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40 small-big thoughts in cinemascope

With Usura

With usura hath no man a house of good stone
each block cut smooth and well fitting
that design might cover their face,
with usura
hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall
harpes et luz
or where virgin receiveth message
and halo projects from incision,
with usura
seeth no man Gonzaga his heirs and his concubines
no picture is made to endure nor to live with
but it is made to sell and sell quickly
with usura, sin against nature,
is thy bread ever more of stale rags
is thy bread dry as paper,
with no mountain wheat, no strong flour
with usura the line grows thick
with usura is no clear demarcation
and no man can find site for his dwelling.
Stonecutter is kept from his stone
weaver is kept from his loom

wool comes not to market
sheep bringeth no gain with usur*
Usura is a murrain, usura
blunteth the needle in the maid’s hand
and stoppeth the spinner’s cunning. Pietro Lombardo
came not by usura
Duccio came not by usura
nor Pier della Francesca; Zuan Bellin’ not by usura
nor was ‘La Calunnia’ painted.
Came not by usura Angelico; came not Ambrogio Praedis,
Came no church of cut stone signed: Adamo me fecit.
Not by usura St. Trophime
Not by usura Saint Hilaire,
Usura rusteth the chisel
It rusteth the craft and the craftsman
It gnaweth the thread in the loom
None learneth to weave gold in her pattern;
Azure hath a canker by usura; cramoisi is unbroidered
Emerald findeth no Memling
Usura slayeth the child in the womb
It stayeth the young man’s courting
It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth
between the young bride and her bridegroom
                               CONTRA NATURAM
They have brought whores for Eleusis
Corpses are set to banquet
at behest of usura.

[Ezra Pound]

Ezra Pound – the poet of the poets

Hear the poet himself read

As the literary giant of the 20th century, if anyone, Ezra Pound should have had all the most prestigious awards in literature. He got none of them. In return, his four most famous students, T.S. Elliott, W.B. Yeats, Ernest Hemmingway and James Joyce all got the Nobel Prize in Literature. All four are very well known today, but Pound has almost been forgotten. What few realize is that without his efforts, they would never have raised their level to the highest, but had all been talented mediocrity.

History repeats itself with Borges, who never received the Nobel Prize. Gabriel Garcia Marquez said at the presentation of his award that he received it under protest, because Borges should have had it long before him. It shows something about a committee that, in addition to being politically-ideologically bias’ed, also suffers from incompetence.

Ezra Pound made the ‘mistake’ of knowing too much. He had studied the American economy and knew that it was built on lies and fraud and that the moneymen were criminals – then as now. President Roosevelt and his gang felt threatened by this insight from such a prominent person and, like Josef Stalin, saw to it that Pound was locked up in a mental hospital for the rest of his days and that his name and reputation blackened. Roosevelt had strong communist sympathies and supported the Soviet Union with large sums of money. In addition to his false diagnosis as insane, Pound was labeled a fascist sympathizer. Roosevelt had staged a cynical character assassination motivated by cowardice and selfishness. And quite ironic when you consider what fascism is in its essence: corporatism, syndicalism. In other words, the merger of the companies with the state and the dismantling of the republic and democracy. This is exactly what has since happened to the American state.

The leap forward towards this corporatism – although it has always been a red thread in American history, which from the beginning has had the bankers’ power war against the American population as a focal point – the leap happened simultaneously with the outbreak of the bankers’ 1st great war: World War 1 in the form of financial coup d’état, called the Federal Reserve Act, for all control of the American economy to be thrown into the hands of a group of private banking companies with offices in Wall Street and headquarters in The City of London.

Pound’s insight into the Great American Scam was motivated by the fact that many of his best friends had died in the trench slaughterhouses of World War I, and he settled into the Library of Congress to sift through all available relevant knowledge to find out , WHY this had happened. He found, among other things, that the war lasted far beyond what was strictly required (if you can even use that term…) and that it had happened solely to ensure that the financial moguls could squeeze as much money as possible out of the project, now that it was in progress. War on that scale is immensely profitable. He did some serious homework, which became his destiny.

Pound spoke six languages fluently. One of them was Chinese. He translated classical Chinese writings by Kung Fu Tze and others. His advancement of form was unmatched in his time, and he is credited with shaping modernist aesthetics in poetry. His main work can be said to be continuous throughout his work, called Cantos, songs. The project was as ambitious as can be imagined: the study and description of man from his origins to his time.

He was kindred in spirit with Dante Alighieri, whom he knew intimately. Dante described Usura, usury, as one of the deadly sins, and usurers are juicyly described in his poetic portrait of Hell in The Divine Comedy. The Catholic Church has had a particularly ambivalent relationship with Usura. Many will think that St. Peter’s house, the home of the cryptocracy, IS the House of Usura. The main church in Rome itself was built with funds raised through usury and indulgences. They can then write this sin on the list next to child abuse, falsification of history, murder and oppression.

Where the little man is king

What happens when the armies move into a country outside of civilization, when so-called reforms come to the country (re-form = reshaping), when the country becomes ‘democratised’ and when the evil-evil dictator – because that’s what they said yesterday and last year in the TV newspaper, and so it must be true – is found dead in a well or in another hole in the ground or just sent by H to with a golden handshake?

Then the streetscape changes (re-forms). In reality, the same thing is happening that we know very well – that is, those of us who are old enough to remember that far back, or who bothered to listen to the old people when they told stories. What happens is that the small traders disappear from the street scene, the shops close down, the artisans in the backyards close their shops, the local market closes, the local library, the local school closes and is merged with ten other local schools into a huge municipal children’s farm. People forget what it means to grow their own vegetables, run their own chicken farm, trade eggs and potatoes with the neighbor who has half a goat for sale and milk from the whole ones that go out in the field. Besides, no one has a generator in the shed anymore if the power goes out, because the power plant over there on the horizon does it.

This is what happens when the armies march in followed by the bankers, the multinationals and the international chain stores Starbucks, McDonalds, 7/11, Pizzahut, the oil companies, the IMF, the mining companies and the oh-so-well-intentioned NGOs, the non-governmental – they can almost be compared to the medieval missionaries who ran on the heels of the coquistadors to brainwash those of the savages who had not been murdered and raped. Or the privateers of pirates doing the dirty job for The Crown, so that The Crown would not have to get its own hands dirty. After this, the street scene changes, because the little man and his one-man or family business can no longer support themselves. At the same time, there is talk of sustainability at the other end of the pipe, i.e. about the very thing that has just been destroyed on purpose.

The little man is still king in many places in the world. When you travel in Egypt, when you walk through the streets of Cairo, the little man’s works are still lying side by side. They trade with people in the neighborhood, they still manage, despite the government’s ass-licking policy towards the rich and aggressive foreigners. How long can they keep it up?

The little man is still king on the streets of Culcatta, Istanbul, Guang Jiou, Manilla. Yes, even in Lisbon, Sarajevo and Thessaloniki, the little man is a less rare sight than in London, Chicago, Hamburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen? With us, everywhere there is a 7/11 on the corner, all the chains are there, the side streets are emptied of the small shops that used to be there. You might walk into a small clothing store, but the brands are international designer products, with European-American names produced for minimum wage somewhere in the part of the world where the little man is still king – if he hasn’t been forced to abdicate and take a job in one of those super factories where the little men, women and children sit and stand in long lines for a pitiful wage and are the exact opposite of kings. They are slaves.

Just ask yourself, what would you do if the system collapsed? Where would you get your electricity and heat from? Where would your clean water come from? Where would your vegetables, your livestock, your daily necessities come from?

You would be in the shit-de-luxe! Because the little man is no longer king here, and we have forgotten what it means to provide for ourselves. We can’t even patch a bike tire anymore.

Manic Street Preachers

Images contaminate us like viruses
Paul Virilio

This is the final image in the video for the legendary English band Manic Street Preacher’s ‘Kevin Carter’, where the camera lens is mounted on a sniper rifle, and the members of the band are ‘shot’ in turn.

YouTube took down the original video, just as they take down ANYTHING that is offensive to the Global Syndicate’s subcontractor, the Datamafiaen. Here at least the sound is okay.

Another interesting MSP text is ‘The Love of Richard Nixon’, where there is singing
‘Death without assination. Yea, they all betrayed you, and your country too’.

Those were the days, where the Left Wing still kept af fair amount of abililty for criticism of humanity’s true enimy. With the new milliennium they totally lost that abillity. They became the new fascists.

The text is ironic, but true, philosophical irony is true and false at the same time. According to sources, Nixon was ‘sacrificed’ in Watergate so that the public and the investigations would not approach the deeper layers of the case and thereby have the opportunity to uncover the real reasons for the Vietnam War. Everyone thought the villain was caught and thus the case was closed. New Rome also has its Colloseum, where ritual human sacrifice takes place.

The same strategy had worked fine in the JFK case, so why not use it again? When the scapegoat, Lee Harvey Oswald, was caught, everyone was happy and the press shut up. Jim Marrs’ thorough research tells a slightly different story.

Thank God for the courage of all Manic Street Preachers!
Let’s re-read the lines from their immortal song ‘There by the Grace of God’ – remember to find the video on Youtube. We’re talking about one of the great songs in rock history, and the promo video does it justice in the most beautiful way. And here you ask yourself: now that music videos like this actually exist, why do the TV stations run tons of freshly produced pork food in a steady stream?

And all the drugs in the World
Can’t save us from ourselves
Victims with the saddest hearts
Passing by the Grace og God
There by the Grace og God

With Grace we will suffer
With Grace we shall recover
There by the Grace og God
There by the Grace og God

Lay down all your guns
Give them up and then move on
It doesn’t mean that you are dead
Passing by the Grace of God

With Grace we will suffer
With Grace we shall recover
There by the Grace of God
There by the Grace of God

You imagine him, the manic street preacher from the video, in video. He is in a state of prayer and explanation, while people pass by in manic slow-tempo and without a sound, each in their own frozen dream. If one said: Freeze! you had the scene from The Matrix where Neo and Orpheus visit the matrix, the program for virtual existences. ‘Did you see the woman in the red dress?’. Our lives have become like these virtual existences, and our prayer is the figure of Dean Bradfield, the musician of God’s grace.

There by the Grace of God.

Couch-voter manifest

5 years ago I chose to throw the first ballot in the bin. The waste bin. It was in a moment of disillusionment that I permanently opted out of representative democracy. It was at the same time that I chose to throw my television out the window and cancel my newspaper subscription. It was also at the same time that I became homeless for the first time and had to live in an attic room that was not intended for habitation. But the latter has – and I have thought it through – nothing to do with the former. Disillusionment is aimed exclusively at representative democracy and the state that is based on it.

It is not democracy, the people who rule, as an idea, that is a problem. Not as long as it is attached to the republic (the cause of the people). In other words: When the majority decides with full respect for the minority, it goes well. It is the state in which democracy has found itself since the end of the 20th century and the new millennium that poses a problem.

Now, as you know, you should never say never. But on that point I am a realist and not a utopian, and the prerequisites for me to ever again put a cross on a ballot paper for a Danish general election, a local election or – unholy crap! an EU election – should in that case be:

  • That a very old-fashioned type of politician should find a way to appear on the scene, a type who feels a calling and does not simply have an ambition for a livelihood or a career springboard
  • That serious thinking people should unexpectedly find themselves running for an election
  • That a majority of elected officials did not fall for ignorance combined with pretentiousness, bad information, laziness, intimidation, occupation of media and bad journalism, spin doctoring, vested interest, livelihood professionalism.
  • That Old Norse virtues such as compassion, responsiveness, uncompromisingness, honesty, non-reactionary national feeling, courage, individuality and love – yes you read that right – reinvented themselves on the political scene
  • That people who did not seek power would undertake to manage it out of a responsibility for their fellow human beings and their children’s generation
  • That people who REALLY knew something about the world and its dirty ways chose to open their mouths and step forward on stage – AND NOT LEAST that these people were seen and heard and recognized by enough people who were tired of the sitting politician type.

I am talking here exclusively about politicians. It may not be entirely fair and may not be entirely adequate. I could and perhaps should talk about systems, institutions, ideologies, prevailing conditions. But when the day is over, these conditions consist of the people who create and maintain them. The politicians maintain them. Unfortunately, they have no idea how these conditions have been created, because they are as historyless as everyone else. They know what they have learned at school, in high school, at business school, at a master’s degree. the political science studies, in the political party school. That’s what they know. They have never seriously studied history or geopolitics. They know nothing about science. They have never asked the uncompromising, hard questions. They have walked the straight paths along the straight lines. They have done what it took to get to where they are today.

And they like the feeling of power too much. And as we say: it corrupts.

Couch voter mentality

My life and my choices should not be defined by these people’s needs and life path, because there are far bigger things at stake that these people have not understood.

Allow me to propose a new definition of the term ‘couch voter’.

The real couch voter is the one who takes his ballot paper and goes to the local elementary school on a Wednesday after work on a random day in February and puts a cross next to the name of an equally random politician or politician-wannabe who he-she has heard something about, after which he-she goes home and eats pasta with meat sauce, sits on the SOFA, turns on the TV, watches X-Factor and forgets everything about the world. The couch voter then expects that the elected politicians or politician-wannabe’s will take care of most of the person’s relationships with the threatening outside world, and that they will only again in approx. 2-4 years again need to ease the ass off the couch and go to the local primary school on a Wednesday after work on a random day in February…

Well listen now, someone will say, that’s not what the word ‘couch selector’ means, because its a word for mocking people, that don’t fulfill his democratic obligation.

Excuse me again! That is EXACTLY what the word means. It is a person exercising his democratic obligation from a couch, which we have unfortunately become accustomed to in representative democracy. Strictly speaking, we are not forced to, but that is how it has become. Representative democracy encourages people to stay on the couch and accept their role as spectators to a show. The couch vote is the passive citizen and the strange idea that democracy is something you witness when you press a button on a TV at half past eight, plants his ass on the sofa, lowers his lower jaw and says ugh! The next day, the couch potato copy-pastes what he saw over the lunch table in the canteen and says ‘I heard they’ve now decided to …’

Moreover he claims, that he now has an opinion. NO! You don’t have anything like an opinion, because you have never formed an opinion based on you homework. You do like the guy that picks up some frozen TV-dinner at the supermarked, throws it into the microwave oven, and when it goes ding! You shout out: Honey, I cooked some food for us. Beep! three wrong statements in one sentence. You did not COOK anything, since it was cooked already. YOU did not do it, someone else did. And the thing there has nothing to do with FOOD, since it is pure garbage with a ton of additives.

People do not form opinions. They download prefab opinions. Therefore Dirty Harry was totally right when he said. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one.

Harrowdown Hill
– The Anatomy of a Political Assassination

The official video, was for years censored by Youtube. This kind of attacks on freedom of expression and speech normally belongs to dictatorships and tyrannical, totalitarian regimes. Normally, since this now has become the new norm in global media like YouTube.

Just the very fact, that statements, and this video makes clear statements in poetic form, that censorship was applied is the proof of the unclean motives of the censor. If they had clean hands and good intentions, they would never use the dirty weapons of tyranny.

This artwork is quite stunning – and quite ugly at the same time. You will know why, when you learn about the background for Tom Yorke’s musik / video Harrowdown Hill and the way Dr. David Kelly died. And then you will also know, why the owners of YouTube chose to use methods of the Tyranni, because this piece of artwork is a fist in the ugly face of British Government, British Intelligence Service and British deep-state establishment.

But who the hell was Dr. … ?

The short version

In 2003 an expert i biological warfare and weapons inspector for UN, Dr. David Kelly, was found dead near his home in Harrowdown Hill, Oxfordshire. The British Governement and British legal system prevented a thorough investigation of the case and labelled it a suicide – which is the norm in most assassination carried out by any branch of the Deep State (being suicided). You remove materials that are compromizing and revealing, then you pull the suicide card out of the magicians hat covering yourself with the shield of ‘probable deniability’.

David Kelly had travelled all over Iraq and gained major attention by stating, that the British government had ‘sexed up their rapport about WMD i Iraq’. At a hearing he was heavily attacked for his statement by representatives of British government. Two days later he was found dead.

The following Hutton Rapport manipulated wit testimonies and evidences in order to be able to claim suicide. According to the rapport he had cut himself to death, but neither the police or the team of paramedics found any blood on the location.

Later a voluntary group of medical experts have analyzed the material and the way it was handled. Their conclusion is, that everything happened in suspicious ways, and every rule for correct handling of material was procedurally manipulated.

You may recognize one of the persons in this picture as directly responsible for the manipulation, since he – and the two other persons – had an aggrement to start a war based on fraudulant evidence.

Not only the video was banned. The Truth and the possibility for Thruth to prevail by legal ways meant to guarantee Truth, was banned by the British government – a government following a long tradition of political murders and suppression on Thruth. The British Empire and its outfaded successor is resting on mountains of lies, warcrimes and genocides.

Don’t walk the plank like I did
You will be dispensed with
When you’ve become inconvenient
In the harrowdown hill
Where you went to school
That’s where I am
That’s where I’m lying down

Did I fall or was I pushed?
Did I fall or was I pushed?
And where’s the blood?
And where’s the blood?

I’m coming home
I’m coming home
To make it all right
So dry your eyes

We think the same things at the same time
We just cant do anything about it

So don’t ask me
Ask the ministry
Don’t ask me
Ask the ministry

We think the same things at the same time
There are so many of us
So you can’t count

We think the same things at the same time
There are too many of us
So you can’t count

Can you see me when I’m running?
Can you see me when I’m running?
Away from them

I can’t take their pressure
No one cares if you live or die
They just want me gone
They want me gone

I’m coming home
I’m coming home
To make it all right
So dry your eyes

We think the same things at the same time
We just cant do anything about it

We think the same things at the same time
There are too many of us
So you can’t count

It was a slippery slippery slippery slope
It was a slippery slippery slippery slope
I feel me slipping in and out of consciousness
I feel me slipping in and out of consciousness

Tom Yorke

The good will

One of the destructive forces in our world is hiding inside a self-contradictory term.
The Swedish film instructor Ingmar Bergmann described it in a film of the same name.

There is a tremendous amount of good will shown whenever the nations go to war – especially the US. All the way almost – and only almost! – up to the top, everyone is full of delusion that ‘it’s for both their own good and our own good’. The Top knows otherwise – the gooks, the camel-fuckers and the afro-monkeys must die for our sakes, while told that it is for their own good.

The ‘good’ doctor who wants you to be well and to make you healthy and well is virtually no longer available today. The art of medicine today, the word is almost blasphemous, no longer has any qualitative concept of health and you admit it yourself. In my first language Danish hospitals are called disease-houses and not health centers. The doctor is there for the sake of the prescription and the fee, and so that BigPharma can empty the pocket of the corpses in their wake when their drugs have done the job. 75% of all diseases today are estimated to be drug-related. The mindset is:

‘If we’re going to kill people, we might as well do it in the most profitable way. Now show good will and please drop the pennies before you scratch off… thanks. You don’t need them where YOU are going’.

It is due to quite enormous good will that the unemployed – and it is for their own sake – have to spend half their waking lives in a queue, filling out long forms, making action plans and fabricating hundreds of half-hearted, half-brained and indifferent fake applications (like the poor secretaries in the companies then have to flip through). What if they did some constructive work, e.g. within a subject that they are often good at? It could be appropriate for themselves or each other, then I almost dare to eat my hat that they will be headhunted when you discover how creative they are.

There is talk of ‘human resources’. Humans are therefore a resource – just like fuel oil or oatmeal. One should think, that he was a human being who possessed resources and skills which he voluntarily gave away / lent according to a contract. One should think that a working relationship revolved around the fact that one voluntarily gave up realizing one’s dreams while working for another person’s dreams, and that it should therefore cost the borrower something. But there is something we may have misunderstood. Or rather: we have understood it in its essence, but others have trumped their understanding, which does not harmonize with the essence.

A small story about the lives of the small-big

When my sweet old mother was paralyzed by a serious brain hemorrhage, my sweet old father was told by the social authorities, via a wave of a cart pole and a big stick in the back of the hand, that he now had to move into a dump of a nursing home. with the beached whale she had become. Blessed be her soul, she slept-in peacefully. Here he could then be a ‘resource’ for her, jumping and leaping around the clock. He had actually done this for 40 years, but this was completely voluntary and out of absolute love. Now he was reduced to a ‘resource’. It was then that he decided to take his own life.

The jump from the highway bridge was not successful, after which there were 2 beached whales. When I was in the intensive care unit two hours later, where he woke up, he looked out through his new mummy suit and said: ‘
Is it you? Can you tell me why I did this?’


By over-fertilizing the soil with your good will for crops, you torture it so that it eventually dies. Then you move to a new piece of land, which you also clear rainforest. It takes real good will to be sustainable. Can someone explain to me why agriculture calls demands for sustainability while calling respect for the laws of nature ‘bad will’?

The greatest obstacle to knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge. It could be the inner motto of ‘good’ will’. You think you know what is good for someone and act on it. The action then creates the actual suffering.

In Calvin & Hobbes, Calvinhas had enough of his mother and shouts: ‘CARING IMPERIALIST !!’. Look, that’s good workshop humor 🙂 And very true. Good deeds – and gifts as well – are there to bind your hand and mouth.

Warning – strings attached!


Vespassian brought home 100,000 captives from the destruction of Jerusalem and Jewish culture to be slaves. The Colloseum had to be built in record time, because Vespassian was getting scrapped.

Cranes driven by human hamsters in giant treadmills were used to lift the enormous stones. If you study Breughel’s famous picture of the Tower of Babel and imagine a plaster cast of it – turned upside down .. then you have the interior of the Colloseum. Seen from above, it looks like the Orca’s mouth. It ate people alive for thousands of years.

The Colloseum was so technologically demanding that any modern stadium is nothing compared to it. In the cellars there were 1000s of rooms, cages, corridors, cranes, elevators, doors and limbs, hoists, technicians. There were fire, water and wind machines. In addition, there were ‘the actors’ in the form of gladiators, crowds of people and animals. The whole show was intended to confirm the Romans that they controlled the Universe. They did what only God could do, in fact God was superfluous. Very fittingly for this piece of megalomania, the Roman emperors exalted and named themselves Gods. To insult the emperor (later the Pope) was the same as insulting God.

The Romans knew how to make concrete by mixing a certain amount of volcanic material from Vesuvius – it became quite enormously strong. The art was forgotten, and 1200 years had to pass before it was rediscovered in the Middle Ages. It stands to this day, although much of the Colleseum has collapsed. Be sure the Nazis knew about the formula. They made the world’s strongest concrete, which can be seen from the bunkers they left by the North Sea, which still stand almost intact despite the incredible forces of wind, water and weather they have been exposed to for 60 years – all the while Danish highway bridges and certain modernistic concrete apartment complexes is about to collapse. Very fitting, for the Third Reich was the Third Roman Empire, just as the Holy Roman Empire had existed before. Now we just get to see if another of the Empire’s heirs, the Roman Catholic Empire and St. Peter’s Church, will stand just as long, or if it will collapse in a while under the weight of its own lies.

