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Possession – what do we think?
Do we get the association of our earthly possession, ownership or maybe stolen goods?
Or do we come to think of the kind of obsession / possession we have seen in movies like The Exorcist, a phenomenon very few people today would claim to have direct experience with?
Or like in some languages – which English speaking people would not know of – the same word is used for invasion or occupation from a foreign powers. This is closer to the idea of occult possession by spiritual entities.

Whatever we first think of, we can ask further: Is there a connection between the seemingly different topics in which the term is used? The common denominator or common definition is that an outside and hostile creature appears in our area, be it nation, population group or the individual’s body and mind, where it penetrates, settles down and begins to absorb physical-mental energy. It takes possession of you.

What this man sees, when he looks in the mirror.
You may have guessed his name.

He used to be the guvenor of a large city and killed 20.000 old people with a forced infection from a virus.
And got away with a slap on the wrist for … a minor sex offence to his secretary.

The comparison with a vampire or a parasite is obvious. The parasite is also a kind of invading occupying power. We know that parasites have a tendency to release biochemical substances that affect our impulses to, for example, consume certain types of food that the parasite needs. If you have contracted tapeworms, a serious parasite that lives in your intestinal system and can grow several meters long, then you always want to consume sugar, because that is what it lives on. Here we can actually talk about obsession and invasive possession, because it has occupied your entire digestive system + your mental impulses, and if you do not get rid of it, you will die of hunger, because it eats everything you send down to it.

Possesion = ownership = you become owned by something other than yourself. The Danish word besat or German besetzt is that someone or something has sat on you like the mare that rides you in your nightmare. We shall here try to take the angle that it is basically the same. It is a piece of demonia, and whether it affects a person, groups of people, entire nations – or as right now the whole world in the form of a synthetic designer psychosis, where populations in many countries are zombified and hypnotized and enter a state of paralysis – is basically the same. Choose whether the word demonic or satanic resonates the most. Or whether you have difficulty relating to these archaic concepts and better understand with psychological, clinical or other terminology. But I would argue that precisely the archaic concepts are the most accurate. So consider the following.

The ancients, our ancestors, were accustomed to using the simple terminology in which possession was personified. You became possessed by an evil spirit. Our terminology has become diffuse, abstract and impersonal and has spread across a strip of conceptual fields that have no connection with each other. When a concept disappears in this way, the understanding of the phenomenon also disappears. It ceases to exist in people’s consciousness, and it slips over to be subconscious or unconscious.

I want to make the claim that it has thus become more real than ever and, in addition, more dangerous than ever. Because we no longer have a concept for it, we have no protection against it anymore. Because we deny its existence as superstition, it has been given free rein under the cover of darkness. One could say that we have managed to demonize demonia since those who speak about it in the direct way are proclaimed as mentally outdated. We have made it taboo to conceptualize it in this way we have given our control to it.

Demons Gate

How does the demon arrive? Where does the creature get in? How we get obsessed. It happens through trauma. Where there are unprocessed and denied traumas, there is food for the invasive parasite. Trauma always has to do with fear and pain. The pain and fear leaves a wound, a scar. There is a gap in the whole. This is the entrance to you or your collective entity = your group, your nation.

There is an obvious reason why certain malicious intelligence services and certain research institutes have become so interested in human trauma. The institute said they would like to understand human psychosocial reactions and condition. What they ‘forgot’ to tell was, that through their understanding they had intended to make their insights available to people who had an interest in reproducing trauma and exploiting it to control people. Of course, the intelligence service never said anything about what they were doing, so at least they were not hypocritical at that point. It goes by the name trauma-based mind control.

By exposing people to trauma in a systematic way, the dark experimental scientists and were able to create a split personality, where one personality – the ‘normal’ was an outer shell of the other personality. One did not know the other, and the other was trained to perform certain actions on a given command. Some called the phenomenon the Manchurian Candidate. An elderly gentleman is still being held for life for the murder of Robert Kennedy. His name is Sirhan Sirhan and he can not remember exactly that he shot the senator and the presidential candidate. Over the years, however, the divided trauma section may begin to disintegrate, so today he knows at least that it was not he who did it. That is no doubt the reason why he is still imprisoned and not allowed to give interviews. The senator’s son is apparently the only one who has been allowed. And he says, that he is fully convinced, that Sirhan Sirhan was not the man.

