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Battlefield Internet

We have seen ugly things in our time. But have we seen the worst yet? It might get really ugly soon. The lizard spawn is still active, even though the dragon’s head has been chopped off, and for the first time in history, the Menagerie of Power feels seriously challenged. They are now fighting for their lives and the extreme privileges that they have been fighting for for centuries.

These privileges have been maintained through institutions, organizations, cartels, syndicates, lodges, networks, legislation, treaties, acts of war, intervention, plunder, genocide, seduction, coup d’état, corruption, bribery, design religion, design ideologies, terror, poisoning, lies and propaganda, new language, debt, social engineering, falsification of history, fraud, manipulation… one gets terribly tired of simply listing what they have available in their creative toolbox. Even natural disasters have become part of the repertoire, because they can now be created artificially via hi-tech.

All can be traced back to a number of families. We are talking about a global mafia with a multigenerational network. A few decades ago, they made their biggest mistake. This is not a theory, it is a flat admission. A representative of one of the mafia families, the Rockefellers, blurted it out and said: Our biggest mistake was the INTERNET!

The Internet

It was with the Internet that people really began to share both questions and knowledge. Even people who were unable to read a book cover to cover, or who were either functionally or downright illiterate, could join.

One tool that was missing from the list of tools is dumbing down education that has degraded the education level of children, youth and students for a century. One of the pioneers of modern education, the communist John Dewey, who was praised to the skies by the cultural Marxist neo-pedagogues in the 60-80s, himself admits that the purpose of the school system was to create stupid children (the neo-pedagogues always forgot to quote him for this).

There isn’t much that people started talking about that wasn’t already written down in books and tucked away in libraries. The problem with all the excellent literature was that it didn’t come and tap people on the shoulders. They didn’t talk about it because they didn’t know it. Media and educational institutions only convey what they are allowed to. The literature, the registers, the documentation stand there and stand – and collect dust. Unless someone dusts it up. These someones existed and have always existed, but they were few and far between, and of the type of intellectual nerds who had no real reach and popular appeal. People listened to their school teachers, their media and the new religion, science – about which all can be said both good and bad, because it is only in recent times that the media has become so completely untrustworthy (the media avalanche started in England in 1909), that science has become dogmatized and commercialized and that the school system has become a brainwashing factory. But they weren’t the real problem. The problem was that people blindly obeyed the authorities, they did not question them. Sufficient reason for doubt had not been shown, people thought.

The anti-authoritarian voices were far from the public. The global mafia knew of their existence and were keeping a close eye on them, but they didn’t consider them a major problem so far. Should one of them break through to the public, there were ways to passivate that person.

Character assassination

Example: The greatest and most influential poet of the 20th century, Ezra Pound, the father of all modern poetry, marveled after World War I that all his friends had died in the war. He decided to find out what the real meaning was of this Great War, as the rulers of the time called it. What was the greatness of a culture-destroying genocide? And why were the rulers of the time themselves silent about the causes? That some punk blew the brains out of an heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire somewhere in the Balkans, after which all the major powers in Europe suddenly out of thin air had an enormous will to start a war of unheard of dimensions didn’t make sense .

The poet of the poets

Pound buried himself for an entire year in The Library of Congress, Washington D.C. to unravel the mystery. He solved the riddle and maybe he already had a feeling beforehand. World War 1 and all its ramifications: the Russian Revolution, the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian, German, Russian and Ottoman Empires, all declared enemies of the envious British Empire, were the work of the bankers, those bankers, slave traders, arms dealers, drug dealers, country – and pirates, imperialists, industrialists, whose headquarters was The City of London, whose branch was Wall Street. When it came to the attention of the Stalinist and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his advisers, Ezra Pound was character assassinated – he was portrayed as a fascist in the media and by historians – and then imprisoned at St. Elizabeth’s insane asylum, where he spent 10 years.

What, then, is the counterplay of the menagerie?

Recognizing that the cat was out of the bag and people had run with the balls, they poured a pile of poison onto the net. Next, they put in a lot of hi-tech manipulation combined with censorship, character assassination, demonetization, and all the abuse that monopolies allow.

