-founded. Incidentally, the Flying Tigers were not hired to help the Chinese against the Japanese, but to help the opium trade, where loads of drugs were flown out via Douglas DC planes, just as the CIA’s America Airlines later did. The Tigers were to escort these floating pirate ships and protect against the Japanese trying to intercept them.

The drug cartel’s preferred escort. This fine tradition was followed up the US’ drug trade i the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam War, the cocain transport i Central and South Amerika (remember the Iran-Contra scandal) and the opium trade after the invasion of Iraq.

The Philippine Holocaust was therefore America’s first Vietnam-style War. The Filippino Scouts were not Filipinos but Americans who were paid a higher salary to help exterminate the Muslim Filipinos in the islands. Whole villages were surrounded and pumped into the ground with cannons. Then they went in and killed all the survivors, took all the dead bodies and threw them into a hole and poured slaked lime over them. The Philippine Holocaust claimed the lives of three million Muslim islanders. And 100,000 non-Muslim Filipinos plus 2 million homeless in Luzon.

The one accomplice of The Oklahoma City Bombing – not Timothy MacVeigh, who was shot immediately – Terry Nichols is in solitary confinement for life. No one is allowed to interview him, even if he wants to. His wife was a Filipino-Muslim and he found out everything about the history that Americans don’t want to be known. Another celebrity, chess genius Bobby Fisher, commented on 9/11 with ‘America deserves it’. It is debatable whether he had understood the deeper meaning here and that this event was an internal job and a false flag, but he was also married to a Filipino Muslim and knew about the story.

Den Filipino avenger

September 11, 1901 – ring a bell? – the US President William McKinley was assassinated by a Muslim Filipino, Leon Czolgosz. Teddy Roosevelt did his utmost to deflect attention by lying about the story and saying it was a Polish Communist, a Bolshevik. Ironically, his son and later president was a communist and admirer of Stalin. Czolgosz was executed immediately so that he could not talk about himself. When the Koreans later murdered the mole Durham White Stephens in San Francisco they had studied the method and copied it.

In 1904, the Japanese-Russian War took place and the Japanese occupied Manchuria. The war was financed by the same Wall Street banker, that financed the Russion Revolution, Jacob Schiff. Teddy Roosevelt received the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the war. But in 1905, a secret agreement took place, the Taft-Katsuro Agreement, for a joint American-Japanese administration of Korea and the country’s weakened dynasty. It was, of course, with the railway project in mind. Durham White Stephens was deployed as the Korean king’s Grima Wormtongue and became known as ‘the White Korean Dictator’.

Find 5 flaws: a Korean dictator with a bowler hat

In 1908, a great earthquake occurred in San Francisco, leaving many people homeless. But Roosevelt spread the lie that it was a great fire, because otherwise no one would move to San Francisco. At the time, the city was 20 times larger than Los Angeles and was truly The Golden Gate, the gateway to the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese, even though they had just finished a grueling war with Russia, gave money to rebuild the city. As a nice thank you, the Americans imposed racist segregation rules to keep Japanese out of schools in California.

In 1908, The Righteous Army Rebellion arose in Korea consisting of early Korean soldiers trained by the Japanese. They shot their way out of Seoul until they were stopped by the Japanese. Durham Stephens stated in an interview that the Koreans would suffer the same fate as the Filipinos, i.e. mass extermination, a grand scale massacre! Shortly thereafter, Stephens was assassinated in San Francisco by two Korean snipers. The tactic was guns hidden in bandages. Both men were imprisoned, but one escaped the same year, and the other was later released and returned to Korea, where he was celebrated as a folk hero.


The Japanese managed to close in on themselves for a long time, but at some point in the late 19th century they realized that they had to orient themselves to what was happening outside. They started sending students out to get educated and it wasn’t hard for them to absorb Western science and skills, since Japanese people have the highest IQ in the world. Interesting, by the way, that IQ decreases with multiculturalism, which did not exist in Japan at the time. This subject is sort of tabu today due to political correctness.

At the same time, they saw what had happened in India and China when the British and other imperialists arrived. They knew that the weak agricultural countries in the East would be taken over by the foreigners if they did not step in themselves. So why not do it yourself, because they had common culture and religion, Confucianism and Buddhism? It was the start of the Pan-Asian movement and the intention was to help build Asia collectively to throw out the foreigners. After the Russo-Japanese War, the Japanese took over the Russian privileges on the continent, after which the West got a pain in the ass and started claiming them.

Mr. Pan-Asia

Shumei Okawa was the most prominent Pan-Asian. He was later put on trial in the Tokyo Trials, the imperialist kangaroo trial that was a pendent to the judicial caricature we know as the Nuremberg Trials. He had been to India and seen how the British behaved there. In 1926, a pan-Asian conference took place and the media made fun of it. But until 1943, when Tokyo itself hosted such a conference, pan-Asianism was almost official government policy.

The British and Americans had forced the Japanese into various intolerable treaties where, for example, they were only allowed to build a certain small number of ships compared to the West, and we are talking about their own waters! It was quite conducive to the Pan-Asian movement.

The Soviet Union under Stalin was clearly a threat to the Japanese – as well as to the rest of the world. The Japanese with their Shinto and Buddhism were traditionalists and disinclined to fall for Communism. They also began to link up with the pan-Islamists, who also had an aversion to communism (Marxism = Zionist atheism). Muslim-majority Indonesia (the world’s largest Muslim country) was freed from Dutch imperial control and cooperated with Japan. Okawa made the first translation of the Qur’an into Japanese. There was an honesty about the interest, unlike when the CIA supported (and supports) Muslim groups, which is the old British style of creating division in the Islamic culture of unity through fanaticism and bloodshed among Muslims.
See David Livingstone:
Black Terror White Soldiers: Islam,Fascism and The New Age

So Japan is still today among several countries in the area considered friendly (though not by the Chinese and Koreans), since they opposed Western imperialism and communism (same-same behind the smokescreen) back then.

FDR and Pearl Harbor – a standdown operation false flag

The FDR regime was deeply infiltrated by Soviet communists such as Harry Dexter White. People mostly think of the US in Cold War terms as anti-communist, but in the 30s and 40s it was the other way around. There were echoes of that under JFK. Dexter White arranged a series of provocations in the form of blockades and embargoes of Japan that led up to Pearl Harbor. The stigmatization techniques we saw in those decades have since been recycled by the Zionist neo-cons. Zionism = Neo-Trotskyism = Neocons. White collaborated with Zionists such as Henry Morgenthau. The Morgenthau Plan was a socalled post-surrender memorandum about the weakening of Germany by shutting down its industrial capabilities). In the McCollum Plan it is explicitly stated that it would be desirable for Japan to attack the United States first – in other words: that war with Japan was desirable!

Isuroku Yamamoto, the man who started the Pearl Harbor attack, had studied at Harvard. He was pro-American / Western oriented. He was much maligned by the Pan-Asians who believed that the worst possible outcome would be a Pacific war. So the Pan-Asians were by no means enemies of the United States. The USA, on the other hand, was hostile to them, because the Anglo-Saxon system of governance in the world is controlled conflict division, which is why any tendency towards unification is considered hostile to their world order.

War hero or high traitor?

The west-o-file Yamamoto thus started the attack on Pearl Harbor and later lost the Battle of Midway for Japan. It looks more like a piece of high treason to his own people. FDR personally ordered his execution at the end of the war, which is exactly what you do with agents who know too much. We are talking about circumstantial evidence, salience and patterns, not evidence.

Tokyo Tribunal – Japan’s Nuremberg Trials

At the Tokyo Tribunal there was a judge named Radhabinod Pal from India who found all the Japanese accused not guilty. He wrote a judgment of 2000 pages. The tribunal was set up by Douglas MacArthur under a Far East Charter. It contained the same clause as No. 19 of the Charter of the Nuremberg Trials, which reads the following piece of poetry: ‘This tribunal will not be bound by technical rules of evidence’. It simply said that!

At the last minute, an Indian and a Filipino judge were brought in – the tribunal was supposed to look like the whole of Asia was judging the Japanese – but it was regretted. Radhabinod Pal began studying international law, and as a result challenged both the factual and legal basis of the tribunal. When he delivered his verdict, he was stopped and not allowed to read it. As with the Nuremberg trials, it was forbidden to talk about the convictions afterward.

The incorruptible judge of Bengal

In his deposition, Pal stated – if he had been allowed – that it may be appropriate for the victors to hold a tribunal, but that there was no basis in international law for handing down convictions. It was the law of convenience that was invented retroactively. In fact, there was no international law against starting wars. Japan went to war against China and Russia. But the Americans were already supplying weapons to Shang Kai Shek (later to the Maoists before the Nanking massacre), the Dutch had colonies where weapons were used – colonization is occupation and therefore an act of war – the Russians expanded by creating communist states with military power. Was the Japanese expansion an act of self-defense? It really was, because they had been attacked by trade war, submarine war and embargo war for starvation – all acts of war. Phal de-legitimized the foundation of the tribunal, while at the same time peeling apart the factual evidence.

One incident that was very focused on was the Mukden incident in Manchuria in 1931, where a conspiracy was exposed – it was claimed. It was alleged that the Japanese had created a false flag where the railway at Mukden was bombed to install their puppet government in Manchuria. Lots of false documents abounded during the war fabricated by the British, Americans and Russians alike. Another forgery was the Tenaka Memorandum, which was supposed to document that Japanese intellectuals had conspired for Japanese subjugation of the Whole World, no less! This would be, what in psychology is called a projection, since this absurd claim came from the very Western oligarchy, that strived to subjugate the whole world. Phal pointed out that the idea of conspiracy as a crime is unique to Anglo-American jurisprudence. There is no other place in the world where you can sit and agree to rob a bank and then be convicted for not doing it anyway.

The idea of Japanese world domination was on the whole absurd and must be considered mostly an imperial psychological projection. Just as Zionists – just listen to the psychopath Netanyahu – consistently blame others for exactly what he/they themselves are up to, in the same way the British and Americans always turn facts on their head to justify themselves, and therefore the false flag is the pretext for aggression so widely used by them. The Japanese just didn’t do like the Americans. Once they arrived, they always allowed the locals to rule for themselves, as their purpose was to stabilize Asia in self-defense agains imperialism. American-British-Zionist imperial strategy, on the other hand, has always been about de-stabilization, ‘order via chaos’ i.e. their order, divide-and-rule – they are divided, we rule. Completely un-Japanese and thus nothing more than a mental projection.

The Japanese thought as such: We are now a developed country, most East Asian countries are agrarian undeveloped. We can export our developed products to them and buy their agricultural products and they can pay with their natural resources for the benefit of our industry. The Americans and the British, descendants of pirates, slave traders and opium barons that they are, have always thought of resources as something they simply scooped up with gunboat diplomacy without paying for it. A win-win situation is very un-Anglo-Saxon.

The Pan-Asians proposed The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, a sphere of mutual prosperity in Asia. It would become an organic version of the EU based on voluntarism as opposed to the authoritarian and inorganic – or to put it directly: fascist construction of the EU. Here the processing of the raw materials was to take place locally, unlike when the British shipped all the Indian cotton to be spun at the cotton mills in Manchester. The Pan-Asians wanted independence from the colonial-industrial complex.

A parallel today to pan-Asianism is Eurasianism in the style of philosopher and political analyst Alexandr Dugin’s sought-after Fourth Political Theory.

Clash of Civilisations

The Pan-Asians proposed The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, a sphere of mutual prosperity in Asia. It would become an organic version of the EU based on voluntarism as opposed to the authoritarian and inorganic construction of the EU. Here the processing of the raw materials was to take place locally, unlike when the British shipped all the Indian cotton to be spun at the cotton mills in Manchester. The Pan-Asians wanted independence from the colonial-industrial complex.

The vaunted Clash of Civilizations, the current term for the 150-year-old declaration of intent / designer prophecy for World War III, is just a big-scale divide-and-conquer tactic. Regardless of whether the document is genuine, in which Albert Pike in 1871 describes in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini how World War 3 will be a war between Islam and Political Zionism, where they will mutually destroy each other (for Lucifer to rule the world… ), then this is actually what is unfolding right now. The letter, regardless of its authenticity, dates from that time. Add to that the document’s description of both World War 1 and World War 2 are quite accurate. Add to that the fact that it is not only political Zionism that must obviously destroy itself, but the entire West, since Zionism lives like a widely branched, metastasized cancer everywhere in Western culture and weaves itself into all financial, cultural and military strategic thinking and action – cf Zionism and Marxism/Socialism same-same.

The Pike that predicted three world wars in 1871.
You can only pridict that, if you have access to the bluprint.
Or is a gifted psychic clairvoyant like Edgar Casey, and he was certainly not.
His language reveals it, like: We will to that … and we will release that.

