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The dying god – history of kabbalism

Historicity is full of claims.
The subject is gloomy. Let’s get it over with and get smarter.
Let us see and understand it with the purpose of putting it behind us.

The hidden is, as the word says: hidden, that is, absent. This does not mean that it does not exist, but simply that the mainstream always filters it out, and if it is mentioned, it always finds a place in a parenthesis or a rarity cabinet for historical-cultural freaks. It never comes to light that the occult, the hidden, could perhaps be the very common thread and the very key to understanding the driving forces of history. Historicity is a kind of laundered occult history that never refers to the hidden.

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The Hegelian distortion of history

The cleansed historicity goes back no further than to the Age of Enlightenment and Friedrich Hegel, but it has been so pervasive and totalitarian that there is no remembrance of it anymore in the mainstream, that it has not always been so. The oligarchy that took over historicity then, invented a form in which, instead of the real story, they wrote down their unpublished plan for the formation of civilization in their image and for their purpose, as if they were objective events.

Minerva / Athena

When referring to Minerva from Hegel’s side, it should activate a few red lights. It was in Minerva’s light that the Enlightenment’s adept started his indoctrination, his illumination, or perfection. Hence names from the time like Illuminati, Allumbradas, Perfektibili. These groups and their descendants have contributed to the perversion of our entire culture. Here we have the origins of the Jacobin regime of terror, here begins the French Revolution, from here come the people who encamped in the United States of America and set up Minerva / Columbia as an occult symbol of ‘freedom’ (which would later prove to be the opposite), here are the ancestors of the revolutionary mindset and the Zionism that created the Russian Revolution with its mega-horrors. This is where the idea of the killing of nations is born, this is where the germ of the concept of collectivist political correctness tyranny and the New World (Order) arises.

Like no other philosopher, Hegel has sponsored this projected world order. His dialectic became a governing tool for world history from the point of view of the globalist steering group. It was more of a recipe for how to make the story happen than how it took place. The Hegelian version of world history is the one that the Zionist and nihilist Leo Strauss promoted for his neocon students at the University of Chicago and thus a more recent example of how the globalist steering group thinks and governs.

Occultism is Kabbalah. It is said to have originated in Babylon or from Moses or the civilization before the Flood. But as it is known, it can not be traced further back than the 6th century BC. When we talk about the globalist steering group, the illuminated, we are talking about a doctrine that originated just 2,600 years ago and has since been preserved and promoted by a network, an organization that has existed since then.

This article does not examine what Kabbalah is in its deeply labyrinthine and obscure nature. That would be a completely different article. It examines what the bearers of the tradition have been up to and how they have been sewn in everywhere and at all times while playing their cabal. It examines their network, and along the way it becomes striking how stable their urge has been for subversive activity, brainwashing, power and perversion of human culture. Kabbalah has had a special appeal to power-seeking individuals and groups. Whether Kabbalah is merely neutral esoteric knowledge, or whether it is knowledge that is actually harmful to people who are not of a high ethical standard, is a good question – as they say. One fact is that those attracted to Kabbalism have constantly been involved in shady business, and that from the beginning they seem to have fallen in love with power.

Modern students of Kabbalah will argue, that an abuse must take place. In that case, it is an abuse that has been consistent for millennia, and the Chaldean magais sowed a seed that turned into a tree of death rather than a tree of life. Kabbalism in its cultic aspect has assumed the character of a Saturnian Cult of Death.

This article contains some views that require a perspective. This is because the purpose of the investigation was mainly debunk. But the bulk of the information is of great relevance, especially to the understanding of the creation of fundamentalist Islam and the Kabbalistic network.

Kabbalism arose when the Jews reached Babylon. Jews did not exist at that time, but they rewrote their history as if they did, therefore we use the term. They called it a captivity, but in reality they enjoyed great privileges. According to their own scriptures, it was a captivity because they had already settled in the Holy Land. They thus believed that they had a covenant with their god over ownership of the land. It forced them to reinterpret their relationship to God, and they saw the relocation as a punishment for their decay to paganism under Moses (an Egyptian name).

Breughel’s famous image of the Tower of Babylon,
modeled on the European Parliament

A group of Babylonian Jews did not se the captivity as a punishment but as a springboard. They rationalized their paganism and incorporated elements of Babylonian magic and astrology, thereby creating Kabbalah. It relates to the concept of The Dying God.

The Dying God

The dying god was known by many names. The term as such is thanks to the historian and researcher, David Livingstone. The Egyptians used the name Osiris, the Greeks were named Dionysus or Apollo, the Babylonians were named Bel or Marduk, and the Canaanites were named Baal, which the Romans Latinized to Elagabalus. This god was identified with the Sun and was part of a trinity. The father had a daughter with whom he committed incest and made a son. The son married a goddess who was his mother. The incest was accomplished – the androgynous, dying god was was into strange sexuality. Kabbal – Ka-Baal.

The dying god demands a sacrifice

The name Bel is also interesting as it appears in descriptions of the power relations and internal strife in Atlantis. The sources here are Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce, the great viewers. The one faction that wanted to use the technology for selfish purposes was called Belial. The other group that wanted to use it for charity was called Emilius. Some will choose to ignore these ideas as they are formed by clairvoyant people and therefore not ‘scientific’. But a comparison with the Sumerian scripture Enuma Elish (the source here is Joseph P. Farrell, who has a strong scientific and source-critical approach to the subject), will highlight the similarity between the clairvoyants and the scripture that directly describes a cosmic war in which the figure Marduk appears as a representative of what Cayce / Steiner calls the Belial group. It is all about cosmic war.
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The dying god, the Sun, died every winter. It was nature worship and fertility cult. The sexual relationship of the god and goddess produced fertility. When the god died, he moved to the underworld, where he ruled over the souls of the dead. The Greeks called the it Pluto, and the underworld was Hades. Good and evil were a dualistic mindset. Evil was not the good that went wrong. It was an equal and opposite-complementary force in relation to the good.

If the good god demanded ritual sacrifices, then the evil god demanded the same. The good god required good sacrifices, and the evil god required evil sacrifices. It was here that ancient neo-hedonism was inflamed, and it was at the same time here that astrotheology, the deeper understanding of symbolism, was lost in satanic, Sabbattean Kabbalism. The worst = most appropriate sacrifice one could make was the ritual killing of a human child. It was the basis of the cult of the dying god, and one finds the cult and its sacrificial practices throughout antiquity in the Middle East and beyond.

In the Jewish scriptures there is both idea and practice. When the Jews were told to leave Egypt, they were meant to worship God as a truly transcendent being and reject the paganism to which they had been introduced. But not as soon as they had crossed the Red Sea, and Moses had gone up on the mountain, they built a golden calf, which they worshiped, the bull of Apis from Egypt, an incarnation of the dying god, Osiris, a horned creature, a goat or a bull. Then they were punished for it, and reached Palestine. They were constantly reminded not to marry the locals and not to learn the religious practices of the Canaanites, where the dying god was worshiped as Baal and Astarte / Ishtar or in Greek Athena. But they did so anyway, so even the temple in Jerusalem was a place of worship for the dying god.

If one could make a time travel to the Israel of that time, one would not find what we understand by Judaism except among small groups of reformists. The rest of the population was known as Phoenicians and practiced circumcision, the ritual castration of man in honor of the androgynous god. So the Jews worshiped human sacrifice. They sacrificed their own children to the god Moloch, Satan / Saturn, the opposite of the Sun, the god who ate his children. Black magic is always dedicated to Saturn. Another name for Saturn is El – ISis RA EL, boiled together by three cults.

Goya’s man-eating Saturn

The Saturnalia – to use a Roman name – were orgies, promiscuity, incest, pedophilia and human sacrifice. It was Sodom and Gomorrah. Kubrick’s posthumous film Eyes Wide Shut describes such a ritual. Similar rituals and cults of death are kept alive in Masonic circles, among Satanists, among nobility and in royal families, in circles in the Catholic Church and among elite inner circles in the Anglo-Saxon world in particular today. The perversities of the rituals keep popping up and are just as-constantly silenced and denied.

They appear in the form of Bohemian Grove, frequently visited by the American political elite, where a large horned owl (Molok) forms the backdrop for ritual human sacrifice. They have appeared in serial scandals from the Catholic Church. They appear in Belgium, where a suitably perverted scapegoat, Marc Dutroit, was pushed forward as a diversion, even though there were threads all the way up in the Belgian royal family. They emerged in the British establishment, where the case of Jimmi Saville had deep threads into the British royal family (Prince Charles’ best buddy) – which of course is immediately shut down. What about the ritual murder of Princess Diana? The dying god likes dying people.

Sir Jimmi Saville as he liked to see himself – the freak became a decorated nobleman! There is pedo written all over his face.

The ritual of the ancient Middle East consisted of first consuming an intoxicating substance. The Greeks had wine and the Egyptians had something else. Both cultures probably had other and stronger drugs. The intoxication simply made people lose their morale. The ritual included music to create what the Greeks called enthusiasmos. In that state, one became able to perform things that exceeded what one would be able to do without – for example, killing a child, tearing it into small pieces, boiling it and eating it. The sacrifice was followed by orgies, especially the Holy Marriage performed by a priest and a priestess who personified the god and goddess. The child that came out of it was a living incarnation of the dying god.

The dying god in the feminine form is also called Venus. The original name of Venus is Lucifer. When the Jews were punished and deported / exiled to Babylon for their 800-year-old cultic excesses, they turned it upside down – everything is upside down aka the Kabbalistic-tarot-hang-man is a Jewish invention – and created Kabbalah as a disguise an interpretation, so that the worship of the dying god could continue. Kabbalah is the formalized worship of Lucifer. In the sense that Freemasonry and Illuminism are Kabbalah, it is the worship of Lucifer, the dying god. Directly questioned, a high-level Freemason today will have a hard time denying it, for very few of their secret rituals and scriptures have not been released.

There are two kinds of God at stake here. There is, on the one hand, God who allows himself to place restrictions on humanity. Then, on the other hand, there is God who says that man is completely and utterly free. A conservative and a liberal God, so to speak. What is the doctrine of the liberal god? It is freedom from the Creator of the Universe (GOD), ie freedom from the universal laws, freedom from responsibility, freedom from morality, freedom from conscience and freedom from being held accountable for atrocities against humans, animals, their common environment and overall: Cosmos . This is the Luciferian principle. Liberals, socialists and Darwinists participate in the same ritual, the same zombie mass that celebrates the survival of the strongest.

The fallen angel in Gustav Doré’s interpretation

The ultimate sacrifice, the sacrifice of the human child, is the most vicious thing one can do, the greatest sin against the Universe and against the creative transcendent being called God with a Big G. If you accept that a child can be sacrificed freely, then there is no good and there is only the will to power and dominion for yourself in relation to others. It is now legitimate to pursue this will to power at the expense of others, then the way is paved for any kind of evil marketed as any kind of convenient goodness.

The movie Apocalypse Now describes it. Lieutenant Kurtz submits to evil, but he has discovered certain secrets about this evil. Kurtz tells of how his platoon finds a Vietnamese village where all the children have had their limbs amputated and lie in a large pile. The moment he sees it, he recognizes the genius that lies in the fact that it is now possible to perform something that completely exceeds the limit of morality. Morality is being transformed in this moment. What used to be evil can now be described as good.

That it’s not just a statement in a Hollywood movie, was confirmed in an interview in which a journalist asked Madelaine Albright, Secretary of State in the Clinton administration, how she reacted to the fact that at that time half a million civilians were reported died in the Iraq war and whether, it was worth it. Her response was: Yes, it was worth it!

The ugly witch who thought half a million dead civilians were appropriate

The goal sanctifies the means.
This was the moral set of Machiavelli’s The Prince. It was also the morale of neocon philosopher Leo Strauss and his student Dick Cheney that started the Iraq war using the bombing of WTC 9/11. The statement was: Because it is desirable for the United States to start wars anywhere in the world based on the perception of an imaginary ubiquitous enemy, it is morally justifiable to arrange the assassination of 3,000 individuals in a few high-rise buildings in New York and call it a terrorist attack. The goal was the war, the means was the lowering of the high-rise buildings and their collateral fixtures: 3000 people.


Science calls itself objective and neutral. Scientists say science is the opposite of religion, that they have liberated science from metaphysics. Darwinists say this about themselves so we could start here.

Hush, don’t tell anyone!

Darwin believed that it all began with a single-sex amoeba that somehow split in two. It was just one big, same-sex erogenous field with a desire for everything it came in contact with. It sounds like Plato. According to the Victorians of Darwin’s time, the woman was closer to the amoeba in her emotional perception of the world. In Plato, Eros is man’s longing for the One, Creation’s longing for the Creator. We find the same in the Gnostics. In the case of the Jesuit, Darwinist and neo-Platonist (neo-Gnostic) Teilhard de Chardin, this is exactly the case. Here it becomes apparent that Darwinism is not just science, but that there is a whole metaphysical universe encapsulated in Darwinism. Although modern Darwinism claims that the metaphysical aspects of Darwin have disappeared, this is not true.

