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The Communist Manifesto

… and why today more than ever we need to understand a seemingly discarded manifesto * from 1848

* Manifesto:
A formulation of an intention about
manifesting = to bring to reality.

The formulation, the manifesto from 1848, which was later to be brought to fruition, is, as is well known, written by the rich man Engels and the psychopath Marx. Thanks to Engels’ sponsorship, Marx was able to get away with all his life by never doing any real work and manically starting 10 projects at once without ever completing them. When he occasionally came out of the library, he visited his family whom he abused in a perfidious and despotic manner.

Well, he wrote Das Kapital, isn’t that doing something? That much we must give him. The paradoxical point is that the monster work is about a working class whose reality he had only theoretical knowledge of, for he would never dream of associating with something so low-key. It was an abstraction, a concept and a machine part of his mechanically-predetermined worldview and materialistic view of history. That is why he never refers to people as people but as the masses. We will later understand how this materialistic worldview is deeply religious in the worst kind of way and thus deeply deceptive.

The State

In the communist Utopia, as Marx describes, the State will eventually disappear. Then it gets fluffy, because what controls then? Had the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Marxist deep state, the new despotism worse than all the previous ones combined, any intention of giving up the power it seized under the pretext of wanting to help workers in all countries against the evil capitalists? One can also ask more broadly: When in world history has a state that has seized power at the expense of the population voluntarily given it back? Apparently it ALWAYS only goes one way. Maybe the workers of all countries were meant to be the helpers of the new elite and their take-over, not the other way round.

Power structures can collapse, but ideology-based structures like the Marxist, which is fundamentalist in its dogma, can never dismantle itself or reform itself. The same has been said by the Imam, Mohamad Tawhidi about Islam. According to Islam itself, reforming is forbidden, because it was perfect from the beginning. What Muslims forget to ask themselves is whether Islam has not already been reformed, or one might say deformed and thus corrupted by the British-Imperial operation that created Saudi Arabia and thus Wahhabism / Salafism = fundamentalist Islam? 80% of mosque construction in the World is funded by Saudi Arabia. For the sake of the blue eyes of the pious believers …? The point here is that a structure of that casting can never be reformed. As deterministic-dogmatic as the view of history of communism is – history is a machine that runs in only one direction – just as deterministically it runs towards either its own fulfillment or doom. Or both at once.

As an internationalist meta-state, it happened to Communism as it did with the Roman Empire. It became too big, it stagnated, it collapsed from within due to corruption and contradictions and the weight of the massive oppression and the massive genocide it launched. When there was no more to plunder, and when the communist state propaganda had proclaimed the last lie rumbling like empty barrels that no one believed in anymore – not even themselves – the machine burned down. When the Bolsheviks had completely sunk their dysfunctional society, the Soviet state collapsed. That was not quite what Marx had prophesied. Or was it in a way?

Communism is fierce evil disguised as goodness. Marx argues for the breakdown of all institutions. A statement that must be taken quite literally. This also applies to the institutions that people had created to protect them from tyrants like the Communists. The institutions stood in the way of the realization of communism. But this destructive project was always smeared into a thick layer of feel-goodness jargon. Communists and socialists in the West jumped on the bandwagon, but they knew only the social-romantic, pink-and-fluffy version, and not the depressive vodca-tiff, concrete-realistic Gulag version, the real socialism. Stalin laughed contemptuously at them, calling them useful idiots.

One of the main projects of the Bolsheviks was to help Yahweh with Armageddon so that the prophecies could become self-fulfilling … I mean to help the course of history destroy the primitive agrarian society so that the working class could emerge in the machine hell of industrialism and that Marx’s prophecies could become self-fulfilling. For that to come true, the prophecy needed some help. Whether this resemblance is due to the Talmudic-Sabbath-minded mindset of the Jew Karl Marx, the Jew Lenin, and the Jew Trotsky, we can theorize, but the resemblance is inevitable.