If, as an antidote to the sick thought behind The Clash of Civilizations, one thinks in pan-Asian terms, then an alliance between the West and Islam would be the only right thing, i.e. the real West and not the puppet West manipulated by Zionists. That is the problem with the current alternatives to cultural Marxism, the new right movements. Admittedly, they address the relevant issues, but they get stranded in a stigmatization of Muslims that makes them the problem without recognizing the contradiction in their attitude: that they contribute to The Clash of Civilizations, whereby they are not a solution to but part of the problem. There should be a Christian-Muslim alliance instead. The question is whether that path is so poisoned that it is inextricable. We could learn how by studying where the Pan-Asians and the Pan-Muslims came together at the beginning of the last century despite superficial and apparent incompatibility but fundamental common interest. But the corruption and weakening of Islam had already occoured before that by the the British Intelligence psyop creating fundamentalist Islam, Salafism and Wahabbism, the Young Turcs destroying the Ottoman Empire and later the CIA follow up creating al Qaeda and ISIS.

Pan-Asianism was effectively anti-Zionist. It supported the Palestinian Muslim population against the formation of the Zionist ethno-cleansing state, Israel, made up of Jews for whom Communism was the best show-in-town at the time. It is here that the Japanese connection with the National Socialists of Germany was created. Remember: both world wars bear Zionist fingerprints all over and were on the wish list as tools to achieve and form a Jewish state in Palestine. So the Japanese made certain enemies already back then.

Do we need to further analyze Pearl Harbor? Isn’t it now almost mainstream that the codes had been broken and that the American army leadership knew everything about the attack coming? Compare the memorandum referred to on the desirability of Japan attacking first. General Kimmel in Hawaii was left in the lurch as a scapegoat and died in disgrace, and the world had the narrative stuffed down about the evil Japanese who brutally and suicidally-maniacally attacked the unsuspecting and innocent but kind-hearted and heroic Americans … and a whole bunch of cry-baby. We all know the cliches. Pearl Harbor had one specific purpose: to turn the 68% of Americans who were opposed to war to accept, indeed demand war both in the Pacific and later in Europe. We are talking about the Americans who at the time (and still today) had no idea why they were actually in World War I, where no attack took place against them, and where had absolutely nothing to do. But back the Churchill arranged his own Pearl Harbor, the sinking of Lusitania.

The surprise attack that didn’t surprise

The most amazing thing is when you realize that the people who initiated all the provocations that took place before Pearl Harbor were Soviet agents embedded in the FDR government. Some would even go so far as to say that FDR himself was a Soviet agent, but he was probably more of a mentally deranged megalomaniac susceptible to manipulative packaging. But isn’t that the weaker definition of an agent? Working for other peoples agedas, which can be with full knowledge and applaus or stupidly unknowing. The historical parallel to all the provocations or Iran is clear when we see how they are organized by the Zionists = Communist.

When the Allies had to write their history after the war and had to separate war killings committed by the Axis Powers from their own in order to exonerate themselves, they had to produce a narrative about unheard of, inhuman and bestial atrocities such as the Nanking massacre, the Holocaust, etc. When historica revisionism – isn’t that what all historiography should be about: constant revision based on information that comes to light? – it is often incidents in the course of the war itself that are reviewed. But even if one dealt with a revision (re-vision, re-vision) of the causes of the wars, it becomes clear that there was also an intended narrative place here. In other words, the truth is sacrificed during and after but already before the war. No war is ever started without a big lie.

An example of falsified causation is the alleged German false flag called the Gleiwitz incident that supposedly started WW2. Not to mention the Reichstag fire. In both cases they were attributed to the Germans, and in neither case was it true. You can almost talk about a double-false flag. The same was the case with the mentioned Mukden incident, where Japan was accused of having organized a terrorist act to occupy Manchuria and form Manchu Kuo, the Manchurian secession from China, which was also not true.

Mukden – a false flag in Manchuria

What happened was that the Japanese were blamed for blowing up the Manchurian Railway at Mukden, now Chinese Shenyang province.

The Japanese were only allowed to stay within a radius of 20 km from the railway itself through Manchuria, and no military operations were allowed to take place. It was immediately claimed that it was the Japanese who did it themselves, but it was a Chinese, and there was only a small hole in the track, after which the train ran over almost 10 minutes later. The League of Nations, the UN’s predecessor, commissioned an inquiry called the Lytton Report, and the Japanese withdrew from the LON when the report was misused to make false conclusions – the report itself finding insufficient evidence of a false flag. You can recognize false flags – in this case a double one – by the insignificance of the case in relation to the inflated and tendentious publicity it receives.

The inspection considers the ‘immeasurable damage’ that appears in the picture

In all three false flags mentioned, it seems as if the reason for a war has been deliberately misinterpreted. The Nanking Massacre is a favorite subject of Japanese historical revisionism. Joshua Blakeney writes on page 26 of his book Japan Bites Back:

It was highly stimulating and somewhat amusing observing the responses to the 2014 book ‘Falsehoods of the Allied Nations Victorious Views of History – As Seen by a British Journalist’, authored by the former Tokyo bureau chief of the Times, The New York Times and the Financial Times, Henry Stokes, in which he questioned the notions that a massacre took place in Nanking i 1937-38. The English speaking media falsely claimed that he had recanted his controversial statements. In other words they resorted to disinformation which compelled Stokes and his publisher to reaffirm the statement of the author that the Nanking Massacre never took place, since the word massacre is not fitting to indicate what actually happened.

Japan og zionismen

Japanese historical revisionism has triggered a significant phenomenon that is evidently appearing in all the places where historical revisionism is practiced. Individuals and commentators with apparently Jewish names insert comments daily in Japanese newspapers calling for ‘hate speech laws’, a concept that follows directly on the tail of cultural Marxist political correctness. First one must feel guilt and shame, and then one must exercise masochistic self-censorship or submit to the blue-stamped correctness of legislative authorities, because by demanding the truth, one is committing a crime against the lie and its designers. Political correctness is so easily screwed up that the state and authorities can step aside and leave it to the people themselves to exercise censorship against each other. That’s what they did together in the socialist states, e.g. East Germany during the Cold War. You could never trust your neighbor, because the commissioners were listening through the ears and eyes of Stasi, and your neighbor could report you if you made a politically incorrect statement.

A politically incorrect memorial

Why Tokyo? Because Tokyo and Tehran are currently the only two places in the world where you can question the victors’ version of WW2 without being thrown in jail. The Yazukuni Temple in Tokyo is controversial as a memorial site with engraved names of the Japanese soldiers who fought to liberate Asia in WW2. Japanese ministers and politicians often visit the memorial, and Western media and Zionists usually go into hysterics when it happens. Not only that, because right across from Yazukuni is the Yushukan War Museum, a very well-founded and beautiful museum that presents the Japanese revisionist interpretation of WW2. So not only are there politicians and university professors who question the Allied narrative about the war, but there is a museum that communicates revisionist research directly to the population. Imagine something similar in Berlin, (how about directly opposite the oh-so-praised and self-glorifying Jewish Museum 😉 … quite unthinkable, because Germans are not allowed to ask about their own history but only to prolong their national guilt-complex ad infinitum. The curators of a German museum that aimed to present uncensored German history would be burned at the stake and thrown into a hole in the ground in random order. We live in a modernist middle age these days.

Yushukan War Museum – a museum that tells war stories and not just imperial bedtime stories

A crime against the lie

The Zionists are in a panic at the thought. They know that sooner or later other nationalities will start making the same demands for historical validity, so they have launched an intense campaign right now to silence the Japanese. They know that if their Holocaust narrative falls apart, it’s over for them. EVERYTHING is based on this mythology. That it will of course come together is certain, and it is only a matter of time, because every lie, regardless of scope, reaches the limit of its lifespan – depending on the scope. It is happening at an accelerating rate right now, and the Zionists fear the good example and are trying to implement their concept of thought crime laws in Japan. Thought crime – this is how far out in absurdity we have gotten. To refrase the statement of the incorruptible judge of Bengal, Radhabinod Pal: Nowhere but in the West can you be accused and condemned for speculative claims of thinking a thought!

It is one thing in 1945, when you have just defeated a country (which is also untrue, by the way), but seven decades later you must not revisit your own past and politely ask the subscribers to the claims that form the narrative of the victors to decently extent to document their claims. In that case, it must mean that we are still living in an unfinished WW2. The claims are unsubstantiated, so the claimants’ last resort is to ban anything other than their claims.

It may be a little difficult for Japanese people to understand to what extent and in what way the Zionists in the West have succeeded in making the mythology of WW2 sacrosanct / sanctified, whereby criticism becomes blasphemous. Criticism has become a legal matter and not a matter for university professors. Does anyone think of The Spanish Inquisition?

It is not particularly difficult to debunk that the West’s history of Japan and the East is falsified, so the leap to asking what THEN is true or false is not very far. It’s a ticking time bomb under The Grand Fraudulant Narrative, approaching the digi-number ZERO.

Japan og The Third Reich

How did the alliance between Japan and the Third Reich take place? This is due to their common relationship with communism. Unlike the Americans, who later feigned anti-communism, the Japanese were anti-communists. The British and the Americans had created Communism (read Prof. Anthony Sutton) and in the 30’s and half of the 40’s the USA was effectively run by Communists – real and factual versus taken for granted and narrative. Germany was the leading bulwark against communism in Europe, Japan was the same in Asia. The Americans and the English practiced political sex with the communists (in bed with).

Jacob Schiff – a financier behind war and genocide.
The man without whom Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin would be unthinkable.

Several schools had formed in Japan after European culture had begun to be studied. Some had studied Anglo-Saxon law and culture, others had studied German ditto. Most people have heard of Jacob Schiff, the Jewish banking mogul who co-financed the Russian Revolution. He provided Japan with unlimited loans (debt = bond) so they could finance the Russo-Japanese War. As you know, bankers always finance both sides in a war.

You have to have a good plan if you are going to eat the world’s most poisonous fish

The Japanese then devised something they called the Fugu Plan to deal with certain Jewish individuals and bankers. Remember – or learn – that these socalled Jews are not Jews at all. They are the Khazarian mafia cloaking as Jews. As you know, the fugu fish is the poisonous balloon fish, which, if you don’t prepare it very carefully, is extremely poisonous. If, on the other hand, you know the method, the fish is considered edible and, on top of that, delicious. The Japanese had studied how throughout history there have been two ways of dealing with Jews/Khazarians. One was the exclusion method. The second was the encapsulation method. The Muslims used the last method to keep Jews within limited areas where they did not have full rights.

So the Japanese invited Zionists/Jews to Manchuria based on the philosophy that you stick close to your friends but even closer to your enemies. There is today a large Jewish community in the so-called Autonomous Jewish Oblast in Manchuria. Millions of Jews still live here today, their language is Yiddish (Ashkenazi Jewish = non-Semitic), but no one knows about it, because it is almost invisible on the map.

Another reason for the Japanese-German alliance was an idea or hope to eliminate the Soviet Union, this monstrous being, this Behemoth from two sides. So if the Soviet Union could be attacked from two sides, it could be wiped out. 120 years later, the West is still following this monotonous blueprint, and we are REALLY tired of it.

Yamamoto, the man who did the Americans a great favor by launching the Pearl Harbor attack, went completely berserk when Japan signed the Tripartite Pact and became part of the Axis powers, a mutual defense pact.

The Japanese realized that if they did not create unity in East Asia, the subcontinent would be torn to pieces by Western capitalism on one side and communism on the other. The examples of Vietnam and Korea speak for themselves. One can have some sympathy for North Korea because they have been so stigmatized by the West, but it is indisputable that it was a sick construct, for communism and East Asian culture, history and mentality were incompatible. The collectivism that communism represented (manipulated collectivism) was quite different from the non-individualism found in the East Asian mindset. Many confuse the two, and Maoism profited from the confusion.

While they were still alive

As a result of an export of Marxism-Leninism / Communism to China, 65 million Chinese were mass-murdered during the Cultural Revolution (conservatively estimated, it’s more like 100 million). Add to that the Indonesian civil war. Would the Vietnam War have happened if Japan had seriously and decisively won WW2? Barely! The whole concept behind this dirty war is arch-American. Would the Korean War have happened? Hardly again, because it was another product of the monopoly-capitalist-communist rip-everything-between-you-to-pieces policy and strategy. Divide-and-conquer occurred in the 20th century on every level humanly imaginable, and globally in the Cold War it took place between these antithetical poles.

The Americans had advanced the Monroe Doctrine back in 1823 which stated that no foreign power could enter the American sphere of influence. But when it came to China, which was considered an American sphere of influence, the doctrine was obviously not wrong, because everyone was invited in to undermine China. The Americans supported Mao, which was seen in the Nanking incident. Doctrines were therefore to be understood as needed…

In China then it was like in the Middle East today. Or in Afghanistan. A horde of warlords were invited and unleashed to war and annihilate each other, after which the Empire could enter the stage – or not enter the stage, stay in the back room and pull the levers.

