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ISMS for dummies

Nihilistic displacement of God with money, via mafia structures created by the global mammon-oligarchy. It involves monopolization and usury and constant war. Societies run by mammonists are places of non-production¸non-self-sustenance, non-employment and no future. 

Example par excellence these days: the British society run by the mammonists of the City of London now having the second largest loss of jobs in Europe next to Greece, one of several South European countries hit by financial terrorism imposed by the European mammonists.

Money and monetary economy as a means to share resources and create productivity without monopolization. Extremely rare in its historical pure form, since Capitalism is Mammonism’s main enemy.

Fascism / National Socialism: 
Socialism for one country and one people. Like them or not, both initiatives were feared by mammonists, as they outmaneuvered the abusive system of central banking mammonism and introduced for a limited period of time their own independent economic system that created an unprecedented wealth. This – and there may be reasons to dislike them, but this is not one of them, unless you yourself are a supporter of mammonism – is the main reason, why we have been told endless times in endless ways how endlessly evil they were. The only country in the world today who practice their economic and financial system, is Taiwan, a country that does not have the right to call itself a country or a nation, but nonetheless is doing extremely well, as the rest of the world is relying on its extremely efficient productivity.

Political elitist, identitarian and political ideology created by mammonists aka Usurers International Federations (Usura). An updated version of Talmudism, the politicized Judaism. According to Talmudism / Zionism, only a very small group of people is entitled to the highest privileges and any other beings on Earth (goyim) are to be suppressed, deprived of privileges or obliterated. Jews are also the victims of zionism, that, although it pretends to care, doesn’t give a shit about ordinary jews.

The Zionist basis for secular Turkey created by the Dönmeh, The Young Turks, forming a circle around Atatürk with the aim to dissolve the Ottoman Empire in order to initiate a further imperialist dismemberment of the Middle East. Responsible for the Armenian Genocide, which till this day is a strict taboo to mention in Turkey.

Political internationalist-globalist ideology created by the mammonists of Wall Street to support their agenda from bottom up. And lest we forget: to destroy Russia. This means in the first stage a state monopolizing, and in the second state the breakdown of the state / nation and establishing a global-state called a global village, which is Feudalism 2.0 (see this).

It appears as an incomprehensible reality to people that today still in a state of mental hangover call themselves socialists, although socialism died in 1990, that what they believed to be the opposite of Feudalism was Feudalism 2.0 – from the very beginning.

Stalinism, Leninism, Communism, Maoism: 
Synonyms for International Socialism meant to destroy nations, their people and their history by creating a society of slavery and Neo-Feudalism.

A philosophy / ideology that pretends to be scientific for direct support of socialism and indirectly of mammonism with the intent to destroy capitalism, meaning depriving any person and any company the right to trade and exchange with other persons or companies without dictates from states, big companies, banks, legislations and institutions as long as the trade is non-abusive to others. This is the reason, why Karl Marx never mentioned the Central Banks, the main vehicle for mammonistic exploitation of the World. He was hired by their owners.

Marxism stresses the idea of Historical Materialism, meaning that history can be viewed as a sort of machine, a mechanical process whereby certain material conditions automatically create certain social and economic changes. That he was totally wrong has been proved during 70 years of dysfunctional socialism. But the very idea of materialism can now be seen for what it was: an ideological brainwashing stunt meant to confuse our understanding of certain changes in human history as 100% intentional. Such as the well planned revolution in 1917 in Russia.

Oh, but we were just helping history a little bit, they say trying to hide this fully intentional crime against humanity. Where have we heard similar statements lately? Oh, but we are just helping god creating Armageddon, says the neocon-nihilist-zionist war mongerers before they destroyed Iraq.

Deism upside-down, but without Deos/God. A variation of Nihilism. Or rather a Universe without Spirit or consciousness. Cosmology of our time is basically materialistic, although quite a few astrophysicists seem to have been struck by the strange wonders of the Universe thus reintroducing consciousness.

While always referring to the Emptied Universe, the term can be used on many levels. As described above as a view of human history being without conscious engineering / intention, meaning hiding big-scale crimes against humanity. It is also commonly used, but then confused with Hedonism (see this), where material goods are worshipped as god. Thereby synonymous with Consumerism.

