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There is something to suggest that people have had enough and have begun to demand else and more than TV propaganda reality, globalist theater smoke and shutdown nonsense.

At the same time, it suggests that people – enough to be felt – have seen through one and a half years of staged prohibition-cartoon-tragedy-comedy. Once that scam is figured out, the bottom falls out.

Greece and France are exploding with street protests. Their governments oppose what even the stronghold of corruption, the EU, has written down in its regulations. These governments want to forcibly vaccinate the entire population. The sanctions for refusing are that people lose basic civil rights. There is nothing anymore that separates people in the West and their forms of government from totalitarian-communist-China. The new Global Social China syndrome (meltdown-shutdown) crept into the stomach of a large fake wooden horse called the Covid pandemic. The politicians accepted without blinking an eye with a kiss, because it meant unprecedented power to them, which made the horny.

In Greece and France, the peoples have learned the truth about their politicians through a series of escalating abuses.

Greece explodes

The Greeks have a past experience as citizens of a fascist-junta-ruled military dictatorship. In recent times, they have been subjected to a financial terrorist attack with Goldman-Sachs and EU involvement, so they know full well what the Euro-elite stands for. They know the totalitarian touch on the boot trampling, the commissioner empire, the jurisprudence terror and the whole horde of hypocrisy.

The French are the only Latin country that has not experienced real fascism, but the French administration is very authoritarian and Neapolitan, and in recent times the country has had a streak of corrupt heads of state, several of whom have been convicted (Chirac, Balladur, Sarkozy), and 70% of the French believe that there politicians are outrageously corrupt. They have been on the streets for years now, and they must be said to be the forerunner of street protests in recent times with yellow vests shrouded in tear gas – a basically peaceful and popular uprising in which the vast majority of violent acts have been agent-provocative. Someone up there wants violence as a pretext for escalation and hitting hard.

France i full fire
The French president is a considerate man. He doesn’t want to infect his people with his bad breath.

The French president – a former banker from the Rothschild bank mafia syndicate and with a role as president intended to serve the syndicate’s interests – is now introducing ultra-draconian legislation where all citizens of the country must wear corona pass and staff to enter a bar-restaurant or a supermarket without a passport would mean half a year in prison. An owner of a bar is thrown a whole year in prison and gets a fine of 43.000 euro. The French have exploded in rage. As the arrogant president proclaims: All normal life is over in the future.

Cuba on the barricades – and it’s not a communist revolution this time

In Cuba, people are massively on the streets. They have had enough of the Castro clan and three-quarter-century communist regime. Cubans are tired of endless poverty, and it takes a lot, because Cubans are happy, frugal and patient people.

The Germans have been on the streets in style for a year now. Together with the Spaniards, they were on the barricades in the streets. Both countries have a population experience with totalitarian regimes.

Germany i uproar

A stray thought: Why was it, I wonder, that the covid pandemonium went after the old people in particular? In other words, the ones able to remember and tell about the time then… If tradition and experience are broken and shattered, then no generation has the free advantage anymore, which is every healthy culture’s gift to its descendants. Unculture, inexperience and ignorance then prevail, and people are locked up in a prison of time with no past and no future.

In Hong Kong, they were on the streets a year and a half ago. The race is now run for them, for the Chinese did with them as they did with the Tibetans, before them the Manchurians and Mongols and after them the Uighurs. The actual China is less than half of the official land area and population, the rest is occupied and oppressed territory.

Almost all of Hong Kong on the streets

In the Anglo-Saxon areas, they are thoroughly tired of shutdown despotism. Englishmen, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians now all have de-facto fascist regimes and their peoples have nothing good to say about them anymore. In Australia in June 2021, they closed down the entire Sydney and Melbourne area due to a single death of an 80-year-old man! It is extremely absurd and sought after and flies right in the face of the population. It now explodes down-under. The politicians should now seriously be afraid of, whether the heads will be attached to their bodies in the future. They will never-EVER be elected again, so they must count on election fraud like in the USA.

Brits on the streets – this guy says it straight out

Do they then comment on images with relevant analyzes of these events in the media? You have one guess. Rightly guessed, because you have to look for them on the web and you have to know what to look for, so NO they absolutely do not! The social media, which, as all well-informed people today know, represent and service global fascism, and are constantly trying to censor information and growing opposition to the insanity mandates. Recently, three independent US scientific studies have proven that we have already achieved herd immunity and that the human body responds just right and recognizes SARS Covid-19 as a common coronavirus. Within two weeks, the expected antibodies are mobilized. The media has stubbornly claimed the opposite, but now it has definitely shot down. A recent Danish study confirms this. Will we see this extremely important information in the media? Absolutely not, they will be totally ignored, because it does not follow the script, because the globalists and the pharmaceutical industry own both the media and the politicians.

Australia- you ain’t seen nothing yet

The pain threshold has been reached.
Enough is enough!

But one may ask oneself whether the reaction – and it should not be difficult to predict – is part of the setup?
For example, do European governments want violent street fighting in the grand style?
Is World War III a staged global civil war? They know there are too many people in this world for classic boot tramp-foot shackles-shoulder straps. They know they have to seduce people to fight and annihilate themselves.
Is the bluntness that inevitably leads to violence a wishful thinking scenario for those who have always raped?
Is the rape elite themselves so mentally blunt at the moment that they have no capacity to imagine anything but just escalating totalitarianism?

