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The World Game part 3 – reality in stasis

The subject is the strangest and – at least for the undersigned thinking, feeling and writing person – the most difficult to understand and therefore the most difficult to convey. On the other hand, we have already been out of the strange strings several times. The world-reality is a very occult place. It probably shouldn’t be, but it has become that way because someone or something has had it as an agenda. There is a purpose to all this occult cover-up, and the ongoing disclosure, of which these writings are only a peripheral and referential part, shows that it has been much worse than even our wildest imaginations could imagine. The purpose itself is equally occult (hidden from view). It is, on the other hand, the easiest thing to understand once we get down to it: Because ignorance, together with fear and materialistic dullness, have been the indispensable parts of the governing system on the Planet of the Slaves.

Humanity’s age-old slavery grips through all our plans of existence, and since we as humans, as it says, are ‘created in the image of God’, we contain all plans even if they are not fully realized. This is another way of describing slavery: That we are prevented from realizing our full potential by accessing all our planes of existence. When people have been forced to live in a state of survival deficit, they do not have the resources to develop their potential. Even we privileged inhabitants of a so-called welfare society, where for a few generations we have not starved and lacked a roof over our heads, have fallen into the trap. We are consumption slaves, debt slaves, luxury slaves, pleasure slaves, entertainment slaves, adrenaline slaves, drug addicts, porn-slaves, workaholics, media monopoly slaves, sufferers of cell-phone’itis mortalitis, social media attention slaves + miscellaneous.

How can it be that people have been so controlled by abuse, because the abuse of power has affected both the abusers and the abused? The Darwinists’ standard explanation that man is born an evil being is the most foolish explanation imaginable. Those who say that don’t even believe it themselves? The dumbest among them do perhaps, but they forget, that they are included then. Evil people exist, they are called psychopaths, and it is a fact that an entire society has been built on their terms is completely out of the question as an adequate explanation. But people as a whole are not that self-destructive. When people get honorable living conditions, or rather: when there is no one who comes and smashes-steals-poisons-forbids their living conditions, then people are loving, inventive, edifying, constructive, conscientious and considerate. Then they create healthy societies where the universal values have their natural place and are not degraded or placed behind bars and electrified barbed wire fences.

There must therefore be another and deeper explanation. Something non-human has, with superhuman cunning, placed a series of blockades, a series of layers of stop blocks over the free flow of energy. This is most clearly reflected in the world economic system. Money systems are liquid energy (currencies), money is something that flows (current = current) as an energy exchange – until it no longer flows because a giant parasite has stuck its poisonous proboscis into the current and short-circuited it. The world economy is right now as sick as ever because this giant parasite in its greedy stupidity is in the process of taking the life of its host animal.

The rambling stories

There are dozens, hundreds of explanations for how such a perfidious project could have been done. There are sea explanations, excuses, attempts at explanation, some of which are sincere and yet insufficient. Other so-called explanations make no attempt at explanation at all, but at the very loudest head-shaking-shrugged state that this is just the way it is. We have lacked insight into what strange forces have operated behind the veil = the great illusion of reality. But the illusion and the lie are collapsing right now. What emerges is … bizarre, to say the least. Rather, we are moving into semi-fantasy, which most resembles a computer game or Harry Potter in Hell. I would go so far as to say that we have ended up in Dante’s Inferno + Purgatorio.

Dante’s Eight Floors in Hell

Inferno = Hell is described by Dante as a frozen state. All the people we meet here are frozen, locked, trapped. It’s in a limbo. They have no way out – apparently. They are, so to speak, re-traumatized in an eternal repetition of their mortal sins. They are in stasis. The next place in Dante’s three realsms is Purgatory, also a place of suffering, but the suffering here has the purpose of purification, the souls are moving on, the purpose is redemption, they burn off their karma. They are in a dynamic state as opposed to the static state of hell-limbo.

It’s the stasis of hell that we’re going to examine today, and that’s where it gets weird and slips into a mythological universe. For those familiar with Jung and Gestalt psychology, archetypes, the collective unconscious, the mindset is within reach. But we have to expand the field, because here we are talking about not just an inner psychic-spiritual phenomenon but a reality in a combination of physical locations and non-physical ones, or as we say in our linguistic and understanding weakness: supernatural. Supernatural in this case just means we seemingly don’t have a language or concept for it yet. But actually we do have, and we will try to use that in the following.


First, a definition of the term elemental. Not elementary as in elementary dear Watson in the sense that it is easy enough to understand even if we are faced with a puzzle. Sherlock Holmes usually uses the phrase when he has already solved the riddle.

In various spiritual sciences such as Rudolf Steiner, an elemental is a non-physical energetic being that incarnates, represents or serves an element. In the spiritual traditions – and here Daoism is the clearest in its explanation, where the Vedic-Buddhist can be a little too colorful with its multitude of figures and images – the primary elements are fire, water, earth, air and ether. We contain all these elements in our organism, and the Daoists define the soul as the five internal organs paired two by two.

Earth (yellow) is the gastrointestinal system + pancreas, because food is formulated in the system
Fire (red) is heart-circulation + thymus, the burning love
Water (blue) is the kidneys + adrenals, for water is the source of life, the deep ground, and a natural death is kidney failure
Air (white) is the respiratory tract, lungs + spleen, it’s pretty obvious and doesn’t need special explanation
The fifth element ether (green) is in Daoism metal-mineral and lives in the liver + gall bladder, which is the body’s mineral-chemical factory.

In the West – except in alchemy – the fifth element ether was sorted out in antiquity, because materialism already began to appear here. We can understand the four elements, because natural science and rationalism have allowed us to do so, but ether, that was too strange! This was also why Nicola Tesla was respectively not understood or, for those who understood sufficiently, character assassinated, hidden from the way and robbed of his knowledge, because the thieves saw potentials of potent weapons technology. And probably also physically murdered in his hotel room because he refused to cooperate with…them. Some say, he took his live for the same reason.
That is why in the West we have the four temperaments, where elsewhere they have five.

So notice how the Daoists see these physical organs as containing the elements for our consciousness. We are an organic internal society formed by … organs. Consciousness resides in the organism. One organ can take over one day: you have an acidic bile day, you have a passionate heart day, you have a distracted lung day, you have a calm (or nervous) kidney day, you have a vegetative stomach day. Daoist practice is about balancing the organic energies and is very physical in its way, but physical in a soulful and non-materialist-reductionist-mechanistic way. While Chinese medicine has 5,000 years behind it, Western medicine as it appears today only has 110 years behind it, because it was the pharmaceutical industry that captured and modified it to serve their business case.

