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The Protocols

The introduction

In the 1920s, the world saw a document that outraged in several ways. That parted the waters. As you know, the Empire is very fond of divided waters, when only the waters flow among their subjects and separate them. Let’s turn back the clock.

The first Rothschild-Zionist congress was held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897. Interesting, by the way, that BIS and the World Economic Forum in Davos are housed here today.

Originally, the congress was supposed to be held in Munich. It is also interesting that it was later in Munich that Nazism arose on the basis of The Walpurgisnat Event, where a small army of Bolsheviks arrived from Russia in 1919 and tried to introduce a copy of the revolution in the form of a socialist commune but were physically thrown out out by German veterans of the First World War who saw what they were up to. Later, as you know, there was a certain beer cellar event in 1933 – the same year that Germany received a declaration of war from the World Jewish Congress, which in the infamous newspaper note called itself even for Judea.

Why was the congress in Munich canceled and moved? Was it some evil Nazis who threw the poor Jews out? All kidding aside, of course Nazism wasn’t invented in 1897, let’s get the history straight. Rather, it was due to strong opposition from German Jews living there who opposed the Zionists’ plans to forcibly relocate them to Palestine, a dry and inhospitable land to which they had absolutely NO affiliation. Nor, for the same reason, did they have a burning longing for the promised land flowing with milk and honey (read: dust and desert), for their lineage had NOTHING to do with this non-land. German Jews were descendants of the Azkhenazim, Khazarian forced converts to Judaism 1250 years earlier. Their language was not Semitic but Yiddish, a Germanic hybrid language.

It is after this congress that we see the much-debated and debunked Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

There is almost no limit to how loudly Zionists are able to howl and scream to declare the Protocols a fake. If you google them, 99/100 hits will be howls and screams. The amount of hits obscures the fact that it’s unbelievably few howling unbelievably loud, and a whole world army of microscopic copy-paste groups getting money from their rich uncle willingly simulats the feeling of a huge army. The ferocity, the shrillness and the fanaticism in itself are so striking that for people with a little psychological insight a suspicion will arise: that the postulate of falsity may in itself be… a falsity.


The protocols came to light in the early 1920s. Did they leak by accident or were they leaked on purpose? The Times Newspaper in England at the time examined the minutes and initially noted something completely obvious, which anyone can do – then and now – by reading the minutes with a sober eye, asking oneself: What are they saying? and then compare them with: How has the World been administered from then to the present? In other words: Do the statements of the Protocols and the historical reality point in completely different directions? which in that case would suggest that they were pure fabrications.

Bottomline: If you ask these simple questions, the obvious answer is that there is a pretty scary degree of correspondence between the statement in the Protocols and the reality we live in. Zionists never make an effort to explain this striking coincidence. They use their gunpowder to deny the connection between the statement and reality and their own involvement in both statement and reality.

Under pressure, The Times Newspaper in the 1920s had to promise to write a series about, how the Protocols were a forgery. They were too close to reality, ergo they had to be a fake. Does it make sense? From 1921: if you mention the Protocols – which we do herewith – there is immediately a character assassination and a shitstorm. As we have in Danish folk-aforism: He who smells the fart, is the owner of the fart. Or: It takes one to know one. Or: Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Or as the simple term in psychology: projection.

Where did The Times Newspaper then get the information that enabled them to conclude that the minutes were a forgery? From none other than Allen Dulles, the first director of the CIA, the man who orchestrated the 1953 coup d’état in Iran, the 1954 coup d’état in Guatemala, Lockheed’s U-2 program and the Bay of Pigs Invasion. He was fired by John F. Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs streak, and as we know it cost JFK his life, in which Dulles had a solid stake. It would have been revealing to himself. So the information comes from ‘a reliable source’? Or do they come from a source whose main occupation is to lie from morning to night 24/7/265 and create falsities in serial production?

The man with a dark shadow

So where did Allen Dulles get his information? He said he got them from a Russian émigré, whose name was never mentioned, who negotiated a ‘loan’ from The Times Newspaper that was never to be repaid. So an unnamed and unverified Russian émigré who, four years after the Jewish Russian Revolution – orchestrated by British intelligence and financed by Jewish Wall Street bankers (if in doubt of that, please read professor Anthony Sutton, who went through every single document of that funding – and did it for the funding of the Nazis too in case you think, it was one sided biased) who smashed the Tsardom – is said to be providing cover for a British newspaper and a CIA director, the paper said and the director’s agency can falsify history by postulating falsification! Which it is to date. Do we feel completely safe with these glorious oligarcs who teach us what is falsity and fiction and what is the apparent truth?

