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The World Game part 7 – hidden explanations of World Events

Acts of war, violent uprisings, revolutions, massacres, genocide or downright misdeeds involving many people are always explained in the media and history books as political-social-cultural or ethnic conflicts, national conflicts, old grudges, cultural conflicts or consequences of politics.

Various sciences – or humanistic-ideological disciplines that call themselves science: sociology, ethnology, anthropology, social psychology + myriads of strange pseudo-scientific and pseudo-intellectual modernist, cultural Marxist distortions such as women’s studies, race studies, class struggle studies, gender studies – all disguised ideology – stand on their toes of each other to explain all the ills to us.

Psychologists twist and turn to attribute it to the repressed human psyche and the inevitable revenge of the subconscious on the oppressor. Note here the similarity with Marx’s socio-economic class struggle model.

The church at its worst dishes out God’s punishment* to humanity for its sins and disobedience.

* One of the extreme historical examples of this is the Dominican monk Savonarola’s reign of terror in 15th-century Florence, also called the Bonfire of the Vanities. The city had ups-and-downs for most of a century, which was to be expected for a city with wealth and at the same time warring city-states, the papacy and the French and the Germans as predators in the waters. However, they were not too good themselves, for example the way they treated the port city of Pisa further down the Arno river. During a down period, when the French invaded the country, this fanatical and probably mentally ill monk took the opportunity to shout out: See what I said, I prophesied it, and this is God’s punishment – then to take power and start a reign of terror. To help God punish, he ordered large amounts of valuables seized and publicly burned at the stake so that the inhabitants could be taught a lesson. The dominant family, the Medici, was thrown out of the city. It must then be added that even the Catholic Church thought it was too much, which became the monk’s finality.

None of the three Abrahamic religions – variations of Judaism you might call them – lacks examples of similar absurd atrocities. In order to keep it in its own half, knowing that Judaism and Islam never does so, we alternately mention the Crusades, the South American genocide of the conquistadors/Jesuits, the Spanish Inquisition, the witch persecutions, the heretical persecutions, the religious wars in Europe, the church’s pedophile abuse of children, the church’s involvement with both Nazis and Fascists during and after WW2 … and these are just instances that cost many lives. But then it is fortunate for the church that it has invented the concept of absolution, so that it can apply forgiveness of sins to itself in its own ranks.

Biology in its Darwinian-reductionist (blunted) version dishes out explanations about man’s animal nature, struggle for survival and fierce drive to conquer the whole world. Man is a power-addict, that’s the problem.

Brain research suggests that it is all a randomized by-product of neurones that fire it on impulse. Plus a whole lot of other BS that basically always has the brain as a machine and consciousness as a temporarily annoying unexplained by-product of this neuro-machine.

Astrophysicists offer a similar randomised, mechanistic universe, where man and matter down to the subatomic level are a by-product of a great random machine steam engine that is in full swing and speeding towards its own heat death.

EVERYONE falls over each other with their more or less strange explanations for the ills of the world. These explanations always contain useful elements that – if they were assembled correctly as components – could contribute useful explanations. Problem: such mounting never takes place.


An example: behavioral science, a branch of social psychology that studies human behavior. It studies animals and humans as if they were one, and as such it could be called Darwinian psychology. But now the thing about Darwinism is that it was commissioned work by the British establishment to provide a science-like ideology capable of justifying the right of the strong = the right of the Empire to rule over the weak = the fringes and the underdogs. The whole world was considered one big underclass, and they themselves = a vanishingly small clique of the British establishment as the global upper class. Since God had retired, the Empire could no longer legitimize itself with the fact that God had given them the right. That the people would legitimize them was unthinkable, so they were never asked. The interest of the behaviourists was not only to study the behavior of the human animal and thus to understand it. Their interest was defined by their employer’s interest in, through this understanding, becoming better able to manipulate the animal’s behavior. Technocracy is systematized and applied behaviourism.

Example: When the infamous Tavistock Institute was formed after WW1, one of their projects was to study people who had received shell shock. Was it better to be able to help them over their trauma? No, it was actually because they had discovered that such trauma created people who always did what they were told. They were simply more loyal to authority, so the Empire wanted to invest in that as their updated ruling technology. So, how can you create people who bow their necks and…voluntarily walk around with masks on and get poisoned for fear of dying, right, we know that? It is called traumabased mind-management.

The Frankfurt School’s social studies were the same way preliminary studies of people’s social behavior but primarily material for subsequently manipulating this behavior = socialism.

Intelligence agencies’ collection of intelligence on behavior is to simultaneously manipulate enemies as well as friends.

When governments inevitably launch a commission of inquiry after some political scandal, it is rarely to come up with an actual explanation with a view to a solution, because politicians NEVER admit their own faults. The purpose is to legitimize an explanation, a status quo and a whitewashing.

Much can be explained by peeling back the onion and studying the ways in which evil is practiced. Still, the claim here is that we can only understand the world to a limited extent via the usual understandings of the world – even if in most endeavors in the sciences and religion, elements appear that have a hold on … something. The problem is that as soon as someone gets hold of something, someone else arrives with an agenda = something else. This is why the world religions and in particular the three Abrahamic religions are so infected with agendas. These agenda out of ancient power-hunger saw that the religions were people’s contact field with their higher self (God) and that they therefore contained a source of life, a resource, a power for every human being. Sources (water) can be tanked and channeled, resources (minerals) can be dug up, and crops can be harvested. Human energy was considered and utilized as a resource long before the concept of Human Resource Management (HR) was invented.

The world explanations are agenda-infected. Someone wants something with them. We can only use them for something if we know exactly what we are looking for and why, and if we have a well-developed BS filter. Otherwise we become agenda subscribers, agenda consumers and agenda victims. As some wise guy once said: A problem cannot be solved on the level of the problem. We have to fly higher and dig deeper.

The hidden explanations

When we then think that through painstaking homework we have peeled the onion, have penetrated behind the screen and think that we have more or less seen through the agenda-ridden half-explanations, we are left with a lurking feeling that we have not teached the bottom anyway. There are still hidden explanations and pieces missing from the puzzle. These hidden explanations have a way of sticking out through the cracks. No system of world explanation, no paradigm is watertight and bulletproof. As a poetic soul once expressed it: Every brickwork has a crack. This is where the light shines through.

In psychology there is a fairly constant crack called Jungian psychology. In his clinical practice, Carl Gustav Jung tapped into the mythologies, the worldviews, the collective unconscious and the archetypes (his terminology), and he saw that there was a layer of man that was not personal. He also saw that this layer was rich and detailed in all image-making and writing cultures. Especially in Alchemy in the Western tradition, he found a language that described this field (without a language, no understanding) that Freudian psychology avoided by channeling it into sexuality and sexual bindings, transformations and perversions.

