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The Fascist background of the EU

What entity, what thing is the European Union?
Can we take a look through the polished facades of the Tower of Babel in Brussels?
How are we to understand this monstrous organization and its strange behavior towards the European nations, members as well as non-members?
What was its origin and real purpose?
Why is there such a big difference between what they say they want and what they do?
Why do they pretend the project has anything to do with democracy when it doesn’t?
Why this barely concealed stench of fascism enshrined in various rhetorical perfumes?

These and many other questions require answers, and preliminary answers require more investigation.
Fortunately two Canadian historians have done a marvellous job here, Cynthia Chung and Matt Ehret. This article takes its jump from the book of Cynthia Chungs book The Empire where The Black Sun never set.

We cannot ask the Eurocrats these questions and expect an answer. Either they are at the information level of the many, where they have no idea what their hinterland is. They are technocrats who perform technical service for the oligarchy. Or they are at the information level of the very few, where they will avoid answering honestly at all costs. In mafia terminology, it is called omérta, the vow of silence that can never be broken unless one wants to destroy one’s life and career.

For help in the investigation, we take the historian Matthew Ehret, who in a two-hour long interview with a Greek historian, Maria Nicolaidi, answers questions in the above category. Her introduction is the statement: The reason I want to talk to you is that I no longer feel that we have a government in Greece. She hits a nerve here. Many Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and, more recently, an overwhelming number of Brazilians who have just experienced once-in-a-lifetime electoral fraud feel exactly the same. This is a global phenomenon and therefore we must look for a global stakeholdership to know what and who is behind it and what their agenda is.
What are the Fascist Roots of the European Union?
Moreover, it’s not a new agenda, it has hundreds of years behind.

Back to the old days

World history is a continuum. We have to walk around the whole building to know which door we have to enter. To understand the EU project in its essence, we must dig along the roots and look back to Charlemagne’s / Charlemagne’s Roman Empire 2.0 – Carolus Magnus (born 747, Frankish king from 768, Roman emperor from 800-his death in 815). The project of the Frankish emperor was the re-establishment of the Roman Empire, which had broken up, as well as Christianity in the Augustinian sense. There really was something to restore, because the time after the collapse of the Roman Empire 1.0 and up to the early Middle Ages was a dark time of decay, chaos and poverty.

Other empires in the world had collapsed. The Chinese Hun Dynasty already collapsed in the year 200. The Muslim world, on the other hand, was under construction. The idea of the Silk Road was revived and with it the idea of cooperation, trade and exchange of ideas between different cultures. Abolition of homelessness, orphanhood and illiteracy was on the agenda, i.e. all the scourges of the dark ages when the Empire’s structure and logistics collapsed. But these beautiful ideas and their realization only had a short time, because that time too suffered from a partnership of oligarchy and banking that did not see the well-being of the people as expedient for their purpose. The problem with imperial collapse is always that the Empire has established so much dependence on its monopoly on logistics that the people’s capacity for self-governance has degenerated.

The stakeholders of these oligarchs were families who, through their networks, have always nurtured their own interest by creating cults. There were elitist cults for themselves and the initiates and designer cults for the people. We know that Emperor Constantine the Great introduced Christianity as the state cult / state religion, while himself and his circle worshiped Mithras / Sol Invictus. We also know that he and his administration created feudalism as a hierarchical system designed to serve the very few via a pyramidal distribution of power in the nobility and keep the overwhelming many in a perpetual state of submissive bondage = slavery. We also know that the Catholic Church after Constantine created a cult for the many and an internal cult with implicit worship of beings from the pre-ancient world. They redefined Babylonian, Canaanite and Egyptian gods and all the symbolism and imagery that surrounded them. They redefined pagan-cult festivals to be Christian. They built churches on top of pagan places of worship.

Why would they have to parasite on the ancient, when they claimed to have something completely new to offer? Because they didn’t have something new to offer, it was old wine on new bottles. It was re-branding. And because they did not have anything to offer at all, since their goal was power. And King Solomens pact with the demons was never cancelled. The spell was never broken.

The designer cult

It can be said more sharply:
Pre-antique cults were fertility cults. The church called them peasants, rural (eng. pagan), belonging to the fringe world in relation to the center of power or heathen, belonging to the past.
The Roman state cult was a Saturnian death cult. There is nothing above the State, as Mussolini’s fascism claimed when they attempted to reinstate the Roman state. Even when the Romans held their saturnalia, it was a perverted version of the nature religion’s celebration of the winter solstice and the abundance of nature, which became the Christmas celebrations in recent times mixed with elements of carnival / Mardi Gras. Because Christmas lasts until Lent.

The oligarchy is a cult parasite. They pretend all popular value sets with the aim of twisting them to their advantage in their project. The Romans ate, digested and published all cultural creations within the Roman Empire as their own invention. In the reinvented form, it always benefited the oligarchs at the top of the state apparatus. They will always see what influences people and then they will take it over and pervert it. The traditions of our forefathers are coup d’état and arm’s length. With Christmas again as an example: the solstice festival turned into a spending party, and the benefactor Saint Nicholas turned into an overweight uncle with lifestyle diseases and a penchant for raving about children.

Illustration from Joseph P. Farrell’s book Financial Vipers of Venice.
The lion with the script for Everything is the Babylonian lion, the Lion of Judah, the Venetian lion, the English lion, the lions in the Danish coat of arms (we never had lions in Denmark…) – it is the animal of power that is inherited in the royal families, it is the continuity of government
, COG. But it was not hidden away like today, although royals and nobilities certaing have secrets.

The Frankish Roman Empire collapsed after Charlemagne. His sons were weak and corrupt. The pressure from outside became too great. The Vikings and the Germans came rolling in and sacked and plundered the Frankish cities. The Venetians, the Phoenician noble families who would later become the black nobility of Italy, had started their cynical and corrupting activities. Other families with roots in the Near East and Byzantium infiltrated the Papal States. The papacy is a long chain of rival families trying to install their man on the throne. That time also had its Clash of Civilization and a stakeholdership that wanted division between East and West, the Eastern and Western Roman Empires and the Eastern Church and the Western Church. Charlemagne was supposed to have married the Greek queen Irena and thus created a union of East and West, but intriguers prevented it and the queen died a mysterious death, as written in the history books. As is well known, royal families use marriage to form alliances – marriage = gift-giving, dowry.

One can choose to see Charlemagne as a destructive force, and from a Scandinavian-Germanic point of view he was very much so. The reaction to his outward brutality against the pagans, eg the massacre of the Saxons, led to the whole Viking age and all its invasive plundering of the Frankish kingdom and England and subsequently a Norman takeover of both countries. Charlemagne already saw his kingdom crumbling, and an eyewitness described how he stood looking out of his window – and wept.
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The empire is not a single size

From a more European point of view, Charlemagne, the grandfather of European royalties, could be seen as a collector and a visionary. Like the Romans, he wanted to create infrastructures. The great canal constructions in France was started by him. The monastery-based school system that would later lead to universities and other educational institutions was started by him. He tried for ten whole years to avoid becoming the Holy Roman Emperor, because he knew that it would be an empire controlled by the Papal State (Holy Roman …). And so it was, when he had to surrender.

It is the European intriguers who start the Crusades 200 years after the death of Charlemagne and the decline of the Carolingian dynasty. But already in his time they tried to get him to start a crusade against the Abbasid Empires. Harun al-Rashid prevented that by simply gifting the potentially holy warriors with the Holy Land. It’s yours, said the Caliph of Baghdad (that’s him from 1001 Nights), and we shall protect it. It took all the energy out of the first attempt to start the crusade. And then he presented Charlemagne with an elephant, which the emperor loved so much that he rode it when he went to war. Nothing more was needed. It was like bribing somebody with a custom build Rolls Royce.

The caliph’s delegation to the emperor

The Jews played a major role in the diplomacy of the time. The Khazarian Empire – today largely forgotten – was a kind of Turkish empire outside present-day Turkey, then a Muslim caliphate. Jews and Muslims had a pact – no wonder, since Islam sprang from Judaism. By converting to Islam, the Khazarian khagan/king staved off a Muslim invasion. Here, too, the intriguers intervened. Some today call them the Khazarian mafia or the false Jews.

En wannabe Charlemagne

Why are we talking about something that took place over 1000 years ago to explain what entity the EU is? Because the EU is a revival in a perverted form of the visions that the Carolingians and Charlemagne had. A key figure in this project is Count Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, a descendant of the Canaanite-Phoenician-Venetian noble families. We must get to know him, if we have not already met him. It starts with the Venetians.

Context: Venice had for centuries been the continuous center of political malice and intrigue – preferably under the reliable name of diplomacy* – from the 11th to the 18th century. Venetians were behind the Black Death + the gigantic genocide in the 30 Years’ War, i.e. the Reformation Wars, which murdered half of Europe’s population twice in a row. They were behind the parasitic banking system that led to Imperialism and the world wars and is still a black plague in the world today. Before the British Empire and The City of London, the schemers used Venice as a base, and they spread via Holland/Amsterdam, London and on to Wall Street. Footnote: The CIA was started by Wall Street bankers who needed a version of MI5 and MI6, which started out as a secret police and intelligence service for the British East India Company of the British Empire in its heyday, the Opium Wars and classical imperialism. To this day, China struggles to free itself from the stranglehold that was placed on them back in the 1800s. Globalism is not a new invention, it is simply the contemporary expression of the oligarchy’s inextinguishable wet dream of world domination.
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* Diplomacy:
We have to delve into the etymology, because no lexical articles are willing to say what diplomacy is. Diplo is double and -oma is an addition that says it has something to do with words or speech. Diplomacy is simply double talk. Diplomats say one thing to one party and another to the other.
Diplomats pay lip service to people, slander people, engage in double talk, talk the hell out of each other while paying minions. They can talk people’s pants and panties off if they have to. They speak for their sick aunt, if it’s with her on. They rarely speak the truth, because the truth is frowned upon.
We can find examples of constructive diplomacy for sure, but on closer inspection it will usually turn out that the constructive has a hidden agenda. Constructive for whom?

