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Dictionary of NewSpeak

Definition of New Speak:
A term for words that mean something else and in some cases the exact opposite of the original meaning of the word.

New Speak was described by George Orwell in his famous book 1984 as being the ultimate language of the ultimate control society for the deception of its citizens. Orwell, whose real name was Blair, was employed by the BBC as a propagandist during WW2. New Speak was an attempt by the government to reduce the English language to 850 essential words suitable for propaganda in the British Empire. Propaganda in the sense of verbal blunting. Big Brother was in fact Orwell’s portrait of the BBC. A lot of British are of the opinion, that the BBC today is exactly that.

In addition to providing some amount of quality journalism, the BBC has also proven to be an obedient and skilled tool for the British government when they needed an effective propaganda machine – for example a war in progress.

New Speak turns concepts sideways and upside down to create the illusion of destructive elements as being charitable – or vice versa. New Speak is used to put the users of this language in a different and more favorable light in relation to the recipient. It is also called euphemistic language. Verbal paintbrushing, feel-good-speak. Or as the English say about magic to put a spell on – spell in the double meaning of spell with letters and words and to enchant.

New Speak calls a hole in the ground a work of art and a precious gift a piece of junk. New Speak is meant to be used as a weapon. It can in the hands of the right person be beneficial (NLP). In the hands of the wrong person, it can be a weapon or a poison (NLP again). NLP is Neo Linguistic Programming and is based on the premise that humans are a piece of programmable software. Just as in the military, people are not called persons, but personnel. It is actually a mistranslation of the term Neo Linguistic Pattern. Seeing through patterns allows you to change the patterns that capture you in repetition. In the hands of a manipulative behaviorist who sees an individual as a piece of software, it becomes a tool for mind control and brainwashing.

Other words for New Speak would be: weaponized language or simply abused words or words, that turn the World upside down. And even – if you are into that way of thinking – satanic language, since this is the essence of the satanic: turning everything upside down or backwards. Let’s maybe just call it manipulation by words.

If you as a reader comes up with a word or short expression, that in your opinion should be in this dictionary of 84 New Speaks, please comment below.


Agenda 21/2030

A well-thought-out initiative to create a new global Roman Empire with the ultimate control over people in every conceivable condition. Through the agenda, a large number of rightly concerned young people have been given a mandate to intervene in people’s dispositions, and the previously dynamic and rebellious environmental movements are now merely organs of the global agenda and the large corporations. Some have called it green fascism. See Sustainability. See Green Taxes. See Global Warming.

Activist foreign policy

see Intervention. Assaults on nations under the pretext of either security policy (see this) or using so-called Peacekeeping Forces (see this) to suppress and controll a population.

Al Qaeda

It means The Database in Arabic. An agency network set up by the CIA in the late 1970s to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, which the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia wanted to intervene themselves. Trained and organized by the CIA, funded by Saudi Arabia (see this).

If there is a need to call them terrorists (see this), they will be called that. Then they form a pretext for intervention. If there is a need to call them the true liberators of the People from their evil tyrant, then they are called that.


According to the neo-linguistic definition, it means total lawlessness, chaos, burning gas barrels on the streets and gangs ravaging. According to supporters of the state religion, an anarchist is a threat to the state’s autocracy and total right to commit violence, define what to believe and think, define what is right and wrong – and the right to do wrong. According to the same followers, people are not able to think, act, feel and judge for themselves, but need a father and a mother who constantly tell them how to think, act, feel and judge. The threat lies in particular in the fact that the anarchist doubts the state’s right to the above and claims that it is humanly possible and even a right as a human being to think, act, feel and judge for oneself – under responsibility!

Ask a random sympathetic, trustworthy person the following question: ‘I own this valuable item. Are you going to steal it from me? Now so. Do you need someone to tell you that stealing it from me is wrong? Not so.


Hatred of Semitic-speaking people, such as Zionists’ hatred of Arabs speakin Arabic – a Semitic language.

One can risk being called ‘anti-Semitic’ if one criticizes the Zionists or the state of Israel or the so-called Jewish lobby in the United States, but since it is only approx. 15% of Jews who are Semites – the rest are descendants of the Khazars who conveniently converted to Judaism – this is a 15% anti-Semitism.

A pretext to create a victim role and a moral barrier so that one cannot criticize the Zionists or the Chabad Sabbattean cult leadership, who are themselves the most racist and incarnated anti-Semites on the planet.


Big Bang

An outdated theory of the creation of the Universe that connects to the misunderstanding of an Egyptian creation myth about Atum, who sat and got bored in his cosmic emptiness and decided to masturbate, after which the guys sperm spread to all sides.

A theory of the world developed by men with a penchant for all that goes BANG! In German it is called Das Urknall.

A theory that the Catholic Church in particular is quite fond of, as it resembles their Fiat Lux – Let There Be Light. When the theory was presented in 1953 at a congress of the European Astronomical Society, the pope stood at the entrance and congratulated them on the fact that science had now come to the same conclusion as the church. Quite a few scientists had a disturbing feeling with that.



Synonymous with money laundring.

Like with many of the New Speak words, real charity does exist. The problem – the BIG problem is, that large scale charity most likely turns out to be fraudulant. UN is the grossest example. It is a fact, that only 1.2% of the money collected among the socalled united nations will ever reach the people, that the monstrous organization claims to care for. The rest goes to administration = keeping the machine and all its employees provided and straight down the pockets of money laundrers.

The Clinton Foundation is another gross example of organized fraud and money laundring. It’s all about taking and stealing and channelling of human ressources – and yes, the CF is heavily into human trafficking of all sorts.


A Roman expression for the incorporation of peasants in urban states following the Greek pattern in a more blunt and protofascist Roman model.

In cities, people are more controllable.

It is the same neo-Roman model that is now re-emerging in Agenda 21 (see this).

In war situations, the extremely thin layer of civilization falls away and people return to the animal kingdom. The choice is in this way between the Roman Empire and the Animal Kingdom.

Climate Policy

A word of diversion for not dealing with important areas within environment policy. It is linked to the constructed theory intended for the taxation of people based on the idea of man made global warming (see global warming).

The only way today to consciously influence the climate is through geo-engineering, which consists in polluting the upper layers of the atmosphere with chemicals. A number of companies and institutions, including the military and the CIA performs this, without the consent of the peoples and the knowledge of politicians.


The collective is the essence of the great ideologies of the 20th century (see Ideology). The cozy and ridiculous image of a pot-smoking carrot-eating collective at a hippie festival stands in stark contrast to the elitist super-concept of the annihilation of the individual in the global village of the neofeudal mono-hell by the aid of designer collectivism.
See Communism.


