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The anatomy of genocide

Recently, war propaganda is being taken up against Iran – again. In the current iteration, the group which our humanitarian concerns are supposed to be brought to bear upon are the Bahai. The hysteria says that the Iranians are about to commit a genocide on the members of this sect. This statement is as untrustworthy and hypocritical as the fallacy that Iran is in the process of building a nuclear weapon and is about to nuke the whole world. Hypocrites and propagandists of course never care to argue as to why these absurd and shrill accusations would make any sense. Why a civilized people with an ancient culture and highly-educated population should look for any advantage in such irrational collective-psychosis and counter-intuitive action is never explained. Sound logic has never worried hypocritical warmongers. They sling around the assumptions, allegations, and accusations without concern for whether they are real. They are fully confident that the target audience for their propaganda are unable to see through their rhetoric, which is often unfortunately the case.

When Western warmongers pronounce the word genocide with their mouths, a string of red flags should light up, as the historical precedent of genocide from these warmongers is completely overwhelming. Problem: most people, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, do not have any idea about the extent of the atrocities that their ruling class has inflicted upon the world in even just the last 150 years. Which concurrently means that all who are infected with this English Mental Health have no clue of the scale. The maintenance of Empire depends on the number of its faithful, supportive ignoramuses.

One cannot say that it was the British Empire that invented the falsification of history, but one can definitely say that this Empire was able to implement it like never before in history – and so, history has become their forgery. It would therefore set the record straight to assert that nothing of what we today hear, read, and see regarding the Empire and its role in the world is reliable. As one Iranian historian puts it: every time you overturn a stone, an Englishman hides underneath. The British imperialists, slave traders, drugdealers, pirates of land and at sea, have been everywhere. Upon arrival, they exerted their piracy and plunder, their murders, their foundations of strife – and their special kind of historiography, which is why the extent of their genocide has only minimally been made clear. The story of it has itself been simply wiped out! Historically, we are denied a plethora of information with which the world could have seen it coming, and at least understood its antecedent. The false are able to get away with their falsehoods because they have also controlled the media and academic institutions.

That’s the story of the inability to represent history accurately until now. It is never possible in the long run to maintain a total erasure, especially in the era of the internet. There are records, written testimonials, documents, relics. There are gaps, inconsistencies and loose ends in the projection of false histories, just as there are holes in any criminal case with those wrongfully convicted. The track exists, even if it has been deleted, even if there are only traces of the deletion. The perfect crime simply does not exist. It is not a question of whether one can cover up a crime, but how long one is able to get away with it. The criminal mindset is: if I can postpone the day of reckoning until after my own passing from this world, then I have succeeded. In the passing, we probably don’t consider the possibility of reincarnating’.

Two British non-academia controlled historians have found the real King Arthur. There are two of them. They were written out of British history for political reasons.

British history is packed to the brim with falsification. All history of England before 1066 is roughly smudged. It is as if people hardly lived before that, and that those who lived then were not worth writing about. But one would only have to move just once through the British countryside to be aware that it was very much similar to its current name: a land of green pastures. It’s one big lush garden, where everywhere grows a large lush forest. A friendly and diverse landscape, where human culture existed very far back. So the Imperial amputation of time before the Battle of Hastings is quite unnecessary for other than just that: Empire. These are political and ideological choices that have created historical aberrations.

There were some concerns which the rulers of England, as early precursors to the formation of Empire, believed they had to take upon themselves, in regard to disputes about kingship. To legitimize the rulership of the throne, one had to have the legal progeny so that whoever wanted to usurp the throne had to refer to this lineage of history. The genera rooted in the past, referring to authentic history, usurped these references they had cobbled together. It was in such an act that the figure of King Arthur disappeared, whereby an important chapter in the history of Wales plunged into darkness. The so-called Prince of Wales, wife-murderer and pedophile Charles, is a contemporary product of this historical pollution. As the two Welsh historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett documented thoroughly, there was not just one King Arthur, but two: there was also Artorius Rex, King of Gwent and Glamorgan, with a few hundred years separating the two figures. They are some of the most well-documented of all figures. As has been said and written, it is not because the documents do not exist, it is because the established historiography, power, money, and the church’s endorsement of quackademia refused to touch it, with the well-dressed clerks of Oxford and Cambridge and all the rest laundering history in their black-and-white unsoiled school-uniforms’.

