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The World Game part 5 – Armageddon cancelled

This is a continuation of Part 4, so without having read Part 4, the following will not make full sense. The world game is, on the whole, a unified series in an unknown number of episodes, the theme of which is how The End Times unfolds. It consists in an emphasis that focuses on information that is totally absent in the mainstream media and exists only as bits and pieces of detached guesswork in the alternative media, because they – and with all due respect in several cases, because they are my secondary sources – only is able to look inside the fence without being able to pass the fence. Since I for approx. 5 years ago, was given the opportunity to tap into information on the other side of the fence, it was a no-brainer.

So: This article is in no way less weird or decidedly off-kilter than the previous four.
All the more reason to read them first.

As explained in Part 4, The End Times means the End of Time as it was, not the End of The World. Which is to say, the way in which time has been created. At the same time, what ends up is a very old state of Life on Earth, a state that has been artificially created and which has meant that humanity has lived in an unbearable state of oppression via occult (hidden) technology and power structures that have reaped their life energy.

We have described part of this technology in section 3 called non-organic souls. A certain portion of humans were captured and drained of their souls and had an artificial and externally controllable soul installed. The control centers were located in places that were completely closed off from others. One such place was inside the Rock of Gibraltar. It explains why the English have held on so fiercely to the place where, in reality, no one has a historical right to be other than the ‘right’ that the British Empire itself invented. Places like this, with technology that we haven’t gotten to describe in detail yet, were located in various locations around the world.

Intermezzo with submarine

Most – if not ALL stories involving Deep State activities that hit the mass media are not the real story.

So recently a submarine that was a converted pressure vessel with oxygen for 24 hours was thrown into the Atlantic to dive to the wreck of The Titanic. We have been told – which should already make the alarm lights go on – that the submarine was controlled by a game controller like in Nintendo, Xbox or Sony Playstation! Please, don’t insult our intelligence! Next, we have been told that they are searching and searching, but as they say, it is such a large area that the chances are slim. It makes no sense.
Read: Shipwrecks that changed the world

The Titanic llies at a depth of 3.8 kilometers. Satellite systems can officially reach a depth of 5 kilometers, but unofficially the military and the surrounding area know that they can reach about 25 kilometers. They therefore know EVERYTHING about where the submerged pressure cabin is located.

According to our information, no one died. In return, a bunch of wealthy business people had arranged their own disappearance. The reason was that a mass escape from the Deep State control apparatus is currently taking place.

Here we must understand how this control apparatus works. You can’t just ‘quit’ in that system. Even if, like these people who have arranged their disappearance to avoid reprisals from the System, the Syndicate, the Mafia, the Orders, the Network, the Empire – whatever we may call it and whatever they call themselves – were not actual direct members of the families – The Order of The Dragon is a network of old families – and although many were only supporters, collaborators, agents or operators, they still had knowledge of the system. We know it from the visible layer of the business world, where people who resign from large companies or media agencies or military and intelligence agencies must sign a contract in which they bind themselves not to use their knowledge for, say, 10 years if they will retain their severance package. Which most people then choose, because it is their whole life insurance. A golden handshake is often a gag order.

The way the Syndicate controls their servant staff of millions is via compromises. They always make sure that their close associates have compromised themselves by doing something that could ruin their lives and careers if it were made public. Two of the most compromising acts are the Syndicate forcing people to kill a human and being ‘offered’ to do unspeakable things to children. We will not go into details here. It gives the old saying If you give the Devil a little finger… a very inflamed twist. We can also call it the Jeffrey Epstein effect, because it was precisely such a control system that he ran together with his madame, Gislaine Maxwell, who now sits with a 20-year too-lenient sentence but, on the other hand, is seriously sick to the stomach that she certainly won’t live long enough to be released.