The British Tavistock Institute discovered in the interwar period that people with shell shocks from WW1 exhibited a particular personality change. They became very authoritative, obedient and non-critical. The shock had made them tender. Whether it was the intention from the beginning to utilize this study for special circumstances is unknown. One fact is, however, that they later became suppliers of methods of crowd control and mass mental manipulation. The same can be said about the German Frankfurt School. On the surface, they conducted social studies. Their goal was through mass control to promote nothing less than the disintegration of Western civilization! The whole thing was politicized and weaponized from the get-go.

The resemblance is great between what in religious terminology is called demonic occupation and then the collective demonia, which characterizes the students of the Frankfurt School, which since 1968 first occupied universities – there’s that word again! – with their Marxist demands that the ‘system’ should give them power and later enriched the world with their radicalized and violent mass product, hordes of Antifas and Black Lives Matter that began to emerge a few years ago. When these masses go mad and smash away, they are in a state of demonia, where a collective beast has dismantled their human being and taken control of them as a herd. When an animal hatred satisfies the herd in the way we have seen, they have no empathy, no rationality, no individual personality, and no self-will.

It is always made by their manipulators, as if in droves they are simply expressing righteous indignation, but textbooks and manuals have been written on how to create this mass psychosis precisely and methodically. It has taken a whole generation of brainwashing in the Marxist-infected teachers’ institutions to create the phenomenon, but it is completely as the Frankfurt School has described or should we say proscribed: These groups of identity-less, history-less young people can be bottled up to make them carry out a violent revolution.

Designer trauma og identity politics

One might then ask what their trauma is? Here it gets a little complex. It was the Frankfurt School’s tactic to appoint people whose group identity was possible to activate. The key word is the victim role. The groups were selected based on a potential victim status. Therein lay the trauma, or as it has often turned out: the postulated trauma. Hence the concept of identity politics, for people were tempted to identify with the postulated trauma.

  • Women were told they were traumatized-oppressed by men.
    Not just some deranged men, ALL men.
  • Adolescents and children were told that they were traumatized-oppressed by the elderly, their parents, their teachers, their elderly colleagues. Let’s finally get hold of the kids!
  • Gay lesbians were told they were traumatized-oppressed by the heterosexuals. How many letters arrived at LGBTQS…?
  • Blacks were told they were traumatized-oppressed by whites. Especially white men! According to critical race theory, the whole system and the whole culture is permeated by systemic racism and white supremacy.
  • Immigrants were told they were traumatized-oppressed by the very society that had accepted them as immigrants. Justified criticism of an immigrant gangster for bad behaviour immediately causes him to draw the racist card.
  • Jews were told, that they were traumatized-oppressed by … all non-jews. When criticized for any bad behavior, they will pull the antisemite card or refer to the Holocaust.

If you did not have an actual trauma, then you could be seduced into thinking that you had, after which you as part of a predefined identity group could react to it. And who does not want to be part of a group, for what is the alternative? Expulsion of the group. In other words, it is very strong emotional mechanisms combined with social control mechanisms that have been militarized in this way in a destructive culture war. And shame on you, if you refuse to identify yourself with the cliché you have been prescribed!

the Prince of Darkness

Marxist ideologue Saul Alinsky dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to… Lucifer! He called him the first and the true revolutionary. Karl Marx wrote collections of poems for… Satan! He praised in ecstatic terms the wave of destruction that the Prince of Darkness would exert in the rollout of the world revolution. It is not without reason that both leading ideological figures from each of their generation were obsessed-possessed with the idea of ​​the incarnated evil as their god and driving force for their project. Alinsky was widely read by the corrupt political left in the United States, and Hillary Clinton has referred to his book as her political bible. Can one imagine anything more satanic than this woman? That would then be her counterpart, the swindler and hypocrite Barack Obama, who at the time of writing has just published his memoirs, which the world press is supposed to faint over – which of course they do on command. We are talking about the man who received the Nobel Peace Prize for starting more military acts of violence than even George Bush! So hypocrisy is not just Obama but a globalist media-created phenomenon.
Read: The Communist Manifesto – it could be named Mefistos Manifesto