Poison Diplomacy and The Great War

The Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved after WW1, the artificially staged war with a heavy British fingerprint. Toxic diplomacy apropos, the British got really good at that. The Germans got all the blame smeared onto them, even though they defended themselves quite obsessively against a terrorist attack, and the synthetic guilt complex was carried over to WW2 and still haunts them. Don’t mention the war. The anarchist who assassinated the heir to the throne in Sarajevo was the same British agent who years before had assassinated the Serbian king and queen who stood in the way of the Great War. Together with 20 other heads of state worldwide who opposed the satanic war project.

What was the purpose of WW1? It was to destroy all the really progressive measures in and between nations all over the world, peaceful measures, trade and banking, constitutions for the benefit of the peoples, well-being projects, edifying alliances. Peace threatened to break out between the nations at that time. It was La Belle Epoque, there was optimism, the was progress. The Empire of Envy would prevent it, for as the parasite it is, it thrives only on scarcity, misery, poverty, disease, war, plunder, division and hatred between nations. The Empire is a swamp animal, and if there isn’t a swamp, it creates one.

Stalinist poster art – in American

One of the globalists’ dogmas about economic policy in recent times has been Limits to Growth. A book was written with the title, which became a kind of bible for globalists. These movements leading up to WW1 going back to the American Revolution and War of Independence were the exact opposite. They were magnificent efforts to lift these limits to growth and well-being through constructive cooperation among nations. In other words, the actual basic idea behind the United Nations, before it became one of the main seats of corruption in the world. This organically growing basic idea, which culminated in the Belle Epoque before WW1 and was shot down during and after The Great War, was the basic and ugly idea of the economic thinker Hobbes, that it is healthy for the Empire that people fight over the crumbs from the table of the rich, for then they are fully occupied with survival and never progress. It was also the basic idea behind Social Darwinism, the empire’s new pseudo-religion. The basic idea was just divide-and-conquer. And it is still the basic idea behind the climate agenda, financial crisis, pandemic shutdown crisis, Ukraine crisis, energy crisis, food crisis and all the stinking soup of neo-imperialism and neo-feudalism that is so hard to get rid of, because there is SO much invested interest in misery for SO long in SO many ways. The misery is systemic and it is intentional.

A snapshot one second before it hits him in the back – he didn’t see it coming

The governing corporations of the empire

WW1 was a kind of shock therapy. The best minds and hearts in the world were physically or psychologically destroyed after the war. It is interesting that the infamous Tavistock Institute had as one of the first projects a study of what shell shock did to the human psyche. They simply created an entire institute to check if their satanic war had had its proper effect! The result was satisfactory for the clients. A person traumatized by shell shock is subsequently inclined to do ANYTHING the authorities ask of him.
That was nice! In other words, people can be beaten and bombed into place.

An insider to the Empire and its inner circle was Bertrand Russell (member of The Fabian Society). Forget peace tribunals and pacifism, that was only his forlorn surface. This cynical power person stated in all seriousness that after WW1 and WW2, another world war was probably needed to ensure the Empire’s total dominance. Footnote: He also stated that vaccines are chemical lobotomy. Have we seen the practice of that mindset recently? Wasn’t it from Imperial College London that shutdown was initiated via falsified statistics about the Black Death that would infect and wipe out humanity? Wasn’t it under Boris Johnson that England experienced unheard of totalitarian measures from the government. And wasn’t it in the entire remaining Commonwealth sphere that they went absolutely sick totalitarian (Australia, Canada, New Zealand)? And in the United States – but there is a different force of resistance here, because the spirit of the war of freedom is still latent. In contrast to the welfare-obsessed and -betrayed Danes, they still have a Holger Danske mentality in their baggage, which is activated under pressure. Holger sits stoned in the cellar under Kronborg Castle in Something rotten in the State of Denmark. We suffer from the English disease, the national Stockholm syndrome after the humiliations of the British wars.

Bertrand recommended- they are currently trying to follow his recommendation.
Problem: A world war costs 80,000,000 $$ – per day!
And ‘someone’ has turned around for the hot water, because these someones are tired of wars.

State of emergency

One wonders, after witnessing the strange behavior of the politicians, whether Operation Shutdown was not also an exercise for the local rulers to identify with despotism. They carried themselves forward with a style and a willingness to demean the mood of the population, which only has historical precedent in regimes from which we normally strongly distance ourselves. With a management trick, it was suddenly the new normal. All totalitarian regimes operate under a state of emergency, because they have no popular legitimacy. Civil rights are then withdrawn, and it is for our own sake, they always say. The Danish Minister of Justice stated directly – NEVER forget him for that! – People think they have civil rights, but they don’t. These are the words of a career sociopath, a closet fascist, as he jumps out into the open – because now he can. They also say it’s only temporary, which it never is. The Minister of Health was given unlimited powers to put people under house arrest and impose a ban on gatherings + a new pandemic law that ensured he could get his powers back at any time. The prime minister rehearsed a future slaughter of all Danish livestock by mass murdering 17 million mink. And the population was sent to potty training with the masks’ submission ritual.

WHAT?! Did I hear someone whisper behind me?

Since the Danish population has just re-elected this piece of pink fascism, the country is as it has been. The welfare-constipated Danes still have a long way to go.

The idea of limits to growth is neo-feudal. It has been wrapped up in a series of arguments in the guilt-shame-and-fear = political correctness category:

The earth is sinking
We are suffocating in overpopulation
We are running out of resources
There’s not enough for everyone (just for us)
It is not sustainable
We destroy the cliiiimate
We are being wiped out by galloping pandemics
We can no longer afford energy
Inflation has run amok, and we don’t know why
Well, it’s Putin’s fault
We have to eat insects, vegan junk and frankenfood
etc. in the BS category, a list you get very tired of

A scary scenario, which, on the other hand, is not fake, is that the world economy collapses, because the ruling class has abused it to a grotesque extreme. August-september 2023 will be the time, when nations of the World will go into default. People will survive, because a new non-globalist, non-oligarchical system has been installed.
What is, on the other hand, fake-fake-fake is that THEY will ultimately claim that it is OUR fault and that WE have to pay the bill for THEM.

The European Liga

After WW1, the victors tried to establish a world government called The League of Nations, their bid for a New World Order run By oligarchs for oligarchs – the opposite of Of the people, for the people. But there was too much resistance, for the people and the governments saw that they were the same sinister people who promoted it, who were the main actors in the war. So the aforementioned Venetian nobleman and schemer, diplomat = double-speaker Count Richard Coudenhove Kalergi allied himself in 1922 with the Rothschild money machine and Max Warburg – Warburg and his brother financed the Nazis and set up the fraud central bank Federal Reserve in 1913 – to set up a new European organization called the Pan-European Union. He initially wanted Mussolini to become a key player, but he was hesitant. Kalergi also created an American branch of the Council of Foreign Relations, one of the main organs of the oligarchy. In the American section we find the leading fascists in the USA (Walter Lipman, etc.). In other words, the American Deep State of the time, the rich man’s clubs, which even then ran the country around the government, J.P. Morgan, General Electric – and with our knowledge today, we’d say a mix of the British Blue Dragon clan and the Order of the Black Sun. The same people who ordered the assassination of President McKinley, President Harding, President Roosevelt (poisoning) and President Kennedy and his brother. They also had a failed assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Trump was character assassinated. The people with membership cards to the orders, Bush, Bill Clinton, Bush-again, Obama, Hillary Clinton, funnily enough, were never exposed to this sort of thing.

The Europeans did not want a world government when they smelled the fuse. So Coundenhove-Kalergi appealed to nationalism and said: We don’t want such a shame, we just want a stable region. We want to prevent future wars. It was precisely the feel-goodness slogan that the EU has sold itself on, because who doesn’t want to avoid wars? no one can disagree with that. They wanted the Americans and Wall Street to control Europe – the Americans still appeared as the saviors of Europe, even though they were the ones who prolonged the war and took the lives of 100 million with The Army Flu (the Spanish Flu) created in their military laboratories – they wanted the Japanese in control of East Asia and Trotsky in control of Russia. Notice how left-wing and right-wing played no role at all here, because there has never been any other front on right and left than the color of an emblem. Fascism is fascism regardless of color.

All the buzzwords are there – they have it all under their umbrella.
This large single-celled organism will soon rule the world if they have their way.

