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The Russian Revolution

The Empire of the 20th century Soviet state destroyed the Russian Tsardom and Russia as a nation. It betrayed the Russian people by doing the exact opposite of what it claimed it would do. That was its sad purpose.

It is very rare to say that an empire has a main purpose, but this one had. It was conceived and created to perform a certain task. It was to help with the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian and German Empires. It was the ugliest and worst thing the World has seen. Nevertheless, it was considered by its creators to be beautiful and good and well-made. It only makes sense in a world where everything is upside down. Nothing, however, is so bad that it is not good for anything, for it has cured the Russian people of the totalitarian poison – forever.

In return, during Communism and the Cold War, the Soviets exported their system of repression through the most cunning forms of subversion. The West slowly became like the Soviet Union. Their media became full of lies and propaganda, their youth and their intelligentsia were corrupted by Marxism, their leading organizations and institutions became sophisticated clones of those developed in the Soviet state. Censorship became the order of the day in the West as it was experienced under Lenin-Trotsky-Stalin. The State and the society were militarized. Western leaders shamelessly lied to their people, and Western media became worse than the yellow press in the Soviet Union, for Soviet citizens knew after all that they were being lied to, whereas Western citizens had no idea until it had gone too far.

The so-called Third Reich was the most short-lived Empire. The British described its expansion, its ‘Lebensraum’ as aggressive, but it was mainly defensive, as Germany itself was attacked, almost destroyed during WW1, enslaved via a draconian Treatice of Versailles and then attacked for the second time and finally totally destroyed within a few decades. It had no other choice. Germany in turn was ascribed to all the worst qualities of the Empire is due to what in psychology is called a projection. Germany became the great scapegoat in the 20th century, so no one should spot the real aggressor.

This giant War Theatre of the 20th century came out of the British Establishment. The ugly face of the German war machine was in this context a creation of this establishment. And should someone think, that this is unthinkable because they were told – we were ALL told – in the school, that the British were the good guys and the saviours of civilization, then they should know, that another war has been going on for decades between the old and the new generation of British historians of exactly Englands role in the Mother of all World Wars, the 1st World War. The history is not even written yet.

American unilateralism is the almost last step before the final stage of all empires. Almost – in the sense that the final step is meant to be the globalists final takeover of … everything. The American Empire is somhow a sad phenomenon. So much good will and intention used in such a destructive way! This empire became a total paradox. Its self-perception post WW2 and especially after the assassination of John F. Kennedy that it was the champion of justice, while it destroyed every conceivable justice. When its inhabitants discovered it after years of self-poisoning, self-deception, self-glorification, and watching TV, all hell broke loose. Americans finally rediscovered a nation where freedom was the hope and driving force of the people.

A total neo-communist take-over was to be a real threat, before the American people woke up. It culminated in the preparing 8 years of the Obama administration and was to be a full blown reality in the planned 8 years of Hillary Clinton. A total sell-out to the Chinese-globalist empire was to be the final stage of the socalled 16-years plan. But as we know, something went wrong with this plan, and the globalists overplayed their cards.

You may also see the EU as an attempt to create an Empire. A miserable one. Russians today have a joke about it. They call it the EUSSR – because they have an unelected bunch of commissioners, the EU Commission and planned economy just like the Sovjet Union. They are making the same mistake again.

The global empire is an ancient thought, it has always been latent in the imperial dream. All previous empires were in hindsight merely feasibility studies. It was like a dragon with many heads. It was crushing, murderous, and belligerent in all areas of life, and if anything was not already a weapon of mass destruction, then it became one. The thoughts you thought, the words you said and heard, the air you breathed, the water you drank, the food you ingested, the knowledge that was passed on – everything was now a weapon against you. Your neighbor and your family were now your potential enemies. Everything healthy and natural was now perverted by the Empire, for Nature itself was its declared enemy. Nature is by nature uncontrollable, unpatentable and insuspendable, but control, patenting and suspending was exactly what the empire’s main project consisted of.

A quite effective mental image of the World Syndicate. Note the syntax of the visual statement: Satanic horns, reptile eye, black Babel tower, weather modification, hi-tech surveillance equipment, armies of super-soldiers generated by genetic modification, flying drones, brainwashing and Hollywood (the magic wand of illusion).

The Global Syndicate – or Technocracy – is all that the Soviet state never achieved on a global scale, because it did not yet have all the means to do so. In the late 20th century, however, technology and techniques were in place to control humans in all areas of life without them even being aware of it. Some of us were aware of it even then, but the overwhelming majority had slowly been led to a point, a state where they had forgotten what it meantto be human with a will and a freedom. They had become accustomed to their lifelong imprisonment, and if anyone had offered them merely a parole, they would have refused to accept it.

When the Global Empire launched its attack on Russia in the second round under the Obama Admin, they went after Kiev. They knew the symbolic significance of the place for the soul of the Russian people. It is Russia’s birthplace, Kievan Rus’, the land between the White Sea and the Black Sea. Here all the trade routes ran, the great rivers between the great lakes and seas. It became a great empire with Prince Oleg in the year 882, until it was overrun by the Mongol invasion in the thirteenth century.

It is said that Kievan Rus’ was started by Rurik and his brothers, Varangian chieftains, people we would today call Vikings. The Varangians came from Denmark, from the peninsula called Jutland – some say they came from Sweden. Varangian is just a title of a professional warrior. Rurik’s capital was Novgorod, but Prince Oleg, Rurik’s successor, moved the capital south to Kiev. In 907, Oleg sailed with 80,000 men and 2,000 ships to Constantinople and overpowered the Byzantines, and then the golden age of Kievan Rus’ began.

The Great Gate in Kiev – today just an Exhibition Picture

Kiev recently became the capital of the strange country, Ukraine. It was always part of Russia, but the Ukrainian president – a Ukranian himself – Nikita Khrushchev, believed that he should increase his popularity by giving the area away. Ukraine is a rich area. The black soil is very fertile, and at one time it was the breadbasket of the whole of Europe. On the vast plains grew grain like nowhere else. It is a land area located between east and west, between Europe and Russia.

So when the Americans lately attacked the country with their coup d’Etat revolution and deployed neo-fascists and neo-Nazis, it was to destabilize the territory that both separated east from west but could also unite it, ie sign-united Russia and Germany. The strip of countries made up of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics was to be the wedge buffer between the peoples and cultures in the east and the west. That was the big divide and conquer World War I and World War II were about the same thing: preventing Russia and Germany from uniting by making them enemies and driving a wedge between them.

Stalinist, demagogue and traitor – even by Soviet standards.
The West loved him.

The Tsar’s Russia was declared the great enemy of the British Empire. So Russian Tsardom had to be destroyed at all costs like the Austro-Hungarian and the German Empire. That is why we got the revolution. There is nothing like a revolution that is capable of destroying a country. Well, it is the people who want the revolutions, they say. Nonsense! The people want to live in peace, freedom and tolerance. This also applies to freedom from slavery. It is when the people rebel against slavery that revolutions arise. But the revolutions are not the uprising – therein lies the great misunderstanding.

The revolutions are ways for the rebellious energy to roll back – re-volo: back-rolls. Someone has beforehand seen the uprising coming. Then the vehicle rolls back again. The next regime and its despots are always worse than before, and rebellion against human suffering always does the dirty work. The coming despots always clap their hands when the thousand feet come tumbling and stomping to death. Tell me about a revolution where the people profitted in the end! Name me a single socialist regime that has brought happiness to the land and its people. Do I hear a loud and noisy … silence?

The March towards Death

The Russian Revolution froze the Russian soul for a hundred years. We have always had an inner warmth to counteract the outer cold when King Winter arrived. Do you know how we exterminated harmful domestic animals during the winter? We simply turned off the heat and moved over to the neighbor for a week. When we got back, lice and fleas and everything with both four and six legs were gone. But when the revolution had done its gloomy work, we also got the inner cold. It destroyed our culture, our traditions, our faith, our prosperity, our common sense and our humanity. Communism blunted us. Young men drank vodka to death and the women aborted to avoid birth defects due to alcohol-damaged genetics. Well, have you not heard of it before? No, but in Russia it was worse than anywhere else in the world.

In the West, Soviet Russia was blown up to be this terrible threat to the whole world. But they did not understand what the threat was. They were told that it consisted of a terrible military power and a terrible nuclear arsenal. The Russians are coming, there was a shouting all the time. The Soviet leaders played along with it, because they really wanted to appear terrible and invincible. The American leaders played along with it, for the military industry could not maintain their mega-profit and the artificially inflated state it had assumed before-during-and-after World War II, without a terrible enemy.