The British Empire and later the transatlantic empire with the US as the belligerent part have every imaginable resemblance to the Roman Empire, including decadence and decay. The Roman Colloseum has every imaginable similarity to: Hollywood. Here, huge, grotesque illusion shows are created in the same way, people are thrown to lions in the same way, naval battles are also made here, the emperor also turns his thumb up or down, here the empire’s lost wars are also compensated, and the won battles are celebrated with megalomaniacal pomp.

The word ‘gladiator’ comes from ‘gladio’, which is the wooden sword you were given when you went to gladiator school. There were 1000s of slaves training here. Besides being both a butcher and cattle for slaughter, the gladiator was also: a sex symbol. Gladio also means ‘dick’, and the Westerners, the senators’ wives, and all the other female spectators wet their panties when their favorite gladiator won again. You could risk winning your freedom if you had earned it. But most of them were so intoxicated by the blood and sexual-ejaculation intoxication, the ecstacy kick they got from slaughtering their dehumanized fellows, that they begged to get back on stage. Ritual human sacrifice is particularly addictive – just like being a star in Hollywood. And the Colloseum’s stars were just as fucked-up.

Under later emperors, the venture faltered, for the crocodiles had gone on hunger strike, and there were only 3 moth-eaten lions left. Performances were cancelled, the animals were depressed and refused to fight. I get the sickest cartoon images for my inner retina.

The executioners foot

Let’s start with a quick reviewer’s summary – the elevator version – of the ‘plot’ in Danish poet and author Tom Kristensen’s great poem The Execution. A bunch of men are lined up for beheading, the poem is in the first person, the poet himself is one of them. He sees everyone before him being executed, time has almost stopped, there is a countdown, the executioner wipes his bloody sword before it is the narrator’s turn. Time stops completely. Sorry for the prosaic translation, but it takes a native English-speaking poet to do it:

Has the world come to a standstill?
Is the blade full of moisture?
Must the executioner forever polish it
and never get it used?
My neck pains without stopping,
and the pain strikes a fast circle
in the flesh of the throat.
Could I be dead?

No, the executioner is still watching
along the thin, tough egg of the sword.
Then he takes the next step
and stops – measures – walks away a little.
I see a beetle walking safely
with green metal on arched back,
it wanders towards an executioner’s foot

I was completely lost in the strange but powerful image of the beetle walking relentlessly towards the executioner’s foot. As Sweedish author Olof Lagerkrantz says: ‘The eye of power does not see itself’. It does not see what is approaching from a quite unexpected edge, the proportions are completely out of the woods, but we understand it anyway. The beetle intends to bite the executioner in the foot, he will squeal like a pig, throw the sword … and then we know nothing more. We have already said too much, but our thoughts have been set in motion with unerring certainty by Tom K’s little stroke of genius. I know I’m not the only one who felt goosebumps reading this masterpiece of an immersion, a hyper-intense psychological thriller in the eye of a needle.

Some have called Tom Kristensen a fantasist, an expressionist, a nihilist, a vandalist. He is certainly expressive, but he was not a nihilist! Should this man who had a fascination, a tenderness, a ravenous, intoxicating appetite for life in all its shades, even the dark ones – remember they are only dark because no one has managed to turn on the light – should this lavishly giving poet be a nihilist? Certainly not. He was in love with life, and that is the diametric opposite of nihilism. The fact that he was swamped with booze in his old days does not change anything, because he did it in style until the end. The fact that madness crept in at times doesn’t change anything either. Isn’t an artist almost obliged to explore these corners of the human mind? Ask his friend Jørgen Gustava Brandt. Or the former priest on Thurø, where he lived, Johannes Johanssen, also a poet and later bishop, one of the best recent hymn poets. Late one night they ran out of whiskey and Tom grabbed his shotgun and went into the backyard and fired two shots. Johannes J. was horrified to a degree, what was the madman up to? Half an hour later the merchant arrived in his boat with a few new bottles.

If the misplaced label ‘nihilist’ is to be saved, one has to make a euphemism for the word, so that it comes to mean: everything is equally valid, because that’s how it was for Tom Kristensen. Everything had equal validity, nothing was excluded from life.

A completely different angle to nihilism – the real thing – is the references that the poem ‘The Execution’ offers. Here we are in quite a big story, which is not for the faint of heart. Whether Tom K. had any sense of how deep that rabbit hole is is not known. But he cannot have been ignorant of connections, because he was there himself.

The uprising

However, he has hardly ‘been there’ while it happened, because he was then only 7 years old. The picture/photograph is so famous that he has seen it as a young man. The ‘execution’ is based on an incident in South China in the year 1900. An English newspaper – not by chance – carried a picture from the so-called ‘boxer uprising’. You see a stack of boxers lying beheaded in a square. The executioner stands and poses by the corpses. Who are these boxers? Well, hardly people who trained with gloves and a helmet to win the World Boxing Association belt in 1900.

We know what happened next. Chang Kai Chek, Kuomintang, Cultural Revolution, Mao, Deng, Tiananmen Square, Hu Jintao and now Jijen Ping, financial boom, new-old envy of the western empire, new hate campaigns, new saber rattling of the aggression machine. History goes in circles, spirals, and here we go again, we read it every day in the newspaper and see it on TV, hate and fear the Chinese because they are a little too skilled. The Middle Kingdom did not fall this time, nor today.

But what happened before? The victors were the imperialists, the West won the war – or rather: they didn’t – but at least they wrote the story, the lie, the exclusion of the information. Let’s turn back the clock.

The Anglo-German, later British-American imperialists, aka the banking cartels, the big businessmen, the aristocratic-royal megalomaniacs and psychopaths, the kleptocracy, the elite, add your own names, are still after world domination. The New Rome lived at that time half in England, half in Germany. The French licked their wounds after Napoleon but later got along well. Plus a bunch of others: Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish. Even the Danes carved out a small lump of South India called Traquebar – so we’re a little bit in the fine company. There were also a few blobs in the East Indies and West Africa. Without particular significance. Of real importance, Greenland, which we have managed to rename to a ‘commonwealth’, was and still is, almost a Danish euphemism in the style of the Commonwealth.

Everyone wanted the gold, the resources, the market, the slaves, the consumers (of their dope), the territories, the honor and the dishonorable glory. The motto was: ‘We don’t know why we’re fighting about it, but the others are getting their act together, and they won’t have it all, the greedy pigs!’ They have acted and reacted like a bunch of kindergarteners about a bowl of chocolate bísquits. The main mood has been: envy. Like the punks, they were a kind of nihilists: ‘We don’t know what we want (and why), but we know how to get it’. In a frenzy of blood, the West went berserk in the outer districts. It was a dark drive, and there was fear embedded in that drive.

The Rothschild’s multinational family cartel had ‘bought’ the entire English economy in the aftermath of the Napoleonic War. This ultra-shrewd banker—one in line since Nathan R.—made a brilliant spin and leaked a note to the press that Napoleon had won. All stocks dumped, the stock exchange crashed, the Rothschild syndicate bought the the whole chabang. When news arrived 48 hours later that Napoleon had indeed lost his Waterloo, it was too late. The banks – the Crown Corporation governing even the Queen and the royal house – sat on the national economy and the treasury, and the banks have never let it go since. Later they spread the totalitarian financial system to America where they still control everything. Financial crisis, bankruptcy, budget deficit, military-industrial complex, Wall Street fraud, the presidents lobbyist government, etc. The entire history of the United States is the history of the bankers’ war against the Americans.

Back to the late 19th century. Through the British East Asian Company, the Empire cultivated and refined their white poppies in Kensington Garden in London, planted them in India, harvested and produced and shipped the smokeable product in their famous T-Clipper boats with the explicit purpose of opium poisoning the entire Chinese population – the crooked-eyed, yellow-skinned rice-munching, rough-eating, inept sub-measures of human filler, the slave race that stood in the way of the merchant ships and convoys that had for too long been successful in preventing foreign interlopers from defeating the Middle Kingdom and rampaging unfettered of the riches of the old dynasties.

We turn back time even further, approx. 100 years, to the transition between the Ming Dynasty and the Han Dynasty. Legend tells of how the great Ming Dynasty fell as the epitome of Chinese splendor and refinement. To the north, a certain general guarded the wall that separated the Han – not to be confused with the Huns although related – from the mainland. He had a beautiful wife whom the Han people kidnapped. If he didn’t let them through the lines, she would be tortured, raped and killed. The general loved his wife so he bowed his neck. After that, it was battle after battle until the kingdom was overthrown. Whether it is a legend or a true story is uncertain.

The three major networks that were the backbone of the Ming dynasty went underground. It was the navy, the army and the intelligentsia. They have survived to this day as secret clans called the Red, the Green and the Blue, also known as the Chinese Triads.

Here the ring is closed to Tom Kristensen, because it was people from these groups, the army, who were lying on the stone bridge in the famous picture from 1900. Their boxing art is known today under names such as KungFu, TaiChi, ChiGong – with and without swords and knives and stick They knew their ancient craft, which they had learned from the Ming Emperor’s special forces. The English feared them, because they could strike like lightning in the dead of night or in broad daylight and then disappear like smoke. They were unpredictable and their attacks were deadly. If you want to get a sense of what the imperialists were up against, look up a demo on YouTube of those who have preserved the art form today, e.g. the monks of the Shaolin Monastery. Today it has become a show, it is included as acrobatics in e.g. Peking Opera-genre, but in its basic form it is meant to be directly lethal and without hesitation. They were fearless, incorruptible and 100% loyal to their own. One is tempted to draw a parallel to the serious problems of the Zealots, the Iscariots, the Essenes, i.e. the Jewish messianic freedom fighters who gave the Romans problems in Judea – a parallel that can be run very far in terms of what happened afterwards and how empires have written their legacy, and which we have all been fed up with through the schoolbooks.

It’s basically the Roman fear of all the wild and unruly ethnicities in their far too large empire that still sits in the white man’s sulk today. We have almost no idea how hated the Romans were by their subjects, and, on the other hand, how much they feared the multitude of tribes that existed in the total empire. This is also the beginning of the history of Christianity.

No one since has described The White Man’s fear of these ‘savages’, this ‘uncultured’ as Joseph Conrad in 1902 in the book ‘Heart of Darkness’, and later Francis Ford Coppola gave it another tooth with ‘Appocalypse Now’, which the book. The Horror, The Horror! … It could just as easily have taken place in China, but the film takes place in Vietnam, the book takes place in the Congo – same-same, but different.

To finish off the story about the kung-fu fighters, the legend tells, that it was brought to them by a man, a warrior and martial arts master called Da Mo or Bodhidharma. He arrived at the Shaolin Monastery and saw, that the monks were in terrible shape. He went and lived in a cave for years, and when he came back he had invented Chi Gong and Kung Fu. That part of the story would be legend, but he was a historical character. He is depictured with fiery, burning blue eyes and a wild red beard. Rumors say, that he cut off his eyelids to enhance his meditation. But anyhow, his figure is certainly not chinese but rather a Caucasian type.

The man who was inside Dracula

The Hollywood actor who created our collective visual perception of Dracula was Bela Lugosi. His personal history is quite interesting.

Fittingly, he had grown up in a small southern Hungarian village near the ‘original’ historical Dracula, Vlad Ţepeş, aka Vlad III Dracul’s castle. This was the infamous impaler of a 16th century figure albeit in human form – probably without fangs. He was enrolled in a sect called ‘The Order of the Dracul’, which was supposed to protect Christian Europe against the Ottomans. It was a job he took very seriously. Of course, like any cruel ‘self-respecting’ despot, he put his opponents to death and put their heads on stakes. But exactly a vampire? I just mean: then Karl the twelfth of Sweden was also a vampire, because that was exactly how he killed and exhibited his enemies in southern Sweden, the Göngens. Or Emperor Nero. Or Nicolae Ceauşescu – definitely, he also came from the area!

Lugosi was a great acting talent who had a career as an actor at the big theaters in Budapest and Vienna. We’re talking Shakespearean caliber roles and great character acting. He is described as a very ‘handsome’ man – with a penchant for ladies. The photographs confirm it. Women, even those he did not put down quite literally, tell of an aristocratic, old-European gentleman who kissed their hand, Madame, allow me to … This erotic-aristocratic quality was very important in the choice of Lugosi for the role.

The great horror character Lon Chaney, the man with the 1000 faces, had just died when it was decided to film Bram Stoker’s novel. Bela Lugosi was indirectly suggested, and the producer was persuaded to prefer him over his contemporary colleague and competitor in the horror industry, Boris Karloff. He was implanted in Hollywood, like so many former European silent film stars. It didn’t matter that he spoke with an accent either, because it was ‘real’ after all. Other colleagues never made the transition to the talkie (first talkie 1927: The Jazz Singer), but Dracula (1931) and Lugosi went through fine. He was even reluctant to accept the role because there wasn’t enough dialogue for him, and because he actually spoke a perfect High English.

Lugosi identifies so much with the character – today we would call it ‘method-acting’, he finds the feeling, his ‘tuner-in’ on the essence of the character, and then: ‘I bid you wellcamm, hi hamm Drrrrac-ula!’ We hear and see it for ourselves. The figure is both terrifying, gothic, and at the same time has a touch of old-aristocratic, mournful nostalgia. It went down well with the audience of the time, and together with Frankenstein and Nosferatu, it stands as one of the masterpieces of the genre. The point is that Lugosi becomes obsessed with the figure, so to speak. It can never let go of him. He marries a very young wife (whom he sinks his teeth into), he dutifully attends the most grotesque performances and events, he becomes an alcoholic, after which he loses his wife. He goes to rehab and tries to make a comeback, but without much luck. Finally he says: ‘It’s too late’. And here it comes: he is buried at his own request in full Transylvanian outfit !! Whether he also gets a stake hammered through the stomach, the story does not say anything about ..

The strange thing was that Lugosi was the most lovable gentleman and grandfather type in private. It was Hollywood, and thus the hollywood-in-us-all, that did not distinguish. That then became his fate. But he gave the figure that touch of sadness, which, for example, later Coppola builds on it in his remake from 1992. Here we almost empathize with the vampire played by Gary Oldman. It is an unhappy figure trapped in its form. It cannot die, it has to suck the blood of other unfortunate individuals for time and eternity. It would rather get out of the role, but it is not allowed. Here the story becomes very interesting and relevant for this presentation. After that, it is no longer possible to simply say: It’s the vampire’s fault! All executioners start out as victims.

Another great actor doing Dracula is of course Christopher Lee. And it turns out, that the story has been remade more than ten times.

Lugosi was asked in his older days by a lady why he didn’t try other roles, e.g. as ‘the good guy’. But he replied: ‘I won’t be able to do that. They are not offered to me’. He ended up as a type-cast. Once Dracula, always Dracula. Sad in many ways, knowing his excellence as an actor he could have done it.

The Way to inner strength

Here is a new translation of the Tao Te Ching. There were no OpenSource translations out there, and there just has to be one. And sorry for the confusion here, but it was a Danish translation, that you would probably not be able to read. There are English full versions out there. But the story about Lao

One of the themes in this collection of aphorisms, almost a long poem, is the right way to rule. Li Erh, the White Hair, was born in 604 BC, and was given the name Lao Tsu when he worked for the King of Zhou in Louyang as the head of the Imperial Archives, a kind of chief librarian. He would have been extremely well read in ancient texts and probably knowledgeable in alchemy, astrology, divination, etc. There are accounts of the meeting with his younger contemporary colleague Kungfutse, who travels far to meet this man of great reputation.

Lao Tsu

The theme of ‘right governance’ runs through the text and reflects his position with the king. At the age of 80, he decides to travel into the wildernes of the mountains. He is depressed about the political conditions and that the king has lost his sense of Dao. He has nothing more to do there. At the Sino-Tibetan border, he is stopped by a guard who commands him to write down his knowledge, knowing that he will not return. It becomes this writing, in Chinese 5250 word-characters, the Dao Te Ching, which he writes down in 3 days. It stands today as an indestructible pillar of a spiritual, fully intact and functional testament. He disappears into the wilderness and is not seen again. He returns – exactly as written – to the Dao.

Is the ending just a legend? However, the person, his work and significance are by no means a legend. But we have a little difficulty in taking the story literally that the old master sits in a shed on the Tibetan border and in three days writes one of the masterpieces of world literature. But on the other hand: if the alternative was that he was not allowed to return to Dao out in the wilderness, and he possessed this colossal knowledge and inner strength, then… Something could indicate that.

As it says at the end: this is not a scholarly treatise, because one cannot discuss The Way (Dao). These are more personal reflections on the timeless and the time-bound in the work. Is there anything time-bound in the work at all…?

The text appears amazingly fresh, easy to read, fluid. Many of Lao’s comments on politics could easily be used today, that’s the timelessness of the text. It shows us that people were no different 2,500 years ago than they are today.

We can perhaps, at least I have done so, bounce a little over formulations that say that the people should be kept in blissful ignorance. The first thought is that this does not correspond to our democratic ideas, nor concepts from the Enlightenment, and certainly not modern public education. A politician today probably has to be careful to say something like that, and likewise an associate professor from a Pedagogical University / Teachers’ College or whatever is out there.

Are we missing a point? I think we (I) do that, which I will then make up for a little at my own expense. Part of the point could be that Dao is smarter than any regent. There is an immense intelligence in the universe that guides us if we allow it. That is The Way. This Way is found to a far greater extent in the simple life that Lao praised as the life of the people than in the cunning life that is arranged for us in our society.

When we think about it, the old man is more than right. What happiness and wisdom has the information society, democracy and high technology brought to man? What good is there in opening a newspaper or turning on your flicker and discovering that 19/20 so-called ‘news’ is about perversions, murder, fraud, corruption, abuse, war, violence, more abuse and human pettiness? What’s new in that? What progress is there in a sick pharmaceutical culture, corrupt politicians, clever media manipulators, narrow-minded scientists, greedy bankers, bloodthirsty warlords, and lying priests? And in bad food, bad mass products, superficial knowledge? Questions could be endless. But a quick answer would be that all that information is extremely consciousness- and reality-shaping and rather creates or reinforces the ills than informs about them, let alone confronts them. These pseudo-news never get to the core. And why should they (sounds inside their sick heads) when there is so much money in bad and superficial news?

The case is of course complex. Because one could ask counter-questions about whether the ignorance about the subjects does not also maintain the ills. But since this is precisely the unconscious mainstream argument for the legitimacy of information, I would rather state the opposite.

Down to earth: what happiness has all that accumulation of useless, fragmented knowledge brought to mankind? Nada!! I do not make the mistake of thinking that all people were all happy and knowledgeable in the old days. But as Danes, we should probably know a little about what is being talked about. For a more spoiled, welfare drugged, spiritually lazy nation of individuals, one has to look long. If you took a trip to a remote mountain village in Thailand or India or wherever – and we ignore the places where imperialism has fucked up life with poison, abuse and other cultural ‘improvements’, then you will find people who still against all odds can smile, be unpretentious, straightforward, curious, content with the little they have, that is, who still have a simple gratitude for their meager material life on earth. I’m sure their lives could be improved too, but every time we allow ourselves to have opinions about it, and even think about ‘helping’ them with their plight, some red lights immediately go on. Think further yourself.

The point is that there are people ‘out there’ who should be so deeply unhappy that, according to our concept of prosperity might as well go to the nearest tree and hang themselves, and their whole family with them. BUT who are capable of everything that we are not capable of: smile, play, be curious, help each other, be content with what they have, not fall into pig greed, and so on. It is somewhat thought provoking. And I don’t give a damn about fancy statistics-based pseudo-surveys that postulate that the Danes are one of the most happy people on the planet. As you know, statistics is another word for lie. You could put another statistic next to it, which is not so manipulable with smart questionnaires: the suicide statistics. Or depression and alcoholism among young people. Then we say no more.

It is in this context that one must see Lao’s good root for his contemporary politicians. We must remember that he saw them daily, as today, commit their various outrages upon their subjects. He has undoubtedly done what he could as the king’s advisor to teach him about The Way. Somewhere down the road, he may even have succeeded. But as we know, power corrupts.

There is a lot of talk today about ‘making management visible’ and other management gibberish. It mostly stinks of abdication of responsibility and lack of leadership. The best leadership may be invisible, but it really depends on its qualities and the intention behind it. If invisibility means cowardice, cunning, closedness in the executive corridor, in the ivory tower, then it is bad. If it means that they look after their work, that they think about the welfare of the company, the welfare of its invaluable employees, then that is a whole other business. The concept of stress hits right to the heart of it. Why are employees stressed? What is the cause of stress? Stress is NOT being too busy, stress is a lack of overview. Lack of overview is a lack of proper leadership. When you expect the overview = knowledge to be handled by the man on the floor, you create a state of stress. Stress occurs when you as employee do not have an overview of what you have to do, whether there is time to achieve it, whether there is help to get, whether you can handle it. Stress disappears the moment someone steps in and removes the chronic or acute uncertainty by defining the task and conveying help and coordination. Here, the skilled can, because that is what he/she is! employees are allowed to do their best – without anxiety/stress.

How good Dao do we find in companies today? Managements: step into character as managements and spare us your management crap, your slippery new speak and your shirking of responsibility, where you try to rub it off on the employees by making them co-knowing and co-responsible. It comes quite naturally (Dao) when you look after the work for which you raise completely useless wages.

One might say, in modern terminology, that Lao’s ideal form of government was ‘enlightened despotism’. In this way he actually resembles Plato, who was certainly not a democrat either. He had seen how his fellow philosopher and mentor Socrates had been lynched in the name of the new democracy. Democracy was – and still is, sorry! – mob rule and popularity contest. His ideal regent is the philosopher who has learned to rule his inner state before trying to rule the outer. How many regents have learned that? Plato could well have read Lao Tsu, of course there are no accounts of that, but the ancient flow of knowledge was by no means closed nationally determined areas. There was already a Silk Road then, neither India nor China was out of reach. Rather, we can see the global field of thought as a continuum where similar thoughts existed simultaneously across distances.

Thoughts have great power. Biographers of Lao Tsu and his work are not slow to call him one of the most significant men of all time in terms of the range of his thought. His thoughts can be traced back to philosophical systems, religious schools, martial arts and medicine, political thought, literature, etc. They are undoubtedly right. It says something about the Inner Strength (Dao) that is in the old man’s thoughts. We send back a loving and respectful thought as we watch the gaunt, white-haired figure on his mule disappear into the mysterious void from whence he came. Blessed be you journey and thank you!

PS! How cool is the story, where in the most blistering way sits down in a shack of a border shed – on the edge of civilization and the wilderness, and writes down the Dao Te Ching in 3 days. Take it, little crawlers, weaklings, and study it a bit before you play King Carrot! I can’t get over the story 🙂 And neither could the generations, so when today we see a Hollywood movie where the white-bearded old man teaches the upstart to hold his staff, or Master Yoda says ‘Great warrior, hmm? Wars not make one great.’, then it is Lao Tsu who has now become an archetype. Even in pop culture, he has impact 2,500 years later.

How he must be giggling in his long white beard from his vantage point.