Today as then

Richard Coudenhove Kalergi said directly that the EU was only a stepping stone on the way to The League of Nations, the totalitarian world government, because people were obviously not ready for the big leap yet. Does it remind you of the oligarchs’ current project, which they are pushing violently, The Great Reset? Again there is resistance among the population. Again we have smelled the fuse, because now the billionaire club in Davos has made itself a so-called partner with the UN – so how can a private partnership of billionaires be a partner with an organization that calls itself a transnational collaboration? We are now beginning to understand that, as these kinds of organizations are not what they pretend to be. They are sheaths for the evil that lives within them. They are Public-Private-Partnerships, where the public / state always pays the bill, and the private always skims the cream. PPP is a synonym for fascism, where governments are seen as service agencies for the globalists’ syndicates and cartels and take orders from their forums and think tanks.

A quote from Melissa Flemming, Under-Secretary for Global Communication at the UN, states directly and with shameless arrogance what these kinds of partnerships are all about:

We entered into a partnership with Google. If you google climate change, at the top of your search you will get all sorts of UN resources. You know, we’ve become much more proactive because we now OWN the science and we think the world needs to know.

These were the words of just one of the UN’s major fraud projects.
The climate agenda is precisely owned and run by these types.
Read: Climate – a story of politisized scince
What was it that we kept hearing throughout the covid operation? Follow the science! repeated-and-repeated the master fraudster Anthony (Dr. Mengele) Fauci. Yes, because his club OWNS the science, then you can call any piece of garbage for science. Technocracy is the tyranny of science, but it is a perverted and corrupt science with a big gun barrel to its forehead. The entire pandemic narrative began to fall apart and revealed itself as a dirty mix of business case and power grab.

The EU has their version of proprietary science, because they have replaced CO2 with nitrogen in order to stifle agriculture. Right now they are in the process of destroying Dutch agriculture and horticulture. The context of this operation, which is becoming macabre, because millions of livestock must be killed to satisfy the green tyrants, is the creation of a global food crisis. First shutdown due to artificial disease, then shutdown due to artificial energy crisis and now shutdown due to artificial famine.

It started with the Dutch farmers who got out of their chairs and felt that they were under attack from the globalists in the EU. They were for sure, and with them all their customers = us. After them followed the Italian farmers, the Polish farmers, the German farmers and the Spanish farmers. New Zealand’s government is now rolling out a similar stranglehold on their agriculture. Now how was it that Stalin’s butchers took the lives of the people of Ukraine in the Holodomor? By suffocating agriculture and starving the farmers to death. What was it that Henry Kissinger said was the ultimate control of humanity? Food.

One wonders how politicians voluntarily agree to commit such serious self-harm to their national economy and their country’s constitution. It seems completely irrational. The Netherlands, for example, is the world’s largest producer of vegetables, and the attack on their agriculture is going to cost them very dearly = EVERYTHING that has created their culture. There is only one explanation possible: That these confused anti-people politicians are no longer masters of their own house. There is a supranational entity that has taken a stranglehold on them and the world’s populations. This monster is psychopathic and evil incarnate.


A member of Coudenhove Kalergi’s organization was Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s personal banker, who after WW2 was active in the BIS, the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks, whose primary task was to channel Nazi Germany’s money out of Germany and later channel it back into post- WW2’s Wirtschaftswunder. It took the form of the EU, where Germany is, as you know, the dominant country. What is interesting here is that Germany is still an occupied country and that the country has two constitutions, an official one for the people and an unofficial one written and dictated by the occupying power, the United States. The same applies to Japan and South Korea, which are also occupied countries. World War II never ended in these countries.

Hjalmar Schacht with the Fuerer

After WW2, Coudenhove Kalergi declared that a new umbrella organization – his own – was needed to contain communism. J. Edgar Hoover, the founder of the FBI, thought and practiced the same, another organization that is not what it says it is, because it is like the CIA and NATO, both of which are terrorist organizations, the FBI is not just some kind of federal super-police . They are rather an American Gestapo or like the secret police of the Soviet state. The FBI is notorious for having its fingers in all the mass shootings that pop up in a steady stream in the United States. They were directly involved in all the falsified cases that were rolled out against Donald Trump – like him or not (I don’t).

Remember that the Federalists in the American Civil War were those loyal to England and the King. NATO, as you know, contained communism by letting fascist groups in Italy carry out the kidnapping and killing of state leaders (Aldo Moro) and bombing of the railway station in Bologna with the loss of 80 civilian lives + 200 maimed to smear it on the communists. The goal justifies the means, as they say, collateral damage. Operation Gladio was part of the Stay-Behind strategy, where groups remained after the war to control the peace, just as the warlords had controlled the war. It led to a cordial if unsightly collaboration between the CIA and the fascist P2 lodge (Licio Gelli), Italian mafia and the sinister part of the Vatican and the Vatican Bank. It was only the beginning of the chain of terrorist events that is on NATO’s grim resume to this day.
Read: Shipwrecks that changed the world
and read about the NATO-operation that sunk Estonia and killed 100′ of people to cover their dirty ass.

In reality, NATO had not the least bit against communism. After all, it was communism during the Cold War that kept them alive and on the payroll. It was communism that triggered gigantic appropriations for the military throughout the West. The external enemy was necessary for the internal control. And when Russia was de-communized, they just changed the image of the enemy. In this way, in 2022, the terrorist organization could grab 700 million kroner stolen from Danish taxpayers out of the panties of Mette Frederiksen and further billions from a number of other corrupt state leaders right into their own pants. But where did the money go? They did not think that people had a right to know, what the money was used for. No event is as suitable for money laundering as a brisk little war.

Churchill – rogue in hero’s clothing

Richard Coudenhove Kalergi was fundamentally not fond of national fascism or national socialism. He was much more into Trotsky’s international socialism/fascism. He thought big, it was supposed to lead to The League of Nations. The popular identity had to disappear in the larger project. What exactly is the EU working intensively on? The abolition of the nation-states, the transformation of the people’s identity into a great gray mass of global cattle grazing out there while having orgies with the globalists.

Coudenhove Kalergi fled to the United States from Austria at the Anschluss, Austria’s incorporation into Germany. And it actually happened in a referendum with an overwhelming majority, like-it-or-not. Again: we’re just telling you what happened and not what you have to think about it. The Austrians were southern Germans and always had been. Kalergi worked with John Foster Dulles in the CFR and Winston Churchill, the man who, as an agent, was appointed to ensure the entry of the United States into the two world wars and ensure that WW2 did not end in peace negotiations – Hitler sent him more than 30 letters offering peace, but Churchill had other orders from his employers, the circle of British financial sharks called Focus, who paid off his immense debt for a life of unbridled luxury – in exchange for his willingness to … anything. The war, like WW1, had to take place and be rolled out to its bitter end, not avoided. As he stated during the war: This is not a war against Nazi Germany, this is a war against the German people. That was why it was always civilian targets that the British Lancaster bombers went after, it was the lights at night in ALL German cities over 25,000 and not just Dresden which they use as a compressed air duct for the huge guilt target that rests on them.

When after WW2 Churchill wanted to continue the war in East Asia indefinitely, even the English had enough of him. The British Empire was completely bankrupt and this is where the Americans took over. The structure was in place, and the US really stepped into the role of the world’s bully and policeman, posing as the world’s savior and champion of freedom and democracy. Again, a global entity that was not what it claimed to be. Is the pattern now clear?

FDR in the company of the man who know about his execution – even maybe ordered it?
It was the same bowler-hatted scoundrel who ordered the sinking of the Lusitania in WW1.

Coudenhove Kalergi also played a key role in the Marshall Plan.
Hmmm, wasn’t it the US that wanted to help the Europeans after the war in a big way because they had suffered so much, shouldn’t we be oh-so-grateful for that?
Jawohl, but not quite in that way. Remember the pattern: The pompous and apparently constructive is only constructive for THEM. YOU are not a member of their club, so you do not get to know what consequences it has for you. The plan was intended to get the Europeans back on their feet so much that they could be of use and trade for the US or should we say: The Transatlantic Empire, since the British Empire just like before the Habsburg Empire after WW1 stepped aside to fly under the radar.

Her Majesty the King

In our time, according to The Great Plan, the United States must step aside in favor of China. It was ordered in 1975. But as those who have ears to listen could hear and understand from the totally hackneyed inauguration speech from the newly minted English king, it is still a construct controlled by the Order of the Dragon, the Crown Corporation and its squire = the British Royal Family. It was clear that the man now considers himself a world king who, as he said, will henceforth play a more prominent role in world politics and interfere directly in the internal affairs of the more than 50 countries of the Greater Commonwealth. Prince Charles, now King Charles III – it already sounds completely wrong: Her Majesty the King – is only a puppet for the Dragon families and the Rothschild dynasty. China is also controlled by them, but the majority of the 1.4+ billion Chinese are no longer happy with the way things are. Hence the massive, grotesque shutdown scenarios all over China at the moment, which the Western media are not reporting on. An example: Video footage has escaped from a district somewhere in China, where 20-30,000 people are seen running down the main street every day with masks on to get their DAILY PCR test so they don’t lose all social points, their jobs and thus their lives !! It’s that bad, and we don’t get to know it. Why? Because the oligarchy has thought the same in the rest of the world and does not want us to recognize the pattern when it hits us.

Why is purple the color of the British royal family? Because it is a mixture of red and blue. They show that they are above the reds and the blues, the two mafia structures that keep each other and the world in check and divide and conquer. And because it was the color only allowed for the Roman Empire to wear, but since Englishmen would not like the idea of a Roman emperor ruling the country like during the Roman occupation during Ceacar, they don’t brag about that.

