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They were wrong ?

They made mistakes from end to end – or they did not make mistakes and did so on purpose.
A more condensed title could be: Science – mistake or forgery

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in a single decade than it has done for centuries of its existence so far.
Nicola Tesla

Physics lacks metaphysics. The child went out with the bath water. As the main paradigm of the Enlightenment, rationalism brought science into a centuries-long series of dead ends. Its starting point was a paradoxical form of irrationality that simply got the sticker: rational.

How can a knowledge culture on rationing brands claim to be doing well?
Is it not in itself an admission that it has lived in a war zone and has been under attack?

In pre-rationalist science, the importance of the non-physical was recognized in order to understand the physical. Descartes was wrong, nature was not a mechanism, it was an organism. Consciousness could not be distilled away without serious consequences for our insight into the greater reality. We still have these consequences hanging around our feet, so that we do not seem to get out of place.

Nature was not just an organism. It was an organism with intelligence and soul.

Technocratism – they call it technofascism or technocommunism, same-same – is Descartes’ impulse singing in (hopefully) the last verse. It is the huge misconception that all of humanity is a stupid machine * that can be reduced, programmed and controlled at all ends and edges. Nevertheless, it is the paradigm that the technocrats believe in and believe that through exercise they are entitled to impose on the rest of humanity. The rest of humanity, for its part, is more or less unaware that it is governed by such a paradigm.

Descartes spoke only about the machine, not about how it should be abused.

There is no matter without spirit. There is no spirit without matter.
Hartmut Müller – German physicist

Physics has missing links, gaps of discarded, unrecognized and therefore lack of knowledge. Hartmut Müller’s statements come from a scientist who was operative in a culture of science – the Soviet state – a sick society that in few but important points was superior to Western society. This is a paradox. Because science was not permeated by commercial interests, and because there were no oceans of money and thus special interests at stake, scientists were allowed to pursue exactly what we believe and claim we have in the West, but which we do not have at all. : free research.

Scientists in the West have been forced – mostly against their will – to prostitute themselves against those who paid them. Scientists in the Soviet state knew that they did not get rich from it, but that in return they got colleagues who understood and encouraged them, and that they were allowed to pursue ideas that came straight out of their heads. That life for people in the Soviet Union, by the way, was miserable is a completely different story.

And like it or not: They did the same thing i Nazi Germany. They encouraged scientists to get into the wild stuff, since they recognized the power of occult (the unseen) forces. That’s why they had a Vril Society among certain ideologists at their backstage. That’s why they went deep into research and experiments with plasma physics, and after WW2 this was transferred to South Argentina.

They were wrong – or were they wrong?

Nuclear physics was wrong. The universe is not held together by gravity, and gravity is understood and explained to an extremely poor degree. The cosmos is not created by a Big Bang. The reach of the Universe is infinite. It has no beginning and end in neither time nor space and is held together by electricity in the shape of plasma filaments. The sun is not a giant hydrogen bomb, the earth does not have a core of liquid iron

Medical science was wrong. It is based on a blunt conception of what a biological-spiritual entity a human being is. For the same reason, this failed science does not cure chronic disease but keeps them just – just above the boiling point. Were they mistaken, or were they deliberately fed a falsified view of man, so that the new great chemical industry, which they called the pharmaceutical industry, could be created in 1910 and grow into the monster that is currently raping the world? And has their current overreach with the fake-vaccines for a fake pandemic now shown enough people the extend of fraud, they have created?

Agronomy was wrong. The earth is not a big pile of shit, you can pour a lot of chemistry into it and get life out of it. Living organisms cannot be genetically modified without major and devastating consequences for this earth and its plants, humans and animals. Photosynthesis is only understood as a mechanical principle, but its exact significance in relation to CO2 is deeply disturbed. The result is a dying earth surface, an all-too-fast-approaching desert.

Climatology was wrong – for the above reason. In the same way as medical science, it was not really wrong. It got a loaded gun in the forehead and twisted its arm around its back when big money was to be made. Science was politicized, ideologized, militarized, and commercialized. And when the environmentalists, the media, and thus the politicians were eaten up by the climate hoax eaten up by the globalists, everyone down to the re-re-reproducing schoolteachers were eaten up by the mistake that was made on purpose.

Cellular biology was wrong. It was not the cell nucleus that was crucial, it was the membrane. The DNA was not the brain in the cell, it was just a library, a catalog. As Bruce Lipton put it: do not blame the genes. So genetics was wrong as it seemed to have the solution to all problems. It still has not presented us with a solution but in return has created some new and far worse problems.

Geology was wrong. The Gondwana theory does not hold water, and the continents did not float around like cow dung in a mud puddle. The earth has expanded, the continents have parted like pieces of surface on a football that was pumped up – take a look at all the fracture surfaces, even a child can understand, how the contintents fit together! Mega-dinosaurs would squirm on the spot of their own ‘weight’ if Stephen Spielberg’s Jurassic Park were realized.

Anthropology / ethnology was wrong. Man did not emerge as an ape somewhere in Africa, after which they morphed-mutated via the Darwinist missing link – that still is missing because it ain’t there! – and magically became thinking Caucasians, Asians, Redskins, and Australopids. The Neanderthal was not a human but a flat-footed primate who may still be running around out there on his flat feet. Darwinism is the root of all political correctness and thus one of the root causes of the modern-confused man who no longer knowing himself.

Architecture was wrong. Man was not created to live in concrete cubes with measured square and cubic meters in landscapes consisting of concrete colossi of bearing boxes. Not even ‘stupid’ cattle are created for that, which in itself is a big mistake, as cattle are by no means stupid. So again: unless there is an evil thought behind this architecture. If we are to follow the pattern, then we must at least consider it an obvious option.

