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The World Game part 8 – The World Crime

The model of thinking

Any investigation and potential subsequent knowledge starts with a question.
This often turns out to be the start of a chain of questions.

If you have to proceed systematically, then it pays to systematize your chain of questions. Let us repeat – and for those of you who have just entered the door herewith present – the method, which has its roots in the ancient culture of knowledge. The Romans called it the Trivium, and they had this concept of knowledge from their ultimate role model, the Greeks. The Greeks again had it from other ancient cultures, so it gets lost in the great hole of history, where it actually originated. Are we going on a trip around China and India? India without a doubt. Trivium is the root of the word trivial, which is rather paradoxical since understanding what Trivium is is very little widespread/trivial today.

The trivium is grammar, logic and rhetoric applied in that order. Together, they form the doctrine of methodical thinking. The history books, as often, content themselves with juxtaposing them, but they constitute a method in which one link presupposes the other. It uses the following question chain:

The what, who, where and when questions are the grammar.
We are used to using the word in connection with language formation, but with the Romans it covered the basic components of thinking. These are the primary questions. It is all about the collection of the necessary material, the factual stuff, without which it is not possible to form meaning, coherence and order.

The why question is the logic.
Logic is the check you make on your collected material so that it is not contradictory. If the logic test comes up with contradictions, then you send yourself back to grammar. Something is missing, you haven’t turned over all the stones needed to move on.

The how question is the rhetoric.
Only when the logic is water- and bulletproof, which presupposes that the grammar is a finished stage, is it possible to use and convey knowledge.

This ancient model and method forms the basis of the scientific method as we know it. It is built into all research methods that want to be serious. The above sharply divided three-part methodology must be understood dynamically, because the scientific method also operates with hypotheses and theories. In reality, we go back and forth between grammar and logic. We assume, we form theses and hypotheses, after which we examine whether they hold by turning over more stones. Then we change our theory according to the extended grammar, new studies, new investigation and new experiments. It is not that rigid, but it is necessary to be a little rigid if you are to understand this thinking model for the first time.

There is also a death metal band called Trivium. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

The method also has its pitfalls. We see this quite often – when we have learned to spot it – in the false rhetoric and logic used by rhetoricians, demagogues, politicians, the media and opinion makers. They are heavy consumers of logical fallacies. A stone cannot fly, Morlille cannot fly, therefore Morlille is a stone. Thus the Danish-Norwegian playwright and equivalent to Mollière Ludvig Holberg’s satire on false argumentation in his theatre play Erasmus Montanus about a cocky student coming home to his village in the countryside and makes his show-off. Comedy in the Age of Enlightenment, but it is unfortunately super-topical-spot-on, because people fall like flies and BigTime for this kind of rhetoric this very day.

Read: The 76 logical fallacies

An overused cheap trick to circumvent the necessary relationship between grammar and logic is to switch the order around. Which then shows that the trickster who does this sort of thing is well aware that it doesn’t hold up in the district court. If you want to construct a false proof with false arguments, you start by feeding people the conclusion, and then you find all the grammatical info that supports the conclusion, the pre-given logic, and throw away all the info that contradicts it. You pick cherries, as it is called (cherry picking), I want the berry that is ripe, but I leave the unripe ones. Which of course is a very good idea when picking real cherries … but you get the point.

This falsification method is widely used by the media. They have already written the story = the conclusion in advance, after which a substructure is staged. Then they interview ‘experts’ who are media-savvy enough to stand up for the underpinnings. Perhaps they themselves believe the argument because they belong to a particular school that cultivates a particular theory which they have elevated to concluded fact. The climate nonsense is full of it. And if they sometimes feel they need to hear more sides of the story, they make sure to sabotage their interview victim – just say the word, they’ll admit it themselves up-front! – in every imaginable way with leading questions, putting words in the mouth, interruptions, projected assumptions … well, then you are the kind of person who … ALL forms of false logic. It has gotten to the point where journalism schools teach, that it is no longer the truth we are after, it is the story. Journalists learn to ‘angle’, which is far more than taking a relevant angle, it is creating synthetic reality. Fake news is not a joke, it is apparent reality and common practice.

Hmmm…isn’t that the exception rather than the rule? I hear down in the back row. Unfortunately not. Even in hardcore science they find ways around the method. You should not bite the hand that feeds you. And science is vulnerable to any threat of suspension of payment or exclusion from the good company of Academia, because free research in a society where companies pay for research is non-existent.

Science can be politicized, ideologized, theologized, financialized, militarized and corrupted. So no, it’s not about Catholic immaculate virgin birth, simply because it’s called science – unless you behave scientifically and stick strictly and uncompromisingly to the scientific method – and then you don’t need to be Catholic, do you? Not that it should be an obstacle to being an honorable scientist.

The criminal case – applied trivium

A criminal case requires gathering all available facts to build a case. You look for a suspect’s motive and circumstantial evidence. Motive is the logical element (why) that must explain who did what and where and when it took place. In other words, what made the person commit a crime, what was going on inside the person’s head, what was the expected outcome, was it enrichment, was it revenge for something, or was it purely affect triggered by accumulated frustration? Was the person in trouble, were there pressure and threats around him? Was he mentally disturbed? Who is not always the first thing that can be answered, because perhaps there is no perpetrator from the start. The what question can be uncertain, because was it a crime at all or just an accident? Was it, for example, murder or suicide? The who question also deals with whether there was more than one person behind the crime, or whether it was perhaps organized. Was it a conspiracy? The where-question may be the first to come to mind, because someone has found something somewhere, but again there are problems, because the place of discovery need not be identical to the crime scene. The when-question is about establishing a chronology of events. This is where the alibi comes in, because the person may or may not have been there at the time. Other times, it’s more likely from the start who did what. But where did that person go? = a request.

Only when all the grammatical – the ‘trivial’ material is in place, does the motive of the accused appear as substantiated. In a subsequent trial, the suspect and now accused can be judged guilty in the form of a rhetorical legal act, where the collected material is used and disseminated after a logic check. The accused must have a defense attorney, which is an additional logic check to ensure, that the prosecutor has not missed anything. Statements that we hear about, where new evidence has come to light in the case, can therefore either support or weaken the prosecutor’s/accused’s case.

