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The Black Pope

Let’s talk/write about faith, religion and GOD. Is it because the undersigned poetic essayist and commentator is professing and believing? It’s not that simple. I occasionally wear a gold cross around my neck. I switch to Thor’s hammer when I feel like it. I switch to my bio-geometric brass piece with Egyptian dials created by Ibrahim Karim. I could have worn the double triangle or the sigil of Shiva, the horizontal new moon which is really the rings of Saturn. I could also have carried the Daoist sign of universal polarity and balance. All symbols contain a condensed knowledge of the universe and human nature.

I know from studies that religiosity is a part of human nature that cannot be denied. I have low respect for atheists and materialists, who are some of the most ‘religious’ in a non-religious way people I meet. I keep my distance from religious fundamentalists who claim that the text must be read letter by letter – like the atheists just the other way around. This means – sorry to announce – that Islam is problematic for me as it does not allow Muslims other than a literal reading. I stay far away from NewAge flickers, because newagers have half-digested and misunderstood their sources. They do not know the spiritual tradition of their own culture, so they have imported surrogates from the East or the South, which they will never fully understand.

I refuse to jump on the convenient and easy bandwagon that because something is wrong at the top of the Catholic Church – and there is – and because the church and religion have been abused for politics and mind control – and it has – it is a whole corrupt brat that must be discarded. It is very popular among underground critics – they call themselves critics without really having much of their so-called criticism – to vilify the church, faith and religion, and thus the millions of believers who every day invest their possibly naive but completely authentic commitment in their faith in the millennia-old institution. The superficial critics demonstrate an inability to read the text combined with spiritual laziness. There is gold to be unearthed in the tradition, and yes, the baby needs a bath, but they just want to wash it all out with the bathwater.

I understand why you might jump to that conclusion. I am more than willing to turn the question, whether religion as an institution tends towards being systemically corrupt, and that they save themselves ashore via precisely the completely authentic commitment, the fundamental and genuine feelings and human values that the congregation arrives with. I am also willing to discuss the coup of these universal values that the church has committed. We can easily discuss the extent of hypocrisy among the hypocrites. But I am no longer willing to accept quick and stupid conclusions on that basis. The complexity is too great, the layers are too many, and there is much, MUCH more to it.

Most people know little about the history of the Church’s imperialism in earlier times. The Jesuits were always the vanguard of an invasion. Missionaries were softeners of the old local cultures to be converted and saved – that is, destroyed and exploited. We all know about the cases in recent times that the Catholic Church has had about pedophilia. We also know that they have tried to cover them up. On the other hand, we also know that millions of Irish people – to name one formerly arch-Catholic country – have written off the church on that basis.

By the way: the Pope’s blood spatter under his eye and his plaster are the usual sign of the use of ADRENACHROME, an extract of adrenaline-rich blood from children at the moment of death, when they are in an extreme state of terror. For example, by having their facial skin ripped off.

I was born and raised as a Protestant cultural Christian. It was just there, you were baptized and confirmed, and then you went to church for weddings and funerals and Christmas Eve. I later found myself in church circles a lot, because it was quite natural to earn some money as a church singer as a music student. I have been a member of the congregational council, and I know a great deal about theological discussions – and about the internal political dirt that goes on among squeamish wannabe politicians in those circles. I have composed a lot of music for churches, and some of it has been broadcast by DR in several contexts.

At the same time, I am obviously one of the very few Danes who know the real story about the historical person they called Jesus, and it is NOT the story that is written in the New Testament. In fact, it is so radically different that theologians and Christians would run away screaming from the whole speech. In other words, I know very well that a scam has taken place. Do you know the story? Well no, you should read: The King Who Disappeared. It is not easy to get through and it is long, but this is the story of a figure who disappeared into history and re-emerged as a mythical sun god, a new Mithras. Who was the Nazarene, why all the commotion, and where did he disappear to? And who was the coup plotter St. Paul who crept in through the side door and disappeared out the back door?

The Church under attack

There are those of us who seek out sources of news that are not shamefully contaminated by global fascism’s shit-brown sewage of disinformation. 100% uncontaminated there is nothing and no one who is, because everyone has a blind spot and no one can be fully informed about everything in a highly mentally-polluted age. However, we do not need to be 100% aligned in order to trust good intentions, because otherwise we become isolation cells in the knowledge space, and all flow of information becomes silent.

One of these channels is started by Glenn Beck, one of the far too few serious journalistic commentators out there. The channel is called Blaze TV. GB recently receives a letter from a Catholic who has had a shock. He has ventured into one of the larger Catholic churches in New York. Here he is met by large photostats of George Floyd, the black junkie with a string of gross and violent crimes behind him, who is almost canonized by Black Lives Matter and used as a pretext to terrorize the street scene in the cities of the United States and later in European cities. The man did not die from police violence, he was the perpetrator, and he died from the heavy drug he had pumped himself with, which made him unable to breathe. But the media never reported on that, because their story was scripted from the beginning. It turns out that this Catholic Church has jumped full-scale on the bandwagon of BLM, systemic racism, white privilege, social justice war and all that propaganda and designer ideology junk, with which the radicalized American left wing drives forward – with pocket full of Soros money.

The unsuspecting churchgoer was met with a rewritten creed, where ‘we believe in …’ and ‘we renounce …’ are replaced by politically correct Marxist statements along the lines of ‘we renounce systemic racism…’. The church had simply been overthrown and has made a knee fall (take a knee) for the social terrorists. How can such a thing happen? How could they NOT see that a knee-jerk reaction to the neo-Marxist and downright satanic terrorist hordes is to let their absolute worst enemy in? Not to convert them but to give them the keys to the Holy of Holies and the main office at once. This local branch of the Church had allowed itself to be fooled by a political agenda. When a church that should deal with timeless matters in time allows itself to be overwhelmed by a phenomenon of the time, then it is in severe decay. It may already have been, but now it has driven an extra nail in its own coffin.

