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Materialism – as into Hell

Why should I be interested in metaphysics, it is not modern anymore?

The question is both incorrectly asked and incorrectly reasoned. First, metaphysics has never been modern, for it is the diametrically opposite of modernity. Secondly, that is precisely why it is so relevant and hence the reason why you and I should be interested in it. Third: It’s insanely interesting. Especially if one can keep up with it.

But fourth: Without metaphysics, we cannot understand the Signs of Time, and why we are almost hopelessly stranded in Materialism, and what that means at all.

Materialism poses as spirituality

Metaphysics had disappeared after Kant (1724-1804), and perhaps Thomas Aquinus (1225-74) was the last real metaphysician. But suddenly it reappears with a strange Frenchman named René Guénon (1886-1951). And if Aristotle is hard to read, then it’s going to be really hard here.
We take help from the philosopher from Croatia, Branco Malic.

Abd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá (al-Mālikī, al-Ḥāmidī ash-Shādhilī)
– also known as René Guénon

Guénon’s first book is an introduction to Vedic philosophy. It was intended as a doctoral dissertation, but it was rejected on the grounds that there was not a single footnote. Since Academia loves footnotes and references as an Appeal to Authority, it is considered a sin to omit them. It was with full intent to piss Academia off and not on the basis of lack of underlying sources, which Guénon shows in his next book, which deconstructs the theosophical movement, and where his notation is extensively bordering on the pedantic.

Introduction to Vedic philosophy, one of the great Eastern metaphysical traditions, consists of 2/3 mapping of what metaphysics is, and the rest is real introduction. His review answers the questions: what is Tradition, what is Religion, what is Philosophy? And what is Eastern and Western civilization?

The End of the World

Let’s jump right into it. Guénon tells us that the World has come to its end, and he also tells us why. He is quite clear when he uses the Apocalypse in the true sense of the word: the end of an ancient lie. The veil falls and the rug goes aside. Therefore, the End of the World is not a disaster, as the liars have described it to us. Maybe for the liars and their reign, but not for the World. And which World is it that ends? It is the modern world whose qualification as modern ends. And what qualifies the modern world? Quantity. The quality of the world is quantity, and this contradiction is a ticking bomb under its own maintenance and coherence.

Hollywood’s portrayal of the Apocalypse is the typical misconception of the word. It is not the same as annihilation or Armageddon, which incidentally took place a long time ago.

Philosophy today has come so far that it states, that one cannot examine and express oneself about Being, Time, Truth, God, Beauty, Origin, Creation, Beginning, End, Life, Death, Meaning of Life – all the great concepts of the absolute. We are now relativists. Metaphysical questions are not modern, so they have been abolished. Therefore, if the big questions and the big studies are the ones that describe and define us as human beings, we are no longer human beings but posthuman phenomena.

The concept of postmodernism is merely an expression of the fact, that now someone has discovered that modernity is disintegrating, but that this is not complete. Materialism is label-ism. Do the stickers always mean something? They do not.

Everyone has opinions about what the world is, but if you ask further you get no definition. We get illusory expressions of that which is obvious, that which is a fact, but which is extremely inexplicable. Dirty Harry: Well, opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one …


The difference between the ancient, the premodern man’s wonder about the World as a wonderful mystery, and the modern man is that we are horrified by our (missing) wonder, where the ancients became devout and curious. Even in Heidegger, who has described Being very thoroughly, there is a horror of nothingness in a desperate attempt to find meaning.

Guénon says, that the modern world aims to kill the mystery of the World, to demystify, to secularize the World. That is why the modernists say that philosophy is just about asking questions, to mystify, never to give answers. That is fundamentally untrue. Instead of the real mystery, modern science has created a fog of absurdity, a void with random islands of matter without purpose and origin. It is a pseudo-mystery meant to remove the real mystery. By denying the transcendence, we become alienated from the real mystery, the Mysterium Mundi. The explanations exist, but they are stranded as prisoners of matter and have been swallowed up by the bedmate of matter: Emptiness. Or Nothingness, as one of the most philosophical children’s book authors, Michael Ende, calls it.

The Death Sailor in Nothingness

Le règne de la quantité et les signes des temps (The dominion of quantity and the signs of the times) from 1945 – very appropriate right after the Great Nihil, the Great Nothingness had destroyed Europe – Guénon maps the modern world as the world of quantity, a world where only numerical values, quantities of things and spatial extent have survived.

In the world of quantity, we put things on labels. It is ourselves that who put these labels as we now think. In Aristotle, it is not just products of the activities of the mind, there is more at stake. These are elementary structures of beings in this world. By beings is actually meant both living and less living things. There is something pantheistic about Aristotle, and everything is considered part of the Living Universe. A stone can also be considered alive, it is just unbelievably slow 😉 The things / Creatures give themselves their own label, we just have to pay attention and contemplate it.

Aristotle was extremely realistic without being materialistic. His realism, his reality also includes that which cannot be sensed but only touched by our mind and thinking. We can get in there by mental work. So the categories of Aristotle are not immediately visible, but they gradually appear. Our science just adds them on when it needs it and never reaches cause and beginning. As one mathematician said to me recently: Well, we should not explain anything at all, that is not the field of science at all! So you just have to measure and weigh. Well, at least it’s the problem of science and ours all together that that attitude has become Le Règne, the ruling one. He might as well have said: Well, we must not understand anything at all. We just need to put some labels and formulas on and then use them as needed.

A mathematics does do not explain the World. We should stop pretending. Mathematics describes the World. It measures and is very useful as such. But nothing more.


Our minds sense that these things-beings-realities are real, and have a natural urge to understand them and explain them, but we must not do so for science and its dominion, for then science has stuck its tail between its legs, or the knowledge police come and arrest us for being intellectually immoral.