Organized crime is criminal investigation’s biggest problem. Most crime has some element of organization behind it or on the side. The lone swindler definitely exists, because the fewer who know something, the fewer who can divulge anything. But even a lone burglar rarely has his own consumption as a primary motive, because thieves’ costs have to be set aside, and people don’t have cash lying around anymore. This kind of thing requires organization or at least a network. When stolen property is funnelled into the system and converted into money, it requires organization.

A large part of this organization consists in ensuring that it all takes place in the dark. It cannot stand the light of day. Fraud and lying are an essential part of all crime, for the criminal cannot appear as such without damaging his own enterprise. Even the biggest and most high-level criminals are fraudsters because they present themselves as something other than what they are. Very few confident mafia bosses have been able to maintain an arrogant exterior profile as what they really are, and this has only been possible because law enforcement has been part of the organization. It requires corruption. In cases where it has been an open secret that some big shot was a major criminal, it was because that person was untouchable. Criminal organization has – among other things via corruption – created a security system that systematically prevents a case from being established. As soon as the police and investigation run into this sort of thing, they hit a wall. Witnesses are hard to find, and if they are found, they are hard to get to come forward because they are threatened by the criminal organization either directly or implicitly. There are plenty of examples, people know what they can see. Financial and cybercrime is also problematic, because the criminal organization can afford to hire more experts than the authorities to encrypt and cover up the crimes.

There are obviously a few guys in the back row who aren’t much for being photographed
(historical photo of members of the Sicilian Mafia)

The most problematic, however, is globally organized crime. It is only beginning to become clear how extensive it is. It goes all the way to the top and it involves all the agencies that we imagined were a guarantee and an antidote to crime and abuse – – because they themselves had us convinced and we ourselves were stupid enough to believe them. It is extremely disturbing to find out that governments, politicians, the legal system itself, banking, media, organizations, military and companies are part of an extensive criminal network.

It must be understood in the right way. This is a greyzone. When we say that ‘they’ are part of it, it covers the entire spectrum from full knowledge and thus full deliberation to no knowledge and thus no deliberation + everything in between. Networks of that type and scale require the participation of a whole mass of involved who have no idea what they are contributing to, because there are not that huge amount of criminal minds in this world. On the other hand, there are idealistic, gullible/naive and straight out stupid people, passionate people, and people who simply do a professional job without asking questions about who they actually work for and what the deeper purpose of their work is. So why are they doing, what they do – no trivium method used here. After all, there was no visible reason for suspicion, which is the prerequisite for the lack of desire to ask questions.

But many, and in recent times, actually REALLY many, have begun to ask these questions, if only in the recesses of their minds. Where before we could easily find an excuse to pretend it was nothing, because it was not likely based on what we had access to know, now we have seen a little too much on the big screen for those of us who could think of asking questions to the teacher in primary school, which they were annoyed that they could not answer, no longer refrain from asking the questions and, on top of that, present them.

Apparently a meeting took place between these two corrupt presidents, Mette Frederiksen from Denmark and Sleepy Joe Dementia from USA. We listened in and here is, what they talked about.

The millennium crime

The trend began in earnest in this millennium when members of the inner circle of the global crime syndicates realized, that they had exposed themselves to questioning. As part of their security system, they re-launched the concept of conspiracy theory. As most of you reading along here may know, it was first introduced in connection with the cover-up of another great crime of the time, the assassination of JFK. ‘Great’ because it was an American president who was assassinated once again. But especially ‘great’, because simultaneously with the murder, a power-grab took place, a real, albeit secret, coup d’état. The CIA and the US Deep State moved right into the Oval Office and all the side wings and the bunkers below. When people started asking the right ‘wrong’ questions, they got the Warren Commission, made up of people who had been involved in the murderous coup themselves. The wolf was put to guard the sheep. And the CIA chief was told by an employee of The Rand Corporation, the paramilitary, strategic think tank that concocted these kinds of crude shenanigans, to flat out deny EVERYTHING and then call the questioners conspiracy theorists without addressing their questions. People had to appear like confused idiots, who were fabulating out of thin air without any reason or justification.

The problem with the inquisitors of the people, however, was that they were absolutely not fabulating, and that there was every good reason to ask. It was their DUTY to ask and their RIGHT to expect an answer.

These days they send out guys like him:

They have plastered this man with a forked tongue and military symbols, even though he has no military background. He represents a segment of the political class that wants war without knowing what war is.

History repeats itself as long as it is not faced. So after 9/11 we got the 9/11 Commission, which was the Warren Commission 2.0. All the right ‘wrong’ questions were grounded with the same arrogant concept as back then and all connections were denied. This is what happens when people legitimately demand transparency and consistency. So get no opacity and 2D flat screen reality with a total lack of context. Or completely ridiculous contexts – a long-bearded, kidney-failing mullah in a cave in Afghanistan, who controls 19 amateur bandits armed with hobby knives and equipped with a newly-baked certificate for a single-engine propeller plane that penetrates the world’s most secure airspace and precision bombs two high-rise buildings, causing them to collaps in free fall and disappear as dust in the air before they hit the ground. There were a few who raised their finger after the shock and gently asked uh, we might think it’s a little strange that … and KABAM! immediately they were run over with ridicule, accusations or just totally ignored. Which could be done because the criminal network included both the president, foreign and defense ministers + other members of the cabinet of the government of that time.

The 9/11 event is so complex that it is in itself enough as a case study of the criminal network and its ramifications and methods. Let’s give it a little more space.