Mr. Moon and Mr. Bush

Time for an anecdote.
George H. W. Bush served military service as a navigator (pilot) in World War II. A demanding job, by the way, that much you have to give the man. But demanding in a different way than fighter pilots who have to fight each other, navigators sink ships. It is said that fighter pilots make movies, while navigators make history. A navigator, on the other hand, must be able to land on an aircraft carrier in a crosswind, which no one else can do.

Anyway: Before that, submarine sieges had been used to starve Japan. The majority of the Japanese Pacific Islands were never invaded, contrary to what the Americans led the world to understand. So merchant ships, civilian ships in other words, were sunk.

At that time, the vast majority of Japanese people were vegetarians, eating mostly fish. But because the islanders were starving, they were forced to cannibalism to survive. They ended up eating quite a few American prisoners of war. The Japanese had radar that the Americans were not aware of. On an island with a radar station, pilots from downed American planes were brought in and thrown into a hole. Then they cut off the limbs one at a time to keep them fresh for as long as possible. At the fourth limb, the rest of the man was slaughtered!

George Bush Senior was shot down and immediately knew what awaited him. The Japanese were rowing out to pick him up when a submarine appeared. The Americans could afford to have a navy that did nothing but picking up downed pilots. Many years later, when he was president, he is having dinner with the Japanese prime minister, when some member of his staff exclaims in a light-hearted tone: ‘Hey, we were on our way to pick you up back then!’ Bush turns around and vomits over the chair, after which the Prime Minister laughs loudly. The entire session was filmed and broadcast on international TV, but no one was told the background story.

During the Korean War he was a CIA officer and he opened an office in Korea. It is simply called KCIA, Korean CIA. And Korea has therefore been occupied by the Americans since the American Civil War! Bush at that time ran into a young communist and priest named Yong Sun Moon, mr. Moon himself. He converted George Bush to moonie. Everyone in Asia knows it, they just want to say ‘well, Bush, the moonie president’. But Americans don’t know that.

Neil Bush is following in his father’s footsteps.
The crime syndicates’ taste in fine arts seems to leave something to be desired.

North and South Korea are still officially at war, because the Korean War never ended. Negotiations are still going on, because they have only extended the ceasefire. There are fights all the time where Americans are being shot. Each time they are flown home in coffins covered with UN flags, because it is still a UN peacekeeping operation, so they are UN casualties. That’s why Americans never hear about it as dead Americans. But because there is still a war going on between the Koreas with the United States on one side, it is mandatory for all companies to manufacture weapons. And because Mr. Moon’s church is registered as a business, so it manufactures weapons. He owned a number of businesses. Among other things, he owned the Washington Post for over 10 years. He was thus instrumental in George Bush becoming president.

By the way, Bush was closed about it, but willingly declared Sun Yong Moon as God’s representative on earth. He made an annual pilgrimage to Korea to kiss mr. Moon’s shoes. He gave the opening speech when Moon opened a kind of Moonie-Georgetown in South America. You might think the Democrats would use that against him. But it shows that American politics is fully coordinated with controlled opposition. A deep state rules the country behind the smokescreen of democracy.

The native indian Holocaust

The Bush family has a special angle on the Native American Holocaust, which we will see in a moment. In the period from 1877, when the state began to sail under the pirate flag until World War I, approximately 100,000 Indians were exterminated. Americans were read the death toll every day for about 40 years. In this way, a population was created that gradually became immune to death tolls. When the numbers rolled into both World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, etc., they were just numbers that were shrugged off. That is, as long as it wasn’t Americans. After all, they were just crooked-eyed gooks like the Indians.

Americans have become the most de-sensitized people on earth. It is a population that has experienced nothing but one genocide of one people after another in its entire lifetime.

Two generations of gangster business at the state level

Prescott Bush Senior, a cavalry officer, helped kill the epitome of Native American resistance, Geronimo. He went to his tent and cut off his head (he was already dead), then brought the skull home to the Skull & Bones club at Yale University.

The manner in which General Rutherford Hayes started the Native American genocide was extremely deceitful. He gave all Indians American citizenship. That might sound like a good thing in the best democratic spirit, but it was a disastrous thing! For at the same time all the treaties made by the whites with the Indian nations were abrogated. This meant that they were on an equal footing with any settlers who might want to settle. It was all about taking/incorporating land. The Indians then had conscription. They became Indian Scouts, i.e. Indians who were agents. They helped slaughter Indians, usually tribes other than their own. British-style again-again.

The warrior who was decapitated and ended up in the basement of a bunch of psychopathic Boy Scouts at Yale and Princeton. 100,000 of his people were slaughtered.

But what should be added here is that the British King George actually ordered the British to stop at the Appalachians. Here and no further, he said, because there must also be land for the Indians. Rutherford Hayes was of a different opinion, so it was the vaunted Founding Fathers of America and their henchmen who were the real murderers. It was the same Founding Fathers who started the war against the Confederacy under the pretense of compassion for the poor slaves. And when they/Lincoln didn’t need the slaves anymore – slavery continued in the Northern States after emancipation in the Southern States – he deported a few million of them and dumped them in West Africa in the area that is today called Liberia as a pile of ‘human waste’. So much for the type that the Zionist Spielberg describes in his film as the true friend of the slaves! But this is not the first time that Spielberg has engaged in falsification of history.

Then the illusionist again pulled the leg on reality

The two 100-year spans between landmark events mentioned in the above give rise to some thought. 1776, the American Revolution > 1876 the coup d’état and the stolen election. 1901 the Muslim-Indonesian assassination of President McKinley > 2001 the character assassination of Muslims by smearing the inside job and Mossad operation 9/11 on Muslim terrorists. Knowing how fixated the Kabbalist/Sabbatarian, Satanic/Masonic inner circle is on number magic and dates, these spans may not be coincidental.

But there were Russians before the anti-Russian operation called the Soviet Union, and there are still Russians today. Likewise, there were Americans before the constitutional construction/misuse of the Constitution called the United States, and there will still be Americans after the construction collapses. There were even Americans 10,000 years before the wave of Asians we know today as the Indians. So to call the Native Americans the original First Nation is historically-anthropologically-geographically incorrect, although it may be politically correct. The Kennewick Man was clearly a Caucasian type who must have followed the ice edge during the Ice Age. It is the same culture that painted the cave paintings in southern France 40,000 years ago.

Reconstruction of the actual first natives of North America.
With all due respect to Geronimo and his people – it wasn’t them.

It seems obvious that the US supported Taiwan against Mainland China. What is not so well known is that the United States strongly supported Maoist China. The two generals, Claire Chennault and Evans Carlsson, the last an avowed communist, together with the communist Roosevelt fully supported the Maoists. The Nationalists and Maoists ended up murdering more of each other than were murdered by the Japanese in WW2, and the Japanese killed about 100 million Chinese. It tells of the fact that civil wars are always more vicious than other wars.

The Japanese-American peace treaty was apparently created in 1946. This is simply not true, because the Japanese on board the ship did not carry samurai swords, which is inevitable for Japanese surrendering. So they didn’t surrender, it was just a show. The fighting continued right up to September 1951. The USA was thus both at war with Japan before Pearl Harbor and after 1946. The phenomenon of unfinished wars applies to North and South Korea and to China and Taiwan. Taiwan considers itself to be the legitimate government also for the main country, i.e. the real China. They were one of the original members of the UN Security Council. Today they are not even recognized as a nation in their own right, but are called a breakaway province from China. There are no embassies in Taiwan, there are consulates.

The Taiwanese flag bears more resemblance to the Japanese flag than the Chinese flag

It may come as a surprise to some and perhaps offend others that for the Taiwanese Chinese, Hitler and the National Socialists stand as the-good-guys. They still use the swastika, they use the Roman salute. If you see the WW2 propaganda film ‘Why We Fight’ and pictures of the Chinese allies, they are wearing Nazi uniforms and Stahlhelm. Shang Kai Shek’s son attended the National Socialist Military Academy. They have created an extremely well-functioning society following inspiration from the National Socialist economy in the 30s. They were the only economy that didn’t go into a bubble explosion during the great recession like the Japanese, the Indonesian and the Asian tiger economies, because Taiwan is totally immune to that kind of thing. They have a completely different system. And they don’t give a damn of not being recognized as a nation, because that provides with a whole bunch of loop holes for operating in the international room.

Taiwan cannot be inspected by the UN, which does not recognize them. Nevertheless, they have one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world, which is why China dare not touch them. It is one of the most prosperous (non)countries in the world with an economy completely above what the size of the population suggests. They produce, for example, most computer hardware in the world. But they don’t exist. Could it have something to do with the fact that they have managed to create an economy that does not play ball with the monopoly capitalists and central bankers and their bubble-gum economic pump-works of inflation and deflation?

What about the other Axis powers from WW2? Do they have governments in exile? Of course they have, but no one knows them. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy still have governments in exile. What is more surprising is that Japan did not lose the war, but won it! Surprise!

The Army Flue

There is a lot of talk about anti-Semitism. We should talk more about anti-Sineticism, i.e. anti-East Asians who more or less look like Chinese. It is an ism that is highly practiced by the British and Americans. The English author Jack London recommended in 1910 in one of his short stories the TOTAL extermination of the Chinese or East Asian race = 25% of the world’s population by means of a biological weapon! After this, the Anglo-Americans could move in and establish their rotten democracy. In 1910, East Asia experienced the Great Manchurian Plague. Manchuria was the seat of the Ching dynasty, which had ruled China for hundreds of years. The Manchurians began to die in droves, and today only a very few are left who speak the Manchurian language.

As a young man, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito recognized the cause of this deadly and artificially created plague. The plague was injected under Durham White in Korea. Hirohito decided to become a marine biologist when 60,000 Manchurians died in just one year. His motivation was to protect Asia from American mass biological destruction. All influenzas since then to this day have originated in Asia and are offshoots of this biological warfare that escalated during WW1 and made the US/England win the war.

How was it invented? Black American slaves knew a thing or two about smallpox. They knew how to conduct biological warfare with the contagious disease, so they served food to their masters that contained smallpox. After all, they had arrived from Africa, The White Man’s Grave, where there are more deadly diseases than anywhere else, which is why they traditionally live in isolated villages. George Washington learned the trick and opened corpses of fallen soldiers infected with smallpox, with which he vaccinated his soldiers. Back then it was not called vaccination but variation. The experience gained here won the First World War.

What you didn’t know: The Founding Father practiced necrophilia

William Henry Welsh, the most powerful person in American medical history, was contacted by General Gorges who said: ‘There is a war in Europe and President Woodrow Wilson would very much like to enter that war, but he knows he must not win it.’ It was true, because by then the Germans had won the war in 1918 – which is not in the history books.

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk modified the Bolshevik takeover and the eradication of the Russian dynasty and Czardom via a civil war. They established a regime that was too weak to fight the German Emperor. So they handed over a third of the Russian population, 1/4 of the Russian territory and 1/2 of the Russian industry to the Germans. The Kaiser was bigger than Hitler’s Germany at the time.

Woodrow Wilson was in a dilemma. Then May contacted John D. Rockefeller, who in turn contacted Welsh and Gorges and replied back that he could manufacture a highly contagious disease that could get Woodrow Wilson into that war so he could draw any map of Europe he wanted. It would happen via the Rockefeller Research Institute today known as Rockefeller University. Wilson said: Go For It!! We are in the time before the First World War.

The man who became infamous for more than his charming smile

They took inmates out of San Quentin prison and placed them at the Letterman Research Center – today George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic Company (bought up by Disney), then destroyed all papers about the place that had previously employed 25% of all military-employed doctors in USA. As a military doctor, you were exempt from the hypocritical oath that other doctors took: to make people well, not sick. The hypocrisy with the Hipocratic Oath was twofold, because even if you took an oath as a non-military doctor, you were effectively bound by the pharmaceutical industry, which required you to make people sick while claiming to make people healthy. What was basically the worst?

So: as a soldier, you were under the command of a general who was not subject to the general and international medical promise to save human life, but who was freely allowed to destroy human life.

General Gorges brought prisoners from San Quentin to Fort Levenworth and Fort Lewis and created what was called The American Army Flue. All flus are flying flus – hence the name in-flu: flying in – so Asian. Bird flu, swine flu, all come from Asia. And we are not talking abouut flying pigs. Why Asia? Because in Asia people live locally, rurally with their birds and pigs. When the birds arrive, they catch the flu, which doesn’t harm them like the stomachs of dinosaurs did millions of years ago. We are all victims of the descendants of the dinosaurs: the birds. When the bird-fly jumps to pigs, humans have a problem, because pigs are ‘human’ in their physiology/anatomy. For example, we use pig organs for human transplants, and we therefore get the same diseases as pigs. Asia has pleiades of birds and pigs, so Asians bow to each other. They do not shake hands when greeting each other, so as not to pass the flu on.

