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The World Game part 1 – a cosmological model

It’s time again for another alternative Bible story. This time we start with the six-pointed star. And as always, the point is not just dusting off history but highly topical. It has something to say and mean for events right now. We also take the opportunity to retell the story of the historical person we call Jesus. Not quite the one we hear in church.

It is also the start of a series called the World Games. It is planned to be i 8 parts with maybe a 9th follow up part. Along the way, decidedly cross-border angles will be put forward to explain the ongoing reality. This applies to historical reality, accepted reality, scientific-postulated reality, political reality. This also applies to the kind of reality presented in ideologies, religions and mythologies.

Expect somewhere around a hundred book size pages.


We jump right into it. Everyone has seen the symbol. It means something. Many have explanations that come close to its meaning. The Kabbalists have more or less patented it and call it the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon, but they cannot really decide whether to name it after the father or son, just as they cannot identify where the first temple was, for it was certainly not the place where the second temple was built – and burned to the ground by the Romans. The first temple was in the city of Tannis in Egypt, and the so-called Jews were an Egyptian dynasty called the Hyksos. Ask the Jewish historian Josephus Flavius, because he knew. On that point he was not a deceiver, although as a historical deceiver he was the man who was ‘inside’ St. Paul. And let it be said up-front: Christianity is not Jesus’ church – it is Paul’s church.

So: Tannis in Egypt was the city of the star, and the king Sol-Om-On was the holder of the important office given to him by the Source, God. However, he was removed from the order, because he became greedy for power and entered into a pact with the demons, the djinn, to gain more power – and to build the temple, because it was built by the demons. Strange, because when does one have more power than when God has given you an office? But Solomon wanted ego-power, power for himself, power that excluded and enclosed. He is referred to in the Old Testament as the wise king, but he was only wise until he chose corruption. He made the actual Faustian pact with the Devil (demons). We will see later what this pact was about, and as we know, Mephisto takes the whole arm when you give him a little finger.

Another explanation than Solomon just being greedy for power is, that he was taken out.
We shall explore that explanation in later parts of this series.

Explanations of all sorts

The most common explanations for the star symbol is masculine-feminine. This is the explanation we find in pop culture esoterica like Dan Brown’s DaVinci mystery. The pyramid with the point upwards is the male, it is the point of the pyramid, the point of the obelisk, the phallus, it rises into the sky – and it does. The inverted pyramid is the woman, the bowl, the uterus. The two complement each other in the heavenly wedding. Speaking of King Solomon, his Song of Songs is a hymn to this principle, the sacred marrage.

Which is fine enough as a symbolic interpretation, because any real symbol operates on several levels, it is open to interpretation, it is multidimensional. So Solomon-Sulamite poetry is beautiful in its erotic expression. By the way, it is very Egyptian to see the cosmos as a piece of erotica, just take a walk through the temples and you will find cartouches with erections and ejaculations. In one of the Egyptian creation accounts, Atem (hence Akhen-Atem, the break-out pharaoh, the man inside Moses) sat and was bored in his empty universe, after which he masturbated, and via his sperm he created the Universe. I think you have to search long and in vain for this kind of thing in Christian church art, and in Islam it is quite unthinkable. On the other hand, it is found in abundance in Indian temple art, and in all cultures at all times eroticism has been both sacred and praised. It is interesting yet sad, that its banishment in Christian culture and its pictorial expression has given rise to eroticism becoming something dirty and has transmuted into pornography and even worse kinds of sexual abuse.

It was supposed to be the story of Adam and Eve, who roamed naked in the Garden of Eden, but while we have Akhenaten and Nefertiti in mind, all the elements in the Creation story/Genesis are found in the poem attributed to Akhenaten called The Hymn to the Sun. The whole poetry with ‘let there be light’ and ‘God created the birds and the animals’… yes they actually start singing every morning just before sunrise, is therefore the sun worshipers’ tribute to the sunrise, when the world is recreated once a day. The famous pharaonic couple, whose tombs have never been found in Egypt or elsewhere, were in the habit of walking around the palace garden butt naked. And Moses’ burial place does not exist either.

On the other hand, we have Exodus. Who then is cast out or ‘allowed to depart’ after threats of seven additional plagues? There was not just one but two Exodi. The first occurs when Akhenaton’s followers are thrown out by the priests of Amun in Memphis because he wanted to reform theology and introduce his Atem solar cult and expell all the nature gods, the neters, Osiris, Isis, Horus (the baby Jesus), Sobek (the crocodile), Seth (Satan, Osiris’ evil cousin), Ptah (the architect), Sekhmet (his wife), Ra (the Sun), Hathor (the womb, the uterus) , Anubis (the dog’s head), Thoth (wisdom), Bastet (woman with a cat’s head, later the sacred cat) – and Amun himself (amen, aum, the creative primordial sound). + a whole lot of other figures that personified all the forces of the universe. We call them ‘gods’, but they were figures meant to imagify-understand the forces of nature.

