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The hunger game – the mask of starvation

I haven’t seen the movie of the same name. Or rather the movies.
It’s a little too Hollywood teenage for me, I guess.
On the other hand, I’ve played Rise of Tombraider on X-Box, so I guess you can’t get any closer.

It’s just for fun, although there is a disturbing and somber undertone. The basic idea can probably be formulated as: The isolated person is let out into the wilderness like another exposed pheasant, only equipped with a bow and arrow and a tattered designer hat. The latter is very important, because even the sweaty, dirty survival look is extremely well-designed and, above all, sexy when it’s Hollywood that uses it as a prop.

The grimness is in the plot – that the hunters are the rich and powerful who hunt for fun. They hunt the human animal. They have given themselves all the advantages to enjoy their perfection of power and we know it as spectators. After this, it is the design that the half-dismembered heroine, the female Rambo, manages against all odds, while we as the audience sit and cheer her on. The second and far more bleak lies in the concept of hunger itself: the powerful use hunger as a weapon of destruction against humanity. It’s especially grim because that’s what they do – in reality. Added the inevitable companion of hunger: disease.

Not only that they are starving the world’s children and their parents.
Now the world’s children wake up with the fear of dying or infecting others.

Hunger and disease

Hunger and disease are the most perfidious weapons of mass destruction at all times, because they strike people at their fundamental conditions of life. We depend on 3-4 life-sustaining factors: water, food, health and clothing/roof over our heads. Certain people in hot countries can live with very little clothing and a just a sparse roof over their heads, but for 99.xx% of the world’s population it is a must. Health, one might think, is derived from the presence of the other factors, but when we get sick, health overrides everything else. The relationship is constant.

As with all other life-enhancing factors, they can be used to the detriment of life, they can become weapons in the hands of certain people of evil intent. A starving and thirsty population is a weakened population. When you are hungry and thirsty, you get sick. You are unable to lift yourself up, because there is then only simple, dull survival. Natural living conditions can turn against people, drought can set in, natural disasters can break out, the plague can hit the country. Swarms of locusts can find their way past, water can break over the dam. But we are talking about something else.

Or did you?

What makes staged disasters so perfidious is that their entrepreneurs are able to cover themselves that it’s just nature’s own force and they had nothing to do with it. Or the market forces, which are depersonalized into a kind of nature with its own unpredictable will, as if the market could not be controlled completely by the right-wrong means. The Hunger Game is the Great Game of the globalists, turned not only against the external declared enemy but against their own population. Their real enemy has always been their own population – or the population of their declared enemy, which is secondary. Probably both. The real enemy of humanity is not other nations, turbaned bandits, the climate or invasion from outer space. They are preparing that scam right now. It’s not those out there with the other faith who have been radicalized, and it’s not a global cold called madness-9 or madness-2020 or madness-2030. The real enemy is and has always been those who have managed to assert their status as the leaders of the people today, but are ready to betray us tomorrow.

The pattern is unmistakable. When you want to subjugate a population, you either starve it, or you send biological plagues after it. Preferably accompanied by stealing their history and giving them a historical cardboard box instead. Entire civilizations have perished from diseases they could not protect against. Is this something new, you ask? In no way. The great cultures of South and Central America disappeared when the Spanish conquistadors arrived with all their European-Asian diseases. In just 100 years, jungles grew over the large cities with previously fertile terraces, some of the size of millions in population, because these had succumbed before their immune systems could be mobilized.

When hordes of squires besieged a fortified city in the Middle Ages, the plague-ridden severed heads were thrown into cities with throwing machines and sat down to wait. The besiegers had a good time, but within a few months the effect was felt on the other side of the walls. And besiege is basically about draining the sorrounded erea logistically. Sooner or later, they will run out of water and food. And starved people will get sick.

The Great Game

One of the standard weapons of the British Empire against the countries they invaded was to starve them to death while they plundered them. They did it to the Indians, they did it to the Iranians and they did it to the Irish – and then they had the nerve to call the Irish genocide the potato plague which the stupid Irish couldn’t handle. Half of Ireland became extinct, half of Iran perished, and 50 million Indians died of starvation.