Nominalism is a term from the Age of Scolastics., which is the high Middle Ages and the seating of philosophy and science in the realm of the church. It is a precursor to rationalism and materialism – and positivism, strangely enough the total antithesis of the church. It is the notion, that the nature of things is only, what sensual perception allows. We sense them, we give them a name = nomen, that’s it. It is ascribed to William of Ockham, from whence we have the term Ockhams Razor.

Nominalism/positivism besides logical thinking is the basic philosophy of our sciences. If it cannot be sensed, if it cannot be measured, it does not exist. Major problem here is: who says, that our senses are not polluted, manipulated or limited? And who says, that we have the right instrument of measurement at hand? It may not be invented yet.

A description of a very poor state of living, where your only satisfaction as a human being is going into a shopping mall, being erotically aroused, buying stuff for digesting and piling up regardless of whether you need it or not. 

In order for Consumerism to take hold of major parts of a population, an extensive use of methods of persuasion developed in Behavourism is applied, thus making people confuse their wants with their needs. The definition of Tragedy versus Comedy in Greek Theatre also used today in film scripting is that a protagonist, a main character, or, on the level of archetypes The Hero (… with a Thousand Faces – Campbell) chooses to pursue his wants, his story becomes a tragedy, and if he overcomes his hedonism/materialism/consumerism his story changes into a comedy.

Consumerism and its impact on the World has turned mankind into a tragedy of pathetic consumers. This also affects people outside the western world due to the artificial scarcity created by Imperialism/Mammonism that forces them to live on the edge of survival always having to strive for the material basis for their survival.

Culture Marxism: 
A variation of Marxism, realizing that the working class, as a potentially community-depleting force, had to be replaced by disaffected ethnic groups, gender confused human types, and the perversion of culture through sexualisation / pornofication. Main Instrument: political correctness and subversive perversion. Motto: Critique is the philosophy. Meaning: destruction is the goal, but we have no values. Meaning: Culture Marxism is synonymous with Nihilism.

Like Utopism in the belief that people don’t need governments but will be able – right away! – to manage without. Problem is, that people have been used to live in dysfunctional states led by psychopaths, so they by now have forgotten how to manage for themselves. This would take training and probably a whole new generation of people, that are not fucked up. And who is going to train them – the fucked up generations? Anarchism demands the same as democracy: people that are totally aware and awake and enlightened and with a secure moral compass. Could this happen?

There is no way out of leadership. And this would form instantanously if a state broke down. Another problem: an even worse mafia structure would emerge at once and claim leadership by brutal power. 

If anarchism should stand a chance, it would have to be in the shape of local government in small unities. And it would have to be a slow process, not a revolution, since all revolutions have created ugly dictatorships. Still I’d say: go for it, since anything other than this degenerate society would be better. Careful though!

The core philosophy was to support capitalism, but later amalgamation with mammonism has taken place. After the death of Fascism (1945) and Socialism (1990), Liberalism is now found in two versions: right-liberalism and left-liberalism, and both are openly totalitarian. Liberalism of today is a nihilistic project to liberate man from his own and the universal nature, so mankind can be developed as transhuman / posthuman, freed from the troubles of conscience, duty, responsibility and history. All assaults on people thus become possible and justified.

Synonymous for Mammonist Liberalism, the West’s oligarchic idea of one world controlled by them and only them. Any attempt to disobey this claim should, according to the transatlantic uni-polarists, be crushed with any means of violence.

The military tool for the realization of Uni-polarism feeding the military-industrial-financial complex. Don’t forget the financial part of the complex, since every war known to man for the past centuries has been the mammonists’ wars. Mammonists therefor always sell weapons to both parties in a war, meaning they don’t give a damn who wins or loses. THEY win every time.

Also called post-democracy. A tyranny of the majority controlled by a tiny minority. A majority of a population is seduced by media manipulation, ideologies, fear and guilt to cast their initiative, their interests, their powers and their civil rights into the hands of intermediaries for mammonists called elected politicians. Thereby the majority will sit back and watch football and pseudo-discussions broadcast to them on their sofas, while the World is taken care of.

