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You don’t piss off the gods with impunity

It is impossible to get rid of.
The idea of Atlantis, the sunken continent, the civilization that disappeared.

Everyone knows the story in some form or another. For as long as we can remember, it has been placed in the categories of myth, fairy tale, legend. Simply because there apparently were no archaeological remains that could substantiate the phenomenon. But within the last approx. 15-25 years, the tale has begun to generate substantial solidity and assume the character of scientific investigation.

Of course, Atlantis is also a mind image, an archetype. The subconscious and the human ego are a historical creature formed by a catastrophe so vast and devastating that it created a traumatic imprint on man to this day. The human being is not whole, it is broken. The majority of our consciousness ‘sank into the sea’. This specific variation of Freud’s subconscious is due in part to Emmanuel Velikovsky, the psychiatrist and mythologist who propagated the idea of planetary collisions as the cause of the disaster. Others go more in the direction of Star Wars scenarios, where wars were fought between space civilizations on and off Earth. Whichever version we choose, we are formed by disaster.

In this article, which has become a minor dissertation – sorry for that but the topics is so enormous – we must examine where the country lies in a figurative and concrete sense. Are we going all the way, and are we staying on earth?

Claude Debussy’s neo-Gothic piano prelude, ‘La Cathedrale Engloutie’, The Sunken Cathedral, is a Breton folk tale. The cathedral once sank in the sea off the coast of Brittany. But once in a while during the full moon, it reappears and then sinks back. Incidentally, it is the symbolist, Debussy, the Grand Master of the Prioré de Sion, if we are to believe ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’, who put this mindset so effectively into music.

Was Plato full of nonsense?

The story of a lost civilization is found in all the ancient cultures, but the very concept of Atlantis originates from the Egyptians. Plato had it told to him by his uncle, the politician Solon, who had had it taught by a priest = a scientist the Egyptian schools of wisdom, the universities of that time. The priest said to him: You Greeks do not even know your own history, and Greece is much older than you know. They gave him a time frame of 10,000 BC. – for the destruction of culture, not the beginning.

Atlantis, according to the Egyptians, was on the other side of the Pillars of Hercules, which is supposed to be the entrance to the Mediterranean. Therefore, one usually guesses at the Atlantic Ocean. Guessing has been going on in the Azores, protruding from the mid-Atlantic ridge. Everything has been in play from England (Comyns Beaumont), the coast of England around Lands End in Cornwall, the coasts of Friesland and Denmark around Heligoland, the Arctic Ocean between the North Pole and the Kola Peninsula, Antarctica, the Bahamas and the sea around Cuba and Indonesia. A corner of Spain and Portugal have also been in play. Some have thought that one should not go outside the pillars, but that it was just Thera / Santorini in the Greek archipelago that exploded and sank in the sea. Everyone has a bite of the pie, their local Atlantis.

There is actually a locality called ‘Hercules’ Pillars’. It is not found off the north coast of Gibraltar or Morocco. It is found in the Cayman Islands, one of the remaining nine British colonial islands, which is the great tax haven of the City of London and the multinational globalist syndicate. Interesting.

Others have brought up the important point that Atlantis is not a locality, but a civilization, a global phenomenon. A fact is today is that underwater structures are popping up all over the globe. In the Gulf of Cambrai, in the Indian Ocean at the mouth of the ancient Saraswati River in the province of Gujarat, a Manhattan-sized building complex has been found! It is nothing but the city of Krishna, Dwarka, which is described in the Vedic literature. There are structures in the sea between South India and Sri Lanka. There is Yonaguni off the coast of Japan. There is the wall in the sea off Bimini / the Bahamas. There are things in the sea off Malta. In Sicily, there is junk off the coast. There is just around the Mediterranean a list of several hundred sunken cities! In the segments of the Doggerland between Denmark and England, there were settlements as on the current mainland / islands, but these may only be Stone Age settlements.


In 2001, a Canadian-Cuban research team searched for the sunken ship Maine off the coast of Cuba. The ship was found at a depth of 900 meters. If you forgot or did not know, then the USS Maine was the American ship that the Americans themselves sank to get a pretext to start the Spanish-American War in 1898. This is what people are now beginning to know as the False Flag phenomenon, and which they have stereotypically repeated in the sinking of Lusitania (USA> WW1), Pearl Harbor (USA> WW2), Gulf of Tonkin (USA> Vietnam War), 9/11 (USA> Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Syria ). About time, since a stand-down operation false flag is standard military strategy taught at any military academy and is described all the way back to Sun Tsu and The Art of War. But something else was also found at a depth of 600 meters: a sunken city – of considerable extent. Structures can be scanned / photographed underground and under the seabed today using geophysical equipment.

Atlantis not only sank in the sea, it sank under the sea bed.

Sonar scan of buildings 600 meters deep in the sea off Cuba

Pyramids and stuff

In the Cuban underwater city there were structures of pyramids made of a glass like material. A Russian oceanographer saw it from a submarine. It will be denied as false news – and that kind of thing exists, as you know, just ask the Smithsonian who will immediately deny it. But counterfeits usually go in the direction of not finding anything, hiding what exists, denying its existence and being, and possibly destroying it. It’s not petty scammers who do that kind of things, it’s big recognized and famous institutions of science!

One fact, however, is that pyramids are a global phenomenon. Science has not been able to argue objectively that all these structures are tombs or shrines, respectively. The people of the past are constantly portrayed as manically obsessed with a cult of death or similarly obsessed with the worship of gods. But no single mummy has ever been found in a single Egyptian pyramid. They are found in the richly decorated burial chambers drilled deep into a mountain, as in the Valley of the Kings. The chambers tell with overwhelming iconography about the lives of kings and queens. In the temples, which were not tombs either, their cosmology and rituals are told. And the Egyptian gods are not gods, but neters, allegories of cosmic forces.

In the pyramids, on the other hand, there is total nakedness, raw and factory-machine-like. No embellishments, clean, raw functionality, geometry, structure. Great fondness for rocks that have electro-magnetic properties. All the while there is a feeling that something is missing, that has been dismantled and removed. The top piece is gone (unless it was meant to be a platform), the cover stones are definitely gone, something is missing all the way up along the large gallery in the Pyramid of Cheops, the marks are still there. The location is on top of underground canals that transport water. Water has magnetic properties. When the Nile rose every year, the water would rise all the way up into the chambers and produce what? Some Powerful Energy Form. That is the theory of Chris Dunn: The Giza Powerplant

The story of Pharaoh Cheops in general: a tiny figure of Cheops has been found to be the only one. Would not a mighty, ruler of insane greatness, who allegedly had one of the World’s largest and strangest buildings erected to be buried in it, not also let at least a few showy statues of himself erect or alt least a series of cartouches to commemorate him – like all other Pharaohs and their queens? The Egyptologists make fun of each other time and time again.

There are pyramids all over the globe. In Mexico, Guatemala, China, Bosnia, the Canary Islands, in Cambodia, in the Pacific Islands. In Egypt, a geophysical scan has recently been made showing that a giant pyramid is buried somewhere in the desert under the sand – far larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza! We will, of course, see it before we believe it. But the Temple of Osiris in Abydos is buried deep in the sand, and I have personally seen the piles of sand that cover the largest structure (unknown) in Egypt – and which the Egyptian authorities have apparently closed / banned from excavating: the Great Labyrinth in Hawarra described already in antiquity, and which was thought to have disappeared or was just a myth. It exists indeed, but has like many sites in the world ended up as: forbidden archeology.

One might ask, whether is it a globally well-organized network that steps in every single time certain remnants of our distant past occur, making sure to either obscure, shut off, prevent, privatize, confiscate, or destroy?

One of the 300 pyramids in China that no one has access to – except the party, you know

To get a sense of just how widespread the pyramid phenomenon is globally, how little ‘Egyptian’ it is, and what’s out there in the wide world we’ve never heard of, and seen in places we don ‘t even has dreamed of, see here a Bulgarian amateur historian who has made it her life project to catalog and describe the megalithic culture. Her name is Silvia, and she has published a bunch of videos on the subject under the pseudonym newearth on the site:

Also watch this short video about the underground cities:
The Derinkuyu style underground cities ARE ALL OVER THE WORLD!

The world is simply full of surprises. In 1909, a group of mountain hikers encountered a crack at the top of the sides of the Grand Canyon. When a team of scientists got their way into a long shaft, they found an Egyptian burial site, as taken out of the Valley of the Kings! In the same area lived a now-disappeared tribe called Hohokam. Their peculiarity consisted i.a. in that they built houses and canals in cement. Phoenix, Arizona, is built on top of an old city with long water canals, still in use, built by these people. Various mountain peaks or protrusions at the Grand Canyon bear, like Phoenix, Egyptian names. Tower of Seth, Tower of Ra, Horus ‘Temple, Osiris’ Temple. Bizarre! Did the first settlers – or rather Freemasons and Jesuits encircled The Founding Fathers of the Nation – know a thing or two about the place and its history? Of course, they did.

The lady in the picture here is called the Lady of Elche. It depicts a lady of distinguished position from the Iberian Peninsula. She is often associated with Atlantis because of her special hair splendor and adornment. She has similarities with a goddess from Carthage called Tanit. So Phoenician culture, Phoenix. Tannis in Egypt is the site of King Solomon’s first temple (Jerusalem was a hole in the ground in the time of King David and King Solomon, and no trace of it has been found in Palestine / Israel). Israeli archaeologists are very disappointed!

On the other side of the Atlantic, on the other hand, we find the only people where women dress like this on festive occasions: the Hopi Indians, the mysterious and fascinating people with strong stories about the past and prophecies about the future, quite different from others on their continent. Their building style is somewhat reminiscent of the vanished Hohokams.

A surviver culture?

The famous – or should we say infamous? Institute, The Smithsonian, was involved in the excavation of the Egyptian tomb in the Grand Canyon. They also contributed to the public not being able to see the artifacts on display today. We have previously described how The Smithsonian Institute has systematically contributed to the loss, destruction and obscurity of the oldest part of American history, and how, for example, they a couple of years ago lost a case brought before the US Supreme Court regarding the mass destruction of skeletons from their archives. These skeletons had made the fundamental mistake of being the remains of red-haired Caucasian people with a body height of between 2.5 and up to 3.5 meters! If someone says ‘fairy tale’, then we will repeat that the case was lost in the Supreme Court! and that it is therefore not enough to shout out – even if it is completely true – that the US Supreme Court is corrupt. This case was so well prepared that the court could not dismiss it and lots of people have seen these skeletons. One could say that the Supreme Court also lost the case. We are talking about 10,000 skeletons that were dumped in the Atlantic Ocean during a head cleaning a few years back. Funnily enough, the Atlantic Ocean.

When Indiana Jones finds the Ark of the Covenant, he takes it to … The Smithsonian. He asks what will happen to it now. Then they answer: Don’t worry, we have learned men taking care of it, after which you see it being carried down into a basement and locked inside. That’s exactly what’s going on with that kind of things. They disappear before the public and down into the basements of grave robbery and tomb raider institutions and other collectors of illegal artefacts. Another example of Spielberg and Hollywood having insider information through those you know who own the factory and whose god is a jealous god, according to his own statement.

The final scene in Raiders of the Lost Arch

A slightly more decorated department store for stolen, confiscated and inaccessible works of art is the Vatican Library – a place you can not get a library card for.

On land and at sea

Far from everything sank in the ocean. There is plenty of material that can underpin a highly advanced civilization, above the current sea surface. The reason why so much sank in the sea is that the most important outposts of the civilizations then, as today, lay where large rivers flowed into the sea. The location close to the coast, where you could both sail in and out, was and is obvious. The rivers have always been the great blood vessels that flowed out of the bodies of the continents, but which easily led the ships inward into the great bodies. We know that the ocean water level rose approx. and on average 90 meters at the end of the last ice age. It does not explain the newly discovered urban structure off the coast of Cuba in a much deeper layer, but it does explain many other finds that at that time must have been above sea level at the coast off the estuaries. And recent ice age and its end was certainly not the only ice age or catastrophic event on the planet.