Darwin spent his entire life on Milton’s Paradise Lost. Milton was deeply influenced by the Manichaean dualistic universe. The same with Tindall, who is the editor-in-chief of King James’ Bible. Tindall quotes Bogomil texts. The Bogomils are much like the Cathars in the south of France.

The papal demands

In Eastern Orthodox thinking, the world is an imperfect place but basically not an evil place. The world is moving towards perfection. That the Orthodox Church is not just Eastern European Catholicism is not understood in the West. There is an extensive set of knowledge that has been printed by the curriculum of the Western universities. We must return to papal claims to status issued by Leo in 1049. Leo was the cousin of the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry. Leo realized that the monasteries in the Rhineland were capable of throwing away all papal influence and ruling everything on their own. For example, the very central monastery of Cluny, which controlled 600 monasteries in the Frankish Empire with its network, and where no feudal lord could come close.

Without a company behind it, popes would hardly succeed as Leo IX to be portrayed as saints.

Leo’s successor Gregor begins to say things and make demands that no one else had made before. For example, that God’s vicar on earth, Vicarii Filio Dei, could not be ignored, but that he, the Pope, in turn, could override everyone else. Any law he might find too good was, by its very nature, infallible. He even began to make strange statements that he was a kind of avatar, a reincarnation of Saint Peter.

It was, of course, completely repulsive to the churches of the East, and not long after it came to a schism. The Eastern Church and its patriarchs chose to neglect the requirements and regard the Pope as an inferior person who exhibited all the unworthy characteristics of an ordinary power-hungry emperor. They knew very well that the Roman emperors had appointed themselves to God, and now the popes behaved the same way. Leo thus started a new trend, where the papacy entered into character as an Empire, the EU Commission of the time, where all governments as well as ecclesiastical branches had to emerge. The church underwent, in a way, a secularization that some have called the re-establishment of the Roman Senate with papal supremacy. The scholar and writer David Kelley calls it the Franco-Papal Monarchy in his book Anatomizing Divinity.


The Eastern Church draws its theology from a number of Church Fathers. The West Church draws from one church father in particular, Sct. Augustine. Without his main theses, the Western Church was unthinkable.

A couple of church fathers sticking their heads together, Augustine and Hieronimus

Augustine counts images, symbols, emblems, icons to be the lowest form of knowledge. The higher form of knowledge is found in what he calls higher forms. Here he means the Platonic forms, and above these there is only God. Augustine believes that it was possible to work oneself up in the layers of knowledge and be united to God. Later in scholasticism, one struggles with the ballast that Augustine delivered and comes up with the idea of the Divine Grace and other intermediate stages / media. The idea of union with God was too Eastern and mysterious for people. Augustine has his thoughts on images and forms from the pagan world.

By the example of the burning bush in the Old Testament, Augustine appears on a collision course with the rest of the church. To him, it’s just an angel setting fire to a bush. For the rest of the church, it is the presence of Christ and God and thus a manifestation.

Augustine is basically a Manikean and represents the dualistic universe with Heaven and Hell, good and evil. Everything material is evil, everything spiritual is good. It is also called the false dualism between high and low, where complementary dualism is found in high as well as low. Daoism is an example of true dualism. For Augustine, earthly love and sex are a dirty and sinful affair, and women are inferior beings because they are sensuous and sentient beings to a greater degree than man. In this connection he makes various derogatory statements about the female philosopher in Alexandria, Hypathia, one of the unusually few female philosophers in all of philosophical history.

Hypathia of Alexandria

One of the biggest differences between Western and Eastern theology is that one can read and understand Western Latin theology and the Protestant epistle completely without believing in it. In the Eastern understanding one cannot know and understand anything without experience and faith. Faith is experience. In the West, knowledge and belief are separated from experience and thus an abstraction.

There is an emblem called the Shield of the Trinity. It consists of three circles that weave together with a fourth in the middle. The Father and the Son are usually at the top and the Holy Spirit is at the bottom, but in the middle. It is thus the love that connects the Father with the Son. Augustine swaps it all around and says that the Father can be the Holy Spirit and vice-versa. Augustine does not like the clearly feminine element of the Holy Spirit – hence his antipathy to Hypathia. It all gets messed around. Author Joseph P. Farrell has written an unpublished book on the whole subject called History & Dialectics, a kind of cult classic for Orthodox converts. Farrell was, in fact, in addition to his writing – and musicianship – the leader of an American Orthodox church and an Oxford scholar on patristics.


In alchemy we find the idea that one can recreate Creation backwards (reverse creation engineering) by following certain processes and thus becoming a creator oneself. Alchemy mimics God. For the same reason, alchemy, on the one hand, was condemned and banished, for it was blasphemous to play God, and on the other hand, it banished itself when a group of elite powers wanted to keep this opportunity to themselves. The latter is a Kabbalistic mindset. In Michael Hoffmann’s book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, he describes nuclear explosion as a form of backward alchemy that was to liberate a new creation through chaos. Nuclear explosions are therefore crimes against universal laws, whereas true alchemy follows and respects these. That is, if the practitioners of alchemy otherwise respect the universal laws and man, which seems to be the weak point. It seems that Kabbalists and their alchemist practices have a consistent tendency not to respect either universal laws or people. They have exchanged the opportunity to be co-creative on the terms of the Creator with being the Creator Himself. Fuck ethics and conscience! This is where the satanic element creeps in.

In modern science, God is almost a kind of technology that one can log on to. Once logged in, you can use technology to create a Teknotopia. Much rather suggests a Dystopia due to the fact that the types (the Sabbatean Kabbalists) who through the ages have tried to log in, have been of a very … lets say strange ethical standard. They probably believe themselves to be of a particular high standard, but their inclusiveness of other human beings is almost absent.

John Dee is an example. By the assistance of his clairvoyant collegue, Edward Kelley, he logs into God’s technology with his Enochian magic, its backward language, and mirror constructions, and what he uses it for is: espionage for Tudor Queen Elisabeth I. At that time, we see a series of anti-Catholic rulers and their henchmen assuming a kind of Reformation mysticism. The Kabbalists have sewn into the Reformation. The Anglican Church is one such. Elisabeth said (paraphrased): The Papacy has just proclaimed ownership of all worldly and spiritual institutions in the World, proving that it is the Antichrist. I, on the other hand, am the regent of Albion and thus of the Anglican Church. The Elisabethanians believed that they were fighting the final eschatological war (eschatology: the doctrine of the last days) between the Antichrist and themselves as the Protestant advocates of justice. Luther writes It is a wonderful war (Es ist ein wunderliches Krieg). The queens notions on the Papacy and Antichrist is not totally untrue.

Agent 007

If you look at the Frankish kings and Emperor Charlemagne, they do the same. They have this dual nature, they are half monarch, half God. They all present themselves as incarnations of Christ. From Charlemagne onwards, the emperor controls all the viceroyalty + the whole clergy. He realizes, so to speak, Pope Leo’s ambition for total control, but now it is the imperial power that rules. The Franks invaded England in 1066 (Battle of Hastings) with the ‘bastard king’ Wilhelm the Conqueror, thereby franking England. When Elisabeth later portrays herself as a god-queen, it is in fact a Frankish tradition. And if it’s a Frankish tradition, Kabbalah is guaranteed to be involved.

The head of the nail is that John Dee, Agent 007, was a Kabbalist. It is a claim among Kabbalists that one can use mirrors to look into and capture influx from the astral world. One can change people’s personality with these mirrors. As early as the 13th century, the Franciscan monk and Kabbalist Roger Bacon, Doctor Mirabilis, had described to the pope how to erect mirrors at strategic points facing east to passivate rebellious elements. They could even be used to find people hiding underground. It is reminiscent of something we know is happening today with surveillance technology, but which was already known 800 years ago via occult technology. The two 00s in 007 have since been interpreted as John Dee’s glasses, but when you know the mindset of Kabbalists and alchemists, it’s all too straightforward an explanation. It is rather 7 = the divine light captured and channeled through two mirrors. The English word spy glass takes on a double meaning: Dee as a spy and Dee looking into another world.

Roger Bacon with a thingy

Dee also claimed that after strenuous efforts, he succeeded in contacting a class of supernatural luciferic beings called archons or macros. Legend has it, that he made a deal with them, a quid pro quo. He gained insight and power, they were guaranteed centuries of bloodshed, for it was their food. If we are to take the legend literally, then we must state that throughout its history the British Empire has been capable of supplying millions and millions of bloodshedded and exiled souls. We are reminded here of the Sabbatean ritual with the sacrifice to the dying god, the luciferic (luminous) beings. Dee describes his breakthroughs to their world as two pillars of light (00), a familiar symbol of the Kabbalists, Jakin and Boas, standing at the entrance to any Masonic temple. The destruction og the two towers at 9/11 was a kabbalistic ritual.

According to the Kabbalists, God created the World as one cosmically luminous tree of light, the Tree of Life. It is one large androgynous cosmic human named Adam Kadmon. It is also called Sefiroth – Sefiro – Sofia (goddess of the Gnostics). John Dee says that light is in the human eye. Queen Elisabeth sees herself as the incarnation of the Virgin / Virgo / Sofia / Astrea and therefore the divine light that shines in the eye – the eye is the mirror of the soul.

Adam Kadmon, the heavenly body


There is this strange trend in spy thrillers, that the master agent sacrifices himself for the Crown. What is it about? Aleister Crowley was such a master-agent. He received his training from Robert Fowley, who later became Prime Minister. Crowley says: Every action I take brings me closer to England.

The concept of The Fairy Queen is Elisabeth I, the occult queen who rules Britannia that rules the waves. She appears in Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring as the elven queen Galadriel. And while we are at Tolkien, he was a fierce opponent and despiser of the industrial society which he saw emerge at the behest of the ruling elite in his country. In his mythical pictorial world, he describes the monstrous war-industrial complex that springs from Saruman’s ork factory. War and industry are one and the same, and Tolkien saw it. The world is changing. Who now has the strength to resist Isengard and Mordor? The Lord of the Rings is Tolkien’s prediction of the two (three) world wars.

In the Frankish Council of Frankfurt 794, one relates to Augustine’s statement that images, icons, emblems should only be viewed and not worshiped by touch or kissing, as one would otherwise have done. It has since become normal practice, but it was not then. It is called optical mysticism. So there was a mysterious transfer via the image of an idea. John Dee believed that one could duplicate images from one person to another. Of course, there are many stories about Dee, among others. that he had summoned a demon that caused the Spanish armada to go down. We may think of various claims what we will, but the fact is that these men existed, that they had intentions of controlling many people by their methods, and that kings, emperors, queens, and popes laid ears to these people. Espionage, intelligence, mind-controll and esotericism were already linked in the Middle Ages. Not that every Kabbalist has necessarily been a malicious person, but there is obviously a characteristic of the overarching and pervasive esoteric field that since the Chaldean magai has had a particular attraction to malicious types with a penchant for manipulating others by force.

The Fairy Queen in her occult regalia like the Sun.
A Sun Queen like a French Sun King.

Elisabeth fremstiller sig selv med den samme semantik og symbolik som paven, en symbolik, der synes at omgærde personer, der ligesom paven ønsker at dominere hele feltet = alt i verden. Napoleon gjorde det samme. At han kronede sig selv er en skrøne, men han satte sig klart over pavemagten.

Among the British Israelites we find the idea that there was a Christianity before the popes and the Roman Church, and that Jesus and Joseph of Aramathea walked around the Green Meadows of England. Just hear the singing of William Blake’s Jerusalem every year at The Last Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. So a kind of philo-Judaism. Cromwell invites the Jews to England, even though they had been thrown out because of bad behavior before. As early as the first century, the Jews practiced the same style in Alexandria. Centuries after Cromwell, we find the Jewish banker Disraeli as prime minister, a member of The Primrose Ligue, a society of which Aleister Crowley’s family were also members. They owned a large brewery and were therefore financially major players. His aunt had a great influence on Crowley. So all the ultra-Tories, the monarchists, had thus formed this semi-Masonic society modulated over the Order of the Orange.

Cromwell, the man with the abscess who unleashed the usury

Kabbalah is constantly lurking at the water’s edge when sheaky intrigues are to be made. Every time things and events get weird in the game of history, it never fails that there is a Kabbalist backstage. Kabbalism almost seems to have been developed for the purpose of manipulating reality. But we must understand it like a piece of technology, that in itself is neither good nor bad. But bad people have a great lust for powerfuld technology to serve their bad purposes.

The Franks

The Franks are the 2% of Europe’s population that took over the whole of Europe. Also England, which they took over in 1066. It took them 100 years before they started calling themselves English, and most did not bother to learn English. They are introducing a whole new operating system where they are emerging. It is feudalism with a special twist that we can call minorityism. Feudalism is simply a systematic organization of power between those in power and in relation to the powerless. Minorialism is about the relationship between the 2%, ie the Franks, and everyone else.

The Franks set up labor camps where the slave-bound peasants and artisans were to work for them. These people could not choose to travel away, so they were actually slaves. The concept of the castle arises with the Franks. Before the eighth century, there had been courtyards and fortifications in Europe that were large enough to house the entire community within the ring walls. The Frankish castle housed only the Frankish lord. It’s a domicile. The Franks had to protect themselves from the rest of the society they had subjugated. A parasitic-symbiotic society.

