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Magna Carta and Natural Law versus Maritime Law

Why is this handwritten document in horizontal A3 format, a so-called charter, so important and famous?

Because its message has inspired leaders for almost 800 years and more recently people like Jefferson and Gandhi to formulate constitutions for their countries’ independence from the Crown, in this case the British Crown, and because its core statements have formed the basis of modern justice. And why should other that Anglo-Saxons bother about this historical charter? Because The Crown is international and all countries of the World are submitted and subdued to its unlawful legalities.

In the following we shall examine the brief history of the Magna Carta and its historical follow-ups. We shall then look into Common Law and Maritime Law to understand, why we have been fooled and tricked for centuries and maybe for millennia.

Let’s start with known history.

The Evil King

We can discuss what the Crown was back then. In 1215, when Magna Carta was authored, its authors had no doubt that it was the British monarchy itself represented by what has been called the worst king in British history, King John (1199-1216) aka John Lackland, son of Henry II.

And yes, it is precisely the Prince John we know from the legend of Robin Hood, who is described as the usurper of the throne, who gained his position in the absence of Richard I nicknamed the Lionheart, as he was busy taking part in the 3rd Crusade in Palestine. However, the story of how King Richard returns home and as the good father figure pats Robin Hood on the shoulder and takes the kingdom back from the throne robber is ahistorical. It’s far more accurate as described in Ridley Scott’s 2010 film, in which King Richard is shot an arrow through the head on the way home. In the film, his courtiers are envoys from the French king, and Prince John is a puppet of the French through marriage. And true enough, the French take over the English throne after John in the form of Louis I. We do not take a position here on whether Robin of Lochsley was a historical figure.

King Richard had no children himself, so King John was so far no usurper of the throne but placed on the throne by a partnership of powerful people who wanted it. What we today call the Deep State would then be the Deep Throne, and what we would today call a spin doctor would then be a court snake. And what we today would consider security policy would the be politial marriages allowing kingdoms to influence each other. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun here.

Ridley Scott does not intervene in the description of King John
as a horny-pervert and psychopathic power-hungry person.

King John was no doubt a vicious character. He threw his ex-wife in jail, he starved his political opponents to death, he killed his own nephew and had the beard cut off the Irish kings, he introduced hard taxation of the population to pay for his expensive wars abroad, and if they hesitated, they were punished brutally, lawlessly and without trial. In terms of war and taxation, however, the notorious Richard the Lionheart was not a notch better than the infamous King John, as Richard spent all of his 10 years – minus six months as king + all the tax money on his crusade adventures.

King John, however, took pride in high performing as a backless despot, and at one point it became too much for the barons, the local feudal lords of the British territories who banded together, assembled an army and besieged London. Here they forced King John to go to the negotiating table demanding that he abide by The Law of the Land. It is interesting that in the Robin Hood legend, the hero and his merrymen are called outlaws. It was, in fact, the king himself who acted lawlessly. History is thus a lesson in inverting the concept of law, that is, justice turned upside down.

The negotiations took place on June 15th 1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, and Magna Carta was the king’s own scribe, writing down on paper what was agreed upon. It must be strongly presumed that the king’s negotiating position was weak, as it was his subjects who taught him a lesson after his systematic assaults. The charter is thus an expression of the will and wishes of the rebels.

The Charter affirms that: All free men are entitled to justice and a fair trial. No man can be arrested and imprisoned except by their equals and by the law of the land. We must understand that it is only wrong for free men, and that the majority of peasants in British agrarian society were not free men but serfs with their masters. We are in the age of feudalism and England + the rest of Europe and beyound was feudal as well. None the less, the charter was a start and the ground for times to come, when feudalism came to an end, which it … did? Or did it really?