So the Americans sent a truckload of prisoners from San Quentin to Kansas along with chickens that they were told to eat. The truth was that they were to be infected with a disease the world had never seen before, for it was artificially created. When they arrived in Kansas, all the prisoners were infected with H1N1, the bird-swine flu, the mother of all flus to come! From here the influenza was injected into the American army, and a detachment was sent to Spain. From here it spread with the US Army to the rest of the world. The Spanish Flu og The Army Flu killed more people in 24 hours than AIDS killed in 24 years, and they killed more people in a year than the Black Death of the Middle Ages killed in 100 years. Worldwide they killed 100 million people! This is how America won WW1.

It was quite clear that the flu was Asian. The Black Death in the Middle Ages, which killed 2/3 of the European population, came from Mongolia. It was not spread by the black European rat, but via birds. All scientists and all governments during and after World War I knew that the Americans had done it, but they did not tell the people about it, and today everyone has forgotten. It was like a nuclear war, calculating with First Strike and its Blowback. 20 million Americans died, 80 million non-Americans died. The history books are silent on that, because the war empire was also a disinfo empire. It was easy in interwar Europe and the United States because the depression had arrived and all profits were used to stay afloat.

20 million Americans – 80 million non-Americans – the survivors have no idea about the cause

The rate of deaths at the front during the First World War was so great that they already ran out of coffins in the first week. There are graves in many places, as up to 10,000 are buried in the same hole. Bulldozers had to be used because there were not enough people left to bury the dead. That’s how World War I was won, and how World War II was planned to be won, but it failed because the Japanese were better at developing bioweapons.

Fort Detrick, Maryland was set up with the highest possible degree of clearance, higher than the Manhattan Project. The security guards with machine guns had orders to shoot people on the spot if they had forgotten their ID cards. The place was run by George Merke, the man who wrote the pharmaceutical manual used throughout the United States, and a man who made a fortune making bioweapons. Here, for example, botulinum, the most toxic substance available, was produced here. A drop can kill big cities, a pound – and that’s what was manufactured here – can kill a billion people. But the Japanese came first, and the Americans had to ask for peace. But people don’t know because they’ve been told that WW2 ended with a nuke orgasm.

Dresden – Tokyo – 100.000

Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the firebombing of Tokyo, which alone killed 100,000 women and children in a Japanese Dresden parallel, together murdered 220,000 civilians. But the Japanese war machine was intact, because it was on the mainland at the time. Instead, it was American troops who were sent into the cities that had been nuked to clean up, and only a few of them survived. The rest died of radiation cancer. The US had and still has a phenomenon in its soldiers called nuclear veterans. People who have survived radiation – until they died.

Another kind of bioweapon comes from Africa. Influenza is Asian, hemorrhagic fever comes from Africa. Ebola is one such. It kills people so quickly that it doesn’t spread. It creates hot zones, or burning zones. They are not spread via birds but via primates. Monkeys are far more interactive with humans in Africa than, for example, China. As with AIDS, there is little doubt that it is the federal government of the United States whose fingerprints are on the epidemic spread that took place.

The American government was not elected during World War II, it was a military government. It was an army-and-navy duopoly that ran the country, not unlike any military dictatorship in a banana republic after a military coup – except people thought it was a democracy. FDR was a dying man at the end of the war. Stalin said to his son: You know, it was Churchill and his people that poisoned your father. So the leaders of the country were General Marshall and Admiral King. They had a total of 27 million men in uniform. By comparison, the Chinese army today, with full mobilization, has three million men. This huge army could have marched across the planet, but they didn’t, because the US had secretly lost the war – to the Japanese. If one had to admit it, the mega-machine would not have been able to continue to extract money from the American taxpayers and sustain itself after the war on a scale that was completely out of proportion to what any country needed. The military-industrial complex had really taken hold. It is the complex organization that produced all these diseases, and it is the one that still rules the United States.

The military base with a higher degree of security clearance
than the Manhattan Project. Not without reason

The department for ‘funny’ weapons is called Darpa, and all US hospitals are subcontracted for military research. Akademia has military subcontracts. The journalistic world is encapsulated miliary. The entertainment industry has military subcontractors, and when you see Hollywood productions that involve airplanes, helicopters and other war machines, it’s not CGI graphics, it’s the military and navy that provide up to whole divisions. They use Hollywood for a recruiting campaign when they portray themselves with glamor and halo of heroism.

AIDS is not a natural virus as we know it. It is very simple and single-stranded structure that is much older than the double-stranded structure that forms DNA. DNA, ribo-dia-nucleic acid, originally evolved in the oceans. AIDS originates from a dry desert world, because it cannot exist in water. It is an alien life form that has become a biological weapon. The spread is heterosexual, but suddenly it begins to spread to us homosexuals in North America. How could that be done? Only via injection in vaccines in the same way as hemorrhagic fever in Africa.

The Ebola – or as it is actually called Zebola, Zaire Ebola, spreads so quickly that it burns out before it can become a pandemic. It can burn down a village, but does not develop in cities. Villages are kept separate in Africa precisely to protect against disease. That is why Africa is also The White Man’s Grave, because the continent is full of diseases to which whites have no natural immunity.

Therefore, the Ebola that suddenly broke out in West Africa was a laboratory product. It is only found in the warm tropical-humid rainforest environment of Zaire/Congo, it does not spread to drier or more temperate areas such as Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Liberia. So what is in that area that might motivate a spread? Here are the former slaves of America. When the British abolished slavery they dumped all their slaves in Sierra Leone, so here they speak The King’s English. When Lincoln generously freed all the slaves, he deported and dumped millions in Liberia, where they speak The Yankee English. Liberia has always considered itself a United States 51′ state. They use an American flag with thirteen lines and a single star. They have the US dollar as their currency as the only place in the world outside of the US.

As Liberia fell apart and developed anarchic states, they began to demand recognition as the 51st state. In response, they got … Ebola! Off Liberia there is an island called Monkey Island. Here there are laboratories where all kinds of deadly viruses, including Ebola, were cultivated. As a side effect, they destroyed the chocolate industry, because most of the world’s chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast.

Russia – Sovjet Union – Russia

Today, Vladimir Putin is doing the best he can as president. And his competence and knowledge of the real world is greater than his political opponents in the West, whose only qualification is their lust for power and their ability to elbow their way into the system to get it. For Putin, power is a tool with a purpose, and his governance is fundamentally different from the leaders of the Soviet era. He is, in fact, acting with the approval of the people as a kind of new czar.

But he has many odds against him, because the system he has inherited is almost impossible to work with. What is worse than the dysfunctional Soviet system is the trauma the Russian people suffered under the Communists. As a result, alcoholism as a problem was so massive in Russia that it makes the Irish and Scots look like abolishers. Under Gorbachev, one had to start human-physiological studies in how to do artificial insemination, because the father was often so alcohol-poisoned at the moment of conception that it produced retarded children. They were the only nation on earth that ever needed it. The length of life of men in Russia is greatly shortened. Young fathers died because they drank themselves to death. We can talk about a collective depression of unimaginable dimensions. Russian women have a record high abortion rate, and state-sponsored abortion is safe and legal.

Escapism for a traumatized nation

So Putin has a demographic collapse against him, because Russia simply lacks the manpower to exploit their enormous resources. Sakhalinsk and Mechurovsk islands, which Russia stole from Japan – who in turn stole them originally from the Manchurians/Chinese under the Manchurian Ching dynasty – have more oil than the United Arab Emirates, but there are no Russians in the area to develop an oil production, so they’ve had to hire South Koreans for it. There are virtually no Russians living in Siberia except in concentrated urban enclaves. The tundra and taiga are wastelands.

So Russia’s strength vis-à-vis its adversaries in the West is not fundamentally different from the tactics used under the Communists – there is a lot of bluffing and pretending involved. In the Cold War in the United States, there was a strange mixture of communists on one side and conservatives on the other, who all tried to portray Russia as great and dangerous from their own point of view. People talk all the time about the Soviet Union that won the Second World War and could have overrun all of Europe. But from 1917 up to 1945, when they came crashing into a greatly weakened Germany, they were so exhausted by plague, hunger and civil wars that they lost 130 million inhabitants. The entire Slavic-Russian population dropped drastically in numbers since the big baby bump during the war. During Stalin’s reign of terror another 100 million died, so back in 1945 after all the war losses there were 107 million left. And in a census, all minorities are excluded: Chechens, Jews, Khazars, Finns, Polaks, all the imperial incorporations in the Caucasus and Mongolia.

That is equivalent to the population of Japan at the time! The Japanese, on the other hand, had the opposite problem, for Japan was overpopulated and under pressure could not feed its population. So Americans have two forms of self-delusion (at least) regarding the two nations: That Russia was great and powerful, and that they themselves killed all the Japanese and destroyed their infrastructure with invasion and atomic bombs. But greater damage was done to Japanese facilities by local earthquakes in the same period. That the Russians should have won by making such a large human sacrifice is nonsense, because you cannot win by losing your population. They were by 1945 totally weakened, so a General Patton estimated that he could have rolled all the way to Moscow and eliminated the communist regime. And he was no unrealistic lunatic.

You ask yourself: what were the Germans going to do here?
Had they not heard of Napoleon?

The Russians did not win over the Nazis. The Russian winter did it. In the Soviet era, the Russians had nothing that they came up with themselves – apart from Vodka and borscht. All their equipment, industrial, transport, technical, military – all came from the West, which had an invested interest in Russia being maintained as internally dysfunctional. The whole bear scare was a huge propaganda stunt so that the military-industrial complex could keep taking money out of the pockets of American and European taxpayers. It still is, and now the American deep state fraudsters have invented new fictitious enemies to supplement Russia. Among other things, the Ukraine crisis was created to once again trigger budgets for the behemoth of our time, the American military.

The Russian road system was terrible before and during the war. 1/3 of the German transport vehicles broke down already in the first week during the invasion. Russia’s coastline would have been difficult to defend or useless for themselves as most of it is encased in ice and the rest is exposed (Baltic and Black Sea). A war with the West at that time would have been disastrous for them. Their navy was by no means in the category of the USA’s. USA losses during the war were negligible compared to the Russian ones. The battle for Berlin was apparently won by the Russians, but in reality it destroyed them. And by the way, the way the West thanked the Russians for doing their dirty job and sacrifice their soldiers for us was: fuck you, we hate you!

Nor did the Russians win World War 1, cf the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. The Germans won it – until they were stabbed from behind and the US entered the war. Austria-Hungary and Turkey won the war against Russia for Turkey incorporated as a member of the Axis Powers Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and had they not also been hit by the biological weapon of mass destruction, the original H1N1, The American Army Flue developed at Fort Dietrick, Maryland in 1918, they would have been a great power but today, for the oil resources of Georgia and Azerbaijan are enormous.

So the Allies won World War 2 – or did they? The Russians did not win, as we have seen and understood. The Americans didn’t win either, but had to fake a victory over Japan and lie to their people. The Turks didn’t win in the end either, because they died of The Flue and had to give up their incorporations. Germany did not win because they had been smashed. And what about England, they won then didn’t they? England lost its entire status as The British Empire and had to give up their colonial rule, and what remained was a shell called the Commonwealth. The British economy was in ruins because Churchill had completely tortured the country through his war project so that their competitors could destroy themselves. So England destroyed itself too. One wonders who actually won the First and Second World Wars? In retrospect, there is only one nation that actually profited from these damn wars, and they weren’t even a nation before 1948. You guessed it: Israel. Or rather: Israel and the Zionist world network.

The half-American who was not allowed to finish his work. What exactly was his work and who were his principals?

But England did not win. The English voted Churchill out as Prime Minister already in wartime, but no one remembers, including the English themselves – and they are dead now. He had promised them blood-sweat-and-tears, he only had more war and more war in the bag. He complained that now the English should take all their ships and troops and invade China via Hong Kong while the Japanese tried to invade Japan. Exit Churchill – enough of war!


Then the Americans invaded Japan. They invaded Okinawa, a tiny island that is not even a Japanese island, but a completely different area with a completely different population more similar to Taiwan. They don’t look like Japanese, they are not vegetarian because they eat pork, they are sinetic in ethnicity. They have a different flag than Japan. The Americans therefore invade a completely different country and tell their own people and the rest of the world that they have invaded Japan!

The Americans behaved perversely on Okinawa. More Okinawans committed suicide than died at American hands, and more Okinawans died than died in Hiroshima/Nagasaki. They took their own lives to escape being burned to death, tortured or gang-raped by the Americans! The Americans displayed the same attitude towards this completely alien island population that they had displayed in the Philippine Holocaust in 1889, which was total and perverted contempt for humanity. The islanders had not participated in any war, and now they were being mass murdered and tortured so that the US could trigger aggression! And tell their own population, how heroic they were.