  • It is no coincidence that Marx always portrays himself as the incarnation of Moses with a large patriarchal beard.
  • It is no coincidence that he, as the patriarch, ‘comes down from the mountain’ with the tablets of the law in his hand.
  • It is no coincidence that he smashes the golden calf = capitalism to introduce a fundamentalist religion of law.
  • It is no coincidence that Marx and Engels make 10 commandments in the Communist Manifesto.
  • It is no coincidence that communism is eschatological – eschatology: the doctrine of the last days, a doomsday cult of death.
  • It is no coincidence that their leadership is a clergy that goes by names like the Politburo, the party, the cadres, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the avant-garde.
  • It is no coincidence that their sacred scriptures are dogmatic.
  • It is no coincidence that International is preached in the style of One Holy Ordinary Church.
  • It is no coincidence that they agitate and organize to make all nations their disciples.
  • It is no coincidence that they speak in mists about the primitive communist society, just as the Christians speak of the Millennium Kingdom.
  • It is no coincidence that they appointed the unconverted, the non-believers as class enemies, reactionary, petty-bourgeois with false consciousness, reformists … etc.
  • It is no coincidence that the State, as with the fascists and the National Socialists, became God.
  • It is no coincidence that they persecuted the Christians, for there could be only one religion with one true despotic god, and Marx was his prophet. So what was the name of the god that the communist Freemasons worshiped in their lodges? I think we know the name.

The Satanic Project

Do we know the name? Karl Marx also published collections of poems, and here we get the name of his god. He was manically obsessed with the idea of Satan. Marx was himself an atheist, but if you have ever met an incarnate atheist / nihilist, you will know that there are no more religiously-fanatical people on the face of the earth than atheists.
See Richard Wurmbrand: Marx & Satan

Marx wrote in his gloomy and bizarre poetry:

Hereafter, I will be able to triumph
as a god through the ruins of their kingdom.
All my words are fire and action.
My chest is equal to the Creator.

I will build my throne in the highest place,
cold and terrible, its towers will rise.
Like its bulwark – superstitious horror.
Like its dominance – deepest pain.

Do you see this sword?
Lord of the Dark
sold it to me.

I have made a deal with Satan,
He gives the signal, he counts the hours for me,
I play the death march quickly and freely.

… I will cast unspeakable curses upon mankind:
Ha! Eternity! She’s an eternal torment …
We are ourselves clockworks, blindly mechanical,
created as mock calendars for Time and Space,
for no other purpose than to take place, to be destroyed,
for there to be something to destroy …
If there is anything that is capable of engulfing,
will I be in the midst of it and from there destroy the world –
the world accumulating between me and the Abyss,
I will smash it to pieces with my persistent curses.
I want to wrap my arms around its harsh reality:
In my embrace, the world will pass away in stupidity
and sink into nothingness,
disappeared, without existence – this will be real life!

One has to look for a long time for similar megalomania stuffed with intoxication of violence and destruction. An otherwise eerily accurate description of precisely the intoxication that grasped the revolutionaries in 1917 and the following decades, when they without brain and heart slaughtered the Russian population inflamed and possessed by precisely the spirit that Marx pays homage to in his creepy poetry.

Marx identifies with Satan, he feels that he is like Satan. If one knows about Sabatei Zevi and the Sabbatean concept of salvation through sin, then one understands where Marx got his concepts from. All evil will be good, exactly as he sings in his poems. The ideological succession is pretty clear and confirms it. Zevi is the prerequisite for the Kabbalist Jacob Franck. Franck gave the knighthood to Weisshaupt. The Jacobins named after Jacob Franck created the horrors of the French Revolution. It was Russian Jacobins who paved the way for the revolution through the Provisional Government, which was its sole purpose. The line is unbroken from 1666, when Zevi proclaimed himself the Messiah, whom the Jews had been waiting for, Marx’s satanic messianism.

Marx knew very well what he was about to set in motion. It was already described in the scriptures that his lodge brothers showed him. He was on a mission, he had a client, he was a member of an agency with an agenda. As written: it is not coincidental, that in his macabre poetry he describes satanic nihilism and how the world will be destroyed. Communism is a death cult.

Who Marx’s principals were is hinted at in two incidents in relation to the anarchist Bakunin. At the 1st International Congress, Bakunin asks – perhaps naively – Marx if he does not think that actual workers should be involved in the formulation of the project, which claims to show solidarity with them. After this, Marx had an effervescent outburst of rage, for that would be unthinkable. It is remarkable that Marx never really goes into debth of the central bank in his monstrous theory work, Das Kapital. He thus avoids the very core of understanding how all capital is organized. Later, Bakunin says laconic: It’s weird what a bagful of Rothschild money can do. Bakunin was murdered, and we can guess qualified via these hints who gave the order for that murder.

