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What’s going on?

There are many ways to view it. What’s going on? – is one of the questions, and this is where the view arrives.
What is the view angle, and what are we focusing on?

What are they doing? What are we involved in since we are part of what they are doing?
By the way, who are they? How long have they been doing something similar?

I always stop myself saying they and we. It’s not that simple. Can we talk about they and we anymore, or should we talk about it? Something is going on in something, and this something has an intention. Something has hired someone to do it. So what is it?

When I choose the they form, it is to more easily to describe it. They build a human being, human beings, a new humanity without a soul. The soul is in the way, it is too humanly specific, it is too invulnerable. Precisely for this reason it must be attacked, for it is a thorn in the flesh of someone and something.

When I say something, it is because the feeling of the inhuman in the project is becoming clear. Something non-human is envious of the human. Something or someone – the personalized something – sees man as a threat. And this something is not of human origin.

This is where we can adjust the angle further. For it is not only man who sees this something as a… shall we call it an enemy. It’s all living beings in this place. Since I know nothing about living beings other than this place, I can only have a presumption that it may also apply there. But it is especially man.

What’s the essence of this soul?

Is it specific to man to have a soul? The answer must be no. What is specific to man is that he has the ability and the will to organize himself and to reflect on his life in ways that make it unpredictable. Human beings always finds a new way to survive and organize. It is not natural for man to be subject, so he always finds a way out of submission. It is his will, his abilities, his ingenuity united in the concept of soul, that is problematic for this something that does not itself have a soul.

Traditionally, one would say that a soulless body is a dead person. But this something has found methods to reduce the presence of the soul, so that humans are able to walk around like soulless living dead. We all know the genre that is very popular as a thrill every now and then. The idea of the vampire, the zombie, the possessed. But it is found in entertainment because it exists as a deep anxiety in people to lose their soul, to lose themselves.

This something behaves like a parasite. It calculates like a parasite, it has the strategy of the parasite, it settles and eats like a parasite – a rather creepy thought, but a thought necessary to understand this something that has taken up residence among humans. It causes us to do something that, from our own interest, is deeply irrational, but which only serves the purpose of the parasite. It is known and understood in biology that parasites emit chemical substances to which the host animal reacts by feeling demands for the consumption of a certain food, for instance lots of sugar.

It is even modern

It’s a gross thought, and it’s getting worse. We’re talking about a macro-parasite that feeds itself on the low-frequency energy that humans produce when they are anxious. In war zones, enormous amounts of this lushe energy are released. Torture releases this energy. Children who die of extreme suffering produce a high amount of the energy. There is a reason why there is a worldwide and deeply organized trade in children and certain substances from blood extracted from children killed in that way. It even has a name: adrenachrome. Unfortunately, there is also a market for it especially in elitist circles where this flirtation with satanic practices is in vogue.

The macro parasite primarily penetrates the ruling segment of this world. The cause is the cause of the operating system. This is how an operating system works. The leaders of this world find themselves in positions where they can implement the best conditions for the release of human energy to themselves. War would not arise on that scale and in that way if it was not launched from above. The propaganda trick is to educate people that the enemy is coming from outside and that war is now inevitable. The attack rarely comes from the outside, it comes from within and from behind, while our gaze only captures what it comes from the front.

War, genocide, famine, suffering, waves of anxiety and hatred, artificial pandemics – you know what I’m talking about – are all staged to release and absorb the human life energy. And the ruling system that maintains this, is the ones that are primarily attacked by the parasite, of this something that penetrated to make humanity an energy source.

The soul is disgusted

If you go to a human and ask: Are you aware that you are just a host animal for x number of parasites that live in your body – and we are talking here about completely ordinary parasites – then we immediately see both disgust and disbelief in their gaze. Do you think that… I do not believe in… or rather, it does not sound nice. And the little led tick that we can pick up when we go for a walk in the grass or through the forest, is in fact the most manageable of these parasites, because you can see and feel it, and then you can just remove it. That the Danes call it ‘the most dangerous animal in the country’ is just an expression of how little dangerous it is to move around in nature i Denmark.

Let’s just dwell a little on the picture, because it’s instructive. The following passage was found on – a Danish site for alternative health:

Parasites are organisms that feed on their host (you). They live in our bodies by eating our energy and cells and the food we eat – and they cause damage to our cells. Moreover, the waste products that these uninvited guests produce are a major ordeal for our immune system, as the attacks can range from mild to life-threatening. Medical studies estimate that 85% of the US population has at least one type of parasite in their body – and many believe that the number is actually as high as around 95%.