Imagination or reality? What do you think?

The truth was that Soviet Russia was totally on its knees. Nothing worked. Russia was totally dependent on money from the West to survive. Even before World War II, the Russian population had been reduced by a 100 million, some as a result of slaughter during the Revolution, others through deportation and the ethnic cleansing that Stalin initiated. A whole lot died because the peasants became the new proletariat that had been robbed of their property and collectivized. They had to hand over everything to the Soviet state and starved to death – where after the State itself starved. A whole lot died of plague, including the American Army Flue (Spanish Flue), which killed 100 a million people world citizens during and after World War I. It was a biological weapon artificially created. During the 20th century, the Russian population was reduced to its half. Most of Russia is so sparsely populated that there are no people to extract the enormous riches and resources that exists.

The real threat to the West was the export of communism to the West. The communist parties in all countries of the West took direct orders from the regime of Moscow, although many of their naive members had no idea. Stalin could give orders to close a factory in the United States that manufactured aircraft that were used against the Russians. Students and academics in the West became infected and subverted by Marxism. But none of those who praised communism in the West had any idea what communism was and why it had arrived. They knew nothing about designer ideology. They became part of the design, and the design became part of them, the design became them. When communism had infected the West in all its disguised forms disguised as charity, it gradually dawned on people. But then it was too late, for communism had transformed itself into the Global Empire. Or the Empire had sucked up the communism, it had created.

If you asked a communist in the West – or in Russia for that matter – how and why the revolution took place, you got the predictable clichee about the brave Bolsheviks, the poor working class that the brave Bolsheviks wanted to save from the evil Tsar, who came down so that the equally evil capitalists could come down as well. But it was the true Russian culture that came down like all true cultures inside and outside Russia. The Russians were forced into the project with bloody violence, and they learned their ‘new normal’ the fastest and the hardest way. It would be another century before the West discovered what had afflicted them and their true cultures in a new normalized way, for they had been seduced, stigmatized, and poisoned.

Lets go into details. In the following we shall with respect and gratitude lean ourselves to the great work of people, who during and after the Soviet era have done a most necessary work to reveal the perverted logic and the atrocities of the Era. One person needs to be mentioned here among many. His name is Yüri Lina. He is a former citizen of the former Russian provinces, now Baltic states, an author and film maker now living in Sweden. And there in the cultural marxist state of Sweden he is once again experiences totalitarianism, censorship and governmental corruption! You may want to go and find his documentary on the internet called Under the Sign of the Scorpion (Under skorpionens tecken).

The great lie about the revolution

We were told a false story about the Russian Revolution. Everyone all over the world, even those who were against communism, because they were not told that their own leaders were complicit. To tell such a great lie is in itself a war crime. So what we have to tell each other on this journey is, in fact, the story of the great lie, the great thought crime against humanity. Only by telling all that could not be told, can the incomprehensible damage to people for generations make them hope to heal.

Isn’t it weird that they all went by cover names? Why this disguise?
Why did they not say who they were, where they came from and who had paid for their holiday stay?
It will be understood during further reading.

The Russian Revolution was a Masonic action. It was the second major Masonic action within three years, and both actions were carefully planned decades before. The first action was World War I itself, which was cooked up through the network led by the English King Edward VII before and during his 11-year reign. The Scottish Masonic rite had at that time relied on total control of Freemasonry in the West. They were the descendants of the same subversive groups that, in the name of the Jacobins, had provoked the French Revolution with its terror and guilotations.

Whether we call them Jesuits, Freemasons, Zionists or Sabbattean Kabbalists does not matter. The real purpose of Freemasonry was to place its own trusted and consecrated and loyal members as leaders of the communities in order to control and manipulate all public opinion. Loyalty was gained through brainwashing ritual processes in which members in their ascension in freemasonic degrees underwent a series of traumatic and compromising points of no return. By compromising is meant the whole spectrum of perversities, which we shall not elaborate on here. There was everything going on from pedophilia, sodomy, ritual murder, everything we would associate with Satanism. A more proper name is Sabbattean Kabbalism, and it originates from Babylon and from a cult that can be called the false Zoroastrians, and who strangely managed to survive and exercise their power for thousands of years. But only quite a few Freemasons are aware of this due to the hermetically sealed and highly hierarchical filter structure. Nor are all lodges equally populated by these Kabbalists. Grand Orleans in Paris was.

Sabbateanism was named after Sabatei Zevi, that caballist who claimed to be be Messiah in 1666 – until he was forced by the Ottoman Sultan to convert to Islam … or else chop-chop. The coward chose to cryptizise himself. Jacob Franck, his pupil and follower gave name to the Jacobins. He gave in Frankfurt the GO to Adam Weisshaupt to form the Bavarian Illuminati who gave rise to the Jacobins. And he also became the spiritual leader of the Dönmeh, the crypto-jewish group of freemasons from Thesaloniki, Greece, also known as the Young Turcs, that performed the Turkish revolution simultaniously with the Russian. And the Armenian genocide. Coordinated operations? Of course.

The Gulag of the Jacobins

Leo Tolstoy saw and described the coming of the First World War 20 years before. German Chancellor Bismarck also described it. Bismarck said: I do not know who will start the Great War, but I know where it will start. It will be a place in the Balkans. His intelligence had reported on the anarchist groups – the fascists or Islamists of the time, the Operation Gladio cells of the time – organized by the French Masonic lodge Grand Orient de France, which was directly under Edward VII’s grand mastery. It was they who donated the occult piece of symbolism in New York we know as the Statue of Liberty. The Americans did not know that the figure had nothing to do with freedom. Along with Tolstoy, the other great Russian writer Dostojevsky saw what had arrived. In his novel Demons, he describes the twisted and perverted mindset of the Bolshevik, revolutionary cells of intellectually disturbed sociopaths. The third great author, Alexander Solzenitsyn, later described Soviet society in full dysfunction. One long three-stage rocket of lamentation!

The man who predicted World War I 20 years before

In December 1916, the Jewish intellectual Leiba Bronstein traveled with his entire family to New York. He traveled on 1st class and not on 3rd as he erroneously stated in his memoirs. His Masonic brother, the Jewish financier Jacob Schiff, had invited him and paid for the trip. Bronstein later became known as Leo Trotsky. Schiff, who was the head of the Jewish Kuhn-Loeb & co, the banking firm on Wall Street, hated the Russians. He is similar to later oligarchs who financed and undermined Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. He organized cells of revolutionaries where the Zionist lodge, B’nai B’rith, Sons of the League, was responsible for the ideological preparation and pre-study of the upheaval, the failed revolution that took place in 1905. Not many people know about it. But 10,000s of revolutionaries were trained and sent to Russia in those years, and their purpose was to overthrow the Tsar’s Russia.

Old School Neocon. Most people – especially on the brain-dead and brainwashed left wing – believe that the American NeoCons are ‘neo-conservative’, simply because they took up residence in the Republican camp. Nothing could be more wrong. They are neo-Trotskyists. The majority of them are Zionists, several have dual Israeli-American citizenship, they all hate Russians and Russia, they can not get enough of war and human sacrifices, they lie to you as lying professionals (Neo = new, Con = deception). So when we break the Kabbalistic code, they are: new fraudsters.

Leiba Bronstein – the old school scammer – had previously become a member of the French Masonic lodge l’Art et Travail, to which Lenin also belonged. Winston Churchill later confirmed that Trotsky was an honorary member of the ‘Enlightened Club’, which explains something about the mindset behind the world wars and the revolution. In the texts that accompany the 33rd degree of initiation into Freemasonry, one can read that Freemasonry is nothing but a continuous revolutionary conspiracy. Leiba had already studied Freemasonry by the end of the 19th century and had been imprisoned in Odessa, the Jewish center of concentration in Russia. He wanted to know what had driven Freemasons since the 17th century and the Age of Enlightenment to revolutionary enterprise. You may recall that in 2014, the neo-Trotskyists, the American NeoCons, staged a fire massacre in Odessa using their fascist stormtroopers and infiltrators as part of the new attack on Ukraine and Russia. They did it again!

This is why we have to educate us in the REAL history of mankind. If we don’t, history will repeat itself, again and again until we finally get it past our thick skulls.

