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The World Game part 6 – the destruction of The Destroyer

The World Game series is about real world history.
Some of it is written as we write and read, other can be 1000’s of years old.
It is a nice and ambitious statement, and it simultaneously includes a statement that the history of the world so far is not as real, as it claims. For the sake of clarity, let’s modify the statement.

We have been living in a designer reality, a reality that was created for us to behave in a certain way. Such a designer reality must – in order for it to work as intended – contain elements of real reality. For the rest, it contains design, de-sign = counter-image.

Man is a vision-based creature. Our eyes are forward-looking like those of a predator, our teeth and digestive system are like those of an omnivore, our hearing and sense of smell and taste are reasonable without being ostentatious but nothing compared to that of animals. Our vision-based approach means that we orient ourselves according to what we see. It also means that we are the easiest to fool by waving pictures in our faces.

The series with the World Games throws in cross-border concepts. Here comes one of the more solid ones: 18,000 years ago the Destroyer returned, a cosmic being with the essential purpose of maintaining a state where dark matter based in the lower astral field ruled the world of men. One of the oldest religious* worldviews is found in Zoroastrianism, and here Light and Darkness are described as Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, because the Universe was built on 9 light and 9 nine dark planes. Ahriman was the destructive and seductive principle in the Universe.

Ahura Mazda and Ahriman in the dualistic world fight between light and darkness, good and evil

The seer, scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner – and yes, he was also a philosopher in the traditional sense, for his university thesis was on Emmanuel Kant, who subsequently became his rationalist counterpart – adopted Ahriman as the dark principle, the seducer of the human soul. Like his near-contemporary Nietszche, he used Old Persian concepts in his visualization, Nietszche used Zarathustra.

*We need to redefine the term religious. Or just understand what it really means. It means two things + all inflections in between:

  • A continuous knowledge of the world and reality beyond the three dimensions registered by the five senses. The world contains more than three dimensions, and our sensory apparatus is more than five-fold.
  • A continuous contact with the world and reality, a lifelong subscription to ‘the latest news’ from the living and intelligent universe and The Source of Creation, directly or inderectly.

Unfortunately, the religious practice of knowledge and contact with the highest intelligence has been one of the most intervened fields of ignorance and false intelligence = cunning. An overlay was implemented in several rounds:

  • The clergy. From being the local shaman who made his special abilities available to his community, it became an institution of initiates who discovered that knowledge is power.
    Problem 1: disempowerment and incapacitation of all but the initiated.
    Problem 2: that the so-called initiates meanwhile forgot what the initiation consisted of.
    Result and problem 3: Religion tells you what to do but not how to do it.
  • Science took over the role of the powerful clergy. Rationalism, positivism, nominalism, empiricism, nihilism, atheism, skepticism systematically denied that there was anything beyond the tangible. Problem 1: what if the measurement tool was missing, hadn’t been invented yet, or had been forgotten in the meantime?
    Problem 2: what if science also forgot, what it set out for?

Note that the common denominator is oblivion. If you are one of the few following this series on the World Games and thus know more than most – regardless of whether you maintain a healthy skepticism, which I would strongly advise! – then you will know that there is an overlay that is inhuman. Religiosity or spirituality is a human trait and part of our nature. The intervention that has aimed to block our contact with our higher self and the Source of Creation is as deep as it is ancient. Atheists will therefore believe that the blockage is all there is. In many ways I understand this skepticism for the simple reason that we have been deceived for so long and so thoroughly. But the problem with atheism is that it confuses the core and root of religion with its overlay, the clergy and institution.

Lately, this has meant a somewhat peculiar form of the pull-ashore in science. An example. The more biologists study the biosphere and life as such, the more it dawns on them that there is something going on that can only be explained as intelligence. It slowly dawns on them that the living world exhibits an overall form of behavior and has a characteristic that can only be described as: purpose. If something has a purpose, there must be a purpose-setting agency. They might try along the way to claim, that it’s just a computer program. Which gives a backlash, because where is the programmer? The same problem exists in The Big Bang. Suddenly, for a split second less than a split second, the entire Universe decided to explode out of Absolute Nothing, but where is the decision maker? And what was in the Nothingness, that made it explode?