Waste substances they write. A less technical way to put it would be to say:
They shit and piss inside your body. Furthermore, it says:

Especially in the United States, people often ask, “How can this be a problem in this clean, well-fed, high-tech country – parasites are only a serious health hazard in the third world?” That’s pretty much as wrong as it can be. The researchers have identified over 300 types of parasites that are found in the American population, including baby worms, tapeworms, hookworms, ringworms, whipworms, roundworms, heartworms and Giradia lamblia.

We are talking about parasites that live under the skin and in the internal organs. There are cures for that. A natural medicine cure uses, for example, Chinese wormwood, black walnut and cloves as ingredients. I think the recipe comes from Hulda Clark. Horseradish should also be fine So there are means to get rid of the critters.

We are still in the sub-topic. Candida Albigans is mostly categorized as a fungus, but it is also a parasitic organism. Fungi in nature are actually the link between plant life and animal life. Italian cancer researcher (onkologist) and doctor Tullio Simoncini believes, that this is the very cause of cancer, but that medical science has been forced to maneuver around the subject under pressure from the pharmaceutical industry. Especially because he cured cancer patients with a banal simple remedy: sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda. The candida thrives in an acidified environment, ie with a lowered pH value in the body. By isolating the tumor and giving it injections of this harmless and alkaline agent, it disappeared. The fungus became unwelcome in the body. Simoncini explains this by saying that the tumor is not the cancer itself, which is the body’s defense against cancer. The healthy cells form a wall against what he discovered was always ‘something white’, ie the candida fungus. The Italian National Board of Health threw Dr. Simoncini 5 years in prison for saying and doing. One must not claim and then not at all demonstrate that cancer can be cured, because then the whole legitimacy of the cancer industry fades away, which is a HUGE enterprise worldwide.

Cultural cancer

Do we go out of a string here, and do we take the picture with the parasite – and we can also call it the fungus or the cancer – too literally? NO, the parallel is too striking for us to get around. The macro parasite, the global culture cancer, has great similarities with the biological cancer. Cancer not only has a physical side, it also has a mental one. It occurs especially when the body’s energy field is disturbed by a trauma. The German doctor dr. Hamer created a holistic system, which is called New German Medicine based on that philosophy. Like Simoncini but in a slightly different way Dr. Hammer describes cancer as the body defending itself and already in the process of healing itself. We all go around with cancer cells in the body all the time, and the bodys magnificent immune system handles them. But when we are weakened through a trauma, the immune system slows down the defence or has too much to look at.

This is where the parallel is to be found. Right now we are seeing the cultural cancer in inflated function. Someone has on behalf of the culture parasite somewhat turned up the global stress. Our society has become culturally-socially-politically ill and our mental state is under attack. Healthy cells in a healthy body would not be susceptible to disease, and humans under healthy living conditions would never accept that a stack of parasites coup and destroyed their living conditions as we see right now. But because the healthy living conditions have slowly been sucked away, we are now culturally infested.

Here it would be appropriate to ask: Is there a parasite cure for this?

It’s just not that easy to deal with, because there is no quick fix whereby the beesties run away screaming. It’s hard to make a von Münchhausen and pull yourself and your horse up with your hair when stuck in the swamp. We are all infested, even we who know we are infested. Most people do not know it, just as the cancer patient is not aware of it until it is in full swing. We feel a tiredness, we sense that something is wrong, because the vitality is not at its peak, but we have a hard time putting a finger on, what the cause is.

Cultural cancer eats away at the sou of the collective and the indivitual human being making us inhuman like the cancer itself. And it will continue to eat until there is no more left. The more that is eaten, the less is left to feel what is happening. The organism accepts to have been taken over by a foreign organism and has given up the initiative. It lives on, but it is no longer the one that lives. One day, the parasite shakes off its extracted shell and finds a new host organism.

Is a cure possible?

Am I too macabre? The subject IS macabre, the reality is highly unpleasant.
But the cure then, does it not exist?

It exists to a very high degree. That is not the question. The question is whether we choose it. And even before that, it’s a question of whether we’re discovering that it exists and that it’s actually a choice. We can be sure of one thing: If we do not make the choice, someone will do it for us.

The cure is multi-stranded. As in Dr. Hamers treatment of cancer in the form of an identification of the trauma and treatment of this, then we as humanity right now need to identify our trauma, the cause of our weakening.

