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Villains and heroes + 17 basic rules

There are heroes and there are villains. We are not he to deny that. But in a world where concepts as a daily standard are turned upside down for propaganda purposes, some of the most highly acclaimed heroic figures may, on closer inspection, turn out to be some really stupid pigs. Likewise, those who have been constantly proclaimed to be the worst imaginable inhumane figures and enemies of all mankind – according to the proclaimers – may prove to have completely different and nuanced characteristics.

Basic rule no. 1

Propaganda reveals itself through its stereotype, its categorical squareness,
and its cartoonish lack of nuance.

We could therefore have taken the opposite view: When heroes turn into villains. We could look at the figures that have been glorified through propaganda and peel the halo off of them by digging into their dirty underground.

We have often in commentaries and historical research looked into the figures cultivated as heroes by those who have been allowed to write our history in the West. They have surprisingly been shown not to live up to their high appraisal. But what about all the villains? It might be interesting to do a thought experiment. For what if, on closer inspection, their villainous status turns out to have been obtained by challenging the Powers of the World and proclaimed Perfection of Power?

In the following we will look at figures of both high and low profile. Figures that have all been used as icons, narrative images of the absolute evil that we should all loathe, despise, fear, hate, enmity and dehumanise, now, as then, and for all eternity, Amen. This is very interesting. If for years we have been studying the Great Propaganda Project = The Great Lie of the 20th Century on a daily basis, which encapsulates the lies of all time about the entire history of mankind, then we have surely developed a Bullshit-O-Meter. Every time enemy villain images are thrown at us, a streak of red lights comes on.

Basic rule no. 2

The stereotypes reveal an intention already in the way they are presented.
And that is an intention without pure flour in the bag.

We need to take a closer look at the following characters, all of whom have been outlawed as villains:

Vlad Tepes
Nicholas II
Adolf Hitler
Richard Nixon
Slobodan Milosevic
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Moammar Gaddafi
Vladimir Putin

We could also have looked at:

Otto von Bismarck
Chiang Kai-shek
Emperor Hirohito
Senator John McCarthy
Bashar al Assad
Rodrigo Duterte
Donald Trump – sorry, he turned out to be a villain in disguise

You may like the or not. You may believe, that some of them are untouchable in their status and ultimate villains. Remember, this is a thought experiment. Common to all the above figures, however, is that they have become and still are considered true leaders with popular legitimacy, and that they, as historical or living figures, have been demonized, character assassinated and exhibited as objects of hatred, which should activate the Bullshit-O-Meter ‘ and at the very least encourage critical thinking … for the thinker.

NB! Which does not mean homage or hatred. So: was the person Adolf Hitler a good or evil person? He’s not one of my personal friends, but it’s uninteresting and irrelevant if one’s seriously interested in understanding human history. But it is, of course, deeply interesting and relevant to the prevailing propagandists at all times, who have always provided us with the images of the enemy, which they try to keep alive for as long as possible.

Basic rule no 3

When we are provided with images of enemies and demonic figures, the great villains, it is because these will be used as a pretext for an assault and subsequently for a legitimation that the assault took place.

Mr. Two-Face, The Joker, The Janus Face, Mephisto, The SplitBrain, The Manchurian Candidate, The Bi-Polar, The ShapeShifter – not a trustworthy character you may say.

Common to the above figures is not that they are necessarily the good or the bad guys. It would be, firstly, uninteresting and, secondly, a copy of the memes that have become themselves in part. They are all composite persons of good and evil, like any human being who is not born a saint. They have all stood in the way of powerful people’s dream of even more power than the peoples and nations that these people represented. But also notice that these figures had real legitimacy, unlike their declared enemies, whose power in almost all cases is illegitimate. It needs to be elaborated. They are then all surpassed in history as dark figures – the story that, as you know, is written and presented to us by their enemies, and rarely their own. Unless their own have been hit so hard in the head that they did not dare or could do otherwise.

Some of them have been completely or partially purged of the Empire’s propaganda. This applies to the three figures we are going to look at. By Empire is meant here the empire that they stood in the way of and became a target for. We shall see in the following, albeit suggestively, for we can not rewrite their biography and the whole story around them, how the whole picture can be changed if one puts on critical glasses in the face of the Empire’s version.

Basic rule no. 4

When the ‘relativists’ who maintain the stereotypes today have to characterize their target (‘You can not talk about good and evil, because everything is relative’ … accompanied by an outraged, condescending snort), they suddenly become absolutists, for all intents and purposes the world must not be relativized.

Isn’t it funny !? And isn’t it also funny that absolution means forgiveness of sins? For that is what the scapegoat must give. It is again the occult sacrifice, the Kabbalistic ritual, in which every outrage is transferred by a magical act to the victim himself in the moment of the outrage. It is the Sabbattean hocus-pocus, where everything is turned upside down and the victim becomes the executioner and vice versa. Here, the fun has long since ceased.