Being – A Scandal

Something strange happened that shows how differently the ancients thought compared to modern man. In Aristotle, there was no difference between subject and object. We consider ourselves subjects who are removed from a large object called the World. The subject (I, Me) considers the object (the World) and these ‘jects in a dialectic opposition to each other. What is the synthesis, to use Hegel’s term? Whether we, the subject then are thesis or antithesis, is debatable but does not matter. This is both the ontological (being) and epistemological (method) problem of the modern world. Kant formulated his own problem and that of our time by saying: It is the greatest scandal of philosophy that it has not been able to prove the outside world. He throws the towel in the ring! But it is also dangerous, for the very need to prove the world is a product of a cosmic illusion. The world IS, it is obvious, and as such does not need to be proven. It may, of course, be what the half-drunk mathematician thought but could not formulate, but I strongly doubt it. Open your eyes, even your senses say that the world exists. And if you even begin to think, then you may perceive the world as spiritual reality.


Aristotle called the categories beings expressed in an uncomplicated way. We believe that we are saying something about the beings / the things, but Aristotle believes that the beings / the things themselves speak. He listens to their speech.

The ‘modern’ – and he is not exactly modern, but completely out of date – metaphysician – Guènon enters the categories via Aristotle’s successors, the Aristotelians, the medieval scholastics, and approaches quality-quantity as essence-substance. However, these Latinized forms are extremely context-sensitive. Substance can mean matter, but it can also mean the opposite. New Speak can arise as manipulated politicians language but can also occur via conceptual confusion on a higher level. The merge of Essence-Substance gives one context and slanted angle, Substance-Phenomenon gives another. Substance has moved to a different level.

This is because these expressions are rooted in metaphysics, where everything is unlimited. They are thus manifestations of something that is unlimited, greater than themselves. It is understandable that the recognition of this problem with language being so insufficient and context sensitive has given rise to the school of language philosophy that has now completely taken over philosophy. But it has not solved the main problem, because it has helped to submerge metaphysics, and thereby cut itself off from its real potential. Philosophy of language is like Pathology, for it has diagnosed and poisined the inability of our language to transcend itself.

Wittgenstein, profession: language philosopher. You can almost see it in ins facial expression – this is hard. A personal acquaintance of mine had to be admitted and treated mentally when she had to write her university thesis about him. She never finished her dissertation.

A bone-hard example of quality / quantity is a question about a man: Is this man a knowledgeable man, or does this man just have an opinion? Dirty Harry has informed us about it. Guenon says that the modern world is the result of an ancient tendency to put quantity at the forefront, and to express all other categories on the periphery of that view.

Quantity is series of things. All units are individual, separate units assembled by a total. Individualism is really quantizism / quantization. In our time, we qualify things by quantifying. We have, for example, quantum mechanics, which qualifies by quantizing.

It is a big problem that matter is presented as the cause itself and even the cause for itself, as self-qualifying and all-qualifying. Quantity qualifies quality, which is a total hangman, a conceptual world upside down.

Materialism is strange, because a materialist does not like to describe himself as such. It’s simply too low-key. Mass and matter nonetheless describe our low-key life. Facebook is a low-key quantity product just like money for the sake of money and measurement and weighing to be able to describe meaningless, causeless and purposeless phenomena.

Aristotle describes matter as form and dynamics, as possibilities. Guénon, according to the scholars, extends the material to Materia Prima and Materia Secunda. The primary matter, Prakriti in his book on Hindu Doctrines, cannot exist without the secondary, that is, without a form. As the German top physicist Hartmut Müller says: There is no matter without matter, just as there is no spirit without matter. Did he just say that? is not a hardcore physicist? Matter does not exist in a purely isolated form. It exists as an intelligent structure that can be perceived – that is, not form in the simple sense round, flat, crooked, square. The Platonic forms are structures that can be partially perceived and not perceived directly. En-tellegens in the Aristotelian sense refers to this property, which is found, for example, in a seed. The singularity of the seed is, that it already knows that it will one day become a tree, that is, its inner form, its origin-determination, its essence and substance, its nature. It’s in-form action, information. Modern science is a false trade name, as it is really a denial of nature, when it’s all just mechanics + chance + self destruction.

With Aristotle, quality is more real than quantity, matter is just possibilities, potential for form. Therefore, the word has dynamically come to mean the opposite of its original meaning. We think of something very vivid and active, while in Aristotle it is merely potential, material inertia.

Shape is not the same as Figure. Form is an inner, intelligent and understandable structure. Form is forming, not just figuring = reproducing. The figure is a delineation of this form as a direct sensory object. A tetrahedron with four triangular sides is both a shape, ie an inner invisible structure in a crystal, but also the image of the crystal itself. One is a structural principle, the other is a visible crystal.

Guénon demonstrates that science and everyday life are inseparable. He also shows that materialism has elevated itself to metaphysics. Metaphysics was the origin, the explanation, the theology. Now materialism has become… God. Let’s just say it. But what does that mean? This means that there is something lower than the material.

Individual and individuation takes place as the separation of individual bodies in a collective, where differences are leveled. Monotheism is the leveling of deities. Singularity is the leveling of all genetic and cultural diversity – we have all become mass-produced. Here science becomes religion and ideology. The common denominator is that diversity disappears under the guise of wanting to protect diversity. We perceive ourselves as individuals / qualities but are rather non-individuals / quantities. Think about the ambiguity of the concept of subject. Sub-jacio = submitt. The British use the word subject about the subjects of the Empire, its subjects.


In the most quantitative science of mathematics we find the most important symbol = the sign of equality. One is equal to the other = quantity. The world is destroyed by artificial unity-equality-uniformity, and under the guise of wanting to protect diversity, the multicultural society is being promoted. It is a double destruction of both culture and multi at once to want to create a global grey spam colored decultivated non-human-non-race. Guénon says that the End of the World is coming because of the Dominion of Quantity. One could turn it around and call it the absence of Quality.