Even today the Japanese are trying to help the Okinawans get rid of the Americans. Part of the purpose of occupying this island was to create a permanent naval base, and it still exists today. It is strategically located between Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

One way the Americans carried out their genocide was to slaughter all the pigs on the island. They even indulged in roast pork for a while, but the islanders would henceforth die of malnutrition when winter set in. As a demand after the non-surrender, the Japanese demanded that they re-establish the island’s population of pigs, and the Americans had to sail shiploads of pigs across the Pacific. All the pigs on the island today are American!

A force larger than D-Day/Normandy was needed to conquer an island the size of … Mallorca!
That is truly a grotesque piece of war theatre.

How did the Americans invade the tiny island of Okinawa on April 4, 1945? The force they used was greater than at D-Day and thus the largest invasion fleet assembled in the World ever! Yet the entire Marine Corps was lost in the invasion. Harry Truman then said: We are now using everything we have. That meant nuclear bombs. If a tiny insignificant non-Japanese island could put up so much resistance against a huge fleet, how about invading Japan itself?

How can such a small country be so resilient? Because they had seen Americans capturing old people to burn them for fun. They had seen them capture children, roast them on spits and eat them! They knew how disgusting the Americans were behaving, and the whole world knew it now. The Japanese knew what would happen to them, so no-way! they would die without resisting to the utmost. And the cowardly Americans knew that.

The girl with the white flag …

According to the Asian concept of karma, which is not a fluffy religious curiosity but a spiritual-physical law of nature, no creator of karma can ever escape its law. Therefore, her executioners will burn in the hell of their own making until they fully understand what they created.

Okinawa is the main island of the Ryukus chain of islands and used to belong to China. Like Taiwan. Japan took Taiwan from China in 1895. The Americans considered invading Taiwan because the Japanese Air Force was stationed here. But that would have been like invading the main Japanese islands. In 1945, however, the Chinese Nationalist government began to reallocate itself to Taiwan. The United States therefore took Okinawa, while the Japanese had previously spent 72 hours occupying Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and all the islands in the Southwest Pacific. None of this land was taken back in half a decade of war with the US and Russia, but just a few tiny islands, which did not so much as curl a hair on the Japanese war machine.

What about the Russians then, didn’t they win the war to the east?

A small detour to understanding: The Russian-backed regime in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (democracy here means ‘of the people’ in the Marxist sense, which of course has nothing to do with neither people nor democracy) had an excellent air force. They scored, for example, 20 aces (shot down planes) in contrast to the Americans’ 2 aces during the entire Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese also had a huge anti-tank gun unit. Why did the Americans never meet them? Because the Vietnamese kept them to the north against China. So when the war ended, the North Vietnamese plowed through Saigon in 1975 with as many as nine armored divisions and the Americans had to hastily organize Operation Frequent Wind, the largest helicopter evacuation in history. The Americans asked themselves where all these tanks came from.

The Japanese nuclear bomb

The Russians experienced the same in Manchuria. Hirohito moved all his tank divisions near Tokyo in case the Americans were insane enough to invade Japan itself. Those divisions had disappeared, Stalin thought he could move in with … cavalry! Here he met Manchurian cavalry that had remained, the Quang Tong army. The Russian army consisted of old men, for all the young men had died on the western front. Stalin had the army move down the Korean peninsula to go against Japan. Korea and Japan had a direct physical border between each other in the form of a narrow piece of sea. If Stalin had gotten there, he could have landed directly in Japan.

Retreat of a shattered Russian army

But the Japanese stopped Stalins army. The largest Japanese industrial complex was not in Japan itself but in Korea called Conan, or in Korean Hungnam. Here were three dammed rivers and a power plant that generated so much electricity that almost all of Japan could be supplied. But the site was used for something else: producing atomic bombs! Totally unknown to mainstream historiography. North Korea was full of uranium so they used that.

A demilitarized tiger

Between North and South Korea, there is today the world’s largest demilitarized zone. How was it created? No one seems to know! It was created by the Japanese as the Soviet army rolled through the country on its way to Japan. The Japanese had placed dozens of warheads, which were used as nuclear land mines, disintegrating the Soviet army in the area. Today, the zone is so wide that it can be seen from the moon. It is an uninhabited area where today there are several types of Siberian tigers and species of cranes, sacred birds of the ancient dynasties from Ching to Yamado. The type of nuclear warheads was of a different type (little boy) than those used in Hiroshima/Nagasaki (big boy) and the radioactivity dissipated within a few months. Wildlife moved in when there were no humans left. Our tiger here loves the absence of civilisation, ’cause he doesn’t like human beings – except for dinner.

Some will object that they don’t think they can spot the area from an airplane. It is solely due to the pollution, because the region is so industrially polluted today that the smog flies all the way to the east and makes it difficult to breathe in Navada on a bad day. That’s why the zone hides itself. But it is one of the only things you can see from the moon along with the Great Wall. And it is not the wall itself that you can see, because it is earth-colored and cannot be seen from an airplane either. But from the moon you see its shadow.

When Stalin failed in Korea, he tried the other way via Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. Here he annexed Sakhalinsk and two other islands and tried to land there, but then he was blown into the water by Japanese ‘naval tanks’ that had been kept in reserve. If you go there today, there are still piles of human and horse skeletons, scraps of Soviet landing craft, etc. So this is after Japan had surrendered according to the Americans, but the Americans don’t say a word about it! They saw that the Japanese smashed the Soviets without kamikaze or anything like that, just cash artillery. Stalin never got North Japan, which Truman had begged him for.

Russian scrap on Hokkaido

When Churchill wanted to join that circus, the British said NO! They had had enough of slaughterhouses and the ‘good war’ they had been told about. When there was an election on 5 July 1945, they shouted: Vote For Churchill! But the British soldiers were also entitled to vote, and the votes of the war veterans, such as they were, did not arrive until several weeks later. The outcome was thumbs down – exit Churchill. The English soldiers had enough of his warmongering. The English people as well, because they had been at war since 1939 – and actually since 1914 and lost their sons in the wars. After that, everyone thought the war was over and completely forgot that it was still going on in the Pacific and in Asia. Nobody remembers that today. And when the war started to appear as different wars in the East, people saw no connection to WW2.

Stalin got his ass kicked in East Asia. Americans too. And yet they maintain via a piece of mythology that they won the war! A strange and ridiculous ritual took place on the USS Missouri where the Japanese surrender was supposed to have taken place. But the emperor was not there. A number of Japanese apparently boarded the ship, but none of them brought samurai swords prescribed for formal Japanese surrender. Japanese people never skip such formalities. The ceremony lasted 18 minutes. The American flag was artificial and illegal. There were only 31 stars on it, backwards and with inverted stars (satanic Baphomet pentagrams). The 31 is a kabbalistic reversal of the number 13 as in 13 colonies. General MacArthur subsequently got rid of many of those who had participated. Why? Because the American population was also sick of war and just wanted to hear that the Japs had surrendered. Truman then announced it in a television broadcast. He lied to the heads of the Americans.

Lt Sutherland does not correct the Japanese surrender instrument as stated in the text.
Lt Sutherland attends a fake ceremony with a fake document for a fake surrender.

September 12, 1990 – it was set up in 1989 at the fall of the Berlin Wall – a peace signing took place in Berlin between the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain and France and the two Germanys that now became one Germany. But neither of the two Germanys existed before the Second World War, it was Hitler’s Third Reich that they went to war against. They signed a peace with two countries they had never been at war with. And why did it have to sign peace so long after? A united Germany was needed to flood the EU with their Deutschmark Euros, because they were the only ones who could do it. The simulated ‘peace’ was therefore solely to create an economic boost via the most prosperous country in Europe. It should then be mentioned that this wealth did not benefit the average German, especially not after reunification. The ordinary German saved his own finances via his traditional thrift. But nationally, Germany became the richest country in the EU.

With this so-called peace, the Americans, British, Russians and French formally ended all occupation of Germany, because remember that occupation/occupation is in itself a state of war. The Soviets left behind a stack of nuclear missiles that could not be easily moved. It was SRBM and MRBM – Short/Medium Rocket Based Missiles – so now the Germans could hit everything from Moscow to London without problems. The Russians had installed these missiles in case the US and NATO had to find themselves doing what they are now doing in Ukraine.

One might ask where Nationalist China / Taiwan was at the signing in Berlin, because they were one of the original founding members of the United Nations and then a member of the Security Council? Because they joined the Axis and opposed the Allied Empire, so they became a non-country that was not recognized by the UN. Communist China, on the other hand, was against the Axis, so they came in from the cold (spy novel by Graham Greene) in the Cold War. The whole ceremony was a big joke, but you got the euro off the ground with German capital behind it.

Americans and the rest of the world have believed all the crap they were told because the world suffers from information denial. It has led to mental retardation, so that people in the West, even well-educated ones, can no longer read inside and exercise real thinking.

Title 38 of the US Constitution states that the Second World War ended on December 24, 1946. It is said via the CFR, which here means the Code of Federal Regulation, that war veterans are entitled to war compensation. But when you can write like that in a Title 38, it means at the same time that the United States government admits that what took place in the 18 minutes on Missouri was not valid! The United States and Japan were thus still at war under armistice conditions until August 28, 1952.

The demented president, who was guided from behind by George Bush, was awake for 3 hours that day. B-actor Reagan took part here in another of history’s Hollywood productions. There could be no doubt that the wall had to come down. Everything else in the circumstances there are reasons to doubt.

But it is even more grotesque. The equally ridiculous and invalid ceremony in Berlin in 1990 therefore did not make peace with the Germany they had declared war on. So to this day, they are still at war with the Third Reich in exile. The phenomenon of Daylight Savings (summer time) is a phenomenon of war. After World War I, it was removed until Roosevelt reinstated it. Since then it has never been removed, because the Second World War never ended. The same with phone charges. It was introduced as an emergency measure so that the telephone ladies would not be inundated with parents or spouses who wanted to know if their family was alive. It has never since been removed. The same applies to income tax. It is a phenomenon of war that should be removed after the end of a war. It never was.

The Highjump

The Americans could not tell their people that it was still at war with Japan. Worse, they couldn’t tell the population that they were still at war with the Third Reich in exile, so instead they pumped up the whole mythology of the Soviet threat and the Cold War. Because of the unfinished war, they could never declare war in Korea or Vietnam. Because, technically speaking, you cannot declare the same war twice.

Here it gets really exotic, but the following is necessary for understanding the entire aftermath of WW2 and what happened to Nazi Germany when it apparently disappeared. We know different ways that the Reich took. Operation Paperclip is now mainstream. The Argentine settler community is well known. People have heard of Neuschwabenland, but the history is usually obscured. Patagonia in southern Argentina is not far from Antarctica relatively speaking. Incidentally, an English archipelago, the Falkland Islands, is also located here. Interesting topic for another day.

It is perhaps no coincidence that Mrs Thatcher allows herself to be ritually portrayed in World War II style as another Vera Lynn singing ‘We’ll meet again …’ And what is England doing on those islands?

Some people have marveled that the Nazis were so effective on the battlefield while preparing almost every day for a retreat and reallocation. They obviously knew they could only last so long on the European subcontinent. The story of Taiwan is a parallel in that respect. They re-located themselves and moved traditional China and its government to another place. And with success.

The Allies had demanded unconditional surrender, which ruled out any kind of negotiation and thus effectively any kind of surrender. It’s something that people don’t quite understand, but a surrender requires two parties, and here there was only one. The Germany that should have surrendered no longer existed, its government no longer existed, the unity of the country no longer existed. The German people hardly existed anymore, because they had been burned alive in 75 German cities – not just in Dresden but in every single city with more than 25.000 inhabitants.

Another theatre play. One can get a little tired of hearing so much ceremonial British self-glorification. One took the pill, the other rotted in prison. Or was he the one who rotted?

At the Nuremberg Trials (the usual stupid anglo-saxon-american misspelling of names, here Nürnberg) there were no civilian leaders, only military. These leaders in the Reich had each had their own empire, each their own army. Hermann Göring was, for example, commander-in-chief of die Luftwaffe, which not only consisted of aircraft, but also anti-aircraft, parachute units + 20 field divisions including panser forces. It was an entire army in itself, and he did not have to turn to die Wehrmacht to operate.

Same with Admiral Dönitz who was able to end the armistice with the US. So the non-capitulation. Dönitz spent 20 years in Spandau. Together with Rudolf Hess, which is a completely different story. In both cases, it was primarily so that neither of them would have to talk about how the war never ended.