What Her Majesty the King had overlooked was that the vast majority of the Greater Commonwealth has no respect for mommy’s rascally boy who took the life of his own wife. Nor did he realize that several countries will soon cut ties with the ex-empire that still believes it rules the entire world. The Western oligarchy has not understood that there is no going back, because the world has had enough and is already moving on. The new great awakening is irreversible. We will get a New World Order, it just won’t be their New World Order but a multipolar world order. Interesting, moreover, that it was his son William who was destined to sit in the chair in recognition of how unpopular he is also with the English. But the son politely said no thanks.

A little inside info: That it was the then retired Prince Charles who announced The Great Reset in Davos in 2020, we can write on his dark CV. He is a figurehead but by no means the leader of the Order of the Dragon, and his buddy in Davos, Klaus Schwab, being the Nazi that he is, is a member of the Order of the Black Sun – although the WEF refers exclusively to the Order of the Dragon. He is the son of a Nazi general, but his mother is a Rothschild. It was before, the two world orders or world mafias, which have divided the globe between them, were at odds with each other like today. It was also before they began to observe that their handlers on the level above them had begun to disappear and that the turn had now come to themselves. The Order of the Dragon has recently had to replace their leaders with a younger generation – ie. people under the age of 70 … , because there were no more left. What they say in the fairy tales: When you cut off one head of the many-headed dragon, a new one grows.

The two orders/mafias have so far always placed their people at the top of the governments. It was divide-and-conquer at the highest level visible to us, which was still three levels below the actual summit, the existence of which the members of the two orders knew but had no access to. If the prime minister belonged to one mafia, the deputy prime minister or the foreign minister would be from the other mafia. Government members were another level below in the great pyramid. We can guess who is what at the top of the Danish government.

Interestingly, Charles has also stated that one of his bloodline ancestors was none other than Vlad Tepech, the historical Count Dracula. Dracul means dragon in Romanian, and Vlad was a member of the Order of the Dragon (Dracul), which is very common historiography. However, the history books tell very little about what this Dragon Order was about.

Coudenhove Kalergi was just waiting for them to poison Roosevelt, and as he writes: When he was dead, I joined all the important forums and discussions and a post-WW2 world, it was wonderful! It was Churchill’s people who had assassinated Roosevelt, and Stalin said so to FDR’s son at a meeting, because the Communists had infiltrated the government and knew all about what was going on.

Revolution from the highest place

Revolutions never come from below, as the revolutionaries imagine. The cannon fodder and the stormtroopers are recruited from below, but the staging and organization always happens from above.

Churchill is considered one of the founders of the European Union and writes himself that he got his ideas from Coudenhove-Kalergi. Churchill was by no means anti-fascist. During the war he was closely associated with the British fascist leader Sir Oswald Moseley. They both got money from Rothschild – so now we are confused or what, are they not Jews, the nazi fascists don’t hate jews… First of all they are not Jews, they are the Khazarian mafia who take the lives of Jews, Africans, Asians and anyone they think must die. They steal from everyone regardless of political observance, skin color, ideology. As Meyer Amschild, the first to call himself a Rothschild, said: I don’t care who rules, as long as I manage their money. Karl Marx got money from Rothschild, and as Bakunin said before he was assassinated: It’s amazing what a bag of Rothschild money can accomplish. Rumors claim to prove that Hitler was of Rothschild blood, but I will leave that to you to verify. You may start with a hint. The poster boy on the Hitler Jugend was a Rothschild. His name is Rolf Breuer. Also Klaus Schwab’s family tree might be of use here.

It’s Freddie to the left below, who is the Nazi general who ran fun camps for Hitler.
Whether it was the Holocaust is a completely different discussion,

which the world is not currently ready for.

At least one fact is that all the leading Nazis were raised by the Jesuits. The Jesuits were tutors for the Bavarian Illuminati (Adam Weisshaupt), who were at the heart of the French Revolution, which would later lead to the Russian Revolution. Frankfurt was the place where the Kabbalist Jacob Franck – hence the name Jacobins – patted the university doctor Adam Weisshaupt on the back and hung out with the Banker Rothschild, whose descendants financed Karl Marx, whose Kommunistiske Manifest is ripped out of Weishaupt’s Illuminati manifesto, the satanic 10 Commandments. Jacob Franck is the progenitor of the crypto-Jewish Masonic group in Thessaloniki, who under the name of Dönmeh or Young Turks orchestrated the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire and the installation of Turkey as we know it + the Armenian Genocide. Rothschild is the mastermind behind the subsequent division of the Middle East, which creates the State of Israel and in concert with the French and English, who cut the Middle East like a festive layer cake into edible pieces (the Sykes-Picot agreement) with straight, unnatural lines in the sand and the sure recipe for eternal strife in the region.

Illuminati and usurers

Rolf Breuer, plakatdreng, Rothschild

The black nobilities* have family names: Sassoon, Montefiori, Aldebrandini, … emigrants from the great dissolved Khazarian Empire. They were swallowed up by the rulers of Venice. They were on paper Jews, even though it happened with a forced conversion of the entire empire’s population in the 8th century to avoid an Islamic invasion, i.e. a kind of backward crypto-Jews (: a Jew who identifies himself as a Christian or a Muslim in order to escape persecution). The Venetians only allowed them to work as bankers for others. We should take that into account before running an unreflected blame game. You may remember Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Of this we have the whole segment of Jewish money changers who were hated from the Middle Ages when they were not loved for their willingness to lend money. Much can be said about the immorality of lending money at usurious interest, but the really immoral were all the warlike kings and princes and their insane overspending in waging wars against each other in one exhausting infinity. We need go no further than the inept Danish royal families who waged endless wars for over 500 years and in 1818 mortgaged the entire national economy to a family banking syndicate headquartered in London – due to state bankruptcy after unrestrained and self-inflicted warfare! You know who I’m talking about here.

* Others adhere to the more satanic network of so-called Illuminati families: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Russell, van Duyn, Merovingians and Rothschild. The names originate from Fritz Springmeier, who has researched them thoroughly. We are not going out of that line.

It is certain, however, that these people network to the highest degree, and you are not a member of their spider’s web, you sit in it like a fly. John Coleman describes it as Committee of 300, the 300 richest noble og quasi-noble families, a network started by the British in the 18th century also known as The Olympians.

An overlooked part of their control system has flown under the radar. It is called the Royal Institute of International Affairs. We have gradually heard of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, WTO, WB, IMF, ECB, BIS, Bilderberg, WEF, Atlantic Council … but very few have heard of the RIIA, which with just a single request can get all of the above to roll over on your back. It reflects a now crumbling world order, where the RIIA, which is a Rothschild body and thus representative of the Order of the Dragon = the Canaanites = Sanhedrin = King Solomon’s bloodline = the Sabbateeans = the Khazarian Mafia was placed one step above all the others who represented the Order of the Black Sun. Right now there is total chaos in the orders and they are biting each other’s heads off.

The 12-armed swastika – the logo of Order of The Black Sun.
The sign is set in granite in Himmler’s cult castle Schloss Wewelsburg in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is worn today by fascist Ukranian military groups – you know the guys that the West send weapons to.

Anyone see a problem here?

Usury was prohibited not only in Islamic Sharia banking but also by the Catholic Church, so they used the Jewish money changers for their dirty work. In the same way as the English crown, pirates and privateers used to plunder ships from other trading states (the Spanish Armada, merchant ships in the Caribbean, etc.), because it looked too unsightly on paper that it was the Queen herself, Elizabeth I, who was queen of the pirates. Piracy under a false flag, loan sharking under a false set of morals – crypto Jews then, cryptocurrency today, same-same but different. They were called court Jews and were good at their jobs and had certain privileges as long as they obeyed their orders. The English governor Oliver Cromwell invited them inside to run the English treasury. They also served as a form of hate absorption that people could point fingers at when they themselves had sinned.

They called them privateers back then. Today we would call them NGOs – Non Governmental Organisations.
The state can then abdicate responsibility and have non-governmental groups do their dirty work.
Maybe they are called contracteers – say the names Blackwater and Halliburton. Or ISIS. Or proxies.
These mercenaries can do anything that States cannot do, but people never know that States hired them.


England was deeply infected by fascism at the start of the 20th century. The Masonic King Edward VII, Queen Victoria’s son, was a fascist king and it is his Masonic network that prepares and executes WW1. Lloyd George was enthusiastic about the Nazis. Churchill stated that if he were a little younger he would probably march with Mussolini’s Blackshirts and that England would have been proud to have a leader like Hitler. Isn’t it as if these statements have not really made it into the history books?* But as we may remember, the truth is the first sacrifice in any war and the victors are the ones who write the history afterwards. Historiography involves filtering out all events, contexts and statements that do not fit with the historical fiction. Churchill is possibly a safe candidate for No. One of the filthiest politicians in the history of the world, which is in stark contrast to the status of the hero in WW2 who saved the whole world from Nazism. The man was a coward, a stiff-necked drunkard, a mass murderer, a hateful liar, a warmongering satan, a whore for the oligarchy … but according to the Empire, a father of the country and a national hero.