We are beginning to understand more and more the concept of Freedom, Egality (Equality) and Brotherhood. Note The location of the equation in the middle. We know the fraternities very well, these cliques of power-hungry men of secrets that have run the World from various back rooms. We also know freedom, especially in its corrupt form as the Liberal Project, which was to free man from all responsibility to his own nature. It is in the Egality that we find the quantity. Here everything is cooked in the big collectivist soup pot, where everyone is the same, identical.

We are looking for our identity. Every confused teenager does, and well-meaning educators and social workers claim to support the teenager’s search for identity. But what does it mean to have identity? It simply means being identical with something else and some others – that is, not being oneself. Which means to be the exact opposite of becoming an adult, to become a fulfilled human being and the opposite of essence. In English, there is an abyss between identity and selfhood.

Materialism, despite its fundamental contradictions, can rule the world. And it does. We have seen how it is almost metaphysical, as it proclaims matter to the only basic and underlying principle. We might say that materialism is reductionist pseudo-metaphysics. And although materialism is fundamentally false, it is no less powerful for that reason. Psychopathic rulers possess great power, though they should not.

Déscartes og protestanterne

And we ain’t seen anything yet! According to Guénon, for with materialism the bottom has not reached the Dominion of Quantity. Incidentally, he does not use the word materialism, but speaks of Mechanicism. He refers to the first philosopher who agitated for the justification of this, René Déscartes, whose worldview is mechanistic and who considers humans to be machines piled up in a continuum called the World.

The Jesuit apprentice Déscartes.
He himself indicates the source of the mechanistic universe by writing:

An angel told me that.

Guénon believes that the built-in self-destruction of materialism / mechanism was prepared, almost built-in / programmed by the Protestant Revolution. It was the Protestants who rejected the transcendent principle of Catholicism. Protestantism was a secularization, a immersion in the world, in matter, in the profane literality of words. Protestantism was the killing of the Middle Ages, in which form and essence were still taken into account. It was then up to the individual – the divided and cut off individual – to judge big and small. That’s why Monty Python’s famous one-liner from The Life of Brian is so deep: We are all individuals…. I’m not 🙂 A real person is not an individual, a subject nor does it have an identity. A real human being is a non-divid (not shared), it does not submit (sub-ject) and it is not just a piece of copy-paste identity (identical to). It is not out of itself, but has come to itself.

You are all individuals – except the idiot who would not find himself being called an individual.

Truth became with Protestantism a reflection in the matter of the mind.

At Déscartes, we as individuals simply reflect the outer world – a self-contradictory concept, as the world should be inner-and-outer at the same time. But in the Cartesian worldview we have an external world versus a subject – a separation and a submission (subject simply means submission).

So how can such a culturally-mentally deadly paradigm shift take place? Only through the rejection of Tradition. One can say everything about Catholicism, the Old Lady in European culture and about the Middle Ages. But in the age of upheavals and paradigm shifts, everything became much worse than what was overthrown / revolutionized. Luther himself was a proponent of nominalism, as it was put forward by William of Ockham (the guy with the razor), meaning that things / beings have no nature, but that they are experienced by the senses, after which we name (nomen: name) them as sensual reflections. After Ockham, the Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment, the way is paved for the age of revolutions, the age in which everything is turned upside down (re-revolution: overthrow). Mankind is toppled over on its back and lying and bouncing. We get industrialism, we get Marxism, we get the world wars, we get the modern, thoroughly confused human being, the consumer, the TV viewer. And now we get the apotheosis: the robot man, the cyborg. When Guénon wrote his book in 1945, he saw it happen, for he wrote it right in the middle of Ragnarok.

Matter prison

The Cartesian problem is: how can it be that there is a world outside of myself? How can it be that I feel absolutely free and at the same time absolutely limited and trapped in this world? Hegel tries to solve the problem of a theodicy by claiming that it is merely an illusory thing, a natural thing. The theodicy is always avoiding an explanation to why God is both an almighty and extremely evil person, at the same time good and loving. One might ask God is not almost pathological, a kind of bipolar lunatic? And can one reconcile with such a character?

The Jew and Kabbalist Hegel tries to pretzel that Yahweh has two faces like a Janus head. So we must once again learn to love evil and cruelty. They took it, the Marxists (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were all Jews as a majority of the leading figures in the party) and ran with it. So did another Jewish school, psychology (Freud was a Jew). And the Frankfurt School mixed it all into one wonderful pear mash like social psychology (mainly Jewish philosophers, just move on, must be a coincidence …). The cult of evil simply has its own theology! A theology, where God is abolished just to make it all even more insidious. Hegel believed, in line with the German idealistic school, that all wars, disasters, and atrocities were intended to educate the spirit so that it eventually awoke and God came to himself as a human being. There is actually hope in Hegel. This was of course censored by the Hegelians / Marxists as opium for the people. Or rather: heavily reduced and skewed, because with historical materialism, the world and the humans were now a mechanism. We were absolutely free (emancipated, liberalized), but absolutely unreal and enslaved at the same time.

Never a mention of the central banking system –
Marx was paid off by the Rothschild banking syndicate.

It gets worse

It branches out into existentialism and British / Austrian analytical philosophy and American pragmatism. It becomes quite extreme with post-humanism and even trans-humanism, where matter becomes consciousness, machines develop artificial intelligence and man is expected to fuse this man-made monster. And it’s not science fiction, it’s happening right now. For example, and seemingly innocent in the form of a fusion of people and their cell phones. Pop music is full of singing robots. Hollywood is swimming over. You are 24/7 radiated by dirty electricity, wifi and various frequencies. Every move you make is recorded, stored and analyzed by machines in a basement somewhere in the world. Companies talk about people as resources, authorities want to chip you or vaccinate you to ‘help you’ – they say. They have come up with nanobots that have to swim around in your body – of course also to help you. They also have thought of several ways to get them into you. Your credit card and passport reveal all your movements. Surveillance cameras see you on all streets, in front of all public buildings and on all highways. Your travel card reveals your train and bus journeys. And we ain’t seen anything yet. Like Guénon told us, it gets / has gotten worse.