Trotsky knew of Adam Weishaupt and his 18th-century Enlightenment-Illuminati subversion theses – the Jesuit methodology of undermining a society, a government, and a people. He knew it had been tested in the French Revolution. He knew that the traditions, the nations, and the stabilizing royal families stood in the way of the subversive project. As a Jew and Zionist, Leiba saw how Freemasonry was nothing more than occult Sabbatean, Kabbalistic Zionism. Their deity was none other than Moloch, Mammon, Lucifer, and Nihil, the great nothingness. He was fascinated and strongly attracted and smelled blood. Like Marx who wrote poems in aroused appraisal of … Satan! And later like Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) that dedicated his book to Lucifer, the first true revolutionary as he states! Alle these guys were satanists.

Jacob Schiff, The Financial Godfather of Bolshevismthe George Soros of his time

Trotsky was first accommodated at the luxurious Hotel Astor in Time Square. Jacob Schiff then paid for the equally luxurious residence at 1522 Vyse Avenu, Bronx with three months prepayment. There was electricity, elevator, hot water, trash can and other things that might seem standard today, but which at the time were priceless luxury. And there was free limousine driver for the family!

In the years 1905-06, the revolutionary cells in Russia murdered 50,000 people. In return, the Tsar appointed Pyotr Stolypin as Foreign Minister, and for the time being he succeeded in fighting the terrorists by means of standard courts, ie immediate executions. He had no other choice. 35,000 terrorists fled abroad, especially to the United States, which became their free state and sanctuary. Parvus – funded by Japan, which had previously fought Russia in East Asia – and Trotsky had to flee with them. Stolypin’s house was bombed in 1906 by Bolshevik terrorists, and his daughter was disfigured by the bombing. But his reforms were extensive and very progressive for that time. All political parties, for example, were allowed. The period 1907-14 became the most prosperous in all of Russian history. It is very reminiscent of the 7-year period in the history of Germany between 1933-1940, when an unprecedented economic progress took place. Russia was then and therefore hit by a revolution. Germany, which had already carried out a National Socialist revolution, was then and therefore hit by an attack by the Soviet Union and then another world war. I think our immigrant from Germany can explain more about that.

During the Stolypin period, the peasants got 3/4 of their land back from feudal Russia. Russian farmers now produced more grain than the United States, Canada and Argentina combined. Note that Ukraine was a natural part of ancient Russia and not the rift between great powers it later became. 40% of the world’s grain came from this part Russia.

The Masonic conspirators in Moscow had become uneasy. On September 14, 1911 at 21 Mordecai Bogrov, a Jewish-Bolshevik Masonic agent, assassinated Stolypin during an opera performance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Tsar Saltan in Kiev. Tsar Nikolaev II was present. It was the eleventh assassination attempt on Stolypin, and it succeeded. After this, the way was paved for the revolution.

The Masonic lackey murders the progressive reformist

It became a bread revolution on March 12, 1917, also called the February Revolution. In reality, there was plenty of bread, but the Freemasons staged a shortage of bread and thus a popular pressure. This forced Tsar Nicolai to abdicate, and he handed over the tsardom to his youngest brother Michael II, but the Freemasons forced him from the throne after just two days.

Masonic leader Pavel Milyukov, who became foreign minister in the transitional government, directly admitted in his memoirs that the February Revolution was a Masonic conspiracy. There was a certain popular enthusiasm among the people as they believed that a takeover of power had taken place in their favor and that they were now getting bread on the table. But when the new Provisional Government launched a terror campaign against its opponents, the enthusiasm disappeared.

Would you buy a fake transitional government from a man, that looks like a reptile with narrowed eyes?

Alexander Kerensky, head of Russia’s Supreme Council of Freemasonry and Grand Orient chapter in Russia, first executed 4,000 police officers and threw the bodies into the streets for fear and warning. Officers were executed. Monuments were destroyed. Real criminals from prisons were released in the 10,000s with the result that an expected anarchy arose. People were robbed and murdered, for the terror was now directed at everyone.

All this is exactly what the liberal mayors and governors of California, Chicago and New York have done recently. They are using exactly the same play book. History is repeating itself because of disigned oblivion of the past. The neo-marxists in United States never studied the REAL history, they only studied the play book, they were handed out in order for them to repeat history.

This time though, someone saw it coming.

The Grand Orient was headquartered in Paris. Just as Tolstoy had seen in the early 1890s how these French had arrived and flattered the Tsar in order to drag Russia into their planned world war, so it was now this lodge that took power. The Provisional Government received $ 1 million from Schiff’s Kuhn Loeb Bank – the amount must be added three zeros in the end if we are to understand the amount of money today. Schiff then arranged through the infamous Colonel Mandell House, the man who was inside Woodrow Wilson, that the president issue a provisional passport outside the Constitution and statutory procedure to Trotsky so that he could travel to Russia and organize the seizure of power. From here, another infamous financial typhoon, Paul Warburg, became Trotsky’s protector. Russia, according to Warburg, was to be destroyed and a communist slave regime was to be introduced, despite the fact that Russia was not the enemy of the United States. Bankers are a government within the government and their policy is their own. Trotsky’s mission was the bankers’ mission given to him. That the Russian Revolution had anything to do with the welfare of the Russian people is as far from the truth at all as possible. The Russian Revolution was a Zionist revolution funded by members of the B’nai B’rith Lodge, Jacob Shiff and Paul Warburg, along with Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, and Isaac Seligman.

Godfathers of The American Misery

Free Masonry

Where does the fierce hatred against the tsar and Russia that these men were possessed come from? We have learned that it was a Tea Party opposing the British that created the United States of America. There is some truth to that. But the United States was created by Freemasons who wanted a new base for future criminal activity. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, Freemasonry was home and cover-up for the opium trade, piracy and slave trade, all of which had created the British Empire, which is 100% Freemasonry ruled. Their methods were to deceive the general public and rewrite history – exactly like the Bolsjeviks did. The large families in the United States, Roosevelt and Morgan all have their past in opium smuggling and piracy. The start of the slave trade was initially white men who were kidnapped in Britain and sailed to America. Black people from Africa came later.

The United States was thus in no way founded on democracy. Benjamin Franklin, a member of the Grand Orient Lodge Les Neufs Seurs, the Nine Sisters, presented an ultimatum to the then 13 colonies: Join, or die! The formation of the federal state was thus a loaded gun to the forehead. The sentence is painted on the wall of The Library of Congress accompanied by a snake. Very telling. It was the same slogan used in the French Revolution: Be my brother or I will kill you!

The Nine Sisters were closely associated with the group that was later blown up to enormous proportions, the Illuminati, which during the revolution bore the name Jacobins. They wore red Phrygian hats like the Roman freed slaves as a mark of their revolutionary mindset. The Bavarian Illuminati were formed by Adam Weisshaupt in 1776 in Munich, and his purpose was the eradication of the European nobility and the nation states of Europe. Nobility, king and state were synonymous at that time. He had the same basic purpose as his teachers, the Jesuits. The influence of the Illuminati should neithe be overestimated nor underestimated. Their fingerprints are set on state monuments, and their pixie hats stick out everywhere. George Washington tried to counteract their influence, but in vain.

The reason for the American Civil War was that the Freemasons, led by the infamous Albert Pike, who wanted to found the world’s largest slave empire from the Canadian border to Mexico and Cuba. The capital should have been Richmond, Virginia, and all the lodges scattered throughout the countryside were working on the case. The non-Freemason Lincoln was chosen for the greatest irritation of the Freemasons. They launched assassination attempts on him, and his own minister, Freemason Edward Stanton, was involved. When that failed, Albert Pike ordered the beginning of the Civil War in 1861. Lincoln was pressured by the opposition to form a central bank. Today we are fully aware of what that means and need only say The Federal Reserve or more correctly The Western Central Bank. In other words, a private enterprise run by people like Schiff, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild and the kind that sucks money out of the state’s pocket. Lincoln opposed, and turned to Russia for help. Tsar Alexander II sent his fleet in support of Lincoln.

A historic parallel

1863: The Russian navy intervened at the request of the American president.
2015: The Russian Air Force intervened at the request of the Syrian President.
Both incidents happened fully legally under fierce condemnation from the elements of the Deep State who have intervened unsolicited and illegally in just about every state and regime in the World.

So the American Civil War was about slavery, but in a slightly different way than historiography has presented it. It was a war between Freemasons and bankers on the one hand and the common Americans on the other. And the Freemasons hated Lincoln and the Tsar for it. So on April 9, 1865, Lincoln was shot by Freemason John Wilki’s Booth at the Ford Theater. The following year, there was an assassination attempt on Alexander II.