The seven plagues and the events surrounding the Exodus correspond to phenomena that fit with the eruption of the volcano on Thera or Santorini, which sent an impact beyond the entire area. There was also a local deluge with the falling and rising of the waters. It was not the flood mentioned in Genesis, for the eruption of Thera is dated to 1640 BC. It is 300 years before Akhenaten, and here one would object that the two events cannot be connected. But many events described in the writings of the Jews and in the Bible have moved in both time and place, and these god-kings perceived themselves as repeaters of historical figures. Their perception of time was different and historical events were perceived as current. And then it is a good story if they appear as if God or a god = the god of the Jews torments the life of the evil pharaoh, so that they are allowed to travel. You don’t go out of your way for a good victim role, because a lot of politics can be spun on it. So was it a special sin for Akhenaten, his wife and his people that they were thrown out of Egypt? Or did they figure it out themselves? Was he really the evil pharaoh?

Akhenaton settled with his people in Amarna in the middle of the desert. There he got plenty of sunshine for his sun cult, but he got into trouble again with the neighbors, whereby he and his family and people (Hyksos) – in the Exodus/Bible called the people of the Jews – were forced out for the second time, and this time they have to cross over the Red Sea. And no, they didn’t stumble around the desert for 40 years, because Sinai isn’t big enough for that. But along the way they met the Canaanites, against whom they had been warned, the worshipers of Baal, and got into some dirt, so that Moses/Akhenaten got angry and smashed the tablets of praise and the sacred golden calf. For the sign of the bull/baal had ended, and the sign of the ram had begun. And who was also depicted as the butcher of a bull? Mithras was. Later lambs (the ram) were slaughtered, because now arrived the sign of Pisces and the Fisher king had come.

But what does one do with eroticism in Christianity? You sublimate it into a marriage with Christ or once an angel’s pussy – and excuse the expression, but religion is not for the faint of heart. In Catholicism, it is the cult of the Virgin Mary. In Protestantism we have pietism and its eroticized hymn poetry. It’s beautiful as and personally I’m a big fan of Danish psalm author Brorson’s pietist hymns, but it’s still sublimated erotica. God became the Holy Trinity with father, mother and child … no, because mother became the Holy Spirit, so it didn’t get too lively. God was masculinized to reflect the priesthood and the Empire.

In Dan Brown / Davinci Mystery terminology, the bowl/lap = The Holy Grail, the cup = the genealogy, the genetics, the bloodline = Jesus’ lineage passed on by his wife Mary Magdalene. It is historical in a set-and-show way but in an incomplete way.

The historical Jesus ended his days not on the cross but as a life prisoner in a luxury prison in England (Fortress Diwa) as far from the Middle Eastern danger zone as possible. He was the leader of the Jewish revolt against the Romans, the revolt that cost the Romans the most gray hairs – ever! According to official Christianity = the Roman state religion, the historical person, is no longer historical but elevated to a deity, a sun god. Jesus became Mithras (with a twist), and then he fit like foot-in-hose to the cult that the adapted mithraism, that the Roman soldiers cultivated. Christianity became the piece of software installed in the great new system of governance: feudalism. It was the administration of Constantine the Great that created this vicious slave system that has lasted for 2,000 years. Please turn the other cheek In the Roman designer passivism that enjoins you to give to the emperor what is the emperor’s = Pax Romanorum, the great shut-up peace.

So the King of the Jews must be taken quite literally, for that he was. There is a reason why Jesus is called king in 30 places in the scriptures. But in the Bible, the editors do all sorts of tricks to avoid talking about it. Always remember – or learn if you never knew – that the Bible is a product of editing. Bible = book collection consists of books that have been included and books that have been expelled. And the books that have been included have been edited so that they do not contradict the selection criteria behind the inclusion. A number of these options and opt-outs appeared, among other things, at the finds of scrolls in Qumran (present-day Israel at the Dead Sea) and Nag Hamadi (present-day Egypt).

The historical Jesus

We take a detour before entering the star symbolism. Because wasn’t it something with a star over Bethlehem? Thus the star prophecy. And was it not said of Jesus that he was ‘of the house and lineage of David’? And was the star of David not the Seal of Solomon?