A pre-agreed conclusion on a cognition process that has not yet taken place. Reaching consensus is the moment when the participants in the process are convinced that they themselves have come up with the idea. If no one has reached this realization, there are methods to facilitate this so that consensus can be reached. See equality.

The methodology has a name: Delta meetings. It was invented by the Rand Corporation to manipulate mass opinion. Democracy (see this) is therefore the perfect medium for manipulation via so-called facilitators, as people do not discover that there is a dictatorship / tyranny hidden behind it. This avoids the expense and hassle of violent disciplinary attacks on the population.

An example: the British elite managed to mobilize consensus, before World War I, that it was okay to murder 10 million young men in the trenches in order to provide the banking system with sufficient income, smash the German Empire and prevent the Germans from establishing a transport line to the Middle East, where the British Petroleum Company tried to establish itself in the British Mandate area. The British citizens thus carried out the greatest filthy piece of crime in history against both themselves and the citizens of the other European nations in order to accommodate the nobility, their establishment, the upper class and royal house and banking institutions of their country without knowing it. Afterwards, they had a strange taste in their mouths.

Consensus is considered essential to be able to start and carry out a war, as the populations must both be cannon fodder and keep their mouths shut, while other nations people become cannon fodder and targets. Therefore, manipulated debates (see Debate) based on manipulated information are used to an appropriate extent. Ethics is not a relevant topic.

Consensus is therefore in practice equal to the relinquishment of sovereignty and civil rights.


Con-spiro (Latin) usually means sticking your heads together. If in English the word is separated as: Con’s Piracy, then it means the free exchange of the deceivers. Con as in neo-con = the new fraudsters.

Piracy is not what you read about in romantic novels for youngsters. It is most often free traders or privateers who, as agents, rob and steal from the common competitor, with the approval of the state, king / queen and government. It looks so boring on paper that states conduct gangster business at sea, so you hire people for that.

The pirate is no rebel, he is extremely obedient to his masters. The most famous, Sir. Francis Drake, worked for the English Queen all his life. The British Crown, through these intermediaries, engaged in piracy, drug trafficking and human trafficking in the 19th century. It still does.

On the other hand, all children think – because books have been written about it – that a pirate is a funny and heroic jolly-old-chap who engages in civil disobedience. Flags with Skull & Bones aka Jolly Roger they also think is funny, without a clue what it represents (pedophilia among other things).

Modern piracy may be that rich people are currently planning floating ‘nations’ in the form of rebuilt luxury liners anchored up offshore – floating Cayman Islands. Here taxes are not paid, here the laws of the land are not followed, here money is laundered, here no responsibility is taken for anything.

Conspiracy Theorist

Person who is not happy with incomplete or outright wrong explanations of what is going on behind the opaque screens of information. The term is often used and well-suited to silence all conversations.

A conspiracy theorist is perceived as a conflict-seeking person in a conflict-averse conversational climate based on fear and concealment.

The opposite of a conspiracy theory is a theory of chance, coincidence and randomness that many believe in.

There are official and blue-stamped conspiracy theories: eg about the incident 9/11. When you believe in the official theories, you will be recognized without being called a conspiracy theorist.

Belief is a concept of religions. Religions are OK then.
Knowledge is a concept of science. This is not OK, it seems.


Related to the Arabic-Muslim word jihad meaning holy war. It is almost no longer possible to use the word neo-linguistic, as most people know that the Crusades were atrocities from end to end and that the concept of holy war is corrupted from the great jihad (the spiritual fight against evil) to the little jihad (war against people with weapons in hand).

But the concept testifies that all times have known about New Speak. In the Middle Ages, it was an expression of a just struggle against the evil-minded Muslims and Jews who had occupied the city that the Christians regarded as their spiritual capital. The Crusades transformed, using a positively charged concept of murders, looting, and subjugations, into the struggle for a just, holy cause.

The problem with this idea was that Muslims, Jews and Christians lived peacefully side by side in Jerusalem before the Crusades arrived and the slaughterhouses began – just like in southern Spain in the 13th century.

Currency Reserves

Do not exist. Or do they? In that case: where did they go?

When the Western Central Bank decided to skip the gold standard, money became Fiat Currency printed or released digitally out of thin air nothing.
In a fractional reserve system, a large bank can loan money to its subdivisions, that can load the same amount to their subdivisions thus multiplying its fictive reserves everytime.

This the reason, why The Western Central Bank and its military forces would destroy and invade countries, that insisted on actual reserves such as gold. Example Libya.



Mistakenly viewed as a scientific theory. In fact, it is a piece of political designer philosophy also called ideology intended to legitimize the British Empire’s aggression on inferior countries and peoples in their optics by saying that Nature has proved the right of the strong. NB! Darwin never used the term survival of the fittest, he wrote only the strongest.

Very appropriate is the new word for eugenics after World War II: genetics. Via genetics, one can now create the strong human being, according to the Empire, and eradicate all the useless eaters of the global class society.

Incidentally, it was Darwin’s father who wrote everything the man wrote before him. This makes Charles Darwin the most overrated scientist of the 19th century.
See Theory of Relativity.


A diversionary maneuver consisting of assemblies and media discussing, calling each other names, assigning each other motives and agendas, with the aim of presenting them in an appropriate light. In these assemblies and media, a multitude of variations of false logic (fallacies) thrive, which few can discern, as they have never studied trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric).

Appeal to authority: Everyone knows that the Governor of the National Bank / Professor / Scientist / Bible is the highest authority, so their statements on the subject are therefore indisputable.
Appeal to majority: A majority of citizens have never heard of this, it has never been in the television or in the newspapers, and it does not appear in the children’s textbooks, therefore it does not exist and therefore there is no need to discuss it further.
A straw man (manipulative oversimplification): Cows fart a lot, farts contain CO2, the weather has become warmer in certain places on the planet in the last 50 years. Conclusion: cow farts are to blame for climate change, and the people owning the cows should pay us a lot of money.
Ad Hominem (personal attack): Everyone knows that this character has a past like …, whereby he has lost the right to speak. That means I’m right.
Definite dishonesty (also called vertical lie): It’s not something we just think it’s something we know. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. (Colin Powell, UN Security Council, before the Iraq war).

In a large number of debates, especially on important topics, the conclusion of the debate has already been given in advance. The purpose of these debates is to create consensus (see this) so that people think it is their own discussion. Three former foreign ministers of Denmark stated in chorus week 46, 2012 that the EU debate has been derailed. The debate is already derailed, and what they mean is that their debate = conclusion on debate (whereby debate is quite obsessively superfluous) is derailed. Their conclusion should lead to a consensus on Europe’s United States in early 2013 (according to the EU ‘roadmap’).

