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Confessions of a Danish consensus dissident

The Danes are strange people. Our early ancestors were tough warrior tribes that conquered the world in ocean-going longboats with helmets, swords and axes. At the same time they were skilled tradesmen, at home they were prosperous farmers with good livestock and crops, and not many years ago Danish agriculture and farming were highly respected for quality products. Fishing culture back from the middle ages was great in a country with 300 islands and water almost all around. We used to have brilliant minds, inventors, scientists, designers. Danes used to be people that loved their freedom. Our schools used to bring up young people with sharpness and skills. You will find quite a few prominent philosophers and artists. For a small nation of even today no more that 5+ million people we seem to have been able to put a serious fingerprint on world history and culture. 

Today we seem to have grown into a breed of submissive, authority abiding and politically correct weaklings. There is a joke in Denmark: The revolution was cancelled today due to heavy rain. All the same and well, you might say, and Denmark did not have a revolution in the bolsjevik sense, but we have had a low boiling slow cooking socialism-light going on for nearly a century. We have a so called wellfare state with high taxation and a high social security. It is estimated that the combined taxes, income tax + trade tax (moms) + extra regulation taxes on certain goods such as alcohol and tobacco + a whole bunch of taxation on parking, environment, a.s.o. ends up with 83% of every earned Danish kroner going to taxation. That is a lot!

Danes seem to accept that level of taxation being told, that the money is well spend. But what do we get for all that taxation? Well, first of all we get a proportionally enormous amount of publicly employed people, estimated to 1.2 million. The State of Denmark has become extensive and expensive. It takes al lot of people to administer the wellfare state, it seems. Probably half of them would have been dispensable if the state apparatus hadn’t been so effective in expanding and creating jobs for its own people.

This also means, that the amount of regulations in the country is formidable. What do bureaucrats do when they go to work? They regulate, of course! That’s the only way they can claim their jobs. We talk about the DJØF’ification of the society – the four letters being an acronym for Danish Lawyer and Economist Foundation, which is their labour union. The country has been taken over by the bureaucrat class. This class will always seek to regulate peoples behaviour for the benefit of themselves, not for the sake of the people. They see people as human resources, not as human beings with resources. The word says it all: human is regarded as an attribute of resources, not the other way around.

Regarding people as batteries in a huge power plant, of course, is not a Danish phenomenon as such. That is a result the global management and business culture. But in Denmark the amount of regulations is huge. Put onto that the 100 x larger set of rules and regulation coming from the EU growing exponentially since the forming of its construct. If you want to ask, what fascism is today, look no further. The EU was a fascist project from the beginning.

Stop for a second – define fascism:
The total integration of private business with the state.
In classic fascism it was the state, that swallowed up the private business. In that sense bolsjevism/communism is clearly a form of fascism.
In the contemporary version, the private business corporations, syndicates and cartels have swallowed up the state, so that it no longer is able to – nor does it seem to want to protect the people from the abusive forces of the entities of crony-predatory capitalism. 

The State of Denmark, as the guy known as Shakespeare wrote in his famous play situated on the Castle known to Danes as Kronborg and to the theatre audience abroad as Elsinore Castle: Something wrong in the state of Denmark. (Shakespeare was not a wool trader and amateur actor from Stratford but Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, but that is a long story).

The Danish disease, the wrongness is not Danish at all. You people out there will know it yourselves for sure. The disease contains the illusion, that we live in a democratic society, meaning a place where people have actual influence on the decisions that form the core of their lives and thrives. We do NOT live in such a state. We live in a place of something in-between pink-and-fluffy to blatant fascism, where politicians, institutions and the media have been taken over by globalist corporatism. 

As asked above: What do the Danes get for all their tax money? It turns out, that a huge amount of the tax money (300 billion d.Kr) yearly is send out of the country and straight into the pockets of the multinational corporations, that pay almost zero tax but are able to hide in their tax havens. It is estimated, that would these companies be paying only 1% business tax to the Danish state, all Danish inhabitants would be able to pay 0% in income tax – instead of today the average 50%. Stuff for thoughts there.

If you present an economist or a politician with that calculation, they will of course say: Well, we can’t as one country hold these companies accountable, then they would just move out of the country, and we don’t want that, do we? This only confirms the notion of fascism. If these corporations have such powers over nations, they rule the nations, not the parliaments and governments of these nations, and there is no longer a state that can or will protect its citizens against rape and plunder.