Basic rule no. 5

The dark figures are intended to cover something that can seriously be described as dark.

All the darkness that has accumulated over the centuries is darkness on top of darkness. But it only takes a little more light before the darkness starts to feel uncomfortable. Like the vampire at daylight, the first icon image on the list.

Vlad Tepes

Prince of Vallachia (1428 / 1431–1476 / 77). His imperial opponent was the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans have always regarded the Balkans as their domain. The Russian Empire has the same, because it was about Slavic peoples, their little brothers. That is, except for present-day Romania, which at the time consisted of principalities such as Vallachia and Transylvania, and the population were not Slavic peoples but descendants of Dachian people. Language was the forerunner of what the Romans later claimed was their invention. Incidentally, the Hungarians are not slaves either.

The Wallachian prince was brought up by the Ottomans, and he knew everything about their style, and therefore also their weaknesses. Therefore, he was able to stand up to them, with the special sense of psychological warfare, where he, so to speak, laid the foundation for the myth around himself. Sure, he was Vlad, the man that put decapitated heads on poles. When the huge army of 150,000 men of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II crossed the Danube in 1462, they found only abandoned villages (the tactics of the scorched earth). Arriving at Târgoviște, north of present-day Bucharest, they found the heads of their comrades planted on poles along the road. Already here parts of the army decided to desert. Later, they were exposed to magical theater in the middle of the night with wolf howls, galloping horses with torches in their tails and other horror effects. The Sultan’s army decided to withdraw from Wallachia.

Wallachian riders storm the sultan’s camp
in a daring attempt to capture him.

There is a rather striking parallel to the incident in year 9, in which well-organized Germanic tribes totally wiped out the Roman legions in the forests around Teutoburg in present-day southern Germany. One can imagine how the soaked Roman legionaries have pissed in their pants over the sight and probably also the sound of war-painted, long-haired and bearded savages with serious weapon skills, for they had ordered nothing but to fight each other for centuries before a defector – and here is it directly parallel – by name Arminius brought up among the Romans used his both organizational talents and insight into the Roman war techniques against themselves – combined with guerrilla warfare, knowledge of the landscape and deliberate psychological terror. The Roman army was created to confront similar armies and as such was immensely effective. But on the road and in an environment they had not chosen themselves, they proved incompetent.

The Germans had been demonized by the Romans. These wild unruly barbarians (men with full beards), these primitive tribes. Nevertheless, the savages were able to keep them from the door for centuries. Their style was later taken over by the Vikings, who also kept the Franks, the Second Roman Empire and the British out of the door for another 400 years through psychological warfare and terror. The Romans demonized all their enemies, and the greater resistance they offered, the greater the demonization: the British, the Druids, the Hebrews, and the Messianic movement. They lied about everything they wanted. Their own language, their own greatness, their refined inventions, which they had stolen from peoples they had exterminated.

Vlad Tepes (Vlad Dracul) fearlessly embarked on two empires: the Ottomans and the Catholic Church. Or rather, the Catholics feared him, for they had seen what he had done to the Ottomans, and he did not see the church as his enemy. But in a feud between the Roman Church, the Hungarian king and his own brother, he was thrown in jail for 10 years.

Sir Christopher Lee must have enjoyed his re-make of Dracula from 1958.
More colorful that Bela Lugosis’ version from 1931.

To this day, Vlad Tepech appears as a folk hero among Romanians. Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula is just a typical Victorian freak, reflecting their penchant for occultism. Although his main enemy was the Ottoman Empire, he apparently transformed posthumously to a demonic figure in the British Empire. One imagines the occultists of the British establishment sitting for thick rolled-down curtains in their Victorian mansions and sweeping around in all sorts of inflamed black magic and spiritistic mumbo-jumbo. The Queen herself cultivated her spiritism half of her overly long life. The entire establishment moved into Masonic lodges that worshiped a version of Sabbatean Kabbalah. The men who baked The Great War were occultists. And the truth is – it’s almost too funny – Prince Charles claims to be a descendant of Vlad Tepes! Did anyone say Duke Bluebeard (a variation of the Dracula myth) and wife murder? Or maybe combined with the character of Henry VIII?

Basic rule no. 6

What you say, you are yourself. It is easy to see the splinter in your brother’s eye, but not the beam in your own. Whoever the fart can smell, it’s the fart’s owner. It is referred to by psychologists as a piece of pathology called projection.


We see the second icon image before us. A wildly staring monk with black circles under his eyes and black greasy hair – wearing black of course (like all Orthodox priests), who with black arts seduces and misleads the Russian tsarina, and thus also her husband, while he hypnotizes her into sex. Seriously, that’s the story we’ve been told! It is indeed basic rule no 6 in practice, for those who told the story were precisely the British and French occultists, the Freemasons that planned and carried out the overthrow of the tsardom and all of Russia, the declared enemy of the British aristocracy. When the Winter Palace was occupied, they performed their Kabbalistic rituals. When Nicholas and his wife and children were tortured, maimed, raped, and murdered, after which they were decapitated, the walls were smeared with Kabbalistic, Hebrew characters. Perverted sex is part of their rituals. It is their sick heads we find inscribed in history.