If you were to get hold of Churchill, it would have to be before 2 in the afternoon,
because by then he was already stiff.
The acclaimed Holocaust denier that never mentioned the Holocaust

* The British historian, David Irving, was one of the only ones who had the courage to quote Churchill’s statement in his historical biography of the man, Churchills War, so a smearing was set in motion to character assassinate him.

He was previously praised and shamed for the book The Destruction of Dresden. The Empire could then use him as a pressure valve for this misdeed in the style of: Well, that was also too wrong, but it was a regrettable exception and a nice apology. Next he wrote a biography of Adolf Hitler, Hitlers War, which you can do, BUT, he committed the sacrilege of being allowed to interview the widows of fallen Nazi officers who acknowledged that his Dresden book gave Germans a voice. He was a British historian, that did not hate Germans as he was supposed to. THAT was forbidden according to the Imperium of Envy, and no other historians had been given the opportunity, because the non-Germans were not supposed to have a vote, they were not people but monsters. He was heralded as a Holocaust denier, even though he does not mention the Holocaust in a single passage.

And it got really bad when he pulled the pants off the national icon Churchill. The book, Churchills Wars, was thoroughly documented and all quotes came from the man himself. Is this not the duty of the honorable historian? Isn’t that the essence of history writing? The establishment did not think so, because it contradicted their heroisation of a villain and a mass murderer.

Here is another pattern. The oligarchy creates monsters to run their rampage. They created Fascism, Nazism and Communism as designer ideologies to serve their cause. They installed neo-despots to run the neo-feudal totalitarian regimes. But can they control these creatures all the way to the bank, or will they have to give up at some point? Hitler drove out of control and turned on them. He sent the disarmed English soldiers home across the Channel in fishing boats. He could have massacred them, as the Hun king Attila and Genghis Khan would have done. But no, because they were Anglo-Saxons, i.e. no different from themselves, the Germans they were never seen as enimies from the beginning. The British royal family were Germans, which the English often forget. But maybe Hitler should have known better, he saw with his own eyes, what they did to the Germans i WW1, but I guess he would give them a new chance.

The Empire of Envy

So when Hitler got into trouble like Napoleon in the Russian winter, Churchill had hired the Americans to help bomb Germany. Remember that the purpose was the destruction of the empires and the eradication of all the Empire’s rivals: the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Tsardom – like Napoleons Empire before that. The French Empire was already destroyed in the Napoleonic wars, it was here that they bombed Copenhagen and destroyed the Danish fleet, and yet another rival was down – the sad remains of the old Scandinavian Empire in the Kalmar Union. Or the sort-of-empire even before that in the Viking Age, that actually ruled England. It was also the English who in the 19th century destroyed the Chinese Empire in the Opium Wars. They went after the Japanese Empire, but the Japanese were tough, so it wasn’t until WW2 and the fake event = the false flag Pearl Harbor (provoked by a deadly oil embargo beforehand) that they really got a hold of them (or did they? Read: The Empire and East Asia). They destroyed the Indian Empire (NB! never an Empire as such) during the colonial era with a genocide of 50-70 million using the starvation weapon (rice embargo) and they destroyed the Persian Shahdom (Iran) by genocide half of its population right after WW1 – a long hidden-forgotten part of World History, first fully documented and described approx. ten years ago (Read: The Anatomy of Genocide). EVERYTHING that the British Empire, Perfidious Albion has cast their greedy-envious eyes on has turned into war, oppression, slavery and plunder.

As the Empire sees itself: The goddess Athena allows herself to be admired by all the peoples of the world who have thrown themselves on the ground; while the gods look down in benevolence. Note that Equality has been replaced with Federation.

The task of Hitler and the Nazis was to destroy Russia. The empire’s strategy was to create a setup where these two empires destroyed each other, the strongest and the second strongest. Once they had destroyed each other, the Empire = The British, the third strongest = the third strongest, The Empire of Envy would step in and take over the scene, which they did. The method was precisely the kind of scheming diplomacy that the Venetians had developed, which consisted of manipulating the potentially conflicting parties by feeding them slander of each other individually. In Russia, there was one cultural figure in particular who saw WW1 coming 20 years before: Leo Tolstoy. He witnessed the poisonous diplomacy practiced by the French and the way they used their 5th column, the Russian sections of the Jacobins who, up until the revolution – a spin-off of WW1 – formed their Ostara detachment which became the secret police, their CIA-FBI-Gestapo after the revolution. In Germany, Europe’s most brilliant and truly progressive politician Otto von Bismarck saw it coming 20 years before, the chancellor who created a welfare state in Germany before anyone had heard of the term. He said: I don’t know who is going to start the war, but I can say where it will start: in the Balkans. He was one of those heads of state who opposed the war, who could not be so easily liquidated by the British intelligence service or their French mercenaries. He was character assassinated and outmaneuvered and had to resign as chancellor, and so the way was paved for a great war, WW1.

As Danes, as you know, we have a strained relationship with Preussia and Bismarck because of the ridiculous Schleswig Wars, which ended up costing Denmark all of Schleswig, all of Southern Jutland until 1920 and the skin on its nose. So we were supposed to hate the bloody Germans, which we did. I know what I’m talking about, because my entire maternal line comes from the borderland, and I am the owner of an heirloom, a medal of merit for participation in the First Schleswig War, an organized civil war (all civil wars are organized) that the Danes won. The next time it went horribly wrong at Dybbøl. The Prussians marched all the way up to the Limfjord i Northern Jutland because they could, and because then the Danes could be taught a lesson. And then they cut across the land at Kongeåen, the å (river) at Haderslev. It was here that Danes had to learn to grow fir trees and dig in moorland. A new national slogan was invented to cheer up the defeated Danes:
What is lost on the outside must be gained on the inside.


The British removed the most openly fascist leaders before WW2, Neville Chamberlain and King Edward VII, Uncle Bernie as they called him. Or Lloyd George. Instead, they installed the not-so-obvious fascist, Churchill, who was cunning enough to hide himself and the venture. Hitler and the National Socialist ideologues recognized their mission to destroy and subjugate the Slavic area and Russia. The Slavic peoples were genetically inferior according to the racial theories – they had not fully understood that Ukraine actually loved him and hailed the German invasion during Operation Barbarossa. Russia was to be turned into a slave society subject to Germany. Asia was to be controlled all the way to India. Japan was to rule the East. England was not seen as the enemy, because they had to rule the Anglo-Saxon area incl. USA. The Italians were to rule the Mediterranean zone. This long-term strategy was not unlike that of the British establishment, but they and Coudenhove-Kalergi did not want the National Socialist version, they wanted the International Socialist version, Trotsky’s and Lenin’s. Therefore, Hitler had to be stopped, but only after he had done his job vis-a-vis Russia. And after the war, the Allies got busy also stopping Stalin, who was also in favor of a national version of socialism. And so did China after Mao. Nazism, Stalinism and Maoism are very similar. It all fitts the blueprint: Let the two empires destroy each other for us to profit on the smoking ruins.

The feudalist oligarchy had not foreseen that Hitler would not destroy Russia. There was something in the Russian spirit that was stronger than expected although weakened and suppressed by Communism. They also did not foresee that Roosevelt would survive the numerous assassination attempts and the coup d’état that J.P. Morgen organized in 1934 against him.

Capitalisms plural

There are two kinds of capitalism, just as there are two kinds of socialism. The real and the fake version. The false version of both is feudalism disguised as something else. Again and again, it pretends to be something other than what it is. There are capitalists who want to create capital and growth. And then there are ‘capitalists’ who don’t care about creating capital, they want feudalism, they just want power and control. There are socialists who care about social welfare, and then there are feudalists who have put on that set of clothes who just want social control and power over the masses. The last faction took power in the Soviet state, because they did not create social prosperity for the sake of virtue. They created a poor and dysfunctional society with no capital to create growth. They created a slave state and a hell on earth. These are the same types who took over capitalism in the West and who are currently creating new poverty, new war, new racism, new disease, new censorship and new inflation in a dysfunctional post-democracy – a neo-feudal hell on earth. They are types like George Soros, the world’s leading financial terrorist whose father was a Nazi collaborator in WW2, and Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and son of a Nazi general. People with enormous political and economic power and the will to abuse it.

We have perverted capitalism and perverted socialism. It was the feudal capitalists and the feudal socialists who adjusted after WW2. It was the war, that according to the Kalergi circle was supposed to lead to the EU via the Coal & Steel Union, on to the European Common Market, on to the Treaty of Rome and the European Union, which is the United States of Europe. It has happened step by step as what David Icke has called the totalitarian tiptoe. I think they call it nudging in management terminology. It was the neoconservative movement in the United States, the NeoCons, who were not conservative at all, unless conservation of power is conservatism. It must be perverted conservatism, because the NeoCons were neo-Trotskyists, started by Charles Burnham in the circle around Trotsky in exile in Mexico, where he was murdered by Stalin’s agents. They fled to the United States, and we see them today as the scapegoats in and behind the government, first embedded with the Republicans under George Bush, then embedded with the Democrats under Barack Obama. They formulated the 16-year plan, which was for Obama to pave the way and soften the populace, and seduce Democratic voters to love war (that’s why he got the Nobel Peace Prize…). Next, Hillary had to be placed in the office and get the job done. It was also called Agenda 21, because at the start of her 2nd term they had to be in house with the totalitarian project. It was then postponed to 2030 because the strange businessman Trump got in the way and disrupted their plan. Now we hear from the WEF: In 2030 you own nothing and you are happy. The Great Reset, Build-Back-Better, the New Normal, the 4th Industrial Revolution, and all the other cryptic buzzwords they invent.

