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The World Game part 2 – a world under the radar

We are here, right now.
We are in the middel of The End of Time.

It is not quite as they wrote and said, and at first glance we are, in a strange and backwards way, a little disappointed by the lack of the spectacularly lavish. The apocalypse was more picturesque in the paintings handed down, verbal and pictorial. Brimstone fell from Heaven, floods swept the globe, the sound of hell’s trumpets was unbearable
But who are We to think we are disappointed, and what are we disappointed about?

If we asked the Ukrainians, the Serbo-Kosovans, the Libyans, the Yemenites, the Lebanese, the South Sudanese, the nomads of the Western Sahara, they are not disappointed in that way. They’re just hard hit, so they don’t have the luxury of being disappointed. Whether they realize that this is the end game and not just business-as-usual is not crucial here.

If we asked all the slowly dying victims of the global pandemic operation carried out by the henchmen of the global mafia, they are not disappointed either, they are just … ailing or downright dying. Whether they have yet fully recognized that their poisonous enemy is the syndicate that has offered them all sorts of expensive ‘solutions’ is also not decisive.

If we asked the slowly but surely dying victims of various phalanxes, cohorts, divisions, operations (psychological, social, financial, military, clinical, come-up-with-the-names), they are not disappointed. They are clearly-disillusioned though, and they KNOW they are attacked without a declaration of war.

If we asked the current or former owners of the millions of small businesses started and run by people, families and small communities, the businesses that have gone down-and-home during the attack, they are not disappointed either but very angry, and the lack of the spectacular in the ferocious, non-spectacular* cunning of the attack is indisputable.

means play-like. In that way, it’s all spectacular, because much of the war scenario is a spectacle. Get it right: the carnage is extremely real. But ALL wars – also cultural, financial, biological, verbal, commercial, healthwise – are at the same time a synthetically-arranged theater play intended to create the right spectacle based on a propaganda purpose. That’s why the carnage is exhibited every time it’s deemed necessary because you’ve seen how evil they are, so that’s why we like to … On the other hand, all sides of the carnage with-or-without-blood are hidden from the way in the media- silence. For example, the catastrophic consequences for the formerly prosperous people of Libya, who for 95% of them completely supported their leader, a country that has since become a dismembered hell-on-earth, after Hillary and Obama on behalf of their DeepState agents – We we came, we saw, and we murdered ha-ha-ha!

The beast is dying

In all its death spasms and accompanying spewing of venom and curses, the animal is dangerous as such. This is not the time for you-and-me to challenge the beast in its open face but, as the title says, to fly observant-vigilant under the radar. Do not underestimate either the animal’s dangerousness or its potency, for its death struggle consists precisely in its LOSS OF ALMIGHTY, an omnipotence it never had, for its mortal life was deeply dependent on its own overlords. The animal was only a chained animal, but in its own self-image it was the very master of the dog in all its omnipotence, and the tail wagged the dog, which wagged the doghouse, which wagged the main building.

The Animal is incorrigible and without remorse. Conscience is a concept unknown to the Animal.

The Animal is a mega-psychopath whose brain damage occurred before its 2nd year of life. It is part of its hard-coding and hardware, and there is no possibility of firmware updating.

The Animal is without ethics and conscience and thus non-human. Any naive and human belief in its availability for persuasion is hopeless a priori and a posteriori.

The Animal is a machine and a program. Any attempt to ask a state-and-government owned by the Animal nicely-for-law to thrive is like talking to a stone. A stone is probably more responsive than a state-government, because it is after all a natural phenomenon, where a state-government is an unnatural part of the global governance system imposed top-down, even if it sells itself as bottoms-up.

The Animal is being dismantled while we write and read. The disassembly has not reached the user interface yet. The occurrence of death is very concrete, for it has affected thousands of individuals who have played leading roles in the abusive system that has ruled the world. Especially the part of the system that has been full time engaged in starting and running wars has experienced instant karma in the past few years.