Feudalism was a system of government created under Constantine the Great (306-337). It was intended as a system for the present then and the future centuries, and which was to rule the entire governing world in recognition that the Roman Empire was in decline. It was Constantine himself who made Christianity a state religion as a replacement for the former Roman cult / sun cult / imperial cult, creating the papacy that took over the administration from the Roman state – cf. the Council of Nicea in 325.

It is therefore also interesting that England went into civil war when the Pope rejected Magna Carta. King John died of dysentery a year later, but the charter was reintroduced several times during the 13th century, until it finally became part of British law much later. With this, the right of the free man came to apply to everyone – even though some were still more free and equal than others – you are all individuals … no I’m not.

Magna Carta is built into the United States Declaration of Independence. There is certainly a historical parallel to the time and power relations that existed at the creation of the Charter and the situation of the American colony’s secession from the British Crown and confirmed on July 4, 1776. There are also reverberations in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights despite some very dark shadows resting over the UN as an organization.

The core of the Magna Carta is that EVERYONE – including our leaders – are bound by the Law of the Land. This is not something that the country’s leaders are unconditionally happy about, because it sets a limit to their otherwise unlimited freedom of decision and action. They still see themselves 700 years later as ‘the free men’, whose privileged freedom, freedom from responsibility and free take-your-own-table do not include their subjects. They would very much rather be free from asking the people, their voters, but then they can always hold a pro forma consultation round and then do afterwards what they had already decided before. This is exactly what is happening in a democracy in 2021.

The contemporary equivalent of the almighty Roman Empire or one of its successors, the almighty Frankish Empire, the almighty British Empire, the almighty Soviet Empire, the Third Reich, the almighty Maoist Empire (current as never before – interesting that their new system of government is called corona = the Crown) is the Almighty Globalist Empire with its many names. Globalists have ABSOLUTELY no respect left for human freedom and the law of the land. They reserve a self-proclaimed and illegitimate pseudo-right to deprive people of their fundamental rights as living individuals in this world. They put states and governments over nations, over which they put one global state and one global government with one-world order. Globalists have always worked for the abolition and annihilation of nations, cultures, traditions, races, clans, families, genders and individuals. According to globalists, everything rooted and natural must be uprooted. Globalism is a Leviathan-Behemoth machine, it is a DEATH CULT whose main enemy is all human vitality.

The Deklaration of Arbroath

In the following century after the Magna Carta, the Scots were inspired to a similar revolt against the English. Edward I took advantage of a vacuum in the Scottish monarchy and started an invasion in 1296. He met resistance among others by William Wallace at Stirling Bridge the following year but continued. Only when Robert the Bruce took the throne in Scotland in 1306 were the English expelled. However, they still refused to recognize Scotland’s independence or Bruce as king. In 1320 the Scots sent an envoy to the pope, who was about to make a pact with the English, and they succeeded via a famous document called the Arbroath Declaration to persuade the Pope to support a peace, and in 1328 Scotland was declared nationally sovereign and independent of England.

The declaration contains the following famous lines:

As long as there are hundreds of us alive, we will never accept any terms imposed on us under English rule. It is truly not for fame, wealth or honor that we fight but for freedom – for what no honest man gives up in life.

Robert de Bruce

The Empire never died

But the Empire stroke back. The Vatican never seized its grab on neither souls nor wealth of the people of the Planet. The British Empire arose and became the most powerful Empire by its mighty fleet. This was Globalism 2.0 – the Roman Empire would then be Globalism 1.0, the imperial proto type of Antiquity. Classical Imperialism which also was started by the British who invented Industrialism and its need for resource grab would the be Globalism 3.0. What we are witnessing today with the latest global power grab is Globalism 4.0.