When the Bolsheviks stormed Russia, they started an era of hunger, poverty and misery. In Ukraine, the large farms were seized and their owners, and the kulaks, as they fondly called those who had created prosperity for both themselves and their communities through hard work for many generations, were sent to Siberia or killed. Siberia/Gulag was, apart from exceptions, the same as extermination. Then they gave the land and the properties to outsourced workers who knew nothing about agriculture, after which hunger and misery set in. It wasn’t just incompetence and stupidity that was the motive and reason, they did it on purpose. It was both a genocide and an eradication of competition for the European and American farms, which also suffered greatly from it, because now agricultural factories were made with slave labor and mass-produced agricultural goods that could be sold far below the price.

In retrospect, it would not actually be going too far to call the 20th century industrialization of agriculture a communist project. It was the same state farm style of industrial cultivation – then without the technology we have today – that produced what could be called incompetent agriculture, where quantity and low price were the criteria of production. When agriculture is collectivized and corporatized, the connection between people, land, crops and animals disappears. It all becomes one big factory hall without a roof, where even the animals have become slaves. The sophisticated knowledge and connection between land, people and animals is disappearing, a knowledge so intimate that it can only be passed on through an unbroken tradition. The murder of tradition was the Russian genocide, and Communism was the great-contempt of tradition.

Memorial in Ukraine for Holodomor,
the Communist massacre of 12 million Ukrainians, then Russians.
Cause of death: staged famine.

Those who maintained their tradition, and that included the religious orthodox tradition, had to move to distant regions of Russia. Here today you can still find villages with the so-called Old Believers, a kind of Russian answer to the American Amish people or the Quakers. What a valuable tradition they guarded is seen today in America by the fact that traditional Amish carpentry and joinery is highly valued. In Russia today, there has been so much opposition to GMO crops that even the state has backed it. Today, Russia is a leader in the world market for organic products. They have seen what kind of globalist companies arrive with their genetic modification.

The seize of the soil

What was the fascist coup d’état in Ukraine about, by the way? It was about just that: providing access for BigAgro to take over the black soil, the world’s best farmland, and once again turn it into the great roofless hi-tech factory floor populated by underpaid slaves. Because if you start with GMO seed that is dead/sterile, then you have to buy new seed from the mega-companies every single year. Ask the 10,000s of Indian farmers who have committed suicide in despair over this… well, you can’t really ask them anymore, but ask the neighborhood why it’s happening and people have no doubt. Only corruption can have prevented the Indian government from throwing the death merchants of cultivation at the gate.

Africa, a whole continent of poverty, hunger and disease for centuries. The British Darwinists, the pseudoscience of the British Empire, have shamelessly claimed for a century and a half, that it was because Africans were too stupid and lazy to create civilized prosperity. And because they are so incompetent, their colonial masters had better administer the goods of the earth’s most resource-rich continent for them. After all, the neo-colonializers carried the white man’s burden.

There is a kernel of truth in the fact that Africans – but this applies to most places in the rest of the world – could do better if they learned to manage their land better. There is definitely room for improvement. But the solution would not be to snob and imitate the kind of monster BigAgro that the West has produced. Nor to imitate the mega-monocultures that, for example, have mowed down millions of hectares of jungle in East Asia and South America. Their historic chance would be to exploit the advantage found in populous rural areas with many hands and feet. The Indians are in full swing locally. Next, to create cultivation diversity with close contact between people, soil and animals. The problem has not been their lack of intelligence and competence, the problem has been that they have never been allowed to, because these kinds of initiatives were always smashed by the colonialists and imperialists.

The big white cities

The big white cities in the jungles of South America. They are described by the travelers, the scribes who followed in the trail of the conquistadors, the priests, the Jesuits. They described the cultures that they themselves helped to wipe out, and they described cities the size of millions. Posterity has wondered if the travelers told stories, because where did the cities go? But the jungle is quick to swallow the remains and within 100 years they had sunk into the ground of jungle growth. They were degraded and overgrown by many meters of wild vegetation. We know how the jungle has been able to hide huge structures that have only appeared in recent times. Often people have passed right by them without noticing them. Now these cities are starting to emerge.