We need to understand how civilization has been and is infested with a parasite.

We need to see and understand how institutions locally, nationally and globally now serves purposes other than those, for which they were created.

We need to see ourselves in a different light than the one, we have had smeared down over our heads and stuffed deep down our throats. We are not created in evil, we are not to blame for the misery of this world. We have been persuaded to participate, because we have bought something under a false brand name, but that is not the same.

We need to look back at our history and revise the version that has been repeated to the point of nausea. Nothing was quite as they described it, there are significant omissions and distortions. There are simply too many lies in circulation.

The parasites desperately need us to see ourselves as weak and their representatives as omnipotent. They need our anxiety. That change in attitude away from worshipping them as omnipontent alone would make a huge difference. But the anxiety is deep, so it is not a flick of the fingers. As the saying goes: The power of habit is great. It is an ingrained habit for us as humans to be fearful. Power-hungry ruler types have always known that. And their court snakes have known what to whisper in their ears: You just have to do this and that, and you will have no problems. Then they will hang on the trees like aspen leaves in the wind.

False legitimacy

We must understand one thing. The rulers, the henchmen of the parasite, are deeply insecure individuals. Their conscience, which is in the back of their minds, has shrunk to a sun-dried green pea along the way, telling them that they have no legitimacy, that they are unforgivable criminals, and that in the worst case they risk hanging from the branch of a tree with a rope about the neck tomorrow – if they do not approach it the right-wrong way. Psychopaths, which most of them are, have in principle no conscience, for they are fully convinced that they have legitimacy. They always send test balloons up to see if people jump onto it. Is it necessary to say that they always guard themselves with every opportunity to deny their outrage?

These individuals – and there are estimated 10.000 of them compared to the 7 billion humans on Earth – arrange their own legitimacy. They never ask nicely for law, they weave themselves into all sorts of flowery euphemisms mixed in with different scare scenarios in order to enforce legitimacy. They steal it a little at a time, and each time they tilt their heads and note with a scornful laugh that the fools did not resist this time either. So on they go, there is no end to their abuse.

When resistance occasionally arises, and it does happen, they are seized by a moment of panic. Will this be the time they are revealed? Is it a serious resistance rooted in a sufficient number of victims with a sufficient recognition of the extent of the crime? Next, they may withdraw a little to return later. Or they strike hard right away and if possible, take the lives of the opponents to the extent and number they deem necessary. Preferably with heads on poles for public viewing and statue example. Human life is something they simply regard as a resource or a necessary evil. If it were not for the fact that they needed humanity as their host animal, they would have taken the lives of all of us without blinking an eye.


Mankind has now been hovering under their latest test balloon, the staged pandemic, for nearly two years. According to reliable sources it will be five years in total. We participate in their rat experiments. For every day that has passed, for every new draconian-destructive political initiative, they have tilted their heads and found that the fools also ate THAT. They perceive it as permission-by-accept to go on and on. If a potential serial killer is not discovered the first time, he or she will take it as a form of acceptance of and a sign that it can be done. But the little uncertainty always lurks, so next time the perpetrator goes a little further. He makes small test balloons, leaving small cryptic signs. Something in the darkened mind of the type wants to be revealed. Psychopaths are highly intelligent and psychologically highly competent beings, and they read other people’s weaknesses in a split second. It is said that when there are two psychopaths in the same room, they have spotted each other out in an instant. It takes one to know one.

Part of a cultural parasite cure will therefore be to train ourselves to spot psychopaths. Here, statistics and probability calculation can help us along the way, for psychopaths are like corks that always rise to the top in systems and institutions where power is exercised. We currently have several members in the Danish government with ministerial posts that correspond to the description. Their statements, their appearance, their actions, and their body language-facial expressions reveal it. Here, of course, one must be careful. Psychopaths are beings, where it went wrong already within their first two years of life. They are traumatized and have sustained a serious brain injury. Very few are born with such. The cultural psychopaths or sociopaths themselves have a share in the game. It is learned and they have been willing or forced to learn. They have taught themselves to cling to power in order to partake of it. This is where the greatest uncertainty is traced. They are the ones with the shrunken but not yet completely obliterated conscience like a withered green pea in the back of their heads.

Man without soul is also man without conscience. Real psychopaths do not have the inner voice, for they have no contact with their inner self, their higher self. Because THEY do not have a soul but are merely murderous mental machines, it will be a constant challenge to them that people insist that they are souls. It’s a deep insult. The transhumanist project is a direct expression of this psychopathic longing to annihilate the soul of man.


