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Nobels peace price – a joke

One would think that an international peace prize was intended for people who had seriously accomplished something for world peace. In other words, excellent people whose intentions and achievements were in beautiful harmony with each other, and who had brought humanity closer to peace on earth (and good will toward men) – to now become biblical.

Here there is probably a certain chance … that one must think twice. Such an award has immediate political implications that extend beyond partnerships whose interest in world peace may reside in a very small place, even though they are very busy asserting it.

Was it in a stroke of remorse, that the arms manufacturer Alfred Nobel bequeathed his fortune from war merchandise to the cause of peace?

When one takes a look down at the figures who have received this prestigious award, there are a growing number up through the last century and to the present day who will make certain hairs on our heads and elsewhere rise. What on earth are they doing in that company? How can they even be considered for the highest honor in world peace ?!

It could be interesting to conduct an in-depth study of all the recipients of the award since 1901. Back then in the beginning, two people shared the award. One was Henry Dunant, the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Frédéric Passy, the founder of the European peace movement. This means that 119+ people have received the award, and the correct number is 149 people, some of whom are not individuals but organizations, so in a way many thousands have received the award.

It takes too far here to turn all the pieces, but let’s take a look down through time, and the first what-the-heck is US President Theodore Roosevelt, who received the award in 1906. He returned home as a war hero after leading a regiment called Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War. As you know, the war was started by the Americans, via a false flag, sinking their own naval vessel US Maine in the bay off Havana and smearing it on the Cubans so that a war could be started. Roosewelt certainly deserved a peace prize for that.

Teddy snuck into the bottom of Mount Rushmore

Woodrow Wilson, who received the award in 1919, the year WW1 ended in all its glorious filth. The man brought the United States into World War I, where they had absolutely nothing to do. His infamous spin doctor, Colonel Mandell-House, then patted him on the shoulder and presented him with a way for the United States and the British to restart the war already lost at the Brest-Litausk peace treaty and then turn it around and win it. The remedy was a piece of biological warfare developed by a military laboratory: The Army Flue, later known as the Spanish Flue. Wilson was given the prospect that he = the United States after the war would be able to refurnish Europe on his own terms. It happened and 100,000,000 people in total died from this disgusting piece of warfare. All heads of state after WW1 knew what had happened and who brought the Army Flue, but today no one is talking about it.

Wilson shadowed by his own deep-state operator,
Mandell-House who worked for British Intelligence

We note that Mahatma Gandhi, who should have been obvious as the recipient of such an award, was totally overlooked. It should say with great clarity that the price is political and that strong political forces – in this case the British – are able to influence the outcome by putting pressure in the back room.

Then there is George Marshall in 1953. We know the Marshall Plan, which was supposed to be this generous plan to rebuild the shattered Europe after the war. Well. First, they help smash Europe, and then they come with their undertaker’s sleezy faces and want to rebuild. Wouldn’t they rather ensure that the European economic flow went exactly in their direction as after WW1? General Marshall was the platoon leader in the war between the United States and the Philippines in 1902, in which a few million Filipinos were massacred, whose bodies were covered with slaked lime and earth. President Duterte reminded Barack Obama of the massacre, and Barry did not like it … so he canceled his visit. The most over estimated fiure in European politics, the genocide and mass murderer Winston Churchill, praised Marshall for his efforts in WW2. It takes one to know one.

The prize for Dag Hammarskjöld in 1961, on the other hand, seems fully deserved. He was merely the 2nd Secretary-General of the United Nations. It cost him his life and he was found on the ground after a plane crash in what was then Northern Rhodesia, today Zimbabwe. At his body were strewn papers with occult messages from his perpetrators. The pilot was the only survivor and he had seen what was going on. He did not survive long. The CIA tried to smear it on the KGB – but thereby admitted that they knew full well, that the plane had been shot down.

The same is true of Martin Luther King in 1964. That is, he deserved it and thus challenged the warlords and those who did not want peace such as the CIA (why are we not surprised). Also those who wanted racism as divide-and-conquer in the American states. Is it something we recognize from today? As you know, it cost him his life. One must be blind on both eyes so as not to spot a certain pattern. When important people bring themselves across the course of the partnership of the Deep State, then they are prone to perish.