In religion there are many cracks. One of them is possession. We usually think that it is a Catholic phenomenon, but here it is worth noting that the witch persecutions only took off after the Reformation. Not to exonerate Catholics, but we think the issue with God-and-Devil is Catholic. It was the Reformed, however, who were manically possessed and obsessed – to use their own expression, it takes on to know one – to persecute witches. And the convenient thing about the definition of a witch is that it is the witch’s persecutors who define what witchcraft is. We say you are a witch, ergo you are a witch, and be burned at the stake! Can we spot a historical parallel? Today, misinformation and hate speech are condemned according to those in power, the BigTech companies and the media (organs of the Syndicate). Therefore, it must be banned, fought and eradicated. But who defines what hate speech (criticism) and misinformation (truth) are? Indeed, those in power do it themselves, just as it was the inquisitors of the late Middle Ages, Catholic as well as Reformed, who decided what a heretic and a witch were.

More and more psychiatrists, also of non-Christian observance, now believe that there is a portion of their patients that they cannot reach, and that the explanation with possession is the only one that makes sense. In their collaboration with exorcists, the trained exorcist will always first make sure that it cannot be attributed to ordinary mental disorders, since exorcism does not work on ‘normal’ schizophrenics, psychotics, depressives, etc.

Nevertheless, the concept of occupation is one of the cracks in the wall. But who exactly was possessed by the Evil Himself? Were they not rather those who were at the top of the governing systems of the time? Did the Evil One care to waste gunpowder on possessing every man and woman and donkey without affecting others? If the Evil One was as cunning as they say, then the answer is probably NO. And as they say: There is nothing new under the Sun. And apart from the fact that it can affect anyone under special circumstances, isn’t it those who are at the top of the governing system to this day who are largely possessed?

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A case study of excuses

Right now France is burning. Radical groups in the French cities have gone berserk over a young criminal and notorious criminal of Moroccan descent who was shot by the police. Cars are now doused with petrol and set on fire. It is very similar to the series of events that started in a similar case in the USA, where George Floyd, a heavily infected criminal died after police intervention, after which BLM, Black Lives Matter with George Soros money up their ass went berserk. It subsequently emerged that he was shot by a member of the Order aka the Syndicate disguised as a policeman. The legacy media never rapported on that, which would be admitting, that they supported a lie, and legacy media NEVER admits.

Let’s start by stating that there are many ethnic groups in France: Jewish, Asian, West African, Maghreb. They have basically arrived from the former French colonies in the Middle East, East Asia and West/North Africa. None of these have caused trouble, and they did not come to France to cause trouble. They came hoping for a better life than the one that the colonial power had created for them in the countries they came from. It is specific groups from Morocco and Algeria that have gone mad. Is it because they are Muslims that they have gone mad? There are examples from England with certain extremist hell-preaching imams, but we have not heard of it in France. So where does the incentive come from?

One thing is the reaction of the immigrant community. Here there is frustration over a lack of integration – a disgraceful concept, a largely missing concept in practice. Another thing is the enthusiastic support provided by the left wing in France to amplify the reaction, which the left wing at any time in any place provides when they see the chance. They always want to make sure of the reaction.

The Left Wing

What is the mechanism behind this left-wing reactionary strategy? This is the basic strategy of cultural Marxism. If a target-defined group of people can be persuaded-seduced to be victims and assume a role as victims, a victim role, then it is a sin for the victims. They are helpless, they can’t help it. But most importantly: They have NO hope of improving their life situation through their own efforts. They are doomed to a life of shit. But here it is so fortunate that well-intentioned left-wingers have proclaimed solidarity with them and offered to present their case and promise them redemption for their crappy lives. A promise they never fulfill. Because if they did, the wing would have no legs to walk this Earth. Without a starting point in people with a crappy life, they would lose their legitimacy and have to evaporate from the face of the earth.

The undertakers have arrived

So what does the left do then? They do the same as the pharmaceutical industry. They maintain their business case. The more disease, the better sales of medicine. The more social misery, the more assertiveness-socialism = social control.

The socialists have a big problem at the moment, because their lack of delivery skills has become too obvious. In the US at the state-city level, there is an unequivocal pattern that shows that Democratic (socialist) city governments decidedly create crime, poverty and racism = EVERYTHING they say they want to fight. If they really fought these problems, they would cease to exist as a political movement. They are problem parasites, not problem solvers. This means – just like with the pharmaceutical industry – that they have definite programs running to reinforce or create EXACTLY the problems that they parasitize on.

The left are REAL racists unlike the postulate racists they constantly point fingers at. They say: Because YOU-undersized-spade belongs to the following ethnic, social, religious grouping, YOU are doomed to NEVER succeed, NEVER be able to take care of yourself, and NEVER be able to speak up for yourself self. Therefore, WE ‘offer’ to plead your case, then simply indulge in self-pity and social indignation and expect redemption – a redemption that, by nature, never arrives. You can of course go crazy and start burning cars in the street so the terror can spread. Of course, they never articulate it in the direct way that would immediately expose the agenda, but it is built into the kind of false empathy that they practice.

The left and their controlled media support and glorify the criminals and condemn and demonize the victims. It is SUCH a shame for the arsonists who ruin the lives of the car owners, but the owners of the small shops whose inventory they set on fire and destroy, and who are the victims of these arsons are NEVER mentioned in the media rhetoric. Fuck Grandpa and Grandma Duck, who run a small kiosk, they must learn to understand that their life’s work must be destroyed for a greater cause, right!?

The media and the left have the same client.
None of them are masters of their own house.
Who ordered them to do what they do and then explain it away?


Before we answer our own question, let there be a disclaimer. To an ear formed by the 20th century, the above sounds like a right-wing statement. Let me tell you why it is not. The right wing is a pitiful scatter-fencing phenomenon of confused nationalists who hardly know what a nation is, and whose attachment to the black version of fascism is unrecognized and unclear to themselves. Patriotism is just another way of seducing people, because people are seducible. Left and right are two different ways of seducing people. Both are parasitic designer mindsets designed to exploit genuine emotions on false pretenses. We saw how the right wing was seduced by their patriotic spirit, their very genuine love for their country. They got Donald Trump, who promised and promised – and in some respects performed, but by the time the day was over, he had avoided all the hot potatoes. Just say Dr. (Mengele) Fauci, who was allowed to masturbate directly into public space without Trump lifting a finger. It turned out that the businessman himself had invested in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is not, that we ever forget, what the Bush-mafiosi did to their country and the rest of the world. In those years the beast dwelled with the Republicans. In Denmark we had Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Lars Lykke. And back then we had Poul Schütter and his ilk. The whole of Southern Europe and most of South America know, what black fascism is. However, in the 20th century the Left has been able to seduce people to an extraordinary degree, as its creators were particularly aware of the cult’s potential. The left-wing brain is a cult brain, and the owner of the brain is a member of a cult. Hence this focus on the wing’s fraudulent activities. And because we can see that it is the red fascism and not the black fascism that the globalists have chosen to bet on, this is the biggest problem right now.
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This is also the explanation why Communist China was destined to be the next unipolar world ruler, and that the Chinese technocracy system with social points and digital anklets was the big bet of the globalists. This is where C.O.V.ID-19 as a biological agent fit in (Certification Of Vaccination Identification).