Other certain terms have been used when the crown is up to its dirty tricks, domestically and abroad, that people were unable to hear about. The Queen of England nourished and enriched herself through piracy. It did not look good that the fine and noble ladies and gentlemen highest on the straw were nothing but wretched scumbags, highwaymen, simple purse-snatchers and tricksters. So they hired so-called privateers to conduct their shady affairs, after which their scribes made sure to find and promote only ‘heroic’ figures such as Sir Francis Drake – note the title, Sir, knighted, a very fine nobleman. The sinking of the Spanish Armada and the theft of the Spaniards’ gold is not much different from the current version of the Empire’s emptying of the Cypriot treasury a few years ago. Or the Grecian, Italian, Spanish again, Portuguese, Icelandic, Libyan, Ukrainian’.

Or in one headline: all Imperial institutions – the IMF, WTO, ECB – arrive and give a country of the world a deal they cannot refuse. As long as this mafia operates above the radar, they will not be identified as the simple crooks and conmen that they are. Just as in the days of piracy, the crown gets its image whitewashed by media-lies and the falsification of history, and, just as in the past, there are two blind spots for the culprits. Firstly, there are people who know what is going on and who do not keep it sealed up. Cover-up is difficult in large, complex matters. Bloody footprints are left in the snow, and something has been swept under the carpet, which is still there, if only someone dares to lift it. This last point is not unimportant, for there exists a very large and widespread fear of reprisals, including among historians. Secondly, there has been a parallel alternate history report. In the Middle Ages, history subsisted largely of an oral, vernacular tradition. Do not underestimate word-of-mouth! It is extremely stable over long spans of time. When Wilson and Blackett talked with the locals in Wales about the renowned, legendary battles before 1066 and their local impact, incidents considered quackademia by the Establishment’s educational temples, which claims they never happened, they were readily able to point to the spot. It was quite common knowledge to quite ordinary people. The spoken word is superior to the written, for the former is the popular context whereby one speaks the truth. The narrator has to see his listeners in the eyes. In other words, imprinting. This is therefore where the concept of ‘true to type’ originates. Interesting, is it not? Never overestimate Quackademia.

Today, the alternative history is alive on the Internet. Its frequencies are flickering, as everything can be posted online, dirt and cinammon, sandbars and scrub. Nevertheless, it is also a valuable source of genuine information, making it impossible for the Empire to wipe out whole chunks of history the way that could be done back in the days of the Roman Empire. One can pollute the information-box, one can throw out flares of distraction in order to confuse (‘all that glitters is not gold”), but it is very difficult to remove. They try, they even try very hard. We look at the various forms of coming censorship. For example, we all exercise self-censorship, by being politically correct and partaking in uncritical collaborations. Today we have a new Medieval submission to orthodoxy, and unbelievers are heretics. If you are a true believer, then you are politically correct. Good boy, sitting still for hours. Nice girl, submitting her bill on time. Good monitor, who on behalf of the schoolmaster keeps track of the students, to make sure everyone is good boy and nice girl. We have a new Spanish Inquisition, appearing in public, where the falsification of history reigns supreme. Take a look at the French government’s monitoring of its populace after the terrorist event there. We see the criminalization of those people who exist outside of Power Corridors. We see a new form of pogroms, where websites will be shut down, instead of piles of books burned in the city square by men in black cowls. A new Dark Age has arrived.

In the 17th & 18th centuries, the Empire had begun a series of shady affairs having to do with the New World. It is also here that we see the crimes committed against the Welsh. Their local languages were banned, their ancient written language was declared nonexistent, even if it was chiseled in stone from the past. Man banned simply a language, in which people spoke and wrote! In the 18th century, it was simply forbidden to speak Welsh, and all local schoolteachers were fired and replaced by Englishmen. George II is the man behind this cultural character assassination. As Danes, imagine if the Germans forbid us to speak Danish, but only German. The Empire was paranoid, the British did not understand Welsh, and suppose the Welsh were able to slander them in a language they did not understand. It had to be banned.

It is also the age of Darwinism. Darwin stated: of all human races, the Irish are the lowest! And here we thought the British imperialist twats thought the lowest were ‘Hottentots and Negroes’, but no, it was their musical and literate neighboring peoples. There was something going on here. And sure enough, after the 1845-1852 Irish genocide, the era of genocide had begun. Pseudo-scientific Darwinism was in vogue for what it was: faux-empirical support for the extermination of the weak. In other words, this profusion of eugenicists, imperialists, opium-pushers, slavehandlers, pirates and industrialists culminated in a series of genocides, all making their best effort to commit these acts without leaving a fingerprint. Remember again: wherever a genocide takes place, the erasure of history appears in tandem. The Irish genocide was swept beneath the carpet under the name of the Potato Plague. So the lowly, potato-munching Irishmen were snuffed out, according to British historians, because the potato crop failed for a few years, and the morons were unable to figure out how to grow and eat more! The historians wrote it that way, and we have been reading it ever since. This is but one instance of the sick mental-ideological lies the British have inflicted upon world history, a historical mental plague of lies that generations have been forced to absorb in absurd, lethal doses.

