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Antropia – the vision for a human future

The main difference with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is that the central bank will have absolute control over rules and regulations regarding the central bank’s property. We also have the technology to enforce it. These two conditions are extremely important. It makes a huge difference compared to what cash is now.
Augustin Carstens, general manager of BIS, Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks

Put in understandable human language, this piece of financial mafia gobledigook means, that if you are not allowed to spend money more than five kilometers from your home, then you will not be able to do that, and if it is deemed inappropriate for you to spend your money on a pizza then you cannot. And, as was said between the lines, it is no longer your money but theirs. If you are not even considered worthy of preservation in their business model, you can not spend money at all.

The Reset – the global financial coup d’etat

How can they control it? They will be able to do that when the last pieces are in place. And one of their pieces is to make sure, that all people have the technology built into their body. It was necessary to inject people’s bodies with this technology as soon as possible. The pretext was a virus developed with their knowledge and at their instigation in a laboratory owned by them, which they called COVID, which means Certification Of Vaccination Identification, ie certifying that everyone at some point could be said to be infected and – which is the point built into the designation – would be forced to be jabbed with the vaccine that would be said to be necessary to be resistant to infection. The latter is then about to fall apart almost completely. From my own workplace, I have a colleague who in good faith, like most people, has had all the jabs he could get close to, and who is now on sick leave with coronavirus. As he said: I was sitting next of the only lady at the dinner party who was infected, and so…

The point is, vaccines do not work, because their purpose was never to work that way. Their purpose was to transport ‘something’ into the body, and this something is the components of the control system. We know from microscope examination of vaccine samples, that there are ‘things’ floating around that behave like superconductors in electronic devices and other ‘things’ that behave like synthetic parasites with moving limbs. These creatures or nanobots even have a name: Archon 2. We know that there are metals in the vaccine that we in no way need, but that THEY need in their new control system, where humans no longer live with an operating system but within an operating system. It’s called transhumanism = human fusion with the program in the machine.

This critter you would very much like to have swimming around in your organism.
Like they they said to Neo inThe Matrix: You are bugged.

We also know today, that the vaccinated are highly contagious to others. When others are in their company, ‘variants’ that they have created in the body are transmitted through air and touch. Luc Montagier, Nobel laureate in medicine, has made it very clear: The vaccines are a disaster from a health point of view. They are the ones who create the variants. People are wandering factories for variants created via the tidal wave of mrna, modified and free-swimming messenger rna, that the body is trying to get rid of, as the rna is meant to remain inside a cell and has nothing to do outside. The body attacks the intruder and an autoimmune defect syndrome is created. In addition, there is the whole spike protein phenomenon that causes heart problems and blood clots. Now they have started vaccinating children as well, and it is reported that they are now at risk of developing heart inflammation. Children do not get sick from coronavirus (there are 2000 of corona vira, and they have always existed), so that alone shows that it is not health, it’s all about but something completely different.

In China, they already have a variant of the system – no pun intended – as all public places are so monitored, that one cannot jaywalk without the fine already being deducted from your bank account before reaching the other side of the street. As they say: Now we have the vaccine, but it is only as a backup, because the other works.

Surveillance cameras are mounted on a post at Tiananmen Square as snow falls in Beijing, China, on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019. U.S. President Donald Trump is considering pushing back the deadline for imposition of higher tariffs on Chinese imports by 60 days, as the world’s two biggest economies try to negotiate a solution to their trade dispute, according to people familiar with the matter. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Put another way: the vaccine’s remnants in the body – in addition to a sharp decline in the natural immune system (like my ignorant, gullible colleague) – are to establish the electronic component, that can communicate with central banks’ control systems and send and receive signals. One might ask whether it is not rather the interests of the pharmaceutical industry that we are talking about here. But there is no difference here, because central banks, technology and chemistry are all part of the system. Bill Gates has delivered his component called Microsoft Azure. All their software systems are hooked up to Azure, such as Windows. The same goes for Apple’s operating systems and Google’s Android. Only Linux users can get around it, but then they probably have a cell phone, and then they are just as far – unless they belong to the nerd club that has installed an alternative ROM version as operating system. The pharmaceutical industry and the chemical-biological warfare industry – which is the same industry – have supplied both virus and antivirus according to the principle: create a problem and offer the solution… which is not a solution anyway but creates a new and bigger problem, the real problem. The virus was only a relatively harmless cold, but its purpose was to be the Trojan horse for the real virus.

