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The Cult

It used to mean something else. The word CULT. Something other than what we understand by cult today. We live in times when old concepts undergo a perversion.

Like the word myth. Once it meant epic world explanation, storytelling, today it implies that some superstitious fools once in the distant past invented ridiculous, infantile tales, because they did not know better and had no science – in other words: they were stupid, naive, but NOW 2000 years later, we must tell them in retrospect what they would have meant if they had had a brain. We project the present backwards into the past, after which we use the past to turn the present on its head, so that both the present and the future may belong to us.

In the mouths of polemicists today, myth means a misunderstanding, something that some subversives in their delusion believe.

The ancients had a different language for reality. The language was image-based. They personified natural phenomena to make them understandable. They saw nature as a living being, where we see nature as a machine, at most an organic-biological machine but basically a mechanistic thing. Did the ancients make a mistake, and are we right? Do we not forget how quickly our myths in the form of the currently accepted scientific explanation of big and small in the universe are changing? Have we ourselves become so good at creating designer myths that we do not see them ourselves? Have we simply forgotten the codes for the languages of the ancients, and have we thrown away the translation manual? Carl Jung was of that opinion, so he studied something as old-fashioned as alchemy all his life, for he had discovered that it was a language for EVERYTHING he had dealt with.

The same twist has happened with the word CULT. The word is, of course, the core of the word culture. Culture is exquisite, or can mean something exquisite. But even here it goes wrong, because as they say: We have to go to town tonight, honey and have some culture. So it is not something we live in and are co-creators of. It is something we acquire as consumers. It is something that we have left to professionals and let ourselves be entertained with in a voyeuristic, blasé culture. Just as we have left politics to career politicians and technocrats.

Or culture is an object of study for self-righteous sociological eggheads who, as they say, study immigrant culture, foreign cultures, suburban culture, peasant culture on an island in the 19th century, working-class culture on Suburbistan in 1911, whatever.

Cult old-school

The word cult means without modern distortion and condemnation: to cultivate. Cult was cult of life, cult of fertility, and what was cultivated was the gift of nature keeping people and animals alive. In gratitude for the gift they received, humans helped nature along the way. The cult was the culture, and the culture we know especially as the agricultural culture. A hunter-collector society just has a different kind of culture, because they do not cultivate anything, they collect and hunt. That they honored and valued nature as a gift giver, there is no doubt. The cultic could be for them the bear, the bull, the wolf, the game. We see it in their depictions in addition to their other physical remnants. These pictures we call culture today – being somehow confused of culture and fine arts.

We have museums where we glance at pictures – or graffiti that protests against the concrete ugliness. We have concert halls where we listen to music – or venues where we rinse the music down with booze. The fine and the popular. For the hunter 40,000 years ago, who painted galloping bulls in a cave in Lasceau called the Hall of the Bulls, it was neither flimsy glancing at art nor booze-pleasing entertainment. The cave was not a museum. It was a magical act of gratitude and a painted prayer that the flocks of animals might be abundant and return again next year and many years to come. It was a rejoicing and benevolence over the power that dwelt in the mighty beast, a respect for its vitality. Even when the hunters were lucky enough to take it down.

How do we know that? Because the hunter-gatherer cult has been so conservative that we have been able to write down accounts of people who have met their descendants 39,500+ years later who did the same thing and thought the same way. There is no difference in the lifestyle and mindset that Inuit thousands of years ago had in comparison with the hunters that Knud Rasmussen called the Father of Eskimology and Peter Freuchen met on the first Thule expedition in 1912 – not to mention the fifth expedition, the Great Sledding Journey, where he was the first in recent times to cross from North Greenland to Alaska with a dog sled to, as he said, solve the problem of the origin of the Eskimos. He could have continued across the Bering Strait, but it was not landlocked with Siberia anymore, and then he had ended up in Finland.

What was the cult for the hunters, what was the hunters culture? It was first of all the outer world the sea creatures that kept them alive. Maybe combined with the air animals, the birds. Knud Rasmussen, who was himself an Inuit / Greenlander, died ironically after pneumonia in connection with consuming kiviaq, which is grouse fermented in a dead, buried seal – a glorious dish, we must try it one day. But fermentation is totally logical in a society without salt, without vinegar, and without firewood to boil the lard to pieces. They had plenty of refrigerators, but burying is both preservation + cooking at the same time.

