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Adifficult and flickering topic that we have avoided far and wide on this blog.
In fact, we have not avoided it, we have bypassed and rewritten it.

I constantly constructively disagree with myself,
for otherwise I would not venture out into the outskirts.
I have endowed myself with a head-shaking curiosity,
which does not exclude the possibility of the impossible.

Reason(s) for the difficulty of the topic:

  • It is difficult and almost impossible to verify, let alone gain direct experience.
  • Even if we think we have some experience or experience, what is it then that we have experienced?
  • In the absence of direct experience, we need to assess whether those who claim to have experience are credible.
  • We easily end up in the same ditch as religious sects, where the founder of the sect claimed to have been on a mountain out in a desert and talked to God.
  • How do we distinguish between actual alien activity and alien-style technology that certain governments have kept hidden since WW2 and earlier?

The problem with revelation

The resemblance between religious revelations and alleged encounters with beings from outer space is striking. In a religious context, Revelation on the Mountain is a classic. This applies to all three Abrahamic religions, where the leading figures, the patriarchs, the prophets speak to God and pass on what God has spoken.

I’m not saying that this is necessarily a scam, but the likelihood is hard to ignore. I mean: Did Moses talk to God on the mountain? What was the mountain, by the way, for it was certainly not a mountain in the Sinai desert, since it is clearly stated that it was shiny, and that there was a black, mirror-like floor below? Answer: The great pyramid at Gize, and Moses was an egyptian high priest. Did the Prophet Muhammad speak to the archangel Gabriel, who dictated to him the entire Quran word-for-word? The whole story is only written down 200 years later, which to say the least makes it questionable. The same is true of the biblical stories. It took far too long from the events described to the recorded accounts, and an entire army of editors was inside in the meantime. Editors with a whole lot of politican agenda.

There is WAY too much flicker in the accounts of the Abrahamic religions for common sense to blue-stamp the orthodox statements and take them at face value. That they can make full sense even as history writing if we read them in a different way, move time and place, and rename people is a whole other talk.
Read: The King That Disappeared – if you dare.

Later religions like the Mormon Church actually operate with the concept of aliens, but its founders did the same stunt of going out into the desert and talking to God. It’s a take-it-or-leave-it setup. It inevitably creates some concern, for we have only their words for it. The same goes for people who claim to have had alien contact (Adamski) or been employed by a secret team in Area 51, where they have seen garage landscapes full of flying saucers or had lunch with gray Aliens who could read their minds. If people believe in it, then they will believe in anything, and the absurdity of the statement is a prerequisite for the ritual to work. In cultic practice, the statement must be completely upside down, otherwise it will not work. With that realization, we can quickly get a deja vu in these times where absurd statements have become daily diet.

I’m not saying they’re scammers in droves. This is not a stupid debunking article, because I seriously believe that there is substance in the whole alien concept, an inner core of reality. The problem is that it is so secretive, that the info space is similarly infested full of bunk, so the realities are hard to reach. Along the way, I will play with mindsets, credible (?) stories, points of view. Everything is up for discussion and I take the silver paper hat off and on, exactly as it suits me.

Trivia: By the way, did you know that the Protestants in Hong Kong use silver paper for their ID cards, so that the Chinese Red Fascist police do not have to track them?

They talk about …

It is interesting how the Catholic Church has recently commented on aliens. Not surprisingly, in statements such as: Aliens are also beings created by God, so therefore it would be appropriate to baptize them and incorporate them into the true faith… said and wrote the Pope. Ehm, would aliens be interested in that? It sounds like a stereotypical projection with a slightly curtailed assumption that beings from distant galaxies have the same cultural mindset, the same abusive tendencies to power, and the same mental needs as Earth humans. And if advanced beings capable of traveling galactic distances should be interested in recognizing a pope, a local clerical system of government as their own chief, then we may have overtaken Harry Potter within.

I mean c’mon! The Pope is a jesuit for Christ sake! or for whoevers sake this guy may prefer. The jesuits own some of the largest astronomical observatories in the world. One of them is called … Lucifer. And yes, we know that it means the bringer of light, and that the planet Venus or in catholic language the Holy Mary, the transformed female goddess of the ancient cultures bears the name Lux Lucifer Oriens, the lightbringer from the east. But it may also give a hint of, who this figure, that for a whole lot of political reasons was put into the holy’office, is worshipping.

It is not because there is a lack of reports, sitings, encounters about UFOs and alien activities.

There are tons of it. Abductions are one of the classic alien phenomena. People have experienced abductions where they have been forced into something described as genetic experiments. The standard alien type here is the gray alien, the Zeta type, the pale, thin-limbed cousin with the big-black-crooked eyes.

Give us your soul, so we can phone home

Cattle mutilations is another and macabre phenomenon. Cows and sheep and other cattle are found dead around the landscape – a number of accounts are found in English and Scottish sitings – where organs have been removed with laser precision. Research companies do not need that kind of activity, because they already do it undercover in their laboratories.