A special target group, however, is all the elderly and old. The Chinese, where the virus was developed in their most advanced biological warfare laboratory, have a demographic problem. They have too many unproductive old ones. They had to get rid of them. Old were considered waste both in China and in the West by the globalists. Elderly and old do not need another complication next to the flu and pneumonia + miscellaneous, ie what is called co-morbidity. But along with the fear of death, stress and isolation that the elderly were exposed to + the vaccines that together weakened their immune system, they die of coronavirus – or as technocrat statisticians call it: corona-related, with coronavirus as one of several factors. Statistics is a whole chapter in itself, but read at least what the Belgian statistician and professor of psychology Matthias Desmet says about his thesis and about how statistics were heavily misused in Operation Lockdown: Mass Hypnosis – how could it happen?

The reason why the UN switched from Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030 is, that they were delayed. And now they’re busy. The World Economic Forum says it directly: It’s 2030 and you have no money anymore. And you are happy. In understandable lingo: We have taken all your assets and you are mind controlled.

Independent Financial Advisor and former Deputy Prime Minister of the United States (Reagan period) Cathrine Austin Fitts gives in a conference lecture entitled: Useful Steps for Navigating the Financial Reset a collection of guidelines for surviving these hypertotalitarian times.

The conference took place in the Netherlands in November 2021 and was called Antropia – not Utopia, which is the millennial kingdom of the globalists and the left-leaning vision of fools, but Antropia, which is the vision of Man’s Time on Earth. A great name that we should use a whole lot – while we actually mean something by it.

Choose side

You can not stand with one leg in each camp and bypass the system anymore by playing its game. The system and its rulers no longer leave that possibility. One path lead to freedom, the other (theirs) leads to slavery – and slaverty to an unprecedented degree! Governments and authorities have already chosen their side. You guessed it, they have chosen to support slavery. The reason why: They were already in slave chains, and when they got the gun to their head, they peed in the panties and said: Yes daddy, I will do that, father (as in Godfather) who said to them: If you choose the freedom of the people, we will take your life. If they had chosen freedom in unison – very Utopia’ish – they would have seen their daddy melt down.

Get a good map

In fact, two maps. One shows the official reality, that is, the simulated reality created by the old and dying media, which eventually clings to their systemic lie. The second map shows… reality. We need both maps. The map of official reality is necessary to be in the same room as other people without having to throw truth bombs at the dinner table. Do not necessarily explode in their face because they throw lie bombs. They do so, because they are insecure and want to be confirmed. It is a kind of ritual they perform to feel accepted in the herd. Most ‘normal’ people have to hang whith their heads upsidse down over the abyss before possibly considering their reality version.

Do not use the official reality for risk management, it is here that people will lose their assets and their lives. Do not use real reality for dinner parties, because then you will lose friends and acquaintances who do not want to know the reality. Again, it is necessary to know both maps, not to indulge in either of them. Real reality can also only be approximated, we can approach it, we can get far. Often it is the exact opposite of the official, because the black magicians of reality have no imagination other than to turn it upside down. As the Danish financier Mads Palsvig says about his time as a trader: When I saw that the central bankers recommend doing so-and-so, because they claimed that the economy had to point in a certain direction, I decided to do the opposite – and it worked!