There are concepts for elemental beings in the ancient tales and in the natural people’s understanding of the spirits of air, water, fire and earth. To the ancients and those out there in the fringe world, this was apparent reality. They didn’t believe it, they knew it. For us, it’s crazy. We happily sit and watch dancing shadows on the flat screen in Plato’s Cave, while we call them out there or down there superstitious. It is as projective as the shadows in the cave.

It may turn out that they out there and down there had drawn the long straw back then. We may need to revise the terms supernatural and superstitious. Maybe we should throw them in the bin because they represent OUR view of the world and OUR projection of ourselves onto the cultures whose conceptuality we do not understand.

Tomb Raiding

A form of tomb-raiding has recently been carried out on a number of sites in the world. Not tomb-raiding like when Lara Croft smashes open some obscure temple seal in a computer game. Or Spielberg’s Indiana Jones. Nor grave robbery, which has been a big business for local thieves – and a feeding channel for museums in completely different parts of the world, which have been on the heels of the deliveries. In many cases, museums in England, France and the West in general have declined directly from the colonialist plunder committed with the approval of their own government and under the protection of their own military. If we in the West were to deliver the stolen goods back to their rightful owners, then whole museum departments would be left empty in the Louvre, the British Museum and the great museum on Museum Island in Berlin. The Glyptotek’s Egyptian collection in Copenhagen would be empty, the Islamic Museum in Kronprinsessegade would be half-empty, because Mr. David, the Jewish art collector, happily bought stolen goods from his shady contacts in that part of the world.

We are talking here about a non-destructive, non-criminal and very discreet tomb-raiding that has investigated and handled energies and energy beings that all – or almost all – are or were in sacred places. In most localities, buildings associated with world religions are located on top of former cultic sites. It is generally accepted that the world religions have always erected their sanctuaries above energetically charged places, but here we become clear how it should be understood. There is a light and a dark side to the element. The dark side is placed by the dark forces that have occupied Earth for millennia to abuse the element to create ‘dark matter’. The darkness had to suck life from the Light, because it had no life in itself. The locations described below contained bound elements that have now been set free. In other words, the dark side, the black magic as we would call it, has been lifted and redeemed.

Elemental beings have been bound in stasis at a number of locations on Earth – stasis is artificially put into hibernation. They were here at the dawn of time to protect Earth from the wrath of the elements thus making it a habitable place.

The elemental beings are etheric higher beings from 8th or 9th density and thus close to the Source of Life in the Universe. A ‘being’ is a conscious element of being. Are you still there? You, like me, are allowed to take a grain of salt – or a whole bag with us, because the following is totally far-out-of-the-way in relation to our normal understanding of reality. But it is still worth taking into account that, when we judge it out-in-the-hemp-field, we are simultaneously judging the majority of the earth’s population, who still have some degree of contact with nature and still possess their culture’s old understanding of nature and reality, out in the hemp. Isn’t that just another modernist ethno-racism? Just think about it.

FIRE – Tuvalu, PolynesiA, Nanumanga Fire Caves

According to a local legend, there is a large house under the water. Well, thought the missionaries and colonialists, they have vivid imaginations those little wild children in bast skirts. But in 1986, some divers actually found the big house under water. They found the fire pits. Here they found various images and inscriptions related to the element of fire. It turns out that an elemental being that represented-incarnated-implemented the element of fire was bound to the place. It was a female creature and the locals knew all about her.

A little framework of understanding for our lack of understanding – with the risk of repetition. Those kinds of original and ancient folk beliefs our culture has either demonized, ridiculed, ignored or called superstitions in the sense that yeah, the savages out there are like little children who cultivate their vivid imaginations, but we-WE are the adults who put that kind of crap on the shelf. They were so cute and exotic, so anthropologists studied them like zoologist would study exotic animals.

We, on the other hand, have our own superstitions to the highest degree, we are the really superstitious ones, while we project this pathological complex onto them. When our modernist-reductionist-materialist culture and formerly the coercion of Christianity has turned everything out there in the countryside (pagan) or among our ancestors (pagan) into demons of evil without distinguishing between qualities and characteristics and without understanding of REAL meaning, be it evil or well, then the dark forces have been given free rein to unfold in our own back yard. It appears more and more clearl that the religions and especially the three Abrahamic religions themselves have a dark side, a dark purpose, and that a clergy, via their organizations and their dogmatics, has placed a straitjacket over the human life energy and understanding of who we are. , and what we surround ourselves with.

This must be compared to the fact that religiosity or spirituality is a natural and indispensable part of human nature. It is completely authentic. The dark forces have always been aware that their main instrument for subjugating humanity has been to penetrate and occupy this field. Where Light has had its abode, Darkness has sought to settle down. Nowhere like in the Vatican and embedded in the Catholic organization, the Devil has had his daily routine. The many millions of sincere believers have for the leadership in the ecclesiastical governance system served as the life energy they have harvested. Or should we say the demons, they secretly worshipped. They have done this under the guise of goodness, salvation, reconciliation-redemption, charity. But these values are the life energies of the people, which they have, so to speak, patented.

It is quite a difficult and paradoxical subject. You can’t talk about it without offending someone. It must be so, it cannot be avoided. But allow me also to express my respect and compassion for all the sincere believers whose relationship with God has been bound and institutionalized and downright exploited, but who have at the same time managed to maintain their naive-in-a-good-way spiritual integrity. This is where we find the real charity. I see absolutely no contradiction between having a relationship with God together with a knowledge of how a powerful institution has intervened with a completely different agenda. I will strongly advocate for an emancipation, a liberation, a taking-the-church-back-to-mankind – if eventually it can even be done. Let’s never throw the baby out with the bathwater, but excuse me: it needs a thorough bath!

This parasite of Darkness on Light, which we have sensed without being able to put it into words, therefor makes a great deal of sense. It was a binding of light energy via black magic.

Black magic is very real and not fantasy entertainment. Read: Magic
The skeptic-atheist-materialist naturally asks what the adventurers concept of black magic has to do with, for example, big politics in a post-information society? The answer therefore becomes: Black magic has EVERYTHING to do with it all, because it is simply manipulation of reality, propaganda, brainwashing, synthetic mass psychosis and hypnosis, mass formation, media cult, political hocus-pocus, seduction and false flags, transhumanist (dehumanizing) zombification, medical technocracy and the wand of Asclepius.


