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Bombed back to the middle ages

Actually, it is popularly said to be bombed back to the Stone Age, but for collectors-hunters-fishermen, feudalism was not invented. Yet we can use both terms rightly, because at the same time as the coroporatist re-introduction of feudalism – Build Back Better, the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Global Reset, or what the globalists currently and occasionally call their dark mega-project – humanity is also exposed to a designer cultivation, an artificial neo-tribalization. They call it the Global Village or Identity Policy. They see humanity as primitive tribes worshiping their harmless and silly gods and meaningless rituals on each their isolated island (isola in Italian is island), in each their valley and in each their urban hood – but at the same time they see us as slaves in it the same mega-factory singing the same hymns in the same key. When they use new speak phrases as diversity, they think the peoples can not agree on anything. When they use the phrase consensus, it means that all the dissenting poor have been told what to agree on, that they should disagree on.

Is it not as if we have had enough of the absurdities?

Allow me to make an attempt at a prediction. I read it in the scattered signs, I hear it on the water pipes, I feel it on my water. I’m still cautious, because it can be wishful thinking. You know it for sure: it’s easier to feel the arrival of the storm than its clearing. We sense a disturbance in the distance while still in the calm but oppressive lukewarmness. When we are in the middle of the storm, it makes so much noise and shaking that we can not feel anything else. We must see a blue stripe on the horizon before we believe it.

I actually think we’re approaching, or maybe it’s rather scattered blobs of clarification I can sense. Something IS underway. The storm makers have overplayed their cards this time, and their dark magic has been exposed. They no longer had time to wait and had to move. With this, it suddenly became a little too obvious that foul cakes were baked. People started putting 2 + 2 together, because didn’t they say the same last time…? And what exactly are we being offered?

I believe in human indomitability. Man can only be mistreated SO much before he responds.

Why have we not responded long time ago? Because we have become boiled frogs. They have turned up the gas so slowly that we are being boiled slowly. A frog thrown into boiling water immediately senses it and is able to jump out of the pot with a reflex spasm.

Humans are like frogs. And yet we are not like frogs. By and large, we do not grasp a quack, but once the penny falls, then it can go very fast.

Feudalism 1.0

Let’s just remember to define feudalism. It was a system of organizing power in a hierarchy rooted in the late Roman Empire, which was put in place by the administrators of Constantine the Great. It is worth noting, that this happened simultaneously with Christianity becoming the official state religion, and the Catholic Church occupying its role as the spiritual state power. Here the grip on the body (corpus) is established: the land, the earth, working life, commercial life, the economy at the same time as the grip on the soul. The total system of government needs both grips, and since then royal power and church power have divided the territory among themselves. Sometimes in consensus, other times in rival strife, most of all in rivalry with agreements under the table.

It was Constantine’s system of government that became the form of government after the fall of the Roman Empire. The fall was conditioned by internal decay, corruption, and decadence, paving the way for a host of external enemies on horseback and on foot who took back what the kingdom had plundered. Hybris and Nemesis. Feudalism consists in a hierarchical distribution of power from above and below via an almost militant hierarchy of lordship. We know most of the Germanic names: emperor, king, duke, count, baron. At the bottom is what would be slaves in the Roman state only much worse and more extensive, for the number of slaves was limited, whereas all peasants (large peasants are landlords) in the medieval agrarian societies were no longer free.

For example, the peasants of England before the Norman invasion (1066) were free peasants or citizens. A castle was a fortification that included them. The Frankish castle excludes them and is exclusively for the lord of the castle, his family and his nearest henchmen. The castle becomes the image of feudalism. Tax evasion is the lord’s financing of his own opulent lifestyle and an army to wage war against other lords whose lifestyle and prosperity he envies and desires. The Empire of Envy is equal to the feudal project. It is interesting how often the lords of our time teach us by using terms like sustainable. THEY HAVE LIVED ABOVE CAPABILITY AND RAGED, AND NOW THEY THINK THAT WE SHOULD BE ASHAMED ON YOUR SELVES AND PAY FOR THEIR ADVENTURE! Remember the financial crisis in 2008-09, when the taxpayers via the corrupt government gave the big banks bail-out with billions of tax dollars as a reward for their irresponsible financial adventures, because it was probably sea euphoria for them (victim role), or was it: If we go down, then you all go down with us, yes you do! (blackmail, a gun to the forehead). The cowardly politicians allowed themselves to be threatened and turned the threat against the population.

The politicians became the barons, the second lowest in the feudal picket order.
The media became the trumpet players and the market announcers.