And why would his 800+ page book be published in the weeks when his party had their pants pulled down due to the most extensive piece of election fraud in world history? They called it the 16-year plan. First, Americans were to be softened with eight years of light brown and media-savvy teleprompter eloquence as a wrap for a society permeated with ideologized corruption and politically correct paralysis. Next, Hillary Clinton was to complete the project and create the ultimate global fascist tyranny. But what could go wrong here? The entire plan and project was served for execution. It went wrong, as we know. After a delay of 4 years, where a guy named Trump called them out for their corruption and evilness, they now try to catch up. With quite a bit of desperation, one might add.

For the next four years, the same Barack Obama has run his game from the back room. His light brown fat fingers are deposited on the entire strip of fraudulent acts to damage the president who got in the way of the project. All tracks lead to Obama. He knew everything about what was going on at the embassy massacre in Benghazi, about the terrorist attack in the Syrian war, about the scam with the alleged bin Laden liquidation, about the fascist coup in Ukraine, about the dirty bribes to the Iranians. He knew all about the fake Steele dossier that led to the sick theatre piece around the Mueller hearing and Russian collusion. He knew all about ALL the moves in the ongoing coup against Donald Trump throughout the period including the piece of massive election fraud that is now being uncovered.

EVERYTHING about Barack Obama has been a theatre, a staged fiction. His family is a fiction, for he as a gay man and his transvestite wife could never give birth to the two children on display. A family in Chicago has received $ 20 million to contribute. His birth certificate is forged and he is not a US citizen. His real name is Barry Sartoro. As a swindler and actor, he is quite talented. He has also held the post of so-called Pindar (= Dragon’s Penis), ie head of the Order of the Assassins, a subdivision of the Order of the Black Sun. We can probably never fully verify the rumor, but it is said that he was liquidated on October 17 at the annual meeting of the order along with the rest of the leadership of the inner circle. Many politicians at the head of state level have at least one double, so is it this puppet who stands up with his new book full of lies?

And his auto-biography: What is the chance that a person whose, whole life and performance has been one big lie from end to end, will suddenly sit down and write a book full of adorable truths? He didn’t write his speeches himself, did he write the book himself?

These types love satanic rituals. Do you remember the video clip of Michael Obama – the one they call Michelle – sitting with a smug smile and toasting in champagne with the smoke from Notre Dame clearly seen in the background? Or did you miss it? Do you remember the bizarre pictures of Hillary Clinton where she gets some catatonic laughter spasms in an interview during the election campaign with too many who around her asking her questions at once? It’s just before we witness a shape-shifting, but there was bottomline something seriously wrong with the lady. Obsessed-possessed? Has she also been replaced by a double? Others have noticed that Joe Biden’s face is not the same as it once was. Rumor has it that it was he himself who took the life of his ex-wife. We must understand that these people have had the protection of a corrupt infiltrated judiciary that was put in place and constantly expanded after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the original US coup.

The possessed state apparatus

That these satanic-pedophile adrenachrome addicts have not long ago been locked up and beaten for 10x life – or according to US law been executed, is still unknown to most. But the latest rumors then say that they have been executed anyway. Then we also better understand that the need for doubles is so strong, because then the Deep State can claim for a while, that its position of power is intact. What about the English queen, does she live longer at all? Let us not, however, readily take rumors for good but merely state that with what we know about the ruling class and their millennial theatrical self-representation and their psychopathic limitlessness, it is certainly not unthinkable. It is only inside our heads, where there is hopefully still conscience and goodness, that these things are unthinkable. Our big mistake is to think that then it must also apply to these inhuman creatures.

