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There is a country that has been and still is ruled by the mafia. It is one among many, but the size and significance means, that we have to deal with it. You had guessed what we’re talking about: the United States.

First, define the term: Mafia. The word is taken from the organization of criminal family networks we know from Sicily, but is also found in the classic expected form in Naples, Albania, Chicago, Colombia, the drug cartels in Mexico, the Russian mafia Bratva, the Chinese Triads, the Japanese mafia Yakuza, the Jewish-Khazarian mafia. Their activities are contained in a long list consisting of prostitution, drug trafficking, human trafficking, organ trafficking, extortion, district control across the authorities, arms trafficking, bribery, murder, casino business, money laundering, and we could go on. EVERYTHING that provides money on a larger scale and that requires illegal measures could be called mafia activity, but then the concept dilutes, because it is in the strict sense an organization run by a family head or a tribal chief of some kind. Trade union run by union bosses, is not the mafia, or is it? Just say Jimmy Hoffa. He definitely had his mafia connections.

A part of the story is, that the families as clans take care of their clan members, remnants of a traditional tribal society. Nothing wrong with that. But the line is thin, because what happens the moment, a member of one clan is insulted by members of another clan? Then the ancient moral set says that the assault must be avenged. And homicide, as you know, is neither acceptable nor lawful.

If we talk about the United States, we immediately think of the classic mafia godfathers of the 20s and 30s, the Al Capones of the era. But the style and form of organization is so branched that it appears everywhere. Aren’t Banditos and Hells Angels mafia? Has Sweden not become a paradise for immigrant mafia due to decades of left wing let-it-go politics? One might object that we mix the concepts of mafia and gangster, but organizationally there is no significant difference.

We could move on. Has Danske Bank – largest bank in Denmar – not become a kind of mafia organization with its mega-money laundries in the Baltics? It walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck … Isn’t the Rothschild dynasty just a piece of dirty mafia on an extra large scale? Cartel formation and syndication, is this not the mafia? Is the EU not a form of mega-bureaucratic mafia? Is not Goldman-Sachs a financial mafia? Has the WHO not become a mafia owned by the pharmaceutical industry, Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party?

Well, little Denmark then, we are both too small and nice for that kind? In no way! Danish agriculture is run by an agricultural mafia with headquarters called Axelborg. Just ask Lars Lykke, former prime minister of Denmark. The Danish construction industry has a long mafia business behind it. Just ask Kaj Wilhelmsen. The Danish hospitals and hospitals have strong control from the pharmaceutical industry via the revolving door to the National Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen).

OK, that might have hit next level, because it’s not mafia, it’s fascism. Define fascism: When private companies eat the State, then the State no longer protects citizens from their abuses. Do we hit next level, then? Remember the mafioso and fascist Licio Gelli who ran the P2 lodge in Italy. Well, what about the Catholic Church, or rather: the Holy Sea = the Vatican = the Curia? Has anyone yet heard of the merging of the Banco Ambrosiana, the Vatican Bank and the Italian mafia? It happened.

There is a certain cautious talk of mafia methods when you do not have the courage to label an organization as a real mafia. One of the methods is to recruit young, insecure, low-identity people by offering them an easy-to-buy self-respect. When did the word street cool come into vogue? Self-respect is extremely fragile, because it always involves some form of compromise. One must commit a crime to prove worthy of ‘respect’. Then the table catches on and the next basic principle comes into play: Omertà, the vow of silence. If it is broken, one is sentenced to death together with the ones you love, or expelled if one is lucky. So is Freemasonry not a form of mafia? In the hardcore lodges, it is tantamount to death to reveal the secrets of the lodge or speak against its members in public. If it looks like in essence, why is it, we don’t call it out for what it is!

Isn’t that exactly the recruiting method that Jeffrey Epstein used to capture the American jet set? Once they had given in to their horniness and were listed in his black book as pedoes and recorded on video, they no longer shook their ears.

In the United States at present we find three prominent mafia families, which are not commonly called the mafia. We do not call the that, because they have operated from and abused their political positions. We are talking about the Bush, Clinton and the Biden family to name a few. They have all operated as mafia for half a century, and their grim family history goes back centuries. The Clinton couple started back as a governor couple in Arkansas. There were no limits to the types of serious crime and fraud that were already circulating at the time. Except that Bonnie & Clyde in American politics could not yet make it fully from the White House. We became aware of the Bush family after 9/11 especially due to George Bush’s suspicious behavior on that event. The left had no trouble spotting the family’s scary affairs. The did turn their blind eye on and found it difficult to spot the Clinton’s, Obama’s and Biden’s ditto, because they belonged to their tribe, their clan, their cult. The left wing was incorporated into this mafia business during the Obama administration, and in the Trump era, they stepped out of the closet completely as hangouts for hardcore mafiosi. Now they pay homage to global fascism in all its extracts.

