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The World Game part 4 – the Garden of Eden revived

It is said that the Garden of Eden was located in the land between the two rivers. It is not just any two rivers, it is the Euphrates and the Tigris. The land was once called Mesopotamia, the Greek name for the land between the two rivers. Here we find the Sumerian culture and later the Babylonian + a series of ancient great powers, the Persian, the Assyrian, who invaded.

The country has been called the Fertile Crescent by cultural researchers and geographers. Even in historical times it has been a rich agricultural country, for just as the Nile Delta in antiquity made Lower Egypt the food supplier of the Roman Empire, so the land between the rivers and the confluence and outlet of the rivers in the delta constituted the Paradise of the Middle East. So purely geographically it was a Garden of Eden.

In this til now 8-episode series, we are guaranteed to go beyond the normal framework of understanding. So let’s go.

Mythologically-religiously, it was the Garden where the first people ate from the Tree of Wisdom. Remember that wisdom includes the ethical element, where mere Knowledge or Knowledgeable could just mean cunning. Wisdom is knowledge and ethics on a higher level. We know this blunted-cunning knowledge culture today as technocracy = applied knowledge and technology without ethics/morality.

It was also the garden where the first humans were driven out for the same reason. Today, the marshland, i.e. the very outlet of the rivers, is in the southernmost area of Iraq on the border with Iran. It has been both a unique natural area and a cultural area. There were people living out in the delta who looked after the place. They were derogatorily called swamp Arabs. They were a beautiful and peaceful culture of fishermen and farmers who inhabited the islands and reeds in the delta, but in return they received extremely bad treatment from, among others, Saddam Hussein*.

* A few side notes about Saddam Hussein: Educated at US military academies and at Yale University, bon mates with Bush Senior (the CIA chief), instrumental in the organized war against Iran in the 1980s, leader of the Baath Party, then a willing opponent , when the US attacked Iraq in two rounds, fake-executed at the end of the 2nd Gulf War, where he was given a backstage agreement with the invading power and a different identity. So Saddam was not hanged in haste, it was a play for the media where they sacrifized one of his look-alikes. He had no weapons of mass destruction other than the poison gases he used against the Kurds in the form of his general Chemical Ali, because that was the lie that was supposed to justify the intervention. When the USA came forward with accusations of weapons of mass destruction, it was of course because they themselves are the world’s largest producer and user of weapons of mass destruction – the whole strip, the whole extract, haven’t we learned that lesson soon?!

We play Gulf

A few things that need to be noted regarding the Gulf War. The oil wells at Basra not far from the mouth of the rivers were destroyed, and the Americans used strategic nuclear weapons (mass destruction under the radar, the media did not mention a word about it), so today the area is radioactively contaminated. Subsequently, 1000s of ‘funny’ children have been born here due to the pollution. One of the objectives of the second Gulf War was to destroy Iraq’s oil production so that it did not recover for generations. It was the US and Israel’s dirty-secret agreement with Saudi Arabia, whose worst competitors were Iraq and Iran. And Libya. All three wars were about smashing competitors in the oil industry. If we include the Syrian war, then it was about smashing the oil pipeline from Iran through Iraq and for shipping in Syria. If we want a fifth war into the equation, just look at Ukraine, where the Russian wire to Europe went. Include the North Stream connection, because Russia is the oil-producing country that has supplied Europe with oil and gas, which the Americans wanted to destroy. The EU is the snotty douchebag and willingly self-destructive co-player in this piece of malicious world games. The Danish government knew EVERYTHING about the Americans bombing the line off Bornholm via NATO’s Polish bases. The likewise cunning Norwegian government knew about it. By ‘government’ we mean certain closed chambers inside the governments, not all members. All governments are controlled from within by a parasitical deep-state implant. A sixth war is the conflict and war between Sudan and South Sudan, where the oil in the area is located.

Did you know that the First World War was also the actual First Gulf War, which, among other things, was about smashing the German initiative with oil drilling in Iraq and a railway between Berlin and Baghdad? They ‘forgot’ to write about that in the school children’s world history. The list of things that the paid historians have ‘forgotten’ to tell us about is now quite extensive, bordering on impressive in the unctuous way. And need we say: not by chance. In other words: they didn’t ‘forget’ anything, they were told not to write about it, just as the media were told to lie to our faces so they could start the war hogwash, both then in 1914, when they ordered the liquidation of an heir to the throne in Sarajevo and 100 years later in 2014 when they ordered the installation of a fascist government in Kiev, followed by the genocide of the ethnic Russian population in the Donbass region, 1/3 of the population of Ukraine – and a subsequent genocide of the non-Russian-speaking Ukrainians which were targetted as cattle for slaughter and cannon fodder.