The control system

This case also gives insight into WHO the operators are in the control system. There is an unpleasant and all too obvious stench of the CIA and Mossad in the Epstein case. Apart from the fact that there is some doubt as to whether Epstein died at all. However, it sounds unlikely that they have let him off with a new identity and face job, etc., because he has known WAY too much about the rich and the powerful who hung out with him, including members of the Order of The Dragon and the Order of The Black Sun, that he may live on. He had records and video footage of the whole shenanigans wherever it happened, whether it was on his island in the Caribbean, on a plane, or on his ranch. There were cameras everywhere in all rooms. The CIA undoubtedly has all the recordings that they are withholding because they are part of the entire mafia system and its control apparatus. They are like the FBI, the Mafia’s Gestapo or beat squads. They ARE the mafia.

All politicians who have been allowed to rise to the top, all business people who have been allowed to make serious progress, all top-level bankers, ALL have committed something incriminating to get permission. The Syndicate has ruined many careers of people who, without their permission, have had some success…and then they got to here-and-no-more because they didn’t meet the corruption- and therefor controlability criteria.

If some employees with a support function for the Syndicate were not directly compromised, then they could not feel secure either. Fake compromise can be planted. People can be gamed, stories can be spun, evidence can be fixed. Or people just disappear or ‘commit suicide’. The legal system is not a fair system, because if you belong to the right circles, you are above the law. The US, for example, has a president right now who should be in jail for several lifetimes along with his inept and incompetent corrupt son and other corrupt family members. But people like him are untouchable. This also applies – just to complete the Epstein example for today – to the many, many people that he and the madame had in their files. Every once in a while they throw a nudge over to the public to limit the damage, they admit to a lesser offense to avoid charges of mass murder. That’s how the early mayor of New York slipped out the back door, and people have a memory like a fly, so the day after tomorrow it’s all forgotten, and the criminal reappears after a few years in a new trusted post, which he also fuck up, because it had no consequenses the last time. Few people are aware, that police and law have a twisted purpose, although they may wonder, whay the rich and powerful always seem to get off the hook, while ordinary people will be punished immediately. Answer: The system is made this way. Not to protect people from the powerful, that abuse power = the corrupt. But to protect the powerful abusing power from people.

Ronald Bernard, Dutch banker – or you should probably say former banker, because you cannot continue in that world when you did as he did = exposed the extensive activity with pedophilia at the top of the banking and financial world. Seen in the light of our explanation of the Syndicate’s governance system, these bizarre-absurd attrocities make perfect sense. That was their compromise-control system. Bernard can be compared to the Danish investment banker Mads Palsvig*, who years ago blew the whistle on the rot in his sector of the banking system. He was blacklisted by the Syndicate, like Roland Bernard, when, at a meeting attended by FED Director Janet Yellen, he asked questions that were a little too blunt. Read part 4 to find out why Janet Yellen was fired a week ago, and congratulations to Mads P, who has thus drawn the long straw.

Mads Palsvig is one of the few people with a position at a high level in the banking system and thus in the realm of the Syndicate’s control system, who has had the personal courage to speak out against the system and take the consequences of it. He then chose to form a political party JFK, Jorden Frihed Kunskab and the Prosperity Party. Although he didn’t get enough support af votes to enter the Danish Parliament Folketinget, where he would have been a true pain-in-the-butt for a bunch of corrupt, cowardly og ignorant politicians, he has certainly participated in raising the level of awareness in the country.

American presidents are no exception in the compromise program, for example Donald Trump. That is, the real Donald Trump when he was alive, because he died in 2021. The actor with the rubber mask is the one we occasionally see on the screen, and whom they intend to run in position for the next election. Recently, video recordings have been circulating among the circles in the military that have been his supporters, i.e. all the so-called patriots, so-called white hats, militias, Q-Anon believers, etc., videos showing his 40th birthday present. Trump was a member of the Order of The Black Sun, and by the time members of the order reached the age of 40, they had reached the stage of their lives where the dark essence was fully established, which they cemented with a ritual that involved doing unmentionable things to children.