Well, aren’t the protocols a forgery if they were written by a British agent who worked with T. E. Lawrence? Define falsity. If the writing turns out to be in perfect agreement with the reality that the hard core of the British Empire managed to create for humanity, that is, the inner circle that has been so adept at staying under the radar and denying EVERYTHING ANYTIME someone got too close . So is it a fake?

Is Islamic fundamentalism, which the same intelligence agency created to dismember the Ottoman Empire, a fake? It all depends on where you place yourself in relation to lies and truth. As a legitimate version of Islam, it was a falsity. It still is today, when fundamentalist Islam is a creation, an ‘asset’ of the CIA, Pentagon, Mossad and Saudi Arabia. And before that originally a creation of British Intelligence. As an effective weapon against humanity, it is in no way a falsity, but rather a terrifying concrete reality.

In the same way, the Protocols are an inflamed rag in the face of humanity. They are, from cover to cover, a megalomaniac boast about how adept the authors of the Protocols are at deceiving and destroying human culture and all humanity in its entirety. This is what we do to you, and you can’t do shit about it!

Download a pdf version. The version I downloaded and read myself was full of propagandistic wrappers and outright threats that if you didn’t read them as the Zionists commanded, it was illegal! OK, so they are the highest legislative power on Earth, since they can legislate on our freedom to read according to our own ability and intellect! This ‘law’ has a name. It is called Noahide Law.

It must be described as megalomania and arrogance to a severe degree. What may come from the commissariat is therefore legally mandated tribal ideology screamed into dogma.

Define Zionism

Zionism was a British intelligence project in collaboration with the Rothschild dynasty who bought (read: couped) the British national economy in 1815. So were the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, which the Zionists became so hysterically obsessed with denying.
Footnote: If it may interest a Dane, the same take-over happened to the Danish national economy in 1818.

Disclaimer!! Zionism is not a synonym for Judaism. Most Orthodox Jews reject Zionism and do not recognize the settler regime of Israel as a legitimate state.

Zionism is the political designer philosophy that lies as a dark undertone in World War 1 + 2, the Russian Revolution, the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the Armenian Genocide, strife in the Middle East, terrorism from Trotsky to ISIS, genocide in Gaza, American neocons with double conveniance citizenship and 9/11, Frankfurt School political correctness terror, central banking and debt slavery (Rothschild).
All things that you can read about in The Protocols.

Even the founder of Zionism, Theodor Hertzl, they got rid of
by assassinating him on July 3, 1904.
Did he know too much?

As a strategic ideology, Zionism in the inner circle has no interest in Jews as anything other than tools for their agenda. You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. In the outer circle, there are Jews who are brainwashed in the ideology, who are willing to stand up as mouthpieces. Among ordinary Jews, on the other hand, a great weariness is detected and can’t we soon get rid of all that preaching and hysterics? Remember how the Khazarian priesthood, the rabbinical despotism of Eastern Europe and Russia, the Hassidim, with roots going back to the Khazarian Empire* mercilessly chastised and subjugated their own congregations. It is among this priesthood, the Sabbateans, the Kabbalistic coup plotters, that we find the creators of Zionism. It is among these parasites that we find the great banking families, the usurers, the money changers, who, after being thrown out of all the countries of Europe in the Middle Ages because of their abuse – they simply cannot help it – were invited by the opportunist Cromwell to to manage the Crown’s finances.

* with further roots back to the tribe of Esau, Red Edom, Petra, which was also the secret birthplace of Islam and further roots back to the Hyksos, the Shepherds of Egypt (Akhenaten, Exodus) and Kali Ma, the Black Mother, the human sacrifice cult of the Nagas in pre-ancient India. Going even further back – now we really go to extremes – , we end up with the Belial group of the Atlantean civilization who abused technology and (nearly) destroyed the planet in a cosmic war. According to Russian historian Constantin Levashov, they were thrown out of Dravidia (Bharat), now India, by the rishis because of their perversions. All human sacrifice that took place in the old world originates from here.

