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Build a house of mud

Cement is expensive to produce. The production of cement contaminants.

A new movement is making waves out there in what we condescendingly call the Third World (we are, of course, the First World). Or the warm countries, as we also call them. Or the developing countries. In many places, people do not have the large means at their disposal when they have to build their houses. But master builders have started a movement where people with even small means can go very far with simple technology.

The building material is earth/clay, sand, lime and straw. The lime can be omitted, but powdered limestone/limestone is quite common. The mixture is placed in wooden molds or in a press.. That’s how we made bricks ourselves. But because this takes place in dry climates, drying the mud stones is enough. Mortar is simply a thinner non-dried mixture.

In Fayum, Cairo they have developed a very strong mud brick from these materials. When it is completely dry, it is waterproof. Egypt has a millennium-old tradition of these mudbricks, and several of their pyramids are built of this kind.

In more stony areas, it is obvious to use it as a mortar to hold together carved stones.

The roof is always the most difficult with some kind of materials. They do not have the same properties as concrete, which can span several meters. This is where the ancient technique of bricking domes comes in.

The materials have excellent properties. It gets very hot in the summer in Egypt, but the materials keep the house cool during the day. At night, they retain the accumulated heat and draw additional heat up from below. The same happens in the cooler months.

I’d rather build my house with my own earth than go into debt, Green Architecture, Africa

Experiences from all over the world can be used. Africa has examples of amazing buildings made entirely of mud stone. The Pueblo Culture of the Southern United States. All the way across Central Asia. The Great Wall of China is built of mud bricks. But there is also a long tradition in temperate parts of the world. Farmhouses in Denmark were built of half-timbered timber, but between the beams there was a mud mixture held in place by a wickerwork. In England it has a tradition of cob, which is just such a mixture. These materials are both natural, cheap, healthy for the indoor climate and environmentally friendly. We must return to healthy construction and our hi-tech culture. There are far too many examples of experimental building materials that do not have some of these properties. And if they are cheap, they are often unhealthy and of poor quality.

Kaláka – build with many hands

The term originates from Hungary. But the practice that the term covers originates from all the old cultures, where the village and the extended family were the framework and the unity that was people’s lives.

When a young married couple moved out of their parents’ protection and set up home, the village and the family came together and built them a house to give them a good start. It is found everywhere. It is the joint power of the many hands that causes something to move, so that it can be seen and felt in often a very short time. Anyone who has tried something similar, perhaps on a smaller scale, knows how much it means. It’s not just the many hands, there are also the many heads. The older ones have tried it many times before. That is the overwhelming strength of tradition.

A traditional Hungarian house is rammed. You build a wooden foundation in the same style as if you wanted to pour cement in. But cement is neither traditional nor cheap. And soil, straw and water pounded together with hand-held pestles becomes very hard.

When the foundation has been laid, the frames are moved up one layer and the tamping continues. Approx. seven layers is the head height of an adult person.

Community building naturally requires a social structure, and this was present in the traditional village communities. The village, when it is functioning well, is the ideal community unit. Anything over – and now we throw out a number – 50 households is a loss of cohesion. It doesn’t have to be bad as such, but it becomes harder to do what we’re talking about here.

It has also become more difficult with the working society we have created. The people in the village could better allocate time and labor, because they had a family structure that allowed it. They were farmers and they chose a time without the busiest periods such as sowing and harvesting.

The psychology behind joint construction – or any other work that requires many hands – is that you turn the work into a party. It was not forced labour, but an investment in one’s own life and well-being. It was a gift given with the expectation that you could ask for the same yourself. It was time-banking before anyone had invented the term: a piece of work you have done for others, you can ‘pull out of the bank’ yourself on the day you need it.

The Sahel in revolt

The Sahel is the belt of countries in Africa that forms an east-west belt in the area between the desert and the jungle. It goes from Senegal, southern Mauritania Mali, Burkina Faso, southernmost Algeria, northernmost Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea.