  • Government ministers were involved, but they were just the front figures who stood out. They were the operators and not the principals. We might have thought they were the top, because we didn’t have access to look further up and in, but they were further down the hierarchy, they were only the bottom of the top. According to General Wesley-Clark, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld told him that he had just been told by ‘those up there’ that the US was now going to destroy seven countries over the next few years. He admitted himself, that he just took orders from someone above!
  • The infiltration group called The NeoCons was involved. Neo-con does not mean neoconservative, con means deception. They are neo-Trotskyists in direct line from the group that surrounded Trotsky in his exile in Mexico before he was murdered with an ice pick through the brain by Stalin’s agents, after which they fled to California.
  • The military was involved, because they were fully aware of exercises in all sorts of other places, so they could not intervene.
  • The Pentagon, the Department of Defense was involved because they voluntarily added a wing so they could send in a stinger missile themselves. What did they not destroy of evidence of crimes committed on the same occasion? For example, where the 2.3 trillion $$ in missing budget money had gone, for which the Minister of Defense stood up the day before and said that the Pentagon lacked documentation. The day was hardly chosen by chance, because lo-and-behold the next day the population had forgotten ALL about the many nice missing tax moneys.
  • The owners of the seven buildings – all seven were razed, which we forget or don’t realize – were involved because they had allowed a variety of explosive devices to be installed from nano-thermite to mini-nukes. The explanation that Building 7 collapsed a few hours later due to a simple office fire should probably worry x number of employees in office buildings worldwide, because if it can be done, then … It can happen anytime.
  • The city government was involved – then mayor Rudi Guilliano made sure to be out of his office in building 7 on the day.
  • The CIA, FBI, Mossad and the others were involved. Along with the Mossad, the companies whose owners and management were Jews happened not to be in the building that day, because someone had tipped them off. And talking about Jews, a bunch of Mossad agents were filmed on the street dancing with joy over the event = we did it!
  • The media was involved. CNN, for example, was at that time completely infiltrated by the CIA (Operation Mockingbird), and all the others followed suit. The British media, the BBC, were involved because they were reporting on Building 7 collapsing 35 minutes before it actually happened. And even if you gave the BBC the benefit of the doubt (which there is hardly any reason for), then the media monopolies Reuters, Ritzau and the Associated Press were involved, because they fed the whole world the official conspiracy theory, which was a lie from end to end.
  • The financial houses and Wall Street were involved – the WTC was in Wall Street – and there is a whole financial shadow side to the event involving insider trading in the billions. And insider trading, as you know, requires prior knowledge. In this connection, remember-or-learn that the CIA was created by two Wall Street lawyer brothers with the surname Dulles + a bunch of colleagues. Together with a bunch of imported Nazis and the Reinhard Gehlen Gestapo-network, but as they say in Anglo-Saxon: They may be Nazis, but they’re OUR Nazis
One does not have to study their strained faces for long to get the idea that
that there is something COMPLETELY wrong inside them.

Here is the reason why there is hardly any basis for doubting the direct and deliberate complicity of media such as the BBC. It is a bit too obvious and most English people have with their sound common sense lost faith in the BBC. Only the most authority-intimidated are able to find poor excuses for this media institution. Also remember the stinking London Subway bombing-event after 9/11 with a truck-load of implications of governmental/MI-5-6 involvment. For what was the 9/11-event the start and pretext for? A series of attacks, interventions and wars under the heading: The War on Terror. It started with the Iraq war, where the BBC – and therefore the mainstream media throughout the West including the lovely-stupid-buttnecked-DR (The Danish Radio), whose great role model was always … the BBC – benevolently ran the story of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction as a losing rhetorical basis for invading Iraq. We subsequently send a thought to the Danish prime minister in those days Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who lied with the liars and brought Denmark into a whole series of designer wars in the ass of the USA based on the lie. The Afghanistan invasion was based on the lie, the Libyan war was based on the lie, the Syrian war was based on the lie, the Ukraine war is based on the lie. Remember the Vietnam War was based on the lie, the Spanish-American War was based on the lie. America’s involvement in both WW1 and WWII was based on the lie, and both world wars were started on the lie. The Russian Revolution is based on the lie in the form of a designer cult. And the liar-with-liars Fogh-Rasmussen was rewarded with a post as general secretary of NATO.

Every crime is followed by a lie.
Every war presupposes a lie.
Every lie and every war is a crime.

The stolen future

There are reasons to believe that the world in the middle of the 19th century was on its way to a completely different place.
We had a much brighter future already 150 years ago than the one we got, which is now past and present.

Big thoughts were thought. Slavery and feudalism were abolished. There was great optimism and faith in a brighter future. Democratic thought seemed promising for a new era. Science and technology were at full speed. Nation states wanted to protect the people, constitutions were written as support. It all culminated in La Belle Epoque, a short-lived pocket for the good life.

But someone and something had the luck and power to turn it all in a completely different direction. These someones stole the future of humanity. It wasn’t something that just happened. Someone made it happen. It is not always possible to say that it was someone who hung out in a very specific back room in a specific location. But we can say that there was a particularly large concentration in the inner circle of the British establishment.

  • This is where we find the industrialists, buyers of the imperialists’ supplies from the colonies. Without colonialism, no industrialism.
  • This is where we see the start of socialism/communism and the idea of class struggle and world revolution = the global slave society.
  • This is where Zionism started, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the dismemberment of the Middle East with straight lines in the desert sand, the creation of the corrupt family-owned desert state of Saudi Arabia, the Rothschild Syndicate’s abuse of Jewish identity and the background to the formation of the poisonous spear planted in the Middle East, the State of Israel.
  • This is where we find The Crown Corporation residing in The City of London based on the Venetian families who fled from their own misdeeds and the enemies they had brought upon them, bringing with them their fraud program in the form of debt based banking, the Central Bank ( Bank of England, bogus national banks), fractional reserve, double entry, everything we know from the modern financial-economic system of ponzi schemes (pyramid schemes), high-speed trading, derivative hyper-debt, The Federal Reserve, Bank of International Settlement, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the entire megastructure of abuse that is now imploding.

Their program then started in the mid-1800s.

The concept of the stolen future originates from Walter Bosley, who in september 2023 will publish a book about the NYMZA and the Sonora Aero Club, a closed group of German immigrants endowed with high scientific-innovative understanding and engineering ingenuity who, as early as the mid-1800s the number! in their haunt near Yosemite National Park worked with advanced exotic technology and flying machines, what we would later call Tezla-tech more than 50 years before Tezla.