After this detour back to the main path. So when the inhabitants of the Tuvalu archipelago in Polynesia, the Pacific Ocean heard that the Fire Being in the great house under water – fire under water, how wonderful is that? – had been awakened from its stasis and released, they were overjoyed. It made perfect sense to them, because it was exactly what their legends told them would happen someday, and that day had indeed come.

The anti-site of anti-fire or dark fire was on another island in Polynesia, the Cook Islands, in the Rimu Rai Burial Cave on one of the seven islands = Atiu. That the elemental fire is located in the Pacific Ocean also makes sense when you know about The Ring of Fire, the belt of active underwater and overseas volcanoes that stretches like a ring west of Australia and further up along Indonesia, the Philippines, the South China Sea, Japan, across to Canada and down the North and South American coast. It is not a complete ring, as there is a slip from the south coast of Chile all the way over to Tonga. In purely marine-geographical terms, there is a whole ring of trenches, i.e. huge depressions in the seabed, the Tonga Trench, the Bougainville Trench (Solomon Islands), the Mariana Trench (Micronesia), the Sunda Trench (Java), the Philippine Trench, the Ryukiu Trench, the Izu Boni Trench, the Japan Trench (all three off Japan), the Kuril Trench (Russia), the Aleutian Trench (the island belt between Siberia and Alaska), the Central American Trench, the Peru-Chile Trench. But we must in fact draw the ring south to Antarctica, where the southernmost volcano, the highest active volcano on Earth, Mount Erebus, is located. We go again, as they say with an alchemical expression, through fire and water. for in the midst of the enormous masses of ice there stands a seething volcano and emits lava. And then the ring is actually complete, because Antarctica precisely connects South America/the Pacific Ocean – where Tierra del Fuego is located – with the waters off Australia/New Zealand.

The middle of the volcanic belt, i.e. the Pacific Ocean, is at the same time the Earth’s warm heart, which supplies the ocean currents with the warm energy, which then flows westward and ends = turning into cold ocean currents, which happens in the polar ocean off Greenland, where it flows the other way back into deep water. Without this global circulation, no ocean currents and no life on Earth. Notice also how in this way we begin to describe the Earth as a large and living organism that has the same elements-organs as the human organism. Including consciousness – uuh, now we offend science, because consciousness is their ‘hard problem’.

EARTH – Jericho, Palestine, by the occupation power called Israel, Maqam an-nabi Musa, The Temple of Moses

In this place the elemental being representing the element earth was put in stasis.

We all know the Bible story of Jericho falling to the ground at the sound of ‘trumpets’, whatever that was (Joshua book ch 6). So seven times around the city for seven days blowing in seven ram’s horns, etc. Take a step back and it sounds more like a frequency-based energy weapon that caused earthquakes, just as the story of Sodom and Gomorrah sounds more like some kind of nuclear explosion. In the Temple of Moses, the bright earth energy was put in stasis and bound. Its dark counterpart was in the same area at a place called Raheb’s House outside the walls of Jericho. From this place the elemental earth energy was channeled into earthquake energy. The Temple of Moses, the Jewish-Muslim name for an ancient site long before Judaism and Islam, was thus created for the stabilization-neutralization of this elemental force, where Raheb’s House was the overlay, the encapsulation and reversal of the energy intended for destruction (weaponization), which precisely is described in the story of the fall of Jericho.

The whole book of Joshua is one long story about how the Jews – i.e. a group of Egyptians under Akhenaten/Moses were thrown out of Lower Egypt (northern Egypt, the Nile runs downhill) and had to flee to Sinai, after which they go on a war march all the way up through Galiea/Palestine and vandalize everything they come near. Wasn’t the land flowing with milk and honey rather the land flowing with blood?

A little more elaboration to understand the stasis phenomenon. How are we to understand it? When you put an elemental being, or as we will see later, people in stasis, they become batteries. They produce and store energy. And just like solar systems, a converter is installed, an aggregate that converts the energy. Here the light energy which is their essence or being is converted into dark energy intended to feed the beings of darkness and the people infected by it at the expense of all of us who should have benefited from the energy.

This is admittedly a highly occult explanation of the phenomenon, but there is no other way to do it.

WATER – Maya-Devi Temple in Lumbini, Nepal, Gautama Buddha’s place of birth

In this place the elemental being representing the element water was put in stasis.
In the same place, its dark transformation was located.

The Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh/India are the source of the 19 large fresh water masses that flow downwards and outwards towards the sea. In India/Pakistan it is the Indus, such as the Brahmaputra, the Ganges, the womb. It is the mother’s womb for the forerunner of the greatest of all world cultures, the Indian (Bharat). This culture was so great that the Empire of Envy, the British on the one hand did everything to downplay and belittle its greatness, while on the other hand it could not hide its deep admiration for the culture and the country. Together with the Muslim Moghul rule, which lasted for 700 years and killed 100 million Indians, the British raid transformed India from the most important trading economy in the world to a so-called developing country with poverty, hunger and famine, from which it has not yet recovered fully.

That the Forces of Darkness chose the source of the water is hardly by chance. Again: without water no life. We are 90% water as a human organism. In front of the Maya temple (maya means water), there is a water pond, and here the binding takes place. And again, it is no coincidence that the origin of one of the world religions (although Buddhism is historically a branch of Hinduism) is possessed by a force that saps its energy. And then it is interesting that another meaning of maya is veil or illusion, because wasn’t that what took place here? It’s like a window that you cannot see through, but because it’s raining and the water is drifting down the pane, everything is smeared and distorted.

VIND – The Cathetral of Roskilde, Denmark

In this place the elemental being representing the element wind was put in stasis.

We hadn’t seen this coming in this small wind-swept country of Denmark, where all the trees lean to the east after a lifetime of pressure from the West Wind. As Danes, we know what damage the wind can do, but also how it has carried a seafaring nation around the oceans from the Viking Age to the heyday of sailing ships. Only Maersk container-sized ships can be indifferent to wind and weather.