The corporations can only maintain the strangulating grip on the nations due to two factors:

  1. The nations are isolated and cannot take a move on their own without being severely punished for it.
  2. The international institutions that claim to break the isolation and unite the nations are themselves corrupt and have fallen into the same strangulating grip.

The classic strategy would be that perfected by The British Empire:
Divide and conquer.

United Nations is the foremost example of this corruption. The corporate interests are deeply embedded into this huge umbrella-organization. Like the idea of democracy has become an illusion, the idea of uniting nations has become a joke. The purpose of both the EU and the UN today is not uniting but dissolving and destroying nations in the name of globalism. The true meaning of the word globalism is global corporatism aka global fascism

Fascism 2.0

In Copenhagen, Denmark is an area called Christiania quite well known abroad and among tourists. They called it the Free State Christiania, and in the late 60’s it was a sort of commune of hippies, freestylers and alternativists. No need to say, some weed was smoked here 😉 It also meant – and this became a problem also for the inhabitants – that the pusher gangs moved in selling not only fairly harmless weed but a whole bunch of highly addictive and damaging hard drugs. The police frequently made an operation, a raid against Pusher Street, the (in)famous dope strip in the commune. The result was, that the problem spread all over Copenhagen. Hells Angels-affiliates could now be seen hiring school kids in the local areas as messenger-delivery boys. The first one is free, as they say.

I want to use this as an analogy for what happened to the classic fascist regimes of the 20th century. These regimes in Europe were dissolved. The Sovjet Union and the communist East Block were dissolved. They fell under the weight of their own dysfunctionality and the amount of lies it took to establish. The fascist regimes of South America went down. But the fascists did not dissolve, they went elsewhere. They redressed, renamed and reorganized and spread all over like the expelled pushers of Christiania. They are active today more than ever. And as many Americans would be aware, their equivalent of the Gestapo, CIA, has been the main pusher of drugs since the days of the Vietnam war and did it again with Afghanistan. Due to them, drugs has been the most profitable business in the world. Lately another dirty business has taken over as number one: human-, child- and organ trafficking.

The Forum

The global fascists have their meeting spaces and discussion fora. The World Economic Forum is in the pivot of these discussions. Recently WEF and the UN made a handshake agreement. This fired up some questions about their agenda, especially since no nation was asked whether they thought, that a marriage between a representative of the largest corporations on the planet and an organization claiming to be inter-national and unbiased would be a good idea – unbiased of course being utterly nonsense, but nevertheless: this was a logical consequense of the corruption of the UN anyway.

It was from The World Economic Forum and their network and from the UN, that we got the climate agenda. WEF has now openly admitted, that this agenda had nothing to do with climate but everything to do with their Global Financial Reset., as former chairman of the Bank of England, Marc Carney lately said. The climate-thing didn’t run as smoothly as they had planned, so they came op with something else, that would be able to force the people of the world and their nations to submit to the Reset. You can’t just reset and grab all power and all resources and implement global martial law just like that. You need a vehicle, a stick-and-carrot incitement to do it. The climate was one such, and hence came the pandemic. Again they openly admit it: Now we have the chance to restructure the world. They did it before, they did it again, they will do it tomorrow too. The next big crisis will be a major cyber attack that will take down the power supply globally. How do we know this? Because again-again they say so. When these people say: We should be afraid of… they mean: We will make this happen... This is their coded language. And again, how do we know that? Because when they say it like this, it always happens right away or right after.

Maybe it won’t work for them this time, but that is a story for another day.

Oh, and did we forget to mention, that the operation destroyed millions of small business’es, shops, restaurant, and that the big online sale corporations like Amazon boosted its sale. So the buddies in the billionaire club helped each other with a business genocide of unheard proportions. These small businesses will not come up again even with compensations – that may never arrive for where would the money for that? The state has a huge bill to pay for abinding to the globalists.

Of course, globalists will never admit that they wanted it and did it. They will say, that some bad guys out there did it, the Russians, Donald Trump, the whatevers. Or that it happened randomly and without a cause and we didn’t see it coming (but how did you know then?). Or that it is inevitable, as if for some kind of natural law or deterministic mechanism. OR – which is the most absurd: Because YOU, the people did it, shame on you, pay us for it! Globalists seem to get away with either blaming the people for what they have done to the world. Or to appeal to the people to help them by paying for fixing, what they have done to the world – without admitting what they have done to the world. It is THAT absurd!