If any of the possessed swamp creatures has shown explicit signs of this phenomenon,
it must this deplorable thing.

It is quite obvious to describe the infiltration of the state apparatus in the United States as a form of possession. In both meanings of the word. The possessing power was, among other things. the internal 5th column of the officials in the system, known as SES, Senior Executive Service. These are people placed in the system of high wages and pensions who could not be fired and who were employed to perform… absolutely nothing! Their task was to ensure that nothing constructive was carried out. They have been like an administrative constipation or cancer in American society. Add to that 1000s of qualified judges at all levels from county, district, state and up to the Supreme Court. Add to that the corruption of congressional and senate members from both political parties who have gotten millions in the pockets of Deep State and BigBusiness lobby organizations + foreign actors from hostile nations. Add to that the acquisition and the total centralization of the news media, which has greatly affected our part of the world. Add to that the infiltration and ideologization of the school and education system at all levels.

The extent, the demonia of this totalitarian possession of the state apparatus in an influential country / society of that size, and what it has meant for the world community and yours and my life, cannot be underestimated.

Occult demonia

Occult is that which the eye (oculus) does not see. All existence is multi-dimensional. As humans, we are multidimensional beings. Materialists will deny it. Science in general will deny it. We live in a world dominated by nihilistic denial of everything that cannot be seen and grabbed and that has not been prime time on television. Nietzsche called it the death of God. He described the breakthrough of nihilism and its consequences, he did not identify with it – hence the widespread misunderstanding of his philosophy.

Nietzsche (1844-1900) understood, that the loss of God in the human worldview made humans prey for demonic forces. He saw the loss as irreversible and believed that we must then create our world and reality ourselves. We had to take over the project. It’s a dilemma and a double-edged sword, because are we capable of taking that responsibility? Or did people arrive who offered to take over this task and responsibility for us? It seems like that. He died very aptly in 1900 and became the 20th century prophet as a philosopher.

A glorious graffiti on a wall wrote: God is dead – quote: Nietzsche,
whereafter some witty hound wrote below: Nietzsche is dead – quote God.

Another philosopher from approx. same time + 25 years of life: Rudolf Steiner saw the same arrival. He puts it in other terms but he has the same basic view. Materialism arrives and removes man from his sense of his own higher self. This means that dark forces will have free play over human life. Speaking of the witty hound who added the graffiti, he saw the free man go undercover. A new window will open in our time, as it did 100 years ago. It will not stay open forever but close again if humanity does not wake up. He gave what we would call the dark forces an overarching name: Ahriman, a name borrowed from Persian mythology. The world has been taken over and occupied by Ahrimanic forces.

Now you must sleep for a hundred years, a hundred years, a hundred years,…
we sang in the children’ song game of Sleeping Beauty (Tornerose, the Thorned Rose as called in Danish) while walking in circles. The thorn bush grew tall and impenetrable, and the landscape lay desolate. It’s the Brothers Grimm’s horror story, albeit with a happy ending in the song and the fairy tale. But the curse along the way, the petrification, the confinement and the coma into which Sleeping Beauty was immersed – it’s pure horror! It is the picture of a hundred years of closing down the window of hope that Steiner saw with his clairvoyance. And it certainly is.

Mankind has slept for a hundred years, for a wall of trauma hit the world at that time. 1910 – 1913 – 1914 – 1917 – 1919 are important years for events that were rolled out: financial coups, industrialization of medicine and medical science, world wars, revolutions, ship disasters, man-made world epidemics, famines, science on the sidelines, four empires sunk, genocides, looting. The road was paved for repetitions of world wars, revolutions, financial coups, genocides …

In the black holes left by the mega-trauma, the demon slipped in. Beelzebub or Baal / Bel moved in under the building. Clairvoyants have seen the figure chained to a throne under nothing less than the Vatican. OK, here it’s going to be fantasy for most, but an Australian clairvoyant, JC Kay, has recently tapped into that field and seen it. But she has also seen that the demon, after what is supposed to be 2000 years of residence = an entire equinox period, has been expelled. The whole field is now white and not dirty-possessed. There has simply been something recent that can be described as large-scale exorcism. This corresponds to information that has come from other teams about the annihilation of the great underground facilities that the occult elite has created as their places of refuge, while preparing the annihilation of all the useless and incompetent rioters who inhabited the surface of the planet.