How do we know the lie from the truth?
It is an important part of the parasite cure?

The truth is intuitive and sustainable. The lie requires constant maintenance and repetition to exist, otherwise it falls to the ground with an embarrassing sound. Again, the example of the fake pandemic is striking. One only had to open up for one of the globalist propaganda outbursts in the media, then it took somewhere between 10 seconds and two minutes before a new version of the same story arrived, where both the new version as well as all previous versions and subchapters in the media-borne fiction were lies from end to end.

The lie has to be thoroughly organized to make its way through. In Denmark, a so-called partnership was quickly organized to carry out the operation. It happened so fast that it’s hard NOT to get the idea, that it was already in the drawer before. There was also a member of the Danish government present at the simulation exercise in New York (Event 201) where they months before the outbrake practiced shutting down the world community in case of a new epidemic / pandemic – stick here: A new coronavirus! So they knew it all beforehand.

National Communications Partnership is the Danish authorities’ joint information effort under COVID-19. The partnership consists of: the Ministry of Health, the National Board of Health, the Danish Agency for Patient Safety, the Statens Serum Institut, the Danish Medicines Agency, the Ministry of Justice, the National Police, the Ministry of Business, the Danish Business Authority, the Danish Agency for Security, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other ministries and authorities participate in the partnership as needed, just as the partnership collaborates with other public actors such as municipalities and regions and others.

It is hardly conceivable, that the participants in this partnership for organized fraud themselves have been aware of what they actually contributed to and from where the whole operation was launched. They may have heard of the World Economic Forum, they may well have known that the WHO has at times seemed a bit woolly, some may also have wondered about the strange sale of the Danish State Serum Institute for a piece of candy to a Saudi Arabian prince, but they have not added 2+2 together. However, there have undoubtedly been some ‘facilitators’ in the partnership who have known it all. The construction helps to explain the massiveness and repetitiveness of the propaganda that the media ran in parallel. Incidentally, it was one of the things that was practiced during the simulation in New York: How to control how the media behave in a total (iterative) way. Learned from experience from the more or less flopped mega-campaign on man-made global warming – pay-pay-pay !! Had one gained some experience. This is similar to the experiences that led to the embedding (encapsulation) of journalists and the media in connection with the American invasion of Iraq – a war that, as you know, was also based on a big fricking lie.

Like the Iraq war, the fake pandemic operation is a military operation, hence these military propaganda strategies. The war is won primarily in the media. It’s called asymmetric warfare or 4GW, fourth generation warfare.

If you want to know a lie, keep an eye on the manic repetition of topics. As my sweet cousines said when I was eight years old: You have to know your lice on the trot. A piece of peasant humor that people do not understand today, for what did the ladies mean by that? It’s actually related to the subject. After all, a lice is a crawling parasite, a minivamp that sucks blood on you and your dog. You know, it’s there when it’s rocking the scalp. By the way, did you know that men do not get lice, it is children and women they jump on? I can already hear a howling chorus of feminists in the background demanding parasitic-political gender quotas.

You can know the lie on its performance, its trot from there. Again and again it gets blown out. It needs power amplifiers to go into the air. The truth rests in itself as long as people rest and dwell in it. The truth is patient and forgiving. As the saying goes: it always comes last. Liars do not count on ‘eventually’, they reckon that everyone is probably dead and gone by that time, and then they have lied through a lifetime

The parasite cure: Get a handle on the truth – insist on the truth!
The parasites hate the truth and will do EVERYTHING to contaminate it.
The parasites fear the truth because they know it will one day put an end to their project.

But greatest of all …

There is one thing – which is not a thing – that parasites fear and hate more than truth.

It’s love. Love is a high-frequency energy that we hardly do justice to in short terms – justice = another despised concept among parasites.

If, after all, we are to express it in short terms, then love is the universal cohesive force. As stated in 1 Corinthians chapter 13 of the New Testament – knowing that Paul / Josephus was a Roman scammer (read: The King that Disappeared) – then it is hardly expressed more beautifully than here:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 
It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

If anything pisses the parasites off, it is the thought and feeling expressed here.