Some secrets about AIDS

It was not me who invented this headline, but a journalist at the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information, who wrote an otherwise sober and matter-of-fact article about AIDS on 22.10-2010. It was about about the withhold of information about how little contagious AIDS really is, how great the cure rate with the right treatment is, and how pariah-done people have become. All praiseworthy and necessary to bring out.

However, as a regular blog commentator in both Information and Politiken, it made me write the following:

There is a rather strong headline ‘The secret of AIDS’, and I think perhaps the author should have moderated it a bit, as it promises more than it delivers. In addition, no criticism of it, as it is completely factual.

The real secret of this strange disease could be thought to lie somewhere else. The story is very long and full of overwhelming detail and perspectives that make one dizzy. I can recommend research that allows people to have a say that the pharmaceutical industry is not so happy about.

AIDS is NOT a virus that arose by itself. It was developed in American laboratories as a biological warfare weapon, tested on ‘volunteers’ at an asylum for retarded children, spread in West Africa and New York via the Hepatitis B vaccine. The name of one of the main responsible physicians is Dr. Robert Gallo. A military-medical company called Lytton Bionetics has developed it. Merc, Sharp & Dome, one of the world’s largest vaccine companies (with historical links to the Nazi group I.G. Farben) has further developed it. All the contracts have been found, collected and documented by one of the hard and stubborn dogs that bite the pharmaceutical industry in the leg, Dr. Len Horowitz. All information can be found online.

I don’t think that the newspaper liked that too much. In the first decade of this century I still had a slight faith in this kind of left wing, academic-intellectual journalism, but I put that aside totally, when it stood more-and-more clear, that the new mission of leftism was to say it bluntly: fascistic. The left wing lives in a cronic hang-over from some place down in the last century-millennium and has totally lost its grasp on reality. The reason why my pseudonym is Marco Hanuman is, that my real name has the initials M + H, and when I commented on their sloppy pseudo-journalism, they would cancel my account. So I just showed up with a new account and name with the same initials. I turned into a whack-a-mole. My real name is Morten Hansen.

Gallo – Mr. AIDS

Back to the AIDS-thing. The mainstream media refuses to deal with it. And it is perhaps not so incomprehensible if you look at e.g. American media and who actually owns them, who feeds them material and who decides what is written.

Even critical journalists in the slightly less business-controlled and -intimidated press in our part of the world have largely not been aware of it. The subject is simply too terrifying, and – I feel the same way myself: something inside my head reacts and says that it simply cannot be true.

I think the world needs a huge leak disclosure about the pharmaceutical industry, Big-Time! What would emerge there is so horrific that we would have a hard time comprehending it. NB! This micro-essay-collection is written before Operation Lockdown, where such a disclosure is now overwhelmingly acute.

Len Horowitz is certainly not the only one who has dared to attack the pharmaceutical industry. There are quite a few, including people who have worked within it, who have been shouting guard at gunpoint. The material is quite overwhelming, but equally overwhelming is the ability and power of arsener-industry to keep this information out of the mainstream media. And not many politicians today bother to dig into these matters, but for the most part allow themselves to be fed by the mainstream media, which in turn is fed by the industry, and what they think is good to pass on.

When Horowitz went public with it – if you can call the bought, corrupted, manipulated, amputated and completely controlled and dumbed down media image that you have in the US public – it caused some concern in the industry. Among other things exploded the aforementioned Dr. Gallo in arrogant anger at the documentation that was presented. In his hinterland, the same PR company was hired to embellish and cover up facts and promote misinformation to the public, which was later hired by the Bush administration to ‘sell’ the message to the people of the USA and the rest of the world that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that Saddam Hussein threw little children out of the window if he hadn’t eaten them first, etc., we know the whole mess, and yes, Hussein was no angel, but that is completely irrelevant, since the agenda was another. And a follow-up to this connection between virus and war is that many of the soldiers who come home from the war later develop ‘post-war syndrome’, among other things. because of vaccines that had weakened their immune defenses and made them susceptible to the biological weapons, the weapons of mass destruction that the Americans poured over the area and that the wind carried backwards to their own ranks – a story that is not terribly overexposed to say the least. AIDS is not so only a story of a virus as a story of weapons of mass destruction and genocide. It is, if we look further, a terrifying testimony of what we could call the medical-industrial complex, which has held the whole of modern medical science in an iron grip for around 100 years.

So the article in the Danish newspaper was not irrelevant, but it didn’t come close to understanding the scope of AIDS not being as contagious as we are usually told, and that the ACTUAL infection was not via promiscuous sex, at most as a supplement and a further follow-up. The original and all-encompassing infection took place via vaccines against other epidemics, where the HIV virus came along like a Trojan horse. AIDS is a designer virus targeted at the African continent intended to regulate population growth. In some areas, as much as 60% of the population is infected, and in a decade nations was to collapse due to a lack of people trained to fill the functions required to keep such a nation running. Unless, in tandem with the hopefully necessary series of revelations of the whole mega-affair, they managed to wrest from the pharmaceutical industry and medical science information about how easy it would be to cure AIDS. AND: to create political and popular will for it.

Kierkegaard as anti-semite

Well, then the philosopher Kierkegaard also fell into the centrifuge. Some ideology-infected Danish author named Peter Tudvad has done research and has come to the conclusion that ‘Kierkegaard was fervently anti-Semitic’. Tudvad has just reinvented the fire, the hot water, the soup spoon and the wheel, meaning he has just discovered how people spoke and wrote and thought in the 19th century. We could have told him that.

The word antisemite is a strange word. Semites is a term for people in and around the Middle East and their relatives all over the world, who speak a language with a common root – Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Maltese, Phoenician, etc. Some of the languages are alive, others have transformed, some exist only in small groups. If you are a Semite, you belong to thís language group. If you are anti-Semitic, you are against them, and are part of a propaganda or hatred. For example is the Turkish language non-Semitic. Turks are historically known not to be too fond of Arabs, who speak a semitic language. Turks must therefore be anti-Semites to some extent. Some Jews, especially those without the deeper understanding of their own history, hate Arabs/Muslims, and must therefore be anti-Semites. Many Christians, especially the more dogmatic ones, are religiously-ideologically opposed to Jews, and are a kind of anti-Semite. A man like Flemming Rose, the Danish chief Editor of the newspaper Jyllandsposten, who promoted the Muhammed drawings years ago, must also be anti-Semitic, as he harbors a deep hatred for Arabs/Muslims. But the man is … a Zionist!

Zionism and anti-Semitism in the twisted propagandistic sense of ‘hatred of Jews’ are linked together. The link is part of a propaganda that has ancient roots. Today, it is very easy to be called anti-Semitic if you allow yourself to criticize the state of Israel and its policies. This is due to, among other things, that some organizations, e.g. B’nai B’rith and the Anti Defamation League (whose leader is a notorious and convicted felon, which doesn’t seem to affect their influence) and the American Jewish Lobby not to forget and a vast network of 100’s of groups, with combined access to the almost unlimited financial resources and a widespread network that the Zionists have at their disposal, the word is drawn out every time someone with even a certain weight behind them speaks out against their agenda. The so-called Jewish Lobby in the US is nothing more than a Zionist lobby, and they have had a stranglehold-like blackmail relationship with the US government for a long time. The entire Middle East conflict and secondarily the spirit of world politics lives on artificial respiration via this political-ideological relationship of abuse. If one simply researches as a spot check what an extremely influential man like Henry Kissinger, declared Zionist, has had his hands in + his responsibility for conflicts and wars and human life / human suffering for almost a lifetime, then you have a glimpse of the bigger picture called the Zionist agenda. As in the study of Nazism, one could go in the direction of the occult, and then one would discover that the whole project is deeply eschatological.

It is really quite incredible that the Jews have not long ago uprooted and distanced themselves from this parasitic being. Because the Jews are just as much victims of this dark agenda as their alleged opponents in the Middle East and, somewhere, all of us. Ask a Palestinian if he has a problem with the Jews and he would answer: It is not the Jewish people and Jews that we have a problem with. They are my neighbors, my children play with them, they are people like us. It is the Zionists who sit in the government, the military, in the Mossad, in the aggressive settler communities eating themselves into our land. Zionists are an international power elite with their very own agenda that does not shy away from any means, be it corruption, war, manipulation, theft, murder, lies, etc. to run their game. They are deep inside both European and American decision-making bodies, and they have one of the most well-oiled and well-financed propaganda machines in the world.

Zionism has NOTHING to do with Judaism. You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. You just have to be an idiot who subscribes to the ideology – a gullible fool who has run along. It can be due to bribery (members of the US Senate and Congress are almost all bribed by AIPAC), or that you are a brain dead concrete Christian Bible basher. The Zionist world agenda is just such a conglomeration of cynical, wealthy masterminds and fools who thrive on bypassing power. The very formation of the state of Israel is so closely linked with Zionism, that Israelis and Jews today find it very difficult to separate it. This history is long and extensive, and goes via the Roman theft of the identity and history of the Jews. In some ways, Zionism has more in common with Nazism as an ideology than it does with Judaism as a people’s faith and culture. Groups of Orthodox Jews flatly do not recognize this state.

Danish philosopher Frederik Stjernfelt draws attention to parts of the intelligentsia in DK that they have a problem when they do not dare to speak out against Islamism for fear of being labeled as Islamophobic or Arab haters etc. The man is right. In the same way, you can say that we have a problem when we do not dare to address the totalitarian, corrupt agenda of Zionism when it shows its face, without being accused of hating Jews and being anti-Semitic. It is no coincidence that when waves of what is called anti-Semitism – translated as opposition to Jewishness again translated into Israeli politics – flourish, it is right in the wake of Israeli assaults on their neighbors or their own residents of Palestinian descent. Read the Goldman report on the atrocities the Israelis have subjected the people of Gaza and the West Bank to: women and children in trenches as human guards around tanks, burning and bulldozing entire neighborhoods, using white phosphorus and other chemical weapons, murdering civilians, bombing of schools, hospitals, destruction of infrastructures, free rent to Zionist settlers, massacres, lying delay policy, the world’s longest occupation of foreign territory (Golan, etc.). And then denial of facts, manipulation of history, bribing politicians. The members of Congress in the United States never read the Goldman report, it was far too cruel, they listened to a distorted account of it from their sponsors. For every member of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, there are 5 lobbyists, and they have money, prestige and threats behind them.

Waltz With Bashir. Many soldiers in the Israeli army feel bad about what they have been forced to do. You cannot refuse conscription for several years, and deserters are punished extremely severely. On the face of it, Israel is neither a democracy nor a republic, because this practice belongs in a totalitarian regime.

And how was it just then with free pass for Christian assassins/falangistas in Sabra and Shatila? Watch the movie Walz with Bashir and refresh this shameful story. A wave of anger rose against the Israelis, and the Zionists, who have deeply entrenched themselves in the Israeli government, simply respond again by saying: anti-Semitism. And if it is Jews themselves who present the criticism (Goldman, who was responsible for the report was, as the name implies a Jew himself), a special variant has been invented called ‘the self-destructive Jew’, i.e. the masochist and the traitor. The message, however, is that support for Israel among Jews in the United States is falling sharply. Jews under 40 don’t want to listen to more bullshit. Cases like the one where an industry was made of the Holocaust do their part. Haven’t you heard of it either? There you can see just how much it feels like ‘disappearing’ in the mainstream media. A group of Zionist rascals performed a trick during the Clinton administration. They forced the release of billions of funds frozen in Swiss banks, including some Nazi money, to compensate Holocaust victims and their children. Plaster on the wound, everyone was moved to tears, Clinton jumped on the trick. It’s the economy, stupid! Maybe he was a little distracted by some secretary, who sucked his cock. In any case: the victims of the Holocaust hardly saw much more than a few cents, because the rest went into the pockets of the Zionists. And these were significant sums, even for Zionist ‘banksters’.

So before we have cleaned out our concepts and language processing, which are infected by propaganda language, century-old verbal ‘spin’ from a power elite who, among other things, has had the power to manipulate our history writing to a degree we have little idea, then we should probably be a little careful about applying it to random utterances we come across. The philosopher Kierkegaard, for example. Whether he had an inkling of the contours of this inhumanity, which already existed among Jews in Denmark in his time, I shall not comment on, but leave it to wiser heads. There is no doubt that they existed in Europe even before the word ‘Zionism’ became a predicate for an ideological-political movement. If we really have to dig the whole mushroom out of the ground, we end up with the money changers / usurers / arms and poison dealers of ancient Babylon, the Khazars (the Khazarian Mafia), the Phoenicians, the Atonists, the Romans and the Catholics, the Black Venetians, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers’, the Jesuits, the Nazis, The Fabian Society .. the whole cabal.

Zionism is just a bewitchment of mushroom heads sticking out of the ground, and the Jews + the state of Israel is just an instrument. The rest spreads over the whole field, and the neighbour’s too.

Lots of heads are about to be cut off, if this stupid labelling thing continues, where we project our politically correct concepts down into history. How stupid and ahistorical can we be? Can’t we read inside: the concepts were a fixed part of the 19th century world understanding. Do we not understand that the discourse we see now is about ourselves and the ideological tug-of-war with built-in brainspinning and -washing that is going around today? The word anti-Semite is an implant that must lay the foundation for a certain way of speaking together via something that is taboo. It is part of a great falsification of knowledge about who we are and what we are capable of, whereby abuses against people become possible in the present and future.

Why the concept of antisemitism stinks

When we take the word in our mouths, we become part of a swamp of propaganda. In the name of political correctness, we go about the business of world Zionism like little useful idiots– to use a term introduced by Joseph Stalin on people in the West, that thought, that Communism was a bless. He knew, that it was not, and he was a Jew himself. His real sir-name was Jugaswili meaning son of a Jew. Throw the word in the big dustbin for falsification of history or find out what the word really means. Recognize that it is self-destructive words, a hand grenade in a rubber cell.

If anti-Semitism is ‘hatred of Semites’, which are people who speak a Semitic language = Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew, Maltese, Phoenician (living and dead languages in one beautiful confusion), then the conclusion is that the State of Israel is the world’s most anti-Semitic nation because here we find the greatest concentration of those who hate Semites (Arabs).

Too few people have realized that when the Zionist state and the global Zionist propaganda organizations pull the standard anti-Semitism card and do the standard victim role on this background, they send a boomerang right in their own face. Part of the reason why Zionism has developed into genuine Jewish fascism is that there is a taboo on internal criticism among Jews. We never criticize Jews when we are Jews.

But Jews are some of the most identity-confused people on the planet. There is no condemnation in this, but a simple observation based on a piece of homework: the study of Jewish history. It will, for example, probably surprise most Jews to discover that … they are not Jews at all! As history professor at Tel Aviv University, Schlomo Sands, states, the Jewish nation and the formation of identity around being Jewish is a total construction. A national Jew does not exist. 85% of all those who call themselves Jews today are not technically nor historically Jews. A Jew is a person born of a Jewish woman. Period! But when millions of Khazars (Belarus, Ukraine, Khazakhstan and surrounding area) conveniently converted to Judaism in the 6th century to avoid slipping under the Sultanate/Caliphate of Turkey, a whole range of sinister types got in. They were not Jews, but called themselves Jews. Others called them the ‘land pirates’. It is they who have fueled the image of the greedy money changer and usurer whom posterity has called ‘the Jew’. But this type was not Jewish at all and has nothing to do with those who were Jews in the ancient Mediterranean. Azkenazim have nothing to do with Sephardim.

So when you see so-called ‘Jewish’ mega-greed unfolding in the form of Goldman-Sachs and other so-called ‘Jewish’-dominated financial terrorist organizations today, we are talking about the descendants of the Khazarian land-pirates and the central banking system, they created. Internally among Jews, one can speak of the ‘big Jews’ = the Khazars and the ‘little Jews’ = the Sephardim, the minority. The racism and ‘anti-Semitism’ is quite enormous internally. The Oriental Jews and the black Jews of Ethiopia have been subjected to gross abuse by the Zionist groups supported by the British and slung around the Rothschild banking empire – which financed the creation of the State of Israel.

A contribution to further conceptual confusion

What makes many of today’s sharpened, polarized discussions so murky is often: conceptual confusion. It can be seen in the blogs and especially the comments that appear. For example the use of words like ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ in slang. The blog commentators do not have a glimpse of historical awareness and knowledge that Nazism is a form of socialism with a special national-occult element. The Nazi front figures were all occultists and otherwise brought up by Catholic = Jesuit teachers. A context about which much more could be said. Nazism cannot be understood without going off the occult track, they were obsessed with it, and the attempt of all historians after WW2 and to this day to sort out this subject because they don’t really like it, or inability to delve into it and therefore choose to stay neatly on the mainstream track, has only led to further conceptual confusion albeit at a higher level.


is cooporatism and syndicalism. Here we can actually – believe it or not – learn from Mussolini himself, who renounced the word and wanted to call his form of government corporatism. He thought that sounded better. And what is that? It is a fusion of state and corporate structures. Back then, it was done by the state eating the corporations. Today, it takes place by the corporations eatingthe state. This is exactly what has happened in the United States. So fascism no longer operates a it did in the 30s, it is far more sophisticated – and extra-national.

We should understand the connection between the Roman Empire and the control apparatus of Fascism. If one studies symbols, one will find the imperial fasces – a bundle of straw with an ax head – in the US Senate – along with hundreds of other Roman symbols. Symbols are greatly underestimated and misunderstood. This is again something that historians are faced with – or nosing around the surface in. They are highly effective, compressed messages and impulses for contemporaneity and posterity, which work outside of our day-to-day consciousness and sink directly into the subconscious that controls … everything! Washington IS part of the new Rome. It is the wet dream of our time about the Empire, and it is the old dragon with the many heads. Or the double-headed eagle on the coats of arms the servants of the Empire adorn themselves with. On top of it all, a slick layer of facade democracy is smeared. We think that we have something to say and thus share in the power. When we study the symbols and at the same time look behind the facade of power, we find that there are powerful people who think something completely different.

It was the elevator version. I notice that the blogger – and in this case it was Rune Engelbrecht in the Danish newspaper Politiken, oct. 2010 – cleverly used the word ‘far-right’. One would wish that blog commenters would bother to do their homework and avoid the same nonsense as when the left in the 70s ran around spewing ‘fascist’, ‘imperialist’ ‘lakey’ in succession and when they were really smart they made the building block words ‘capitalist-lakey’. And none of them saw that Soviet Communism and Maoism were thoroughly corporatist in their very essence and utterly fascist.

But that is just a pious and naive wish, because blog comments are a chapter of their own. One inarticulate fly comes up after another. Actually, they are simply following up on a time-honoured style for readers’ letters in the newspapers. Statistically speaking, it was always the tabloid writers and especially BT’s readers’ letters that were bad. But uhada, things still don’t look good with the intelligences out there. There is such a whole segment of stupidity that boils up and finds its expression here. Of course, all of us ‘intelligent’ bloggers and commenters think our posts are more qualified … well. Perhaps we are all taken by the nose by the fact that democracy sets up this bucket to gush in – articulated or not – so that we don’t make other trouble in practice. Democracy is today a sleeping pillow, and in fact always has been. Some even go so far as to translate democracy with mob rule. And thus a permanent state of lynching.

Like fascists and Nazis, the rulers use psychology and rhetoric of fear. For Bush it was ‘terrorism’. When we are all really scared, we have to call for help, and then father and mother come and save us. And we didn’t discover that the actual terrorist was mr. Bush himself. For example, we ate 9/11 raw + everything that followed in its wake. Exactly the same way the Germans ate the Reichstag fire raw + everything that followed. Just ask Nazi Prescott Bush, George’s grandfather. And by the way: the case files for the trial that ran aground against him after World War II conveniently disappeared when Building 7 sank to rubble on 9/11—along with a pile of papers that could have gotten Enron— the case to escalate and reveal how pervasive the corruption and corporatization in the United States has become.

Humlen er, at ingen stat bliver fascistisk uden at VI frivilligt afgiver vores frihed. Og så kan vi bagefter klynke over, at vi blev forført, at vi var dumme, bange, osv. VI er medansvarlige. Derfor er vi også medansvarlige for en af fascismens indbyggede nødvendigheder, krigen, har fået lov til at køre med Danmark som villig medspiller. Især er politikere ansvarlige og skal holdes ansvarlige. Men VI er altid medansvarlige. Nogen synes, at det er nok at pege fingre og råbe op om konspirationsteorier, at det er ‘dem’ og ‘os’. Intet kan være mere forkert.

Atheism – an antithetic religion

The subtitle could be: What does atheism have to do with the left wing? The answer is: the phenomena are made of the same substance. The left wing is both reactionary and projective in its essence. They have something they are against, which they take as their starting point. Next, they blame others for everything that they themselves are doing. This is also called narcissism. If things changes, they have an unrecognized problem. Then they have to find something else that can be used as a starting point. Well, Al Jazeera is not financed by Al Qaeda, well then there is probably someone else who is (Yes, there probably is, …), and therefore the whole crap should be banned. Well, Donald Trump or someone else, we have been told to hate said so-and-so, therefore we mean the opposite. Because they have nothing they stand for. They only have something they are against.

Such a project is independent, infantile, reacting / reactionary. It has no legs of its own to stand on, and therefore it falls to the ground if the footing becomes uncertain. Reactionary people loose the ability to think and form an opinion. The same with atheism. I am not speaking here as ordinary secularism, i.e. that most people today do not really believe in God and Jesus. An avowed atheist is a fundamentalist. For an ordinary secular cultural Christian who doesn’t go to church – can’t really blame them, pretty boring – there can still be more between heaven and earth, they just don’t seem right, the thing about the virgin birth, resurrection as a ghost and sin and guilt says them so much. For a true atheist, metaphysical realities and everything other than raw matter are excluded, because then we are over in the field that the ancients called God. God is dead, but it’s a Nietzsche quote, and the atheists haven’t read Nietzsche enough to understand where he’s going with it. Nietzsche talks about man and his need to create God in his image, God as a construct for man’s slave mindset, Christianity’s dumbing down of our intelligence and ability to ask the big questions – ourselves. Nietzsche doesn’t applaud Gods ‘death’, he warns humanity saying: now you have killed God, you no longer have a moral compass and have to invent morality from the bottom – and you will not succede, if you go on like this.

To claim that there is nothing but this hard physical reality on a rainy November day, that consciousness is limited to, that we live in a biological bubble of flesh and nerve fibers, that God in the concept of universal intelligence, consciousness on a subatomic level does not exists is as absurd as claiming that this world is a sinful place where the soul simply longs for God and Paradise – or smokes in Hell. It is the projection: God who does not exist. But atheists can’t tell the difference.

The absurdity on both sides – theists and atheists – is that neither of these positions are based on direct experience of anything other than this reality of flesh and nerve fibers, for our consciousness culture and especially religious culture via their self-imposed monopoly on consciousness beyond flesh and nerve fibers have abolished these experiences. The church, religion, theism have abolished and banished these direct experiences and injected their dogmatics. Which also explains that atheism – the small echo – can arise. Atheism is just an automatic negation of theism. Without religion, atheists wouldn’t have a place to go. Without direct comparison, they do the same as the Satanists. Without God and religion, they wouldn’t have something to turn upside down, since most of their rituals involve Christian symbolism, that they mock.