Was not the red fascist pampering in the so-called socialist-democratic republics during the Cold War mafia activity? Weren’t the politburo commissioners in the Soviet Union, East Germany, Albania, Romania, etc. mafiosi? The clan was simply extended to include an entire nation, and the Godfather was the leader of the country, Lenin, Stalin or Enver Hoxha. Was it different from the fascist junta in Greece, Italy, Chile and Argentina? What about the communist boss, Maduro, who has run his former rich and beautiful country Venezuela into disgrace and poverty? Red or black fascist mafia, same-same. Is not the Chinese Communist Party a mega-mafia judged by both organization and methods? The triads or dragon families are the epitome of mafias, and the Chinese Communist Party is just a front organization for these families. Isn’t the CIA a mega-mafia organization, since they meet all the requirements for the title? It walks like a mobster, it terrorizes like a mobster …

Internal terror is a fundamental principle of mafia and mafia organizations. What about Saudi Arabia, an entire state owned by one family and whose foreign policy has been based on terrorist activity?

The fake president via mass fraud meets the incumbent president from the communist mafia.

Of the two candidates in the 2020 U.S. election campaign, one was a mafia boss. It pours out at the moment with dirt about Joe Biden and his family. Democrats, their demagogues and their corrupt propaganda media were swarming with accusations against Trump for the same thing. It is unfortunate for them that they never feel the urge to document their accusations, because they think that it is enough to throw them out. They drop a stink bomb and stick their tails between their legs. Once the stench has subsided, they just throw a new one without cleaning up after the first one. Can they eventually keep the stench out themselves?

The Biden family has a long, dishonorable tradition of … slavery. If you listen to Sleepy Senile Joe’s statements, his contempt for blacks shines through (If you do not vote for me, you ain’t black). Another family tradition is pedophilia. There are dozens of video clips out there with Creepy Joe who can’t help but grabbing onto little girls for open screen? And then there is their corruption with billions in Ukraine and China. All members of the family have a pile of dirt in stock, and most recently there has been an embarrassing focus on Hunter Biden’s affair with drugs, underage prostitutes and industrial espionage / money laundering. He has received large sums of money to convey paid influence on his father – pay-for-play as they call it. Joe for his part has, in the most unsympathetic way, left his tormented and incompetent son in the lurch, and he just claims that he has never discussed business and politics with his son or the other family members. That is, right up until the crack head forgot a computer in a repair shop with piles of dirt on it, including emails that blankly revealed his father’s filth.

It was then, that the glorious BigTech companies censoring on social media stepped in and tried to jam the story, but the cat was out of the bag and the Google Gestapo emerged as the digital mafiosi and pimps as they are. Like the big mafia syndicates, they now behave like the State itself in relation to the citizens. And the states have proved powerless over them and with the 2021 fake US administration, the power is completely give away.

It is quite unbelievable that for the second time, the Democrats have run a corrupt mafioso politician in a position against Trump. Have these types learned NOTHING for a full four years? It shows that the American left is now directly related to mafia organizations. One can also put it in another way: the Democratic Party was overthrown by the mafiosi, who used them as the front organization and cover for their activities. Dirty cops like former CIA director John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey and Robert Mueller who ran a fake investigation, an Adam Shiff, a Nancy Pelosi and a Mr. Penguin Nadler were the key operators in the new coup – failing time and time again, but the media covered them and failed to describe HOW wrong it went. They continued after the election once again with yet another impeachment fraud. And while we’re talking about dirty cops, a light brown female dirty policewoman was run over in the position of vice president by the corrupt former vice president. Kamala Harris was in his time as a police attorney notorious for throwing blacks in jail with life sentences based on questionable accusations and without the possibility of appeal. Lo and behold if not her family too has a fine tradition as slave owners! You can’t make this up!