Similar video recordings of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were requisitioned, which have also been released in certain circles, but there has not been quite as much interest in them as in the Trump recordings by the Deep State controlled media. By now we know their bias.

That’s the somewhat long-in-the-spit background image for the submarine story. The company that helped with the staged disappearance of the people will no doubt have to turn the key. I’m going to strongly guess that they got a hefty golden handshake to play the game, because it’s unthinkable that they didn’t participate in everything that went on.

Escape the Armageddon program

As mentioned, the incident with the media stunt is part of the mass exodus from the Syndicate. Here it was a matter of a handful of collaborators who arranged their legal death. They will get a death certificate, the family and the initiates will put their faces in the right folds, a tear will be shed for the media if necessary, otherwise the media will be told to leave the relatives alone, because otherwise the media will be proclaimed as purveyors of death porn. Perhaps they have spared their families the knowledge so they won’t be able to talk over themselves, which would be the most likely. The fewer who know something, the better. But this is just one example of the Syndicate’s collaborators now getting cold feet.

So do escapists need to fear reprisals from the Syndicate? Both yes and no. Yes, because it has been the previous practice, No, because the Syndicate has now been dismantled. The escapists in question in the submarine story made a difficult decision. They may never see their family again. They made the choice – and one of them was a top Pakistani businessman – between doing terrible things to his own country via his power, wealth and influence at the behest of the Syndicate and disappearing.

The members of the Syndicate were ultimately fully convinced that Armageddon would occur. Thus, the Last Times in the understanding of Earth’s Downfall. But they had already arranged their underground bunkers so THEY would survive. They interpreted all the present signals and signs – read part 4 to understand them – as now-NOW happening! Wednesday 21.06.23 was the decisive solstice where it happened. So on this date all their members worldwide were ordered to take refuge in their bunkers, after which there was COMPLETE QUIET for three days. After which they found out that nothing bad had happened.

The flower bloomed at the solstice. Read part 4, because we can’t bear to repeat it here. The Flower of Life, which they have protected in the monasteries of all religions, blossomed after eons of dormancy as prophesied! This was the sign that something decisive was happening. But the Syndicate had misunderstood what was happening. In their backward-dark understanding of the world, they absolutely believed that it was the dark doom for humanity. It wasn’t. It was THEIR doom and downfall.

When they came out of the bunkers realizing that they had got it all wrong, they lost all credibility. In desperation, they installed fake servers in Dubai, Lloyds of London, Goldman-Sachs, etc. who promised for the 117th time that their CBDC digital currencies would become a reality. These people, members of The Jason Society, the most highly educated people in the Deep State world with access to the most advanced technology, played their last card. After which they and their program of inorganic souls were wiped out. Both themselves and their products.

The inorganic souls

Over the years, about 83 million of these inorganic souls have been created. Some of them walked among us, and perhaps we have met some of them without knowing it. They were the actual zombies, living dead but created by a technology far more terrifying than that known from the voodoo cult and the like. They were computer programs, they were AI beings, and they reproduced themselves among themselves. The problem was that their offspring were organic souls, because their bodies and their DNA were like those of humans. This problem was solved, for example, in the USA via Vanderbild Medical Centres, which had the technology to replace organic souls with inorganic ones. So each and every time these inorganic individuals reproduced themselves, it happened in these centers so that the newborn children were ‘infected’ ‘treated’ from the start.

Wednesday 21.06.23 there were 125,000 of these inorganic souls left on Earth. They were anchors for Darkness in the World of Light. The World of Darkness was a parasite on the World of Light, because that was how they stayed alive. Within 48 hours, all these inorganic souls disappeared, they were terminated, and this had to happen in order for the transition to a World of Light to take hold. On Friday 23.06, none of them remained. Some disappeared into thin air and dematerialized. Others died leaving a body behind. The last one to disappear was surnamed Rothschild. A large-scale verification was launched when it became clear that this had happened.