The CIA’s past as a result of Operation Paperclip is no secret. OSS, the forerunner of the agency, were simply imported Nazis, that sprang directly out of general Gehlens Gestapo network. One of the most famous paperclip scientists was Wernher von Braun. He stated before his death to his secretary Carol Rosin that there was a streak of false flags in the pipe. The first thing one would arrange, and which we all had to shit in our pants in fear of, was the Russians are coming. This was already done in the Cold War. The next would be the climate coming = manipulation of weather and natural disasters, which one would call natural. This were put in action after the first UN climate panel, which couped a young and fragile science with a piece of well funded media propaganda. The next thing would be the terrorists coming. It was cast after 9/11. Next comes a pandemic – do we need to say more? The last card one would draw was: Alien Invasion = the aliens are coming. And what exactly is it that the CIA is currently running as a campaign with scam agents like Luis Elizondo, Tom Delong and TTSA (To-The-Stars-Academy)? And lurk me if they will not try to link the pandemic scam with the alien scam and claim that now a new and ultra-dangerous infection has arrived, which requires… guess what.

Elizondo – CIA-agent and professional liar

Once the CIA is in on it, there’s a sinister agenda, and we can be sure that EVERYTHING that comes from that team is a lie from end to end. These guys are professional liars, but as long as we’ve spotted them out and keep this in mind, then they strangely enoug may be a guideline. Then we know what to stay away from. And the CIA IS in on it. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, they are not just a limited American phenomenon. This organization is cross-border, ubiquitous and pervasive. They have 10,000s of employees and hide behind 1,000s of front organizations. Their infiltration of the media is almost total. Their grip on the American film industry that delivers to the whole World is a fact. Their hidden-dirty hand in a host of geopolitical movements as well. When abrupt regime changes take place somewhere in the world, the CIA is back stage. Coups, liquidations, fake revolutions and uprisings are their specialty. Disinformation is an integral part of counter intelligence. Intelligence is only a fraction of their business, what they use the intelligence for, is to be noticed. They are out of control of the US government because they have their very own privatized agenda. Already Harry Trumann, who succeeded Roosewelt and approved the formation of the agency, regretted in his short presidency that he had approved, for he saw that they were running their own race, which had nothing to do with the interest of the nation. But then it was too late. Not so strange, by the way, when the CIA came out of the OSS, which was SS General Reinhart Gehlen’s international network, and which discreetly but effectively snuck out the back door after WW2. It was the CIA who murdered JFK and no wonder, for he stated directly that they should be split up and controlled. It is the CIA that has run the drug trade and transportation from South and Central America, during the Vietnam War and in Afghanistan. And now they want to monopolize their fairy-tale version of alien invasion!

Fodnote: American Airlines havde dengang under Vietnamkrigen øgenavnet CIAirlines, for de var drevet af CIA og fløj i konstant rutefart mellem heroin-laboratorierne i Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam og Europa/USA. NATO-basen Camp Bondsteel i Kosovo var landingspladsen for heroin i Europa. 

The synthetic-biological alien invasion

Here’s the bad news. The alien invading bodies have already arrived. Targeted laboratory people have taken microscopes with images of quite disgusting multi-legged ‘creatures’ found in vaccine units ready to inject into human organisms, which means that all vaccinated people are now ‘host animals’ for these synthetic nanobots. These beings are already named. Before they were called morgellons, today they are known as Nanobots of the type Archon 2. Before they were mostly spread via aerosol spraying (chemtrails), now they can be injected directly into the bloodstream and the rest of the body. And at least if not for the CIA, because they have admitted that they are in charge of aerosol spraying of the atmosphere – also called weather modification, geo-engineering or chemtrails. You have probably noticed, that it has taken off again recently after a break of one and a half years.

MRNA vaccines have nothing to do with vaccines and even less with public health but EVERYTHING to do with the operating system, that was supposed to work with the injected nanobots, 5G technology and the Microsoft Azure server system. Remember that COVID stands for Corona Vaccination Identification. The purpose was and is entirely the introduction of a control system at the DNA cell level for social-mental-economic control and micro-management with ALL people on Earth. It is a tracking and triggering system. They have digitized your cell and nervous system and synthesized and commercialized your immune system. The people who possibly will be allowed to survive the Great Extermination will be all those who were cleared as non-rebellious tablecloths. The paradox problem is that all the tablecloths have been enthusiastically vaccinated, so they are now in the highest mortality category… do they have complete control over what they are doing, or do we detect a slight panic? Or is the logic: Either they will die, oŕ they will be chemically lobotomized – the exact expression, that Bertrand Russel used for vaccines. And no, he did not warn us, he applauded it. And while they are dying, we make a lot of money on them.

Although many people will die from vaccine injuries – how many, we only dare to guess – the good news is that the overall plan has gone down the drain. Please apologize if it sounds cynical, but it’s hard to put into words. The Microsoft Azure server system has been shut down with military precision by mega-hackers. Admittedly, Bill Gates has promised Donald Trump that it will come up to run again… only to be shut down again, which he forgot to say. Uncle Bill buys himself time. However, that is bad news for anyone out there, who still believes and hopes that Donald Trump will come back and save them. Right now, Trump, from his shadow regime in his disbanded film studio at Castle Rock with his son-in-law Jered Kushner, is trying to start a new major war in the Middle East. He has ultimately tried to convince the 5-star generals in the US and international military, that he was their savior and that they would soon receive their salaries and later reward for well-done outrage, but recent reports are, that they now has lost confidence in his promises and finally understood what he has been up to – promises that so far have never been fulfilled. Tomorrow-tomorrow – but as we know from James Bond: Tomorrow never comes, because tomorrow has tomorrow moved one day.