Culture-Marxist side-ideology based on the breakdown of the socially conservative family structure, the relationship between man and woman and the relationship between children and parents. Morally legalized hatred toward men as the protector of the family from attacks, and at the same time persuading women by promises or guilt-and-shame to give up their privilege as the internal sustainer of the family. This could only be done with a certain probability, after the character of men had been perverted by the industrial society for a hundred years + two traumatizing world wars with men killing other men. 

Feminism is admittedly created by the mammonist family clan behind the Rockefeller Foundation to ensure double labor for the same wages and the children as a state property. Simultaniously the Rockefellers created their version of the Preussian School System to ensure, that this new human property of the state did not learn to think for themselves via The Trivium Method, the classic method of stimulating the capacity for critical thinking, which thereafter only was taught at the elite schools for the children of oligarchs and their hangouts.

Ideology about the preservation of the nation as a birthplace for people and as an ethnic, cultural and historical community. Has been confused with several of the above ideologies, as the mammonists have sought the destruction of the nation as culture-bearing unit.

Chauvinism / Jingoism: 
Perverted nationalism where human ethnicity, culture and nation / place of birth is manipulated as a weapon against other human nations for political purposes. Like civil war it is not something that the citizens of these nations themselves come up with, but mammonists and their henchmen have staged by using chaos and conflict to create their favorite state of divide-and-conquer and Clash of Civilisations.

With steam engines, coal mines and factories a new slave society was created in the 18-hundreds. It all started in England, and it demanded sending children down into mines, it created systematic pollution for the first time in human history, developed chemistry as basics for production and demanded ressources to an extend, that the indstrialists thought it justified to plunder, rape and pillage the rest of the world in a fashion later called Imperialism. Whether industrialism or imperialism is the hen or the egg can be debated.Industrialism is the ressurrection of Feudalism, when mankind thought that this old shit was over.Prerequisite for Modernism.

Breakthrough for a split mind – a glorious and most correct being.Modern man must be prepared for major as well as minor wars.To be modern is not to rememeber your history, not to belong a nation, a family or a tradition. A modern danse is to wiggle your arse in a particular modern way. Modern man is very erotic but cannot handle the consequenses of his erotic beviour.Modern man is free. Free for responsibility, conscience, former generations, coming generations, honor, truth, virtue and duties.Modern man will soon be free from his/her own gender, his own body and her own genes.Modern man is so liberated, that it has to drink liters of Coca Cola, canned beer or café latte, watch sports television, hang out on Facebook, answer txt’s withing 30 secs, shop in the mall, thing and talk like the friends, watch silly movies like the friends, listen to stupid music like the friends, vote for the EU and complie to war like the friends, and call your bad friends your friends – like your friends,Modern man doesn’t know what to do with his own unlimited-limited freedom.Modern man needs a parole from his state of unlimited-limited freedom.

The term for the particular strand of the Empire, the successor to the Roman Empire, which we know as the British-French-Spanish-Portuguese-German and later the Transatlantic Imperialism for the US dominance of the World. This may also be labeled the Maritime Empire, the seafaring, expansive, aggressive empire, the Empire of Envy and Piracy. Its contrast is Empire of the Land, the impervious land mass, which for centuries has had to defend itself against the Maritime Empire and Mammonism. 

Imperialism’s main motivation is greed and envy, and an imperialist action against a country always leads to the plunder of the country’s resources. The Maritime Empire is fundamentally based on piracy, and to the extent the global Khazarian Mafia (once expelled from their habitat in the core of the Empire of the Land due to bad behaviour) is involved, we also find their specialty: land piracy.

The invention of the circle of ideologues and spin doctors around Constantin the Great in the fourth century A.D. Christianity was the designer religion of this late version of the Roman Empire, and Feudalism was the designer structure of the society. It was all about the division of power between the Empire of the Church and the Empire of the Kingdom. 

This created The Dark Ages. an age between the the Post Antique era and the late Middle Ages, where people knew n-o-t-h-i-n-g about the dispositions of the ruling elite, had n-o access to knowledge held by the Church and its monasteries. During the climax of Feudalism, the Frankish Empire under Charlemagne, the people found themselves to be slaves in a society created for the Lords of the Castles. 