What do Inuits depict when they sit in the long winter evenings in their igloo and carve out a walrus tooth, for the evenings are very long in the winter up there? They depict their reality and their narratives of reality. In addition to themselves and their prey, we see strange creatures from the inner world that their spirit man, their shaman, has met on one of his journeys by drumming in trance. So are these so called tupilaks just delirious fantasies, or are they real? The spirit man has not been intoxicated with fermented whatever, for Inuit are highly intolerant of alcohol, which they share with the Mongol race of which they are a part. Funny plants with entheogenic substances do not grow in the icy landscape. They have created it all through the drum dance, and the shaman has been fully capable of evoking the transcendent state in which these beings, these spirits, appeared. So were they real? – to a very high degree! One just should not ask the distancing, rationalizing egg-head-ethno-anthropologist who sits at an institute down in the big city and thinks about his object of study. He has not been there. He THINKS he’s been there, but it’s something completely different. Give him a shot of dmt or ayahuasca, and ask him afterwards if creatures appear.

The cult of the ancients was a celebration of life and an invocation of its blessing. In our latitudes it was partly a sun cult, for the ancients knew that the sun was life-giving. But the northerners also knew about the power of electricity = the lightning plasma energy, Thor, and they also honored the woman as mother and life creator, Freya. They honored life and the forces of nature. In the Middle East, it was a lunar cult, for the sun was a destructive burner, and the moon attracted the water that was life-giving. That the ancients also knew certain secrets about the moon we know from the Vedic culture and its understanding of the number 108.

The more we in our time are wrapped in synthetic designer reality, the less contact we have with nature and its life, beauty, abundance but also brutality, the more alien we are to the original cult. In return, we expose ourselves to the emergence of bizarre pseudo-cults, designer cults, seductive abusive cults, parasitic freaks of neo-cults.


A cult has an element of what we call religion today. But the ancients did not have religion, for it was us who arrived with that thing. They had a direct magical relationship to reality and an everyday life imbued with rituals of direct significance. They had what is like a forgotten core of all religion, and which seems to disappear completely in hierarchical priestly structures, emptied automatic rituals, buildings with pomp and splendor, symbolism that even the priests have forgotten the meaning of, politics and power, sin and guilt and shame. The core of the later religions is shamanism, a word derived from the Siberian type of spirit manners. Tibetan Buddhism is only a step away from the Mongolian Bön Cult, which is pure shamanism.

It is a little harder to see that Christianity is a sun cult, because the Roman Empire under Constantine the Great needed a state religion in support of the imperial cult. As software, the kingdom needed the guverna-mente = control of the mind in the midst of its hardware, the physical-military power apparatus. Therefore, the Persian Mitharaism, Sol Invictus, merged with Paul’s transformation of what the Romans wanted to get rid of: the Jewish Revolt and the messianic groups that made life uncertain for the Empire. Then they let Jesus, the leader of the Jewish Revolt before the conquest of Jerusalem, resurrect as Christ, as the sun rises at the winter solstice, and placed him as the sun in the center of the zodiac with the 12 planets / disciples. By turning a messianic leader into a pacifist turn-the-other-cheek of a feminized peacemaker, they simultaneously pacified the uprising. There is no doubt that the figure was a current person, but enormous efforts were made to eradicate the person himself.
Read: The King that disappeared.

Christianity went from being the Nazarene sect within Judaism to becoming a syncretistic mixed product of Babylonian-Persian-Egyptian descent. At the same time, it is a form of Judaism light, as it built the Torah and the image of Yahweh with a long beard. It fell into place at the Council of Nicaea in 325, where 318 bishops sat and shouted at each other as in the British Parliament.

Constantine somehow invented the designer cult. Or rather: his hinterland, his spin doctors knitted it together by rewriting events that were over 200 hundred years old. Already Josephus Flavius – the Jewish scribe, historian and aristocrat and not least: the man who was inside the apostle Paul – had around the year 70 laid the foundation for the post-editing. The main idea was: If you have to defeat a people who do not voluntarily submit, then you have to remove its history and give it a false ideology / self-understanding. Can we recognize the strategy, have we not seen this recently in various extracts?

Judaism is itself a synthesis of Egyptian-Babylonian cult, and its inner circle Kabbalah is an attempt to recreate the Babylonian magic they encountered during captivity combined with their background as the Hyksos people (read also here Josephus) who invaded Egypt from the east in time before 1650 BC – hy-ksos – heqa-khase – rulers of a foreign land. Think of Moses and Aaron as Akhenaten and his general. Think of King David and King Solomon as the rulers of Tannis, Egypt, the city with the temple, and the hexagonal star. It was the second temple that was built in Jerusalem, but it was after Exodus where the ‘Jews’ = the inhabitants of Tell-el-Amarna, the worshippers of Atum in Akhenaton’s new city in lower Egypt were expelled by the Amun priesthood from Upper Egypt, think Luxor . We have very little left of Amarna, for the priests leveled the city. Akhenaton’s cult of reform was, for the first time in world history, a monotheistic sun cult. Akhenaten and Nefertiti disappeared, because due to their clash with the clergy, there was no room for them in the Valley of the Kings in Thebes.

