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Skulls, bones and pirates

”What are you waving out of the trunk of the bike cart, Little Joey?’<

‘It’s a real pirate flag, and it’s weely cool!’

Little Joeys father thinks so too. He’s a hipster, and he wears his trendy black T-shirt with an arty-farty skull.

A few questions arise here:

  • Would Little Brother’s father also recommend that Sonny Boy sit and wave a flag with a Nazi swastika on it?
  • Whose story is it that we tell when we flirt with occult symbolism?
  • How many would show the flag if they knew the story?
  • Is there free choice on all shelves and no expense when we unconsciously play with romanticized symbolism of death?
  • Where does this whole cult of death come from, and is it still ‘alive’?

And last but not least:

  • How on Earth did we come to willingly worship a Death Cult as entertainment?
Cartoon stereotypes versus reality

The history of the bones

The phenomenon is very much alive and draws its traces down through history. We move in zigzag and yet with remarkable continuity across Yale University and their extremely vibrant and acting elite lodge called Skull & Bones. We see the same sign on the shoulders and helmets of Nazi officers. We find it on the merchant and warships equipped by the British elite and royal family when they brutally massacred and poisoned the gooks, as they called the, during the opium wars. We find it like Jolly Roger with the privateers with whom the British Crown had made toilet room agreements: steal and murder so much, you lust, as long as you pay half to the king or queen, who at the same time avoids embarrassing explanations that the Crown’s enormous fortunes stem from looting, slave trade and dope trade.

The bright young leaders and their dark society

In popular form, the skull and the crossed bones have been romanticized to stand for heroism and rebellious unauthorized free trade with a line under ‘free’. In the Hollywood version, Erroll Flynn swung himself in the ropes as Jolly Rogers, Burt Lancaster gives his First Lover-look in Crimson Pirate, and Johnny Depp creates a copy of a drunken Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones in a fantasy version of the Caribbean. Lego makes toys that arise pirate parties, pirate software and pirated copies. The pirate is sold as cool. And true enough, the historical pirate figures did not leave Hollywood in the lurch. Blackbeard was a real person and a real free agent who equipped himself with lit fuses in his hat to scare the lives of his victims like the evil self. They have known their means, and have therefore gone down in history.

But not many people get the idea that the pirate phenomenon and its associated symbolism are by and large a very elitist entity. The elite ‘hijacked’, so to speak, the hijacker mythology, so that it came to serve their cause and subsequently tell their own story. Piracy in its original form has even re-emerged along the coast of East Africa. Where does it come from?

There are two things at stake. Firstly, they have arisen as a result of ships from the West dumping so much super-toxic waste into the water that all fishing that the Somali fishermen used to live on was made impossible. The fish die of poison, so what do you do? Next, the pirates have become a pretext for the presence of military fleets. They function in the same way as Al Qaeda: as a pretext for intervention. The British-American Empire knows that if their plan is to seize ‘The Heartland’, which is the vast impassable landmass between the Mediterranean and China, then it must happen via the shores of this landmass. This great imperialist project has many years behind it, is very carefully described and, when observed, quite closely follows the plan outlined by the British elite 150 years ago.

Maybe Little Joeys daddy will bye a toy Kalashnikov for Little Joey next Christmas?

In this impassable land we also find the Khazar people. They were called the land pirates, when their empire was at its peak They were backless, boundless and unscrupulous. They were fraudsters and experts in juggling finances, and as the sultanate approached, they conveniently converted to Judaism. The Khazar banking families (most known and yet almost unknown is the Rothschild family) today own most of the world through their central banks and financial trusts. And then, unfortunately, they have given Jews a bad reputation as greedy financial vultures, even though they themselves are not Jews at all. It is smart to sail under a different name, and when the responsibility is to be placed, you undress the ‘name’. These types are also known in their political-ideological version under the name ‘Zionists’ or the Chabat and have a direct link to the British Empire. Today, they engage in unbridled financial piracy and are responsible for the global monetary crisis. The story of how the Rothschild family literally bought England and its national economy (and never since gave it back) at the end of the Napoleonic War, is a story in itself.

Charlton Heston in an overlooked role as Long John Silver along with a very young Christian Bale as the shipboy Jim Hawkins + a parade of star actors: Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, Mike Halsey and Pete Postletwaithe.

Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ is a glorious kids novel, a true classic. Treasure Island is as Caribbean* as anything, and this was just the place for all the piracy with Kingston, Jamaica as a kind of capital. But as you will also remember from Treasure Island, it was the nobleman, squire Trelawny, who in the novel is described as a good-natured, naive adventurer with a silver spoon in his ass, who financed the trip to find the treasure. The elite again tell the story of themselves as they like to hear it. Treasure Island came out of the great Captain Johnson’s History of the Notorious Pirates.

The modern reality is now that the same elite that has hidden their mega-fortunes on various ‘treasure islands’ aka tax havens such as Guernsey, Bahama, Cayman Island, Jersey and three other remaining British colonial islands – if not so extravagantly stinking rich, that they prefer Lichtenstein or Monaco. These people now feel the earth burning under their feet and are encamped in mega-cruise ships that, like floating free states, engage in piracy under flags of convenience evading legal responsibility. They may even be looking for opportunities to move their stolen goods to Outer Space, believe it or not. There is a reason for the strange activity with space these days.