History science was wrong. Or rather: it was not wrong, because history writing is not necessarily science at all. My apologies for generalizing to the honest historians out there, that do a proper work. But a huge and important chunk of history in the vital fields has been commissioned to glorify and legitimize the atrocities of historical figures on humanity, their empire formation, their lies about wars, genocides and plundering, and their argumentation as to why this should continue for all eternity, Amen.

National economy was wrong. In the end, the nations had no control over their national economies, for bigger players were on the field. The Western Central Bank was the tool of the powers of darkness, the secret structure that has only recently begun to show itself. The debt, that black hole, the great suction, the parasite had its grip in all the nations and led them out to slaughter or canibalize each other. When the war debt was to be paid, the foot chain of the debt arrived. Take a look at Danmarks Nationalbank – it is not owned by Danes but a foreign family owned banking syndicate since 1818, after Copenhagen and the Danish fleet was bombe by the British. You may be able to guess the name of the banking syndicate.

Jurisprudence was wrong. Man is responsible only to one law only: The Natural Law. It is not complicated, a child can understand it. It does not need to be embedded in foggy talk, long-in-spit paragraph riding, and sentences of 14 lines at a time. It is not corrupt, it does not dress in wigs and black cloaks, it does not use twists from the seven oceans of the world. It says that you can do as you please, as long as you do not harm people, animals or the Earth. How hard can it be? Every time you want to do something that has consequences for others, you have to make an agreement.

Political science was wrong. Or rather, it was not wrong either, for it is, like the writing of history at its worst, not a science. It is an expression of the self-perception of the incumbents at the current time. It describes to themselves and their serving spirits how they can best pull everyone else around by the nose. It mirrors for anyone the pragmatic and convenient ideology. Political scientists have only extremely rarely understood how the world is screwed together. They have merely understood what a narrow peephole in the hull of the ship, they are meant to use for their outlook.

Theology was wrong. They waffle about a man they call Jesus, who they do not know who was, even though their religion has nothing to do with Jesus but is put together by another man they called Paul, who they also do not know who was. Those in the second cult waffle loose about a prophet calling for Muhammad, who also gets lost in the mists, but who like all other entrepreneurs reportedly came down from a mountain or out of the desert where he had talked to God or the arch angel under four eyes, so no one could interrupt the conversation. Those over in the third cult, the eldest, waffled loosely about patriarchs and kings that no one could later find in the history books – who also came down from a mountain with instructions from God, and this God seemed to behave like a bipolar sketchy moody turncoat.

Social sciences were wrong. Or rather: they also were wrong on purpose. They have nothing to do with science, they were originally intended as tools in the style of intelligence services – who, incidentally, also make mistakes on purpose – and their purpose in studying human social behavior is to provide material to control this behavior. The same as the purpose of socialism – which has nothing to do with social justice but everything to do with social control.

Even art was wrong. And it is by no means a science, though honorable science requires artistry, and good knowledge requires knowledge and craftsmanship. Art erred in following the ass of the great cultural destruction, the competition of ugliness, the race for who could overtake within infantile, deconstructivist, attention-seeking ignorance, and just do the same as the world wars did to the human soul.

Sentenced to error

If you make a mistake, you do it unintentionally.
You are incompetent and you are not aware of it yourself.
That may very well be the case.

Whatever may be the case – but if it is a case, that we are apparently not allowed to talk about loudly – then they were not wrong. It was done on purpose. But one – and one is not just anyone – did it so that all the incompetent buttnecks – and this world is full of this kind, because they belong to the category: us – were not even aware of it.

When we only know something – and this something is not sufficient to understand enough – then we are more than willing to think that this something IS enough. The something-man makes decisions on the basis of the assigned, the ration-labeled something. We make decisions even when we are decision-poor, and we don’t have a clue.

Man’s greatest weakness is his ignorance. We may in one sense or another say that the media was wrong. But since the global acquisition and centralization of the globe’s media in quite a few hands is not a mistake, and since the way they are increasingly used is not a mistake, and since they receive a directive from the very few hands, that all hang out in the same club and have the same ambitions as to where they want to go with this unruly, stupid humanity, which is not a mistake… then there is less and less room for the random theorists (the opposite of conspiracy theorist).

At the same time, there is also a piece of graded truth in the fact, that the media was wrong. But they were doomed to failure with the framework under which they eventually had to work. They could not survive, they thought, unless they spread their legs like whores, since their main income was not the readers, the listeners or the viewers but the advertisers. Where exactly on the scale between rape or prostitution the phenomenon is, is available for discussion. They were – with the very apt expression – embedded *. They were put to bed and then they were fucked through. Did they also remember to look into the camera? No, they ‘forgot’ that trick, because it was to simulate a documentary and not a porn movie. It should seem like they were actually doing an honest, journalistic job and not just writing off.

* Embedded means sunken or encapsulated, and that was the strategy towards the media during the Bosnian and later the second Iraq war. A war cannot be launched without the media. After the war, the media is kept away from the scene, because otherwise they just start writing about how the filth was done and the human atrocities and sufferings, and then there is not enough lube for the next war that is coming soon. We are not allowed to see that it is humans, that pay the price for the war adventure. And we are under no circumstances allowed to learn about the real purpose of war.

So the media workers were wrong, because they were doomed to be so. Many of them did not see it, because if you never move away from the desk, and when all your colleagues say the same thing, you will not notice it. Their bosses were not really wrong, for they knew the upbringing. They just turned a blind eye. They would have had the owner’s secretary in the tube the other day. The owner’s secretary and the owner himself were certainly not mistaken, for they wanted something for the money they had invested. Like: in the war.

It has taken a long time to establish the convicted mistake. But now it had to be in place.
They thought. But it was perhaps right here that they finally finally… made a mistake.

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