The new Kosovo-conflikt – a case story

A current incident – and we are writing here June 12, 2023, the incident is from June 9th or 10th – is in connection with the fact that the global Deep State has tried to start a new war in the Balkans. A large group of military from the NATO country Turkey turned up with lots of weapons. It was no coincidence that it is the Turks. They are a Muslim-run nation today similar to the population of Kosovo. Their military is extremely corrupt and heavily infiltrated by fascist elements, remember the Gray Wolves? The Muslims in Kosovo were used to start the Kosovo War in the 90s and now they were set to do it again. The Serbs and their president were back then accused of ethnic cleansing and genocide, but this was based on a propaganda lie. The story of the massacre and mass graves in Pristina was a lie, and the UN Commissioner for Human Rights with jurisdiction over the court in The Hague, Carla del Ponto, after 25 years of searching in vain, reported that these postulated mass graves simply did not exist. It was on the basis of these accusations that the Serbian president was dragged before the tribunal in The Hague, where he was ‘given a little help’ to die in his cell, so that he could not speak out loud about what he knew. He knew much too much. He was acquitted of all charges 25 years too late and without the slightest consequence for who THEN must have been responsible for the war. And it can only be a military organisation with a four-letter name.

This time, one of the Deep State members of the so-called Jason Society – one of those British-Imperial bodies whose members have had clearing a level above the five star generals – tried to order a restart of the Balkan war, and this time it would also target the Albanians. The malevolent and highly placed individual who gave the order on behalf of the Order of The Black Sun was located in Virginia, USA. It was the same person who approached the largest non-corrupt business network in the world for lack of better called The Silent Circle and proposed that they hand over $600 billion to finance new hostilities and other black operations (black ops, psyops), since the money didn’t come from anywhere else anymore. The Silent Circle, not a network you would deal with without keeping what you promise, flatly said NO! They have their own security and intelligence system and their own agents that are extremely effective and they to be to protect their business from of Order of the Dragon and the Order and The Black Sun, the two mafia groups from the old world order – that has had the audacity to call themselves The New World Order. Among other things, The Silent Circle has operated via a large fund called The Universal Trust, which was located in Albania, and now this trus was being targetted for plunder.

The Deep State mafia has blathered on to the whole world and all those they have held up with talk, false promises and fake securities and pallets of fake bills, boasting that they now controlled 23 trillion dollars, that as of Friday the 10th. June 2023, EVERYONE would be able to redeem the nice money as digital currency, because now-NOW it finally became something with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), which they had been talking about for a few years, but it was all a lie, and the lie could no longer be denied. A rapidly growing underground beneath the corrupt top of the system had begun to ask probing questions demanding credible answers.

With the refusal of a rubber check without cover for repayment from The Silent Circle, Albania was then to be hit as punishment, and the Turks – the old tormentor from the Ottoman Empire, who ravaged the entire Balkans for centuries and, among other things, was kicked out by Albania’s father figure Skanderbek, was ordered to start a war. The media’s argument is the usual tear-soaked propaganda nonsense with: We send our best boys in to act as peacekeeping force against the conflict that we want to quell … NO, they want to pour gasoline on the conflict they themselves have staged. But then the following happens:

There’s a site, a medieval fort near Sarajevo called Bijela Tabija, that doesn’t look like much on the surface.

As can be seen from the picture, it is located on a mountain massif. This massive is not … massive but hollow, and it covers a NATO base of enormous dimensions. This base disappeared a few days ago. The building at the top is intact but the whole complex below disappeared as in … disappeared. It was pulverized, destroyed using advanced technology. Immediately after the incident was confirmed and the rumor was out in the ranks, the Turks pulled out with personnel and equipment. They knew, they wanted none of it. They were not fully aware of who did it, just that it is no one to tamper with. They didn’t know if it was The Silent Circle, who are very capable of these kinds of operations, albeit not as hi-tech. It was probably not the Russians, because they were busy elsewhere. It was probably not the Chinese, although the former communist government in Albania under Enver Hoxha was Maoist. It was probably not the Israelis, although they wouldn’t go out of their way if they thought it was appropriate – they nuked, for example, the port of Lebanon not so long ago, and they made sure that the wind blew away from themselves, because They didn’t want to have that kind of shit in their country, did they? And it probably wasn’t the Serbs either, although that would have been entirely appropriate, as the base was a formidable violation of Serbian territory.