We keep an eye on rumors, because there is only one way to verify promises: That they are fulfilled so that the promisors have spoken the truth. Just a single broken promise removes all credibility – unless they have a really good explanation. We record reports and compare. We take a bag of salt with us in the bag. At the same time, we avoid false skepticism, which categorically rejects anything that contradicts the blue-stamped narrative, for sorry but: this narative stinks!

The new space race

Back to the alien trail. By the way, what happened during the Trump era? He formed The Space Force. What king of thing is tant? A ‘force’ is a military unit intended for war. In other words, they are preparing a Star Wars scenario. When we hear that the scenario is being prepared, it has already started. We could also call it commercial space imperialism. The imperialists, the great nations and the great syndicates / cartels and their mercenaries have already ravaged the people of the Earth for resources, so now the space race for new territories is in full swing. Add to that the Venetian move-the-ass model practiced continuously for 450 years. When the swindlers, the intriguers, the bank robbers, the pirates, the fake diplomats (= spies) have gained too many enemies and too much attention, and when their criminal central banking system is seen through, they move. From Venice to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to The City of London, from The City to Wall Street, from Wall Street to offshore tax havens. There are no more places on earth to flee. So now they are in the process of establishing a space economy. That’s why they want the digital moneyless society, because then they can run it all from satellite systems and bases elsewhere in the solar system, and then they can track, manipulate and steal your money whenever they want. Financial adviser Cathrin Austin Fitts (Solari Report) uses the term Space Economy to describe what they are creating.

What-the-shit is this? And why are they posing like something from a Star Wars movie?

It was already launched after the space race in the post-Kennedy era apparently went dead in the 70s. It makes no sense to try to convince intelligent people that they could fly to the moon back then, and then suddenly they found out they did not want to go that way, that is, c’mon! do not insult people’s intelligence! It’s virtually no secret that a secret space program has taken place. And it is certainly no coincidence that two memes were planted in the same period: that in reality they never flew to the moon, and that the earth has now become flat again. Because then there is nothing going on out there, right? How convenient is that?!

But why secrecy, when they were otherwise so crazy about blabbering on? A qualified guess: that the technology already in the Apollo project was exotic. People simply was not allowed to find out, that there were no New Year’s rockets with fire in their tails. How do you basically explain the phenomenon of thrust, that is, turning up a jet engine in an empty space? A jet engine works by moving air through a turbine, which makes sense in an atmosphere. But when there is no air and the atmosphere is surpassed, how can that be done? The moon has no atmosphere, they say. The entire control system with landing and take-off is also unspeakable according to the laws of nature. If Wernher von Braun and the other import Nazis had told the full truth about their projects, and if they had revealed the Nazis’ space program and the technology they had developed, and if they had said that the Gestapo became the CIA, then the world would have said hear-hoof! But they did not.

As Richard Hoagland reminds us: Just because the pictures we’ve seen are fake, it does not mean the Americans were NOT on the moon. That means they do not want to show us the pictures they REALLY took up there.

We slept in the physics class

There is a completely different physics behind the technology of the syndicates and the underground governments. They kept an entire science to themselves as a business case and secret. At the same time, they gave humanity a defective and outdated science, because they made a living by selling oil and machines that ran on oil. Nicola Tesla and before him John Keely knew the right science and the right technology, but they were both murdered and their writings and creations stolen. Everyone who has since reconstructed their creations has suffered a similar fate. R.R. Rife’s strange microscope that read frequencies and cured cancer is the same sad story, that is all about the pharmaceutical industry’s business case. If people can be cured of diseases, then their trillion-dollar business case goes down the drain. What do we think, they have earned on Operation Lockdown? Funds of around $ 6 trillion are being transferred from small and independent companies to the large syndicates / cartels. And isn’t it funny and completely coincidental that the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry was one and the same from the start (Rockefeller and Carnegie)?

The alien phenomenon is soaked into strategically planted disinformation. For example, fake stories, which are meant to be debunked, after which people will say, that then it’s all probably fake. Aliens, travelers in time and space, are too likely to be fake all over. The universe is unimaginable and uber-gigantic, and there are so many galaxies, solar systems, and planets out there, that the existence of humans and human-like beings + intelligent non-human-like beings is 100% self-evident. Should this unimaginable Universe be stone-dead for intelligent life of all kinds, and should this little ragged planet with its very specific and wildly branched ecosystem be a random exception in the middle of the universal ocean? One has to be unusually superstitious and plain stupid to believe in that fairy tale.

Mnjae I hear in the background, it is conceivable that there are lives out there, but it is too far away, so it is just a theoretical possibility, and we can not know anything about it.

The statement is understandable, but totally wrong. It should have sounded: We do not know anything about it, because we have been told that we do not. There are definitely people who know something about it, there is definitely available knowledge, but the topic is obscured and polluted. And one of the standard methods of the agencies in the CIA and surrounding areas of knowledge is precisely to spew polluted formations out, so that no one will take the subject seriously.

Heads of state and the military from the great nations have taken it deeply seriously. During a conversation between Ronald Reagan and Mihael Gorbachev in the Glasnost era up to the fall of the wall, Reagan says in all seriousness: If there is an alien invasion, will you help us? To which Gorbachev responds without hesitating and in all seriousness: Yes, we will. And in the late 1940s, then-US President Eisenhover had to stick a record and say he had an appointment with his dentist, after which he was away for two days. He spent time in the Nevada desert and had, among other things, a flight with a ‘saucer’ and conversations with human-like beings. All US and Russian presidents have taken the issue seriously. The Nazis took the subject seriously, but at the same time they knew that technology was within reach with the right understanding of physics. The papacy apparently also takes it seriously, since they started talking about the subject. The Jesuits have alway been known for their science skills. Their public (the pope) statements are difficult to take serious, though, they must reeeely coun of the stupidity of their global congregation.

