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Globalism and 19 reasons to say NO!

Globalism can hardly be called a philosophy. It is rather a huge, diffuse business plan consisting of ideology, strategy, economics added a portion of utopianism and a ton-heavy load of cynicism.

Globalism is nothing new. Only the name is new. It is a synonym for the oldest and wettest dream of the ruling class: the unconditional world domination of all souls, all life forms, all resources and all land and air and water everywhere and for time and eternity thereafter. Amen.

Globalism is imperialism and colonialism 3.0. It is, according to those who consider themselves globalists, the consummate final stage of these projects from the empires of antiquity to the British model = classical imperialism + industrialism + Darwinism and up to the technocratic neo-fascism of our time.
Even nostalgic adherents of classical fascism will feel uncomfortable here.

Globalism is Internationalism 2.0, and neo-Marxists / communists / socialists, on the other hand, feel very comfortable here. In recent decades, in particular, they have showed themselves as the closet globalists they have always been.

Globalism is the so-called third way. They have taken incarnated predator-casino and crony monopoly capitalism and mixed blended planned economies of the Trotskyists, Leninists and Maoists, state tyranny, hypercontrolled societies and proletarians in all countries unite and boiled it in the big pot. If you are in doubt about what uniting means to you, just say United Nations.

Globalism is an update on the pirate mindset behind the British Empire. We arrive, we plunder, we corrupt and we install governors, and when the bill is to be paid, we go to sea again with our prey. Today it’s called outsourcing and offshore economics, you know Cayman Island, Lichtenstein, Macao and that sort of thing.

Globalism is to impose new taxes on the citizens of the Globalist, while they and their syndicates and cartels never pay taxes. So, for example, climate tax – one cow fart = xx.xx $ – € xx.xx – katjing! The money ends up in The Economic Cloud and we never see it again. And we must understand that there is administration, and administrators must also be paid. Where have we heard it before – think-think – well! It’s called development aid. So first we had to feel guilty, then we had to pay out and then we got the feelgoodness award + forgiveness of sins. And the fuck to all the fringe people who did not see a penny, because it was never them it was about, right?

In the United Nations only 1.2% of the money meant for development ever reached the people out there, the rest was salaries to someone on the bumpy but profitable road. I guess you call it money laundering, charity fraud and corruption.

Globalism is the death of nations. The EU is another one of the 20th century superstate initiatives working systematically on the breakdown of the nation state. One could say that it is an upscale version of feminism’s breakdown of the nuclear family. Or the totalitarian state’s breakdown of the middle class. Or the breakdown of agrarian society by the Bolshevik state. The UN, in turn, is an upscaling to a global superstate – again a union of nations which is newspeak for the disintegration of the nations of the world. Both the EU and the UN are diligent users of the concept of relinquishing sovereignty. It’s all about decomposition. It is the burnt – down building site of globalism on which their Millennium Kingdom is expected to emerge.

Globalism is the World Economic Forum. They can no longer say New World Order, because people have smelled it, so they say Global Reset. Ask Klaus Schwab and the Davos crowd down there in Switzerland. The Global Reset included the moneyless society, injection with an ID chip – preferably as a vaccine. The upcoming vaccine is not a vaccine. It is an injection of something in between a new social security number certificate, health insurance certificate, driving license, key code card and passport. Climate was never about the climate and Covid-19 was never about a pandemic. It was about a tool to get people to accept the Global Reset.

Globalism is the Chinese model with integration of social point system, vaccines (chemical lobotomy, quote Bertrand Russell), 5G electronic smart monitoring with potential for microwave elimination of ‘unfortunate subjects’, censorship, thought control combined with Maoist planned economy. It’s business HR management on steroids.

Globalism is systematized treason. Politicians in the last sad remnants of nation states are selling out to the globalists and following the instructions arriving through the back door channels. One of the instructions is that they should never tell their populations where they got their instructions from what they are about and that they have received them at all. 

Globalism is the Venetian model of finance, diplomacy and corruption. Globalism is unthinkable without mega-corruption. It is also unthinkable without an army of lawyers and economists, a techno-bureaucracy. Study the EU and the UN. The ruling class has hired a technocratic servant class. Politicians are reduced to the global state stationmasters, janitors and doormen. With all due respect to these excellent professions, but that is not what we have chosen politicians for.