The historical Jesus … does not exist in the writing of history. All historians who have tried in that direction have received a stick over the neck. The historical person is simply written out of history in a systematic way. So if you haven’t yet read the relatively full version of the reconstructed story – The King that disappeared – here comes the elevator version. The full-FULL version can only be found in the historian Ralph Ellis’ life work, but then you are out in 4,000+ pages of explosive literature, and you probably don’t have the guts for that. Sorry, I don’t underestimate your capabilities, but … you don’t. If you do, let me know.

We find the historical person actually mentioned in the historian Josephus Flavius. So the historical Jesus here he is called Jesus of Gamala, and Gamala is another city name for Tiberias or Gennesareth named after the lake. Tiberius is the Roman name for the lake. Jesus of Gamala was the leader of the Jewish revolt against the Romans, and Tiberias was the Roman general who was thrown out of the country in the first place, after which the Romans returned with the emperor-wannabe Vespassian and his general Titus. Jesus’ real name was Issa Manu of Edessa. Issa is Jesus, we find Manu in Immanuel, and Edessa is the city of the prophets, which today is called Sanliurfa or simply Urfa in present-day Turkey on the border with Syria. There is actually a historical image of Jesus on a coin from Edessa, and here he wears the ‘crown of thorns’, the royal headdress which is a kind of helmet with thorn spikes.

Corrupt historians claim that the man in the center of the picture is Alexander the Great. But the figure in the picture has a side lock, a payot according to Jewish custom. He wears socks after Parthian custom, for his mother was of a line of Babylonian Jews from across the Euphrates. Or rather: she converted to Judaism after arriving in the country, and specifically Messianic Judaism, Nazareneism, the hardcore fundamentalist line of Judaism, which is why Jesus is called the Messiah. The Messiah means the king and savior who will come and save the people from the unfreedom of the occupying power. That Jesus is a king is seen by the fact that he wears the royal diadem on his head. He has a long beard and red hair, and Alexander is never described as wearing a beard, nor is there any record of him having delivered a sacrificial calf to the Temple in Jerusalem. The figure presents the high priest of Jerusalem with the sacrificial calf sent by Emperor Nero and seems to ask: What do you think of this? And it is quite clear that neither the high priest nor the upset types behind him in the picture change their minds. First, the calf is sent by an unbeliever, a Roman = not acceptable. Second, which is clearly seen in the picture, Nero had ordered the calf equipped with a flaw, because they had made an incision in its upper lip, and sacrificial animals had to be flawless = not acceptable.

Also note that the man in the middle is wearing a purple cloak. You could be executed for doing that, because it was a highly provocative political statement. Just ask Juba the First of Mauritania, who went to Rome with a purple cloak – and was executed for it. Only the emperor was allowed to wear a purple robe. If you allowed yourself to do this, you were said to be the new emperor. By the way, these are the colors that the English queen now king wears as a sign of their neo-imperialism. Good luck with that, Chucky.

The incident is described in the Talmud, where Jesus is called, among other things, Bar Khemza (bar = son of …). It takes place in the year 66. The chronology is shifted, because the historical Jesus and related events are nowhere to be found in the historical records between the year 0 and the year 33. But the foolish historians who helped excavate the synagogue have not read anything so important to Jewish history like the Talmud! And if they have read anything, they have not understood that the Talmud is written in code, and that figures like Jesus/Issa had to have several names, because it was forbidden to call them by their real name. The whole story, as seen in the picture, was a setup to provoke a revolt after the rejection of the sacrificial calf so that the Romans could intervene. So they did, and they bombed the Temple to the ground and sent the Jews into exile (diaspora).

We know this from Josephus Flavius, the man who was inside St. Paul and who never met Jesus. Christianity is the Church of Paul and not the Church of Jesus today. Christians are in no way Nazarenes. First, the Nazarenes would never have accepted anyone but themselves, for they were a highly exclusive sect. Second, they were the most conservative and fundamentalist sect in Judaism. Third, the sect’s creed would have been totally inedible to a wider congregation. Fourthly, they were hard-boiled warriors, for Josephus himself writes: The Jewish revolt was started by the princes and kings of Adiabeni. However, this city does not exist, because Josephus cannot mention it by its proper name: Edessa. It was simply erased by the Romans, who as the Empire had a patent on history writing, because no one was allowed to know that an entire kingdom with a long-distance success could rebel against the Roman Empire. You were not allowed to come up with good ideas.