The Crown Corporation

What will the Crown say? The Crown regards itself to be the head of the serpent. It can be, but it doesn’t have to coincide with the reigning king or queen and their house. The Crown of England is The City of London, the place where today the Queen – and now Her Majesty the Quee, King Chucky – most graciously had to ask permission before being allowed to perform the ritual once a year. Now they have a King again, and what a pity he is. The queen/king could be seen with a regalia called a crown on the head, but if he/she didn’t wear it as expected, both the regalia and the head became separated from the rest of the body. British history and other royal history in Europe have plenty of examples of that. Note the blue color and the queens Nazi eugenics consort’s blue stripe. The British royal family is the blue dragon family of the draconian system of governance, the blue blood.

The guy to the left is wearing the real kings dress.
And the guy to the right is the queens husband, the former Nazi officer

A case where the Crown and the royal power have coincided has been Queen Victoria’s perverted son, Edward VII, the Masonic chieftain whose network was behind World War I, the murder of members of his own family in Germany and Russia. The Crown has clapped all seven hands, for they profited from the destruction of their competitors and the plundering of their wealth in the Russian Revolution and the Treaty of Versailles. ALL the miseries that inhabit the World today stem from this series of events in that the very decade that Uncle Bernie either had a hand in, or was complacently aware of, going on in sync with his own contribution to the destructive chaos of Europe and the World.

For the sake of decency, we have to make ourselves less knowledgeable and ask (knowingly…): If you are not willing to admit your complicity in an evil crime against humanity, then you should have thought about it before ? If you seriously believe that you are being abused as scapegoats for something that others have committed, shouldn’t you help bring order to things again? If you are the poor persecuted innocents you claim, and All Humanity is against you, why don’t you keep your path clean and behave properly towards humanity? If you are the pure ones, why are you constantly throwing stones? If you are the weak victims one moment, why do you act like lords and despots the next minute?

If your protocols are not yours, why don’t you distance yourself from those who wrote them in your name? If they are so falsified and untrue, why does reality agree with them?

They’re not stupid, these guys. If, for example, there was the team in a claim that the unnamed British agent who wrote the protocols was in fact a Jesuit, why have they not spoken up here?

Likely? Few have been as capable of deception, seduction and subversion as the Jesuits. But what do Zionists have to do with Jesuits? The answer is: EVERYTHING! All Jesuit generals throughout time have been crypto-Jews. It originates from Loyola’s Spain and further back to the Middle Ages, when Jews often had to cover themselves and change their name and identity. The hidden hand again.

Forgery, what is that?

The protocols and the reception history are very similar to another misplaced document that came to light at the same time. Albert Pike’s letter to Gioseppe Mazzini about the three world wars. Long before they had even started. One Masonic chieftain to another. Both the spirit of the letter and the way it was subsequently called a fraud are very reminiscent of the Protocols and their reception. Further, it has been suggested that it was not Albert Pike who wrote it but a Jesuit agent named Leo Taxil. Here we go again.

Often, words that can be translated to forgery are not used, but to falsification. This has led people to point out that a forgery requires an original. You cannot forge a Rembrandt painting without an original. Even if you paint a picture in the Rembrandt style without an actual original and sign it with the master’s name, it still requires the master’s original style.

In both cases it requires great skill and work, and in the case of painting one might ask why the artist does not paint his own pictures and become famous for them instead? For both the copy artist, the forgerer and the ghostwriter agent, the answer is probably one of two or both: power and payment. Do they believe in what they produce? Not a second. Probably they have a lack of character that prevents them from creating anything original although they have technical skills. The agent may needlessly believe in the value of deceiving because it serves a higher purpose defined by his principals. At least we hear and read that sort of thing among the establishment. The copy artist is just a money machine. We ignore here the skilled people who, for example, was in Michelangelo’s studios, whose works were finished paintings of the master’s sketches and signed by the master at the end. They are just the masters staff and co-workers.

One could very well imagine that an agent has been close to the original of the Protocols and is writing them down, copy-pastying. Maybe the agent changes and adds here and there. The original disappears at the request of its owners, and they can then claim that the copy is a forgery. Wouldn’t that be convenient? It is called probable deniability = deniable by the mere probability of denial.