Globalism demands of the global state and the inhabitants of the global village, that they give up all identities other than those they are offered, read: get stuffed down their throats. They must scrap their history, their nation, their traditions, their ethnicity, their race, their gender, their faith, their family, their values and ethics, their conscience and their individuality.

Globalism also requires the inhabitants of the village to give up – voluntarily, involuntarily if they need a little help – all demands for personal property. This is the point that most clearly shows that the globalists are not – so to speak – completely unfamiliar with the communist manifesto. Let us also mention here that this manifesto and its ten points have already been recorded and described by the founder of the so-called Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weisshaupt, whose offshoots instigated the French Revolution. Nothing new here. This the core of Un Agenda 21/2030.

Globalism demands a globalist and centrally controlled, filtered and one-way information system in the form of media, all of which receive their information from the same source. The big tech companies that manage social media in collaboration with the mainstream media currently call it fact-checking. It is quite difficult right now to find out what are facts and what is fake. But behold, the globalists and their info channels offer to settle that difficult matter. It’s an offer you can not refuse, as they say in the mafia, because if you have a different opinion about what is fact or fake, then they have invented something called cancel culture, and then you can consider yourself as being socially excluded.

Globalism is the diametrically opposite of a republic. Res Publica, the cause of the people has been taken out of the equation, for the people have no cause and no protection anymore in the globalist mega-state. We are all alone and our dependence on the megastate has shifted from being high to being total.

Globalism at the time of writing is a business ministry. In the near future coming to a town near you – the globalists imagine – the office is no longer staffed as such but is run by artificial intelligence. We are moving away from the human field, for it is too cumbersome to deal with all that staffing and all those considerations. Globalism and transhumanism go well together.

There is just one question from the floor:

Mnjææ but … what is wrong with us looking a little beyond our own nose tips, and we should not be selfish, and do we not live in a global world today. Yes, sorry, I’m asking …

Now no one’s asking you to apologize. But I would strongly suggest that you go straight ahead with accusations of selfishness and ‘own nose tip’ to the globalists who have no hesitations with staring at their own nose tips and indulge in the most absurd-selfish way. Do you really think that they are giving a damn for you and yours and believe that you are part of their evening prayer? For them, you are a digital number that can be traded on the market at any time. And of course, there is no one who can stop you from thinking, that this is how it should be and that life in a slave plantation is just just the right thing for you. But could you please not include anyone but yourself.

That the globalists wrap their efforts in all sorts of feel-good buzzwords and tear-jerking statements of intent underscored with violin music is something else. Please notice how one moment they make you feel guilty and ashamed and shake your pants in fear, and the next moment offer you forgiveness of sins if you just sign here. It is almost medieval Catholic. It’s called the stick-and-carrot method. It is also called governance system through political correctness.

We do not need globalism to regard people in other countries as fellow human beings, to trade freely with them and to freely exchange ideas and cultural experience.

We do not need whole parliaments with side buildings full of techno-bureaucrats telling us what to think and do and which side of the toilet paper to wipe ourselves with. Nor do we need their micromanagement of everything in our lives, their jungle of legislation, their all-is-forbidden unless permitted, and their paranoid-jealous father-and-mother state.



If we’re confused about the terminology, it’s because it’s the point. Globalism is not written as a headline every time the globalists drive their machine forward.