It started with Protestantism. Soon this movement splintered as a fragmentation bombardment into a myriad of groupings and sects, each with their interpretation of the Bible. They may, as many times in their creed, recite the Catholic credo of one holy ordinary church, but it no longer exists, for tradition has been cut away. We have learned to say nicely, or rather: less nicely no thanks to the tradition gift. Protestantism became the second Tower of Babel, for they have taught us not to be able to talk with non-believers. Without tradition as common reference, no dialogue, no understanding. Just a tiny little deviation in the home-knit dogma and biblical interpretation, and EVERYONE else is doomed out. You might say, that the Protetants invented cancel culture.

A protestant that loved usurers

Protestantism uses a captivating language, and has taught us to juggle the word Freedom. No one wants to be a subject to an absolutist ruler. So the Protestants came according to their own statement and freed us from this ruler. No one saw a new despot sneak in through the back door. May we just remind you that the English Protestants of Cromwell’s time introduced a true regime of terror, invited the Venetian and Jewish usurpers back with free hire to start what we know today as the central bank and thus the most developed despotism the world has ever been exposed to. Gilad Atzmon, himself a Jew, has hit the nail on the head and called the phenomenon Mammonism. We could also call it Financial-Monetary Vampirism.

Luther himself, funded by the Venetians, mammonists and usurers
– you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

The fragmentary splitting of the world, the thinking and language – the new Babylon – means that we take everything personally. When I-myself-and-again-myself are relegated to inventing the deep dish, the soup spoon, the wheel, the fire, then every conversation and every statement becomes a challenge to this unique invention, this privatized reality. Man becomes reactionary = infantile reacting, and just a single wrong word – or our misinterpretation of a single word to make it wrong – can give rise to fear-flight-and-fight reactions. Our weak ego = our weakened mental immune system overcompensates. We are tasked with creating the new substitute for traditions every single day, because we are no longer allowed to rest in Tradition.

It would not be wrong to the whole struggle in the American society and it’s grotesque accelleration 2016-21 as a kind of end game between the remnants of the tradition of the country and the final surrender to materialism. Globalism is another name.

Protestantism was fundamentally anti-metaphysical. Catholicism was in principle rooted in metaphysics, and the extent to which the church carried this tradition made it its work. We also know that the Church did not always do its job and that it also performed dirty. Some will argue that it has completely stopped doing its job, and that is inherently up for discussion (remember, however, to bring yourself up to date with the discussion before bidding…).

Without Protestantism, no industrial revolution. Max Weber saw it. It was the Protestants and Puritans who created the masochistic work ethic that was to be used in industrialism. That a tough way of putting it, since Puritans were to be found among people living under hard conditions and therefore all the time have had to work hard to survive. Even before protestantism. But with the arrival of the industrial age, where migration started towards the industrial areas and the cities, this inherited ability was abused. And the social experiment, the Sovjet Union, perfected this abuse. Marxism was perverted puritanism.

To Doubt or not To Doubt

Déscartes doubts everything, even the doubter who doubts everything. His perception of consciousness is extreme, for it is solely reflexive. Consciousness IS not, consciousness is not Being, for consciousness is reaction, for consciousness is a product. Déscartes anticipates science as we learn it today, where consciousness is claimed to be a byproduct of chemical processes in the brain and neurons going bzz-bzzt. Even mathematicians, the most stubborn advocates of materialism, should fear Déscartes, for we cannot – according to Déscartes himself, a mathematician – be sure of even mathematics. He says: I can not even doubt myself who doubts. Ego cogito, ego dubito, Cogito ergo sum – I think, ergo I doubt, ergo I am to, Res Cogitans, mental substance, the mind is just matter.

It is worth noting that Déscartes in his Meditations on Primary Philosophy apparently found no certainty in matter but only in himself. These anti-metaphysicians thus contradict themselves. If matter is as certain as they claim, why then these ego-ergo reflections?

The ego is a reflection of gloomy matter. It is a fluid act to insist on security in this realm, and it must be constantly repeated due to its volatility. As with lies and truth, lies must be maintained constantly, truth lends itself. Déscartes even goes on to postulate God as a guarantee of knowledge, but God has now become a projection of the thinker himself, of the philosopher who thinks, ergo he is. There is a straight line from this projection to Ray Kurzweil and posthumanism (why does the man just take a name that means Ray Shortwave?) That says there is no god but a god will arrive because we want to make the universe conscious, Deus ex Machina, and this god comes out of the machine as an image of ourselves, a sick act of the alienated human being who became his own brain and body and denied that which cannot be denied, soul and spirit . This is the ultimate hubris and vanity of mankind. The projected god is a cosmic nerd who considers his own tombstone.

The Jesuit project

Incidentally, Déscartes was not himself a Protestant but a Jesuit-educated Catholic. Interesting finding, knowing how much influence the Jesuits have had on our worldview, our society, our history writing (read: history falsification) and our politics. They were the great revolutionaries, the French Revolution and communism are quite obsessed with Jesuit inventions. That materialism and later nihilism were just to be promoted by them is interesting. It is a general misconception that the Order of Jesus has anything to do with Christianity at all. We confuse the clothes they wear with their intentions. Their agenda is a whole different one from the church’s, but they are masters of disguises. They even put a Jesuit pope in place … to do what? For a period when post-materialism must have an extra screw?

Jesuit agent, cover name: Leo Taxil, charlatan, swindler and designer prophet

We know, for example, that a Jesuit agent, Leo Taxil (actually Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès), before his death in 1907 authored the writing that is mistakenly attributed to the American Masonic chief Albert Pike (1809-91), where three world wars are predicted and described. And we have officially only lived through two so far. Taxil would have had insider information from his order that had ruled significant areas of the world since the Spanish Inquisition. At the time, they were a typical counter-Reformation initiative within the church, but along the way took on their own agenda, which they have pursued with loyalty, mascochist fanaticism and extreme self-sacrificing discipline ever since. It’s Protestantism on steroids. And with skill we must not forget. If anyone thinks they are cunning, then the Jesuits are always a tooth more cunning, because they know The Big Picture. They themselves have helped paint it in their era. The Jesuits are pre-nihilists. Whether their ‘god’ has horns on his head or not can be debated. It can also be discussed whether the last and according to Taxil and the Jesuits final world war has already started. If one removes the sunglasses and sees the right direction, there are a lot of evidense that suggest it. 21 march 2020 global martial law was secretly declared – meaning not declared, just installed. Is that not WW3?