The catalogue of monumental buildings and megalithic structures – mega lithos = large stones – over which science scratches its scalp is, to say the least, overwhelming. Is science imaginative or unimaginative when, time after time, they throw these structures down into the concept cellar and explain them as products of collectors and lower hunters just descended from the monkeys in bare ass and goatskin possibly equipped with a bronze hammer and chisel? The half-apes were thus supposed to have carved boulders of up to several tons of the World’s hardest rocks, then dragged them 100s of kilometers (they are often not found in the area), stacked them on top of each other with higher perfection than a modern engineering company, leaving marks that from machines invented in the 2nd half of the 20th century, and then lined them with precious metal alloys of which they had no knowledge!

If the story of Atlantis is a fairy tale, then what is this scientific masterpiece of fairy tale’ish explanations? It takes one to know one, as we say.

Mnajdra, Malta

Gozo, Malta. The according to archaeologists oldest masonry in the world.
Apparently its builder was 10,000 years older.

A major problem with dating is that science has not been able to date the age of the site based on the age of stone. The stone itself can be billions of years old. Therefore, they date a stack of potsherds or a dead chicken that has been scurried about next to it, and then claims that it must be its owner of the chicken who has raised these stones.

Recently, however, the University of Wales came up with a method called Chlorine-23 that could reveal when stones had been quarried from the quarry. The actual formation of the stone purely geologically does not matter in this context, it is the physical-mechanical rupture that one is interested in. When they tested the method at Stonehenge, they came up with the age of 24,000 years. Archaeologists then refused to accept it, because they had decided by academic dogma, peer pressure and consensus (science should never be about consensus, but about constructive disagreement until a theory is finally proven – or rejected) that it is only 5,000 years old. The above mentioned wall construction in Malta was recently said (before Göbekli Tepe in Turkey overtook it by a few thousand years) to be the oldest known, i.e. 9,000 years old. They said. When a German team dug at a site below the site, they found 20 skeletons with severed heads. At carbon-14 dating, it turned out that there was no more carbon-14 left. That is, they are at least 30,000 years old! Did that mean that the archaeologists were doing the same thing here that they otherwise insisted on: did the stones date from the nearby organic material? Not to mention. Of course, they adapted the landscape to the map. Science only follows their own decisions when it suits them.

Saksaywaman, Peru

This particular kind of stone masonry is found all over the globe. They consist of large irregular stones that fit together perfectly, like puzzle pieces. They are unbreakable constructions in relation to earthquakes, and therefore they still stand. Unlike the regular masonry of recent times and today that will collaps during an earthquake. This is quite clear when later cultures, such as the Incas, Mayans, Romans build on top of these structures with their pebbles – and then, like the Romans, have taken credit for it all.

Or rather to be just also towards the Romans, they are given credit by historians and archaeologists for it. But so far there is nothing covert in adding bricks on top of ancient solid foundations, as in the picture above. The Incas did that too, but their masonry is of a completely different and unimpressive style, with small stones, without the perfect fit. In the old walls, the stones fit so perfectly that you can not stick a razor blade in between them. Ask an engineer how they did it and you will see him scratching his scalp before answering: I do not know.

Mega Lithos

Easter Island is one of the strangest places in the world. Here are the strange figures, most of them buried in ancient sediments and only sticking their heads up. Which may have made them still intact. Here, too, one finds the special masonry that the ancient and by science quite undescribed Atlantic – and apparently also Pacific – civilization had built – Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria. The locals have the story of the characters being alive, that their eyes could see and… that they walked around the island!

In the Pacific Ocean in Micronesia lies the island of Pohnpei. Here is the city of Nan Madol built as 100 artificial islands of 200 million tons of magnetized basalt crystal. Again, the local islanders have stories to tell about the place where one just raises the eyebrow: these boulders were levitated and flown through the air and placed there! Much of the city lies under water down to 30 meters deep. In fact, there are two cities, the other being underwater. The place has been called the Venice of the Pacific as it consists of over 100 artificial islands connected by a system of canals. There are so many stones on site that entire mountains must haven been torn to pieces to make the building material! If a supposedly primitive culture could build palm huts and run around in palm skirts, why did they choose the most advanced and cumbersome project, with giant stones that no one else has any idea where it came from, as there are no similar quarries on the island?

An underwater pillar at Nan Madol

It is not enough that new remnants emerge daily from an unknown and undescribed civilization that does not lag behind our own, indeed, in essential points seems to be superior to it. But on top of that, these primitive, under-developed and uncivilized locals out there in Outskirtistan allow themselves to have opinions about their own past and insist on explanations of something that we have otherwise condemned inexplicable. They make it embarrassing for us, they exhibit our inability to explain. Should anyone have been juggling boulders in ways not described by our archaeologists – how dare they?!

Nan Douwas, the main complex of Nan Madol. Built by hula-dancing natives in the distant past …?

Here comes the problem. These constructions have just NOT been explained by the archaeologists. The boulders in the megalithic structures are disproportionately large and heavy. It makes absolutely no sense. Why should one choose to tumble stones of several tons? Couldn’t one at least knock them out in brick size, as later and supposedly more advanced cultures did. The largest rock at Baalbek / Syria-Lebanon is over a ton, and recently there has been found murals in the Urals, where the stones are up to between 3-4.000 tons! Here we arrive at something that gives archaeologists such great explanatory problems that they simply choose to ignore it. We do not get around to it, and as David Hached Chrildres says: Such extravagant projects only make sense if it has been easy for them, if they possessed a technology that could easily handle gravity – whatever that is, for gravity is extremely poorly explained by our physique. But that is not possible, because the dogma and paradigm of science and archeology do not allow us to think along those lines, so the conclusion is that it did not take place.

In stead nonsense took place

Do not overlook the man in the middle.
Megalithic wall in Shoria, Ural, with blocks of between 3-4,000 tons!

It does not seem to bother the imagination to sketch oversized hoists in the best medieval style, and to command 10,000 sweaty slaves in bare stomachs, all hoisted in the same ropes up on a mountain top, where there was room for a maximum of 100. Archaeologists rarely worry about simple logistics like that. When a stack of archaeologists once decided that now they wanted to erect an obelisk with the kind of machines they claimed had been used, it was a pathetic failure. The French broke and destroyed about 60 obelisks before they managed to steal and tow one of them to France. Incidentally, it tells a story of what archeology often is: grave robbery and the transport of stolen artefacts. Another group of archaeologists set out to build a small pyramid – just a small one. It became embarrassing for them and collapsed.

The claims found among archaeologists and the particularly fine archaeological upper class called Egyptologists are at times quite entertaining due to their absurdity and lack of grounding. Archeology never deals with bone-hard facts when presented with the inexplicables and their own contradictions. Stone Age technology does not produce perfect surfaces in granite and basalt blocks polished with industrial precision! But Egyptologists are so uber-wise that they never have to consult specialized professionals. When geologist Robert Shock debunked them by rock-hard analysis of the depression around the Giza Sphinx, they just snorted scornfully offended. The exotic nature of Egyptology gives them, they think, the right to come up with equally exotic explanations. What to say – where to even begin?

Here comes the smoking gun in a new way, for not everything was processed to precision. Sometimes things went wrong, and the old craftsmen made a mistake, because they were just people. They could not hide the grinding, scraping, sawing and drilling marks left by their machinery. Or they were interrupted in the middle of the process and were not quite finished. Both the extreme precision and the small inaccuracies are revealing. As Chris Dunn, who has been producing precision equipment for military aircraft all his life, says: There is nothing wrong with that, that kind can only take place with power tools as we know them today. I’ve been standing next to him, filming him and demonstrating that sort of thing for dozens on a journey across Egypt. Do Egyptologists expose themselves to the encounter with hard facts? Never!

Regular scratch marks from power tools around the unfinished obelisk at the quarry in Aswan. Own photo from a tour of Egypt with Chris Dunn, Yousef Awyan, Stephen Mehler

The imperfect obelisk of the quarry in Aswan shouts of marks from fierce machinery. In blocks scattered on the Giza plateau, we see the marks of the saw in the most difficult of all angles: the sunken 90-degree corner. Micrometer-tight precision grinding is found in the sarcophagi of the Serapeum, even in their interior. Millimeter-precise symmetry is found on the large face of Rameses II in front of the large temple complex in Luxor. It’s actually not R2, but the Ideal Man, clearly a man, but with balanced feminine features. And completely computer-like symmetrical, which is not possible for even the most skilled sculptors. That archaeologists cannot get these bone-hard facts inside their thick foreheads is due to another embabassing fact: that they never listen to anyone but themselves, and that they are not scientists, but grave robbers and ideological myth-makers.

Not only is the face mirror-geometric in relation to the right and left sides, which is unspeakable without CAD software and 3D printer or milling technology today. But in addition, the construction is made according to Pythagorean and Fibonacci series principles, ie circular geometric measurements. Therefore, the face is also not the alleged Rameses II, but the Ideal Man.

Geo polymer

What materials did the old builders use? Well, in addition to some of the hardest, most inaccessible and least local stone materials, they used materials that are not found as natural stones in rocks. They simply mastered the fabrication of geopolymers to a degree that surpasses modern cement. Even the Romans knew how to produce quality cement that stands 2,000 years later (the Colosseum), while high-rise buildings and highway bridges in our society splash together after 60 years.

French-Iranian filmmaker and researcher Fehmi Krasniqi has made an astonishing movie demonstrating with 3D simulations in details, how the whole Cheops pyramid could be build by just a few hundred skilled workers – not slaves at all as historians always claim. These were well payed professionals. The technologies used were simple yet sophisticated and no need for alien technology here. They need one paticular technology to produce geo-polymers: giant magnifying glasses:

With that in place and with the knowledge of the right mixture, they could melt these materials and very high temperatures. You will have to see this amazing movie to understand why. Some of Krasniqis theses I don’t buy into – such as the pyramid being a tomb after all, the mainstream dating and the idea, that Egyptians were all black people. That’s where he fails and chooses a political correct theory. In the cartouches in the temples it is very clear, when they portray a black man and a lighter skinned Egyptian.

The relief below shows not only the old style in relation to the underlying building blocks, but also the elaborate layer of geo-polymer that has been laid on the outside. Archaeologists and historians claim that sandstone was hewn in. When the geo-polymer then falls off after x number of thousand years, which can be seen in several places, they begin to explain it by the fact that an extra layer of stone was hewn and laid on top of the foundation stone. The people of Khmer have not been able to make geo-polymer, but in return they had the best epoxy in the world, so they could stick stones together. It makes really good sense …

Relief fra Angkhor Wat

Newearth, the Bulgarian amateur researcher, made a calculation of working hours with primitive instruments based on information from modern stonemasons. It gave approx. a few hundred years of permanent work for the entire male population of Cambodia – without weekends and holidays. This does not include the decorations and the up to 7 km long artificial lakes found in the area. And that is only for Anghor Wat itself and not the 100s of temples found in the rest of the country.

The geo-polymer falls off after a few thousand years.
Ask your local master mason if he can make a plaster that lasts that long.

The Khmer kingdom itself is dated to between the years 802-1131. We do not necessarily have to doubt that, even though we have gradually lost confidence in the ability of historians to date. For the building style, with the large puzzle megaliths, belongs to a much older civilization. It is quite conceivable that it is like in Egypt, where the temple constructions themselves, the hypostele halls, are older than the cartouches, the Egyptian form of geo-polymer, laid on the outside. Architecture is sometimes like a palimpsest – a painting painted on top of another painting.

Again, it is not suspicious that later civilizations move into the buildings of older civilizations. The idea is that they take credit for founding their newly acquired buildings, or that later historians give them credit for it. Why? Maybe to hide that there was something big going on sometime that it makes our greatness fade? It’s pure vanity. Or to disguise the history of mankind so that they do not rebel against those in power who consider themselves descendants of something great in a great past? Or both – added a container full of conceit and stupidity. The latter, I would suggest.

Even the proud and boasting Romans who stole culture and technology with arms and legs mastered geo-polymer / cement casting. Apparently of a better quality than the engineering and construction companies of our time, since the Colosseum is still standing 2,000 years later. The Nazis apparently cracked the code, and their bunkers on the North Sea are virtually impossible for the Sea to break down.