There are therefore relatively understandable reasons for the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 in the wake of 9/11. Not reasons that are presented in the media and later in the history books, but reasons that emerge via geopolitical and strategic insight. But there are causes that are not available even in that explanatory model. Why were the American troops particularly interested in the excavations at Ur? Why were 10,000 artifacts removed from the Baghdad Museum, including a large pile of important stone tablets? And who were they who removed them under the protection of the US military? Why did Saddam Hussein have a project in relation to the inhabitants of the Delta that he wanted to eradicate and why did he try to drain the Delta?

The World Game of War

The difference between when they started The Great War (World War 1) and today, when they are desperately trying to start World War 3, is that they are now seen and seen through. The Biden administration has now stated in words that came out of the robot puppet Biden or the actor inside the alzheimer demented corrupt idiot corps is, that Putin wants to use nukes so more money for weapons for Ukraine. When they use this kind of lying about the postulated intentions of their avowed enemy, we know that is EXACTLY what they themselves have in the making. The world’s largest consumer of weapons of mass destruction, the United States wants to start a nuclear war with Russia, but first they need to establish a narrative that this is what the Russians want and are doing. They create an enemy image based on projection. The super hawk, the neocon bitch Victoria Nuland recently said on a online meeting with the fascist government in Kiev – which she and her gang installed themselves in 2014 – that World War III will start on July 15, 2023, which happens to be the same day as the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. And that it will last as long as it takes and up to 16 years. Seriously, she said that! This is the kind of sick brain-outlets we get from the psychopaths, the screamers, that have put themselves at the steering wheel.

Here we must understand that the merchants of war and the screamers of war NEVER get their hands dirty themselves. There are the warriors and then there are the screamers. Nuland is one of the screamers. The screamers never go to war themselves, because they sit there behind the screen as politicians, media, stagers, spin doctors, financiers, ideologues, neocons and send the operators out as fodder and cannon fodder. They don’t know what real war is. However, they have an unpleasant internal problem right now – a completely basic-banal problem: they have no more money. War requires immeasurable sums of money. These sums no longer flow to those crying out for war. Someone has pulled the plug and cut the pipe where the money previously flowed in abundance. The pipe was the investment channel for war, the expectation = the business case was the 10-fold return on the investment. So: start a war and earn the cash!

The money men

But where did the money actually come from? They came from the originator of The Global Deep State and its Repository. The repository has meanwhile changed ownership. All states in the World are learning about the New Repository right now, for they have all received letters with watermarks, stamps and verification codes through the proper channels proving its authenticity. They have been told that the hot water has been shut off, that a global state of military emergency has been declared, where all states are functionally bankrupt. These two conditions are put in place to protect the governments against demand from the real enemy of the states and governments = the Globalist Syndicate. When a debtor is bankrupt and when the debtor = the state is in a state of emergency, then the false creditor = the Syndicate can no longer assert its false claims. This applies to all the Syndicate’s bodies, IMF, WTO/World Bank, WEF, EU/ECB, IRS, BIS, UN and all their sub-bodies.

For centuries, the Syndicate has milked governments for money. Danmarks Nationalbank was taken over as the teats of the milk cow in 1818 by the Syndicate at a time when the country was bankrupt and destroyed by the British bombardment of Copenhagen. Reason: the policy of the incompetent Danish king. Every year since, scaled and converted to current currency, the Danish state has transferred plus or minus DKK 300 billion to the Syndicate, without the heavily taxed citizens of the country being informed. In Denmark we have a total taxation of all earned Danish unit, the DKK of … 83%!! The other European countries have done similar. The United States National Bank was taken over by the Syndicate in 1913, and The FED (The Federal Reserve) took over and privatized the national economy. The IRS, the US Internal Revenue Service, has transferred all income taxes from US taxpayers to the Syndicate, specifically the Rothschilds without the citizens being informed. The federation was not only active for the USA, because the contract with The FED was active for all national banks in the World, and The FED became the central banks’ main channel through which EVERYTHING was recorded and controlled. However, there was a deadlock with seven real national banks, and they ‘coincidentally’ were the same countries that the US invaded after 9/11: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and … Iran. They never got as far as Iran in the 2nd round.

It is also no coincidence that Babylon was the birthplace of the coinage system. From here it was exported to the Venetian city-state and the Roman Empire/Vatican, later to the Netherlands, the City of London and Wallstreet. There is absolutely NOTHING random about the world economy, the world wars, world history and the world’s malaise. When you put a stick into the soup bowl, it spills out with non-accidental inflammation.