The Agenda

To understand how this can happen without the local clergy receiving a reprimand from the leadership, we need to take a step back. Or upwards. We have to ask: Who is currently the leadership of the Catholic Church? And especially: who is the pope who is placed as a figurehead at the top of the leadership? It is a Jesuit and his name is Jorge Maria Bergoglio. It is the first time in recent times that a Jesuit has held that position. They call him Pope Francis named after Saint Francis of Assissi. They say. This is already where things go wrong. That per definition semi-canonise a pope is a vertical dilution of the concept of saint. They say it was because, as a bishop in Buenos Aires, he was oh-so-poor – like Francis of Assisi – and rode a tram instead of his own car. He sympathized oh-so with the poor. It was pure show-off. The Jesuits in Buenos Aires were deeply embedded in the fascist junta between 1976-83, and the headquarters of the Jesuits was also the headquarters of the secret police in Argentina’s capital. We know what those types did during The Dirty War and Operation Condor. People disappeared. They threw them in airplanes, drugged them, tied a rock around their leg and dumped them in the Atlantic where they were eaten by sharks and crabs on the bottom of the sea. All traces were erased – except for the repentant police and military people who were then forced to deliver the dirty goods. Bergoglio is personally concerned about the ‘disappearance’ of two young Jesuit monks who did social work in the slums. So much for his sympathy for the poor.

These were the types the Jesuits hung out with in Argentina

Monks with murder weapons

The Jesuits, the Society of Jesus, are an order of warrior monks. Their officers have a completely different knowledge of what it’s all about than the young monks who disappeared and who just wanted to sacrifice their lives to help the poor. The officers have a different agenda and swear a very special oath when they achieve their status. It is terrifying reading. Their leader bears the title of General, and evil tongues call him The Black Pope. The current general is called Arturo Sosa – from Venezuela. More on that later.

The Jesuits have a reputation for being among the foremost scientists. They also deal with the school system to pass on their knowledge. Their intellectual capacity is formidable, but their actual work and purpose lies elsewhere. They desire dominion over the souls of men, and their accumulation of knowledge and refinement of science is a tool to that end. For the same reason, they have infiltrated and perverted institutions of power, scientific institutions and education. They have falsified world history and been manipulative co-creators of it, for they were the ones who invented the French Revolution. Adam Weisshaupt, the enlightened intriguer was raised by Jesuits. Weisshaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati was the outlet for the Jacobins, the perfidious revolutionaries. Jacob Franck, the Kabbalist, gave his name to the Jacobins and Franck knighted Weisshaupt for his project. It took place in Frankfurt, the hometown of the Rothschild dynasty. They knew everything about each other, the project was a common concern.

A Jesuit officer swears that he will at all times fight and kill the enemies of the right faith by any means imaginable. Their favorite method is poison murder, because it is the most difficult to prove. Other methods exist today that are even more difficult to prove, so the Jesuits have no doubt kept up with the times. They call themselves The Society of Jesus, but they neither believe in Christ nor GOD, the Creator of the Universe. Their god is a slightly different size and is rather called Lucifer, Satan, the Devil (LSD). Or Baphomet, the horned demon aka Baal, the demon to whom children and virgins are sacrificed (just say pedophilia and adrenachrome). Their ancestry goes back through the Knights Templar. The founder of the order, Ignatius Loyola, was a cripple, a masochist and a wannabe Knights Templar out of his time.

So why do Loyola’s descendants name themselves after St. Francis? He says so himself, but with only a superficial knowledge of the Jesuits we know that they could never dream of telling the truth about their intentions. We have to guess, preferably qualified. It could be after Francis Xavier, who was the second co-founder of the order. But it is far more Francis Borgia, the powerful head of one of the oldest and most powerful European families, who at one time also held the title of pope. A genuine Illuminati. Francis Borgia was the man who commissioned Loyola to found his military order of monks so that it could be the Catholic Church’s Gestapo, KGB or CIA. Hence the order’s many liquidations, its many psyops, its mind-control projects, its brainwashing of children and students, its falsifications of history, its banking and its perversion of princes, heads of state, ideologues and politicians for almost 500 years. Francis Borgia himself became the third General Superior after Loyola.

Can we spot an old pattern? St. The Francis label is a sales gimmick. The man is a Jesuit for Christ’s sake! We could just as well say: the man is a Marxist, communist, nihilist, Satanist, because he is. The ambition of the Jesuits is a new designer world religion, Catholicism 2.0. What does Catholic really mean? It means ‘common’. It is written and sung in the Creed: ‘We believe in one holy, common Church’ (credo in unam sanctam, catholicam et ecclesicam apostolicam). So it is one church that ‘makes all nations my disciples’. This one church has never been realized, because the world is divided into different religions via different historical traditions. So how do you do it? You smash and compromise all existing religions and offer a new one that sounds delicious and updated. You secularize all spiritual life and create a death-like vacuum, after which you offer a new designer spirituality. It happens according to the methodology of advertising and sales psychology: disrupt-then-reframe.

The new mega-religion

The inner circle of the Catholic Church in the Vatican has long harbored the idea of making their contribution to the New World Order. They see themselves as part of the leadership and their contribution is an extension of the concept of ecumenism. It is a dialogue between different faiths, including non-Christians. It may at first seem like a sympathetic idea in the same way that the United Nations and a dialogue between nations seem like a sympathetic idea. But like those who have had the UN in the spotlight for fraud and corruption and various hidden agendas, so it is also with the church’s response to the UN. The ultimate thought behind their expressed concern for world peace and popular understanding is to create a new worldwide designer religion as the spiritual contribution to the New World Order.

Is it pure pragmatics and strategy? Is it just because the Vatican knows that if they don’t keep up when the globalists move, they’ll just be caught off guard? In other words, they want to be at the table, they want to have a share in the power. I think it goes much deeper and that this is the reason why a Jesuit has been installed as Pope. It is a very political decision to induct a member of an order of monks whose ideology – disguised as it is – oscillates in sync with socialism. The Vatican has always been political, because, as you know, it is a state, and a state leads the state’s policy. Therefore, the Vatican also has a central bank, the Banco Ambrosia. There is not much good to say about it. The Vatican’s status as a state was taken from them in 1870, but given back to them by none other than Mussolini in 1929. The National Socialist Party of Germany came to power through an electoral alliance with the German Catholics, and the top Nazi leaders were all raised by Jesuits. Himmler creates his own version of the Jesuit order called the Vaffen-SS, and Hitler states of him: ‘I see in Himmler our own Loyola’.

The Jesuits are extremely cunning people. It is also extremely disciplined. Their scope extends beyond their personal lives and has a higher purpose for them. Very few Jesuits have been whistleblowers, and even with people like Malachai Martin, the exorcist who spoke out, one may have doubts as to whether he is speaking fully. As in certain Masonic lodges – and in the mafia – it is tantamount to death if you do something that is deemed to be harmful to the order and the cause, the order to which you have sworn an oath.

