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Business HaraKiri

Let’s try something new today.
Usually, you skip intermediate calculations in a writing process.
Notes and ideas are stepping stones to something else, and then they are deleted.
The title may well be a working title and be changed later, but today we start without a title.
(By the time you read this, of course there will be a title).
Instead, we start with a series of theme ideas or core concepts:

  • When a death cult commits suicide
  • Auto-immune defect
  • Digging his own grave
  • Sun Tsu: do not disturb an enemy who is in the process of destroying himself
  • The implant program
  • The Chaucesco syndrome (when the dictator surrenders only with yes-sayers)
  • Mental inbreeding
  • The parasite ends up taking the life of its host out of blind greed
  • Business-kamikaze-harakiri (that became the title)

NB! This is not a table of contents, it is a bunch of undeleted idea cards.

You may already see where this could lead. I leave the notes, and maybe more will come along the way, because at this moment of writing, the fingers are just thinking out loud as something comes up. I don’t know if you think it might be interesting to gain insight into a writing process. Incidentally, I am under no illusions that this is the method itself in the universal sense. It only applies to me, and in fact it only applies today. I can have a guess that the creative process has the same elements for others too, because there are quite a few that are explicit about it. I have also noticed that the same methods can be used in different media, as I have worked professionally in music, graphics/design and con amore with dance and writing, where I have done it in the same way, same-same but different. I also know from collaboration that creative people are constantly learning from each other. Recently I saw a documentary about Frank Zappa, who many of us would normally consider one of the most original and uncompromising artists in music, with a style spread over pop, rock, jazz to avant-garde compositional music. The documentary was entitled: When Frank Zappa sounds like something other than Frank Zappa, and demonstrated how even such a superb artist has also copied and adapted the style and expression of others. Everyone has to relate to a tradition. The original is not the outlet, it is where you take it afterwards.

But now we are already coming out of another string that is also interesting.
I have done that in, among other things:
Kreativ dualisme
The Power of Play

… which then shows how easy it is to get distracted by associative thinking … and it’s like … and it reminds me of …

Because everything reminds of something, things are connected. It is the mechanics of memory itself, it is simply how we remember and understand, using a neural network that we can connect to other and larger networks of the same nature. The Internet is an imitation of this organic, fluid mechanics of memory and knowledge, and we all possess a fractal of this, the fractal being a scaled version of the totality.

It was just a piece of poetics, as it is called with a posh term. You can also say, in a less highbrow way, that it was the writer’s attempt to describe what he himself thinks he is up to.


Today’s topic has to do with a strange and difficult to explain phenomenon. Not that there aren’t explanations that offer themselves, and they contain some truth, but they bristle in many directions depending on which observance is the basis.

The phenomenon is that a number of major companies worldwide are causing such great damage to their own business that one has to take care of one’s head. What is really going on here? The common denominator is that they have jumped on the wokeness bandwagon. The products they sell have become contaminated with a political agenda and they have started preaching a gospel and teaching people what to believe and think. At the same time, they have begun to moralize and shame their customers if they do not consume this new hybrid product.

Mixing politics, ideology, culture and business is nothing new. It is as old as propagandism, and all times have had their form. In antiquity and the Middle Ages, it was the church and the king who carried out propaganda. Culture cannot – and must not – be tried to be totally separated from the basis of ideas. All upbringing and education contain propagandistic elements. That’s not what we’re talking about. We are talking about the phenomenon that took shape before the mass culture of our time, and which has now run amok to such an extent that it turns against itself. Shameless propaganda backfires.

It can almost be compared to a kind of biological reaction, where the body develops an auto-immune deficiency syndrome – it was called AIDS after all – and turns against itself?
Or is it something like a laboratory-created virus that people’s immune systems react against?
Both seem to be the case.

Because it can in any case be established that people react to being talked down to by someone to whom they pay money to deliver a simple product or a service. Come to think of it, people actually do that, but who would have thought that they wouldn’t? So, it’s a no-brainer for people with a reasonably well-functioning mental mindset. But the companies in question had actually thought that they could get away with it. Someone had given them reason to.