The second largest city in the Kingdom of Edessa was Palmyra. When the Empire’s mercenaries ISIS 2000 years later were told to destroy the remains of Palmyra, and what was that all about? There is something very old and very malevolent going on here.

Issa/Jesus was an exponent of the fourth Jewish sect called the Nazarenes. The term ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ is some anti-historical BS, because the city of Nazareth did not exist in biblical times. Jesus was a Nazarene. The Nazarenes were the Persian-Egyptian sect of Judaism, and astrology was an integral part of their theology. Synagogues from that time have been excavated right at Lake Gennesareth/Tiberias with a zodiac engraved in the floor. Because what is going on with ‘the last supper’ and the 12 + 1 at the table? It is nothing but the 12 houses in the starry sky with the Sun in the middle = Sol Invictus = Mithras. If there are 13 at the table, you commit sacrilege, because then you are the Sun/Jesus. Therefore, the Last Supper is depicted incorrectly by DaVinci and the other painters, because the table was a round table. Just like King Arthur and the 12 knights around the round table – there it was again. Post-antique and medieval historians and theologians were not allowed to write the real story, so they sneaked it into the Arthurian legends.

Issa Manu of Edessa was of Persian-Egyptian descent. He was the self-described candidate for the Roman Empire due to his lineage. His mother was a Persian queen in exile and her name was Theramusa of Orenia. She had committed something as macabre as killing her husband, the Persian king. He may have been an asshole, but afterwards she had to pay the price and go into exile, taking with her all her staff, her army, and most of the treasury of Persia, and settled in Orenia, the region of the city of Edessa In the north Syria. She herself was the daughter of a woman who was given as a royal dowry – that’s how royalties work: by political contribution/dowry – as the daughter of the Cleopatra-Caesar relationship. Given = married. Cleopatra was a Greek queen in Egypt during the Greek occupation dynasty the Ptolemies. She fornicated professionally-dynastically-royally with Caesar – that is, Julius Caesar for political reasons. She then ‘sold’ = gave her daughter in dowry to the Persian king for similar political reasons. His daughter is therefore Queen Theramusa, Íssa’s mother, who is the biblical Virgin Mary.

And who comes and bestows the virgin with gold, frankincense and myrrh in the stable in Bethlehem, another city that did not exist? So do the Holy-Three-Kings who are mages (priests, magicians) from … Persia. They know that the child is the heir to the throne, and thus the ‘King of the Jews’. He is the one who fulfills their astrological star prophecy. So these Jews who are not Jews but Egyptians. Hence the stories of the Egyptian and Babylonian (Persian) captivity and the story of the queen who pulled the plug and exiled herself.

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Side note: the red hair. The man in the picture has red hair. His wife (and sister) Maria Magdalene had red hair. His grandmother Cleopatra is depicted with red hair. We find red hair among the Egyptian mummified pharaohs. Ramses II’s mummy was brought to Paris and he had red hair. Juja of Akhenaton’s dynasty in Amarna was red-haired.
See: Jesus Christ in the Huqoq Mosaic

And did the Jews now sit by the rivers of Babylon and weep? They may have done that, but in addition they had a privileged life and great influence over the king.
Read: Nebukadnezars dream

Kabbalism is part of their theological-scientific (same-same in ancient times) loot, for it is a combination of Babylonian and Egyptian magic. So the Magi were astrologers. Historian David Livingstone calls them ‘the false Zoroastrians’.
Read: The Dying God – the history of Kabbalism

Another piece of historical-religious loot is the story of the Flood. It is already found in the Old Babylonian / Sumerian writings. It is also found in 200+ accounts from every culture in the world, because it was a global event. The same with the story of Noah and the Ark. In one of the church fathers (name?) we also find a note that when Noah landed on Mount Ararat he met … people who lived there, who were not much for moving down into the lowlands where the flood had taken place. He had to persuade them to do so, for he had seen that the water had disappeared. So both the Sumerians and the church fathers had a handed down knowledge of the time just after the Flood.

The Flood

So what was the Flood? It was the time immediately after the Ice Age, the Younger Dryas. It occurred 11,500 years ago. This corresponds to recently excavated – recently = 100-10 years – sites. For example, the Sphinx in Giza, which 100 years ago was sunk in desert sand, and Göbekli Tepe in present-day Turkey – near Sanliurfa mentioned above – which, together with a whole series of tepes, is dated to an age of 11,500 years. And this age is the covering of the place and not its behavior. The same with the flooding of Krishna’s City of Dwarka located at 50-80 meters of sea depth in the Gulf of Cambrai off the outlet of the now dried up Saraswati River. At its height, the river was 10 km wide! It was created by the huge masses of water released by a meltwater lake in the Himalayas released by the ice masses in the Ice Age. A similar giant lake was located in present-day Hudson Bay in Canada. Whether the meltdown was triggered by an impact from a comet is likely but difficult to prove. The basin around the Sphinx at Giza is unequivocally the result of long-term water erosion, which can only have taken place in the period described: 11,500 years ago (cf. geologist Robert Shock).