One of the things that remained a wonder, was how this sunken civilization could sustain itself, because we know how bad jungle soil is when you start cutting down the trees. It becomes a wasteland, a desert, because all the minerals wash out. Then they started to find the secret: the coal/carbon. There was a lot of carbon in the soil, and it stayed in the soil for a thousand years. It bound all other minerals and made these cities not dependent on sweat farming, where you just burn an area, cultivate it for five years, after which the clearing is already exhausted. If this technology – and it is a technology that has been forgotten for the same thousand years – could be reintroduced, the hopeless deforestation by local farmers could be stopped. But, then there are the multinational plantation owners and the oil companies, who are destroying the forest in their own way. It shouldn’t be easy. They will fight any revival of earth technology + indepedancy of BigAgro.

These buildings are visible today. Using lidar technology (earth penetrating radar)
cities are emerging that have been hidden for 1000+ years.

Our own ancestors knew of a similar technique. Admittedly, Denmark in the Neolithic Age, when the cultivation of the land and actual agriculture started, was not a jungle. But it was a massive and wild-growing forest everywhere, where there were moors, marshes and meadows, the typical Danish landscape types. The forest was also then cleared by burning, because the charcoal is the best preparation. Then the livestock was sent in to graze and fertilize, and after a few years, it was ready to sow and plant. The combination of crops and animals forms a self-sustaining system. There was a simple wisdom in the way the Stone Age farmer already lived, and which we have forgotten in the monster mechanical agriculture. And no, we don’t need to turn into paleo-humans again to recreate healthy agriculture. We need to understand why their agriculture, in all its inefficient and unrefined primitiveness, was sustainable and fundamentally healthy, and then make it far-far better than modern farming. It is actually possible to be efficient and non-destructive at the same time and place.

Something in the making

We need to move in a different direction than mechanized, chemicalized and monocultural agriculture. But unfortunately, The Great Hunger Game isn’t over yet. We are about to move into a new round. Where in the 19th and especially the 20th century it was national and regional, today it is global. What they did to the Russians in 1917 and for 70 years, they are in the process of doing to all humanity. It’s still a communist project, but they don’t use that word because it’s too loaded. The main target right now is the USA. One must have very poor vision or be very poorly oriented if one has not by now discovered the communist revolution 4.0 – if 2.0 was the Chinese one and 3.0 was the European cultural Marxism.

Over the past 10 years, a kind of prepper culture has existed. That is, people who practiced the idea of going off-grid, being self-sufficient and building up a stockpile of enough food to last a long time. The background for the idea was a presumption that there was something like the Great Hunger Game in the pipeline. The Preppers have not plucked their conjectures out of thin air but have tapped into the internal communications and self-revealing statements that the globalist elite – bad word for a spineless, megalomaniac inner circle – have been leaking. We know that the eugenics club of the ultra-rich globalists want to reduce the earth’s population of 7.x billion to 500 million. We have it, as the English say, from the horse’s own mouth, and when these types say they want to do something, they have to be taken seriously, because the tracks are scary. Their rationale for doing so is that they believe it is the right thing to do and that they have the right to do so on behalf and at the expense of humanity, which only makes matters worse.

The preps have been largely ridiculed or ignored throughout, but there is much to suggest that they, for their part, should be taken seriously. There is clearly an operation in the making. We have seen how the globalists have succeeded in shutting down large parts of the world community using a fake pandemic to force people to voluntarily shut down their small and medium-sized businesses permanently, submit to bans on gatherings, wear ritual mouthpieces and wake up every morning with the fear of dying. They are now making fake legislation about how people must behave within the four walls of the home. The next step will be – which is the preliminary goal of the globalists – to be injected with a vaccine for which they have no intention of handing over the product declaration. They haven’t, because this vaccine – and we don’t have to guess about it either, because they say so themselves – will contain a hi-tech nano-sized trace element with the potential to transmit information about individuals’ biology, genetics, state of health and also perform so-called DNA therapy on a given individual. It will also be able to activate dormant viruses and the like, and ultimately you will be able to kill people via this nano-device. Right now, people are being tested in the millions via inoculation, and the sample is registered and sent out of the country and collected by a database in the US. The population has not been asked for permission for a single one of these measures, and the media-borne intimidation campaign has been of a scale historically unheard of.