Pike was thrown in jail for treason. The Freemasons approached the President, Andrew Johnson, also a Freemason, and in 1866 Pike was pardoned and released, and the next day he was already invited as a guest of the White House. As a thank you, Johnson rose from a lousy 4th degree to the second highest 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite.

Albert Pike – a megalomaniac,
who portrayed himself as Yahweh / Moses / Dionysus.

Given the role that Pike played in relation to the American Civil War, given its close ties to the lodges in France and England that started World War I and the Russian Revolution, we could consider doubts about the authenticity. of the letter to Mazzini in which he maps the content and purpose of three world wars. And we have seen all three of them take place, exactly as he described them. Pike was not a prophet, he was a master engineer of the kind of self-fulfilling prophecies called conspiracies, and his letter was either an unintentional leak or one of the usual deliberate leaks that these secret societies in their arrogance amuse themselves with making. There are also those who claim that it is a satanic ritual that lets them escape their own karma – or let them believe, that they do. Because when people know it, they have taken responsibility for their own misfortune, and the criminals are acquitted. Just like there are those who claim that forgiveness of sins is not created for the common Catholic but for the greedy cardinals and their P2 lodges and Maltese orders as well as their horde of pedophile priests to escape through the camel’s eye of the needle and into Heaven. If you ask me, these people are cruelly wrong. Karma is inescapeable.

But not all of these events we can not know with absolute certainty. We can only see patterns and that these patterns are a little too striking. The Pike letter is probable written by a Jesuit agent by the name of Leo Taxil. As if that made it any better. 135 years later we find the first Jesuit pope, Bergoglio, the fascist hang-out from Argentina with blood on his hands. Rumors say, that he now has been taken out, and in a more radical way than his pedophile predesessor. It was from a Vatikan/Jesuit controlled satellite, that the Smart Maddock Dominion software was controlled and dirty money were transferred to the coup of the American election i 2020-21.

Freemasons love obelisks. They have no idea what the obelisks were used for in prehistoric Egypt, for that technology is not fully known today. Their alleged tradition is much later, for it is the Kabbalistic one. In their redefinition of technique for symbolism and occult mumbo-jumbo, the obelisk is attached to the victim. At Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas, such an obelisk in 14 steps is seen with Lucifers or Prometheus’ torch on top. It is the same torch that Semiramis or Columba alias the Statue of Liberty carries. The Luciferian or Promethean principle is that man has stolen the fire of the gods or god and has made himself God. It is the inner core of Freemasonry. They believe that They are God and that they are now magically creating the Universe in your image. Need we remind you that JFK was shot right next to the obelisk at Dealy Plaza. The obelisk stands at 33 degrees latitude and the date of the shot was in the sign of Scorpio.

In 1963, JFK ordered the issuance of banknotes outside The Federal Reserve. In the same way as Lincoln did with his Greenbags 100 years before. He also wanted to prevent the Israelis from acquiring nuclear weapons, which made him the enemy of the Freemason Ben Gurion. He then wanted to stop the Vietnam War, which provided him with the Freemason and gangster, his successor Lyndom B. Johnson as an enemy. Johnson subsequently provided the comprehensive cover-up of the murder by arranging the Warren Commission, whose members were the same people that were involved with the assassination. Kennedy fired Alan Dulles and proclaimed he would set sharp limits on the CIA’s activities, making him the future CIA Director and President, George Bush Senior as an enemy. This guy was present at Dealy Plaza during the liquidation.

A senior Freemason, Captain William Morgan, came on the trail of some frightening secrets about Freemasonry in his lodge in No. 433 Batavia, New York. He traveled around in 1826 to warn other lodges about his find, and also believed that the general public should be aware of it. He signed a contract with a book publisher. The Freemason kidnapped him and threw him into the Niagara River. It was admitted in 1860 by another Freemason to his psychiatrist on his deathbed. We must understand here that Freemasons before entering the higher degrees swear allegiance to total silence and insist on signing their own death sentence if they break the silence. As do the mafia with its members, the infamous omertà.

Thus, as we are better able to understand where the immense hatred of Russia and the Tsar comes from and that it is inextricably linked to the unofficial history of the United States, we can return to the revolution. The Russians had been crucial in preventing the American slave kingdom of Pike and the Freemasons. Now, as punishment, they were to be inflicted with the ugliest slavery the world had ever seen. So on March 27, 1917, Trotsky boarded with his family and 275 terrorists and revolutionary adventurers aboard the Norwegian vessel Kristianiafjord. There were also a number of financial criminals and Wall Street sharks on the boat. Trotsky states: Russia is our revolution-liberated country. As the boat makes a stay in Nova Scotia, Trotsky and five of his closest are apprehended by the Canadians and arrested. The reason was a telegram sent from London, which stated that Bronstein, ie Trotsky, was on his way with his socialist accomplices to start a overthrow of the Russian government. For the purpose, the Germans had given him $ 10,000, and a body search found just $ 10,000.

British Intelligence and The Establishment

The incident is pretty tricky. The letter came from the British intelligence service, which fully agreed with the plan for revolution and whose agent Trotsky turned out to be. Through this act, the attention of Trotsky’s real financiers was diverted, and the Germans now became the culprits. The Canadians were also informed that Kerensky and Lenin had been funded by the German General Staff since 1900. The Americans were involved in World War I and, along with the British, everything imaginable was smeared on the Germans, a standard tactic for psychological warfare, propaganda and subsequent acquittal of one self as the actual war founders and war criminals. A tactic they repeated before-during-and-after World War II.

There were demands from the United States to Canada to let US citizen Trotsky go, which he did 4 days later. The Canadian citizens were never told the truth, for the authorities knew that by releasing Trotsky they were prolonging the world war and already laying the groundwork for the next one, in which the Soviet Union and Stalin were destined to play a cruel role.

It is important here to understand the British role in the Russian Revolution. The British and Americans were completely in line, or rather: the British and American Freemasonry, which we would today call The Deep State, were completely in line, for the American Freemasons were a direct extension of British Freemasonry. Admittedly, it was American financiers who created the basis for the revolution, but it was very much on the wish list of the British establishment, just like the First World War. An example.

The monk

The British Freemasons decided int order to secure the extension of the war, that it was necessary to remove a special person who had a great influence on the tsarist family, Grigory Rasputin. It was confirmed at the Masonic Congress in Brussels. What was dangerous about him? We all know him from the propaganda organized by the Freemasons, where he was described as a mad monk, and people have subsequently accepted it as a historical fact. It was by no means a fact, for the truth was that he recommended the tsar that Russia withdraw from the First World War. That was his so-called madness. Whether he had mental abilities has nothing to do with the case.

Surprise: The ‘mad monk’ was thus a advocate for peace and an opponent of war.
That kind of thing has been demonized and killed throughout history. Before World War One british intelligence agents killed appr. 20 important leaders and politicians all the way from Iran to South America, that they knew would resist a world war. Among them were the Serbian king and queen, and the assassin was none other than the same ‘anarchist’, that shot Prince Ferdiand in Sarajevo as the spark that lit the powder barrel of Balkan and started the long planned war. The British knew ALL about it, for it was THEIR plan.

The assassination of Rasputin was planned by British and Russian Freemasons, and during surgery he was referred to as ‘Dark Forces’. First, an attempt was made to poison him on December 9, 1916. Next, he was shot. One of the killers was a member of the Duma, Vladimir Boriskevitch. Also present were two British agents, Rayner and Scales. Although Rasputin was poisoned and shot twice, he was still alive, which is pretty incredible, so one had to throw him into the Jena River.

Also involved in the plot was the British ambassador, George Buchanan, who was a member of the infamous Golden Dawn lodge. One of the lodge’s famous / infamous members was the well-known Aleister Crowley, mr. Dark Forces himself. But that’s a different story about the CIA, drugs, rock & roll and subversive hippie culture with the main purpose of stopping the Peace Movement and its protests against the Vietnam War.

In January 1917, a delegation led by Lord Alfred Milner arrived, demanding that the Tsar abdicate and appoint Freemasons as ministers, otherwise there would be a revolution in which the Tsar would pay with his life. The Tsar, of course, refused to obey this arrogant gangster threat. George Buchanan was then instrumental in the deportation of the Tsar. He was the liaison between the Russian Freemasons, Paris, London and Washington. And we do not have to distinguish between Freemasons and governments in the countries in question, because the governments were controlled from within by the Freemasons.