What happened to all that technology and why did we get WW1 that was one big scrap heap of primitive gas guzzling double deckers and clunky tanks and mustard gas and trenches = 100 km long extermination camps?

Why were there electric cars driving around in the 1800s, while posterity got Ford’s mass-produced petrol choppers?

How did all the advanced technology that German scientists had developed and that was encapsulated by the Nazis suddenly become secret research programs in the wake of Operation Paperclip?

How did medical science become the pharmaceutical industry synchronously with the world being taken over by the petrochemical industry / oil industry?

Unsurprisingly for those who have done their their homework and tracked down the crime of the century, the answer is: that the Empire of Envy saw the progress and well-being of humanity as one of its main enemies and potentially its own end. And they were absolutely right! As soon as all this knowledge breaks through to humanity, the time and rule of the Empire is over.

This knowledge was not merely the knowledge they had stolen and kept hidden from us.
It was also all the bullshit they had done to keep it hidden from us so we wouldn’t demand it and hold them accountable for what the trillions of tax dollars worldwide perhaps went to and where all the spoils of war that their piracy had imparted, landed her.

It was all the genocide they had committed to keep us at the crippling level of survival deficit so we couldn’t get up.

It was all the poison, physical, mental, medical, disinformative, that they have poured into our heads.

It was all the lies and crimes and frauds and shams they have been perpetrating.

It was the centuries of global looting that has created poverty, disease, war and the hell of the developmentally disabled primarily in the outer world, then in our part of the world.

The 100-years plan

Right now, the World is rubbing its sleepy eyes, but once it wakes up, it’s closing time for the Imperium Syndicate. They know it, and the last 20 years have been a desperate battle against time for them. They had a deadline. It was called the 100-year plan.

The Rothschild syndicate, which commissioned the mega-operation The Russian Revolution and financed Marx and the development of the theory behind Marxism-Communism, made a promise to Lenin in 1923, which they had also financed together with Trotsky via their nexus the Rockefellers. Remember that the Rothschild family together with a string of old, powerful families in Europe (Dupont, Baers, etc.), in the Middle East and in Asia make up The Order of The Dragon, the Dragon families. Together with the Order of The Black Sun, the Order of the Dragon forms the Global Syndicate of the two Orders. The promise was that it would take 100 years to complete World Communism, because they had a ready-made plan for that, and it started … now!

In his old days, Lenin – the man with the wild stare in the picture – sat on his porch and used to howl like a wolf. When they autopsied him, they discovered to their great astonishment that he was missing half of his brain! No kidding.

If we adopt that perspective, and if we assume with well-founded suspicion that they had power as they thought, because a few hundred years of world history bear their dirty fingerprints, then the plan should be completed by 2023. This means that we can look at all significant geopolitical, geofinancial-economic and geocultural events from that angle.

If we also compare with a statement that the seer, scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner made at the beginning of the 20th century, a man who saw both with a razor-sharp eye into their black magic manipulation field and into the future, he stated that there with the outbreak of World War I, a window was closed for humanity to a better future. It’s his way of saying that the future of humanity was brutally stolen from them. Already at the end of the 19th century, he saw how an extreme degree of soulless materialism had formed and said that in 100 years humanity would be unrecognizable to its former self and to itself. All that was uniquely human would have been obliterated, and people would have sunk into a spiritual darkness where they would no longer know who they themselves were. But he also said that after 100 years a new window would arrive and ONE new window only, after which ALL would be lost and humanity condemned to an eternal life in darkness = death.

Steiner was right about the gloomy part of his prophecy. People literally sank (generalized) into spiritual darkness, and today we don’t know who we ourselves are anymore. Materialism has almost completely prevailed, science recognizes only roughly measurable matter, whereby it no longer understands what matter is. As humans we have lost our connection (generalized) with our higher self – we can call it God, we can call it something else. Consumerism is the religion of our time, we identify with our own mirror image and projection (narcissism), our view of the world and each other is blunted and abusive (psychic vampirism), wisdom in leadership has largely disappeared, technocratism and transhumanism want to remove the last spark of humanity and transform everyone into hybrid automatons.

So Steiner was absolutely right. But also remember the second part of his prophecy:
After a 100 years of darkness, a new window will open in a few decades, where we will have the opportunity to fulfill our destiny for the last time.

Sleeping Beauty slept for 100 years – but now you don’t have to sleep anymore! Wasn’t that how we sang back then? Unfortunately, I don’t think that the children sing like that anymore, because now the pitful people are playing computer games and bullying each other on their mobile phones. There, with Steiner’s expression, humanity was sucked into the 8th Sphere and is about to succumb to Ahriman.

If you are not familiar with this terminology, read: The 8th Sphere for a deeper understanding of his hair-raising analysis of our time, for he was literally 100 years ahead of his time.

The World Lie

The title says The World Lie – the great criminal case.
It has now been revealed that the crime syndicate has been operating according to a 100-year plan.

It is no longer a secret what (the first grammatical question) they have done, and the full extent of their misdeeds still continues to pour out of the festering boil. Because they are so arrogant, they can’t help bragging about it, so we have it from the horse’s own mouth. We can’t possibly be in any doubt about what else they’re up to, because the horse keeps bragging about i when Klaus Schwab (or his clone or stand-in or whatever it is we see on screens ), the founder of the fascist think tank World Economic Forum, stand up and proclaim what they are up to. And is proud of it! He says: In 2030 you own nothing and you are happy. At the end of the article, you will know what it really means and why we should be (un)happy about it.

It’s no secret who they are either. As stated in the infamous letter from Albert Pike to Mazzini from 1871, where the three world wars are outlined with hair-raising precision – here the section on World War 3 translated:

The Third World War must be brought about by taking advantage of the differences created by the agency of the Illuminated between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world.
The war must be directed in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arab world) and political Zionism (the state of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

All the while, all other nations, now again divided on this issue (as in the previous world wars), will be limited to fighting to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion… We will let go of the atheists and nihilists loose, and we will provoke a formidable social catastrophe, which in all its horror will clearly demonstrate to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, the origin of cruelty and the bloodiest chaos.