You will never see that. But what you will see is them taking advantage of it. As the rules for smelling a rat tells you: Qui bono – who benefits? and follow the money. The big got rich, the small ones died.

Small country – big scoundrels

Danes are strange people, see, I told you. Not only is our language considered to be among the strangest, although is is no more strange than Norwegian, Swedish or Icelandic. Or German. It is the pronounciation that is strange, which makes it very hard to be an immigrant or a repatriot in Denmark. And why should the world bother, we are only 5+ millions, the size of an average medium big city anywhere in the world? 

Our former prime minister, in Danish called statsminister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen not only examplifies the strangeness of sounds – the ø-vowel-sound is hard to teach foreigners – he has also done strange things. Like one of his predecessors Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the pedophile guy that received the post of general secretary of NATO as a reward for helping Tony Blair and George W. Bush promoting their false narrative of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and involving Denmark in wars with countries, that Denmark absolutely no issues had with: Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Syria – and for helping the EU integrating the countries of Eastern Europe with the diplomatic twist of an arm. Lars Løkke a decade later made Denmark one of the first countries in the World to submit to the Global Reset of the World Economic Forum. We saw him signing the deal with Klaus Schwab, the front figure of The Forum, on an event in Morocco.

Both of these two Danish prime ministers belong to a party in Denmark called Venstre, Danmarks liberale parti meaning The Left, the liberal party of Denmark. Here is where it gets really confusing to foreigners, especially Americans. In the USA liberal means left wing, in Denmark it means right wing. Venstre was originally the peasants party as opposed to the landowners party, and they sat on the left side in the parliament. It was an equivalent of the non-royalist seating in the French parliament as opposed to the royalists. It would be a long story to describe, how this concept transformed into Venstre now being the party of the agricultural mafia … meaning the new landowners. On the other hand their formal opponents, the social democrats, have done a similar but reverse transformation. From being a workers party, it is now the party of the new employers, what they used to call the capitalists. Both parties have been sucked into the sink hole of globalism.

So the new employers and the AgroMafia are no longer Danish, they are globalists. When Lars Løkke hung out with Klaus Schwab and signed a deal, that basically sells all Danish economy and the last remaining foreign policy to a bunch of globalist predators in Basel, Switzerland, this is the proof of such a transformation. 

The discretely corrupt Danes

Before Lars Løkke’s reign of corruption, Denmark had a female statsminister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a direct political breed of the EU, from where she came. Would you think, that globalism played a role in her politics, and would you guess that she maybe was loyal to someone else than the Danish people? You bet! The greatest scandal was, that she and her evenly corrupt finance minister, Bjarne Corrydon, sold the well functioning national Energy Company DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas) to Goldman Sachs for half of its price worth, so that they years later could sell it again for the full price. She had to leave the post as statsminister, and the other guy was rewarded with a post in a consultant firm … owned by Goldman Sachs. Without any consequenses.

In exactly the same period the law of public access to political information was revised, so that citizens no longer were able to get insight in the basis for political decisions. Could we asume, that these two events were connected and coordinated?

The idea of Denmark being among the least corrupt countries in the world is totally wrong. But we do have a certain discreteness around it. The DONG case never was solved, and the criminals was never held accountable. A couple of years ago a major scandal broke out with huge money laundering in Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark, that was operating from Lithuania. It was in foreign news outlets called the largest financial scandal in Europe, but the Danish media somehow managed to fly it under the radar. Some critique came up, but you know, Danes are basically nice people, so lets not talk too much about the bad stuff. Scandals like this have a tendency to pull connected people in high places down in the dirt, and we can’t have that. Oh, and do we have to say, that the chairman of Danske Bank was rewarded for covering up.

A couple of years ago, a medical institution called Statens Seruminstitut was sold to a Saudi prince, who played around with his fathers oil millions. A valuable and prestigious research institution sold to a young guy from a corrupt tyranical terrorist-supporting regime for a price nothing like its worth! What was that all about? Could it maybe be somehow related to the pandemic, noone was supposed to know was coming? Of course they knew. Americans may know, that a certain dr. Fauci said right in the start of Donald Trumps presidency, that the president would have to deal with a pandemic during his time in office. So they knew, meaning the globalists knew.

And these days we have yet another corrupt female statsminister, Mette Frederiksen. This showed to be the case during the pandemic. She took her orders directly from the WHO – owned by the medical industry, Bill Gates and the Chinese communist party and from the World Economic Forum. Like a boot licking local governor she locked down the country, destroyed the education system, broke the neck of a whole bunch of businesses and destroyed the economy. Her secretary of health (sundhedsminister) was given absolute powers like only seen in the worst totalitarian regimes at all times.