Fortunately the Danes did not fall for that piece of demagogy and voted against erasing the Danish reservation policy toward the totalitarian EU project, that wanted and still wants to cancel all national sovereignty and create the EU superstate.

Defense Pact, Ministry of Defense

Anything with defense attached meaning: Attack Pact, Ministry of War. Example: NATO is an attack pact and its leadership is the equivalent of the EU Ministry of War. A modern army may well be mercenaries, as war has been privatized. NATO are mercenaries working for the Pentagon and a well known banking syndicate. An army is not a national matter, as European and American armies today work for the interests of corporations and central banks.


The majority rule. The concept is today so diluted that it can be a synonym for various forms of government, including fascism. Democracy is considered a commodity that can be bought for money. This allows a democracy to be owned by a network of companies and banks.

A democracy as conceived by one of Plato’s teachers, Solon, can only be realized if people are fully aware of their responsibilities. It was through a democratic = majority decision that Plato’s second teacher, Socrates, was killed. He had insulted / challenged both the people and those in power, so they killed him.

Democracy is today a highly corrupt form of government, due to the general ignorance of the people about their own responsibility.

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what the dinner for the day will be (Benjamin Franklin).

The ruling class are constantly talking about democracy. That’s because it works so well for them.

When people of the ruling class wage wars, they constantly talk about democracy. Non-democracy is a form of paganism. Gentiles should be converted, but if they cannot be converted, they should be exterminated. Democracy, on the other hand, is the hallmark of God. See crusade.

If a nation of people are happy with its government – example Libya – but the leader is what we usually call a dictator, it is considered illegitimate by democratic leaders of other countries. Therefore a country like this and its leader should be destroyed and all livelihood taken away from this happy people. Envy as a motive for the destruction on the other hand, is considered fully legitimate.

Development Aid

A widespread form of financial activity in which prosperous nations in Western countries through bribery reward a select local elite, so that their nations become available to the Free Market (see this) and ship the nation’s or territory’s resources. 90% of all development aid goes to administration or bribery. Only 1.2% put into United Nations aids programs ever reach the people, who according to the UN are the targets of the aid. A HUGE corruption is going on here!

After a while, the goal of development aid has been achieved: permanent dependence on the developed nations.


Intelligence service and subversive activity disguised as dialogue. Diplomacy was invented by the Venetians, who sent their diplomats and ambassadors out to soften and turn their heads on the enemy and to report back on his weaknesses. ALL nations of Europe were at one time Venice’s enemies, as they had grossly manipulated everything and everyone.

They played the highest imaginable game, and the Venetian rulers was at one point forced into exile. Thereafter, the phenomenon metastasized by first settling in Holland and then England. The City of London, in all its corruption, is a neo-Venetian phenomenon. Then they moved their activity to America / USA. Now they have no more places to flee to.

Israeli, British and US diplomacy by the aid of Saudi and Israeli and CIA funding of terrorism has kept the conflict in the Middle East alive for a century now making sure, that real solutions and peace will never arive.


Each and every time the word is used, a red light should illuminate. If it refers to some biological phenomenon, it means that one – while using the word as a smokescreen – is in the process of eradicating a new species of animals or plant … a day.

If it is used about the particular biological phenomenon called humans, peoples, traditions, cultures or races, it means that there is no room for unique cultures with roots back in the past that prefer, yes, even love their own culture and traditions. This means that yet another culture must see itself destroyed by a forced tidal wave of mass immigration or refugee flows created by the same people who talk about diversity = the globalists.

If politicians, ideologues or cultural figures, with a penchant for political correctness, use the term in a European or Anglo-American context, it is a synonym for ‘too many white people in the same space, city or country’. The only current exception is when the same people say, ‘there are too many Japanese in Japan’, a special country outside of Europe-USA, whose culture has always been a thorn in the side of the Western ruling class.

see Multiculturalism



Enter = under, tainment = holding. Someone holds his hand under you and sticks something sweet into your mouth. It was one of the first things you experienced – hopefully, we must say – when you arrived in daylight in this world. Your mother put a sweet nipple into your mouth. The entertainment of our time recreates this primal state and makes us infants in adult bodies.


A synonym for special privileged status (see Feminism). It can also be a synonym for Collectivism (see this), where no one is allowed to rise above others or fall next to them. People without individuality are well-suited to equality. In Denmark it is called The Law of Jante, which is a local version of the international peasant ass ideology, where the hovering peasants were all ‘equal’ = equally poor, equally submissive and equally stupid.

Equality may be desirable as long as it promotes one’s cause, but undesirable if one has to relinquish a privilege oneself. This can be observed in those who preach equality.


The latest version of the proto-fascist Roman Empire. Their methods are the same version 3.0.

Famous pre-studies and pre-studies for the EU are: Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire (Charlemagne), German-Roman Empire, Empire of Napoleon, British Empire, Third Reich (Nazi Germany), Communist Empire aka Soviet Russia or Lenin / Stalin’s Empire, Mao-China, USA – The New Rome and Europe’s United States / EU. The latest version is the Globalist World Empire.

See Agenda 21/2030. See Free Market. See Terror. See National Bank.



Can be used for three things: creative networking and total waste of time by indulging in a narcissistic orgy of nothingness from morning to late evening, thereby consuming the time and energy one could have used to evolve as a human being.

The distribution of these types of use is estimated to be 1:99 (see also TV). Result: declining intelligence.

The third use is for BigTech companies to earn money by digital harvesting.
The fourth use is for the same BigTech cartels to suppress any dissident tendency towards the globalist ultra-tyranny.


In the mouth of a socalled Progressive (see this), it means: Everyone politically right of Mao Tse Dong. The word has lost it’s meaning and has become a derogative term for people, that do not aggree with the progressive agenda. This will guarantee, that the abuser of the term is unable to identify actual fascism, when it occours right in front. The abuser of the word then, is very likely to become the perfect instrument for fascism.

This happened to leftism in the Obama era. Leftwingers, liberals became the new fascists.

So what is actual fascism?
It is, as Mussolini and his ideologues put it: There is nothing above The State. As in the State of the Roman Empire.
It is the unholy merge of The State and corporate interests. In the classic fascism of the 30’ies and 40’ies The State swallowed the corporate interests. Today corporate interests, the globalists, have swallows up the State.
It is, when the swallowed-up State is no longer a guarantee for the protection of the people agains abuse from corporate interests.
It is – which is one of the strategic tools of fascism – when the asphalt is burning, and violence is released to terrorize the people.
It is irrelevant, whether the color is black or red. Fascism does not care about color.


An ideology designed to bring women into the labor market during and after World War II so that twice as much could be gained by the globalists for the same price.