So they projected all their filth onto a monk.

So who was this Rasputin. He was indeed a very peaceful monk from Siberia, who would very much like to return to his homeland, but who was persuaded to stay for a while longer in the government city of Petrograd, because he had a calming effect on the tsarina, Alexei.

Why was he so dangerous to people with certain interests? That he was, among other things, because he had spoken out against Russia’s involvement in World War I. Germany was not Russia’s enemy, Germany was a setup to be the enemy via Edward VII and the British establishment, which had been fighting a war for 20-30 years for the great European powers to destroy each other so that the British Empire could obtain full dominance. This was the wet dream of the Empire of Envy that became bloody reality in the 20th century. In India alone, 50 million people had to die due to the British starvation blockade, even though they were not involved in World War I at all. A number that does not appear in British history books either. A similar big scale event was enforced upon Persia with half of the Persian population starved to death – and totally airbrushed from history until lately. The war became the hubris and nemesis of the Empire, which hereby signed its own death sentence. It took another world war, a national resistance movement and figures like Gandhi before the British were finally expelled from India. In childish revenge, they tore India and Pakistan apart.

As early as the 19th century, the British saw Russia as the main enemy because they were neighbors of India and because the tsarist empire had become a little too successful and prosperous. India, the crown jewel of the Empire, was considered the very precondition for the abundance of the British Empire and the formation of industrialism back home. What the English, i.e. pirate-slave-trader-drug-dealer-racist empire has not lifted out of India in particular of resources and taxes, is indescribable. Let us make a stay here and look at a world map of all the countries of the globe, where it is far easier to see the countries which have NOT been invaded, plundered or overthrown in any way by the British Empire. There are only 22 countries that they did not manage to fuck up! Not that they did not want it, but they just did not achieve it! What a shame, but then we have the Americans, their historical metastasis, Empires’ mental little brother / muscular big brother, British Empire 2.0 …

When you look up Rasputin in Wikipedia today, you will be greeted with the following sign:
The world is in a state of turbulence. Fake news spreads too easily and people do not know what’s true or whom to believe … and blah-blah-blah as a prelude to spitting money in the company. A statement that is total bunkum, as Wikipedia is owned and controlled by the data mafia, which has unlimited access to funding. Therefore, of course, the Wikipedia article about Rasputin repeats all the Empire’s historical spin doctors, which are precisely: fake news, extended to fake history + basic rule no. 6 in practice (what you say …). Wikipedia may have started with a good intentions, and it is even possible that Jimmy Wales himself believed in it at first. Today, Wikipedia is synonymous with fake info in all the cases where knowledge and information touch on topics that matter to the Great Noble Lie about reality and human history.

Basic rule no 7

If one tells a lie enough, as people hear the lie from a sufficient number of different sources, without knowing that it originates from one and the same source, then the lie transforms itself into the pure, unadulterated truth.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin originated from the Siberian village of Pokrovskoye, Tyumen Oblast, near the Tura River (Dolgaya), which came down from the Ural Mountains. He was a traveling monk, and in Saint Petersburg he came in contact with the tsarist family, who had great respect for traditions from agrarian Russia (95% of the country) and saw themselves as guardians and protectors of the tradition. That fact alone was enough reason for the Bolsjevics to kill him – and 147 million the next 70 years.

The antagonism between the tsar and a clique within the nobility stood in the way of the revolution, the coming plunder and coup d’état launched by Russia’s enemies and with the noble parasites rooted in Freemasonry as the Fifth Column. They were directly linked to the Jacobins of the French Revolution, and what they sought was the fulfillment of what Napoleon managed to interrupt. Simply put: secret lodges as a hideout for coup d’état followed by land piracy, slavery and the dissolution of nations. Then we just lack the drug trade, so from the left comes Karl Marx and his expression opium for the people. Marxism / Communism was precisely this stunning opium for the people in the ideological war of poisoning and the genocide known as the Russian Revolution.

Opium for the people, in the Marxist sense, was all that Rasputin stood for. A so insignificant figure, whose significance simply consisted in the fact, that he happened to be moving in the circles around Tsar Nicholas and his wife, and thus was designated as an appropriate icon for the demonization of the tsarism as the prelude to the coup / plunder, the Great Destruction.

Under Karenski’s transitional government, following the assassination of the tsar, a commission of inquiry called the Emergency Commission was set up to end the archives for anything that could discredit the previous government. They found absolutely nothing. The bureaucracy under the tsar was extremely limited, and they were highly specialized and isolated in Saint Petersburg. There was virtually no room for corruption, as in the overgrown bureaucracies we know in today’s democracies and dictatorships.