Chronos Logos – chronology

Can we date the oldest civilization? How can we know that there are no even older ones – a luxury issue as long as we have reached the recognition of the provisional elder? Do we have control over the chronology?

We have no control over the chronology at all and we can only date by giving up the requirement of absolute dating. Every time we hear about someone who thinks they’re in control of it, we need to be extra vigilant. We have to use relative dating. Something came before something else. How much before? We can guess qualified, but we do not know. Contrary to what historians and archaeologists claim, we need to be open to a radically different time span. 5,000 years is like the day before yesterday. Who does not say that 50,000 years is a possibility? The Celtic sources mention just that number. Or what about 500.000 years.

An example is the famous city located in the Valley of the Crescent in Jordan called Petra. You know: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arch. We have all seen pictures of the temple in Petra and think that is all. It’s only a percentage of Petra. The rest of the area is seriously strange. On the rocks above the temple – or whatever it is that lies at the bottom of the gorge – are the remains of interiors of something resembling apartments whose walls are heavily eroded. All fracture surfaces are rounded. Here and there a floor, a window, a wall, a ceiling protrudes. What the hell has happened here?

I have only heard one serious bid. That this extensive and consistent erosion has taken place over a minimum of 100,000 years. That is, erosion by wind, weather and water. Such a strong rounding naturally takes a very long time. It is the bid of the serious geologist, a reading of how such rounded structures can take place naturally. This means that the urban community of Petra, in the Old Testament called the Red Edom, is over 100,000 years old.

Nature’s whims?

I have another bid as an alternative. That something else took place, over a much shorter period of time, in the style of what can still be observed today in the area of Sodom and Gomorrah by the Dead Sea. That is, that something took place that can no longer be described as natural. Instead of the word erosion – geology’s favorite concept (everything happened very slowly and predictably / descriptively) – we are going to use the word catastrophy – geology’s hate object and horror scenario (something has happened abruptly and unpredictably).

Here we are moving into a completely different ballpark, and we now have to ask the question: What happened? And why? In the case of Petra, I have only recently come across an analysis that goes on erosion. That the destruction right here could very well be man-made, I have not heard before. It has, in turn, been asserted in contexts other places than Petra (e.g., Mohenjo Daro in India and Sodom-Gomorrah), and it can be substantiated by written accounts from all cultures. Which is extremely important. And astonishing, why historians have managed NOT to take the accounts from the old cultures seriously.

The jump is not really very big, and yet many – including me – have refrained from taking the leap. The leap goes from having recognized that there was a high culture that was capable of constructing buildings completely out of proportion to their alleged ability. That they then used power tools that only our time has known. And that they juggled around with boulders of such weight and size that they must have mastered anti-gravitation. From here in a decisive leap forward to the fact that they possessed a technology reminiscent of that now possessed by the military of a large nation, and that then, as today, there were individuals who could, if necessary, come up with the use of it. Include here the high technology that the military will not admit they have developed, and which is at least 50-60 years ahead of mainstream technology and science.

Can we know anything about, what the unknown civilization has accomplished in that field since it is now unknown? The point is that it is not unknown and undescribed at all, but that we have arrogantly and superficially chosen to ignore the descriptions that exist or read them as the Devil reads the Bible. There is no shortage of elaborate and detailed descriptions in eg the Indian Vedas: Srimad Bagvatam, Mahabarata, Bhagavad Gita. Likewise in the Slavic Vedas. The war of the gods is described in a magnificent and terrifying way in the Nordic Vedas, ie the sagas and the older Edda (Veda – Edda). In the oldest Celtic writings from Ireland, we can read about it. In the few writings left from the ancient cultures of South America, Popul Vuh as example (the conquerors of Europe and their church destroyed everything they could pick up in the most disgraceful – let’s just use their own expression sinful way). We read the same thing in Chinese and Japanese scriptures.

The Battle of Kurukshetra described in the Mahabharata

Here we move away from just a description of the natural disasters that are already difficult to accept for science despite abundant signs. They took place, no doubt, and on several occasions. But there was also something else of an even more inconceivable nature inedible to science: a great war in both Outer Space and on the Earth between several civilizations or factions of the same civilization, or between the civilizations on Earth and one or more outsiders.

But again, the leap is not far from the first realization: from the existence in an ancient civilization posessing a high technology superior to ours, to the fact that this or these civilizations were not limited to this planet. With such technology, they were not just interplanetary civilizations, but galactic civilizations. Through their technologies, they had the ability to travel very great distances.

The exact technology is in fact well described. There is a section of the Vedas where their Vimanas, the flying vessels, are described so carefully that one can almost build them. They are described in appearance, shape, function, interior, flight technique and engine power. The increasingly 19th-century term ‘engine’ is to be understood here as the principle of antigravity and plasma technology.

Naive illustration of a vimana – a flying trash can with propellars

One may ask: why then do the Vedic scriptures not swirl with detailed descriptions of these wonders? Because they were commonly known to the authors and their readers. If a 21st century writer wants to describe a novelist who took the pilot between two capitals, he / she does not need to describe in detail what a contemporary passenger plane looks like. Everyone knows it. Today, as then, they are simply mentioned in passing. Then, as today. But then: a simple chapter in one book goes into detail, like almost a manual. By the way, we know that the scientists in Germany in the 1930s-40s read these writings closely.

An Indian physicist named Chandrasekhar became so angry in the 1930s at the ridicule he was subjected to by British physicists that he gifted his studies to the Germans. They were not late to move on, and even before the end of World War II, they had developed anti-gravity vessels that in the decades after the war were to make Hell hot for the Americans and the British, among others. via Antarctica, where they had created a base above and below the ice. World War II did not end in 1945, and neither the Germans nor the Japanese had surrendered. They went into exile. In return, the Allies had by then developed both an internal and external totalitarian propaganda and dis-information apparatus so that they could deny their lack of total victory over their own peoples and the rest of the world. That’s what’s been hanging around our necks throughout the post-war era, to this day. As some historians will admit: The history of the two World Wars is not yet written.

Subramanyan Chandrasekhar – his science enabled German scientists to recreate the vimana.

When translators of writings from the earliest times up through the centuries encountered passages describing topics such as advanced technology and Starwars-like scenarios, they were often omitted or rewritten. Later, we learned to draw on the smiley face of the ancient, primitive fools and their vivid imagination. We simply do not understand that they described reality as they saw it. This applies to both their writings and the rich pictorial material we have been handed over. We do the same with the old narratives and their writers as the totalitarian regimes of our time do with their dissidents: declare them mentally disturbed and admit them to the closed ward. When museums encounter artifacts that do not fit into their version of history, they are not exhibited, but stored in enclosed basements. Just ask Klaus Dona, the Austrian museum curator, that found out, that museums have closed storage departments for artifacts, they have NO IDEA how to categorize.

In relation to advanced and destructive technology, the German scientist, Robert Oppenheimer, the man who helped to (re)invent the atomic bomb, recalled what he read in Vedic literature as a description of an atomic bomb. There are many indications that he had read correctly, but that he may not have fully grasped the scope of his reading, and that the descriptions he recognized explained something far more destructive than anything he could imagine – even as an exported Nazi scientist from Operation Paperclip.

The devastation in our distant past was enormous and almost indescribable, even though they are actually described. In Mohenjo Daro, the Indian Sodom Gomora, there is a frozen image of the moment of destruction. When the terrible weapon of destruction was unleashed over the place, bodies were captured within a second. In Pompeii it happened in less than an hour and it was an explicable natural disaster = Vesuvius explosion in the year 79 BC. In India, it happened in seconds or minutes in a way that nature is not known for. We know how fast it happened through the way the bodies were found when the site was excavated. It bears an unpleasant resemblance to the condition in which mammoths were found in Siberia – lightning-frozen, with undigested food in their mouths!

What do we even call such a physical event – a gigantic neutron bomb?

Mohenjo Daro

We only know of one event in recent times that resembles it, and that is on a much smaller scale: the Tunguska incident. A large area of ​​Siberia was hit by what is believed to have been a major impact from a meteor. When a meteor is close to the Earth’s surface, an electric force enters character that neutralizes the highly charged incoming object. It is all about electricity, and the mechanisms behind it are explained in detail by the people behind the Electric Universe. It results in an explosion that flattens a large area with the ground. The trees stand to this day as petrified in the wasteland that arose in a split second. Personally, I have traveled in an area that was hit by the volcano, Mount Rainier in Washington State, USA in the 1980’ies, and seen how vegetation mountain top after hilltop after valley floor were leveled to the ground, and the trees lay as if driven over by a giant lawn mower. Multiply this completely explanatory force of nature by 10 and make it more inexplicable (Tunguska). Then multiply it by 10 again and make it totally inexplicable / unexplained (Mohenjo Daro).

Iberian Peninsula is filled with ruins you will never see unless you know their existance. The Spanish authorities have either prevented the knowledge (the hard theory), have no interest, have no idea about their age or no ressources + the sites are just too many. Moreover Spane is the least populated area of Europe with huge areas of no people, no roads, no solid infra-structure.

On the Iberian Peninsula we can see the devastation. There are a very large number of ruins from extensive cities, where the large stones from the masonry are 100s of meters away, scattered across the landscape. Often they are half-buried of solidified mud. In the Egyptian desert, there is a large area where the stones have been exposed to such high heat that they have turned into diamonds.

Again: What happened here?

Disaster theory

What were the causes of these destructions? There are several schools that are trying to explain it. The first is that the ice just one day started to melt and that floods came. Which of course also happened in connection with the end of the ice age. But that is insufficient to explain both the violence and – what shall we say – the purpose of the destruction. Knowing, that purpose takes either human intention or Devine intervention.
About that later.

The second explanation we find in the writings of. Comyns Beaumont, the forerunner of Velikovsky (something suggests that V. to some extend plagiarized CB), who describes it as the ‘gods’ of heaven, that is, the celestial bodies that made trouble. We find this kind of catastrophe with both Zachariah Sitchin, in his analyzes of the Sumerian writings, and in Thornhill and Talbott from the Electric Universe – Wallace Thornhill as the physicist, David Talbott as the mythologist. The representation of Saturn, the former sun in the previous solar system, which transforms into a comet, Lucifer or Phaeton – the destroyer, the electrical constellation with Jupiter – the new Zeus – and Venus-Mars with the thunderbolt, the large plasma discharge, all this makes great sense along the way. It can easily be paralleled with Norse mythology, where we find the same figures, Thor = Mars, Freya = Venus, Zeus = Odin, etc. We have here the war of the celestial bodies in an undefined distant past, which may not have been so distant even.

Beaumont suggests that parts of the scenario have taken place in recent times, and that, among other things the Church has conspired and rewritten history for political reasons. It also makes a lot of sense. Beaumont describes it as parallel to the transformation (invention) of Christianity in the circle around Constantine the Great. He goes so far as to claim that for political reasons, as a cover-up, Jerusalem was moved from Edinburgh / Scotland to its current position, and here arrives the whole mindset put forward by the so-called ‘British Israelites’.

Beaumont writes somewhere, that the Old Testament IS the story of Atlantis. He touches here on something absolutely essential that also explains why the subject is so diffuse and unapproachable: the extent of falsification of history that has taken place since antiquity for political-ideological reasons. The scope is greater than even the most incarnated conspiracy theorist manages to face.

The seven key sets – a methodical pit stop

This means that when dealing with the wreckage encapsulated in the religious scriptures, we need to uproot them with a complete set of keys. It may seem like a siding, but it is not. Methodologically, the keys are the same in the understanding of knowledge encapsulated in the religions – and remember that the great writings in the history of mankind all fall within what we call the religions.

We have already outlined the first set of keys that interpret everything cosmic as planetary, solar and galactic events, ie astrophysics.

The second set can unlock the astrotheological layer, a special study, an entire school in itself. All concepts are astrological concepts and events, cf. the astro-theologian Santos Bonacci. It requires one to train oneself in a very comprehensive terminology. Unfortunately this guys went off-trails and became a flat-earther … exit Santos!