Other purposes: division of families, gender confusion of men and women, attacks on children, eugenics (reduction of humanity). Discrediting men and glorifying paid work so that women could feel envious and leave their homes and children. A feminist considers all men to be potential rapists and all masculinity to be toxic. Women instead rape with their heart and mouth.

Feminism legitimizes hatred of men on a large scale, a dehumanization of men. The behavourists who created and staged feminism spotted out the natural protector of the institution being an obstacle for corpocracy: the family. Feminism arose in parallel with the great collectivist (see collective) movements of the 20th century. One forgets or overlooks that feminism was an integral part of Nazism, Communism and Maoism.

A widely used feminist term is equality (see this).
It is a synonym for privileged position = inequality.
A genuine New Speak word.

Finance Package (Bail-Out)

Ransom after banks’ hostage-taking of a population on the pretext that these banks are too big and too important to go bankrupt, and that people will go bankrupt with them. The banks do not have to account for what they use the money for, and before they have to be repaid, the bank will have gone bankrupt or merged, so it will never come up anyway.

Danish example: Amagerbanken, which turned out to have its ass full of money although claiming to be bankrupt.

Foreign Example: The Federal Reserve, which achieved a staggering billion right down its pocket when Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke held up a gun to the head of the American people. The money has never since been seen.

Later European variant: large loans are given to nations already plundered by their own corrupt elite + central banks + Goldman Sachs, so they will be indebted forever.


A sure hit, as one will always be able to ask: freedom for whom? and freedom for what? The Iraqis gained freedom from Saddam Hussein, but ended up in ties with multinational oil companies, petrodollars, chaos-murder-looting, Western-controlled leadership types, all in the name of freedom.

When Moammar Gaddafi stood up in the Arab League and called the Saudis traitors because they had ordered and approved an assault on a member of the league, a few years later he and the Libyan people would learn the Saudis’ and their CIA-supporters concept of freedom.

Words like ‘the free world’, the ‘free West’, the Free Syrian Army make use of this rubber stamp concept. When something is made ‘free’, it may very well be available for a new bond for the benefit of people with absolutely no respect for freedom. Women were liberated to be wage slaves. Released from what? From their homes and children. Released for whom? For the owners of companies who wanted double labor for the same price.
See Feminism.

Free Market

Unlimited free access for corporations to exploit one population in one country and disappear into another or into the off-shore cloud. Freedom from tax, freedom from responsibility. Freedom to uproot labor and citizens and place them where it is found profitable. Prevention of nations limiting their freedom.

In addition, the so-called free market is strongly monopolized, as large companies and central banks are afraid of real freedom on capitalist terms, where they would risk going down due to bad business and fraud
(see Finance Package).

Free Trade

Compound word consisting of the word ‘free’ and the word ‘trade’.

The first part of the word refers to freedom, as in the word ‘free bar’ or ‘freedom from responsibility’, ‘freedom from being audited’,’ freedom for us, freedom from all others’.

The second part of the word can therefore mean anything desired and convenient.


Global Warming

A cyclical result of conditions in the galaxy and the solar system, especially related to activity in the Sun’s magnetic field. There are various recurring patterns that can be studied throughout the history of the Earth.

Since no one comprehends such large scale forces in time and space, globalists have been able to place fear-guilt-and-shame on nations, governments and populations. A pretext for introducing taxes and inhibitions for 3rd world countries in their development and green taxes (see this) in 1st and 2nd world countries. Based on the unsubstantiated theory that CO2 is a toxin and not one of the most essential life-enhacing gasses on the planet, and that humans, refrigerators, green houses and cow farts are to blame for cosmic and solar changes.


An administrative layer in a society that has a monopoly on violence and the established right to punish anyone who can be said to oppose this monopoly. In English it is called the government of the Latin guberna menta: to control the mind, mind control. Synonymous with censorship, which is also practiced diligently by certain governments.

If a mafia organization carries out terror, extortion, liquidations and genocide at street level, it is called crime. If the state does the same, it is called governance.
See also Democracy.


A concept from a period in the history of science when electromagnetism was not discovered and understood. Or deliberately ignored. Here one came to the conclusion that there were two different forces of nature.

That is why today we still burn oil, have bad nuclear power plants and have immense global poverty and disease.

On the other hand, all the power is concentrated in the families that own the above industries, and humanity benefits from a number of wars, which for the most part are about the right to extract oil and other resources from the earth.

Green Taxes

Instead of doing something about the environment and the pollution, it is enough to postulate that one has the right level of concern and is ready to save the world’s ecosystems. Instead, people are infected with guilt over the coming disaster and are willing to pay themselves feel-good’ish to get rid of the guilt.
See Agenda 21/2030, see Global Warming.


Hate speech

A kind of speech that is on one hand obligatory when one belongs to the politically correct segment, and which on the other hand is the way of referring to those that they do not like. If, on the other hand, the non-liked speak out in critical terms about the lies that the politically correct spread, about the abuses that governments commit against the peoples of their own and other countries, then it will be called hate speech. And that kind of thing has to be banned by law, as we all know.

SO, hatred only goes one way. You are allowed to hate as much as you want, the hated are not even allowed to question hatred before they are condemned at hate-speakers.

We live in a world dominated and abused by narcissist projection.

History (Historicity)

Narratives about our common past told by a dominant ruling class after a war, so that it becomes possible to distinguish and interpret the present and foresee what is going to happen in the future. Legitimization of the right to determine people’s living conditions based on an organized and controlled narrative about the past.

Although people know, that they were told a lie before and during the war, they accept the war lords lying again after the war calling it True History.

Humanist Intervention

Aggression towards a nation under the pretext of charity and under the invocation of responsibility and obligation. A particular American dogma developed in the 20th century invokes legitimate aggression using R2P – see Responsibility to Protect. This means that using New Speak you can call an assault a helping hand.



Ignorance is the root of all evil.
At the same time, people say: Ignorance is bliss.
Does this mean, that evil is bliss?


An abstract mindset about man despite denying man. Via the ideology – abstraction from the individual – man becomes a pawn in a collectivist game. Collectivism = ideology.

Ideo – logos – as if it were a common and higher law. Idiom – similarity – Logos – law, word, sound – wording.

Ideology postulates to be a higher law, i.e. a religious, dogmatized law. Ideology is a substitute for religion.

Famous ideologies: communism, socialism, nazism, fascism, feminism, (neo) liberalism, conservatism. Common to them all is denial of the individual, ie. human right to sovereignty and autonomy and emphasizes the need for submission to a set of rules and finally the eradication of the individual.

Ideologies have historically tried to deny their being by, for example, calling themselves a science. Marxism, for example, claimed that religion was ‘opium for the people’, while they themselves poured opium on the people, called themselves a science and made a new and extremely poisonous religion.