So now there is a new trend or a new school in biology that calls itself panpsychism and tries to put itself in a neutral place where they don’t have to say God, because that would be heresy and sacrilege to materialism. Yes precisely sacrilege, because what happened to science after they got rid of religion was that they themselves became a religion with all the flaws of the religious institution: dogmatics, heretical persecution, excommunication, ritualistics, holy scriptures, religious wars, blind faith (follow the science). Exactly the same thing that happened with political ideology, eg Marxism: it became EVERYTHING it said it would abolish and exhibited ALL the features of a cult, a designer religion. Which just proves how fundamental human religiosity is, when even the deniers of religion cannot do without it. They chose to copy and pervert it.

If you can’t beat them, join them. It takes one to know one.

The Destroyer

We will subsequently try to understand why we have to take these explanatory detours. The information is simply too far out! But the recorded reality is already too far out, so a too-far-out principle must be found to explain this strange reality. Reality works, so it must be real, one thinks, but the means of action are synthetic, artificial.

So, once again, be prepared to go all the way out in the outskirts. You accept what you are ready for, and the rest you just put on the shelf for posterity.

The Destroyer returned to Earth after a period of exile. Why is Earth so important that it is necessary to send the Destroyer himself? The destroyer is also mentioned in Genesis in the Old Testament. He created the Flood, the fall of the Tower of Babel, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. But that was only the reported and visible part of the destruction. The answer is in the explanatory model that we present in the series: Earth has had a unique status in the Universe. It was a place of transition between the lower and the higher astral field. Its location in the 3rd higher astral plane (density), the plane of the three dimensions, made it a sort of terminal for the flow of energy and beings between the lower and the higher fields. We have no basis for comparison, because we live here. Fish do not know, that they live in water. But if we take a step back, we must at least wonder how this place and this planet can contain so much evil at the same time as goodness.

Earth was becoming too light-filled for the lower astral field. We were getting off to a good start. So the Destroyer was sent to restore the balance between light and dark. Remember that testament means a covenant, an agreement. Someone made an agreement and signed it, and these were the days, as it says, when agreements were binding and were honored. I still have an argument with God about why the f…he made such a deal, but that’s my problem.

The Destroyer began a process in which he destroyed the lives of the tribes that inhabited Earth at the time. Humanity lived in tribes back then – don’t we still do that, by the way? At the same time, Earth lost its natural moon, Luna. Instead, we got an artificial drabant that doesn’t behave like other celestial bodies. Well, actually Saturn does and Europa, the moon of Jupiter. All other celestial bodies rotate on their own axis as well as a major axis, whereas the moon is fixed so that it always shows one side. I have not heard a plausible scientific explanation for that anomaly. The moon, as we know, has a lot to do with water, ebb and flow. The earth was once flooded, and all cultures describe it as such. In the Bible it is called the Flood.

The Old Covenant

An agreement was made called the Armastes Agreement to prevent the total destruction. In the agreement there were several auxiliary or sub-agreements, one of which was called the Creed of the Destroyer, and another was called the Creed of Mortality. It was an agreement that people would only live so-and-so-long. As you may remember from your intense Bible studies 😉 , people once lived for centuries and not just decades. Methuselah lived to be 900 years old, it says. Crazy they say, we say fact. According to this dark deal, at the end there would be a ‘harvest’ and we would all be doomed. Hence the picture with the reaper, the man with the scythe. It is not just the image of Death for the individual, it is the image of a mass death, because all straws are harvested at the same time. It was also called the Armageddon Program, which was connected to the Armastes agreement.

The short life expectancy and diseases were part of the deal. There were no diseases before that. And not just people as such, but the Earth as a whole. The great desert landscapes are one of the diseases that afflicted the earth’s landscapes. We know from ancient maps that these deserts were once fertile land. This also applies to the Antarctic ice desert.

The Three Pillars of Disease

There are three places on Earth where the ‘pillars of disease’ or key stones were planted. Each pillar had six bonds as in the hexagram – read Part 1 – A Cosmological Model. From the center of Solomon’s seal was the six-legged structure that spread the diseases in all directions. The seal was in all its uses – finance etc. – a binding system, a control network. Jews who wear the sign or Israelis who flaunt it have no idea what the sign meant, and that it hides something ancient and extremely malevolent.