The Frankish castle, a non-inclusive edifice.
Protection for one man and his family and servants = the citizens, no protection for the people outside.

In the castle, they are their own lawyers, judges and commissioners. They had clerks to write their history and records. They created service. We thinks as service people as servants, but that really means a slave, a serf. In the ancient world, a conquered population became slaves, which was considered merciful in relation to the second possibility, mass murder.

In England before 1066, where the Normans (the Franks) brought feudalism, the coastal areas were populated by free peasants and there was not much urban culture. One had public work next to his own agriculture or fishing or other craft. The drastic division introduced by the Franks did not exist. It was not a paradise state and should not be romanticized, for there were, of course, the poor and the rich. But the feudal slave hell did not exist.

We live to this day in this system, feudalism version 3.0. The early industrial society up to the middle of the 20th century was version 2.0.

  • Everything is extremely structured – as with the Franks.
  • There is a huge difference between those in power and everyone else – as with the Franks.
  • People cannot move freely, but are dependent on work and a number of laws they have not written themselves – as with the Franks.
  • The ruling elite is microscopic in relation to the rest of the population – as with the Franks.
  • This elite has built castles that protect them from the rest of the population – as with the Franks.
  • The elite is terrified of the rest of the population – as with the Franks – but unlike the Franks, they hide their misdeeds and lie about their intentions – the Franks were damn indifferent.
  • The people in power have their own language of power and their own theology, where they encrypt their intentions and make it look nice on paper – as with the Franks.

Charlemagne has been adored as the father of Europe. And one could easily argue that the EU today is a Frankish construction. But Charlemagne never perceived himself as king over a European population. He called himself the King of the Franks, and thus he was only king for the 2%. By the way, is this not what the EU’s Commissioner Power is? …

King of the Franks, not king of the French people.
The man who slaughtered the Germanic tribes.

When the Germanic had enough and decided to fight back, 
the Viking Age started and the Frankish Empire fell apart.

The Frankish Empire, however, did not have a structure like the Roman Empire, which was able to hold it together as a unit. This can perhaps be explained by the fact that at its core it was an egoist empire, and egoists can rarely figure out how to subordinate themselves to other egoists. The Frankish kingdom slowly split into a series of principalities. Urban cultures emerge in the late Middle Ages, where people escape the labor camps near the castles. Hence the word village, for there lived villains, people who had run away. Phrases like may I be frankfrank and free and franchise date from that period. Franchising was what the Americans got after the Civil War, and technically it means being able to move freely from place to place.

Hitler and the Nazis had labor camps, the Bolsheviks had labor and extermination camps (which they then had luck claiming the Nazis had), the British had labor camps in Rhodesia. English mining towns were pure labor camps. But the practice itself is thus developed by the Franks.

The Zombie Mass

In 1069-99 we have the first crusade. We envision Frankish knights in shining armor, but 9/10 of the participants were just ordinary people. How had they got off? On the street corners of the Frankish Empire, there were 1000s of preachers shouted that people should liberate the Holy Land from the evil Muslims and thereby gain salvation from God. They were like the news TV channels of our time, screaming people in the ears that we must now take part in a new war with big brother USA somewhere in the Middle East, where some evil Islamists pose a threat to us. In the 11th century, it worked just as effectively with street preachers, and in those days there was also an imperial agenda behind all the hypocrisy.

The feast of the Tafers

The Tafers were the poorest of the poor. They had no food, no clothes and no belongings. They did not even have weapons, but they actually won battles in the field. Here it becomes macabre, and the following is kindly and politely omitted in most history books. Taferne won by eating people! And the way they did it was not covert and over in a dark corner, as one would think. It was almost like a fair out in the middle of it all. It was ritualistic, and there would always be a Frankish gentleman orchestrating the scenery.

Sources describe how a warlord, Roger Tossin, already in the 1020s in the fight against the Muslims in Spain staged cannibalist masses. And he did so to reveal if there were spies in his army. Ie. the members of his army were obviously accustomed to that kind!

The Franks started a tradition in the Middle Ages of body parting. It apparently started during the First Crusade. A French knight wanted to be buried in his own land. First, the intestines were removed. Then they boiled the body in a large pot and cut the meat from the bones, after which they salted the meat and sent it all back for burial. A rather strange custom. But this is how saints were treated so that their body parts could become relics. A Frankish knight wanted his body to be honored as if he were a saint. He went to the Holy Land to be cleansed of all his sins. But why the meat, why not just his bones? There are accounts of Carolingian knights whose flesh was sent back, but the stench was so unbearable that in some cases people died in the company of the salted corpses.

So the Franks had a problem. But the problem could be solved by inventing a new tradition or rather: re-introducing an ancient tradition. It’s called ‘eat my flesh and wash it down with my blood’. A cannibalistic Eucharist, a man-eating sacramental meal. Some meat was sent home for burial, others were simply eaten – cf. the taffers and their ritualistic zombie masses conducted by Frankish gentlemen.

The cannibalistic meat-eating was matched by blood-drinking rituals. Charlemagne even instituted the first blood relic in Mantua in 806. They drank from a goblet containing the blood of a saint. We must understand that this is not really Christianity, it is a pagan-Frankish tradition that with Charlemagne and later the first crusade finds its way back to Christianity. It is the cult of the Dying God, the Sabbatean-Kabbalistic ritual practice, that emerges here.

The Franks imitated the Romans. The Romans already had the problems we find in the Frankish Empire, but what was problematic and reprehensible to the Romans becomes monstrous to the Franks! When comparing the two imperial cultures, one almost feels like defending the Romans, for the Franks were perverted and bestial beyond any description.

The beginning of the moral landslide

If you read the Bible and its apocryphal book of Enoch (Thoth / Hermes), you get the explanation that it started with the fallen angels and Lucifer’s followers who descended from Cain’s lineage. Kabbalah was thus a knowledge that was handed down from civilization before the Flood. Certain Annukim, who according to the story were warriors, survived the flood, and when the Jews – who were still not Jews but Egyptians or Hyksos people who had been thrown out of Egypt due to bad behavior, a move that seems to follow them up through the story – when they arrived in Canaan they became afraid of what they saw. The story of Goliath is about such an Annukim, a breeding product of the fallen angels and humans.

The Canaanites

There is a constant warning against breeding with Canaanites, but pretty much all the main characters in the Old Testament do. Kings like David and Solomon and Judah and Tamar do so, that is, the lineage of Messiah was to marry marries Canaanites. The purpose of Kabbalah is the creation of the Messiah, who is the Son of God. But he is also the son of the fallen angels and the dying god Lucifer through the descendants of the Canaanites – a detail that Judaism-light, the Christians, are not willing to mention. Of course, the Jews do not believe in Christ as the Messiah. That is why Jews are still not allowed to marry non-Jews, because the blood must be kept clean so that the Messiah / Antichrist can arise. It is at this time that the idea of ​​dynasties, the blue / royal blood, arose, for there is a very consistent and stubborn agreement in the European aristocracies that they are descendants of Jesus’ lineage. They do not talk loudly about it, but they count it as a fact.

Can the story be true? Possibly. It is a rather stubborn narrative throughout history that non-bodily or non-earthly beings can mate with humans. In antiquity and the Middle Ages they were called succubi or incubi. Hollywood re-records the idea in Rosemary’s Baby and the da Vinci Code, and it’s the sacred marriage / hieroscanos. The main character Sophie is horrified when she attends such a ritual in which her uncle participates. By Dan Brown, by the way, we need to understand that this is true Christianity, which is total bunkum. It is the exact opposite. In fact, Christianity lasted no more than a few hundred years before the Romans perverted it into a cult of the sun, which is the worship of the dying god and the ritual creation of Lucifer’s child. It is the breeding ritual of kings and queens to preserve the pure bloodline.

The Red Edom – only 10% have been excavated

Dan Brown has a good point as far as to say that the story of the Holy Grail is the story of the pure lineage. The grail as such was not as commonly believed a chalice. It was a sacred stone given go humans by ‘Angels’ i.e. Aliens. The lineage is protected for the sake of the stone. Descendants claim to come from Nimrod, the fallen angels and the Egyptian kings. But they can all be traced to the circle and network around King Herod the Great. He was from a family of Edomites. Edom was the urban culture that existed around Petra in present-day Jordan. They were not really Jews and descendants of Isaac but descendants of his brother Esau, who called himself Edom = red and had converted to Judaism. When the Magi of Babylon arrived and told Herod that they had witnessed the birth of the Messiah, he, as you know, ordered the infanticide – the story is a repetition of the Egyptian. The Rothschild banking dynasty claims to be descendants of Nimrod and fallen angels, but they are descendants of Herod and the Edomites. The Red Shield is the red-haired Esau and the red Edom.

The Edomites / The Nabbateans believed that Satan was captured and emprisoned in Petra. 
Today a large square structure can be seen there but only from satellite.

The birth of Kabbalah

We have to go back to Babylon year 600 BC. It is the same time when astrology in the form we know it occurs. And banking! That astrology probably also already existed in some form in Egypt, India and China is another story. Egypt enthusiasts believe the zoodiak in Dendeera is older. In Babylon, astrological practices are described by the Chaldean magai. There is great confusion surrounding their observance, and many have thought and written that they were Zoroastrian priests. But when one studies them, their philosophy has nothing to do with actual Zoroastrianism. The second nonsense we have from the Greeks and Romans.

The only place one finds anything similar is with the Kabbalists who arise a few hundred years later and who worship the dying god. The term Jews was not used until 100 years later, and Herodotus still refers to them as Phoenicians. When the Persian king Cyrus takes over Babylon, he frees the Jews and allows them to travel to Palestine. This is where the Kabbalistic cult spreads everywhere in the Middle East. In Egypt, it develops into the hermetic doctrine. In Greece, it becomes known as philosophy.

The philosopher and Kabbalist Hegel denied the Persian / Babylonian / Egyptian sources of Greek philosophy, and it is precisely Hegel who is the originator of the idea that Greece was the birthplace of Western civilization. Before Hegel it was understood that this was not the case, and the Renaissance was very much about rediscovering ancient and pre-antiquity knowledge – I have to use the word ‘pre-antiquity’ because of the Hegelian time wall, which only counts Greco-Roman culture antique and all other contemporary and earlier cultures irrelevant.

The Greeks thus learned from the Chaldean magai. So Plato and Pythagoras are in a way Kabbalists, which is exactly what the Kabbalists themselves claim. When Alexander conquered the Middle East, he helped export the Kabbalist cult. Alexandria in particular became a knowledge center. The branches of Kabbalism are neo-Platonism, Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Kabbalah itself. Neo-Platonism is Kabbalistic theology. Hermeticism and alchemy are practically Kabbalah. The worship of the dying god is Ritualistic Kabbalah.

Mithras, the sun god as proto-Christ

Mithraism is a cult of the dying god designed by the Chaldeans. Scholars have been confused that there is no connection between Zoroaster and Mithras. The Chaldeans claimed that they had their ideas from Zoroaster, but in that case it was in a strongly distorted version, for they were heretics. The cult of the dying god was transferred to an ancient Persian deity called Mithras and Mithraism was thus created. The Greek natural philosopher Heraclitus writes directly that the cult of Dionysus was an imitation of the Chaldean rituals.

In Rome it was called the Bacchus cult. Here women went up into the mountains, got drunk and danced to music, after which they tore a bull to pieces and ate it. In some cases, it was not a bull but a human. The cult of Dionysus is attributed to Orpheus. Orphism was Pythagoras’ basic philosophy and he passes it on to Plato. According to the Jews (the historian Aristobilus), Orpheus’ teacher was Museus, who was a Jew – Museus = Moses. Which is probably not one person, but a title.

Child murderer Herod

King Herod is thus visited by the Magi, who tell him that the Messiah has been born. He counteracts it with the infanticide, but it fails, and Jesus begins to teach an orthodox form of Judaism that existed before the Kabbalists brought it astray with their Talmud. In the New Testament he is described as one who deals with the learned elders, but in reality he was to be regarded as a traditionalist. According to the Jews and the light Jews, the Christians, he was killed. According to Islamic tradition, they did not succeed in killing him – surprise! Nevertheless, a sacrificial act well known at the time took place for the purpose of transferring sins to the victim by what is called the laying on of hands (O, you Lamb of God, who bears the sins of the world …). This is the doctrine put forward by Paul, the man who overthrew the Orthodox revival of Judaism and, together with his Roman principals, created what we know today as Christianity. Paulus / Saulus / Josephus Flavius ​​was a Jewish scholar of the Orphic-Kabbalistic cult who infiltrated the group around Jesus to later drop out of the picture and write down the history of the Flavians, where we know him as the historian Josephus Flavius. He got all the original Torah scrolls from the Temple by its burning, and what is known today is an ‘edited’ version. Hereafter Rabbinical Judaism. And Protestantism – Protestants today constantly quote Paul, they can hardly get enough. Actually Christianity has nothing to do with the Church of Jesus.