The Hundred Years Plan

It is also the 100-Years Plan, which you have probably never heard of. It exists in the form of a handwritten document on a single piece of paper that was handed to Lenin in 1922. At the top of the document it says that the plan is expected to be fully implemented by 2022. The problem is that the plan is not fully implemented yet. They are behind schedule and they have run into trouble. So big problems. In fact, that the plan is about to be shot down completely.

Here is some insider info. And no, the undersigned is not an insider, but I know who they are and have a listening device on them. I’m constantly trying to catch them in contradictions, but I haven’t succeeded yet. The American president is not named Joe Biden, in case anyone is still in doubt. Here you think – there are conspiracy theories about it – that it is probably Barack Obama. Nope! His name right now is Mark Warner. He is an oligarch commissar who sits on all the necessary councils and think tanks and commissions. He refers directly to the Rothschild syndicate. He’s the one who made all the destructive and increasingly absurd decisions they’ve had Biden — or the actor who is his clone — read off the teleprompter. Plus all the measures on Trump’s part that seemed ‘out of style’ and those that the man could not control and never got around to.

But just under Biden: the Afghanistan scandal and the gift of weapons for $80 billion, wide-open borders with Mexico and free rein for the cartels, the global Lockdown Hell and take-your-own table for the pharmaceutical companies, BLM and Antifa fascists in the streets, defund the police, huge collapse of the American economy, Chinese police establishing branches in American cities (what?), war in Ukraine and unheard of threats to start a nuclear war. Mark Warner has had his hands in it all and more together with a group of approx. 100 people, all operatives for Rothschild and The Blue Dragons. Here it is that this week (week 42 – 2022) he suddenly discovered that the other 99 … had passed away. It gave him quite a bit of sweat on his forehead. He was allowed to survive for the time being.


Does the name Armin Hammer ring a bell? He was the 1920s-40s answer to George Soros in Eastern Europe. He was a corporatist, or as we would say today a corporatist fascist. Remember this was before WW2 when fascism 1.0 was still come-il-faut. Hammer worked closely with Mussolini. Henry Luce, the founder of Time Magazine put Mussolini on the cover 7-8 times because that’s what the corporatists were betting on. After WW2, promoting fascism was no longer politically correct, so they had to give the project new wrapping paper. As with eugenics, which had to be renamed genetics or bioethics, or as under the auspices of the UN: dealing with the problem of population growth. Albert Walsetter, the founder of The Rand Corporation, the paramilitary institute that shapes US economic and military policy, was one of these disguised Trotskyists who believed in and worked for the World to undergo a violent cleansing to prepare the way for the new global slave society. That’s what Trotsky preached, so that’s what they took on.

They loved Il Duce over there – until they were told they didn’t love him anymore.
They loved Hitler in England – until they were told they didn’t love him anymore.

Remember again what fascism is:
A total(itarian) fusion of state and private interests, so that the state (Mussolini: There is nothing above the state as in the Roman state) no longer forms a protection for the citizens against abuse from private interests but serves these interests and governs or are controlled by these interests.
Which is the same thing. In classic fascism the corporations were controlled by the State (state cult), in fascism 2.0 the State is controlled by the corporations.

Irmin Hammer directed a series of assassination attempts against Stalin, because Stalin was also disobedient to the oligarchy, like it or not. He was not in favor of the global revolution, the nation of Russia was enough for him. His paranoia was due to his knowledge of these liquidation attempts. Remember that he knew who poisoned Roosevelt, who by the way was a great admirer of his. Again, like-it-or-not, we’re just telling how it was. His national attitude was the reason why the left wing in the West drove forward with the waffle: Well, communism/socialism was good enough from the start, but THEN Stalin came along and destroyed it all. The great left-wing self-delusion whitewashed the genocide of 23 million Russians under Lenin and Trotsky with a single whine. This campaign to whitewash communism and blame all its failures on Stalin, came from The Rockefellers.

The think tanks

Irmin Hammer later worked closely with the Frankfurt School, the cultural Marxists. Their main idea was the same as the Fabian socialists (The Fabian Society: H.G. Wells, George Bernhard Shaw, Bertrand Russell, the writer Aldous and his brother the eugenicist Julian Huxley, 1st president of UNESCO, brother of Aldous) and the London School of Economics. The Fabians said: We obviously cannot count on the so-called working class, according to Marx, to serve as a tool for the world revolution = the global slave state. Workers wanted to have a life and thrive with their families – surprise-surprise – they were actually able to rise from their poverty and become middle class and didn’t mind being mechanics, coal and steam in the revolutionary steam drum that was to tumble the world flat in the world revolution. So what do we do? They thought like this in the Frankfurt School and among the Fabians.

The Frankfurters said: We are replacing our driving social groups with everyone who jumps on the bandwagon that they are oh-so-oppressed, that they have a crappy life, that it’s everyone else’s fault, and that they are persecuted minorities. Right now: It’s ALL Putin’s fault, so therefore … It was women according to the feminist model = man against woman, youth against parents (generation gap, parental rebellion), family against the individual, students and young people (they are easy to brainwash ), ethnic minorities, ideological minorities, religious groups (Muslims are very good at standing up here), sexual minorities (LGBTQ + beyond-whatever). Identity politics uses groups that can be seduced into acting aggrieved and violated and causing them to break down society. The end goal of cultural Marxism is nothing less than the Total Breakdown of Western Civilization.

If the wolf simply puts on a sheep’s coat, the sheep will not notice. Before they know it, they have ended up as woolen socks and lamb chops.

The Fabians said: We are moving the boundaries in such small steps that people don’t notice. We teach them to do the work for us, because all that blood and gore and genocide is too disgusting anyway. We teach people to censor themselves and suppress themselves (internalization). We give them drugs so they are under anesthesia while they do it to themselves. Still, modified Mr. Evil Himself, Bertrand Russell’s statement that there was probably a need for another world war after all…! Otherwise, we must ask whether the slippery slope, the nudging that the Fabians recommended, was not precisely the very strategy towards the United States of Europe and the abolition of the nation-states? When Russians want to make fun of the EU, they call it the EUSSR, because the EU has both commissar rule and 5-year plans like in the Soviet state. They simply see the EU as a clone of the Soviet state, and haven’t they learned anything at all from history over there in the Eurozone?

No, we haven’t, because we don’t know our own history. We only know the farce of a falsification of history that the victors of WW1 and WW2 created to justify their misdeeds and cover their dirty tracks.

The fascist 5th column

When the Germans moved into France at the start of WW2 there was virtually no resistance. There were so many fascists in the French government that all doors were opened. It was basically only General Charles de Gaulle who fought against in the underground. It was for this reason that the Americans subsequently did not like de Gaulle (Gaulle, the Gaul, the enemy of the Romans), and France in the post-war period had a somewhat tense relationship with the United States. There were over 30 assassination attempts on the president, and it is not difficult to figure out who was behind them (ordered by NATO). This is also why the current Gaullist party led by Marie le Pen (formed by her father Jean-Marie le Pen) is frowned upon by the globalists represented by Emanuel Macron, the Rothschild lackey. Maybe new winds are coming. Very recently, here at the end of October 2022, when the sociopaths in Washington DC were seriously talking about starting a nuclear war, and when George Soros was publishing articles in the Huffington Post that a nuclear war might actually be good for the climate, they seriously write that! !, then a 100-page report appears in France written by an institute called the Economic Warfare School linked to French intelligence, that France would never respond with nuclear weapons against Russia in Ukraine, and that the US – and here’s where it gets interesting – is now considered France’s main enemy. Russia and China are contenders but do not enter the top spot according to the report. Is it the spirit of de Gaulle rearing its head here?

The Americans did not like Charles de Gaulle.
The Gaullists, his party, on the other hand, did not like American imperialism.
Because he recognized fascists when he saw them.

As with the French, it took the English 16 months into WW2 before they took the fight to the German militarily. Remember again what WW1 and WW2 were about: the destruction of the German-Russian alliance. Germany had the industrial well oiled machine, Russia had the resources, together they would make the British Empire an industrial-economic dwarf. That is why the country in between = Poland is the most shamefully abused nation in the chess game, because the Polaks could be used to destroy the alliance. They were promised help from the British if they succeded to start a war against Germany. They did start the war, but the help never came, of course, but the war had long since started. Today, Poland was again being abused against Russia, it was from here that the bombing of the North Stream oil pipeline recently was carried out. Poland is once again a pawn, a sabotage state ruled by NATO and the Pentagon.

Footnote – more insider info: The North Stream pipeline is currently fully operational on both pipes because ‘someone’ repaired it in front of the saboteurs without them noticing. The EU can no longer use a faulty cable as a poor excuse. So right now there is intervention from a 3rd party, for which we do not yet have an official name. And no, nothing to do with Q-Anon’s White Hats, who are just a bunch of inept Generals from the Order of the Black Sun who can’t decide which foot to stand on and have nothing that just looks like that capacity.