The institutions that could shout guard at gunpoint have been overthrown or destroyed. In Denmark, the Statens Seruminstitut was sold well in advance to a young Saudi Arabian prince who had just grown hair on his genitals, and at a price that surprised commentators. Why did they allow that? Simple answer: So the SSI couldn’t pull on the brakes, when they ran the Operation Lockdown. Virologists and immunologists were kept away from speaking time in the media, and the top of the Danish government kept secret all information about their communication with the WHO – possibly the world’s most corrupt organization – and the basis on which they made their totalitarian decisions. An evil but persistent rumor is that an extensive number of state leaders have received a ‘good offer’ from Bill Gates when he was recently on a charm offensive world tour. So, how much did the Danish prime minister get for shutting down the country and implementing a fascist regime? Also, did Bill mention anything about the vaccines? Well, she’d rather not answer that.

The masked slave army – that’s how low we’ve sunk

The United Nations of Globalism

Remember that disease is the second component of The Hunger Game. The United Nations has sub-divisions dedicated to these matters. WHO, Unesco, Unicef. The UN huge legislative programs, which is a regular shift in powers, because the UN does not officially have legislative powers. They are set up as a cooperative organization of the nations and with the approval of the nations, not a world government to dictate to the nations. They have slowly assumed these powers as if they were a legitimate superpower and have had nations sign declarations on both with great consequences, slowly step-by-step and totalitarian tip-toe. One of these was the infamous Codex Alimentarius, which fits right into the agenda of The Hunger Game. A huge complex of regulations that, once signed and endorsed by corrupt and unsuspecting politicians in a given country, is enforced as binding. The Codex gives the globalists Big Business the right to decide what shall live and what shall die in international trade and what commodities and goods people are allowed to buy and sell. The same thing happened with the climate agenda, a mega-stunt based on bogus science, which successive heads of state have pledged to implement. The same thing happened with Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030. The UN behaves like the world government they want to be by postulating that it is. NO ONE talks or writes about or inquires about the fact that the UN is inhabited by all the worst parasitic elements on the planet, and that perhaps one should be critical of it. ALL assume that they have pure intentions and that their 100,000s of employees are of an unimpeachable moral standard. NOTHING could be further from reality!

The corporatists/globalists have eaten their way deep into the UN and operate under the cover of the generally accepted presumption that we are talking about a humanitarian organization with pure flour in the bag. The UN and its accepted reputation are the sheep’s clothing covering the wolf. The woolly and delicious sheep fur has names like the Declaration of Human Rights and the UN’s 17 Global Goals. The language used in these declarations always has a religiously exalted tinge of sacred inviolability. Who can disagree with these woolly and vaguely ambiguous statements, and shame on anyone who thinks otherwise!

Isn’t it coup d’état morality, virtue signaling at a high level and feel-goodness on a large scale?
Political correctness has become systematized and institutionalized.

Misery is the philosophy

One of the UN’s world goals is of course to abolish all hunger and misery. If it REALLY was a serious world goal, then they would have addressed what has created all this hunger and misery over the centuries: the system of governance that the UN operates on behalf of and has a philosophy of misery at its core. And since it avoids to address it other than with fourishing words, it means that they themselves are an agent of the philosophy.

No misery, no rule
No misery, no excuse for intervention
No misery, no benevolent mega-state to save us from misery
No misery, no BigBusiness

BigBusiness always operates with the shortage, the scarcity. When something is scarce, it is precious. Somewhere in southern Africa there are heavily guarded closed areas with mountains of diamonds just waiting to be slowly sold. Because diamonds are not a rare form of mineral. In order to keep a high price, the companies that have monopolized the extraction and processing of the mineral have locked it up. The same thing happened with oil, which people have been led to believe is the remains of dead animals and plants and dinosaurs with poop in their pants. There is only so much of it, and in no time greedy and mean humanity will have used up the last extinct lizard blob. But oil companies and scientists know that when they leave an oil well for an extended period of time, it is replenished when they return. Oil is therefore not a so-called fossil fuel, it is a liquid, black substance that is produced in the interior of the earth. But because it is sold as being scarce and limited, the price is kept up for the big producers. It was a different reason than the official one why the USA, at the request of Saudi Arabia, destroyed Iraq almost 20 years ago and set fire to the oil fields in Basra – and polluted the region with radioactivity, because they also used dirty bombs. They threw dirty bombs at the scale of 44 Hiroshimas-Nagasakis. It was not to steal the oil, as some critics believed, which was perfidious enough. It was to destroy the ability of the Iraqis to produce oil, which was a thorn in the side of Saudi Arabia and their monopoly on pricing. It was for the same reason that the Saudis ordered the assassination of Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya: to stop the production of the purest oil in the world. Why the destruction of Syria with jihadists dispatched for the occasion? To stop the establishment of the oil pipeline that was supposed to go from Iraq through Syria and be shipped from there.