There is one colonial power in particular that has had its grip on the area: France. French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa. The eastern area has been occupied by the English. These countries gained formal self-government and independence in the 20th century. That is, formally, because the colonial powers never left the country, and their control over the countries’ resources continued in the post-colonial era. Let’s just call it neo-colonialism.

Recently, a pan-African movement has formed with the stated aim of finally cleaning up and evicting the colonial masters who refused to leave the building when the party was about to end. These countries, despite their often harsh climate, are full of natural resources. For example, Niger is full of uranium. The French companies have taken advantage of that, and the population has gotten nothing out of it. Nigeria is full of oil and Nigerians still have to buy oil in expensive judgments from abroad because they have not been allowed to build refineries. However, the Nigerian government has chosen to duck its neck, and their corrupt government has chosen to show solidarity with the colonial power England. They have even threatened to invade Niger if they do not reinstall their provost president. This has caused the neighboring countries to proclaim that if they do it, they count it as an attack on them too.

The presence of French military in a big way in the area according to the French to ‘create stability’. Stability for what? For nothing but this extended colonial status. But now Chad, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso have had enough and their militaries have taken control. In addition, they have received help from the Russians. The Wagner group has thrown out the occupying power and its organs.

A few rather colorful scenes have unfolded. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has scolded French President Macron in the sharpest possible terms for France’s shameless looting of Africa. France is currently having huge problems with their immigrants. Many of them have been forced to leave their devastated and impoverished countries. With just a modest knowledge of the history of the previous century, no one can doubt the bestial treatment Algeria and Tunisia were subjected to. And later Libya, which is also an ugly chapter of French history. It was especially the French, and then via the notorious criminal Sarcozy, who smashed Africa’s most well-functioning country. The dirty affair also threw Meloni at Macron. It has sent shock waves all the way through the corrupt EU.

There is every indication that these cooperating nations – unless they are struck down again – will be able to set a precedent and that it may spread to the rest of Africa. It must be said that it is about time.

The secret hand gestures

And no, we’re not talking about funny hand signs done by Freemasons. They are not intended for signals and communication. They are meant to control the body’s subtle energies.

According to Vedic science and philosophy, there are five elements that pervade the body. Our hand and fingers are endpoints of these streams of subtle energy.

Thumb: fire
Index finger: air
Middle finger: ether
Ring finger: earth
Little finger: water

Uttarabodhi Mudra

Mudra for higher enlightenment
Removes fear and builds self-confidence
Helps to make decisions and solve problems

Hakini Mudra

Connects all the body’s energies
Hakini is power and control, a goddess of power

Dhyan Mudra

Right hand on top of left, thumbs linked
Meditation mudra, calms the mind
If you are overactive (too much fire), place the right hand at the bottom
Dhyana is meditation

Kubera Mudra

Use both hands in the same way.
Improves blood circulation and memory
Improves health and helps to achieve goals

Cheeni Mudra

Unifies fire and air and improves attention

Ghanesh Mudra

Pull sideways slightly
Removes obstacles
Gives attention to emotions and promotes compassion
Ghanesh is the nice elephant who helps the humans

It is recommended to practice one or more mudras for 15 minutes every day.
If they don’t work, no harm done.
But what if they actually work? Just consider that.

The fourth state of water

We know the three states in which water can appear:

liquid form (liquid)
airy form (vapour)
frozen form (ice cream)

There is, however, a fourth form:
structured water or ionized water.

This form is found, among other things, in the cells of the body or cells of living organisms.
It’s not just normal liquid water with a little electricity added. It is a state with some other properties.
That it is not just normal liquid can be seen when you cut yourself. Blood may come out, but water should also pour out from the cells. There is something holding it back.

A pioneer in this discovery is a researcher who combines electrical engineering practice with a newer branch of medical science, specifically bio-medical engineering. His name is Dr. Gerald H. Pollack. This hybrid science included disciplines from medical school, organic chemistry, and physiology that an engineer would not normally deal with. Before him, only a Chinese-American cell physiologist, Gilbert Ling, had put forward the thesis that it is not water as such that we find in the cells. In the muscles, for example, which consist of 1/3 structured water or, as he called it, a liquid crystal.