  • So it’s called the New Green Deal. In the United States, the neo-radicalized Democratic Party is advancing with their utopian party program, which, if ever introduced, would ruin and destroy the country. It is an extension of the climate agenda, which unfortunately for the globalists seems to be falling apart. One could be so daring as to think, that the agenda is not sustainable and that its green color is due to mold inside.
  • So it’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is where the globalists intend to digitize man down to the DNA level. This is where they, with a pandemic as a pretext will try to enforce a global compulsive vaccination whereby the biochemical nanotechnology slips indoors. Then they will be able to perform DNA therapy, as it is so beautifully called – Mod-E-RNA – on the peoples of the world. One of the leading figures of the globalists, Klaus Schwab also called Jabba the Hut says it directly: The 4th industrial revolution consists in a fusion of the physical, digital and biological identity of man.
  • So it’s called Agenda 21/2030. Two sinister Marxists, Maurice Strong and Gro Harlem Brundtland, stood as facilitators of this prospect for our future, where property is abolished, where we are taxed globally, where the UN becomes the new world government and UN troops the new global military / police, where water and food are rationed and censored via Codex Alimentarius, where people are crammed into metropolises, and where everything we do is a product of management.
  • So it’s called the UN’s 17 World Goals. It is a collection of touching and almost tear-jerking statements that should make us all feel guilty, ashamed and timid at the same time … AND give us a glorious feel-goodness over, we are also in favor of it. And who does not advocate peace on earth, no hunger and famine, healthy people, education for everyone, and so on … Who can disagree? But as with EVERYTHING the globalists put on the whiteboard, their fine plans are always about repairing and solving the very problems, that globalism itself has created.
  • So it’s called The Global Reset. People who have actually been there or had the opportunity to tap into meetings of the World Economic Forum, describe those present as belonging to the new spoiled ruling class, living in their own gilded reality cut off from people as accustomed to, that everything that comes out of their mouths becomes reality just because … it comes out of their mouths. These are people who have grown up in a sheltered environment on top of the world in the New Management cult fed with a silver spoon up their asses. One of the puppet boys of the globalists is such a type. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said just recently (November 2020) that he welcomed the pandemic as an opportunity, as it is called in business English, to carry out a reset of society. His statements have been put in the mouths of the heavier boys of the World Economic Forum. Trudeau himself is too brain dead to come up with those kinds of platitudes.
  • So it’s called the World Economic Forum. It’s a billionaire club with a crowd of hangouts. It’s the ultra-rich, the influential, the top of the bureau technocracy, the tech giants, the leaders of the syndicates and the cartels, the bankers + all the robotniks like Trudeau that they invite and pat-pat on the back, yes young man you’ll probably turn into something useful if you are persistent, you know … Switzerland is not randomly chosen as their headquarters, because here we also find BIS, Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks.

The list is almost endless.
So it’s called Build Back Better
So it’s called The Future We Want
So it’s called A World at Risk
So it’s called Public Private Partnership

It is never about creating a better world in the future. It is ALWAYS about cutting the future so that the gloomy past can repeat itself and strengthen itself and become a gloomy future on steroids. But you can’t sell that kind of shit to people. Such a toxic item needs square miles of gold paper with red bows and bling-bling to become sellable. It needs the media machine at full speed.

A particularly disgusting genre is the hostage script. They get various heads of state and business and culture pings to stand up, get on the screen and make them repeat the same phrase over and over again as on a piece of paper that hostages give to the captured hostages in front of a camera – with a pistol barrel right outside camera angle. You can always spot it with their body language.

In July 2020, the UN and the World Economic Forum entered into a strategic partnership – as they call it – of common understanding. Agenda 2030 went to hell, so the dying herring had to be in a respirator and get a boost. What should we call partnerships and mergers between something that sees itself as a global government and something that is a forum of interest for the largest corporations in the world? The most accurate name would be FASCISM. It’s not a name they like very much in either the UN or the WEF, but that’s exactly what they are: they are the fascists of our time. And they become no less fascist by wering expensive suits instead of straps and boots while stepping on the polished floors of their fine forums. Goons in saloons, jackals in jackets, tyrants in tuxedos.

When these organizations commit that kind of crimes, they do not ask people for permission. The states that the UN claims to represent, the nations they unite, have never been asked if they really want to go full fascism. That is the style of post-democracy. You do not ask the population, because then you would get a NO! You just do it over the head, and afterwards you kindly inform, albeit carelessly casually, that now you have done it by the way.

Interestingly, their vision for Dystopia is sold as the bliss of no longer owning anything. Because it’s our all-together property, isn’t it? They are selling the loss of ownership as the new blessing. And we are probably in no doubt that when they say ‘our common property all together’, then it is newspeak that it is now THEY who owns it all. So on behalf of all of us, we can well understand that. There must be someone that manages the community, because the community cannot work it out for itself. Like when Norway and the Norwegian state made billions on North Sea oil. They disappeared into a state fund that the Norwegians, who should have had a share in the profits, never saw again.

The interesting thing is that they have managed to sell one of the main points of the Communist Manifesto as politically correct. They admit it bluntly: Monopoly capitalism and communism ARE THE SAME!

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