The only question is whether they are not too late once again. Technocrats make one general mistake in the way they view and treat people. They are convinced that technology is superior to man and act accordingly. But since their model of man is strongly reductionist, i.e. blunted, they are surprised by man’s resources when he is pressed. They have no idea what man is capable of in himself and by his own strength. They have always believed that they have all the cards in their hand, and that their machines will modify and eventually completely replace man – only the human body would survive, like a robotic lump of flesh. This is the core of the blunted, transhumanist philosophy.

We experienced the Internet and saw what it could do. We got good at using it. Now the global mafia and the techno-behavourists are trying to take it back. It just doesn’t go that easily. People have gotten a taste for being on parole and won’t put up with being thrown in jail again. We have seen the beginning of it, but in the next few years we will see the first effective interventions against the computer mafia and their abuse of power. The necessary legislation already exists, but it just hasn’t been used. There is plenty of anti-trust and anti-cartel legislation and legislation for publishers, which the mafia has cleverly and via jurisprudence circumvented, for example by claiming that they shamelessly don’t publish, they are just a neutral platform, which everyone knows eventually, is bullshit. It only takes one more major country to file a case against the data mafia, and the ball could risk rolling. Will it be the United States?


Hans Christian Andersen wrote a fairy tale about the technocrat. He did not know that, because the term had not been invented, but he saw the beginning of industrialization in his time. His fairy tale The Nightingale is about how the supreme power personified by the Emperor of China falls in love with a piece of clever mechanics but loses his soul and is about to die an unhappy death – until the living bird takes pity on him.

  • Very apropos, it is China that is far ahead with the dehumanized technocracy society with extreme control and social bonus and especially penalty points calculated by algorithms.
  • Very apropos, the latest layer revealed by the globalist power structure is called the Chinese Elders or the Dragon Families.
  • Very apropos, it was the internal agreement of the globalist power menagerie that the 21st century belonged to the Chinese and that the West and its economy should be destroyed. Everyone outsourced to China, and the Chinese were given unfettered access to steal patents and intellectual rights from the West. Communism went underground at the end of the Cold War, held its breath, reorganized and reemerged as techno-communism.
  • Very apropos, Google has moved its headquarters to China. First there were a lot of games for the gallery for a number of years, when the Chinese were not allowed to use Google. Then Google underwent a ‘communist’ rebrush and became the CIA invention and brainwashing program it was intended to be from the start, after which they became bon mates with the neo-Maoists in the Communist Party.

The Mafia is making the internet politically correct. The very concept of political correctness is communist, for it originated in the Soviet state as a synonym for something or someone conforming to the party line and ideology laid out by the party. You became then, and you become today, an obedient party soldier when you bow your neck to guilt, shame and fear and political correctness.

What the Chinese Communist Party fears most is that scenes like these from Hong Kong, with millions of people on the streets, will spread to the rest of the country.
  • Very apropos, the fronts are chalked up today in the US between the shrill and corrupt neo-Marxists in the Democratic Party, the fake-news-mainstream propaganda media and the data mafia and the Clinton mafia, where the lady served the Chinese with state secrets from the server in her bathroom on the one hand and the US president and his ever-growing popular support on the other.

The cult

So it’s still about loyalty/obedience to a party line. Just as Communism was a cult based on blind faith and reality correction, so the organized hate campaign against the president who intends to win the US election again, probably with an explosive increase in voter support, is a designer cult phenomenon.
I argue in the article The Cult, that cultism as reality manipulation is, what used to be called black magic. It is the hi-tech-support sorcery of our time.

What have American conditions to do with us in Europe? The answer is EVERYTHING! The USA is the test ground for what we will experience here and in the rest of the world. If the globalists had succeeded in driving Hillary Clinton into the garage at the last election, it would have been game-over for freedom in the West and the world. The same will happen with delayed effect if they succeeded in getting their candidate in the house in 2020 – and rumor has it that Hillary sneaks in at the last minute from the back door. It will also be her only chance not to have her panties pulled down after the election, because after this there will no longer be anything to prevent a full-blown exposure of The Clinton Foundation and their family mafia, Russiagate (which was in reality both Chinagate and Ukrainegate), Uranium One, Whitewater, arkansiding, Haiti, the Epstein connection and human trafficking + the whole bravado of the heaviest crimes imaginable. The president who knew it all, Barry Sartoro is his real name, won’t be able to hide anymore either.