One of the issues that the Emergency Commission dealt with was precisely Rasputin. They had to acquit him of all the accusations made by the smear campaign: drunkenness, corruption, adultery, black magic, hypnosis, a member of the Kalisti sect – that is, everything that was spread through the news media of the time, in many ways reminiscent of the ditto of our time. They were the yellow press, and they were bought and paid to propagate the coup / revolution, and it was not even about Rasputin, but about tarnishing the core of the Russian tradition, which was the Orthodox Church, along with the tsarism. Remarkably, the acquittal, which also states that the administration of the tsardom had carried out their work to the very highest standard, comes from the coup plotters themselves and thus the sworn enemies of the tsardom!

Alexander III had with great success held the arrogance of the Russian nobility, especially those associated with the Romanov family. Terrorist acts rarely took place in Russia under his rule. His successor Nicholas II was an idealist who did not believe in a government that used violence to stay afloat. Tradition was the highest authority for him. Rasputin, with his direct origins in tradition and peasant culture, acknowledged Nicholas’ attitude. What we see in the coup / revolution, is the first generation of technocracy, where technology takes over traditional knowledge. Peasant culture preserves the old knowledge, and the technocracy, the new parasitic oligarchy apparatus, totally moves away from it while living in their own synthetic reality. Today, this is pretty much accomplished, but it started back then.

A certain prince Felix Usapoff approached Rasputin and offered him a bribe to marry the tsar’s eldest daughter. The story leaked and Usapoff had to flee to England. It is here in 1909-10 via the British press that stories of Rasputin begin to circulate. He was to be a Jew (strange accusation given that the whole Russian revolution was a Khazarian-Jewish project), he was to have an uncontrollable libido and was to be an alcoholic. Here is a nobleman close to the tsarist family, and hear what he tells us! The British gobbled it up, smeared it on the front pages of newspapers, and soon the rumor was also on the front pages of Russian newspapers. And yet the Emergency Commission, also called the Extraordinary Commission, under Karenski, sealed under oath by the High Commission, states that all rumors were fabricated by powerful enemies of the tsar.

Just this one passage in itself in the Commission report really means, that the whole of 20th century Russian history has to be rewritten and that the Provisional Government was illegitimate. Also noteworthy is that the very chairman of the then Duma publicly admitted, that it was a Masonic congress in Brussels that had directly urged him to attack Rasputin. The Russian Freemasons further stated that once Rasputin was gone, the ‘Reformation’ of Russia could begin. Even the BBC, which is otherwise a completely loyal body to the British establishment, says in a 1990 documentary that it was the very early version of MI6, then called The Secret Intelligence Service, that assassinated Rasputin through one of their agents Oswald Rainer, who had employed (had infiltrated) the tsar’s palace.

Rasputin’s tomb and his mortal remains were destroyed under the Provisional Government. The Commission of Inquiry was then set up and found, as said, nothing. They further found that not a single ruble was left, so in other words he owned nothing, but strictly complied with his monastic vow. The rumor of his alcoholism was supported by 1 person who had once seen him drink one glass of sweet wine on one of his travels. Incidentally, he supported Tsar Nicholas’ decision to ban alcohol in Russia. Police shadowed him in Siberia in 1910, and never saw him touch alcohol. Regarding the wild sex rumors, the police even performed a medical examination of his alleged mistress Anne Volve, and found that she was a virgin. It is a miracle! I mean, it’s black magic!

The state found itself forced to donate 500 rubles to the church community in Siberia, where Rasputin came from, to compensate for the damage the false rumors had done. So when the perpetrator of long-shamed rumors, Wikipedia, claims he was a sectarian cult figure who had nothing to do with the church, the writer has apparently not done his homework. On the other hand, another rumor is circulating at the moment: that the satanic chaplain in the US Army, the infamous character named Michael Aquino, was supposed to be a diligent contributor to Wikipedia. Interesting.

Basic rule no. 8a

The consistent denial that occult practice and black magic take place, (hereafter superstition) is always a cover over the practice that people in the highest circles of power themselves have. On the other hand, they are not pale in accusing their villain icons of that kind.

Basic rule no. 8b

Contradiction does not seem to be an issue. Once people have swallowed up a lie, they will also swallow its contradiction.