AND – that explains why the left was enthusiastic in their promotion of Operation Shutdown, the jabbajab, the mask game and all that crap. So the rollout of the totalitarian regime that rode on the pig’s back. They love and pay tribute to the UN, the world’s biggest-corrupt organization, whose mega-economy is one big money-laundering scheme. They love the EU because the monster is run by globalists who are just an update on internationalists (cf. Socialist International). It is because their brains are already soft-coded with totalitarianism, they are latent totalitarian brains, sleeping cells that at a given signal wake up and are activated. That is why it was possible during the Obama period to transform classical liberalism into liberal-fascism. He did the same to the Democratic Party in the United States as Tony Blair did to the Labour Party in England. And as the gynocracy of two Danish prime ministers, Helle Thorning Schmidt and Mette Frederiksen has don to did to the Social Democratic Party in Denmark. NEVER forget Mette Frederiksen for her statement that in the future there will be no place for people in Denmark who have not taken the Cool Aid*, the jabbajab. NEVER forget her Minister of Justice for saying: The Danes think they have such a thing as civil rights – they don’t!

*The phrase to take the Cool Aid comes from a very specific context. CoolAid is of course a soft drink with fun colors and flavors. But it was also through Cool Aid that Jim Jones took the lives of 900 cult members of the Peoples Temple in Guyana. They committed collective suicide, a so-called revolutionary suicide – with little help, because Jones had ordered cyanide in the bottles.

SO: If we are to characterize the needs of humanity in the time to come, it is fundamentally about getting the bottom flesh out of the 20th century. Knowing very well, that this disastrous century and its millennium, of course, is the culmination of a long historical process. When we talk about right-left as stereotyped and obligatory options in political thinking – if you are not with us, you are against us – then we are helplessly stuck in the last century and the last millennium. We have not arrived at our time yet. The French Parliament in the 18th century conflict between staggered royalism sitting in the right side of the parliament and satanic Jacobins (sitting in the left side of the parliament) should not be the frame of reference for the political system of our time, but that’s how it has been, and that’s how it still is. It’s time to move on.

The answer to the question

Who ordered them to do what they do and then explain it away?
It has the twofold world order, the Order of The Dragon and the Order of The Black Sun. Neither of the two orders were the Dragon’s Head, they were always just its neck and extended spinal cord that made the limbs splay. But after the head is taken over by humans in collaboration with other inhabitants of the Earth, the Solar System and the Galaxy = the Multiverse, who all had enough of the black world order and saw that it was the last call to stop the order’s endgame, then completely new winds blow .

Back to France, starting with why the usual world explanations are not adequate. President Macron has one correct statement among his dozens of false ones. And it is that it is the duty of the local immigrant communities to keep their young men – because they are the activists in the current wave of arson – away from the street gangs and all kinds of destructive and self-destructive behavior. If Islam is what it claims to be – a whole other subject for another time, which we shall merely hint at here – then it would spring into action and send out street missionaries among the young men who, alas, are not worthy to call themselves for grown up men. The Islamic communities would declare holy war / fatwa against the internal enemy. The arsonists are identityless adolescent boys who have not become adults and responsible. So much credit to the Rothschild product Macron but no more than that, because even if his statement is objectively true, he is just pandering to the people to make up for the enormous discredit he has acquired during his reign and with cases that directly contradict his statement: such as e.g. that French culture does not exist at all. He simply said that!

Macron therefore cannot with a shred of credibility hold the immigrants responsible for something with that kind of cultural contempt and cultural irresponsibility. It was precisely on the basis of French culture that France made its peasants French. French peasant culture and thus French food culture is unique and at a high level, which is due to the traditions of the peasants. Demonstrations against government Paris and EU power are a recent phenomenon. The farmers were given an identity as French, which the immigrants from Morocco and Algeria have not succeeded in doing. The incendiary adolescent boys – many of whom are physically long past puberty, but spiritually never over it – have no identity apart from their equally adolescent older brothers, who are members of some sinister street gang. They have no adult dignity and no pride towards their local community.

We know the phenomenon from Malmö and Stockholm in Sweden and over 50 Swedish city districts, where the police and the fire department (apropos) cannot come, we know it in Denmark from Nørrebro/Copenhagen, Voldsmose/Odense and Gellerupplanen/Århus, although we seem to slightly better at handling the problem. The Berliners know the problem, the Dutch know the problem. Without identity, no integration. So, unless a government had hypothetically decided NOT to let in an uncontrollable number of immigrants in order to preserve a homogeneous and well-functioning society – they have not but brain dead invited 100,000s of immigrants in without having thought about how to integrate and thereby contribute to French society – so there is no way back here, and now they have an insoluble problem, because they as a government can do nothing. Only the immigrants themselves can solve the problem, and they don’t seem to recognize that, nor are they willing to. And therefore also not be able to. Islam as a world religion could also have put an end to ISIS. But they didn’t dare, because then the young people would just turn against Islam, they thought. They were terrorized too. Where did your courage go, Muhammad? They turn against religion JUST because it fails them by not stepping into character. And thus a lot of young people fall into the fundamentalist-fascist trap.

So why are the immigrant groups in various countries in Europe so impotent on their own behalf? Why are they paralyzed? They are because they have all too willingly accepted the alluring role of victim that the left has served on their plate. They have not understood that they are part of a destructive cultural marxist program where they are the frustrated fire on which gasoline is poured intended to burn down society and culture. Few people have that – and least of all the university students, because the universities have now been transformed into kindergartens. When immigrants are criticized, they quickly pull the racist card. It is perhaps something inherited from the Jews, who are quick to pull the anti-Semitic card if they are criticized. But hey, Islam, like Christianity, is rabbinic Judaism* 2.0.