There is nothing spontaneous in the way the left’s perverted behavior in the United States has developed, their unrestrained and shameless consumption of lies, their glorification of terror as a political goal, their ludicrous, cartoonish, eco-terrorist New Green Deal (eco-terrorism), their support to human trafficking / child trafficking / drug trafficking at the US-Mexico border, their tribute to the killing of 9-month-old fetuses and newborn children to promote organ trafficking (Planned Parenthood, the human meat industry), their destructive identity politics, their bathing in the fake news media and their corruption (all candidates for the next election are involved in some corruption scandal).

There is nothing spontaneous in the hordes of street fascists, antifas that we saw explode in orgies of violence leading up to the 2020 US election. We saw how attendees of Trump – you may like him or not, I don’t – rallies were assaulted outside stadiums by these hordes of brain dead obtuseness. This is where it gets really ugly and we get to see civil war-like scenarios, which is exactly what is meant. And what does anti-f.a. mean? It means anti First Amendment, that attachment to the US Constitution that says every citizen has the right to free speech, so anti free speech. The purpose of the antifa hordes is to silence anyone who thinks differently than themselves. Which is just a violent version of what the entire left-wing ideology is about. That’s why leftists NEVER discuss factual and substantive things with those who think anything other than themselves, they fire slogans, ridicule, character assassinate, demonize and silence people if they can get away with it, and the Antifa phenomenon is just that future era’s radicalized and brutal version of it.

There is nothing spontaneous and popular about civil war, because it has always been high lords everywhere and every day, pissing down the anthill from above and from outside to watch the little critters graze on each other. And while they are more than fully occupied with walking the grass, the handles are being turned in the back room. If you can get the citizens themselves to commit harakiri, then that is the best. Otherwise, you have to import mercenaries and actors to do it. Few of us remember how the Syrian war was called a civil war but was in reality an invasion-terrorist attack on the country paid for by globalist money and organized by the CIA.

There is nothing spontaneous about the toxic and dumbed-down mental climate that a few generations of Marxist brainwashing have created at the universities. Most glaringly in the US but certainly also in Europe. It started 50 years ago, I know, I remember because I was there 40 years ago. So-called higher education is no longer about learning to think and handle actual knowledge. They are about developing technocratic copy-paste ability and making sure that the intelligentsia does not develop the potential that is considered dangerous to Power in the form of true critical sense. The Marxists took a patent on the concept of criticism, but forgot what it meant, because they were presented with a conclusion, and self-criticism never came into question. University students are now the result of institutionalization from nursery to university. The KGB defector Juri Besminov explained the whole program and how it was possible and quite simple to corrupt an entire nation and thus an entire civilization, when you had seized just 2 generations. The damage would be irreversible and it would take society at least as long to heal it. This is the result of the process that we are seeing right now.

Cowardly young people who hide behind masks when they commit violence, dox their hate objects or throw poisoned smoothies in their faces – while calling themselves anti-fascists …

There is nothing spontaneous about the rebrand of climatism now being driven into position with hooting, snorting schoolgirls wearing braids, chicken ass and how-dare-you. Climatism is an eschatological design religion (the doctrine of the end of the world), a globalist eco-cult that preaches continuously that we must sacrifice to Gaia to restore the climatic stability that we have disrupted. The goddess demands human sacrifices. Perhaps her real name is not Gaia at all but Kali or Lilith. If you think human sacrifice sounds like something very old that should be a thing of the past, you’re right. But should be irrelevant, for this ancient curse is the very order of the day.

In passing, here are two pieces of news for the eco-terrorists:

  • Earth has never in its 4.5 billion year lifetime been climatically stable – instability has been the norm from day 1
  • We have not disturbed this non-existent stability, because we have never had the opportunity to do so, as there are far greater forces at play.

There is nothing spontaneous about the age’s wave of fanatical veganism and a wave of militarized gender disruption. When you screw up with basic nutrition, you screw up with the hormonal system and thus with sexuality. One cannot avoid noticing that precisely among the antifas, the neo-fascist left, there is a preponderance of vegans and LGBTs + various degrees of effeminized men (soy boys) and masculinized women. It is in those circles that you also find a celebration of transgenderism, where the media now attack children as young as 4 years old.