The first pillar is found on an island off the coast of Yemen called Socotra. It is also called Dragon’s Blood. The location is, as we have seen examples of in part 3 – the world in stasis, a cave complex called Hoq.

The cave looks like a huge dragon’s mouth with teeth from above and below

The second pillar is located in Wuhan, China. Yes, the charming city we got to know a few years ago and not for anything good either. The location is called Wuhan Greenland Center, a grimmert of the world’s 4th largest building is built on top of this ancient key-stone. It is hardly a coincidence that this city was chosen to be the starting point for the laboratory-created virus and the global Operation Lockdown, since the city hides a piece of technology precisely for the spread of diseases.

The third site is the Cathedral of Bern, Switzerland.

Church towers are like obelisks.
They are sending and receiving masts for signals, information, instructions and energies.
It can be energies that are good or bad for us.
There is nothing good or bad about a church tower in itself. It’s about applied intention.

The reason these locations are now publicized – even though the forum where it is announced is only known to 6-10,000 people at this time ( – UNN) – is so that those listening in will be told, that their installations have been found and dismantled. And The Deep State is definitely listening. They know they’ve lost the game, and they’re furious because it means their ancient dominion is now being taken from them and given back to humanity. In other words, humanity, which in their eyes is a collection of low-brow, useless carnivores that they intended to kill with their extermination program. Read Part 5 – Armageddon Cancelled.

We are used to thinking of diseases as something that is completely natural and that spreads through various forms of physical contact. For the same reason, humans are equipped with an effective immune defense – that is, except that a few years ago the pharmaceutical industry + authorities began to completely ignore the fact that we are equipped with such a defense and of course had to let ourselves be pumped full of experimental genetically modified and -modifying substances that were supposed to kill a virus, but instead killed people’s immune systems so they could die of all sorts of diseases – so they could deny that it had anything to do with the virus and then at all nothing to do with the vaccines. To aid this destructive process, we were ordered out with gags, forcing us to recirculate what the body was trying to get rid of + preventing us from taking in all the oxygen we needed. To further aid in the destruction of public health, we were commandeered into isolation so that mass immunity did not form as it should. And a week ago, the British and American governments entered into an agreement that when the next pandemic came – they already have it on the steps – then the shutdowns would have to be still, because then it might be that they would work. Their sick logic is that when something doesn’t work, it must be because we need EVEN more of it.

But these viruses and pandemics are, first of all, not natural but created in laboratories. Next, there are machines originally developed by Ronald Raymond Rife that register all diseases found in the organism. All have their particular frequency imprint. Professional people who use these machines notice that the same frequencies occur in all their patients at the same time, even though they live very different lives in different environments and have contact with very different fellow human beings. We know that we are in a true frequency hell via different technology and different signals. So, in other words, these disease frequencies are transmitted. We don’t necessarily get sick from them, because we still have an immune system, and the pharmaceutical industry has not completely destroyed it in all people, even if they wanted to. But we are attacked by them in ways that we have not understood and that medical science has no idea about.

The three pillars, each with their own star-shaped scattering field, have transmitted these diseases in the form of frequencies. They don’t do that anymore, because their transmitter is broken. The destroyer is now destroyed.

The curse of the Earth and Heavens Gate: Russia

A curse has rested upon the Earth. Again, it is possible to point out that it takes place via locations and built structures. There are two locations in the world that have created an overlay for this curse. One is located in Moscow, Russia, the other is located in the USA specifically – and no surprise here – in Washington DC. The other in a city named after one of the founding fathers of the United States and today the headquarters of one of the world’s most corrupt governments and politicians, who are virtually all bribed, power-hungry lunatics who live in their own sick make-believe universe and who nurture a deep contempt for the country’s citizens.

