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What is the problem with the practice of magic?

The answer may be simple and obvious. The Church Fathers had an answer that is worth meditating on. It is largely the same answer that we find in the Indian yogic tradition about siddhis, supernatural abilities, described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Despite their many physio-psycho-spiritual exercises, which as a side benefit are able to develop certain abilities, they are warned against using them. Why can’t you use them if they show up? Because they can destroy you and because it is irresponsible to others.

What do the church fathers have to say about it?

A holy figure, a saint who has been given access to see into the other world, has received it as a gift. Someone is reaching out for him or her from the other world. When the other world reaches out and awakens the natural abilities that lie latent in man – perhaps in his DNA, who knows? – protection is provided at the same time. The Church Fathers recognized this, but at the same time they said: DO NOT SEEK IT! Because if you seek it, you expose yourself to manipulation by beings from the other world, against which you are not guaranteed protection.

The magician, the kaballist, the esotericist desires access to the other world. He forces access via his rituals and spells, his grimoires. The Middle Ages are full of this kind of black and for most people unreadable literature, and some of it dates from even older times. This literature is shamanic in nature and is basically about opening doors to the other world. The problem is that no instructions are given on how to close the doors again, so they are then left wide open afterwards. Out and in through the doors pour energies, beings, demons, over which the aspirant has no control whatsoever. Possibly the oldest cultures had methods of closing the doors, but these seem to have been forgotten by posterity.


The kabbalist, the magician, may have no patience to wait. No one has reached out for him, he may even be a little annoyed or envious of being placed in the queue with the case manager in the front office to the other world, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. He may have a pusher who has himself gained access to recipes – literature, techniques, methods, knowledge – that can speed it all up and jump over fences. He forgets that once he has a pusher, he has exposed himself to being pushed somewhere he did not order. He will be pushed around at will.

It gets even worse with the drug addict. He’s just tracked down a wonder drug that promises instant Stairways to Heaven. He forces the Doors of Perception (you remember the rock band The Doors, who took their name from William Blake) open upon himself, and unless he is fortunate enough to be of strong mental construction and sound mind – which is unlikely, there is probably a reason why he is a drug addict! – as well as having a guide and a spiritual support, he has opened a door for the rest of his days through which it constantly blows like an old window in the strong wind. People with spontaneous clairvoyant abilities have scanned, how drug addicts and addicts generally have a punctured energy field, a damaged spiritual immune system, and in these holes live ‘creatures’, elementals. Not to be confused with an Emmentaler, which also has holes in it. One can say, that they are broken. They can often be seen as double personalities that, for example, come to light when a person is sufficiently stiff from alcohol. Most people have met such a person. It happens within half an hour, and the person suddenly appears as… a lizard! Elementals hang out a lot in tavern culture, and if you find yourself in these places a lot, you risk dragging them home. They are impossible to get rid of unless you know how to. You may know them precisely from the pub or from the party: they are sticky. You can’t get rid of that person. You feel the vampiric, parasitic tendrils weaving into you, and it feels uncomfortable. This is where you have to remember that it was your own shield that was down when it happened. You asked for it yourself.

The old folks then called it possession. Complete possession as a concept is of course reserved for a total takeover of a personality via an invading being. Here we are talking about partial penetration. The ancients resisted occupation with expulsion. It is not common today to carry out exorcisms, or rather, you can be stopped if you engage in this sort of thing. Psychiatry, the media and the religion, which in the meantime has forgotten how to do it, have taken care of that. You are in the hands of whatever, so to speak, and only if you are lucky enough to run into the right healers and clairvoyants, with sufficient experience, can you get rid of your uninvited guests – and by the way, they are said to come in clusters and bring their family.

It must be said thought, that the Catholic Church actually has kept exorcism as a practise, and it has lately gained attention. More people are seeking it. You have to be educated for it, which can only happen in Rome lead by somone with long time experience. One thing you learn is, that it is important to make sure, that all possibilities for an ordinary mental disease is excluded, so a psychiatrist has to give up, so to speak, and declare, that this is unexplainable seen from this angle.

A particularly vile form of magic is the hi-tech version that certain research and intelligence projects have developed in recent times. Through careful study of traumatized individuals and what they are capable of with their multi-personalities, one is able to subject people to drug-based and psychology-assisted processing of their being so that they become controllable. As one of their personalities, they do what they are ordered to do. As another and more normal, if you can use that term about them, personality, they remember nothing. There is still one of these MK-Ultra trysts in prison for the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Although he may not remember anything. However, no one has been allowed to interview him. You don’t take any chances, because what if he just remembers something anyway. There are examples of these operatives regenerating their split psyches.

My Will Be Done

All magic is an act of will. One exercises one’s will instead of requesting, asking for the fulfillment of a wish. It is not: Your Will Be Done, as in the prayer, but My Will Be Done. The exercise of will in the form of magic overrides important principles of a healthy relationship with the other world: gratitude and humility. Why ask for something in humility, if with an act of will and spiritual-magical self-reliance you can place yourself as the Center of the World. This is what the magician does in the magic circle, with or without the pentagram drawn in the sand or on the floor. At the moment of the act of will, the magician is the Center of the Universe and does not need to ask permission to exercise his will. Does God ask permission to create?