There is nothing spontaneous about the tidal waves of immigrants trafficked by people smugglers with money in their pockets from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation ordered to flood Europe and the US accompanied by a guilt-shame-fear campaign against anyone who opposes being flooded. Motivation for the globalists were these three:

  • The creation of a new proletariat that was willing to work for below minimum wage and thus undermine the working class that ‘had it a little too good’
  • The creation of a new fund of voting cattle for the globalists’ favorite parties – today the left
  • The creation of chaos and destabilization in the Western world according to the main globalist strategy: strategy of tension, another word for terror or divide-and-rule

The inevitable subject

There is nothing spontaneous about pedophilism either, because it lies just behind a piece of ultra-thin and semi-transparent tissue paper of taboo and the-things-we-never-talk-about. As neither vegans nor LGBTs, you – hopefully – don’t mind that company. It is no problem for humanity that there are neither vegans – they are out about it themselves – nor gays and trans people – they have every right to exist. The problem is that they are the targets of identity politics ass-pulling in the unctuous way. Their lifestyle choices have been militarized and used as weapons against everyone else. Like the feminists and all other cultural Marxist design cult phenomena, they were given the opportunity to enrich themselves and their egos with a victim role. They tasted it, it tasted good, it scratched the right places, they became addicted to it – and they became a tool for those who had appointed them to simulate victims. And now they are in the living room with the paedos.

They will protest strongly – at least one hopes so. But what they have not understood is that there is a built-in feature of identity politics, a flip side of the coin. They go thinking it’s all about their own belly button, their own victim role, their own social justice war, their own right to point fingers and condemn and their own piece of convenient feel-goodness. But that’s not how the grand piano plays. Once you have joined the Cult, the table catches on. You become part of the congregation and a tool for its overall agenda. Show me your likes and dislikes and I’ll tell you who you’re in the company of. They may have stuck it up while you turned your back, but now it’s sitting there. What will you do about it?

There is nothing spontaneous about it – or rather, let’s say: it is no coincidence that pedophilia is the next thing that is driven into position as normal. They have waited a long time before opening it up. It has taken place in closed circles, because they knew they would be lynched if people discovered what they did to their children. It is via the internet that their pedo-network has been able to expand itself. But it is also via the internet that they are now being exposed.

The climate hypocrats

And what does climatism have to do with pedophilia? Well, it now turns out that a number of human-trafficking networks operate under the guise of climate do-gooders. Epstein’s ruffian, Gislaine Maxwell, founded xxx, the Clinton mafia is running something they call the Clinton Climate Initiative (which no one knows what it’s about = it covers something else), networks are unraveling in the Marshall Islands, Yap in The Pacific Ocean, where the climate hypocrites shut down the local fisheries while they run their funny network and call it ocean conservation. What is with these creeps and exotic tropical islands? One of the tracks, unsurprisingly for those who have followed American underground media, leads to Barack Obama (can we call Barry Sartoro, abbreviated to BS, and his ‘wife’ crypto-LGBTs?). You don’t hear much from him these days, is he hiding, does he feel the rope tightening? Trump got to say to a reporter the other day: ‘I think he is hiding…’

The NXIVM cult is right in the butter hole of the left-wing New-Yorker elite, their fancy, degenerate art projects and their narcotic intake of adrenachrome, extract of blood from children killed in a state of deep terror, by which they release a hormonal substance which taken as a life-prolonger. We find the most powerful players here (e.g. the Bronfmans), the same people + many, many more repeat themselves in the blackmail circle around Jeffrey Epstein. The Clinton mafia is deeply entrenched. Hollywood is fat. This is where we find the fiercest opponents of a closed border with Mexico, because it is through there that they get their supplies of ‘fresh meat’. What is perhaps most shocking is the sheer SCALE of these pedophilia and child trafficking networks. 700,000 children disappear every year in the USA and Canada! And it takes place with the support of the mainstream media and often the authorities, which says something about the extreme power you can have over people who have allowed themselves to be corrupted to participate in this kind of thing.