This time corresponds quite closely to the dating that the reformer, lawgiver, Plato’s uncle Solon was told in his formative journey to Egypt, where one of the priests said to him (paraphrased): Solon, Solon, you Greeks are like children. You have no idea of the age of the World, for you are a young culture. After which he tells about Atlantis, which he dates to 9,000 years before – add to that the 2,500 years that have passed since then, and the result is 11,500 years. And where was Atlantis? Plato says so, but do we understand what he is saying? He says it was in the Atlantic beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The Pillars were the Straits of Gibraltar, but what is-and-was the Atlantic?

We have called the part of the World Ocean that lies between Europe, Africa and North and South America the Atlantic. But if we turn the globe with Antarctica as the center, then the World Ocean = the Atlantic is a branched and united ocean that includes the Atlantic Ocean, the Southern Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and all the oceans around the continents. So where do the survivors of Atlantis = Antarctica end up when they are forced to sail away? They land in the Ethiopian highlands, where the Egyptians originated. They land in the Peruvian highlands, where the South American cultures originate. They land on top of the Caucasus, where Caucasian culture originates. They also probably land in South Africa and somewhere in Asia. They land in the same ‘fertile crescent’ where the agricultural cultures arise ( = re-emerge).
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They also land in the Caribbean, Posseidia – the hot zone – where there is a sunken city with giant pyramids at a great depth of water. These are photographed via submarine by marine geologist Pauline Zalitzky. There is a systematic cover-up of the story, because the Americans or rather the SSP (Secret Space Program) have forbidden people to report anything from this zone.

Publicans and sinners

In the New Testament we hear about Jesus being surrounded by tax collectors and sinners. What is the ‘customs’ all about? When the queen arrived at Orenia, she was met with demands from the Romans to pay taxes = duties. She refused, because she did not submit to Rome = the ancient globalist Empire and its proto-fascist system. The biblical story is thus a story of tax evasion and resistance to the Empire.

Issa Manu of Edessa – Edessa is present-day Sanliurfa on the border between Turkey and Syria, it is called the City of the Prophets – was high priest in Jerusalem as head of the fourth Jewish sect. As a priest/rabbi, there was a requirement that he be married – preferably with several wives! Rabbis had a family, which is completely written out of the New Testament. Issa/Jesus therefore married the Bethany sisters, one of whom was Mary Magdalene, i.e. Martha and Mary who took him down from the cross. Mar(ia) was not a name but a title. A mar is a female temple servant. That is why the Catholics called her ‘a whore’. But she was actually the wealthiest woman in Judea in her day. It was her mother (Helena married to King Egbarus of Edessa according to the Syrian historians of the time) who was equally wealthy – so Jesus married according to Egyptian-dynastic custom of inbreed with his own sisters – and Helena donated the golden seven-armed giant candelabra to the Temple in Jerusalem and saved the city from a drought-famine crisis, the same candelabra (menabrae) that the Romans dragged to Rome after the destruction of the Temple – depicted on the Column of Titus in Rome, which reads ‘Titus, son of God’.

So Jesus/Issa had a family and a lineage. Of course. It was his brother Jacob – in English James, in Spanish Iago as in Sant-Iago di Compostella – who was thrown from the temple wall in Jerusalem by order of … Josephus Flavius = St. Paul. No wonder he had to flee to Rome. This was the result of the war between the Jewish sects, who used to live in harmony, but who, via the Roman intervention, were turned against each other in the same way that the Empire always and since then turned ALL groups of people against each other. Josephus Flavius got his surname Flavius because of his corrupt alliance with the Flavians, the dominant Roman imperial family at the time. This imperial dynasty starting with Vespassian legitimizing himself via the star prophecy. In short: he stole the emperor’s title via the star over Bethlehem, which prophesied that a star would come over the new king. The king was nailed to a cross and brought down again, and a cripple (Jesus) was produced before Vespassian, where he was forced to surrender his title before being sent to life imprisonment in Fortress Diwa in England. The title was the Star Prophecy, and Vespassian is now the new emperor of Rome legitimized by a sacred prophecy. The simple-dirty soldier was elevated to emperor and God via a symbolic manipulation. Because remember: the emperor WAS God. On the column it says: Titus, son of God. Titus was the general who crushed the Jewish uprising as the son of the emperor who stole the star prophecy.