There may be good reasons to look around for serious alternatives to oil. Lack of oil, pollution and climate change are not one of these. These are fake reasons based on fake science. So why this shaming of burning oil via a fake climate theory that we are destroying the air and that doomsday is near? The reasons are, on the one hand, create a blockade on oil, so that it remains scarce and at a high price, and on the other hand, put a damper on the initiatives of smaller companies and businesses in the third world, WHILE the globalists are cashing in on the first global taxation of mankind in history. Stopping this globalist scumbaggery could be one of the reasons to abolish the burning of oil. But it would not help anything, for the globalists would immediately try to monopolize every alternative.

The Philosophy of Scarcity shines through. BigBusiness makes itself expensive. The reasons for moving beyond the explosion engine are not that oil is scarce, but that the way of producing energy is outdated and inefficient. Explosion utilizes energy to a low degree full of waste. Implosion energy is the future, but it is being held back even as it is developed. In other words, what has been mistakenly called free energy. Nothing is free, and certainly not free energy, as it is not freely available. CO2 in the atmosphere is not at all dangerous for the climate, but the real problem is that there is too little CO2 bound in the soil due to agriculture’s total faulty use of animal and synthetic fertilizers, so that the plants ‘forget’ their natural ability to bind the carbon via photosynthesis , whereby we are close to creating deserts in otherwise fertile landscapes.

A large consumption of vertical lies is part of establishing The Hunger Game. Combined with oceans of stupidity. But the liars and the fools are not the same persons, even if they work on the same project. The big players aka the liars know the game’s premises and means, the stupid ones just put it into action. When asked directly, Henry Kissinger, one of the great players in the golden glory of globalism, told us what was the most important means of controlling humanity: FOOD! Which in his mouth meant lack of food or militarized food policy. When the big players wage trade wars in the world, people die of hunger in the world. The players in the hunger game do not starve, even if their population does. Right now there is a head of the World Health Organization WHO who murdered a few million of his own people in Ethiopia – they did not belong to his tribe, so he thought that would be OK. The man’s Marxist organization in Africa is on the terrorist list, so that must qualify him for the top job in a postulated charity organization… Which on closer inspection it isn’t, but we pretend as we play our extras in The Hunger Games. Perhaps it should be renamed World Un-Health Anti-human Nations, abbreviated to WUHAN, because the Chinese Communist Party owns the WHO along with Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical industry.

Should we call him Bill Genocide?

There are the globalist smarts
There’s the technorat stupidity
And then there are all those who are dragged around by the nose
Like you and me if we subscribe to it

Investment in misery

The problem with misery is that it is so addictive. It sounds absurd, but it is quite simple. It is about investment and return. Misery creates paralyzed populations. You cannot lift yourself up by pulling your hair. Misery creates addiction, because someone else or something else must therefore pull their hair. The miserable are dependent, and those who created the misery are dependent on the miserable who are dependent on them. They make money off of misery, so why change it.

The pharmaceutical industry profits from people being ill and feeling miserable. When they stuff themselves with medicine, they become able to endure the misery, but if they were cured, it would be a big problem for an industry that depends on misery. People, the miserables, on their side suffer from the illusion, that the socalled health industry must have good intentions, because they name themselves with the health-attibute. We don’t understand the cruel logic of a business case and why, the industry would NEVER bother to genuinely care for our health, because it violates their business case.

The oil industry and the technology it fuels knows that it is an outdated technology. The problem is that we are used to it and there is so much of it in circulation. Every household today – 100 years after Nicola Tesla showed us what was needed – could have a car that ran on electrolyzed water (called cold fusion), they could have their own mini-reactor that produced electricity and heated the house, but the industry has invested so much in something that says bang, that they see solutions in the form of clean energy technology as life-threatening to their business plan. It is up for discussion, whether Teslas technology was ready for the world at that time in history. It was broadcasted energy, at the are receivers in the other end of the broadcast, eg. steel constructions in buildings, which he actually proved himself. But those, that stole the technology thought, it was perfect for military purposes.