One of Marx’s students is Saul D. Alinsky – another Jew, probably quite by chance, pretend to be nothing – (Rules for Radicals – A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals), mentor for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, among others. We see the satanic obsession continued in a straight line, and Alinsky is quite explicit when he writes:

We should at least take a look over the shoulder in recognition of the very first radical: from all our legends, mythologies and history (and who knows where mythology ends and history begins – or what is what), then the very first radical , known to humans, who rebelled against the establishment so effectively that he at least won and created his own kingdom: Lucifer.

Satan, Lucifer, Bel / Belial / Baal, Molok, Loke, Prometheus, Eblis, Ahriman, Marduk, you name him. The demonic deity of the Canaanites who demanded human sacrifices and blood, the red stuff. The history of communism is one long story of human sacrifice. When we read Marx and Alinsky and belittle their verbal insanity as mere metaphors – we live in an atheist-brainwashed culture without either god or devil, good or evil but just comfortable relativism, and we are not superstitious, are we? – then we make a big mistake. Both Marx and Alinsky were quite serious when they wrote that kind of poetic-manifesto madness of opulence. One does not write the kind of tribute poetry like Marx or lofty prose like Alinsky without directly referring the type of Masonic lodges where Lucifer IS their god.

Remember that it was the Grande Orleans Lodge in France that launched World War I and the October Revolution in Russia.
Remember that the walls of the room where Tsar Nicolai II and his daughters were murdered and raped were painted over with Kabbalistic-Masonic signs.
Remember that the takeover of the Winter Palace was a staged Masonic ritual.
Remember that all the participants in the provisional government that opened all the doors to the Bolsheviks were Russian Jacobins (Grand Orleans = Jacobins = Francoists).
Rest assured that both Hillary and Obama took Alinsky’s statements as literally as they are written. Most evidently in the shrill, hateful-crying Hillary, more discreetly in the slimy, slick Obama. Once their legacy, their legacy, is completed, the satanic in their project will be completely clear.

In the Communist Manifesto of 1848, the Satanic 10 Commandments are carved as stone tablets of the law. We will now read them, interpret them and hold them up against the reality of our time, while asking ourselves how much is already partially or close to fully implemented.

The Satanic 10 Commandments
– the core of the Manifesto


The surrender of all ownership to land and private property

Everything belongs to the State. The Communist hypocrisy is, that the State is acting on behalf of the people. But were any single member of the highly esteemed but low-minded people find themselves requesting access to the land or property that the State has confiscated on behalf of its comrades, then the answer translated into working class English woud be: Go Fuck Yourself! The concept of property taxes alone is a state encroachment. It is a backseat hangover from feudalism, where the tenant owed the lord at least half of his life so that the master could live in luxury and wage wars against other lords who threatened his luxury.

If one has bought a piece of land and a property and has already paid for it, then it is absurd that one has to pay for time and eternity to a State as if one had never bought it. When this property is inherited, the State comes again and taxes the heir. See § 4.

If the State dictates that a bad motorway must be driven through a nature area, then the owners of the area must face the fact that they are only slightly compensated for an expropriation. On the other hand, the rest of the property may become unsaleable and worthless as no one wants to live up a highway. Nor any compensation for it.


Heavy and progressive income taxation

Income tax is an illegally extended war tax. It can be argued for the reasonableness of the people voluntarily (!!) helping to pay for a defense of their country and its peace, and that equipment of a military costs money. If one does not pay, the country is ridden over end by Mongol hordes and plundered.

But what happens in peacetime? It so happens that the in wartime heavily pumped military apparatus does not want to put its status on the shelf. It so happens that military leaders in wartime continue as leaders in peacetime, which they are almost always completely unsuitable for. The American military-industrial complex is the clearest example of our time that a commercial war machine refused to give up its privileges and to this day has its stranguling hands on both the nation and the nations of the World that have been exposed to the machine.