The companies rode a wave of political correctness embrace. Here it is probably important to understand – and this is not an unqualified excuse but part of the explanation – that as companies they themselves have been exposed to this embrace. Political correctness is a soft form of terror that nevertheless has harsh consequences. The companies did what they did because it was put under pressure and threatened into it or seduced into it – with a big stick in the back hand. But their responsibility – or lack thereof – is that they opportunistically and cowardly bowed to the pressure. However, I would strongly guess that many a company management had a hard time swallowing the pill, because business people are not that stupid. They know that they should not insult and patronize customers if they want to make money. There are enough market and customer studies to show that. The customer is always right…until one day they were no longer allowed to be right, apparently.

The trend arrived simultaneously with the fact that the voters in the democracy no longer had anything to say. They could well be allowed to cast their vote as a ritual, a symbolic gesture, but the result could just be discarded and manipulated, because now election fraud was programmed into the software that ran the now digitized election system. The latest example July 2023 is the Spanish election and the election in Cambodia. There has probably been one or two company management where the CEO psychopath has thought that the same thing was wrong with them and that the customers were there for them and not the other way around. Get it right. The customers are of course there for them when they make money, but not without them also being there for the customer and actually delivering the goods in full. That’s where the rope broke, because the customers suddenly couldn’t buy the item without agreeing to lick the boot and kiss the ass on a correctness agenda.

Monopoly pampering

There has probably also been a lot of monopoly indulgence over it. This is how the market works in a monopoly capitalist system, where very large firms have outcompeted others by dirty tricks and manipulation and with the help of their old-boy rich man networks. When certain multinational corporations have bought up so much that their budgets are larger than those of nation states, they feel a very great power. With great power often comes great corruption. Do we need to draw attention to what the power companies have done? Combined with illegal – but who the f-word cares? – cartel formation and fixed prices, this is how monopoly capitalism works. It is a market with its arm twisted behind its back, and the companies have been swimming around in that water for so long that they have believed they could afford anything. After all, people had nowhere else to go. It also has to do with the Non-Compete Plan described in The World Game part 8 – the World Crime. So their customers just had to do as they said, because they were dependent on the companies.

How large a proportion of business CEO’s are psychopaths? Is your CEO one of them?
And NB! This is something that is talked about in business circles and something that has been studied.

The same trend could also be observed in the relationship between the State and the municipality and, in general, service authorities with the citizens. From serving they became commanding. As a former employee in an HR management department of a company with 40,000+ employees, I have seen it with my own eyes. The spreadsheet types in the administration corridor saw the employees as someone who had to behave in a manageable manner and make life easy for the administrators. They were actually a service organization, but they didn’t see it that way. Roughly generalized, I’m talking about a trend, because we’re not talking about bad people, but about a slippage that has occurred, so that the original intention has been perverted.

The trend is centralization. The greater the centralization, the less humanity. The greater the concentration of power, the less sovereignty for people. Globalization is precisely an extreme form of concentration of power in a very small clique of business people, bankers and boardroom pamperers. The global is the anti-national, anti-local and anti-individual. The further out in Globalistan, the higher up in the cloud, the less interaction between leaders and population. Result: politicians and loss of trust between politicians and the media on the one hand and the population on the other.

You can’t say the f-word (the other one)

The trend also has another name. The name is due to globalization’s merging of state interests with private business interests, combined with the state’s gradual withdrawal of its unreserved support for the country’s inhabitants. The unreserved might even be so beautiful, because did it ever exist? The name of it is fascism. We live in a global fascist society. The word is not a swear word (as the leftists are prone to use it as). The word is a technical term for this form of totalitarianism.

In other words, it is one explanatory model of how companies could imagine that it was now their task to treat their customers like little uneducated children, because you do that as part of a totalitarian system of governance.

Of course, it has its history. Corporate culture has been politicized from various quarters for decades. The fake environmental movement = the climate agenda is an example. It was a designer cult, an agenda driven doomsday cult. People could now redeem themselves from sins when they had derived too much of the bad. The companies were now fitted with a guilt complex. We ALL had such a complex stuffed down our throats. The science behind it was deeply flawed and politicized. The environmental movements were infiltrated and couped, so that all actual environmental debate and politics disappeared in favor of a CO2 religion.
Read: The climate fraud – a story of politicized science