The golden age of materialism

Indomitable optimism in the wonderful period – La Belle Epoque.

Materialists are absolutely sure that matter is safe. They usually say when challenged: Just try to bang your head into that wall there and you’ll see! Which is not an argument. It says nothing about the truth, just that our skulls are not as thick as walls.

The process of immersion in matter Guënon calls solidification of the world, and materialism was just the beginning. Solidification – petrification. The view of materialism is optimistic to an absurd degree. It praises itself for its creations in technology and science, the UN Human Rights, everything we call human and progress. Everything is based on Amorphus Abyss, an unfathomable abyss of dark texture. Humanity on its way into a black sinkhole. The age of materialism kicked off and was prepared with Déscartes, but started really in the second half of the 19th century and lasted until World War I, the era called La Belle Epoque in Western and Central Europe. Time was almost intoxicated by optimism over all material progress. It was a safe time, and the lurking danger was perceived by very few.

One guy truly saw it coming. A misunderstood misosoph.
Describing the arrival of nihilism does not make one a nihilist.

One of the very few was the prophet of nihilism, Friedrich Nietzsche, who, incidentally, joked calling himself a misosopher, a despiser of philosophy, mostly as a sidekick to his unwanted colleagues of the time. A pretty angry man. He pointed out that we had abolished the world of truth, the cheap shit. Away with it. So what was left? The illusory world? No, says Nietzsche, for it vanished simultaniously, and there is NOTHING left. Materialism is based on cosmic pessimism but is itself material optimism, rather contradictory. Liberalism in its true scope is insanely optimistic. As long as man is liberated from… EVERYTHING, including his own morals, his own gender, his nation, his family, his traditions, his responsibilities and finally his own body, his genetics and his own mindset, then a happy, free and free brotherhood will arrive among people – who in the meantime are no longer human. Utopia was not for humans, it seems.

Here, in turn, is a fullblown nihilist

When one reads what sophists like Bertrand Russell claim, then meterialists are obsessed with security and how to find security. But if matter is so damn secure, why then this obsession? They reveal their own abyss of doubt, which they dare not admit – and so much must be given to Déscartes, for he at least allowed himself to doubt. Matter is quicksand, because when you dive into it as physicists, it dissolves, and they don’t seem to be able to hold on to it.

The Great Denial

The cultural Marxist, the failed musician who instead of playing the piano philosophized about modern music in the middle of the last century, the cultural Marxist and Frankfurt scholar and Jew Theodor W. Adorno (1903-69), made the following pseudo-prophetic statements: After the Holocaust poetry can no longer be found. How can he afford to say that kind of thing !? If one wants to heal deep wounds from a massacre, one is better served by composing and singing than by erecting a tombstone. That the Marxists themselves helped to create the Holocaust, which we have never had properly explained, and especially not by themselves, is a matter in itself. But, how convenient that an entire people, the Germans, became the scapegoat for the great slaughterhouse in the 20th century, so the actual sinners went completely free.

The Frankfurt sausage and nihilist who gave the thumbs down to the entire Western civilization

The languid optimism of materialism emerged through a denial of an underlying darkness. A similar lamenting optimism gained momentum in the post-materialist or neo-materialist era after World War II. Jitterbug and teenyboppers, consumer party, cars and color television, hippie love-ins, discos, porn, mass-produced cheap shit. The United States of the Sixties in particular is a picture of this childish carelessness. Let’s forget the massacre, let’s eat burgers and Coca Cola in liters, let’s swim around in the American dream fabricated by Hollywood – which then re-recorded the Holocaust and with Spielbergs Shoah turned it into a piece of political mythology. A tragic goofball, for once again we did not see it coming. The Korean War, the Vietnam War. And then there was LSD and pot smoking in it, a ‘successful’ CIA operation. Then we forgot the war for a couple of years. Flex loans and quick loans, privatization and bank fees. Then a new wave of wars and crises, oil war, financial war, 9/11, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, Libya war, Syria war, Ukraine war, war in Yemen, Sudan, Iraq again. Then the insider job called the Finance Crisis. Further emerging into psychopathic optimism.

Leo Strauss – Jewish nihilistist Godfather for the Neoconsstarting as the group around Leonid Trotsky, that escaped to California af his assassination. Later they are the students in political philosophy at the University of Chicago, that stepped into the US administration as war mongerers and con men (neo-cons). Most of them with dual citizenship with Israel.

When the bottom goes out

Back to Nietzsche: When we amputate the real world – and here we are talking of the spiritual world of Plato and Aristotle, in relation to which matter relates as a shadow to light – then there is NOTHING left. This entails, as a built-in one-tellegens, a predisposition: the finality of materialism. The world was vacuumed for uncertainties, unpredictability and ugliness like ghosts, denominations and other spirits that cannot be predicted and controlled. The world became a playground approved by insurance companies, so no child could get hurt. In return, it became deadly boring. Everything was calculated and secured. Security policy was pursued – which, as you know, has created greater insecurity, but we insist on using the word anyway. The companies run management, We can manage everything, including human resources. In a materialist world they don’t recognize people with ressources, people are ressources.

The world is solidified. But it is only in relation to what may be above and not in relation to what is below. When the shell and the foundation crack, something starts to slip inside this world. And since we are materialists, we have no notions of this something.