Base curry

Indian cuisine is both simple and sophisticated at the same time.

A wonderful and competent Indian chef, Srikant Singh from Northern India runs a site called – even here you have to surrender – and here is his little compressed basic course in an all-round curry, a basic paste for 100 kinds of curry.
BEST Indian Curry Masterclass, One Base for 100 Recipes | Curry Paste

Common mistakes:

  • onion and tomato are not chopped fine enough
  • too much water
  • too much oil
  • too much pre-bought curry powder
  • the curry paste is not cooked long enough before meat or vegetables are added

8 ingredients are needed:

  • 1 onion
  • 2 tomatoes
  • ginger-garlic paste or dissolved powder – or fresh and crushed in a mortar
  • red chili powder
  • cumin powder
  • coriander powder
  • turmeric powder
  • Possibly. fresh green chilli
  • again: all powders can be fresh from the start and crushed in a mortar

Which oil is good to use:

  • ghee
  • mustard oil
  • sesame oil
  • peanut oil
  • or a mixture
  • I think maybe you should add coconut oil, but then you might end up in East Asian cuisine


hot oil
add ginger-garlic
1 tablespoon coriander
1/2 tbsp cumin
1/2 tbsp turmeric
1 tbsp chilli powder (preferably Kashmiri)
Possibly. a little garam masala

cook 1 minute
add a little water
add onion and tomato
cook until it has the consistency of a paste and a little separated oil comes out at the edges

cool and pour into a glass with a lid
or put in small bags/packages/cubes and freeze
– or use it immediately, but once you’re at it, you might as well make it for the next dishes

Latest update on the dying deep-state

The Deep State is in deep shit. ALL their promises about the grand arrival of the Central Banks Digital Currency, BRICS currency, the great RV, the Global Reset, pallets of fun money that would now materialize and missed wages for people they have been postponing-and-postponing would come for payment – EVERYTHING has again and again failed to materialise, EVERYTHING was blatant lies. ALL credibility has been lost.

As more and more participants in meetings in deep-state circles began to express doubts and question this credibility, as information impugning its credibility began to appear everywhere, a bunch of generals and people of special stripes met on and status up and started yelling at the doubters. Now it was they, the deep-state generals, who had taken over control, and now people had to shut up and do the right thing. We know this because their internal meetings were tapped, and the reports of such internal activities now come out via the GIA (Global Intelligence Agency) with a delay of at most three days – unless the information is not ready for strategic reasons.

When on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, it became abundantly clear that all promises had been broken and the last deadline had been exceeded, the shouting generals with special titles, special badges and special uniforms with special stripes that people were especially afraid of got cold feet and began to fear for their own lives. The reason for the date of August 8 is that it was the so-called Lions Gate. These people put all their trust in ancient astrological energy structures. 4-5 of the types in the USA and approx. 14 of them in England chose to close themselves in underground facilities. In the US it was under CIA headquarters in Langley and in England it was deep under GCHQ headquarters in London and this was the Rothschild group. GCHQ, for those who don’t know, is British intelligence. What they soon found out, however, was that the door closed behind them, both the door to the one room they were in and the doors to the facility itself. No one could help them. Their ability to communicate with the outside world also disappeared. Those who had taken over the system and closed the doors – and they were not people in the building – had full access to hear what they said and talk to them.

Here you would think they would come up with better thoughts, but they kept talking in the same way as if they had full control and the right to command. Same talk about how a new pandemic was needed to make humanity right, etc etc. The message now is that they have totally given up as conversation and negotiation partners, so when the doors open again, it will be for someone to come in and ‘clean up’ to put it discreetly.

