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The war noone understands

The Korean War. What do people know about it? Pretty much nothing. Ask yourself or do a quick survey. Not much will come of it other than acusations about North Korea becoming communist and then the Americans having to go to war to defend the freedom of the poor South Koreans. And it is still like that today, where North Korea have an evil dictatorship that constantly threatens the whole world and especially the freedom-loving Americans with nuclear war. Well, and then we were – of course – on the side of the good guys then, and Denmark sent a whole ship out there with nurses, and we are so proud about it.

Seriously! It is somehow the answer you get if you ask 9,999/10,000 in the Western world. But we will now try to dig a little deeper into the War, no one knows what it was about. It has an unpleasant but highly informative story to tell about our own time, and we cannot avoid going off various side tracks along the way to understand the parallels.

Why should we care?

First of all, and let’s get this straight from the start, WHY is it even necessary to understand anything about the War, of which no one has any idea what it was about? The answer is directly derived from the wording of the question. When we don’t know what something was about then, we don’t know what the same thing is about when we see it arrive again. Incredibly simple, totally obvious, how hard can it be!? It is obviously so incredibly difficult for most people to understand. I keep hearing the same stupidities, clichés and US-propagandist neo-Cold War platitudes about North Korea. North Korea is a cartoon country with a cartoon president, which of course begets cartoonish speech bubbles from all the nitwits who mistake a little quick character assassination wearing the buttery grin for a statement on politics. It’s obvious, they are served on a silver platter in soundbites in all the media. No one, NO ONE bothers to ask themselves why hmm-hmm-oh-gosh-golly it might be that the North Koreans hate Americans. THEREFORE! It’s because of the way, they were treated.

The war, which cost the lives of 4 million Koreans and 35,000 Americans, has been left for posterity as a special bracket between the ‘good’ war (WW2) and the bad, well not so good and definitely not successful war (Vietnam). Good/bad also are also phrases in the genre of PR. Because this is how Americans understand the world: as the good and the bad. They have no sense that their own government and the way their country has acted outwardly can be anything other than the righteous struggle for good as it was established via two world wars and its dualistic black and white narrative. These strangely brainwashed people suffer from a kind of national bipolar mental illness, well in reality the kind of racism they inherited from the British Empire’s view of the world, internally as well as externally. The English had their class society and their view of themselves as the masters of the world (which they then later projected onto the Nazis, the great dustbin term for all the Allies’ pig tricks, so noone would look in their direction), after which there were only the good and the bad guys back. And the good guys were cartoonishly good, while the bad guys were the exact opposite.

Before we go further here, let’s backtrack a bit. Because the US aggression on Korea was not the first time in history, this took place

USS General Sherman on fire

The whole mega-mess about the aggressive USA starts after the Civil War. In 1866, just months after the war between the North and the South – which is, by the way, the aggression of the North towards the South contrary to mainstream history – an American ship named the USS General Sherman attacked Korea, firing on civilians and taking other civilians as hostages. Eventually the ship was surrounded and locked in at the Kay Dong River and the entire crew killed. In 1871, the Americans returned and invaded Korea with 100 ships. They stormed the castle, removed the king and forced Korea into protectorate status, i.e. a colony. No one knows about the story today because the authorities and historians have concealed it.

The reason was due to railway lines. They wanted to build a line that connected Tokyo with Korea, Manchuria and on with the Trans-Siberian line to Moscow and on to Europe. In addition, they wanted to create a line up to the Bering Strait and build a bridge to Alaska and down through Canada to the USA. It would therefore be the new American Silk Route, where they could control world trade. It was, of course, with the railway project in mind. Durham White Stephens was deployed as the Korean king’s Grima Wormtongue and became known as ‘the White Korean Dictator’.