Guénon saw it in the beginning of the last century in the form of quantum physics (the new physics) and psychology. The quantum physicists / particle physicists had to invent a whole string of strange words to describe the disappearance of matter the closer they looked at it. Sub-atomic, an absurd word. An atom means an indivisible unit. None of the parts are real. So does quantum physics approach metaphysics? No, it’s approaching the sub-physics. We move further away from metaphysics, we are on our way just into Hell. What are they up to at CERN? They are trying to open a portal to another dimension via the hadron collider, which is in fact a giant Tesla machine to create a magnetic hole in the Universe. So what comes out of that hole? They know nothing about it, but the Satanists have high expectations for it.

Psychoanalysis in the Freudian sense was another way to Hell. It is the science of the mind and the study environment is called the subconscious. Sub-conscious – sub-atomic – same-same. It is a study of the soul, but only of the lowest functions of the soul. It is materialized soul. For Freud, it was about the child’s semi-pedophile relationship with his parents, and we are all conceived as a piece of perverted pathological biology. Strict materialistic psychology, however, is behaviorism. It is only as a thin pretext to understand human behavior, for the buyers of behaviorism, the customers in the store bought the item to manipulate the human. Like the Frankfurt School, which called itself the Department of Social Studies, but which had a clearly formulated destructive and manipulative purpose with these ‘studies’. And like intelligence agencies, whose real agenda is not the intelligence as such, but the use of it for manipulative purposes.

The human soul is also grounded in bodily functions. The Daoists know it and have concepts for it. The soul has 5 organs in the body as a starting point: kidneys (adrenals), liver (bile), stomach (spleen), lungs (pancreas) and heart (thymus). These constitute the psycho-physical elements of the soul, they have their expression and one can communicate with them. But they also know the higher and non-organ-based functions of the soul, for they have preserved their metaphysics and their alchemy.

Psychoanalysts on the other hand are reductionists. They have exalted the physical and lower aspects of the soul to be it all. Guénon puts it bluntly: It’s a kind of black magic. It is the Sign of the Times, the signs that the time has come when the bottom falls out of our worldview in the last stage of the Dominion of Quantity. Hence the title of his masterpiece from 1945. The deceived mind tries to dissolve matter by going below matter. Freud said: If I can not move God to pity, I call on the Underworld. He actually says it quite clearly. Who else said the same thing before Freud? Here it gets interesting. It did none other than the infamous figure from Bavaria named Adam Weisshaupt! Another Jesuit product. Do we get a growing sense of who the ‘god’ of the Jesuits, the Kabbalists, the Marxists and the Freemasons is?

Psychoanalysis – is it not a form of mental vivisection or in plain terms: cannibalism?

The forged world

At the same time as the world makes a descent and becomes materialized, an oppositely directed movement takes place that strives for the original perfection. This is deep world history and not the war history that we are pampered with, written by the Empire in self-swing or self-defense. Given the falsification of the history of war mongerers, we can very easily get the idea that man as a being is fundamentally evil. Empires are guarantors of evil, for that is how they have become Empires. Humans are human beings, for better or worse, and if they are not abused in the cruelest of the Empire, they are mostly good and peaceful. But the ideology of Empire instists, that humans are born evil, for then they can blame its own evil on everyone else. Some call it Darwinism.

In the deep history of the world, something else and more important is happening than some nation with some king is attacking the some other for some reason. Just like in a human life, the most important events in our lives are intimate and we have a hard time explaining them. The same with humanity. Only the most spiritually well-founded people have been able to read the deep undercurrent.

Rudolf Steiner was one of them. His worldview is reminiscent of Guénon’s in some respects. They were both rounded by the great spiritual traditions, they both had their feet inside the theosophists, and they both distanced themselves from them. They both considered the downward spiral and the upward as cyclical events over a long period of time. Neither of them were Manikeans, but they both saw the dark force that pulled humanity down and the light that lifted it. Guénon is closer to the Indian (cf. his treatise on Hindu doctrines), and he was fully aware that both there and in Plato / Aristotle was the idea of ​​the Great Year and its four seasons (which is in fact an octave). Whether he has known of Sri Yuktewar’s timing for the end of the deepest darkness in Kali Yuga is not known, but it is striking that he, as Yuktewar, sees the shift arriving in his own time. In fact, the turn of the millennium is the end of both Kali Yuga and the 400-year transition period that ‘shifts gears’ to Dwapara Yuga, the electrical age in which the finer energies will once again be understood. And where metaphysics will reappear!

Rudolf Steiner, a practicing metaphysician

There is no contradiction in the existence of two simultaneously opposing energies in the world, one downward and one upward. In the spiritual field there is the coexistence of opposites. It is very similar to the Daoist understanding of the World.


Guénon can perhaps best be described as a neo-neo-Platonist. He is reminiscent of Proclus (412-485), the last great scholar of Plato’s Academy – formed 387 BC. and thus 800 years before – before it was dissolved by Emperor Justinian I (582-565), who forbade all ‘pagan’ philosophy. Proclus had a very detailed explanation of how all things came from God. He called it the Procession of the One. The inversion of the procession he called the Epistrophae, the inversion, the return. It’s a gnostic thought. Gnosticism was understood by the Church as simply Christianity’s rubbish bin and a common term for everything that could crawl and walk – and think – before they themselves took out a patent on all thinking and spirituality under the name Unity Church, Ecclesia Catholica.

Maybe Proclus stuck his nose too far forward

For Proclus as for Plato as for Guénon (and we could add Steiner) the Spirit is not a material analogy but a living organism. God has nothing to do with a machine. God is not a reflection, a projection or a reduction. These people – again including Steiner – were not part of the modern world, and the modern world is incapable of thinking in their categories. Proclus sees, like the greatest neo-Platonist, Plotinus, Time in relation to Eternity. A 20th century being-philosopher (ontologist) like Martin Heidegger completely rejects Eternity as a concept. Eternity is still uttered as a reminiscence of metaphysics in Christian rituals (even in Protestant ones) such as Doxology, the ritual phrase in the high mass of From Eternity to Eternity, a dizzyingly beautiful mindset that is very little heard and very poorly understood. And yet extremely simple and intuitvt. For Plotinus, it was immediately understandable, and as the philosophy says: intuitively true.