With monotheism begins many of the problems. Akhenaton created a cult around himself and his family with the sun as god. Monotheism is monomania, monoculture. When there can be only one, autocracy arises, and only if the people are lucky, it is enlightened autocracy. As in religion, so in politics, for these were not separated. Monotheism is produced and presents itself as a progress – in the heathen days they believed in all sorts of idols, but now …

Islam is a lunar cult from the Arabian Peninsula and up through the Bekaa Valley. Its birthplace was not Mecca but Petra – Muslims tear my head off if I say that, and they should be so welcome. But they have a hard time explaining that the first mosques that were built turned in the direction of Petra. The governor got into a brawl with his people and emigrated. Muslims are very busy hiding that there are no remnants in the governor’s new residence in Mecca of anything to do with events in the 700s. What is the mysterious black meteor magnet stone doing as they perform a ritual dance around it? What does it have to do with Allah and His Prophet? Why, by the way, do Muslim women wear three kinds of face covering, niqab, hijab and burkha? When I ask Muslims, I don’t get the right answer. An example of something old that hides in something later that one has forgotten the original meaning of. These are the three states of the moon, the uncovered, the half-covered and the completely covered = full moon, crescent and new moon.

We will not delve deeper into the Prophet’s profession as a desert robber, and his erotic relationship with – as Jeffrey Epstein would have said – very young women. In other words, girls under the age of 3, which we would today call pedophilia. Nor are we talking about the fact that Islam, which calls itself a faith of peace, was born in a Mecca of acts of war and bloodshed. We are not even talking about a tolerant religion. Ask e.g. a Pakistani about what would happen to the founders of a Christian denomination in a medium-sized provincial town in the country. They would probably be murdered on streak. Other denominations are banned.

Is religion hereby debunked? Not at all! Man is religiously into the core of his bones, but if man does not take great care, there are ALWAYS hypocrites and manipulators who coup the true and universal values that still live in people’s interiors and turn them to their own purposes. The core has been made esoteric, and it is because it is considered extremely dangerous among the coup makers. So the core to disappear into the darkness. The core makes themselves redundant and exposes their hypocrisy. The core is about man being a sovereign being who is only accountable to God. In doing so, man is also accountable to the highest law of never harming others. This can be misunderstood in the sense that we must passively and cowardly allow others to do harm to us = the misunderstood version of turning the other cheek.

Islam has its very own cult of hypocrisy. It is called Islamic fundamentalism, Salafism or Wahhabism. On closer inspection, it is not Islam as such that has created this cult, for it was a British intelligence operation. The sin of Islam in our time is, that it has allowed itself to be eaten up from within by Saudi bribe money and therefore has never put an end to this attack on its integrity.

Islam never officially distanced itself from jihadism and became a victim of it itself. Now it sticks, and they have to use all sorts of victim role concepts to wash it off – without success. They should have thought of that before before they popped their necks thinking: it’s probably over soon. If you give Eblis your pinky finger, he will take your entire arm.

Neocult in the age of inversion

Inversion = perversion = turning upside down. The cult as an institution had already hardened in antiquity, precisely because it became … an institution. It happened with the rise of the city-state. Here the presence of a hierarchical clerical-monarchy, a military and a money economy became necessary. The kings were god kings. It was also here that the written word became more important than the spoken word, the aural tradition. The original agrarian society was subject to the city-state. Do we recognize it from our own time?

When the Communists wrote history by falsifying the history that already existed, they claimed that it was the people who overthrew the Tsardom. Completely wrong! It was an invading force deployed by British intelligence as the brain and with American capital and a lot of mainly Jewish fanatics as muscle mass. Many of them were professional jihadists, as we would call them today, some with a military background. They were commissioned to destroy the Russian agrarian society and the deep traditions that go all the way back to the old Tartaria, the forgotten Empire, connected by tribes and clans and maintained by industrious peasants. The result was an unheard of monster of a continent-sized slave hell that lasted 70 years and which the Russians first got rid of in 1990. The Chinese on the same continent today suffer severely from the same, for they – and thus the rest of the world! – has certainly not gotten rid of it. The Maoists destroyed the Confucian system of government and one of the most beautiful non-religions, the Daoist philosophy, and sent these two mindsets underground, in exile or far up in the mountains. All those slaughtered by the Communists in Russia, China and the rest of their global sphere are conservatively estimated: 300 million! Add to that a number that can only be enumerated in billions for people whose lives became hell on earth. It takes an HUGE forgetfulness, ignorance-naivety or conceit to call oneself a Marxist or a socialist today without blinking an eye. Or decidedly malice.