The companies were forced to play along in the play. They started to signal their virtue, because look how green we are, and look how we’ve now become CO2 neutral, and look how we think about the whole world, and you must know how much it hurts ourselves (kleenex). And many business leaders believed it, just as many politicians actually believed it, waving all their flags and look mom, look I’m swinging now, look I’m swinging…yes you do honey. But who were they signaling to, who was their mommy? To the politicians in the first place, because then they escaped hassle and regulation for so long. And at the same time to the public opinion of the new hordes of brainwashed people who believed the same as the stupid, lazy and in some cases corrupt politicians. ‘Lazy’ is not to be understood here as a politician’s working week, because it is usually longer than that of others. What is meant is intellectually lazy, because they didn’t bother to check whether their proposed basis for decision now also held water. If we have to be nice to the politicians, we can say that they are deluded. But to be seduced and then willingly spread your legs and stick your butt in the air … how respectable is that?

The never-grown-ups

But the way was paved for a new wave of submission on the part of the companies. Because a new team had slowly arrived. They were young, they were fresh out of university, and their brains were totally damaged by cultural Marxism. Where my generation was exposed to the first wave back in the 1970s and 80s, meanwhile it had escalated with the millennial generation. The hatching of eggs was timed so that the product could be released in the second decade of the 2000s. When the world first really heard about wokeness in 2016, it was prepared decades before. First, a generation of neo-Marxist teachers at the institutions had to be put in place. Next, the students had to be released. And these students were supposed to be equipped with a frustration and anger at being screwed over, a new punk generation of already-in-debt-from-the-start, no-future-confused AND brainwashed headless chickens ready to smash it all at a given signal, became now unleashed.

Chicken run

The wave started in the United States. It is the message of the Rothschild Syndicate to Lenin in 1923 to launch the program which, in the course of 100 years, was to transform the world into a place emptied of human sovereignty, the perfect communist society, the perfect planet of slaves. The plan also operates with the center of power having to be moved every 75-80 years, because otherwise the Empire would fall. The Soviet state had such a lifespan from 1917-90, the classical British Empire had its climax from 1877-1947, and the American superpower empire lasted from 1947 to 2023-27, when all power was supposed to be transferred to China. These imperial cycles are not some kind of natural law, they are artificially created and follow a program. The three world wars follow the same program, and we are now at the start of the third one, which is escalating without people realizing it. You can also read about the fact that the world wars were already planned in the 1800s.

What I am implying is that the self-destructive behavior of companies is part of a design, a program. But, as you know, everything does not always go as planned, no matter how cunning-draconian the plan may be. The plan in its entirety is called the Omega Program and is not of human origin. But after Omega was removed from the equation, all that’s left is humans, and humans make mistakes. To the best of my knowledge, this is the reason why things are going wrong for companies and, in general, that globalization is failing miserabley at the moment. The globalists are following a plan that is no longer feasible. But because the world’s leaders and their black networks have had an implanted chip in their brain – NB! it’s an advanced chip that could be implanted without a physical operative intervention – which has allowed individuals to be controlled to a degree only presented in science-fiction – then they’ve continued beyond that like duracell bunnies.

Case story: Hollywood

One of the industries driving this rabbit-race-chicken-run towards the abyss is the Hollywood film industry. They are already in the propaganda business, even if they themselves want to claim that they are in the entertainment industry. But it only takes a little targeted study activity to uncover their long-term collaboration with the CIA, the military and the weapons industry, and thus understand that they rarely make mere entertainment. There is always something that smacks of product placement, as it is called in the advertising industry, and this is not only glimpses of commercial products, a Coca Cola bootle here, an Apple computer there, but more subtle products. Lately, it has become increasingly clear that this is no longer the kind of entertainment we expect. It is also clear to millions of viewers who simply no longer feel entertained. Not only does Hollywood hire inferior actors cast for their ‘diversity’, they also screw up cheesy scripts that violate former good stories. And simultaneously with the poorer standard of the acting, they have also abandoned the star quality that has always carried the big Hollywood productions.

At Disney, it’s gotten big. A sinister reputation is already forming around the way they sneak the sexualization of children into their stories. Now they run full blown LGBTQ+ propaganda. Their girl characters have turned into little semi-pornstars. Satanic-occult elements appear all the time. In addition, there are persistent rumors that their Disneyland theme parks are hubs for child trafficking. So, in other words, there is a tepid stench of pedophilia seeping out of Disney. It was Disney who strangely enough had bought the rights to the film Sound of Freedom – not to release it but to languish in their warehouse and never release it. You buy-and-strangle just like Microsoft has done to 100’rds of small inventive software companies. As you know, the film’s theme is precisely child trafficking – so whoa Disney there!, what was your real problem with the now box office success, and did it come a little too close?