A magical act takes place without blessing, without grace. It is a rebellion and a crime against universal law. Well, isn’t there white magic that is perfectly fine and black magic that is not fine? Tricky question, and I’m going to try to answer in the negative. Magic – leaving space for certaing exceptions – crosses the line of what is permitted by Universal Law. The linguistic duplicity confuses rituals and techniques, spiritual acts, intended to bring themselves into line with universal law, with magic. It is then called white magic, but there is a renaming of strengthening the spiritual immune system to protection against magic. So, in my opinion, the question is wrongly asked, making the answer of questionable quality.

The magical writings always speak of ‘binding evil before one can do good’. Firstly, one must relativize ‘the good’ to ‘for the benefit of the performing magician’, that is, ‘a good for …’. Next, it is precisely the definition of white magic that one seeks to bind the demonic forces while the door is open, while one hopes to close it again afterwards. But it is also clear that the whole thing is fraught with great uncertainty. So the only difference between white and black magic is that the black magician is completely indifferent to binding the evil first or later, because the looseness is the very purpose of the magic.

Original illustration for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, i.e. Goethe’s poem.
A somewhat different absence of innocence than a cartoon mouse.

Walt Disney understood this when he created his little cartoon masterpiece ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. The apprentice in the form of Mickey Mouse borrows the hat and wand of the sorcerer and finds some hocus pocus in the big book = a Grimoire. Disney builds on Dukas’s symphonic piece of program music from 1896-97, just as the rest of Fantasia builds on classical pieces. Dukas again builds on a poem by Goethe from 1797, the clear-sighted poet who had deep insight into man’s unfortunate desire to penetrate into the other world, cf. Faust. But even Disney’s version is pretty creepy, with all the enchanted brooms and buckets of water that can’t be stopped. You can’t talk to a machine gone mad, just like you can’t talk sense and empathy to a demon for whom empathy is non-existent.

Of course, it happens that the apprentice has forgotten the magic word to stop his work. He has opened the doors to the other world and now cannot close them again.

The greyzone

We all love the myth of the good wizard, Gandalf the White, who had previously operated in the gray area. The image contains reminiscences from a time when there was possibly knowledge of how to close the Doors of Perception. When Gandalf, a rewritten figure of Merlin from the Arthurian legends, acts in The Lord of the Rings, it is always in response to the entrance of the other world into this one, through certain doors. The doors of Mordor open. The ring opens to the other world. But it is emphasized at the same time that the ring bearer is thereby attracting deadly attention from the other world, and that the brave yet stupid little hobbits are putting themselves and others in great danger by doing so. It is only by the re-establishment of natural law that the doors can be closed. The trees destroy the dam and Saruman’s unholy underground experimentarium is flooded and cleansed from evil, and then you no longer belong to him. The destruction of the Ring, the key to the Otherworld, destroys the Eye of Sauron. The restoration of the law of nature is by the intervention of the eagles (yes, even the smallest moth) and the trees and the elves, who all represent the law of nature. The elves are a bit of an allusion, because according to Norse mythology they were nature spirits, elementals that you had to watch out for. Whenb they turned around, their back was hollow. So Tolkien’s elves are romanticized nature spirits that have little to do with the sources he otherwise diligently studied.

Nature spirits have been a reality to nature people, as we tend to call them. It still is today. We also tend to discredite their practice as childish and foolish superstition and these people as underdeveloped and uncivilized. This is a great mistake. Uncivilized for sure, because they don’t live in modern cities (civis = citystate) but in places, where they so-to-speak melt into nature. But we should maybe challenge ourselves, when we in arrogance accuse them of being underdeveloped – unless we understand it neutrally as not having developed into the mass produced city-bots, that we have become. Should we run into a nature spirit, we will have absolutely no understanding or defence against it, if it is of ill intent. Which it probably will, since the civilized people have destroyed and polluted nature.

There is something to suggest that the great wars, and perhaps especially the Second World War, helped to open a number of portals to the other world. We know that there was serious experimentation with various door-openings both among Kabbalists and occult Nazi groups. With that in mind, it is remarkable that human society today seems so… there are almost no better descriptive words for it… be demon-possessed! We live in an unhealthy (insane) world. Our leaders act like they are possessed. The word is only found in a weaker meaning as ‘obsessed with the thought of …’, but nevertheless it is suggested that something fundamentally different from human nature is at stake. We only need to put on a set of glasses that allow us that perspective: demonism is real, magic exists and is practiced to see it as such.

Only in the realization that it is real and taking place can it be contained. Instead, the practitioners of magic have bailed on the wave of rationalism and materialism from the Enlightenment, which states that magic does not exist and therefore does not take place. How convenient isn’t that? Rationalism has provided them with a black screen, a blackout curtain, so that no one sees it happening, whereby they can at any time carry out denial via invocation of probable deniability and shrug their shoulders to ridicule people who claim to have seen through what they are up to .

Science fiction with retroactive effect

It is becoming a well-known fact that specifically the entertainment factory Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry in general, where an important genre today is computer games, operate as an extended arm for both the intelligence agencies and the magicians who go by the name of social engineers. Through movies and games and music, we get to know something about what has happened, what is going on, and what we can expect someone to create. We are constantly encouraged to go one step further in opening our doors to the other world.