Cult today is a satanic death cult. No cult like the red-fascist cult of state and mass has demonstrated how there is only one god, Statan, and Marx-Lenin-Trotsky-Mao are his prophets. The psychopath Karl Marx wrote poems in homage to just … Satan! The Jew Karl Marx staged himself as Moses, and he co-authored with his money pusher Engels the 10 Commandments in The Communist Manifesto. The Freemason Karl Marx knew very well that Yahweh and Lucifer / Satan are the same figure. You only get to know that when you achieve one of the top six degrees of initiation.

Not surprisingly, Hollywood is running a glorification of Lucifer

We can begin to see an unbroken connection between the cults of antiquity and those of today. A gloomy password is: human sacrifice. When the Jews came in contact with the Canaanites, they were warned against interfering with them. Their own prophets rebuked them for not listening, and some of these prophets were actually killed for the courage. The story of how Moses came down from Mount Sinai and saw that the people of Israel heard and worshiped the golden calf and – it does not say that place in the Torah / Old Testament – sacrificed children to the god. But it is found somewhere else: the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of his own son at Yahweh’s command. The story also reflects that there was a conflict, an anti-movement among the Jews, for Abraham refuses to perform the sacrifice. The cult of the Canaanites was a cult of human sacrifice. Their demonic god Baal demanded sacrifices of children and virgins. So did the black mother, Kali in ancient India called Dravidia. The gods of the Aztecs did the same.

Is there a connection here despite time and distances? The Russian historian Nicolai Levashov describes a connection from Dravidia to Canaan, saying that it was the Naga cult, the black mother cult (Kali Ma), that migrated from Dravidia through Central Asia in two routes, one south to the Middle East, the other north. to Khazaria, for they were expelled in two rounds precisely because of their cult of human sacrifice. Naga = snake / reptile. He also writes in his book, Russian History Seen Through a Lookin Glass (a hybrid between a magnifying glass, periscope, microscope and a crystal ball) that it was the Indian rishis who arranged the expulsion of the followers of the Black Mother. That the looking glass may be a crystal ball is due to the fact, that Levashov, in addition to being a physicist and mathematician, was also a clairvoyant and healer. It is a combination that only Russians get away with, as the cult of Western rationalism would have expelled him immediately.

A parallel is the extinction of Rudolf Steiner from the fine forums of philosophers, even though he was one of their own and wrote treatises on Kant and Nietzsche. Every cult requires that its members comply with the codes of conduct, otherwise they will be expelled for having committed anathema, sacrilege. The cult of science = scientism demands non-spiritual rationalism and materialism / nominalism of its members. Science itself does not mind allowing itself to be dogmatized, politicized, commercialized and ideologized, and thus to commit a gross crime against the scientific method if they have their arms twisted and money down their pockets. Its authoritative members treat dissenters and creative critics as the church in the Middle Ages treated heretics.

The cult of genocide

Levashov writes that the Kali Ma worshippers also arrived in South America. Priests arrived who introduced the practice of human sacrifice. He thus says that it did not exist in advance, but that it arrived. We know that the Aztecs hold a demonic world record in human sacrifice. It seems plausible that it arrived and was not an original part of the original culture, for a culture, a cult that sacrificed so many of its people, would annihilate itself before they had reached the stage of high culture. Something must have happened at a time that has turned this culture in the direction of an auto-genocide.

So do the Aztecs hold the record? We know they did what they did because they did not hide it and painted grim pictures of it. But a difficult question is, should we not take a closer look at 19th and 20th century mass phenomena to identify the holders of the demonic world record? The Aztecs ritually murdered 40,000 people in just a few days, it is reported. The victims of the genocides of the 19th and 20th centuries by comparison assume dimensions of hundreds of millions during two world wars, three genocide revolutions, genocide in India, Ireland, Iran, Tasmania, Armenia, South Africa, Congo, Rwanda, serial wars in Korea , Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine … the list is exhausting and it continues. This is the actual DEATH CULT in practice, and it does not belong to a distant, primitive and barbaric past.