An entire worldwide political ideology has been created based on the philosophy of misery and scarcity. For its adherents, misery is so addictive, Misery is SO much a prerequisite to their political practice and their identity, that they are constant co-creators and maintainers of misery. A whole new wave of staged racism is an example. In the US, racism was largely abolished, but then the Marxist academics arrived with their critical race theory, after which we all became racists again with an ideological spell. They claimed. They are now busy educating children and young people to feel constantly violated, feel guilt, shame and fear, be offended, point fingers at each other, despise their culture and everything it has created and create division and misery, where they walk and stand. They sent Black Lives Matter and Antifa into the streets to terrorize. They turned institutions of higher learning into temples of their cult of fascistoid brainwashing and political correctness. It took just one generation to create these hordes of apocalypse zombies.

There are here, the walking brain-dead

They talk about racism all the time. Martin Luther King did that too, but in a completely different way. King had a vision of a day where racism did not exist, which inspired people to abolish racism. It was a big problem for the Marxist neo-racists, because then there wasn’t enough misery that they could piggyback. And since they can only thrive in a toxic environment of cultural division and hatred, racism had to be reintroduced.

Agenda 21 / 2030 is a Marxist misery project (Marxist Maurice Strong’s life work). It contains all the above elements under the same hat. The Hunger Game is at the core of the philosophy behind the agenda program. It is based on the assumption and claim, that we are too many people on Earth, and that, in addition to reducing them, we must reduce them strongly – I mean, seriously, strongly! – we-the-leaders must forcefully homogenize them, forcefully herd them together in metropolies (smart cities), deprive them of all civil rights and independent possibilities of action and property and the possibility of growing their own food, etc., etc., because otherwise the earth will perish. And we can understand that, can’t we. It makes so much sense that the politicians definitely buy it.

The Hunger Games in stages

This is the philosophy behind the currently unfolding action, The Hunger Game. How will it play out? Here it can only become science-fiction-theoretical, qualified guesswork.

The Corona operation was the first step in a global shutdown. It was also a test to see how far you could go and how much you could get people to eat from the straitjacket of tyranny. That was only one part of the Hunger Games components: disease. The next thing will be a lockdown for supplies and food and water. It will now be argued that water is the major commodity in short supply. It has already been prepared in Agenda 21 / 2030, where it is written that water can no longer belong to whoever lives on a piece of land. It belongs to the State. Land also belongs to the state and not to the people. Even today, you cannot drill your own well without meeting a number of requirements that no private person can afford. You simply have to establish your own waterworks.

The next thing will be that the taps will be turned in terms of food supply. It can be done because few but gigantic food syndicates have established themselves on the market. You will find a pretext and a pirate explanation that commoners and small businesses are no longer allowed to grow, supply, transport and sell goods. Today, it is almost impossible to run a small family farm, as you could half a century ago. Profitability is sabotaged by governments and lobby organizations for BigAgro using a suffocating bureaucratic control apparatus that only the big companies have the ability to live up to. Private individuals will also be prohibited from growing vegetables in their own backyard on the pretext that it is harmful to health. As a rule, you will find a single absurd case and from there legislate over a comb – for the safety of all of us, of course (violin music…).

This food syndicate has taken over almost all trade in fruit and vegetables from the Middle East and North Africa. Extreme monopolization means that one person at the top of a corporation can turn the big lever.

The Corona operation has many similarities with the 9/11 false flag operation. There was a practice beforehand. The media campaign was in place with all their dirty tricks. The enemy was invisible, although one immediately had a name for it. Subsequently, a large-scale cover-up and a frenzy against anyone who asked close questions. There were large financial interests parallel to the terrorist event. Heads of state and governments were pressured to adopt drastic measures against civil rights. Unsuspecting populations do things they would never have accepted without being scared out of their wits. There was a whole lot of contradictory information and holes in the narrative that are all being left out and glossed over.