Thus satisfied by their atrocity against the Irish, which cost millions of lives, whose mass graves are located within a two kilometer space to this day, the British killers employed the same tactics against the Indians. What was this tactic? In Ireland it consisted of organized famine. The tactic is both extremely perfidious and quite convenient.

The first convenience: you do not need to cover your own delicate, manicured hands in human blood, you just close the door and turn on the hot water. It is an internal embargo carried out by the occupying power of a country.

Convenience number two: the scenario contains a sufficiently strong resemblance to a natural catastrophe, so as to advance a random theory based on the denial of evidence. Should anyone complain about glaring anomalies in this natural incident – a rather Darwinian concept – you can label them random theorists. ‘It was not us, it was the potatoes.’ In India, it was not potatoes, but rice. The rice harvest was confiscated and appropriated, and Indians died like flies. 26 million perished! And that’s a conservative estimate. ‘It was not us, it was the rice.’

‘The illusion of accident disappears gradually as the skill of map reading increases.’- John Murphy

Casestudy of Genocide: Iran 1917-19

Thus satisfied by their misdeeds against the Irish, Indians, and meanwhile Tasmanians and the Boers in South Africa along with an endless stream of other vexations, the British killers carried on with the same tactics against the Iranians. We are in the fateful second decade of the 20th century when what transpires then unfolds all the evil of the next 100 years, which continues to bear its cancers to this day. It is the Imperial decade, with all of these mega-events flying the banner of the British Empire, bearing their fingerprints. The German empire fell, the Austro-Hungarian fell, the Ottomans are gone, the Russian tsars are vanquished. It was the Imperial decade, where in every case, the picture is painted over by Anglo-Saxon historians, falsifiers of history, who gloss events over into ‘heroic’ efforts to ‘civilize’ the dark edges of the world and the prodigious global underclass. The White Man’s Burden. The world’s victims could almost feel sorry for its tormentors.

Iranian genocide, you say? What’s that? We have never heard of such a thing. There’s a lot that took place that you and I have not heard about in school, read about in the newspaper, or absorbed via television. A new category of logical fallacies/false logical statements erupt: because I have never heard about an event, it must not have ever existed. However, during the period of 1917-19, half of Iran’s population was wiped out in the same way as the Irish and the Indian. They were starved.

Iran is a great country. There are areas where drought can occur. Elsewhere, there may occur floods. Elsewhere again, there is an abundance of crop and vegetation. It would be ridiculous to assume that half the population starved to death due to climatic factors. The population was halved during the British occupation of Iran during World War I.

The event is one of the best kept secrets in all of perfidious Albion- It is totally omitted from world history except for a few footnotes here and there. Recently, an Iranian historian named Mohammad Gholi Majd, a doctor of agricultural economics from Cornell University, delved into the primary sources, excavated and exposed the incident in the book ‘The Great Famine and Genocide in Persia, 1917-1919’, along with a handful of other books in which he describes what happened with Iraq during the First World War, which, unsurprisingly, then as now, had to do with oil.

Since the British Empire thought, they had not finished the job, they repeated it in WW2

The murder of half the Iranian population is recorded in the British and Americans’ own records via censuses (from the US Dept of State). Censuses were taken every ten years and clearly show a population reduction of 50% between 1910-1920. Persia was in 1917 an occupied country. Northern Persia was the Russian zone, the middle was neutral (i.e. Persian? No, not once was it free, the Ottomans laid their stakes there), the southeast was the British zone bordering India, which at that time had not yet been smashed into two parts as an act of revenge by the British, the soon-to-come, forced-fragmentation of India/Pakistan. That was perfidious Albion’s reprisal due to India’s secession from Empire, empowered by Gandhi, after WW2, whitewashed from history in the same way that World War I was a British rather than German invention as the false-history makers who distort and conceal British robber-history would have us believe. Divide and Conquer, or Death and Hunger, seems to be the Empire’s default form of governance. The alliteration repeats itself in the Empire’s own language: Divide and Conquer, Death and Hunger.