Milner: This is how a true British imperialist must portray himself

Alfred Milner’s influence cannot be underestimated. He was Grand Master of British Freemasonry and a member of the infamous elitist group The Round Table, which with its most famous member, Cecil Rhodes, set the agenda for the whole Anglo-American corruption of their own communities together with the agenda of geopolitical dominance in the 20th century. The overthrow of the tsarist government by a revolution and the First World War were just a few of their heavy instruments. It is described in detail in Carol Quigley’s classic Tragedy and Hope – A History of the World of Our Time.


Another 8,000 Yiddish-speaking revolutionaries arrived from the United States. Alexander Parvus, whose real name was Israel Gelfand, who had organized the 1905 revolution, was tasked with recruiting Lenin and his companions as German agents who, after taking power, were to make separate peace with Germany. Parvus played his part during the February Revolution from his apartment in Stockholm. When Lenin traveled through Germany from Switzerland in a reportedly sealed train carriage, it was with the help of Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, a member of the Frankfurt banking family Beethmann.

Frankfurt, the home town of the Rothschild Banking Syndicate, the sabbatean corrupteur Jacob Franck and the Illuminati founder Adam Weisshaupt. Interesting place.


Lenin aka Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in mugshot from police archives 1995.
He advanced from simple criminal to super-criminal.

The waggon had not been sealed at all, they had simply been asked not to leave the interior, and there were two German officers in the carriage escorting Lenin and the 32 conspirators. Need we mention that the Germans later bitterly regretted that they had supported Lenin and had thought they were the smart ones. As early as 1919, they saw the Bolsheviks try to repeat the revolution in Munich and then rolls up the entire prehistory of World War II.

At the weekend of the Valpurgis Night 1919 – the event with certain demonic connotations attached with witches riding on their brooms to Bloksberg to attend a sabbath with the devil – a group of revolutionaries arrived from Russia and declared Munich a liberated socialist commune. They then started to shoot certain people to statue an example by terror and proclaimed, that they would starve out the bourgeois breed by blocking milk to the city. This brought forth a militia consisting of veterans from WW1 that kicked them out. With this provocation started the groups that later became the militia of the National Socialist party. Did we read that in the history books at school? No, that did not fit well with the narrative.

And what have we seen lately in Portland, Seattle and New York? The Antifa-fascists and the BLM-racists have ‘liberated’ parts of the cities and declared them autonomous zones. The same playbook again-again.

The carriage arrived in Stockholm on 13 April 1917. Here he was welcomed by Stockholm’s socialist mayor Carl Lindhagen. Even the Swedish prime minister, who was not a socialist, gave money to Lenin, for he was also a Freemason. The most grotesque thing, however, is that the Swedish Refugee Committee gave 3,000 Swedish kroner to Lenin. What the man’s work would not later create of political refugee flows only makes this paradox more blatant.

Lenin arrives i Sweedish capital Stockholm, that later was to adapt communism 2.0

Lenin continued after an eight-hour stay at the Hotel Regina in Stockholm via Haparanda towards Petrograd – later Leningrad, now Sct. Petersburg, where he was received with flowers by the city’s Freemasons. Later, 25,000 international revolutionaries arrived, some of them with bank finances behind them, others inflamed by revolutionary romance and wrapped up in the burgeoning Zionist ideology called communism.

Albert Pike’s sparring partner, the Italian Masonic leader and so-called Illuminati Giuseppe Mazzini had stated: Old Europe is dying. The death sentence on Empires, monarchies and the European aristocracy means the end of that era, and all efforts are moving in that direction. By the beginning of the last century, Lenin had become a member of the most subversive of all lodges, the Grand Orleans Lodge, The Nine Sisters, of which Benjamin Franklin had also been a member. This is also Edward VII’s network, through which he betrayed his own family members, the German emperor and the Russian tsar, causing them to strike at each other, destroying themselves and the British Empire’s competitors. He betrayed his own family for wretched Empire.

The Masonic king who betrayed his own lineage

The international socialist labor movement never caught sight of the hidden hand that created them. They did not know that the red star was a piece of occult, Kabbalistic Masonic symbolism. They did not know that behind the idea of ​​revolution lay secret societies and stinking rich bankers. They believed for a long time along the way that the genocides were in the service of a just cause until the day their own family became the next victim.

At first, the Freemasons did not even try to hide the hidden hand. The Swedish Social Democracy had a banner in which the all-seeing eye of the Freemasons was placed at the top. The working class was deceived in one way, and the bourgeoisie in another. The genius of Marxism was that the intellectuals were also deceived. Here it was the language that deceived. Marx did not spend 18 hours a day at the British Library studying economics but devising every conceivable and unimaginable way of bending the language. Das Kapital is one big tour de force in manipulated language. He succeeded in turning the dialectician and Kabbalist Hegel upside down and inventing dialectical materialism. Several generations of intellectuals poisoned themselves with the particular form of nihilism of Marxism.

There was a leak in Russia regarding the money transfers that arrived to the Bolsheviks from Germany. The money came from a bank in Berlin via Nya Banken / Olof Aschberg in Stockholm and on to Siberia Bank in Petrograd. It was announced in Russian telegrams and printed in the newspapers, which was extremely embarrassing for the provisional Kerensky government, because they were now in public view in bed with the enemy.

Aschberg, Swedish company for handling stolen goods in the billion class

Lenin organized 41 new propaganda magazines and publications. He used the bankers’ money to bribe workers with quick rubles to take part in strikes and demonstrations. The rate was 120-149 rubles for an act of violence. The Provisional Government had to issue an arrest warrant for Lenin, and he had to leave Petrograd. But no one apprehended Lenin, for it was all a subsequent scam to divert people’s attention from the previous scam.

The Cossacks resisted. They had grasped the story that Lenin was a German spy. What they obviously had not grasped was the whole double game, where the Bolsheviks were in fact Zionist-American spies and subverters. But nonetheless, the dreaded Cossack warriors intervened in the affair and arrived in Petrograd to stop the Bolsheviks.

Kerensky panicked. The US ambassador to Petrograd, David Francis, was well-informed from his own government about the Bolsheviks’ plans. The White House knew at least six weeks in advance that the Bolsheviks would take power. It was supposed to be November 8 on Trotsky’s birthday. President Wilson knew that the Bolshevik takeover would prolong World War I. For the same reason, he did nothing to stop it, for the United States was the only country to emerge from the war with a huge gain. The real victors in the war, however, were the international financial circles, who earned a total of $ 208 billion! on the war in the currency scale of the time – even add extra zeros to understand the extent of the gain.

The British government was also aware of the planned system change six weeks before, where they recommended that their citizens leave Russia. The Provisional Government did not try in any way to apprehend Lenin, who they knew was in Petrograd in October 1917. The Zinoviev and Kamenev government officials wrote quite openly about it in the Novaya Zhizn newspaper. The authorities knew everything about it, so it was a coordinated conspiracy between the Provisional Government and the Bolsheviks. The Provisional Government was the construction of the Freemasons to prepare for the revolution. Kerensky refused to bring special troops to Petrograd that could have prevented the violent coup.

There was a rivalry between Lenin and Trotsky. Both were megalomaniacs, power-hungry, psychopathic lunatics. Trotsky did not allow Lenin to arrive at Smolny, the Bolshevik headquarters, and it was not Lenin, as history describes, who organized the takeover, but Trotsky.

Cloaked as heroism

When the power was in the hands of the Boscheviks, Lenin said to Trotsky: Es schwindelt – I am dizzy. The Provisional Government voluntarily handed over power to the Bolsheviks. The Cossacks left the Winter Palace. All life in the city continued as if nothing had happened. Trotsky proclaimed that the Provisional Government no longer existed and that state power now lay with the Military-Revolutionary Committee. The Red Guards waited nicely outside the Winter Palace. No spectacular and heroic storm took place in the palace, as it says in the history books, for it was all a pure gift, and there were no guards at the side doors. At 2:10 p.m., the politely awaited Red Guards were locked in the Malachite Hall, where the entire Provisional Government was assembled, and Vladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko, the Freemason and leader of the Red Guards, made the cryptic statement: Gentlemen, your time is now over… A closer astrological study shows that the sun is currently in the middle of the sign of Scorpio at 14:58 degrees. It was also Trotsky’s time of birth. Freemasonry became the opium of the people.

A beautiful painting of an incident that never took place.
There was no storm, there was no resistance, no shots were fired.

The banker financed coup d’etat Bolsheviks lost the ensuing election but continued to rule. When people protested in the streets, they were shot. This is where their terrorist regime in Russia started. I do not want to tell about it, because the abominations are indescribable and the scope is inconceivable. That is why it is my duty to tell about it. Forgive me if I have to step down and vomit along the way. You are welcome to join in.