That Kamala Harris has run into the back wheel of Joe Biden and has been nominated by Deep State as the next president is confirmed by the fact, that American schoolchildren – at least in schools in New York dominated by the blue mindset – have already learned, that the president’s name is Kamala Harris, that she’s 56 years old and born in … She’s chosen because she’s willing to be their whore. She is steerable and brainwashed, she laughs the overdrive like a horse in the right places. She is a Hillary-light model, the globalist girl.

Of course, Biden was never meant to be president, because he is demented. So it was always intended that Kamala should be smuggled in and take over right after the election. But that would only be possible through extensive electoral fraud and manipulation of the information and electoral apparatus, which shows that it was part of the plan. The more they behave as psychopaths, the thicker they lie and cheat, the more they manipulate, the more will people learn about their true nature. The blind eye of the dark powers. Their only faint hope is, that the day their dirty agenda is fully implemented and an inevitable de facto, it is too late for people to do anything.

So there was nothing left but to cheat. Already on election night and during the night, they began to stop counting in the democratically controlled swing states so they could drive trucks full of fake ballot papers that were all for Biden. The blue curves artificially cracked upwards, and the red curves stagnated, while the media immediately proclaimed Biden the winner. Even the TV station Fox News, which has otherwise had a certain sobriety, suddenly changed style? Who put a gun to the forehead of them? Out goes Fox News permanently as a reliable and respectable news outlet!

The entire left has thus become a corruption cult run by the mafiosi, which uses the state apparatus to shovel power and coins into its own pocket. Their network of BigTech sharks, Hollywood pedo’s, media liars, dirty intelligence departments, the abortion meat industry, the fake-news-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, parts of Wall Street, the Chinese 5th column and all the others operators in the political swamp have once again set all sails. So have these people in their clustered cliques learned anything in the past four years? So it went completely wrong for them last time. It went wrong for them in the meantime. And what are they doing now? They reason: It did not work last time – it must mean that by gosh-golly means that we just have to have SOMETHING MORE of the same kind, because we obviously did not apply the layer of dirt thick enough!

The Wokeness cult, the cancel culture, the identity politics, the Tech companies, the media fascism and the new shrill left wing have reintroduced public lynching in the marketplace.

There really must be some truth to the saying, that hatred makes blind. Corruption as well. The left has created a cult of hatred. They have forgotten what they thought they set out for in the beginning. They have no political goal other than lofty utopias that never become a reality for the simple reason that any society will collapse socially and economically beforehand. They have only the emotional energy and the hatred. Hatred is the first thing you see in the mirror in the morning, hatred is a projection of ourselves, for the left has lost its self-respect as it lost its grip on reality. They believed and believe to the end, that reality is something that can be created according to the map they have acquired over reality. They are not even pragmatists anymore, because they do not adapt to reality. They and their media demand the right to rape reality.

Italy had their corrupt presidents – again a fine, long tradition from the Roman Empire. One of them was named Silvio Berlusconi. In recent French politics, there have been at least two corrupt presidents, Nicolas Sarcozy and Emmanuel Macron. I would also count on Francois Hollande for his actions in the Charlie-Hebdo fraud case. England have a great tradition of corruption, and I wonder if Tony Blair has not earned the trophy of the century here. Interestingly, by the way, after being thrown off his chair, he moved to Albania and hung out with the largest European mafia. Was he at one point nervous about prosecution for his war crimes?

The Norwegian prime minister, who was deeply entrenched in the Utøya massacre, later received a fine coat of arms as general secretary for the crime he committed. And his son was on the lake that day – a Joe + Hunter thing? NATO is nothing but the mobster goons that are deployed when it comes to building muscle for the globalists. They are a terrorist organization, just say the name: Operation Gladio. What does the mafia live on, among other things? Drug trafficking. What have NATO and the CIA done in Afghanistan?

It’s no state secret. But most of the stupid Danish politicians, who made soldiers available to the company so they could run and sniff the tails of the Americans in the Bush and Obama eras and clean up after their endless chain of aggressions against countries on the outskirts, these politicians have no idea. What about Anders Fogh Rasmussen, did he not know? Of course he did, because Anders liked women’s clothes and little boys in Ørstedparken in Copenhagen after dark, so Anders was compromised in the special Epstein way you know. Anders’ political role model was not an honorable figure from his own party’s past but the man who destroyed the British labor movement created New Labor and as Anders led his country into wars based on lies.

Where is the line between the mafia and all the other forms of organized human abuse?
We hardly know it anymore, because it’s all woven together.
What we in turn should know is, that we cannot trust anyone to come and save us from it all.

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