In 1908, The Righteous Army Rebellion arose in Korea consisting of early Korean soldiers trained by the Japanese. They shot their way out of Seoul until they were stopped by the Japanese. Durham Stephens stated in an interview that the Koreans would suffer the same fate as the Filipinos, i.e. mass extermination, a grand scale massacre! Shortly thereafter, Stephens was assassinated in San Francisco by two Korean snipers. The tactic was guns hidden in bandages. Both men were imprisoned, but one escaped the same year, and the other was later released and returned to Korea, where he was celebrated as a folk hero.

Korean war – again

The Korean War was something about communism – which they did not understand – in relation to democracy – which they themselves did not have, although they boasted about it. We know that immediately after the end of the Second World War, meetings were held in the elitist think tanks about how the United States should henceforth legitimize its military presence everywhere in the world. It would look a little too bad if they just came rolling in for no reason other than to force ‘the American Way’ on them and to steal all their ressources. Now Europe had been hammered into place through two world wars and had been able to transform it in the image of the United States. This is already where people’s understanding of the world goes wrong, because we were told, they only came to help us. As with the Korean War, Americans to this day do not know what they were doing in Europe in WW1. They were just there.

Americans are very little geared for retrospective self-examination. Too much engraving in the story is considered burdensome. They are a people who, historically speaking, quite recently allowed themselves to be uprooted from their historical roots and transplanted into a completely new world. Rootlessness and lack of history form the background to one extent or another for the self-perception and worldview of all Americans. As a people, they are one of the great experiments of our time (communism was the other), showing something about what can be done with the mass of people via social engineering. Their path towards totalitarianism has been different and later than that of communism and fascism, but the goal has always been the same. Not for the new americans themselves, that came over on ships. Their goal was getting rid of the poverty and hard times and awfully bad governments, they came from. But the goal of The Crown, the British colonialists that followed in their footsteps to bring them back to the Empire. And not for the settlers, that saw this coming and were willing to die for their independence, but the oligarcs, the bankers, the imperialists they were fleeing from to get a better life. Today we see the bitter fruits of that project. USA became the militant arm of the British Empire, the gorilla-bully ordered to do the dirty job. To the extent that US has succeeded in exporting its (lack of) history and rootlessness via its cultural imperialism, we are all reaping those bitter fruits today.

The ship Jutlandia that the popsinger Kim Larsen wrote a song about. Since then, Denmark has constantly acted like a dog in the heels of the Americans as the clean-up team, the peacekeeping, humanitarian service providers wrapped up in their naive sense for the good course.

After WW2, the think tanks, the committees, the counsils for power sat down and agreed on a subsequent strategy. It is here that we see the formation of the various instruments of American supremacy. The UN was the Allies’ tool for a kind of world government in the making. The IMF and the WTO were instruments of American domination of the world economy, financial imperialism. NATO was the extension of the American occupation of Europe. The strategy was that all wars, occupations and interventions had to be justified with America as the champion of freedom bringing democracy to the world. Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect were not invented by Hillary Clinton and her neocons – it was just refrased, since it was already in place in 1946.

It is in this dualistic-bipolar concept that we must understand how in the 50s it was possible to justify the destruction of an Asian country. Then-Secretary of State John Foster Dulles called it ‘the necessity of a Christian war’. It was CIA-style crusade rhetoric. America’s manifest destiny was to carry on the White Man’s Burden of the British, and the main enemies were proclaimed to be Communism and Nationalism.

Interesting couple as an enemy image, since communism had been initiated by the British and the Americans to destroy primarily one nation: Russia. Communism was international in its concept and therefore itself designed to destroy nationalism. Also interesting that nationalism was seen as hostile to the project. No distinction was ever made between nationalism as chauvinism/jingoism, an aggressive nation’s ambitions for Empire, and nationalism as a country’s protection of itself against exactly such aggressions. The will to nation was loudly proclaimed as something evil. That is, apart from American patriotism, but that was not contradictory to the bipolar American no-brainer. We also find the concept in the word protectionism. Economic self-protection was redefined as evil. So, the problem with nation was and is, if we are to translate it into intelligibility, that it is tantamount to national stoppers for the great predatory capitalist free bar and eat-all-you-can-for-free. We find the concept again in the newspeak word free trade, the globalist concept of freedom to exploit and freedom from responsibility.