Historians in the long run and journalists in the short run persistently claim that these demonic actions have no interrelationship, no interconnection and no common cause. They are completely isolated incidents, all based on coincidences. The same goes for terrorist acts from Sarajevo to Dallas, from Wall Street to Utøya – all due to random, lonely lunatics with no hinterland and mission, no connection, no hidden agenda and no common cause.

One can bring a person out of composure and make him do strange things. One can derail a group of people and make them create chaos. And one can bring an entire nation out of composure and make a coup while stealing people’s money and possessions. One can send half a nation into exile by educating the public that the nation’s inhabitants were in on it themselves and that it was a charity to liquidate their president – while claiming that it all happened spontaneously and that it was the nation’s inhabitants themselves who rebelled.

Cult by design

Cult and culture have become a toxic weapon that destroys human life. Culture can be created synthetically. It can be modeled, programmed and manipulated. The methods are fully developed and many have worked on their refinement. It has cost money and effort, and the genius is that the victims of the program have been allowed = forced to pay for it. Either over the tax bill (state cult) or by the fact that they have voluntarily and enthusiastically bought the idea (consumption cult).

Neo-cult checklist:

  • Thinking is dismantled. Left behind is emotional response.
  • Blinds are fitted. You cannot see backwards and sideways.
  • Projection (the effect of blinders). Others are accused of doing what they do.
  • Blind faith. The premise cannot be challenged, the main dogma is indisputable.
  • No self-criticism. Self-criticism is outlawed, it is taboo, it is sacrilege.
  • Self-censorship. On the other hand, you do not say what you mean, for fear of … it is not known, but it is there, somewhere.
  • The promise. A glorious future is in store for the patient devotee.
  • Utopia. A glorious but unfulfilled vision of the kingdom of heaven, the Millennium, the original communist society, The New Green Deal, the global village, Nirvana in Smalltown. The future is always tomorrow, and tomorrow it will be the day after tomorrow.
  • Social control. Dependence on group acceptance, fear of exclusion.
  • Mental control. Opinion formation is served as a finished product.
  • Loyalty check. The cult is paranoid about potentially apostate members.
  • Meaninglessness. The meaningless makes sense through training in meaninglessness.
  • Historylessness. The cult creates a bubble in time and becomes its own premise.
  • Rootlessness. A cult demands that members cut off the connection to their family and friends and their traditions in order to devote themselves to the cult.
  • Idolization. Images of gods appear in the sky, they show you the way in the dark.
  • Hate objects. For lack of their own inner purpose, one agrees to hate.
  • Amoral. People without a moral compass are willing to commit a crime.
  • The herd animal. As long as the crime is committed in droves, it is not called a crime.
  • Violence. If not physical violence, it is psychological and social violence.
  • Applied mass psychology. The century of behaviorism has borne fruit.
  • Fakeness. True emotions are used in a perverted way to create a movement.
  • Will to sacrifice. Willingness to sacrifice oneself in the service of a good cause also leads to an evil cause.
  • Submission. In a cult, one ignores one’s own needs for the desires of others.
  • Salvation. Cult members feel better than others, they are very special.
  • Puritanism. Cult members are subject to purity and regular conduct.
  • A higher cause. Individuality disappears into a higher purpose that is sold as noble. Its less precious parts are called for: the goal sanctifies the means.
  • Missionary work. A repressed uncertainty about salvation creates the need to convince and save others and win them for the right faith. You can become like us, won’t you please.
  • Monoculture. Cult members need like-minded people around them.
  • Out of educational reach. One does not discuss with a cult member in anticipation of responsiveness.
  • Self-affirming isolation. Cult members will go to great lengths to avoid company and thus influence from non-like-minded people. It will also go a long way in preventing non-like-minded people from speaking out. Cults operating in public space spend most of their energy on character assassinations of non-like-minded people.
  • Immune deficiency. The revolution eats its own children and everything nearby.

The neo-cult is known for its denials. Communism as a cultic movement denied spirituality. There was only matter. Mankind was a moving matter, a piece of material, the driving force of history was materialistic. Through its denial, communism became a religion. Check the checklist above, EVERYTHING is there.

The neo-cult demands the devotion of its members. Devotion as a dog to its owner, as children to their parents, as a soldier to its commander-in-chief, as a lover to his only one, forever. Devotion is submission.