A human being who is himself. The term is used derogatory especially by people who are only able to act in the flock version of themselves.
Read Dostojevsky’s The Idiot.


Could mean: just pulling the rug away underneath stability and prosperity and disrupting all good stuff.

A mantra for virtue signalling in corporations and governmental organizations. Also see Progressive.

A logical fallacy is: All that is new must be good. All that is old must be bad. Novelty in itself is a good thing. No it’s not! Innovation is a good thing, when an organization suffers from stagnation. It is a bad and destructive thing, when the organization actually works. Try saying the opposite: It is a very old thing, therefore it must be good. You get it? It all depends. Actually very old things are more likely to be good, since they survived that long. But it could also be a very old house – that is falling apart. It WAS good, but now it needs to be torn down, since it is beyond salvation.
Read: The 76 Logical Fallacies

The innovators are needed, when you start up a new business. They should be send home, when the business needs to consolidate. But the socalled innovators are very good at selling themselves and the need for them, when they should just … shut up!

And it gets even worse. When real innovators arrive with a contribution to a much needed lift of eg. technology, they will be silenced and shut down. We only have to say Nicola Tesla.

Intelligence Agency

Institution with the aim of destabilizing nations, thereby preparing them for the takeover of foreign powers. Intelligence agencies are major consumers of New Speak. Especially because people are not supposed to be informed that a country’s agencies are spying and undermining their own population. Intelligence agents have the approval of governments to kill people, as long as they do so discreetly.

Intelligence suggests a form of certainty and ultimate wisdom. The second main purpose of these agencies is to keep people in the dark, by spreading as much fabricated uncertainty and un-wisdom as is deemed necessary.

The third main purpose is to engage in industrial espionage for the central bank and extortion of key figures in power. The entities that are particularly engaging in this kind of thing are the CIA, the NSA, the MI5, the MI6 and the Mossad. During the Cold War, it was also the KGB and the agencies of the fascist dictatorships that were supported by the CIA. In the 30s and 40s, it was the Gestapo. In the post-WW2-40’ties the Gestapo became the OSS, that became the CIA.

The fourth main purpose is to fund certain activities that they know the people would never approve of. That is why they account for the majority of the world’s drug trade. If you are asking why the United States has waged wars in Vietnam (the Golden Triangle), Afghanistan and Central America, then look no further.



Information from international news agencies owned by a very narrow group of men in a global network with common special interests. Today, it is rare to experience actual investigative journalism. Journalism takes place mostly behind a desk and is conducted by people who do not need to know anything about the matters they are referring to.

Journalism can be used to exercise governmental power. Journalists do not feel bound by reality and can therefore invent and stage events that then influence other events and lead to decisions by politicians (see this).

Therefore, political journalists make sure to have intimate connections with politicians. They are given information against not asking critical questions. A particularly advanced journalist can advance to a spin doctor.



Liberal, liberalism

Liber originally meant free, libra is a weight and means balance. It also described a free man (vir liber) and was the opposite of a slave. Library is the place where a free man has access to libri, books.

Original liberal(ism) thus means a free and educated man and his rights = freedom.

Today it means free access for the predators from the corporations = fascism. Liberal means the freedom of the privileged from responsibility, and the freedom of predator capitalists to dictate to everyone else a strict morality and themselves a total absence. At the same time, it means freedom from being punished for financial and political terror, abuse and fraud = raised above the law. This means freedom to design laws that others must abide by. It means freedom to lie, without being called a liar. It means freedom as in ‘free bar’.

Liberal in English today means left wing. How strange is it not, that these left wing liberals have become useful idiots and agents for crony capitalism and globalist fascism.


Medical Science

A group of people whose purpose is to administer the distribution of the pharmaceutical industry’s products. Their job is to perform or convey treatments, not to cure. If they are still going to cure, there may be a so-called placebo effect, as actual cures can only be performed by competent bodies, ie. people who have become ill and their body’s ability to heal itself.

Medical science is formed and shaped by the pharmaceutical industry, which is a branch of the petrochemical industry.

It is about the aleopathic medicine. It is about a concept that, although invented many years ago by the Roman physician Galen, was found suitable in the creation of the pharmaceutical industry. In short, it consists in the fact that a symptom of illness is due to an attack – from, for example, a bacteria or a virus or a third ‘enemy’. We see that with the claimed pandemic due to corona virus (of which there are 4000 strands). This enemy must then be fought via a drug that, like a magic silver bullet, must kill the enemy.

The mindset is Darwinian. The concept stands in contrast to homeopathy, which was the kind of medicine that Rockefeller and Carnegie in 1910 set out to kill. It was necessary to create the new industry where the magic bullet was made and sold (the pill, the drop, the injection, the inception). Rockefeller himself turned 95 and always sought out a homeopath when he knew it worked. Homeopathy is strangely enough the form of medicine attributed to Hippocrates, the ancestor of the art of medicine.

In other cultures, in subcultures and in medieval Europe, another form of medical science exists and existed where people were cured. Like homeopathy, it is about restoring a balance in which the body heals itself.


When one must believe in only one God = in a proclaimed highest formative principle, all other principles become sacrosanct = unholy.

Therefore all unbelievers = those who do not think like us must be fought and die. Therefore the Gentiles = those who have no future are excluded.
Therefore we must slaughter them for their own sake.

Therefore, all peoples must be made our disciples = they must all drink Coca Cola and conform to the Free Market (see this), and abide by our provisions for Peace (see this) = Pax Romanorum.

Inside traditional religion there is an older version of New Speak. In general, the core values ​​and the best ideals of human beings are designated as targets for linguistic treatment so that religion can patent them.

Examples of words absorbed by religions: goodness, truth, guilt / innocence, children, love , sin, forgiveness. Linguistic treatment ensures that people need a ruling priest class as intermediaries between themselves and their higher selves, called God.

Multi Culturalism

A forced mixed culture caused by attacks on countries in the periphery of the ‘civilized world’ combined with organized mass immigration on a large scale.

The ultimate goal of mass immigration is the destruction of Western culture. There is no similar mass immigration taking place and there is no similar agenda aimed at the world outside Europe or the United States. If anyone were to lift a finger and challenge the phenomenon and the politically correctness of loving multiculturalism, they would be hated, condemned and cancelled.

It is politically correct to say ‘I am black, and I am proud‘. If a fair-skinned European or American should come up with something similar, an army of hateful Cultural Marxists will immediately sit in his throat and hatefully snarl that he / she is a hate speaker and that he / she does not have that right as a person or a member of a group to express an opinion. In fact, that group no longer has the right to be a group, so one can no longer be a member of it. In fact, it does not exist in the next 50 years, if it is up to the politically correct.