The old Venetian families, the Vipers of Venice (J.P. Farrell), descendants of the Old Sailors, had to flee to Amsterdam and London after The League of Cambray – a league of all major powers of Europe being pissed off of the Venetians manipulations – being kicked out of their vicious nest. The City of London is their creation. Some put emphasis on the Venetians (the Phoenicians), some say, the Jews created the financial system of Usury. May we remind ourselves, that Jews were not called so by the Roman historians, they called them exactly: Phoenicians. We could also call the Canaanites. Others point out, that what many of those we on a broad scale call Jews are descendants of Khazarians, that in the 700’s converted a whole Empire to Judaism for the sake political convenience. They are ‘the Great Jews’, the clan or tribe that has abused the majority, ‘the small Jews’ for millennia. It is from these fraudsters, we have the usury of the later banking families such as The Rothschilds, who simply took over the whole British national economy by a cunning lie and trick at the very end of the Napoleonic Wars and the Battle of Waterloo. Hence the Western Central Bank and its global system of eternal debt and financial enslavement.

Later the Venetian (Babylonean, Canaanite, Sabbatean) system set up an affiliate financial center in Wall Street, and the political construction of sovereign micro states of concentrated power now had a triple control system: The Vatican State, The City of London State and the Federal State of British Columbia also known as Washington DC. A religious power, a financial power and a military power to rule the whole World. It became the World of the Pope, the King and the Banker.

Common Law for the people of the World was put out by these powers. When and how exactly this came into being in all its stages has to do with these powers and their grip of the World, for sure. But it is too large a subject. They themselves abide to yet another level above them – as described in The Image Factory and War Room – but we shall now take a look into the system, they created to possess humanity. Possess like the possession of wealth AND being possessed by an evil entity or demon, that has trespassed the native sovereignty of human beings at the moment of birth.

The Magna Carta is a wonderful document. But the weakness of it is unfortunately, that You and I are not mentioned in the document. The Thanes and the Barons of Medieval England were mentioned, because they were the Free Men of their time and space. Fortunately the deeper concept of Common Law goes deeper that the document, touching upon the True Freedom of All Men and Women anywhere-anytime.

Let’s dive into some important technicalities.

Common Law versus Maritime Law

Shortly after your birth a legal person is created. A paper is created as part of the global Baby Slave Trade. At the moment of birth you are a human being, but by your birth certificate shortly hereafter you become a corporation. Neither your parents nor people at a hospital – and certainly not you, the newborn baby – are informed of what this paperwork really means, and this is where the trespass happens.

Instead of protecting people from this creator of corporate entities, the governments helps the entities to commit their ancient crime against humanity. Governments than have created institutions, judges, policemen and a whole bunch of initiatives that destroyed government as it was meant: We The People, our representative and put We The Government instead. As the French king Louis XIV, The Sun King, said in his arrogance: The State Is Me!

So they created legal. They broke the LAW of the Land, the Common Law and put legality instead. Legal applies with that, which incorporated – meaning: swallowed up by a large body (corps – dead body, Body of Death).

Maritime Law

The lawyers in public court houses do not represent the people. They represent and act on behalf of the large body, the mega-meta-corporation. Their corps, their organization is called The Bar. And de Jour Government has been replaced by de Facto Government.

What is LAW ? It is three letters:
L stands for Land – the place we are born, where we come from, our nation
A stands for Air – something else is going on out there
W stands for Water – ask any lawyer, at he/she will tell you, that they were trained in that, and only that, this is Admiralty Law. We must understand, that the lawyers have been lied to also.

These are the jurisdictions = the outspoken law, and is all about human beings and their native relation to the environment, the Earth, the Planet, the Nature and ultimately the Universe.
Natural Law is therefore simple for anyone to understand:
Do what you will, but never do any harm to other inhabitants, beings and organisms of the Planet.
Any child can understand it. It is so simple and so common sense as can be, that it does not even have to be written down (diction = spoken). It’s when they started to write it down, that it became mumbo-jumbo. Because people could not read or write, it didn’t mean that they were stupid. And when people started to read and write, the law makers just made the language of law so complicated, that only they could understand it.