Nicholas II

We are already in the subject and know, that the Tsar’s Russia was subjected to an attack from its worst enemy, the British. Admittedly, there was both funding and invasion forces of primarily Jewish revolutionaries from the United States, but the headquarters of the plot, the master mind of evil, we must find in the circle around Edward VII and a particularly powerful family in England bearing the name Cecil. For those interested in bloodlines, this family is worth studying. Another bloodline that can be pursued is the Venetian family d’Este. They are vaguely referred to as the Black Nobility, a somewhat indefinable term that rarely puts names on people. Then via the House of Hanover to none other than Queen Victoria. Of which her son, Uncle Bernie aka Edward VII, who must be considered one of the main perpetrators of World War I, and thus of the century of genocide. And for the Japanese-Russian war. And for the Russian Revolution. And for the collapse of four empires. And for the use of the European Masonic Network to further develop the concept of the French Revolution 2.0. A very capable man who in turn figures as one of the heroes of the Empire.

Basic rule no. 9

Applicable to the Oligarchy:
Show me your heroes and I’ll tell you who you are.
Show me your villains and I’ll tell you how your heroes are when the paint falls off.

As head of Russia, Tsar Nicholas was at one time the last living head of a Christian Orthodox country. No distinction was made between church and state. If you were orthodox, you were also a royalist, if you were a king / tsar, you were by definition orthodox. The tradition was the law. We must not understand the concept of ‘law’ as the way we are used to it today, which is the self-serving set of legislation of bureaucracy to control the population. It was in the sense of lore in Old English: established tradition, tradition, approved by the people, Common Law or the Law of the Land. The words have gone into decay. If we say legitimate today, we mean the blue-stamped or decreed by the State as a dictate. But legitimacy in the traditional sense is about a harmonious pact between people and monarch.

Here it becomes tricky, for who is this monarch? If we in Russia are talking about men like Peter the Great, then it was a very corrupt monarchy that was extremely destructive and foreign to Russian society, and thus in no way a legitimate monarchy. It was the French Freemasonry that was his backyard, and he fiercely hated Russians, the Russian language (which he did not speak), the Russian Church, which he did everything to destroy, and the Russian traditions in the agrarian sense that were him. disgusting. The same goes for another imported monarch, Catharina the Great.

In the case of Tsar Nicholas, we are talking about a monarch of a completely different nature. Like his predecessor, Alexander III, he was a popular figure. Because he respected and venerated, that is, honored – a word that for the same reason has been despised and made politically incorrect by the revolutionaries – his legitimate origin, the Russian agrarian, traditional society, he himself was respected and honored. It was monarchy at it’s very best. Take it, toast-eating and tea-soaking oligarchic throne robbers from the Empire of Envy! When did you perform a monarch who was respected by his people? And with respect, this does not mean the kind of weekly orgasm that some English people still have when they load themselves with the latest colored glamor scandal about the stinking realms of Windsor Castle. Or similarly about the rotten Belgian monarchy that has earned their billion fortunes by imperialist assaults and looting.

The closest the British monarchy comes to a truly respected and beloved figure was Princess Diana – who was murdered by the British intelligence service, with her husband’s approval. And do not hang that claim on me, because more than half the English people know it and dare to say it. So why was she murdered? Because she was too popular, and because she had the ovaries to stand up with personal integrity and intact human conscience for essential matters that compromised British misdeeds, such as the use of landmines that were diligently and cynically scattered in the landscapes of the outskirts of both the British and the Americans, who each year mutilated 10,000s of civilians. And of course for dating an Egyptian businessman after the divorce, something that the arch-racist, social Darwinist, eugenic Establishment got completely red buds from.

Why talk about it? Because the British monarchy was fundamentally envious of this very reason: they have never had real legitimacy, but over the centuries have had to steal, deceive and usurp their thrones. Just say the name Prince of Wales. It has nothing to do with the old Welsh royal line dating back to the two King Arthurs – which, according to the English, did not exist. All history before 1066 has been erased from official history writing. All later British history writing is ideological commissioned work. When the English oligarchy and the British royal family realized that Russia was becoming a very successful and significant country, and that their leader possessed all the qualities they did not possess themselves – including popular respect – they boiled over with rage.

And why further talk about it? Because exactly 100 years later, we see the very same outpourings between the Anglo-American establishment and Russia. The fools have not come further than puberty!

Basic rule no. 10

Anyone who refuses to talk about the atrocities of the recent past when presented to them, bears the blame for the past repeating itself in the future through the present. And the future is tomorrow.

The assassination of Tsar Nicholas and his family took place in a way not understood by the common man. It was a Jewish ritual murder under the supervision of a rabbi. The Brooklyn Kahal, the rabbinical supremacy of New York, had declared dead over the tsar in 1905. Postcards from that time show the blood-dripping ritual hen being held over the victim’s head. From a French Jewish Masonic lodge one sees a picture of the tsar’s head on a staff.

Rome is condemned again and again in the Talmud. It has, of course, its historical explanations, which are about the Romans burned down the Temple stealing all the scrolls. And why did Rome, as Rome did? Rome did so because the richest men of the day, a group of Jews from Alexandria, had made an agreement with the Romans, that they could do what they did. Even then there were the Great Jews and the little Jews. It is also about the fact that those who call themselves Jews are not Jews, but Khazars who were thrown out of Khazaria, their empire in southern present-day Russia-Armenia-Ukraine-Belarus-Khazakhstan.