The Rothschild faction of the Order of The Dragon is called The Blue Dragon. The Chinese factions are called The Black Dragon and The Golden Dragon. They got very angry when they saw that parts of the top of their mafia structure were being taken out and started issuing a lot of orders to ‘burn it all to the ground’. And by ‘all’ is meant the US, which they have been working on for decades by infiltrators to destroy, which was part of the 100-Year Plan and the Non-Compete Plan to transfer all global power to China completed in 2023.
If you’re not up to date on what that is, read on
The World Game del 8 – The World Crime

The orders went out to two groups of deep-state operators. One was the Jesuits, the other was a Chinese murder squad called The Jades, highly trained special units with skills in liquidations, terrorist acts, computer, hi-tech and finance + everything related to the profession including occult black-magic operations. Their orders were to take back all control by, among other things, burning it all down.

One of their dirty operations was the burning down of an entire town in Hawaii, Lahaina, a very nice old town on the island of Maui with a vibrant life of shops and restaurants and lots of people from East Asia who had their little businesses there. The whole town is burnt down. Keep an eye out for events in the future that bear the same suspicious fingerprint of staged natural disaster. The Lahaina fire fell in the water at the same time as very strong winds from a hurricane, which is known to be particularly conducive to a fire that spreads rapidly.

The Jades and Jesuits were also found at Mount Rushmore, and in San Francisco under the Wells Fargo building, both of which have underground facilities that once housed advanced equipment. At Mount Rushmore, they tried to start up a device they had gotten from the 15 deep-state military groups that they didn’t know what to do. It was intended to puncture the Sun’s corona! This toy was taken from them and those who gave these orders are now being hunted down like dogs, it is said. The Black Dragon and The Golden Dragon are now down to 4th generation family members because everyone else and older has already been hunted down. It is quite incredible that they still carry on because they know very well what has happened to their older family members. You can then choose to see it as an advantage, because now the deep state needs to be cleaned up completely.

Another thing that angers the clamoring and contracting deep-state factions is that even such notorious agencies as the CIA at Langley are now beginning to loosen up. Here we must understand that an organization as extensive as the CIA is not a uniform structure but consists of internal groupings that are loyal to various external forces. The military industrial complex and especially the military aircraft industry have controlled their group. Rumor has it that the Clinton Mafia ran their own office in Langley. One department dealt with drug trafficking and human trafficking. One department controlled the media globally. These departments do not necessarily agree on their goals. But one of these units has now applied to become a subdivision of the Global Intelligence Agency, recognizing that they now no longer have generals shouting into their ears. At the time of writing, they are locked in the basement, where they no longer have access. Perhaps some CIA employees actually feel relieved about it.

After this feeling from the CIA, there was a meeting in which all American intelligence organizations participated, and where similar measures were discussed. The message is that in the near future there will be a lot of restructuring and also replacement of personnel.

We have mentioned the Jesuits. They are angry right now because they were the bankers for the families, the dragon families of the Order of The Dragon. They have been stripped of their privileges, and will no doubt engage in various evils as a result. This also means that the moment they do it, they will expose themselves to the GIA and will be taken out. A brief note on the Jesuits and China’s deep state. It’s a connection that goes all the way back to before the Opium Wars, when the Jesuits appeared with the Emperor and tried to ingratiate themselves. They began to study Chinese culture to understand how they could infiltrate and corrupt it. The emperor did not like them and threw them out again. Later we saw how the British tried to destroy the entire empire of China via opium poisoning called the Opium Wars. The Jesuits are notorious for putting people to death via poisoning. At the beginning of the 20th century, China finally succumbed, and although the empire as such existed and still exists, the structure that we collectively call the deep state has been eaten away from within. It was first the Kuomintang and later the Maoists who ensured the establishment of this megaparasite that directly controls 1.3 billion Chinese and indirectly many more worldwide. What we are experiencing right now is the death throes of the parasite.