The Church considers direct experience dangerous. They tell you what to do, but how to do it is forgotten. Nothing can be a greater threat to them than the idea that it should be possible for man to communicate directly with the universe, with the field of consciousness, with the Source. This is their horror scenario, because it would remove their monopolar position of power over souls, subjects, individuals. The monopoly that they don’t use for anything anyway, because they themselves have forgotten how to do it. They just read books and give theory lectures. Atheism is in no way such a horror scenario for them, it is just a game they are playing. Atheists volunteer themselves as the antithesis, and the church is fine with such a thing existing, it’s just another trigger. Because by denying God = a consciousness that transcends flesh and nerve fibers, one has simply closed the door further to direct experience, and then the monopoly, the mystery and the obfuscation can continue.

For athists The Devil, Satan, the personified evil does not exist. Execute the thought experiment. If I were the Devil and saw, that people were persuaded to believe, that I did not exist, I could do any sort of evil stuff against them – since I do not exist. They will never identify the source of ultimate evil but just find substitutes like … ehm Hitler or Stalin or any other figure and then just amblify them to absolutism.

It is not difficult to see that an atheist is a person who reacts against the absurdity of religion, where one is forced to accept dogmas, i.e. unprovable explanations of Reality with a capital R. Therefore, one chooses, so to speak, the exact opposite in a adolescent rebellion against Father and Mother – mostly Father if we are talking about the church. It may well be that someone calls e.g. the Catholic Church for the mother church, but it is nonetheless screwed up by men. However, one can ask how ‘old you really are’ when it comes to a reactionary rebellion. How visionary are you? Is there an ass-kicking explanation of reality that has the power to overturn the petrified, religious, medieval (or even older) worldview and its today’s inedible symbolism of Santa Clauses and goatherds?

So where was all the matter before it became matter? Was it intangible?
Well, it was just in a very small place, and now the Universe is expanding like a giant balloon!
OK, so who blows the balloon?
Now I just think you have to think rationally…

Not at all. Atheism is as reactionary as the punk movement. We don’t know what we want, but we know how to get it. Just as communism was a religion, where religion was opium for the people – but we have our own opium, which we happily push – so too is atheism a religion, because it came about by turning the mold over and making a figure on the back. But it is still the same figure we see when it is cast.

Both versions forbid direct experience. Religion does it because it would break the monopoly, atheism does it because it doesn’t exist, and ergo: it doesn’t exist. We ourselves create our reality via language and intention. What we visualize, if done with sufficient confidence and power, and if enough people do it simultaniously, becomes manifested reality.

And then we haven’t included the science at all. Science version 2.0 is neither religious nor atheistic. Or shouldn’t be. Quantum mechanics has long since broken through the membrane between the physical universe and the field of consciousness. Consciousness is information at a subatomic level, it is both creative and intelligent. Both Einstein and Planck say it unequivocally in their old days. The problem is simply that science as a whole, and not our paradigm, has not yet arrived at version 2.0, because it is simply too big and has too many and too far-reaching implications. Thus, we are still roughly stuck in the 18th century version of science version 1.0, which is precisely characterized by being both religious and atheistic at the same time. Science simply took over the role of provider of reality and thus the role of the church at the same time that God passed away and ‘died’ – maybe he just decided for a long vacation until humanity would make up its mind. Today we see a massive lump of dogmatism in science, and its representatives behave like priests and popes, inauthentic authorities. Just as the religious institutions stiffened, so the scientific institutions stiffened, and corruption has long since set in.

The paradox of the ecclesiastical monopoly on postulated experience with so-called higher reality and thus what they call God is that only an absolute minority of priests, theologians and believers have these direct experiences. They speak from sacred, handed down scriptures which they reproduce. Theological research consists of locking a flock of sheep in an enclosure where they can say ba-haa. Should they feel like going over the fence, i.e. asking questions about the premise of what they are researching, it cannot be done without the water being shut off. Moreover, these writings are heavily edited and have been subjected to both censorship, trimming and arbitrary additions at will on many occasions for a few thousand years. The result is an absurd scenario where a bunch of ignorant, inexperienced types in powerful organizations claim an authority they have not earned. They may be skilled, and yet they are inexperienced. They are allowed to go on and on and scholasticize about what St. Paul just meant by such-and-such quirk, whether such-and-such text should be given such-and-such an interpretation. This can go on ad infinitum without ever approaching where it could actually start to be interesting.

The atheists have seen through the outer layer of this absurd construction, you have to give them that. Then they simply make a negative copy of this layer. Their version of this religion is as inauthentic as the outer shell of religion itself, to the extent that there is no personal experience other than flesh and nerve fibers, and the Universe is a random machine heading towards its own thermo-death. The Church confuses authority with authenticity. The atheists confuse a can of spam with reality. And yet they run around in the same enclosure. They are sheep of the same genetic make-up, they don’t say meow but moow, and their fur is slightly discolored.

Have fun in the fold.

The art of loving surveillance

The Danish military historian Morten Heiberg is quoted by historian Preben Wilhjelm as saying:

Danish authorities have always had a strong desire to protect Danish territorial integrity. Throughout history, they have not given a damn if anyone has attacked it, not even against close allies’.

But Wilhjelm shoots the historian down. He reminds us that we have allowed the Americans to illegally have nuclear weapons on Danish soil (Thule, Greenland). Former secretary of state Jens Otto Krag tried but had to pull back land after American threats. We do not ask if there are nuclear weapons on board when American naval vessels visit Denmark. Then his successor, Poul Schlüter chose to prevent any criticism. When Eschelon was created, the government refused to investigate the matter. When it was documented in this millennium that the CIA still carried out illegal prisoner transports over Danish soil and airspace, the government denied knowledge. And in 2011 the government did it again in connection with the surveillance at the American embassy.

What kind of cowardly little country has to be a whore for a renegade, corrupt, warmongering soon-to-be-ex-great power? Is it still the British bombing of Copenhagen 1807, the Preussian invasion in 1864 and the German invasion in the Second World War that sits in the traumatic national soul?

In that case, the country’s leaders should show themselves responsible and contribute to a de-traumatization and rebuilding of national self-esteem by speaking up for once.

Instead, we have ended up as a servant of a corporatist foreign nation, with the world record budget deficit and military-industrial complex all at once. A nation where citizens pay 53% of their tax money to the military. A nation that has attacked, intervened and corrupted the countries of the world non-stop since 1956 (Korea) and has been involved in wars every single year since its creation in 1776 – except for six years of seemingly peace, if we can ever call not-yet-outboken war genuine peace.

It would be interesting to hear from legal experts whether the verdict of high treason clause does not apply to those politicians who let in a foreign aggressive power through the back door and still lie to the public to cover up that power, themselves and their predecessors.

It is mentioned in the same breath that the Danes do not care if they are being monitored. What we have no idea at all is to what extent we are actually being monitored and what it is already being and will be used for in the future. We just think it makes our lives safer. The fear of terror makes us flatly accept it. It’s magical!

I have a guess.

Before I offer my guess, I would first like to say that years ago I was one of the – apparently few – people who bothered to investigate what Al Qaeda was, because I always thought there was something stinky in the media’s unconscious and endless repetition of the phenomenon. And on closer inspection it was no secret, because everything is documented. Al Qaeda means ‘the database’. It is an organization that, with the support of Saudi Arabia and the CIA, was created to fight the Russians in the late 70s and early 80s in Afghanistan.

They were a unit that, according to long-accepted and well-used English and American military strategy (serious books have been written about it, everything is presented) goes by the name of ‘pseudo-gang’. It is a group that is created in an area where there are already armed resistance groups / guerrillas, in military theory called ‘counter-gang’, that rebels against a colonial or occupying power. It was, for example, adopted during the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya in the 50s, where British military-author Frank Kitson wrote a book reveiling the strategy.

Pseudo-gang operates like counter-gang, but they are set to carry out serious atrocities. It has a dual purpose. The local resistance movement is equally seriously compromised, the presence of the foreign aggressor is justified both locally and in the aggressor’s own homeland (and in the world public = us).

Al Qaeda is a staged pseudo gang. We hear about al Qaeda every single time the US has to intervene somewhere. And we buy the show. We voluntarily surrender freedoms and sovereignty when we hear about it.

Here comes the guess. If we said no to the US’s illegal surveillance, there will be a terrorist attack in Denmark within a few months, and Al Qaeda or any pseudo-gang operating at the present time would be blamed. All talk of surveillance would fall silent in a few weeks in favor of the screams of hysterical citizens and butt-necked politicians who haven’t done their homework and can do nothing but run the way someone has made the wind blow.

And I know that when that happens, people will behave according to the behavioral psychology textbooks and like pigeons and rats in the ‘Skinner box’ pushing the right buttons and whining, screaming and beeping in the right places. Like the USA, Denmark will get its own ‘Patriot Act’. The Americans will be invited right into our living room and bedroom, they will live in your brain Being John Malkowitch. ‘The Americans’ can be substituted with NATO 2.0, UN ‘peace-keeping forces’ or any totalitarian, globalist militarized police force.

Actually, it’s a race to get scared. Americans are in fact terrified that people will wake up in a big way, reveal their hogwash and start speaking up. Therefore, they themselves stage anxiety situations on the world stage to scare us and motivate their abuse. And with ‘Americans’ I certainly do not mean American people and citizens but the bit-brutal parasite being, that lives and feed on the people.

A few years ago, the case of the secret prisoner transports and the new secret Guantanamo camps around the world – some of them underground – came up in the English Supreme Court. Obama threatened England with the suspension of diplomacy if the Supreme Court did not drop the case. Not only has he unrestrainedly continued and expanded Bush’s policies, he has also never fulfilled his election promises to close Guantanamo. Moreover, he did not fulfill any election promises at all. He made a deal with Israel that they got a bunch of new fighter planes and continued military-political support with the fact that they just want to stop construction! for three months !!! on their masonry. It’s f… a good deal, what were they hesitating about? Peace in the Middle East is another of Obama’s empty promises, and it has been for all American presidents since the forming of this illegal occupation state.

Measuring brain – a new word

A new word has been born and it should remain in the language simply because of its precision, and I will henceforth use it to contribute to this. It is simply a new word that is not ‘new speak’ – meaning language in the Orwellian sense, where words mean the opposite to fool the enemy, and that enemy is YOU. ‘Measuring brain’ should also have been the heading instead of ‘painting brain’*, from which it borrows its meaning. Because it’s just something else. And yet: same-same but different. It describes a state of brain damage that has crept into our way of relating to reality.

* Here is where the translation fails. In Danish there is a term for brain damage caused by chemical solvents in paint, malerhjerne, maling = paint, hjerne = brain. Professional paiters have experienced this in a whole generation, that was exposed to this experiment. A form of chemical dementia. From this comes the pun målerhjerne, måle = measure, hjerne = brain. Some puns and jokes cannot be translated.

Demands are being made for the police to deliver measurable results, i.e. more charges. Results are that crime prevention work goes away in favor of measurable results. The public’s efforts must be able to be measured and weighed. There is something called Social Darwinism. This must be called Social Positivism.

  • School teachers disregard the totality of learning to achieve measurable Pisa results.
  • The research must produce measurable and marketable results.
  • The employment services and social centers must document achievements in the form of increased action plans and activations.
  • In USA they run standard tests as e-learning. They never measure, what the students have learned as a whole, they measure the students ability to do … standard tests.

The result is that numbers in the statistics are moved. Now they are looking for the effect, as the Danish Minister of Education Henriette Kjær directly expressed it. Effects are intended for election campaigns and signal politics.

A variant of the meter culture is when the evaluation wave of the 90s got a political boost and the word became a buzzword. For example if you gave people, teachers, parents, employees, students, clients, whatever, something that looked like a 6 bullit revolver in your hand, which you could freely use to release aggression. Just to be safe, the happy recipient then fired all 6 shots because he COULD. The result was fear and laziness, because there was no real evaluation culture, i.e. awareness that evaluation was a tool that had to be used responsibly and constructively. Within teaching, it was often a pure gift stall in throwing arms and holding a microphone. ‘Well little Billy, you have an opinion on that too, that is sooo impressive!’ Everyone thought something, few had qualified opinions, because it requires active thinking, homework and responsibility. And a recognition that all learning is the result of everyone’s efforts. Everyone had to evaluate each other individually and together and no one had learned how to do it or why to do it. In its forced and unmediated form, the new demands for evaluations appealed to the worst instincts in people.

In high school, for example was the contributing factor to an unnaturally high grade level. In the same period, it also became standard to almost automatically complain about exam results for no reason – if it goes, it goes. ‘You will write a complaint, wont’t you?’, it sounded in the corridors.

At the heart of it all are two things. Mistrust and control. It is also a characteristic of totalitarian societies. The word mistrust can also be replaced by fear. The measurement and evaluation culture is not a measuring device at all, but a management tool. It is used from top to bottom. Potentially, it could deliver information from the bottom up, and politicians claim that this is how it should be understood. But people – including quite a few politicians – cannot see that it is intended to do the opposite.

Therefore, the comparison with the situation in the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War is unfortunately apt. Both the reds and the blues in the Danish Parliament Folketinget have, in their heydays, been instrumental in this. One would think that red would be less liberal than blue, but the Fogh Rasmussen (red, semi-conservative, neo-liberalist … we are all confused here) era showed the opposite. Neo-liberalism which is neither red nor blue or both at the same time, equals extreme control. That it has nothing to do with actual classical liberalism, which as is well known equals freedom for the individual AGAINST abuse from the state or others, has long been pointed out – i.a. by a few people within Denmark’s liberal party – who were then muzzled by people like Fogh-Rasmussen. You know, the guy that brought Denmark into US-wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and who was rewarded for his lies with a position as general secretary of NATO.

Where in the redder social models it was carried out by a visible state apparatus and a public sector, the neo-liberal model has new and more toxic methods. Well, new-and-new…? The 20th century has offered several social experiments on a very large scale that have provided the components for the neo-liberal project. When everyone controls everyone, when everyone informs everyone, when everyone is afraid of everyone, when a spirit of distrust rests on everyone, this is where maximum control arrives. It is a form of poison injected intravenously into society’s blood vessels designed to break down our mental immune defenses against control. It was in the same period that the dismissal of councils and boards under the designation ‘judges of taste’ was part of the same overall strategy. Even more councils and boards replaced the old ones, this time with greater self-censorship in the form of self-evaluation. In the Stalin-era USSR and Nazi Germany it was called informant-control, people were civil spies for the regime, if you had some grudge against your neighbor, you could inform the regime with a rumour, and everyone could end up in the intelligence service’s register. We are not that brutal today. We are smarter, someone has learned something. But the core function of the control mechanism remains.

When we look back on the period in 20 years’ time, it will – I am sure – appear as a sick time with a sick, even downright toxic conversational climate. A psychopathic age, a glory of anxiety, a cold war version 2.0. A time when pretty and seductive words tumbled out of the mouths of the country’s attention-seeking and irresponsible leaders, while people became more and more aware that they didn’t mean what they said, that they couldn’t be trusted, that it was all a show that was supposed to simulate morality and agency, but was morally rotten and effectively paralyzed. Actual speech and action were replaced by symbolic and ritual ditto.

The judgment on the main actors of the time will be harsh.

Post-traumatic veggies

We know the TV-series M.A.S.H. It was in the post-Vietnam era, and there was some elements of satire on the war machine, but basically it was just a harmless sit-com with soldiers doing silly things. around 2012 a talented and daring team of animation artists were allowed to start a production of a much more serious and direct satire on the Danish involvment in the Afghanistan War. They named it H.A.S.H – ’cause what were they smoking out there in the desert. They produced a test section that H.A.S.H. It was set in a Danish camp in Problemistan / Afghanistan, but was taken off the poster because the head of the state-owned TV station said it was too bad – meaning inappropriate. I have seen it, at it was brilliant! His subordinates then rushed to copy-paste his statement. There are quite a few who have seen the episode, some of whom agree and others disagree. I have seen it and subsequently the other episodes and completely disagree.

It wasn’t because it was too bad that it wasn’t allowed to be shown in DR. On the other hand, there is something about the tone of the film that hits a sore spot – a kind of double-edged sword. The characters were hillarious, but they were not funny in the usual casual, lazy M.A.S.H-way with canned laughter and fake applaus in the background. The satire was clearly not kind enough to those who thought that Danish soldiers were cool, that their cause was heroic/necessary, and they don’t deserve that someone makes fun of them. The series episode is no worse than series that have been shown without anyone complaining. It is in the better half. This is something else.

The synopsis, script and storyboards have of course been read, so the editors in DR have been completely aware of the level and style in advance. I mean, these guys are professionals or what? And then there is just an embarrassing excuse when the program manager gets a signal with a cart pole from a higher place that it should not be shown. The boss must not lose face at the same time as he has already lost face behind the scenes. The same now surpasses the series about the hackneyed Al Qaeda cell that Omar and the boys have made. It reeks of pent-up political correctness and cowardice, and media that is cowed and threatened these days.

In both cases the series goes straight for the goofs (nothing like a Muhammad drawing): the toy terrorists and the boy soldiers who have signed up to kill in some desert country because they thought it was just like playing computer games. And then find out what war is. They are kindred spirits in their feebleness.

#hashtag skodmission = shit mission

Which is a completely different discussion, about whether you have a shared responsibility when you volunteer for a war, or whether you are just a poor innocent victim when you are shot at by those longbeards – or your own comrade just dies in your face. Or just return home with shell shock and have to move out into a forest to get away from it all. And just how much street respect is there in that? It is possible that there are a few who return home as heroes, but the whole lot is already fucked up. They should have been screened and sent to therapy, because no one should be allowed to use other human lives in the fringe world as a training and de-reaction ground for one’s lack of self-respect. Send them to an island with splatguns and teach them to have a life besides their hooligans. And show them the film: ‘This Is England’.

Perhaps some of the young Danish men should do their homework and study a little about who has arranged the ‘world peace’ that their commanders and the politicians have instilled in them, that they must go out and fight for. I remind you that we have voluntary service here and not just simple conscription like in the USA, for example. Who REALLY thinks that young men in combat uniform should run around the global fringes of Denmark and shoot at the enemy. Who is the enemy? Are they just animals that deserved to be slaughtered? How big a threat is a bunch of desert partisans to the much-vaunted democracy of the entire Western world? Who makes money from war? What is the ‘higher’ lower purpose of wars? What the hell are we doing to the Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan? And now there is talk of Africa as the next target. And Yemen. And Pakistan. Duck, duck, duck…

Perhaps the unpleasant truth is that it is not always the fastest horses on the beach who sign up to go to war. I can understand that they are bored in velfærds-DK. But then: in the ‘old days’ you went to sea, saw the warm lands and the 7 seas and came home a man. ‘And look, son, this scar, it was a shark. I tell you…’

Today they return home as post-traumatic veggies.

We should have had H.A.S.H. on the screen. Those who are drooling on X-factor or other stupid reality-TV-shows can sit and drool over that. There is more ‘reality’ to the rowdy pothead dummies in Problemistan than all the lost pseudo-reality in the form of top-styled, top-dropped shows where a bunch of attention-seeking bottom wannabes push their top-casted, top-predictable top-egos off in each other’s heads.

And HELLO! It turns out that the rest of the episodes are ‘leaked’ until Christmas – interesting! The episodes ARE therefore produced and not like the DR-stooges claimed stopped – and censored. It is simply about CENSORSHIP. The three Chinese monkeys: not seeing, not hearing, not speaking. The password is ‘tigerclaw’. Already in the first episode, the style is set: a young, naive private arrives and dreams of a ‘mission’, which means blind trust in a commanding officer. This then means that he randomly shoots a comrade. This is where the problems start. This is also where you become aware of what REALLY is the problem, i.e. from the censors’ point of view. H.A.S.H. insists from the start that there is a serious dimension to comedy. And here we thought, all of us who needed ha-ha-ha entertainment and cheap laughs, that that kind of seriousness was absent. What the hell?!! Now we have to think about it, there is now morality involved, What the hell?!! can you no longer laugh in peace without including thinking, reality and morality, What the hell?!! animated film, not too, it should like Disney, where the characters just fall on their tails and then we laugh over a stack of canned beer.

After watching the 2nd episode, it becomes quite clear. The DR boss has wet his undies over the rather explicit message. PRACTICE! The series – on the other hand – proves itself stylistically as: EXCELLENT!

The politicians feel provoked on their corruptibility, the military feels provoked on their nodding-puppet mentality, and the viewers/audience feel provoked on their entertainment sickness and drive towards oblivion.

And let’s remind the politicians and opinion makers who seduced our young men, even though most of them were naive, ignorant and all too easily fooled, that now they just have to help them process their trauma from the thoroughly misjudged, failed, misinitiated and mis-motivated war in Problemistan. Denmark is now getting its own Vietnam syndrome, because irresponsible politicians chose that we should be co-addicts in relation to the Americans’ wet dream of continued world dominance. Did we deserve it? Possibly, because we’ve all been naive, and the politicians have been corrupted.

Isn’t it time for a different style?


There is movie was called Sufi Soul and can be purchased via the World Music Network. It can also be found on YouTube as it is a Channel Four production. Very beautiful!

The names of the protrayed musicians are: Mercan Dede (Turkey), Youssou N’Dour (Mali), Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan), Abida Parveen (Pakistan), Sain Zahoor (Punjab), Galata Mevlevi Ensemble (Turkey), Kudsi Erguner (Turkey), Goonga and Mithu Sain (Punjab), Junoon and Abdennbi Zizi (Punjab?). It is noted that one area is missing that should be represented (Rumi was born there): Iran. The Iranians have evidently succeeded in suppressing the Sufis there. But on the other hand, there is Rumi, who is a great figure, difficult to eradicate, and his legacy is everywhere. Perhaps the director simply had difficulty getting permission to film in Iran.

The instructor and commentator in the film, William Dalrymple, says the Sufis are important in today’s polarized world. It is peace-loving, pluralistic and tolerant. Sufism is an addition to all the stereotypes we have about Islam. They have always produced some of the most stunning art forms, music forms and poetry. Although always opposed by orthodox and puritans, they are extremely popular and much loved by people in the Islamic world.

One of the musicians in the film, Sain Zahoor, says that the road to God is long, but that love of God and not fear of God lies at the heart of Sufism. Remarkable now that the word God is often seen in the company of the word fear, which has always triggered red lights in me. Fear and love are opposites, fear kills love, you can’t have both.

We should take that into account when we judge ‘Muslims’ over a comb. In Denmark we had an incident called the Muhammed drawings. Just a single bomb dropped and the number of people howling and cursing and sending their sons to war is multiplying, surrendering liberties. Islam has been overthrown by the same forces, the same dismantled, stupid anger and hatred against something that challenges one, doubts one’s existence. Enough about that, it depresses, it brings us down.