So who was it? The Turks only scratched their heads very briefly and said what-the-hell in Turkish – ne ölling be, is that what it’s called? – after which they said: let’s get the hell out of here! – hadi gidelim burdan!

A little about the Serbian site. The military base below Bijela Tabija was built by the then president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. Officially he died in 1980, but in reality he didn’t. He was one of those high-level leadership types who fixed his own death so that his power and orders would not be his responsibility. He and his doubles have since found themselves in Khazakstan and Russia, and Tito was subsequently awarded the title of Green Eagle in the Order. He died as an old man just a week ago, making him an alarming 132 years old! It is relatively well known that the former Yugoslavia had a secret space program. Does the concept ring a bell? SSP = Secret Space Program? Many in the alt-media believe that the SSP has only something to do with the US Deep State, but it is an international enterprise. It is an Order of The Black Sun project and has involved their 15 secret military/paramilitary groups.

It was Tito who created Yugoslavia. But what very few realize is that it was Tito from his officially deceased incognito who ordered the destruction of Yugoslavia. It was a Black Sun operation. The accusation of ethnic cleansing on the part of Serbia, as a pretext for the start of the first Kosovo war, was quite absurd. This is precisely what subsequently happened under the auspices of NATO in the neighboring countries. Serbia was and is the country in the Balkans with the greatest ethnic diversity. The Serbs were purged in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. The World reality is upside-down.

One could rightly ask what kind of signal such an unusual event as the extermination of the Bijela Tabija-compund sends. At a time when NATO’s attack pact – for that is what it has become – has started what looks more and more like a deliberate prelude to World War 3, it is a stark warning against continuing the escalation. Remember, it was in the Balkans that they started World War I, which led to World War II, which led to the Cold War. Remember – or realize, know it you don’t already – that ALL wars are artificially started because someone top-down agreed and ordered them. They follow a script. An incident like this total annihilation of a NATO base is a powerful script stopper and a signal meaning: Don’t go down this road, or …

However, this story is not going to reach the media. It happened in the utmost discretion, and even the inhabitants close to the place have not noticed anything. In general, the inhabitants of the place knew nothing about the fact that NATO had a huge base in Serbia, as it would be an exquisite violation of national territory! Incidentally, one could ask what the logistics were for the base. For example where was the entrance? This must mean – this is a guess – that the rumor of an even more gigantic underground network of tunnels is true, because it would cause a great furore if known. Was the base to be used as a kind of Trojan horse if NATO wanted to invade Serbia? Next, one could ask which power circle in Serbia knew of its existence? Tito’s old Order of The Black Sun brothers?

So don’t expect it to end here, because it was just a case story. We already have warnings about the next escalation. The Russians are now openly accusing the US and England + NATO of transporting nuclear warheads into Ukraine. And a few days ago – which is three days ago at the time of writing – US Deputy Secretary of Defense Victoria Nuland, the most perfidious war hawk, neocon, who was there from the start when the fascist government was put in via a coup in Kiev, proclaimed that – and hold now completely on to your seat belt! – World War 3 would officially start on July 11, 2023! And that it would last as long as it took, up to 16 years! She said that in a video conference meeting with the fascists in Kiev! 11 July is not a random date, because it is the same day as the NATO summit in Lithuania.

It is such psychopathic lunatics and mass murderers who believe they must rule the world on behalf of humanity. A good guess here would be that she and her circle do not have long time to live in. She receives direct orders from The Blue Dragon division, i.e. basically the Rothschilds. These have so far lived on the 13th floor in the building of the US State Department and told all the officials what to do. However, the latest development is that the officials refuse to pick up the phone when they call and dismiss orders, which has made them very angry. In other words, anger in the same way as the above-mentioned type who ordered the restart of the Balkan war, whose principals are the generals in the Cheyenne Mountain base, Colorado, USA.

So there is a serious internal reshuffle going on in and around The Deep State. The world game has reached a crucial turning point where the operators of the Deep State system are in the process of leaving the top management. It will be extremely interesting to see what happens over the summer. More on that in subsequent episodes of the World Games.

See you on the backside of the moon.