*Rabbinic Judaism has little to do with original Judaism. It arose after the Romans burned down the Second Temple, seized and edited the original Torah scrolls and then corrupted the clergy. Christianity was a political operation to passivize the Jewish uprising in Palestine/Gallilea by giving them a toothless ‘light’ version where they had to turn the other cheek, read: give the emperor what the emperor was and contribute to the Pax Romanorum. From having as target group among the Jewish rebels in Palestine, the target group was expanded to Rome and the Roman Empire. Why? Because the exiled rebels also settled in Rome. Who do we think was responsible for the fire of Rome?
And because the man, that corrupted Judaism and created Christianity as we know it, was St. Paul aka Josephus Flavius and was a Roman agent.
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Cultural Marxism explained

When the communists in Europe realized that the so-called working class, one of the constructs that did not exist before the communists and their patrons the industrialists/imperialists invented it, was not willing to participate in the world revolution as prophesied by the prophet Marx, they had to to find other ‘classes’ who would be willing to participate. Note in passing that Marx’s concept of class was created in British class society and under the patronage of The Establishment, the upper class. Marx never mentioned in one word the neck and head of the snake, the central banking system, because he got money into his pocket from the Rothschilds just as Lenin did and just as Trotsky got money into his pocket from the Rockefellers. Nor, of course, did he mention where the money came from. In turn, the anarchist Bakunin did, who casually remarked: It’s funny what a bag of Rothschild money can accomplish.
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The same Bakunin asked Marx at the 1st International, the so-called ‘founding general assembly’ of communism, if he did not think it would be a good idea to have some representatives of the working class on such occasions? A reasonable proposal, one would think. After which Marx threw a tantrum. Which revealed that the workers ‘movement’ was about the movement of workers and not about a movement for workers. They were the means and not the end. Quotations from both Lenin and Trotsky show their deepest contempt for workers, and the mere Communist-Marxist use of the word ‘the masses’ as a term for the people shows how they saw this people as a collection of stupid cattle en masse. Which they could therefore murder. 23 million Russians alone died in the first decades when Lenin and Trotsky issued their orders for mass executions – mass, there it was again.

Bakunin, the man who asked close questions from the start.
He was murdered for it. Was it Marx who ordered the murder?

In the post-war rebranding of Marxism, the strategy was basically the same: that a group of people in a society, a class if you like, or an entire nation if need be, would be willing to identify themselves as the oppressed . And when they were the oppressed, then, as already described, they would also be willing to assume the victim role of the oppressed. The oppressed would never be able to think for themselves, speak for themselves, or act for themselves. They would never be able to step into character with their own help, recognize their situation and take responsibility for changing their life situation. Already in the Soviet state, all initiative and responsibility was taken from people, which led to the most dysfunctional, initiativeless and ineffective society in world history – copy-pasted in the whole of Eastern Europe and copied-modified in China.

In the 1950s, the Cultural Marxists with headquarters in the Institute for Social Studies in Frankfurt, called the Frankfurt School, came up with the plan to mobilize the newly oppressed. But first the targeted groups had to be convinced of how oppressed and helpless they were. Next, they had to be told who their oppressors were so they knew where to channel their unarticulated anger and frustration. At the same time, they had to be assured that their saviors had now arrived.

The groups were everyone who was marginalized in any imaginable way in a given society. They were ethnic, social, religious, cultural or sexual minorities. The sexual orientation was the cultural Marxists’ first trial balloon, and it went completely wrong. György Lukács, the Hungarian cultural Marxist, already attempted a Hungarian cultural revolution in the 1950s, where he wanted to ‘liberate’ the Hungarians sexually. The tradition-conscious Hungarians thought, this was a really bad idea, so they asked him to crawl back into the hole he came out of.

Lukacs – the Marxist eggheads of his generation started the systematic sexual perversion of society. The 1968s took the first step with the ‘irresponsibility of liberation’. Today, the next wave is rolling in with LGBTQ-ism, working hard to gender-confuse youth and children all the way down to kindergarten age.
Isn’t there a stench of sour cigar about these surviving luminaries with a self-conscious arrogance?
Did they even believe what they wrote and said, or did they know it was all a scam?

Lukacs did not fare much better than the founder of the movement, Antonio Gramsci, the Italian wannabe Trotsky, who spent a good deal of time behind bars, where he could conveniently rehearse his victim role. Hyper-intellectual cultural Marxism was simply unsellable in its origins. But they thought and they thought until their eggheads were boiled all green, and they came up with the idea that their new motley proletariat of persuaded oppressed, designated as cannon fodder in the designer cult, must be:

the women
because they were so emotional that they could be convinced that their husbands and men in general were the root of all evil, so in the 50s and 60s the women’s movement took hold. A pleasant side effect from the globalists of the time was that with the women in the labor market, there was a double taxation base, and the children had to be thrown into institutions from the age of 2, where the parents no longer had control over them. And with a new henna-haired generation wearing purple diapers, you knew which way the wind was blowing.

the children and young people
because they were subject to their parents, and what child didn’t want a free bar and take-your-own table, so in the 50s and 60s the youth rebellion took hold. A now word was invented: the generation gap.

the students
for they did not yet enjoy the privileges of the educated, and what student slob didn’t want full pay to study part-time and then hang out at the local pub? The university students in particular were targeted as the cadres of cultural Marxism, because it was known that afterwards – those were the cool times, when there were cool jobs for everyone with a university education – they would enter positions where they gained influence.

the ethnic groups
– it came about later than the 50s and 60s, because the European countries first had to import a sufficient number of immigrants or foreign workers, as it was called then. Refugees were never a problem, because there was not yet a systematized program to create destructive fake refugee flows.

sexual minorities
– that homosexuals did not have to feel vilified, even if they only harmed themselves, was not a real problem. Later, we have seen precisely a cultural Marxist radicalized mobilization of gays, trans people, bi people + everything that could touch or could be constructed within LGBTQ-and-beyond, who are persuaded to walk around and feel downright violated and oppressed.

skin-colour racism
– here we rightly believed that that form of racism was a finished stage, until the cultural Marxists re-launched it. In the United States, the country where actual skin-color racism has actually occurred, but which has done its utmost to abolish it, the cultural Marxists reintroduced skin-color ethnicity as a means of division. Now people are once again forced to identify and define themselves by their skin color. Neo-segregation culture has become the sad order of the day.

the religiously oppressed
– and here they differed from the classical Marxists who abhorred religion, which was because they themselves had created a designer cult or religion. But they saw how Islam had been twisted and politicized via a British intelligence operation that created political Islam, Wahhabism, Salafism, fundamentalism and the wave of terrorism. They simply saw the striking similarities between their red fascism and this form of Islamic fascism.

Take it on from here, because all kinds of minorities with victim role potentials can be abused as pack donkeys and draft horses in the culture battle. The obese, e.g. There is a whole spin-doctor rhetoric about fat people that victimizes them instead of helping them realize that they have to take responsibility for their overeating. A whole catalog of grotesqueness has been built up about clients in that shop.