That is the answer to the question: Do escapists need to fear reprisals from the Syndicate? The answer therefore leans towards a NO. But there is still the caveat that the system falls into rubble but a certain inertia. Although the order givers – the screamers as we have called them – disappear, the order takers – the warriors – are still there. Their patterns of action are still governed by orders that were given, even though the givers of the orders have left the planet. Even if the recipients themselves were not zombified but merely threatened, it will still take time before they have accepted, understood and gotten used to the fact that they no longer receive orders to do so-and-so damage to the world community. Every year at a certain time – always at a certain astrological constellation since these people are totally fixed on this stuff – the operators, the order takers would receive their contracts. Do this-and-this to the people on Earth, yes sir. And get payed for it. These contracts no longer arrives, at no-one is getting payed any longer. The power of habit is great, and such a comprehensive and radically introduced program of fear, guilt, shame and terror does not disappear overnight. The apparatus body of agencies is not easily obliterated. These have now gone into confusion mode, for they have been totally dependent on receiving orders from above, which they no longer do. So how should they understand and deal with orders not arriving?

These groups of agents, political, religious, cultural, financial, u-name-it, are essentially freed, so it is now their choice what they want to do with it. Some of them will no doubt choose to take the chance and take ownership of the same malevolent agenda, believing that now is their heyday. Maybe because they simply don’t know anything else. It will go bad for them. Others will choose to breathe a sigh of relief and rearrange their activities for the benefit of people – and themselves + a degree-bending gray zone in between. 1000’s if not millions of people captured in the control-system are now looking for at sign, that it will be safe to escape. Who will be the first, did they succede? Once the damme is broken, that water will pour though like a flood.

The now eradicated members of the inner circle of the Syndicate (the two orders and their henchmen) expected disasters such as the megavolcano of the San Antonio depression / Yellowstone as well as the volcanoes of The Ring of Fire – read part 2 – to explode. But it did not happen. THEY would survive, they thought, because THEY were the chosen ones and THEY had their bunkers. Would they really? They possessed an abundance of cynicism + megalomania.

Armageddon is cancelled

Armageddon was a real possibility some time ago. It was before there was an intervention from a higher place. After that, it will be far-fetched – if you don’t already think it far-fetched – fasten your seat belt. A strange cryptic-poetic prophecy became known in 2019, and here it says (according to the Fourth Katana):

The birth of the stone is necessary.
All is lost when the green emerald rises from the gold.
The sword of silver with the diamond blade is the weapon of power in lightning.

Remember all that has been and will be and complete the forgotten mission.
Beware of the poisoned rose.
To the shadows there will be mercy, but find the hidden key.

Break loose the thousand year souls that demand to be free.
In all despair, the golden hour will shed light on what is lost.
But through all the worries, don’t forget all that it has cost.

When trouble breaks out, you will know the way and feel when it has started.
Because only there you will find exactly where the heart is.
In its bleeding you will feel that its pulse is made to be seen.

In the box in the Melchov Caverns is a chainstone,
and a light guide is the only thing
that can cut through the night.

Rather cryptic one must say. Apparently it’s total gibberish. However, upon closer inspection there are images that we have already encountered in this series about the World Game: The Stone (Keystone), Emerald/Crystal, The Gold/Golden Hour, The Rose/Flower, The Shadows/Darkness, The Bound Souls Who Want To Be Free , the cost, something has started, the heart, the Melchov caves, the chain stone (eng. teather stone, connecting stone).
But how should it be understood?

The Melkchov Caves are located in California and in Slovenia, respectively. Add the flower. Together they form a triangle, a trinity. They contain, when activated and connected, the blueprint for the Universe, and the activation restores that blueprint, the original state. Therefore, read part 4: The Garden of Eden restored. They are the Holy Trinity with the flower as the Holy Spirit. The activation entails an integration of all 9 planes of existence, where the Earth and humanity are on the 3rd plane (the three dimensions).