Again, this may sound like pure fantasy to most people, and one can take it as one pleases. But the real purpose of the Great Reset is more that just a financial power grab by people like he World Economic Forum. It is the termination of 6+ billion people on the planet.

JC Kay has also tapped into the mega-facility underground in Australia called Pine Gap. In her optics, because she looks into the occult realm – again: take it as you please – it’s like looking into Dante’s Hell and an amphitheater of an orgy of life-consuming creatures, demons, djinns, ghouls, gray aliens and more in the style of 1001 Night meets Lord of the Rings. What we do know with some certainty, however, is that this military mega-facility, Pine Gap, in addition to advanced military technology of an ‘alien’ nature, has been a center for missing children from East Asia. What we know for sure is that substances and organs extracted from children and humans in general are now the largest underground industry in the world, larger than drugs. What we know with absolute certainty is that the former US President, as one of his main projects, has been fighting the pedophile networks and human trafficking.


Four areas of the world have been particularly inflamed with what is described in connection with Pine Gab: Australia, where it is located, New Zealand, South Africa and the southern part of South America (Argentina, Chile). Why, one might ask? Because they are all closest to the inaccessible center of this ‘alien’ activity: Antarctica.

The first to arrive on the continent in our time, was The Third Reich. There was no one who before them seriously penetrated the continent. There were point-by-point and hard-fought expeditions such as James Cook’s at the South Pole in 1773, but envoys from Nazi Germany arrived on a larger scale as early as the early 1930s. They called their new colony – and it was – Neuschwabenland. Both Hermann Göring and Rudolf Hess visited there. After the war, we have the strange intermezzo with Admiral Byrd and an extensive naval force that lines up… and gets kicked out. The hostile presence was thus massive and well organized.

Byrd subsequently gives an equally bizarre interview in Brazil, in which he tells that the enemy is now in possession of flying machines capable of reaching from pole to pole within a few hours. He also talks about overflying areas that are ice-free. Then they cage him inside a madhouse. The failed military operation was not a fantasy but absolutely real. Was the man’s statement subsequently then suddenly a fantasy from a maniac’s brain? Or are we dealing with the prevailing imperial tactics cultivated in both the West and the Soviet state of caging people inside madhouses when they were too outspoken. Remember what they did to the greatest poet of the 20th century, Ezra Pound, because he revealed the bankers’ share in World War I.
Read and listen the the poet himself: With Usura

Argentina was a proven landing site for Nazis post WW2. An entire post-Third Reich community was established in Patagonia. Scientists with highly exotic technology as a research area settled there. Persistent rumors will know that Hitler never died in the bunker in Berlin but arrived here and lived another 20 years in undercover. One fact is, at least, that his and Eva Braun’s charred corpses were never found. The skull of Hitler in the Kremlin turned out by DNA test to be… a woman. So he escaped or what?

Recently, there has been a lot of activity in-and-around Antarctica. Particularly prominent figures such as the Pope, John Kerry, the Russian Patriarch (the Orthodox Pope), the astronaut Buzz Aldrin and King Juan Carlos of Spain have been around Antarctica. All leading nations have a presence there. The Russians have been researching a giant underground lake called Lake Vostock. Google blurs essential areas of satellite photos. So Google = CIA, c’mon anyone with a set of intact brain cells knows that. The same blurred areas are subject to flight bans.