Abramovic – satanic pedophilia, adrenachrome and ‘spirit cooking’ are called art

Trudeau – a study in pathetic’ness

Talking about Canada. The Americans succeeded in voting down a perverted and criminal candidate in the last presidential election. The Canadians didn’t succeed, because they got Justin Trudeau with every imaginable association with pedo-networks and the NXIVM sex slave cult (friend of the leader and Canadian Keith Rainiere, picture above),

the man who arrests an attendee at a meeting for using the non-gender-neutral word mankind (er, doesn’t the word mankind include both genders?);

the man who thinks it’s funny to put black paint on his head and make fun of people with black skin (the blackface scandal) while he – like all Democrats by the way – hypocrites their oh-so-solidarity with the poor oppressed races (only they promise to vote for them)

the man who campaigned on Saudi-funded, extremist mosques in Vancouver that were breeding grounds for al Qaeda (one immediately thinks of US congresswoman, terrorist sympathizer and fraudster Ilhan Omar);

the man taken under the wing of Mr. Global terrorist Himself, George Soros, who persuaded the playboy with a spine like an earthworm to effectively merge the Canadian government with Soros’ Open Society Foundation! The amalgamation involves the fight against all those who are opposed to globalism and open borders (= open society), through which terrorists and paedos and all kinds of scumbags have free access,

the man who organizes a fake assassination and shows up an hour and a half late to a voter meeting (what about the 2000 people who were crammed into the hall, they were not in danger) to create a victim role until the presidential election that he is in losing weight

the man who was born with a silver spoon up his ass and never had to work or display excellence because his famous father, Pierre Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister 1968-84, had created a money trust for it so his son could live like a hippie playboy throughout his youth … until suddenly and suddenly one day he was competent to become prime minister because some moneymen had the power and opportunity to finance an election campaign.

We are talking about a very special type of politician who, like Obama, is more reminiscent of a Manchurian candidate, a pre-programmed role player than an actual politician, and whose political performance seems scripted from behind the stage curtain – both were/are diligent announcers from teleprompts, where columns of slick rhetoric passing by their noses.

The Internet is a battlefield

How is it possible for the whole world to know anything about these things and matters – and what do they have to do with us? It is possible because of the Internet and because people use it against the very people who created it for their own purposes. Yes, we are being spied on and data-milked via the Internet, because that was its original purpose. They know everything about us, they harvest human data like never before and store it in a giant AI device somewhere in an underground bunker for use by… ? anything imaginable that is not in our interest. Which is the answer to the second question: THEREFORE it concerns us.

It is not Ekstrablad’s pig-hound’s desire for sleazy details that causes the contra network, we could call it, to dust around for connections and leftovers – and see how busy the paedos, swindlers, coup d’états and corruption makers are to clean up after themselves at the moment, because they realize that in their hubris they have left everything possible on the web. We constantly see articles, sites and links being taken down. Well, isn’t it Google who does that and not what you call the pedos? What’s the difference?

When Google’s Eric Schmidt states that a spell check for hate is needed, a scumbag’s mindset is behind it. They have usurped the right to define what is hate and what is hate speech, which of course must be censored, because that’s the limit, because everyone can understand that, right! In the eyes of Eric Schmidt and the Google-Gestapo, ‘the hateful’ are all those who use the internet to communicate about the globalists’ abuse of them, and who speak out about it. It is the common denominator between Google and Antifa (anti-freedom of speech) – which Google also promotes and supports with great pleasure.

Honey trap

So the Internet was intended as a honey trap, as were all the social platforms that are part of it: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia. People were offered a platform for networking that had something for everyone. If you were an arch-narcissist and a sucker for attention and likes, you could print yourself off, you could get 2 minutes of fame and 2 minutes of release for your hate. The internet was like the mobile phone: highly addictive. Before you knew it, you had invisible digital shackles around your arms and legs and BigTech was milking your data. They supplanted, they stepped into the place of public relations and became a state above the state.

So is it commercial interests or are we talking about military intelligence agencies here? The answer is YES. It is still called the military-industrial complex, they are two cubits out of the same piece. Note how the companies and banks move in and rave every time the military has destroyed a new country. The mafia has both accountants, CEOs and goons who shoot people. The internet was for propaganda, mind control and digital intelligence. And to take money out of people’s pockets.

Therefore, it is very amusing to see the creators and controllers of the Internet blaming themselves so thoroughly these days. Just a few years ago they were able to hide their agenda, but today anyone who is even remotely well informed is aware of what the agenda is.

It’s also interesting that people obviously have more imagination than the creators and controllers and are able to use the web to maneuver around the controls and expose the controllers.

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