Everything spiritual has its manifestation. Not just phenomena that are fleeting and perhaps just illusory, but manifestations = realizations of something spiritual. Again the physicist Hartmut Müller: There is no matter without spirit, and there is no spirit without matter. Spirit manifests itself as matter, matter has its origin in spirit.

Initiation and counter-initiation

Herewith two new concepts from Guénon: initiation and counter-initiation.

Materialism has expelled man to what the ancients called Heaven – as if man had not been expelled already with Adam and Eve. And Heaven was not the night sky with stars on it, nor was it just the material cosmos. It was all higher than the sensuous. In turn, materialism has opened man to what the ancients called Hell. We feel almost at home when we read Inferno in Dante’s Divine Comedy – hey, that’s our world!

It could be anywhere in a modern metropolis and its suburbs and in a wide selection of the world’s TV channels. It could be 1/500 hotspots in the outskirts of the world, where the Empire has bombed civilian populations from the air and has unleashed hordes of devils with boots on the ground, automatic weapons and Toyotas. It could be the daily manifestation of what the ancients called the mortal sinners: megalomania, madness, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, rage and laziness – and Hollywood says Go for it!

Not to be confused with self-confidence, the ability to make money, good sex, the enjoyment of good food, justified anger and a healthy break from Protestant work-a-holism. The only mortal sin that is impossible to find atoning features of is envy, cf. the Empire of Envy aka Mammonism. Not allowing other people the good life is at worst cosmically unforgivable and at best a clear but pathetic proof, that you yourself lack a life and is so stupid to think that you can compensate by robbing other people of their lives and welfare.

Virtual not Virtuous

We do not even live in the material world anymore. We live in the Virtual World, which is even worse. It’s materialism on steroids. And what a neo-linguistic confusion of concepts to misuse the metaphysical word for perfection virtu = virtue as a theme of unreality, illusion, escapism and falsification! When today one masters the material world and its technology – to perfection, one can create one’s own world, hence the neo-linguistic concept of virtuality.

A post-humanist propagandist, Guy Pierce, dreams of a world where all pain is removed by sending nano-bots into the body that control the neuro-transmitters, the ultimate pain-killers, the nano-magic bullet of aleopathic medicine, the pharmaceutical industry’s wet dream of virtuality. And of course, we want to be lifelong customers in their store because pain is a part of life on earth for humans. But according to Pierce (eng pierce: penetrate) the sweet piercing nano-bots will now help us to sense only what we feel comfortable with sensing.

All relevant Tradition, according to Guénon, has initiating moments. We are offered the opportunity to be introduced to a profound understanding it has taken generations to generate, we can partake in the wisdom of generations. We should live in a world where it was the norm to listen to old and wise men and women, but we live in a world where ridiculous, horny and lame teenagers (m/f, 15/65) have been allowed to put standards. We live in an infantile and unwise culture.

Guénon at his study table in Cairo

In Freemasonry, one claims to initiate / initiate the members by exposing them to a lot of confusing half-digested symbolism. It is almost a form of Western (misunderstood) Zen Buddhism, where the symbolically / conceptually confused person is suddenly supposed to receive a revelation when he is most confused. It can happen, of course, but the probability is moderat, to say the least. It must be said that Guénon himself was a Freemason and believed that part of this tradition was valuable. But he was also aware that the Freemasons had gotten the tradition wrong in the throat, after which he sought the source. He also sought initiation into Hindu philosophy and was initiated into Sufism, after which he lived under the troublesome name: Abd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá (al-Mālikī, al-Ḥāmidī ash-Shādhilī). A lady in Paris who dedicatedly read his books only realized after 15 years that she had lived next to a Sheik Yahyá who was Mr. Guénon.

Initiation – what does it mean?

One might think that Guénon contradicts himself here, but he says that one can only be initiated within one’s own culture. He studied Hindu philosophy and allowed himself to be initiated as a Sufi, so what was he doing? He recognized that the West had abolished metaphysics and thus its ability to initiate. So he took a starting point in the not yet Westernized and fully materialized cultures, after which he returned and collected the valuable fragments from his own culture.

Modern man-woman is by default unfriendly
with the Alter Ego

Recognizing that one is in a culture is exoteric. Finding the inner chamber of this culture of metaphysical tradition is esoteric. Initiation is, in fact, a simple thing. When you learn a craft and a subject in earnest, you are actually initiated. The ability to be initiated requires only one thing: that you feel called, that you follow your calling. What kind of spookery is that, the psychological materialist asks, do they hear voices, are they mentally ill?

No, it’s about being in touch with his Daemon. Which, if it does not take place, transforms into a demonic entity. I actually had a close acquaintance with a person who, after that 6 glasses of vodka, morphs into his demon, telling bizarre stories that he is a CIA agent and that he can kill you as easily as nothing. He even has a name for the demon, and the next day he has a remorse and says, Well, it was Mr / Mrs / Miss xxxx, it was not me. Conveniant with a split personality. Actually this is, what CIA did to people by traumatized mind control in their infamous M/K Ultra operation. The Manchurian Candidate or the super soldier are people, who have been traumatized to split their personality in order to create a hidden demon personality that can be triggered and activeted for certain purposes. Like a zombier he remembers nothing afterwards.


A small pit stop with Daemon / Dæmon. It’s the double, it’s your better half, it’s your other self. It is also your non-dominant brain half. When not fully integrated into your thinking and feeling life, it can feel like a stranger. But it is possible to meet with it and talk to it – as a stranger or as a familiar one. Some people have even met their Daemon as the double in physical form and fully manifested. Others have spoken to it and heard it as an inner voice.