Love is one of the three universal attributes of God = the ultimate piss-off for the parasites. We find it in both Christian and Vedic cosmology. In Vedic thought, these properties or attributes / aspects are called Sat-Chit-Ananda. Sat is Being, Chit is Knowledge / Wisdom and Ananda is Love. In other words, love is one of the attributes of the Supreme Being, the ultimate cohesive force of the divine. In Christian cosmology it is called the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Why is love so offensive to parasites?

Love = cohesive force is a threat to fragmentation.
Only a divided humanity is harmless to a parasitic agenda.
Splitting and hatred are the ingredients of the Empire’s part-and-rule strategy against its subjects.
A divided people is a weak people. A strong Empire is built on the weakening of the peoples.
Love as a principle between man and woman, between children and parents, between inhabitants of a nation and between people in general meaning solidarity and understanding between people.

The Empire knows, that this solidarity will never include the enforcers of the Empire.
Why not?

Because the Empire has betrayed its people, its inhabitants, its citizens.
Because the Empire has identified with and shown solidarity with the Parasite and not its inhabitants.
Because the Empire invented both socialism and fascism as its system of government in the East and the West.
Because the Empire is responsible for the conduct of all genocides and wars in the history of mankind.
The Empire only recognizes the false love that goes in the direction of the Empire.
The Empire wants to replace all love with worship… of itself.

Hmm, you think so. Is that their real problem?
They have never been loved, they have grown up without love?
They themselves were abused – and it is no secret how certain ultra-rich and powerful treat their own children and raise them as sociopaths.
They have placed worship of themselves as a substitute for being loved.
They have stolen love or bought themselves into it for a while.
They have forgotten what was in the lyrics to the pop song: Can’t buy me love…
Or they have overlooked that it was wrong for them too.


We can feel it, right? The ball is already up. It does not stop with love.
The next question is necessarily:
Why are they currently so passionate about people who believe in God?
Why is this the biggest challenge to their project and what they stand for and are doing?

We are not just talking about God in the biblical sense. We are talking about the very idea and realization of – and we have already been there – that man has a higher self, a soul, and that this soul rests in an Oversoul, a universal consciousness, which we in our culture have traditionally has called God .

The parasites get red buds and scabies at once from this thought. It itches all over. They just cannot have it. I think we as humanity have a secret weapon here. For example, go straight to one of these gentlemen’s nihilists who have wind in their sails at the moment and present Mr. and Mrs. High ass for the idea of God. Then you have to watch them get uncomfortable.

It takes courage to do that. We must not be naive either, because it has been tried by gullible Christians. Nihilists themselves have an arsenal of insults and sarcasm that they are more than willing to use. We must not underestimate the enemy, for that is what they are: the real enemies of humanity.

The crisis of humanity is neither political, economic, environmental nor anything of that key. The crisis of mankind is spiritual. You can also call it the great moral / ethical dilemma. We have lost our spirituality – or if you prefer it: our spiritual foothold. And yes, our spiritual heritage is also polluted, because the parasites have taken care of that. But we need both the bath water and then the baby. Possibly we need to give certain types who operate within this genre a solid kick in the ass. As the historian David Livingstone – who is also a Muslim – says: One should not underestimate the extent of hypocrisy within religious institutions.

There is a reason why the religious institutions have also been exposed to a parasitic infection. There is an enormous power, perhaps the greatest imaginable, in mastering souls through symbolism and incantations. The white magic is also the black magic. The Church as an institution possesses an ancient and powerful knowledge of what man is. They know it well – that is, those who know it – and they are not open about it. There is what they say, and then there is what they know. So for example, you can not get library cards for the Vatican Library and all the books and scrolls they stole from the ancient libraries around the Mediterranean that the Romans burned down – after, of course, looting them for content. Alexandria is just the most famous example.

It’s not about the sheep having to return to the fold. They are already, for they have long since ended up in another fold that is far worse than the first. The clergy of our time and the ‘faith’ they offer falls sweet and is poisonous as hell. It is about the fact, that the attack on man with a soul demands a counterattack and a defense. This IS a war, and the attack from the incarnate evil and psychopathic inhumanity. This something we have been talking about is a demonic force that is extremely active right now. The ancients chose to give it names, just as they chose to give name to the highest principle of being. You can choose to call it the satanic contradiction principle. As in Freemasonry, you can call it Luciferian. Like Steiner, you can also choose to use a Persian term, Ahriman. You can also choose not to, if you do not want the ballast that hangs from the religious cultural circles.

If we need names to identify, then we do.
The most important thing is to identify.
If we do not know our enemy, we have lost in advance.

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