Responsibility / irresponsibility is the very problem with the victim role. A victim role holder is absolved of responsibility for his own life, because it is always someone else’s fault. It incapacitates, disempowers, infantilizes, dumbs down and pitiful people. It keeps people in the role, which is very important – i.e. for those who have sold them the role of victim, because thus the sellers are assured of supplies of ongoing and never ending willingness to sacrifice. When people are inept, they depend on others. Here the savior enters the scene. The savior is ultimately the State. Like the black fascist Mussolini, Hitler’s superior! (the Black Eagle is always above the Brown Eagle in the Order of The Black Sun) gave as a definition of his political philosophy fascism: There is nothing above the State*. Fascism is a revival of the Roman state, where the leader/emperor IS God, and there is nothing above God, is there? With the savior also arrives political correctness, another communist invention that in the early Soviet state meant: according to the party line, and if you didn’t follow the party line, it was your head off or permanent vacation in the Gulag archipelago.

*Along with There is nothing above the state, there are two important components in the definition of fascism.
One is: Fascism is when there is a cross-border fusion of State and private interest, so that the State no longer stands as a guarantor to the citizens against abuse by private interests.
The second is: The asphalt is boiling. It is not so much a characteristic as an attribute, a strategy and a symptom. This is what fascism does to establish itself both before and after it has established itself as a state. This is exactly what we are seeing in Paris at the moment. The young, identityless, adolescent immigrants are the outsourced brownshirts or blackshirts in Paris, just as BLM and Antifa were in the US. This kind of mass psychotic and violent behavior never happens spontaneously by itself and in itself. It happens so that something else further to happen.

The state cult that we live under in this country, Denmark in a pink/light brown wool-in-the-mouth form is such a construct to make people completely dependent. The government must be asked for permission to… everything! Dear government and legislation, may I be allowed to use the non-knurled side of the toilet paper to wipe my arse with … no, but then I won’t do that and thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience. Danes make fun of the Swedes and their cavalcade. Or the Germans. But Danish legislation is even wilder. The more social democracy (pink fascism) we get, the more the legal jungle grows. Add to that the 10,000 piles of laws that have been stacked on top by the EU. Add to that all the control and administration it requires. The Danish state apparatus has 1.3 million employees out of a population of just under 6 million!

So much absurd legislation is like a virus, a disease or a suffocating quilt over the head of a human society. In the Soviet state they had clear and physically brutal ways of suffocating all life. In the EUSSR, as some joking Russians have called the EU, they also have 5-year plans and commissar rule, and commissars, as you know, are not elected, they are selected by their billionaire comrades.

If we are still in doubt as to whether the world is a shambles of fascists, take a look at the World Economic Forum and their program statements. Klaus Schwab is the son of a Nazi general and a Rothschild mother, so we know who’s pulling the strings here, which 100% matches their ambitious-grim agenda. WEF says it without shame, right up front: In 2030, you own NOTHING and you are happy. Translated into non-new-speak: In 2030, we’ve stolen EVERYTHING from you, and you can’t do a goddamn thing about it!

We find fascists everywhere. The Bush family are fascists – Bush Senior held the same title as Mussolini in his order, the Black Eagle. His father Prescott Bush was directly involved in the financing of the Third Reich. Donald Trump was promised the title of Pindar (Dragon’s Penis) in order to step down as president in 2020 – didn’t we notice the strangely apathetic way he, without a fight to the finish line, after a massive election fraud, just gave up and disappeared? Trump died in 2021, and now an actor with an advanced rubber mask is running around pretending. It was all an arranged game. The government in Kiev is pretty much a parade of fascists/nazis straight back to Stepan Bandera in WW2.

The news is getting out, that Trump is no longer alive. Lately Michael Flynn, the former general that was one of Trumps supporters back then, had come across the rumour and wanted to see for himself. He knew Trum very well and would know, if he was the man. He could put him question about events, only the real Trump would know about. So he went down to Mare Lago without calling beforehand only to find, that they would not let him in. ‘They’ meaning the Umbrella Military-faction of the Order of the Black Sun, that run the Trump-show. He knew right away why, the actor who has been promised 1 billion $$ ! to play the role of Trump was not dressed up. They called him later and said, that he could come now, but he politely refused.

Also remember that the CIA, which organized the coup d’etat after the JFK assassination, and after that hundreds of similar infiltrating, manipulating and subversive actions, was formed from the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, 1942-1945), which was a handful of Nazi intelligence officers officially intended to operate behind enemy lines, so they were hired because of their background in General Reinhard Gehlen’s Gestapo network. They were double agents. After the war, they morphed with two years’ leave to the CIA in 1947, where Wall Street now got the majority share (the Dulles brothers, Wall Street lawyers). The CIA became Wall Street’s Gestapo, just as MI5/MI6 was the Gestapo for The Crown Corporation and the British East Asian Company (The Crown is not the Crown understood as the royal house, it is the corporation that resides in The City of London). The Crown – The Corona, same-same. The Queen/King has to kindly ask for permission when they every year enter The City as a ceremonial demonstration of, who runs the country.

Reinhard Gehlen was never brought before the Nuremberg Tribunal, there is no documentation of his death.
He and his network operated long after WW2. Until today?

Fascism’s occult undercurrent

We have finally narrowed down today’s topic. However, this topic is so vast that volumes could be written about it. You deserve a medal for your patience. And much has been written about the subject, including excellent material. But part of it – and I daresay without having read through all the shelves – suffers from the downside that fascism is defined exclusively as black. Red fascism is exempt and excluded. This is a very big mistake. Both colorings complemented each other, so the designers made sure to cover the entire spectrum. If you fell next to one, you would undoubtedly land in the other. It was fished with a double trawl. Another word is controlled opposition. Or divide-and-conquer.

Fascism is not understood by left-wingers, since they don’t understand what the word means. They have patented and abused it to mean: these ugly faces over there on the other wing, that we hate and therefore need to shut up, which we will do everything to force them to. But what the leftwingers do not realize is, that by redefining the world fascism to a swear-word, they no longer are able to define fascism, at they will not be able to identify it, when they are hit from behind and has become fascists themselves. They have created an echo chamber of ya-sayers and thus lost touch with reality.

Both black and red fascism have the same undercurrent. Two examples.

Nazism, which few are aware of, was formed in Ukraine. This is where the Black Order of the Sun originates, and it is their soldiers and militias who today run around with the order’s logo on their uniform, the 12-armed swastika. The swastika of the German Nazis is a reduced version of the full symbol. This is found in a hall in Schloss Wewelsburg, Himmler’s and SS headquarters. Hitler called it Walhalla because there was an occult portal to the ‘false heaven’. This is where he took people when he wanted to show them something special. When they stepped through the portal – and here we slip into the far-out and occult – they met a race of tall, Nordic, fair-haired, blue-eyed types with whom they could talk. This is the Nazi Aryan race that their eugenics programs sought to ennoble. We are used to thinking of it as something abstract, idealistic in that gloomy way and not as something concrete-albeit-occult like here. But the leadership of the party did not see it that way, for them it was a very serious matter.