The neo-cult always has a built-in death drive. There is something saturnic about it, Kronos/Saturn eats his own children. In 1978, psychopath socialist and cult leader Jim Jones ordered the cult members of the Temple of the People in Jonestown, Guyana, to commit collective suicide – and they did. Those who refused were given ‘a little help’.
When Black Lives Matter orders their hordes on the streets, they smash black lives and destroy black neighborhoods that are subsequently taken over by moneylenders. The democratic city governments that postulate to be their protectors have systematically destroyed their cities, and especially for black populations, life has become hell. Human lives do not matter for them, and neither do black lives.
When the Antifas vandalize the street scene to create the revolutionary chaos, it is in drunken death drive against nihilism, death over the values, death over the unity of the people, death over the constitution … and death over a future for 1000s of young men and women subsequently come to rot in a prison cell because they in drunkenness allowed themselves to be seduced into useful idiocy for George Soros & co. and forgot that they were recorded on surveillance camera.


Anthropology is a human science created by warring powers. The British Empire is known and infamous for its effective and destructive strategy – constructive solely from a strict elitist point of view – a strategy for submission to the peoples of the world known as devide and conquer. They used anthropologists to map differences between populations in an area that was either already under British rule or was in the binoculars as such. These contradictions could then be intensified, and in the ensuing chaos and the weakening of resilience brought about by the internal conflicts, they could step in and consolidate their power. Let them destroy themselves, they thought.

The Frankfurt School and the Tavistock Institute are the follow-ups on this venture. They study human behavior, social groups – the cultural Marxists called the hybrid social psychology – and then use the acquired knowledge as a weapon.

A British officer, Frank Kitson, wrote books on the strategy, in which he, based on his experience with the method during the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya in 1952-60, developed the concept of gang – counter gang. It is basically the description of an operation stand-down false flag. A gang (counter gang) hired for the occasion by the occupying power and disguised as the problematic rebels against the occupying power commits an offense, preferably a massacre with great outrage and propaganda value, which is then later attributed to the rebels (the gang). Thereafter, the occupying power has a pretext to intervene.

Where have we seen it recently? Think Libya and Syria. The strategy can be reversed and turned with the same result. In Syria, a stack of terrorists (counter gang) was equipped with poison gas, which they fired at Syrian civilians. The Assad government was then accused of gassing its own population (the gang), after which hordes of counter-insurgents (counter gang) = imported terrorists funded by Saudi Arabia, supported by Israel and Turkey, organized by the CIA and backed by British-funded White Helmets, terrorist garbage men were sent inside. The media falsely called it a civil war, but it was an invasion war between Syrian citizens defended by their government on the one hand (with the help of the Russians) and ISIS, mercenaries from all over the Middle East on the other. ISIS itself was put together as a cult for its members.

One thing is that tribes have always fought each other at intervals. Unless they have figured it out with each other. Historians tend to forget, that the latter is the norm, for it is the conflicts that stand out in the long periods of peaceful coexistence. The village council of a village does not just sit down one day and decide that now the peaceful inhabitants of the village will go over to the other side of the mountain and destroy another village and its inhabitants just because they are different and have a different faith and history. They may not marry into the other tribe, but they also have no desire to poison it. It almost always happens through intervention from above and from outside. War is extremely rarely the war of the citizens, it is the war of the warlords. The modern warlords are the imperialists, the industrialists, the monopoly capitalists, the globalists. It’s the bankers’ wars. The tribal cult becomes a tool.

This can only happen because anthropologists have made themselves destructively available and given the warlords the key to understanding the weak points, the entrance holes to a culture. Anthropologists have acted as intelligence agents in the field and have operated through participant observation. In intelligence parlance, it is called infiltration. Then the troublemakers arrived with slander and bribery. They pissed down in the anthill and watched the hive go berserk at each other. It’s called strategy of tension. Kissinger called it Balkanization. These are artificial and staged conflicts that are non-spontaneous and unnecessary for anything other than the conflicts.

Via a synthetic cult one can destroy a real culture.
Ask the Chairman or the WHO.

Commercial cult

The big companies have figured it out. If they are to create success for a brand, then they need to create a clientele of fanatics who are willing to behave like cult members. Again, a horde of anthropologists, sociologists and psychologists + all the loose stuff in the industry has been inside to map the target audience. This is what Apple did at the beginning of the millennium, when they shifted from producing computers and software as workhorses for the creative industry, to designer circles for the delicacy-hungry consumer segment, a segment they themselves helped create.