Who ultimately scores the heavy and progressive income taxes? So do the big banks / central banks and all the globalist corporations that have found ways around taxation themselves. They pay Zero, Zilch, Nada, Nihil in taxes. In the United States, all money collected by the IRS, the U.S. tax service, is transferred to the Rothschild Family Syndicate via an island in the Caribbean. The same ones that own the US ‘National’ Bank, the Fed and the IMF, the International Monetary Fund. And Danmarks Nationalbank … but people do not know.

The so-called ‘progressive’ consists in punishing prosperity. The more you earn, the more you have to pay. Well, you do that already in advance, because you pay for every penny earned – that is, unless you are tax-smart and do not pay anything. Progressive taxation is totally hypocritical, for it does not apply to the holy globalist syndicates but only until approximately the top of the middle class / the bottom of the upper class. As in all communist regimes, this means demotivating all initiators / entrepreneurs. Together with heavy taxation – in DK we pay on average and in total 83% in tax – overbureaucratisation, regulation hell and control-control-control is a killer for all initiative.

In the communist Soviet state, people did not even worry about taxing the rich, they just killed them and stole their property. The result was that everyone else who was maintained by their businesses had their lives and property destroyed. The core of communism as an ideology is to give it full throttle with one of the least charming human traits: envy.


Taxation of all inheritance between generations

What’s the problem? Should heirs not be taxed on fire so that the lazy pigs can not just continue their parents’ business? You’ve already said that. Inheritance taxation is intended to cut traditions and destroy all intergenerational continuity.

In traditional farming, it was the eldest son on a family farm who inherited the farm and passed on the farm. The feminists are already up and running here, but their designer ideology is just another cultural Marxist outlet. Today it could very well be the eldest daughter, but no, because she can not afford it. Who benefits from the strip of family farms that became bankrupt due to tax and inheritance rules? It benefits the class of neo-feudal lords, the Danish landowners, who with EU subsidies centralized agriculture, so that today they own 80% of Danish agricultural land.

Taxation, which is fully implemented in our social democratized society = pink, fluffy communism, is intended to destroy the traditional Danish agrarian society. We did not practice Holodomor in the rotten state of Denmark, we practiced pink communism.


Confiscation of property of immigrants and rebels

By immigrants is not meant incoming settlers, but those who did not believe that the great communist hell of the Soviet state was a paradise on earth, and emigrated from hell. EVERYTHING was taken from them.

We see it practiced in China today. If you are a dissident from the party line, then everything is taken from you. You lose your social points, you can not travel, you can not get a job, or you can not spend your money, because they now belong to the State. Eventually, they lose their lives in prison. Or rather: just before they lose their lives, they lose their physical organs, which are sold to the highest bidder in the new big industry in which the Chinese are leaders.

The communist project was a gigantic raid. Both rich and poor in Russia from 1917 lost all their property. Lenin and Trotsky, in turn, had Swiss bank accounts with stolen billion-fortunes in Swiss Franck, Rubel or Dollars. The Bolsheviks stole everything and put it in their own pockets. Most of the funds were sent out of the country to their clients, their financiers, a group of Jewish mega-bankers on Wall Street with Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff as the main character. There they were again, but don’t worry, because it’s completely coincidental … A current member of the Schiff family, Adam Schiff, sat as an anchorman in the cracked coup against Donald Trump that took place with the Democratic Party and Congress as a base. The stunt covers, among other things, their misdeeds in Ukraine – the Russia hatred again!

The Democratic Party of the United States itself has been overthrown by a core of neo-Marxists. It happened during the Obama era in the best / worst Alinsky spirit with Obama and Hillary Clinton as the main actors. Similarly, the Republican Party was couped by a core of neocons during the Bush era. The Alinskyists are hardcore satanic-nihilistic neo-Marxists, but who were the neocons? People think it means neo-conservative, in itself a con, a deception. They are neo-Trotskyists. The group started as a circle around Trotsky when he had fled Stalin and moved to Mexico. It was there that Stalin’s agents stuck an ice ax through his brain. The circle moved to California. Later, the group emerges as politicians, largely educated at the University of Chicago by the political philosopher Leo Strauss, a thinker who calls the American project a nihilistic project (the satanic element again). The neocons excel at having dual citizenship with Israel – and there they go again, but it’s still completely coincidental …

What about the property of the rebels, and who are the rebels today? In relation to the communist project, it is everyone who does not submit to the line of the party. The communist name for them was and is: the politically incorrect ones! Have we just heard about it recently? And what happens to the politically incorrect today?