Stupid as a door

Maybe we ask at a door (knowing…), because we get nothing but empty talk, denials, postulates, character assassination, threats and the whole cannonade of parades. And that in a strength that more than suggests that the questions hit a nerve. Here we have to understand a mechanism that is incomprehensible to many. Zionists LOVE what they call anti-Semitism. It is the very gasoline in the engine that is their self-staging. The tank must be constantly topped up in order for the engine to run. Because the narrative is based on a fundamental lie and by the impermanent nature of the lie, it must be constantly maintained. In contrast is the truth that must be actively destroyed in order not to be maintained. It is in the very contradiction between their coup version of God’s chosen people and their suffering and the relationship with the rest of humanity that they come to the fore. They operate under the guise of a victim role that allows them to do to others exactly what they claim is being done to themselves. And if it turns out for a while that they themselves are not being treated as ordered, they commit self-harm – after which they can howl again.

Even measured by concepts from Freud’s Jewish psychology – according to which, by the way, newborn children already have an incestuous relationship with their parents! – is the mechanism mentally ill. Jews know this well, but they haven’t had the courage or insight to get rid of the mega-parasite that lives among them. They are the wolf’s clothing. The day the wolf feels like eating his own clothings and his own home, he will do so. Otherwise he howls constantly. That is, apart from the occasions when the resistance to being swept around became too glaring – such as what you read at the beginning of the blog about the German Jews who threw the Zionists out of Munich because they did not care about their plan to deport them to Palestine. It took two World Wars, a Balfour Declaration and a staged Holocaust before they were ripe for deportation.

There was an interesting statement recently from the constantly re-elected president of the settler regime of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu. He directly said that Hitler never wanted to exterminate the Jews but to get rid of them. He admits – and this is highly controversial and taboo, that the Holocaust is not, what we were told – If we know about the Ha’avara agreement, then we know what is being talked about. Netanyahu thus directly admits that Hitler’s intentions were the same as all European countries in the Middle Ages: to get rid of an burdensome burden.

The communities had two strategies in relation to Jewish communities within their land area. Either they were enclosed/dammed in ghettos, where there were rules for what they were allowed to do in relation to the rest of society – or they had autonomy within the walls. Or they were kicked out since they obviously couldn’t help it. Stalin, himself a Jew – his real name was Djugasvili = the son of a Jew – was aware that the Jews had fulfilled their mission in creating the revolution and bringing him and his segment to power, establishing a Jewish ‘state’ in Manchuria called the Autonomous Jewish Oblast. Several million Jews live there today – have we heard about it? The Japanese, neighbors and at one time rulers of Manchuria, were fully aware of this. They said that Jews should be treated like the Fugu fish, the ultra poisonous balloon fish. Properly prepared it was edible and even delicious, improperly prepared it was deadly. Japanese have always had a strained relationship with Jews.
Read: The Empire and East Asia

Sheep, wolves and shepherds

If you think it has drifted in the direction of Jew-bashing, I remind you again of the definition of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We can also adopt a different image, but the sheep are still the same. Jews as a people group have been regarded and treated as sheep by their shepherds. The shepherds’ philosophy is as old as Hell’s great-grandmother. The shepherd philosophy is the original form of what in the 20th century was named behavourism, behavioral psychology. People can be fenced in or herded like sheep in a flock. They are always afraid of falling outside the pack, because then they lose their identity. The extreme and high-tech behaviorism is transhumanism.

As I write this, I am watching a flock of happy sheep that have just been let into the field that was harvested for hay three weeks ago. They move quite willingly, because in the meantime the grass has become extra green and juicy in contrast to the overgrown, half-withered grass they just arrived from. If for some reason they had to go back to their old patch of grass, the neighbor had to use a scare campaign and let his big dog in to act like a wolf and bark at them in place. One is the carrot, the other is the stick. The carrot is the promise of a better life, paradise, the fulfillment of all desires.