The multicultural society is the global village where there is only one race: the global mulatto, and where all strong and unique human cultures have disappeared. You know the color. When you try to mix all the colors together on the palette and stir around, you get an ugly non-color similar to the one coming out of your butt.
See Racism. See Diversity.



On paper, a non-aggression pact or defense pact. In the real world, an organization that attacks as unprovoked as the country that governs it: the United States (and who governs the United States?).

On paper not a commercial enterprise. In the real world, NATO today accounts for a large part of the world’s drug trade, where i.a. heroin via Turkey is sent to Brussels or on to the United States.

On paper, a peacekeeping force. In the real world, NATO is the world’s largest terrorist organization, which in the 1970s-80s-90s used fascist groups (Operation Gladio) to carry out terror and smear it on especially left-wing groups. Then they started using Islamist terrorist groups to do the same.

On paper, Operation Gladio was a historical parenthesis and a mistake. In the real world, it’s growing steadily and is found everywhere today as Gladio 2.0.

On paper, they are waging legitimate warfare in accordance with the conventions. In the real world, they use chemical and nuclear weapons when they can get away with it, and women, children and civilians do not stand in their way.

On paper a European organization. In the real world, they operate like a mercenary army all over the world.

On paper, they are defending the democratic free world. In the real world, they are constantly working to create the global totalitarian regime.

National Bank

A private bank that, at a strategically weak time for a nation, has taken over the right to print money and lend it to the nation afterwards. It is called national debt.

Famous privately owned central banks that pretend to be national banks controlled and controlled by the state: Bank of England, The Federal Reserve Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund), ECB (European Central Bank).

The Bank of England, ‘the mother of national banks’, is officially nationalized. Officially. However, half of their transactions disappear out of the system and into the pocket of an unknown shareholder. It is directly described in their annual report. Official law prohibits the state, police, or individuals from poking their noses into who this shareholder is. No one is allowed to audit them (review their accounts). Shareholder in a National Bank – is not there a contradiction? Do people in a nation that has a national bank not have a right of access to what a national institution does with their money?

A qualified and probable guess: the world’s richest banking family in partnership with the British royal family. Rothschild would be the name.


If these are non-governmental organizations, it’s a big question why the intelligence services and the money-rich think tanks are so interested in them. You may also wonder why George Soros thinks they are so apt to bring about regime change in a number of US-unfriendly states and that he spits money into the enterprises.

In return, it is no wonder that the Russian president threw them out of the country when his intelligence services saw what they were being used for.

Maybe the acronym should be translated to No-Good Operations.

New Speak

Is in fact not a new but an old phenomenon. In English it is called to cast a spell. Our Nordic ancestors were able to throw runes. Words can act as weapons. Magic signs and letters, written or said. In the religions it is well known, also in the Abrahamic religions. All words that cover the best and most human values will in these religions be subjected to an occupation / monopolization via New Speak.= occupied-possessed language.

In the Old Testament, the New Speak is described as the Tower of Babel. Here something happened to the human language that amputated, disintegrated and fragmented the human language so that the peoples could no longer understand each other.

The word became man’s potential enemy.
Power became the Power of Words.



Pax Romanorum, where subjects, peoples and nations are passive and submissive to the geopolitically dominant powers so that they can operate in peace.

Peace is in this way a state of constant fear of being exterminated.

Peace can also be the temporary period that exists between two wars, as these require some preparation. War (ab)uses a lot of money, and the aggressive states and their banksters know, they can’t plunder and pillage other countries, when there are no money or resources left – due to the previous war.

Peacekeeping force

Intervention force, with the aim of ensuring constant control of an area where the occupying forces have already produced conflicts (see peace). Inter venere, to get in between. The intervention force comes between the inhabitants of the occupied nation and the leaders they had before the intervention.

UN’s so called peacekeeping forces are well known to engage in genocide, contamination of local populations with diseases disguised as medicine og vaccines, child- human- and organ trafficking. United Nations is the ultimate corrupt organization of the World today


Politician or business leader who lacks empathy but in return has a unique ability to rise to the top of the systems.
Possesses high intelligence and is able to simulate both empathy and care if appropriate.

Psychopaths are rarely fired from their jobs as their performance is often high due to their lack of scruples and care for other people.

Psychopaths largely make the decisions of our national and global institutions today.

Psychopaths have a penchant for war.


Lawyer, economist or cand. polit, who through a professional career in a popularly elected body makes a leap into the private business world, with a high early retirement pay.

Someone who can have an opinion on anything without having to do a piece of homework. Officials and spin doctors take care of that today.

A special kind of actor who manages to shape a statement that burns through in an electronic media of max. 30 seconds, which is the same length as a commercial on TV.

A person who renounces authenticity in favor of a party formation that obliterates all individuality and thus also credibility along the way. On the other hand, a sense of credibility can be created through false logic.
See The 76 False Logics.

A person whose horizon cannot exceed the time limit of four years, which is the the election period of politicians.

Political Correctness

According to the Frankfurt School, which reinvented and redeveloped the concept, the oppressive western society was i.a. characterized by repressive tolerance. Envious of these tolerant rulers, they invented their own special form of repressive tolerance, which consisted of great tolerance for all who thought like them, and zero tolerance for all who deviated from their school.

Political correctness is a particularly verbal way of inflicting on a dissident a set of mental-corrective complexes consisting of especially guilt and shame. In political correctness, the solution is always given in advance, and those people who have not yet gained the particularly correct insight recommended by the thought police and the ideologues of correctness (police – politicians) should therefor be corrected by shame.

Political correctness is especially fashionable among people who call themselves ‘left-wing’. It originated in the early Sovjet State and meant not conforming to the party line.

Political Party

A disciplinary apparatus to ensure that an elected official does not develop independent and pragmatic ideas and solutions to societal problems and thus helps to ensure that the groups of political parties or party lumps that constantly change seats and take over each other’s politics never move significantly.

If a party politician, or gray mass of party soldier as someone calls it, allows himself to go against the written program of the party, he will be beaten to conformity or excluded via a leadership decision or an outing, so he will be forced to become a non-attached member. That is in European context and not in exclusive two-party systems like the American.

Parties and party lumps take turns swearing at each other and abdicating all responsibility as opposition to being subjected to the same thing during a period of government, while anti-swearing those who are now in opposition calling them irresponsible.

All important decisions for society are made outside the assemblies of the parties and the elected representatives, after which they flow to the assemblies, so that it seems as if people through their representatives (see Democracy) influence the decisions.


Regression to tyranny and feudalism.
See Revolution.

A person standing at the edge of a cliff together with his frieds shouts out:
Let’s progress – 1-2-3 …. And as they say: It’s not the fall, that kills you. It’s the sudden stop, when you hit the stony ground at the bottom of the cliff.