Feudalism 2.0

The system also continued in Denmark and the introduction of Stavnsbåndet (homestead bond) in 1733 was in fact a return to the original idea of feudalism. It was a system of serfdom. In the Roman state, craftsmen could never exceed their trade and employment (shoemaker stay by your last), and in this country the peasants were no longer allowed to move from the estate but were forced to work for the lord, father as sons, wife as girl. They were attached, this was fullblown slavery. The Stavnsbånd was abolished during the agrarian reforms between 1788 and 1800.

The transition is thus only approx. 200 years old, which is not very long ago. Before that time, the gentlemen were allowed to chastise their serfs with wooden horses, neck braces and dog wheels! In other words, medieval torture instruments from the time of the Spanish Inquisition, heresy persecutions and witch hunts. Humans were property, serfs. They were attached = locked up, imprisoned.

The fastened, the pole stuck

It only took approx. 50 years, a very short breathing space after the abolition of the homestead bond, before industrialism originated in England. It arrives later and not to the same extent other places like in Denmark, but gradually Denmark changed from an agricultural society to an industrial society. Even agriculture was industrialized, mechanized and chemified, and food production was no longer a traditional craft but an industrial assembly line process. The quality and nutritional content of the products declined steadily in step with industrialization, where only price and volume count.

Feudalism 3.0

Then another breather while the fine gentlemen approached for another stroke. They have never given up the idea of their lost slave empire. The Russian and Chinese communist slave states were state feudalism 3.0 under slave lords who pretended to be their liberators. It was the great deception of the 20th century. Communism was envy put into system. And what system !? It started in Russia but was thought globally – International socialism, workers in ALL countries… was a whole new way of thinking slave state, where the slaves through ideological brainwashing and massive propaganda were led to enslave themselves, to celebrate their slavery. The working people were never the goal, the were the instrument.

The idea, however, was not entirely new. The Communists created a state cult, a designer religion.

Therefore, it was important for Marx-Engels and Lenin-Trotsky to kill the Orthodox Church, because it was, among other things, the church’s spiritual connection to the soul of the people that prevented them from their genocide. Instead, they placed a pseudo-religion or a satanic conversion of the church.
Note: Did you know that Karl Marx was also a poet? He wrote poems in homage to Satan.

Feudalism 4.0 – here we go

In China, the change is made within the same operating system. In Europe and the United States and elsewhere, we are making the shift from democracy to neo-feudalism. We have skipped version 3 and have morphed through various hybrid stages, where the actual democratic or republican thought has become more and more eroded in step with the corruption of the institutions.

Example. It is interesting – and sad – to note that Danish agriculture today is again concentrated among the very few. The Danish landowners currently own 80% of Danish agricultural land. If you take a step back and look, it looks more and more like the situation in the 15-1700s. They call it progress, but it is backwardness, degeneration. How could that take place? Among other things, through EU support combined with political decisions that have slowly but surely made it unprofitable and virtually impossible to run small family owned farms. The agricultural mafia, the Axelborg lobbyists, have strangled the politicians, so that only large-scale farming and big landowners can make it work. Their friends from BigAgro down in Brussels have made it possible for them to buy up all the unprofitable small farms, and a simple linear forecast predicts that within the foreseeable future there will be 5-10 farms left in Denmark. Large international private equity funds are now also well on track, so half of these giant farms will no longer be Danish. This is globalism, this is the global feudal state that will make classical feudalism pale. The transfer of EVERYTHING from small independent companies to large globalist coroprations is the system itself.

At Axelborg* you can look down into the abyss
*Axelborg is the head quarter of the Danish Agricultural lobby organisation.
Some call it a mafia.

The peasants resigned and said to each other: Well, this is the development, we cannot do anything about it. So they began to torment the earth with poison and bought themselves indebted-poor in heavy machinery. Their traditional way of carrying on a family farm was destroyed by State inheritance law. Is it not interesting that these laws are first found in the Communist Manifesto? How did it sneak in? Remember that social democracy in its beginning was socialism = communism. The Danish agricultural party Venstre started as the peasants’ party, where the conservatives were the party of the landowners. But how did it go since then? Venstre became the party of the agricultural mafia, and their friends friends were the European Commission, the non-elected rich man’s club, the hidden post-democracy.

A system is what it does!
Forget the gossip about what they say the system is intended for.

Agriculture is only one branch of the project. EVERYTHING is thought under the same hat. Centralization and concentration of all means in the hands of the very few is the core project. It has been so since Constantine the Great and before, but it is only with today’s technology that it has become possible in such a pervasive totalitarian way. Hence the name technocracy.