It is worth noting that the devastation of Iran took special momentum after the Russian Revolution – a dynamic coincidence! And the Ottoman Empire fell to pieces shortly thereafter. And the hijacking of the US economy in the form of the Federal Reserve took place shortly beforehand. And the staging of the Titanic shipwreck. And the sinking of the Lusitania. And the Balfour Declaration. And the Treaty of Versailles. And the creation of the pharmaceutical industry. And many other things within this one fateful decade, which is why the British robber-historians call it the Great War, feigning ignorance, saying One Incident Begat Another – it all just happened, and we know not why or who instigated it, though surely it was not us. It was the potatoes, it was the rice, it was the lone madman in Sarajevo, it was a powder-keg and there was just a spark that lit it, it was an iceberg, it was the other, it was not us. It is odd that world history is a heap of these accidental synchronicities, and that those responsible refuse responsibility! For a synchronistic comprehension of events, one must look at the timespan and ask: could there be a connection? The short answer is: context. The long answer is paradigmet.blogspot and the demarcated response is this blog post.

The genocide of half the Iranian population took place in the regions under British control. Starvation is quite effective for killing people in large numbers. Henry Kissinger – an enormous proponent of the glories of genocide – was at one point asked his opinion on the best method of how to control large crowds. His answer was: food. And money. He knew the totality of the Anglo-American geopolitical tactics. He also said: by Balkanization (divide and conquer, ISIS in the Middle East right now). He could have added: health, medicine, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biological WMDs to the mix. Or he could have said: by never telling the truth, to yourself or others. And just as with famine as a weapon, we must not forget the dimension of terror located within it. There’s an extreme level of state terror in that an occupying power arranges that people fall to the ground in starvation. Starved people have no will to resist. They are deeply weakened, scared witless.

We have answered the question of why the world does not know about the Iranian genocide, for it was blotted out by the false-historians. But how do we know about it anyway? We know about it through a series of memoirs of British officers who served in World War I. They were horrified by what they witnessed. Although their country and army were led by psychopaths, they themselves were just people. One example is the intelligence officer M.H. Donahoe, an attache of the British army in Persia. He recounts in his detailed memoirs the countless dead bodies by the roadsides and in the streets. This is confirmed by US diplomatic reports as well. People had to eat tree roots. Cannibalism and scavenging were widespread. Cholera and typhoid predictably were as well, and as in the last years of the German labor camps, people died like flies as their immune systems broke down. That is the real holocaust, not the Hollywood fiction which has never been documented, only alleged. It was spurious and hypocritical of the British false-historians, mendacious of them, forcibly digested by the world’s population in the postwar period. The real history of the two world wars is not even written yet. We must write it! There is no one else to do it for us anymore.

This mind-boggling paradox – and people understand that it really is not! – is that the Empire assaults and destroys nations and human life, and in its perverse sense of justice blames the victims afterward! The destructive potential of false historiography is revealing. First you destroy a country and its people by killing half of them, raping their women, smashing their towns, roads, factories, stealing their valuables, you name it. And then dictate to the historians as if it were THEM who had perpetrated this against the destroyers! Since those whose countries and populations have been sunk way down in the shit, they do not have the strength to defend themselves in textbooks or on battlefields. It’s like victims of torture who become willing to confess anything, just as long as the torture stops. This is also why it is totally useless to employ torture as a means of gaining legitimate information, as even someone who really knows something will simply confess whatever is required, whatever fits the dominant, expected narrative, regardless of truth.

‘It is in this vaccuum of time before, during, and after a war, that it becomes possible to manifest and dictate these distortions of reality. All communication is strictly controlled and militarized. The military information channels are hyperactive while public access to the creation and reception of information is blocked, and the occasion is ripe for fictitious substitutes for knowledge. This is one telltale sign that the Third World War is in the stage of deployment, due to all the signs of militarized, distorted communication hitting us right now.

Only in 1919, after half of the Iranians were dead, did they finally get a decent harvest, enough to get the country out of the famine. The British grip was loosened, but never abandoned. The British controlled the transport of food, seized most of the infrastructure in both Iran and Iraq, and prevented imports from Iraq. Again, we see something like this right now. Embargo is another weapon of war against a country, and Iran is currently subject to an American embargo, also imposed by the EU. The EU has been forced to impose it, which shows that the EU is merely an instrument of the United States – only foolish Europeans could believe that they maintain their own independent Empire. That would be patently false. The USA can always twist Europe’s arm, as the dominant and domineering partner of NATO. We see evidence of this now in relation to Russia/Ukraine.

Let us also remind ourselves that the concept of genocide does not only include the physical murder of individuals and groups. According to the UN definition, it includes any orchestrated effort to degrade and destroy people’s quality of life and living conditions. It is like poisoning. Poison can become so acute, you become ill and die from it immediately. Strychnine, cyanide, arsenic, white fly agaric. It can also be chronic, so as to slowly, over the years, create worsening conditions. Sugar, heavy metals, cigarettes, alcohol, GMOs, industrial pollution’

And here it becomes extremely perfidious, in regard to chronic genocide, like chronic poison digested by the people themselves.