Nationalism is basically anti-colonialism. It was nationalists who threw the English out of the Crown Jewel of the Empire, India. All those bleeding heart politically correct leftists who run on nationalism as the root of evil have just forgotten that one of their heroes, Gandhi, was a nationalist. Well, they might say, but he was a pacifist! Bullshit, he was a non-violent political activist and nationalist. India’s secession from the British Empire was a 100% nationalist project. Take it!

Make no mistake about the dove on the Indian flag. It does not stand for sloppiness. The Indians chose a different way to dismantle colonialism than the North Koreans. Reason: an immense amount of differences in culture and historical position. Gandhi’s demonstration of what civil disobedience can accomplish is nonetheless worth study. Could the North Koreans have chosen it? Hardly, due to their influence from the two communist superpowers of the time. A better question is: could they get anything out of it today?

The great oblivion

A worldview that can lead to a Korean War can only be born through oblivion. America was born in oblivion of the immigrants’ past as paupers in early industrial Europe, followed by an oblivion of the great genocide against tomahawk-wielding natives, followed by slavery, and finally followed by a profound oblivion of why the world had to undergo two world wars . A similar oblivion was projected onto the Germans, who, via the great guilt complex, learned to forget how Germany had originally been set up by the British and by the ‘laying on of hands’ was smeared with guilt, shame and debt for all the glory. Americans learned oblivion by being uprooted and transplanted. The Germans learned oblivion via traumatization. The Russians had to learn oblivion via communism. The problem for both the communists and the West-oligarcs was, that the great agrarian and deeply traditional Russia never really forgot, but hid their thoughts, feelings and knowledge. They went into hibernation and waited for communism to pass. And when it was over, they discovered that the same parasites as in 1917 had arrived once again, after which they hired a president who said NIET!!

There is deep racism behind both the Korean War and later the Vietnam War. There was already deep racism behind the British attack on China 100 years earlier (1839-42 and 1856-60) in the Opium Wars. And in the American massacres of the inhabitants of the Philippine Islands1905. Speaking of forgetting, these pig tricks were never forgotten, and President Duterte then had the decency to remind President Obama of it a few years ago, which he didn’t really care about talk about. Americans have never been able to tell the difference between East Asians, to them they were all woks and gooks, slanted-eyed rice-munchers, subhumans, if human at all.

An American journalist, I.F. Stone wrote a book two years into the Korean War (1952) Hidden History of the Korean War. Here he reveals a strange and backward use of language, to say the least. The war was essentially the creation of one man and a spin doctor named William Manchester, nicknamed The American Caesar. He uses terms like the threat of peace, peace alarms, anti-peace offensive. Stone describes how the American warlords’ worst nightmare was that peace would break out!

It is precisely this kind of rhetoric embedded in headlines,
that forms the preparation for a WILLED war.

The parallel to today is astonishing, striking. Peaceful rapprochement is currently happening between South Korea and North Korea, and the US is doing EVERYTHING to prevent it, including speaking outright that nuclear war should be considered a real possibility! Their worst nightmare today is that the conflict must find a solution, just like in the parallel case of North and South Vietnam. They saw with bitter contempt, that the Vietnamese not only kicked them out of their countries, but then afterwards – how dare they?! – reunite the unnatural and un-cultural divide of a nation.

For half a century, North Korea has been the USA’s very pretext for military presence in the area, and the media stereotype that North Korea has conveniently represented has been absolutely indispensable for the divide-and-conquer conflict maker USA. South Korea has been a functionally occupied country with 50,000 American soldiers in the country and a domestic and foreign policy dictated by the United States. North Korea is portrayed as a war-crazed nuclear threat, but the fact is that there are 2,000 American warheads pointed at them and that the country is like a large prison, a kind of Gaza Strip in the form of an entire country in East Asia. Recently, an attempt has been made to kill them by preventing their neighbors from selling fish to them. They are like a stubborn medieval castle under siege. No North Korean wants to live like that or under their parody of a regime, but they AND the regime have been forced into it as a defense against US aggression. They became communist nationalists to survive.