The happy sheep ARE in paradise right now with every green mouthful they bite into. But according to behaviourism/herding philosophy, just the sight of juicy grass on the other side of the fence is enough to move the flock. According to Pavlov, the dog salivated simply at the sound of the food bell. The stick is guilt, shame and fear. Our modern name for it is political correctness. It is the threat of punishment in the form of social ostracism from the flock if you do not do as your shepherds expect and command. It is the guilt/debt that binds you as a slave to his master and shepherd. It is the shame of being different and not being accepted by others, not having self-esteem. It is the fear of the enemy, the uncertain, the out there, the dark, the inhuman, misfortune, disease, death, perdition in the flames of Hell.

Who are they?

So who are these shepherds who started their project in ancient times? you ask of course. Just like I’ve been asking myself for 10 years. They draw a trace throughout human history. One must be able to read and trace the track. One must be able to pattern the pattern. If I start the big investigation here, we won’t finish this week. Fortunately, this mega-story is described in the following 9 blogs on

You don’t piss off the gods with impunity
The Russian Revolution
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Tartaria – the forgotten empire
The dying god – the history of Kabbalism
The King that disappeared

Somewhere in the records (page 55 in the pdf) we find the following short answer to the question.
Not very comprehensive, but definitely a hint:

Who are the Elders? This is a secret that has not been revealed. They are the hidden hand. They are not the Board of Selectmen (the Jewish Parliament in England) or the Universal Israelite Alliance sitting in Paris. But the late Walter Rathenau of the Allgemeiner Electrizitaets Gesellschaft has thrown some light on the subject, and he was doubtless in possession of their names, as he was in all probability one of the principal men himself. He writes in the Wiener Freie Presse, December 24, 1912: Three hundred men, who all know each other, control the destiny of the European continent, and they choose their successors from among their own.

So what is being implied? There is only one group of 300 that we know to some extent, and that is the Committee of the 300, the prototype of all the derivatives we know today such as the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, the Davos gang, etc. The phenomenon is described by John Coleman, former MI6 agent.

Instead of piling up quotes from the Protocols in this blog, which doesn’t do the job anyway, I’d encourage downloading and sampling. You can’t bear to read it all cover to cover anyway – feel free to disprove it, it will be heroic! No matter where you look in the document, if you are well-informed and perhaps well-versed in’s assortment, you will find it strikingly current. This is exactly how the world is screwed up in all its twistedness.

The names of the shepherds are many

Belial (Edgar Cayce > Daniel Lizt)
The Worshipers of Kali Ma (Nikolai Levashov > Tommy Williams)
Worshipers of the Dying God (David Livingstone)
Hyksos (Ralph Ellis > Michael Tsarion)
The Atonists (Michael Tsarion)
The Baal Worshipers / The Canaanites (Eustace Mullins)
The Saturnian Death Cult (Troy McLachlan)
The Dragon Families (Kim Goguene)
The Kings of Petra (Douglas Dietrich)

Post-Nazi-International (Joseph P. Farrell)
Venetians (Webster Tarpley, Lyndon LaRouche)
Illuminati-families (Weisshaupt) and New World Order

We could go on for pages naming groups, subgroups, lodges, think tanks, sects, secret societies. It would become tiresome and useless. Better would be to account for their connections and historical context, but that would be a gigantic project.

So far, we have already made it some way along the way:

The Venetian curse (via Webster Tarpley og Joseph Farrel)
Hvem er jesuitterne? (article in Danish)
(via Thomas Sherridan and Marc Passio)
Materialism – as into Hell (via René Guenon and Branco Malic)

A single grouping stands out in particular and perhaps constitutes what we could call the backbone of Zionism and the philosophy behind the Protocols. We also meet them as the infiltrators in the lodge orders of the 18th century. They later got their name from a figure from the 19th century named Jacob Frank, hence the Frankists and Jacobins. An earlier name is after his model from the 17th century, Sabbatai Zevi. We know them as the Sabbates. The name recalls the Nabbatians, the Red Edomites, suggesting its historical roots. It is Kabbalistic practice to morph words in just this way.

Salvation by sin

Sabbatai Zevi’s peculiar basic philosophy takes its origin from Isaac Luria, the creator of the New Kabbalism, which was a revival of the ancient Kabbalism that can be traced back to the Jewish so-called captivity in Babylon.