They did not succeed at the first attempt in 1958

Then it starts to get really absurd. In 1973, the prize goes to Henry Kissinger. It was awarded along with Lê Đức Thọ, a North Vietnamese general and politician who, however, declined the award as the first! He simply would not be in the company of war monger and genocide Kissinger in the wake of the Vietnam War. He was himself a communist and leader of the Viet Minh from 1945, which can be said something about. However, the award is an example of the award being made under the expected post-grant, as no peace treaty had been signed at the time. What do the stupid-cunning committee members think of when they give cake and sweet drinks to those kind of people in the expectation that then they will probably become flattered and good friends?

We see the same thing the following year in 1974 with Seán MacBride, a former head of the IRA. There was certainly no peace solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland, for the British government had no real interest in a solution, not even the IRA. That would mean that the British would have to acknowledge that Northern Ireland was an actual part of Ireland. And that the IRA should stop throwing bombs at the heads of the British.

More absurdities of the same kind in 1978 when the award is given to Anwar Sadat and Mehacham Begin. They delivered absolutely no goods in the form of peace between Israel and Egypt. All the so-called peace negotiations that Israel has conducted with its battered neighbors have been pure sham negotiations, pure drag on, and pure hypocrisy.

In 1979, it becomes decidedly vicious. Mother Theresa is awarded the Peace Prize. She was even named a saint. We know today what was going on at the orphanages for which she was responsible. Mistreat, abuse, torture, subjugation. Even pedophilia. She was named a saint, but she was a perverted child abuser and psychopath. The lobbyists of the Catholic Church had their ways.

Adolfo Perez Esquivel was an Argentine writer who fought the fascist junta and who received the award in 1980. I have a presumption that the sitting pope, the Jesuit from Buenos Aires, was not completely in love with the man since Mr. Bergoglio was deeply in bed with the junta and its secret police. Will not the Pope be nominated for the Peace Prize? That would be entirely in line with the politicized policy taken by the Nobel Prize Committee.

Alva Myrdal received the award in 1982. She was married to Gunnar Myrdal and both were Maoists. Do we need to provide another analysis of what that means? How have Mao and the Chinese Communist Party contributed to world peace? I would like to hear just one single example. And these days, it’s worse than ever. The big, and I mean BIG problem with giving such a prize to such people and institutions: They will ALWAYS take it as a rubber stamp for more misdeeds.

Then we have Elie Wiesel in 1986. Elie-the-weasel, the Jew who cheated with his Holocaust memoirs.

In 1993, the award goes to F. W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela. It has, of course, to do with the dismantling of the apartheid regime in South Africa. What is being swept under the gold carpet is the dark side of Mr. Mandela. We are also among those who remember how his wife Winnie Mandela ordered people executed with burning car tires around their necks.

In 1997, two significant things happened. One is that the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and Jody Williams receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The other is that Princess Diana, who participated in the campaign, is murdered. And no, if you are not already aware of that – she did not just drive wrong in a tunnel under the Seine in Paris. Read: The murder of a princess. Even better, read Jon Kings book: Unlawful Murder.

In 2007, it gets as globalist-fascist-political as it can possibly be. The committee awards the prize to the swindler, globalist and climate billionaire Al Gore along with the UN Climate Panel. 30,000+ scientists signed a protest over the way he had stolen, perverted and politicized a particular study from one of their colleagues. The corrupt press was silent about it.

In 2009, it becomes stinkingly absurd. They award the prize to Barack Obama! The man had not delivered anything that just looked like peace before receiving the award. And after the reception, it went completely wrong, for no other president in recent times has started acts of war like him. Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen. Seven nations were ravaged by drone bombings at his behest together with The Drone King, CIA-director John Brennan. The Peace Prize has simply become a perverted war prize. No one on Earth with just a couple of unspoiled braincells left would be able to take a peace prize THAT compromised seriously.

After reaching the bottom, the floorboard falls out, revealing that there is another bottom cover. The committee goes full-on globalist and in 2012 awards the prize went to … the EU! Do not get me started here …

After the Obama absurdity, it’s as if the committee is keeping a slightly low profile and is trying to repair its bad reputation. They paddle the canoe, they tread waters. They choose people and projects that do not attract attention and that no one can oppose and no one really cares about. But then it’s going to be fun again lately, because a Norwegian politician and member of the committee has nominated … Donald Trump for the award! Here it becomes either interesting or absurd to an unprecedented degree.


And just when you thought, that the bottom went out of the barrel, Black Lives Matter has just been nominated with the prize! You can’t make this up in your wildest nightmares! A neo-marxist, racist terror-organisation funded by the leading finance terrorist in the World, George Soros.

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