Then the populations, forced to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate these destroyers of civilization, and the majority disillusioned with Christianity, who in their no-longer-believing spirit will henceforth be without compass or direction, starving after an ideal but without a clue where to find it, receive the true light through the manifestation of the universal doctrine of Lucifer brought at last into the public domain.

This manifestation will result in a general reactionary movement that will bring about the destruction of both Christianity and Atheism, both defeated and annihilated at the same time.

Doubts have been raised as to whether the letter originated from Albert Pike (American Masonic Chief) to Gioseppe Mazzini, Italian Masonic chief and revolutionary leader, and was not rather written by a Jesuit agent named Leo Taxil. But it makes no difference whether it originates from one Illuminati group or the other. The Jesuits were behind Adam Weisshaupt and his Bavarian Illuminati, and these in turn were behind the Jacobins, who created the French Revolution, and who later created the Russian Revolution. The Jesuits were also behind all the top Nazi leaders, because it was in their schools that they were raised, which provides strong arguments for a direct connection here. But it is of lesser importance, whether it is one or the other branch of the Order of the Black Sun, or whether one would rather argue that Pike, if he is the one who wrote it, rather originates from the Order of the Dragon and its branch The Blue Dragon (Crown Corporation), which has the highest clearance in the order complex. In that case, it is a communication between one mafia order and the other. The point is that the plan is at least 150 years old, because it is unlikely that either Pike or Taxil formulated it at the same moment that they set it down in a letter.

We could disect every single sentence in the letter here, and each and every one of them will appear frighteningly precise. Just do your understanding a favor by reading the quote again with those glasses on. Each and every partial statement falls directly into place with the events we have witnessed in our time and in particular in the past 23 years. A hint: Just look at what’s happening in and around Ukraine right now. Then slowly scan backwards year-by-year and you will be amazed. These types methodically follow a blueprint stamped into their brains.

SO. So we know who they are and where they are hiding. We also know from the 100-year plan when they calculated the plan completed. So far we have answers to all four grammatical questions.

After this, we can begin to formulate the why question, seek the answer to it and clarify the logic behind the deeply psychopathic mindset of The Great Crime. Pike/Taxil already provides the answer. It is a boundary-crossing answer that, with the concepts of our time, we find it difficult to relate to something real, but it is said directly:
To deliver the World and humanity ready for Lucifer’s rule!

Our humanity and human resilience had to be broken down.
We were to be dehumanized.

We know from their own statements (eg the Georgia Guidestones) that the plan stated that they needed between half and a full billion people to be the energetic batteries for their project and the rest had to go. The program of mass extinction had a name: Anti-Genesis.

About energetic batteries read: The World Game part 7 – hidden explanations of world events

Anti-Genesis was the global cull program. It cannot have escaped the attention of the observant, that we have a fertility problem in the West. Many people can no longer have children because the quality of sperm in men has dropped dramatically. This is part of a program and not just whoops, we just didn’t see it coming, there must be something with the environment. Yes, it has something to do with the environment, but why has our environment been systematically destroyed and poisoned over a number of years? It is not exactly because science has not sounded the alarm, or because people had no idea about the effect of various 10,000s of environmental toxins. This is because the program and the global syndicates enrolled in the program have been stronger than the opposition to it and because they sat inside with more knowledge than anyone else and therefore knew what knowledge to lock away in their back rooms.

Death on The Farm

This strange and highly occult harvesting of people’s life energy, which is described in Part 7 and the previous section, has a name that has not yet been mentioned: lushe-farming. The phenomenon is described in two of the Wachowski’s films. One is The Matrix, where Neo is released from the large farm of human bodies trapped as batteries. In another movie Jupiter Ascending they get very precise and use direct mention of names. The harvesters / lushe farmers are called by name: The Abrasax. The harvested energy is called lushe. The woman from Earth who counterattacks is not called by her proper name, because she is the protagonist of the film, Jupiter Jones, and her helper is The Enforcer, who in the film is called Stinger. The main antagonist is played extremely frighteningly by one of the most brilliant actors in the business especially for creepy villain roles: Eddie Redmaine, which must be the closest we can get to a visualization of the dethroned world ruler, Marduk. The Enforcer is not correct because it covers an entire army.

Abra-abra-kadabra – I wanne reach out and grab’ya

There can be no doubt that this unusual and brilliant pair of film-partners has inside information for the World Games. I see their gender reassignment stunt as going undercover to still be able to produce in Hollywood. I’m also pretty sure that Mila Kunis, who plays the lead role – she is by no means a great actress – has no idea what she personifies. These two filmmakers, to quote Keanu Reaves, who played the main role in the Matrix Trilogy: they are really smart people. And Hollywood actors are generally NOT very smart people, even if they think so, because their ego blocks their vision. Those who are smart in the sense of wise choose to shut up and go undercover. Lately, however, the number of smart people in that place has thinned out dramatically, because the image factory has chosen political correctness, obedience and woke compliance over talent. They have chosen cinematic propaganda pieces over interesting stories, pervs over people. People are starting to get a little tired of the glamorous version of Göbbel’s propaganda ministry or perhaps rather the communist counterpart or both at once.

Just keep going Hollywood and within five years you’ll have to turn the tables. We are already seeing the flight of talent on its way away from the Image Factory.

The Non-Compete Plan

The subset of Global Military Emergency dates from 1947 – the same year as the formation of the CIA. It was laid down that the global center of power had to change place every 75-80 years, otherwise the Empire would fall. In 1947, the previous center of power, the British Empire, went bankrupt and power was moved to the United States, and in 1975 it was decided that by 2022 the center of power should have moved to China.

In support of the global power transfer plan, George H.W. Bush The Non-Compete Plan, and Langley/CIA, the military, EXIM (Export-Import Bank) and other sectors of the United States were now working for something as un-American as dismantling American supremacy and transferring it to China. The un-American-ness did not consist in the dismantling of the Empire, for the Empire was not to be dismantled, which as such would have been desirable, but the Empire was to be strengthened and preserved. The un-American thing was that the United States had to be totally destroyed for that to happen, which George Bush Senior, who was a member of The Black Dragon chapter of The Order of The Dragon, made himself available for. His son sits to this day on the board of the fully existing Kuomintang, which is The Black Dragon of China.