These people were not called Jews at that time, for that is a much later name. Historians of the time called them Phoenicians. There can also be doubts about the horror of the captivity, as their scribes felt it like the yolk in an egg and acted as advisers at the king’s court (e.g. the prophet Daniel). Here they copy and mutate the Babylonian magic, which becomes Kabbalah. We can also call them the ‘false Zoroastrians’, but their teachings are not the original Zoroastrian teachings of the Persian fire cult. Zoroaster, Zarathustra, the prototype of Christ.

We go into detail in the very comprehensive article The dying god – the history of Kabbalism, but a short quote here:

The house of Rothschild is a bit of a mystery. A well-founded theory is that they are ideological descendants of Sabbatai Zevi, the man who proclaimed himself the Messiah in 1666 – a completely deliberate dating. The modern version of Kabbalah begins with Isaac ben Solomon Luria Ashkenazi (1534-72) called New Kabbalah. Sabbatai Zevi (1626-76) is one of the manifestations of this revival. The announcement sent the Jewish communities of both Europe and the Middle East into ecstasy: the Messiah had arrived! We mistakenly think that in the age of the mobile phone we are superior in communication, but the message was spread with the speed of lightning in the 17th century. However, the gas went off the balloon when Zevi was given an ultimatum by the Ottoman Sultan to choose Islam or death, and he cunningly – or cowardly – chose Islam. He became ‘crypto’.

The story of the Red Jews and the Lost Tribes is a consistent story among Jews. They were red-haired and lived in Central Asia and were descendants of Edom. They also believed that it was from the lost tribes that the Messiah would come. Sabbatai Zevi’s successor is Jacob Frank, and he elaborates quite a bit on the meaning of Edom and the Franks. According to Rabbi Antelman, the Rothschilds were Franks and descendants of the Edomites. So there is conflicting information about the financial empire that supposedly owns the world (a mild exaggeration).

The Bavarian Illuminati had reportedly disbanded. But Jacob Frank’s successor Moses Dobruschka (coded as Schönfeld) forms an organization called the Asian Brothers. According to Albert Pike, these brothers became the successors of the disbanded Illuminati. The Asian is a reference to the Ismailis, from whom the Knights Templar are said to have received their doctrines and secrets. This brotherhood consisted mostly of the Syrians, Armenians and the Jews. They were also called the Brethren of Sincerity.

Again: that this is not about Jews and Judaism but about the parasitic cell that selected the Jews as the people they, so to speak, put on as their clothing (selected for what, we must ask) – can be seen from the following video, where an American-Jewish commentator, Jana Ben Nun, from the news broadcast Israeli News Live, comments on the Jeffrey Epstein case from an interesting angle:

Ben Nun also draws on anthropologist Robert Sepehr’s book 1666, Redemption Through Sin: Global Conspiracy in History and Israeli war veteran Barry Chamish’s book Shabtai Tzvi – Labor Zionism and the Holocaust.

It is implied here that it was the Israelis, which of course means the Mossad, who took the life of Epstein, and that they had been trying for a while because of the circumstances that would come to light during the case. We are thinking, among other things, of Chamish’s former colleague, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Epstein’s ruffian, Gislaine Maxwell’s father, who was most likely a Mossad agent and possibly also liquidated by them + many, many other links to both Mossad and British intelligence as a part of Five Eyes (Six Eyes with the Israelis).

Ben Nun declares himself as a political atheist, as he also has no faith in the political wings, because they are both compromised by something that is more fundamental than the wings. This is where the Zevi’s, or Tzvi’s outlandish and perverse concept of salvation by sin comes in. It is the very core of the philosophy that permeates the Protocols. We see it paraphrased in Cultural Marxism’s concept of subversive perversion (Marcuse).

What is exposed in the Epstein case is the same as we find in the Protocols: Inflicting as much vile sin on the World as possible in order to obtain salvation through it! The absurdity of this mindset is so enormous that we don’t grasp it at first. We will probably never know if Mr. Epstein himself was perceptive enough to understand that this was the premise of his deeds, or if he was just enjoying himself as an agent in his dirt and then otherwise doing what his handlers told him to do.