The Call is a statement from your Daemon. Good advice: do not overhear it. In Hindu philosophy, it is also called your Anteriamin, the inner counselor. It tells us about our place in the world, our purpose, our Dharma, the right path out of Karma. Mankind also has its Dharma, but is right now being suffocated in the consequences of its own iniquities, its own Karma.

There is initiation, and there are movements and people working on that cause. But there are also movements and persons who consciously and for some unconsciously work on the opposite: counter-initiation. Evil has its agents, and they can often be seemingly appealing and caring people who want to help you with something. Others are so discreet that you never meet them. One movement, a group that felt so confident that they flatly admitted that they were working for the destruction of the entire Western civilization, was the Frankfurt School. If one says cultural Marxists, one can in the same sentence and breath say Zionists, socialists, communists, Maoists, Marxists, Kabbalists, Satanists, liberals, imperialists, neo-Protestants (neocons), mammonists, globalists, terrorists, militarists, interveners. I am causious by saying capitalists, as it is an empty Marxist insult. The same goes for fascists, a word used for the most part by leftists with no real meaning anymore, since they have spit it out so many times meaning only: everyone right of Mao Tze Dong.

Materialism as Into Hell

If we are to choose just one word from the above, it must be Satanists. Guénon does not like to use the word, but that is what they are. Their real purpose is to unleash Hell, and they have proven it time and time again. Satanism is in a way the religion of our time, for all peoples seem to be dancing about the great golden calf, no one raises their hands in protest when the Satanic Empire bombs a new place – except for the poor who are bombed, but there is no one hearing or seing them, for the satanic media in the hyper-materialist West give them no speaking time. And therefore no one is protesting.

The media tells us behind their desks that bombing is happening in the service of a just cause. Remember: no pictures of screaming women and children and old men burning up, no charred corpses in the fire sites, no inconsolable ruins with dirty water, blood and rats, no facts, no substance, no truth. What were you thinking ?! Have you forgotten that the first thing sacrificed in a war is the truth? How can you mention war and forget this primary statement? War is a lie from before it starts, while it is on and after it is over. And after it’s over is already a new lie from before it starts, because war is an industry, a business plan and big BIG Business.

Counter-initiation is about perverting tradition and creating a counter-reality, which people can then call their tradition without having any idea what tradition is. In 2020 they gave us The New Normal. For example, I already hear people say: Well, war and bad religion, is that not tradition? I also hear braindead feminists screaming Well it is not just the men who have always done it? Sorry Honey, you did not do your homework, you just found a convenient target so you will never have to take a look at yourself. I see cultural Marxists and radicals polishing their horn-rimmed glasses while solemnly saying: We must do away with all traditions! I see neo-conservatives with no case, for what is there any longer to preserve when all traditions are destroyed? I see Social Democrat-Socialists fluttering in the empty air, for they have not discovered that the Wall has fallen and their ism has departed at death. Instead, they are in favor of the EU, war and Goldman Sachs. I see radicals without roots (radix), because their leader has fallen in love with George Soros and Madeleine Albright – of all! I see the new right-wing nationalists who think it’s about hating Muslims, after which they just run into the folds of the Zionists / Satanists and The Clash of Civilizations. The political field + media + post-ideologies are one big counter-initiation.

Danish EU commissioner who forgot to check out her role models (Albright the cenocider, Soros the finance terrorist), after which she received a counter-initiation in the billionaires club i Brussels.
Portrayed here as the Queen of Heaven …

We live in an anti-world with anti-soul, anti-God, anti-spirit. We are being initiated into the anti-religion of this anti-world. There are schools for what books are written about it, there are organizations working on the cause. Physics talks about anti-matter. Art cultivates anti-beauty, as if we have never recovered from the two world wars – and neither are we. The young people are tearing their trousers to pieces because they think it’s cool to look like a cheap whore m/f who has just been raped in the side alley. In times of ultra-liberalism (I am ‘free’, so everything is freely available) there is free access for everyone to use our bodies, our hearts, our brains and our assholes. In times of new language, Freedom is a synonym for Slavery. Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells and the other Fabian socialists were right: we have learned to love slavery by renaming our bondage to freedom.

The mainstream girl must look like a cheap whore whose clothes were ripped to pieces while she was raped right before arrival. If she resisted, it was mostly for the sake of excitement.

The Divine Comedy

Dante was right. His Divina Comedia is an accurate description of civilization in its broad outline. When we hit the bottom and reach Hell, Purgatory enters. Perhaps the period between the year 1600 and the year 2021 was in fact Purgatory purely historical. With a little delay perhaps, because there are counter-initiation groups that have known about the Signs of the Times, who have worked around the clock to delay and pollute the natural process with the intention of extending the Dominance of Quantity beyond its last sale- and expiration date. But they can not in the long run fiddle with the energies that govern deep history, the Organon. The spirit cannot be dissolved, and when the apparent total dissolution takes place, a reversal occurs, Proclus’ Epistrophae. The downward spiral is slid over by an upward one as the energies turn.

There are those who believe they can prove that Dante was influenced by the Sufi thinkers in medieval Spain. Incidentally, he ended his days on a sailing trip after his inner voice, his Daemon, had warned him against the trip. He did not listen, and his own life thus became a tragedy.

Hell from an illustration to Dante as a downward spiral

The End of the World is the end of the Illusion. That is the real meaning of the word Apocalypse. The magic trick that has formed us into believing that matter is the foundation of the world is no longer valid. It is so with the Lie that it ceases when it has revealed itself, when it is at the height of its own perfection of power, when it no longer has enemies. Open your eyes, look around: Is is not exactly what is happening at the time of writing? Sit back in the cinema seat, you might even enjoy the show. A better suggestion is to tap and read into the Epistrophae, the counter movement and go with flow.

One of the signs of the times is apparently that the Satanists in the music industry and Hollywood are performing human sacrifice. Like on the artists who can not keep their mouths shut.

They liked this chick better:

Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl – sang Madonna. As a perfect icon of depravity and horniness, she became the 80s exponent of materialism in entertainment.

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