Danes talk a lot about the weather, the wind and the rain because it matters. Farmers pay attention to the weather because it controls their work. City dwellers in the big city complain about the weather because they think it’s disgusting to get wet and annoying with headwinds on the cycle paths. For fishermen it can mean life and death. When we look at the map, Denmark has a central location in the complex of the Baltic Sea, Øresund, Kattegat, Skagerak and the North Sea. In the course of history, we have controlled the area – even when our incompetent and degenerate royal families have screwed it all up, the families that lie to rest in the crypt in Roskilde Cathedral together with the elemental wind creature in stasis – that has now finally been released.

It is interesting that Harald Bluetooth and Svend Twobeard are ‘buried’ there – even though they are not buried there. And that Margrete Estrid is buried there without her husband, King Harald Hen, who lies in Dalby in Skåne, Sweden. And that the current Margrete II is already buried there, even though she is not dead yet. It is also interesting that her father Frederik IX, who was the most popular king in Danish history, was thrown out of the cathedral and must rest his legs outside with his wife, Ingrid. A weird place indeed.

AETHER – Rujm el-Hiri, The Golan Heights

In this place the elemental being representing the element ether was put to stasis.

Aether, the fifth element, chi, prana, vril, magnetic energy or ‘the god particle’ if you want to use the rubbish-CERN terminology – is consistently denied by materialistic natural science. Ether – and no it’s not what you use to anestisize people with – is life energy, and physical-spiritual practices like yoga and chi-gong + all eastern martial arts consciously work to strengthen and control this energy – it truly an art form that has of course been reduced to a sports game so that the practitioners do not murder each other on the spot, which used to be the direct purpose of physical warfare man-to-man. But the training system is a whole program in itself. It’s no coincidence that the Shaolin school is equal parts rigorous martial training and spiritual immersion.

Prana-chi is not only organic energy of living beings – animals and plants included – it is scaled up earth energy, solar system energy, galaxy energy. On a large scale it is magnetic energy, plasma when it becomes highly charged and discharges, etc., and there are even intergalactic filaments of plasma energy. That is, if you refrain from asking mainstream science and turn your ear and eyes towards the Electric Universe – Wallace Thornhill et al. who to that extent sit with the long straw and almost just waits for mainstream astrophysics to collapse in its own delusion with BigBang, Black Holes, dark matter/dark energy. Forget about the ridiculous and undocumented gravity. Isaac Newton had his own problem with gravity (psst, he couldn’t make his dick stand it up).

When we use the term dark matter here, it is different from the way astrophysics use the term. They have invented the term resently, because they have a very hard time explaining, where 99% of the mass of the universe went according to their math. So they created a dump, where they could throw their faulting equations into.

Rujm el-Hiri has a circular design that is found in various places in the world. It has been called the Stonehenge of the Golan, but that is too imprecise, for it is not a garland of megaliths – perhaps ‘miniliths’ in orderly formation. It is more reminiscent of the millions of rock formations found in South Africa, the world’s largest deposit of rock formations, which virtually no one has heard of, unless you know Michael Tellinger’s research project. It resembles the structure of concentric rings that Atlantis is said to have had. And Carthage. And the mysterious site in the Orkney Islands called Scara Brae. Here we could go on, because if we glided over the Earth via Google Earth, similar circular structures would appear in 1000s of sites especially in uninhabited areas. Often they can only be seen from the air, and when you are on site, they are just a jumble of stones.

The structure with concentric rings is more like the structure of an electric motor.

The Golan Heights is an area that the occupying power Israel stole from Syria and Lebanon. It has always been an area that the Powers of Darkness have sought to occupy. It is the southern part of the land of Canaan, where the cult around the demon Baal fed on human sacrifice. It is in the Golan that we find the anti-Crusader fortress Nimrod at Mount Hermon named after Nimrud or Marduk. It was a defense against the Crusaders under the name Qal’at al-Subeiba (the castle at the great rock). It is actually the mysterious Druze religious group that gave it its name Qal’at Namrud. And of course there is an Israeli settlement right next to it, because that is the way the Israelis have illegally annexed more and more land.

The elemental of ether is unleashed and its dark antidote is shut down.


These five elements are the five universal organic elements that belong on Earth. And no doubt elsewhere in the universe. Metal and mineral belong to the etheric element (cf. the Daoist model). Soil does not just mean topsoil, for example. There are many forms of air, and several planets in the solar system are gas planets dominated by the air element.

In addition, there were and are six inorganic or artificial elements on Earth that should not be here, but were inserted by those who imposed control over the planet and all its life.

TIME – Thule Military Base

Time is an artificial quantity. In Greek Kronos. Kronos ate his own children – here cruelly illustrated by William Blake:

Time does not exist, some say rather nicely. And yet we experience it as cyclical movements. Time is more our experience and our measurement of these movements. The Earth rotates once a day. The starry sky and the Moon rotate at night – and sometimes it can be seen during the day as well – the Earth rotates around the Sun once a year, the Sun rotates around the star Sirius in 24,000 years, and together they rotate around the galactic center in an estimated 225 million years – it goes without saying that it must be an estimate based on observations + mathematics + assumptions called a theory.

It is interesting how theology has sought to contain and dogmatize time. The Christian/Catholic reckoning of time consists in the fact that God once created the world, after which time runs like clockwork until a day when the world ends. Catholic time is therefore linear time. A Catholic-Jesuit priest and scientist named Lemaître came up with the theory of The Big Bang, transforming the Let There Be Light (Fiat Lux) of Genesis into something resembling science. The Catholics themselves took their concept of time from Egyptian atomism and the story of Aten, who sat bored in his cosmic void and then masturbated so that his sperm created the Universe. Lemaître used the term the primordial atom. So he is an atomist. And wasn’t it the Aten/Aton cult and Achen-Aten = Moses and his company (Hyksos), who called themselves the people of the Jews or the Israelites, who created Judaism as we know it, and who in turn created Christianity and Islam… were they not atomists like the Greek school? Aten – Athens. And here this atomistic Christianity catches up and ‘catholicizes’ the science of our time and feeds it with a 3,000-year-old creation account for nuclear physics.

It is different in the non-Abrahamic religions and the cultures that have been outside their influence – which none of them have though, when imperialism/colonialism came and knocked their skulls- but in principle the cyclical or should we say: spiralling principle of time. If we study and seriously try to understand their concept of time and the so-called cyclic concept, then it is neither a linear nor circular (roundabout) time. We don’t ride a merry-go-round. We run in a dynamic spiral form, where layers of existence are laid over previously settled layers of existence with the possibility of triggering future layers of existence. And here language itself is a barrier, because when we say ‘in advance’ and ‘to come’, we are back in our linear perception of time.