Then came the next two steps of the destruction plan. First USA and NATO provoked a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. With that as a stepping stone, heavy sanctions arrived in the West against Russia – targetting the European and the US-populations themselves. It was a huge self-damage project. Part of this was allowing the energy companies to rape and plunder their customers, since they could now claim, that it was all Putins fault, so therefore you must pay 3-4 times the real price. NATO did a terror attack on the North Stream pipeline. The Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Polish governments were informed beforehand and looked the other way. And now Europe is destroying itself and its economy. The Americans knew that all along, because that’s what they did to Europe in WW1 and WW2. The EU knew it all along, at German politicians such as former chansellor Angela Merkel admittet directly, that the Minsk Aggreements were a fake-show while militarizing Ukraine. The british prime-porc-rib, Boris Johnson knew it all along, and he showed up in Kiev and orders Zelinski, that no peace aggreement would be allowed.

The destruction plan was immovable, and the was was inevitable, since The West wanted this bloody war. Fuck the Ukranians, they were going to slaughter their own population for the sake of the West. It is Holodomor 2.0, and the West doesn’t give a shit about it.

The end game

The Hunger Game in the 2nd phase will be worse than the first. The goal is still the reduction of the earth’s population to 1/15th. The goal is a total depopulation of the rural areas, which must be turned into large nature parks – except where the landscape must still be destroyed with the extraction of minerals. The idea that the world is overpopulated with useless, dispensable carnivores is not new, as it has been detailed by the establishment of the British Empire.

Will they do it and do they have the power to do it? The answer is a double yes. However, there is one more question that needs to be answered: Will they get away with doing it, and is there anything that can stop it? The answer is maybe and yes. They might get away with it. On the other side, there is a call to action. They are seen and seen through. There are forces that possess a power that matches and surpasses the globalists today. Let me pass on a piece of insider knowledge.

The world has been ruled by two factions until recently. One was the Rothschilds and their dragon families aka Order of The Dragon. The second was the Order of the Black Sun. They have kept each other in check and shared powers, privileges and resources. But they were always controlled by further layers of power above them. Then the Rothschilds went out in the cold, and at the annual meeting that took place in 2020 in Bonn, Germany, there were only Black Sun members who celebrated and gloated over their victory. They thought. The meeting was always very occult-ritualistically set up between the full moon and the Harvest Moon. This is where human sacrifice, blood drinking and other festivities use to take place, and here their new Pindar, their occult leader (pindar is said to mean the dragon’s penis) is elected. The previous pindar was… Barack Obama.

But suddenly their new opponents, The Life Force it was called then, entered the meeting and gave them an ultimatum. Either they agree to a restoration plan for the world economy for the benefit of humans, or… They didn’t want to participate, after which they were put to silence. There were only two leading figures (reportedly well-known persons) left, who present their plan with sweat on their foreheads. It contains nothing about restoration, after which they will also be put to rest. In the antechamber, there were various people, generals and other military personnel as usual gathered. They were told that the members of the dragon families will be found wherever they are on the globe, and the same will happen to the missing and other top members of the network unless they cooperate. Next, they were told to go into the room and clean up after the carnage.

There was then a whole lot of phone activity, where panicked people were informed that money must be released, which they have blocked for a long time. The head of the snake has been bitten off for some time. They will lick their wounds and reorganize and return. They know only their own plan, they know nothing else, they have never known and followed anything else. You shouldn’t expect anything good from them. But now it is at least clear that they are responding to fear. And possibly only to fear. They are not fearless and invulnerable as they have portrayed themselves and as we have taken them to be.

Their panic plan is called The Sunrise Strategy. There may be some who remember how former pindar Barack Obama had himself portrayed on posters with a sun + rays in the background. The rising sun is the Black Sun of the Order of the Black Sun. This was the order’s takeover of world domination. That is what was prevented in Bonn, which was only the start of many operations against the global deep state.

The plan was a global takeover in the wake of Covid-19. UN troops were on standby to move into key positions. Forget about peacekeeping and all the other buzzwords the UN throws around. The UN is a global fascist mega-organization. It is said, so it can be understood, by Henry Kissinger (Bilderberg meeting in Evian, France):

What man fears most is the unknown. Faced with the unknown, he will be willing to trade freedom for security and surrender himselves to a world government.

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