A third set can unlock what writers and historians like Joseph Atwill and Ralph Ellis call the typologies, that is, simply put, the wandering stories. The biblical accounts consist of what Jewish culture and thought are full of: allegories. One says and writes one statement that means something else. One encrypts. One excludes people and animals from understanding while keeping secrets to oneself (Kabbalah). One borrows and almost steals from cultural accounts of events that took place and was told one place at a time, and moves it in time and place, by taking out a patent on it. You take ownership of other people’s property.

A fourth set is the excavation of the forged story. So, what is the purpose of all those allegories and paraphrases, and what lies behind historical intrigues and designer ideological manipulations behind what is written? And why do these Satanics – we might as well call a spade a spade – even write what they have been up to? They do this to obtain forgiveness of sins – once they have said it, anything is fine. The Bible is, with that hat on, the Hollywood of its time. They tell us between the lines about all the scullduggeries they have come up with. Just so we’re prepared.

A fifth set is esoteric Christianity, exemplified by the Steiner or Martinus schools or by various forms of neo-Gnosticism. With all due respect to the wise men, because there is a lot to pick up here, it slips very easily into a new-age feeling, with statements like: all religion is false, it’s all scam… but we have the right religion for you, which we instead call spirituality, and anyone who thinks otherwise has understood nothing. Oops, exactly what was meant to be forsaken, snuck in through the back door. That is, almost like the atheists, the most religious people on Earth. True, there should be no need for middlemen if one wants a personal relationship with the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. At the back door you end up in nihilism.

The sixth set pretends to be a key and may actually be. Most often, however, you end up in fundamentalism and brainwashing, and end up handing over the entire set of keys to the janitor at school. Christian theology sells itself as the blue-voiced, orthodox / orthodox key set, Skt. Pete’s keys. The problem with theology is that it is mostly exercised by middlemen, the rabbinical tyranny of Judaism, the hierarchy of the Papacy, the dictatorship of the Mullah class. It is religious reductionism that does exactly the opposite = the same thing upside down as scientific materialist reductionism: excludes half of the cosmos and fabricates an amputation, a torso, without legs, arms and head.

A seventh set is that of atheism and materialism. Here one reads systematically the Bible, as the Devil does. That is what Marxism did. Religion was opium for the people… but then they just made their own opium and religion. Paradoxically, the New Agers inherited this attitude, and neither cultural Marxists nor New Agers have understood it! This set is without comparison the most useless, because you throw out both the child, the bathing water and the bathtub at once. Left is: nothing. We have ended up in nihilism.

The eighth set chooses a different starting point than all the others, but without having to exclude some of the others. It refrains from that need. It does not condemn, but behaves critically AND curiously expectantly. It examines, it includes, it sorts, conclusions are preliminary, and it becomes clear when assumptions are made that rely on theories. There is room on the shelves to swap around when something shows up.

We know that astro-theologists have a lot of points and that they have done their home study, but we also know that the scriptures were scammed to hide and rewrite certain historical figures and events for political reasons. We know that esoteric secrets are hidden from the initiates, but we also know that events have been borrowed and distorted and placed outside of time and place. We know that the Church is a hierarchical structure that is oppressive when in power, but we also know that its men and women outside the center of power have acted as the protectors of the people (the liberation theology during the dirty war / Operation Condor during fascism South America), and we refrain here from loudly and arrogantly judging the many members of the churches and religions whose naive beliefs are genuine and compassionate. We know that Islam was corrupted by the British, but if we have done our homework, we know exactly when, how and for what purpose. Therefore, we know how to refrain from the condemnation that is now part of a setup to demonize Islam to create a civil war (WW3). Because we do not want to be a tool for that agenda.

The eighth set, the octave, is without comparison the most difficult, because it requires that you can keep your head cool and your heart warm, bother to do your homework and know about the-best-is-yet-to-come. It requires being able to sort layers of information and accommodate paradoxes. The other keys have individually isolated a tendency for the quick fix, whereby huge treasures are lowered to the seabed and Atlantis sinks for the second time. Divide and conquer.

Star Wars

After this methodical and attitude-reflective intermezzo back to the topic. Now with a different angle than natural disasters.

It is basically remarkable that the deserts and wastelands of the Earth are located where the Atlantic culture, if we may call it that, and its capitals were located. It was the most fertile places on Earth at that time that suddenly became deserts. If we are to believe in comet/asteroid theories, then it is strange how purposeful these random rocks from outer space can act. We see the same signs of a violent impact in Peru. The masonry was resistant to earthquakes, so something else and more was needed. At Sodom and Gomorrah, at the Dead Sea, there is still today radioactive measurements after the destruction. Studies of the area have shown that the same type of glass-silica saturation via salt crystals occurs here, as in Hiroshima, after the bomb. So God had acquired nuclear weapons?

The Lord rained burning brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah – for he was the Lord of Heaven. Thus he overthrew both cities and the surrounding land – and also everything that grew in this land. But Lot’s wife looked back and became a pillar of salt.
Genesis 19: 24-27

The translation of the word pillar of salt is incorrect. It should rather be translated to dust or steam. Which could also make the thoughtful reader compare with the phenomenon of atomization of the buildings at 9/11. They did not collapse at all, they became nano-dust in the middle of the air, and very little material ever hit the ground beneath them. Seismic measurements give nothing near the impact it should. Video footage clearly shows how giant steel beams turn to dust in the middle of the fall. And with all due respect to some of the pioneers in physic-chemical analysis of the event, proponents of nano-thermite theory have never fully explained this phenomenon.

It was far more of a nuclear event, as such radical de-materialization that took place would never be able to take place simply by burning at high temperatures. The nano-thermite can saw a steel beam over, but not make the whole beam disappear into the blue air. In turn, the appropriate nuclear weapon leaves the same residues as the nano-thermite. It is described in detail by former Russian nuclear physics officer Dimitri Khalezov how 9/11 could take place. He also explains why and how Chernobyl was not an accident.

Close-up images of steel beams that turn into nano-dust before hitting the ground.
And whether you believe i Dr. Judith Wood’s theory of a directed energy weapon, the Russian theory of a mini-nuke or Niels Harrit’s theory of nano-thermite – OR some kind of combination – the builings were taken down with a precisely planned and executed demolition.

Many have noticed the peculiarity that God is mentioned in the plural in the Torah or the Old Testament, Torah-Light for Christians. Theologians and Jewish scribes twist and turn in contrived sophistications and explanations when confronted with it and have to account for Elohim. So when the day is over and the dust has settled over Sodom, the ‘gods’ are written in the scripture.

Early the next morning Abraham returned to the place where he had stood before the Lord. He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward the land and the plain, and he saw a thick smoke rising from the earth like the smoke of a furnace.
Genesis 19: 27-28

There are no descriptions of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions in the Bible. A comet does not fall from the sky, which in that case would have caused destruction, and Father Abraham and his four sons would not have stood the next day from a mountain top and looked at the result. The cities had sinned against the gods called the Lord and as a result they were hit with something resembling an atomic bomb or neutron bomb by El-Ohim – Electricity is Saturn, (the Saturn Death Cult) – who mastered the electricity and the neutrons and electrons needed to create that kind of devilry.

So someone had pissed off the gods, Elohim, and were struck with impunity. One just wonders whether it might be the people of Sodom who were the good guys who lived the good life in the fertile valley, and the gods who were just deeply jealous? The Old Testament is full of expressions describing Yahweh, with the double face (Farrell and de Hart: Jahwe, The Two-Faced God), the head of Janus, the master of double standards aka the psychopathic god of the Jews, who suffers from bipolarity to a severe degree, and who one moment cares for his people and the next moment smashes them and their enemies in turn. And who is apparently also schizophrenic, as he refers to himself in the plural.

But then there is this layer, this key in the Bible, which, albeit in allegorical terms and typological wandering stories, tells of a Star Wars scenario. Post-rationalization, natural disasters rewritten in a backstory, as God’s punishment, it shouts from the first set of keys. Not irrelevant nor impossible. But unlikely.

One must be careful with this set of keys:

There are over 300 ancient writings in world literature describing other hi-tech civilizations and their interventions. Sometimes they appear mostly as non-terrestrial civilizations, other times as terrestrial.

The description of Vimanas in the Vedic literature says it very clearly. Why right is this so?

Because, for historical reasons, India has managed to avoid the huge audacities of book burnings, destruction of libraries and cultural genocides that have taken place all over the world. India was too big a mouthful for even the British Empire to destroy culture. That is the old persistent and systematic annihilation of history. It is the project that most of all suggests a concerted and coordinated effort against humanity from one particular group that seems to replicate itself over time. I have before called them the Shepherds, the Kabbalists or the Parasites. They have had many names. Perhaps it is time to expand the concept and call them the Rulers of Atlantis. Much can be said about them, but it is, to say the least, incredible, so persistent, over time and place they have been. The British Empire is just one of the recent abodes of these parasites that have been operating for so long at the expense of humanity. And so today, they call themselves Atlanticists, the inner circles of the British Empire that still follow the master plan of Cecil Rhodes, The Round Tables, The Pilgrim Society.

The fronts have not changed.
Mankind still has the same enemy as our most distant ancestors.

In the following we shall lean on the shoulders of a handful important scholars and researchers:

  • Michael Tsarion
  • Ralph Ellis
  • David Hatcher Childres
  • Michael Cremo
  • Joseph P. Farrell
  • Klaus Dona
  • Hugh Newmann

Each referential person has in himself hundreds or even thousands of references.

Lets go Alien – synopsis

The parasite arrived at some point. It’s hard to say where it came from in the Galaxy. Was it from Sirius, was it from the Pleiades, or was it from Alpha Draconia or a seventh place? The story goes that the parasite was thrown out of its place from a solar system in the Milky Way galaxy due to a local Armageddon and was hunted through Space. It took refuge in our solar system and the Earth, where it was captured when its pursuers shut down the galactic transport system.

Annunaki does not mean, as claimed sent down. It means thrown down, thrown out. The parasite, the group of people with advanced intelligence and technology who did not respect the universal laws of non-intervention in other civilizations, initially settled on a planet or moon, leaving signals so that its pursuers believed the group was seated here, and smashed it totally. The destruction of this had devastating consequences for the Earth. The Sumerians called it Tiamat and it was a water planet. Levashov explains how the water from the planet / moon crashed on Earth. Atlantis he called Middle-earth or as the Norsemen calls it: Midgaard, and he places it in the Arctic Ocean, which was not an Arctic Ocean at the time. The survivors of the sinking continent found refuge in Siberia, and only later do we find them in the original India called Dravidia.

Sumerian picture board with 12 planets

In parallel, there is a story about how the refugees from Space had to take refuge underground in tunnel systems and even underwater. This is also where the whole story of the Hollow Earth comes in (Bulwer-Lytton).

Dead things are formed under the water and the inhabitants of the place. And the commentary in the Bible says Raphaim (dead things) are descendants of Nephilim.
Job 12: 5

Nephilim means giants – in the plural

Tsarion reads the following in his sources: When these creatures see that their pursuers are gone, they rise from their hiding place and settle on the continent called Appalachia. Their headquarters, or city-state, is called Atlantis. It’s not the name of a continent. There were five continents at that time: Tirennia, Birengia, Oceania, Fennescandia and Appalachia to the north. The Appalachian mountain range still bears the name. But it stretched, as Levashov also mentions, all the way across Greenland to the present Arctic Ocean north of Siberia.

The Nephilim or the Fallen Angels wanted to manipulate humanity. This is hardly the first time the Earth has been visited from the outside, but it was the first time that visitors radically intervened and began performing genetic experiments. It started with studies of the Earth’s life forms, but at some point their studies progressed into a phase of implementation. The being they created had purely foreign DNA and purely human DNA. We can call this double race Homo Atlantis or the Sons of the Serpent. As it says in Genesis: And God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. Also notice the name gen-isis, the Isis generation. The word ‘created’ in the Bible is mis-translated and should rather be translated ‘built’. These are actually the firstborn or the first build.