An extensive and by no means publicized project is underway, which is about creating a new era of man designed for a New World Order.

In order to create this new human, or what they call the dehumanized cyborg or the collectivized piece of personnel they have in the making, a breakdown of the original human is required. This degradation has taken place for 250 years, and we are currently experiencing an acceleration in the process. What does this have to do with magic? Because magic is defined by radically altering reality via an act of will. The transhumanist project is screwed up just like that. Have those experimenting with the human genome asked nature – and its Creator, if you’re into that – for permission to change its building blocks? Not at all! If the irresponsible, experimental technocrat henchmen had only bothered to read what ancient writings had to report about the experiences of an earlier civilization once upon a time in the past, and what they got out of it, they would see quite clearly that the didn’t go well then. It won’t go well this time either. The Promethean project is doomed to fail again. But perhaps the not-going-well is intentional, and even more perhaps: The scientists or rather those that have financed the scientists and pushed them in that direction, has already been taken over by demonic forces. Just a thought.

Perhaps we should regard them as little mischievous children, and perhaps they have just studied the old stories and thought: We must do that one more time! Like stupid Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerers Apprentice. It should actually come as no surprise. We can also imagine, if we allow ourselves to think in very long time spans, that the ‘toy’ has been taken away from the children at some point in the past. Interventions were made and the technology was removed which was abused for destructive purposes. Yes please! then we just hand over everything that can say bang here… And what do all the children, naughty or not, do when the ban is lifted? Of course, they are constantly thinking about how they can get away with breaking the ban and get their hands on what has meanwhile become twice as attractive.

Hollywood is constantly preparing us for the magic-transforming reality where we are constantly being manipulated and transformed by myriads of creatures, wizards and women taken from somewhere between a Fantasy novel and an acid trip. There is a Harry Potter’fication of the reality of children and adults. Well, we know it’s fantasy, and can easily tell the difference! Bullshit, you know it’s fantasy, while a piece of your brains and consciousness includes it as a possibility. It’s like being served a cheese dish with a slice of cheese on top of a piece of plastic, under which an antique cheese dish is hidden. Only when you bite into it do you taste the rottenness, and then you’ve already got it in your mouth.

Member of a family (Rodham) with a long tradition of occult practice.
Which explains something about the different inclinations of the Clinton family.

Bill and Hillary were both initiated into the Voodoo-cult specifically in order to win an election for Bill.
Apparently it didn’t work for Hillary, when she made her try in 2016.

The Hollywood adventure is such a poisonous serving. We consume it, like little children, in the belief that it’s just farts and trouble, when in reality it’s deep seriousness. The media use the same model, with the opposite sign. Here reality and fiction have been swapped around, and what we are served as reality IS fiction. What we consume as real news is FAKE NEWS, while they are currently throwing around with accusations of fake news from all those who have grown tired of kissing the ass of the mainstream and who allow themselves to preserve islands of health in a world of unhealthiness and islands of truth in a world of untruth. A double somersault with a half twist. Hokus-pokus, no one saw what happened and now YOU’ve got the ball! But the use of the word fake is also pitiful and desperate, because many have seen through today that the mainstream media is fake-upon-fake. The fart you can smell comes from the oh-so-outraged media, with their memes established for the occasion.

Hollywood and the music industry are very much into ‘debauchery’.
The common denominator, with their dark agenda and popluders like Kali

with her tongue out of her throat is: human sacrifice.

The law of demonic interference

There is evidently a primary law of interference from otherworldly demonic beings. A common term for these is the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Mephisto, i.e. a personified common denominator. The law states that these beings or This Being have no entry unless they/it are invited.

This profound statement, which is the entire premise of Goethe’s Faust and the pact with the Devil/Mephisto aka the other world and the golden promises of participation in its power and special ‘services’, unfortunately plays the ball over to the human half of the court. We ourselves have opened the Gates of Hell. Some more than others, but no one can completely absolve themselves of that responsibility. The elitist magicians have consciously sought the power, and we other foolish existences have unconsciously endorsed the power.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that a simple withdrawal of the foolish approval pulls the rug out from under the magicians. Here we can formulate a secondary law for the interference of demonic beings from the other world.

Just as demonic beings need approval to pass through doors to the human world, so the magicians, the invoking intermediaries of the demonic forces, need approval to export their imported demonism to a larger audience.
The password is: authentication.

The collective spell

‘Spell’ in English is enchantment, curse (spell, troll, enslavement). Spell is game is mirror is the power of the word/spell. If you can spell it, you have power over it, which is an old concept. If you can say the troll’s name, the enchantment is lifted. Else, we are spellbound. New speak and deceitful speech is a form of black magic.

In the magician’s act of will, a binding takes place. First by the demonic forces, then by the forces of nature and finally by other people. The bound forces of nature must do work for the sorcerer. On that set, you can say that the whole of industrialism is one big work of sorcery, which is of course far too broad a definition, but there is nonetheless something to be said her. In that view, industrialism is a Faustian project. Goethe saw the whole of Western civilization as Faustian, and his famous novel is a critique of civilization.