The Empire as such was not the USA. This was only the host animal for the parasite the same way, The British Emire was the host animal for the Venetians and Israel is a host animal for the the satanic-sabbattean kharzarian mafia. The Parasite lives in the bellies and brains of empires, and when all blood is sucked, it moves to the next host, leaving the former to die.

It explains all the back-and-forth activity between the US and China, from David Rockefeller’s enthusiasm for Maoism, Nixon’s friendship with China, Biden and son receiving bribes from China, Janet Yellen traveling to China even though no one listens to her anymore, the World Economic Forum gets a special privileged visit from the Chinese president, Klaus Schwab travels to China, China surpasses the US as the new great imperialist resource-looter in Africa, China establishes their control grid called the New Silk Road – and no: it is not for the sake of our blue eyes – Chinese military is present with entire army units in Canada with the permission of their puppet president, communist Justin Trudeau, etc

In his old days his face morphed into this – a snarling lizard

The Non-Compete Plan was about control of world production and all companies in the world. The Chinese have realized the plan completely domestically, because all companies are owned by the State and the Party. But the plan is a globalist plan, so it was made sure that a lot of production was outsourced to China, a lot of patents were stolen and copied in China, and China got a monopoly on the extraction of rare minerals that go into electronics, solar cells, u -name-it + pharmaceutical products, steel production. The US and Europe happily shut down entire branches of industry so they could be moved to China, everyone shut up when the Chinese invaded Tibet, everyone shut up when China annexed Hong Kong, everyone buys cheap Chinese junk with technology that was allowed to steal in the West, for a long time everyone kept their mouths shut that the virus was developed in China, no one raises a voice let alone a finger when the Chinese do abominable things to children, genetically engineer humans, harvest the organs of political dissidents before throwing them in the trash bin , NOBODY seems to mind because they just do that in China while eating dogs.

When Donald Trump was told during his presidency that it was necessary to nationalize the private enterprise The Federal Reserve, the fake American national bank, to fix things – that was while we still had some hope that he was actually working for Make America Great – he replied that it was not time yet, because as a member of the Order of The Black Sun he knew everything about the plan. The US dollar had to be crashed and everything had to be transferred to the Chinese RNB.

The Black Widow

In 1984 – in this iconic Orwellian year – the Chinese expanded a program they had started as part of the 100-year plan called Operation Black Widow. The CIA had their MK-Ultra program that was a precursor. Most people have heard of the program where MK stands for Mind Control – with the German K instead of the expected C in control. A program where they messed with people’s brains and nervous systems using chemistry, electronics, torture methods and psychology. But Hollywood, for its part, has shown how they did it, because it is described in the Jason Bourne trilogy, where in part 3 we see how they created the split-brain using traumatization. They created their form of Manchurian candidate that could be activated on a given signal. They also created their form of super-soldiers who developed almost supernatural abilities and strength. Some of us have refused to believe that the program was shut down, as the CIA claimed – i.a. because the CIA has never spoken one true word. But like those who have seen these three well-turned action thrillers, there is a scene at the end of part 1 where the previous program is shut down after its boss is exterminated. After which his uber-boss appears before the board and announces that now they have a new program called Blackbriar and here’s why we need money for it, etc.

The Chinese program was not called Blackbriar but Black Widow. It was a program intended to create superhumans in the form of super-soldiers. It ran the most evil genetic manipulation to create these monsters. It was closely related to the Anti-Genesis Program and the 100 Year Plan, and along with a host of programs, were native to the over-all Omega Program. Alpha stands for the higher astral field, where the earth and humanity are at level 3/9. Omega stands for the lower astral plane, where level 9 is the deepest hell of antimatter. So when we sing from Eternity to Eternity (alpha-omega) in the church high mass, there is something else behind it than the theologians would like us to imagine. We should rather have sung from Heaven to Hell, but then it becomes a bit difficult to sing Amen right afterwards.

They cast Scarlet Johansson to play The Black Widow with the name Natasja Romanov.
Romanov huh! You can figure out why they chose that name.

The ‘widows’ in the Black Widow program had an implant. Via this they could be controlled. They could go into killer mode if told to. Their brains could be roasted if needed so that they could remember virtually nothing. They could be terminated at any time. You could see through their eyes and hear through their ears. It’s the same thing that they can do to some extent via people’s mobile phones. But this was not a physical device that could be tracked, it was a biological-energetic implant where they were hacked at a higher level. Mobile phones were an entrainment for the masses for the time to come.

The expansion of the program in 1984, which had previously only dealt with a limited group of super soldiers, was primarily expanded to include all members of the two global mafia orders. The control center for this implant technology was located six stories underground in … Wuhan, China! And why are we not surprisered, something is starting to fall into place here. The next expansion involves all the heads of states of the G20 countries and 1/3 of the members of the US Congress. Next phase, all the heads of state in the world. Next, they chipped all residents of China + all foreigners who spent an extended period of time in the country. There is full blown free wifi everywhere in China for a reason.

This means, of course, that with that logic and pattern, there is a clear cause for the all-too-familiar virus that was developed and spread from the same place in China. They could spread it quickly throughout the world. Chinese people located all over the world could be infected by the virus as all viruses, parasites and pathogens have a frequency (known to anyone who works with Reiff technology) and the implant was a receiving-transmitting device that could transmit the virus . It wasn’t the virus that was fatal, because it wasn’t significantly more deadly than a cold – which, of course, has always been potentially fatal for the debilitated and elderly. The real killer was the jabbajab, the mass implant. Apart from destroying people’s immune systems and exposing the multijabbed to a whole host of potentially fatal diseases as a primary effect – and no, the primary effect was not to boost the immune system, because it didn’t anyway – the primary effect/function was as an implant to do the same thing as the implant in the Black Widow program: To allow the few thousand employees of the control center in Wuhan, on orders from above, to press the button and kill billions of people and zombify the rest.