In Common Law you would bring up a claim or complaint against other people, that trespassed on your property. Three words are important here:

Property – what the UN Agenda 21/2030 and the World Economic Forum want you to totally abolish (for them to own everything)
Trespassing – they do it legally all the time
WHO – no, not the corrupt organization under the UN, even more corrupt!

A lawyer in a public court house re-presents you. They do not present you as a human being, they are Attorneys, they are turning you into something else, they have torn you apart. They have to lure you into the Maritime Law set up by the Pope, the King/Queen and the Central Bankers, so they re-present you as the corporation, the paper of slavery you were reduced to at your birth, your legal person.

Interesting: the word Personai in Greek means a character with a mask. Persona = persons in a theatre means characters wearing masks. Does that remind us of something these days?

This is why the lawmakers want you to take on a citizenship. The ship is one of many maritime expressions that tells, that you have been hi-jacket by pirates and is now under their maritime rule.

In any paper presented in a public court room, you will see your name spelled out in CAPITAL LETTERS. That is not how you write your name, that is something else. You write your name in Uppercase + lowercase letters. It is your corporation, your legal person, the fiction of you, your stolen identity.

In court rooms they call you an Accusedan Offendera Defendant, a Complaintant, a Respondanta Residant, a Citizen and ANY other name than your real name – and as such you have no rights but is put under their statutes. If you kindly and politely ask the lawyer, where the word Man or Woman appears, they cannot and will not tell you, because it doesn’t.

WHO wrote these code rules and statutes?
WHO claims my property?
WHO can administer property without right?
Produce the Obligation
 upon which you rely to have Jurisdiction over I.

Obligation means Contract.
Jurisdiction means Control
Taxation means paying money to this system and not to We The People with the State as a service provider, a servant of the people.

The States, the entities masquerading as our governments administering the system is like one burger shop in MacDonalds running on a franchise from the main corporation. They all have to provide the same junk food based on the same processed garbage based on the same standard recipes with the same stupid pretend-as-friendly smile to all people no matter where in the World.

The police is supposed to be peace officers, but they are executing a policy for the corporation and its franchise shops, the governments. As long as they are doing this without knowing for what reason, they will be our opponents. Recently there has been cases in Canada, where police have refused to execute their order against people in one of the most totalitarian lockdowns in the World.

They should be asked, when they stop you:
Produced the verified claim, that I trespass against who?
Who is the man or woman moving this court against me, that I breached a contract with?
Or has a bill of particularities of harm, that I have done to them?

Do I then have any contract with this man or woman – if so please present a copy of this contract?

If no man or woman steps up themselves in the court room, then it is a piece of fraud. Does it constitute a claim, because some guy high up in the system says, that it does? Not according to Common Law. A lawful claim is not the position of the authorities, it is the substance of the claim and the case and the existence of a man or woman putting forth a claim. And according to Common Law, words on a piece of paper work does not control a man or woman. A Contract between men and women does.

Note by the way, that the Powers That Be right now is working on cancelling our right to call ourselves man or woman, he or she. They want gender neutrality. Any connection here?
The same Powers want all human beings on the planet to give up property and ownership by 2030 – UN Agenda 2030. What has all the way been de facto will now be public and formalized.

The Bar-members, the organization of the lawyers, use the Rules of Civil Procedures. A man and a woman should never use a lawyer from the BAR and should never-ever use their forms at the court house. One should use ones own papers and prepare ones own case. Problem is, of course, that people don’t know how to do it and are dead scared of their opaque system. Some cases recently in Canada exposed, that the Roles of Civil Procedure do not apply to We The People.

WHO ? Some questions need to be asked at the court house, like:
Who wrote that?
It will turn out, that some guy in a black robe wrote that. He does not represent the people, that are exposed to his legal writings. Therefore he is liable to committing fraud and guilty in Unlawful Trespass. The Black Robes on behalf of their Masters have stolen your lawful property, your very name given to you by your mother and father and capitalized it and corporatized it. It sort of gives the word capitalism another dimension, doesn’t it?

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