If you ask a member of one of the original peoples – and since we’ve already been there, let’s ask their descendants in Tuvalu, Polynesia, if their ancestors were ever alive? To this they will say that they are still alive among them and that they can still talk to them. Ask the descendants of the Mayans in Chapas, Mexico why they celebrate the Day of the Dead and spend the whole night in the cemetery on the other side of the mountain and they will tell you it is to spend time with those who crossed over side and with whom they still speak. Ask the chief of the original Fijian inhabitants Tui Ma LomaLoma – I have spoken to the man myself without having the chance to ask him exactly that – and I know that he would say that the sunken Pacific kingdom of Moo is not prehistoric or heathen but a existing continuum right-here-and-now. It has never gone away. However, he calls it Lemuria, where I allow myself to think that these are two different localities, since I believe that Lemuria was in the Indian Ocean between India and Madagascar. But both sites are sunken continents, and it is very likely that the Lemuria culture – and we can only guess when it existed – is the origin of the Pacific inhabitants who went east. A similar sunken continent is found around Hawaii towards Easter Island in the eastern Pacific Ocean. And hey, Tui the chieftain is probably totally right, since his people would have come to Fiji from Lemuria, when it disappeared.

We need go no further than the North Sea, where we have a sunken landmass called Doggerland. At the Azores in the Atlantic there are signs of a sunken civilization. Off the southwestern tip of Cuba lies a sunken city. In the Gulf of Cambrai lie the remains of Dwarka, the city of Krishna. There is Yonaguni off the coast of Japan. In the Mediterranean off Sicily, Malta and Cyprus there are sunken buildings. The harbor off Alexandria is swimming with fallen sculptures. What is not found submerged in water is submerged on land, for example all the tepes that appear in southern Turkey. Or submerged under the ice in Antarctica? For example, a couple of pyramids 10x as big as those in Giza. Or millions of structures submerged in jungle i South America.

The indigenous peoples all have prophecies about our time in the Time Continuum.
Our culture, on the other hand, is a story about the Prison of Time.

Like the Thule base as submerged in ice construction (what was there, before the Americans arrived?), time is not a natural quantity but something that was created with a purpose. There’s a reason the Americans have taken such a keen interest in Thule, which we’ve allowed them to, because what else would we do? they would just smash us if not. Strategic importance, yes and certainly, their brothers in the Order of The Black Sun, the Nazis, also thought that North Greenland was important (cf. the Thule company). That’s why we created the Sirius Patrol during WW2 = to eliminate the German patrols in the area. As we know (if we know), the CIA originated via the OSS, who were imported Nazis from Operation Paperclip – helped along by the Vatican. But there is much more to the story than military strategy. Something particularly occult was going on up there under the ice – in addition to nuclear weapons, which are otherwise officially banned on Danish territory, except when it’s the Americans = the Empire which you don’t contradict, because otherwise … A silly example of political double standards. Let me suggest that the Thule base, among other things, has been a center for human trafficking and human substances. It’s really cold up there, so they don’t need refridgerators.

Oh, and do you remember, that Donald Trump disappeared for a couple of weeks, when they said, he got the corona virus. Where was he then? Thule Military Air Base.

MINERALS – Turm Schlossberg, Schloss Freudenstein i Freiburg, Germany

Minerals is the total mineral field and not just the minerals found in the earth’s surface and which are circulated by plants and animals/humans, nor just the minerals which are the subject of mining and industry. It is, but it is the entire internal composition of the Earth and other planets.

Minerals are, among other things, what is erroneously called fossil fuel aka oil. None of the top management of the major oil companies believe the myth that oil is fossilized animal and plant parts or prehistoric dinosaur poop, but they maintain and play along with the myth based on the business-strategic principle that if something is limited/scarce, then it is expensive, and if something is expensive, then they can set the price and get rich. It’s called supply and demand. It is also called the scarcity principle. Oil is a liquid substance that forms in the Earth’s interior via its interaction with the Sun’s energy field. It is constantly being formed and renewed. Russian oil companies discovered this by reopening supposedly depleted oil fields – and the depleted fields were filled up again. Wait-for-a-lot-of-deep-deposits-of-dinosaur-excrement needed in primeval times to do that sort of thing!

Few people know that there are large natural reserves of gold in the deep underground, and even fewer know what they are for. Gold is necessary to balance the Earth’s energy in relation to the Sun’s. We shall i a later part of the series learn about the mountain of gold beneath the delta-swamps i southern Iraq. The mythological-historical worldview takes hold here, because we are talking both about the sun cults in antiquity and gold as the foundation of our world economy. It also includes the story of how this worldview was turned on its head by denying gold reserves to prop up the economies so that the golden calf dancers could print funny-money out of thin air.

SPACE – Sankt Moritz, Schweitz, the leaning church tower in Sankt Mauritius Church

This church is built on top of an energetic place where space is created in our consciousness.

This is where I myself have the most difficulty with the information complex I am trying to convey, which is so far only a week old. I can understand time as an abstract and flexible concept of experience, but space = the three dimensions are very concrete. When I bump my head against a door frame, I damn well bump my head against a door frame! I expect a fuller explanation and I expect something like limiting human consciousness to the three dimensions = space, matter. Or trapped in spatial physicality. It will turn out.

But on the other hand – it now follows:

MATTER – Halifax, Nova Scotia

This synthetic-artificial elemental resides beneath a historical site called the Citadel, which is an octagonal complex. This, like all the other structures, is built over an ancient site.

Matter is the limitation on human consciousness and self-understanding that creates materialism, nihilism, Marxism, nominalism, positivism, rationalism, empiricism and reductionist science claiming, that matter is all-there-is.

The Citadel was a fort built during the Anglo-French conflict in the 18th century. My hunch tells me – and this is only a theoretical hunch – that the fort is built on a Native American sacred site. At least the first fort—not the one that remains today—was built as a defense against the Mi’kmaq tribe, who scalped intruders they didn’t think belonged here. Were they protecting their holy lands?

FEAR – Falkland Islands, Stanley on island Malvinas, a sculpture with the solar system

This sculpture is missing Venus and Mercury, and why does it do so?

Venus and Mercury are functionally the Sun’s moons, but it is so far unknown what this means. However, we can be pretty sure it’s not a coincidence. People who commission this kind of art are people who know something that others don’t. It is not even certain that the artist is aware of it, because he has just received a good salary for erecting his masterpiece. Who knows?