In the eyes of the world, the British Empire shut down after WW2 and the US took over. They did the same thing as the Empire, only with bigger muscles. But at the same time, this is far from the truth. The empire never shut down, it morphed. It retained full control of the United States just as the operation’s master mind Cecil Rhodes* and his Round Table project, The Pilgrim Society, The Fabian Society and The Privy Council – and whatever other parts of his network it consisted of – were tasked with. In recognition that England temporarily lost their American colony after the War of Independence and the Civil War. The US had two versions of its constitution, the original and the amputated/perverted. It was also the work of the British, like The Five Eyes, where the Crown’s colonies, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, were spied on and controlled from the colonial power. Five Eyes is also known as Eschelon, where each country circumvents national legislation that you cannot spy on your own population. But then you can just ask another country in the colonial club to do it and send it on.

* It was on Cecil Rhodes’ initiative that the Rhodes Scholarships were created. It was a program in which the British Empire singled out young future leadership types in the United States and offered them an all-expenses-paid, year-long fellowship in political science at an elite English university. Example: Bill Clinton. These types had to be inspected beforehand by the hinterland to ensure that the money was well spent. Bill and Hillary fully delivered the goods and received the corruption stamp – katjunk!

The hyper-imperialist Rhodes

The junta-model

How fascist Churchill was is exemplified by the Greek fascist junta and the resistance movement. He was on the side of the junta, and the Greeks remember how the British betrayed them.

In the fight against communism, everything was allowed, and as in Italy, the fascists were used to fight them. The Greek junta used Nazi groups to suppress the resistance movement. The Hellenic Raiding Force was one of them and they were supported by the British. Some of the members of the resistance movement were actually communists who – naive as they were – did not understand that communism, when the day is over, was just red fascism. To this day, the Greeks are fighting the remnants of fascism. It never died, it just went underground wearing a suit and briefcase and now walks the corridors of power in Brussels. The financial attack as an accompaniment to the financial crisis lasting ten years from 2006-16. Right now, Greece is being used as a model for the new EU looting strategy, where they loot the population via the electricity companies. The model that will come to all countries in the EU shortly.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, who is one of the very few who has made it this far, but isn’t it as if all the black and white concepts of good and evil are starting to come together? If, on top of that, you are a returning reader, then this will not come as a surprise. But to see the EU project analyzed so thoroughly and ugly and revealed as so thoroughly fascistoid can still surprise someone in the know.

If we are to see a truer form of good and evil, then we must go beyond the definitions that we have been served. There has always been a right hand and a left hand of people and groups who have respectively wanted and worked for actual freedom and change and for the people’s well-being versus those who SAID they did, but who wanted and worked for their own position of power and for what they could gain at the expense of others. The less they cared about the humans, the more they needed to emphasize how seriously they were concerned. For the same reason, they have always been the loudest. Unfortunately, they have also been in the majority, because power corrupts and makes it difficult to be an honest politician.

Destruction of the nations

There has been strong lobbying within the UN of late to abolish the clauses in its charter on national sovereignty. That is, towards The League of Nations, where that clause never existed. Why they wanted that, one might ask, since the UN is totally corrupt anyway. As former Secretary-General Kofi Annan laconically noted recently, it may be all the same, because now the World Economic Forum is running the show at the UN = their new ‘partner’, a fine partner who behaves more like a cuckoo in a birds nest. The dissolution of the nations and the removal of their sovereignty has always been the EU’s and the UN’s goal, although one was careful to say it too loudly, since it was the nations who voluntarily – waved with a cart pole – had to indicate this sovereignty.
Please sign here that we are allowed to take your life and the fine print is irrelevant. That was nice!

There is a story about how the assembled EU foreign ministers, when they had to sign the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, were presented with a completely blank document. They were given as an explanation, that unfortunately they couldn’t get it printed on time because of blah-blah, so if the gentlemen and a few ladies would be so indulgent and just sign, that would be nice once again. We could have asked Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, the Danish foreigh minister at that time about that, but he probably wouldn’t have admitted it if it was true, and now he has taken that secret with him (July 2022). Interesting timing by the way: the Maastricht Treaty and the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc. Ellemann was, as some may remember, disappointed that there were still forces in Denmark that did not favor full membership of the fascist project but wanted to maintain certain reservations.

Perhaps Uffe, the undoubtedly nice person, did not fully understand his own life project.
Maybe he just liked the Corridors of Power so much that he never really checked them out.

Two European politicians realized that England’s role in the EU – which was to remain in Splendid Isolation for the time being – Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer, French President and German Chancellor – meant that England’s relationship with the EU would not be good because of the Venetian-British-intelligence complex. Venetian geopolitics and diplomacy is ultra-toxic, and The City of London has long been its headquarter of toxicity. Another entity that de Gaulle made sure to keep out of the EU was NATO. The French intelligence service was highly effective and they revealed that the many assassination attempts on de Gaulle were ordered by non other than: NATO! As we have often said on, NATO together with the CIA are to be reckoned with as the world’s leading terrorist organizations. All of NATO’s stay-behind cells in the Eastern Bloc, 15 in all, were run by reassigned Nazi officers throughout the Cold War. We don’t teach school children that in history lessons.

De Gaulle was sidetracked by a Colored Revolution insurrection in 1969, a fake-staged uprising that pretended to be ‘popular’ of the type that George Soros has been employed to buy into for the past 20-30 years. England then nevertheless became a member of the EU for a few decades, until they retreated into Splendid Isolation 2.0 after Brexit. The English, though, came from the ashes and into the fire. Just look at the parade of failed and corrupt Prime Ministers they have had since then. Theresa May, the lady whose main task was to delay and screw up Brexit as much as possible. Boris Johnson, who drove his country into recession with shutdown. Lis Truss, who stands up and says she is a Zionist and gets kicked out after just a few weeks in the chair. And now Rishi Sunak, the founder of a hedge fund with large investments in Moderna, and whose wife does not pay tax in England. + an example of, as John Cleese has put it, that London is no longer a city in England. Has there been an honorable person at the top of British politics in ages? Or ever. An Edward Heath who was a pole pedophile. A Margaret Thatcher who destroyed English industry and created the model that the EU is now introducing for their grotesque energy policy. A corrupt Tony Blair, who destroyed the Labor Party, lied about the Iraq war and now hangs out with the Albanian mafia – and was the great role model for Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Music is needed

It was Count Coudenhove Kalergi who made the new Euro-Empire get an uber-national anthem, Beethoven’s Ode to Freedom from the 9th Symphony (Alle Menschen werden Brüder). A perversion of Schiller’s basic thought. Schiller himself later had severe reservations about his youthful work and its arrogance and intoxication in the great human brotherhood, but if you consider how composed and deep-thinking this poet, writer, philosopher and politician like Goethe became, then it must be said to be an abuse of what today would be protected under the name: Intellectual property.

The EU is full of manipulative figures. Some remember the Treaty of Lisbon in 2007, moving closer to surrendering sovereignty and the EUSSR. Ireland smelled the fuse and spoke up. Then the EU returned in 2009 and said to the Irish: Oh, I wonder if that’s what you meant, we’re just going to hold another referendum, and this time you’d better think twice and vote yes, because otherwise we’re probably going to ‘do something‘ to your finances. That’s it, you came to your senses. The same kind of threats with ‘we have certain methods we can use’, we are currently hearing hurled by the lady with a criminal background, Ursula van de Leien, against the new government in Italy. Or how about EU collusion with Eastern Europe, where Anders Fogh Rasmussen – the man who lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq together with George Bush and Tony Blair and brought Denmark into a series of wars we had nothing to do with – was set to threaten the Eastern European leaders into submission. It was here that they gave him a NATO cap for misdeeds, so that he could help start more wars and ensure that the country’s proud traditions of war since the 16th century were updated.

Fogh-Rasmussen’s successor with the NATO cap. The man who had a hand in the fake bombing of the empty parliament in Oslo and the massacre on Utøya in 2011. His son was in a boat waiting north of the island, and when he heard the shots, he turned the boat around and sailed away. The Norwegian police were paddling around in a boat for a whole hour before they ‘came to help’ – to make sure, that the job was done. It was all a coordinated NATO operation. And no, there was more than on shooter.

The concept of nationalism is demonized as much as the concept of protectionism. People go and repeat the phrases that the oligarchy has dumped in the public conversation – or lack thereof. Countries must not protect themselves and their economies without being branded as either aggressive or selfish. This set of values only serves the interests of the oligarchy. It’s interesting how these clichés are built into the left-wing brain. Along the way, the lefties in Europe fell in love with the EU and NATO (Kosovo, Libya, Syria, Ukraine) simultaneously with the lefties in the USA during the Obama period fell in love with the new wars. Today, the left in the US is screaming for a new world war…or is it just eargasm and diversion ahead of an election that looks like a disaster for them? – unless they can steal the election with sinister computer programs like in 2020. They just did it in Brazil and the people are furious. They did it in France, they did it in Spain, they did it in Malaysia.

Status of the projekt

The oligarchy / globalists live in their own brains. They remake the landscape according to their map. They see the World as a computer model, a construct, not as an organism. And if they see it as an organism, it is a synthetic organism in the same way that the pharmaceutical industry sees the human body as a synthetic experimentarium, a chemical-genetic rat experiment. Everything can and must be controlled, nothing is allowed to grow, hence their philosophy of Limits to Growth, and therefore their perversion of concepts such as diversity and sustainability = cliiimate waffle and green fascism.