There rests an enchantment over civilization bordering on a curse. We live in the midst of a magician’s bubble of illusion. Magic is illusion in the sense that we really react to the unreal, even fake news that has taken over in the essential parts of the mainstream media. The release of demonic forces is called illusion – we’re not supposed to believe it exists, are we? … Unfortunately, it’s far from an illusion, and so these demonic powers do double damage. One could even get the thought, that the Age of Rationalism and Enlightenment had a reverse purpose. To make a free and hidden space for irrationalism and darkness.

Over a long period of time, a very small group of people have succeeded in bewitching the rest of humanity. It is certainly no coincidence that rulers, kings and queens throughout the ages have surrounded themselves with magicians. The most famous example is John Dee, Elizabeth I’s court magician and chief of intelligence. The man that signed himself with 007.

The constellation of intelligence and magic is quite interesting, because this is precisely how both the Gestapo and the CIA operate(d). The intelligence is the smallest part of it, the manipulation of reality is the main purpose itself, to which intelligence is only a means. Documents tell about how John Dee contacted the planetary elementals called archons, who, among other things, described in Gnostic literature. Legend has it that he managed to get through to them and made a dirty deal involving the shedding of large amounts of human blood in exchange for otherworldly favors. John Dee is almost the preliminary study for Faust. Legend or not, one simply has to state that the British Empire, formed in the centuries after Elizabeth, has been instrumental in shedding more human blood on Planet Earth than any other institution in human history. Whether he actually did so is doubtful, since he was treated very cruelly by people at his time. But it seems, that someone did it.

By now everyone knows the image of Baal, the horned god.
So here we show Tláloc, the Aztec parallel.

Eugenics invented by the British is nothing but human sacrifice. And yes, the Britisk invented it, not the Nazis – they just continued it funded by the Rockefellers. Aborting millions and millions of human fetuses every year is nothing more than human sacrifice. So cmon, feminists, there are not as many rape victims annually as the legalization of feticide is originally justified to handle! There is something else going on. War is nothing but systematic human sacrifice. Systemic famine is nothing more than human sacrifice. We speak and write with shuddering outrage about pagan cultures that sacrificed children and young women to Baal, the Canaanite deity, or Tláloc, the Aztec god, both requiring ritual sacrifice of children. The number of victims is not known exactly, but whatever the scale, it does not come close to the enormous amounts of human life that the Archons allegedly demanded from John Dee, a promise that the British Empire with all its cynical view of the rest of humanity including their own underclass, have been more than willing to hold.

How much longer can we maintain this cover-up that something very old and very dark is at play in our own time? In other words, the Baal cult does not belong among the Canaanites of 2000+ years ago, but is alive and well as an unbroken tradition. The only difference is that the rituals do not take place in the open, but behind closed doors and drawn curtains. They may not have done that in Baalbek, Lebanon at the time either, as it is difficult to imagine human sacrifice as public festive events. But the Romans, with their importation of all kinds of festivities from the imperial sphere, cultivated it quite openly. In the Colosseum, slaves as gladiators were flayed alive by predators as part of popular entertainment. During the French Revolution there was pure public celebration during the public guillotinings. In Saudi Arabia today, they have not reached any further. During the Bosnian War and the second Iraq War, live broadcasts were transmitted from monitors on bombers and from rolling tanks in Baghdad as part of the popular entertainment called news TV.

Why not go all the way, news channels? Why didn’t you show pictures of children in Aleppo being booby-trapped by your ‘moderate’ rebels and exploding in the faces of Syrian government soldiers trying to save them? Why didn’t you show a live broadcast from the bombings in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Damascus? Why din’t we watch when the poor Israelis, threatened by all their neighbors, firebomb a Gaza slum? Why did we not see the effects of white phosphorus among women, children and old men in Libya? Why din’t we see when the Nazis from Kiev bomb out in Donetsk? It’s Putin and the Russians who are evil, you say, so why can’t we see the evil-evil Ukrainians being bombed for the second time since Stalin’s Holodomor? We demand it, we want to see the blood we have paid tax dollars to be allowed to spill alongside our kind hearted protectors, the Americans and the gloriously attacking non-aggression pact NATO! We feel cheated! We desperately want to see what our tax dollars are spent on, and it has to be now!!

Cynical joke aside, because it is obvious why the actual war and similar realities are wrapped in pink propagandistic and utterly enchanting media wool. If people just once saw what the war was like, and just once clearly understood that they had been made complicit in this perfidious scumbaggery, and that there was a direct connection between the choices they themselves had made or not made , and choices their leaders had made or not, then the enchantment, the collective curse would shake to its foundations, and within a short time there would be a popular demand to stop it. After which it would not be possible again – ever.

Let’s close the door here. At least we are able to close the doors of our own offices. We decide where, when and how. How liberating would it be if the black magicians of the age were brought to the door and lifted by the beard out of their alchemical-conspiratorial laboratories and exposed as the frauds, manipulators, pedophiles, human sacrificers, satanists and illusionists that they are?

Put them in front of the door by pulling the rug out from under them.