The Moscow Gate was one portal. It is a so-called Himmelport (heaven’s gate). Over the years it was expanded. It is no coincidence that both the United States and the Soviet Union were fiercely expanding empires, each in their own way. They were both instruments of the curse of our time. Moscow spread via Finland, Stonehenge in England, the Black City in China, Djakarta Indonesia. Here, the country’s first president 1945-67 (died 1970) Sukarno got access to all of Russia’s gold. It was later used to back up FED as gold reserves, 250,000 tons! The Russian Revolution was a gigantic looting spree without anything revolutionary-heroic about it. Finally, in the Russian grid line, checkpoints were established in Saint Petersburg and Macedonia.
Read: The Russian Revolution

The Moscow Network was the system that The Order of The Black Sun used for their particular form of black magic. It is worth mentioning here that Ukraine was the actual birthplace of the order. That is why we see Ukrainian militias wearing the sign of the black sun, which we also find cast into the floor of one of the halls of Schloss Wewelsburg in Germany, the headquarters of Heinrich Himmler and the Waffen SS. The castle is a portal to the false kingdom of heaven, which Hitler called Walhalla. He took people up to the castle when he wanted to show them Walhalla. Hitler bore the title of the Brown Eagle in the order. Mussolini bore the title of The Black Eagle. Mussolini was therefore Hitler’s superior.

There is a reason that Ukraine is the place where all sorts of evil unfolds, and that the groups that were put in by the CIA coup in 2014 are Nazis in the same line from the Banderas groups in WW2. There is also a reason why NATO has thrown its ‘love’ on Ukraine, and on July 15 NATO will hold a summit in the neighboring country of Lithuania, where these Nazi groups have also survived – because, as the neocon bitch Victoria Nuland has announced: to officially start 3 .World War on the same day. Yep!

The network from Finland to Indonesia was huge. It was a transmitter. But it was also a receiving device to receive signals all the way from the Star System Aldebaran and Sirius, where Abraxas belonged. The Black Solar Order was the Abraxas and Baal cult of the Canaanites. The members of the Order would receive messages and orders directly from here via an implant in their brain. But Abraxas was ousted and killed a few years ago, and the reason the order members are behaving like robot brains is that no new orders are arriving. They continue to freewheel on the old orders without contact with the reality, which is in rapid change. They basically do not understand what is happening to them.

The curse of the Earth and Heavens Gate: The United States

The second control network was used by the Order of The Dragon. So the old families, the Chinese elders, the Rothschilds, the fake Jews (Khazars), the British royal house, Chabad Lubowitch, the Sabbateans, the Sanhedrin, the Zionists, the central bankers… all the wonderful names we can attach to them.

It is common knowledge that Washington DC was built by Freemasons – George Washington himself was one of them – and that there is a special geometry that connects points in the city. But it is not understood what the structure is, because people who mess with this sort of thing always come up with it being a pentagram. There probably is, but the control grid itself is a hexagram, a Solomon’s Seal. The centerpiece is the Washington Memorial itself, the obelisk in the park in front of the White House. This is the key stone for the Curse of the West. And there is a reason they tried to hide that the hexagram was the real secret. More on that later.

The map shows the District of Columbia, in which the original Washington is located. Like the Vatican and the City of London, it is a state within a state with its own rules – and you have to promise that they practice that! The stones are in a diamond shape, where in Moscow they are in a circle. Under each of the boundary stones on the map is a crystal, and in the middle of them stands the obelisk. This is The New World Order that everyone has heard of, the ultimate occult system of government.

The obelisk that pierces Vessica Pisces is – and excuse the language here: the dick that pierces the cunt.
With our knowledge of the occult intention behind this ritual symbolism, there is no question of voluntary intercourse.

As the portal in Moscow was a receiving apparatus for orders, so were the obelisk and the six-pointed star in the United States. That was the reason why the US overran and invaded one country after another in the world. The decision makers in D.C. were infected by an implant that notified them of it. Only psychopaths, lunatics and brainwashed thugs can behave as foolishly as the politicians in the United States. And it is very difficult to imagine that an entire class of politicians are star psychopaths or lunatics, which must mean that brainwashing has taken place.

These implants are not conventional and physical in the way we think. They are more sophisticated and can be inserted without surgery.

The anchor points that form the hexagram with the Washington Monument/obelisk as the center are Dupont Circle, Logans Circle, Mount Vernon Place / Apple Carnegie Library, Washington Circle, Scott Circle Park / Hahneman Memorial. This was the second checkpoint expansion. One would have thought that sites like the Pentagon, the Capitol, or The White House were part of it, but that would break the geometric pattern required to establish control, and a building like the Pentagon is of far more recent date than the urban plan that that is the basis of the grid, and this control grid was organized even before the state of the United States was created.