How do you think it’s going?
Could we ask the oligarchy.
Since nothing seems to come out but unpleasant grunts drowned in new ear gas, let’s listen to the resonance in the water pipes.

They don’t think it’s going so well. The world of today is not what they imagined in 1992 at the Fall of the Wall, the Maastricht Agreement, the Kosovo War, Yeltzin stiff with vodka, Bush Senior proclaiming the New World Order, Brzezinski proclaiming Russia’s downfall in the Great Chess Game, Kissinger proclaiming balkanization, Fukuyama proclaiming the end of history, the 100-year plan presented to Lenin enters its final phase, technocracy makes its triumphant march, The New American Century starts shortly after 9/11, people are deeply zombified by drugs, GMOs and brainwashing, the nation-states are wiped out…

So: it really goes to hell for Hell, for those … people whom they regard and treat as animals, children, machines or garbage have once again opened up their deep resources, deeper than any human resource management-department can handle. New Management is passé.
They saw the World running out of a certain timeline, but their timeline was disrupted, interrupted and cancelled/derailed.

The psychopaths down in the EU have met both internal and external resistance. NATO is also internally divided. Finland and Sweden applied for membership, but Turkey vetoed it. NATO badly needs Turkey, and the Turks know it. They are the great country that is an outpost in Asia Minor. They will no doubt also resign when the little actor with the big mouth and his fascist militias want to apply for membership. If they try, Russia will annex the rest of Ukraine as well and de-Nazify Kiev. Ukraine is only an independent country because Stalin’s butcher in Ukraine, Nikita Khrushchev, with Holodomor blood on his hands, made the mistake of giving the country away.

Oh, but suddently the stupid Swedes jumped on the waggon and wanted to be a formal member of NATO. Good luck with that! We knew, you were there all the time as the secret member of NATO with probable deniability. Remember the Estonia incident.

The external opposition to the two tools of the oligarchy, the monetary and the military, is happening right now also in Africa. Libyans will never forget that NATO destroyed this beautiful and prosperous country, the country with the highest standard of living in all of Africa. Saudi Arabia does not apply, because wealth is grotesquely unevenly distributed, it was not in Libya. Operation Kill-Gaddafi was one of the most brutal assaults on a disobedient country of our time. Libyans: Do never forget, what the bitch Hillary Clinton did to you. The Sudanese will never forget that their leader Bashar was punished by the bitch Susan Rice for disobeying and cutting into North and South Sudan, the standard trick of imperialist divide-and-rule. Now they are trying to destabilize Ethiopia, and one of their most corrupt ex-ethiopian-politicians, the genocidal terrorist Tedros Adhanan, has been for a number of years as secretary of the WHO. In addition to killing 2 million of his own countrymen – from the other tribe, you can do that in the tribal continent of Africa according to their colonial masters – he willingly cooperated when Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci wanted to experiment with HIV medicine on his countrymen.

Africa should be the world’s richest continent because it is full of resources. It is not, because the imperialists have taken grabbed all ressources without paying for them and left people in poverty.

The black horse, the yellow plague

And then there is China. But that topic is so big that it threatens to take us another 13 pages further – yes, you’ve just read the equivalent of 13 densely written pages of pure text minus pictures. China is a paradox and a universe. It could be argued for their destructive and neo-imperialist role in world politics and how they have been assigned the task of taking over world dominance. It could also be argued for their constructive role in the Belt & Road initiative, the New Silk Road and their different way of arriving in Africa than the Americans. If they deal with the dishes, at least they have a more constructive way to loot.

The judgment depends on whether you look at it from the point of view of the Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Black Sun – the two main rival branches of the global mafia, i.e. the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party and their grotesque internal policy of repression – or whether you see it as a large investment project in infrastructure, from which all countries will benefit. It is actually both, and the question then becomes what will be the end result. China is a universe of 1.45 billion people (a new Chinese is born every 6 seconds). A dive into their history is certainly not charming for the West and the oligarchy. But the Chinese need to shake off the double yoke: the infiltration of the Western oligarchy 1.0, dating back to the Opium Wars, and the infiltration 2.0, the Maoist yoke. Know or remember that Mao was a Skull & Bones member* from his time at Yale University and thus as much a cultural implant as Lenin and Trotsky were in Russia.

*Where do you find the skull and the bones? So the skull and the crossed bones. One is the pirate flags that were flown by ships in the Caribbean when privateers hired by the British Crown raided merchant ships on behalf of the Empire. The second place is as an emblem on Nazi uniforms. It is one of the logos of the Order of the Black Sun. Among the members of Skull & Bones and The Order at Yale University was George Herbert Walker Bush, CIA Director and President. He once bore the title Black Eagle, which is the head of the Black Order of the Sun.
Read: Skulls, bones and pirates

The purpose of Skull & Bones is to ensure that it is their people who sit as future leaders in positions of power, and like Masonic lodges, they ensure that this happens through lobbying and nepotism. A kind of internal parallel to the Rhodes Scholarships, the Order of the Dragon’s way of training leaders who serve their transatlantic neo-colonial project, the British Empire 2.0.

That the Maoist project in China was the parallel to the Leninist project in Russia can also be read from David Rockefeller’s unreserved enthusiasm for Mao (From a China Traveller, 1973). The aim of both versions of communism was the creation of the 20th century version of the slave state. Rockefeller sees no problem in the genocide of 100 million Chinese during the Long March and especially the Cultural Revolution. He sees it as collateral damage. He clings precisely to China’s ability to adapt socialism to a capitalist model, i.e. state capitalism. Yes, but isn’t that exactly fascism?

And how big is China in reality? They would be a much smaller country if it wasn’t as imperialistic as the West and the Soviet state. If they had not annexed and mao-ified Manchuria, Turkestan (Sinkiang Province), Southern Mongolia and Tibet, then China would have been half as large in area. We know from recent times how extreme repression has taken place in Tibet and Sinkiang province. They have recently annexed Hong Kong and are constantly talking about Taiwan’s turn. Watch out here, Mainland China, Taiwan have a few aces up their sleeve, you might experience a collapse of your already fragile mega-dams with unheard of flooding and damage throughout South China as a result + a collapse of your already fragile and highly inflated national economy. As a non-country not recognized by the international community, they could whatever, they wanted – including building up a huge arsenal of nucelar weapons. A piece of advice: Don’t do it.

But again, such a large country as China is very difficult to make a clear judgment about. The same applies to India with 1.4+ million, still counting, and a new Indian is born every second, so they are growing 6x as fast as the Chinese, who for a number of years ran a strict birth policy. Baby girls were literally euthanized before and after birth. This piece of eugenics created as a by-product (?) the nastiest industry ever: the systematic trade in human tissue from fetuses and infants. The one-child policy meant that China now has a demographic problem with too many old people. Who was it, that the designer virus from Wuhan especially killed, wasn’t it the old people? It looks like a thought, so therefore it must be quite coincidental…

Global Deep State

Politicians are not true to color anymore. When you put them in a washing machine, they fade. Donald Trump, for example. Far down the road you could believe that he was one of the last good guys. The Americans believed him. Or rather, they absolutely did not believe the mega-bitch Hillary. His statement spoke directly to Americans’ frustrations with generations of politicians who ripped them off and the dirty climate emanating from the Washington D.C. swamp. And far down the road he pursued a completely different policy from the swamp. Therefore, many of us, including myself, gave him the long line for a few years, especially because we could see how corrupt his opponents and the US Deep State behaved. They still do that, but now they just sit on the back burner, at least for a while longer. They sit like a stack of flies on the pork until the big fly swatter lands. And they know it, because there is an election coming up that is so disastrous for them that they are undoubtedly programming the electoral system for a gigantic vote coup even bigger than the last one. Back then, voters saw an economy in real progress, so they voted for that. Today voters see an economy in free fall and a galloping inflation + all sorts of other crap, so they vote against that.

At some point, the feathers began to fall from Trump. He did not give dr. Fauci a kick in the ass as he should have had. He was a bit too fond of vaccines, even though he knew full well and stated that Hydrocloriquin and Ivormectin were the only remedies that worked. Why? It then turned out that he himself owned a company that produced vaccines, and people started booing him at his rallies. He did not fire his attorney general even though he was corrupt and never cracked down on the fraud that was going on, eg the Clintons were never brought to justice for their legal manipulation, corruption, lies and treason. Trump hung out a lot with the Chabad and Sanhedrin people via his own son-in-law Jered Kushner, the Mossad agent and Zionist. Netanyahu was very happy with him, and the Israeli president for life was otherwise the man who had stated that Israel had a grip on the USA and could destroy them at any time. The whole Q-Anon phenomenon was hijacked by Jered Kushner, who also controlled the Homeland Security network, the perfidious control structure that was strengthened so violently by Bush after 9/11. Meaning that the Mossad ran the United States. There were more and more sinister features emerging and the nail on the head was the whole outlandish show at the election where he just let the big 2020-21 election fraud happen and slunk out the back door with a shrug.

If you’ve made it this far my friend, you deserve a medal. You have also done yourself a great favor and now possess far more knowledge than when you started out. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.
You don’t have to agree with everything written to deserve the medal, because that’s not how the big piano plays out there. The most important thing is that you maintain your curiosity, your critical sense and your ability to think logically.
And no, all roads do not lead to Rome. There are paths that – believe it or not – lead to realization and liberation.