The culture curse

The collective enchantment, curse, bewitchment – or with the expression of our time – mass hypnosis and mass psychosis – rests like a heavy cloud. It permeates the whole of civilization. It is the PARADIGM for our age. We have primarily investigated and analyzed the structure of the paradigm, but we have also indicated from the analysis where cracks appear in the structure and where something is forming that points forward in a different direction. An era has ended and it is now possible to glimpse something else. The cloud is clearing and gaps of blue sky are visible.

It is said in the old writings, i.a. by the church fathers that any attempt to break a demonic force field by one’s own power is doomed to failure. Help is needed from a higher power than that. Call it God, call it the Creative Power of the Universe, The Source, call it whatever. Even the whitewashed version of the black magicians knew it, and in their grimoires you can read that they called upon God for safety when they opened the doors to the other world. So, while the sorcerer’s apprentices are playing with father’s gear when he’s gone, they mutter spells in their beards that father must come and save them if things go wrong! And how old are you now?

There is going to be a disruption of the paradigm, and it is in full swing. It will play out very differently depending on the culture. It is described in old writings within the world religions, and people will be geared for a paradigm shift in relation to their faith culture. This is very difficult to understand for people who are atheists or for people who have jumped on the bandwagon that ALL religion is evil and who in this way have thrown the primary source of understanding of man out with the bathwater, since they cannot sort knowledge from propaganda. They believe – just like the magicians by the way – that they can do it by their own power. This is the newage philosophy: you are God yourself, you create your own reality, everything is relative and you can relativize yourself to control your own circle. How lonely is that?

The paradigm shift and cultural heritage

Again: People will be geared for a paradigm shift in relation to their faith culture, and I will explain why later. So who sits with the pros and cons here?

The worst equipped for the paradigm shift are the Americans and Canadians. They are either atheists or revivalists, i.e. the whole popped and lost version of Christianity that you find in the Bible belt. They will fall head over heels into the globalist trap. Right now at reposting/revisitting time 4-5 years later that the original article, the Canadians are being squezed by a their corrupt government lead by directly demonic president. Half of the americans have fallen into the trap of a demonic left wing coup of the Democratic Party, and the other half is trapped into waiting for their messiah Donald Trump to come back from the dead and save his children. That won’t happen, since he died in 2021, and the guy with the rubber mask has been promised a billion $$ ! to play the role. The psyop is being run by a group under Order of The Black Sun called Umbrella Military Corporation. When this comes out, which it will, half of the hopefully praying population will be disillusioned and angry – and probably fall into the opposite trap. This is how democracy works, a theatre, a game. Politics is Hollywood for ugly people.

The whole of South America is slightly better off because of the overall Catholic culture. It is certainly not optimal, but Catholicism, whatever one may think of the politicization and corruption involved in its administration, has still preserved scriptures and traditions capable of providing a point of view for a paradigm shift. Put another way: the shift is actually described. If you add to that an underlying current of handed down popular belief from, for example, the Mayan culture about ‘a new sun’, a cosmic shift that influences humanity’s consciousness, then the South Americans have better odds of making a shift.

The eastern cultures, the Indian and the old Chinese – not the present communist for sure – and surrounding areas, on the other hand, are much better equipped for a change. In their ancient writings it is clear that these shifts have taken place and will take place again.

Europe is generally weak and at best divided. It is almost the same picture as the USA/Canada, as the secularization is extensive and almost even more pronounced and, moreover, intellectualized in the form of cultural Marxism, atheism, materialism and relativism. Political correctness as a tyranny of opinion has a great hold on souls in Europe, and the religious traditions such as Protestantism are just a form of secularized religion. The original Protestants of Luther’s generation were well-read in the oldest scriptures, but in the last 200 years this tradition of reading has been completely lost. The whole Protestant waffle is completely unfit to assist with a paradigm shift.

How weak Europe has become, is seen right now. The European states under the yoke of the EU has fallen into the USA-NATO-trap and is now committing financial-economic-cultural suicide. We must ask ourselves for the real reasons of the Ukraine War, and whether one of the several purposes of that absurd war was destruction of Europe. That was the purpose of the First and the Second World War, so why wouldn’t it be the purpose of the Third also? Oh but this is not WW3! I hear from the backstage. Are you sure about that? try again.

The Islamic world is very divided. This is due to the 150-year-old and ongoing corruption of Islam, which the British Empire set in motion to smash the Ottoman Empire and force its way into dominance in its sphere. The British tool was religious corruption, and the result was Wahhabism centered in Saudi Arabia. With their almost unlimited financial means – and add to that a malicious will to act as a tool for neo-imperialism and terrorism – they have intervened in Islam worldwide! In the majority of Islamic societies in both the Islamic world and in the West, they have bought and paid for a gradual corruption of classical Islam via mosque constructions, via the export of imams, via Koranic schools funded by their oil money. You can think what you want about Islam as such and from its beginnings, its warlike and expansive modus operandi, but the current and common version is worse than ever due to British imperial corruption. Islam today is congealed and in the hands of Wahhabism and has ended up as a tool for the Clash of Civilizations. Islam is so impotent that it is not even able to consistently speak out against ultra-Wahhabist terror hordes like ISIS, which are so pronounced, so in-your-face incompatible with all principles within classical Islam.