The Garden of Eden in stasis

If you have not at least read the previous section, then you lack the prerequisites for the following.
Rewind and read: The World Game part 3 – reality in stasis

The Garden of Eden was the paradise of luxuriance. Under the marshland today is a mountain massif of gold !! intended to create structured water = water enriched with divine energy. We promised far-out-ness in this series, and here it comes. At some point, desertification set in, and since you’ve hopefully read the previous section, you know what that means. The landscape itself was put in stasis. The once lush place was exhausted-dried-out-bombed. It is described in detail in James Demeo’s book Saharasia (pupil of Wilhelm Reich), which describes global desertification and the accompanying state of perpetual war. Peoples in a landscape = a state of abundance does not need to wage war, but Saharasia is a description of the formation of a global deficit culture where war became a provoked necessity. The entire Sahara, which 10,000 years ago was a lush land of lakes, rivers, cities and forests (there are old maps that document it) became a desert 5,000 years ago. The world’s deserts are not ancient, they have their geological history.

James Demeo documents via written sources and visual art how the culture of war arose simultaneously with the desertification (Sararasia). The Mongol hordes moved west when their grasslands at the later Gobi Desert broke through. The Moorish hordes from West Africa moved north when their territory became unsustainable. The Worlds larges lake, Lake Chad disappeared. The desert of Nanibia arose. Saudi Arabia turned into a desert that stretched into the Middle East. Iraq-Iran formed areas of desert. Australia became a desert-bush country. In South America and North America, areas of desert, Death Valley, Salt Lake arose. Antarctica became an ice desert. Former continents turned into water deserts – this may be a pretentious insinuation, but extreme desiccation and extreme overwatering … are they not equally destructive? Is the Antarctic ice massif not a desert?

Demeo attributes desertification to climatic-cyclic coincidences that provoked a warrior culture and then a defense-against-warrior culture (the fortified urban communities, the walls, the castles, the fortresses). However, we would here venture the claim that the global desertification was/is an artificially created phenomenon, a desertification, a phenomenon created by the Dark Forces that set upon the world community via technologies that are unknown/unrecognized even today. Human sacrifice was already an established fact in a number of ancient cultures: the Baal cult in Canaan, the Aztecs in Mexico, … But the under-the-radar phenomenon is relevant like never before. Child abuse = pedophilia = human sacrifice is today the most profitable dark-dirty industry that has overtaken drug trafficking worldwide.

The turning point

It started in 2012
It was reinforced in 2016
It started in earnest in 2021
It has reached a tipping point in 2023
The World has learned about it in … ?

If you’ve read the previous three articles, you know quite a bit about what’s going on.
You know what the stasis phenomenon is.
You know about the cosmology behind the big shift.
You will therefore understand what we are now saying.

The Garden of Eden is the Euphrates-Tigris Delta. It was in the delta, the marshland at the mouths of the rivers.
Beneath the delta lies – as they say – a mountain of gold.
Saddam Hussein sought to drain/dry the delta because he was a global-deep-state-proprietor.
Turkey – a member of NATO – has worked to damage the Euphrates-Tigris rivers by stealing their water via dams at their headwaters in Turkey.

What is happening now is, that the Garden of Eden is reopening after millennia of closure. The scribes in the religious communities – and we are talking about the real scribes with access to the real archive books and not just the design imams installed by various intelligence agencies – keep an eye out for the signs described in the scriptures. There is a group of these scholars with real deep insight i the city of Erbil i Iraq. They are now aware that the delta of the Garden of Eden has opened and that the Flower of Life will bloom for the first time in millennia. This flower is preserved in monasteries of all religions in the world, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, Dao, Sikh, Jain …

When the Water of Life is released in the delta, it will affect the whole world. It is now rumored that the leadership of the Dark Deep State has recognized that the game is up and that they have lost. They are still clinging on to straws, and they may still have certain things up their sleeve. Once the delta opens, there is nothing more to do, because an irreversible process has started. The Water of Life will spread globally. It may take time, years, but the process is now unstoppable.

Right now, Jason Society members – explained in Part 2 of the article series, read it, I don’t want to repeat myself all the time – are trying to place their henchmen in and around Iraq to see if there is an opportunity to stop the process. They are also in the process of trying to arrange for a group of brainwashed Muslims in London to take over the government of Iraq. If it is not already known, we must remind you that it was British intelligence that was responsible both for Shah Reza Pahlavi’s seizure of power in the 1956 coup d’état in Iran, and that the next change of power happened via the MI-6 agent Ayatollah Khoumeini. And next: ALL intelligence agencies in the world are coordinated. The people of the Jason Society have so far been clear of governments, military and intelligence agencies, but times are changing and now they have panicked.