The American example is instructive. US-Deep-State let out the street fascists – they called themselves anti-fascists, but that was part of the prank. They let out the racists – they called themselves anti-racists, but that was part of the prank. The revolt against the government and its ingrained corruption consisted in electing a non-politician. Trump rallies were the answer to what we now see in Europe. Whether the rallying point of the American uprising against globalism was the man to break through when it came to the play is a whole other story. The seemingly non-corrupt figure in a swamp of corruption was nevertheless caught up at the finish line and – as they say in the mafia – gave in to an offer that he as an incarnated businessman could not resist. His link to the Zionists broke through in the playoffs. That the American election was coup’ed by the largest piece of election fraud in world history is almost irrelevant, because the current administration, which came to power through mega election fraud and therefore a large-scale coup, now has the power to eradicate the traces of their own crimes.

Washington was full of people, who have had enough

But – corrupt in the end or not – it has meant that Americans have seen, as never before, what their corrupt government and all its ramifications are capable of. The scammers have provoked an awakening that can only be compared to the war against the British in the nation’s childhood.

One thing is for sure. We are not getting any massive uprisings and popular revivals in the country with welfare constipation, disturbance of reality and roasted election pork. The small Janteland in the semi-lukewarm north, the State where according to Shakespeares Hamlet something is wrong will be the last place where people-as-people-are-most discover that they have been taken in the ass at the triple generation level (gen Boomer + gen X + gen Millennium). A certain percentage are fully aware, that this is terribly wrong, but the incapacitating authorities believe that they will be able to identify these increasingly well-informed and disobedient individuals and label them as derailed lunatics.

Ogier the Dane (Holger Danske) is a mythical figure describing the Danish folk soul.
He sits i the catacombs of Elsinore Castle sleeping, but he will waḱe op ẃhen needed in times of crisis.

Here, too, there is an upper limit, for when enough people are proclaimed as derailed lunatics, it turns around. The abnormal ones become the normal ones. When enough leading people – it is estimated that about 10% of a population is enough – start demanding that it makes sense, then it will be very difficult for the manipulative power of continuing. And you, dear reader, will be among the 10%, for otherwise you would not read this.

Another question, by the way, is whether even lots of people walking on the street and swinging with signs will be enough to create change? The power at the Castle will choose to see it as a form of pressure equalization like on a pressure cooker. Let them swing with signs and roar a little in the streets. When the day is over, they still go home and sink into the sofas. Of course, they are nervous about protesting masses at the Castle, and a completely clear expression of the fear is the stone barricade at the Danish parliament Christiansborg Castle Square. So c´mon, they are not afraid of terrorists with car bombs, they are afraid of… THE POPULATION! It’s a piece of visual symbol and signal politics. But we do not have a tradition of revolution in this country. It is a popular joke that the revolution has been canceled due to rain. We do not have the culture gene like the French. It’s Danish, it’s dimm. The Danes as a whole have not had enough, they almost want more! We have not hit rock bottom yet, such as the English, who have experienced the continent’s worst time of shutdown horniness (was that revenge for Brexit?). We have not understood that we are in the process of losing our last remnant of democracy. Danes no longer have civilian conversations about politics – like the French and the British and people elsewhere in the world. I’ve just had a 10-year anniversary at my workplace, and I have not in the full 10 years experienced a single civilly-competent conversation about politics among fairly well-educated people.

Berlin 1990 – do you remember, you in the holy halls of power, how it happened when the East European slave states by shear peoples power pulled the plug?
We are a few, that rememer, how you threw out the net and pulled in again at the EU-expansion. We had a prime minister i Denmark by the name Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who was instrumental in beating countries in the Eastern block in place in the neo-stalinisk project called the EU Union. Now what, Eastern block, have you regretted you decision from those days, or do you love the EUSSR aka communism 2.0?
The Polaks and the Hungarians seem to have had it.

One of the characteristics of the shutdown tyranny is, that people have not been able to meet and have conversations. A Dane of Czech origin told the other day – the story comes from Omar Ingerslev 🙂 – that he recognized all the tricks from the great shutdown they experienced in the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. Precisely freedom of assembly and expression + one million Stasi agents – and what else was called in the other eastern countries – were in place to prevent people from talking to each other. What they had no control over behind the rug was, that people instead whispered together. But we are just the stupid obese Danes, we have not experienced what it means to live behind the Iron Curtain, we as a population have not in recent times experienced poverty. The same can be said about the Americans. The reason why the new red fascism has been able to creep slowly into the United States is that they have not had the historical experience-immune system. They are learning it the hard way, and they’ve better remember their revolutionary past an the Liberation War against the British Crown, or the the American dream will perish for ever.

The final questions could therefore be: Should we experience what it means to COMPLETELY lose our civil rights and thus our human dignity before we again appreciate what generations have fought for? By the way, is that why traditionalism, family culture and national feeling have been so badly attacked = we have to forget what was fought so hard for?

But once we’ve lost it all, do we have to start all over again?
Is there only that great hopeless abandonment left?
That is why the impulses right now are coming from the places in the World where people no longer have anything to lose but everything to gain?
Where did I once read that the meek shall inherit the Earth?

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