So, when a ritual murder takes place in recent times – a hundred years is like yesterday – then something very old and fierce is at stake. And because people have not understood their history in depth – not even the Jews – they do not understand what is going on.

Nicholas II was not only the last Christian emperor (Caesar, Tsar, Shah), but also the last Roman emperor. Remember in this connection that Rome is not a locality but a function. Rome has been Byzantium / Constantinople, Rome in Italy and Moscow.

Nicholas was offered several times, against bribery, to hand over the Russian ruble to Jewish bankers from Western Europe, but he refused. Which made him their worst enemy, something few people are aware of. Tsar Nicholas was fully aware of this. He was also aware of the fact that Russia was close to being 100% self-sufficient. Its only dependence on foreign countries was a positive dependence, by which Russia in 1914 via Ukraine fed the rest of the world.

Oil had been found in the Caucasus. The Russian peasants were given massive tracts of land free of charge, so that they could own land in the grand style. There was population growth, and Russia is known to be able, without blinking, to absorb massive numbers of people through its vast and almost uninhabited areas. If World War I had not taken place, the entire Russian land mass would have been settled. There would have been neither Hitler, Stalin nor Roosewelt – all are unthinkable without the Russian Revolution. And without World War I, no World War II, no Korean War, no Vietnam War, no Cold War, no Century of Genocide.

World War I cannot be seen out of context with The Russian Revolution. The Russian success under the tsar was the reason he had to be removed – according to the Empire of Envy. The Russian people, a term subsequently abused by the Communists, most often stated that it was the arrogant nobility that stood in the way of their progress – another term that was hijacked and abused by the Communists as progressive.

If one compares the Tsar’s Russia with England or the United States at the same time, it was an egalitarian society. Something that the anti-egalitarian British class society regarded as the ultimate abomination. Therefore, they financed the Japanese navy and army and started the Russo-Japanese war, all the while wondering as lunatics about how to get the Russians and Germans to fight and destroy each other. Both countries could have individually destroyed England in a 1-1 confrontation. And if they even united, which historically, ethnically and politically would have been for obvious cultural reasons, then the British Empire would have been wiped off the face of the Earth with a blink of an eye.

The concept of egalitarianism was also hijacked and abused by the communists, who claimed / hypocritically advocated for egalitarianism, while at the back door they introduced a false egalitarianism, a smear where everyone was equal in the slave society they had created from Siberia to the Atlantic. That is, just apart from the fact that it did not reach the Atlantic, but was later stopped by the Germans, who thought that their smeared-egalitarian slave state was not something they earnestly longed for.

The British used the Balkans in 1914 to confront Vienna and Russia, and when Vienna and Berlin were connected, the Germans were raised aboard in the same breath. Otto von Bismarck saw it coming 20 years before. Leo Tolstoy saw it coming 20 years before. And 20 years before, Europeans could read in newspapers and publications emanating from the British so-called elite that all this was wanted, anticipated and planned. All that remained was to sell the good news to the World about The Great War as fair – and, of course, to roll it out.

In his days, Tsar Nicolai had virtually eradicated illiteracy and poverty – yes, you read that right: poverty was virtually non-existent! Not to understand that everyone was stinking rich, but that what we define as poverty, where people die of hunger and perish, no longer existed. Generations of irresponsible, corrupt oligarchy have taught us the strip that poverty will always exist, and is almost necessary for the maintenance of the world, because artificial scarcity, poverty, disease war and misery are the very nutrient of the parasitic oligarchy. It did not exist in tsarist Russia before the revolution, where severe misery, without historical parallel, set in.

Basic rule no. 11

They have called misery a necessity. They have claimed that man is fundamentally evil. They have given us original sin. They call it scientifically proven that life is a desperate struggle for survival where only the most brutal are suitable. They have defined a human being as a debtor from the fetal stage.

Tsar Nicolai was of a different opinion in a time that seems completely forgotten by our time. He presented the Russians with medical education and hospitals. These were financed not only by State money but by his own funds. He was the richest man in the world at that time, and he spent his wealth on his people. It was these enormous means that the oligarchs of the West dreamed of attracting, and oligarchs have NEVER in the course of history had an interest in the welfare of the people, solely their own. Unfortunately, that happened.

Child mortality and illnesses were on a sharp decline. The British elite were in a state of dumbness / paralysis over the fact that a society could allow this kind of progress of life for ‘the masses’ that they did not themselves consider human beings. Nicolai improved conditions for industrial workers, and their wages were the highest in Europe. On top of that, taxation was the lowest in Europe, for they did not have to maintain an overgrown bureaucracy as it did not exist. Europeans paid approx. 15 x tax in relation to the Russians. Seen in that context, all postulates about the blessings of communism become highly grotesque! If it sounds too good to be true, then everything is fully documented, and if you’re asking yourself why we did not learn about it in school and watching it on television, then you should ask yourself: Yes, why I wonder?