The sinister people – are they human, by the way, or are they some kind of lobotomized Manchurian candidates, robots, zombies, brainwashed, psychopaths? – likes depraved occult art with satanic undertones. Their commissioned works can be seen in special places such as the Audience Hall in the Vatican, Denver Airport, Georgia Guidestones (now bombed), the Dancing Shiva statue in front of the descent to CERN. They all have certain satanic and death cult undertones. And by the way, the real name of the head of the fallen angels was not Lucifer but LUCERN.

This rusty thing can hardly be called art, but rather once welded together scrap of recycled materials.

Fear is the opposite of love. Not hate but fear. Cell biologist Bruce Lipton agrees explains it as two states that characterize every cell in the body. A cell can either be in a state of love = growth and well-being or fear, where it contracts. We cannot possibly have failed to notice that fear is included as an obligatory element in all parts of the system of government. Power wielders ALWAYS use fear as a weapon, a tool against us so that we cower and cower. All so-called security policy boils down to: Well, you probably feel insecure, don’t you, but we can offer security. Insurance companies use the same sales tactics. The pharmaceutical industry has become filthy rich by creating fear. Politicians use fear to get elected and to stay in office. Warmongers live and breathe creating fear in both the enemy and his own countrymen in order to start a desired war. The Church created fear of the Devil to keep the sheep in the fold. Fear-fear and again fear. Fear is a program turned against humanity to kill love and well-being.

And then there is the whole story of the Falkland Islands. What the hell was Margaret Thatcher doing with a war against Argentina over a few insignificant islands? They might have mattered quite a bit to the Empire after all. It is, for example, close to Antarctica, where strange things take place.

PARASITE CONTROL – Purgatory Ski Resort in Colerado, USA

Their motto is Close to Heaven, fun as Hell.

Purgatory is the Latin name for the realm halfway between Hell and Heaven, where the soul was purified, cf. Dante’s Divina Comedia.

There is probably no connection between the name of the place and its function. But you can safely say that parasite control has taken on a new meaning in recent years.

There are two types of control of viruses and bacteria and infectious diseases. We like to believe that the responsible authorities are doing their best to control and thus prevent the possibility of mass infection. But the flip side of this pious wish is, as we have become painfully aware of in recent years, that someone-and-something in control of authorities and government is doing their best-worst to ensure that we GET infected and then, that the solution offered against the infection is 10x worse than the infection itself + that we don’t discover that they did it until we’re lying down. Wasn’t that simply what they were counting on? Of course we would find out, but the poison pushers had told them that they would never be held to account, because in the meantime the vast majority of the earth’s population had been killed! After which they could stand up and shamelessly admit: Yes, of course we did. And what will you do about it? But it was for the common good, you must understand that. Because otherwise the Earth would have sunk into unsustainability. We did it for the common purpose and common wealth.

They control the parasites so they do the least damage. If they say, we hope they do.
They control the parasites so they do the most damage. Unfortunately, we have to admit.
And if anyone should think that it is exaggerated to attribute this kind of motives and agenda to the poison mixing syndicate and their principals, then for Gods and your own sake read what they themselves write and listen to what they say about it! They has proclaimed it loud-and-clear themselves!

This seems to be the essence of the synthetic elemental being under the ski resort – which, by the way, used to be a waiting place for people going on to the Silverton Silver Mines in the mountains.
The secret dealers with their inaccessible installations have a penchant for caves, mines and bunkers. They are basement people (keller mensch) who are connected to the lower astral planes and dark energy.


We are looking for an explanation that makes more sense than the explanation up-front.
We have therefore sought and gained access to an explanation behind the screen, backstage.
It is partly edible and mostly inedible because one is not used to it. It is simply weird!
It is completely understandable if people are put off by the explanation in their meeting.
On the other hand, the explanations that claim to clarify the anomalies that belong to the up-front reality are even more weird and inedible for those/we who are looking for explanations that make full sense.

The Manchurian Candidate

If you, like me, think that we have been out in the obscure-bizarre, then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

It has been written in a previous article that the Queen of England lay in stasis somewhere in the basement under Balmoral Castle in Edinburgh in her late years. Well, one might object, who or what kind of hat lady was it that you saw before she officially died and Her Majesty the King = Chucky was installed? Technically – as explained to me by my source, and I have absolutely no way of verifying it, but I’ll take a shot anyway – what happens is that they are drugged and their consciousness or soul if you will remain sent to hell literally, i.e. down into the lower astral field. The more light they contain, the further down. There are nine layers of presence in the dark field, just as there are nine layers in the light, for the dark field exists solely through energy from the light. How far down Mrs. Queeny arrived, nothing is reported (it can hardly be long). They did so with the intention of re-placing her black soul in the successor to the throne when the time came. Here it is reported that it did not work this time. Chucky sat in the throne during the ceremony, under which the relevant advanced stones or hi-tech crystals were placed, expecting to be possessed by something like Lucifer and gain a special degree of power. It just didn’t happen because the uber-demon had gone on … permanent vacation.

They don’t like him that much, the good people of the UK. When asked, more than 60% will say, that he had something sinister to do with the Murder of a princess.

What we saw meanwhile instead of the real Mrs. Queeny is what goes by the term a Manchurian candidate. I myself have had to revise my concept, as I have otherwise considered this phenomenon as a person who had acquired a split personality via an MK-Ultra trauma mind control program. That is, in the style of Sirhan Sirhan, who was convicted of the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and who remembers absolutely NOTHING about it. After several years, it happens that the split personality, which was then evoked via a signal, a word, a sound etc. etc., dissolves. His son Robert Kennedy Junior, who is running for President of the United States in 2024, has visited Sirhan in the cell and is 100% convinced that he is innocent. Like the assassination of JFK, it was a CIA work, and MK-Ultra was a CIA program.

My bet on RKJ’s chances at the election is that they will do everything to screw him up, and if they don’t succeed, they will assassinate him, just like they did with his father and uncle.