Feudalism is about the very few ruling the whole lot and the designer-structure by which they do so. What we see today is nothing but an update of Feudalism as version 2.0. Same old shit.

A forced syncronization between State and major corporate entities. Either the State invades and posesses the corporate entities, or these entities invade and possess the State. The result is a non-society, where the State no longer sees it as its obligation to protect the citizens against exploitation of the corporations, but willingly participates in and enhances this exploitation.

In a corporatized State, the classic separation of legislative, jurisdictional and performing part of the State is no longer existent.

In such a State, media is bought by the corporations, that now own the State. Media now only plays its part as an apparatus of propaganda. Some have called this kind of State Fascism, but technically it is more correct to call it Corporatism, since classic fascism did not in this way betray its own citizens, since it was a form of NationaSocialism. Corporatism is internationalism and Globalism disregarding any social structure of any nation, which neither fascist or national socialist states of the 30’es did – like them or not.  

Synonymous for Uni-Polarism, Corporatism and basically with elements of all the isms presented here, except true Nationalism, genuine Capitalism and aspects of Anarchism. 

It seems to be somewhat synonymous with Fascism 2.0. We can actually point to World Economic Forum in Basel, Switzerland as the center of this agenda. A club of ultra-billionaires who’s goal is ultimate world domination, people as a bunch of stupid sheep and the population of the World diminished to half a billion.

A philosophy behind Technocracy. The mere existence of the idea shows, that the ruling global class never believed in democracy more than as an instrument of control. It takes Scientism (see this) to the next level, claiming that a new instrument for the rulers should be a mixture of scientists and bureaucrats called technocrats. Today by the aid of computers (the idea of technocracy was born long before computers) and mathematical calculations the society will be ruled and managed as a machine. We could also call it techno-utilitarism.

Technocracy is the goal of the European Union. It is a hyper-liberalist philosophy, that will liberate people from all responsibilities and remove all political engagement from their highly controlled lives. It leads to Transhumanism. 

Also called Post-Humanism. The ultimate wet dream of The Controllers. Man not only is controlled by machines, he is a machine. Although the human body for 100 years has been regarded by medical science as a machine that could be fixed and maintained, the full realization of this de-humanization will only be possible, when man becomes fully programmable as hardware and software. 

This is not future, this is right now. It takes electronics or chemistry in and around humans, which is in place. It takes indoctrination by applied Behavourism, which is happening. Wellcome to the New World!

A 20th century version of and mind- and crowd control. By the aid of psychology and sociology/anthropology, and with the aid of deception, drugs and electronics, people can be made to behave according to how The Controllers want them to behave, solely for the sake of The Controllers.

Behavourism has infected media, politics, ideologies, school systems and is used shrewdly by intelligence agencies to create better (=worse) conditions for destroying the lives of human beings in great number. 

With behavourism, spindoctors and election-orchestrators can make people vote for leaders that will decide 100% against the interest of people in a country and abroad. This happens right now (august 2016) as the election of Hillary Clinton is put in place.  

A political tool developed by intelligence agencies in the West and performed by people inside and outside the West claiming to carry out terror on their own initiative.

The first basic rule is that the so-called terrorists never are what they themselves claim, or what they are claimed to be in the media.
The second basic rule is that a terrorist event is always part of an attitudinal campaign towards citizens of a nation for the benefit of the government of that nation AND for the benefit of the United States, England, France, Israel or Saudi Arabia, the above countries whose intelligence services have developed and used terror as a tool.

The third basic rule is that a given terrorist group will always have been formed, trained, equipped and used by agencies in these five countries, the real Axis of Evil.

A special hijacked sort of pseudo-Islam, which, under the guise of wanting to reform Islam, wants to pit Muslims against other Muslims and against other cultures, religions and ideologies, and via a staged Clash of Civilizations, to destroy religions and Western culture. To be an Islamist, you do not have to believe in Allah. This will actually be a disadvantage, since you will be hired to commit atrocities, that are condemned in the Quran.