A main rule in reading the Bible is when you encounter expressions like Jehovah, Elohim (also plural), Adam, Eve, then we are talking about lineage, generation, race or groups of people or human-like beings, not individuals / persons. The snakes sent their firstborn out of the garden, to do work for them. It was a human type that was both intelligent and had the DNA of the snakes or gods. But humans still had the human DNA that their fathers and creators did not have that, and in time they no longer wanted to be servants and obey their masters and creators. In addition to intelligence and strength, they also had spiritual abilities and compassion. So a group of them left Appalachia / Atlantis and settled on Oceania, which we today call Lemuria, and were in the Pacific Ocean.

The lords, Elohim, then created a new race, Adam and Eve, the male and female type. We read about this in the Mayan scripture from Mexico, Popul Vuh, and at the same time we understand why the Church by the subjugation of South America after Columbus destroyed pretty much everything that was written about the oldest times of the indigenous cultures:

Let us create him who can nourish and sustain us. What must we do to be worshiped and remembered on Earth? We have tried with our firstborn, but we could not get him to worship us. Let us therefore try to create obedient and respectful beings who can nourish and sustain us.

It is beginning to dawn on us why the Church was given the practice of sending missionaries, especially Jesuits, either in advance or afterwards as a cleansing team when they subjugated a new culture. They did as the Romans did: smashing the peoples and giving the survivors a prank. It happened to the Hebrews, it happened to the Celts, it happened to everyone who constituted an independent entity and thus a threat to the Empire.

The Jesuits hurried to familiarize themselves with the sacred writings of the cultures. If the history of the people told inconvenient truths about the past, history was either destroyed or corrupted. If it was a non-literary culture that got too explicit, people were mass murdered so they could not tell the story. The survivors were then given a substitute, an edit of their story added an injection of Christianity. To the extent that people remembered their original history, they went under cover in the shape of syncretism with a layer of Christianity, while below they continued their paganism. That is why Popul Vuh is so unique and valuable, and if you compose and read it with Celtic, Indian, Russian, Chinese and other scriptures, a consistent story will crystallize. The later Roman and Christian empires are nothing more than an extension of the practice of the rulers of Atlantis.

Popul Vuh

About the second generation, the next race it says:

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou serve thy bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it thou art taken. Of dust thou hath come, to dust thou must return.
Genesis 3: 17-19:

It does not sound like God speaking to people, but like a piece of human politics. The creators made the mistake of giving their firstborn intelligence. Next time, they were created with a blockade for higher intelligence. This is similar to what can be done today in laboratories by blocking the brain. The creators made it even more radical at the DNA level.

The Adamic race could not reproduce itself. Genesis 11 says:

And the lords said:
Behold, the people are united, and they all have one language. So let’s go down and give them many languages so that they can no longer understand each other.

Zigurath in Ur, present-day Iraq. A man-made mountain, a pyramid.
And Moses went up onto the mountain …

Babylonian conceptual confusion ensued. All expressions from the Bible must be translated from their allegorical meaning. Being naked in the Garden of Eden does not mean that they walked around the bush in bare ass and picked southern fruits. They were intellectually naked, naive, stupid, ignorant. The tree of life is another allegory, as it always has been. The tree is genetics, inheritance, lineage, species, that which is passed on according to what was before. Like the seed, the seed, etc. The tree is the family tree. Christians have a very hard time understanding this language, they do not have the key to it anymore. When they hear that kind, it always becomes in theologian mindset a question with the right faith = the right kind of ovediance. To the extent that we in the West are cultural Christians, we have lost the ability to read, and that is why the ancient scriptures are so closed.

Religion is piece of shit
– pitstop 2 with attitude check

Unfortunately, on the other hand, this leads to statements – if I may make a side note – one often hears among atheists and new-agers: all religion should be abolished because it is irrational (atheist) or wrong (the new-ager). Stop for a moment: this is actually a big problem, because then we’re throwing the key in the toilet once more, and then we still can not read and think nor talk about fundamental topics. We can only shout in the desert according to the will of the gods – in the east and west. Then we have not gone further than what we point fingers at.

This does not mean that we are going to go to church and sing hymns we no longer know, and take the wording literally – or literally distance ourselves from taking it literally. Fundamentalism and anti-fundamentalism are both reactionary mindsets. The scriptures are deeply interesting, churches are deeply interesting places, for they abound with signs and deeds that can be interpreted with the right key. Religious cultures are deeply interesting containers for ancient goods – there is plenty of paganism in Christianity alone so that you can almost be a practicing pagan. Not all religious people are stupid sheep, sheeple, goyim.

Now drop that neo-salvation and fear of challenge / counterplay and get into the dance, dear friends. Descend from your newly built ivory tower. You sit there and sing hymns in your own church! And how about practicing the Buddhism that you are flirting with and practice true compassion? Funny, by the way, how Buddhists have to speak English new speak – mindfulness is not called contemplation, it sounds too theological.

You become an idiot of all that smart-ass jargon and neo-salvation! What’s worse, it’s a city-design part-and-rule implant that only benefits the glorification of the Empire and our own stupidity. Be like children again, said the man with the beard, and it might be he was right. Let us preserve our ability to play, curiosity and to creatively and sensibly put the pieces together from the Lego bricks we have found. It is now that we have the chance, because the pieces are popping up now, like never before – and there may be a reason for that.

There is something depressing and clichéd about the jargon that various new-age hangouts have accumulated about in their heads the evil religions and all the stupid people for whom, the religious cultures, their traditions, their rituals, their concepts are an integral part of their life. The responding critics make exactly the mistake they criticize the religious for: saved ignorance and arrogance. They consider themselves better people than approx. …. 3-4 billion people who have apparently made the big mistake, bordering on sin, not radically having done away with this integral and ancient part of their culture and thrown it in the trash. They might as well have said: cut off both arms and legs and genitals, then I will consider you a worthy person, but as you are now, you are an unacceptable individual.

What happened right here? The picture has been turned upside down, and what started as justified criticism – and there is a lot to criticize, we certainly do not put our fingers in between here- has suddenly become dogma in the worst papal style. A whole swarm of neo-new agers calling themselves spiritual, running around preaching a new gospel, building new churches in the spirit, and singing new hymns.

To people who believe that religion is the root of all evil, one could say: that song we have heard before. It was called communism, later morphed into cultural Marxism. They said that religion was the opium of the people, after which they presented the people with a religion precisely intended to grind all individuality and patent all popular values ​​in the form of a totalitarian apparatus of oppression without historical parallel.

And whose work is what the new-age hangouts do? Among other things, they do the work described in detail in the writing that appeared over 100 years ago and which defined the setup for three world wars. The writing was attributed to the Masonic chief Albert Pike, but was much more likely authored by a Jesuit agent named Leo Taxil. According to scripture, the third world war will mean the death of Christianity so that the only true religion can emerge: the Lordship of Lucifer, the Antichrist of the Freemasons. Global nihilism will then hover and rule forever. According to the inner hard-core of the Freemasons, the Jesuits, and their infamous writing.

So, for those who are at a stage where, in their own view, the maximum suspicion of power structures and truth providers has been reached, they should perhaps occasionally remember to take a closer look at their own favorite statements. What agenda does it represent, and should something unpleasant have slipped in through the back door that they themselves do not think they have invited?

Why is it relevant? Because it’s all about an ancient project where humanity has been shaped genetically, socially, politically, culturally by not only our surroundings and nature, but by someone intervening and manipulating us. Not for our sake, but for their own sake. They did not ask nicely for permission, and if the people complained, they were put to death or punished. That kind of thing, however, is in the long run troublesome for those in power, for it is a full-time Sisyphus job, so they turned down people’s capacity to grumble and then made them do the work themselves. Their methods, their weapons have been fear, deception, illusion, guilt and shame. We find this practice in the religions, of course, so much we have understood. This people react against it when they recognize the designer layer. But the designers kept the best for themselves, and it shines through, it still exists, cf. the key set. There is more than one layer. There was a reason why the designers became so fiercely interested in religion at the time, and then so fiercely later in ideologies, propaganda, media cult, sectarianism, mass movement.

It is relevant because it is continuous. It has never ceased. Atlantis has only sunk as masonry and sites, not as a project. The designer religious project went and is about interrupting a circuit in our being. The human being is simply religious – re-legare: to re-connect. Take it or leave it. We have a built-in longing and drive for reunion with the highest being, the Creator of the Universe in the religions called God. Only by disconnecting this connection, this universal and natural circuit, can this union be perverted.

Here then comes the paradox that people have such a hard time understanding. Today we are at a stage in the project where religions are being destroyed because they now stand in the way of the project. Cf. Leo Taxil, who was inside Albert Pike. Just as families and the natural union of man, woman and children had to be destroyed by industrialism, feminism / machismo, hyper-individualism and pornification in order for the dismantled individual to be open to the project, so religions must now be destroyed for the new global synthetic Hollywood-style pseudo-religion can be introduced. Don’t worry, it’s getting gross like hell.

Let the critique of religions fall where it should fall. The gross, the lost, the hypocritical, the aggressive. It exists, give it the f-finger. Do not mock victims of something you think is a deception, so they will be victims for the seventh time, this time for your mockery. They may possess, even if you do not acknowledge it, a piece of religion that is authentic to them, and as long as they do not run around condemning others, others have no right to condemn them.

Therefore: when we allow ourselves to sing hymns about the evil religions, then we should just check out who we are singing hymns with. Remember that consciousness designers have perfected their methods of getting ourselves to do it – against ourselves. Beware of hypocrisy and let the one who is clean throw the first stone.

And then let’s throw some more rocks, some seriously big rocks, mega-lithos!

The Tree of Life

A misunderstood symbol. It has its roots in the Earth and branches in the Sky (sometimes vice versa). It has many names, Ash Yggdrasil, Caduceus, the Kabbalistic tree. That the people of the Adamic race could no longer eat of the tree of life is an allegorical paraphrase of the simple fact that we were genetically engineered so that we no longer had direct access to knowledge as our ‘creators’. Actually, they did not create anything at all, because they could not, but they reprogrammed into man what was already created.

By the way, talk about continuity here, and compare with the genetic experiment going on for the nose of us. After 50,000 years, they are not finished and have not yet gotten over with us! It’s not unpunished, but we’re obviously still able to piss them off. Something could indicate that they are not as omnipotent as we go and think. Maybe we should test far more limits with that in mind. It’s been tried before, and it may not have worked so well. But we have a historically advantageous situation due to the amount of knowledge that has now been released out of the bag along with the cat.

The tree of life later became the tree of good and evil. Nonsense! the tree is just their knowledge. The Manichaean, the false dualism of good and evil, crept in later. Not being able to eat from the Tree of Life does not mean having access to the technology and intellect of the gods. That is why the Kabbalists have run for millennia with their tongues out of their throats in search of the lost intellect, the lost knowledge and the technology that their ancestors once possessed, and which their highly diluted blood longs to possess again.

Is it not strange that the reconstruction of that kind of higher knowledge has always attracted the worst conceivable human types. An example: there is a reason why the Jewish Kabbalists constantly commuted between Egypt and Babylon, for they knew that the lost knowledge, the sunken Atlantis for human and universal knowledge, was here. This knowledge is not in itself ‘evil’, but the project that unfolded before-during-and-after + in-and-around this knowledge contains a parasitic malice that seems almost impossible to get rid of. And is a parasite really evil, or is it just a pest? Is it not more about our lack of immune defense against this parasite, than about its almighty danger? Is it not about the horror of pissing the gods off that is traumatically encoded in our backbone via their perfidious punishments?

In the Kabbalistic tree there are 22 paths. If you know anything about genetics, you are familiar with the number 22. The serpent, the snake, is also not unknown to the geneticist. Just like in the Caduceus, the two snakes wind around each other in the double helix of the DNA. So does the energy field in the chackra system, the two channels ida and pingala nadi winding around the central rod, the shushumna. Each chackra in itself is a torsion field. Yin-Yang-Dao. Brahman-Shiva-Vishnu. Study the cyclonic energy of the cyclone and see it depicted in the swastika, the Indian, the Celtic, the Japanese, the Masonic symbolism of the New Carlsberg Glyptoteket (famous museum i Copenhagen sponsored by the brewer himself), the Nazi logo – by the way, the Nazis flew around Vimanas from the end of WW2, but do not mention the post-war !