Another group that we haven’t heard of before is The International Court of Justice. They showed up – in combat uniforms! – when the head of The FED, The Federal Reserve Janett Yellen was fired on gray paper recently. The ICJ is a control body in the form of, among other things, a paramilitary police corps that, like the Jason Society members, have badges and passports so they can come and go as they please. It is formed by The Blue Dragon division of the Order of The Dragon, so basically the Rothschild Syndicate. Their function is primarily to take action if a department of the globalist central banking system gets out of hand in relation to the Syndicate. A mafia always have goons to enforce its regime.

The ICJ was activated when global state bankruptcy and states of emergency were declared to protect the nations and governments from just people like them. They showed up at The FED to prevent the Repository that coordinates the world economy from being able to transfer money. They can’t really prevent it anymore, because the process is on the other side of the point-of-no-return. They can slow down and obstruct the process for a while but no more.

There will be major restructuring of the world economy and with that the way we produce, trade, sell and buy. We now pay prices for commodities and goods that are multiple of what they should because of enforced and unnecessary layers of inderect logistics where someone sucks out money without doing anything. The governments of the world have been informed that they have 6-8 months to change all taxation to what is called direct consumption tax (spending tax) and thus drop all income tax. It is precisely through income tax that the big milking machine of the state coffers has been possible. Every year, without the knowledge of the taxpayers, Denmark has paid out something like DKK 300 billion to the Syndicate, i.e. in reality to the Rothschild Syndicate. Scale it up to global proportions and we’re in the trillion-$ range annually, and over the years it’s called quadrillion that the Syndicate owes humanity and the Repository. The governments have received the necessary documentation that the Syndicate’s contract has expired. The milking machine has been dismantled.
No need to say: The Syndicate is furious.

Concerning Iraq, it is clear that there was another reason for the American invasion after the great self-harm project, the bloody play of 9/11 2001, which was used as a launching pad for both the Iraq war, the Afghanistan occupation + five other attacks on countries in Middle East and Central Asia. It was exactly as then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told NATO General Wesley Clark that Rumsfeld had been told from above: that the Iraq war was only the first country, and that the start of the invasion of seven countries combined over the next 10 years had been ordered. As you know, Wesley Clark was the operational general for NATO in the Kosovo war, and the fact that he was shocked by the announcement clearly shows that people like him are just tools who have no knowledge of the real motives behind the orders they carry out. He was just ordered out to do his soldier’s job by the people who never get their hands dirty at the front. Knowledge is compartmentalized, people in the system only know their own functional box, and what they believe to be motives and agendas are never the right ones but what they ‘need’ to do the job, without moral scruples creeping in. If soldiers knew exactly with what deep-seated motives they were sent out to fight, then there would be no wars. If, on top of that, they knew that all wars are an agreed-upon bloody play, and that the entire process is agreed in advance on a level between the individual countries, the warring parties and outsourced army units, then they would lay down their arms in outrage at the absurdity of the undertaking.

According to the Syndicate’s opponent, the national military units have NEVER fought a real war, because all wars have been staged plays – with or without theatrical blood. What they have now experienced is for the first time a real war, and they have lost it – in both meanings of the words. It may well be that the information about the loss has not seeped down through the joints and has not hit the media yet, but that is how it is. The backbone of the national and international military organizations has been quietly pulled apart.

The End of Time

We are now on the other side of The End of Time. The concept has been poorly understood. The concept of the end of time or the last times has been understood as the end of the world or the end of the earth. It’s the bedtime story version, Hollywood’s favorite version of a scary bed time story. Confusion also erupted among the scribes in World Religions, because even though they have ancient scriptures that described it, they were very unsure of how to interpret it. The time was the Summer Solstice 2023, i.e. 21 June, and then there are three days until the Second Coming of Christ – another concept that is also not understood.

The End of Time is a New Heaven and a New Earth, which is the biblical language for a New Beginning. The old time function has been replaced by a new one.
Time is then no longer formed by dark energy, Kronos, who eats his children – read episode 3 of the series.
We have returned to crystalline time – Christos = crystal.
There is no longer beginning and end, Alpha and Omega, there is only Alpha.
The crystalline energy – Christos – is outside time and space.