Everyone knew that Emperor Nero was at his last. So the title of emperor in Rome was then open to anyone who could grab it, because that was how you became emperor in Rome. Issa Manu of Edessa was entitled to the title of emperor via his family history (Caesar, Cleopatra, the Persian royal family), but Rome could not allow that, because he was the leader of a rebellion against Rome.

There is a historical English tradition called ‘the British Israelites’. One of its members was the poet-philosopher-painter-masonic initiate William Blake. In his famous poem Jerusalem, sung to music by Edward Elgar every year at The Proms, it reads:

And did those feet in ancient times
Walk upon England’s mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England’s pleasant pastures seen!
And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem built here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold:
Bring me my arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!
I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England’s green & pleasant Land.

What-the-fword does it say right here? Did these feet walk on the green English hills, were they seen on the pleasant grass lawns? By the way, what are the satanic mills at the beginning of industrialism, where indus(stry)- equates to the Indus Valley in India, where the owners of the satanic mills stole their technology?

The historical Jesus, of the house and lineage of David, knew The Star. So the hexagonal star with the two opposite triangles. Incidentally, it is not a 2D double triangle but a 3D double equilateral triangle pyramid – and it looks like this:

We need to finish the statement about Orenia. Theramusa of Orenia was thus the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus/Issa, the queen who emigrated after the murder of her husband, the Persian king. When her son is dismantled by the Romans, his wife emigrates to… Southern France. More specifically referred to the area of Provence called Orania. Same name. Mary Magdalene was her name. Magdal is the name for the tower. The figure survives in adventurers such as Rapunzel, Guinevere, The Little Mermaid, etc. She is the lady protected by the tower and she has long red hair.
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The lady with the red hair therefore had a mission that extended beyond her marriage to the dethroned heir: to continue the family and the power.
We subsequently find the name Orenia/Orania in Holland as a royal family. It is then exported to England via William III of Orange (1689). Today, the Order of Orange exists in Northern Ireland as an expression of British-Protestant occupation – NB! Protestantism-Catholicism has NOTHING to do with the ongoing conflict. And the IRA, which calls itself the Irish Republican Army, is the headquarters for all mafia organizations in the world – a slightly different story than the respective the British one that they were a terrorist organization and the Irish one that they were nationalist freedom fighters. The third and real version is not flattering to either party.

The six-pointed star

So what is the so-called Star of David or Solomon’s Seal all about?
Maybe this is where you get off, because now it’s getting esoteric.

It is about the densities of existence.
There are 9 planes of existence / densities.
They range from the absolute to the diluted.
The 9th density Increasingly is: God, The Light.
God, the Light, the Source is in the 9th density.

The 9th density Descending is: Lucifer/Satan, Darkness.
In the 9th density of darkness, Absolute Nothing exists.
This is the bottom of the universal di-polarity.
The Dark part of the Universe is/was dependent on the Light part of the Universe = Absolute Everything.

This is where it gets interesting, because Everything also includes Nothing.
Darkness exists by agreement with the Light.
In the Bible it written that God said: I have never left you.
It means that even in the darkest Hell it is a light.

According to the star diagram, the light extends all the way down to the bottom of the darkness. It is also seen on the diagram that the darkness does not have access to more than 5th density In the Light called the causal plane. Hell has no access to Heaven, but Heaven has access to Hell (‘I have never left you’). This demarcation happened 250,000 years ago in The Cosmic War, which also included Earth. Earth is not just a random place in the Universe with a randomized-Darwinian emergence of life. The earth is a chosen-defined place. It is not the only chosen place, for there are many ‘Earths’ in the Universe or the Multiverse as it should be called.

Are you still there?
We live in the Last Times, because God has decided, enough is enough!
Not that I understand what God thinks, because NOBODY understands what God thinks.
Nor that I have logged in to God’s mindset, because I just said that is not possible.

God leaves his mindset behind when it’s convenient.
We can download when he uploads.
You are welcome to get off here, because everything afterwards can be denied if you get off.

So: Enough is enough, said God.
God said it makes me sad to find that people have been taught to fear Me.
Godliness was a highly contradictory program because while the church and religion preached us love of God, it taught us fear of God.

We as humans were never meant to fear God, because fear was a program that we as humans were exposed to. Fear is the design and qualitative opposite of Love. When we fear, our love shrinks and thus our direct connection to God.