The reason for the Earth’s location in the 3rd plane of existence (density) is that it was a connecting point between Light and Darkness, the higher and the lower planes of existence. Was Earth an experimentarium? I have a few serious questions for God if I ever get an audience, and humanity should have similar questions starting with: How could you allow that… So, what justifies the immeasurable suffering of humanity throughout the eons? I think these are questions that all believers and non-believers have asked themselves at one time or another. The Church’s explanation that we are all sinners who must ask the Savior and God for forgiveness for our sins – through the Church and its intermediaries of course – has always left a strange taste in the mouth. Has not God-Almighty been as all-powerful as it is said and written? Has he had sinister agreements with the Prince of Darkness?

It is undeniable that Earth has been a place where Light and Darkness have had their refraction field. The entire history of mankind can be viewed from this one premise. One explanation is that it was never intended that the Light and the Dark should mix in the way that it happened on Earth, but that they should be kept separate. However, that simply shifts the question to: What went wrong? I still have my audience to thank.

The rose and the flower are not the same.
The rose is the poisoned rose of the prophecy. It was the rose of Anu, Anu as in Anu-Naki, the Babylonian tale of the arrival of the non-earthly beings and their takeover of the world of the earthly inhabitants. One then thinks of The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, where the Rose is the erotic-carnal seduction of the monk’s adept in a story about the Church’s destruction of knowledge via the burning of the library. Roses are beautiful, but they also have thorns. So many pictures, so much obscure information.

The green emerald rising from the gold was the possibility of the perversion of the re-establishment of the Garden of Eden from the mountain of gold beneath the rivers. Confused? Read Part 4 – The Garden of Eden Revived, We Can’t Repeat Everything – Although Admittedly It Facilitates Understanding – There’s Too Much Information, Prerequisites for Information, Prerequisites for Information … In any case, if anything emerges as unclear, there is a high chance that it will be explained by getting it all in.


In addition, there will still be much that is really unclear. It is not so strange, since we are some who, in just 10-15 years, have had to compensate for centuries, even millennia of disturbed knowledge about the World Game and reality and others who have only started recently. We have all been living in a bubble of unreality and untruth, because this was the prerequisite for our stoic acceptance of the miserable life that the thieves of reality have made a substitute of well-being. They have sold us the message that it was the harsh necessity of life that we couldn’t do anything about – except that we could pay our way out of it or beat our ass out of our pants for it, and then it was only half-good anyway.

Updating and completing the picture of reality does not happen overnight. The particularly difficult part lies in the fact that reality is actually changing over time. As we noted in a previous section: Science is now finding it really difficult to hijack it, because some of their main models no longer work. It was already clear with the relatively mainstream sober yet brilliant analysis that Rupert Sheldrake did, for example, when he dug into science in The Science Delusion and established that 10 main dogmas within science rested on thin ice and were as porous as Swiss cheese.

A whole new kind of science has already been developed with as well as applications that build on it. The militaries of various countries have already used them for decades. It is and has been with science as with religion: There is one version for the inner circle and a completely different one for those out there. In religion it is the high priesthood versus the congregation. In science, it is those who have worked for the Syndicate and those who have just sat in laboratories and brewed up applications for commercial purposes + those who have taught in educational institutions at all levels.

Our grandchildren will grow up with a completely different knowledge and science. It is the middle generations who have a problem, and who will have the hardest time understanding it. I seriously feel sorry for the millennial generation in particular, who are perhaps the most abused and severely attacked generation ever. They have experienced the full arsenal of cultural corruption smacked in the face at all levels, and many have succumbed to such an extent that they cannot rise on their own. Hopefully, they will be pulled out of the comfort zone by those who are either younger (new view of reality) or older (more experienced and thoughtful) than them. I choose to be optimistic on their behalf as well.