Real progression and progressiveness is the long term build up of human society that has taken generations of ingenuity and human hard work. The socalled progressives want to destroy all that. Destruction of the civilization is their main project.



The word is derived from quicksilver = mercury. In the pharmaceutical industry, mercury is used as a preservative in vaccines injected into young children so that they can become ill later in life and become dependent on the same industry. The purpose of vaccines is to create a synthetic immune defense system. Mercury is widely used for amalgam fillings of teeth. Pharmacists, doctors and dentists can therefore write quackery on their CV.



A concept that, like all New Speak distortions, can actually mean what it originally meant: the hatred of one race for another in the style of ‘white man hates black because of color’. But the word is very rarely used like that today.

The word will be abused every time one approaches in discussions a sore point such as: gangsta type of other ethnicity is criticized by person of local descent for being totally rude to a third of resident descent, after which gangsta- the guy immediately fires off: ‘Are you racist or what!?’ – directly translated: ‘Shut up or I’ll smash you’. The person has cheated the code of guilt and shame, as the person’s own culture is extremely guilt and shame based.

It is directly related to the moral shield that Zionists have armed themselves with when criticized for abuses, genocide and the like. performed by eg the state of Israel: ‘Are you anti-Semitic, or what!?’ (see Anti-Semitism) – directly translated: ‘Shut up, because my grandfather perished in concentration camps, my state has the right to behave worse than the way the Nazis were described (by their enemies)’.

Directly in extension of the concept of racism, political correctness moves where one – if one is an ‘enlightened’ human being, must necessarily think such and such, and if one does not, one should feel strongly affected by guilt and shame.

Racism of today is driven by ultra-racists, that have found a skewed way of being racists by accusing others of the same. These ultra-racists call themselves proponents of Critical Race Theory and are most likely to be members of or supporters of a fascist-racist organization called Black Lives Matter.

Regulation of Overpopulation

Eugenics, with the Nazis was called racial hygiene. Today it may be called bioethics. A mindset developed by the British establishment in the 19th century, on the premise that English-speaking peoples, and especially the elite within them, were the only ones who deserved to rule the world. Their genes were therefore exclusively important.

The connection to the Nazis took place via the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, where there was a shift towards racial hygiene, although it basically has nothing to do with race. It was financed an sponsored by the The Rockefeller Foundation. One of the main proponents today is the world’s richest man, Bill Gates.

Means of eugenics can be many: vaccines, artificially created viruses and epidemics, Feminism (see this), poisoning of the environment and food, medication, chemical pollution of the internal and external environment, weather modification, wars and other bloodshed, drugs, infantilization of individuals, gender confusion and sex-disrupting hormones, 1-child politics (China), stress and anxiety, destruction of family structures, nuclear pollution and nuclear war, mobile telephony and wireless technological pollution, pornographic films. And much, much more.

Relativity Theory

A form of cosmological cultural relativism or astrophysical nihilism invented by one of the most overrated figures of the 20th century, the man who was proclaimed the greatest genius ever, but who could not speak in an assembly of physicists without having to all the while looking at the notes he had been handed.

The Einsteinian thermodynamics is a description of the Universe’s protracted death spasm, and the principle is derived from the forces present in a steam engine in the 19th century.
See Darwinism.

Religious Leaders

Men who wear women’s clothing and wear funny hats on their heads. They have positioned themselves as legitimate substitutes for the Higher Self of every man and woman, the Higher Self called God, for whom they act as a substitute. Few of these substituters practice their own ideals, but engage in ritualized administration of the properties and means that their corporation possesses. Incidentally, they refuse to call themselves a corporation, which is a New Speak grip. The taxpayers, called the believers, have paid for these possessions. To believe means to voluntarily or under duress give up knowing.

Representative Democracy

A combination of passive and authoritative citizens who should have realized what serves their interest, and professional politicians who should have served the interests of the citizens, but instead pursue their own careers by telling people what they want to hear.

Representative democracy exists today to give people the impression that they have a say, so that the actual decisions can be made in peace (see Peace). People on the other hand believe that politicians represent them, even though they only represent themselves.


Synonym for obedience. In the optician’s optics, the responsible citizen is the obedient citizen. The citizen pays his taxes with cheers. The citizen relinquishes all civil rights on request. Citizens hand over all remedies that can be used as protection against aggression with open arms. In the USA, the government wants voluntarily and responsibly hand over of all so-called assault weapons so that citizens can no longer resist government aggression.

Responsibility In the opinion of former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Danish people should submit to all austerity measures and financial abuses by the government. He called it contract politics.

Responsibility To Protect

Right to attack, oppress and plunder. If necessary – and it is quite often, it seems – also the right to murder. R2P – Responsibility to Protect – is the doctrine of American geopolitics, that emerged in the Obama era with Hillary Clinton as secretary of foreign affairs – also called security policy (see this), which gives the United States and its so-called ‘allies’ the right to intervene under the pretext of wanting to help. It is also called humanitarian intervention (see this)


The way in which popular uprising motivated by indignation over injustice is channeled into a constructive chaos in favor of a manipulative wannabe ruling class. Revolutionary leaders are always Psychopaths (see this) who are willing to murder x number of fellow citizens in the name of an abstract Ideology (see this).

Revolutions are thus based on real bottom-up driving forces, modulated from above, to create new types of society, with a higher degree of control. This is well suited for a global ruling class. The colored revolutions in the East and the Arab Spring are recent examples.

Famous revolutionaries: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Lenin, Trotsky, Mussolini, Baader-Meinhof, Weisshaupt, Mugabe.


Saudi Arabia

A land area formed by the British Empire in its division of the Middle East into mandate areas, a kind of bantustans with apartheid rule. House of Saud, the royal family, was illegitimated by the British, and is an ancient Jewish family (according to leaked info from the CIA). They fund most of the Terrorism (see this) we experience in the world. The second richest and most influential family in this medieval regime bears the surname bin Laden. See Al Qaeda.


Specialized research in narrow areas based on a criterion of physical measurability called positivism. As a result, and the extreme degree of specialization of the practitioners of science, they are not allowed to communicate across scientific genres. Today, it will be difficult to know the difference between science and religion, as both are based on beliefs, dogma and assumptions.

Science is completely dependent on funding from those who own the commodities of the society, and scientists are therefore dependent on their masters and funders, whereby they do not feel encouraged to explore so-called irrelevant topics or try to find real solutions across scientific fields.


This particularly venomous New Speak word has quite different meanings when it comes out of the mouth of ordinary people, and out of a big mouth on a TV screen representing the state or another large enterprise. Can in the latter case best be understood negantropically (by delineating what we can not say about it).