But God was also bound by agreements made. A word is a word.

Like Fear, Sin was also a program. The Universe of Darkness operated via sin, guilt, shame and fear. When a soul had committed all seven deadly sins, it was darkened to a degree so that it ended up in the lowest = 9th density of darkness, after which there was no way back. The soul no longer reincarnated, and there was no possibility of salvation and redemption.

When we talk about the Deep State and the like, we are talking about a persuasion program that was designed to convince us that we must surrender to the Darkness and the death of our own souls. EVERYTHING the Deep State operatives threw at the heads of humanity was intended to drag people down into indulgence in sin. Notice especially in our time the satanic cultural Marxism and its obvious preaching of sinfulness. The more ‘liberating’ adultery, drugs, rock’n’roll, pedophilia, lust, genocide, lies and falsification of history, hatred between man and woman and children and parents, the more sick victim role creation… the better for them and the program. They didn’t even know it themselves, because they were the primary targets of the program. That is why you cannot, as a knowledgeable person, hold an enlightened conversation with a left-wing brain, because it is totally fucked up. It is not much better with a right wing brain, because wing thinking in its own essence is a LACK of ability to think.

Notice the 3rd density, the blue line. Planet Earth and humanity are located here. We are bound to a 3-dimensional universe of physical density. We live in a body of physical sensuality. But as humans we are organic beings, so we contain all nine densities of existence and as such should have unfettered access to all nine. However, this is where the programs came into play. They were intended and designed to prevent our free access to full potential as human beings.

A malevolent intelligence has instituted an inhumane technological system designed to dumb us down and cut us off from our own innermost origins? Yes, that is indeed what is said.


But it gets even wilder, in a good way. It says in the Bible, that God reigns ‘from eternity to eternity’. In Greek it is called ‘from Alpha to Omega’. What does it mean? That is, from the top of the upright pyramid to the bottom of the inverted one. The Alpha system inhabits the top and the Omega system inhabits the bottom. The bottom is a parasitic copy of the top – by agreement. Without a top, no bottom, as above as below. A restoration process started in 2012 and was completed in 2023, i.e. very recently. We live in quite unique times, and the Omega system has now been dismantled together with the Kronos system. These ancient AI systems utilize non-organic life as their fuel. Alpha system is an organic system.

So what does that mean?

This means, first of all, that the Deep State globally is running around in full panic right now. They can no longer establish contact with beings, energies and programs from the nine planes of darkness, for these planes have been emptied. People with listening devices at The Deep State report that they are shouting and screaming in all directions at each other right now. It would take 50 written pages to account for their dark technologies, their 15 branches of military under the SSP (Secret Space Program), and all the locations they have equipped with occult technology – yet we shall try to do so anyway in the following part of the series. ALL this tech is something that humans have not produced themselves, because the whole project is ‘alien’ in its essence.

It is the more ‘entertaining’ albeit uncharming part of the story. The slave owners have now had the whip over their necks themselves. The other part of the story is what it means for us as ordinary or extraordinary people – take your pick. I myself prefer to be ordinary in all my extraordinaryness. This means – and just think through how radical and formidable it is:
The sin-guilt-and-shame program and the fear program have been dismantled.

Just let it sink in, because it doesn’t end here. The free will program also no longer exists. This is probably the most difficult thing to understand, because we – at least some of us including me – have gotten used to understanding our consciousness as containing free will. But what are we going to do with it? God gives us an inexhaustibility of power for manifestation, creative thought and action, love, sovereignty (you are not a slave) and the ability to be happy and to succeed…so what do we benefit from so-called free will?

Free will is a satanic promise of irresponsibility. As the Satanist Aleister Crowley preached as his main message: Do What Thou Wilt – i.e. do whatever the hell you want. Also notice again how it’s an integral part of the left-wing-brain to think of myself as I-just-do-whatever-I-want, and it’s enormously liberating. Hey-hey, women’s liberation has made women more unhappy than ever in human history, so what kind of freedom did you buy and sell? The revolutions created societies with an extreme degree of inhumanity and lack of freedom. The neo-radicalized wokeness aka neo-Marxism preaches and implements an extreme degree of absurd-perverse fear-shame-guilt-and-sin culture and its followers are brainwashed zombies spewing mass-produced absurdities. Is this freedom?