In order to maintain the propaganda during the Korean War, General MacArthur’s commanders had to portray American achievements completely out of proportion to reality. According to them, the brave Americans wiped out 4600 men a day, i.e. a whole division in the no man’s land south of Seoul, which would correspond to the climax at Stalingrad in WW2. It was written in the American press that the American soldiers are confronting ‘endless hordes of Asians’ – note again the Darwinist-racist language that dehumanises the enemy and justifies the carnage. It is so propagandistically false that even the British media (Daily Mirror) have to write articles with titles like Goodnight Stories from Korea. Journalist Stone shows how MacArthur lived up to his reputation for being able to put on a good show. In the same way that the Americans created a good media show with the invasion of Grenada in 1983 and the start of the ongoing Gulf Wars starting in 1991.

So what were the Americans really out to do at that time in Southeast Asia? To no one’s surprise, we rediscover the three perverse P’s: Power-Plunder-Profit. The old colonial powers in Europe were bankrupt after two world wars. England had lost its Empire, the French, Spanish and Dutch were exhausted, the Germans were completely finished. And Japan, which had started the pan-Asian movement as a counterpoint to British imperialism – see The Secret History of East Asia – and the rest of the world – was down with the flag. By the way, where did the Japanese have their secret production facilities during WW2? In HungNam (Konan) in Korea. The main part of the Japanese army was intact on the Korean Peninsula right up to the actual formal end of World War II in 1953. So the Korean War is also about the world being told that the Japanese had surrendered and that the war had been won. The reality was different. And where was the surviving part of Stalin’s army stopped (pensioners on horseback, because the others were dead on the western front against the Germans)? They were stopped in the place where the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea is today. And how were they stopped? With nuclear weapons! – yes, you read that right. The Japanese had nuclear weapons, which they had obtained from the Germans, and yes again, the Germans already had the nuclear bomb before the Americans. Not the Big Boy type, but smaller nukes, yet powerful enough to stop Stalin’s army. Not exactly part of the official historiography, is it!. Cf. the military historian Douglas Dietrich, who may have been the last to hold the physical documents in hand before he, as military librarian at the Presidio Military Base, was assigned to destroy them.

Mass destruction – the Anglo-American style

So, the Americans’ post-WW2 foray into Southeast Asia was intended to pick up lost loot and dependencies from the abdicated European colonial powers. At the end of the war, Winston Churchill already had in mind prolonging the war in East Asia – as the British had deliberately prolonged World War I by bringing the Americans into the war with the help of the Zionists, as they had done in World War I (cf. Chaim Weitzmann’s correspondence with Churchill). And – by the way – WW1 was effectively won by The Army Flue, the Spanish disease developed in chemical laboratories in the United States and implanted in Europe via a division transferred to Spain, which together in all its ramifications killed 100 million people in World. Leaders in every country in Europe knew this fact, today, like so much else, it has passed into the great oblivion. But Churchill was not allowed to run that race, because the English were sick of his wars and fired him as Prime Minister.

Again a particularly unpleasant parallel to the present. Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, who first revealed how American planes with diplomatic immunity were transporting weapons to the terrorists in and around Syria, has also unraveled a network of private companies on contracts for the Pentagon that have set up illegal research and manufacturing facilities with diplomatic immunity in more than 25 countries surrounding Russia, where biochemical weapons of mass destruction are being developed specially tailored for the local populations. Today we know, that a lot of them were set up i Ukraine. We know that the same thing happened in West Africa when the Ebola epidemic broke out. These outbreaks, of which i.a. has been one in Ukraine, always occurs near these classified facilities paid for by US taxpayers, without their knowledge and under the name of ‘defense’. How can the development of chemical-biological weapons of mass destruction be defense? It is grotesque, to say the least, that the country that is galloping about weapons of mass destruction here and there is the world’s largest and almost ONLY developer, producer and user of this shit! The Western media is absolutely silent about writing about this kind of thing, and the Bulgarian journalist was fired from his newspaper for doing so.