Hey-hey! We say thank you for all the money we’ve made because you said yes then.

The Orthodox Christian world is possibly the sphere in our own vicinity best equipped to make a shift. This may be said in recognition of the division of Europe into East and West, which dates back to the early Roman Empire and which led to the division of the Unity Church (Catholic = unity, one holy common church, as stated in the creed ‘… et in unam, sanctam, catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam’). The old, original tradition went to the East, the newer, politicized, neo-imperial construction went to the West, and the Latin Credo quoted in parentheses really became nonsense, all the while unam-sanctam = unity was cut in the middle, and the Catholics now sat with the rotten monkey. The Eastern Roman Empire lasted right up to the 15th century, and the writings that were in Constantinople were either absorbed by the Ottomans or transported to … Russia! A good bet is that today they are in the Russian state archives, which are as extensive as the Vatican library.

What does that have to do with …?

Some may ask, what does paradigm shift have to do with religion? Because the shift moves away from materialism and towards a gathering of what was lost in the meantime. The shift was postponed for 100 years. It should have taken place around the beginning of the last century, but due to a series of violent – and also less violent, but no less decisive events, it was inorganically interrupted. Someone stole the future of humanity.

The schism between religion and science and the formation of the paradigm took place about 250 years ago during the Enlightenment. The corruption of religion via its institutions started a long time ago. Most people who are critical of this often make the mistake of not distinguishing and differentiating. Perhaps because they do not agree, have written off religion as a reaction, are illiterate within religious scriptures or profess ideologies that function as a substitute for religion – in almost all cases an extremely poor substitute with no vitamins only lots of calories. So they completely miss the point that the religions or opting out of them have shaped our ability to understand ourselves and the Cosmos and everything in between.

An incarnated atheist will not be able to contribute to a paradigm shift, as atheism is too identical to fundamentalist materialism. A secularized cultural Christian is not much better off, because most are deeply immersed in consumerism. People who watch television daily and form their worldview from it are totally on the Lord’s Field.

In reality, it is not about religion. But the paradigm is in a conceptual area that is stranded with theology. The concept has been dumped there, so to speak, because no one else dared to have anything to do with it. It was banished from the sciences, for physics sees the Universe as a machine, a clockwork with gears, a time bomb, a steam engine. Medical science sees humans as meat machines, or as the pharmaceutical industry: customers in the store. The social and social sciences and politics see humans as collections of individuals who can be shaped and manipulated and steered in directions that are appropriate. Economic science has parked man behind numbers and algorithms and sees people as debt slaves in the big money machine. None of them have a bid for a shift, because they are all identical to the inherent and current paradigm.

It was suggested above that the ancient knowledge of the East, precisely preserved in the religious scriptures and the Orthodox Church, which is closer to the East and then very old and strong in tradition from the most ancient times, has shaped people’s outlook on life in a way that compared to materialism, secularized religion and atheism makes them open to the possibility of a shift. When the Russians and Eastern Europeans dumped Marxism/communism in the dustbin of history, they simultaneously dumped materialism as a basic philosophy. They already took the first steps to pick up all that had been lost with the extension of the French Revolution > The Russian Revolution.

They got the Soviet state, we got the consumer society, both are materialism in practice each in their way suited for the purpose. We thought we were sitting on the long end of the stick, and now it turns out that we are sitting on the short end. They experienced a brutal attack on religion, which has always been deeply embedded in their people’s souls. We just slowly let it rot. After the fall of the wall, it made a strong comeback in the East and assumed part of its old role, which also included politics. On that point, it will not be from here that you see active participation in a Clash of Civilization in relation to Islam, because in this they resemble Islam. Pseudo-Islam in the form of Wahhabi terrorism, yes, but it has nothing to do with Islam, other than in our extremely limited understanding and in the Wahhabists’ own postulate.

Not many people realize it, but when Mikhail Gorbachev traveled around preparing the fall of the wall, so to speak, he was constantly accompanied by an Orthodox bishop. No one noticed him, but he was there all the time as his advisor. The current president, Vladimir Putin, is fully aware of the importance of the church, and is a member of the ‘Old Faith’ within Orthodoxy, the branch that was not compromised under Peter the Great and his Francophile and Masonic cultural attacks on Russia (the man hated Russians and didn’t even speak Russian himself). And it’s not a show-off, when American presidents like to hypocrite to score voters in the Bible belt.

It is very difficult for people brainwashed in the West to understand that Russia is transforming its society in every imaginable way at every imaginable level. When the wall came down and the first status showdown took place, the Russians were not slow to put their finger on what had created the 70-80 year regime of terror: It was the oligarchies of the West – and the names mentioned! In addition, they saw how these oligarchs, with the dissolution of the Soviet state, where they had not yet managed to find a foothold, once again tried to drain the country of resources. They then took matters into their own hands.

So the Russians and Eastern Europeans have a bitter experience, an in-depth realization that people in the West lack. Certain countries in Southern Europe have experienced the dictatorship and have their experience with the totalitarian state, but interestingly, these are also the countries that have been attacked in the past decade by, among other things, the EU, which has pretended that they were looking after their interests.