A historical document is thought provoking. We have heard of the infamous letter from Albert Pike to Mazzini, in which he describes the three world wars and what they entailed. The letter is from 1871, i.e. long before the World War project was rolled out. Illuminati whistleblower Leo Zagami argues that it was not Pike who wrote the document but a Jesuit agent named Leo Taxil. In the Third World War, it is described in the letter, Judaism, Christianity and Islam will destroy each other and the satanic hordes will be unleashed. Eventually the true masters of this world will come to light and Lucifer will be exalted to true deity. As you know, this is one of the signs by which, according to the prophecy, you will be able to recognize Lucifer/Satan: It will be said of him that he is god, and he will accept the statement and the title. On a side note: The Jesuits operate a large space telescope in Arizona that bears the telling name: Lucifer. – an abbreviation of Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research. First you create the acronym, and then you make the long title fit. It’s called branding.

So, disrupt-then-reframe. Our time is the time of great disruption, and we are right now in the middle of the third world war, where according to the prophecy – which is not a prophecy but a blueprint – the world religions will destroy themselves and each other, and where the satanic hordes will fill the streets. Did anyone but me think of antifas and black lives matter terrorists? Or ISIS, or the fascist militsias i Ukraine? Or Boku Haram in Africa? Or the hordes of raging youth from North Africa burning cars in France? Disruption of the European national identity and European national culture + implantation of terrorist cells. Other and more benign crowds will also fill the picture, but here a clash of the hordes is meant to take place. Did anyone but me think American Civil War 2.0?


So the Jesuits know about the Great Plan of rearranging the world and humanity, because they are co-authors of the plan. Does anyone other than me have certain misgivings about the world they envision and are in the process of creating? I know there are many who have BIG concerns.

A little more info about the strange order whose members above a certain level do not believe in GOD but in another figure. Incidentally, it is reminiscent of the Order of Assassins, whose newly arrived members thought they were just pious and holy warriors. At the fifth level of initiation, it all flipped and they were suddenly actors in a very malevolent agenda. By then it was too late.

The Jesuit generals, the black popes were always Spaniards in the beginning. It makes sense since it was a Spanish order. But they were not only Spaniards, they were also crypto-Jews. They had changed their name and personal history and had gone undercover. Later we see a bunch of Italians, Polaks and Dutch. The latest general, Arturo Sosa, is, as mentioned, Venezuelan. So the Pope is a Marxist ex-fascist collaborator from Argentina, and the Black Pope is from Venezuela, a formerly prosperous and beautiful country, which today has been completely socially-politically-economically run down by their communist leaders, most recently the workets union boss Maduro. As one of the relatively few countries, they have close ties to the Communist Party of China, about whom we can’t find anything good to say either.

There is something about his eyes …

The fascist EU-network

The Jesuits place themselves according to their original scheme/strategy bricked up by power and the levers that can be turned to swing history in their direction. The President of the European Council from 2009-14 was Jesuit and former Belgian Prime Minister Herman van Rumpoy. He made some interesting statements in 2012 that give some hints about the underlying agenda, which are conveyed in an article by Derk Jan Eppink fra London Center of Political Research. Rumpoy announces that ‘We are all Jesuits’. He refers to the European leaders with whom he collaborates most closely to develop the architecture for the Europe of the future. He says ‘It creates unbreakable bonds. There is a Jesuit International’. That is a bit of a weird thing to say.

Here a couple of red lights should light up immediately – Socialist International, Jesuit International. It hardly gets any clearer. The cooperating Jesuits in the EU all hold top positions: Jose Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission), Jean-Claude Juncker (Chairman of the Eurogroup), Mario Draghi (President of the European Central Bank, formerly Goldmann-Sachs), Mario Monti (Italian Prime Minister, ex-Goldman Sachs), Mariano Rajoy (Spanish Prime Minister). The Jesuits called themselves the vanguard of the Catholic Church, and now they are the vanguard of the EU-Imperial project (vanguard, another core Marxist term). Van Rumpoy refers to himself as belonging to an elite that is above ordinary people. He and his like-minded people are often seen at papal audiences.

This man does not look like a nice uncle

The EU project is an opaque hybrid of a Nazi project – presented first at a meeting of top Nazi officials in 1944 at the Hotel Maison Rouge in Strassbourg – a Roman Catholic/Fascist project – it started as you know with the Treaty of Rome and is a Soviet-style totalitarian project with a planned economy as in the Soviet Union. I particularly agree with the last one. The commissar rule is a Bolshevik-Soviet concept, where completely-unelected people have everything to say and the so-called parliament is once a lubricant they use to legitimize themselves. It is a globalist project, and a synonym for globalism is precisely the Internationale, which the Soviet socialists stood for and with which the Jesuit van Rumpoy characterizes his Jesuit elitist club in the EU.
It is a little more complex than that. Read: The Fascist background of the EU

One World, One Religion

The Jesuit Pope wants one world religion. He calls on people to support a new globalist world government. More and more people in the world have come to some kind of realization of what it means when they talk about a world government. This means that their influence on their world, their destiny, their nation and their family – and their future is minimized once again. Such a world government will mean an unprecedented degree of centralization. The distance between the ruling class and the people of the earth will be definitive.

The sitting pope sees himself as the new leader of this neo-ecumenical one-world religion. He will thus become a kind of mega-super-pope with a power base without historical parallel. As is usual practice for the Catholic Church, they again have a frightening image. Pope Francis states: We are building a new future together or there will be NO future. Translated from papal globalist parlance: If you all do not submit, then you are lost. Have we heard anything like this before from that team?

Which brings us back to the aforementioned church somewhere in the US, where the local pastor is currently being overrun by social terrorists. Without blinking, without resistance, pure submission. We saw during the ISIS campaign against Syria how the terrorists went straight for Christian communities in the area. It is exactly as written in the Pike-Mazzini letter (written by the Jesuit Leo Taxil). Remember in this connection that Syria is the place of the oldest Christian communities. Just as the global terrorists went after Ukraine, where the capital Kiev is the very birthplace of Russia, so they went after Syria, the birthplace of early Christianity. Just like they went after Armenia 100 years ago in the form of a genocide, the other place with the oldest Christian communities. You can still read what size this watch form is: The King that disappeared.