Free will is reflected in the concept of relativism. Everything is relative, they say. They do that every time there is something that either suits them or doesn’t suit them. When it suits them, it’s good. On top of that, it is ABSOLUTELY good and not just relatively. When it doesn’t suit them, it’s bad. On top of that, it is ABSOLUTELY bad. The relative consists in a convenience shift between one absolutism and the other. EVERYTHING is relative…does this three word statement also apply to you and what you say right now? It only takes three words to contradict itself, isn’t that amazing? Everything Is Relative. And the most amazing thing is that they don’t realize what is coming out of their mouths.

Freedom and free will is freedom from responsibility. It is a free takeaway table and free bar. Free sex is freedom to destroy a family. The free value in a house is freedom for eternal indebtedness. As Pinocchio sings: There are no ties that bind me now – but was the doll free?

There were 2 x God. God of Light and God of Darkness. It is certainly no coincidence that the main exponents of socialism preached for the Dark God Lucifer. Marx wrote poems in praise of Lucifer/Satan – well, you didn’t know that? His acolyte Olinsky, the guru of Hillary Clinton and the others, described Lucifer as ‘the first revolutionary’. Before them, the same message was preached by Sabatei Zevi, the man who in 1666 proclaimed himself the Messiah. The Sabbateans preached doing evil as doing God’s Will. The more evil we do, the more we do God’s Will. Seriously, you can’t make this up!
Read: The Communist Manifesto
Read: The Russian Revolution

There have been – and they still exist, albeit under heavy winding down – two global networks for this kind of ‘free will’. They are called Order of the Dragon, and Order of The Black Sun. The first is Solomon’s pact with the demons. They are the ones with Solomon’s seal, and they used it to bind the human life energy. The second is ‘The Curse of Canaan’ in the words of Eustace Mullin. The Canaanites (their Elohim = leaders) were travelers from the Orion/Sirius star system called Abraxas. Their logo is the 12-armed swastika. Neither of them belong here, but both groups of travelers believed that Earth belonged to them. The dracos imposed a martial law 16,500 years ago, which has only recently expired. Their leader was the reptile Marduk, and his family were Anu, Enki and Enlil taken straight out of Babylonian mythology. They were immortal beings… until they died. The Abraxas dynasty was all powerful – until they got kicked in the ass and lost all power. All by decision from the highest place.

These two Deep State groups have run the World as we know it. It is their finality that we are experiencing in these times – regardless of whether we think we are experiencing it.
You may have left here, but if you’re still hanging on, notice what happens in the following time.

We will come to see:

  • Nations in a row declaring themselves bankrupt
  • Institutions to be abolished: UN, IMF, WTO, WHO, BIS, EU, NATO, …
  • Heads of state who explain away fraud and sham – just say pandemic…
  • Acts of war that go dead – there is no more money for the bullshit
  • Emerging technology – why haven’t we seen it before?
  • The spontaneous and ‘unmotivated’ emergence of human and popular well-being – well, wasn’t well-being banned?

Bad news for The Deep State and good news for humanity.

The media will totally freak out. We will hear one explanation one day and the other explanation the next day. The media have been ordered to give explanations. After this, we will see a gradual thawing of the excuses, so that the guilty have time to slip out of all the back doors. Next, we will hear lots of statements along the lines of: ‘Well, we didn’t know that…’ Yes, yes, you knew it all the way‘. Or rather: the stupid among you knew nothing, the cunning-corrupt among you knew enough – and all degrees in between. But as they say: the heeler is as good as the thief. Or: Show me your likes and dislikes and I’ll tell you who you hang out with, after which I’ll tell you who you are in a moment.

The Americans and Europeans right now are trained to clap their hands over the fascist-Nazis in Kiev. In 2014, the CIA and US-Deep-State installed a genuine fascist government in Kiev based on straight-line Nazis from the Anton Banderas groups in Ukraine and Lithuania. Today, they go by names such as Right Sector and the ASOV brigade, and they have been allowed to slaughter the Russian-speaking population in Eastern Ukraine, which accounts for 1/3 of the country’s population. They are the tools of the fascist actor-president Volodimir Zelinsky. And remember-or-know that this ridiculously-pathetic figure is a corrupt puppet for the NATO-CIA-Pentagon operations that started with the fall of the wall in 1992. The Ukraine war as NATO’s = Pentagon’s proxy war against Russia has been planned for 30 years !! Look at his face when he speaks in the media. It is controlled, without authenticity, without humanity. The Idiot is a puppet on campaign tour who reads from a script. The Western media is told NOTHING about the genocide of 1/3 of the country’s Russian population by the Kiev fascists.

It is not going to continue in the future. The lie, THE BIG LIE has reached its expiration date.

See you on the backside of the moon.