A Hollywood movie a few years ago more than hinted at this, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus from 2012. The scene is set on a distant planet in a distant time. The film is set up as a prequel – a precursor to the four Alien films, where Scott himself directed the first. But whether it’s past or future does not matter, because that’s the way to do it. The real locality is Antarctica, and the time is today. All themes in the film are described in ancient writings. The gods arrive on Earth. They have to leave the place, but some are left in the lurch and left. They interfere with human genetics. They go underground where they are still. A new conflict arises as they are confronted again and brought to life, so to speak. That’s what is being told off-the-record about the activities in Antarctica. In other words, they have found sunken cities or facilities under the ice that are not human. Or who are human on a completely different technological level. All nations are now queuing up to get their hands on the rediscovered technology.

One should not think that there was anything to add as the great nations and especially the transnational Deep State have already seized all that they could and developed systems with great destructive capacity. Nuclear weapons in the Cold War sense are today a museum piece.

Exotic technologies from the past have been hidden in all sorts of places. There was a reason why the Nazis in the 30-40s ran their Ahnenerbe operation in Egypt, Iraq, Tibet, the South of France and everywhere it hid. And in Antarctica. What they actually found there is impossible to say, but it has no doubt been an extension of what they themselves experimented with. Among other things. the Indian physicist Chandrasekhar, through the Vedic literature describing these Vimaras and Vimamas, contributed to the Germans’ thinking-out-of-the-box. Also, do not forget that parts of Tesla’s technology and notes went to his family in Croatia, who, as you know, were kind to the Nazis. The Americans were initially behind the dance until they had imported enough German scientists via Operation Paperclip. It was some of these scientists who were called in as the first to inspect the Rosswell incident in 1947. And why? Was it because they were supposed to recognize technology from their own ranks? It was at the exact same time that the CIA was formed via the OSS with defecting or ‘imported’ Gestapo people.

There is a reason why there is so much historical confusion and falsification around ancient sites and particular megalithic structures. Egypt is full of these. There is another reason for the Iraq war than the one(s) we know. They wanted to keep German scientists away from the excavations at Ur. For the same reason, the Museum in Baghdad was looted and not everything was returned after the war. The global Deep State is fully aware that these sites are, firstly, far older than historians claim. Second, these sites are littered with anomalies and signs of hi-tech that the people described by historians could not possibly have produced. They simply stink of alien / leftover human hi-tech.

But why just Antarctica as a special concentrate of this alien hi-tech? And by ‘alien’ we should not necessarily think of non-human, but human from a forgotten civilization whose level is severely underestimated and whose home has not always been this planet. Which, on the other hand, does not exclude beings with intelligence that are not human, as we understand it.

The answer is: Because Antarctica IS the sunken Atlantis. The reason for the confusion about the location is that the survivors of the catastrophe that reshaped the continent into the ice desert we see today, spread by roughly the same distance from the center. They landed in Peru on Lake Titicaca. They landed in the Gulf of Mexico around Bimini. They landed in the Azores. They landed in the Ethiopian highlands, where they continue to Egypt. They landed in the Pyrenees. They landed at Mount Ararat (Noah’s Ark) in present-day Turkey, which should have been Armenia (remember the genocide). They landed in East Asia, where they continued to Cambodia, India and China. They also landed on certain islands in the Pacific Ocean like Micronesia and Easter Island. Hardly at the same time. We can not be sure of the chronology, but their remnants are not to be mistaken – unless scientists are pressured to ‘make a mistake’ to protect their work and status or are so conceptually narrowed that it is impossible for them to imagine anything other than what lies within their reductionist worldview.

The forbidden mindsets

Science has for a long time suffered from its own form of obsession. Something has deliberately steered it in the wrong direction to divert attention. We basically do not have the science in many fields that we could have had if this possession had not taken place.

Science in Isaac Newton’s time was not yet ‘de-spiritualized’, and Newton’s own work is an example. All his writings – and they are mostly deleted – on what we would today call exotic topics have been sorted out. Everything related to alchemy, astrology, metaphysics and other esoteric subjects have in the trash bin and at the Museum of Superstitious Misleading. These topics WERE science at the time in history, it was completely normal. It was the Corpus Hermeticum from antiquity that disappeared in the Roman Empire and in late antiquity, but which reappeared in the late Middle Ages, for the Arabs had them in scriptures, and the Medici family had them translated. Many of them had survived in the library in Constantinople (Byzantium, Istanbul), where the remains of writings from the library in Alexandria had also ended up. They were studied intensely for a few centuries.