The Sufis (Mevlavi Order, the Whirling Dervishes) speak of Sema, that which brings us up. There are four steps: Il’Allah (towards God), Ma’Allah (with God), B’Illah (in God) and Min’Allah (from God, back to men). The Sufi kisses all living things in gratitude, God is in all living things. They are dressed in white lined with black. There is both light and life and darkness and the ‘coffin in which the body will lie someday’. The top hat is the tombstone.

In man there is always this longing to know, know and be in the divine presence. The whirling ceremony is transcendent, the ego disappears and the oneness with God arises. Time stops, thoughts stop. It takes place in a large round room. There are in the old style (The Mevlavi derwish order was formed by Rumi over 700 years ago) there are columns in a round square, a floor in the middle. The leader, the sheikh, may be in the middle, the others go around in a circle. The musicians sit at the edge of the circle. It has great beauty, although aesthetics is not the goal. That is why fakes, shows and tourism have also been made on it. Not the real thing but a destillation of the layer of easthetics without the inner core, which cannot be exposed, only experienced.

Puritans at all times have seen music as a distraction, something impure, something uncontrollable. Also in Islam. But there is nothing in the Quran to support it.

It is difficult to say when Sufism arose. There is the ultimate statement from Kabir Helminski, who tells of an old Sheikh who says that the first image of a human face is 25,000 years old. How do you know that? he is asked, after which he looks at the man in surprise and says: ‘What do you mean? We have records of it!‘ But within the foreseeable past, it is known that groups lived in caves in Syria in pre-Christian times, and the Christian hermits came to them in the Byzantine period. They were the desert fathers. They had knowledge that was ancient while they were still young. Suf means wool, and it was the garment worn by the desert fathers and then adopted by the groups later called the Sufis, the woolen ones.

It is often forgotten that Islam adopted much from the so-called ‘early Christians’, many of whom had nothing to do with what we understand as Christianity in the Roman Catholic-Pauline and later Protestant sense. They were far more ‘pagan’ (pagan is a dirty word) than Christians. It was also far more Jewish (whatever that means). The month-long fast became Ramadan, the practice of removing one’s shoes before entering the sanctuary is originally Christian.

According to Orthodox Islam God must be contacted directly, Sufis in popular practice prefer saints, the Virgin Mary, for example. According to the doctrine of The Clash of Civilization, it is completely skewed to state that Muslims, Christians and Sephardic Jews have shared sanctuaries in the Middle East as a matter of course. They have just as naturally worshiped God through the same forefathers and prophets.

The first Sufis were solitary, but in the 8th century they were also seen in groups in the new Islamic cities. In Aleppo, Syria, there are still today hundreds of houses, perhaps hidden away in the side streets, where you find these Sufi groups. On certain days they hold a zikr, a remembrance of God with prayer and song. God’s name is repeated again and again. The first Byzantine monks repeated the name of Jesus over and over. Isnt that the same.

Mevlavi Jalal ud Din Rumi

Mevlavi Jalal ud Din Rumi is the most famous poet and Sufi master of all time and is considered the founder of the order. In fact, he was not born in Iran, but what is now Afghanistan, but ended up in Konya in central Turkey. So strong was his influence that even in the USA in the 1990s he was nominated a ‘best-selling poet’. Rumi said, fasting and rituals are for the ascetics and monks, love is for everyone, because it is everywhere. He was a clear example of the unity in diversity that was in the three abrahamic religions originally – before it was corrupted.

The vortex-whirling of the Mevlavs is very interesting. A sheikh, Nail Kesova, says: everything in the Universe is swirling, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. The vortex is a dance, it is a prayer addressed to this vortex in the Universe and thus to God. It’s pure astro-quantum physics. You turn counter-clockwise, arms raised, left hand down, right hand up, left foot as axis, right foot off. Why counterclockwise? You stop time. Rumi: ‘It is the night of Sema. We are drunk, but not with wine’.

The music is flutes and drums. Rumi is said to have been brought into a state of ecstasy when he walked in the bazaar and heard the hammering of the coppersmiths on the dishes and jugs. The flute is the breathing man, it is the reed flute, Nei. Spirit is breath.

In the whirling prayer there are four stages: towards God (the dance starts, tuning in), with God (the resonance and the effortless are achieved), in God (the union and ecstasy have arrived) and back from God (the mission with life). Rumi comments on the mission: we have come here to unite, not to divide.

But that is what Kehmal Atatürk actually did, even as he created modern Turkey. He shut down the Sufi meeting places and divided them from the rest of society by a condemnation in the name of progress. As a result, in Turkey today you can easily find tourist Sufism in the form of dance-show performances, but real Sufism is still banned, as if it were the Kurdish separatist movement. They have today left their beautiful old buildings in e.g. Istanbul and has moved into basements and attics. They have gone underground and become self-protective against intrusion. Kudsi Erguner, a famous nei player says that although Sufism is still officially banned, arrests are no longer made, they are tolerated. Nor does it look so pretty for a state that wants to be accepted as democratic to paranoidly persecute ecstatic, loving, long-bearded worshipers of God as if they were terrorists. How great are you in good company?

It is also reported that in Iran there is an increasing popularity among youth culture for Sufism. It is strange to think that such a life-affirming and peace-loving phenomenon can be perceived as a threat by Orthodox, fundamentalists and atheists alike.

A sign of a new age and a softening in Turkey is a young Sufi musician like Mercan Dede, who combines authentic Sufism with roots back to Rumi and modern club music culture. Techno-Sufism, why not? The young are actually looking for ecstasy in techno. The problem is that that environment has become so tainted by the hyenas lurking around there, the drugs / abuse / pushers, the brainwashing sound designer manipulations, the pornification, the cult of death. The young do not know what it is they long for, and are corrupted along the way. They are easy to fool. But Mercan Dede takes a completely different path. His style is clean, spiritual, unifying – no hyenas here. And people no longer have to be young-cult-fascist, but can meet old, young, Jew-Christian-Muslim, gay-straight, etc.

We normally think of Pakistan as a strictly Muslim country, but Sufism is not quite intolerable there. This may be due to the fact that some of the really great musicians Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan above all but also the female Sufi singer! Abida Parveen is worshiped by the people beyond all description. They are folk heroes, and if the authorities were to tamper with them, riots would break out. The Qawwali style they stand for is very sophisticated and virtuosic. But there is also a very crude practice, reminiscent of the whirling dervishes, simply whirling with a large drum. It seems completely shamanic.

As it is said in the film, the suppression of music in Islamic culture is a ‘loosing battle’, because you cannot in the long run prevent people from worshiping God wholeheartedly. We know the same oppression from communism and from strict Protestantism. One oppressor was called a commissariat, the other was called a clergy.

Sufism has also been able to bridge the gap between Hindus and Muslims. In the 13th century it was a mediator and some Hindus chose Islam because of Sufism. Here was the ecstasy they knew from their own vedic culture. The Qawwali style is very ‘Indian’ in its concept. This may help explain the oppression, for the British, who split the old India in two by pitting Hindus and Muslims against each other – divide-and-rule – wanted hatred and conflict and not common understanding.

Lately there is a lot of fundamentalism and violence between Indians and Pakistanis. This is due to, among other things, Saudi-sponsored ‘madras’ – Koranic schools – that preach separatism and hatred. The Saudis, the royal family, the Bin Ladens, the Bushes, the Salafists, the Wahabbists, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. are all major players in both the introduction and the hypocritical ‘fighting’ of world terrorism today. Bible bashers / neo-cons in the West and oil despots and Salafists in the East have an unholy and poisonous alliance.

Shah Abdul Latif was an 18th century Sufi poet and musician and he is considered the greatest of all time. His music is performed every day since his death in a particular temple in Lahore. His poetry often uses images about the lovers as metaphors. A young Pakistani singer who uses the tradition and combines it with pop-rock has often been told by fundamentalist mullahs that his music is sinful, that ALL music is sinful. He answers them with a smile and says: the fight against Sufism is a lost battle for you. You cannot stop people from expressing their love for God.

In Morocco there is also an exciting situation. The university is old, 200 years older than an Oxford and Cambridge, one of the centers of knowledge in the Arab world. The Sufi direction here is called Aissawa. They are known for a spectacular style. It can be compared to New Orleans Jazz on steroids. The Moroccans are largely Berber, and there is also something very old and shamanic about the style. At the annual feast for the prophet, the show gets serious. Healing of family problems, mental-psychological assistance is also practiced. Music is propelled by a heavy drum beat, and shrill clamshell-type winds improvise over it. Elsewhere in Morocco, out in the countryside, women are often seen practicing it. There is a living matriarchy here. They are famous for their spiritual healing abilities. They bring the sick or unhappy into a trance by ‘reading’ the person’s temperament and using it in the music.

Sufism captures everywhere the local spirit, the local ecstasy. It is cosmopolitan in its spirit, it has no limitations, it imposes and dictates no orthodoxy, it knows the beauty and frailties of men wherever they appear, it forgives – which Christians should practice more in not just saying, but doing.

Expanding Earth

The idea has been brewed on since Jules Verne and Bulwer-Lyttons: Hollow Earth. Tibetan Buddhists actually have the idea as a fixed part of their philosophy, and the current Dalai Lama has answered a question directly, saying that Agartha is a material place on the planet and not just a spiritual place. The Tibetan lamas are said to guard the entrance to the hollow earth, and it is also speculated that this contributes to the Chinese being so interested in Tibet. There are several hundred versions of the story in the mythologies, stories from various peoples and cultures on earth throughout the ages. They all assume that people and beings live in The Middle Earth, which both Tolkien and C.S. Lewis puts it. Just one example: the Eskimos point to the north when they have to tell where they came from.

In its full version it is very comprehensive and truly fantastic. This also makes it difficult to handle, just like the concept of Atlantis. In fact, Atlantis is much more within reach, since a rise in water and thus a lowering of several areas on Earth where there have been civilizations is certainly possible. They are currently appearing around India and Japan.

In The Hollow Earth we live on a shell. In the center there is a central sun, there are seas and continents… and inhabitants! It must also mean that gravitational forces lie inside the shell and not in the core. Which then implies, that gravity is not, what newtonian physics tell us. There are extremely varying accounts of these residents, ranging from horrors to Paradise. And there are also newspaper clippings from American newspapers, where there are people who are said to have flown through ‘the hole’. Overflights directly over the North Pole and the middle of Antarctica are not permitted. The official justification is magnetic disturbances and navigation. May the be another explanation?

We don’t need to concern ourselves so much with the theory, even if it is fascinating and unless we are into skunks. One thing: why is it that there are not more who have dared their skin and traveled through the hole? Part of the answer could be that if a civilization is as advanced as the Inner Earth civilization is claimed to be, then they’ve probably come up with an awfully clever solution to sealing the openings. These were also to be found as narrow passages in Tibet and Brazil.

The expanding Earth. In a more limited and more relevant-probable version, it concerns an expanding planet where the water has come from within and created the great flood. Gravity then needs to be redefined. Other round planets have been photographed showing some kind of opening with an illumination at the poles. Really hardcore ‘hollow earth’ followers have also incorporated the expanding earth into their universe.

If geophysicists are to explain tectonics and the movement of the continents over the millions of years, they have to untangle themselves in the wildest upheavals. But if, on the other hand, you let the planet contract and let the continents cling to each other, they fall into place like pieces in a puzzle.

If you have to stick to the sober stuff, there is a German documentary by Franz Fitzke. No guessing about hollow ground. Scientific gravitas, although people with gravitas can easily be marginalized in mainstream science. No problem – it happens everywhere and all the time!

Time is not what we count on. We measure it in rotation about the axis and then get the 24 hours. But there is some evidence that millions of years ago it was only 18 hours. Prof. Konstantin Meyl, a field physicist, has studied this brake up in rotation speed and links it to a growing planet. The speed is reduced by 0.7 seconds per year, which corresponds to a growth of 19 cm.

Christoph Hilgenberg

Growth causes earthquakes. The now mainstream recognized plate tectonics is due to polar explorer Alfred Wegener (1880-1930). He noted the rather obvious fit between Africa and South America. An expansion of the Earth was never discussed, so it must have been a question of an earlier continent where the countries were united, called Pangea. Ott Christoph Hilgenberg introduced the concept of expansion during Wegener’s lifetime. Prof. Karl-Heinz Jacob, geologist, says that the theory has been banned in the sciences. At the mere mention of the name, they become excited. But in the 50s, the well-known Prof. Hans Haber advocated it.

The formation of mountain ranges also requires another explanation. They do not arise as in the known tectonics by plates sliding under each other and pushing them up. They occur when the smaller ball straightens out. Hans Haber uses the image of a clenched hand. When you unfold it, folds of skin appear on the surface.

Dinosaurs are a big problem. The problem is to explain how an 80-tonne lizard was able to move at all. Physicist Meyl states without blinking that with the current gravity they would collapse under their own weight in a second. The bones wouldn’t be able to take it. But with a halving of gravity / the size of the globe, it suddenly makes sense.

The toy pig in the upper corner has an easier time standing on its feet than Spielberg’s fantasy lizards

In order for the planet to gain mass, it needs nourishment. It can only come from space. We are not talking about material in tangible form that tumbles in and collides with the Earth. It must be subatomic particles/waveforms. So, in a way, Hilgenberg was right that it happens via ether. The Sun produces neutrinos. The earth absorbs and materializes these subatomic particles, according to Meyl’s theory. He remembers, in respectful and true scientific humility, to say theory. It seems that geology also belongs to the sciences that have their great unshakable dogma complex that makes scientists forget to say theory about the tectonic model, which up until the last century itself suffered this fate: becoming a dogma.

Already at the beginning of the last century, Tesla described the neutrino as the radiation that emanates from the Sun consisting of particles of an unknown small size or non-size that penetrate solid matter with great speed. Tesla also claimed that this radiation was faster than the speed of light. That is why he was kicked out of the good company of physicists with Einstein at the head – the Zionist-Jesuit ilk. The result was – and is today – an amputated science that has moved in the wrong direction.

The neutrinos thus penetrate the Earth. Their immateriality is materialized in the Earth’s core, whereby the Earth’s mass and thus also its size grows over time.

When the moon moves in front of the Earth and forms a solar eclipse, irregularities in mass and rotation can be measured. This is because the neutrino stream is slowed down by the moon. Foucault’s large pendulum hangs among other things in Münster 6 hours before and after a solar eclipse, and shows deviations in its smooth path of up to 10 degrees. Modern precision pendulums confirm that. This also means that the equally precise atomic clocks that keep an eye on the time require extra compensation seconds to be inserted every now and then. The passage of time is not stable. Since 1990 this has not been necessary as the Earth has started to rotate faster.

During a recent solar eclipse, strong earthquakes occurred immediately after in Turkey with 20,000 deaths. Mayl ties it together.

Not only the Earth is growing. So does the Sun (and the other planets?). Here one could go further with scenarios about impending pole shift, tilting of the earths crust or core and … deluge. We don’t do that here.


The deeper and underlying layer behind the great social experiments of the 20th century: Nazism, communism, fascism and their offshoots into the new millennium, so their common denominator is: collectivism.

G. Edward Griffin

Griffin has mapped the phenomenon. He states, that the fathers of American democracy did not want a democracy at all, but a republic. Democracy is majority rule, and that is a comprehensive description. That’s the point, no further finesse. And what’s wrong with that? That a bunch of people who want to lynch a person because they collectively agree on it is therefore also democracy. And that is exactly what was seen in ancient Greece. Socrates is a good example. For the same reason, Plato had nothing left for democracy = mob rule. In a lynching there is only one voice against the lynch mob, and this voice is at the end of the rope.

In a republic, the crowd, the mob are not allowed to exercise their majority rule at the expense of the individual. Res Publica is the cause of the people, is the individual’s guarantee against abuse from a stirred up and seduced majority. The heap is easily corruptible. When collective forces are given free rein, we are talking about very strong and very intoxicating forces, and a charismatic and skilled demagogue can easily get the crowd to do the most perverted actions. After all, there is free rein, because you just run along with the rush. You have put your reason and individuality aside.

The U.S. Constitution, and all constitutions that take into account this crucial aspect of human culture, is essentially a set of measures that limit the collective to the individual. Without these blocks, pure utilitarianism could form the basis for barbaric decisions – e.g. everyone over 75 should have the death pill, because they are too expensive for society – you just have to refer to the common good, the lynch mob – The Common Purpose, as one of the particularly sinister groups operating today in England does. They belong to the group ‘Fabians’, more on that later.

The individualist will ask: a group, what is it. Show me one. There are only individuals who gather and dissolve again. A group is an abstraction. Like ‘a forest, what is it? In reality it does not exist, there are only trees. You cannot see a forest, because it is also an abstraction.

Collectivist societies are based on an abstraction. The individual is sacrificed one at a time for an abstraction. That it is more evident in a communist or fascist dictatorship than in our democratic society does not shake that fact. The people ‘we’, the collective, the democratic majority, don’t like, we are allowed to get rid of in the name of the collective. This is where the Republic comes in. In practice, of course, it is not so barbaric, and in practice we have a hybrid, namely a democratic republic.

You could say that both collectivists and individualists want the same things: peace, prosperity, security, justice, health. Freedom is a dubious quantity, because many collectivists are willing to give up freedom for ‘something else’.


There is a pervasive belief among people that government is the solution to all human problems. The collectivist is ready to sacrifice the individual for the common cause, if necessary – and it is! This common cause is usually translated to ‘the state’.

Marxists have a number of statements which they hail as correct and which are found in The Communist Manifesto:

Workers of all countries, unite!
Throw off the shackles of your capitalist exploiters!
Regain control of the means of production!
Unite against war and racism!
Let everyone enjoy according to need and perform according to ability!

Marxists are idealists and believe that you must create a society where these principles can apply to all people – even those who don’t like it at first. One size fits all. But the Marxists were theorists detached from reality. This is where Lenin comes in. No state that later called itself communist was taken over and changed by Marxists, but by Leninists. They may call themselves Marxist-Leninists, but that doesn’t change anything. This is where the party, the apparatus, the cadres, the dictatorship of the proletariat (just say the name…) enters. A party, leadership, training, organization, learning (indoctrination) are required.

So there are the theorists and ideologues, and then there are those who make it happen, the politicians, the organisers, the stormtroopers, whatever, the whole apparatus. And later the pricks, the intelligence service, the military apparatus, the propagandists, the brainwashers, the whippers, the jailers, the executioners. Or just the nice social workers, NGOs, environmentalists, green fascists. And even in the heyday of communism, most leading figures did not call themselves communists, but actually: Leninists. Both Marx and Lenin referred to communism as something future, because it neither existed nor exists anywhere. They were simply to establish a socialist republic. Communist society would only arise when man was perfected and the state disappeared. They were also utopians, and this takes the thought back to the beginning of the Enlightenment and Rousseau, Voltaire, the French Revolution – and Adam Weisshaupt and the Jesuits/Illuminati groups.

When Iron Curtain and The Wall came down and with it the communist rule, the old Leninists simply took off their communist caps and replaced them with a social democratic ditto. They introduce concepts such as open market, openness to the West, freedom of speech. But the police state continued below. The KGB took a name change, but never disappeared – in fact, it grew.

Lenin stated that it was subordinate to how many books one had read, how much knowledge one had, how clever one was and how many debates one had. The only thing that mattered was that you took over the power. Once you had power, you could hold all the debates you wanted – and then silence (kill) your opponents. Lenin personally ordered the shooting of political opponents. He also said: Promises are like pie dough. They are made to be broken. Quite obsessed he was with his amoral, anti-human and corrupt mindset, which has since been seen carried out in practice with unimaginable suffering and barbarism as a result.

Leninism was extremely well supported with money. An important portion came from the same circles that supported the Nazis: the British-American banking syndicates the big financial moguls. Prof. Anthony Sutton waded through all the bills, remittances, ownership, etc. and described it in detail in the 70’s. We know the names. Lenin himself gave a damn about the theory = Marxism. All that mattered was gaining power. And Lenin was a great strategist, that you must give him. As part of the seizure of power by a nation, it was about speaking the people, their beliefs and their traditions by mouth. Convince them that you are the best .. eg Hungarians, the best nationalists in the world, take over power and then: betray them, because now you have power. Or how about a nation where they don’t like communists: call yourselves anti-communists, form an anti-communist organization and take over. Lie, deceive, corrupt and steal power. Be sure to do charitable things too, create social progress, etc. But control your opposition, if necessary with a heavy hand. Hezbollah, Hisb uth’Tahrir and the Taliban have learned from them.

One of Lenin’s strategic tricks he had learned from Tamerlan and Sun Tzu. It’s called false retreat. You place your army so that it looks like exposure. At dawn you start a retreat and the enemy sets after you. The landscape is chosen so that the majority of the force takes cover behind trees and mounds, while a smaller portion continues straight ahead, making sure to stir up as much dust as they can with branches. The enemy is then caught in an ambush in the exact same place where you had positioned yourself first, the vulnerable spot.

Lenin applied it to diplomacy. At the start of the Bolshevik takeover in 1917, the Russian economy was in terrible shape. Contrasted with the economy during the Tsardom, the glory of the Romanov family, where the economy was booming, which was why they designed a new destructive system of governance / social engineering project for Russia. Also remember that the primarily Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered 10 million Russians, twice as many as in the Nazi acclaimed holocaust, a fact that is not often mentioned when the word holocaust is used. Lenin persuaded the comrades to pretend that they dropped the rhetoric and wanted to submit to capitalism, open the doors to investment. The West jumped on it, settled, invested, built up industry. When that happened, they expropriated the industry and slaughtered the capitalists. When the wall came down, they did exactly the same thing. But we didn’t see it through, because we do no longer know about Lenin’s strategy. If you listen to the speeches of the ex-communists, it is the same strategy.

At the same time in the West, capitalism in its true form has also been slaughtered. Instead we have totalitarian monopoly capitalism. Evil and sharp tongues have e.g. called the EU for EUSSR – the European Soviet Socialist Republic. The EU basically uses all the tricks used by the Soviet state: planned economy, political bureaucracy, corrupt party camaraderie, extreme centralization, uniformization and ‘harmonisation’, pseudo-religious symbol-rhetoric. The EU superstate is a rebranded Soviet Union. It is actually best described by people who grew up in Eastern Europe under communism, and who later saw the EU superstate – which their country has now joined – moving in exactly the same direction.

Other evil and sharp tongues have noted how similar the strategy is to the Jesuits’ techniques of infiltration and manipulation. The concept of revolution and the cadre – the avant-garde vanguard – is a Jesuit concept. Strangely enough, but hardly coincidentally, the sitting president of the European Commission, Hermann van Rompoy (this was 2012), was a Jesuit. And now we have indeed also got a Jesuit Pope! We send a disgusting thought to the leaders of the Third Reich, who were all raised and educated by Jesuits priests.


This is the least known school of communism/socialism. We know International Socialism = communism/Stalinism/Leninism/Maoism. We know National Socialism = Nazism, fascism. An ingredient of socialisms was feminism, whose aim was to destroy the core bulwark of family against all state-controlled collectivism. It must be said that it has succeeded.