Where was Popie when they attacked the Christian communities in Syria and the surrounding area? Perhaps he sat in his gilded caskets in the Vatican and spoke anointingly of world peace. Any fraudster in women’s clothing can come and make a saint over it, without it costing anything. And where is Popie when Catholic congregations submit to internal terrorism in the USA – leading up to the upcoming presidential election?

Here I think that Popie has miscalculated in all his cynical calculation from his chair in Rome, the Holy Sea. He does not get an overwhelming majority of Catholics in the USA or the rest of the world to agree to the dismantling of the church in the name of political correctness. When the head of the church itself betrays the core values of the faith in order to promote a global political agenda, then people will speak out. They already know this in the leadership, so they will try to make a complete mockery of protests and criticism. THIS is where they really get into trouble.

Appendix with retrospect

In 2015, an episode took place in Derna on the Libyan coast. A Turkish ship full of weapons was bombed. The weapons were to be shipped to Turkey and sent on to ISIS. The weapons were stolen from the Libyans after the destruction of the country, the assassination of Gadaffi and the exile of 1.2 million Libyans. We can have our guesses about who bombed the ship.

What became clear, however, was that NATO and Turkey were collaborating on a common project, a terrorist army with an Islamic brand intended to destroy a number of countries, as had happened with Libya and before Libya with Iraq. Their other partners were Israel and Saudi Arabia. As European tail-ends, they had the ex-empires, England and France, two countries where democracy seemed to be out of play at the time. Well to note the same two countries that 100 years ago tore the Middle East apart and built it up after their own heads with the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

All this was no longer a secret, except that the media in the West had been strictly instructed not to carry the bad news, thereby delaying the popular realization – not forever, for such a big lie can never last forever – but then long it took for the project of the New World Order, the global superstate, the world government, the total control system to bite so firmly that it was an irrevocable fact.

Libya’s other role in the game was as a port of embarkation for hordes of immigrants, including terrorist cells to destabilize Europe so much that a totalitarian European police state could be implemented – and accepted by people because they didn’t dare otherwise and because they didn’t understand what was about to hit them!

Simply writing the above was then banned in France. Websites that disseminated stories that did not suit the government and the NWO were shut down and the writers were punished. The French population was struck by terror carried out by their own government.

Islam played the role it was cast to play: the rabid aggressor to scare the life out of the West, invade and destabilize Europe, start the Great Collapse, the WW3 scenario predicted by the Vatican Jesuit insider, the Jesuit- the agent Leo Taxil, the man who forged the famous letter from Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini in the late 19th century, in which the three world wars were described. However, the possibility that the letter was fake or a forgery – which takes an original beforehand to forge – does not mean that its content should not be taken even seriously. Whoever it was, the blueprint was revealed and out there.

The 12th Imam had already arrived and his name was Fethullah Gülen. With endless financial resources at his back, with the CIA to protect him, with the Turks on the honey stick and with millions of followers and 500+ brainwashing Koranic schools and madrassas both in the West, the Middle East and Central Asia, his organization worked on the establishment of the Caliphate. That is why the Turks were so willing to participate in the project, because they were gripped by a warm nostalgia for the glory days of the past, when the Ottomans were the Caliphate. An old tactic from the British Empire that cheated both Saudi Arabia and Iraq at the beginning of the last century, when together with France they carved out the Middle East as a big birthday cake that they served to themselves. The Caliphate, of which Gülen’s zombie army and ISIS were instruments, bore no resemblance to the Caliphate of old, but was 100% controlled by the West and its extended arms. No greatness in that.

Turkey’s Supreme Court formally issued an arrest warrant against Gülen. But it was of no importance and would never be implemented. If he opposed the Turkey/NATO agenda, he could easily be arrested and deported, but he lived protected by the CIA somewhere in Pennsylvania. In 2015, he also had the support of Hillary and Bill Clinton, by whom he was called ‘a moderate’ Muslim. Where had we just heard that term used extensively for several years? About bandits, assassins and terrorists of the worst kind, which was the final destination of the weapons load that was destroyed in Derna, Libya. The term was decidedly disgraced throughout the CIA’s Syria operation and splashed across the media.

I am a holy man. And CIA agent, sure,  I see no problem with that.
I would also like to express my thanks to Thomas Michel, Secretary of Jesuit Interreligious Affairs, for writing the foreword to my new book. The NWO has my blessing. So has Da’esh.

At the same time, we can think back to Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Benghazi affair, where she had to take a few months of sick days afterwards. Rumor has it: an attempted murder. What to say? He who lives by the sword risks dying by the sword. HC knew how much people hated her because she was an extremely unsympathetic person with a noticeable toxic aura around her. Her only chance was that people chose her as the lesser of two evils. Or simply forgot how ugly she was. It is in this context that we must see the whole mess around the fuze key and the steam whistle Donald Trump. He was a personal friend of the Clinton mob and had previously supported their campaign. He then said extremely rabid things like:  We are going to bomb all the muslims to pieces and it will soon be time for us to do the same to their wives and children too! … All Muslims must be banned from entering the United States … etc. In other words, things that certain Americans of course turned on, but which were ultimately intended to throw voters over to Hillary.

Suddenly, however, it was as if Trump was ‘converted’ and started speaking in a completely different way.
What just happened here?

Where was the Vatican?

Before the 2016 election, there were strong efforts for Jebb Bush to win. Why? Because it fit better with the agenda emanating from one of the real centers of power in the World: the Vatican and their Gestapo militia, the Jesuits. They wanted their man at the top in the US. Jebb Bush was a Knight of the Catholic Order of Columbus, one of the exclusive corridors of Power in the New World Order. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all Skull & Bones members, another exclusive and highly perfidious corridor of Power. We recall that it was his grandfather who announced the New World Order 9/11 1990. They are very happy with certain dates in the corridors… Jebb bush was referring directly to his superior, the Grand Master Carl A. Anderson, who was placed in the leadership of The Vatican Bank.

This bank, Banco Ambrosia, has for decades channeled money from the drug mafia, the pharmaceutical mafia, the arms mafia, the financial mafia or just: the Mafia and laundered it like pennies from Heaven. They now claimed to have cleaned up their business and that defection is now transparent. But nothing is transparent in the Vatican, and nothing is what it seems. They lied, stole and cheated yesterday and the day before yesterday, and today they were little baroque angels with a white conscience who told the truth. Jebb Bush would be in good company with his own Bush Mafia background. His main opponent in the American pseudo-election campaign came from the other mafia family: the Clinton mafia. But she was only needed to create cartoon drama. As with al-Qaeda and 9/11, a new false flag was likely to be waved with ISIS as the boogieman. The question is whether they hired the Mossad that time.