And the disgusting way, the pope plays into the vaccination agenda, is in fact infuriating many catholics.

Extraterrestrial Highway near Rachel, Nev., in this 2002 photo.

Alien – what is that?

What makes it difficult to deal with is the conceptual confusion of alien with alien. The word alien in English simply means stranger. As in the Sting song: … I’m a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New York. So it’s technology that is foreign to people. Does that mean, it does not belong here or come from here? Not at all. The question is asked incorrectly and therefore the answer is also wrong. Technology has always been here and so have the so-called aliens. They are not aliens at all, they are our discreet and invisible neighbors, and they have been here as long as us. There have been visitors, and some are no longer here. With to-and-away travelers, we must include both time and space, for part of our misconception of reality is time as a fixed-mechanical quantity.

And with that, we are in full swing and have taken the duck tape from our mouths. We have been around for a long time in this blog, because we have several articles about the forgotten civilization on Earth, a topic that is directly related to the main topic. That a hidden and forgotten civilization is a fact, has not become less certain lately. The list of inexplicables has grown and grown – that is, ‘nexplicability if and only if the narrative of the non-existence of high civilization is to be maintained. The mere discovery of a Manhattan-sized city structure at a depth of 80 meters in the Indian Ocean (Dwarka, the city of Krishna) is unspeakable without a high culture of great age. How great can it be estimated, at least 38,000 years, which is the oldest time stamp known from the Indian scripture Surya Siddhanta.

The prominent Indian scientisk, Nilesh Oak, puts forth his comparative readings of the vedic texts together with several branches of modern sciençe to conclude. Here in a lecture called The Secret of Weekday Sequence.

The Rishies of pre-Indian India, which some call Dravidia, but which should rather be called Bharat, were in the habit of time-stamping by specifying the specific constellations of celestial bodies, constellations that are unique and unmistakable. But that just means, we have a record from that time, not that humanity has that age. It is a dogma in human paleontology that man, as we know it, is only 40,000 years old, but it is based on the fact that the oldest cave paintings originate from here (Lascaux, Southern France) combined with studies of paleogenetics. The city under the sea was flooded when the waters came after the end of the ice age. The river Saraswati was then 10 kilometers wide to be able to absorb the masses of water, today it has dried up. So if the city, in itself a piece of advanced high culture, sank 11-12,000 years ago, then it has existed long before.

Even with this bulletproof evidence, mainstream science refuses to talk about the phenomenon. They refuse to acknowledge anything that falls outside their adopted dogma. The finds of the ‘sunken’ culture are all over the globe, and they are consistently left out of consideration and kept away from the public. In the Gulf of Mexico off Cuba, there are city-like structures and pyramids in very deep water. It is strictly forbidden to film it and the military is everpresent. It always happens when there are these very old and ‘inexplicable’ structures. I have seen it several places in Egypt where there is military area glued up to special sites, Serapeum in Saqqara for example, which is a deeply strange place. But just as strange is it that the oldest history of mankind has been sealed and sealed off as a military secret ?! That in itself requires a really good explanation,The Rishies of pre-Indian India, which some call Dravidia, but which should rather be called Bharat, were in the habit of time-stamping by specifying the specific constellations of celestial bodies, constellations that are unique and unmistakable. But that just means, we have a record from that time, not that humanity has that age. It is a dogma in human paleontology that man, as we know it, is only 40,000 years old, but it is based on the fact that the oldest cave paintings originate from here (Lascaux, Southern France) combined with studies of paleogenetics. The city under the sea was flooded when the waters came after the end of the ice age. The river Saraswati was then 10 kilometers wide to be able to absorb the masses of water, today it has dried up. So if the city, in itself a piece of advanced high culture, sank 11-12,000 years ago, then it has existed long before. and since the military and governments do not provide it, we have to figure it out ourselves based on the total knowledge we can pry out of the secrecy.

That it is then difficult to take seriously their way of taking it seriously is another matter.

As with the alien issue, there is something that can only be described as an international mafia, that guards the phenomenon and makes sure that the public never gets the right information. I hear and read terms like the archeology mafia or the archeology police. Oxford scholar in patristics, researcher, historian and author Joseph P. Farrell talks about an archeological war. Large institutions such as The Smithsonian Institute are active participants in this mafia. Every single time they have found and confiscated artifacts that fall into the category of alien or belong to the forgotten civilization, they make sure to hide it far away from the public. A few years ago, they lost a case in the U.S. Supreme Court, where an independent archaeological organization had taken them to court. Cause: they had destroyed 10,000 skeletons of ancient humans with a body height of between 2.5 and 3.5 meters. The absurd reason they gave was, that ‘they no longer had room for them in their archives’. Yea right. So they dumped them from planes in the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, they deny the existence of these skeletons from a culture long before the so-called First Nation of Indians, that migrated across the landlocked strip at Bering Strait 10-15,000 years ago. So they are not first nation.