But why is it actually called a Manchurian candidate?
The split-brain phenomenon is still an explanation, but it runs deeper than that.
In Manchuria, which as you know is one of the former sovereign countries that the Chinese have occupied-incorporated into their modern imperialist empire (like Sinkiang Province/Turkestan, Tibet and South Mongolia + other peripheral provinces), there is an ancient Jewish community. It is in the borderland to present-day Russia, and during Stalin’s time they were assigned the area as the Jewish Oblast. It is a genuine Jewish community that existed in this remote part of the world – genuine as opposed to the false Jews, the Khazars, who today populate the state of Israel and make up 80-90% of those who call themselves and believe themselves to be Jews. These real Jews have kept to themselves – understandably – and have moved up into the mountains. More on what the persecution of Jews entailed later, and what true and false jews were (they don’t know their own history).

In the current Chinese part Shenyang there is a building called The Iron Tower. This was the place where a special technology was installed that made it possible to put people in stasis, pull their consciousness down into the lower astral field and send a kind of zombie creature to the surface with a controlled dark consciousness. These surrogate humans who came to the surface with a consciousness transfer had the full knowledge of everything the stasis human had, they looked exactly like the people, but they were different. They were controllable, they executed a program that they were programmed-designed to execute. Their possible marital partners or immediate family may have observed a personality change, but everyone else noticed nothing.

Sorry for the picture quality, but there are very few pictures of this strange tower in Manchuria.

This occult technology is not clone technology but something else, more advanced and more terrifying. Thousands of these ‘candidates’ have been produced in the shadow of the Iron Tower, and many of them have operated as control agents in important governing bodies such as the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), the WTO (World Trade Organisation), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the World Economic Forum (WEF) and a host of similar bodies alongside or below where agents were needed , who would never deviate from the program. At some point it may be released how many and specifically which individuals, known or unknown in the public domain, have been such Manchurianized individuals, and we may be surprised. There are a few I might suspect.
In a later part of the series, we will expand on this concept and learn, that the program was even larger.

These ‘people’ are seriously scary shit. They have some kind of most unpleasant infection or implant. Recently there was a group doing what we can call cleaning among employees where these beings were also employed. This group were trained professionals who were used to interrogating individuals. When they got hold of some of these infected people, they noticed that their reactions were completely different from normal people. There were no brain wave abnormalities. They were like psychopaths on steroids. It was impossible to perform lie detection on them. And here comes the most unpleasant part, when they had to kill them, something that looked like a snake crawled out, which had coiled itself around their spine. The only way they could die was to decapitate them, which was because they were kept alive by this dark energy that is different from human life energy.

The technology in the Iron Tower is now shut down, and it is reported that the DeepState inner circle, especially in the Order of The Dragon, are furious about it, because now they have lost one of their important control handle. It has now been announced that the remaining inner circle will no longer be considered possible conversation or negotiating parties, because their corruption is TOTAL. They are not people, they are an irreversible program. They have to leave this place, because their program only knows its own automaticity, i.e. destruction.

The tower was – in addition to being the place where the Manchurian candidates were created – a control aggregate for these candidates, these zombie beings. It is compared to a Wi-Fi relay, where the controllers send out their signals like in a computer game. Here sat the XBox, Playstation or Nintendo controller and the tip of the joystick, through which the game was controlled.

Melchizedek versus Merovingia

It’s all about the eradication of a lineage, a bloodline. A hunt for members of the Melchizedek line started with King Solomon. He himself was a member of this line of light-filled individuals. He was basically from the beginning the wise king that is written about in the Book of Kings in the Old Testament. But as it says in the Testament of Solomon, one of the books that did not make it into the Bible – it is also very strange! – then Solomon confronted the demons. It started with one of his workers being tortured and robbed every night by a demon named Ornias. When it came to the king’s ear, he summoned the demon and brought it to account and then bound it by magic. It happened with the key called Solomon’s Seal (read part 1 – A Cosmological Model), which he had obtained by addressing the Archangel Michael. As in any other business, it is good to have the right connections. Ornias complained that he was just a poor sub-demon, after which the king forced him to summon his master Beelzebub (Baal), who ruled over all demons. After this, a whole line of demons rolled out, who were summoned to tell who they were and what they were up to, after which they were put to work.

A few of these particularly hardcore demons told the king that he would succumb and that Jerusalem would fall. Both came to pass. They also told that his prophesied descendant (of the house and lineage of David) would be sacrificed. It came to pass. King Solomon, meanwhile, made a pact with the demons to build the Temple with their super powers, but he subsequently paid the price and was consumed by the demon. The wise king in the Bible ended up a zombie.

By the way, the first Temple of Solomon was not in Jerusalem. It was in Tannis in the Nile Delta of Egypt.
Read: The King that disappeared.

Thus far the scriptures, but what does that mean? That is, Solomon was put into stasis. The Melchizedek line is what was called in the Bible ‘of the House and Family of David’, the souls who were closest to the Source, those who were chosen by the Jews and formerly by the Egyptians as priests. The Jews at the time had the highest concentration of this line, so that was what their opponents were going for. And these opponents possessed the technology – the black magic – to put people into stasis. The Merovingians are an artificial line created as a product of this stasis where light energy is transformed into dark. The product is the zombies that are sent up from the lower-dark astral field. We see them succeeding as a royal family with Charlemagne, Charlemagne, the father of the European royal houses.
Read: The dying god – the history of Kabbalism, where it is described how the components of the Merovingian bloodlines are united via the Exilarch from Jerusalem, Jesus’ bloodline, the royal families and a lot of other obscure things.

The Rothschild dynasty is a product of this zombie project. The British Royal Family as well, and they created the Empire of Envy that has ruled the world for 500 years. They are The Blue Dragon division of the Order of The Dragon. The Rothschilds themselves have stated: We can trace our family back to Nimrod = synonym for Marduk. Marduk was the previously immortal being who died in 2014 and who was the extremely cunning head of the governing system on Earth. It is these false Jews, the satanic Sabbateans, the Khazarian Mafia, the Merovingians represented by the Rothschild dynasty, who organized and financed the state of Israel and replaced the original population be it Palestinians and Sephardic Jews with Azkhenazi false Jews, Khazars. The black Jews were thrown onto the backs of camels in the dead of night and deported to Ethiopia.

It was the Azkhenazim who were inside the false Jews, or as some have called them: The big Jews who beat the little Jews. That Jews were persecuted by the Nazis – Nazi – and that Nazi is found in the word askhe-nazi is no accident. This connection can be seen in a famous poster from the 1930s. It deals with the Hitler Youth movement, and the boy in the foreground was Rolf Breuer. Breuer is a Rothschild. His father financed the Nazi movement, and the boy later became one of the heads of the Order, linking the two orders. He himself as a Rothschild was a high ranking member of Order of The Dragon. The Nazis were the Order of The Black Sun – the swastika is four arms out of the 12-armed swastika for The Black Sun.