Like Cathrin Austin Fitts, Mads Palsvig was blacklisted by the finance establishment when he challenged them.
He actually spoke his blunt opinion in a meeting with now chair woman of the FED, Janet Yellen. The silence was palpalpe
. Oh, and meanwhile the chair woman got fired, but you havn’t heard about it yet.

Both cards are needed in a world suffering from MPD, multiple personality disorder, a personality disordered and personality split world. When, for example, spokesmen for the Danish government vommit the latest corona crap across the flat screen, we need a translation manual. Pretty much EVERYTHING that Mr or Mrs Twoface says is wrong, except when they reveal what sick measures they demand the people submit to, for that is not even a lie! But the reasons for the demands are completely up in the air. Therefore, it is in reality – which IS the reality – when Augustin Carstens (the starting quote) from BIS in his megalomaniacal arrogance says it as it is: that they strive for the ultimate control over all human life. Or when Klaus Schwab (WEF) in a similar psychopathic way speaks on behalf of the billionaire club and says they intend to steal all your money and all your rights and you will love it! Or when one of the dumbest pigs of a minister in the Danish government says outright: People think they have civil rights and liberties. They do not have them!

Reality in this way protrudes through the cracks of the fast crumbling wall of reality that the globalists have erected. That’s the benefit of having them behind in their plans. They tell themselves, they stumble over their own feet, and they make obvious mistakes, thereby exposing themselves. They reinforce the formation of cracks in their own masonry. They are the colossus on clay feet.

And people are starting to become observant. In the Netherlands, where the quoted conference was held, they are very observant. 50 organizations gathered for a mass demo with 10,000s of participants. Right now it’s exploding in Rotterdam – a city that will be used to shut down supplies to Europe, as it is the main portal inwards and outwards to. Whether the violent uprisings that took place here benefit the people’s cause in the long run, and whether they are not provoked to legitimize the government’s use of brutal power, is another story. But the Netherlands is also an example of an extensive network of new media that strives to convey the real reality.

Rotterdam – maybe not the right way to go? One cannot fight a violent state with violence.

The unanswered questions

The official reality shines through with the absence of answered questions. The few answers that are tried or rather claimed to be delivered are a toilet bucket to shit in. This means that there is plenty of room, to say the least, to ask real questions and seek real answers. It is with the danger of answering wrong along the way, but it is always better to hit next to the bulls eye than not to hit at all = the official reality. Take your best shot at real reality, because noones gonna do it for you.

Since WW2, a cut-off society has formed. A certain rogue group has created a parallel system where they pull all values over. In the USA, $ 21 trillion disappeared – probably greatly underestimated – and pumped into… into what? The development of technologies, the establishment of gigantic and earth-wide underground facilities, a secret space program, types of weapons capable of destruction to an unprecedented degree, etc. The taxpayers have paid a billion times for their own destruction, while they did not pay attention to it because they were busy making money so they could … pay for their own destruction.

Cathrin Austin Fitts provides an example of the symptoms of destructiveness. We live under surveillance capitalism, and the ascertainable fact that 190 heads of state and their governments in the world are behaving strangely, e.g. stands up on special occasions and verbatim repeats the same talking points, then it is because the globalists through their surveillance network have burdensome case files on them, which they have made clear that they can and will release to the public, which will ruin their careers and lives. One does not get to the top of the power system without having committed ‘something’ that is compromising.

In recent times in the State of Denmark (remember Shakespears Hamlet: something wrong here), we have a string of prime ministers with skeletons in their luggage. One was a pedophile, the other participated with his finance minister in financial fraud, the third behaved like a psychopath towards the employees of the party organization, so they had to make sure that the person was not alone with them. These guys all knew, that their global watchers had something on them, so they made their strange behavior look as nice as possible. After ending outrage and services to their supervisors, these types tend to disappear out of politics and into well-paying jobs, which the supervisors reward them with. Do people know that? Some do, most have no idea, quite a few just shrug their shoulders as resigning defeatists. In France, on the other hand, 70% of the population firmly believe, that their politicians are corrupt. The understanding of a part of the real reality is thus much higher in France than in Denmark.