Time is difficult to understand because it is really about space. It takes so-and-so-long for light to spread. That’s why we talk about light years. But if we had to wait for the speed of light and its slow limitation, for an impulse to spread from the Galactic Center (God) and all the way into the arms of the galaxy, we would not come home today. There is thus a kind of speed of light scaled up in the x-power. In Vedic terminology (cf. Sri Yukteswar Giri: The Holy Science) the galactic center is called Vishnunabi, the Dao, the harmonizing force, the galactic creative plane, the rotating disc itself Brahman, the expanding force Yang, and Shiva, the contracting force Yin. It is the Vedic Trinity. Or one of them. The second is the attributes of God: Sat (being), Chit (wisdom) and Ananda (Love). God as the stabilizing, harmonizing cohesive force is Ananda, Love. God as conscious existence and creative force/extroversion, Chit, being is Brahman. God as Wisdom, introversion is Shiva.

In the Christian Trinity, the Holy Spirit is undoubtedly Ananda, Love. As it says in 2 Corinthians ‘… but the greatest of these is Love. And then there is faith and hope, the Father and the Son. And where did the Mother go in this cosmic family? She became the Holy Spirit.

The end of time is certainly apocalyptic, but it is yet another concept that is not understood. Apo-calypsis in Greek means the fall of the veil, unveiling. Doomsday is not Armageddon, it is the day when the parasite that has tormented the Earth for 250,000 years is revealed and brought to account. It is not the wet fantasy of parasitic Hollywood about the earth’s crust opening up as mega-earthquakes and giant tsunamis, where the stage is filled with screaming people being swallowed by a great hole. They like to drool over it, and then people get really scared. And as we probably know, the Syndicate System’s management consists of scaring the life out of us. The dark forces had planned for it to be Armageddon and not the true Apocalypse, because they knew very well, that when the veil falls, they can’t hide any longer. But if most people on Earth had died anyway, they wouldn’t bother to hide.

And it is not because disasters on a large scale have not occurred in the history of the Earth and within the framework of human existence. But remember what God promised humanity after the Flood: It will never happen again! And God with a Capital G = The Source always keeps its promise. Please ignore all the lesser gods who have gone by the same name, like Jahweh and other desert demons.

It ends where it began – it begins where it ended

It could well sound like a new and deeper interpretation of Saeculam-Saeculorum, from Eternity to Eternity, as is said in the doxology of the Christian High Mass. If the Garden of Eden is an actual place with an actual physicality and energy, and if that’s where it started, then Alpha-Omega time ends where it began, and then crystalline time begins where it ended. Does it make sense? Einstein’s E = mc2 has been canceled and a new equation for universal energy production has taken its place. Science will have a VERY hard time with this, they have had giant machines built based on the equation = Einsteinian physics in CERN and a whole lot of places on Earth on all possible scales.

And talking about CERN the real name of the head of the fallen angels was: Lucern

Excuse me – he is mocking us, and how did we miss it?

Let’s also talk about the Flower of Life. In old writings, which they hang around in monasteries, for example in the Orthodox Church, which is closest to the original, uncorrupted Christianity, they have a flower that has not bloomed for a very long time. The scriptures say that it will only bloom again at the Second Coming of Christ = the return of crystalline time, where time is created by light energy and not a light-dark complex. According to the scriptures, the flower was supposed to be red and look like a lotus flower, but no one has seen it bloom in our time. The flower actually exists and not just in the scriptures, but it is not an ordinary flower that reproduces itself, which is precisely what would require it to bloom. There are people who have taken care of it along the way, because it is a plant that does not bloom, but it grows in actual soil. We can call its guardians monks. They are found in small groups in all the world religions and they have access to scriptures that are not publicly available.

If you say that it cannot be done, then as an example I would like to remind you that there is another plant called Salvie Divinorum with powerful psychoactive properties. This plant of the sage family does not reproduce itself. Someone has done that for it in the area where it is found. These people belong to a group of indigenous people in an area of Mexico, and they have been the guardians of the plant for many generations. Two intense puffs of smoke from the plant’s leaves – you won’t get any more – and you’re out on the other side of reality, and I know what I’m talking about.

I believe – and this is a theory – that the sacred flower of Hinduism, the lotus flower, is this plant that has not bloomed. There is, of course, a living and blooming lotus flower, but it is according to my theory just a substitute for the real sacred flower. Well, you say, the lotus flower is to be understood as an image of the crown chakra, etc. And that’s perfectly fine, but I would like to suggest an alternative explanation in light of this information about the revival of the Garden of Eden.

We are some who in these days and hours are holding our breath.
Will the monks report back that the flower has appeared?
We will tell you in the next part of The World Game.