The actors in Hollywood are terrorized by political correctness. Every single time they go to an audition, they are bombarded with questions about their views on such-and-such propriety of political correctness, and they have to stand and lie – it might well turn out to play that role too – because they know they won’t get the part. And if they win an Oscar, they are expected to stand up and fire some BS about how all people should thing and behave and shame on you if not.

Upcoming: Snow Brown and the Seven Freeky Morons

Disney has had a string of wokeness-infested box-office flops over the past few years. It is estimated that they have lost something like $70 billion and counting. Right now they are preparing a woke version of Snow White, where Snow White is a Latino – that is, Snow White – we should spell it out for the mentally disabled, she has snow white skin and red lips and jet black hair – there is only one dwarf, and the other seven are representatives of one or another diversity criterion of ethnicities and funny genders dressed in all the colors of the LGBTQ’ish rainbow. And the prince who is supposed to kiss her so she wakes up is written out of the story because a woman doesn’t need a man in her woke life…WHAT!? I have criticized now classic Disney films before for disneyifying stories, such as the amputated Kipling’s story in The Jungle Book*, but this is next level and on steroids. Now they don’t just make the story child-friendly and toothless, now they rape it to death to drive ideology!

*In the real Jungle Book it is not about how funny animals can sing and dance. The snake Kaa as one example is not a silly mouth-watering idiot. When the jungle boy arrives at the hidden temple ruin deep in the jungle, he is threatened by flocks of fierce monkeys that want to rip him apart and devour him. He falls down into a pit in his escape, where he meets the python snake Kaa – who also wants to devour him. But the boy makes a deal with him. The boy will pretend to be a bait in the moonlight at the temple court, and then when the monkeys arrive, Kaa will catch one of them for his dinner. That’s pretty cruel stuff. Next example. Shere Khan, the tiger, is not scared away by the jungle boy by setting fire to his tail. The boy on the back of the bull in the buffalo heard hunts the tiger down the ravine and tramples him to death! So much for Disney fucking up real good stories to sell their stuff.

The fatigue point

And the reaction had to come. The box-office flops of recent years are due, quite simply, to the fact that they repel their own audience. People do not go to the cinema to be morally educated. Nor do people bother watching the Oscars to be shamed and lectured by stupid, spoiled, conceited Hollywood starlets who know absolutely NOTHING about anything but their own little coke-addled Los Angeles bubble of illusion, cf. Ricky Gervais’s hillarious return ball as host at the awards ceremony. People also don’t want to see their icons debased like they just did with Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones, and cult comic book fans can’t stand to see their favorite Marvel characters turned into transvestites. Marvel Original died in 2009, when the company was bought by Disney. People can’t bear to be bullied with identity politics. And people absolutely do not want to subject their children to paedo-Marxist indoctrination and be called systemic racists, biggots, homophobes, misogynists, toxic masculins and white supremacists. So they have simply boycotted by not showing up. Disney+ was also a huge flop. But has Disney taken the consequence? No way!

It became completely glaring when the lead actress in The Woman King, Viola Davis, stood up at an interview and already at the premiere pissed off the audience by saying that if people didn’t go in and see it, then they were racist misogynists. Wow! Why hasn’t this moron been given a stern warning not to flash something like this? because it must have cost many thousands of cinemagoers who JUST therefore chose not to see it. And to make it even worse, the story takes place in Dahomey, which was notorious for the local chieftains selling off slaves to the European and Arab slave traders. The movie claims to be based on a true story, and there was indeed a group of female warriors in Dahomey, but they used their warriorship to help the transatlantic slave trade – the movie idiots just forgot to check that first. And it gets even worse, the female warriors were chosen from among the wives of the chiefs who were considered so ugly that he did not bother sleeping with them. And chiefs in Africa could have a whole army of wives, literally. The film portrays them as heroic Pan-African freedom fighters, which is shrill falsification of history. And very typical of all Marxist falsification of history.