The Danish corrupt prime minister, that ordered the murder of 17 million mink with the claim, that they carried corona virus. She ‘forgot’ to ask the veterinarian experts on that issue.

Austin Fitts once had a world tour where she asked her audiences, how many people watched TV – and it was only about 10%. It gives a kind of reverse indication, that only 10% are not totally engrossed in the official reality, and that the flat screen 2D reality IS precisely the smoke screen, that hides the real reality. Weather manipulation is another method of disrupting reality. Weather and precipitation can now be manipulated at geographical locations. A Canadian minister made a freudian slip at a press conference by saying thank you to those who sent the rain. What !? Weather gods in suits? Recently, an entire region of Canada has experienced bizarre rain showers, with the government subsequently hiding the weather simulations and satellite images. These rains have paralyzed trade, transportation, traffic and the whole infra structure around Vancouver with consequences far beyond the country and with damage 30x the costs of normal. Similarly, there are staged acts of war that are made to look real when they hit the flat screen, but which are just theatre – often with ignorant extras who themselves think they are at war and may perish for the ‘good cause’. They save on theater blood by using real blood…

The most necessary

The globalists have defined the following goals and means – in addition to the economic field – by which they can hit humanity:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Shelter
  • Health
  • Community

With this attack and undeclared declaration of war, we must ask ourselves:
Our family are the ones, who will not enter and betray you.
Have we found our family?

Because the globalists want to hit us on the basic needs, that’s where WE need to focus. 

  • We must teach ourselves again to become self-sufficient in food, grow our vegetables, catch our own fish, keep chickens and ducks, whatever we feed on.
  • We must learn to filter rainwater into drinking water and establish our own wells. The state and municipality will many places try to prevent the latter – but they have no problems with allowing big business and big agro polluting the ground water.
  • We must learn to go off-grid with the simple technologies that are possible + those that are on their way through the secret wall and that few have heard of yet.
  • We must learn again to build our own houses and turn down the demand for luxury and amenities. We are surely running into the wall with building permits created by corrupt politicians who have serviced the equally corrupt construction industry in front of the citizens.
  • We must teach ourselves to take care of health, because the industry and their purpose-hired health workers at the new super-hospitals do not have – let’s say it diplomatically – equal time and profit for it.
  • We must learn to use the network for something other than Facebook-Twitter indifferences – and now that we are in the process, should we not find a non-globalist platform not manipulated by the techno-fascists?

Part of Operation Lockdown is about preventing people’s communities. Assembly ban, travel ban. And the social media technocrats are helping with speech bans.

Shutdown is isolation, isolation is crippling to a healthy human society.
Shutdown is the sickest idea in the minds of the mentally ill people.
Shutdown is Dys-Anthropia, inhumanity put into system.

Remember again the main axiom of systems theory: A system is what it does. So if the system creates anxiety, isolation, illness, death, paralysis of action, then this IS the system in its essence. This was the intention behind the system, this was the effect of the system, it walks like a duck… this IS the system. Not what they say about it, not what they promise it will one day be, not how they speak for their sick aunt, but what their system actually does to society and humanity. Period!

Re-conquest of culture

Mankind as taxpayers have financed their own worst enemy. We have benevolently thrown immense sums of wealth after the globalists. Among other things, by approving tax exemption for these people, which is a doubling of the transfer effect. They have been able to get away with it because they master violent means of force. The multinationals – as they were called at the time in the last millennium, when the left still had a few hairs on the buns – that is, the globalists have budgets and means of power that far exceed those of the nation-states.