The same with Goebbels. This is where it gets exotic again. The SS also had air units, and many of the rockets used in the last months of the war were SS’s and not Luftwaffe’s. The SS also operated the so-called Foo-Fighters, which were multi-headed, magnesium-based, radio-controlled balls of light intended to confuse enemy radar systems and cause pilots to panic. They looked like some kind of flying land mines with spikes sticking out on all sides. The phenomenon, like the Rosswell phenomenon, has ended up as cultic alien mythology. That twist is due to Goebbels, who stated that the Germans were the first in the world to be able to use television technology for state propaganda, and that their signals were intercepted by an alien culture that recognized them as the only legitimate government on Planet Earth. Which of course was a hoax.

There was no time to take pictures.
So we painted one.

The spinndoctor

An argument broke out between the British and the Americans over these ‘alien’ balls of light. The Americans blamed the English for jumping on the alien bandwagon, while they claimed to be more skeptical. Still, they had to allow the German government to reallocate themselves, because if these aliens landed, the Germans would be needed to negotiate with them. The Americans therefore also jumped on the waggon, although they did not admit it directly. That’s how effective Goebbels’ bluff was. Before we go any further, it must be said that the issue here is not whether the Nazis actually had alien contact, and whether aliens even exist on Earth and in the Universe. What is presented is exclusively that there were real maneuvers taking place that had nothing to do with extraterrestrial aliens, which were covered up and spun as alien mythology in order to operate outside the public eye. So when the Americans later wanted to deceive their own population regarding the Rosswell incident, which will become apparent later, they used the same tricks as the master spinner Joseph Goebbels.

Foo-Fighters or crop balls were seen as early as 1940-41 during The Battle of Britain, so where did the technology come from?

It is applied physics. Even after the National Socialist takeover in the early 1930s, there were people who came up with important discoveries. One such was an Indian scientist named Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar, who was the first to realize mathematically that black holes exist and that stars with a mass of 4x the Sun will eventually collapse into one. He thereby infuriated the grand old man of astrophysics, Sir Arthur Eddington, and Eddington made a thick racist laugh at Chadrashakar, calling him a ‘yellow nigger’. But the Indian took his equations to the Japanese and the Germans, for the Germans considered this to be Aryan science, having read the Vedic descriptions of vimanas. They also considered themselves related to the Indians via an Aryan immigration in the distant past. Their svaskika was an Indo-Aryan symbol, but it was also an esoteric symbol of the galactic energy they began to study.

Chandrasekhar – The British laughed first, the Germans laughed last

They quickly applied this knowledge via the first computer developed by Konrad Süss, which used magnetic tape developed by I.G Farben in 1935. Martin Bormann managed the private company Henschel, which was the Third Reich’s Area 51. Through computer calculations, they arrived at, that there were not only black holes out in the universe, but that the very center of the galaxy was one that they referred to as Die Schwartze Sonne, the Black Sun, hence the name The Order of The Black Sun. In this way they got a head start of half a century before everyone else, because in the USA and England they only started working with Chandrasekkar’s equations in the 1980s – thanks to a racist old idiot named Eddington.

Order of The Black Sun is the second of the two orders or globalist mafia networks, that control the world, the other one being Order of The Dragon. Or did control, we have to say.
You may want to read the series The World Game 1-8 starting with:
The World Game part 1 – a cosmological model

Bormann, the most wanted German ever

Bormann was the most wanted man for decades because he escaped at the end of WW2. So he used computers in the Third Reich, which was just one of his forces. His skill as an organizer and financier was legion. Historian Joseph P. Farrell mentions him almost with awe. He is rather overlooked compared to the other top leaders in Nazi Germany, but his importance should not be overlooked. Computers were instrumental in making trains run on time in the Third Reich. Although at the time they were simply punch card-based, but one machine could still do in a week what 300 office workers would need a month to do. They were also partly responsible for the Reich’s economic success in the 30s within a totalitarian framework. When Hitler said to Bormann: These machines are so vulnerable. Where can we place them? replied Bormann: In Neuschwabenland (Antarctica), where we can store them in a cooled and yet heated environment, and where no one can bomb them. It was here that the Germans began to re-allocate.

The English were aware of what was going on, so they tried to strike back with The Royal Navy and the SAS, and between 1943-45 they ran an operation called Taberen under the guise of geological research in Antarctica. The Americans were very annoyed that the English kept it a secret from them. But it failed to keep the Germans from Antarctica.

The Father of Rocket science

Meanwhile, there were new developments in Europe. The Americans had problems with Franco and the fascist regime set up with the help of Hitler. There were problems with Nazi scientists who had moved to Egypt and were working at Factory 333 near Heliopolis. The Godfather of rocket technology, Eugen Sänger, developed here his DynaSoar, an early military space shuttle, together with over 400 German scientists. So the Americans were very keen to make sure that the Nazis did not get further, i.e. into space, where they could no longer be hit. Here we make a jump, a high jump. Operation Highjump was launched in 1946-47.

It was all organized in the greatest haste since it was classified as a state of emergency. Airborne Taskforce 68 flew 3,500 Marines from New Zealand. These were never afterwards reckoned among the dead, for we hear only of the naval corps and marines who perished. Disregarding the degree of classification, this failure alone was reason enough for it not being mentioned in official war history. The list of ships, planes, equipment and personnel was enormous. Hundreds of aircraft, latest technology including flying saucers (fast but conventional) from the US black program, lightning fast vehicles, lots of crew.

This impressive invasion force was blown out of the area by the German’s unknown Schlubbewart (?). Here you have to imagine a helicopter craft built around the blades instead of the blades on top. Was this just conventional helicopter-propeller technology. They had the ability to land without a runway and they were fast. They were fitted with the most advanced German rocket technology, and remember that at the time the Germans were still far ahead of the Americans.

How do you make someone like this huge can of tomatoes fly without exotic technology?

Admiral Byrd, who led the operation, was hanged as a scapegoat. The government disavowed the navy and their infantry and ordered the army to take over. They investigated the possibility of dropping an atomic bomb on the Nazi fortification in Antarctica.

Byrd gave an unofficial interview to Levan Atta of the International New Service aboard the USS Mount Olympic. It was shortly before Byrd went out into the cold. The interview was only published in the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. Here Byrd warns of an imminent threat to the United States and the need to be on guard against an air invasion. Hans said he didn’t want to scare anyone, but the harsh reality was that the United States would likely be attacked by vessels from either Antarctica or both poles. He added that the time was over when the United States could count on security due to the distance across the world’s oceans from the poles. Like another key figure in the operation, James Forestal, he was forcibly committed to a military hospital to stop him speaking out.

The Nazis had a research project in Poland called ‘Die Glocke’, The Bell Project

Byrd wrote a diary in which he describes the meeting with aliens who tell him that they are unhappy that his people have used nuclear weapons and that he must take the message back. The usual alien stuff. Even with an expanded perspective that includes hi-tech and a Third Reich that didn’t disappear, everything in the diary seems illogical and contrived. That sort of fits into a scheme to make him look like a nutcase while diverting attention from realities that are taboo to the public.

The Nazis struck again in 1951-56 in what the Americans referred to as ‘an aerial massacre’. Unidentified flying saucers attacked aircraft, some civilian, mostly military. 229 identified downed aircraft were reported and 109 were reported missing. 2000 pilots died in this undeclared air war. It was also called ‘The Disc War’.

General MacArthur came back from the Pacific in the 50’s and stated that World War III would be an interplanetary war.

When you’ve got a bad reputation, you can at least embellish it with
an image of himself as a sexy polar hero

The Germans were offensive and aggressive with the aim of keeping the Americans captive with lower technology than they themselves had, for their next step was – and here we are completely outside conventional historiography (as if we weren’t already…) – to re-allocating their gear to the Moon with a technology called Hanebu, the Germans’ take on Tesla-tech. We shall see later how Tesla plays into the whole scenario. The Americans wanted to prevent it at all costs and in 1958 they used three H-bombs in Operation Argus.

Neither the Russians nor the Americans were the first in space. It was the Germans. Space is a truly evil landscape. Just 5 km above sea level, you have to use all kinds of life-saving systems. At the bottom of the troposphere, most people need supplemental oxygen. At 12 km, you can no longer exhale CO2 and start boiling without a mask and temperature-regulating full suit. Above 30 km, the turbojets refuse to work. In Outer Space the amount of radio-activitiy is so high, that the the human body starts to fall apart. And so on.

All that applies to conventional technology as we know it. The Germans didn’t need all that, as the Hanebu technology made some of it redundant – but only to a certain extent. The Americans were so alarmed by it that they contacted a half-mad/half-genius named Nicholas Christofolio (ungoogleable), who was self-taught and without degrees in physics yet worked at the Lawrence Livermore Radiation Lab. He believed that the Earth’s magnetic field would react in the same way as the magnetic fields he generated in his laboratory, which could then be transformed into a space weapon. He wrote in a paper that if nuclear weapons were detonated in space, the radioactivity would be trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. That way you could create a radiation belt, an artificial Van Allen belt, that would destroy the Reich’s ability to go into space. When he said that, he got all the funds he needed.

The biggest piece of environmental hogwash carried out in the shortest time in world history

So the Americans brought three large nuclear weapons to explode over Antarctica. The force that had to carry out such an explosion was called Taskforce 88 and was very large. 5000 men + a smaller armada of planes and ships took part. It was under the command of the Department of Defense and Arpa, today known as Darpa, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, under Admiral Edward Parker.

The first stage of the operation was Operation Hard Tack, which was a test of the effect. It started 800 km southwest of Cape Town on August 1, 1958, and a megaton hydrogen bomb was brought to detonate 48 miles over Johnston Island in the South Pacific. The explosion was so powerful that it paralyzed all radio transmission from Tokyo to California. So the madman Christofolio was right. On the morning of August 27 the same year, the first of the three Argus explosions was triggered. They were so powerful that an artificial aurora was created. Together, the three explosions—the second on August 30 and the third on September 6—created an artificial Van Allen belt, a powerful ionized field that completely destroyed military space systems. Any objects that would try to fly through would be penetrated by the X-Rays as there would be nothing else to absorb them. They would destroy electronic circuits and computer memory. There were not many satellites in space in those days, and most were German. All were destroyed. All ability to operate with radar was gone.

There is a rumor among ufologists and alternative open source researchers that the Americans tried the opposite: to nuke a hole in the Val Allen belt, when they had difficulty escaping and getting to the Moon or Mars. It ties in with all the rumors that they haven’t been to the moon at all, that it was all Stanley Kubrick making tracks in a film garage in London – etc. But what happened at the time in question was the exact opposite: that the Americans themselves created an ionized radioactive radiation prison in the earth’s atmosphere – from which they could of course not escape either. How it looks 50 years later may be another matter. And the story of Kubrick may therefore very well be true. Goebbels has not lived in vain.

It was a major blowback for the exiled Third Reich, which had spent huge funds on space stations. Shortly after October 5, 1958, the United States and the Soviet Union began a moratorium on nuclear weapons testing. In 1961 they also signed a contract that Antarctica should be 100% neutral territory. With the background knowledge we have from the above, it gives a different perspective than the great powers’ concern for untouched wilderness and penguins. It was not an environmental action, it was a cover-up. At the same time, Josip Bros Tito and Abdel Gamal Nasser together with a number of countries form the Association of Non-Aligned Countries. They did not like unholy alliances.

Nasser in Mansoura 1960. The most beloved Egyptian president built rockets and had nuclear weapons. One of the reasons why during the 6-day war the Israelis tried to get the Americans to start a nuclear war by bombing the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean.

So the US could not annex Antarctica, but they managed to prevent the Third Reich in exile for a while from going into space to the Moon and Mars. There was, however, a German space station that had previously been established at the South Pole of the Moon, whose crew died of starvation due to a lack of supplies.

Roswell demythologized

We jump here to a related topic. Its core is likewise obscured by a layer of spin and disinformation. An effective method for this sort of thing has been developed by, among others, the CIA and consists of feeding the public with a two-headed psyop meme. One head turns to the simple public (which includes politicians), the other turns to the skeptical underground. The G.I generation after WW2 (Government Issue Generation) just got the government version because they believed everything, the government said. At some point in the late 50s and 60s, however, the lie became a little worn and dirt began to stick out of the cracks. We saw here how the CIA transformed a thinking, feeling and protesting anti-war movement during the Vietnam War into a pot-smoking, LSD/heroin-junking sex-drugs-&-Rock’n’Roll-flipper non-culture supplemented by various NewAge dilutions of spirituality. It happened in just a few years. Sorry if I offend a few people who rode the trip and might still like a joint, because that’s not the point.

Peace, pot and teats. Except for peace, because the hippie drug culture was a psyop that removed all serious opposition to war. How ironic, how neo-linguistic.

The point is that if you get a cult stuck in your hands, you stop asking for reality. Then you stop thinking rationally and logically. A cult, a religion, an ideology – same-same. Once you subscribe to this kind of dope, the race is over. It is in the psychological field that a military psyop takes place.