Paul was also an agent of the Roman collaborator King Herod. Researcher Robert Eisen demonstrates this from studies of the Dead Sea Scrolls. His sinister maneuvers have also been studied by historians Ralph Ellis and Joseph Atwill. Paul comes into opposition with the other disciples after Jesus’ death / disappearance. According to him, there was no reason to follow Jewish Orthodox practice anymore. Paul’s version is a covert occult version in which Jesus has suddenly become The Dying God. The Valentines, the most important Gnostic sect at the time, claim to have received their teachings directly from Paul.

The human sacrifice for inducing redemption of sins is very esoteric and quite in line with King Herod’s Kabbalah doctrines. The success of Paul and Christianity is due to the fact that everyone could participate, even those who were against – because they knew it was their sacrifice, and were sure that they would be forgiven of sins. The poor and suffering saw Christianity as their salvation. The rich and knowledgeable knew that it was a designer pacifier intended for passivation – initially by the rebellious Jews who gave the Romans so many problems, next to the entire Roman population, since it was now so effective at passivating . Pax Romanorum got a new piece of software.

Josephus / Saulus / Paulus.
The coup of both Judaism and Christianity became his feather in his cap.

In short: Catholicism is Kabbalism. With that point of view, many pieces fall into place. It is no longer difficult to understand the whole in many ways bizarre Catholic symbolic world and its ritual around the consumption of flesh and blood, death on the cross, infanticide, forgiveness of sins, etc. Going into St. Peter’s is like being somewhere between Babylon and Baalbek. And when the Franks in the Middle Ages get their people on the papacy, the ring is closed.

The Grail Mafia

Herod’s court was part of a network of four specific families. The second is the Julio-Glaudian dynasty in Egypt. They produced five emperors from Augustus over Calligula to Nero before Caesar. The third family a dynasty of priestly kings originated from Syria who worshiped Elagabalus / Baal. Their rule was called Sol Invictus, the invincible sun, another name for Mithras. The fourth family is the ruling family in Commagene, Turkey, a locality known as one of the first where Mithraism originated. The four families created their cult, Mithraism. And it is among these four that the concept of the Holy Grail persists as the common thread (Edom) in their family myth.

In his first blockbuster novel, Dan Brown novelified and romanticized a French book called ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’, arguing for the existence of a tenacious occult underground that claims to be descended from the Merovingian kings in the circle around Charlemagne / Charlemagne and that the Merovingians were descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The bloodline is introduced through Guiliaume de Gellone, the son of a Jewish exilarc named Makir. The exiles were the traditional rulers of the Jewish communities, the rabbis of the time, and their headquarters were in Baghdad, not far from Babylon. Jews were allowed to self-rule in limited areas of the Islamic State. The exiles were of the house and lineage of David. At one point, there was a split in the succession, and the person who did not get his claim of legitimacy approved was expelled and traveled to France, where he married into Charlemagne’s family. Charlemagne is considered the father of the Europe we know.

One of the four families, the Julio-Claudian, was the one who tried to introduce the Sun Cult as the official state religion. In Kabbalah / Mithraism / Sun Invictus / Babylonian cult, the king is an incarnation of the dying god, the Sun God through the holy marriage. It does not happen until under Constantine the Great. Here Herod’s plot finally succeeds. Constantine never became a Christian himself, even though he introduced Christianity as the state religion – which, incidentally, was one fat thing, as Christianity had already been couped and turned into a dying-god cult.

The Julio-Claudian lineage splits at some point, and is not reunited until under Sct. Arnulf, bishop of Metz, Charlemagne’s great-grandfather. And as Charlemagne’s family now gets an injection of this exilarc of David’s house and lineage, as it so poetically states in the New Testament, it suddenly becomes a sacred marriage. And since the entire European aristocracy can more or less trace their lineage back to Charlemagne, we understand why they feel highly elevated above the rest of humanity. They are simply divine incarnations in their own optics!

Image of a King..
Seen one, seen them all.

Elenore of Aquitaine marries Henry I of England, which becomes the Plantagenet dynasty, which in turn is related to the Scottish royal branch that started with Malcolm III, who marries Agatha of Bulgaria. What is all this royalism for, and can we not be just indifferent to all that dusty rubbish? First, we have been digging in the dust all the time, and second, this relationship is important as an explanation for the Jewish phenomenon of the missing tribes, the mindset of our rulers

The lost tribes

We must return to the Assyrian campaigns against Israel. It happened in two stages at 100 year intervals. Israel was divided into two kingdoms, Israel itself and Judah. As a result, the missing tribes allowed themselves to be relocated to Media in northern Persia … and suddenly they had disappeared and have been ever since. Of course they were not, for they spread to northern Persia and Armenia and on from there to southern Russia, which was the land of the Scythians. Contemporaries described the Scythians as red-haired and green-eyed. The god Odin came from Scythia. Genetic studies lead the red hair back to Central Asia. Today, the red hair is found in Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, in parts of Central Asia over to Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. And among Jews. Analysis of the hair of mummies of some Egyptian Pharos reveal red hair. The Scythians converted to Judaism centuries later in the eighth century. At that time they were known as Khazars. One could say that this was the second time they converted, for Esau also converted originally.

The Kazakhs were notoriously notorious for bad behavior, and went by the name of the land pirates. Their kingdom is being destroyed by Rus, the Russians from Kiev. Hold that thought for a moment: it explains a thing or two about the fierce post-Khazar hatred of the Russian people. Should it not be known stuff, then we find the post-Khazars among Jewish Azkenazim, the big banking families, the Zionists and their ideologues. The fact that a stack of post-Khazar neocons have been embedded in the US government organizing war in the Middle East, Libya, Syria, against Syria, Iran and Russia in the Ukraine is not a coincidence. This hatred is millennia old, and hatred at a collective level and pure and rooted in the genetics and family mythology of the oligarchy is immeasurably die hard.

The Russians are thus forcing the Khazars to emigrate into Europe. Here they produce the aristocratic families of Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. So in the case of Malcolm III’s marriage to the Bulgarian princess, it is therefore a ‘sacred marriage’ in the Kabbalistic sense. The person who goes to fetch Agatha in Bulgaria is none other than William Sinclair, the ancestor of the Sinclair family (Plantard), the family that claims to carry the Holy Grail, that is, the legendary descendants of Jesus and King David. They become initiators for the Bruce, Campbell, Kennedy, Douglas, Montgommery and Spencer (Lady Diana) families. They are the aristocracy, and the aristocracy is one large inbred, married, genetic laboratory. Each person is like a test tube with a fluctuating degree of ‘purity’. The aristocracy has had the privilege of being able to whore to the right and left, but their leading figures, their family heads are always of a higher genetic purity. This is the special form of aristocratic eugenics, which is real eugenics, not the genocidal malgenics, that they force onto the rest of humanity.

Most will ask themselves if there is not quite a bit of coincidence about the way the aristocracy breeds. Nothing can be more wrong, for it is deeply organized and arranged. In every fourth generation, a branching of the family takes place, after which it is reunited. The woman in the family then takes the same name as her relative four generations before as a kind of representative, symbolic reincarnation.

If one is to explain how this entrenched and inevitable practice has been secured for centuries and millennia, we get a problem of understanding – unless we reckon with the possibility of beings without body and thus without age overlook and control the aristocracy, both those with and without noble titles. Here it becomes a bit David Icke’ish, perhaps, but there is hardly any other explanation possible. David Livingstone, my primary source together with James Kelly, Joseph P. Farrell and Ralph Ellis, states directly when asked: I see no other option than for Lucifer to control it. He does not define Lucifer as a person but as a class of soulless beings who have been here before humans and who parasitize on humanity, who are dependent on humanity. The whole cult of the dying god is all about the relationship with Lucifer and the methods of giving body to this being without body.

The Merovingian and the Succubus, Persephone, Queen of the Underworld

An open secret

The Kabbalists in Hollywood seem to be in no doubt, and one blockbuster after another is soaking around the subject. This could be set aside for an entire series of blogs with just the subject of Hollywood Kabbalism, but just a simple sample, the Matrix trilogy, is almost unambiguous. Humans live in an illusion world ruled by a non-bodily intelligence and its acolytes, the agents. And who meets the breakaway Neo behind the screen? The Merovingian who controls the time lock and can make women have orgasm simply by the power of thought. That is, an incubus / succubus of Charlemagne’s bloodline.

The Hollywood universe is currently overcrowded with Kabbalistic witch broils of ancient mythologies and demonic beings. They do not boastfully exhibit their own perverted master plan, but in their luxurious mansions they are dying with laughter that the audience is gobbling it up, they cultivate the ritual with the androgynous dying god, the homo-trans-bisexual seduction, the ritual murder and Moloks sacrificial offering again and again. They are constantly fucking with our brains and our gradually totally hollow morals. It is said that Hollywood is owned by Jews. Actually the Chinese has bought most of it today, but what is more important to note is that Hollywood is run by Kabbalists, Crypto-Jews or not. That was what made Walt Disney the hatred of all of Hollywood. He knew what they were up to, and Hollywood is stubbornly notorious for its sexual abuse of men, women, and children. There is not a single actor who has been inside the illusion factory who has not at one point ‘received the offer’. Many have not been able to say no, because then their career was over. Many were groomed already in their children’s programs. You can’t swing a dead cat in Hollywood without hitting a pedo, they say. It was very funny in an embarrassing way to watch Rich Gervais smacking it in their faces at the Awards a year ago.

Genesis says that man, as soon as he was created, was cast out of Paradise, but that the Devil begs for deliverance. So God leaves it to the Devil to test the people and prove them worthless. It, in turn, gives people the opportunity to prove otherwise. No matter what sophisticated philosophical considerations man may come up with, he-she is endowed with the free will to choose to act life-promoting or life-destroying, what usually goes by the term good or evil. We are meant to make the choice to love God, we are not just born with it as an automaton. Planet Earth is a place where one can learn that kind of thing. If there was no opportunity to choose the opposite, and if there was no challenge, the choice was worthless and simply impossible.

Lucifer’s / Devil’s challenge to humanity right now is whether we allow ourselves to be seduced into creating our own planetary prison in the form of a global tyranny. If we choose it, we have deserved it, and it will be the ultimate humiliation of the people that they did it against themselves and accepted / adopted injustice while clapping their little hands.

The Palladian Rite

The name of this order comes from Pallas Athene. That is the order to which Gioseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike belonged. Here, four men are appointed as Western leaders: Mazzini and Pike himself + Lord Palmerston and Otto von Bismarck.

It was revealed by the Canadian author of the book Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr, in which he describes the satanic capitalist-communist plot to subjugate the entire world. He warned in the 30s about World War II. Albert Pike had 50 years before in his letter to Mazzini described the three world wars, and it is the same plot as in Carr. Lord Palmerston created the Oxford movement with the aim of exporting the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry to the Middle East. Joining the club was Edward Bulwer-Lytton, the leader of the English Rosicrucian Order. Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani, a notorious deceiver, founded the Salafist movement, but he was also the Grand Master of the Egyptian Masonic Lodge. The Salafi movement later became the infamous Muslim Brotherhood. Freemasonic Britain had laid an egg for hatching in the Middle East so that the area could be ruled by the headless chickens that came out of the egg. As you know, Osama bin Laden was a Salafist, just like his Saudi family, who were henchmen for the House of Saud, the Wahhabis, who according a leak in the CIA archives is an ancient Jewish family.

Which is interesting, since the original Mecca was not placed in the middle of the Arabian Desert but in Petra! We have been there before, haven’t we! And how do we know the location of Mecca, the birthplace of Islam? Because Muslims are meticulously precise with the direction of their mosques turning directly towards Mecca. The earliest mosques were turning towards Petra.

The Salafist al-Afghani

The world of Freemasons is labyrinthine and one can easily get lost. The British Rosicrucians were a branch of the Golden Rosicrucians, which in turn was a branch of the Asian Brethren. In the occult circles it is claimed that when the Knights Templar were in the Holy Land, they came in contact with the Sabians / Ishmaelites (current leader: Aga Khan), whose sect is an amalgam of Kabbalism and Islam (and the philosophy of the Assassins). From here the Knights Templar should have received their Kabbalistic doctrines. They were said to worship a horned deity from the Middle East named Baphomet (Baal). The first person they visit when they return from the Crusade is David of Scotland, son of the aforementioned Malcolm III and settles in the Rosslyn Chapel. The only family in the Middle East they marry into is an aristocratic family from Armenia. That is, the missing tribe from Edom, now residing in Armenia, the birthplace of Mithraism. This produced an influential generation called the House of Lusignan, which ruled over Armenia, Cyprus, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem. They become one with the Hospitalites, competing orders to the Knights Templars and the Maltese Knights.

The War of the Roses is the reunion of the families in the form of a series of dynastic wars from the 15th century to the 17th century, including what is called the 100-year war. The white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster consist of five leaves and are thus a pentagram, a Kabbalistic symbol. In Solomon’s Song of Songs it is called the Rose of Saron, the Lily of the Valley, and both are symbols of the Jewish faith. Thus, there is underlying Kabbalistic Judaism mixed into the family feuds up to the Tudor dynasty.