Fabianism is the form of socialism that today controls our lives to the greatest extent. The Fabian (Socialist) Society was formed in England in 1848. These people actually used the name collectivists for themselves. It has named itself after a Roman general, Quintus Fabius, who became famous for his tactics of not engaging in direct combat with the enemy but exhausting him by delaying direct combat. He beat, among other things, the Carthaginians (Hannibal) in that way.

The Fabians took this name because, unlike Lenin – although they completely agreed with his goals – they did not advocate revolution and bloodshed and the use of brutal force. They considered the Leninists to be petty fools and a violent seizure of power inappropriate. Instead, they planned strategies for the infiltration of the enemy’s institutions, their government and educational institutions, their boards, their corporations. And in this way transform the world in a socialist direction. You can see that tactic in the parliaments of Europe, in the EU and in the Congress (USA) today. We also see it and to the highest degree in the UN. Agenda 21/2030 is a particularly Fabian project.

Their logo is the dove. It is the symbol of the slow takeover of power. You see it coming flying like a white you, but over time it looks more and more like a bird of prey. Finally, it eats your liver with some fava beans and a good Chianti.

And who were they in the beginning? Arnold Toynbee, H. G. Wells, George Bernhard Shaw, Beatrice and Sidney Webb – the founders of The London School of Economics. Bertrand Russell was a member. Tony Blair was and is a member of the company. Quite a few Fabians are not listed members of the society, which makes the whole thing a bit murkier.

H. G. Wells – wasn’t that the nice man who wrote a book about time travel?
Well, the nice man was also in favor of eugenics, genocide and oligarchy.

As part of the game, the various socialist-collectivist groups fight each other. If, for example, looking at the United Nations today, the internal groups fall into either the Leninist or the Fabianist group. But they are all in favor of collectivism, a New World Order, more money for an international military, a totalitarian central bank controlled economy and various supranational bodies. In the end, a world government where they each sit on their own chair. The Fabians have a small variant, which they sell under the innocent name: ‘The Global Village’. It is described in the Agenda 21 framework.

The only thing the groups are really fighting over is who gets the best jobs and the most power in this world order. It’s just the rest of us whose brains have been stereotyped in the 20th century who believe that fascism, socialism, Nazism and oh-so-different, black-and-white, goodguys-badguys. We do not understand the dialectic, we cannot see beyond the surface of the screen on which the film is shown. We do not know that geopolitics is a game of chess and a Game of Thrones. Our historical memory is like a fly or a moth. After burning wings on a candle, 18 seconds pass before it flies back into the fire. Finally, it is fried.

The Fabians have been successful because they have been able to stay constantly under the radar and because their strategy has been specially adapted to a well-developed system. Democracy has, in the Fabian spirit, changed to be a system of government where the people themselves elect their dictators into office, and since we ourselves have elected tyranny, we cannot repell them and they will last longer. We have become co-addicts of tyranny. It is, as journalist, author and lecturer Ole Dammegaard calls it: a slow-motion coup d’état (his subject was the transformation of the Swedish state and the murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme). Blair is the most striking example of a contemporary Fabian. Fogh Rasmussen another. His great role model was precisely Tony Blair, who has now come out of the closet as an (opportunistic) Catholic. The ‘democratic’ presidents in the USA, Clinton and Obama, operated quite clearly within the field of Fabian socialism. And Joe Biden, don’t get me started here …

If you had to boil it down to one concept, it could be: the annihilation of the individual. It is collectivism. Should anyone be in doubt as to what this means, one need only study all the totalitarian regimes and collectivist experiments of the 20th century. And you no longer have to travel to North Korea to experience it. It is now seeping into our society like a deadly poison and can be experienced in everyday life right in front of our noses.

Beer can technology

How simple can technology be? Here is an example.

Everyone knows about the solar panel and has a sense of what it is. However, it is not a completely simple technology because we are talking about transforming sunlight into electricity. This, on the other hand, is something so almost banal and analogue that it has evidently escaped the attention of science. We are talking about using solar heat to heat up a panel and send the heated air on.

We all know how hot it can get under a tin roof in the summer. The metal conducts the heat, heating up the air inside, where it then remains – to no avail.

The recipe is simple. You will almost be able to do it by reading it:

  • you build a flat box with insulation in the bottom and sides
  • a number of cans, beer-soda etc. must be used. Eq. where holes are drilled at both ends corresponding to
  • the middle part of the can (80% of the diameter)
  • the cans are stacked into long tubes and glued with sealant
  • the box is filled with as many tubes as there is room for – the box is of course made to fit x-number of tubes with x-number of cans
  • however, the box is not filled all the way to the front end of the can tubes, but space is left for a transverse aluminum tube, preferably square, where holes are drilled to attach the cans
  • below there may be a similar tube or simply a board with holes in it and a chamber below
  • the cans are painted black with spray paint
  • the box is closed with a plexiglass lid
  • a hole is drilled in the box in the lower chamber for air intake
  • the pipe in the upper chamber protrudes at one end for air outlet
  • from the air outlet, the warm air is led into the house

This beer can solar heating panel is placed like a solar panel on the side of the house with an inclination that corresponds to the average inclination of the sun during a day. When the sun heats up the panel, the following happens:

  • the temperature rises gradually inside the box up to approx. 100 degrees !
  • the air expands and seeks upwards and outwards through the air outlet and into the house. It is best if it happens at the top of the wall of the room. A circulation then takes place in the room simply using the heat. You can further help by installing a weak fan, which could possibly be powered by a mini-solar panel, or a mini-solar panel could charge batteries that could power it.
  • the air outlet in the room is placed at the bottom, where the less warm air ends up. Both pipes that connect the panel to the room in the house are insulated, as is the panel itself, to keep the warm air in the system.

Even if it sounds like pure Klondyke – it really is – it is very efficient and can gently heat up rooms in a smaller house. Otherwise, you can simply dimension the panel or have more. Of course, it doesn’t work at night, but even in slightly cloudy weather the sun has an effect. It will be possible to save enormously on the heating bill.

LENR Reactor

When Stanley Pons & Martin Fleishmann presented their discovery of cold fusion in 1989, an entire apparatus was run into position to shoot them down. For all intents and purposes, this should not be taken seriously and come to fruition. So for ordinary people – then they wouldn’t pay their electrical bills.

Other simple technologies

Og dette er i øvrigt kun en af de horder af simple og for en handyman fuldstændig overkommelige teknologier, vi kommer til at se meget til fremover. Ved søgninger på nettet kan man finde opskrifter på fx.:

  • solar panels: you can buy cheap solar cells on eBay and assemble them into panels yourself. These panels can be connected in series to cover e.g. a whole roof. It is estimated that the price could be reduced to up to 1/10 of the price for finished panel installations. Problem with solar panels: they don’t pollute when they are made, they pollute violently when the rare earths somewhere in China are to be extracted. They destroy huge landscapes.
  • wind turbines: we are of course not talking about Vestas size, which is also not desirable. In fact, I have to admit that they are ugly and spoil the scenery. We are talking about small turbines, which you could often see in the countryside in the past to drive a water pump. By the way, it was a popular thing with small wind turbines for approx. 50 years ago and also before that time, but the energy companies have systematically worked on destroying that tradition, and today we believe that we have to be online We are forced to sell our cheply produced energy to the companies and buy it back expesively. There will probably in the future also be a greater spread of the new urban wind turbines, where the rotor is mounted vertically. In Japan, they are becoming widespread on top of houses, where they are largely invisible.
  • electricity generators via e-magnetism: is emerging. There may be a number of useful models on the web, but the recipes are somewhat lacking, and it is difficult to get a handle on whether they actually work. Late the neutrino-box was presented, but you have not heard about it yet.
  • electrolysis inserts for car engines: there are quite a few recipes on the web that are quite likely to be useful. They form hydrogen gas (hydroxy gas) from distilled water, and there are quite a few, especially in the United States, who drive around on them.
  • Geothermal: is now a recognized technology. It is possible to make a complete geothermal solution for between DKK 20-30,000. Not exactly cheap, but the alternative is DKK 70,000 and a total excavation of the garden. This model involves vertical downholes of spiral pipe, which just requires a fairly large drill bit (mounted on a tractor – not something you just ‘borrow’). These pipes must then be connected and linked up to a hot water tank and a pump. Unlike solar panels, it works all year round with the same efficiency, as the ground is always warm at a certain depth.

The international patent organizations have done everything in their power to prevent these inventions from being patented and mass produced. It would be interesting to examine how these institutions are organized and controlled since this has been possible.

Pons and Fleishmann

The Alevites

er en folkelig sufi-retning. Den falder mest ind under shia-grenen af Islam, men egentlig falder den lidt ved siden af Islam. Meget tyder på, at den reelt intet har med Islam at gøre, men blot har lært at overleve under islamisk overherredømme. Det er den såkaldte Baktashi-linie, opkaldt efter en helgen fra det 13. årh. Det er en anatolisk trosretning, og der er levende elementer i den fra den ældgamle tyrkiske shamanisme kaldet Tengrisme. Der er også træk fra parserne / Zoroaster, gnosticisme, armensk kristendom, og flere andre kilder. De er synkretistiske og pragmatiske i deres væsen som få trosretninger. Det skulle lige være Bahai. Nogle forskere ser det som en præislamisk troskultur ligesom Yezidi, den kurdiske tro. Derved får de indo-iranske rødder og ikke mellemøstlige.

Like the Kurds, the Alevis have been suppressed and banned in Turkey, but there are still 15-20 million of them who call themselves Alevi.

They don’t gather in mosques but in assembly halls. They turn their faces towards each other and not towards Mecca. They are peaceful and ‘familial’ people.

Their understanding of central elements from Islam such as the 12 imams is allegorical. They do not promote themselves as messianic world leaders, they are aspects of the Universe and man. It is Sufi similar to sufism. Ibn Arabi plays a role here. God incarnates and manifests himself – the downward force – the spiritual man follows a current that goes the other way – the upward force. God is truth (haqq). One of their idols is a 10th century Sufi who was executed for saying: I am Truth.

There is no requirement for prayers 5 times a day. The girls don’t wear headscarves – unless they want to, and then that’s fine too. They advocate doing what you feel is right. You can easily be secularized and be Alevi at the same time. Tolerance and solidarity are core values. God is not a punishing God, do have fun.

Here, many of the major religions could learn something, and in the future they will also have to, because either they will or people will leave them. One is almost tempted to say with C.G. Jung: ‘Religion is a defense AGAINST religious experiences’.

But here is also the reason why the Alevites and similar groups have been persecuted. The is a parasitic entity dwelling inside the world religions. This parasite is a demonic-satanic being. It uses and has used religions for a very long time as an instrument for its agenda. The Alevites did not conform to its program. Therefore.

In 1993 there was a massacre in which Alevis were burned by an enraged Muslim crowd. The proposal was that a Turkish writer would translate Rushdie’s book and publish it. The massacre means coming out of the bush and reviving the old faith. Thousands of associations are being formed all over the world. They are now seeking recognition as an independent faith and strives to be freed from their attachment to Islam. It is also a memory of the many persecutions and massacres they have experienced throughout history, all the way back from the Ottoman Empire. For fundamentalists, peace lovers are obviously the most objectionable thing there is. It is perceived as an accusation against their bellicosity and cynicism, it triggers their conscience, so ‘they must die, unbelieving dogs’.

Grilley siger, at det ikke skal forstås kategorisk, for der er en gråzone. Han siger også, at yang-bevægelser ikke handler om en stiv gentagelse af en bestemt bevægelse, men om at skifte hele tiden. DET er yang! Men det er ikke sådan, der udøves. Folk træner forkert. Se bare på løberne. De træner ikke, de lider. Og så smadre mange af dem knæ og ankler.
Se også klippet med Mantak Chia, hvor han laver ‘taoistisk yoga’, kaldet yin-yoga.

A modern gnostic

John Lash er myteforsker i Joseph Campbells ånd.

Gnosticism and Abrahamic Religion

What characterizes the three religions from the Middle East is firstly, that they are savior religions, whether it is about the Messiah, Christ or a prophet/imam. Secondly they are revealed religions, meaning that a prophet went onto a mountain, flew in the sky with an angel or was told by his father, again meaning that God spoke to one person in privacy with no-one else present whereafter everyone is supposed to believe this. When you are completely dependent on a figure coming from outside, from above, who will save you, you become apathetic and passive.

Artificial Technomania and the Archons

It is with the Gnostics that you find this concept. Archons are beings that have no physical body. They cling to humans because they are quite simply envious of humans. For them, it is the people who live in paradise (we have such a hard time seeing that). They live and breathe confusion, chaos, fear and mistakes. They cannot stay in the human sphere for quite a long time and not without protection.

The Gnostics warn in their writings against this kind of beings. In the Cosmos there are many kinds of beings, some of them benevolent and serve as counselors and helpers who care for man. What then is the role of the archons in the cosmic plane? They are able to penetrate the human mind and manipulate it. They are the test, and they are the tool for – one is almost tempted to say: separating the sheep from the ram. Those who succumb to their pressure, those who become archonized – zombified – robotized, those who succumb to their own greed, perhaps, which may not be their own greed but those of a non-physical parasite. Humans today are experiencing an archonization. It can be linked to the phenomenon referred to further down in this section, called ‘vampirisation’.

The Eadwine Psalter

It is a prayer book from Paris. This book exists only in one copy in the National Library of Paris. In the text, it is very reminiscent of e.g. The Canterbury Psalter, but it has remarkable illustrations. Some monk has cultivated the theme of ‘holy mushrooms’ in his graphics. There are also pictures of tantric sex – and Jesus is having it with Mary Magdalene! I would like to recall and refer to Jan Irwin and Andrew Rutajit’s comprehensive book: ‘Astrotheology & Shamanism – Christianity’s Pagan Roots’, where they review the forgotten subject of the sacred mushrooms and the original cult which, to use an available word (which coincidentally originates from the Siberian version) can be called shamanism, and which is a very old and deep undercurrent that has stored itself in all the world religions. The authors have done this piece of detective work. They build on a tradition, and if you have to name two figures as role models for this kind of study, it has to be C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell.


It seems completely out of place, it is a break from style. John Lash agrues, that it is a bomb under Christianity and religions as such. The idea is that before the Second Coming of Christ there will come an Antichrist who will look like the ‘real’ one. The idea is so destructive to the whole Christian, come-and-save-us, self-tormenting, victim-glorifying concept that has plagued humanity ever since. The Gnostics saw it happen when fanatical hordes of almost fascist or Taliban-like priest stormtroopers rolled into e.g. the Egyptian mystery temples, burned books, smashed what they didn’t like e.g de-facialization of ancient sculptures, set fire to libraries (pogroms) instilled terror and imposed a passivating self-understanding on people. They planted this thought which triggers the bomb as soon as someone tries to claim that the Messiah has returned.

All religions have it in reality:

the Jews: the Messiah
the Christians: Christ
Muslims: the 12th Imam
Hindus: Kalki, the white charioteer (return of Krishna)
Buddhists: Maitreya

So a political One-World-Government, a One-World-Economy MUST be followed up by a One-World-Religion to be complete. This is where things go wrong, says John Lash. But as mentioned, he has the feeling that there have also been others involved and tinkering with the mindset and have placed a kind of benign ‘roadside bomb’, a kind of self-destruction mechanism in eschatology. Things go wrong, but disaster really strikes the big players if they try to activate their plan for the playoffs.

Is that, what we are witnessing right now?

The serpent

Pierre Sabak is an associative language genius with a huge research project in the field of language, etymology, homonyms, the contract of angels and men, the falsification of languages, the outer and inner mysteries, the serpent’s (angels’, speakers’) diet, what are symbols, the hidden meaning of hieroglyphs ( the Egyptology scam). etc. snakes-reptiles-dragons-royal blood.

One of his books is called ‘The Murder of Reality’ – review the language. The term comes from a quote by Baudrillard. In all cultures and languages, the same phrases, words, meanings, symbols and stories are apparently found. Jung would say that it is part of our collective unconscious, Sabak says that there is an artificially created reality using a manipulated meaning field. The angels created it, our task today is to break the spell.

Symbols are complex. A study of them touches on astrology, gemmatria/numerology, sacred geometry and etymology. The latter is Sabak’s specialty.

In standard dictionary meaning, a symbol is a sign that can recall and invoke something, especially a quality. These are signs that can be translated as white = clean. The second meaning is in the direction of the acronym, i.e. a kind of abbreviation like a-b-c… as symbols for notes in musical notation. As far as The Oxford Dictionary. Sabak sees symbols as a noted motif used for symbolic equivalence particularly in the form of homonym – one word replacing another – from the Hebrew word havala, a circle formed by a coiling viper. It has the meaning ‘something that sounds like’. For example the word altar in the sense of ‘place of sacrifice’ sounds like alter (Eng. Latin) in the sense of ‘change’. It is the place of the transformation, the transfiguration in the alchemical sense takes place. The second meaning is to replace an object with a symbolic counterpart to reality. It is mainly used to mislead people. A statement accompanied by a symbol changes the meaning – even to the opposite. The symbol itself often has an external and an internal meaning. The outer one is the one that can be found in reference works or by asking a priest, for example. He will tell you, what he is told to tell you. The inner meaning can be quite different.

The esoteric tradition of the Qur’an is referred to as Wuj al’Qur’an, the forgotten recitation. The Qur’an is built on homonyms, esoteric language of words that sound ‘as if’. There is the outer and the inner Qur’an linked to the angelic lineage (the archangel Gabriel whispering in Muhammad’s ear).

Homonyms: The Semitic word havela circle is found in the Egyptian winged sun disk, which also contains cobras, vipers. The serpent and the dove are connected, havela-caluva-columba. The Virgin Mary is often seen treading down a snake with her foot. The external meaning is the virgin trampling the devil under foot. The inner meaning has to do with footprints and genetics, i.e. ‘lineage’, the lineage of the serpent, the human-angelic lineage / bloodline.

Language is like a virus in the human mind. The predator is a reptile, the prey is a mammal. The predator thinks as subject object, divided, masculine, the mammal thinks as symbiosis, intersubjectivity, feminine. It is the predator’s language and symbolism that we know today. Although we are mammals and as such highly advanced beings, we have a reptilian mindset, a reptilian brain, an all-dominant ego. By oversimplifying language, our inner reptile has forced us into a separation from reality. We don’t think objectively anymore, but very subjectively, subject to our emotionality. True femininity is not emotional, it is holistic, empathic, and … objective, meaning: in touch with our objective, unchanging nature.

Words, when examined, are often inversions of their own meaning. The English word ‘delight’ literally means ‘the light is off’. Homonyms: sun, son, sin. Original sin. Morning, mourning, the sun cries when it rises. It should smile. The association formed here is highly sublimated. In the mystery schools, the initiation into the inner mystery – the outer was only for the beginner – consisted in understanding these hidden meanings in the symbols.

The control is endemic and runs through all cultures. Nagash is snake in Semitic and naquash means to deceive. Ifrit is the Arabic word for a malevolent jinn from the root fritta, to deceive. In Hebrew ivrit. In Greek philosopher: philo is lover or brother, sophos is wisdom. Filo offis means brother of the serpent. The serpent is also identified with wisdom especially in the sense of forgotten and secret knowledge that requires initiation. Philo-logos are the brothers of the order and at the same time the science of language and writing. Language hides. Only upon initiation does it reveal. Latin is an artificial, constructed language. Laten means veiled. For many centuries, the language of science was Latin.

We tend to be quite ethnocentric and draw European languages back to Sanskrit. But before that there has been a proto-language that has split into Chinese. Japanese, on the other hand, has more to do with Sanskrit – and Greek, if you go right down to the root. Similar connections exist between Arabic and Greek.

The serpent whispers words in Eve’s ear. The serpent, the fallen angel, is the composer of scripture. The Talmud tradition describes it. The prerequisite for the Talmud is the priesthood of Thebes. Thebes is identified with the serpent sign. Taban and taliban (the student .. in the koran school) are related, i.e. the snake and the student of scripture. Kabbalah was originally an oral tradition that later became written. Kab or keb is an old Semitic word for snake. The snake has many names. Kabah is a messenger and here an angel. Kabbalah is layered language, esoteric knowledge stored in writing and language. The people got the literal meaning, the initiated got the hidden one. It’s about control.

The serpent is thus the one that forms the philosophical schools and later our scientific institutions. Scolex in Greek is worm, scholar in Latin is the scholar, the student (school). ‘Thou shalt picture the similitude of a serpent and a cherub’ Exod 25:18. In fact, the phrase is omitted in our Bible, but there are 1000s of places that in the editing of the Bible has been completely grotesque throughout history. If there was something that didn’t suit some arbitrary bishop, saint, pope, king, religious spindoctor whatever, it was simply deleted or rewritten. But then: God speaks to Moses about the construction of the sanctuary, the guidance fills pages up and pages down in the Bible, is super-detailed. Moses must have been autistic to be able to remember that much info… maybe he just had a dictaphone with him. Moses also makes extensive use of snakes, so he must have known about the priesthood in Thebes. There are snakes as part of the seven plagues. He throws a snake at Pharaoh’s feet. There are snakes in the desert. He transforms the serpent into a staff. There ARE snakes on his staff, because it is the staff of Asclepius, the caduceus staff, the staff with the winged sun disk and the snakes, the magic wand.

Who is the serpent – are we talking about beings in physical or metaphysical form, are we talking about genetics or what? In pagan practice there were blood sacrifices. One sacrifices to the gods, the English beings, the snake beings. In Arabic, the word djinni comes from djen, snake again! Sacrifices have brought forth manifestations of invisible beings, interdimensional beings. Man’s kinship with these beings is that we have a dual nature, one physical and one spiritual. We have the ability to transcend to the other world in the shamanic tradition. Conversely, the serpent can manifest itself into the physical world. Djen, snake creature and gen in Greek is a race. It is genetics. The serpent makes Eve eat from the tree of knowledge. Geoni in Hebrew means intelligent brilliance. On European genius.

The expulsion of Paradise is the introduction of the language that divides our consciousness. The Zulu tradition, which is possibly one of the oldest living traditions that can tell of the creation of man – it took place precisely where the human slave race was created to work in these mines – can tell that before the serpent, Nijoka, the instructor, the expert. Chitahuri in Zulu means children of the python, and come and teach us the language, man was a magical being that communicated telepathically. Cf. Credo Mutwa and Michael Tellinger. Cheet-a-hoori – two cheet, to deceive, lies ahead. In Buddhist tradition, it is about going behind the words to learn the essence of reality.

Snake today does not give positive connotations, but all the homonyms that cover the snake do not give these problems. Shata in Arabic means wise, Shaitan is the beast. Scientia in Latin is knowledge. Ophis in Greek is snake, officium is the place where knowledge is administered, the office. One is not immediately aware of these connections, but this is how homonyms work on a subtle level. Serpent, sapientia, knowledge. Everywhere in the Masonic tradition there are snakes, they clearly have a prominent position.

Angels, Venus and Lucifer are linked, Lucifer meaning light bringer and an angel. Likewise the Egyptian crocodile god, Sobek – both crocodiles, dragons and snakes are reptiles, angels. Sobek links to Sabak (!), which means teaching, lesson and Sabakaa, which is the morning star. In Latin, Lucifer, the Morning Star, is said to be lux fer, to bring light, but it comes from an old Semitic root lettefa, to tell. Angels are narrators, announcers, angelos (Gr.)