People were openly robbed under the slogan Steal what has been stolen. The Chekists arrested entire families and tortured the children before the eyes of the parents and the wife before the eyes of the husband to get them to reveal where their values were. Foreign newspapers wrote:

It seems as if Bolshevism is a kind of financial action that is about transferring Russian property to foreign banks.

A surprisingly clear-sighted statement if you look at recent reverse bank robberies – one of them being the Financial Crisis in 2009. Another one being the green taxations due to socalled man made climate change. And most lately enormous transfer of wealth the same people in the cover of a pandemic. History repeats …

No one dared or was able later to describe in such direct words what was going on then and since. The Russian Revolution was a huge state-organized hold-up. The American banks that had invested in revolution got the double back through the sufferings of the Russian people.


Wolds largest robbery

Jacob Schiff ordered the liquidation of the entire tsarist family. Lenin transferred all the works of art and valuables he had plundered to a bank in Switzerland. In 1920 it summed up to 75 million Swiss francs. Trotsky had $ 80 million deposited in the United States + $ 90 million in Swiss francs. Moisei Uritsky (Boretsky), Petrograd’s butcher who enjoyed looking at executions from his office window, had deposited 85 million Swiss francs. Felix Dzerzhinsky called Rufin had 80 million SF, Ganetsky had 60 million SF and $ 10 million. The Bolshevik avant-garde became the main empire on the plunder of the Russian people. 2.5 billion gold rubles were channeled via the previously mentioned Nya Banken in Stockholm owned by Olof Aschberg.

So what was Marxism? It was a parallel to Darwinism for the British Empire: an ideological, pseudo-scientific justification for an outrage on a large scale. The Communist Manifesto of 1848 designed by Freemasons of 31 degrees, Karl Marx and his Masonic brother Engels was the ideological launching pad for the outrage.

Lenin’s Jewish identity is confirmed by his sister, Anna, in a letter to Stalin.
Lenin himself stated: Give the intellectually demanding tasks to Jews

and leave the trivial tasks to the Russian fools.

Lenin gave personal orders for the execution of his political opponents. One of them was Uritsky. One would think that there was at least some political or ideological matters, but it was about something as low-key as Uritsky, according to Lenin, had raised too much money during the great plunder of people glorified as the people’s revolution and thus the order was nothing more than a piece of ideologised gangster action. Lenin stated:

The more of the reactionary bourgeoisie we succeed in shooting, the better.

Mass murder became a justified goal in itself.
And further:

We must use all methods, legal and illegal, but we hide the truth.

Concealment and lies became legitimate means of the case. He also said:

It is worth sacrificing 90% of the Russian population if only 10% are allowed to experience the revolution.

And his mistress stated:

We can now exterminate an entire social class. Lenin added: We must write in a language that arouses hatred and contempt among the masses for those who do not agree with us.

Can you recognize the rhetoric? That’s how it happens again with psychological terror, censorship laws, political correctness, hate speech legislation and the imprisonment of historical revisionists. But the Fabian socialists, the cultural Marxists, and all the political-correctness commissioners could not stop people, for they finally begin to understand it. It is the same thing that repeats itself.

The Cheka was the special commission – commissioners and commissions then arrived in a constant flow – to kill the Russians. It was the political police, and if one was not found politically suitable or as we later learned to say: politically correct, then one was killed as a class enemy. The Chekisters acquired slaughterhouses and cellars for the purpose.

10 million Russians perished during the revolution. The Cheka had to hire corpse counters. 1.7 million perished in 1918-19 alone, according to Cheka’s lists. In 1921-22 another 1.6 million. The methods of execution of the Chekists were so bestial that I do not wish to report them. But I do not get rid of it, because everyone must know it. The predators of Petrograd’s Zoo had a feast, for they were fed the corpses of the executed, but the revolution required more sacrifices than all the wild and captured animals in the Soviet Union could eat through.

Among those executed were professors, bishops, doctors, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, officials, journalists, writers, artists, nurses, workers and peasants. Their verdict was: anti-social thinking! Needless to say, they all died without trial with just a verdict. But they were not simply executed, for even at the moment of death they were terrorized and tortured. The eyes were punctured, noses and ears were cut off. Hands were chopped off, drenched with scalding water, and the skin was pulled by the arms. Heads were clamped and mast with a large muck. Those who were to be exposed to the same atrocities the next day were forced to watch.

Cheka’s masterpiece. We unfortunately have just a bit further on the details of the methods of torture and execution terrorism – the Chekists would have welcomed it in their time. The mutilated corpses were intended for public viewing. Then the people could learn their lesson!

If one belonged to the clergy, the eyes were stuck out and the tongue cut off, after which they were buried alive. Certain checkers slammed the stomachs of the victims, nailed part of the small intestine to a pole, and forced people with whips to run around it. The bishop of Voronezh was boiled alive in a large cauldron, and the monks were forced to drink the soup with a gun to the forehead. In Odessa, officers were boiled in a kettle. Other checkers sawed off the upper part of the brain and forced the nearest one to eat the brain. People were scalped. People were placed in barrels, nails were knocked through from all sides, and the barrel was then rolled. People were branded in the forehead with the pentagram. Needless to say, it was the satanic pentagram with the tip pointing downwards. People were stabbed on poles. People were raised in small pieces. In Kiev, people were thrown alive into a coffin along with a dissolved corpse and buried – again.

After all this, Lenin was still dissatisfied and shouted:

Put more power into terror!

Then the slave camps arrived. In the decree on the Red Terror of 1918 you can read: The Soviet Republic must get rid of class enemies by isolating them in concentration camps … There is a lot of talk about Stalin’s camps in the Gulag, but it was Lenin and Trotsky who invented them and Marx who raved about them. This man, who in every way was a filthy person – I can not bear to tell about what he did to his family.

Freemason, Jew, ideologue, pseudoscientist.
The man who abused his own family and allowed himself to be portrayed as Moses

Marx provided the mental weapon of mass destruction that intellectualized and justified the atrocities against the Russians and later the entire civilized world. That is why we can compare him to Darwin, who provided a similar pseudoscience to justify the British Empire and the rule of the strongest. It is now scientifically proven that we are allowd to do what we do. Marx recognized 100% what he was doing. Darwin recognized perhaps 50% of what he had delivered. And Freud may not have been aware of what his ideas were later used for.

After the great looting, Lenin donated large sums to the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris for the renovation of their building, their propaganda and other business. At the same time, millions of Russians starved to death.

Grand Orient de Paris, the site of both the First World War
and the Russian Revolution was pimped out

The great young Russian poet Sergei Yesenin was liquidated at Trotsky’s bid. Yesenin had written a poem called ‘The Land of Villains’ in which he called those in power parasites and that their rule was a bluff. He also described Trotsky’s burning hatred of Russian culture. He can only be described as a psychopath and sadist. He often murdered his victims himself, even children. He ordered disciplinary executions, ie forms of killing that could serve as intimidation for people. This is fully documented in the party’s archives and records. Lenin’s and Trotsky’s examples became stylistically indicative of the Soviet power throughout its period.

Yesenin – the poet who paid with his life for writing about reality

Krasnaya Gazeta, The Red Gazette, described August 31, 1919, the main goal of the Soviet state:

Streams of bourgeois blood are already flowing. But more blood! As much as possible!

Trotsky planned a militarization of the economy. Workers and peasants were to be given the same status as militarized units, labor battalions. A peasant was no longer a traditional family occupation, it was something one was seconded to in military units consisting of labor soldiers. A farmer was no longer defined by the piece of land where his families had lived for generations. He was part of an army that could be moved and removed from his family. If he refused, he was a desserter who was shot. Likewise, striking workers protesting against the inhumanities in the factories were desserters. They must be shot, Trotsky said, like dogs or like ducks in a lake. Lenin said: Workers do not need either freedom, equality or brotherhood. Such poetic-revolutionary slogans from the pre-study of the revolution, the French Revolution, were only for the new upper class – words which, of course, in the name of hypocrisy were never used, but which were a reality.

Freedom – for us to take what we want and do what we want
Equality – equality among the enslaved and the empoverished, but as we know: some are more equal that others
Brotherhood – we know those brotherhoods and their lodges

In Petrograd, Zinoviev promised to assassinate ten million Russians and force the rest to believe in communism. The first came to hold true. The second never came to fruition, on the contrary. During the famine of 1921-22, which was a direct result of communism, 5.5 million died. Lenin wanted to assassinate all 60 million Russian peasants. Kill them! he wrote. Peasants were useless, according to Marx, because only workers could have the right class consciousness. He knew that the peasant was part of the ancient and deeply rooted Russian culture and that their values were traditional. It was the real Russia, and there was an entrenched faith and religiosity among them. Workers in the industrial age, on the other hand, was a mere 50-year-old phenomenon, and the factory slaves had already been torn away from their traditions and were therefore easier to brainwash.