Queen Elisabeth was a very occult queen. Her adviser was the Kabbalist, alchemist and master spy John Dee, who was the Godfather of the Rosicrucian movement. Elisabeth had no heir, thereby bringing the Scottish line Stuart to power. The point of it is always mentioned in the occult subsoil. The main cornerstone of this movement is the alchemical wedding, ie the aforementioned holy / Luciferian marriage. Specifically, it is the wedding between Frederick of Palatinate and James I’s daughter, Elisabeth. It is the reunion of two families that had been separated for 400 years. A similarly arranged blood wedding was the marriage between Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. The bloody’ness took place in more than one sense as a bloody union of two occult genera and a final ritual bloodshed in a tunnel in Paris.

Note: In the ancient Diana cult, men indulged in sharing their own daughters in orgiastic sessions in the temple of Diana.

A place for a ritual murder of a princess

Should anyone doubt that Diana was murdered with the knowledge of Prince Charles, one may want to read journalist Jon King’s book Unlawful Killing. The case is perhaps the biggest stinker for the British royal family in recent times. That Charles then hung out with the pedophile, rapist and murderer Jimmi Saville does benefit the House of Windsor, but simply shows what substance these royal monsters are made of. Recently, the Jeffrey Epstein case repeatedly shows a connection between human sacrifice, perversion, big politics, intelligence.

Frederick of Palatinate is elected King of Bohemia, the Kabbalistic Center of Europe (Bohemian Grove is named from there).

Notes on red:

  • In Bohemia, the Jews received their first flag, which is red with a golden Star of David.
  • The shield of the Rothschild dynasty is red.
  • Edom is red.
  • The Communist banner is red – Communism was created by Zionists in England and the United States
  • Read: The Russian Revolution
  • Red are the rivers of human blood that are shed in honor of the dying god.
  • Red is the rose on the cross.
  • At all for the Crown, the Lord Chancellor of The City of London wears a red robe when the annual ritual with what we believe is the Crown (which is the City of London), the English Queen, takes place. She is wearing a blue dress and her husband is wearing the blue ribbon of order.

Here begins the Thirty Years’ War declared by the Catholics – under the spin-doctor influence of the Venetians, who supported the Protestants precisely to start this violent war, which killed half of Europe’s population. The Rosicrucian movement becomes a total failure, and the members flee to England, where they seep into Freemasonry. They established, through a series of deposed kings named James and Charles, a succession descended from Frederick and Elisabeth’s grandson of the holy Kabbalistic marriage: George I. All subsequent kings and queens descended from him, the Hanoverian dynasty. It’s all extremely organized, and all their leading members are members of the infamous Order of the Garder. This order dates back to a time when the Knights Templar were forced to go underground in England. In Denmark we call this order Hosebåndsordenen, and the Danish Queen is a member.

The Sabbatean, who called himself the Messiah
– and stuck his tail between his legs.

The House of Rothschild is a bit of a mystery. A well-founded theory is that they are descendants of Sabbatei Zevi, the man who proclaimed himself the Messiah in 1666 – a rather deliberate dating. The modern version of Kabbalah begins with Isaac ben Solomon Luria Ashkenazi (1534-72) called New Kabbalah. Sabbatei Zevi (1626-76) is one of the manifestations of this revival. The Jewish communities in both Europe and the Middle East went into ecstasy: the Messiah had arrived! We mistakenly believe that in the age of the mobile phone we are communication superior, but the message was spread with lightning speed in the 17th century. However, the gas went off the balloon when Zevi received an ultimatum from the Ottoman sultan to choose Islam or death – and he chose Islam. He became a Crypto Jew.

The story of the red Jews and the missing tribes is a consistent story among Jews. They were red-haired and lived in Central Asia and were descendants of Edom. They also believed that it was from the vanished tribes that the Messiah was to come. Sabbatei Zevi’s successor is Jacob Frank, and he elaborates a lot on the meaning of Edom and the Franks. According to Rabbi Antelman, the Rothschilds were Franks and descendants of the Edomites. So there is conflicting information about the financial empire that reportedly owns the World – which may be a thing of the past and another story.

The Bavarian Illuminati were reportedly disbanded. But Jacob Frank’s successor Moses Dobruschka (cryptized as Schönfeld) forms an organization called the Asian Brothers, as mentioned above. According to Albert Pike, these brothers became the successors of the disbanded Illuminati. The Asian is a reference to the Asians, the Ismailis, from whom the Knights Templar reportedly got their doctrines and secrets. This fraternity consisted mostly of Syrians, Armenians and Jews. They were also called the Brethren of Sincerity. How they love these names …

The man who started the American Civil War and put in a ticket to three world wars. It was probably not really him but a Jesuit agent named Leo Taxil, but let it be …

To round off, the Palladian Rite was an initiative to unite and coordinate different branches of Freemasonry – what we would today call The Deep State or at least part of it. That is, everything from the Scottish to the Egyptian Rite. Just ask whether Deep State Politics today exhibits some form of obsession with violent, manipulative intervention in the Middle East? Are we in doubt about the answer? Part of the answer is that it has been the deep state since time immemorial.

So how does The Global Deep State, the Sabbatean Kabbalists, create a Third World War as Albert Pike describes in The Palladian Rites? By militarizing groups in the Middle East and by creating separatist divide-and-rule divisions between Muslims. Bulwer-Lytton (1803-73) and his gang had the stated purpose of creating just that. From this springs Islamic fundamentalism aka the perversion of Islam to the attempt of creating the New Caliphate with ISIS to the resurrection of the Third Temple in Jerusalem becoming the New Capital of The World … according to the Chabad, the present version of the Sanhedrin, The World Council.

And from this springs terrorism in our time as the Global Operating System.

The Roots of Terrorism

The Knights Templar thus meet someone in the Middle East, whom they refer to as the Mystics of the East, or the Johannitesthe Mandeans. The latest has recently been mentioned in connection with terror against them in Iraq. The word Johannites refers to the fact that they accept John the Baptist as the Prophet and not Jesus. They obviously knew something about the Romans’ and the Catholics’ Saint Paul fraud.

In the 12th century, Kabbalah reappeared after being inactive since the 1st century. It is attributed to the Mandeeans of Iraq, who had preserved these ideas through the centuries. They are almost identical to the Sabians in Iran. They are also found in the southeastern part of Turkey and they have preserved the hermetic tradition. Their worship figure was Tamuz (Thomas, Gospel of Thomas, Gnosticism).

Kabbalah gets its revival at the same time as Scholasticism in Europe. It is also called the First Renaissance, and it focuses especially on the Church Father Thomas Aquinus, who re-reads Greek philosophy in relation to Christian theology. What goes a little more unnoticed is that the scholastics were under the influence of the Muslim teachers, Avicenna and Averoes, and imitate their co-reading of Greek philosophy in relation to Islam. It was the Sabians who were responsible for the introduction of Greek philosophy to Islam. It becomes important for Sufism, the mysterious branch of Islam and more importantly: the Ismailis. Out of the Ismailis came the Assassins.

The assassination of a Persian vizier

It is undeniable that the Knights Templar had contact with the Assassins. The terrorists of our time can without hesitation claim that they are an update of the Assassins. They were led by a figure named Hassan-i Sabbah. Their name comes from the methodical use of hashish, and in Semitic they were called Hashishim. The drug was used for brainwashing and mind-control. Marco Polo describes that they were doped with hashish and created a kind of artificial paradise for them. In the intoxication they enjoyed every conceivable amusement, women, wine, food, etc. When they fell asleep and woke up again, they were told that if they obeyed and died for the cause, then they would go straight to paradise again. If someone with power and money wanted to hire an Assassin, they were for sale. The methods of recruitment were a cross between Freemasonry and the way mercenaries are hired for ISIS and similar terrorist groups today. In the lower levels of initiation, everything was just pure Islam. As the recruits moved up through the levels, the rules changed and they were told the second was for ordinary people. Eventually, he would completely deny Islam and accept occult doctrines as the true doctrine.

Going back in time, the cult of The Dying God always involves intoxication, music and sex. So sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. In the Eleusinian Mysteries, rye was consumed, on which a certain intoxicating fungus grew.

The Temple Church in London

The Knights Templar may have found no gold treasure at the Temple Mount. But they found texts. Sefer ha-Bahir is considered to be the very book that represents the rise of Kabbalah. It is said to have reached Palestine via Germany in fragments at that time, and therefore Kabbalah was off the field or at least underground for almost 1200 years. Then comes Zohar, the most famous Kabbalist scripture.

In the late 18th century – early 19th century, the Johannite / Sabian / Mandaean / Sabbatean idea took over Freemasonry, that is, the philosophy and practice that the Knights Templar brought with them. The Illuminati lodges were disbanded, but according to Albert Pike, the Asian Brothers took over their role. We heard about how Zabbatei Zevi in ​​the 17th century claimed to be the Messiah but converted to Islam when he was in danger of losing his head. He simply put on an Islamic costume, and he retained an entourage of Kabbalistic Jews disguised as Muslims walking under the name Dönmeh. The Young Turks who overthrew the Ottoman Empire and then were instrumental in the Armenian genocide were all Dönmeh. Atatürk was one of them. The European branch was headquartered in Poland, and their leader was Jacob Frank, who considered himself the incarnation of Zevi, just as Zevi considered himself the incarnation of Luria. Frank’s students skin-converted to Christianity and found their way into the Austrian aristocracy. Cryptization is the Jewish chameleon trick. The Empress Marie Therese was associated with them. Frank’s nephew creates the Asian Brothers. The Rothschilds (according to Antelman) were Sabbatarians, followers of Zevi. In Spain, they cloaked themselves with Christianity and are known as Meranos.

One senses a certain Turkish touch in Jacob Frank.
The name of the phenomenon was Dönmeh.
The art consisted of disguise = encryption.

The Hypocricy

It is argued that Illuminati prefer to play the role of politicians. Rather, they play the role of pseudo-religious leaders. They can be recognized by a certain common perception of man – from Plato over Jamal Afghani to Leo Strauss. According to them, man is weak, he can not accept the truth – there is no truth – so they need myths, for phantoms in heaven, a life after death, etc. You cannot just tell people what reality is, you have to to use religion to manipulate them. They therefore use all belief systems, ideologies and religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Communism, Democracy, you name it. They like to pose as performers in all genres. They volunteer more than willingly as clergymen.

People generally have a certain dead angle when it comes to that kind of types. They underestimate the threat of the hypocrites. If one reads in the New Testament, one is warned against the hypocrites. The same in the Qur’an. When an arch-hypocrite like George Bush stood up and said he was a Christian, all the Christians jumped on the wagon and believed everything he said. Same with the rest of his neocon mates. Most of them were Zionists, but to gain acceptance from the Christians, they put on a costume. The world will be deceived. In the Muslim world, there are plenty of examples. People do not discover seduction through religion, for religion teaches us to believe and trust. Religion is disarming. In an ideal world of goodness, believing in and trusting in would be a good thing. In the world we live in, it is life threatening.

In true religion, every human being is only accountable to God, the Highest Being, The Source. Religion is a matter between the individual human being and God, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, the Ultimate Reality recognized through our own Higher Self. It is about conscience, responsibility, a higher purpose of our existence and a clear sense of how we serve this purpose. The opposite is the doctrine of the Illuminati that there is no purpose, that there is no truth, that there is no higher order, that it is all about the survival of the strong and the right to take out everyone else. Everything you get away with is righteous. If it is vertical lie, then vertical lie is the same as truth. The lie becomes the noble lie.

The whole idea of a clergy is really a huge mockery of religion. Actually religion departed at death when the clergy arrived. Back is a tool for mind control. It’s easy to call yourself a Christian, Muslim, whatever. But it is hard to say with full conviction that one only respects and honors God and God alone – or formulated without the use of the concept of God: I am only accountable to the universal and natural laws and refrain from harming any being. All law, all government, all state, all tyranny, all slavery comes in the door when people forget or no longer dare to stand by the fact that they only need one thing: to be accountable to the Universe / God. In that moment of doubt and weakness, the parasite arrives and lays itself between you and Creation, thereby abolishing conscience.

In principle, it is possible to have righteous leaders. It currently seems more principled and hypothetical than actually possible. But people forget that leadership must be constantly maintained in its relationship to truth and justice. Hereby religion, politics, philosophy, ideology, science … become a disguise on top of evil. People forget to look properly and hold their leaders to account. It accepts leadership that simply claims to wish them well. It is the child’s almost infinite trust in the adult. It’s hard not to notice how the concept of children is phrased in the religious lingo: children of God, becoming like children again, children of Israel, … There is a touch of pedophilia with this word.

The New Muslim Illuminati

The mastermind of the Jihad movement in Afghanistan was Abdullah Hassan. He was obviously a CIA agent. Same with Mullah Omar, the blind sheik. Al-Zawahiri (al-Qaeda) is guaranteed to be a British intelligence agent. The US involvement in Afghanistan was the largest CIA operation in history, and most reasonably well-informed people today know the story of how the CIA funded Mujaheddin to oust the Russians. The first organization to be sponsored was led by Hegmajar, who formed a party. It was an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The pseudo-Muslim Freemason, al-Banna

The Brotherhood was funded by Saudi Arabia. The two key players are the Salafist movement and the Wahhabis, but they are almost one unit.