Innovation and nonsense

I see the greatest potential in precisely the combination of youthful freshness and accumulated experience. From my now former job, I have had to listen to thick streams of management BS about innovation. But renewal/innovation is not something that can be forced via management culture, because the whole concept is contradictory. Management is a corporatist straitjacket designed to bind, manipulate, exploit, control. Renewal is when binding, manipulation, exploitation and control loosens at the very moment when it is in place based on the needs and demands of reality. Then it happens by itself if people are not prevented from it. States and companies and organizations have suffered and suffer from the fundamental misunderstanding that they can patent it = seize it.

Get it right. Management in the sense of managing resources for the benefit of life is necessary. A company without the ability to manage its production, its resources, the conditions of its employees and its finances, does not live long. That’s not what we’re talking about. It is the slimy layer of ideological pep talk, smart talk, jargon riding, new speak, cliché-pushing and semi-religious, coaching-style semi-newage language that has crept in that I am talking about. It’s the language of cults. The slimy suits stage themselves as a clergy. They have become missionaries, or as the absolutely glaring examples call their propagandists: evangelists! Seriously, I’ve sat and listened to people from Apple and Adobe at sales seminars using that word about themselves! You can almost become a saint in BigBusiness’ department for smart-asses!

In the Capital Region of Copenhagen, Denmark, my workplace for 13 years, they hired an American company called Epic – just say the name – to introduce a new patient management system called the Health Platform. Their headquarters, very fittingly located in the puritan Bible belt of Minnesota in the USA, they had created their own cultic, grotesque Disneyland-style business theme park. Do we need to say that Epic’s mega-software, like Apple’s and Microsoft’s software and operating systems, is full of backdoor holes that harvest data from, in this case, Danish patients in hospitals? One of the biggest problems for their Danish clients, the Danish regions, was that the system is linked up with the American system with the insurance industry. In Denmark you can at least get patched up if you break your arm – I know what I’m talking about, and that’s one thing, that medical staffs are really good at – because you’ve already paid for it amply over the tax bill. In the US, you can go to hell if you don’t have insurance. It had to be programmed out of the Epic system. But Epic, like all software companies, has the right to the protected source code, which is definitely not Open-Source. And sinister things are happening here.

Recently, Amazon revived a similar system for home users. They had an online system a few years ago called Amazon Care where they were exposed harvesting and reselling all sorts of data about people’s health profiles. Now they have relaunched/rebranded it hoping that people have forgotten their creepiness and untrustworthiness and their new system no surprise requires full access to all data from generated databases. This applies to Epic’s data for Danes and others. And no-no, says Jeff Bezo’s Amazon, we couldn’t dream of abusing this data or passing it on. They were some dirty rascals a few years ago and now they are like pious lambs and want us to believe them on their smooth face.

Overdraft on the account

It has been warned about for more than a decade. Now it is reality. Every major corporation, cartel, organization, intelligence agency, the mafia, u-name-it has had a highly accessible overdraft. For approx. 15 years, they have gone beyond the sustainable. 15 years coincides with the series of events known as the Financial Crisis of 2008-09, the great, sinister global-economic coup d’état in which governments at gunpoint were forced to cover the costs of banks’ reckless financial adventures. They had already taken it for themselves, and now they took the state and taxpayers’ money with threats such as: if you don’t pay, we will go down with our necks, and you will go to the grave with us. Too big to fail, too big to jail.

The system is called a paper bank. It is a kind of bank within a bank. These paper banks form so-called closed loop systems, where the money remains within a closed system. You could call it financial masturbation, the system does it to itself and satisfies itself. If there was no cover for the transactions, you could just fall back on the overdraft. Which they did. But they did it in the expectation of no bill. It went, and … then it went. There were 1000’s of these paper banks out there at the big companies and organizations. Very recently, they woke up to the sad realization that their overdrafts had been closed as if wiped out/disappeared.

The implications are huge.
For example, the overdraft facility for warfare has disappeared.
That alone is a radical game changer.