Theory developed by Darwin to pretend a scientific underpinning of the British Empire and its self proclaimed right to subjugate weaker nations. Darwin never used the term the fittest but thestrongest. An example of his special form of racism was the statement: There are 70 races of people on Earth (in itself highly absurd nonsense), but the Irish are the lowest race! After which, the Irish Genocide, deceptively called the GreatFamine or the Potato Famine, was launched.

In the strict form meaning contempt for people of other races. Today, a term used by Cultural Marxists, when they want to use ethnic groups as a basis for destruction of nations with especially people of white skin. Because they want the destruction of the white race and Western civilization, they appear as the true racists. If someone is exposed to justified criticism for bad behavior, it is common to pull the politically correct word racist forward as a diversion. Most times the word is applied, there is no question of racism at all but about social and political issues that are not politically correct and taboo whereby an automatic use of the word will block any discussion on the subject.

Racism is often seen between ethnic groups, that have been clustered in other countries and seldom in the original cultures, where respectful segregation is the way of living between ethnic and religious groups. This mostly balanced and stable state of living is often destroyed on purpose by Imperialism, for it can only rule in chaos and fear. Racism is a product of Imperialism.

Racism emerges when ethnically incompatible cultures are forced upon each other to an extent that is unproportional, and therefore necessarily will lead to a multitude of conflicts. Multi-Culturalism is such a designer state of being almost only found in Western Societies. Recognizing that conflict is the most essential part of the system of control imposed upon human beings, we can begin to see the contour of a new variation of this system not yet well described. Although it is a product of imperialistic destruction of non-western nations, cultures and sustainable living for peoples deprived of their resources by the imperialists, it is now – like all mass movements – being purposely exploited and used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Multi-Culturalism is sold by Culture Marxists as respectful and inclusive to cultures. But with a closer look on the phenomenon it turns out to be exactly the opposite. Multi-Culturalism has turned into a designer-ideology with the purpose of destroying ALL cultures, all traditions, all history, all ethnicity, all original genes/races and all uniqueness and beauty of these cultures. Multiculturalism is therefore the most racist idea ever to have arisen, since it disrespects ALL races and all sub-races / ethnic cultures. 

A certain mixture of limited groups of people has taken place for millenia without problems, thus enriching cultures. The unlimited extent to which mass immigration now floods the Western World – NB! Not other parts of the World! – is not only highly damaging. It is an invasion, and its purpose is the same as a military operation. It IS a military operation with full intent behind it. It cannot be understood without connecting it directly to the systematic destruction of especially the Middle East, that has been going on for more than a century, but has now been – note: has been, not is, since someone has done it – escalated to a degree hitherto unheard of.

The Zionist variation of the concept of racism that is used every time a jew faces criticism for eg. the genocide in Gaza. The term is no more scientifically founded than Darwin’s racist statements, as the term semitic is a linguistic and not a racial designation, and since most semites speak Arabic, making the user of the term a weird sort of ethno-racist. In the Jewish state of Israel, people of African skin color are not desired since they are said to ‘pollute’ Jewish genetics. The Oriental Jews, Sephardim, were considered to be inferior to the Khazarian, the Azkhenazim, and Ethiopian Jews, and were even physically thrown out of the country, which shows the consistent exercising of internal ethno-racism. The almost unbelievable paradox is that the state of Israel, being the most racist and anti-semitic society in the World, constantly accuses others of racism/anti-semitism.

The philosophy of non-value. Practiced in our time by among others the American neocons who are students of Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago, a nihilistic Zionist, whose thesis is that America is a nihilistic project. This school is not, as one might think by the deceptive word con as Neo-Conservatives (to con: to deceive), but Neo-Trotskyites. The Russian Revolution was a nihilistic project. Mammonism IS Nihilism. Nihilism is in its cultic form identical to Satanism. To be able to carry out a genocide in size of 147 million in the Communist-Soviet era (just a fraction of the nihilistic-satanic holocaust in the 20th century that wiped out half a billion people!), one needs to have a nihilistic, satanic basis.