Journalist Stone’s book from 1952 describes the total destruction of Korea north of the 38th parallel. Not just some, but ALL cities were bombed to the ground. Military targets didn’t matter, it was the population itself that had to be hit, just as it was the German civilian population that was the prime target of British incendiary bombing in WW2 – as Churchill put it without blinking: This is not a war against Nazi Germany, this is a war against the German people themselves! It was meant to bomb the entire northern part of the Korean Peninsula with cluster bombs and napalm and biological warfare already in use at the time, and it wasn’t until 10 years later during the Vietnam War that it dawned on the American people that it was kind of filth that their military used to throw at people out there in Outskirt’istan. It was possibly due to the popularization of the TV medium, because it was the images that made the difference. Everyone remembers the pictures from the My Lay massacre. We must not forget to say that the United States effectively lost both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, because the population did not surrender, despite the devastation. We should note in the same breath that they repeated the failure in Afghanistan, just as they repeated it in Syria. And that the failure is now done i Ukraine. And Libya, which was proclaimed a success for the vandals, the destruction of the wealthiest and best functioning country i Africa, where people had the highest living standard – but their leader did not lick the boots of the Western oligarks.

The USA was therefore on a regular plundering spree in East Asia, a low-brow, blunt and criminal purpose disguised and wrapped as humanitarian charity and defense of the most sacred democracy. Like the British before them, they had the prospect of mega-profits alone with the opium trade, which from 1949 was controlled by the CIA from Shanghai. Later during the Vietnam War, the CIA’s American Airlines flew every day tons of opium from the Golden Triangle, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and heroin on to Europe and the United States. Later they did the same in the Golden Mountains in Afghanistan. In South and Central America they did it with cocaine – just ask Bill Clinton. Also ask him about another recent ‘forgotten’ war, Kosovo, the landing ground for the heroin from Afghanistan, and the largest US military installation in Europe.

The war against Peace

The Korean War also served as the confirmation of the military-industrial complex, the disproportionately overgrown and now engulfed giant baby that was the product of WW2, and which needed to be addressed. The war against communism was a fake war, just like the entire Cold War was a fake war. We can say that with the utmost certainty, for the sole reason that Communism is a British American invention financed by Wall Street in the form of the Russian Revolution. Likewise, Mao Tze Dong and the Chinese Revolution were a fully premeditated operation by the global financial elite. Mao was a Yale scholar. David Rockefeller praises Maoism to the skies. The Nanking Massacre smeared on the Japanese was a CIA-Maoist operation carried out by terrorists disguised as Japanese – while negotiating peace on a ship. The warmongerers were ‘afraid that the peace would break out’.

For a long time, the United States had difficulty hiding the fact that there was a constant element of racism built into its wars. When Muhammad Ali refused to be drafted as a soldier in the Vietnam War, it was on the grounds that his enemies were not dark-skinned Vietcongs, but light-skinned warmongers in his own country. The Russian philosopher Alexandr Dugin describes one of the main features of neo-liberalism as precisely racism. The warmongers lost a lot on the home front by not being able to hide that they were waging war in the world against a lot of people of different skin color. Under Truman, apartheid was still not abolished in the United States. Today, the privatized prison industry in the United States is overpopulated with blacks who do free slave labor for the system.

The latest trend is now that the power elite – in the same way that they pulled the democracy card out of their pocket back then and look how holy we are, are now pulling out the politically correct anti-racism card with black lives matter and similar nonsense. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. If Communism was the main enemy in The Cold War, why do they engage in Cultural Marxist correctness tyranny? The answer is of course: because it works and because they created it themselves. The Russian president has warned the West several times in his speeches, that the West is now forcing communism onto their populations, which will lead to ALL the misery, that the Russians have been victims for in 70 years. But the socalled elite in the West and their media make sure, that noone hears that warning, because that is exactly what they want to happen.


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