The double torsion field is the foundation of the ‘forbidden’ technology, which is popularly and misunderstood as ‘free energy’ (there is nothing that is free, everything is bound and has its price). The principle of the Reich’s organ energy is a double torsion field. A flying saucer, a Vimana 2.0, operates on that principle – and now stop claiming that they do not exist, it is simply too tiring and counterproductive in the 21st century! Of course, they are not flown by green Martians at the moment, we have understood that too, but are standard equipment in what has been called The Breakaway Civilization.

For more than half a century, the infamous global elite has been embarking on a space project that they have not wanted to trumpet. All sorts of cover stories are thrown inward. Recently, an idea has been implanted, a meme that the Earth is in fact flat. This is the second time in world history that this has been introduced. It first happened to obscure the Empire’s (then: Catholics’) incorporation of the New World and the creation of a maritime-based economy (systematized piracy). Now it is happening, to disguise the Empire’s (now: the globalists’) incorporation of Space and the creation of a space-based economy (systematized space piracy).

Can we see a pattern, or are we just fools 2.0?
PS: Flatearthers, please give us a call when you have reached the edge of the pancake and is looking down and over. We’d love to hear what it’s like. Until then, don’t waste our time. Read some REAL childrens stories instead.

At one point in the distant past, the refugees from Atlantis who had settled on Lemuria saw that their former rulers had created a new and dumber race. But they also saw that these new people were their cousins. So what would happen if they infiltrated the Garden of Eden, Atlantis, and helped their cousins ​​escape? The accounts show, that Adam’s segment, ie the male in the manipulated race, did not grasp the hand of the ‘sons of snakes’. The Eva segment, on the other hand, did, for the women of the artificial race had still retained spiritual power, magical power, intellectual ability, and were extremely attractive. The sons of the serpents said unto them: Know that what we can do, ye can do. Interesting statement, as this is later attributed to Jesus, who says to his disciples: What I do, you will then be able to do much better. And is it not said of Jesus that he was born of a virgin? We will return to that.

The entry of the serpent into the Garden of Eden is not understood and explained clearly in Christianity and in the Old Testament. It was about the Breakaway Civilization of Atlantis of that time and its infiltration of the same. Remember that we have the story edited by the descendants of the Atlanteans, who after a period of wandering arrived in the Middle East and authored the holy scriptures on which we build the three Abrahamic religions. The serpent became in the blue-stamped biblical representation the Evil Temptator, but the serpent was in reality a promise that knowledge was not for the few and the chosen lords, but for all who were worthy and ready for this knowledge.

When the family of Eve arrived in Lemuria, the cult surrounding the matriarchy arose. It was not forgotten that the women were the ones who grasped the message. Just study the iconography of Egypt. All pictures, figures, statues, wall decorations show that it was a matriarchy. SHE always cares for HIM. The Pharaoh is always entertained. How does a Jew define himself? As born of a Jewish mother! It is simply defined on the basis of an Egyptian premise.

An anthropomorphic dragon painted by Master Hokusai

The concept of high priestess comes from here. The sons of the serpent favor Eva, the female race created by the Atlanteans, because she = they are receptive to their persuasions and travel with them to Lemuria / Oceannia, the second main continent that sank during the ensuing disaster. Eve is called ‘the beloved’ in Greek Heredualai. It is the same Greek word that was used about Mary Magdalene ‘the harlet’, that is, the beloved.
Also read: The Hidden Meaning of Fairy Tales

In distorted Jewish-Catholic erroneous translation, it became the whore. Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess, became the Babylonian whore. Every time the descendants of the Atlanteans, represented by the Kabbalists, have to mention Eve’s descendants, they become sexistly degrading and perfidious. Incidentally, the Egyptian word for woman is the same as snake. Not in the sense a poisonous reptile, but in the sense the favored of the serpent’s sons.

The term immaculate conception from the Bible, the virgin birth (immaculata), is also a misunderstood term. It is a concept of conception without coitus between a woman of Eve’s lineage and a member of the serpent’s lineage – the serpent, not in the strange David Icke sense as reptiles that change shape and color, but like the serpents , the firstborn who fled from Jehovah aka the Lemurians and who refused to enslave the Atlanteans. The ability of the Eve lineage to breed with the Adamic lineage was recreated in Lemuria, but the concept of virgin birth was still reserved for an offspring between the lineage of the Serpents and Eve. This typology, this wandering story, was retold and attributed to the mythologized version of Jesus created by Paul aka Josephus Flavius in accordance with the Alexandrians (the richest men in the world who were terrified of the messianic movement), the Flavians, and onto Constantine the Great, who made it mandatory religion of the State of Rome.

Josephus Flavius – one of the greatest scammers in history writing.
Among friends called the Apostle Paul.

This image is probably one, he ordered himself to look like an oriental nobleman.
He was according to descriptions was clean shaved Roman style – because he was loyal to the Roman oligarks.

In the Middle East, specifically among Jews, there is a charming ritual of cutting a piece of sensitive skin away from small boy children. The original ritual even involves the circumciser, the rabbi, drinking the blood that comes out of the intervention / assault, a ritual of human sacrifice to the Dying God, Ba’al, Be’El, Saturn / Satan. It is fundamentally traumatic for the boy child, and thus explains a piece of extremely persistent ethnic-cultural sociopathy / psychopathy. In the malicious ritual, something happens to the boy that makes him susceptible to evil. Nature has created the boy / man with foreskin, and the removal is an attack on nature.

They are commemorating something. In a following article we shall see, how circumcision is ritualized castration, and how it plays into the practice of the Nazarene sect in Judaism and the story of Jesus – The King that disappeared.

This Zionist TV journalist proudly proclaims in his voice that all his boy children must be subjected to a traumatic and hormone-regulating = radical character-forming intervention on a natural and vital part of their body on their eighth day of life.

It is as perverse as the removal of girls’ clitoris by certain cultures. It is at the same time a ritual for the removal / amputation of a piece of DNA and the consequent synchronization with the ‘gods’, the original aggressors. Adam’s lineage was amputated so that it could be ‘obedient to death’, this glorious biblical concept as a attribute to the pacifist, toothless Jesus character, the Romans created. Circumcision is a symbol of and a guarantee that man is an obedient slave to the gods. Incidentally, it happens in a hospital, under the symbol of the Caduceus staff.

The symbol of the pharmaceutical industry shows, that they are messing with the building blocks of life

The gods get seriously pissed off

For the third time, the gods are cheated. First, they are thrown out of their galactic home, due to bad behavior, and have to settle in a solar system and on a planet they do not like at all. Next, they create a slave race that does not bother to slave for them. Then they repeat the failure with another race being seduced by the first race to also be disobedient. After that, they are seriously pissed off.

The book of Ezekiel from chapter 5:11 states:

Why is this happening? said the Lord; Verily, because you have defiled our sanctuary with all your deeds and abominations, and therefore we will destroy you; You must not be spared before our eyes, and we will not have pity.

Then you will know that I am GOD, when their defeated men lie among their gods on their own altars, on every hill, on every mountain top, under every green tree, under every broad-stemmed oak, and in the places where they sacrificed to their gods… Thus will I stretch out my hand upon them and lay waste their land… and they will know that I am the LORD.

Statement from a loving and caring god? Should anyone get the idea that a people that has been educated with that kind of perversity for a few thousand years is not behaving completely mentally healthy, it might not be far off. As Christians, we have dragged our share of the load, as the Old Testament, Torah-light forms half of our religious scriptural culture.

The Protestants then arrive and claim that we have put all that behind us, and we confess to the New Covenant. Excuse me, I know the Protestant High Mass inside and out from decades of close encounter as a church musician, and know that selected Old Testament scriptures are obligatory as part of the two alternating lines of text. By selected is meant those places that do not describe Jehovah as a star psychopath. We do not even have to repeat to what extent the New Testament is a scam performed by the Alexandrines, the Flavians, Josephus Flavius ​​aka the Apostle Paul and the circle around Constantine the Great (we did so anyway ;-). Nor do we need to delve into whether the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation were a piece of controlled opposition, and that the unholy alliance between Luther (Rosicrucian), Calvin (real name Cohen, Crypto-Jewish scholar) and the Venetian oligarc families is highly suspicious. We completely avoid mentioning the Protestant Cromwell and his alliance with the usurers and the emerging central bank. The Protestants are not a notch better, they are more likely a tooth worse, and it was Protestantism that created industrialism, the slave hell of our time. Nor should we mention – and now we have done so, of course – that the most extensive war in Europe before the 20th century was the Thirty Years’ War, in which half of Europe’s population shrank. It was a political design that covered itself under a facade of religious war and showdown with the Catholic Church.

Thus will I the LORD send famine and evil beasts, which shall spoil you: and plague and blood shall come upon you, and I will bring a sword upon you. I, the LORD, have spoken.

Carl Gustav Jung, a student of his Jewish protegé Sigmund Freud, allowed himself to be stunned that the Jewish god constantly spoke of me-me-and-again-me, a disturbing infantile and self-absorbed god. And as it literally said in the Bible:… for I am a jealous god! Freud himself was jealous of his student and paranoidly terrified that Jung would kill him. Interestingly, too, an entire century of understanding of the human mind was dominated by a person with a school who claimed that the psyche of little boys and girls was formed by a pedophile relationship with their parents. Compare with the description of circumcision mentioned above.

Personally I am convinced, that these cultural perversion are of Canaanite origin – and were the Jews not warned about engaging themselves with these people, that worshipped human sacrifice (Baal – Ka-Baal)? Well, they obviously didn’t listen to their own leaders and prophets, and we know that several of the Old Testament prophets were prosecuted and even killed for scolding the people and their bad habits.

The Mahabharata describes the vengeance of the gods against human disobedience:

It was as if the elements had been unleashed. The sun turned around hit by the heat from the weapon, the world turned in fever… thousands of chariots were burned up… the bodies… no longer looked like humans.

This is similar to the distorted statues of salt found at Mohenjo Daro. But the inhabitants of Lemuria knew that the gods came back and struck again. This was the first war of the gods. It took place for approx. 12,000 years ago.

And all their cities were laid waste at the coming of the LORD, and at his terrible wrath.
Jeremiah 4:23

It is Jericho’s walls that collapsed using trumpets, ie frequency-based device. It is Sodom and Gomorrah that fell using a weapon of mass destruction. All cities fell. All over the globe are the remains of and at least the traces of these ruined cities. This was the actual World War I, the one we did not learn about in school.

And, behold, the LORD maketh the earth devastated and empty, and turneth it upside down, and sendeth away the inhabitants thereof.
(Isaiah 24)

Oh, my people who dwell in Zion, do not be afraid of the Assyrian: he will shoot you with his pipe and lift up his staff against you in the Egyptian way.

Oh Assyrians, the pipe of my wrath, and the staff of my hand is my indignation.

And all the kings of the earth, and the great men, and their chiefs, and the mighty men, and all the subjects and free men hid themselves in caves and ravines in the mountains.

‘In the Egyptian way’, it says. It was the same god who sent plagues after the Egyptians in the wilderness.

Woe to us! Who will deliver us from these mighty gods? These are the gods that struck the Egyptians with plagues in the wilderness.

And in the letter to the Ephesians we read:

We do not fight man to man against flesh and blood, but against greater things, against powers, against the rulers of darkness over this world, against spiritual evil from high places.

Remember again that Paul, who wrote the letters to the Ephesians, was Josephus Flavius, who started as a Jewish scribe, was hired by the Romans, infiltrated the messianic movement, was rejected by them, was given all the scrolls from the Temple after the burning and wrote the Romans = Flavians (Titus’, Tiberius’, Vespassians, etc.) history. He is considered by Christians to be greater than Jesus, though they are not much for admitting it. The last rumor I have heard among Protestant theologians is that one is now baking on a theory that Jesus WAS Paul. Funny enough, they have understood something – without grasping a shit! Paul corrupted what was of something originally Christian – who, by the way, was not Christian, since the idea of the sun god dying and resurrecting is ancient pagan and is called the Dying God.