Sabak sees these words, these homonyms, as inserted into our consciousness, implanted, indoctrinated, injected. It is a means of control. The serpent is the architect behind language. The architect is a widespread Masonic symbol, and the inner meaning is control-architecture. It is usually said that the original Freemasonry was lodges for those who knew the art of building the temples, but all concepts have layers. And if it is the Egyptian temples and pyramids we are talking about, the knowledge required is not of this world. The technology is too overwhelming for Bronze Age and Stone Age people. In any case, it should cause our perception of these concepts of human developmental stages to be revised.

One may ask why this has taken place. An explanation that always comes up when pursuing this trail is that man has something that the angels need. We possess abilities and qualities that they themselves have not developed, and the energy, which is specifically human, they see as a resource that it uses in their plan, just as the resources of the planet Earth itself were what for approx. 250,000 years ago brought them here. Michael Tellinger estimates this on the basis of both new archaeological finds of the enormous amounts of circular buildings in South Africa and the mines that were also there at the time. Which fits with the Zulu legends. Angels are both physical and non-physical beings (serpentigena, shape-shifting) of immense intelligence with the spiritual potential of man, the potential they have at the same time prevented us from unfolding. They are simply afraid of it, just as the people who today are ‘obsessed’ with their being and push their agenda, do everything in their power to prevent people from remembering this potential. Things are going wrong for them at the moment.

And then there is no differentiation between different types of angelic beings and there is no discussion whether other types may have a more enlightening and human-friendly agenda, seeing as their task to help us regain our lost knowledge and the state that the Zulu legends tells of was our original state before the serpent and the angels interfered.

Jahwe comes from a Semitic for ‘to be’, ‘I am that I am’. The Assyrian word Hajaw is cognate (homonymous) with Jahwe meaning serpent. God ‘is’, i.e. a being (eng. a being). Man is also a being and created in the image of God. Especially in the Gnostic tradition, man is described as godlike. It is also found in the Luciferian tradition and even the Satanic tradition – here, however, man replaces God and steals God’s place. In the Hindu and Buddhist tradition, the divine can manifest in and incarnate as human.

In the Semitic cult of Baal (cult of the mind, Lebanon, Phoenician), Mal’ach (Molok) is occasionally depicted as a serpent god. It means ‘the shining serpent’ or ‘the shining king’. In Assyrian/Arabic, haqa, to speak, is related to Arabic hakim, king, and Babylonian aqa, serpent. The serpent is king, the serpent speaks. Both speech in the religious sense, in the sense of the law and in the sense of government. The word parliament shows this kinship. In Sanskrit, pala is the word for king. In Semitic the l becomes r and thus para, which is another word for pharaoh. In ancient Semitic, Ekidian, piah is the word for snake and in Persian peri is the word for the snake race. In Latin, anguigena is the clan of the serpent and the Theban priesthood. Anguigene angelica.

This is where a further association comes in. The connection of the angels to the navigator, the sailor. Mal’ach in Hebrew is sailor. The Latin word host is usually translated as army or multitude, ‘..and there was at once a heavenly host..’. But it refers from the Hebrew word sebalis to a crew member of a ship. It is the sailor. Therefore, the ship (in the church!) is a symbol of the church. The English word worship from old english worthen skype, i.e. worship, specifically contains the word ship. From here, by the way, something as far out as the online program ‘Skype’ .. The Catholic Church speaks of itself as ‘The Holy Sea’. The word Mary comes from maris, sea, ‘… hail, Queen of the Sea, Stella Maris’. The sky was the sea, the sea was the sky. Jesus was a sailor and fisherman. Governement in English comes from gubernaci, which is the navigator of a ship. There is a whole long history of how legally we have been cheated right and wrong using maritime law that rules over other law. Our money system is in the most cunning and opaque way linked up here, cf. Jordan Maxwell. Sir, Sea and Sail are connectedly related as homonyms. Viking ships and Egyptian boats are built like sailing dragons with head and tail and all. In the Nordic chieftain’s royal court there were dragons. The worm winds around the Earth (the Ouroborus, the Midgard Serpent).

In Arabic, seffina is the word for boat. But it is also the word for an unwritten book, a book with empty pages. Hmm .. The Treaty of Rome was signed on blank pages as it had not yet been printed. The ministers signed anyway (and the story didn’t really reach the media..). In Greek biblos, book also byblos, a type of boat. And our word for the Book itself, the Bible. Bibere, to drink, is the symbol of communion.

A necessity, one might say a secret, when doing this homonym type of etymology and symbol tracing is not to be fixed and rigid. This is what prevents traditional language research from moving in that direction. Where do you see the Greek word ophis, serpent, linked to the Latin word office, the institution and workplace linked to opus, work, linked to sacrifice, which is the work of initiation? – and then we are back to the snake.

In English, spell is the way we spell words. It is also the spell, the sorcery that is cast on us. The northerners threw runes at each other..

Seffina can be related to sefar in Hebrew meaning a cup. The boat is also the chalice where blood is drunk. And if we are to understand the blood in its original sense, then it is not ‘the body of Jesus Christ’, it is menstrual blood charged with a special power. The blood and the right of inheritance, the right to power, the monarchical succession.

Drakof in Greek is the eye, dragon is the dragon. A dragon is a creature that keeps watch, a sentinel, an observer. This is the all-seeing eye. There is also an element of ‘shining’, enlightenment, illumination.

Muhammad is speaking to a djinn in a congregation that is apparently unable to identify the being that has assumed human form. It relates to the Latin serpenta-gena, the one who can change shape.

The Semitic word keisa means star man and via Greek it ended up as the Roman Caesar, emperor. An angelic kinship is described.

Pierre Sabak continues associatively with his threads drawn between words. The upper house, the House of Lords, is the lineage of angels, the serpent, the lower house, the Commons, is the lineage of man, the mammal. Hebrew shiltar, government, is related to Shaitan, the adversary. Cf. Tsarion’s identification of the lineage of the serpent with the Atonists, who were Akhenaten’s government opposed to the ancient priesthood. Tsarion draws all the threads of power and corruption from this starting point. Baal, sailor, and bull have a homonymous connection. It is an esoteric symbol seen in the Catholic Church. The bull was also Zeus who stole Europa and abducted her to Crete. So what Sabak calls the Theban priesthood seems a lot like the entity Tsarion calls the priesthood around Akhenaten, which pulls the strings through Greece and Rome and beyond. Hence also all the Egyptian symbolism found in the Catholic Church and further in the Egyptianisation of Freemasonry in the 1600s and 1700s (Cagliostro…).

Secret, secret, is homonym-related with secretion, the secretion of a certain substance that comes by terrorizing or injecting fear into people. The angelic serpent beings breathe and feed on this secretion. Hence human sacrifice, satanic rituals and wars and bloodshed in pagan rituals AND modern war. It links to the Gnostic concept of the Archons, cf. John Lash (see above).

Engel, angle (Eng.) and building/architecture are linked. Even the word English, cf. the English monarchy and their alignment. With this also Freemasonry, angel and angle are the secret geometry and the mysticism of numbers. Architecture must also be understood as reality architecture. Our picture of reality is built through language. The word becoming flesh is a magical concept. The word was in the beginning, and the word was with God – who creates the world. The term archangel – archangel is a building angel – arch: arch in the vault.

But angels, serpents also commit rape, hence the concept of the Immaculate Conception.
And the journey goes on and on…

The perverted environmental movement

Peter Taylor is one of the most likable, knowledgeable / insightful people imaginable. He is a specialist in ecology at the highest level. He talks about how our sciences – in which he himself was brought up and educated – are fundamentally ‘fucked up’, amputated. The generation of scientists who created science as we know it today were, funnily enough, all: alchemists.

They then formed the Royal Society, on the basis of which all later scientific societies have been formed. The people like Newton we’re talking about here. So what they have actually done is to create a shell of what for them is real science which is magical in nature. This kind of science is still practiced today. When these people dropped their alchemy and the alchemical wedding – enlightenment through the union of the male and female forces on a spiritual-energetic plane – they became Freemasons and have been ever since.

In the City of London, it is virtually impossible to advance in the system without being a member of some obscure society. And what they are doing there is never out in the open. If someone asks, it is trivialized into some kind of scout club. And if someone mentions that the fathers of science were alchemists the whole bunch, you get gossip after gossip that back then the disciplines were not separated and ‘cleansed’ of superstitions and and so on. But if you look at what we got in instead, there is no longer any doubt that the old swindlers knew what they were doing. They wish to obscure actual knowledge about man, nature, consciousness and the actual forces of nature.

Peter Taylor has been deeply involved in the environmental movement for many years. He can tell about the strange paradox that the environmental movement today seems to be hi-jacked and corrupt. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into and are supporting the worst ‘global warming scam’ and Al Gore and stuff like that. On the other hand, there are people from the inner circle in the financial world who are waking up. He talks about a meeting he had with a group of heavy boys in one of the tall buildings in The City of London, where he tests them and asks them directly: It is clear that you are not working for the environment, a sound economy, true sustainability. But what are you REALLY working for? I’m curious. And to his astonishment he answers quite frankly: We are at a standstill, we are stuck, we cannot move forward. The system does not allow us to do anything.

It is very interesting. The environmental movement is stuck, but they have no idea. Circles in BigBusiness are stuck, but they’re actually getting the hang of it. And it is even more paradoxical that the same circles in BigBusiness and BigFinance have helped to take the ass of the environmental movement!

The Electric Universe

Wallace Thornhill a clear and calm voice from science which and yet being the bad conscience of science, its parallel universe so to speak, the subconscious.

Einstein ignored statements by Maxwell that could have taken us to a completely different place in understanding. The room was drained of energy. Gravity today therefore lacks an actual explanation – among other things the obvious fact that it operates at a ‘velocity’ that is near-infinite. So a planet knows at this split-second where the sun is, it doesn’t have to wait for the speed of light first, because then the solar system would fall apart. The speed of light is the cap on all speed. The sun is not explained. Its primary being is not a large atomic bomb, for the real strong forces are electromagnetism.
Newton didn’t tell us, but Kepler did!
Read: A problem called gravity

The sun and the solar system are charged by forces from the galaxy, which in turn are charged from the metagalaxy or intergalactic filament. Filament may not be the right word as it means: the strings or channels through which the energy moves.

Electromagnetism requires ‘something’ it can move through. It is a discharge of energy.
It’s called plasma, and it’s ionized gas. We know it from fluorescent tubes and lightning.

It is ironic that it is people who are low in the hierarchy, so to speak, namely electrical engineers, are the ones holding the long end of the rope. The super brains, the mathematicians, the astrophysicists, the cosmologists still cling to their Big-Bang, dark matter, black holes, dark energy. You’d think they were ‘black magicians’, which may be the case in a peculiar way. It has something to do with what Peter Taylor (see above) is talking about: the blackout that happened during the Enlightenment. It is simply a piece of new-speak and Orwellian meaning. Oddly enough, the word for enlightenment is the same as the word for illusion. Here it went wrong across the board.

Newton and the others were ‘magicians’, they were alchemists and astrologers. The weak-soft theory is, that they were ignorant., The hard theory is that they dismantled reality and the sciences on purpose. It still works that way today, where the system that created it is hierarchical. Those at the bottom of the hierarchy have no idea why they are there, those at the top filter just gather knowledge. All of science suffers from a disassembly disease. Knowledge is fragmented, and people in branches of science no longer do interdisciplinary communication.

The plasmatic or electric universe has come about just via interdisciplinary studies. Therefore, it also precisely points towards completely new times for science and for humanity. All truths should be simple and understandable. Science has created a deeply mystifying and impenetrable field of esoteric fog, where everything seems to be complicated.

Wallace Thornhill says that science keeps young people away from science, because they’re told that basically all the work is done, there’s just a few little corners to tweak, it’s all boring and super complicated, and you have to be a mathematical genius to become something serious in that world.

The electrical universe on the other hand has the advantage of being reproducible, directly studyable on a small scale. In all scales actually, because it is also a holographic, scalable (connection to Hartmut Müller and global scaling), fractal. So our end of the scale is an equally good model for the entire universe. The sun and the system can be mimed in a laboratory. The BigBang theorists require huge virtual computer models based on the craziest and non-reproducable mathematics. Mathematicians have monopolized cosmology by a scientific coup d’etat.

The world is full of anomalies. Red-shift is not an expression of distance but of age. The universe is therefore smaller than we think, and we can’t see any further anyway, so who cares? Thornhill calls for greater humility. There is not just science. They have certain codes that should work according to theory formation, but they don’t respect it themselves, because then we wouldn’t be where we are today. They are loudmouthed, arrogant, faithful to authority, dogmatic. And they can’t figure out how to listen to each other. Everything is so fragmented that even colleagues within the same field have to explain themselves to each other. As the wise man said: The greatest obstacle to knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge. That is the essence of the Enlightenment: illusion.

It is interesting that these people actually disavow Einstein. If one were to get conspiratorial, one could almost see this dominance of Jewish physicists as a Zionist plot to steal knowledge from humanity while feeding them ignorance. That is probably going a bit far 😉 But there is something (the whole, the important, the essential) that we must not be told. But it is not that simple. It is neither conspiratorial nor evolutionary. It is neither unconscious nor fully deliberate. It’s the lack of it. There are those who are aware and have always been aware of what they are doing and what has happened. And then there are a whole lot who only know something, little or nothing at all. I-myself basically have no idea until I-myself decide to do a more than ordinary piece of homework.

So: there are always people who know more than the rest of humanity. But because the energy is so low and dark (Kali Yuga – great distance between the two suns in the binary system cf. Walter Cruttenden) and has been so for so long (2000 years), they have an easy time operating and controlling. AND: they themselves are darkened in parts of their consciousness because they use the dark force. As Peter Taylor has heard them say (read above) with his own mouth when he ventured into the lion’s den: ‘We have no other option. We are stuck!’. He thereby suddenly saw them as they were: pitiful, lost, begging for help in addiction recovery. He heard them actually calling for help. And paradoxically, he saw his old allies from the environmental movements moving in a cooperative (fascistoid) direction. There has been a shift, the animal has moved, it is moving, it is no longer safe, it is beginning to be identified. The animal does not like it.

Thornhill notes that years ago, brilliant minds who came up with new theories based on their real achievements could become members of The Royal Society, which is the Society of Science around a neck. It was the first and the biggest. Today, these people cannot be admitted. The mainstream has closed in on itself. The totalitarian is at all levels. Meaning: this will lead to their own destruction.


A philosopher who is an outsider in philosophy. That is precisely why he is interesting. In contrast to many others, he stands for a universe of change. He is the originator of the phrase: ‘You can’t swim in the same river twice’. He stated that: ‘The way up is as long as the way down’. It quickly dawns on you, when you get to know him, that he is in fact: a Daoist! I have noted before that Plato has certain Daoist features in his ideal of leaders of the state. Heraclitus speaks of unity in opposites. It is simply: Lao Tsu, the old master. They are also almost contemporaries, but again like Plato with approx. a few hundred years of displacement, so there may actually have been a hidden flow that way.

He came from Ephesus in Asia Minor (nowadays Turkey) and the years are 535-475 – 60 years was big then. He was from an aristocratic family. Our source is the ‘man in the barrel’: Diogenes. He considered himself self-taught, also interesting. He has been called by posterity ‘The Obscure’ or ‘The Weeping Philosopher’ because of his low regard for humanity. Hmm, I guess he just saw which way the wind was blowing, and you have to say he was right.

‘Everything is in accordance with the Logos’. It could easily be translated into Lao Tsu’s: ‘Everything is in accordance with the Dao’. And the later Christian: ‘In the beginning was the Word’ is originally: ‘In the beginning was the Logos’ and therefore: ‘In the beginning was the Dao’.

The account of him says that he used to play games with the youth in the famous Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of antiquity. Burned down by the man who wanted to be famous at any cost, Herostratus, incidentally, on the same night that Alexander the Great was born. Later, to glorify him, it was said that Artemis was so preoccupied with it that she forgot to protect the temple. Later rebuilt and finally closed by the Christians. Some of the columns are built into the Hagia Sophia, hmm.., the wonderful soup stone on which cults are cooked…

When Heraclitus and the youth discussed politics, he said that the constitution was ‘wrong’ or problematic. He was in strong opposition, because he saw that early democracy was already in decline. It had its own ‘entellegy’, one could say (with Aristotle), i.e. containing the seed for its later full development. So we see it today, and how amazing has it turned out to be? In its soft, humane version it protects against abuse and despotism to a certain extent, in its hard inhumane version it is ‘American’, i.e. quasi-fascist, manipulated, corporatized, unionized, militarized, …

That Heraclitus was self-taught is doubted by a man called Sotion, who says that he ‘belonged’ to the school of Xenophanes. The Temple of Artemis was the wisdom school, cult place, mystery center of the time. Cult and science were not separate. Hmm… has it ever been? Later came the cult of the Catholic Church + science and today we have sciences, that have hardened as a cult with dogma, cf. Thornhill, Taylor, as you have read above. The difference is that at the time they knew it, later it became unclear, and today it is completely hidden.

To the extent that Heraclitus saw decay and focused on it, so to speak, he isolated himself from people and became a misanthrope. He also stood in opposition to the other philosophers and thinkers. He became lonely and wandered around the mountains and ‘ate grass’, they said. He developed edema and died of it – or whatever they were he died of, misanthropy, or as Theophrastus said: melancholia.

He is described as one of the natural philosophers. Paradoxically, in that case, it was nature that got the better of him. His writings survive only as notes from others. This may be because he gave his books to the Temple of Artemis, and it was burnt down (we must guess that Herostratus was an agent for a commissioned work that we will probably never know about). World history is full of stories of madmen who are completely and utterly alone in their deeds. But it turns out on closer inspection that there are other and more powerful people behind it.

It was Democritus who called him ‘the weeping one’ – while he himself was called ‘the laughing one’. Sotion in the 1st century says that they were both taken over by ref. laughter and crying, so each has its own archetype. Shakespeare uses these two types in ‘The Merchant of Venice, and as we know it is the logo of theatre meaning comedy and tragedy.

Logos: Logos is eternal, but people do not understand it until or after they hear about it. Because we don’t have experience with it, we don’t know what to do. We forget what we have dreamed when we are awake. This is a fairly accurate description of man’s separate consciousness, the great schism, duality, day consciousness (4%) and subconscious (96%). Logos is common to everything, but people live as if they have a private understanding of it. Even the word Logos is privatized. Soon it means Word, Enumeration, Plan, Formula, Survey, Proportion, Order, Calculation. Or common sense. Or System. Or…
The Stoics later understood it as the order that governs everything. Hippolytus in the 3rd century identifies it as the Christians: Word of God. In Vedic it would be OM.

Everything Flows, ΤαΠάνταῥεῖ(ta – panta rei. It is not his own word, but Simplicius’s characterization of him. This flow in upward and downward current, between Heaven and Earth, is very Daoist and very alchemical. It is the exchange of the elements and transformation. We also have the remnants of Egyptian knowledge that Pythagoras is said to have brought home from his long sojourn (he said 25 years in Egyptian temples and mystery schools). Heraclitus didn’t have much left for Pythagoras (but he didn’t have much left for quite a lot…).

‘The death of fire is the birth of water, the death of water is the birth of air..’ – such statements are very alchemical. But he gets a bias when he confesses that fire is the most important thing, that we consist of fire and water, and that we must strive to become fire. Fire is the element of the y ellow earth element and stomach organ in Daoist alchemy / elementalism. Here, all five elements must be balanced. After all, Heraclitus also died of malnutrition and melancholy.

Daoism is also clear that everything is an interaction between building up and breaking down. Yang-Yin. Platonism is different. Here there is immutability behind the changing phenomena. The ideas are static, so in that way Plato is definitely not Daoist. The Dao is changeable … and yet unchangeable. Tao can only be defined as both-and and neither-or-at the same time. As a paradox. Plato was far from that. He was a man of order (the static meaning of Logos).

You can say that the world is governed by two fundamentally different principles united in a third. The masculine is Logos: structure, being, order, condition, pattern. The feminine is creation, wisdom, birth, process. The unifying principle contains them both. It is Dao, love, the Holy Spirit. Everything is Three-in-one. Later the Trinity. It is really incredible how little the Christians get out of the trinity principle, and it is strange that it has survived and not been eradicated as in Islam.

For Heraclitus, Logos is a Zeus’ian quality. It is the ‘thunder wedge’ the eternal electricity that controls the universe. So we can almost sense a plasma-universal understanding of the Cosmos here. A link to Wallace Thornhill and the ‘dangerous’ branch of cosmology intruding today – dangerous for the mainstream, which has so many explanatory problems. And lo-and-behold if not the church fathers, Hippolytus for example. accused Heraclitus of the father of heresy. Interesting. The Romans were interested in a static ‘universe’ = Pax Romanorum. Like the Roman Church later in a static, non heliocentric universe. One wants to be the Sun / the focal point of the world, and the emperors also allow themselves to be proclaimed god – just like the Pope ‘the representative of God’s son on earth’. And the Pope loves the Big Bang and the linear universe with e.g. a lot of Dark Matter / mystery – cf his tribute in 1953 to the emergence of the Big-Bang theory, which was like Fiat Lux.
Knowledge is power – the people’s ignorance, our power. Lies and Latin.

World class Welsh history

World history is being rewritten! In this century there will be steady work for an army of archaeologists and historians – real historians, not just scribes doing commissioned work for kings, regents, popes and bankers.

Now becomes the history of the English empire, i. the early history, overthrown. And the two authors their research in order, no cheap guesswork. They have been working on it for 30 years.

So Welsh historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blacket tell with chuckling Welsh humor that it was all easy enough, because they just needed to talk to the locals in Wales, they knew it all. The wise gentlemen of Oxford and Cambridge did not know a thing. Everything was recorded, the fields were there, the names were there, the stones were there, the tracks were laid out. For the next 30 years it was, as they say, just following them. Hard work, but they needed not have been in any doubt as to what the work consisted of, because it became clear pretty quickly.
To start somewhere: King Arthur, is it pure myth and legend? The answer is no! A problem, say other historians – no problem say the two historians. King Arthur was their starting point in 1976 when they started their research.

It’s all a language problem

It is the irony of fate that it is the Empire’s own brutal repression that helps keep history intact amid all this falsification of history that has taken place over the centuries and is now cracking. The irony is that the English completely banned the Welsh language called khumry and their written language called coelbren, which is line or wedge-based, like runes, like Etruscan, like Assyrian, like Sumerian writing, right back to Henry IV. The ban came in several rounds. A later English king fired all the school teachers in Wales and employed Englishmen to ethnically cleanse the language. When you erase language, you also erase history and people’s knowledge of who they are. Hereby they become historyless = powerless goblins in time and space, willing vassals, slaves, subjects of the Empire. A consummate Roman strategy. You trample on their corpses by eradicating both the souls of the dead and the survivors above. You can call it genocide on a cultural-mythological level.