There are lots of fake pictures out there. Is this one of them?
What is not fake, is that all the people who have seen these skeletons since these people have actually found them.
What is also not fake, is the existence of the Supreme Court case.
SO: What is not fake either, is that all cultures have accounts of giants.

It is a crime against humanity to rob us of our common heritage by destroying that kind of archaelogical finds. It is vandalism in the same category as ISIS, that destroyed one of the invaluable and irreplaceable archaeological site of Palmyra in Syria during the war on terror in which the CIA and Mossad – two other branches of the criminal mafia – were deeply involved.

The Global Mafia

This mafia has a name: Order of the Black Sun. Troy McLachlan has called them the Saturnian Cult of Death. Joseph P. Farrell has called them Nazi International. The latter is true that the symbol of the black sun was found in the Himmlers Waffen-SS, and the structure can be seen at the sect’s headquarters Schloss Wewelsburg in the city of the same name in North Rhine-Westphalia. In this uber-order we also find the Jesuit order, which was the role model for the Waffen-SS. The order has always had a dualistic-complementary relationship with the other part of the mafia called The Dragon Families. Here we find the old families such as the great banking dynasties (Rothschild aso.) the Sanhedrin Council, etc .. Larger transactions could never take place without people from both factions of the global mafia providing a key.

The floor of a hall at Schloss Wewelsburg is engraved with green marble
the sign for The Black Sun – the 12-armed swastika.
What is it? A blueprint for a machine part?

The Nazis had a very creative relationship with exotic technology – like it or not. They allowed their scientists to research anything without significant restrictions in the realization, that only through actual free research could they arrive at the results that would make them superior to their enemies. Who their enemies were, they were in no doubt, for though the two covens or factions of the global mafia were bound with a chain to each other, yet they were rivals. Their enemies were those who had led Germany into World War I to destroy the German Empire along with the Russian Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, which was the establishment of the British Empire that was a member of the dragon families (the blue dragons). That is, the Rothschild dynasty, the Zionists, the Marxists, The City of London and the Khazar mafia, who call themselves Jews. These two underground factions have never been able to tolerate each other, but they were forced by their supremacy to cooperate (the double foot shackle).

The supremacy was never visible to the public. Above the two remaining covens – as in witch coven, a convention – was a group of parents and at the top was a triad, whose titles were Marduk, Enki and Enlil. Everything over the covens consisted of creatures that were not from this place. Their dominion over the people of Earth has lasted for 16,500 years, during which humanity has not had their freedom and sovereignty but has lived in a permanent military state of emergency – some conceptual nonsense otherwise: permanent <> exception. The draconian visitors enslaved humanity because of a built-in moral weakness: the desire for power. There were five tribes of humans, which comes close to what we understand as the five human races. One of the tribes had a horn in the side of the other, and sold their soul to the Devil = the draconian lords. They gained access to technology so that they could fight their enemies. In return, they bound themselves and the rest of humanity to submission during a state of military emergency. This is the original Faustian pact.

The draconian gentlemen are dracos, reptilian shape-shifters from the constellation Draco, the sign of the dragon. Hence the term dragon families. The British royal family, for example, are the Blue Dragons. The Chinese triads have a different color, the families in the Middle East have a different one, etc. These families + the minions mafia = The Black Sun is the highest we have been able to see as humanity, the rest has been hidden. And even they was known under other names. Think of the floating pyramid with the all-seeing eye in the Illuminati symbolism (the US dollar bill). We have thought, that these families of power were the rulers of the world, but they were merely the henchmen. Many of the members of these mafia communities have also themselves believed that they were the rulers, which they never were. They are unable to make independent decisions because they have always received orders from above. We think of them as those ultra-rich who must have great freedom because they have all these means. We should rather think of them as people who have been totally bound hand and foot, and who have gone to extremes to control people in their own ranks. There is omertà associated with being a mafia member: You remain silent, because otherwise you will experience something worse than death. We know from testimony, how they have treated their own children and traumatized them as part of the elite upbringing.

What the covens segment of the operating system had not realized was, that at some point they had fulfilled their mission, after which they would be dispensable. At some point between 2007 and 2012, the mission was fulfilled, for ALL resources on the planet now belonged to the triangle at the top. ALL earthly goods were now incorporated into the governing trust that has been behind the international financial system – and which no one heard about before 2016. Only here was it published.

That it has not been earth humans who have ruled the Earth in this immense span of time also explains, why the sense of inhumanity has been so pronounced. The atrocities committed systematically, the exploitation, the cynicism we are witnessing, is not human. Man is affected by it, but it is something else. It is not our nature as such, it is a poisoning of our nature. It’s an implant. The influencer is an intelligent size, apparently. Or is it a program, an AI? It is also an (un)being that is totally ripped for love. Love transcends its senses, it is beyond its reach, it feels bad in its presence. Love is something human-specific. Love is high frequency, the implant operates low frequency. The way of subduing the human race is by blunting its capability of love.

Case studies

Let’s make some thought experiments – as if we haven’t already.