The third expansion, The Dragon Grid (Order of The Dragon’s Grid) reaches far, but The Washington Monument is still encased in it like a spider that sits and pulls the threads.

The six localities are:

911 teardrop

Er dette en tåre i en murrevne, eller er det et stykke liv, der bliver knust i kløerne af en kæmpe tang? Ofrene for forbrydelsen, som står på den sorte mur, har aldrig fået en fyldestgørende forklaring.

The Nationale Pantheon Museum in Haiti

Haiti is a most broken, abused country in the Caribbean. The Clinton mafia has used it as a collection point for their child-trafficking business. UN soldiers infected 1000s of inhabitants with diseases. All the money given to the victims of The Hurricane years ago that devastated half the country was stolen. ALL kinds of evil have taken place here with the inhabitants as ritual human sacrifices.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Bermuda

The dark control system has a fondness for towers, obelisks, caves, tombs and holy places in general. Here’s another dick rising in the landscape, a transmitter-receiver device.

St. Patricks Catholic Church in Chicago

The Catholic Church, via its inner circle, the Vatican, has been an exponent of something extremely unholy over the centuries. The 1000s of cases of pedophilia in recent times are just one of the consequences of this infection of the institution, which has been going on over the heads of the millions of believers, pious and unfortunately also naive members of the church. Baby Jesus eventually needs a bath once in a while.

Red Mountain, Alabama

Red Mountain is today a recreation and excursion destination with various types of amusements
and nature experiences. Inside the mountain something else is hiding.

Helium Time Columns Monument, Amarillo Texas

This piece of sculptural art bears an uncanny resemblance to old-fashioned TV aerials.
It was no coincidence as its function was to send and receive.

These structures are all of recent date. The Order of The Dragons main transmitter/receiver was also linked up to a galactic point which was Alpha Draconis, the original home of the dragons, the dracos – Marduk, Enki, Enlil, Anu and known as Anu-Naki, Anu’s lineage.

The Deep State operators are extremely superstitious. Devist because they have some knowledge of all the almost paranormal things we present here. However, regarding their control grids, they were of the belief that if their inner installation were ever removed, brimstone and the eddies of hell would break loose upon the Earth. The reason was the Armastes Agreement. But the deal has expired, the Destroyer is no more, and there is no one at home in the lower astral field to answer the phone. But the Deep State operators have run like chickens without heads, because they did not know that these agreements etc. was gone.

The Deep State operatives are deeply unselfish individuals, despite their intelligence and cunning. They don’t think for themselves because they walk around with these implants. One comes to think of the bug that Neo in The Matrix 1 gets inserted. Next, one might think of the mass bugging that was part of the C.O.V.ID-19, Certification Of Vaccination Identitification rolled out in October 2019 five months before we were told about it. Since the purpose of the vaccines was clearly not public health but quite the opposite, there must have been another purpose for their obsession with jabbing the population. Or multiple purposes, one of which was the implant of a bot. This bot communicated two-way. It sent info about the bot infected’s biological data, movements and condition. And it received info. For example, that now the person in question must fall over and die. Or get sick, or turn into an apathetic lump, or whatever they thought was needed. The British philosopher and mathematician and one of the most cunningly evil people ever, Bertrand Russell, member of The Fabian Society and the British establishment stated: Vaccines are chemical lobotomy. This is what it sounds like when the ruling elite speak out while people sleep in class.

I don’t see a happy or benevolent man here. I see a poisonous snake’s head.

The Deep State operators believed that if they just reduced Earth’s population to a fraction, then they could establish all the control grids they wanted, and then they would have everything and everyone in the palm of their hand. But they had miscalculated, because they were unaware that their control system had been disconnected in the meantime, just as the money that had previously been floating around had been taken from them.

The Deep State operators are like deranged senile demented people who probably show up at a bus stop, even though the route has been discontinued several years ago. The bus does not exist, the timetable is not valid, the bus stop is closed.


The dismantling of the two grid systems is a signal to those involved in the counter-operation against The Deep State to continue the cleanup work. Earth has been a wildly scumbag place filled to the brim with occult control technology that we are only now beginning to learn about.

