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The 8th sphere

The concept was created by the English theosophist Alfred Percey Sinnett and further developed by the philosopher Rudolf Steiner – or whatever title one would like to give to this figure and multi-talented marginalized among philosophers. The Establishment could not digest Steiner because he did not play by the rules. The concept of the 8th Sphere was introduced in two lectures given by Steiner in 1915 under the title The Occult Movement in the 18th Century and Its Relation to Modern Culture.

In the list of spheres one becomes aware that this is by no means ordinary astronomy:

  • Saturn
  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • The Earth
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Vulcan


  • The 8th Sphere

In astronomy, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto are missing, and what kind of animal is Vulcan? The answer is: These are stages in human evolution.

Steiner is not easy to understand. Everything gets very complicated. The 8th sphere is to be understood as a left over from what he calls the old moon. It suggests something archaic and regressive. The sphere according to Steiner does not have a physical appearance and is not outside the Earth. It is encapsulated in the Earth, and has to do with the fact that Ahriman and Lucifer have bound the Earth in an artificial state.

🙂 Already here you may be lost in space and translation, if you have not come across and studied Steiner. But hang on – it gets interesting.

The 8th sphere is thus something that has been stored in the Earth’s sphere and that holds us back as humanity. Ahriman is the mephistophelic principle (Goethe), the Contradictor or Satan, that Steiner borrowed from the Aryan or Iranian ancient religion, Zoroastrianism and Avesta, the Iranian books of wisdom. He himself says that he downloaded it from the Akashic Records (the database of the universe so to speak), which may be true, but I wonder if the man also studied a few books? After all he was a philosopher, and philosophers do read books.

Briefly described, Ahriman is our tendency to be caught in external deceptions. All that glissens is not gold, as the pseudonym Shakespeare wrote in a famous sonnet. The Vedic philosophers called it Maya, the Great Illusion of Reality. Lucifer is our tendency to be engulfed by inner deceptions and hallucinations. Ahriman is the pitfall of science, Lucifer is the side alley of mysteries. Man swings from one extremity to the other until he learns to create balance. The Greeks called this balance the Golden Mean, the Buddha taught his disciples to avoid extremes, the Daoists called it Dao.

Lucifer incarnated on Earth according to Steiner 5,000 years ago. Reportedly in China. It also corresponds in time to the emerge of the Jewish god Yahweh. Something could indicate, that at that time God and Satan were exchanged, so that Yahweh became God and God became a demon or a fallen angel. This is how Yahweh is later described in Judaism lite-version alias Christianity. One cannot help but notice when reading the Old Testament that Yahweh’s psychological profile is very close to what we understand by a psychopath (cf. Joseph P. Farrell and Thomas de Hart: Yahweh, the Two Faced God). Something else might indicate that certain secret societies retained the dualistic concept of God in the form it had before the exchange.

In Steiner we do not find Satan / the Devil and Lucifer to be identical. Lucifer is the bringer of light. In Christian hymns of Mary, the Blessed Virgin is described and sung as Lux Lucifer Oriens. There is singing in pietistic church poetry of O, Jesus Morning Star. So what is it? It is nothing but reminiscences of the goddess cult, for the morning star is Venus, the little sun. Get up early in the morning before sunrise and look in the direction of the place where the sun is about to rise. Here, on a non-cloudy morning, a clear star is seen that is not a star but a planet: Venus, named Aphrodite in Greece, Astarte in Phoenicia, Ishtar in Babylon, Isis in Egypt. In Christianity, she became Mary, Queen of Heaven. Should you venture inside the opera and hear Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, you will see a theatrical performance of the Masonic inauguration ritual, in which the Queen of Heaven in frightening screams like another Galadriel, a mix between Afrodite and Medusa, participates in the inauguration of the flute player. The Austrian Freemasons were reportedly not happy that the musical idiot revealed their secrets … so he died young.

Lucifer is perhaps in the Steiner concept the same as paganism. The bringer of light was the culture that existed in antiquity and pre-antiquity and that Christianity fought against. It was the enlightenment science of the old world. Before Paul’s Christianity, there was Proto-Christianity, which was the Nazarene sect (Jesus was a Nazarene, the 4th sect of Judaism), the Essenes, the Copts, the Gnostics + all the many schools of wisdom and mystery cults that populated the ancient world. The Romans, the first fascists, corporatized the religion and created a new state cult that, with Constantine the Great, became Christianity and the Catholic Church.

Ahriman enters the world in earnest in our time.
Can we spot Ahriman today?
Are we in the middle of the 8th sphere?

According to Steiner, it is the deception of science. But that is not accurate enough, for what science are we talking about? We are talking about the same thing as another great visionary figure, René Guenon called the reign of quantity. We are talking about a science and a worldview where everything measurable and weighable in the physical sense is existing and everything else (qualitatively) is non-existing. If you can not chew and bite into it and get it on test tubes, and if it has not been on television between 6 p.m. 18-22, then it simply does not exist. It is the materialistic, relativistic universe that emerged in the so called Age of Enlightenment. It is the new religion after religion. It is rationalism, positivism, nominalism – and nihilism. It is skepticism, atheism and modernism. It is a science and physics where consciousness simply does not exist (the big problem of science as even scientists call it). All these ‘ism words describe what Steiner called the Ahriman’s sphere of influence.

The 8th sphere is the great deception, the great illusion, the great seduction. 
In our post-modern reality:

  • It’s a world of Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram at their worst
  • It’s every man-woman-boy-and-girl with a mobile dildo
  • It’s Prison Planet Earth, no escape, vaccines are there now
  • It is globalist control of all human beings right down to the DNA level
  • It is satanic ideology that turns all values upside down
  • It is a fake media culture with systemic lies and propaganda
  • These are false-flag operations where people and cattle run into the fold for slaughter
  • It is Hollywood, perversions, amorality and the degradation of society and civilization
  • It is systemic corruption, mafia rule and global fascism
  • It is eternal wars, genocide, divide and conquer
  • It is a global banking system whose main cause is the slave chains of debt
  • It is global technocracy, where the whole man is quantifiable and manipulable
  • It’s the new normal, the transhumanist reality where all human beings on Earth submit with face masks, social distancing, censorship and ‘willingly’ (in fear that is) give up ALL civil rights.

But the philosopher Steiner is not a dystopian. He dumped a bottle post for posterity. He saw then 100 years ago that, there was a hole in the 8th sphere, a time pocket of hope and opportunity. He also saw that the time pocket was closed between 1910-14, where hell broke loose with revolutions, world wars, the fall of empires and derailment of the culture of knowledge.

But he prophesied with his clairvoyance that 100 years later there would be a new pocket of time, a new opening for humanity. It’s right now! If humanity succeeds in seizing the chance, seizing the day and the opportunity, then we will be able to move free from the 8th sphere. If not … well then chances are gone – forever! The time pocket is approx. 25 years starting in 2012.

Almost 10 years have passed and the clock is ticking.
A lot has happened, but even more is missing.

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