But then came rationalism, nominalism, positivism, materialism. In short: nihilism. They reduced the universe and reality and flushed out the entire worldview of antiquity and the Middle Ages with the bathwater. From now on, everything had to be measured and weighed and quantized. What was forgotten or not understood was, that one only had a very limited set of tools, measuring devices and methods available. As you shout in the forest, you get answers. The universe was now limited to the ability of the tools of measurements. In fact, today we have the measuring devices, but the dogma has petrified and not been updated. In the meantime, a mega-industry has been built around the amputated science. An example: Oil, explosion technology and the myth of fossil fuels.

Thermodynamics is nothing but steam engine physics

But they also ‘forgot’ something else back then, the fine gentlemen of The Royal Society, the elite society of the sciences. They did not say anything about the fact that the amputated science disciplines, which were no longer allowed to be called science, continued unabated but now behind closed doors. They cut them off to keep them to themselves. The fine gentlemen were all members of various lodges and secret societies who, just as diligently as before, perhaps even more diligently, studied esoteric subjects. They knew that the key to power lay in the knowledge of the ‘deep physics’, and these people were power-hungry. They were also envious of others who might be in possession of this power. They were willing to do anything to get their hands on the lost knowledge and then keep it secret in order to have it for themselves. They were the inner circle of the Empire of Envy, the British establishment insiders, the same ones who would later launch the global mega-trauma of the early 20th century. They were 19th century industrialists and imperialists and 20th century modernists and technocrats, they are the globalists of our time.

Some call them Deep State, others call them The Cabal and other names. We understand that they are the Kabbalists in more ways than one. They are far from the nerdy bookworms who study esoteric scriptures as a hobby, they use their knowledge to practice black magic. They invoke demons to advance political ends. It was Jacobins, students of the Kabbalist Jacob Franck, who unleashed the demons in the French Revolution. They repeated and perfected it with The Russian Revolution.

They evoke memories of the Kabbalist, the Alchemist and many other titles: John Dee. His field of work is extremely indicative of Kabbalah’s mindset even today. In addition to being a scientist and owner of Europe’s largest private library, he was also spy master for Queen Elisabeth I. It was he who signed himself with 007, and his spy network is similar to what later became MI5, the Crown’s intelligence service. John Dee wanted to make contact with higher interdimensional beings. We can call them angels, and in Gnostic terminology they are called archons. To do so, he developed or found with Edward Kelley a special language called Enochian language, which had its own character set / alphabet.

To make the story short, it is told that he managed to get through to these archonic beings. They offered their service, but they also demanded something in return: human sacrifices, blood sacrifices. They live by the energy that humans produce, which is especially strong when released at the moment of death. So the story goes that Dr. Faust aka John Dee made a pact with the higher beings about something-for-something, quid pro quo.

The human sacrifice

The story of Dr. Dee is, of course, speculative. But with a certain knowledge of the history of the British Empire, one cannot help but feel a cold sensation run down one’s spine, for no Empire in world history has caused such systematic serial killer-like genocides as this entity. They are totally obsessed-possessed with the idea of taking the lives of people. Eugenics is – of course, what else ?! A British invention (Sir. Francis Gaulton, Darwin’s half-cousin). It is the Anglo-American elite that created the UN with all its draconian ideas that the world population should be reduced. Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum grabbed that ball and intends to score goals with it.

Eugenics has very little to do with racial hygiene as such. Or rather, it has, but race means something else in the Darwinian context. Darwin said there were 72 races in the world, the lowest of which was … the Irish. And then the British committed the Irish genocide and called it the potato plague or the Great Famine. The British saw the world as an extended class society with them as the upper class. It applied both for their own people and for the people of the world. There were in their own optics superhumans = the British establishment aka themselves, and sub-humans = everyone else, high and low. Darwinism is a pseudoscience designed to scientifically justify the right of the strong (Darwin’s own term, he didn’t write the fittest), which means the British Empire’s right to rule the world – Britania Rule the World – and decide who should live and who should die.