Every time the globalists arrange a major crisis, we see this immense transfer of wealth. Classic crises of the 20th century were the world wars (which they themselves had initiated), the revolutions (which they themselves had arranged), with an intervening Financial Crisis 1.0 called the Wall Street crash and the Great Depression (which they themselves were to blame for – and we have former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke’s own word for it). The Cold War was their scenario, the Korean and Vietnam War were their work. The oil crisis starting in 1973 was their creation. 9/11 is a chapter in itself, but only globalist boot lickers believe, it was a dusty mullah in a rock cave in Afghanistan who pressed that button. All of America’s wars of aggression subsequently were the work of the US Deep States. We saw it clearly during the Financial Crisis in 2008-09, and those with eyes able to see, see it quite clearly again during the Corona Crisis. The globalists will argue – and have done so in both cases – that it is entirely coincidental, it is the fault of the unruly market forces (which they themselves control) or the fault of the unruly biology (which they themselves have financed and manufactured in laboratories). They will also claim that it is the climate fault of the cow farts, to which YOU must pay green global taxes. YOU must feel guilty for a whole century of environmental filth, that they have poured over the world.

Define globalism

A network of special interests operating across and in spite of governments, national law and international law. A Swiss analysis company has mapped the ownership of the multinational cartels / syndicates to just over 100. And that was 10 years ago. Someone told me very lately, that 2 corporations now own 90% of larger companies globally: Blacrock is one of them. For example, the global media is in the hands of just a few handfuls of owners, all of whom belong to the network. Their contribution to the world community is minimal in relation to their benefits, as they are able to use the pervasive legislation to evade taxation and operate through shadowy constructions and transfers of funds to offshore protectorates and within near future off-planet depositories. They are immovable through their size as they have a larger budget than national budgets. They have unlimited resources to bribe or threaten decision-makers, their institutions and think tanks are exclusive and over-rule all parliamentary decisions if they go against their interests.

It can be said shorter and more solid: globalism is a mafia network.
It’s an offer, you can’t refuse.

Other designations for the phenomenon describe other aspects of the Great Beast in Revelation.

  • Fascism describes the fusion of state and private interests, so that the State is no longer a safeguard against the free access of these interests to exploitation.
  • Neo-feudalism describes the reintroduction of centralized domination, serfdom = functional slavery and the loss of independent small business.
  • Post-democracy describes the collapse of democracy and the already eroded popular influence on everything that pertains to the well-being of the people.
  • Technocracy describes the control apparatus’ replacement of simple human considerations with algorithmic-mathematical-machine-rational calculations defined by the system.

Refeudalization means the ultimate loss of civil rights. The new normal citizen has no rights. The Constitution, created by our ancestors, has been repealed. We now live in a state of permanent emergency, where those in power can do anything against the citizens in invoking this permanent exception. In other words, they are morally exempt from their actions, they now enjoy the same stolen privilege as the big financial companies and big banks during the Financial Crisis: Too Big to fail, too Big to jail. They can murder their own people and say they are doing it for the people’s own sake. In Denmark, we need look no further than the four fascist laws:

  • The paralyzed public law (plublic access to public documents) that was put in place to ensure that prime minister Thorning-Schmidt and her finance minister were not held accountable for the DONG-Energy scandal, because the citizens could now no longer gain insight into political decisions while they are being made. Once taken, they can then be allowed to ascertain that it is too late. A school example of post-democracy. For non-Danish readers: Goldman Sachs were alowed to buy the national Danish energy company for half the price of what it was worth and sell it yearsa later for the real price. The finance minister was rewared with a post in a consulting firm … owned by Goldman Sachs. He and his prime minister were never prosecuted.
  • The law of terror, which was completely unnecessary, for all laws against terrorism existed in advance, so what was it for? It should push the boundaries of who the State may monitor and how. It should over-rule rights for the citizens. It is the equivalent of the Homeland Security Act i USA after 9/11.
  • The Influence Act, which allows the State to imprison a citizen for up to 12 years if it is estimated that he or she has expressed himself or herself in a way that could conceivably benefit a hostile country.
  • The Pandemic Act, which again is completely superfluous, as all laws are already in place. So what is it for? We know this when we look up and see how similar laws in Australia, New Zealand, England and Canada are being abused to imprison entire urban communities and populations and go fullblown totalitarian state.
    And sure enough. Just days ago, the Danish social democrats proposed, that the companies now could demand force vaccination of their employees, or if these refused fire them, and that the former employees now would loose their rights to unemployment support and pensions!