You, the reader, learn about it as it happens, but it will take time before it hits the official news channels. A long time perhaps. I would therefore also recommend United Network News, which is the news channel for the ongoing operation with its ultimate ambition/mission to restore Life on Planet Earth, nothing more and nothing less.
There are currently no other places where the direct line comes through.

We can only guess at the moment how it will affect the political class in the self-proclaimed capital of the West, Washington DC, when they no longer receive messages through their brain implants. The guess right now is that it depends on their level of control and how long they’ve had it in their head. Some will fall bouncing on the floor and take the ticket straight to Hitler’s Walhalla. It is already happening. Others will be confused and don’t know what to do and screw up. Still others will be relieved to be freed from their inner straitjacket, because that’s not really why they came to this place or engaged in this job . Honesty exists, but systematic corruption of honest people also exists.

A transitional attitude will exist for some time yet in the form of those who pretend that they still have things under control, that the status quo is the same, that the control system just needs to be turned up further. For example, the Canadian government and their hyper-red-fascist president have just ramped up censorship against anyone who opposes the government. Hate speech and disinformation will be cracked down hard. They refuse to define these terms, because then the terms are like an opinion-disrupting rubber check: they can mean anything and are interpreted as needed. The government defines on a case-by-case basis what hate speech and disinformation are, and it will not surprisingly turn out to be EVERYTHING that is uttered by people who criticize them and show disagreement and disloyalty to the government.

We will see the same thing, and we have already seen it for several years with the Five-Eyes inner circle of the Commonwealth Federation. Australia continues on the same line, New Zealand as well. The UK and the US have just signed a new deal for new and ultra-hardcore lockdown measures in the near future – despite the fact that all their internal correspondence at the start of Operation Lockdown has now been leaked to the public… and it’s not for toddlers! They admit in their leaked chat room that they had made ALL the draconian decisions beforehand…and can’t we just get some ‘science’ to back it up? So they knew it was all a political operation with no root in science, and they talked about it directly in their internal chat rooms. They knew that The Lockdown would do mega-damage to millions of human lives, destroy businesses, destroy well-being, create depressions, harm people’s health, block children’s opportunities to learn and thrive, kill older people – but in return enrich a spineless industry , whose sole purpose was and is to make as much money as possible.

When the world comes to its senses, this man will stand as a pillar of shame for the political scum that took place in the years leading up to and after 2020. The new eel-smooth fascism will not be left with good reviews for posterity.

They knew it all. Until now, Slette-Mette knew what she knew. Her young slimy career ministers knew enough and one of them even attended the seminar in New York in October 2019 called Event 201 where the Deep State network practiced effective shutdown. In this connection, remember that the shutdown did not only harm our way of life as people. In particular, it lost all relevant information about what was really going on. They said it themselves in the published delicious video footage from the event that it was important to 100% control all information to the media to make the operation more effective. Also remember that the organizer of the event was the World Economic Forum.

A little more about the operation. The company that produced the mRNA core that led to Phizer’s, Moderna’s and Johnson-&-Johnson’s vaccines is called Rainmaker. They are part of the SSP group (Secret Space Program). MRNA is intended to act on dark matter and energy = inorganic life forms. The human organism is created to work on light matter and light energy = organic life forms. This means – and this is the good news – that their whole plan about C.OV.ID-19 would not have worked as intended under any circumstances because it simply hit the mark.

The covid implant was about throwing ALL diseases known to mankind after… mankind. It did great and irreparable damage, but it was never the all-destructive program that was intended. The designer corona virus was active in the body for 3-4 months. The vaccines 1-2-3 were intended to prolong the effect. But these measures were intended for a completely different type of organism. It is an example of how the dark people only understand the principles of darkness and therefore misjudge their goals for obscuration.

That’s why there was a government deal – without bill and cover – between the US and Britain to restart Operation Shutdown on steroids. That is why it was rumored that China was now on its way to its second round of covid. That was why the state of New York in the USA started talking about new covid measures, when they + California + Chicago were designated as the experimental area for destructive shutdown, and we have to promise that they did that thing!


Let’s say we stop here for today. There is MUCH more to be said about the end times, which are really the new beginning. There is much to look forward to and much to marvel at, the good with the bad. We are well on our way.