The kid enjoys it, you can see.
As Jesus said: Let the little children come to me, no one will hinder ME…

The Pope is a Jesuit, the first Pope in the history of the Church, which is very significant. Few people know what it entails. Personally, I know a few Danish Catholics who know very well what that means, and also don’t have much good to say about the Pope in general. But they still and steadily consider themselves Catholics – so they can distinguish faith from institution. Which shows that we should also usefully distinguish between Catholics in general and the Vatican. We will not go into Bergoglio’s / Francis I’s dark past during the Dirty War, where the Jesuits worked directly with the junta’s repression apparatus in Argentina. He is currently in a position as an active political actor and appears in various global summit contexts. He also positions himself as the front man of the New World Religion, which is intended as a unified hat for the existing religions, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity and Orthodox Christianity. Rumor has it, that the merger has already happened and that the global-ecumenical project has already been implemented, although it has not been publicly announced. It will become so after certain decisive events, when people’s willingness to accept it is sufficiently established. We’ll see about that.

The Pope’s trip to the United States in 2015, where he addressed Congress and the United Nations, was in fact the culmination of 300 years of hard and systematic work by the Jesuits to take control of the Vatican. They were only out of the Vatican for a short period between 1773 and the death of Napoleon – a man who fully understood their danger and knew, they wanted the same power as him. With that power base, nothing will be able to stop them from establishing their New World Order. They thought. The Vatican as an institution has very little to do with religion and everything to do with politics. Religion to them is just a tool and a garment they wear. And which party do you think the Pope belongs to? The man is a communist, of course. The Jesuits invented communism. The French Revolution was proto-communism. Communism 2.0 is the perfect NWO religion – Communism 1.0 was already a religion – and at the same time it is not a distinct and traditional religion, but a pseudo-religious system of governance via brainwash and terror.

We have previously described the global lodge network, as well as its oriental origins in Sabbatean Kabbalism. Here we will look at its control room, which is to be found in the Vatican and with the Jesuit-Zionists. And that with the help of the insider whistleblower, Leo Zagami, and his direct sources in the Vatican. There is little doubt that this is real insider knowledge, because of the precision in his name-dropping and analyzes is remarkable. Although Vatican people have predictably distanced themselves from his books and media talks, there are many in the Vatican who actually read his books closely, as they have long felt disgust at the corruption of this institution.

There were certain reshuffles in the Vatican in connection with the change of pope. As unusual as a Jesuit as pope, it was equally unusual for an aging but by no means senile pope to suddenly resign. So something unusual happened, a power struggle took place. The triggering factor was when Benedict XVI / Cardinal Ratzinger’s car broke down one evening in the Vatican. All their cars have a built-in mechanism that sounds the alarm when this sort of thing happens. Here Ratzinger was found with his lover, a young boy. After a series of scandals in the church with pedophilia, it was the final straw, after which he had to leave prematurely. But he was still considered by many to be the ‘real’ pope, and operated for a time from his own power base and residence in the Vatican with his own permanent supporters. There was a coup d’état in the Vatican like in a simple banana republic, just on a very high and destine level, of course. And the person who was instrumental in this coup d’état was the former Bishop of Milan, Cardinal Martini.

Martini, shaken not stirred. The leader of the Jesuit coup d’état.
The man who wanted to be buried in Israel, where he now lies. Jesuit-Zionist, same ilk.

After the Pope’s abdication, the spire of St. Peter’s Church was struck by a large lightning bolt. Random? When energies gather the way they do in the Vatican, these kinds of synchronicities can occur. At any rate, people were not slow to put a meaning into it. Most apropos, the cult that worships Jupiter – Ju-Peter, Saint Peter – is struck by Zeus’/Jupiter’s thunderbolt as taken from Greek mythology.
God zapped them, damn it!

There is a close connection between Satanism and pedophilia. What else can you expect when you know that St. Peter’s is built on top of a temple to the Dying God, Mithras, Baal, who requires human sacrifices, preferably young flesh.

There was a practice at one time where the pedophiles in the Vatican had fake ambulances stationed in front of the Termina where they picked up young Romani gypsy boys and drove them straight into the Vatican. In other words, part of the sex cults that reside in the Vatican. The Vatican has their own gay lobby as does Washington DC. The main centers of pedophilia are the Vatican, the City of London and Wall Street, the three control rooms of the Western world. And if anyone thinks that the previous pope, John Paul II, was such a holy and good man, then it can be mentioned that it was he who saw to it that the pedophile, necrophilist and murderer, Jimmy Saville, best- buddy with Prince Charles, was appointed a Catholic knight and was given access to Catholic orphanages, where he could do his stuff to children.

An American film director snuck in to film in St. Peter’s Basilica. When his film crew was finally kicked out, he protested, saying, Well I believe in Jesus! whereupon the reply was made: We don’t care about Jesus here, this is the Vatican. So a direct admission from a Vatican official that it is a different god that is worshiped here than the God that the devout Catholics believe in.

The Fall of Rome 2.0

The caliphate-in-progress is working on an overthrow of Rome. ISIS officially proclaimed it. These lodges – and remember that they were Zionist lodges, the Young Turks, the Dönmeh, Jacob Frank’s students, who 90 years ago brought about the fall of the Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire – today want the return of the Psyop-Caliphate. These are the same lodges that have pressured Erdogan to unleash the mass immigration hordes by smashing the Middle East with ISIS. Who manufactures the new fake Caliphate? The United States, the Emirates and Israel. The Sunnis have always been fixated on the Caliphate. On the other hand, there are the Shias, who have so far been blocked from cracking down on ISIS via the tug-of-war over sanctions on Iran, suspicion of nuclear weapons, the prospect of a deal with the US anyway – meaning they’d better refrain from intervening, if they want to preserve their fragile deal, which the Zionists can crush at any time.