So what’s the difference between the British mega-genocide and the story of the Aztec king who ordered 10,000s of subjects sacrificed in just 1 day? What is the difference between the sacrifices made to the demon Baal (Beelzebub) by the Canaanites? Or to the black mother in Dravidia, then India? What about the bloody splashes filmed on the topstone of the altar-like neo-megalith Georgia Guidestones – where it aptly states that the earth’s population must be reduced to half a billion? A mega-eugenic statement that then means that 6 billion + must be euthanized to meet the goal. That is to say, the greatest human sacrifice ever, anywhere. The authors of the text on The Guidestones wisely fail to describe how they intend to achieve their goals. Here again we must ask the nice Uncle Bill Gates and World Economic Forum.

The manic obsession-possession of the globalists is their New World Order with them as the new kings of gods. This is their World Economic Forum’s Global Financial Reset. Their original tool was climate policy. They themselves have admitted that all that climate talk has nothing to do with climate as such. It has everything to do with the creation of a new global financial structure, where they have ultimate control over EVERYTHING, micro and macro and in between. When this project started to fade – people simply did not believe the nonsense of cow farts and the Climate Doomsday and Greta-how-dare-you – so they had to come up with a different starting point, a different means of transport. And then we got Covid-19. They put it in the lake in New York in January 2020 at an exercise they called Event 201, where they simulated a massive global shutdown in connection with a pandemic that – and they say it directly – is a new coronavirus!

They say it smack in the face of the world population:
We had it in stock, that was our plan from the start, and we put it to use!
We do not even bother to hide it anymore, because when you discover it, it will be too late.
The probability that you will discover is small, because you are too stupid to listen when spoken.
Because you have not objected, you agree. That’s our rule, and we made it ourselves.
We laugh at you, and you can’t do shit.

The demonia is exacerbated in these days, weeks and months. We are in the process of an End Game.

The darkest winter is at the door. That’s how one of the demons’ henchmen, the swindler and mafioso Joe Biden dropped it late 2020. That kind of small casual unexplained side remarks are always drops of insider knowledge that get dumped, because he’s been told that.

But the idiot’s statement, or rather the statement put in his mouth, actually agrees with JC Kay, the clairvoyant remote-viewer from Australia who looks dark times until around mid-March 2021. The demon is powerful when put in the defensive, for its time is over, and strong forces of resistance are gathered against its ancient tyrannical regime. But as we often see in dramaturgy, the last convulsions are often violent.

So what can we expect? It could very well be something in the direction of a new biological attack, perhaps with a new round of pandemic worse than the first. The first one they had to pump-and-pump-and-pump on in the media to get an effect, because it was nothing but a bad cold. They need to have the vaccine into people’s bodies in order to do their thing. With the vaccine, of course, comes a lot of dirty shit. And since they probably only get one shot in the gun, it will contain max shit.

They chose Christmas for the max damage to people. The darkest time turned into a depressing time. Governments’ abuses of the people intensified in the dark winter. Further shutdowns were already planned. The media will once again went into overdrive. We will move further in the direction of what the Australians have been exposed to. Here it is now forbidden for parents to hug their own children. Children from families will be removed. Old people will die of loneliness. Government regulatives are now in place to break into people’s homes and forcibly vaccinate them or lock them up in detention camps. Politicians come to no rescue any more, for almost all of them have shown themselves as the enemies of the people.

The bottom is about to be reached in the darkest winter.
It is necessary that we begin to visualize something else.
It is necessary that we cut away in droves.
We need to make it clear to the authorities that we have stopped trusting them.

Many have not gotten there yet and have completely and utterly bought the story.
They have submitted to the sick idea of the new normal.
Therefore, it is necessary that people who can keep a cool head maintain
that tyranny must NEVER become the new normal.
It was the old normal for low flame.
Now they want to run it on high flame.
Is there an exorcist present?

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