But the strategy has the side effect that the English don’t understand Welsh either, they can’t read their old records, their tales, their local historiography. And what’s worse: they don’t think they have any need for it. Tales and legends ARE history, not fables, but we are brought up via historians and school books and Christianity to believe that anything not stamped with the ‘history of the conquerors’ is fable, superstition, paganism and entertaining ignorant folklore. Thieves think that everyone steals – it takes one to know one – it’s easy to spot the splinter… etc. – so: a cultural-ideological projection. Back then in the 13th-15th centuries it was well known that the story was murdered, today we think that it either did not exist or that the stories were made up. There has been a slippery slope from an originally conscious knowledge of a misdeed to unconsciousness and ignorance. AND: ignorance here is not speechless ignorance, but loud-mouthed, conceited and totalitarian ILLUSION of knowledge.

A little more detail: In 1846 the English Parliament sacked all schoolteachers in Wales. They call it ‘The Traitury of The Blue Book’ – possibly The TTBB Syndrome (The Betrayal of the Blue Book). Welsh culture was murdered – for the third time. First the Romans did it, then the English kings (Richard d. 3 and Henrik d. 4) did it in the 15th century, and then they did it again in recent times. The kings in the 15th century made it forbidden to own pen and paper in Wales! The Welsh solved the problem as their language consisted of straight lines that could be cut into wood without pen and paper. In 1474 the art of printing arrived in London, and immediately Parliament banned all printing in Wales, which succeeded until 1692. But by then great damage had already been done. People who spoke with a Welsh accent were henceforth considered second-class people.

Syria and Troy

So there is a Welsh history that goes back to 1500 BC. and the Anglo-Saxons invading 1500 AD knew nothing of the past. The past of the Welsh is a long way off. These cocalled Celtic tribes – whatever that is – are from Syria and a princess Albine led them. The Syrian king had 33 provinces, which he put his daughters in charge of.

Excavation in Syria in the city of Ur (wasn’t it Iraq?) was done between 1922-34 and exposed a large building complex, a Necropolis of the 3rd Dynasty of Ur, 2 stories above and two stories below ground. One of the king’s enemies was the Hittite king Labana and he ravaged the territory. A special room was excarvated with a table in the middle and special artifacts, kneeling bulls, lambs and round crystal balls. When excavating the Lexton Mound in Culchester, England, kneeling bulls, lambs and round crystal balls were found.

Khumry is the original name for Wales. The second wave of invasion was via Brutus of Troy, grandson of Æneas (Aeneid) of Troy 500 BC. The Franks have a similar pedigree from another Trojan prince. Roman mathematicians, not historians, date the Trojan War to about 100 years earlier. Here, too, the historian Josephus Flavius was active (he who was ‘inside’ St. Paul). He had access to all archives in Rome, including those stolen from the Jews by Titus.

In Rome there is an Etruscan statue of Brutus of Troy. There is an inscription around the figure in exactly the same stroke/cuneiform alphabet as the British had originally. Caesar describes the alphabet of the Britons as being similar to the Greek. The Thojans > The Etruscans > The Britons. Stones in England, Scotland and Wales bear inscriptions in this alphabet.

Back to King Arthur. He has been declared ‘impossible’, i.e. a legend. It originates from Henry VIII’s historian Virgil, who stated that Arthur fought against both the Romans and later the Saxons. Then he must be 250 years old and therefore a myth. But it is very simple, for there were two King Arthurs, the king of two hearts, and Welsh annals describe both persons. These people were extremely geeky with genealogies/pedigrees. There is a massive pile of descriptions about these kings and they even tell you exactly where they are buried.

One hears from the official historians that no one can find certain battles called the Battle of Beaton and the Battle of Camlan. But they are accurately described in the legends = the historical descriptions, the places exist today with the same names, and the local people know all about it. Just not the fine gentlemen from Oxford and Cambridge, because they have never read Welsh or even spoken to the locals. In Wales and Brittany, tombstones represent the named participants in the Arthurian battles.

The Hanoverian scam

The rewriting = total falsification of English history occurs as late as 1815. There seems to be almost no connection between the history writing before and after. The Albine immigration disappears, Brutus of Troy disappears, it is claimed on top that Troy itself never existed, King Arthur the first and the second completely disappear (although they were already doubted by Henry the 8th historian). And it is done for political and religious reasons. And the purge was completed in Welsh schoolbooks and teaching, but as late as 1920 remnants could still be found in the simplest of places where King Arthur is portrayed as a real person. Then it disappeared completely.

The Hanoverian George 4 was on the throne, revolution threatens in America. All nationalist movements must be suppressed, the past must be obscured. Out goes King Arthur x 2, who fought the Romans and Saxons (both the Hanoverians and the Habsburgs see themselves as heirs to the Holy Roman Empire). History is the most important of all political weapons. It works more slowly than dropping a bomb or slaughtering an army, but it works just as paralyzing, because it gets under the skin and demotivates – and it is long-lasting once it has set in. A fundamentalist ex-bishop Stubbs is appointed as chancellor of Oxford University. All of the earth’s diversity suddenly originates from Noah. In Cambridge there is Edwin Guest, a fundamentalist Christian fanatic, who is appointed history professor without even having applied for the position. Both must work hard to rewrite history to suit the royal family, the church and the Crown Corporation.

But in its own way it failed for them, for King Arthur stood like a rock in the minds of the people. You ducked your neck, you never forgot history. The Hanoverians, for their part, in the midst of their regal belief in their own immortal perfection and God-given, eternal right to rule over mankind, have a lurking terror of being exposed as just what they are: Germans. That’s why they renamed themselves The Windsors.

The story of the barbaric Britons meeting the Romans is part of this nonsense. They were not barbarians at all, but sophisticated people. They were also scholars. They had, for example, people who spoke Greek fluently. They sent out Druids who were advisors to the Greek philosophers. They had ships that could outmaneuver the Roman ones. They are also great tacticians. When Caesar lands with his huge army, they tricked him. They allow him to move all the way up to The Midlands. All the time they annoy the heavy Roman army with lightning attacks, all the time they make sure that all supplies and animals / crops are taken out of sight. The Roman army dies like another Napoleonic or Hitlerian army in Russia, and they must return totally exhausted. It is not exactly the story that Caesar chooses to write down in his famous ‘Gallic Wars’, which many of us have read in Latin lessons at school.

In America there are traces of greater immigration. Here there were Indians who spoke Coelbren, wrote khumry on stones and wore clothes similar to the Welsh. Figures such as 70,000 people who emigrated are mentioned. They had descendants when the English arrived many years later. Here one may have another reason, a hidden and never formulated supplementary reason for all the murders that happened by the American Indians. King Arthur’s descendants were to be exterminated. They have a completely different appearance from other Indians, and are called names such as the Melongs.

A paradox is that the Arthurian story is one of the most well-documented in all of Europe, and yet today it is completely absent from official historiography. THAT is how effective the English campaign has been.

What, then, cannot be falsified, if this can be done so thoroughly? Unfortunately, the answer is that EVERYTHING can be done. The church, for example. No one noticed how friendly the Queen of England and the Pope were on his last visit, before she passed away. No one knows the close ties that have always existed between the English royal house and the papal state. The City of London is however called ‘The Second Vatican’ and ‘The Roman Square Mile’. But no one knows how true it is.

The written language khumry is found in Turkey, with the Etruscans, with the Welsh. They were also called the Khimeroi. Khumry / khimerer and kimbrer are the same word, so we find the kimbrer tribe in Himmerland, northen Jutland too. And they were bull-worshippers. But khumry has also been declared a forgery by the English historians of the 19th century and until today. It must also lead to considerations about how it is possible for the funders and employers of all these university researchers to control the research with a firm hand. The Royal Society bears much of the answer, for it points by its mere name to the fact that ‘the King decides what is science’, i.e. what is truth and reality and what the people need to know. But there may be people encased in these scientific companies who skimming the cream, so to speak.

Khumry is a genuine written language. Caesar notes it in the year 55. Lwelling Shawn (1516) and John Williams (1846) are two men whose work has helped to preserve it explained in writing. It is reminiscent of the way Greek was notated in Caesar’s time. Another contemporary historian, Marcelanus, said that the Greeks got their written language from the Britons. OK ! You are used to thinking the other way. The historians only tell of a wave that washes west and not the other way around. But it is also something that belongs to the great forgery. The author Michael Tsarion can also report on it. He writes mostly about the Irish, and here it is the Phoenicians and the Scythians who are mentioned. But we must remember that the Assyrians and the Phoenicians had a symbiotic coexistence, the warrior state and the commercial and architectural state, the lion and the deer lived side by side. The Phoenicians built houses and sailed ships for the Assyrians. They got them metals and goods from everywhere.

There are accounts of a Druidic travel activity to Greece 500 BC. The teachers in white linen. Merlin / Taliesin was Arthur’s tutor. He was the enlightened one, the man of the high intellect.

A Prince Madoc is a person who sailed to America with ships and returned 10 years later. Where have you been so long, because your ships cannot last 10 years at sea. He tells about this country and indicates the star positions. It is decided to send another captain out to test the claim, and he returns and confirms. Yes, it is good enough! We are in the 5th century AD. here. The Age of the Arthurs.

In 562, a disaster occurs. A comet strikes and destroys huge areas of England and Ireland. Some of it also affects France. That impact can be traced all the way across the Atlantic to Bolivia, as it obviously has a sideways approach. In England around 10 million people die. In the so-called Arthurian legends, i.e. historical descriptions, it is told about this desolate land where people could not move for 10 years. Again a story that has been relegated to the skrons and adventurers and that we have not read about in the history books.

Arthur the Second migrates to America. Incidentally, his legendary sword was found here with coelbrin inscriptions. Here he dies and is buried.

If we have to put a name to this immense falsification of history, it is the Hanoverans, i.e. the current royal family. They, if anyone, are guilty of this deception. If there is the occasional Englishman, Scotsman, Irishman, Welshman or Cornishman who harbors a wee bit of grudge and a repressed – and sometimes open – hatred for this world’s most powerful family, then that is quite understandable.

And we haven’t even mentioned Wilson & Blackett’s angle about the particularly royal family that settled in England in 37 AD – or should you say ‘under Christ’. When the Roman invasion forces and the Christians (missionaries have always been part of the stormtroopers) arrived, the English were already Christians !! And it was according to Wilson & Blackett only after the meeting with these early Christians that under Constantine the Great they decided to convert to Christianity. It must be said to be somewhat of a story, but they believe in their forthcoming book to be able to put weighty research on the table to substantiate it.
The Catholic Church has of course already announced that they don’t like the story.
They like their own story.

Psychic Vampirism, Energy Predators and Soul Energy

Joe Slate is a psychologist with a resume that is enormous. University professor, hypnotist, professor emeritus in Athens, honorary professor in Motevallo. His research includes health-fitness, health, life rejuvenation, pain management, reincarnation, astral projection and the human aura. He has founded companies and is a member of the most important ones in his field. One of his fund providers has been the American army, which is interesting when you know a little about what they have been up to. You have to live on fund funds in the US, and a lot of control comes in here. But it can also happen that a fund provider grabs his bite, it’s just something we can use – afterwards. More on that later.

His interest in this motley field of psychic and para-psychic subjects stems from a deceased aunt who possessed special psychic abilities. She was very focused in her life on life rejuvenation and believed that she should live forever. She had done charity work in India and as a thank you received a very large emerald from a local prince. This she always stroked by hand, and she lived until she was over 100. She was also a little scary, and when she visited, it was as if the hearth ‘died out’. The little Joes asked her one day why, and she straight up said she got energy out of it! She was like

Karen Blixen and possessed a special power and especially influence over young men. She also drew power out of them.

Here started Joe Slate’s interest in understanding what psychic vampirism is. We all know it, because everyone has certain traits or tendencies towards it. Therefore, it is important to understand that it is not only about actual abuse. This is a psychic exchange of energy between people – in general. We have all experienced situations where we feel filled with energy through an interesting conversation with someone. We have also experienced the opposite, where we want to get out of a conversation/togetherness with a person, but where we can feel that the person is ‘getting stuck’. It is energy surplus and deficit and the exchange of energy. The abusive, the vampiric, enters where there is a measure of involuntariness, an executioner-victim relationship or should we say: a parasite-host relationship. A vampire doesn’t ask permission, it just does it, and those it affects don’t notice until maybe afterwards.

People have different sensitivities to this sort of thing. But as humans, we have what psychology has called ‘need for social distance’. We have a field that can be crossed by others and where we feel the need to ‘retreat’. When encountering a vampire, retreat.

We are talking here about 1-1 relationships, but it often involves several people. It exists in the smallest scale and all the way up to the largest scale. A worldwide organization exploiting others, sucking their resources, leaving people as victims looted, poisoned, oppressed would have to be called: organized vampirism. Interesting. The American state has been such an organization towards the rest of the world. All Empires contain the element.

The term vampire is a harsh word. There is nothing mitigating about it. It would have to be in the strange youth cult that has arisen – especially among anemic young girls – that cultivates the phenomenon. It needs modification because it is difficult to use in situations where there is a voluntariness about it and where there is a mutual exchange of positive energy. And all the inflections between that and serious abuse.

But the organized vampirism, where you extract resources from the planet without giving back, is clearly vampirism. But here it gets sophisticated, because there are many who have sensed this, and a growing frustration and indignation has arisen. Therein lies a powerful energy. What has then happened is that the vampiric organizations have absorbed this energy and channeled it into the scam ‘man-made global warming and CO2 pollution’ to twist the energy away from themselves and into new taxation and restrictions = vampiric extractions . The environmental movement has been vampirized and has jumped headlong into it – i.a. by being bribed with abundant fund funds, fine office buildings and presence in the fine companies. Everyone now talks about it as a matter of course, no one even challenges the premise. The suction is in full swing. And the whole world has apparently jumped on it. Where does that dimension go, Lomborg? You’re going against the grain here, but you don’t mention much about who might have an interest in the politically correct agenda. Was it because Fogh Rasmussen appointed you to his own institute to make amber in it – before he had talked to Blair and Bush and suddenly put on a funny environmental hat himself?

Here one begins to sense a mechanism that, when handled in the seriously devious way, can make enormous amounts of energy available to what is really a very small group of people in this world for a very long time. The great revolutionary movements have – ever since they began to seriously systematically experiment with the staging of this kind in the 18th century – always revolved around the channeling of energy, so that it did not firstly affect one’s self (the rulers, the controllers, the vampires) and then unleashed resources to benefit oneself at the expense of others. The great wars of the 20th century have been such large-scale events. The military-industrial complex after World War II. The organization of the world economy so that there were straws the size of oil pipelines into the pockets of people and nations (Federal Reserve > the ongoing financial crisis that started as an exercise with Argentina years ago and which has since shut down a number of national economies, e.g. Iceland , Greece, Ireland are coming now, Spain should have been shut down, but then they won the EC, Portugal, … etc.). The pharmaceutical-industrial complex where you have millions of people medicated for life, the Catholic scam, the whipped-up clash of civilizations with Islam, the oil-energy-industrial complex where we are 100% dependent on outdated technology, there bars give such a fantastic return, etc, etc… The whole 2000-year-old (Roman we can call it) paradigm is based on this abuse and this: vampirism on a large scale and on all levels.

Joe Slate talks about a 3rd form of vampirism which he calls ‘parasitic’. It involves internal structures that are experienced as draining one’s energy. Phobias, fear, paranoia, inferiority. In fact, the concept of ‘parasitic vampirism’ was a term that figured in the 19th century diagnosis of certain human conditions. It has since slipped out. Hmm .. could it be because psychiatry itself is a vampiric structure (automatic medication of people without curing them, the colossal sums the pharmaceutical industry shovels into diagnosis, sickening, medication and addiction creation). So could it be because this diagnosis hit a little too precisely on what they themselves were going through?

A neurosis is a form of vampirism. Indeed, it is reminiscent of earlier conceptions of the human soul and ‘obsession’. Or about the healer and clairvoyance world’s perception of beings, forces of nature called ‘elementals’ that can settle as parasites in one’s energy system and suck it. These beings are part of an old Christian misnomer: superstition. Again, like psychiatry: the knowledge / diagnosis got out, because it reminded too much of what they themselves were going through. Religion is to the highest degree a parasitic structure when it becomes institutionalized and couples with power structures. It is the Empire of the Soul.

As you know, Joe Slate’s research is funded (is that a word?) by the US military. He says that without blinking. He set up a laboratory that used the technology developed in Russia under the name of Kirlian photography. Many photographs of a person’s energy system over a long period of time showed that the person has a unique energy fingerprint, an electromagnetic structure that does not change over time. It is therefore possible to measure the ‘energy of the soul’.

The next step was to map how different states and psycho-social inputs affected the energy system: forms of stress, social factors, interaction with others. A phenomenon appeared in some people that they had not seen before. After all, Kirlian photography is the image of the aura / energy field. In some people, there were like dark tentacles reaching out from the aura, and these people showed symptoms of psychic vampirism. They double-checked with people who were recognized clairvoyants, and these confirmed their readings. There was a shadow effect that obscured the energy of a person with these traits.

This is where it gets creepy. In couple therapy, where two people are for consultation due to a serious stressful situation in their relationship, a kind of barrier can be measured between their energy fields. But then you can see how one person can suddenly lunge and send out a tentacle that breaks through barriers and penetrates the heart area of the other. This is a chilling picture of the power-manipulation struggle going on between this couple – because that is what is going on, and we know it purely from experience – we may have even tried it. As a man, I know from experience how women can be expert manipulators, and the feeling that ‘now she’s in and pushing the buttons and turning the handles’ and then you have to be on your guard and try to repair your own system. Often we as men do not manage it, because women can be very, very good at it – even without being fully aware of it themselves. It can be strategies in powerlessness. They just grew up, went through the cynical school of life, practiced and eventually mastered it. There are certainly also male master manipulators, but they often operate in group power structures: politics, companies, organizations where you taste the sweetness of power, the vampire sucks your blood.

The structure of the mentioned relationship situation is a person who falls victim to a vampirization. Slate’s laboratory began to offer different energy-enhancing measures for each person. To have a harmonious relationship, both parties must be strong, otherwise the vampirism mechanism kicks in. Slate is very careful not to be judgmental here because, as he says, these situations occur occasionally in all relationships. Particularly glaring in decidedly abusive relationships where alcohol, drugs, incest, violence, etc. are involved. But also in quite normal conditions. In the mentioned couple scenes, it had exceeded the limit of the normal, the typical. And the methods of improving their energy systems resulted in dramatic improvements in relationship, while being measurable in the kirlian scans.

A couple’s lopsided relationship has already been established from the start via the persons’ own internal relationship. In the moment of love, the vampire, who can live in both of them, sees an opportunity to latch on. It takes two for a relationship. One party may have an equally great need to shower the other with energy, simply to be accepted and ‘loved’. Confirmation is achieved by making oneself available as a host animal for a parasite. You become a co-addict when you are so dependent on confirmation.

Joe Slate himself is somewhat reserved about the word vampirism, and considered finding another word precisely because of its negative connotations. The question arises quite quickly: why have humans ended up so massively in a parasitic culture? It’s almost like Mr. Smith in The Matrix, who says of humans that they are a virus. Slate says that one explanation may be that we have photographed the basic biological organisms that form our composite organism. For these organisms, there is the possibility of living in favorable environments in a state of growth and high quality / full potential, but also in a hostile environment of fear, flight, fight or stiffened defenses.

When nature, the ecosystem of organisms, functions perfectly, there is a reciprocal exchange of give and take that is not destructive. There is symbiosis for everyone’s benefit. Man is the only organism on the planet that seems to be outside this natural law and has formed a society that functions in a state of plunder, taken for granted by the courts at the expense of others, ‘survival of the fittest’.

As energy beings, we are here with two purposes: to reach our highest potential in development and to help others with the same.

Regarding de military interest, Slate states that the military was then interested in the possibility of developing security systems based on the unique human energy pattern in 1977. He then also says that after he had done that job, he is aware that the research has continued under a different framework … and thereby suggests that a development within the military’s own classified status today may have gone in extreme directions. There is much evidence of this, and others report on these ‘black projects’ and that the technology, along with a myriad of occult and esoteric techniques, is fully implemented and used all the time. No one mentioned, no one forgotten here. After 1977, Slate himself has taken it in a direction which is beneficial to man and which is intended to release our potential. We must hope that the people with his agenda manage to overtake the people who want an understanding of the vampiric complex for their own gain at the expense of all of us. Slate himself mentions that the possibilities for use – and thus also for abuse – are unlimited, and that some directions would be quite harmful. But, as he rightly says, this applies to all knowledge. If someone has knowledge combined with the mindset of a psychopath and a criminal, then anything can be abused.

Knowledge is power. What determines the outcome is true or false power, constructive or destructive, healthy or sick, balanced or unbalanced, empathic or non-empathic. Power is not just power, power has a quality determined by intention. Intention is determined by man’s level of spiritual development and his degree of responsibility for himself and others. Traumatization is not mentioned, but it undoubtedly plays a role here. It is very easy to take knowledge with great beneficial potential and pollute it in all sorts of ways. But it should never, says Slate, interfere with our search for knowledge, which must always accompany this activity.

One of the directions that Slate and his teams have been pursuing is something that will be over the top for many. It is right on the right foot when you have started to ‘photograph the soul’, namely its immortality. And that means the reincarnated soul or the constancy of the soul across physical existences. When the kirlian photograph shows an unchanging basic structure, then it is – at least theoretically – possible to store information about this basic structure and thus prove, if you have to use that word, two identical prints. One from a stored impression of a deceased person and the other from a new impression of a young living person. This is actually what the Tibetans do when they have to identify a new lama, the Dalai Lama for example, but it is also used for other highly developed lamas. But their tests are not as hi-tech as Slate’s, they consist of trials in which the young child must recognize objects that belonged to the deceased.

The Kirlian technique was updated via the most advanced technology of the time. The Russian Kirlian himself made his findings in 1939, and a qualified guess is that the Russians themselves have further developed the technique since then, but that we do not know very much about research in Russia, which is still in many ways a closed country. We recall the secrecy that existed about Hartmut Müller before he was ‘released’ for further research in Germany on a global scale. We have no idea how advanced and extensive their research programs are, and in the coming decade it will probably come to light quite a bit. But we don’t have that about the American ones either, because a large part of them take place in classified, hermetically sealed environments to which no media has access.

Comment: It seems a bit problematic that there is no degree bending using terminology. ‘Vampirism’ is such a strong and charged word that it is difficult to fathom that it can cover something that is not a serious, pathological abuse. That should be reserved for the extreme stage of energetic exchange > addiction > abuse > vampirism. Joe Slate himself draws attention to the problem, but has nevertheless chosen to keep the word. It covers the entire spectrum from almost healthy, balanced, natural personal relationships, where two fully formed people have a relationship, to deeply pathological, compulsive relationships, where exploitation, exploitation, deficits are the issue. It seems like a dilution of the word. It must and should be possible to create a terminology that differentiates and bends degrees. Energy is energy, it can be bound and twisted and it can have a free flow.

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