As we have seen in The Dying God and Kabbalah, the use of secret lodges in the Islamic world as a control apparatus for the Western power elite is particularly prominent, e.g. the Muslim Brotherhood. When Brzezinski started al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, he personally initiated Osama bin-Laden into the transnational Monte Zion lodge. They later had to end the al-Qaeda show because people started to see through it, they had to re-vamp a new boogieman, ISIS. Here they passed on the initiation to another figure, bin Laden 2.0, al-Baghdadi and admitted him to the Hathor Pentalpha Lodge – described by the Italian Freemason and historian, Gioele Magaldi in his book Masons Illimited Responsibility Company.
Al-Baghdadi was a very popular figure with the Americans, and every time they had problems in one of the prisons in Baghdad, they just called al-Baghdadi.

Check out Magaldi’s book if you want to know something about the coherence of international Freemasonry as a network for the New World Order. He talks about ur-loges, a forum where a transnational network of politicians and decision-makers reverses all political, financial, cultural decisions before they reach the institutions, that we normally-mainstream perceive as the decision-makers. The Ur Lodges are the actual governing system, the all-seeing eye above the pyramid, the hierarchy. As one of his interlocutors in his book and member of one of these watch lodges, Frater K, expresses it:

To get people to accept such idiotic and unpopular (= not in their interest) reforms you have to scare them like you do with small children.

The historian whose research has brought down at least one Italian president.

So is everything going according to plan? Both yes and no, because there are certain dark horses in the game. Saudi Arabia feels disavowed by the US and is becoming more unpredictable. Iraq has broken their agreement with the US and asked the Americans to leave. They have made deals with the serious dark horse of the game, Russia. What had the Americans thought? They have completely destroyed the country, should the Iraqis be loyal to them? The Syrians are by no means beaten yet, which they should have been long overdue. The Turkish people are not happy with Erdogan’s scams, and they cannot have failed to notice that his son was involved in oil trading with commodities stolen from ISIS. China, Iran, Egypt and China are major players who all see through the game and oppose. Yemen is a problem for the Saudis, and the Shia influence is firmly established – and the dirt-poor Yemenis have nothing to lose compared to the stinking rich Saudis. A whole series of countermeasures against the NWO financially, economically, politically, infrastructurally and militarily give the Empire problems.

One of the more comically grotesque NWO outbursts arrived when Mr Erdogan was incensed by a Turkish journalist who compared him to Gollum. The journalist who insulted the despot – who, by the way, had never heard of Gollum before and had to call in experts in the Lord of the Rings universe to clarify whether Gollum was an evil figure and whether he could therefore be properly insulted – stands to prison for his misdeeds. What do you say? I think the similarity has something to it. Especially after this incident. So stupid of the president, such bad publicity.

How shall Rome be overthrown or conquered? Tripoli is just 400 km by boat from Italy. Or 50 km from the nearest Italian island in the Mediterranean. There are millions of immigrants on the run to take part in the 21st century ‘Mongol’ invasion. The vast majority of them do not themselves know what they are actually contributing / must contribute to, but they are going to do it anyway. They have been forced to poverty by the same kolonialist countries, that theý flee to. However, there are several layers in the immigrant hordes. There are the passive immigrants, those with the false hopes of the Happy West, and then there are the sinister passengers on the train: the terrorist cells that after a while and on given occasion will be activated. It is very hard to believe that the European authorities are so stupid that they do not know that there is a serious problem here.
Conclusion: it is by design by order from above and with a definite non-benign purpose. And a whole lot of George Soros goes into it.

It all happens in accordance with the very foundations of the EU described by the project’s founder, Richard Nicholaus von Coudenhouve-Kallergi.

The man who described with recommendation and applause what we are experiencing today: the great cultural destruction.

Kallergi as one of the EU’s fathers and founders wrote how he wanted to destroy the ethnicity of all Europeans. Therefore, today his descendants and followers push the hordes over the borders. The initiators are highly placed in the power apparatus he himself created, in the EU and the watch lodges that control the machine. And they do not make themselves known, but remain in the shadows of the European Deep State.
Read: The fascist background of the European Union.

The conflicts will quite inevitably become so great in the European cities that actual civil wars will arise, which will last until 2025, when the New World Order is planned to be fully implemented. By then, everyone arriving in Europe will be injected with microchips so they can be checked. Other methods will be used to chip the Europeans. For example, they will be accused in advance of being potential terrorists and a danger to society. Epidemics and vaccines will again be attempted (this article was written in 2015). At the same time, the chipping will take place with a decoy that they can now save payment cards, passports and health insurance certificates, because it is all in their pockets. Non-physical chipping will take place via mobile phones, flat screens, smart grids, mobile masts. The weather will get weirder and weirder. Payment cards as well. The internet will be more or less paralyzed because there is currently a little too much exposure of the NWO for them to live with. The New World Order is a society where there will no longer be freedom of expression, information and assembly. Everything that is said, thought, written will be intercepted and stored, which we are already seeing happening at full speed.

Commentary by revision 2023: The grand scheme of total world control does not seem to work out too well.

Fethullah Gülen was instrumental in creating the outlandish fake caliph, al-Baghdadi. A theatrical parody that died, rose again, died again and rose again. So did a bin Laden 2.0 who died in 2001 from kidney failure, resurrected nine times as nine different actors and died again in a theatre play in Islamabad. After which he was thrown into the water … after which he was burned in the Afghan desert. The operation was to re-brand the soap opera from al-Qaeda to ISIS. Some prefer to call them IS, as ISIS is an Israeli security company with headquarters in Washington that provides security services to, among other things. the government. Interesting coincidence.

According to Leo Zagami’s predictions, we were to expect an attack on Rome in 2016, possibly a dirty bomb. However, other kinds of attacks could be just as effective, so what’s worse? Mass immigration as a weapon of mass destruction is bad enough. More EU-ECB-IMF attacks on national economies? Terrorist actions? Ghettoization and civil war? Draconian legislation and removal of civil rights? Paralysis of uncontrollable information? And lies across the board – lots of lies!

The researcher that doesn’t give up

In 2015, Ole Dammgård came on the trail of a series of planned terrorist events. They were advertised via a strange postcard flyer with slogans such as: Dublin next, Paris next, Copenhagen next and Florence next – all with an unmistakably Zionist message. Dublin faltered but were tried. Paris succeeded. Copenhagen succeeded. Florence has not taken place yet and may be re-scheduled to Rome in the meantime or simply extended the fuse. Or should the lucky thing have happened that Ole D’s spotlights have actually prevented the plan? In none of the settled incidents, including the second incident in Paris, is it clear whether or not people were harmed at all, as they have all been extremely shielded and controlled – although without a string of sloppy contradictions being able to avoid researchers like Ole D’s sharp eyes. In all cases, there have been terrorist legislative packages strikingly fully prepared in advance for a marked escalation of the police state at the same time as a marked increase in government support for wars on the fringes of Europe. In most cases without the support of the population as in England recently, in some cases with the hesitant acceptance of the population as the fear campaign has been massive.