People have got a certain picture of the incident at Rosswell. Background: The United States is the only state in the world that has recognized something as weird as a Satanic chaplain. His name was Lieutenant Michael Aquino. He was an expert in military psychological operations, psyops, and dealt with the so-called ‘super-soldiers’, people with special psychic abilities, many due to chemical and psychological brainwashing and personality changes via programs such as MK-Ultra and Project Monarch . Before the war, the United States did not have an actual Air Force. They had the Army Air Defense and the Navy. The same with Japan.

The satanic lieutenant and some of the victims of the sinister games that took place at the military base

Aquino had, among other things, the power to order Grimoire’s – ancient magical writings from museums and libraries. These writings were lifted out of the freezers and brought to him by express mail. They were handwritten, some with blood and bound in human skin. These could not be taken outside the library, but Aquino merely performed satanic rituals at the Presidio Military Base, where Douglas Dietrich was the librarian. Satanic magic is easy to dismiss as non-existent (probable deniability), but that is part of the shield of disinfo around it. People made fun of it, but it was taken very seriously in the military. The scene from Apocalyse Now where they fly into a Vietcong village in helicopter gunships with Wagner’s Valkyrie-ride on mega-speakers is really a paraphrase of what Michal Aquino was hired to do in Vietnam: satanic-magical warfare where, via his Grimoires, he created what he called ‘demonic screams’ broadcast into enemy territory.

The Vietnamese knew very well what was happening and did everything to shoot down the helicopters. People in the East have an unbroken tradition of understanding magic and the occult, whereas it has totally disappeared – from the surface, that is – in the materialistic West. It happened in two waves. The first was the church’s monopolization of magic. Now they had a patent on it, and everything else was superstition. Then in the 17th century with the formation of the new European scientific tradition, where everything ‘superstitious’ was filtered out for the use of the inner circle who knew what they could do with such things. This is also why there is a kind of ‘dark side’ to Nazism that is not discussed, neither among mainstream historians nor revisionists.

The later Area 51 was called the Tonopah Airport. Here, they were able to develop just four jets during the war, as opposed to the several hundred that the Germans built and the several thousand that the Japanese built. The Japanese knew that this airport was the Americans’ highest military level for aircraft development.

Tonopah Test Range Airport before it was renamed Area 51

After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Emperor Hirohito ordered four so-called ‘super derigables’, giant balloon vehicles deployed. They were originally used to transport military vehicles across China. The emperor was the first head of state ever to have a full scientific education. He was a marine biologist and the vessels also carried biological weapons.

The Korosjoen ocean current and the jet stream go from Japan and east towards the USA. Therefore, Hirohito developed bio-instantaneous flying vessels that mimicked the shape of various flying animals. Those who saw them found them very biological in their appearance, almost alien-like. Therefore, they were interpreted as an extraterrestrial phenomenon. The Americans reacted like primitives to a Pacific island that had never seen an airplane before and believed that they were gods from the sky. It also did not help that official documents referred to Japanese and other Asians as enemy aliens. It was still described as gray martians. A kind of cargo cult called ufology arose.

Creature from outer space or dead Japanese?

This is what Michael Aquino exploited to create a psyop about Rosswell. Nobody talked about it then. It happened after the first moon landings in 1969, when a person who had worked at the site started babbling about a creature he had seen at a crash site that was completely gray and had crooked eyes.

Hirohito took advantage of the powerful jet stream to send balloon bombs against the United States. Later came his super-derigables. He had a biological spy named Hideo Niguchi. He was the Michiu Kaku of his day, an ethnic celebrity of a scientist who said he had isolated polio, rabies, syphilis and yellow fever. He bluffed his way into full access to the biological labs and stole samples that he brought back to Japan. He died of yellow fever shortly afterwards. The Americans knew that the Japanese were testing the biological weapons they created on the battlefield in China. In the Battle of Hong Kow, which lasted several months, a small Japanese army overcame a 200,000-strong Chinese army because 60% of the Chinese became mortally ill from bombardment from dropped porcelain shells. When they cracked, evil biology spilled out. It also happened in the Chinese cities. The only reason all of China didn’t die out was that at that time the majority of all Chinese lived and lived in a 20 kilometer area that they never moved out of. Therefore, the diseases did not spread but burned out in hot zones, where people of course died, but took the disease with them to the grave.

The Japanese had plenty of the poisonous stuff, but it took Hirohito 4 1/2 years of preparation. It was not desirable for it to spread, because then it would backfire on them themselves. The weapons he developed were locally almost 100% lethal and fast-acting like Ebola. Not like The Army Flue which ‘only’ killed 10% of its victims, but due to the massive pandemic spread it killed 100 million people worldwide.

The Americans, i.e. the military, knew well what they were up against – it takes one to know one. They knew that Niguchi had died of yellow fever and that biology was being used in China. So when airborne crafts appeared over Los Angeles on February 24-25, 1942 (The Battle of Los Angeles), they were greatly alarmed. People who saw 25 floating vessels and a large red lantern balloon described them as beautiful Chinese balloons. They were huge flying gas-borne platforms at a height of 4-5 kilometers that were motherships for so-called ‘parasite fighters’ gliders or hang gliders. The Americans had developed three huge ones of their own that they could send across the Pacific, but they were all sabotaged by the Japanese and went down in best Hindenburg style.

The flying hamburger – or hindenburger

The Americans called them flying hamburgers. Their carrying capacity was formidable. They could lift up to 300 tons. They could transport tanks and other heavy military equipment. The Japanese could lift tanks and dump them in China behind enemy lines. They could have a round container in the middle with troops – 300 tons of troops is a lot – and they could even be equipped with cannons. None of it was used against the Americans, because here the main objective was biological.

A number of parasites and balloons were shot down in The Battle of Los Angeles, but on February 26 all the balloons were gone. Although they lost 3-4 of the balloons that sat in a wreath around the central gas tank, there were plenty left to fly all the way home. People found fabric from the screens of rubberized silk. All the remains were collected and brought to Mindfield, California, where they were hidden away. After this, the whole mythology around the incident started, i.e. that it was supposed to be an alien invasion. The military claimed none of it had taken place, grotesquely, even though millions of people had seen it.

A suppressed horror spread among the military. Since no bombs had been dropped, they assumed the Japanese had dumped yellow fever, so to keep people from panicking, they lied about it. They surrounded Los Angeles with vaccinated troops so that no one could leave the area and spread the fever. The city at that time was not like the growing pains we know today, so they could do that. The vaccine they used was not even tested and approved, so the soldiers were also laboratory animals. Just like in the Covid-19 psyop operation. They immediately began to die. 50,000 soldiers subsequently died of hepatitis caused by the contaminated vaccine (vaccine itself is a gross form of contamination, as it is made from fetuses and dead animals + much other bad stuff).

The yellow eye, the yellow fever

It stopped the Americans from further Pacific war for several years. As you know, Pearl Harbor was not used as a pretext to strike back against the Japanese, but to get involved in Europe against the Germans. Only 15% of US resources were initially used in the Pacific, as everything was allocated to Europe. In the meantime, the Japanese had occupied the Eleutian Islands, which form a belt over 2000 km long, a huge springboard to Alaska. In the crashed super-derigible that went down at Roswell, enough unreleased biocide was found to wipe out large areas of the contingent. It was a huge ‘war-breaker’.

The pilots were only about 1.20 meters tall, specially selected to navigate these kites and balloons. The average soldier was 1.50 meters tall. Japan was a vegetarian, Shinto-Buddhist country. The American soldiers in captivity died 7x as often as in German captivity, because they got about half of what a Japanese soldier got, so they starved. On the other hand, all of the 15,000 Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese prisoners of war died in American prison camps—none of them returned home. No surprise, by the way, when you think of the 1.2 million German prisoners of war, many of them civilians (how can civilians be prisoners of war?), who were starved and frozen to death in Eisenhower’s death camps in the Rhineland (Oh God, how I hate these Germans!) in 1945 after the fall of Berlin.

There was a hand in the game

The glider and balloon pilots were recruited from the poorest Japanese families, the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. Their fidelity ritual consisted of chopping off their little fingers so that the consummated members had only four fingers. A normal Caucasian could not maneuver these vessels because he did not fit in them. Nor would he have been able to maneuver them if he had to. Next, all the pilots had all hair shaved off their bodies except for their eyebrows. Just one of these beings after the death stiffness and gray color has settled on a stretcher was apparently enough to spread the rumor about gray aliens. No conclusion is made here on whether gray aliens from outer space exist or not, just that the Roswell mythology was a psyop and that the New Age UFO cult internalized it. We know today how the CIA created the entire drug culture to dismantle the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War, which was completely successful. Rosswell was a similar operation, a psychological diversion.

A psychological-operative tourist attraction

The ground staff beat many of these survivors to death. You wouldn’t have done that with aliens, who would be treated like a rare animal species you had just captured. You did that with prisoners of war, if you were of that mood and non-morality. Remember that the East Asians were called ‘enemy aliens’. Afterwards, the military terrorized the civilian population in the area around Rosswell into not telling the truth. The children were told: If you speak of what you know, we will kill your parents. The parents were told: If you speak out, we will kill your children. And nobody spoke a word about it until 1969, when Sergeant Melvin Brown told his family that he was working with ‘enemy aliens’, after which people in the military seized the opportunity to spin the story so that the US would not be accused of being guilty of war crimes, which they very much were.

The captured pilots were tortured to give a demonstration of the flying techniques. Several of them ran away and disappeared into the countryside. Gallup, known for its Gallup polls, is a city in New Mexico near Rosswell. After the incidents, the Institute conducted a survey in which they concluded that 90% of Americans had heard of flying saucers. It was the biggest ‘awareness pole’ any US survey has ever shown. As Melvin Brown began to speak, Lt. Michael Aquino was brought home from Vietnam. He was an adept of Anton Szandor LaVey, who had started the Church of Satan in California in 1966, and Aquino was, as mentioned, an official and recognized Satanic chaplain for the US Army (how weird isn’t that?). He has off-the-record admitted the entire psyop behind Rosswell to the librarian at the Presidio Military Base, his right-hand man (liaison) of 10 years at the base, Douglas Dietrich. Aquino has detailed his assignment from The Army Department to mislead the Americans so that the military could avoid charges of war crimes.


The Anglo-Chinese Opium Wars of 1839-60 established the lucrative opium trade. From that time until recently, it was primarily earnings from the narcotics trade that governed the world via the indescribable black budget hiding beneath the surface and which even top economists usually have no idea about, or perhaps just ‘an idea’ and not real insight. But recently it has gotten even filthier, since human trafficking, child trafficking, organ trafficking and diverse substances from children is now becoming the new most lucrative filthy business case.

Back then the British produced cannonball-sized balls of opium in their pharmacopoeias India. They were embarked on the Chinese rivers. The government of the Ching dynasty was corrupted and its people mentally undermined by this action, which was in every way military in its (in)nature. All classes from the aristocracy to the peasantry became addicted to opium.

When opium began to flood British society as well, it was made illegal, which only made it even more profitable. The phenomenon and its origins simultaneously disappeared from the history books. As when the USA mass-produced millionaires on the black market with alcohol during the prohibition era – bootlegging booz gangsters – the same happened with drugs in England. Where there are drugs, there are stinking rich, spineless people who, like the drug itself, parasitize society. And now the same happens to the human trafficking business.

The madman Franklin D. Roosevelt came to power in 1933, the same year as Hitler. Like Churchill, he had a past in the military-industrial-financial complex and as such their man. We remind you that the United States we have today was formed by the original military complex’s coup d’état in 1876, when democracy was stolen by General Hayes and never returned since.

The communist power maniac
in the White House

Roosevelt decided to go to war with … England! You read that right. As Minister of the Navy between 1913-20, he had devised the plan for how it was to take place. He passed it on to the army leadership in 1935. Hallifax, England and Montreal, Canada, then British, had to be destroyed in a lightning strike before the British could intervene. He knew that the British as a naval power would oppose American imperialism in the Philippines, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Panama Canal. Even without the help of the Japanese monarchy – monarchs are most allied with monarchs – they would be an enemy. The US has promoted democracy, i.e. anti-monarchy, in the same way that the Soviets promoted communism: by brute force and mass murder. The attack on England was just part of a rainbow plan for further attacks on the whole world, called Code Red or Warplan Red. It would be the Second World War in the American vision. Canada was originally supposed to be a testing ground for poison gas.

The British, who had their own vision of the Second World War, knew the plans and responded with a large military build-up in The Great Lakes, which was a veritable inland sea. The Americans, for their part, knew about the British plans for an attack on Germany, their concept of the Second World War. They knew that the British, i.e. the British Crown, needed Canada as an exile if the Germans crossed the English Channel and American troops blocked the build-up in the lakes.