Such accounts may conveniently be dismissed as free imagination for the simple reason that they cannot be reproduced, and that we do not possess from official sources the knowledge of the occult practices which would enable them to do so. That is why it is only mentioned parenthetically in the history books, and here preferably with a blasé-awkward-crass irony, because the historians have no idea what to do with it. The historian Joseph P. Farrell is one of the only ones who dares to poke his nose into that field, and he usually tries carefully to keep a cool head. But as a patristic and Oxford scholar – patristics is the study of the church fathers – he knew there was something more beneath the surface.

The SS Order is a highly occult fraternity modeled after the Jesuit Order of Loyola, a militant order of monks. Among the Nazis we also find the two strange lodges, the Thule Society and the Vril Society. The Vril Society had a staff of young women with special clairvoyant abilities. And we find the commando unit that was called the Ahnenerbe (ancestral legacy that roamed the world from Iraq, Egypt, Syria Provence/South of France and all the way to Tibet in search of ancient artifacts. Not just any fine albeit dusty artefacts, but hidden and forgotten, occult technology.

As a member of the Order of The Dragon, Stephen Spielberg has insider info on their occultism and we find quite a lot woven into his films. Indiana Jones is hunting Nazis – or are those who are hunting him hunting the same thing as them? – in Petra in search of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. In the latest masterpiece, which is said not to have been directed by Spielberg, and who, regardless of his dark sides, is still a master director – which has obviously made it a flop – Indiana runs around like old time reminiscing with the Antekytera mechanism and Mads Mikkelsen as Wernher von Braun persuing him + his daughter as a woke feminist in the actual hero role. It already sounds bad, but it’s also a Disney production (they bought Lucas Film) under the direction of the absolutely terrible ultra-woke producer Kathleen Kennedy. But it is interesting that they have now chosen this mechanism, which is completely inexplicable as ancient technology, as it consists of a complex series of precision gears. It is said of the mechanism that it was created to anticipate ‘gaps in time’.

The Ahnenerbe are active today, just as they were active even before the Nazis. They are one of the 15 military arms of the Order of The Black Sun that calls itself the Trinity. If there are a few boy bandits out there who have played the first computer/console game of the latest generation of Tomb Raider games, they’ll know that the group chasing Lara Croft around the haunted Japanese island is… Trinity. They are precisely looking for advanced technology from bygone times. Free imagination again? Well.

The Spear of Destiny and the crusadors

The above mentioned OSS (the precursor to the CIA) logo was a spearhead. One of the occult myths that the Nazis took very seriously was The Spear of Destiny, which was said to be the holy spear that pierced Jesus on the cross to see if he was dead – he was – and carried by a soldier named Longinus, who had his eye injury healed by the dripping water and blood, after which he exclaimed: Truly, that man was the son of God! – which of course immediately gives him credit in Christianity. The myth becomes relevant here, as this spear was one of the artifacts the Nazis hunted on their Ahnenerbe raids. They were therefore not satisfied with one of the three ‘copies’ of the spear, which are respectively in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and which originates from Constantinople, the second in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna and the third in Vagharschapat in Armenia brought there by the apostle Judas – and it cannot be he who went and threw the silver coins in the Temple and hung himself (Matt. 27, 5 – which the undersigned does not need to look up, because I lived for 15 years at the address Matthæusgade 27, 5th floor in Vesterbro in Copenhagen…). On the other hand, Jesus probably didn’t die on the cross either, but that’s a completely different story. Just like Adolf Hitler probably didn’t die in the bunker in Berlin – a whole third story.

This relic model from Armenia is hardly the holy spear of a Roman soldier
probably didn’t have a spear with a Maltese cross engraved on it, right?
Perhaps it was rather the Knights of Malta who manufactured the holy spear to be able to say they had it?

It could be the subject of a whole blog article: People who died but still didn’t die – combined with the opposite: People who lived/alive but have long since died. It is being considered. And no, Elvis will not be one of them.

To finish it off with the spear, one of the three versions was found by a farmer named Peter Bartholomeus, who said that the place was revealed to him in a vision where St. Andreas appeared to him. St. Andrew is today the patron saint of Scotland, and there are many connections between the Knights Templar and Scotland. It was the crusaders who were speared by Bartholomew.

Peter Bartholomeus has got cold feet and is in the process of warming them,
while a bunch of guys with impractical fashion hats look on.

For Danish medieval history, St. Andreas is interesting, because he was the saint who named the Church of Andreas, which was located on the castle grounds in Vordingborg until the building was dismantled in the 17th century. As we know, King Valdemar II Sejr was king in 1219 when the flag fell from the sky in Lyndanise in Estonia during the Baltic Crusade. Well, it probably didn’t, but it is certain that the Danish flag is modeled over the logo of the Johannite Order with a white cross on red. The Knights Templar had a red cross on white and the Teutonic Knights had a black cross on white. In 1346, Valdemar Atterdag sold the holdings in Estonia to the Teutonic Order. He himself was a German and his effective but heavy-handed establishment of government with political murders and other filthy operations. Denmark was an eternal bone of contention for feuds between different groups of German low nobility. However, the sale of Estonia enabled him to pay off his mortgage debt.

St. Andreas was the apostle Andreas, Protocletos = the first called. His logo was the X-cross, Crux Decussata, and he is believed to have been crucified on such a cross in Patras, Hellas. It’s interesting that the X has become such a signature sign, a piece of steganography for The Deep State and their SSP (Secret Space Program) part. A connection here? We keep it in the back of our minds, because symbolism is not random and very constant over time.

Dark mass energy

If, after various detours and immersions in historical analogies, we finally return to the events in France, what are the occult properties and the energetic charge of such events?

When many people are present in the same location and carry out this kind of destructive actions, where they recklessly trample on other people’s lives and well-being just to live out their violent fantasies and uncontrolled anger to get attention, as in this case, then an energy field of low frequency is created. The pretense that it was to avenge a petty criminal on a homie is so thin it’s laughable – if it weren’t for the fact that there’s nothing to laugh about.

Not The Spear of Destiny but The Dial of Destiny…hmm interesting

In the above, we talked about Spielberg and how satanic Hollywood uses occult insider knowledge that they throw out on the screen. The oligarcy that owns Hollywood show us what they intend to do sometime in the near future. They exhibit their blueprint. This is because an equally sick set of rules has been programmed into their sick heads that as long as they have said what they want to do, it is approved by their god – I don’t think it is quite the same god as ours. People think it’s free movie fantasy because they can’t hold it up against non-fictional events. Except among parts of the alternative media that have noticed it. And once you spot it and see the pattern, you can no longer ignore it.