A small note on the ownership of the film industry in Hollywood. The five leading companies were all started by Jewish immigrants from Poland and Russia. Later, the Jesuits and the Mormons have been inside. Lately, the Chinese have bought in. Here one could perhaps get the suspicion that someone is working to completely deliberately drive Hollywood down in order to take over the industry. It is possible, but I put a different angle.

By the way, make no mistake about the pioneers, the Jewish immigrants, because they knew exactly what they came to America for: for freedom = everything they didn’t have where they came from. There was no pre-woke agenda in early Hollywood. It crept in along the way in step with the entire Zionist project.

As mentioned above, the destruction of the United States and American culture and economy coincides closely with the 100-Year Plan to transfer world domination to China. It also ties in with the huge Black Widow program that has brain-chipped members of the two mafia orders, the Order and The Dragon and the Order of The Black Sun – see The World Game part 1-8. The management of the Hollywood companies has simply been brain-hacked. This angle explains the otherwise inexplicable and irrational self-destructiveness of their behavior.

Go woke, get broke

Hollywood is not the only entity among world corporations that has submitted to the woke agenda. Budweiser just burned their fingers badly using a transvestite influencer (Dillan Mulvaney) to promote Bud Light. This has meant that half of the American population has boycotted the brand, with accompanying losses of billions for Budweiser. Their loss is so devastating, that they are now talking about selling out their departments.

Pepsi ran a commercial based on Black Lives Matter propaganda, to which their customers responded negatively. Nike hired a soccer player for an ad who was a notorious pioneer in having athletes kneel in shame on the field for being such nasty racists – with bad result. Gillette burned their beards and mustaches to run a commercial for shaving products based on shaming toxic masculinity and a promo for MeeToo. Who the f…..! advised them that they should insult their bearded masculine core customers in that foolish way? An insurance company, John Lewis, produced an advertisement in which a boy ran around transvestitating in his mother’s bra wearing his mother’s lipstick – at a time when children are being seduced into allowing themselves to be hormonally manipulated. A clothing company (name forgotten) that produced children’s clothing began to smear overtly satanic illustrations and statements on their clothing – and burned the teddies on it. Benn & Jerry burned their paws arguing that the US should give Mount Rushmore back to the Indians, and then a tribe of Indians arrived up from the Northwest – and this is hillarious! – where the ice cream company was headquartered, and said: you live on our old territory, so now we think you should start by giving us your land back, since you think that… Then they shut their mouths – and people hit their thighs with laughter.

Things are going wrong BigTime for these arse-licking companies, because:

  • The transfer of power to China is not going to take place.
  • CDBC digital global currency is not going to be established. It will never be able to work technically, and it will never be approved in The Hall of Records, where everything has to go through.
  • The world population will not be fully vaccinated and then euthanized.
  • Blackrock is now being taken over from within by a completely different network of hard-nosed business people who are fed up with the order constantly reneging on their promises and not paying their bills. They are tired of counterfeiting and scams.
I wonder if Blackrock CEO Larry Fink falls under the Business Psycho category?
Will he be kicked out of the front door one of these days?

Until that process is completed, the big companies must then be allowed to walk the line, or perhaps rather in maritime terms: walk the plank. It will thin out the ranks of parasites.
This is what the ultimate military theorist of ancient times, Sun Tsu, wrote – and his theory was not speculative, for, like the brilliant commander that he was, he had put all his statements into practice: Never disturb an enemy while he is on his way to destroy yourself.

People who think they want to support correctness must also be allowed to do so. They will soon find out that these companies that offer you an identity and that you pay for don’t care about you in the slightest. People who jump on this bandwaggon are people with weak identities, and it really doesn’t take that much to pull the rug out from under them.
Get a life, get yourself a real identity, because BigBusiness’s ‘heartfelt interest’ in your self-worth is ZERO!

Hollywood, which we’ve used as a textbook example of how bad things go when you get hitched to an agenda, will either undergo a transformation, or they’ll just … undergo = go under. Alternative production environments are already forming in various places in the United States. The creative environments for films are currently located elsewhere in the world, in Europe for example. Fair enough, because this is also where it all started, but the American film industry took over when Europe was destroyed in WW1. For example, Danish film was leading before the war, and Ole Olsen’s film workshop was world famous. We could and can do something with film in Denmark, and there was also a strong comeback with the von Trier generation (Dogma hand-held or not), if you can call it that. Danish actors are also in demand abroad, and we have world-class directors. Indian cinema, Iranian cinema, Chinese cinema is big. I expect a new cinematic heyday with a great deal of decentralization.