Get it right. It’s not really about religion. It is about to what extent and in what way the culture promotes or hinders a paradigm shift.


It is very likely that the breakthrough for a new physics will take place in Russia and Eastern Europe as the first place. Again why, and what does it have to do with their church orthodoxy? Because the new physics will reestablish metaphysics, and because metaphysics is preserved in orthodox theology. It requires a mindset rooted in metaphysics to make a paradigm shift. The new physics will resume the very direction it was forced away from when all hell broke loose in the second decade of the last century.

When Maxwell in the 1800s was the first to combine electricity and magnetism = electromagnetism, he created a special mathematical form of description called quaternion geometry. In the 1890s, it was rewritten into the mathematics that became the standard, and which is taught according to today. Later, Einstein arrived and what is loosely called ‘Jewish relativism’, which then defined physics. But that was just another course off the rails. The only one who picks up the thread from Maxwell is a person who has only written a few scientific theses about it, but who instead already implemented the new physics: Nicola Tesla. As is well known, he was character assassinated by the oligarchs, and his inventions were stolen and kept secret. He was probably also physically assassinated.

Everything indicates that German scientists in the 30s and 40s worked on a completely new physics, here of course with a view to the emerging war machine. Furthermore, everything suggests that their knowledge already bore fruit during the war, when they were simply creating a space program and were already using exotic technology. Later they are spread to South America, the USA, Russia and Egypt. Tesla’s knowledge goes to the same places + Yugoslavia. So one can claim that the paradigm shift has already taken place in secret, but that the technology pirates have arranged for the rest of humanity that they are not on the bandwagon.

We’ve seen them show off their technique on several occasions. There are various theories about the Roswell incident, but one of them is actually that what crashed in Roswell was German! So post-Nazi Nazi hi-tech. What does that indicate? Because a whole bunch of post-Nazi German scientists were invited to the site because they thought the remains ‘looked German’. And why cover it up by talking about UFOs and aliens when the flying object was not unidentified? It is not difficult to calculate the panic it would have created if people had been told that the Nazis were still a threat and were now flying over the American continent with technology that they themselves did not have.

Von Braun in the company of, among others, Walt Disney.
Two types of illusionists in the same company.

The most famous of the German scientists exported via Operation Paperclip, Wernher von Braun, comes out simultaneously with the Apollo moon landing with a statement that the moon’s gravitational field is so-and-so, according to NASA, and a few months after is fired and let himself hire by the airline industry (Fairfield Industries). Why was that statement grounds for dismissal? Because that meant that the puny launch vehicle sitting in the lunar lander would never be able to free it from the gravity field, which was claimed to be far less, and bring it up to the main vehicle. This means that NASA had already at that time incorporated exotic propulsion technology into their spacecraft, which von Braun was absolutely not supposed to comment on. Stanley Kubrick or not, and the popped meme that they weren’t on the moon at all is only welcomed by NASA. Let people just rant about it – an inverted Rosswell – and we’ll have peace in Space. As the Bible says: They will build their nest in Heaven. They have already done that, and they would rather not be disturbed. And while we’re at it with the pop myths, they’ll be serverd flat earth nonsense, and THEN we have the space for ourselves.

Exotic technology has since reared its ugly face at festive occasions. When the Iraqis retreated from Kuwait during the 1st Iraq War, they were roasted in their tanks with microwave technology. When the towers fell on 9/11 – + five other buildings, which you forget – and turn to dust in the air, i.e. dematerialize, there is extremely exotic technology at work. Whether it is then supplemented with nanothermite is secondary, because it is simply advanced low-tech and cannot by itself completely atomize entire buildings in a few seconds, nor create all the phenomena of cars in the side streets spontaneously burning up without being hit. Cars with insolating rubber tires makes it a non-grounding phenomenon amidst a plasmafield – and nanothermite just makes extreme and explosive heat – sorry Niels Harrit. When an American warship provocatively sailed into the Black Sea during the Ukraine-Crimea crisis a few years ago, all their electronic control systems were totally paralyzed as a demonstration that the Russians had developed exotic defense technology. Climate technology is today capable of changing the weather and possibly the climate itself on Earth.

So the technology exists, but people don’t get a share of it, because it is hi-jacked by the military of various nations. Right now there is ominous silence before… before what? World War 3 in full swing? We are already well into it.

Two versions of knowledge

In almost every field of knowledge, there are two versions: Physics, religion, geopolitics, history, biology, genetics, economics, you name it! There is one for the people, which is taught, popularized in the media, and which is the official version. Then there is an occult version that those who have access to it operate by.

According to the pharmaceutical industry, it is stated that they develop preparations to promote human health.

The cure for various diseases has already been found and developed, but what is being pushed to their customers in the store is intended to maintain and even create disease and to maintain patents.

According to theoretical physics, it is gravity and particles that hold the Universe together.

The Electric Universe has long ago picked it apart. The Big Bang is some Catholic-Jesuit nonsense, since the Universe is infinite in time. Particle physics and Thermodynamics do not hold a meter.

According to applied physics within energy production, oil or nuclear power, there are extremely limited resources in the Universe available to us, and the way we are directed to exploit these is sparse, imperfect and highly polluting.