At that time, the British handed over the opium trade to the United States. CNAC, the China National Airforce Corporation, sounds like a standard airline, but was an organization built solely to fly opium in Douglas DC3 and DC4 transports from East Asia. It became the forerunner of the CIA airline Air America, set up by General Claire Lee Chennault. During the Vietnam War, shuttles were flown between Laos and the United States, opium out and rice in, so that the farmers did not have to grow rice, but could grow opium 100%. The rice was flown to Northern Laos, where the opium fields were located. Then they flew to the capital of Southern Laos, Vientiane, where there was an abandoned Pepsi Cola factory. Here was the refinery for hi-grade heroin. Then it was flown to the USA, our single cargo was worth billions of dollars.

Is this a random airliner, or is it loaded with heroin from Laos on its way to flood the side streets of an unnamed big city somewhere in the West? Coming to a town near you.

Remember the scene from Pulp Fiction where Vincent/Travolta is with the pusher Lance to buy coke. Lance: ‘… Now, my shit, I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with that Amsterdam shit, any day of the fuckin’ week … Coke is fuckin’ dead as .. dead. Heroin, it’s coming back in a big fcking way’. The story of the Pepsi factory was known streetwise.

The drug money was laundered and channeled through an Australian financial body (Nugan Hand) which was BCCI at the time (Bank of Credit and Commerce). The operation was so lucrative that Air America was bigger than all the airlines in the world combined! Roosevelt insisted that the Japanese should be kept out of Indochina, because that was his main entrance to the Golden Triangle and thus BigDrugBusiness.

The English Crown Corporation and its front cover, the royal British family is far more than constitutional, like the Danish one, it owns England and its establishment to this day (the question of whether the Rothschild dynasty owns the Crown or the Crown has hired the dynasty as bankers should be answered with a YES in either case) – could have chosen Australia or New Zealand for exile if the WW2 plan failed, but they preferred Canada. The half-American Churchill was a product of what a section of the British establishment did to get an injection of capital: to marry a rich American. His mother Jenny Churchill had done it. Hence his later expensive habits, which made him deeply in debt and thus a manipulable prey for special interests.

The British deep state, exemplified by the Focus Group that financed Churchill and saved him from bankruptcy, consisted primarily of Jewish, liberal/left-wing financials and business people. They needed a man with firmly established connections to the United States to play against the madman Roosevelt and his sick plans. Because their plans were at least as sick themselves. Herein consisted Churchill’s abilities as a leader during the war. He channeled US aggression plans into an alliance and doing-the-dirty-work for the British! Roosevelt’s plans to defeat the British were thus disarmed. The Americans may have been Yankee smart, but the British were British smart – which is something completely different.

Nanking massacre

Instead, the Americans engaged in aggressive conflict with the Japanese. When Japan and China tried to negotiate and sign a peace treaty in 1937, the Americans sabotaged the negotiations, which took place in Nanking, China’s wartime capital. As long as the two countries and competing empires were at war with each other, they did not have the means to prevent the American drug empire. A Sino-Japanese peace would have kicked the Americans out of the East and thus destroyed their state-run drug-gangster cartel. They used Carlsson’s radar. He was a fanatical communist who worked with Mao Tse Dong. He and Mao’s rebels attacked Shang Kai Shek while he was working on peace with the Japanese.

The massacre that took place.
But what took place was not the Nanking Massacre.

The Japanese believed that they were being deceived by Shang Kai Shek and this was the reason for the Nanking Massacre. When they discovered that a bunch of Caucasians in communist uniforms had been spotted among the terrorist attackers, they responded again by attacking the American warships USS Ladybird and USS Pan A. It became, in a way, the Tomkin Bay incident in the US-China conflict . Japan was therefore, according to the US constitution, in an illegal and undeclared war with the US and England, a pattern that has characterized most British and US aggression for over 100 years, where, strangely enough, sunken ships and false flags are part of the pattern.

The Japanese had to resist. No country can function with a drugged population. And the next wave of evil and destruction of China was not drugs, but communism. The link to drugs, however, was that the communists were financed by the black budget, which always sticks to drugs. Just as the Americans and British had created the Russian Revolution to break up the Russian Czardom, so the China of Maoism was a direct extension of the breakup of China that the Opium Wars constituted. Opium was a physio-chemical poisoning, Communism was a physio-mental poisoning. Biological warfare is simple physical poisoning, unless you include the whole huge mental apparatus of disinformation that goes along with it to hide what’s really going on.

This is what a poisoned people looks like

Tesla and geopolitics

That brings us to Nicola Tesla. What happened to him was a direct result of what happened between the Axis powers and the United States. Tesla had been used and abused by robber barons like J.P Morgan and manipulative predators like Thomas Edison, who was a kind of Bill Gates, i.e. a mixture of a spineless bureaucrat and a thief. Edison took credit for many of Tesla’s inventions. Tesla died in the middle of an experiment based on the utilization of his technology, the Philadelphia Experiment. As you know, Yugoslavia was a union of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, three former kingdoms. Tesla considered both Serbia and Croatia to be his homeland, he was a declared Serbo-Croatian. Or maybe it was that both Serbia and Croatia claimed him as their nationality, conflicting information here.

An aging Nicola Tesla a few years before he took his own life.
He refused to be a science slave for the Empire.

Or did he himself take his life?

The problem was, if you can say it – for him it was not a problem – that he saw himself as Pan-Slavic. He gave all his original documents to his nephew, who was a Yugoslav diplomat, so that they could become the property of all mankind, as he wished. He had experienced on his own body how the robber barons and the robber state had tried to monopolize and make the technology their exclusive property. He had looked the Empire of Envy straight in the eye.

Croatia was under the influence of the Vatican and thus also under the influence of the Third Reich. You may have heard of the Ustasja fascist group. The Vatican was among the first to recognize the Third Reich. The Vatican paid large sums of protection money to the gangster state of the United States to never bomb Croatia. So instead the US bombed their own ally, Serbia. The later Yugoslav government under Tito preserved much of Tesla’s documentation. The rest had been given to the Third Reich by Axis Croatia. When the Russians took over Serbia, some ended up in the Soviet Union. So Tesla’s technology was used by both Germany and the Soviet Union, and in a special way, that Tesla had figured out, so that a unipolar world would not be formed in the form of a Global-USA, but so that there would be rivals to provide counterplay. The genius Tesla obviously had great insight into basic geopolitics also, and he was to the highest degree a man of ethics and a conscience. Americans were so angry at being cheated out of their loot that they insulted, childishly stripped Tesla of his citizenship and tarnished his legacy as the greatest inventor-scientist of all time. It was in the years when 1000’s of Americans working and living outside the USA suddenly became stateless because they were declared potential enemies of the state. They did not dare to return home for fear of being imprisoned, robbed of their property or executed. Ever heard of that?

But what exactly does the Japanese-American conflict have to do with Tesla? Because the Americans stripped all Japanese in the US of their citizenship, rights and property, so they could do it to ANY INDIVIDUAL they wanted. They brought Tesla in and told him that his citizenship was revoked and that he would be placed in a labor camp where he had to work with them to develop their war technology. Then he killed himself in 1943.

In the same year, the Americans bombed the Ploesti oil field in Romania. The Serbs, their allies at the time, were kind enough to save 500 paratroopers from being killed in the attack. As a ‘thank you’, 2 million Serbs were killed in concentration camps in Croatia because of the deal the Vatican had procured. These were the only camps in the Axis that were not controlled by the SS. Even more grotesque is that these concentration camps were run by Franciscan priests and nuns, and those brought in were children. 2 million perished! According to the Vatican eugenics plan for a Greater Croatia, they would convert 1/3 of the population, deport 2/3 and exterminate 2/3.

When the Americans pulled out of Vietnam between 1973-75, they pushed into Afghanistan, where they flooded the Soviet Union with heroin. They created millions of heroin wrecks in the former Soviet Union. Today, the Russians use the abandoned area around Chernobyl to grow their own opium. It produces radioactive heroin called Hot Shot, and its users literally have luminescent veins. We no longer had the Second World when the Soviet Union fell apart, only the First World and the Third World. After the creation of the EU, Europe became the primary target for American drugs.

The agricultural products in Afghanistan are well looked after

Most opium is grown in Afghanistan, but currently most heroin comes from Pakistan. The transport routes go via Iran, Iraq, Turkey and on to Europe. Therefore, to cut a long story short, it was so imperative for the US to take down the third largest army in Europe, the Serbian. Yugoslavia was independent from both NATO and the Warsaw Pact, and Serbia was considered a serious threat precisely because of the Tesla technology and their huge underground facilities, where there was also space technology. Here, a whole separate section could be written about the Americans’ secret space program, which had nothing to do with enlarged New Year’s rockets, which were just front covers and smokescreens for something far more exotic: Tesla-tech space technology.

The Serbs and: surprise – the Egyptians were on the wagon. Gamal Abdel Nasser had a space program! Egypt was a recipient of Nazi scientists after the war. That is why he was able to threaten Great Britain and France when he nationalized the Suez Canal. As a counterattack, France and Israel teamed up to invade Egypt. They suddenly gave up at Heliopolis. It was because Nasser had threatened them with rocket-borne nuclear weapons, MRBM (Medium Range Ballistic Missiles). This meant that Egypt could retain control of the Suez Canal and reunite Egypt with the Sinai Peninsula.

So Egypt and Yugoslavia were a threat because of their non-collusion towards the Empire. Both knew it and recognized each other, so in 1961 they formed the association Non Allied Nations Movement. They thereby challenged the American-ruled United Nations. That the UN is a world assembly of independent nations is nonsense, the UN is the instrument of those who conceived the idea, the USA, England and France, to make all nations dependent / controllable. The Non-Allied Club had their own Security Council. Josip Bros Tito was the first General Secretary. Other countries that joined were India, Ghana, Indonesia and eventually 2/3 of the UN members were also members of NANM. It’s a huge project, but most people have never heard of it.

The project was an additional reason, in addition to paving the way for unfettered drug trafficking, that the United States was motivated to destroy Yugoslavia. Turkey is the EU’s Mexico in that sense. Mexico has a huge economy, but it is a drug economy. The Turkish economy is partially based on smuggling, and huge amounts of opium and processed heroin are pumped into the EU, which is now the primary market for the shit.

Yugoslavia stood in the way. Tito* died (officially) the same year Jimmy Carter was kicked out, and senile B-actor Ronald Reagan was elected president (all presidents in this country since 1876 have been selected and not elected) and CIA director George Bush Senior effectively took over the government for three terms of office: two terms in which senility Reagan, who slept 18 hours a day and read from Bush’s scripts printed on cardboard signs the rest of the time and one term in which he himself was on. When Tito was dead (?), the US military financial units, the WTO and the IMF intervened against Yugoslavia and dumped $31 billion of debt on them like a kind of financial nuclear bomb, after which Serbia could no longer pay for its army. Have we seen something similar recently in relation to certain Southern European countries?

Bosnia, 1992

Serbia was not completely destroyed yet. The next step was in the 90s to drive a Muslim wedge in via Bosnia organized via the Albanian mafia, now the biggest mafia in Europe. People today think that the Bosnia conflict of the 90s was about the good guys and the bad guys, just like they think WW2 was the war of the good guys against the bad guys. Bosnia was about something as banal and trivial as drugs. Who was active during his US presidency in the conflict? Bill Clinton. What is Bill Clinton known for by people who know the reality behind the geopolitical events? Drug trafficking! His greasy fingerprints are on everything that went on based in Mena, Arkansas, where CIA planes flew south with weapons to subversive groups in Central America and back again with cocaine. In between, of course, he had his dick sucked by one of the hundreds of women who later filed a lawsuit against him and his abuse of power and outright rapes. Shall we say: without much luck, since he could afford better lawyers than them. What better/worse figurehead than Bill C for a dirty war in the Balkans to clear the transportation routes for BigDrug into Europe?

With the help of the Albanians, Muslim terrorists were placed in Bosnia to create chaos and pretext for intervention. Ring-a-bell? Al Quaeda and ISIS act in the same way. It is a pattern and a strategy. It is psychological warfare that takes into account the standard response patterns that occur when people are waved in the nose with standard signals.


Thus ended the story of a country on the other side of the Earth in our own front yard. It is a long story about a dirty world, about drugs, war and imperial abuse, about the power of lies and the act of power. Along the way, we came across almost unexplored land and even went In Orbit. It was also a story about a country we thought we knew something about, but whose history is as encrypted as the history of the wars, and intimately woven together. But most of all, it is a story about the Empire having countermeasures, and that people are indomitable when they recognize their situation.

And that’s not how the story ended, because it hasn’t been told yet.

*There is a somewhat darker story to Josip Brod Tito.
For that you will have to read the series The World Game.

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