The type of aliens that has become the standard in pop culture is the Zeta type. The information that I rely on the most for lack of direct experience (meaning close encounter – and thank you for that), is that the gray cousin with the crooked eyes is the human from another time after it has gone wrong. They have no soul, no emotions, no empathy, but they are intelligent enough to know that they have no soul. They regret what they did to themselves (or what was done to them, it is unknown), and they are constantly trying by scientific experiments to regain what they lost. They are always involved in the abductions, where people report that they were put in a kind of trance and subjected to physical attempts or direct abuse. Some report some form of surgery or genetic-experimental cloning, in others it has a sexual character. To compensate for the loss of soul, these beings have developed psychic abilities and high intelligence. But as we know from humans, high intelligence is no guarantee of ethics or goodness, the real human qualities. Psychopaths are highly intelligent people – without a conscience. Do not take it personally, but empathy is just not their strong side.

There is a very strong push, and it is felt with uncomfortable clarity in these years, to push humanity in the same direction. Some call it transhumanism. The gray aliens are transhumanist beings who have completed the process, but who have realized, that they have lost the most important thing of all. They can not get it back anymore, but they are able to parasitize on humanity so they get a compensatory sense of what they have lost. They are convinced that one day it will succeed for them. Some have described them as ‘programs’, for they operate with programmatic security. And a computer program has no soul. They can simulate a soul, but they have none and can never have it. They believe that by pushing humanity in their direction, they will be able to regain their human being.

An image stolen from Forbes Magazine, one of the major globalist business outlets:
They dump images of humans broken down as pixelations, bits, digital info-bytes.

However outlandish, the idea is interesting in any case. We have used many written lines to describe the Empire of Envy, which for centuries has resided in the British Empire and its various phases and further transformations. Is not the description of this gray alien mentality quite close to the essential mentality of the British establishment? Their lost greatness, they constantly dream of recreating and imitating the empires of antiquity. Their resentment towards any kind of greatness that is competitive with them. Their cynical greed. Their unscrupulousness. Their longing for something that seems to have lost. Their psychopathic intelligence and manipulative power.

At the other end of the scale are also highly intelligent but human-like beings with a soul and a conscience and a respect for the universal laws. And these laws are an inescapable fact. Do not say that we do not know them:

Do what you want as long as you do no harm.
Free will under responsibility.
No intervention without being asked.

It should be understandable and manageable – one would think. And yet it is something that the human world community and especially certain elements among them seem to have a difficult time understanding and respecting. One variant: The segment has well understood it, they just do not respect it = the satanic fingerprint. Every human being, almost every child, is in principle capable of grasping it, and yet harm is done across the board by so-called adults and their organizations. Free will is exercised without the slightest responsibility. Interventions are constantly being made by states, institutions and companies without peoples permission. They act illegitimately. It is getting worse and worse in increasingly cunning ways. The attacks, which have been rolled out with a pandemic as a pretext, are historically the worst intervention and attack on man so far. This IS World War III! We as humanity are their enemy, and few have understood it.

One of the groupings of galactic humans is called the Arcturians. Again: I have not talked to them recently, so I rely solely on sources I trust. They reportedly keep an eye on us and care about us. Not just for our sake but for the sake of the whole solar system. Some of the actions that man has taken in the last century have impact and consequence far beyond the Earth’s sphere. Firing nuclear weapons causes tremors throughout the solar system and beyond. Today we have even worse weapons because they can be targeted and concentrated and thus are ‘easier’ to use… this is believed among people with diseased brains at the top of the ruling segment. Just a concept like strategic nuclear weapons is a sick thought, because: Well, they are not that big and they do not make a mushroom cloud, so we are welcome to use them. Well, yes, you did during the Iraq war, the Bosnian war and the invasion of Libya, where ‘funny children’ are subsequently born even today, and it will take a very long time before the damage is evened out. Collateral damage, they call it.

They want to inject their toxins under the radar, because they know full well that Hiroshima events will be creating a violent popular reaction that could prevent their projects. But they are observant out there, they have seen it and they are worried. The earthly leaders act irresponsibly as sociopathic children. But the Earth’s energetic state is currently rising, and it is not in favor of the sociopaths. They know it, and their only chance is to jam humanity and its immense potential by poisoning them and blunting them.

With a new physics and a new technology – it is already developed, both militarily and independently – it requires people with an ethic that can match its enormous powers. It is a blatantly skewed paradox that the ruling segment is worried that the technology will fall into the hands of the ‘wrong ones’, i.e. the other villains (thief thinks,…) who would use it against themselves. How responsible are they then… themselves? They do not own ethics and their whole mindset is geared towards war. The ideological (read: pseudo-scientific) gold nugget of the British Empire Darwinism is one great excuse and glorification of the law, the biological right to oppress, wage war and annihilate. It is the self-written right of the strong according to Darwinism. So that people with that mindset have settled on the most potent technology is not reassuring to say the least. It is among the same peoples that we find the eugenics. Eugenics is created in the same honor and in the same spirit. Only a few and well-informed people today dare to mention the eugenic element in Operation Lockdown, but we know that they have ambitions to reduce the Earth’s population to half a billion, because they themselves have stated what it says is set in stone. If these people say they want to do it, then they are already in full swing.

In other words, there is a pronounced absence of ethics in the ruling segment. So the advanced technology developed by their underground government, The Deep State, is already in the hands of the world’s worst villains. They lack the balanced spiritual component that is the prerequisite for this ownership, and large-scale abuse is therefore inevitable. Again, it evokes memories of describing the gray alien types: They have advanced intelligence and psychic abilities, but they are icy machines and technocrats without souls.