That it was all a sabbatical-Kabbalistic Masonic project that required human sacrifice is gradually clear. The defector Georges Solomon – a Jew that dared to speak up – wrote in his book Among the Red Rulers how sacrifices were made to the god Moloch.

Bohemian Grove in California. Ritual human sacrifices are still performed here today.
The strange owl in the background is the Sabbatarian demon worshiped by the Baal priests called Molech / Molok.
A masculine version of the Black Mother, Kali-Ma.

Lenin created the basis for the artificial mass migrations that exploded in Europe at the beginning of this century. He welcomed the mixture of ethnic groups, as in this way one could create one united people without separate traditions, a historyless and untraditionally mushy, monocultural mass thus weakened and now controllable by the state.

In 1923, before his death, Lenin sat on his terrace, howling like a wolf against the full moon. The man was demonically possessed, one would have said in ancient Russia. Later psychiatry and psychology would rewrite it with all sorts of intellectualisations, but it is strictly only the old concepts of folklore that are comprehensive, for psychiatry with its materialistic mindset does not recognize the existence of demonic beings and the phenomenon of obsession.

His last words at his moment of death in 1934 were to be in German: Weiter, weiter! The world was liberated from one of its most extreme lunatics, but unfortunately not from his work. The autopsy showed that the entire left side of his brain had shrunk! How descriptive is it not? The whole Soviet project is one gigantic brain injury!

The shrinking head

In 1927, a new but equally sad era begins. Here Stalin managed to outmaneuver Trotsky from the party – so one can at least say one good thing about Stalin. Trotsky was exiled to Alma-Ata in Kazakhstan and then to Turkey and on to Norway. He ended his days in Mexico, where in 1940 a KGB agent hammered an ice pick through his brain.

Leon Trotsky lays dying in hospital in Mexico City after the exiled Russian Bolshevik leader was savagely attacked and fatally wounded at his home in Mexico by a man named Frank Jackson who Trotsky had invited in for tea, 20th August 1940. Jackson, who used an ice pick in the attack, turned out to be NKVD agent Ramon Mercader.

One could have wished for it as early as 1917.
Perhaps naive, as there would no doubt have been another paid psychopath instead.

During the Stalin era, the Rockefellers launched a propaganda project to paint the Bolsheviks with as warm and friendly colors as possible. It got 100,000 American workers to go to Russia. Some were disappointed and saw that the glossy picture did not match the Rockefeller’s descriptions and protested. They ended up with Russians in the Gulag. Then they would not be able to tell the Americans about the real conditions in the communist workers’ paradise. Andrew Smith kept his mouth shut, but when he returned he wrote the book: I have been a worker in the Soviet Union, warning of the trap he fell into. 60,000 German workers fell into the same trap in the years during the Great Depression. Most of pure distress, others because they had fallen for the red brainwashing.

Regular slave laborers carried out huge work projects in Stalin’s Russia. The White Sea Canal cost 20,000 dead every day! There were plenty where they came from. A total of 600,000 died during construction. The concrete castings are still today filled with the bones of the deceased, for it was easier to cast them in than to bury them in the frozen soil. The canal was inaugurated in 1933, when Stalin came to visit.

The world’s most macabre concrete castings

One of Stalin’s aka Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili’s (dzhuga shvili in Georghian means son of a Jew) major projects was collectivization. A direct consequence was the great famine of 1932-33. Stalin realized Lenin’s half-brain project – we have to call him that afterwards. With a twist, for, as I said, Lenin would have simply killed all the peasants. Stalin robbed them and starved them to submission. All crops and all food were stolen and transported away. If farmers tried to hide their harvest, they were immediately deported to labor camps. The famine was so grave that the peasants resorted to cannibalism. Orphaned children, and there were many of them, ended up in slaughterhouses, where the meat was resold. 15 million perished.

This was particularly the case in the Ukraine, Europe’s breadbasket. Holodomor is the name of the Ukrainian genocide. 25,000 died a day in the atrocity that Stalin called the lesson the peasants would never forget. For sure, we shall never forget it on behalf of the Ukranians. The Ukrainian peasants had opposed the collectivization. The lesson was truly remembered, but in the long run it was the opposite lesson of his intention. So strong was the Ukrainian hatred of the Russians that part of the population could later be lured to destroy their own country once again at the initiative of the oligarchs and the American neocons. I am talking, of course, about the neo-fascist coups in 2014. Russia was by no means the enemy of USA, but old grudges can be used for malicious purposes, and they must be said that the vast majority of Ukrainians were deeply unhappy once again being the victim of a psychopathic geopolitics.

The Russian economy lay in ruins as a result of Bolshevism. The system would never have survived without a steady stream of US dollars. But the American bankers gladly paid, for their corresponding advantages were manifold. They would gladly pay to maintain the dysfunctional and brutal slave system. The United States funded the entire first 5-year plan, and the Russian military was built by American machinery organized by Rockefeller. The Russians, by and large, had difficulty operating the equipment due to the extermination of qualified personnel. As the Russians were unable to build efficient factories, the Americans had prefabricated factories to put instead.

Professor Anthony Sutton documented in the 1970s how all major factory companies in the Soviet Union were run and funded by the United States. Industrial builder Albert Kahn of Detroit entered into an agreement in the 1930s to build a strip of industries in the Soviet Union. The total cost in 1930 currency was $ 2 billion. The Americans had no idea that it was happening, just as they had no idea that the revolution and Bolshevism were created by American-Zionist bankers.

Kaganovitch. This cinematic-charming working-class hero murdered 18 million people. In six conversations between 1985-91 with A.N. in his old age, Kolesnik also bears witness to the Katyn massacre, in which 20,000 Polish reserve officers were shot in the neck at Smolensk. They tried to blame it on the Germans but failed. A Danish forensic scientist had a skull from Katyn in Copenhagen for examination. He could clearly state, that the bullitt was from a Sovjet pistol.

In 1937, another 18 million Russians had died as a result of Stalin’s terror executed by his accomplice Lazar Kaganovitch. Add to that the 30 million who died during the collectivization and famine. At the start of the 5-year plans, The Great Terror started, a new wave of terror and executions. Kaganovitch drew up a plan to kill 250,000 people, of which 76,000 were to be killed immediately. When it was realized that the pace was too slow, the local police agencies submitted various suggestions on how the pace could be raised. All proposals were approved. That meant another 48,000 could be executed and 9,000 imprisoned. That was not enough.

In 1937-38, the number of political prisoners was increased by seven million. The author Alexander Solzhenitsyn has described the phenomenon in detail. He was there, he saw it, he was one of them. Literaturnaya Rossiya, the body of the Russian Writers’ Association, estimated in 1992, when historiography had finally been released from the communist embrace and the archives of the KGB opened, that the total number of deaths during communism was 147,000,000, 147 million! The god of the Freemasons and the Sabbattean Kabbalists, Moloch, had indeed received his sacrifice. And then it was even just a part of the great world holocaust that the Kabbalists had produced in the great wars. Communism itself counts for 300 millions, and it continues in China today.

The children’s story is quite special. By 1934, a large number of children had begun to be killed. After all, they cost money to keep alive before they could become productive. In 1935-39 alone, 92,000 12-16 year olds were executed and 10,000 minors were sent to concentration camps. In October 1940, Stalin’s Chekists detained 2 million children aged 14-17 and the same number for the following three years. The NKVD had often kidnapped them and they were sent to the labor camps where they died of starvation and burnout. It was not meant for anyone to survive the labor camps, but while they were slowly dying, all labor juice had to be pumped out of them.

But Stalin had a population problem. He could not both assassinate his population and at the same time count on an army in his planned invasion of Germany and other countries to the west in 1941 called Operation Thunder. The Germans saw it coming and struck first, which in Allied war and post-war propaganda was described as one-sided German aggression against available and documentable facts. It was Stalin who was the real aggressor, and here we also have the explanation for why the Americans built Stalin’s army, without which the Soviet Union could never have posed a threat to its neighbors to the West, in particular not with the demoralized, maltreated and decimated population, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin had created.