In 2022, a film came out that directly described the events in France right now. And similar incidents in Europe and the USA. The French-Greek director Romain Gavras made the film Athena. Sing, Goddess, Achilles’ rage, Black and murderous, it says about the hero in the first two lines of Homer’s Illiad. As you know, Athena is the Greek goddess of war.

Well, you can always say, Gavras is just a visionary director, and the events were in the air. But that is the back door of the film industry, their denial of probability. It is also the cover-up that intelligence agencies use when they organize events where no one can point with certainty that it was they who committed it, and if someone were to claim it, that person would come across as a conspiracy theorist. Gavras will be able to say that these kinds of events have occurred over the past decades, so this is just the description of an escalation. But when the day is over, the film is still an overly accurate description of the process that is taking place right now.

Gavras disclaims his film that it is a tragedy.
In reality, as is clear from the film poster, he glorifies the arsonists.

And what does the French government and president do immediately when the wave of violence breaks loose? Macron cracks down on internet and social media censorship using the event as a pretext. So the usual imperial tactic: create the problem, offer the solution.

The back-story – the front-story is always a lie

Next we must observe and ask, what is the synchronicity, what is going on simultaneously? Yes, June 30 was the deadline for the central bank to introduce their long and repeatedly promised CDBC, Central Bank Digital Currency. It flopped badly for them once again. Macron is the direct product of central banking, and his employer is where the baby lizard was hatched: the Rothschild Syndicate. They are the ones he is referring to, they are the ones who arranged his inauguration as president. So-called democratic elections can be fully manipulated today. The just faked the Spanish election and the same in Malaysia. There were many who noted that Macron was definitely not going to win the last election, Marine le Pen was clearly in front. But the voting machines had funnily enough and completely randomly-unpredictably decided on something else and again: denial of probability, because there is no transparency in digital voting systems and no one can control what has taken place.

Without being able to produce a proof, I will allow myself one high-octane speculation. The wave of violence is three things:

  1. It is a provoked event. We already saw in the Yellow Vest mass demonstrations years ago how the government and the police had deployed agent provocateurs to make the peaceful demonstrations turn violent, but they were spotted and called out by the demonstrators and the provocation was neutralized. So this time they had deployed the cultural marxist strategy and mobilized-manipulated the angry youth from immigrant minority groups from North Africa, giving them a victim role and a pretext for violence, while the left shamelessly glorified the violence, because the youth were oh-so-oppressed .
  2. It is a diversionary maneuver from France’s real problems and from President Macron’s series of failures. When the streets are on fire, it’s hard to keep a cool head. People forget that he has just stolen one of the time-honored privileges of the French: their early retirement age that should be a given for any population. It is a poisonous antidote to popular anger.
  3. It is a generator of dark energy. For this great, hyped global takeover that the globalists have boasted they were in the process of implementing – including the CBDC, which has now flopped again – to happen, sufficient amounts of dark energy must be generated. This is the occult principle behind the ancient phenomenon that historians have such difficulty explaining: human sacrifice. Our sciences do not have the language for what it is that takes place in these macabre mass events. Psychologists are unable to explain it as anything but mass hypnosis, which of course it is, but what exactly does it do?

THIS is where it’s failing for the globalists at the moment. They are unable to generate their dark energy. They are simply no longer able to boost the lower astral field and open their hell portals in the same way they did in, say, the world wars of the last century. Or as in their carefully planned and executed event the 9/11 WTC event. They are doing their very best, but it is no longer enough.

On the other hand, a completely different takeover of power is taking place right now. When the employees at The FED in the Eccles Building in Washington DC showed up for work on Monday, July 3rd, the locks had been changed and they could not get in. The head of The FED, Janet Yelen is fired and has no access to the FED building, but still travels the world appearing in the globalist news media. Reason: She has never worked for The FED as such but for the globalist world order, in her case the Order of The Dragon = the Rothschild faction. So now when we see her with Ji Jinpeng, it’s just The Blue Dragons and The Golden Dragons arranging a media stunt.

Read The World Game par 6 – the destruction of The Destroyer to understand why The Washington Monument in Washington DC has been the eye of the needle for control over the West.

The weekend before, the White House was closed due to, as was said: a box, a device in the basement. However, it was not a box that they knew nothing about. They just found that it didn’t go off. It did not work. It is not the first time that a bomb has been attempted to be placed under important government buildings, because in 2020, at the inauguration ceremony, a similar device was dismantled under the Capitol. If you remember, you saw TV broadcasts of the usual suspects, Obama, the Clintons, all the power penguins sitting with a strangely tense over-serious expression…waiting for something to happen. But this something did not happen, because some others had dismantled the mini-nuke that was located in the basement. There was no 911 remake here.

Independance Day – fake alien invasion

The last and ultimate event was scheduled to take place on July 4, 2023. It is, as you know, Independence Day, the American Independence Day. We probably remember the noisy, opulent effects film of the same name, where an Alien Invasion hits the earth. Here, again, is one of those Hollywood movies that reveals what they intend to do.

It is no coincidence that the Golden Gate Bridge figures as a backdrop element in Independence Day. In connection with the planned Fake Alien Invasion, the bridge was intended to be blown up. Their operation had been seen and eavesdropped, and the explosives were dismantled. The Deep State operatives are furious about it.

They had all the technology – they thought. They were fully capable of simulating such a scenario with giant holograms. They practiced in 1997 at a sort of small-scale dress rehearsal called The Phoenix Lights, where large wing-shaped objects the size of football fields hovered over Phoenix Arizona. But it was all fake hologram technology.

Let’s also remember what Wernher von Braun said to his secretary at Fairchild Industries, Carol Rosin. He revealed in the last years until his death in 1977 how the Deep State, which he himself knew full well from the inside as an imported Nazi top scientist via Operation Paperclip, had the following plan:

  • First, the Russians were to be considered the enemy, the Russians are coming, which, as we know, started the Cold War
  • Next, terrorists would be the next threat, and although The War on Terror was only launched after 9/11, it was already heating up in the 1980s
  • Next, lunatics from the Third World would become a threat, it was called Nations of Concern, and therefore space-based weapons had to be built. We remember Reagan’s space weapons program SSI, and later we got SSP, The Secret Space Program.
  • The next enemy would be asteroids, and here the development of space weapons, Star Wars 2.0 would continue. It’s probably the one we’ve heard the least about in public.
  • The last enemy – and here it comes – would be invasion from space. We would be persuaded to build space weapons for decades before, but it was all based on a giant lie.

Thus Carol Rosin, who adds that she was too naive at the time to take it completely seriously, but that she subsequently realized that it was quite real and serious. Von Braun’s use of the term ‘we’ reflects his insider position.