This is how the globalists see people on this globe: faceless anonymity with muzzles on
[photo from Wuhan]

But on Sunday 9 July 2023 the whole machine went down. The termination machine was terminated, the Destroyer was destroyed.

The data center in Wuhan was first-of-all roasted, but then the connection to the lower astral field on which the mega-machine depended was severed. No connection, no machine. Black Dragon in China and globally went into full panic, because they had put all their trust in this program.


The goal of the Omega Project is mentioned in John’s Revelation as A New Heaven and a New Earth. But no one has really understood what is meant by that. This is where it gets pretty esoteric. A new Earth is Jupiter’s moon Europa. Like Earth’s moon, it is an artificial object, that was placed there. Once humanity was dehumanized, their souls would end up encased here. It is Rudolf Steiner’s 8th Sphere, the prison of souls. Those allowed to remain on Earth simply had to produce battery energy to maintain the astral prison. Europa was enveloped in a kind of Faraday cage, where nothing penetrated, but there was a wire that tapped energy from Earth. The earth then had become one big soulless battery.

I know, this is far-out-in-space! Now is the time to use the bag of salt you brought with you, just like me.

Those who were ‘allowed’ to stay on Earth only did so if they were implanted, injected, chipped to the nth degree. Thus the real meaning of Klaus Schwab’s satanic remark that in 2030 you own nothing and you are happy. How can you be happy when they have taken everything from you? You can only do that if you have an implant with a program in your head, that tells you that you are happy, even if there is not the slightest reason for it. We find the same mindset in people like Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley, both members of The Fabian Society. The latter directly said that sometime in the future people would be drugged so that they would be happy living in a socialist country. As a sidenote he thereby admits, that you need that to live under socialism, witch as we know was mass producer of unhappyness. People have come to believe that Huxley was warning people about Dystopia in the form of science fiction. He was part of the inner circle of the British establishment, he predicted what was going to happen because he knew about their plan, he didn’t guess, he wrote off. And let’s quote Bertrand Russell again for another insider note: Vaccines are chemical lobotomy. He is talking about the same thing. He knew what they had in the drawer. Both applauded what they knew. Where Huxley flies under the radar as worried prophet of the future, Russell flies under the radar as worried philosophical peace tribunal founder. He was not in the least peace-loving and can be quoted as saying that another world war would probably be ‘needed’. In other words, the same thing we find in Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini three quarters of a century before.

Indeed, Europe also has red hair

How could the so-called elite jump on that program? Because they had been told that they would become the new rulers of Europe. And isn’t it as if the concept of the European Union opens up a new layer of meaning here? Europa, before a moon was named after her, was a princess from Tire in Phoenicia, who, according to mythology, was abducted by Zeus, who had transformed himself into a white bull, whereupon he threw her onto his back and rode her to Crete, where he made her queen. In Greek myth, there is talk of the abduction of princesses. In the cosmic history of Europa, there is talk of the abduction of souls. Sectarian eschatologists speak of The Rapture, the great rapture at the end of time, where the souls will be taken in the great harvest. We constantly find these leaks of insider info released into the public space in the form of various memes. But these memes don’t come out of thin air, they are dumps of thought that someone has poured into ready-to-change containers for that sort of thing.

Russell – don’t you get the feeling of a snake’s head?

The other site that was being prepared for a control center similar to Wuhan was under the test site in Nevada where they tested the first atomic bomb – which I have argued was not the first atomic bomb, because both the Germans and the Japanese had it before that.
Read: Imperiet og Østasien

It would have taken several years to establish the second control center, but now without a connection to the dark field it will never come to fruition.

Scene change

The Americans had no idea they were part of The Non-Compete-Plan to transfer all American liveliness to China. They had no idea that their military, their government/administration, their financial system, their intelligence, the entire system was set up to service the Chinese. So not the Chinese as the excellent population they are, but China as the new center of power in the world. And not even China as a nation state, but China as the new model of the ultimate control apparatus, the complete globalist control system, the new global machine.

The Americans were lured in with talk and false promises. Trump and his designer patriotism were intended to passivate everyone who cared about their country so that they would just wait-wait-and-wait while the control state got its final system in place. This is what we are seeing right now as they are still waiting for their Messiah to rise from the dead and then save them all in 2024. This is where you think whether Robert Kennedy Junior standing up as an opponent, is aware of what is going on here? Unfortunately, he is not although he is quite knowledgable. He damn well knows, whe killed his father and his uncle. They just paste yet another layer of controlled and deceived opposition on top of the old shit. One can have all sorts of sympathies for the man, because he has courageously spoken out against the establishment and has not held back on the pharmaceutical industry. He has written a book entitled The Real Anthony Fauci, in which, as a skilled lawyer, he pulls the pants down on Dr. Mengele 2.0 – but he only knows what he knows, and what he doesn’t know becomes his Achilles heel. AND: they will no doubt kill him, just like they did his uncle and his father, if he starts tampering with their constructions. It probably won’t go that far, because they have plenty of technology to rig an election result. First by billions of $$ pouring into propaganda, then by the controlled media, then by character assassination. And if that doesn’t work because the Americans have seen it all before, they will use software to manipulate the result. The Republicans in the US are deeply naive if they think it won’t happen again like in 2020.

We have mentioned the Chinese annexation of Hong Kong, towards which the West was indifferent. It was part of the transfer plan of world power that The Federal Reserve, which coordinated all banking in the world – they were far more than a counterfeit American national bank – was to be moved to precisely: Hong Kong, where global banking control would then be under the control of the Chinese regime. All board members of The FED were chipped except for two brand new African members, because the chipping/implant system was now failing. It was at the handover that the CDBC – Central Bank Digital Currency – was to be introduced as the new world economy. This was where the whole coordinate had to fall into place with C.O.V.ID-19 – Certification Of Vaccination IDentification also called ID-2020 – as the guarantee for the implant.

ALL of Hong Kong was on the streets in protest. The West didn’t fucking care!

Politics, media, finance, military and science were the five pillars of control. This control system blew the whistle when a big stick was put in the wheel starting in 2018, when the big counter-operation broke through.