When Napoleon was in Egypt, Freemasons in his army contacted what they believed were the last remnants of the Ismailis in Egypt. The Sabians had preserved what was considered the oldest Egyptian occult tradition. That is why the Egyptian symbols with the Maat, the pyramid and the sphinx and all that symbolism is constantly recurring in Masonic symbolism.

An Egyptian named Marconis de Negre travels into Europe and forms a branch of Egyptian Freemasonry in Europe. It is the Sabbatean or Frankish tradition of sexual magic. The opposite movement went from Albert Pike, Lord Palmerston and Edward Bulwer-Lytton and was to spread the Scottish Rite in the Middle East through the primary agent Jamal Afghani. Afghani claimed by name to be Afghan, but he was Iranian, ie Shia, so he could not lead a lodge in a Sunni community.

Where is the crystal ball?

In Europe, the Occult Revival takes place from the occult underground. We see the Golden Dawn, the spiritualist movement and theosophy around Helena Blavatsky. Her two books Isis Unveiled and The Voice of the Silence are considered the Bible of the Freemasons, and she herself is considered the godmother of the Newage movement. She takes the Aryan myth and fuses it with occult legends. The Aryans, according to her, came from Atlantis. They survived and settled in the Gobi Desert and in the Himalayas, where the Great White Brotherhood existed. If you read Gurdjieff, it’s pretty much the same setup. Her ideas also have rich breeding grounds in the circle around Hitler. The political-ideological group most closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood were the Nazis and today the neo-Nazis.

Blavatsky apparently got his doctrines from the Ismaili / Gnostic, Jamal Afghani. They travel together to India, where Afghani for the occasion poses as a preacher for the Bahai movement. He also visits Aga Khan. Together with Karl Reuss and others, they return and form The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, a parallel to Afghani’s Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. Then Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley and OTO, Ordo Templi Orientis. And out of the OTO comes the occult part of the Nazis. In the Islamic world, Afghani becomes the father of the Salafi movement. On the surface, it was a revival of orthodox Islam, but in reality it was just a new way of undermining Islam. The virus program or vaccine that itself contained the virus.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Afghani was a teacher for Mohammed Abdu, a British agent who becomes head of al-Ashar University. Abdu becomes a teacher for Rashid Ridda, who links the movement to Saudi Arabia. Ridda becomes the teacher of Hassan al-Banda, the formal founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

John Loftis, who was basically a Nazi hunter, gained access to certain CIA documents showing that al-Banda was recruited by Hitler to form a branch of British intelligence (!), Hence: Muslim Brotherhood. It seems to point in all directions, but underneath it is one and the same movement. When the Nazis lose the war, the CIA immediately comes in and takes control of the Brotherhood. Most senior Nazi officers and scientists are then hired by the CIA. Operation Paperclip hires them for NASA, among others. The Odessa network also helps a lot to escape. Some escape to South America, others to Egypt, where they are hired to train the Brotherhood. Another group ends up in Italy, where they help organize the Operation Gladio network to fight the Communists. That CIA monster is still spreading poison in Central Asia and the Middle East. At the same time, the Red Brigades – a controlled opposition needs two parties to terrorize – are being created with roots back to the anarchist Bakunin.

The leaders of the post-WW2 Nazi network were Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s bodyguard, and Reinhard Gehlen. In Egypt, Gamal Nasser at one point turned against the United States, and the CIA then tried to use the Muslim Brotherhood to assassinate him. They failed, Nasser encircled them, and some of them were executed, including Sayyid Qutb. He is described in more detail in the video series Power of Nightmare by Adam Kurt. The then CIA agent Miles Copeland describes the Muslim Brotherhood as a tool that could be used to the advantage of both the British, the American, the French, the German and the Russian intelligence service. The CIA helps some of the encircled brothers flee to Saudi Arabia, where they were given the status of ‘religious’ teachers. One of them was Muhammad Qutb, brother of Sayyid, who later recruited Osama bin Laden.

When the CIA casted him, they looked at pictures of al-Afghani

The Ottomans

A fact that European medieval studies are not particularly aware of, is that the Middle Ages are dominated by the Ottoman Empire. As the British Empire expanded, they introduced the infamous devide-and-conquer tactics. That’s the secret behind a tiny island on the edge of Europe’s ability to subjugate large parts of the world. Their technique was rule by deception. They had to find a method to undermine the Ottoman Empire, and this method had to necessarily contain the element of Muslim versus Muslim.

The method is described in the book The Memoires of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy to the Middle East. He describes how he was sent by the British to undermine the Ottomans. He travels the area until he finds a man who is corrupt enough to cooperate with him, and whose name is Muhammed Abdul Wahab. They test him by getting him to commit acts that are considered gross sins in Islam, and they succeed. Compromise is considered a safe way to gain obedience from leaders. They take him to Saudi Arabia and partner him up with a man named Ibn Saud from the House of Saud. Saud was to be the political leader, and Wahab was to be the source of the ideology. The real source, however, was the British.

The desert robber ibn-Saud in his old days

So how do you get one Muslim to hate and fight another? It is strictly forbidden within Islam. The only way is to get one Muslim to declare the other non-Muslim. Wahab could then say that Jihad was imposed on those he proclaimed infidels. He finds a very thin pretext by referring to the unbelief in praying to saints. Some Muslims would put it this way: Intercede to Allah for me. Wahab harassed that this was an act of idolization, that is, a form of idolatry. Of course, it is not allowed to use images in Islam, therefore all the lavish documentary art, the arabesques, the geometries, the meandering patterns. But that was by no means the case here. Yet this deceiver, this spin doctor, succeeded in whipping up the doctrine that a request for intercession was to make another person into God, who was denial of faith, apostasis.

Wahab, bought and corrupted by the British

Wahab simply claims that the whole of Islam between the earliest form and himself had fallen out of Islam – which shows the megalomaniacal in his statements. He calls on his entourage to condemn and fight Islam. Wahab is a religious agent provocateur and dissident who, self-appointed – or rather: commissioned solely by his British imperialist principals – declares jihad against all of Islam. He starts a wave of terror, his henchmen occupy holy places, destroy shrines, relics, carry out massacres, enslave women and children, and other charming deeds. So if Westerners today have the impression of Islam as oppressive and fanatical, then they are due to a not yet extinct movement to corrupt and pervert Islam started by the British and the provocateur Wahab.

The Ottomans get enough of the man and his bestial fanatics and go and smash the movement. However, it survives in a very small area of ​​Saudi Arabia. The next step to the undermining of the Ottomans comes with the Young Turks and next again with the formation of the state of Israel. The main purpose of Israel is not for the sake of the Jews but for the sake of the British. The Jewish state was the poisonous spear to be planted so that the lines could be drawn in the desert sand and divide-and-conquer take place.

There were two special agents in turn, one after the other. The first was Lawrence of Arabia, who worked with Feisal, the sheriff of Mecca, the second was Philby, who worked with bin Saud. But the Empire had already been overthrown by the Young Turks, the crypto-Jewish freemasons from Thessaloniki, Greece called the Dönmeh. But Feisal is told that if he helps the British fight the Turks, he will become king of all of Arabia – not just Saudi Arabia but basically the entire Middle East. What they do not tell him, however, is that they signed the Sykes-Picot agreement in 1916 to divide the Middle East between the English and the French. So the French get Lebanon, the British get Palestine and Iraq, and so on. And Feisal gets his kingdom in the dry dessert.

Oil and dollars

So Feisal fights alongside Lawrence of Arabia as described in the film of the same name and they occupy Damascus, after which Feisal declares himself King of Arabia. But the British pat him on the shoulder and tell him they have another deal that they just ‘forgot’ to tell him about, so he only incorporates Jordan, where his family comes from. As you know, the British and Lord Rothschild have already reached another agreement called the Balfour Declaration, in which it is agreed that the Rothschilds and the Zionist movement will take over Palestine. Instead of Feisal, it will be ibn Saud and his Jewish lineage who take control of Saudi Arabia. His ancestor, the original ibn Saud, was the man who assisted the Wahab in forming his anti-Islamic Islamism. A year later, ibn Saud ceded oil drilling rights to Rockefeller and Standard Oil.

Lawrence as Peter 00’Toole – being a tool.
One understands why Peter was chosen for the role for his look-alikeness.

William Engdahl’s book The Century of War describes very closely the most important period in the Saudi-American relationship from 1973. Engdahl demonstrates that the oil crisis of the 1970s was orchestrated by Henry Kissinger. All money that Saudi Arabia would receive for oil would be deposited in the Chase Manhattan Bank on Wall Street under Rockefeller Holding. The oil price was set at a Bilderberger meeting and was quadrupled! And Saudi Arabia is getting stinking rich overnight. Kissinger had the vicious plan with the premise, that there were a number of countries being ‘overdeveloped’ that (the Americans / oil industry) needed to send back to the Middle Ages.

Kissinger’s plan is called Petro Dollar Recycling, and forms the basis for what John Perkins later describes as Financial Hitman’ship. The Saudis make all the money they invest in Chase Manhattan, but third world countries are bleeding because they can not afford to buy all that expensive oil. They therefore have to borrow them from the same place. They thus become both deeply indebted and deeply impoverished at the same time. Corruption and despotism have crowned days in these countries in these years. Petro-slavery, Petra, Edom …

Mr. Dark Kabal himselfactually a KGB-agent, that never was caught

After Watergate, the CIA’s hands and funding are pretty tightly tied. So they make a toilet agreement with Saudi Arabia that they are financing them. The first thing the Saudis are financing is the Contra in Central America, so there we have the beginning of the Iran-Contra affair. In his book Hostage to Khomeini, Robert Dreufuss describes the close alliance between the Freemasons and their creation, the Muslim Brotherhood, which helped install Ayatollah Khomeini, the British agent. Like the Shah before him. One agent takes over the other, the opposites lie only on the surface – it is called Hegelian dialectic. Khomeini calls the United States the Great Satan, etc. – all games for the gallery. It is at the time when the United States is looking for a way to destroy the Soviet Union, the time of Brzezinsky’s arch-crisis and Great Chess Game. This is where the shift from the use of fascist terrorist groups to Islamic ditto takes place. Operation Gladio Phase 1 transitions to Gladio Phase 2.

Saudi Arabia is supposed to fund these terrorist cells through various backdoors. The sources of funding are oil and drugs. The financial institution for money laundering is called BCCI. William Casey calls it the Bank of Crooks and Criminals. All kinds of gangsters use it, from the gangsters in Chicago over the cocaine barons in Colombia to the Turkish heroin pushers – and the uber-gangster institutions CIA and NATO. The Iran-Contra money is being channeled to the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan. The counters buy weapons for cocaine that are landed in Mena, Arkansas under the supervision of Bill Clinton in collaboration with former CIA director George H. W. Bush, two gang leaders who had both been installed as presidents. A main trader was Barry Seal, who had been recruited the same week from the same camp as Lee Harvey Oswald – you can not make this up! The cocaine is being distributed to the ghettos especially in L.A. and this is where the crack epidemic begins. The practice of drug money as the financing of ‘black’ off-budget operations goes all the way back to Lord Palmerston, for he was Prime Minister of England during the Opium Wars.

You get the point here? In order to understand history and politics, we have to stretch our attention span to 100 years at least.

* footnote:
Palmerson’s affiliate Benjamin Disraeli (of Israel) became England’s foreign minister. England then carried out Israeli foreign policy even before the formation of Israel, just as the United States now willingly carries out Israel’s foreign policy and systematically disregards the demands, rights and needs of all American citizens!

The Chinese Emperor addresses the double standards of the English in his letter to Queen Victoria. But what the Emperor might not have understood was that the opium wars were the Chinese encounter with a gloomy, occult agenda, a death cult that sacrificed people while making money.

During the Opium War, England began its long and fine tradition of monopolizing the world’s drug trade while poisoning the peoples of the nations. The center of the drug trade was still in the East, including Hong Kong. The triads sat on the trade and the British had coordinated with them, one of the main purposes of Hong Kong. Later, the drug center shifts to Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia called the Golden Triangle and later to Afghanistan. We just need to look at the boom in opium production that took place after the occupation of US-England (NATO). Afghan president Karzai’s brother was one of the country’s leading drug dealers, and he himself held a position in the syndicate that got the concession to build an oil pipeline through the country. Complete corruption!

NATO and the Americans made sure that no one stole their main income.

At one point, the Americans felt they needed more troops in the country. So they started recruiting Muslims from all over the world. They approached Saudi Arabia and demanded a leader. So they found bin Laden in the second most powerful family in the country, closely associated with the House of Saud. Bin Laden spent time in the United States on a training visit under the name Tim Osman. The recruitment took place in mosques in the western world, where jihad films and the like were shown. who praised the fight against the evil infidel Soviet soldiers. And like a true double-edged sword, the fanatical fools were also used to intimidate the lives of the people of the West. Then came the CIA-Mossad operations 9/11, the London 7/7 Underground and the Madrid bombings and The War on Terror, the absurd term coined by just the types who carried out systematic terror.