Remember again what fascism is. When the State and private interests have merged and the citizen no longer has protection, it is, as Mussolini said, there is nothing above the State. The state is God.

A sick logic

The globalist logic – in addition to being thoroughly sick and satanic – has figured it out. Instead of hiring an invading army to overthrow the country’s borders – they also do that when the feel like it, it’s called NATO, ISIS, UN armies, and so on. – then they think as follows: Why get blood on your hands and behave badly in world opinion, if we can get the states and their governments to do it themselves? They have redefined war to liquid war, 4th generation warfare (4GW), war with culture itself as a weapon of mass destruction. According to the Atlantic Treaty, NATO cannot be used against the peoples of the member states, which is why they wage wars of aggression on the fringes of the world. Forget about the defense pact, it’s now an attack pact. But if the globalists can get a militarized police force in the countries to do the dirty work on their behalf within national borders, then they can say that it does not come from them.

If it is not effective enough, they can ask the UN to do the same. That is why a UN force will always be soldiers from another area being deployed, because then they will not have to confront their own people. Right now, in the many-many demonstrations – which the media has been told not to report – including millions of citizens in many countries and cities, we see how the police position is ambivalent and that there are groups that side with the population. In the United States the same. An entire division of the US Marine has refused to be forcibly vaccinated. Entire districts and even states practice similar civil disobedience to the Washington DC fascist regime.

The then Greek finance minister, who was in charge of opposition to the EU and Goldman Sachs’ financial attack on the Greek economy in the financial crisis of 2008-09, Yannis Varoufakis, professor of economics, uses the word techno-feudalism about the way the global economy is today. It is done with capitalism as such, for algorithmic manipulation can, with the push of a button, override basic capitalist mechanisms. An entire national economy can flip-flop by 20% overnight, as happened on 12 August 2020 at 09:00 in the morning. It did so in only one year – it came out that day. It had never happened before. 9 minutes later it goes up by 3% on the London Stock Exchange. It cannot be explained within capitalist logic. Punishment for Brexit, I wonder?

Feudalism > capitalism > feudalism again

Since 2008-09, capitalism has been kept artificially alive with subsidies from central banks. Capitalism demands profit, otherwise it does not run. The Marxists call it capital accumulation – they then ‘forgot’ to tell that there was something called central banks and what their role really was, which is because Marx got dirty money in the pocket of the Rothschild dynasty. But it’s a longer story. Read: The Russian Revolution and the Communist Manifesto.

Under feudalism, it is no longer profit – that it must pay off – that rules. There is no market! Under classical feudalism, there were a lot of peasants who cultivated their crop, after which the feudal lord came and confiscated half of it. It was his land they lived on, said the feudal lord, therefore what came up of the soil would then belong to him. The only reason the peasants got half, was because they could keep pulling things out of the soil on the land. Or so that they were still alive when the feudal lord needed soldiers to confiscate what came up from the neighbor’s land – or to prevent the neighbor, who was just as sick in the head, from confiscating what came up from his soil on his land. Do we need to say, that his land was never his land, for the land belongs to the people + the living beings who inhabit it? But feudalism was maintained by the power of the sword, and the one who mastered the sword could not be contradicted.

We have to ask ourselves the question, whether there was any difference at all between the Bolshevik version of socialism and feudalism? Wasn’t communism just state feudalism? The feudal lord could confiscate everything he found for good. Was not that what the Communists did? Their fat-cat ideological jargon claimed, that this was certainly not what they were doing – but why did they do it then? They just called it something else, they practiced word magic and new speak.

How can we see that feudalism has returned?

When you go into one of these platforms to do business, it’s like walking into a city finding that ALL the buildings in the city belong to one person. Only one person! If your business pleases this one person, you can continue. If not, you must disappear. It is not a market. If the one person this god-in-the-machine wants you to see something in the digital space, then you’re allowed to see it. Otherwise, his algorithm determines that you never see it. Or that others never see you. The god of the platform is the new feudal lord.

This is not a market where people trade and exchange their products. This is a feudal enclosure, a fiefdom. Peasants – the locked-in – did not decide how the fence, the slave prison, looked like. There was one person who did. The Google platform is a digital fiefdom.

Listen to Varoufakis’ presentation here, because he is not a professor of economics for nothing:

This is the full 2 hour interview. I refer specifically to 37 minutes inside the interview.

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