They want to save by destroying the World and Humanity. A very dark salvation from a very dark god. It would, in Old Persian-Zoroastrian terminology, be Ahriman and not Ahura Mazda. It would also be consistent with Rudolf Steiner’s Ahriman concept. Think about it: a cult of destruction and perversion that sees its purpose as salvation. WOW! We begin to understand why we do NOT understand how the self-appointed rulers of this world are screwed up inside their heads. Every thought they think, every word they say and every action they perform is twisted!

Ben Nun explores the Kabbalistic mindset. According to the Kabbalists, God created the World as 10 vessels (or vessels). These are the ten spheres (sefiroth) of the kabbalistic tree of life (22 lines, 3 branches or pillars). When God created the World and poured his rays of light into it, they were so overwhelming that the 10 spheres could not contain them. The world exploded and the spheres caught this light. There is talk of a tree of death, the shells of which, the Qlippoth, contain the light. It then became the task of the initiates = the Kabbalists to liberate the light from the darkness. Instead of waiting for God to say GO!, it became their job to just go ahead and make it happen.

Well, it may seem like an excellent idea at first glance. Why wait for the Messiah to come and save us on behalf of God? let’s not sit with our hands in our laps but do something for the world. So, if it was just as well, that was just how they thought. Here comes the twist, the distortion. By surrendering to the Qlippoth, the shell, the sinful and perverted, the light becomes clearer and will reveal itself. To put it squarely: The more we rape, steal, murder, cheat, lie, envy and screw ourselves up, the more we provoke and support the good. We crack the shell of the nut. It is the Kabbalistic term for redeeming the sparks. Holy fornication, hell and vandalism.

Sabbatai Zevi’s followers after his death were the Dönmeh, the crypto-Jewish Kabbalists from Thessaloniki via Izmir, later known as the Young Turks, who were allowed by the British to destroy the Ottoman Empire, perpetrate the Armenian Genocide, and rape modern Turkey. The destruction of the Sultanate paved the way for the dismemberment of the Middle East (the Sykes-Picot Agreement), the settler regime of Israel, the fundamentalist regime of Saudi Arabia, fundamentalist Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, leading to the turmoil we know today with 9/11, Afghanistan, the Arab spring, the Iraq war, the Libyan war, the Syrian war, ISIS, threats of a new Iran war, etc. back and forth.

Sabbatical ideology says that it is like the seed that rots and dissolves in the soil in order for the grain to grow. They hijack the biblical equation and focus on the rottenness. Like the frog, they go underground and hide themselves to operate there in secret. They must deny everything they do for it to come true.

Among the followers of Luria-Zevi-Frank’s Sabbatean Kabbalism were members of the European nobility and royal houses as well as the richest bankers. Jacob Frank operated in the city of Frankfurt, where both the Jesuit apprentice Adam Weishaupt and the Sabbatian banking family Rothschild were at the same time. And he knew them, it was the rich banking family that financed the pranks! According to Rabbi Marvin Antelman, it was Rothschild (Amschild) who persuaded Weishaupt to accept the Frankist doctrine, after which he rewarded him with his large sums of money. Only a few years had to pass after Weisshaupt’s doctrines and the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati, which quickly had to go underground, until the Jacobins started the realization of these in the form of the French Revolution. Weisshaupt went crypto, just like Zevi went crypto. In the following centuries, the world was to experience several culture-destroying revolutions created from the same script. The Illuminists went underground, but from 1777 they infiltrated the network of all the major Masonic orders and made them their tool.

The Rothschild-Weishaupt doctrines derived from the Luria-Zevi-Frank doctrines are EXACTLY what is articulated in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Liberalism, class struggle, control of the masses, control of the lodges, control of the media, instilling fear of the external enemy, chaos, problem-reaction-solution. When the masses, the people, the goyim, the sheep are mutilated, depraved and terrified, they will beg for help and the Sabbateans will appear on the world stage as their saviors. Just like the swindler Zevi, they present themselves as the Messiah, the savior of the world. They will then rule the world with a new world government via a king in Jerusalem! and Lucifer will be worshiped as the new god in the new world religion, for Lucifer is the bringer of light.

Was that exactly what was written in Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini (Leo Taxil)? Is it precisely the content of the Protocols? Is this precisely what washes up to the surface when a hole has been punctured in the Epstein case? Not only does it have certain similarities, it’s completely identical! It puts all talk of falsification, theories and conjectures to shame, because we just need to establish it.

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