Everything is taken from them on Google, Facebook and YouTube. They are censored, deleted, shadow banned, ghosted, hacked, demonetarized + a plethora of cryptic technical-algorithmic attacks developed by the data mafia. For the same reason, the Chinese state apparatus is newly in love with Google, because BigTech is now doing the same as Stalin’s and Mao’s secret police.


Centralization of all debt in the hands of the State via a national bank with state capital and monopoly

Marx knew damn well that the real control of the national economies lay with the central bank. He also knew very well that this central bank was not Russian and national but international. From the incident with Bakunin revealing his principals, we know that he acted on behalf of this international central bank representing covert ownership of the national economies.

None of the destructive events of our time can be fully understood without understanding the hidden hand of the Syndicate. Every time something strange happens in the Corridors of Power, it is in all probability the Syndicate that is at stake.


Centralization of communication and transport and handover of all control to the State

One may ask how it really relates to the communist concept of liquidation of the state? This is where the deception lies, just as the Devil lies in the detail. The Communists wanted the state to become so all-pervading that one could no longer spot it. It will be in our blood vessels, in our nervous system, in our DNA. We need to ask ourselves, is this not exactly the direction in which a globalist world has moved?

Centralization is the essence of all globalism. Centralization is the essence of the EU project. Then all of a sudden we understand the communist dismantling of the state as such, the nations. The EU’s ambition is to dismantle European nations. They are forced to relinquish national sovereignty step by step until all sovereignty is gone. It in no way means that the State disappears, it means that the State is now so gigantic and distant that we as humans can no longer reach it. It is outside our scope. If we are very persistent, we may be able to reach a Member of the National Parliament and influence some minor decision. In the EU context, that game is lost in advance, because the real power lies in the EU Commissariat, which operates like the Politburo in the Soviet Union with non-elected commissioners who create 5-year plans for their provinces, which they call regions. The EU is neo-Roman neo-fascism (Treaty of Rome …), the nation state has become a mega-state, a monster, an empire.

Influencing such a globalist, centralist, technocratic monster machine requires a lot of money, tons of lobbying and lots of corruption in the back room. Which, of course, is completely out of the reach of the average man and woman.

Do we almost need to account for the centralization of communication? That is, the globalist propaganda apparatus, the brown sewer stream of fakeness that can be seen in the contemporaneity and the literality with which manipulated news appears on mainstream channels throughout the West. The same news with the same wording at the same time in all channels throughout the West! You get really busy as a coincidence theorist if you have to explain that phenomenon!

Centralization of transport: look at globalized logistics today. What exactly have the Chinese been up to with their Silk Road project, One Belt – One Road? They have been extremely cunning in their way of selling the project: We come free of charge and give you all a lot of infrastructure, so you can have a better life by shopping with us. What they ‘forgot’ to tell was that the money that financed the glories was the fraudulent economy that the Chinese had created, the gigantic ponzi scheme of financial fakeness, stolen patents and technology from the West simultaneously with infiltrated mafia activity in Western institutions. The project was a planned communist, global takeover. Once the structure was in place, color would be known, but then the high-speed train was running.


Extermination of State-owned enterprises and factories

It’s tricky. After all, the Communists created state-owned companies, state farms (kolkhozes, etc.). Or what exactly were they doing? They destroyed companies created within the framework of the Russia of the Tsardom, and they destroyed all family-owned companies and agriculture by confiscating them in the name of the new state. It was called collectivization, because it sounded better. They stole all the crops in Ukraine, the whole bread basket of Europe, so that the peasants died of starvation (remember Stalin’s Holodomor!) – there was that mess with Ukraine again! is it history that repeats itself today?