So we desperately need to find ways to reinvent a healthy economy outside of the totalitarian system of government. Economy = household. For that, we need the cultureFingers off OUR culture! which is almost too late, for they have already polluted it. But then a recapture, a restoration of culture. Not fine culture and theater visits and flimsy galleries for ugly art – but CULTURE culture. Culture is like love. It cannot be bought for money, it can only be created by living heads, hearts and hands. Culture is the divine in everyday life. Culture is the nightingale that we have exchanged for a mechanical bird.

Green mold is also a culture. That’s not the one we’re talking about here.
And have you now remembered to pay your green taxes to save the cliiiimate?

Culture is now all that we have put on the shelf in the belief that we do not need it, because we can just buy something to fill the gap, so it does not reverb so much. In our cultural phantom pain, we behave like stupid, spoiled, and slightly vicious children. We have lost democracy, civil rights, and now we are also losing our health and, in a very short time, our chance of survival. Most of what our ancestors and mothers fought for for generations has been carelessly given away in just 21 bald months.

Our leaders have committed a gigantic failure, a state crime. We do have to remember though, that we have let them do it and that we ourselves have contributed to a gigantic cultural loss. It will take us just as much effort to win back the culture, but we obviously need to experience what it means to lose EVERYTHING, before we lift our asses from the armchair.

A very important part of the culture is the children in the school system. What is done to the children in the schools, does not enable them to understand the real reality of the world. They become indoctrinated with the official reality and learn neither to think nor to act. Add to that the greedy abuse, that various industries commit on children. Dear parents, get those kids out of the school system and it cannot be too soon! Now they even want to commit a Dr. Mengele on the kids by pumping them full of vaccines! There have been shameless statements from so-called government experts so-called experts – read spokesmen for the pharmaceutical industry – such as: We do not know how children will react to the vaccines, but we can not know until we have done so, right? Again WHAT ?! We live in the worst times ever when someone gets away with saying and doing that kind of things.

Being human

It is very easy in these dystopian times, when the global totalitarian hyper state with the nation states as their puppets commit these abominations against their peoples, to lose hope and courage and love. Along with the fear, a great deal of anger is building up. Anger must be used constructively, so that we do not lose the love that is along with faith and hope being the greatest of the three. Love is able to piss off the satanic parasites more than anything else, they simply can not cope with its high frequency. We are in a situation where the psycho-sociopath people who lack love have been very good at finding each other and inspiring each other (conspirators). We need to conspire without losing our humanity.

Know your enemy, do not become like your enemy.

The globalists stand for centralization to an extreme degree. We need to redevelop a decentralized culture and a decentralized financial system. Let’s turn Klaus Schwab’s statement upside down and say: It’s 2030, we have a decentralized finance and banking system. And you will have to love it just like us.
A slightly more loving way of saying: Go out into the back room and play with your feces, and shut up when real people are talking.

Mankind’s great strength consists in the spiritual abilities and the ability to imagine. This is not the time to turn down the imagination and throw the towel in the ring. On the contrary, we need to turn it all the way up.

Cathrin Austin Fitts concludes her lecture with a surprising but obvious and striking remark:
If you are not in a conspiracy, then it’s time to start one.


In a world filled with depressing news about corruption and state crimes against citizens, in one of the hardest hit countries, Australia, a formidable resistance has gathered against their local governments. One of the leading figures, Monica Smit, was thrown a month in solitary confinement for inciting disobedience. The result was a huge setback for the corrupt politicians. She has now started a popular movement with great support called Reignite Democracy Australia, which has also attracted attention in the rest of the world. Australia is the perfect test area for lockdown policy. There is low population density, the population is spread over a very large area and there is water on all sides. Politicians have created the world’s largest open prison, and police brutality is similar to something we have only seen in societies that it has been trendy to distance ourselves from. That is obviously no longer the case according to the establishment. In Denmark, where I live, they are now modelling themselves from it.

Watch the clip from UK Column News, where she talks to one of the world’s best journalists – a real journalist, not a fake news media propaganda robotnik! – Patrick Henningsen.

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