First, the iMac came around the turn of the millennium. It was in transparent colored plastic, screen + computer looked like a space helmet, the coolness was top notch. After that, it went step by step, and with the iPhone, it became clear that they had managed to create a designer cult. The entire chain from development to store was thoroughly designed. The employees at the Apple Store’s looked like something from Scientology. They were all beautiful young people who had been through a special sales training and behaved in a special delicacy-promoting way. When they lined up at sales conferences, they called themselves ‘evangelists’ – it could not be clearer. Adobe used the same half-baked terminology with ‘preachers’ that came with the happy message of a gift from God that would save the right believer. The name of the god was Mammon.

Their customers behaved similarly cult-like, which they were supposed to.. To a priesthood belonged a congregation. Owning an expensive, delicious iPhone was the go-to card for Nirvana. Not owning it meant teens breaking down crying and biting the carpet until their parents agreed to spend their entire monthly profits on soothing the crying lump on the carpet. A cult demands its victims and its sacrifices.

The believers and worshippers circulating around the holy kaaba-stone of the digital Mekka

It was in the same period that design and interface became everything, and performance for the price became almost indifferent. Their products were not of poor quality, they just did not match the inflated price. The Apple world closed in on itself. You can’t get a picture out of an iPad without using iTunes. Music that you have paid to download can only be played with the correct Apple ID, and if you have forgotten it, the music is lost forever. A code called DRM, Digital Rights Management has been added to the .m4p format downloaded from the iTunes Store. So Apple demanded that the members of the cult worship both their store, their format, their software, and their machines. And it was certainly not to protect the artists who had created the music, for they got an extremely poor deal with the iTunes Store. The doors to the church closed when worship was held and the church choir was underpaid.

Cult intervention

A cult is neutrally a community based on common norms, behaviors and values ​​combined with a common symbolic language that the participants in the community believe they understand. The symbolic bonding is part of what some have called the archaic revival. The CIA was a co-creator of the hippie and drug culture of the late ’60s – early’ 70s. It was the resurgence of the collective orgy, the bachanal with sex, drugs & rock’n’roll. It had started already in the 50’s with Elvis and and the teenyboppers, but in the 60’s it became seriously cult. Newage started in the 60s as a pseudo-shamanistic wave. Eastern mysticism and misunderstood Hindu Buddhism were some of the components. The big chill-out music festivals emerged with Woodstock as a role model. The CIA was there all the time, making sure there was plenty of drugs – Grateful Dead was a pure CIA body, and David McGowan has documented it all in the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. The audience’s behavior at a Beatles concert was nothing short of collective pathology, it was a mass psychosis. Even the members of the band felt embarrassed after their well-known US tour realizing, that their performance no longer had anything to do with music. It was not the CIA that was responsible for it, but a British institution called the Tavistock Institute.

Neo-cults always have a hidden purpose. The main purpose of the hippie cult at the time was to divert the dissatisfied youth from criticism of the Vietnam War and thus dismantle the escalating peace movement. The more politically oriented were captured by a parallel intervention: cultural Marxism. One could be both a Marxist and an acid head at the same time, it fit together like a foot in a sock, cf. Herbert Marcuse’s concept of subversive perversion, where free sex and adultery, drug abuse, dismantling of the ‘bourgeois’ morality by overthrowing all law and order, cross-border sexuality, the destruction of traditions and contempt for one’s parents were as culturally Marxist as anything. EVERYTHING was geared to break down the existing. What was then to replace the existing was very vague, which was entirely in line with the utopian element of the cult. We ask again and again: do we recognize something that is happening right now? Think the LGBT cult, think Black Lives Matter, think Antifa – and think multimillions from the nice uncle, George Soros.

Think also of reverse reality. Black Lives Matter creates racism instead of preventing it, Antifa IS fascism instead of fighting it, LGBTism mass-produces gender confusion instead of clarifying it. And Uncle Soros (Open Society) funds closed, divided, and isolated groups in society that hate each other and the rest of society. There is very little openness about the agenda and cash flow here. Perhaps ‘openness’ stands for an open bleeding flesh wound. Or does it mean a large open hole in the shop window where the car drove in before they stole all the goods. EVERYTHING is reversal, EVERYTHING is projection, EVERYTHING is thought destructively.

Techno cult

The world is currently experiencing a technocratic takeover. Under the guise of an artificially created pandemic, a power grab takes place. Huge sums of money are poured into the equally huge project. It has been on the stairs for a long time, the preparations have taken place step by step, the project has met with resistance along the way, and now the project leaders have become desperate. A planned large-scale series of terrorist acts was probably canceled because they were revealed beforehand. The pandemic operation was part of it and is in itself a huge terrorist act. Behind the scenes are the big tech companies, the pharmaceutical giants – Bill Gates is now both – the bankers and the World Economic Forum. A streak of the largest institutions, the UN and subdivision WHO + the Chinese Communist Party and thus an entire red-fascist mega-state are the main actors. This is the technocratic Third World War, and it’s going on right here and right now and all over.