The Deep State is still acting according to the plan that the world economy will crash at the end of July 2023, after which the CDBC will be imposed on the world, the governments, the states, the politicians, the institutions, because HEY: now you have no choice. They talk both internally and openly that they intend to drive a new pandemic into position with new and 10x worse shutdowns, because they rely on the Wuhan control basement on the bottom 6th floor still working – which it doesn’t!

Question: Why has The Deep State not faced the fact that they have lost?
They don’t because their brains have been chipped so that their members operate according to a program that – although de-activated – is still running in their brains. They don’t know anything other than following the program.
They haven’t because there are still operators shouting orders into their heads and they are used to following the shouted orders. They don’t know anything else.
They don’t have that because they haven’t yet learned to think independently. For some it will come, for others it will never come, therefore they will disappear from this place.

Conviction of the crime

The Deep State members are now confronted with the question:
Are you for change or are you improveable?
Are you still insisting on your promised rise of power and thus incorrigible?
Said in another way:
Do you want to contribute to the Global Restoration?
Will you ride the line, leave this world and meet your Creator?
In other words, the most incarnate members of the Order have pronounced their own death sentence,
if they choose to run the line out.

ALL hangouts for The Deep State have now been briefed that they have been operating under the LIE and have been complicit in the CRIME. They were not fully aware of that.
They now, for the first time in world history, have all the relevant information that allows them to make real decisions.
There is nothing to be in doubt about, because they have all been given read-only access to GIA, the Global Intelligence Agency, where all information about the world situation is available in real time.
States/governments throughout the world have been sent documents showing that the agreements that bound them to the two factions of the Order no longer apply.

What few are aware of – heads of state and monarchs, constitutional as well as reigning monarchs know all too well – that you stand up for two oaths as a newly installed head of state. One is an oath to the constitution and the people and the country. As Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, it takes place in audience with the queen. The other is an oath to the Order where they surrender their power to them – which the Queen is also fully aware of, as she has taken a similar oath. The heads of state around the world have been told that this secondary and obscure oath-taking is no longer valid. They have been set free.

They have also been told via sent documents that the country/nation is no longer sub-sovereign to the UN. We have learned that 1975 was the year that Bush Sr. initiated The Non-Compete Plan for the transfer of World Power to China. It was in the same year that the nations of the United Nations were forced to sign a contract that their countries were subordinate to the UN. But the UN has now lost its charter, and this contract has therefore ceased.

The latest new here in late july 2023 is, that the UN and NATO now have been declared terrorist organisations! This should have happened a long time ago, but what broke the camels back was orders from generals in NATO and UN – we tend to forget that UN has a huge standing army – to the Iranians to send a nuke at USA and for wars to brake out in the Middle East. UN forces have now taken over the White House. That NATO is a terrorist organisation was clear almost from the beginning, and with the Bologna terror act they were caught in the act. But UN is less obvious to people, that never hear about, how they act at places, where they invade with their socalled peace keeping forces. Shady stuff going on here. Ask the people of Haiti what they think of the UN. It is also estimatet that only 1.3% of all the money meant for development project ever reach the intended receiver. The whole organisation is a huge money laundring scheme.

The UN as a corrupt globalist body is a chapter of its own. One of the places where the agenda sticks out completely through the facade of this corrupt organization is the WHO. We must say, that they wore familiar clothes throughout Operation Lockdown. We have also gotten to know their clients and owners. There are basically three of this kind: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the pharmaceutical industry, several of which are owned by the same foundation, and the Chinese Communist Party, since China produces the majority of medical remedies including drugs of the world. They are therefore a partnership of business interests posing as a supra-governmental body. In the same way that the European Commission poses as an uber-parliament, even though they are made up of people hand-picked by their friends in the European rich man’s clubs.

This construction, where private business interests eat into parliamentary bodies, here supranational bodies, has a name. They may have several names, but the only precise name for it is: fascism. The removal of the UN Charter is therefore a decisive step towards finally making fascism illegal. Most people will say: well, wasn’t it already like that, hasn’t history condemned that kind of thing? For you reading this, it is obvious that this is not the case. In no way! Fascism has to the highest degree survived the judgment of history. It has thrived under other names and guises. They gradually dropped the belt and boots, brown and black shirts, militant police with lacquered hats and all the outward signs we saw in Southern Europe and South America well into the last century. Fascism is far more than military dictatorship. A military coup need not be fascist at all, because hundreds of such have taken place in response to a corrupt ‘democratic’ head of state who was more fascist than them.
Read: The fascist background of the EU

Fascism is a structure in which there is a total (itarian) fusion of private and state interests, so that the state serves a purpose other than the well-being of the population. It is the structure that is now being dismantled behind the screen.

Finally: what exactly is the Crime committed against? Here it is crucial to understand that there is an essential difference between man-made legal complexes that are quite often created to protect those in power from the population (even though it is sold as the opposite) and Natural Law or Universal Law. Man-made laws should be mere formulations of Natural Law, and in certain cases one can still see that the intention was once present. Natural Law should be a clear voice that sounds inside all people like our conscience. Man-made laws, or perhaps one should rather say jurisprudence and the way in which laws are administered, unfortunately in many cases involve finding loopholes in the law, bending, reversing and circumventing the law. When large corporations commit equally large illegalities, they hire a small army of highly paid lawyers who are skilled at bending the law. They create encrypted corporate structures so they can get away with their illegalities.

Natural or Universal Law does not contain these possibilities. It cannot be bent or bypassed. Either you act in accordance with this law or you don’t. Period!

And as we have seen today, there is a global ruling class that has replaced their conscience, their inner voice that should have told them every time they make a decision that affects other people, with a brain implant, who tells them in what new, cunning and satanic way they are allowed to commit crime in order to seize power and means. These people are currently waking up with a peculiar kind of hangover because someone has turned off the transmission to their implant. They have to think for themselves, which is completely unfamiliar to them. The rest of us without that kind of brain damage can look forward to the fact that the fuzzyness, the brain fog we often experience without really being able to put our finger on where it comes from, will gradually disappear.

That must be enough for this time, continued in the next show.
See you on the back side of the Moon.

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