Alternative energy sources have long been invented, cf. the exotic technologies. This also applies both within energy and health. Mere semi-exotic technologies like Thorium nuclear energy would totally revolutionize energy production – and make Saudi Arabia close their terrorist shop …

According to economists, there is always a deficit in the accounts, the total debt lasts forever and must grow every year, and we can safely leave our money to Danmarks Nationalbank and all the other nice banks. The globalists have it all under control and they only want the best for us.

Deficits and debts are artificially created and act as a gigantic slave chain around humanity’s feet. Financial crises are products of art and intended for plunder. National banks are private enterprises that contribute to the global looting. Their transnational councils, boards, institutions and think tanks are part of a global mafia that loots. War is an institution designed to suppress resistance to plunder.

Earth is a planet of rich resources, all poverty could be abolished in a decade, all war is unnecessary, and defensive war is only necessitated by the constant abuse of the looting mafia. All people could live by working 10-20 hours a week. All regions of the world, even the most impossible, could be 80% self-sufficient in everything they needed. Population growth is a bogus issue, and would regulate itself if poverty, debt and war were rendered as irrelevant as they are. All taxation could either be abolished or reduced to minimalism – starting with multinational corporations paying just 1% in tax in all countries where they operate. At least income taxes could be substituted by spending taxes.

It must be seen and not because of the sleazy details of pedophilia, human sacrifice and Satanism at the top of the global banking system, but because Roland Bernard gives a clear overview of how the entire corrupt and criminal system of governance works. According to politicians and the political setup called representative democracy , people elect their representatives, who then take care of their interests, ensure that they have an influence on real conditions that concern their real lives and ensure, with the institution of State legislation, to protect the population from abuse by private interests.

Politicians are today the second lowest link in the pyramidal food chain that serves a global oligarchy. The represent the globalists primarily. Politicians do not represent the population, and they secondarily represent themselves to the extent that they get a modest piece of the cake from their principals and are allowed to make money at the taxpayers’ expense for another election term. After that, they get a pension that to normal people would feel like a normal monthly salary – for the rest of their days.

People have an influence on a few parts per milliliter of what they should have an influence on according to the postulate of popular government. Politicians and legislation do not provide protection for the citizens, but instead provide full protection for their global principals, so that they can unrelentingly rob populations all over the world. This has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with fascism.

It is strange, to say the least, that the populations of the West find themselves ruled by power-hungry psychopaths, while the populations of Russia demand a statesman with a conscience and a crystal-clear mindset. And due to the narcissist and projective mindset, we have nourished, we call these statesmen all sorts of names, that easily fit onto ourselves and our useless, incompetent leaders.

According to the history books and the preparatory support system called the mass media, the world is an unconnected and random chaos of events, without intention. Certain forms of historiography establish certain kinds of connections but leave out the most essential ones. In the mass media, all coherence has disappeared in favor of a synthetic 2D flatscreen fiction consisting of detached bits of useless information intended for immediate consumption = use, throw away and forget.

There is a very great coherence and continuity in human history that spans millennia. The same figures and incidents occur at recurring intervals. The same segments and networks have have been allowed to manipulate the course of history and subsequently got away with describing the course of history which they themselves have created.

According to biologists and geneticists, man is a Darwinian ape who, one day in recent global times, in a short period of time, and without any intermediary, decided to develop a completely different brain, a completely different jaw, a modified set of genes, a completely different bone structure and musculature, with a correspondingly different gait, feet and hands.

Certainly dude!

Man as we know him today has nothing to do with the Neaderthaler primate. Evolution only takes place as the micro-evolution described by Darwin in the Galapagos. Together with the domestic animals and a number of cultivated plants, we are the result of genetic modification. There are traces of human activity millions of years ago. Oldest known artifacts are perfectly round spheres with perfect parallel lines of a local crystal species found in South Africa encased in 2 billion year old geological segments.

According to archaeologists and historians, human history is only approx. 40,000 years old, and actual civilization only takes place (until recently) no more than 5,000 years ago. A forced revision is currently taking place, so that the possibility of an extension to 10,000 years is opened up. Before that time, there were only hunter-gatherer cultures – which, oddly enough, had the ability to stack multi-tons-heavy and machine-like perfect stones on top of each other. Recently, a stonework with stones weighing up to 3.500 tons has been found in the Ural Mountains!

Human history is much older, and there was a civilization decades-thousands years ago whose technological capabilities far surpassed ours today. Something suggests that hidden parts of our own civilization are catching up with the cf. exotic technology, but something also unfortunately suggests that we are in the process of repeating the Hybris-Nemesis complex, as this civilization, or parts of it, committed. It then led to the Ctrl+Alt-Delete of human life on Earth, and unless God is so kind as to keep his biblical promise not to unleash another flood, it will likely happen again. These official versions must undergo a major revision before we can talk about a paradigm shift. The reason we can even describe and give a forecast is because we can unobserve it taking place. Not without resistance and not without the fact that the mythmakers with the magical models and amputated knowledge for mass culture expect that they can postpone the shift for another hundred years, as they did a hundred years ago.

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