The Russian mastodon army met unexpected resistance.
Fins wearing skis and reindeer …

In order to carry out his plan, Stalin had made two covenants. One in 1939 called the Ribbentropp-Molotov Pact with Germany and the other the Stalin-Churchill Pact with England. The Soviet Union then demanded bases in Finland but did not get them, so in 1940 they invaded Finland without a declaration of war. The Winter War was a fact. In Moldova, Besarabia, and in Estonia and Lithuania, Soviet troops were withdrawn, and in June 1940, coups were organized in the three Baltic states. International socialism was advancing aggressively, and workers in all countries were now to unite – with a gun to their foreheads. In Tartu, Estonia, a cruel massacre took place. 10,000’s of people from the three Baltic countries were deported to Siberia. The plan was to deport 700,000 Estonians and leave only 350,000 as administrators, but the Communists did not have the resources to implement the plan. The Estonians asked themselves: what was this aggressive Soviet power really? The answer was simple: mass murder, deportation and slave labor in one form or another.

The German counterattack, Operation Barbarossa, came to being via intelligence about the Russian attack. It was a preemptive strike. 3.8 million Soviet soldiers surrendered voluntarily within a few weeks. They refused to fight for Stalin. When the German troops reached Estonia, they were received as the liberators. This fact the Allies subsequently hated to tell, it contradicted their narrative – so they did not. This and other facts that make up the majority of what should have been told about World War II. The Germans allowed the Estonians to hoist the national flag that had been raised by the internationalists.

The pictures the allies do not like to show. Jubilee scenes in Estonia on the arrival of the Germans.

World War II was, in a way, a war between the peoples and their nations versus the internationalist totalitarian state, the advance of the New World Order, Globalism is what we call it today. We must not forget that world Zionism viewed all nation states as subjects of degradation. It is the core of revolutionary thought, the breakdown of nations. With the disintegration of nations comes the disintegration of history arrives – in random order. Then comes the breakdown of traditions. Then comes the ethnic degradation of the peoples, comparing Lenin’s multiethnic idea. Soviet Russia was on that set one huge ethnic rat experiment. Then all sorts of degradations arrive: genetic degradation, degradation of the environment, degradation of health called the pharmaceutical industry and medicine, family degradation called feminism, degradation of the economy via a whole lot of scams we can hardly pronounce, the degradation of politics called democracy, degradation of information called journalism, the breakdown of knowledge called science.

So understand me right: both journalism and science and democracy exist in principle, but what we see calling themselves as such has nothing to do with their names. After World War II, there was a total reorganization of concepts and society. That was what the organizers of degradation had in mind beforehand, and that was what happened.

Lavrentij Pavlovič Berija, sovětský politik, v letech 1938 – 1945 ministr vnitra.

Beria, Stalin’s executioner who eventually got enough and took life of the tyrant

Let us round off the heinous account of the Soviet state. During the Stalin years in World War II, the dreaded Lavretij Beria became Stalin’s most infamous butcher. When one was at war with the Germans, all his crimes were smeared on the Nazis (like the massacre in the Katyn forrest at Smolensk). Beria imprisoned 20 million and sent them to slave camps. The difference between the Soviet prison camps and the German ones was quite enormous, almost incomparable. We are talking about the whole period before the British and American civilian bombings, where all the infrastructure in the last years of the war was destroyed and huge epidemics of typhus and cholera broke out in the camps.

Gulag. While this hell on earth was taking place, the intellectuals in the West hung posters of Lenin, Trotsky, Che Guevarra and Mao on their walls. Why did they not actually have posters of Stalin? It had been far more honest.

The Gulag was a huge series of facilities in the outskirts of the Soviet state, which were labor extermination camps. The German camps for war prisoners were almost paradise on earth compared to that. It is worth noting that the only source up to the Nuremberg Process for information on gas chambers and extermination camps was: the Bolsheviks. And that the next ideological wave arrived from the illusion factory Hollywood, which is owned by Jews. It is particularly remarkable that the idea of ​​the Nazi extermination camps comes from precisely those who had invented the phenomenon.

I know well what the Jew Freud would have said about it, for he was in many ways a wise man. He would have said certain things about pushing discomfort down into the subconscious. He would have said something about projection. He would have said something about the severed, traumatized mind. Just compare the documentary footage found from the Soviet and German labor camps. There is a world of difference. The Allies hated this comparison, for they were co-creators of the Soviet state, to the extent that they had any idea at all, what went on there. In the West there were all degrees of missing knowledge and ignorance.

The war was won by the Allies. When the Russian refugees returned in 1946 in the belief that they were welcome, they were badly disappointed. The Soviet Union had slaughtered another 20 million during the war and needed new slaves. Stalin had also declared all Russian prisoners of war traitors, because either they died in the war or they were traitors. The returnees were thus deported. i.e. the younger ones were deported, the older incapacitated ones were shot on the spot. The countries from the west from which they arrived were silent. As early as 1919, Lenin had written a decree that all ‘useless’ foreigners should be deported to the camps. It was the same decree that was used here.

Yakov Dzhugashvili, Stalin’s eldest son, ended up in German captivity. Stalin refused to carry out a simple prisoner-of-war exchange to get his son out of Sachsenhausen. So he actually signed his own son’s death sentence. Not unexpectedly, as the psychopath had several of his family members executed.

In Varkuta on the White Sea, there were a total of two million slaves working in 40 coal mines and cement factories. 60,000 Finns, Romanians were deported to Pechora in Komi. In the 1950s, Nikita Krushchev released 200,000 foreign slave laborers from 45 different nations. He was going to lick the boots on the oligarks of the West.

In 1945, the Russians intercepted train carriages in Silesia, present-day Poland, with burdensome archival material about various Masonic lodges from France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, and Czechoslovakia about their activities during the Revolution and World War II. All material was taken to Moscow in the Special Archives of the Soviet Union, Osoby Arkhiv, OA. The archive was used by Stalin to blackmail Western groups who feared their activities would be exposed. Among other things, there is a statement from the German Grand Lodge: The anarchist and revolutionary Lenin actually represents the agenda of international Freemasonry. The horse’s mouth had spoken for the World to hear.

Like all despots, Stalin fell victim to his own despotism. Beria organized that he did not get his medicine for 12-13 hours, after which he died. Subsequently, riots broke out in a number of slave camps with a total population of 22 million slaves. Thus in Vorkuta August 1, 1953 and Karaganda, Kazakhstan May 16, 1954.

Was Nikita Khrushchev such a good man since he freed slaves? In no way. As a Ukrainian, he gave Ukraine the status of its own country, which created the basis for start of the Ukraine war in 2013-14 and the Zionist neocon takeover of the government and the war against Russia. But even then he was a traitor. He tested atomic bombs, in which thousands of Russian soldiers were experimental animals – and of course perished.

Then came the whole phenomenon of the Cold War. It’s another huge scam, what we later learned to call a PsyOp, a psychological operation. Nothing in the period was what we were told. Everything was propaganda and fraud. And subversion, for the KGB subsequently won the war by undermining the West with ideology. The West, of course, itself believed that they won, but in the meantime, the West had become infected with cultural Marxism in all its facets.

I jump decades ahead until the Fall of the Wall, because I can not stand the Cold War. The only thing I want to say is that the Cold War was nothing more than World War II that never ended and one long series of American aggressions in Asia and South America and Soviet invasions and coups in Eastern Europe. The irony is still that the red danger from the East was absolutely indispensable to the existence of the military. All War is a debt festival for the banking industry and a jubilation scenario for the war industry. Had there not been a stereotype Image of the Enimy, politicians in the West would never have served as – as Stalin put it – useful idiots and forced their populations with huge tax payments to buy security in the form of weapon systems from the militar-industrial-financial-informational complex.

The Wall went in 1990 and an era ended. Apparently.

In the birthplace of communism, people before and after the Fall of the Wall had begun to think differently. They no longer believed in the philosophies of the 20th century. The third political philosophy, fascism was actually dead after World War II. The second political philosophy, communism, actually died with the fall of the wall in 1990. The first political philosophy, liberalism, believed that it had defeated the whole world and believed that it had now paved the way for a unipolar and total-global power.

But outside the West, people began to demand a fourth political philosophy without fully knowing what it consisted of. They simply knew that a new concept had to make room for and respect diversity and local-regional culture instead of narrowing and destroying it. It would not a new imperial philosophy. It would be a philosophy that gave people what communism never gave them, even though it claimed to do so.

Alexander Dugin: The Fourth Political Philosophy. No fascism, no communism, no liberalism. The world needs something that works without destroying, manipulating and dis-respecting people.

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