The highly paradoxical thing is, that it is now the Jesuits who receive orders from the Chinese deep state, the dragon families. A further update is that the perfidious fire in Hawaii was the work of the Jesuits, and it has also come to light what it was they were after. There is a pattern and it is an established strategy. Something similar happened on the coast of Florida years ago when it was hit by a hurricane. A long strip of buildings was razed to the ground. It then turned out that there had already been a whole series of building plans with casinos and other things planned by Chinese companies. So after the storm they went in and bought it all up for no money and build what they wanted. The same was the case with the coastline of Maui, Hawaii. The Jesuits counted on also scoring all the funds that would arrive via the state and the corrupt agency called FEMA. When they discovered that they were … discovered, and that the relief operation was now bypassing FEMA (who would never have done anything the locals), of course they were furious.

The US governmental aid organizations have the opposite purpose than what they pretend. They exist to ensure that a given disaster has the maximum destructive effect and that no help arrives. Think back to the hurricane that hit New Orleans in the Bush era. No help came, people had to save themselves. The same pattern with the large wildfires in California in the Trump era. The point of the whole thing was to drive the inhabitants from the place, and they got no help. Similar in Australia a few years ago with heavy flood. There are video clips taken by the locals, where the authorities are ordered to just watch and stare.

Global bankruptcy is now coming. On Monday, August 7, 2023, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a large part of the employees of the US government and its agencies in various offices in Washington DC were sent home. They were told it was due to … a storm warning. Yeah right, as they say over there. it is probably due to something else. The government can no longer pay for their salaries, because it had put all its trust in the shouting generals and their false promises that now-now-NOW the money would finally come. So they didn’t. The Bunker Generals had ordered this, and it included the NSA, the FBI, the Treasury and the FED.

A select number of special operatives of these agencies were driven to a bunker in Fairfield, Virginia to reboot computer systems that had been taken out as part of the counter-operation against the deep state. Others found themselves in Yellowstone National Park to try to access what the deep state calls ‘portals’. They were people from one of the secret military groups that belong to the Order of The Black Sun, Moebius.

The FED is now no longer answering the phone. They wait (in vain) for orders from the people sitting in bunkers under Langley and GCHQ with no means of communication – a phone call that doesn’t come. The FED was 100% controlled by the Order of The Dragon and the Rothschilds. They had control over the entire central banking system of the world, but this privilege has been taken away from them.

The situation has escalated, because it is high time that the nations and governments of the world are allowed to move on. What has paralyzed them from making decisions has been fear. The shouting generals and their organizations have wielded enormous power behind the scenes. Everyone has been afraid of them. They have practiced terror on the highest imaginable level, and for the governments to have a fair chance to make other decisions, the deep fear of the deep state has to be taken out of the equation.

The governments of the world are fully aware of the restoration plan. They have been paddling and waiting for them to come forward freely. It is estimated that approx. 2/3 of a given government is ready to come forward and agree to the plan. 1/3 of stubborn opponents remain. We can guess that this third are the ones who are the most corrupt and who have benefited the most from what the deep state has had to offer.

To you out there: Your governments have lied to you and are doing so at this very moment.
But the hour of truth has come.


Let’s start on the left. It’s like when you have to cross the street: look left, look right, and look left again. And on the center strip: look to the right once more – or get run over.

Reactionary is a term diligently used by the left who have now worked overtime for decades to earn themselves this label. There is a saying: You shouldn’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. They have fired it at anyone who didn’t say like them to a degree that was striking. A projection?

Along the way, the left wing lost its purpose and no longer had a cause to stand for. To their great luck, Donald Trump arrived, because now their main goal beccame to hate Donald Trump. Every day they held their little 5-minute hate rallies where someone said: Did you just hear what Donald Trump said and don’t we mean the opposite? Which they all did, because it was the daily renewal of the membership card for the club of ‘the real ones’.

There is just one problem – a big problem with being a reactionary: You become dumber and dumber and lose the ability to both think and form an independent opinion. You also lose the ability to hold a conversation, so instead they just yelled at people to make them shut up. It was almost shocking when Donald Trump disappeared in 2020, because then there was almost complete silence on the left wing. They had lost their best object of hatred and reaction, and without it they shrank to nothingness. You almost felt sorry for them.