So here we need to understand the statement in its historical context. The British-American professor of economic history, Anthony Sutton, has collected and thoroughly analyzed all the companies that created post-revolutionary Russia. It turns out that these Soviet companies, not just some but ALL of them, were large foreign corporations, syndicates and cartels. For example, Ford built the world’s largest truck factory. Sutton’s unique and never-rejected analysis of post-revolutionary Russia – Sutton had all the papers in order – shows what the project was intended as. The revolution was a systematic plunder of Russia, and the Soviet state was the establishment of a social experiment on the largest scale, in which an entire nation of slaves (workers) had to work themselves to death for the sake of a stack of global capitalists. In other words, the 180-degree vertical opposite of what the hypocrite, swindler and satanist Karl Marx and the psychopathic mass murderers, Lenin and Trotsky, howled at. The Soviet state was more hyper-monopoly capitalist than any society in the West! The Soviet Union was the wettest dream of the global capitalists. Like when David Rockefeller later described in his article From A China Traveler how Mao’s China in his optics was the most successful social experiment in world history. An experiment that today is at level 3.0 with technocratic hi-tech repression.

In our part of the world, we cannot ignore it. For techno-communism is violently invasive. A recent case from our very own sphere shows it. Huawei looks like a corporation. In fact, it is the technological arm of the Chinese Communist Party. The Faroese county council, their local government, recently received an ultimatum from Huawei. Either Huawei is allowed to add their version of 5G network, or there will be no question of trading with the Faroe Islands in the future. So they got a commercial weapon in the form of a pistol barrel put in front of their forehead: Obey or …!


Equal obligation for all to work in the industrial ‘armies’, especially in agriculture

The Communists slaughtered the rural population. Communism was not only a physical genocide but also a cultural genocide. The great murder of agrarian Russian society was the murder of the traditional values that were the very soul of the people through millennia in Russia. To compensate for this genocide – remember Holodomor, Ukraine again – the Communists had to command all sections of the population to work in the state farms. The same thing happened in China after Mao massacred 100 million Chinese peasants during the Cultural Revolution. Millions of students and functionaries were seconded to field work.

First, the Communists destroyed the traditional agricultural society that had fed the population every day of all generations, after which they had to repair the damage and overcompensate by deciding that now EVERYONE should go out and dig in the ground. One shakes one’s head and asks appallingly: How stupid the tunnel vision can a political tyranny be at all? There are apparently no limits to politically correct stupidity! The Russian peasants had been doing it all voluntarily for millennia, and now they had to have the whip to do the same … just worse!

I would venture the following assertion. The mechanized, chemified, and industrialized agriculture of our time is communist at its core. This is reflected in the EU’s agricultural policy. They call it the EUSSR in the former Eastern bloc, because they can easily see the similarities. Today, it is merely machines that take care of the endless fields of monocultures that are destroying our health. Back then, it was hordes of farm workers. By the way, what is the name of a worker in Russian ? A rabotnik means one who performs work, a robot neck, and работа, rabota means work.


Aggregation of industrial production with agriculture and vanishing of the difference between city and country

Because the prophet Marx had prophesied that the backward agrarian society would have to die to be replaced by an industrial society = class society, so that class and interest antagonisms could bring about the revolution = the global fascist takeover, which he called communism, agriculture had to be industrialized. Everything else was useless if one wanted to create a dysfunctional class society in a traditional and well-functioning agrarian society.

Therefore, the Russian Revolution took place, the coup, the looting campaign, which was synchronized with the genocide of the First World War, which together destroyed three traditional empires (the German, the Austro-Hungarian and the Russian) + the Turkish Revolution (the Young Turks, Jewish Sabbatean Freemasons from Thesaloniki, followers of Jacob Franck, who as a bonus carried out the Armenian genocide – again completely random, completely disregarding all contexts and patterns), which destroyed the fourth empire, the Ottoman, so that the Middle East / Asia Minor could be plundered by the British and the French. Everything happens in the years around 1910, when the US National Bank is privatized, read coup by a handful of big bankers of primarily Jewish descent – again disregard all contexts, it is surely a coincidence. The Titanic is sunk (it was The Ulympic), the ocean liner Lusitania is sunk in British waters (with Winston Churchill’s full knowledge and approval), the pharmaceutical industry is created by the godfather of the oil industry, the Jewish oil magnate John D. Rockefeller – again completely coincidental, and the physics and Nicola Tesla run out on a siding by JP Morgan – who also had an interest in the sinking of The Titanic = The Ulympic, as the incident included a string of business-political assassinations of bla critics of the state economic coup = the formation of The Fed (among others John Jacob Astor IV).