This sort of answers the question from the introduction on How on Earth did we come to willingly celebrate a Death Cult?
Because the Power Elite always manage to seduce people to celebrate THEM and give up their lawful right for their sake. That’s their real genius. They actually believe, that THEIR rights are legitimized just by people celebrating them and never claiming their rights. We told them, they did not oppose it, now we can lute, rape and kill them.

Death is not the problem

There is historically nothing free or romantic about these connotations of piracy. Strictly speaking, there is nothing romantic about looting, mutilation, beheading, death and destruction. Nor about mafia business and financial piracy in modern version. The Germanic word for pirate is also Freibeuter, meaning free to prey, not responsible for their deeds, outside the law.

It is not the skull, the bones and the skeleton as such that we are talking about here. Memento Mori, remember death, can be a very life-promoting symbol. We remember death to remember life. The dance of death, Todestanz, from the Middle Ages – The Death from Lübeck – reminds the high lords that we are all equal before death, and that the prince, the bishop and the merchant will all be held accountable together with the fisherman, the farmer, the child and the virgin. But Death in the Dance of Death is especially hard on those who are high on straw and have a penchant for arrogance and greed, for the very earthly goods and power to lose and have in their lives neglected compassion and humility. Death shows empathy for the child and the girl who die prematurely.

Hear an excerpt from Hugo Diestler’s song cycle for choir with inlaid readings.

Touching, life-wise and deep, nothing macabre here, no romantization, no deadly perverted cult. The same theme we find in Hans Christian Andersen’ The Story of a Mother. The Death personified as an old gardener in a green house comforts the mother, that her child will be kept as a small plant in a safe place. If death in inevitable – and I guess it is – we must learn reconciliation.

Nor are we talking about the respect for the dead relatives we find in the skull and bone symbolism of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated every year in Mexico. The families celebrate and honor their ancestors, those who came before us and who are still alive among us in memory. They celebrate All Saints’ Day or All Souls Day in the most beautiful way by spending the night in the cemetery with lit candles. It’s a party. What do we have now in Denmark: imported Hollywood version of Halloween, another ritual of Celtic origin, which Little Joeys father and mother accept a meaningless emptied commemorative ritual to be perverted.

That’s not the kind we’re talking about here. We are talking about an elite who have adorned themselves with death symbolism as a sign of their right to send people to their death at will. We are talking about a continuity between the British-German elite and their occult lodges over the Nazi inner circle and its obsession with the occult and its death stories and on to the American elite and their puberty’ish college rituals. We’re talking about the the versions of Empire, and the elite that staged the real Holocaust of the 20th century – the orgy of cultic death and human sacrifice.

The Bush family are major suppliers of members to Skull & Bones. Both the war criminal Prescott Bush and his son, the next war criminal, CIA director George Herbert Walker Bush were confessing Nazis, Prescott during and after World War II, his son more discreet but unmistakable in style. We do not even bother here to mention the war criminal Baby-Bush. Piracy never died, and the same can be said of Nazism. Both morphed and put on other Shrovetide costumes, but the agenda remained intact. Or as the ingenious author Philip K. Dick said: ‘The Empire Never Died’.

These lodges thrive on an unsightly mix of nepotism, infantile megalomania, and legalized psychopathy. The Yale lodge boasts that in their crypt they have the real skull of warrior chief Geronimo, whom their ancestors shot down after he had given them battle to the line. The scout boy robbers from the elite institution then, according to their own statement, dug up the skull and abducted it. They are now using it for their perfidious inauguration rituals for the group of specially chosen ones who are being trained and funded to become America’s future leaders.

The red flag

Of course, the Danes and the British have their interactive history. First we beat the British as Vikings – you can talk about grand scale piracy here – and then The British beat the Danes 1000 years later by smashing Copenhagen and burning down the entire fleet because we had kept the wrong horse (the one that Napoleon rode on).

1807 the British Fleet bombed Copenhagen. In 1818 the Danish King had brought his country to bankruptcy, but a nice banking family with main seat in the City of London offered to lend the king some money. Only condition, the nice family – I think you know their name – came to take over the creation of money and Danmarks Nationalbank, that still today is owned by this family without the people of Denmark knowing about it.

So what, Little Joeys father? Is that a historical background you intend to pass on to your five-year-old boy as a bedtime story? Is that what you think he wants to fall asleep to at night? I guess not, and you shouldn’t. But you still let your son play unknowingly with the symbolism that is inextricably linked to the dark story not being told. One cannot separate symbolism from the story behind, it is woven into and absorbed by the symbol, the very essence of a symbol. It speaks directly to our subconscious, while our day consciousness is in function.

Please note that this is not an argument against war toys – boys are boys and deserve to be boys – nor for the bizarre and ahistorical campaign running in the United States to ban and seize weapons. The 2nd Amendment is about something completely different: government paranoia and fear, that the people will have the power to defend themselves against what is going to happen. Nor do I even say that Little Joey should not be allowed to happily wave his toy flag without feeling guilty on behalf of his parents’ ignorance. It would be a little too reminiscent of feminists’ ideas that their sons should learn to play with dolls to avoid ‘toxic masculinity’ – how completely fucked up is not ideology?! However, play like hell with death and destruction while you are children, boys and girls, if it means, you don’t have to compensate for it as adults!
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I’m just asking: Do you know what kind of flag you are waving? Do you know the story, Little Joeys father? And do you know if it’s a story you’ll really like when you finish reading it? And last but not least, do you know that people who do not know their story are doomed to repeat it until the coin drops and they finally … see?

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