Compare, for example, the then contemporary United States, where The Robber Barons smashed the labor movement, and where The Federal Reserve bastardized the American economy, so that the country became a regime totally dominated by banksters. Even a mega-villain like Woodrow Wilson gets peasant remorse in his old age and admits that he has helped destroy the American rule of law.

In Russia, they do the exact opposite. Alexander II, and especially his successor, Alexander III, abolishes all debt from the peasants to the landowners and creates a truly popular national economy. The result is that productivity measured in, for example, cereals, salted meat and dairy products increases by between 100-500% in the first decade of the 20th century.

Basic rule no. 12

Evil will always pervert goodness in its presence, so as not to be confronted with its disgust for itself. This will happen by evil annexing and patenting goodness, and naming it as its own attribute and invention. Thereafter, goodness will be sucked out of meaning and substance, only to eventually be dumped in a trash can.

It was, in fact, the tsarist regime that had respect for what the Communists subsequently patented and hypocritically expressed their deep-seated solidarity with: the working people. In Russia, it was primarily the working peasants that the Communists hated like the plague because they were self-sufficient and bearers of the tradition that communism was set in the world to destroy. Hypocrisy long live …

Much more can be said about Nicholas II. And it will be, because the image has not yet been fully restored.

Adolf Hitler

With the last tsar, dismantling the villain icon was not that complicated. Once one got hold of the propaganda wrapping paper that had been smeared out, it completely fell apart.

With a character like Adolf Hitler, it’s far more complex. We remind you again that the concept of good guy and bad guy is irrelevant and uninteresting. I constantly meet people who are only looking for quick fixes and quick labels. He was like that, she was like that, he socialized like that, that’s why he is like-and-like …

Let us first state – and this is indisputable, whether one does not like the man, which, incidentally, there may be good reasons for – that he was in fact a war hero from World War I. He was repeatedly decorated, as a lower ranking officer, for having carried out extremely demanding and life-threatening acts, to assist his comrades in the trenches. He already knew at that time what a World War I truly was.

When he subsequently saw how Germany was hung up on what the British and French had undertaken, and saw how Germany was put in completely intolerable chains at the Peace of Versailles, how the French moved in as arrogant Frankish lords in the Ruhr, after stealing Alsace Lorraine, and saw how the Polish leaders, like the lap dogs they were, stole German territory in East Prussia, and saw how the Bolsheviks tried to export their genocidal revolution in Bavaria in 1919 (The Valpurgis Night Event), having already contributed to Germany’s loss of the war (the dagger blow) through the communist labor movement, and saw how the bankers milked the German economy … then he became who he was.

Like it or not. So far, so good, so bad.

Hitler subsequently came to play the role of the one who lifted Germany out of its slavery, its political-socio-economic impoverishment inflicted on false premises by the British, the French and the Americans. One might ask, what did the French have to do with an Anglo-Saxon plan? As the frog-eating, snail-eating, self-absorbed opportunists they were, their only goal was the chunk they got: Alsace-Lorraine. And that Germany, which was also their competitor, came down by the neck. And that they were allowed to plunder the Ruhr with the blue-stamped collection of war compensation by the Treaty of Versailles, compensation for the fact that the French themselves had helped start the war. This is completely equivalent to the French invading and destroying the small island of Madagascar, and subsequently presenting the islanders with a bill for the operation – and they did!

For a long time, no demonization of Hitler took place. He was an extremely capable politician. Because he had so clearly identified problems and goals, his actions were so effective. The German economy experienced an unprecedented boom due to the fact that he hit the snake’s head so directly: the central bank. Did I mention the Jewish central bank? I did not say that, the Jews themselves made sure to say that it was. As an admission of that, and as a direct reaction to the overthrow of the big banks, the declaration of war arrived in 1933 from Judea – the Zionist International, we could appropriately call them. Once again, Germany did not start a war, the bankers started the war, the Venetian-Jewish banking system, now headquartered in the City of London and in Wall Street, started the war. We see exactly the same players who had demanded that Tsar Nicolai II hand over Russian banking and economics to them, which he refused. Then he got the war and the revolution. The Germans refused to bow their necks, after Versailles, and allow themselves to be plundered by the bankers. Then they got the war.

Did you see this newspaper frontpage in history books in school?
I don’t remember so. I seems quite important – is there a reason for the absence?