Note about Arcturus:
The 4th brightest star in the sky and part of the constellation Boötes, which means something like the herdsman. It is easy to find if you know the Big Dipper. It is also called the Bear’s Guardian, as both are part of Big Bear. Arcturus is a giant star with a diameter of 40 million km, so you have to count on a similarly large solar system. It does not say anything about whether it is Arcturus itself, because the constellation contains over 90 stars, and life in the vicinity of a giant star does not seem likely. We must also understand that a constellation is a kind of 2D projection of a section of the galaxy seen from our angle, and that these stars can physically be very far apart without a direct connection to each other. For example, the closest solar system to Earth is Sirius, and it is quite far.

An interesting angle on the Sun-Sirius is, that they are probably a so-called double star, so here we can possibly talk about direct connection.

Redefine SOCIETY

The transformation of Earth and humanity is meant to give us access as a full member of this galactic society. This process is irreversible, but it is being sabotaged, and there is fierce opposition from the previous rulers, or as we have described: their former henchmen. They are currently experiencing their Nemesis rolling out simultaneously with their Global Reset, their wet dream of the great reset that will once and for all give them full control of humanity and the planet down to cellular level. It has clicked for them and they are heading towards their own abyss. Unfortunately, they are going to take a lot of people with them.

The core of the global ruling segment has a religion. It is not one that they have so far been flashing, but they firmly believe that their place of origin is the planet Mars. By the way, who knows if there is anything about the talk? Right now, they are constantly talking about Mars, about travel to Mars, colonization of Mars, Mars rovers, Mars expeditions. This is also what lies in the idea of the Aryan race – Aries = Mars. Their religion tells them they are destined to return to Mars, and billionaire business types like Jeff Besos and Elon Musk are obsessed with the idea. The thought is basically sick. Instead of taking care of a vibrant and amazing planet (which they have polluted with their filth), they have wet dreams of settling on a dead planet with no atmosphere, where survival would require the wildest hi-tech, and where anything can go wrong . How sick are you not in the head !?

Mars, who is it? Mars is the god of war.
What is the Space Force then? They are preparing for war.

May we not be allowed to propose a one-way ticket to Mars in a very large rocket with room for approx. 2,000 passengers consisting of the self-poisoned, perfidious ruling segment, spoiled billionaire boys, psychopath politicians, Dr. Mengele types and others for whom it has clicked. Psst! remember Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. Give them a large lunch bag and a box of marshmallows so they have something to enjoy. Give them some ugly handguns so they can shoot at each other. So in the style of the idea: Send all the Hells Angels and the Cartels out on a desert island and let them exterminate themselves. It would, for once, be a eugenic project we could support.

Jokes aside, the problem is not solved by that.

The main problem is that we are co-poisoned and co-corrupt. We can not hope to tip them off the stick once we have accepted their project and are busy imitating them and becoming like them. However, we say thank you, that they have lately behaved so pronouncedly and arrogantly filthy that it is no longer attractive to be like them. Their behavior is absurd-grotesque, their power sickness is shrill, their appearance is uncharming, their explanations keep everyone fooled – including themselves. They are in the process of destroying themselves and their sick system. By all means, do not disturb them. Pull the plug instead, stop supporting them, refuse to perform their submission rituals – cf. South West Airlines. Or cf. Romania, which popularly said no to forced vaccinations and sent their government into a major crisis. Or cf. governors of states in the United States who have stated that the fascists in Washington D.C. can go to hell. Gather the good examples of successful civil and professional disobedience, and help in the small scale where you can to spread the disobedience.

As humans, we are not bound by obedience to earthly, subterranean, or supernatural rulers. We are solely, repeating EXCLUSIVELY committed to the natural law, which is universal and understandable to even an 8-year-old child. We are solely committed to the Source of all life in the Universe, and we can use the name we desire. No one can come and say, that they do not have access to this source, because it is built into us as human beings. If you do not think you have access, then you can identify yourself as a transsexual forest slug, or what else you think is funny at the moment and then refrain from calling yourself a human being. So if that’s really what you’re longing for. It should probably be possible to apply to the head office for reincarnation as an Iberian killer slug.

The accomplice – a pandemic of cowardice

As an employee in a niche within the health care system, it has been sad to see how the health care system has contributed to harming the population. The medical doctors promise, The Hipocratian Oath is obviously put in the drawer – permanently? First of all, do no harm – fuck it! The pharmaceutical industry has been told, that doctors are welcome to do harm if there is money in the shit. As they now say: We must vaccinate the children, because how else would we know how the vaccine works on them? It was said in DR a few days ago (today: 31 Oct. 2021) that 85% of Danes over the age of 12 have been vaccinated. 85% – where do they get that number from? and finished vaccinated: They know full well that it’s as much a lie as ever! For they will go on and on inventing new variants and new boosters and new shutdowns if they can get away with it. And when the deaths, the hospitalizations, the infection rates, the side effects (which are the 716 effects) start to flood the landscape, then we need to listen to their explanations and disclaimers again. Healthcare professionals will be the first to drop out, as they are all fully vaccinated. There is already a shortage of health personnel in this country. It is no longer possible to provide midwives. The nurses refuse to work overtime, especially after being run over by the latest agreement.