The happy Danes?

There is a myth of Denmark being the happiest country in the World. You know the fairytale country with the Little Mermaid, Carlsberg beer and 9/10 people owning a bicycle. Well, it turns out, that Denmark also have one of the highest suicide rates of the world, and the highest intake of alcohol among youngsters. That wouldn’t fit well with happiness, would it? Danes also like to think about themselves, that they have one of the best school systems in the World. But makebelief is not the same as reality, and Denmark is way down the list in performance results among countries in the World. As a former high school (gymnasium) teacher I witnessed the lowering of standards back in the 90’s. Also at college level (universitet) standards were lowered. I may have received one of the last fully equipped degrees in musicology from the University of Copenhagen, before they started to cut down and lower standards. University students today can hardly form a correct sentence, and my generation was there already in primary school.

One of the things that happened back in the former millenium, probably from the late 60’s, was a take-over by the baby boomer generation and their new ‘free mind’. You know, the same liberal generation in Denmark, that were the first in the World to legalize pornography. Any tourist of Copenhagen would know the backside of the central station and Istedgade with all the porn shops, titty bars and hookers. We never went as far as in Amsterdam later, but pretty far. This generation started a liberalization of the the school system. Their hate object was ‘the black school’ with psalm verses learned by heart, commas put the right places, everyone knew their 7-14-21-28… countings and you may get a slap on your fingers with a rattan stick if you misbehaved. Well, some of that school had to go, no doubt. But what was put instead was reward of sloppyness, lazyness and stupidity. We see the results decades later. Any average student in eg. Russia totally outperforms a Danish student in math.

The state of pink communism

What we also saw was the invasion of cultural marxism, primarily college and in high school, later in primary school. It spread downwards so to speak. Let me tell you a story from my time as a student in musicology, that shows how their brains worked. There was a very dominant group of teachers at the institute with marxists world view who wrote an new History of Music, a huge piece of work in five heavy volumes. The basic idea was to rewrite the music history with social history build in. Not a bad idea, actually, music has never been isolated from the rest of society, from other sciences, from politics. Music was not just the highly sophisticated music of the nobilities and the church. All well so far.

The problem was the marxist concept of materialist history writing and the marxist concept of political correctness. A very central and highly beloved Russian composer, Sergei Rachmaninov, totally missed from his period and in the supplement volume with biographies. His piano concertos, solo pieces for piano and his church vocal music is highly regarded among both performers and audiences – but he was redacted out. Why? Because he was too bourgois! When I realized, what these guys had done and why, I lost all respect for them, although they were brilliant teachers and well esteemed among my fellow students.

Fraudulant history based on ideology will NEVER be acceptable! But somehow today I do thank these guys for showing me, what it was all about. As students we were pulled through all the Frankfurt School pseudo-philosophers, Adorno, Marcuse, Benjamin and Habermas and the whole ilk. When I later returned to reexamine the period and its output, I knew it from inside so to speak. Their social critique now seen in the backlight was nothing more than a ideological weapon to take down Western culture and civilization.

If marxism/communism/socialism 1.0 was the initial core of 1917 Russian Revolution, and if cultural marxism from the 1950’ies was 2.0, we are witnessing version 3.0 today. What can we call it? Woke’ism maybe. The interesting thing here is: Now we see clearly the connection between the neo-marxist/neo-fascist hordes of street gangs in the shape of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the globalists. Street fascism and big corp fascism is one and the same, and Big Tech social media is their digital Gestapo/KGB. Mainstream Media is the yellow press of the new Sovjet Union.

There is a joke among Russians: In the Stalin days every Russian knew, that the yellow press lied 24/7/365. Noone took it seriously. In the West today, people believe that the media is telling the truth. So true. And this unfortunately means, that we are in a worse mental state, that the subdued people of the Sovjet state, because the tyrants never got under their skin and into their brains and hearts. Unlike us. Another joke, while we’re at it, is the EUSSR. That’s what the Russians call the EU and why? It’s because the EU has repeated the mistake of the USSR. They have commisaries, that are not elected by people running the deciding organ of the EU, the Commission. It has nothing to do with democracy. And then they run 5-year plan and plan economy like in the Sovjet state. What can possibly go wrong here?

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