Ignatius Donelly (1831-1901) comments on the way in which the Book of Job sounds more like a collective lament than just the fate of a single man followed by morality:

It sounds like the cry of not just one man, but an entire race, a great civilized religious race that did not understand why God could visit Earth in such a cruel way.

But what does that have to do with Altlantis for Donelly? He was a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, who allowed him to make depth measurements of Atlantis on the Atlantic Ocean! Lincoln allowed him to use a naval vessel and he was guaranteed support in every way. A month later, Lincoln was shot and the plan went astray. In 1882, Donelly referred to Atlantis as an antidiluvian civilization = before the flood. The idea was taken very seriously among thinkers and writers in the 19th century, and although eg. The Royal Society in England from the beginning set the tone for what one dealt with in science, such a monolithic thought had not yet formed, a wall of rejection, where merely the idea of a former technological high culture was considered insulting. So oblique is the science today of its own greatness. Free thinking was far more widespread in the 19th century than today, even among high-profile cultural figures.

By the way, Donelly was the man behind a theory that Shakespeare’s works were written by Francis Bacon. It did not resonate and is probably not true either, but it is on the other hand very difficult for the literary scribes to explain how a wool trader from Stratford on Avon whose children could not write their own names suddenly has access to all of European major literature and an in-depth understanding of Italian culture, classic philosophy and fine arts, esoteric matters and an extremely sophisticated language. Some have suggested, that he maybe ran into John Dee himself, the man with Europe’s largest private collection of literature, master spy and agent for the English queen – he signed with 007! – alchemist, magician, rosemary, astrologer, Kabbalist and scientist in the best sense of the time. There are 10 years of William Shakespeare’s life and life that have disappeared and undocumented, and after his death almost everything that can document his life disappeared. It looks like a piece of MI5 style cleaning job (John Dee founded the forerunner of MI5).

But the hitherto most well documented explanation of who Shakespeare was, has been delivered by Oxford scholar Alexander Vaugh, that proves without any doubt, that he was the 17th earl of Oxford Edward de Vere.
See a whole series of videos HERE, if you are seriously interested in this subject.

John Dee aka Agent 007, in Her Majesty’s service as a spy and alchemist, 1527-1609

Scientists with weight have also noticed the similarities between the weapons of mass destruction of the 20th century and those of ancient times as described in the ancient texts. The Nobel laureate in chemistry, Frederick Soddy, a colleague and partner of Rutherford, with a scientific opus on radioactivity, wrote in 1909:

Can we not read in them (the ancient scriptures) a justification for the idea that some forgotten race of people not only acquired the knowledge we have so recently gained, but also the ability that is not yet ours?

Robert Oppenheimer, who had studied the Vedas, had the same thoughts. He paraphrased the Bhagavad Gita after the first test blast in Los Alamos, saying:

Now I have become Death, Destroyer of Worlds.

In the actual translation of Bhagavad Gita 11:32, Krishna, while describing his aspect as the destroyer = Shiva says:

Lord Krishna said: I am the time of terror, the destroyer of all beings in all worlds, in the process of destroying all beings in this World; of the heroic soldiers currently standing in the enemy army, no one will be spared.

Bhagavad Gita takes place in a frozen moment in time, when the archer Arjuna from a mountain top sees the two armies facing each other, and asks Lord Krishna about the deeper meaning of this terrible and irreversible scenario. Hence the dialogue in this world literary masterpiece.

In Ramayana, a metallic thunderbolt is reported to be capable of wiping out 100,000s of people. It was so powerful that it could have wiped out the entire Earth. These weapons could only be used by so-called royal decree. Somewhere it says that the weapon was used in retaliation for the other party using it first. Have we heard that talk before? The whole Cold War was full of that rhetoric. In the distant past, people were not content with rhetoric. Atlantis struck first, for the gods were pissed-off, after which Lemuria responded again.

In etymology we find the concepts encapsulated. Typhon is a name for the Devil, Hurricane (hurricane) means the trembling snake (cane). In the Gaelic sources, there is talk of the serpent’s sons having to fight the demonic beast, Typhon versus Hurricane. The words Dis-aster, destruction of the star, cat-astr-ofe: destruction of a star (astra). We find it in Hollywood’s popped, cartoon reverberations in Star Wars as the fight against The Dark Force and the Death Star. When Luke Skywalker experiences the death of his parents, he goes outside and looks up at the sky, where there are two stars, two suns. There were two luminous objects in the sky in the distant past, but one, the water planet Tiamat, was destroyed in the war of the gods.

Typhon in the reality of computer games.
Maybe not far from the reality of a distant time.

What we see all over the globe where these enormous amounts of megaliths are appearing at the same time – as if they have never been known before – the remnants of a great civilization and its destruction. Atlantis was never completely wiped out, and its survivors, as well as the survivors of their opponents, settled and formed the oldest ancient cultures. In Egypt, we see the shift between the Khemt civilization – the age of the Sphinx – and the age of the dynasties. In Khemt, we find these for science completely inexplicable remnants of hi-tech and hyper-precision. In the dynasties, we find overwhelming artefacts and buildings, but actual hi-tech has either degenerated, diminished or disappeared. There may be doubts as to whether the pyramids belong to one time or another, or whether the foundation, the inner structures, belong to the old, and the outer or upper layer, belong to the newer.

At that time, after the change of civilization, the survivors of the Atlanteans, the gods who were pissed-off, choose to analyze what the real fault was with the stubborn human races. Then they decide to produce hybrids of their DNA with other life forms on Earth as the problem seems to be the human DNA. The most suitable creature is identified as a reptile. We’re still talking about having a reptile brain. When we hear various stories about reptile humans coming flying from outer space and occupying Earth, it is a misunderstanding. They were created on Earth.

J.R. Tolkien, who studied Vedic, Norse and Celtic mythology, has his own description of how these monsters were created. This is where stories about centaurs, griffins, orcs and unicorns come from. Dragons as well. No popular legends are childish, superstitious free fantasies, all of them are ingrained memory, and the great mistake of our time in reading these stems from the fact that we have not understood this.

Uruk Hai, The Golem, the clone monster created in mud in Tolkien’s version

Revelation of the apostle John says:

I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had disappeared; and there was no longer an ocean.

Here it is commonly said that Old Joe was on mushrooms and stoned out in delirium, and that he described an Armageddon, an Apocalypse that was to come sometime at the end of time. What if he described something that had already taken place, and what if we began to understand the true meaning of the word Apocalypse, like the Veil that falls? The war-torn global elite wants Armageddon, for they know how to carry it out while they are terrified of the Apocalypse, for then they will be revealed – re-veiled. The Wizard of Oz experiences his Apocalypse as the curtain, the veil is pulled aside and shows that he is just an old, greedy gnome, with no genius and spirit. Apocalypse is constructive disillusionment. It’s the carpet fall for the great deception of a play that has played for full houses for far too long. Now comes the empty halls.

Humans have all kinds of phobias. They fear the dark, they fear caves, they fear the deep water, they fear heights, they fear loneliness, they fear insects and reptiles and certain other animals, they fear confinement in narrow spaces and they fear strangers. Freudian psychology, of course, would say that it is quite normally sick, but psychologists in this school feed on the fact that people are neurotic all their lives on the same set as the pharmaceutical industry feeds on the fact that people are sick all their lives.

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made on sickness, but is it normal and natural? Of course not. It is a physiological-neurological-genetic memory based on a trauma of unprecedented dimensions. 50,000 years is a split second in the spectrum of eternity. After all, who invented the pharmaceutical industry? It did a prominent member of the Khazarian global mafia, John D. Rockefeller, along with his buddy Edwin Carnegie. Are we beginning to see a pattern in the continuity of parasitic practice?

There is an entire pedophile industry that makes money on an ancient trauma.
And the stories are no longer edifying, as in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Are we now sure that the catastrophe was artificially created and not natural? It’s not that simple. When the gods had unleashed their wrath on Earth in the form of giant weapons of destruction, Earth unleashed its wrath on them. If you are of the opinion that the Earth is a living being, then the anger that was unleashed will count for the response of this living being.

One of the people’s unforeseen event came into force in the form of a physical pole change. Before that time, the Earth was in balance and did not have the tilt that we know today as the Precession of the Equinox, which forms the basis of astrology. Astrology as we know it did not exist. The year then consisted of 360 days. A physical pole shift is a completely different serious matter than the magnetic pole shifts that occur on an ongoing basis. It created huge hurricanes, tidal waves and devastation. The earth shook its parasites for a while – and on the same occasion, its peaceful inhabitants, for it does not distinguish between them. The Earth was brought into imbalance, and this condition also affected the other planets, for the whole Solar System is a coordinated electrical system. One can still observe it on the planet Mars today.

That is why what we may perceive as the war between the forces of darkness and their opposite pole never resonated with either side. Had the forces of darkness won the war, Earth today would be the perfect slave planet. Had their opponents won, we would live in peace and harmony today. There would still be dark and bright times, for there would still be a ‘big year’. The sun still has an energy orbit relative to Sirius of 24,000 years and we would still fluctuate between 4 major seasons, yugas. But the condition of between people would have been stable in some form or another.

After this unforeseen event, the warring powers lost their hi-tech, which was the biggest blow to them. They were disarmed by the wrath of the Earth. The descendants of Atlantis settle in the Middle East. From here, a never-ending stream of warlike actions has since emanated. All countries in the region have in turn perpetrated aggression. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Ottomans, the Khazars. Later the Greeks and Romans. Later – and we skip a whole lot – their emigrant colony arrived in the form of the British Empire. The Ottomans are broken up, the Saudis and Israelis are installed as poisonous spears planted in the desert sands, Islam, which – take it or leave it – had been a stabilizing force in a troubled region for half a millennium, was corrupted by the British, world wars rolling, the Middle East divided and ruled by straight lines in the sand drawn by the imperialists (Sykes-Picot Treatise), the revolutions tumble in random order.

But NOTHING is accidental, and everything stems from the fact that the parasites, the shepherds, as they called themselves, settled in the region and did what they had always done.

Theme with variations

If you want to cut off the entire extra-terrestrial field, you can get out of the train here. That is, if it is too harsh diet with foreign travelers from Outer Space. But since you are reading this, you are hanging on, so those worries may just be unnecessary. Also bare with the huge scope of the narrative, but the nature of the topic determines the scope. It is nothing less than the full history of mankind that we are aiming for, including the lost chapters.

Hereafter Nicolai Levashov. We especially refer to what by some is considered his main opus: Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors.
Free download The Book and the Illustrations.

After the destruction of the planet, which in his account and according to his sources, the Slavic Vedas, is referred to as one of the Earth’s then three moons, the water pours down over the Earth and the northern continent sinks into the sea. It is not described in those sources as a pole change. The survivors move south to Siberia, and after x number of centuries we find them in Dravidia, present-day India. Here we also find the parasites, which are the worshippers of Kali Ma, the black mother. Or a people infiltrated and corrupted by the parasites, and Levashov has a longer account of genetic experiments, which we shall omit here. Kali Ma was worshiped by its worshipers in the form of human sacrifices. She is the archetype of what historian David Livingstone calls the Dying God. This is what Troy McLachlan calls the Saturnian Cult of Death.

Dravidian (Bharat) architecture

The Dravids, the Indians of the Vedic times, are advised by a group of rishis or druids (dravid – druid). Another and probably more correct name of old India would be Bharat. In two rounds the parasites, are thrown out due to bad behavior. They wander for centuries through Central Asia and the Middle East and reappear as Hyksos, the shepherds, in Egypt. See also the British historian Ralph Ellis, whose extensive work should be a pillar of not salt but wisdom. The shepherds denote the people who had discovered that humans could be domesticated, just like cattle. For the second time – at least – they are thrown out due to bad behavior in the form of two Exodi. The first from Upper Egypt (south), where Akhenaten, their then leader, establishes his own pharaonic kingdom in Amarna. Next, they are thrown out of all of Egypt, after which they cross the Red Sea and settle in present-day Israel.