Likewise: Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is a Rothschild through his mother and an Order of The Black Sun through his father, the Nazi general who ran camps for Hitler. It is about the control system’s balance between the two orders, so that neither of them took over. It is the deep meaning of divide-and-conquer.

What is the parallel to the Hitler Youth today?
Already East Germany under the Iron Curtain had their red parallel
called FDJ, Freie Deutche Jugend. And the country’s secret police was called the Stasi…
Today try Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Generation Wokeness, Neo-Marxists, Neo-Feminazis, LGBTQ…’ers, Eco-Fascists/GreenPeace Activists, Climate Campaigners.
Try with social justice warriors.

The Nazis were selective. The Azkhenazi false Jews were privileged with being shipped to Palestine with all their earthly possessions via the Ha’avara Agreement. The little Jews were killed. So anti-Semitism, what is it when we realize that there are two kinds of Jews?

There is real anti-Semitism practiced by the great Jews, the false Jews, those responsible for the persecution of the small Jews. They also hate Arabs and Arabic is a Semitic language. And then there is the false anti-Semitism, which is not anti-Semitic at all, and which consists in a critical distancing of the big Jews, the owners of the abusive banking syndicates, criticism of the fascist state of Israel’s abuse of its own inhabitants and its neighbors, criticism of Chabad Lubowitch and Sanhedrin, criticism of the members of the order, criticism of the Zionist world project, criticism of Sabbatical Satanism, criticism of Netanyahu, criticism of the Mossad and their terrorist activities, criticism of the attacks against Syria and Lebanon that are happening to this day, criticism of Israel’s support for ISIS. Or criticism of people like the Hitler Youth boy Rolf Breuer who died a few weeks ago and his grandson who right now has a title in the Order and is spewing orders to the generals in Cheyenne Mountain, the leadership bunker of the US Deep State – orders to start wars , orders to steal resources, orders to officially start World War III July 15, 2023, the same day as the NATO summit in Lithuania … in short: the usual stuff. All in all, extremely relevant and justified criticism, which is always dismissed via the Teflon language that the fake Jews have cultivated, where they pull the anti-Semitism card every time they are criticized for their abuse.

The generals in this Fuhrer-bunker at Cheyenne Mountains all have an implanted chip in their brain, through which they are used to hearing inner voices that ‘give them good ideas’. A form of synthetic brain damage. If you think that sounds improbable, then you should ask yourself how it is possible for fairly smart-intelligent people elected to demanding and powerful positions to appear so incompetent and make such self-destructive decisions. There must be something particularly wrong inside their heads that ordinary psychology-neurology and other -ologies cannot explain. With that comparison angle alone, the chip explanation is more likely.
Read: The World Game part 8 – the World Crime


So this is where we reach the climax of weirdness. If you’re still hanging in, you deserve a medal.

The lineage of Jesus, the house and lineage of David, the bloodline of Melchizedek was persecuted and its members ended up as consciousnesses/organisms put into stasis. From them, anti-consciousnesses, replacement individuals, Manchurian candidates were created. This stasis can last as long as it needs to be until they are released and reunited with Source. So they are not dead but frozen by black magic to produce converted energy as batteries. We are talking here about a number of figures from the Bible, and as described above King Solomon.

So where has he been in stasis? He has that on an island off Croatia called Lokrum. An island where most of the area is owned by Maximilian Habsburg. Habsburg, does it ring a bell? A nobility family known for a lot of occult activities.

The Benedictine monastery at Lokrum, built on sacred ground – purpose: guarding a king in stasis.

Jesus is buried … where? Another member of the Melchizedek line, the house and lineage of David. We are moving from Croatia to Cyprus. Here we find the stasis crypts for Jesus, the apostles, John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene, his one wife – Martha was the second wife of the Bethany sisters whom the chief rabbi Jesus married, for a rabbi had to be married! Remember that Jesus is addressed ‘rabbuni’ in the testaments = rabbi. He was high priest in Jerusalem. Har was also effectively the king of the Jews, for Issa Manu of Edessa was the heir to the throne and a main candidate to the title of Roman Emperor via his Persian-Egyptian-Roman family relationship, and so he had to be outmaneuvered. This is also why he disappeared from the actual world history and can only be found in the more designer-fluffy Bible story with no synchronization between the two stories.
Read: The King that disappeared

Choirokoitia, Cyprus

In Choirikoitia lies Peter, Philip, James (or Jacob) – i.e. Jesus’ brother (Sant’Iago/Saint Jacob/Saint Jasques … e.g. di Compostella, where all pilgrim roads lead to the other Rome) + one of the two Judas’es. Their being = body + soul was bound via the special advanced crystal that put them in stasis and turned them into a battery for converting light energy into dark energy.

Elsewhere in Cyprus we find the Agios Neophytos Monastery. Here lied Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist + a black box of dark essence of ‘the dark overlord’, Satan-Lucifer.

Now hold on: The Tomb of the Kings, Paphos, is the tomb of Jesus himself. His level of stasis went all the way down to the 9th plane of dark existence corresponding to his light level of 9th level = The Source. As it says, he was the Son of God. He thus became an uber-battery for generating dark energy. That is why Christianity is this strange mixture of light and dark consciousness-energy, where believers tap into the remaining light energy to the best of their ability, while the church and its organizational core is downright satanic. This strange mechanism is incomprehensible unless we understand the occult conversion phenomenon described.

Out of these stasis-laid and converted individuals arose the Luciferian bloodlines such as the Merovingians that are the core of the European royal families.

A third place in Cyprus is called Kykkos Monastery.

Here Andreas, Matthæus and Thomas were put into stasis.
A fourth place in Cyprus is the Church of Saint Lazarus.

Here John, Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot (the second Judas) lay in stasis.
Finally, there is the Ayia Napa Monastery.

Here Nathanael Bartholomæus lay in stasis.

Cyprus has been torn in the middle of a conflict between Turkish and Greek rule. We are gradually beginning to understand that these political-national conflicts on the surface cover something much deeper, older and occult. Cyprus has thus been an island with a stasis complex.

If you are a Christian in your faith and conviction, Cyprus might therefore be the ultimate pilgrimage destination.

Enough for today. See you on the back side of the moon.