Christianity turned upside down as nihilism and, as such, dependent on Christian ethics as a religious cult or philosophy. The symbol for that is the Tarot card of The Hangman. Satanism has its roots in KabbalismDruidism and Shamanism, but appears in a infantile, reactionary and distorted hybrid form abusing its roots. It shares its roots with the Masonic philosophy, although masons rarely talk about Satan but of Lucifer as their god. As in Kabbalism or the Cult of the Dying God, Satanism contains elements of ritual pedophilia and human sacrifice. Far more leading political and religious figures than commonly aware of can be described as ideological and/or practicing Satanists simply because of their nihilistic world view, and quite a few of them even go into the perverted ritualism of Satanism. May we just mention the Bohemian Grove and the British Royal Family.   

The Atheist claims to be liberated from God and religion. So why is it necessary for the atheist in every sentence and every deed to relate directly to God and religion – with the head upside down? Is that, what you call being reactionary?
Atheism = Nihilism.

Why consider this obscure, esoteric school as important? Because kabbalists rule this world. We find kabbalism in Freemasonry. We find it with the Templars, that later crept into the Jesuits. We find it in Zionism. We find it in the Turkism, that destroyed the Ottoman Empire. It feeds into Satanism and Nihilism. We find it in NewAge.

According to kabbalists, Reality can be manipulated by means of Magic. Although originally originated in the Babylonian and Egyptian wisdom schools, it later became distorted as a tool for certain groups of people, that seeked manipulative power over others. Mammonism is a sort of kabbalism. Hollywood swims over with kabbalist symbols and Madonna dansed on the grave of Isaac Luria.

Philosopy of the greater good, believing that every choice should be motivated by a sort of merchant’s calculation: Will this choice bring the most benefit to the most people? So far so good. It easily tips over to the belief that people should sacrifice their own needs for the sake of society. If this happens, which it does, we have international socialism aka the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, and since proletars cannot rule for themselves, they need commisarians, committees, police and military, a lot of prison camps and … Lenin-Trotsky-Stalin. For an abstract idea of the greater good for the people – so they said at least – the people had to be sacrificed for the sake of themselves. 

A skewed scientific dogma that only allows palpable and measurable realities to exist. For several centuries Positivism and Rationalism prevented Science from going in directions where the seemingly unquantifiable could become part of the quantifiable and thus a part of reality. As a main tenet of Scientism (see this), we have not the science that we should have.

In Positivism, consciousness becomes a by-product of chemical processes in the brain and therefore not as it was in the scientific understanding that existed among humans before, the fundamental component of a living universe. The positivistic universe is a universe of death.

The term positivism is ascribed to age of enlightenment French philosopher, Auguste Comte. His main goal was to expel metaphysics from physics.

The belief that people could be able to make choices by rational calculation. People do not follow reason and rationale, they follow their guts. And to the extent they have a healthy stomach, they say it is the second brain. If not healthy, we have a society of hedonism.

When the metaphysical basis for real philosophy is taken over by materialism – metaphysics as understood by Greek philophers such as Aristoteles – when there is no first cause but only the world of senses preached by the Sofists of Hellas we have Relativism. Synonymous with Nihilism. Intelligence is taken over by mechanics and we have Scientism and Post-Humanism.

Equally applicable to science and politics. In science everything has become mechanics, in politics everything has become of equal, meaning no matter. We live in a quantified world (Réne Guénon) og randomness is regarded as almost a quality. Causes of history and misery can thus never be explained, and we are left in utter confusion and amorality.

Relativism is also embedded into daily language. At the Nobel Prize Museum in Oslo the guide for the Nobel Peace Price was teaching to the visitors, that Assad had poisoned his people with gas. Everyone = EVERYONE these days know, that this is is a propaganda lie. Confronted by a visitor, who happened to be one of the most knowledgable persons into these matters, Patrick Henningsen, the answer of the guide was: Well that is just your opinion! This is Relativism, Ladies & Gentlemen! And it is based on political correct stupidity.

A atrophied, degenerated version of a science that once was (eg Plato/Aristotle), where branches of science like physics and mathematics were in the same room as thology and metaphysics, and where consciousness was thrown of the classroom in a dead and mechanical Universe.

A typical reductionist statement would be, that consciousness is a mere bi-product of chemical-electronic processes of the meat machine called the human brain. 