Security is a trait that should NOT be associated with Microsoft’s operating systems, the weather, the state’s handling of social security numbers, the NSA, stock market speculators, airport controls, electronic payment cards, insurance companies and insurance from Hells Angels.

Always ask about security for whom, security for what, security where and security when. And, if after careful consideration and a nice piece of homework, you come to the conclusion that there is genuine and unambiguous security for YOU, then move on with it. But if you think you’re safe, because a nice gentleman with horn-rimmed glasses, jacket, tie and nice title says so – not to mention a politician (see Security Policy) – then may God help you!

Security Policy

A paranoid notion that fear of a designated enemy and maximum control over everyone within a society can create a harmonious society. The result is a maximum degree of insecurity and similar actions by so-called enemies affected by the security measures.

For example, US security policy consists of attacking as many nations as possible in the shortest possible time. Franklin D. Roosewelt had ordered plans for attacks on almost every country in the world before the Germans got ahead of him. And then he died.

Security and safety policy presuppose a high degree of paranoia. Therefore, through its security policy, the paranoid Israeli state has created the world’s most insecure area for both its neighbors and itself. Israeli security firms, all consisting of former Mossad agents, were hired to ‘secure’ the Twin Towers before 9/11, the London Underground before 7/7, the Fukushima plant before the meltdown, and so on.

Security can therefore with considerable certainty be translated as
non-security and uncertainty. Perhaps this is the actual purpose?

School Systems

Storage and upbringing institutions, where actual thinking must not take place. Through schools, in Denmark called primary schools, children’s natural mental and emotional development is broken so that they do not reach their true potential. The system was developed in Prussia in the 19th century, and was intended to create uncritical and unintelligent soldiers who did not complain about the wars they were to fight. Later, the system was taken over by the United States, which has perfected the stupidity.

There are schools where you do not pay homage to these ideals, but either people have not heard of them, heard anything wrong, or you can not afford to send your children there as they do not receive public support.

There are also elite schools where students learn to think as in the Greco-Roman system: trivium-quadrivium. But they cost even more money, because only the elite are meant to learn that kind of thing. After all, they must take their place at the top of society.


A designer ideology intended to create communities originally in the East that could be ruled behind the facade of the Western elite.

There are three versions:
International socialism also called communism, Stalinism or Maoism
National socialism also called Nazism
Welfare Socialism also called social democracy or Roosewelt’ism. You could also call it Pink Stalinism, the Scandinavian Model or Fabian Socialism

Everyone strives for a collectivized non-individual who is willing to sacrifice his personal freedom for the community. The same is true within fascism, where state and business are merged, and where the threefold division of republican democracy between legislative, judicial, and executive powers is fused.

All three socialisms are a further development of the Roman form of Christianity further developed by the Jesuits. Socialism is devotion to Collectivism (see this) and demands a gradual eradication of the individual.

Soft Power

Exercise of power under the guise of charity, cultural exchange and dialogue. It is related to concepts such as ambassador and diplomacy (see this).

Soft power is hardcore in its toxicity. In the past, it could consist of giving a Native American tribe a few boxes of whiskey to have some fun.

Soft power in the recent past could consist of introducing the natives to Coca Cola, jeans, democracy (see this), porn and bad TV series. It can also consist of giving them medication that makes them addicted.

It can, in fact, consist of all kinds of information that seems reliable but which is not in accordance with the inner reality and intention.

Soft power is imperialism disguised as care and responsiveness.

Sustainable Development

Voluntary renunciation of the opportunity to develop a society based on genuine sustainability. New poverty, where everyone has obtained equality (see this), but no one is excellent. It exists at an earlier stage in the form of theories of global warming (see this).

Scaling down costs for producers so they can set the same prices with greater profit.

The word means anything you want.


Terror, Terrorist

Government-funded and -initiated attacks carried out by groups, hired and organized by governments or intelligence services, so that they can then, through the fear of terrorism, invoke the right to deprive people of their liberties, send them to war.

Most of the terrorism seen on the world stage today is funded by the Saudis and initiated by the British, Americans and Israelis. See Al Qaeda.

Most of those found guilty of committing terrorism are the declared enemies of the Globalist Ruling Class.

Terrorist Attack

An attack on the state arranged by the state itself. The technical name is ‘Stand Down Operation False Flag’ and is well described in military historical and theoretical dissertations and taught on all military academies.

When the state can claim to be attacked, those parts of the State Constitution come into force that legitimize a reaction from the state = a war. The Constitution is subsequently repealed.

Famous terrorist attacks in recent times: Pearl Harbor, Tomkin Bay, Operation Northwood (not completed), 9/11 New York, 7/7 London, The financial crisis in 2008 (financial terror).


Men’s de-stressing hormone. The more naturally produced testosterone, the more balanced the man is. Used in feminist terminology (see Feminism) to mean the opposite: aggression. It is adrenaline that triggers aggression and testosterone that lowers adrenaline levels.

Feminists should study bio-chemistry before making claims.


Can be used for two things: quality documentary and fiction or total waste of time by indulging in a narcissistic orgy of nothingness in the form of reality shows, quizzes, sports and gossip or extremely flawed or decidedly false documentary from morning till late evening, which consumes the time and energy one could have used to learn something new about other people and find out what is happening in the world.

The distribution of these types of use is estimated to be 1:99 (see Facebook).

Intended side effect: declining intelligence.


En person ansat i en offentlig institution, der måske beskæftiger sig med undervisning, HR, social-og-sundhed, der deltager i et af de talrige møder, seminarer, workshops, som man dyrker i den humane branche, vil som oftest finde på at indlede en sætning med ‘Jeg tænker, at …’, og lidt senere i samme sætningsstruktur dukker der måske et par ‘… og så tænker jeg også, at …’ op. Og en person, der forholder sig til dette, er nærmest nødt til at sige: ‘Jamen, jeg tænker også, at …’

Ordet ‘tænker’ har erstattet ‘jeg synes’, ‘jeg mener’ og ‘jeg er af den overbevisning’.

Der ‘tænkes’, uden at mene noget, for en mening kan risikere at forpligte.



Weapons Legislation

According to increasing demands for a ban on firearms, it is claimed that the ownership of such a device automatically means, that you go and shoot the head of your neighbor, the neighbor’s dog and the neighbor’s family or take all the school children down in the local primary school. It is also claimed that because some psychopath once did – or did not – that everyone else should be punished for it in advance by handing over their firearms.

In this way, one can then at the same time ensure that only the criminals have weapons, and that one cannot defend oneself against them. It will also be possible to ensure that a malicious government at any given time can passivate its people and prevent it from defending itself with that government.

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