Here we begin to recognize them. From Israel – as it was not called Israel then – the Jews – as they were not called then – were sent into Babylonian captivity. They commute back and forth between Egypt and Babylon, as here they find the now scattered fragments of Atlantic knowledge. This leads to what David Livingstone calls the False Zoroastrians, the Chaldeans. Hence the Kabbalah, which is a particularly encrypted, occult, and distorted version of the original knowledge.

Later, one of the Jewish groups, the tribe of Esau, is thrown out of Petra, the Red Edom, and sent into exile again – due to bad behavior – to northern Persia and on to the area north of the Black Sea, where the Scythians lived, where they hiding under another identity. We later know the area as Khazaria. When the Caliphate arrives in the eighth century, they put on a new-old set of clothes and call themselves Jews again. When they were later thrown out of Khazaria by the Russians – due to bad behavior, they were called the land pirates, because they looted and murdered when they could – they invaded Europe under the name Azkhenazim. Here, again in late antiquity and the Middle Ages, they were thrown out of European countries – due to a particular form of misconduct called usury – until, under Cromwell, they were invited inside again and encouraged to do their parasite business in the form of money exchange. After this – and forgive the great leaps in history – the City of London and the Bank of England are formed.

NB! The Venetians who created the City of London are descendants of the Phoenicians. Precisely Jews were referred to by ancient historians as Phoenicians. The circle is closed so far, and it is possible to write the story up to where we find today an artificial construction, a state called Israel, a ideology called Zionism and a global central bank and its systemic usury.

ALL wars in recent times have been the wars of the bankers, without exception! If you, dear reader, will be able to find an exception where the bankers have not paid both parties to destroy each other and where they have not made much money on on their setup before-during-and-after, then I would like to challenge you. The bankers operate diligently before, during and after any act of war. And by act of war is meant ALL forms of war: conventional war, war with strategic nuclear weapons, chemical-biological war, war with exotic weapons, trade war, financial war, war using geo-engineering and weather war, environmental war, information war, psychological operations (psyops ), civil war (never invented by citizens) war with acts of terrorism, war using organized mass immigration, liquid war, 4th generation warfare (4GW), asymetric warfare. Did you say that Hitler invented the term Total War? I’ll have to disappoint you – it was the bankers and the legacy they believe they’re carrying out. Incidentally, the same bankers who financed the Nazi and Russian revolutions.

Usuras ugly faces

The banking system is ancient. Historian Joseph P. Farrell goes so far as to name them Babylon’s Banksters (title of his book, who later become Financial Vipers of Venice (his follow-up book) with various stopovers along the way, such as the infamous Order of the Knights Templar, whose banking was well-known and highly advanced. Later the Venetians move to Amsterdam, the Venice of Northern Europe, and the City of London. It prefers to settle by the water, for it is an ancient sea empire that rules by maritime law. In fact, they are pirates.

Later we find them at the mouth of yet another river, the Hudson River, Wall Street. Have they then reached a point where they can no longer escape? Not at all, they flee all the time. They flee / move their money off-shore to various tax havens into the black economy (over half of the world’s economy is ‘invisible’). Right now they are fleeing / moving back to Space, where they came from in the dawn of time. Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts describe the creation of a new space-based economy. The space will be the new ‘sea’, the new maritime continuum. But wait! Has it not always been so? The Heavenly Sea, the Star Sea, Maris Stellum is a Catholic term for its true identity. Catholic hymns that sing the Virgin – Hail Queen of the Sea – tell you what they think of themselves.

They are on their way back to where they came from, and humanity and its planet have simply been a stepping stone, a trampoline to recover the lost technology so they could realize the project. It was always their project, because they were lost in space. Part of their many installations on the planet has been to map Space so they could find head and tail on it again, after their turbulent arrival.

Post Scriptum

Well, isn’t it just some kind of Masonic talk?
And the Freemasons, at least they are evil, we know that!

Freemasons have spoken of Atlantis. They themselves claim that their alleged knowledge originates from Atlantis. But remember, cf. the above, that the sons of the serpent also had their knowledge from the Serpent Himself. It’s like Kabbalism. It is not consistent logic to claim that because certain sinister types have had their fingers in a certain circle of knowledge, then this knowledge is evil, and therefore one should banish it as a whole and refrain from dealing with it. Nor is it consistent logic to claim that religion is evil because a stack of politicians have poured poison into the tub and made it a tool for brainwashing and paralysis of action. We should practice catching the false logics, both when they come out of the mouths of others and of ourselves.

It is not either-or. It is both-and. Freemasons are a very mixed business. They say and write so much, but often they do not even have control over what they say and write. As with the Kabbalists, they have managed to fuck up a lot over time. It could even be argued that the ‘religion’ of the Freemasons – a word they will of course reject, but it will be their problem – IS Kabbalism, that is, a further development of the Jewish elite religion based on Babylonian and Egyptian magic. There are five layers in Judaism as a religion, and Kabbalah is the highest and for the most initiated, the inner chamber og the Temple.

That’s the problem. Knowledge is power. Power over others. And why can power not be neutral? It can, but history’s experience shows that power always attracts the worst imaginable types, the psychopaths who rise to the top, like corks in water. These psychopaths do not share with others, and rather than share, they destroy their loot and burn their bridges. Even when they sink to the bottom, they will cling to their sack of gold so that others will not get it.

Plato has a bid for neutral power. It requires people who do not want it themselves. It requires people with wisdom. It requires, as a wise man put it recently, a balance between logos, pathos and ethos – knowledge, courage and conscience. The Greeks summed it up in one word: Arèté. The Indians call it Dharma. The right action based on the right knowledge and the right force.

Where do you find those kinds of leaders today? Very few places, that’s the problem. Our society does not quite favor trade. So when the Kabbalists saw that there were guilds, societies, companies and lodges that had preserved the old knowledge, they obviously had to seize that. When they even saw that these guilds had a ring of protection around them, just like intelligence agencies, it was even better. The lodges were the perfect places to make decisions, bypassing the annoying masses, the people, the goyim. It’s called conspiracy.

Explaining how the infiltration took place is a study of dimensions. A bid for time is the 18th century. Freemasonry, as we know – or do not know – it today, is an Enlightenment phenomenon. This is where, for example, we see the Jesuit Illuminati groups appear. This is where the idea of revolution is developed and tested. It is the prelude to the neo-slavery of industrial society. This is where Liberalism as a mindset strikes through. This is where the New World (Order) takes its beginning. The much-sung Age of Enlightenment was anything but enlightenment for mankind, but rather the beginning of a new Dark Ages, an age between two ages. The year 1600 is the beginning of the cessation of Kali Yuga, with 400 years as the transition period to Dvapara Yuga, the time of copper (the time of electricity).

What has that got to do with Atlantis? If not humanity in a time of rediscovery of powerful technologies that have both potentially beneficial and destructive power fail to develop their ethos in step with the technology, we have an Atlantis moment. As it is right now, this technology has once again ended up in the hands of the worst psychopaths, and the only thing that keeps them from using it in the grand style – they use it all the time for the time being – is that they hit themselves . The bad news is that the day they no longer need this place as a milking machine, they just push the button and disappear. The good news is that their timing has become a cliffhanger for themselves and that they are lagging behind with their Breakaway Civilization and Global Reset project. That they have not already disappeared and have pressed the button shows that their project is not ready yet and that they are still deeply dependent on the Earth’s resources – including its inhabitants, which they also regard as a simple resource, a utility and -throw-away consumables for them.

Palm Island off Dubai is showing signs of sinking.
How ironic, the place for ultra-rich people is experiencing its nemesis.

The parasites know, that man in Dvapara Yuga will develop a higher consciousness. The only thing they can do is delay this for so long that they have got what they want. They have only two options: the total slave planet or a hole in the ground. Their biggest horror right now in this historic moment is that none of the options are going to happen, but that they are quietly being identified, revealed and done with. That they are put off the order and are relegated to sitting and rotting up on some British country house or on an island, or in a hi-tech underground bunker or in a floating Casino paradise somewhere in the Pacific. Let them, for Heaven’s sake, keep their trillions and inedible nuggets of gold. Let them run their lost and perverted lifestyle. Once the plug is pulled out of their parasitic central banking system and black world economy, there is no more gasoline in the tank, and then their fortunes will spread over a few generations. Then they can no longer dictate a new war to boost their money tanks.

Did we lose the thread with the Freemasons and their evil? Not at all. It would be a blunder to claim that because a person has set foot in a lodge, he or she has immediately become an evil tool of the powers of darkness. It is both oversimplified and stupefying. Oversimplifications help push the beast down into the basement, where it makes a lot of trouble, forever. We are just like usuful idiots helping to wrap an additional ring around them so that certain types in the higher chambers of Freemasonry can continue their agenda.

The lodges must not be condemned or destroyed. They need to be opened, so that their spiritual loot becomes accessible to all. Then we will see all the cockroaches with their red shields run off. Rule by Secrecy (Jim Marrs) must be forced to stop. Like the central banks, the lodges must be audited. Whether it then leads to dissolution when people acknowledge what has taken place, we shall see.

Can an editor-in-chief be a member of Bilderberg’s inner circle for 10 years?
Could his predecessor at the same newspaper be a Mossad agent?
Apparently, Denmark has abolished the practice of punishing treason when it comes to Zionists and THEIR lodges. Jews that have nothing to do with this cabal should speak up and themselves refuse to be abused.

As it is now, there are lots of problems with these lodges. A healthy society should be able to demand that its leaders can not be members of them, as they directly oppose the idea of democracy. Let us not discuss here the extent to which democracy is a failed and lost thought from the Age of Enlightenment. That is, in my opinion, very much the case. Let us simply state that a society that postulates openness and the rule of the people cannot at the same time allow the oligarchy to sit in a backstage closet and overthrow the rule of the people, as is happening now. It is hypocrisy and double standards. This applies to all forms of lodge formation, think tanks in closed forums, discussion clubs for oligarchs, World Economic Forums. If they want that kind, they are unworthy as leaders of other people.

pull-the-plug on the parasites

A certain influential group, a warrior-monk order – some say that it is the surviving Knights Templar who are still on the move – the Jesuits should be put under special scrutiny. The more we dig into their relationship, the more it will become clear how extensive their project of history falsification has been. Recently, we have a Jesuit pope. What does this mean for world politics? The timing is certainly not random.
Also read: Tartaria – the Forgotten Kingdom

If we got the choice and had to point to one and only one real bad guy in charge of the world’s misery, then it had to be them. And now do not come up with all sorts of crap that they were such skilled scientists and teachers. The only reason for their diligence and perseverance bordering on masochism (Loyola) is that knowledge is power. If you manage to find a good guy with them, then let it be the exception that confirms the rule. As with the Freemasons, you will never reach the top of their hierarchy unless you are heavily compromised. This also applies to Bergoglio. We just need to say the fascist junta during the dirty war. The Jesuits were married to them, they housed the junta’s secret police, who tortured thousands of system critics, drugged them and threw them naked out of planes. Across the Atlantic!

Is politics then a dead herring, can we even talk about democracy any longer? Possibly not. But even within the framework of the lost and corrupt democracy, there might, if only for a moment, be room for a political party that was able to accommodate the full perspective and set in motion a new mindset based on a crystal clear analysis of past abuses. What we are currently seeing of new party political initiatives is simply a rebound of the past’s discarded ideology set with a little new spice added. The idea of Pull the Plug to the Parasites – PPP – has not crystallized yet. It lies and simmers, it is on its way.

It’s going to happen.
Because it’s already happening!

Finis Terra – Jordens Ende

Finisterre is the name of the outermost point of the Iberian Peninsula. This is where all the hikers along the Camino end up burning their sweaty clothes after being in Santiago de Compostella and seeing men in orange women’s clothes. There are actually seven Caminos, the most famous of which runs from Lourdes in the south of France across the Pyrenees and through northern Spain.

When the Roman soldiers arrived at the End of the Earth and looked out over the Atlantic, they realized that there was something greater than the Empire and the Emperor, even when he had proclaimed himself to be God. The sea is infinite and it has no time. Everything disappears in its presence. And it still carries its secrets.

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