The Hollywood monopoly is about to be broken. And when this happens, it will never come back.

Wokeness in Hollywood

Imagine a film where a career woman in a pants role, driving the tough business trip on the men’s terms, suddenly stops and admits: I don’t want to run this race anymore. I want to prioritize my family and love my husband and children and realize myself as a woman. So a real woman who discovers that she is trapped in a game where she no longer has the opportunity to be a real woman. WHOA! such a film would NEVER be produced under Hollywood auspices. Why?

Because the core philosophy of wokeness is that inner life, spiritual life does not exist. There is only power. Love between man and woman does not exist, there is only power struggle/gender struggle. Love between parents and children does not exist, there is only generation gap = generational struggle. There is no mutual understanding between employer and employee, only conflicts and class struggle. Love for the motherland and mother tongue does not exist, because there is only chauvinist power agenda.

You can also imagine a film where a man comes to town and starts a business. Today you can’t make such a film either, because if you start a business, you have to be an evil white-male-supremacist-Nazi capitalist and therefore the bad guy. You can describe him as a pervert and a loser but NEVER as a succesful entrepreneur like 50 years ago.

On this perfidious premise, one can no longer express what it means to be human. Hence this hopeless and over-the-cliff Hollywood trip. The problem on the bottom line with these scripts where everything is power is that they are NOT good stories, because the story of man is NOT that everything is about power. Therefore, in the Hollywood concept, the film is a dying art form. Power coagulates in its own agenda-infected expression. The world has got a cultural jam.

A fairly popular series Game of Thrones has this noticable twist. There are absolutely no characters of moral standards here, no real good guys and girls. There is only games of power, and everyone is striving for it. One could say, that the neo-darwinian concept of eternal struggle for survival, where only the strongest will be the last man standing, is now all prevailing. The human being is now just an animal.

We don’t want to wait any longer

On the whole, the new era is coming. We see it clearly in peoples reactions to the woke agenda. The era will be characterized by decentralization. The world has found out what the globalists had in mind. They must first be thrown at the gate like the stool gluers they are – their asses are practically grown to the chair seats. Of course, they do not voluntarily give up their accrued privileges. But we will have to use one of their own smart words against themselves: Your efforts for the world community are unsustainable, and by the way, it was never meant to be. It was just supposed to drag out the time until we were all killed off.

And isn’t it strange, like this feeling of dragging out time, nothing decisive ever happens, it all goes round and round, it all repeats itself forever – this fixed standstill has been a fundamental condition. It is the great absurd-theatrical While we wait for Godot. Tomorrow, tomorrow will happen, but tomorrow never comes, Utopia never shows up, the eternal kingdom of heaven is always sometime-somewhere in the future over-the-rainbow, or when you’re already dead and then it’s too late.

The new decentralized world trend is that we no longer want to wait.
It is NOT like generation punk who shouted: We want the world, and we want it now!
Because their slogan was also: We don’t know, what we want, but we know how to get it.
Their task was only to destroy. Same with generation woke.

It’s not really as simple as a generation, although there is a certain concentration in GenZ, the Millennials. It was already there with the baby boomers. Woke-designer-cult(ur) is more comprehensive, after which we can talk about who is targetted. It has something to do with the timing of the 100-Years Plan.

What the world can no longer bear to wait for and tolerate is that the ronkedor segment has to finish fattening up. They will NEVER finish even if their time is up. They have not delivered, they have not kept their promises, their bids for a world explanation are unreliable, they never tell the truth, they never say what they are up to and why, their poor excuses are too-little-too-late, they covet themselves and never share with others except to hand out bribes, they have no solutions to the fundamental problems, because their pseudo-solutions only create more and worse problems, their postulated competences are non-existent, their bodies and institutions are rotten in corruption, their worldview belongs to a bygone era …

As a native of the generation that allowed themselves to be seduced and failed their descendants – yes, sorry, you/we did, although it was not clear – I have to announce that for the same reason I refuse to represent this generation. I am also not willing to unconditionally represent the rising generation, because I can see that they are already in the process of overtaking us inside at a 100 mph. I represent with joy and enthusiasm those from all generations who have managed to stop and say: whoa enogh! This has never been in our interest. It must stop.

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