End-Game Terror

In 1996, a document called Clean Break was commissioned by Benjamin Netanyahu, assisted by Richard Pearl, among friends called Prince of Darkness. It says the same thing that General Wesley Clark was told by Donald Rumsfeld: that Iraq was by no means the end but only the beginning, and the invasion and destruction of six other countries in the Middle East were already fully planned: Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Mali, Iran. The Clean Break was thus Israeli foreign policy as commissioned work for the United States. Libya went like clockwork. Sudan as well, Mali no one heard of, Iraq was long ago smashed. But in 2013, things went wrong for the plan, for the Syrians had seen it coming, and the Zionist NeoCon liars committed their hubris. Both the British and American people saw through the scam – the stupid Danes did not catch a howling horse bean and relentlessly supported the Americans, the CIA, NATO and the Israelis, and even the genocide in Gaza did not lead to a moral hangover.

A Palestinian man looks at a destroyed Hamas security compound after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008. Israel resisted mounting international pressure Wednesday to suspend its devastating air offensive against militants in Hamas-ruled Gaza, sending more troops and tanks to the border as signs of an impending ground invasion multiplied. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

The result of the genocide of the Sabbateans in Gaza

One may wonder that the moody West one moment brings dictators to power and the next moment demonizes them. That was the case with Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad and a string of leaders. The Assad family is a member of the Alawi sect, a Syrian Shia sect. They make up only 10% of the Syrian population but control it all. It is quite understandable that in Syria there was an opposition that wanted democracy. What they did not clearly see coming until it was too late, however, was that they also became pawns in a bad game, where colored revolutions, ie pseudo-popular uprisings based on all internal tensions in a country were cunningly manipulated by foreign bad players in combination with the terrorist weapon. What they also did not realize was that democracy no longer existed in the West and was therefore not worth striving for at all.

The Alawis have played a role in occult history especially in the last 150 years. In fact, they were US permanent partners until very recently. But according to the Clean Break strategy, Syria, like Libya, had to be smashed in order for the Yinon Plan, the vision of Greater Israel, to be realized. The neo-imperialist plan actually goes back to the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl. The occult meaning of the two blue lines in the Israeli flag is: from the Nile to the Euphrates. We do not get far by expecting any kind of ethics in such incidents. That would be equivalent to attributing a morality that does not exist to mafia bosses. Unfortunately, gullible and well-meaning people often project their goodness onto (un) people to whom any kind of goodness is totally foreign. The evil of the inhuman, on the other hand, is so inconceivable to humans that they usually refuse to believe it, even if they get thrown a whole containerful of evidence on the table.

There’s a spider sitting in the corner, an octopus that has stretched a fine-meshed network beyond the world as we know it … or rather do not know. A string of so-called think tanks were involved in the largely media-borne phenomenon known as the Arab Spring. The surface is media propaganda, the underground is intelligence. The Rand Corporation has played a constant role as a ‘board’ in coordinating think tanks and foundations.

The Caliphate and the Clash of Civilizations

One step backwards:
The 600-year heyday of the Ottoman Empire is almost left out of Western historiography. As Europeans, we only hear about the European late Middle Ages, as if nothing took place outside Europe. When we finally heard about it, it was because the British had decided to destroy it in the same way as they subsequently did with the Austro-Hungarian, the Russian and the German. With the Ottoman Empire also fell the Sultanate / the Caliphate, and the unity that the Empire could have guaranteed thus coincided. The Caliphate will never return. The dream of the Caliphate, on the other hand, can be used for anything by the observers. Clash of Civilizations belongs to the terminology of observers at present, but it is a terminology that was already fully developed in the 19th century in the Palladian Rite, where the Masonic scoundrels around Albert Pike announced three world wars.

Propaganda pictures show mostly women and crying children. The reality is different. This is more than immigration, and many are not refugees at all. This is an invasion.

Islam as a real Islamic State no longer exists. After the Ottomans, Islamic unity had disappeared, so ‘the Clash’ was impossible to bring about, since such a unification against Western civilization could not be provided otherwise. Unless, once again and this time with better planning, one could use the British strategy of Abdul Wahab / ibn Saud in modified form and mobilize marginal groups within Islam and get some hypocritical demagogues to whip them around the nose with hatred and jihad propaganda. The hatred was right at hand, for the United States and England were widely known throughout the Muslim as the Empire of Evil – and rightly so by the way. The word Jihad today is a pseudo-Muslim piece of new speak that is only a concept of violence and not what the word actually means. The Hegelian dialectic then consists in the fact that peoples and their decision-makers in the West via the West’s corrupt media dis-info – or simply stupid ignorance – feel threatened, which then gives rise to counter-aggression. World War III is at least as theatrically staged as the previous two.

Summary again for the sake of the common thread. The Muslim Brotherhood thus had / has two sides and functions:

  • to train as a tool for Western intelligence and subversion policy
  • to be fused with the West’s occult tradition, which is the real philosophy behind the West’s leadership. Which – do we need to say it anymore? Has NOTHING to do with the pseudo-leadership we see on television!

The Neo-Caliphate is a concept we hear all the time from the Brotherhood’s mouthpiece. So originally a puppet caliphate to serve the British, which today includes their successors the Americans and the Israelis. This is the WW3 scene from the Palladian Rite and Albert Pike. Incidentally, it is worth noting that Pike’s statements have been attempted to be discredited, but that it is not in fact his statements about the three war scenarios that are in doubt, but technicalities about whether a book found at the British Museum and which contains the statements, is original and authentic. A small but whimsical and important detail.

According to Islamic tradition, the Antichrist will appear in Damascus. The leader of a number of Sufi sects, Abdelqader al-Djezairi, became an important figure who established himself in Damascus precisely because he knew this prophecy. That is why Damascus is the world center of Naqsbandi Sufism. So if one asks: why all that fuss about Syria in particular, then the occult answer is probably to be found here. It is irrelevant here whether we believe in such prophecies or not, because either they believe in them or are (reverse) prophecy scripts that are followed in a kind of big-scale Hollywood production so that all those who believe, are allowed to sing in a choir – compare the Illuminati’s basic thesis that people need religions to sing in a choir. In other words: Revelation comes to life because you follow the prophecies as blueprints. John – The Johanites – The Sabbateans.

Why are the leaders of the Muslim world playing ball with the corrupt and aggressive West? Do they think they can get away with playing doubles? Do they know what they are risking and why are they willing to be corrupted? Or de the evil powers actually have a totally different time span than we believe possible? I would suggest so.

The phenomenon is known in both the Islamic and the Christian world. In the Islamic world, there is a 100% corrupt version of Islam bought-paid-and-financed by Saudi Arabia. In most mosques around the world, essential things are rarely talked about. Whenever what should be the real mission of a true religion, justice, a good life among people, ethics, decency, peace, the abolition of poverty, etc. should come to the fore, one shies away. Muslims feel that something is wrong, that something is missing. But then these marginal loud-mouthed groups arrive and offer something that tastes a bit of bird and fish, fundamentalist groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir, al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, al-This and al-That, and people, especially young people, jump on the wagon, because they want to make a difference, and they are not yet completely disillusioned and passivated. Swap at will please Muslim out with Christian here. Many of these groups actually offer social work and help to the poor as a form of bribery. For both versions, the dilution and the fundamentalism, the core of Islam is hidden, and both versions provide in their own way fodder for the Clash of Civilizations.

The spider in the web of Islamic corruption is thus Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world named after one family. The land is simply their private property. They control the Muslim world through their money and organizations. In India, all the madrassas trained by the Taliban are funded and managed by the Saudi and ultimately Rockefeller Foundation. The strange Turkish imam, Fetullah Gülen, who is very unwelcome in Turkey, has started 100s of madrassas/ Quranic schools in both the West and Central Asia through this kind of money (Rockefeller-Saudi), where the terrorists are trained / brainwashed and from where they are recruited.

Arabs and Turks reportedly dislike each other. But who taught them that, for it was not the practice of the Ottoman Empire? The British did. The Arabs were told that the Turkish Muslims were inferior to them and that they should fight them. So it did. Sharif Hussein in Iraq conquered the Ottoman Empire and Palestine during World War I, and the British made him king of Iraq. They said the same thing to him as to Feisal about Arabia: that he would become king over the whole of the former Empire. Again, the British and French had secretly signed the Sykes-Picot agreement, and he just became king of Iraq. British Rule by Deception.

When the Arab Spring began, there were rebel groups in a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia. They managed to create a lot of trouble and chaos in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere. But in Saudi Arabia, they completely failed (although there might be a severe need for an uprising there). The simple reason was that all all groups other than those in Saudi Arabia received support from … Saudi Arabia.

Once again, the Middle East is being overrun by useful idiots

The CIA apparently made a mistake. In the 90s, they translated some documents from Arabic that clearly showed that the House of Saud was a Jewish family. Perhaps the mistake was, in particular, that the translation escaped. They even link the Saudis up to the Sabbateans, which causes a whole strip of things to fall into place. This explains, for example, why the current regime in Turkey, which originated from Dönmeh = Sabbateans, agrees with Saudi = Sabbateans to support ISIS (Israeli Supported Invasion Slaughter), which never attacks what should be their worst enemy Israel and the Zionists = Sabbateans, but coordinate all their actions with the Israeli army command. It explains how the Salafist movement arose out of the Rosicrucian = Sabbatean tradition. It explains the contrast between the American Zionist neocons = Sabbateans and their hate object no. One Russia that over a millennium ago threw the Khazar Jews = Sabbateans out of the area. It explains where they all hate orthodox religion be it Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and as far back as we can see has fought orthodoxy with beaks and claws. That explains why the Soviet Bolsheviks at the beginning of the Russian Revolution aided the power of Freemasons = Sabbateans supported by the Zionist bankers from Wall Street = Sabbateans killed Orthodox Christians in Russia in the millions and Russians in the 100s in general.

Mentioning Rosicrucians. There is this myth that Christian Rosenkreutz in the 13-14. century traveled to the Middle East and studied Sufism and Kabbalah and returned to Germany and formed his order, which was announced around 1519. There are quite clear similarities between Rosenkreutz and Luria’s Kabbalah and Jacob Böhme, who were certainly in Palestine to learn from Luria’s students. Böhme is moreover attributed to the invention of the word theosophy. The Rosicrucians’ hope was to create a Protestant revolution in Europe and get help from English King James – him with the Bible. If you flip through Luther’s manuscripts, you will not unexpectedly find the rose and the cross. Most Protestants today consider themselves very little esoteric and very secular, but they have little idea that the Reformation has roots in that soil. Nor do they suspect that Protestantism was a political tool funded by the Venetians. Little do they know that Calvin was a Sabbatean crypto-Jew (name: Cohen) and a spiritual student of Jacob Frank.

Unfortunately we can not bring a picture of Christian Rosenkreutz, as the man is not portrayed. Cause: he probably did not exist. Like Shakespeare it was a synonym for someone else, perhaps more than one.

The Rosicrucian movement completely failed, and synchronously with its failure, the Thirty Years’ War began, another Venetian network plot. Half of Europe’s population was sacrificed to the dying god Moloch / Lucifer. It is said that it was the Catholics who won the Thirty Years’ War, but it was probably rather the diligently talked about demonic being without age from the prehistoric world depicted with horns on his head. The Rosicrucians flee to England, where they infiltrate Freemasonry. Their contribution to End Game Terrorism is their further development of eschatological philosophy. In their time they are called the Millennials, ie those who are waiting for the Millennium. They were convinced that the year 1666 would be the decisive year. They throw up all sorts of ideas that the missing tribes of Israel should return from Asia and that the Jews should be reunited.

Menassa ben Israel, a key figure in the movement, began discussions with the British government to allow the Jews to return to the country. They had been thrown out during the Middle Ages due to bad behavior in England as well as in most European countries. The Jews paid / bribed Cromwell to first take over England and then allow them to return to resume their temporarily interrupted business called Usura / usury business. It is in the same period that the Bank of England emerges, The Central Usurer.

So what happens in 1666? Sabbatei Zevi appears and claims to be the Messiah! And who are the people who support this absurd claim? They are all tied up to the Rosicrucian circles, which means that Sabbatei Zevi is a Rosicrucian invention!

The Will to Power and the New Age

Wherever they go, the Sabbatean groups seek power. It is this aspect of their work that is the topic here, not whether the Universe is made up of 10 and 7 and can be put on various occult formulas, which, incidentally, can be very interesting. There is undoubtedly a wealth of exciting knowledge that can be interesting. But interesting in a completely different way is how the Kabbalistic Sabbateans use their knowledge of magic handed down from the ancient Magai lean of Babylon to always gain power and to constantly corrupt human society wherever they emerge. It is the story of THEM and not the story of the knowledge they stole from the Babylonians. It’s like science as we know it. It is so far neutral, but in the hands of a psychopath it always becomes a deadly weapon or the control system of the technocrats’ robot hell on earth. Give a psychopath a fresh green and harmless apple in his hand, and his first thought will be how he can throw it in the head of others in the most harmful way.