Technocracy is cultic in its essence. It is cultic in the same way as the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. Or the British Empire. What do you say, Empire is not cultic? Then I would suggest a study of the occult cult – interesting: oc-cult, a cult of the eye or rather what one does not see – around Elisabeth the First. The empire was also in the high renaissance a totalitarian project that was to create a kingdom of God on earth. Except that god was not quite the god we believe. The Queen is always depicted as the Queen of Heaven, the goddess. Where happened to Snow White?
Read: The Hidden Meaning of Fairy Tales.

The cult requires access cards, and once inside, one does not easily get out again. The access card is compromise, one must have committed an offense that is kept secret. If you do not obey the cult, the atrocity is no longer a secret, after which you are out – in the unfathomable way, because your life is ruined.

The members of the technoculture all believe that they serve a higher, noble purpose. To that end, they have a concept that they call the noble lie, for humanity cannot handle the truth that is not perceived as particularly noble by anyone other than the members of the cult. The truth is that they want total submission, slavery of humanity combined with the annihilation of the majority of the incompetent creeps that make up humanity. They say to themselves that they will not be able to sell that message and that item without several layers of wrapping. Their only chance is to convince humanity that the new Holocaust and the Prison Planet Earth are for the good of us all. It succeeds in the long run, because globalist technocracy has 95% of the world’s media available through ownership.

Sex cult

They existed sex cult in antiquity. Dionysus, Ishtar, Kali. In Hinduism and Buddhism there is tantra, in Daoism there is White Tiger. In Alchemy, there is sacred marriage. So much did Sigmund Freud understand: the sexual energy is the very life energy. He just did not know what to do with the so-called libido other than to pathologize the human being and declare that children had a borderline pedophile relationship with their parent of the opposite sex from birth.

As with everything else in culture, sexuality is also perverted. Although you may not profess to be a Christian, you need to take into account that Christianity has created an institution around marriage in order to protect sexuality and make it a sacred area, ie. that one has no blessing to shuffle around with it. Islam and Judaism have similar practices and perceptions of marriage. With Freud started the neocult practice.

In the neocults, sexuality has been unleashed in unholy and untamed form. We see the perversities breaking loose in interwar Europe, and Berlin became one of the centers of looseness, The Sodom of Europe. A traumatized and shattered decadence spread. Brothel and the variety culture was everywhere. See Milos Formans Cabaret, where the glories are portrayed as the epitome of liberation and Nazism as its opposite.

The postulate of liberation is nihilistic, and world concepts are turned upside down. Is it liberating for people in a society that amoral subverts / shames the family institution, which is the strongest defense against the omnipotence of the State? Jump forward to today. Is it liberating for relationships between man and woman if the man is addicted to pornography and a woman has fucked 50 men before she tries to create a stable relationship and have children – the first does not succeed at least, and the children are bred by singles mothers / fathers? Is adultery liberating? What happens to the new generation that is forced into the transgenderism of LGBTism as the norm of political correctness?

The cultural Marxists called it subversive perversion. The most recent opening I anticipated several years ago, and it arrivedJune 22, 2020. The LGBTQ’s have now officially included pedophilia as part of the great unholy diversity, yet another freak of a new world that means the opposite of itself. They themselves claim that it means space for everyone in all their diversity. But if there is now plenty of room for the pedos or sodomists, the right words for that kind, then there is probably no more room for children, ie approx. half of the earth’s population. This can hardly be called diversity as in bio-diversity. Miscellaneous = divided, scattered. The agenda is the usual: division and mastery. When we are divided, we are controllable.

We most recently saw the neo-sex cults around the intellectual, politically correct left-wing hi-society slang. In the circles around Hillary Clinton and her rapist of a man, we find Jeffrey Epstein and the NXIVM cult. We find Hollywood’s abuse monster machine. We find satanic perv artists like Marina Abramovitch. We find a sick culture where pedophilia and adrenachrome are everyday standard. And now they want to blue-stamp it all and put a P in the ass on LGBTQ+P!

Keith Rainiere created the NXIVM-sexslave cult, that burnmarked the members.
It was joined by celebrities, politicians, and wealthy pervs. The guy is now rotting up in jail. Like Epstein he will probably not survive there for long.
And like the Epstein case a lid was put on the jar to protect certain important people and their dark deeds.

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