Let’s see a very revealing and, as usual, detailed review of the Breivik affair, a very burdensome case for the Norwegian government, police and former prime minister with tons of concealment and contradictions:
When terror struck Norway

The socalled entlightened

The 18th century group, the Illuminati, which people believe is just a Dan Brown invention, started at the University of Ingolstadt on the initiative of Adam Weisshaupt, a student of Jesuits with a Jewish rabbi as his father. Right from the start, Zionism, Illuminism, Kabbalism, Sabbateanism, the Jesuits and Freemasonry were thus mixed into a deadly cocktail. First main result: the French Revolution. Second main result: The American Civil War. Third, fourth, and fifth main results: World War I combined with the Russian Revolution combined with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the divide-and-conquer Middle East that still exists today. Sixth, seventh…

To this day, the Jesuits do not want to discuss this link to Ingolstadt. On their comeback to the Catholic Church after the death of Napoleon (their pain-in-the-ass, hence the war with the British that led to his Waterloo) after excommunication in all countries throughout the world on the decree of Pope Clement XIV in 1773, they separated the image, so that they were not attached to what they had previously practiced: corrupting, infiltrating and subverting governments, monarchs and nations. Note the similarity with the expulsion of the Venetian intriguers from the city-state of Venice by the League of Cambrai and their comeback as banking dynasties in Amsterdam and London and the start of the Thirty Years’ War – another Venetian hogwash on the grand scale. The Venetian descendants do not want to discuss this historical link, just as the Zionist bankers do not want to admit the harmful effects of the central banking system they introduced, which has abused the World with usury ever since. The common denominator of these three corridors of power and human exploitation is that they concede nothing.

The Jesuits never admit their decisive influence on the Jacobins, the French Revolution and the Stuart family, which they breathed down their necks. People get confused when they try to look at this chameleon phenomenon. Then they are called Allumbrados in Spain, then they are called Jesuits, then there are the Protestant groups (Luther, Calvin) with the support of the Venetians. Then they are Rosicrucians. Then they are called Frankists, Jacobins, Illuminati… they are constantly inventing new names and new disguises. So stand still and call yourselves by one name!! Then they operate as knights of one order after another, which should be lost in the dust of history, but which turn out to be very much alive. Then they appear as presidents of the EU Commission or the IMF, then they are found in the British Monarchy. Then they have hugged the American president, the Cuban, the Turkish president, the Secretary General of NATO. Then they buy up and manage universities, observatories, laboratories and present themselves as serious scientists. It is almost impossible to form a comprehensive overview of one of the most secretive organizations, a military order of monks with 40,000 well-trained, active members in a watertight hierarchical system, the Gestapo in the Vatican.

Also interesting is the Nazi connection to the Jesuits. The Gestapo comparison is not entirely coincidental. Hitler said with pride in his voice about the head of the Vaffen Schutzstaffel, SS: We have in Heinrich Himmler our own Loyola. Himmler had built the SS on the model of Ignatius Loyola.

The Ordo Equestris Sepulcri Hierosolymitani – the Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher – is the Vatican’s center of power. The Holy Sepulcher is simply well preserved. It is also the headquarters of the Swiss Guard. At the Second Vatican Council 1962-65, the Church lost a great deal of power. What does this have to do with the NWO?

Ignatius, as he wished to see himself:
kindled by the sacred fire.
The main door to the Center of Power. A state within the state – within the state.
The most holy. The Vatican in the Vatican.

We are back to the aforementioned forged document by the Jesuit agent Leo Taxil, where the entire NWO program is presented as an early outline. The document is fake, the content, on the other hand, is extremely urgent and real. Where did Taxil know these intrusive sketches/plans detailing how three world wars would start and for what purpose? They come from the headquarters of the Jesuits in Rome, the Compagnia di Gesu, Curia Generalizia. Taxil was more than just an outspoken Freemason, in fact he was recognized in the Vatican by the Pope himself as one who in the 1890s exposed the Freemasons as one of the first. The Order of Columbus (Jebb Bush…) is an order founded by the Catholics as a counterpoint to the other Masonic lodges. He was then forced to retract his writings and views, creating an atmosphere of fraud around him. Not surprisingly, in the Zionist disinfo organ Wikipedia, he is still described as a fraud. The main point is that the prophecies, or whatever we should call them, leaked by the blueprint for the next century+ have been so accurate that Taxil must have known about it from the people who hired him, which is the Jesuits. The Jesuits have thus infiltrated the American Freemasons. Or they are members of the same organisation on an even deeper-higher level. I will suggest we call that entity The Order of the Black Sun.

A whole series of questions naturally arise, whether it is the Jesuits who planted the idea with the Freemasons, whether they constitute an upper body in the lodges, what the Jesuits’ ambivalent relationship with the Catholic Church is all about, etc. In other words, where these masters of double play and deception actually located and what their real relationship is with the zionists?

We know that one of the main figures surrounding the Second Vatican Council was Cardinal Bea, who was an infiltrator, a Jew, and a Mossad agent. Here the Vatican and Israel/Zionism were merged by agreement. At the same time, we also understand that all intelligence agencies are structured like secret societies with the same hierarchies, locks, filters and security systems. If we say CIA or Mossad or MI5, we also say secret societies, lodges. The foxy tricks that created the First World War and the Russian Revolution were baked in French, English, American and Russian Masonic orders, all closely linked as intelligence networks.

Cardinal Bea. We just need the fangs and we have Nosferatu.
Cardinal Bea, a cunning devil, a crypto-Jew who sucked blood

in the Vatican for the Zionists.

When the Bilderberg group was in Rome in 2014 (?), it was as usual closed around them. They met in the Vatican Library of all places. As well as being the site of the Roman and Catholic war loot of world literature that disappeared during the series of library fires that ravaged the ancient world – and for which no public patronage cards are issued – it was the site where the spies met during the cold war. If you wanted secret information hidden under the table, this was it.