But now they are driving Donald Trump into position again. The left breathes a sigh of relief, because finally-FINALLY! they can be allowed to hate again. So they haven’t discovered the new problem. Or problems in the plural. Donald Trump is no longer alive, because his handlers and his family have forgotten to tell thre world. He died of cancer in 2021 and a very highly paid actor gets 1 billion $$ to play him wearing a rubber mask. Or is promised that he will get $$, and he does not, because there is no more money in the coffers. The next problem is that his opponent in the otherwise corrupt Democrats may be Robert Kennedy Junior, and he doesn’t like Dr. Mengele-Fauci, whom the right wing loved because he wanted to vaccinate the whole world. In other words, he is not corrupt. Meanwhile, the left had also fallen head over heels in love with the global deep state, because the global deep state found the left to be so delightfully compliant, that they were praised to the skies for their compliance and their support for all the operations that the deep state came up with. And the left loves to get praise, so when it doesn’t come, they praise themselves to the skies. But now they was praised for:

  • fake lawsuits against this guy Donald Trump
  • wars in the world with lies up the ass
  • mask mandate, demand for detention, shutdown, demand for jabbing, everything like in a Sovjet-era totalitarian country … uuh, wetting the pants in joy
  • super high electricity prices, because we all have to make sacrifices for correctness
  • hatred of Russians and it’s all Putin’s fault, so therefore…
  • hatred towards people who believe in God, it’s soo offensive!
  • hatred towards people who believe that family is a praiseworthy institution
  • hatred of people who believe that rampant illegal immigration should at least be discussed
  • staged racism – against a different skin color than last time = hatred of whites, even if they themselves are white = obligatory-ideological self-hatred
  • hatred of all men, even when they themselves are men, because men represent toxic masculinity = ideological self-hatred
  • tolerance for pedophilia and child abuse + hatred of a film that addresses the urgent subject
  • abortion of unborn children up to the 9th month + a few weeks after birth + hatred against foeticide opponents
  • abuse against young people who are forced to change sex

In other words, almost ALL important matters for the globalists and the deep state. They had become so compliantly soft on the left that they were ready to stick a fork in. They had forgotten in the course of just one generation that several of their signature issues were something that the previous left wing generation thought quite differently about, but the new generation had never learned anything about real history, since one of the business buzzwords of the time was: disruption, meaning breaking connections to the past and creating a time bubble of oblivion.

The left wing’s docility consisted and consists, among other things, in their exquisite lack of self-criticism. It is absolutely crucial for the deep state that there are enough useful idiots on the field without self-criticism, because then criticism will never be raised against the deep state itself. When people are willing to unblinkingly stand up and flash themselves with ridiculous absurdities that they have been fed on their plate, and that they themselves believe since they swallowed the whole plate, then the globalists are over the top. They can’t get their hands down in the World Economic Forum and the surrounding area over all the stupid sheep that go to the slaughterhouse completely voluntarily. And believe me, real sheep are not stupid at all, because I am sitting 30 meters from a flock of sheep at the time of writing. It’s human sheep that are stupid.

And do they do the deed of the day in the two state chambers in the United States? They don’t do shit! They talk-and-talk … and talk. If you imagined that they all went home today and were gone for half a year, would anyone miss them? NOONE would miss them, because they are not the ones who make society run anyway. Could you imagine the same with the Danish parliament? Of course. No one sits in the parliament hall anyway, except when the queen is on a control visit, and they are ordered to appear. Could Denmark do without a government? For sure! The government members do not represent the population anyway, they do what the deep state says they have to do. They then spend the time dealing with this in some committee.

And in a very short time, the Danish state will be bankrupt, just like all states in the rest of the world. We haven’t heard about it yet. Notice when they start singing about it. What song will they sing?

Also read Business HaraKiri about how and why the left wing wokeness project dug its own grave.

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