We later find these men in the occult circles around Hitler. They are always where power is exercised and where they can whisper things in the ears of those in power. The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banda, did what he did at the urging of Hitler. That is a fact, and revisionists who focus on other and entirely relevant aspects of National Socialism often miss that point. For them, the dark field of Nazism is a no-go. The occult side of the Nazi party was the Thule company, which sprang from Blavatsky and Crowley, Golden Dawn and Afghani. Hitler and al-Banda share a common tradition, they have common origins in the Rosicrucian legend and The Brethren of Sincerity, the informants of the Knights Templar.

We can not be sure, but there is much to suggest that these Brethren groups in ancient times were crypto-Jews. At any rate, they had an enormous influence on the Jewish Kabbalists as well as certain Sufi orders, especially the Bektashi, who were crypto-Jewish communities. The Bektashi and the Turkish-Jewish Sabbatean Dönmeh are one and the same. Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the founder of the Thule Society, starts by becoming a Turkish citizen to study Kabbalah with the Dönmeh Freemasons. There is a similarity between the racial theories we find in the Nazis and those of the Young Turks, where it is called Pan-Turkism, based on Bektashi legends and Dönmeh influence.

The Armenian Genocide was the work of the Young Turks.
Not only Armenians but also Syrians and Greeks were massacred.

In synarchism, it is claimed that all religion has an occult background. But it has been primarily the main selling point of the occult groups, so that they emerged as bearers of the real, the original tradition. One just has to realize that this original tradition is already corrupt. The claim is true in the sense that all orthodox religions have attached to an occult tradition. Religions have been host animals for the occultists.

The Turkish Dönmeh are not just Kabbalists. They are also neo-shamanists. The Central Asian shamanism in their optics was the original religion of the Turks. Their nationalism and pan-Turkism or pan-Turanism are for them a return to this original religion. Kasoma Dikoras, a Hungarian, was the founder of pan-Turkism in the 1830s. Hungarians consider themselves Turans from the Central Asian steppes and were originally a semi-nomadic people. The Hungarian puff must have resembled the Mongolian steppes. In his mission to find the origin of the Hungarian people, he tries to reach Shinjang in Western China, which was supposed to be the original Shamballa. Today, there are Turkish-speaking population groups in Shinjang, also called East Turkestan. Dikora’s location of Shamballa influences Helena Blavatsky and later Alice Bailey. Blavatsky had previously concentrated on Egypt and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor but after the founding of the Theosophical Society the focus shifts to Shamballa and Tibet. Henceforth, it is Buddhism, more specifically Tibetan Buddhism, that is the bearer of the original wisdom. Tibetan Buddhism has elements of Buddhism mixed with Mongolian-Central Asian shamanism and Tantra.

So true. However, one should beware of people who use the word too often.

This brings us back to the Bektashi and Dönmeh and their claim that shamanism is the basis of Turkish religion. Not just any shamanic tradition from South America, Africa or even Northern Europe, but more specifically the Central Asian version and more specifically the version in Shinjang in China, ie East Turkestan. That is why Blavatsky’s leap to Tibetan Buddhism, which she claims is the purest form of preservation of the source of the Jewish Kabbalah, which is Central Asian shamanism, the tradition of magic.

The term Shamballa has many connotations. According to legend, Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven, after which his group established themselves as a hierarchy in Shambala. Lucifer is not understood as a person but a type of being who is personified by name. They are called by different names. In Christianity, Lucifer is called the King of this World as opposed to the King and Queen of Heaven. In other words, we live in Hell. Another name for the place is Agartha, and then we go underground in the form of an underground landscape, a Hollow Earth, after which we return to the Rosicrucian Bulwer-Lytton. According to him, the superhuman underworlds of Agartha had attained their super-powers by mastering Vril. Then we move on to the Vril Society, which is connected to the Thule Society. Thule (and it is not an American base in Greenland) is the third name for Shamballa. Atlantis is perhaps the fourth name. The list is long. Shamballa – Kaballah. The Nazis were on an invited visit to Tibet in 1938-39, and they searched here – as everywhere they came, Egypt, southern France, … – for the remains of their mythical past. According to legend, one of the entrances to Agartha was to be found in Tibet.

It all leads to the New Age. The core message of the New Age is that man is God. That should be the ultimate secret of the occult. That is why the New Age claims that behind all religions there is one and only one secret – which they of course know – derived from one and only one source – to which they of course have access. Their goal is the same as that of the globalists and the UN: the formation of a New World Order with a One World Religion. In short: the Kabbalists’ wet dream is that their system becomes the world’s operating system and thus – surprise-surprise, we had never guessed it: THEIR operating system. Hallelujah for the Great Oneness! That is what wisdom has become during Kali Yuga: One World Fascism.

That is the very characteristic of Kali Yuga, the age of darkness. Man slips out of religion – in the true sense of the word: connectedness with the Universe by some called God – and into secularism, after which man believes himself to be God. That’s the whole Illuminati concept.

The Illuminati and their successors see their main successes as the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Russian Revolution. The colored revolutions and the Arab Spring are the same cup of wormwood. They call it the development of democracy. It all starts with the Kabbalist, Friedrich Hegel and his historical philosophy. A whole series of philosophers follow Hegel. The entire Frankfurt School is Hegelian, and more recently we find Leo Straus, the Godfather of the Neocons, and Francis Fukuyama, the political philosopher who proclaimed the End of History. Say it again: The End of History! A contemporary philosopher with an influence on contemporary politics and decision-makers in the West, who with the language of our time reformulates a mindset that basically belongs in Kabbalistic Zohar and the Apocalypse of Saint John! One does not believe one’s own eyes and ears. It is religious eschatology in secular new language.


Orthodox Islam opposed from the outset the emergence of the New World Order. Therefore, it had to die. Today we – and the Muslims themselves – are presented solely with the delusion of Islam. Islam has become a Kabbalistic projection of all that the Western leadership stands for. Projection is one of the magic tricks of the Kabbalists. Example: after the staging of two world wars with Germany as the protagonist in the role of the Kabbalists’ main enemy and main target of destruction, ALL conceivable dirt, all evil and all war crimes were projected onto Germany and the Germans. And the dirt that did not exist but was necessary for the perfect projection was just invented. Hence the gossip about the Holocaust. Hokus-pokus and abra-kadabra, we have done the great laying on of hands by our own very victim, and now all our sins are at least forgiven by a magical stunt we have performed ourselves.

Sharia is portrayed in the West as this tyrannical form of religious law and practice to sell the message of secularism, nihilism, relativism, worthlessness. The problem is, that’s a complete lie. No healthy society can exist in an idle and worthless vacuum. We are said to live in a secular, non-religious society, but in reality we live with a set of pseudo-religious ideologies that spring from one particular source. The neocon man and rabbi Bernard Lewis of Montreal himself admits that the delusion of Islam and the demonization of sharia is a purely European interpretation that does not apply to Islam as such.

The secular government ideology in the West has developed something called human rights. We have developed a tolerance paradox in which we have to pay tribute to the destruction of our own culture and our societies in the holy name of multiculturalism. We allow freedom of belief, but what happens if people’s freedom of belief violates the sacred dogma of human rights? Islam had a different and far superior solution to that paradox than we find in the West’s hypocritical politically correct multiculturalism. In the Caliphate, it was not required for everyone to be a Muslim. When the Muslims took over a state, Islam became the official religion, but if one belonged to another denomination, one was guaranteed the right to protection. People paid taxes, but several religious communities were exempt from paying taxes and for military service. They could practice traditions that violated Islam, such as eating pigs and drinking alcohol, marrying their siblings (as in Zoroastrianism). The state was simply required to tolerate these traditions. Therefore, in Islam there can be no separation of religion and state. They simply do not consider the context to be the threat that it is claimed in the West to be.

The development of Islam is different from Christianity. Christianity lay and simmered for almost 300 years before there was a council in Nicea and an emperor dictating its statehood in an Empire that already existed and where the law was already laid down. Christianity was just an application. Islam immediately became the official religion and center of a massive Empire as it emerged. It was therefore necessary to draft a bill with 1000s of rules necessary for a state of that size. Rules of trade and money and marriage and inheritance, etc. It took 300 years to fully develop. At one point, the entire academic-Muslim community agreed that it was time to stop the legislation. It is called closing the doors for idj-jihad.

Due to the structure and agreement, where there are four schools within traditional Sunni Islam that are different but mutually respect each other, it was impossible for 1000 years to corrupt Islam. Suddenly, all these reform groups emerge in the 18th century, all calling for the reopening of the doors of idj-jihad. Starting with Abdul Wahab. Wahhabi groups are emerging in India and groups in Tunisia, all of which are products of British intelligence. Opening the doors to idj-jihad alone provides an opportunity to rewrite Islamic law. The Salafist movement in Egypt gets its hands on the legislation, thereby changing the piece of legislation on banking. After this, it is now legal for the British to run banking with Usura. So: the Jews have just bribed back to England via Cromwell, the Bank of England has just been formed, and now subverting groups formed by British Masonic groups in the Islamic world are kicking in the doors so that the British can create debt with the parasitic banking system that rules the world today!

Sharia banking

Banking, as we know it, is a very occult entity. If creating money that did not exist before straight out of the blue is not a piece of black magic, then it does not exist. Kabbalah is an instrument of power in the hands of lunatics, and money and indebtedness are, if anything, a tool of power. Now it is so coincidental that the monetary system was invented in Babylon just like Kabbalah, and they have been followed ever since. They do not even hide it. Christine Lagarde before leaving the IMF stood up and gave a deeply strange speech about the number 7, which no one understood a stick of – except those who agreed. Shemitah is the Jewish-Kabbalistic word for 7-year circles. Financial crises and financial landslides always occur every 7 years – according to the financial Kabbalists. 2015-16 is the time of the coincidence of three cycles of Shemitah and should therefore be particularly catastrophic. In that case, it is 7 years after the financial crisis in 2008, this deeply staged manipulation on the part of the steering group. Is it all so banal – black magic and lousy mammon? In any case, it is indisputable that a great deal of astrology is being studied at the top of the financial world. A elitist proverb says it: Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires use astrology!

Islamic banking today is as corrupt as Western banking. How potent the traditional Islamic banking is, and how dangerous it is considered to be in relation to Western central banking and its ability to govern with the CCC, Crisis, Corruption and Chaos, we saw in the late 1970s when the British-Muslim money reformist, David Pidcock (read his book: The Other Road to Serfdom – The Crash of 2008 – The history of the abuse of money from Plato to NATO and beyond), persuaded the leader of the Muslim country Malaysia to return to traditional sharia banking, where the cash flow is controlled by the state and not private central banks. Malaysia was the only country besides Taiwan whose national economy was unaffected and did not crash when all the Asian tiger economies were subjected to a financial attack. When Malaysia held a tribunal a few years ago, in which they in absentia convicted several of the Western leaders of crimes against humanity – including the event of 9/11! then Malaysian planes began to fall from the sky. Taiwan, the second country (Taiwan is still not recognized as an independent country due to Chinese veto) that was unaffected by the attack in the 70s, has a special economic system most similar to Nazi Germany in the mid-30s. Thought-provoking. Equally thought-provoking is that the 5 countries that the Skull & Bones man = Sabbatean George Bush designated as the Axis of Evil, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Iran and North Korea, were the last five states left in the world where there was no full access for Usura banking and which still had a genuine national bank and not a central bank affiliated with the international Usura banking. Money, war and black magic.

With Usura hath no man a house of good stone
Each block cut smooth and well fitting
That design might cover their face
With Usura

(Ezra Pound)

In addition to banking, terrorism also became possible within Islam. According to Orthodox Islamic belief, terrorism is absolutely out of the question. It is clearly written down that one has the right to defend oneself when one is attacked, but when the enemy gives up and turns his back, one is not allowed to fight him. The same with weapons of mass destruction, which are condemned in Islamic law because of their ability to always hit past. Assaults on civilians are prohibited by Islamic law. If there is anything that has characterized British and American warfare, it is terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and attacks on civilians. Islamic law does not even allow the destruction of trees or crops or shrines in connection with acts of war. So the only way that CIA-backed terrorist cells can do what they have done in Afghanistan, Algeria, wherever .. is by denying idj-Jihad.

Jihad groups claim to go back to the source and pure Islam. They by-pass the whole Islamic tradition and all its scholars in a nice, lazy tiger-hop and postulate that they represent the source itself – which is once total-BS. It is glorious to be able to postulate that you have the blue stamp from the source, from Allah himself, because then you can claim anything. The method is known among all fundamentalists, Islamic and Christian. The Romans knew the method, because when you can claim that you have your mandate from God – and the Roman emperors appointed themselves to God – then everything the emperor and the state says and commands is indisputable. The Catholic Church knew the method, so the pope became God’s very representative on earth. The Marxists knew the method, because they only had to refer to the logic of capital, then everything was indisputable. All ideological fundamentalism is based on such a logical bypass operation.

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