Where did the informed consent end up? Was it also put in the drawer – permanently? The Danes and the citizens of the world were denied information, and yet we are expected and eventually forced to consent. They could not just give the information, because it was an experiment. But people forgot all about having this right, or they were unaware that it existed, because they had never needed to know it. The consent also went down the drain, because the new normal was – and I refer to direct statements from members of the Danish government – that consent was something that the State gave, so the citizens were no longer needed for that. As one minister said: People think they have freedoms, but that’s a piece of cake. It does not exist! In other words: The constitution no longer exists, we here at the government Castle tell you what the constitution is: It is something we invent as we move along. We make the rules, when we need them.

The Minister of Health was given powers that have only been granted to robotniks in the worst totalitarian societies in just the 20th century. They wrote a pandemic law giving them rights to unlimited assaults on persons seen only in fascist regimes. You do not write such laws, if you do not intend to use them. And we will see them in use very soon.

The only thing that till new has prevented them from going full monty as in Israel, Australia, New Zealand, countries that we usually compare ourselves with, and where it has completely clicked for the rulers, is that the totalitarian is not really up to the Danes. We did not really fight the Nazis in WW2, we made fun of them. We made revues about them, which they did not understand – and then a little sabotage in the back room, but nothing serious. We sang in the community halls, and they did not understand that text either. The revolutionary is not for the Danes either. It was raining the day the revolution should have taken place. When I see a red flag waving, the Danish communist party roared out of tune … and are there more beers in the box for the comrades over here? But the Danish laid-backness is undoubtedly studied, out there. Do we also have a program against laid-backness? they ask themselves. In any case, they must have found that fright and stubbornness are able to over-rule laid-backness, but they must also have found that laid-backness returned quickly. So what do they do then? Can’t have that. They think: Just let them sit back once we have vaccinated them, then it over anyway.

There is truly something very ‘alien’ in the sense of foreign to the human mind to the vaccination mania, the media-created mass psychosis, the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. That one industry has relied on the global operating system to such an extent, that is unusual and highly worrying. It’s almost too big and unimaginable, and humans act like pissing ants between the toes of an elephant. People do not see it, people do not understand it. When the giants trample on our heads, we just find that: Whoa, something came from above.


Let me round off with one last handful of rumors. There have been a few pieces along the way and you know my rules of the game to fire that kind of thing off. I do this after scanning the area thoroughly and to the best of my ability. When something seems more plausible tomorrow, that’s it, because we’re on the fringes of what it’s possible to know. Plus: I take my tin foil hat on and off as I please, as you have seen.

The benign and responsible part of the human-like super-intelligent beings, resident or from the outside, has gradually had enough. They have it because in 2017 a binding peace agreement was signed between all the people living here and human-like beings approved by the so-called Galactic Council. One sees a scene from Star Wars or Jupiter Rising, and the latter is pretty accurate, for the Abrasax dynasty was recently banished from Earth for 1000 years. When members of the Order of the Black Sun and the Dragon Families continue to do what they do, it is considered a violation, a rape of agreements, and then the principle of non-intervention is put out of force at some point, as it is now considered aggression and a declaration of war.

Abraxas – Abrasax – en stavefejl i fortolkningen af den græske mytologi

We may not notice that it takes place because it is out of scope. The media has not reported that a year and a half ago, a large number of Chinese warships were sunk ready to attack both the United States and other countries. They have not said that the Chinese were stopped as they rolled into Pakistan with tanks – after which the machinery electronically died and the personel had to stroll in the foot sweat of their boots back across the border leaving their useless equipment. Right now, the Chinese are threatening Taiwan. Totalitarian regimes always do this when they have insoluble internal conflicts. It’s a diversionary maneuver. But the Chinese know very well that just a single well-aimed missile attack on their Three Gorges Dam project, which are already threatening to break the same, will lead to a logistical collapse and a mega-disaster for the whole of Chinese society. The regime would not survive it. So go-ahead, there’s probably a reason they haven’t done it already. Or: Do not, for it will be wise. There has always been plenty of saber rattling and barrel rumbling in the information room.

The perfidious, ultra-minimal segment of humanity will not be allowed to run their trivial and repetitive games for much longer. We have all had enough of it. Our neighbors out there have apparently had enough too after infinite patience in eons. Our neighbors down here have had enough and have mobilized in a Global Council. We do not know them yet because they have sealed our access to their domains (I would have done the same if I were them). Together, they possess a military force that is used when it comes to outright aggression and declaration of war. The military powers of the nations have no experience of warfare at that level and they will fall short in no time.

I know, I just sounded like some general who can press the buttons. Sorry for that. I pass on the reliable rumors I believe, and I sense it like you: I will see more before I am sure. I constantly constructively disagree with myself, because otherwise I would not venture out into this fringe. However, my preliminary double check tells me right now that events that can be verified and the above reports of events do not contradict each other.

See you on the flip side of the moon.


Sources for any of the above have been asked.
The list would be long if it were to be complete, but here are a few:

For information on X-Tech, ie. esoteric technology that can be both alien and terrestrial and for a lot of information about the forgotten civilization of the same nature, see Daniel Lizt also called Dark Journalist. Most information about Atlantis comes from Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce, and they are very detailed:

Also see Oxford scholar and author of a dozen books Joseph P. Farrell:
Mars X-Elite Secret UFOS & Archaeology Wars

About the hidden history behind the biblical texts, see Ralph Ellis:

For insider-info into the backbone system, see
NB! This is a payment site. But there is information here that is not found anywhere else.

For corona-related information, see Richard D. Hall’s long-standing site:

These are people, that have done home working for 20-30+ years, and they themselves comprise 1000’s of sources.

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