Rezah Shah – first head of the British-installed fake-dynasti

The British therefore never lost their grip on Iran. In the decades after the 1917-19 genocide, the Iranian governments were in a state of constant and enthusiastic readiness to cover up what had happened during the famine in WW1. Why? Because they were created and installed by the British. They were not real Iranian governments, they were puppets. Most have heard of Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Persia as they called him, inserted via a British MI5 + American CIA coup in 1953, with the democratically elected President Mohammed Mozadeq reduced to a brief intermezzo in a 60-year history of military dictatorship. Few people are aware that his father was infiltrated by a similar coup in 1921. A Shah, how wonderful. Many Iranians who had to flee Iran retained nostalgia for a historical Shah figure, as it evokes echoes of the heyday of Persian civilisation, which was a truly grandiose kingdom and culture. The coup played on this sentiment deliberately, in order to gain the support of Iranian intellectuals and upper classes. They were bribed with certain privileges in return. But it was never made clear who this ‘Shah’ family really was.

Another Rezah from the fake dynasty

We all know who replaced the Shah’s military regime. It was Ayatollah Khomeini and co. But how much do we know about this figure? He was nothing but a British agent. This is the kind of thing Hegelian dialecticians and their cabal employ in creation of their artificial dialectic. This is in order to assert an apparent contradiction, a revolutionary counterpoint. Once the meme is worn out, it’s time to deposit the antithesis. The synthesis is always located and operating at a level above. Such a sophisticated system of manipulation and control is very difficult for people to understand, which is why it works. As with the entire Muslim Brotherhood, wahhabism/salafism, the British had developed a special tactic to create and introduce false religious leaders. But this was only partially successful with Khoumeini, for his gang was slowly outmaneuvered. His death was also fairly sudden, which leads one naturally to questions of whether it was a natural death.

Ayatollah Khomeini – put in place by the same British intelligence, that put the Shah in place after the coup d’etat in 1956

Today we are back again with Iran as a pain-in-the-arse for the Empire, with the screaming necks of Zionists calling for bombing of Iran, and potentially even its nuclear annihilation. We have seen a grueling embargo., the Iranian state television station, has been censored and closed down in the West. There have been the usual, constant provocations by CIA supported groups in Iran. There have been constant misinformation campaigns against Iran, claiming that they were about to produce nuclear weapons. One plan-in-waiting is a mega false-flag in the Persian Gulf, in the form of staging an Iranian attack on a US warship in order to shut down traffic. The Saudis, the fake royal family, who, as with the Pahlawis, the Shah’s family, were created by the British 100 years ago to be a British operating system in the region, and they will do anything to destroy Iran. Israel despise them because of their support for Shia groups, Hezbollah, the Syrian government. Recently there were again provocations via an American gun boat that had strayed out of international waters, into Iranian territory, and forgot to turn its radio on, whoops! Ah, well, when you put it that way’also, the Iranians have leaked information that they apprehended an ISIS general on board the boat. What was he doing there, and where was he going? Oops again’

In the 80s we saw the Iran-Iraq war, a conflict which was also engineered by the Western Empire. Then we had the Iran-Contra affair, more US domestic politics, a cabal circulating around mega-psychopath George H.W. Bush, in an effort to undermine and ridicule Jimmy Carter. Reagan was already undermined by his Alzheimer’s, which caused him to sleep 18 hours a day and then read like a zombie from preprinted placards – while former CIA director Bush reigned behind him. When you take the entirety of the picture into account, it is frankly astonishing that Iran continues to hang together as an intact nation with its own will and identity. Admirably unbelievable! The culture has something special about it which is enviable, and envy which obviously infects the Imperials, or they would not be working overtime to undermine and demolish this sovereign nation.

It must be said: genocide continues steadily unless it is spoken out against loudly and repeatedly. We can do little else but talk loudly about these issues 24/7. At some point the awareness penetrates the pleasantries of what passes diplomatically for reality. Such pleasantries may be entertaining, in their own macabre way, but let us not split hairs. The question is: are you man- or womenfolk capable of looking this reality in the eyes? You should know that this reality fears the eye that looks directly into it more than anything else in the world. This reality cannot withstand the light of day. Like a vampire, whose pale white body tolerates no sunlight.

The past 200 years have been the Age of Genocide. May the next years and decades be the age of the exposure and extinguishing of Genocides.

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