According to Taxil/Pike, WW3 will be a war between the Zionists and Islam, where they will destroy each other to make room for the final World Government. Along the way, hell will be unleashed in the form of psychopaths and demons (ISIS), Christianity will be wiped out and Lucifer, the god of communism, will become the true deity. Which is exactly the same as Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations – minus Lucifer, which he wasn’t told by his sponsors to mention in his book.

Old-time dictators like Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi were useful to the NWO up to a certain point. They were corrupt to some degree but also had their own integrity, Gaddafi in particular, highly beloved by his countrymen. They meant stability in their area. This was also true for Bashar al-Assad and Syria, which, like no other country, could guarantee stability via its central location in the Middle East. In order for the NWO to be brought to its next phase, all stability had to be removed. The first step was 9/11 and the war against Iraq and Afghanistan. The next step was the Arab Spring. Chaos tyranny was now needed and no longer despot tyranny. The next step was the attack on Libya. Somalia and Sudan went unnoticed. Next towards Syria. Meanwhile, Mali and Nigeria. Meanwhile, Russia… and here it went so wrong! The NWO overplayed and committed hubris in the belief that Russia was a piece of cake that could be eaten.

They have also reckoned that usual games of dividing nations and population groups would work in the relations between China, Russia + India, … BRICS. They figured that Ukraine could be fixed easily, that the Russians would voluntarily give up their Black Sea base in Crimea, that economic sanctions would starve the Russians. Instead, the unity became stronger, the new measures for a dollar alternative and a SWIFF alternative and an Asian investment bank – a real investment bank mind you instead of the World Bank and the IMF, which are just straws into the national economies and partly the US dollar-mafia – became reality. Instead of doing business with the Europeans as they were not allowed to do with the Americans – when will the Europeans find out that the EU exists solely for the US to control? – then they found new trading partners. A great many things do not go according to plan, which gives a bit of light to the future, which is otherwise designed by the NWO to be pitch black.

Here we pull the plug for the time being.
So far: keep an eye at the Faulty Towers seaside hotel as well as in the Vatican.
The absurdity of the Vatican and the NWO surpasses anything Monty Python or John Cleese could come up with. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Appendix 2

There are quite a few people in the Vatican of conservative observance – and if you are a cultural marxist and love communist Pope Francis I and his hypocritical fox-behind-the-ear cultural marxism, you should listen up: people who did not agree to the compromises that took place in the Second Vatican Council. They is an older structure in the Vatican than the Jesuits: the Dominicans. They are the scholars of the Middle Ages. They certainly have their dark sides too, because they were the ones responsible for the Spanish Inquisition and the Counter-Reformation.

But there are both conservative and reformist circles in the Catholic Church (paradoxically the same) that do not accept what the Jesuits, the communists are doing to the church right now. Relativism, nihilism has invaded the church, the destructive tolerance. Tendencies within the church that do not celebrate relativism – which is really Luciferianism, Satanism – are now ostracized. A Catholic group in ex-Yugoslavia that worshiped the Blessed Virgin and said the church was in disrepair is now outcast, banned. A New Middle Ages has dawned, a New Inquisition, a new persecution of heretics and witch-burning takes place. A new Counter-Reformation has come into effect. A commissar-power such as has appeared in communist Russia. By the way, isn’t it funny that the term commissar is common terminology for the leaders of both the Soviet state and the EU? Com-missions, dispatches. Who are they posted by? Well, in the meantime we have learned about the ur-lodges…

The conservatives want to preserve what the nihilists want to destroy. The reformists want to change what the nihilists have already destroyed. Both wings saw it coming. The New World Religion and World Order designed by the Jesuits and its name is RELATIVISM – another word for Nihilism. Their god is called NIHIL, THE NOTHING. An outdated name is Satan or Lucifer. The discussion about Lucifer-Isis-Venus in the mytho-historical context is totally irrelevant, we are talking about the Prince of Darkness, Antichrist, Mammon, fucking-alien-non-humanity! The god of the transhumanists, the coming of robot slave culture. Moloch, Baal. No good no evil, no values, no history, no memory, no ethnicity, no conscience, no freedom, no virtues, no conversations, no families, nothing-gender, no nations, no humanity, no love.

The man who knew what he was talking about.
He had been allowed to look in the manual.
He laughed at us because we thought – at the time – that he wanted to warn us.
Brave New World was here a long time ago.

Appendix 3

A Catholic archbishop is speaking out and raising the finger in strong accusation against the corruption in his own church and against the sitting globalist pope.

Interview with Carlo Maria Viganò, Italian Catholic Archbishop, 11 Sept 2021

The New World Order Pope
The crisis in the Catholic Church
The world pandemic and abuse of power

Just a taste
Bishop Viganò:

The pandemic has been used as a false pretext to enforce vaccines in many countries of the world. It has happened in a simultaneous and coordinated way. The Church has failed to condemn those who have abused power. Not only have those in power supported the globalist power abusers, but they have even condemned those who refused to be injected with an experimental gene-manipulating serum with unknown and undisclosed side effects and the presence of material from aborted fetuses, which for a Catholic should be more than enough reason to to refuse to be vaccinated.

We are at war, a war that has not been openly declared. This war is not fought with conventional weapons but is nevertheless a war of aggressors and victims, bystanders and captives. The violence takes place under a cover of legality against both citizens and believers. It is an epochal war at the entrance of the end times spoken of in the scriptures.

The alliance involving church and state is really an alliance between the Deep State and the Deep Church, a degenerate component present in both institutions. It is obvious that these degenerates do not wish the best for humans when they subject them to such experiments, especially when the obvious ineffectiveness of vaccines and the harm to the recipients is disregarded. It is clear that the ecclesiastical hierarchy, to the extent that it offers itself as support for a plan of massacre on a global scale, is complicit in a crime against humanity and not only that:
Is complicit in a serious sin against God.

Bergoglio’s Sanhedrin are clearly actors in the plan for the Great Reset. First, it pursues goals that have nothing to do with the Catholic Church. Second, it hopes that its complicity may bring some kind of political and economic advantage to the New World Order.

Anyone can see this criminal complicity, and it is particularly evident in Bergoglio’s vaccination campaign. Recently, he has gone so far as to involve cardinals and bishops from North and South America, including Bishop Gomez of Los Angeles, head of the church in the United States. They also bear responsibility for a serious crime against humanity.


This is a transcript of just the first 11 minutes of the interview.
Already here it is clear that this comment is something completely unique.
The interview can be seen here at Rumble: xxx
If it has been removed, you will have to search for it.

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