World War I was unfinished business, which required World War II. Both world wars were about preventing Germany and Russia from recognizing that they were a completely natural common culture, from finding common ground and from forming cultural and trade ties. It would have meant the death of the British Empire, an empire based on piracy, genocide, genocide, looting, lies and deception and all sorts of scams, the headquarters of the Venetian segment of The City of London, the British East India Company and its information arm that became British intelligence, MI5 and MI6. The German-Russian connection had to be prevented at all costs. Hence the participation of the stupid Polaks to intervene (I am not talking about the excellent and glorious members of the Polish people here). The two world wars were both the extension of classical imperialism but also its dance of death.

The nihilation of the diffenced between of country and city is quite clearly reflected in Maurice Strong’s and Gro Harlem Brundtland’s Agenda 21 Manifesto (now Agenda 2030). People had to be driven into the cities / metropolises. Rural areas should be depopulated and only industrialized pantry producers, because in the metropolises, all individuals will be hyper-controlled. The manifesto is closely linked to the eugenics agenda (also a UN agenda, cf. Julian Huxley, First Secretary of UNESCO and a declared eugenicist), the theory of overpopulation as the world’s main problem = therefore all useless eaters must be killed.

Urbanization and socialization go hand in hand. Socialism = social control. Farmers, inhabitants of the agrarian, traditional society were traditionally independent-minded, independent and proud people. Through their tradition of the ability of the hand and the spirit, they were able to survive all the crises that both nature and the failed culture offered them. Therefore, they had to be killed, this is the step-no-one of the communist project. Their very existence was a mockery of the revolution.

An impossibility of life in the countryside was a tool for urbanization. We see it globally throughout the 20th century. People leave the countryside and move into the cities in an illusory expectation and blind belief that their happiness can be made in the big city. The vast majority were horribly mistaken.


Free education of all children and combination of education and industrial production

When the word free appears, a set of red lights should be lit. There is nothing free in the communist manifesto. Free means: freedom for the globalists to freely choose their dishes + freedom for responsibility for which dishes they have taken care of. To understand this perverted concept of freedom, we must turn to the ancestors of the Communists, the Jesuits. We find all 10 commandments for liberals / radicals / revolutionaries in Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit apprentice, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (Bayrische Illuminati) from Ingolstadt near Frankfurt. The Jesuits were very interested in the education of children and young people, because they were themselves scientists, monk-nerds. It sounds just fine until we read their main thesis for pedagogy: Give it to me the 4-year-old child and I will give it to you the adult. Jesuit pedagogy is thus systematized brainwashing, the earlier, the better. It is mental pedophilia, abuse and rape of children. But it is more than mental. With some knowledge of the Catholic Church, we also know what means. Certain experiences for quite young people can in this respect be useful in their consciousness formation, which can be useful for … Do I need to say more?

The corruption of the education system throughout the West is massive.
So much stupidity and ignorance, so much disinformation, so much falsification of history, so much lack of thinking power!

Marx was not talking about voluntary education of children and young people, he was talking about compulsory education. Why else would he combine the statement with the statement on industrial production? The training system was to be designed to produce slaves for the production apparatus. That was EXACTLY what happened in the Soviet state. It was subsequently what happened just at a slow pace, using the communist and educator that the left confessed to: John Dewey. These guys always deliver a freudian slip, and Dewey says at one point that the purpose of his pedagogy is to create stupid people. Is not that exactly what has happened?

Many people today find themselves forced to choose home schooling for their children to get them out of the brainwashing system. The system responds in its places again by introducing a ban on home schooling. Interestingly, the communist project was never a vertical project intended for one locality, one nation, one state. At the same time, the Communists operated horizontally across countries and states. They were from the start International. Read-hear-see KGB-afhopper Juri Besminov’s bekendelser om subversion. Stalin called socialists in the West useful idiots. The western institutions could be subverted in just two generations, and the damage would take another two generations to heal. In the meantime, there has been a radical loss of knowledge and value. This is what we have seen in the universities of the West from the 70s until today. In the USA, brainwashing is currently culminating, and the institutions are pure rats’ nests for radicalism / Marxism. Therefore, it has been possible to coup the entire Democratic Party as a radical-Marxist platform.

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