In more general terms, sensory and quantifiable phenomenons have taken over the role of the First Cause, the Immovable Mover no longer exists. Aristotle states, that you cannot and should not prove the Obvious. Reductionism is just one more synonym for Nihilism. Sophism has taken over science and turned it into Scientism.

An abuse of the concept of hedon meaning heathen, projecting our mindset onto people in old societies, claiming that they lived like lusty animals, following all the immediate impulses like small children, without being able to postpone their wants and realize their needs. Which of course is highly arrogant towards these people that perhaps had a higher moral standard than us.

That being said, this projection seems to be more of a description of the times we are living in, with hyper-sexualization, eating disorders, drunken teenagers vomiting in streets throwing waste all over, greedy bankers, reality shows and media glitter, funny blue pills and rave parties on the deck of the Titanic.

Science transformed into dogma, ideology and politics, thus assuming the characteristics of a religion. Actual Science should be untainted by all these entities. Scientism started in the Enlightenment, with 2/3’s of the leading scientists’ opuses being discarded and declared as superstition. 

It has, among many things, led to a physics that does not understand gravity, electricity and magnetism; an astronomy that for the same reason does not understand the forces of the universe and thinks it’s all thermodynamics (the description of heat in a steam engine from 1877); a medical science that does not understand health; a psychology that, although it believes it understands the human psyche, is not able to deal properly with traumas; a genetics which does not understand the cell; a biology which does not understand water, the basic element of all life; a science of history that does not understand actual history but only the Empire’s bedtime stories about itself; as well as an economic mainstream school which does not teach its students the reality of money creation. Whether ‘it’ knows about it, is another question.
 Scientism has built a shield around itself, whereby an understanding of these key issues is absent. Additionally, representatives of Scientism are deeply dependent on the commercial hand feeding them, whereby they never go in directions that can challenge the monopolies based on scientistic distortions of reality. A forced kind of Escapism (see this).

Infinite variations of techniques of running out by the back door or detraction from what should be understood and done.

Instead of addressing the core of any economy, the issue of money creation and its mammonistic private-monopolization, we have been led to talk about growth in thin air, as if growth was the cause and not the symptom.

Instead of addressing environmental responsibility, we have been led to talk about climate, and the natural gas, the base of all organic life on Earth, CO2, as a man-made poison that should be taxed – read: providing a huge amount of money to, and yet at the same time preventing, developing countries and small companies to actually have growth. This is The War on Nature.

Instead of identifying the root cause of the refugee currents as being United States and NATO’s destruction of the Middle East and the rest of the World, we have been led to talk about how we can soothe our conscience by letting the hordes of immigrants (of which only a fraction are actual refugees and a percentage are trained terrorists settling down as cells waiting for the call) in from the countries we have helped to destroy and thus masochistically destroy our own countries. Also we in the West are now in a state of war, but we have not identified it as such.

Instead of by the society’s funds supporting research and development of highly promising technologies that can completely obviate the use of oil, and do not pollute and do not run out next year, then we allow companies to develop methods to dismember underground toxic water, to have unclean and unprofitable oil, and the Nuclear Lobby to continue building ticking bombs of fission based nuclear power plants instead of developing real fusion based ditto.

Instead of researching human health, we have been led to allow the investment of billions in supporting a patent- and petrochemical-based mega-industry whose main purpose is that people remain sick, so the mega-industry can continue to harvest trillions.
The instead-of-list is almost endless.

Sorry, could’t help it, and it is of course a Neologism, the invention of a new word based on media and mediocre.

Media of the Western World is systematized mediocracy. No depth, no truth, no real investigation, no real critizism, no journalism in its real meaning. 

Journalists are now embedded. Notice the word and its two meanings: in bed with = having sex with = being butt-fucked, and the computer notion of a piece of media allowed into a web page limited and described by an html-tag. In the second Iraq war, journalists were being embedded, meaning sourrounded by military and intelligence services that defined the outputs of journalism.

is no longer true journalism. It is a mediocre branch of corporatist propaganda. Shame on it! 

An ISM a day keeps the truth or the untruth away.
That depends on the glasses you wear. 

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