For the past two years, the CIA has been running spin programs where they have fed the media with series of fake information, fake whistle blowers and fake UFO disclosures. Among other things, they ran a propaganda program called TTSA, To The Stars Academy, where, among other things, they hired a CIA operative named Luis Elizondo to do full time what the CIA makes a living from: lying to his teeth and straight into people’s faces. So there was a program put in place to prepare people via the media for the event on July 4, 2023. Thanks to my friend Daniel D’Amaro, I had an unexpected conversation with Carol over the phone a few years ago. She is an absolutely amazing person who dedicated her life to traveling the world and holding talks with hundreds of heads of state about the problem: the weaponization of space and its dangers. Despite her heroic efforts, I think you have to say it was in vain, because the program was already rolled out. Just ask frontman Elon Musk and he won’t… answer your questions.

Mr. Fake aka Luis Elizondo.
How to be a whistleblower
when you’re still on the CIA’s payroll?

American presidents from Eisenhower to Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama to Trump have had knowledge of at least the existence of the so-called UFO papers. For example, Donald Trump had quite in-depth insight into the papers, because his uncle John Trump kept them together with Vannevar Bush, who kept the Tesla papers. When JFK demanded to have a closer look at them, he famously suffered, but few realize that these papers and there content, that was one of the main reasons. The investigator of the case xx xxx came in his research very close to a track og connections to the aorospace industry. This is the industry, that were deeply involved with the human replicas of UFO’s, Lockheed Martin, Boing, these guys. Here you find the Secret Space Program, which Kennedy stuck his shout into.

There are undoubtedly aliens operating on Earth today. But what the CIA scum and The Deep State had planned, and what von Braun warned about, was a fake alien invasion.

So did we get an alien invasion on the 4th of July on Independence Day. Nope! because once again their device said pflopfz…blmz … Their crap didn’t work, or rather: neither did THAT crap! Did spaceships the size of cities land in the US? I don’t think anyone did, and if anyone has seen them, just send me a text. But when von Braun was right in all his statements and when he was very insistent to Carol Rosin that this was real-fake, that is, that this was what they wanted us to imagine, because they always follow a script that is given to them a long time in advance, then the canceled or prevented event is extremely likely. Putting two-and-two-and-three-and-seventeen together and using our knowledge of their ultra-sick mindset, there is a clear pattern.

It’s time to round off. And that without having peeled the onion to the core. For that you have to read all eight parts of the series. A very current case that is just worth mentioning, and which can and should go on to become very big, is a film they are now out with that is a hit. So Indiana Jones as flopping grandfather go home! It’s called Sound of Freedom. Mel Gibson has been involved in the film, and it has caused strong concern in Hollywood, as its theme is child trafficking. People flock to see it, and it’s based on completely true events. It is said right up front by both producer, director and lead actor that it is based on the fact that human trafficking, organized pedophilia, organ trafficking etc. is now overtaking drug trafficking as BigBadBusiness.

The film has been in finished production on the shelf for six years, during which pedo-Hollywood has used their entire apparatus to prevent it from being released. But people have obviously now had enough of sleazy Hollywood and their woke flop movies, their lost moralizing and, in general, their lack of substance and gradually also talent, because indifferent talentless people are cast because they fit into the wokeness concept and not because they are star actors. And even when they cast top actors like Harrison Ford and Mads Mikkelsen, the producer makes sure to screw it up. By the way, Harrison Ford feels really bad about what Disney has done. As Tarantino puts it, there are no more stars, only cartoon characters. The cartoon hero is the star, not the actor.

The reason we mention Sound of Freedom is that it plays directly into the occult theme. This internationally hyper-organized child abuse has, in addition to its scope, which people are only now beginning to realize, some very occult sides. When they do what they do to children – and we don’t want to go into detail here, and you don’t want to know about it – a powerful dark energy is produced. The rich and the powerful-perverts directly buy a certain product based on the blood of children when they are euthanized in great horror called adrenachrome. It is life rejuvenating. They drain the precious and pure energy from the child while sending it to hell and bottling it up. Certain people are willing to pay a lot of money for the product. It is said to be most effective to ingest it through an injection into the skin just below the eye. Actors, politicians – and the man in the picture here – are occasionally seen with a red blood draw just below the eye.

Let the small children come to me’ has taken on a different meaning

But in addition to this perverse specialty, we are talking about an extensive global network of the dissemination of children for sex slavery, underground laboratory experiments, organ and substance harvesting. The media has refused to deal with what the politicians refuse to touch. And people don’t want to hear about it, which is understandable, because it’s unbearable. There is just no way around it if we want to maintain our dignity and say that we did what we could to protect our children. Every year, millions of children go missing worldwide. The ‘harvest’ of children likes to take place in war and disaster zones, and right now Ukraine has become a hub for this dirty human trafficking.

It’s high time for a film like Sound of Freedom to burst the inflamed bubble, and the influx of audiences suggests that people are ready for it. And the first reactions from the media have already come out. That is, the media, which are virtually all dominated by the left, because globalism and internationalism (socialist International) ARE the same. So what do they do? They attack the director, the producer and the subject. They therefore stand in solidarity with the abusers, human traffickers, pedos and organ harvesters. And not unexpected with Hollywood, which is now being revealed as a major supplier and consumer of one of the most heinous crimes people can commit. I have long predicted that the next sexual perversion that they would normalize and legalize was pedophilia.

The unholy alliance of the globalist media syndicates, the human trafficking mafia, corrupt and compromised politicians and the left has so far had free rein to constantly, year-by-year, month-by-month, day-by-day push the boundaries, so EVERYTHING is finally legalized and there is direct perv access to EVERYTHING where those who speak out are shamed. And certainly not only left-wing politicians who have dirty underwear, because Republican politicians in the USA and conservative politicians in England are well represented here. But it is the left-wing CIA-infiltrated media that has actively worked to cover it up. It is no secret that one of the main causes of the left in the United States is that all invading immigrants from South and Central America should be admitted without hindrance. And the Biden regime ensured that it was. Nor is it a secret that it has given the cartels from the south the very best conditions – and speaking of the CIA, the cartels are in direct collaboration with the CIA and the FBI. The FBI has shut down one case after another in this genre and refused to move forward with them even though they have all the information. It happens, for example, after a call from two Democratic senators, and then we never hear about it again.

But they only got away with this because the cat was still closed in the sack. Now it has escaped and there is no going back. It’s out in the public space, and they can run as much damage control as they can and are capable of. People are starting to see and understand what is going on. And when people in large numbers become fully aware of what these pigs in their unholy alliance have done to their children, I will hate to be in the dirty pants of the pedoprangers.

To be continued in the next issue. See you on the back of the Moon.