Hitler was still not a demon in the eyes of the people. In the eyes of the Germans and the Austrians, he was a hero. The Austrians chose Anschluss with almost 98%. In several European countries he was studied by people and politicians with the greatest interest. Maybe we should acquire such a national economy …

Here we see, if we otherwise see something for just smoke and mirrors, a direct parallel to the British fear and envy of the Russian success. This applies to both success in the form of economics and prosperity, but it also applies to success with legitimacy and popular support. An intelligent joke that arose during the then Bush administration in recognition of the fact that election fraud had once again been used: What is the difference between George Bush and Adolf Hitler? Hitler was elected (tsk-tsk). Lo-and-behold if you did not repeat the scam with the latest neo-con presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. And BIGTIME with the election 2020-21 holding the hitherto world record of election fraud. And afterwards said that it was the Russians who had ruined the scam! Double embarrassing!

So it went too well for the Germans, just as it went too well for the Russians. And now, elsewhere in Europe, too, they began to think it was worth considering another model. The British and their bankers boiled over with rage.

British history books do not want to write about it, but Stalin’s Soviet army was already on the rise in the late 1930s when the Germans got ready to strike first. Stalin had attacked the Baltic countries, Poland and Finland. Incident in Bavaria / Munich on Walpurgis Night in 1919 had provoked the German Free Corps of World War I veterans who would not silently accept a remake of the Bolshevik coup on their ground, with all the atrocities that would follow. The British cunningly and cynically used the weak Polaks in their Venetian diplomacy, the strategy originally developed in the small, rich city-state, which made everyone else fight each other while stealing wealth for themselves. The Polaks were promised support if they wanted to provoke a German invasion. They never got the support, and the British were totally indifferent to keeping promises (they have never done so in world history), because the war had started according to plan.

As we know, the English and the French got a smack in the butt in Flanders. The French were occupied and the English sent home, across the canal in fishing boats. Churchill growled like an English bulldog, and he rejected 25-30 requests from Hitler for peace. Churchill wanted more war, Hitler wanted peace, because England was not Germany’s enemy – for Christ’s sake, they are old Germans, even their royal house is German, so why? It had always been the other way around. It was in British optics that Germany and Russia were a threat, not the other way around.

Then Operation Barbarossa, where the German army plowed at lightning speed, heading for Moscow. Wherever the army rolled in, be it East Prussia, in the Baltics, in Belarus, in Ukraine – which is completely omitted in British historiography and generally in Western historiography – they were received with standing ovations, and were considered liberators from Bolshevism. Again success, again popular support and again British frothy rage that this presumptuous could take place.

It was then that things started to go wrong for the Germans and their leader.

It went especially wrong because the judgment failed Hitler and one of his closest commanders-in-chief, Heinrich Himmler. We do not get around the fact that National Socialism contained racist elements. We are not talking here about the insult word racism, which especially cultural Marxists love to abuse, and where one must not use the word race at all, because otherwise one is a racist. Which they then do all the time (…).

Basic rule no. 13

If someone wants to destroy reality, they will start by distorting and then destroying specific words that describe reality. When the words have disappeared, reality has disappeared. Afterwards there is a vacuum where anything can be filled in.

We are talking about the existence of races (regardless of the fact that the word has been tried to be abolished) and that they have different characteristics, qualities. These are different, and therefore it makes sense to talk about genuine diversity that should really be celebrated and strengthened. They are in principle complementary, and have to do with geography-demography and the genetics that have always supported adaptation to different living conditions.

The National Socialists made the mistake of not recognizing the slaves as complementary and equal to themselves, whom they called Aryans. The Aryans were the remnants of the ancient Armenian civilization, AR-Menia. It draws its tracks all the way to India, hence the concept of Indo-European. We are not going to talk today about the Armenian genocide, but I wonder if the Jewish Masonic groups, called Dönmeh, the Young Turks who overthrew the Ottoman Empire, were not fully aware of it. And who contributed to the genocide. They were Franck’ists named after the Kabbalist Jacob Francks’ last name. They were the parallel to the Jacobins named after Jacob Franck’s first name. We see the pattern and contour of a global, parasitic, destructive magnitude that is persistent over large time spans. The story of Noah’s ark and Mount Ararat in what was then Armenia, now occupied by present-day Turkey, shows that the Jews were fully aware that the cradle of civilization on this side of the great catastrophe in the Bible, called the Flood, stood right here.

The genocide with fingerprints, one must not talk about

The German army was adored by Slavs, when they drove into the Soviet-occupied cities and countries. In Ukraine, there were several hundred resistance groups that together could have done away with Bolshevism / Stalinism in Ukraine. They knew about someone from Holodomor what genocide meant. If the Germans had recognized this and used it as skillfully as they had used similar resistance groups elsewhere, they would have driven into Moscow and put the Soviet state to an end. After that, they could have concentrated on the Western Front with the right timing. And later the Americans, who at that time were fully occupied in the Pacific. But that was not to be, because Hitler and Himmler did not have the guts to recognize the Slavs, but looked down on them. Himmler says in a 1944 speech that Slavs were animals to be annihilated. Their racism took over, preventing them from seeing that slaves and Germans wore not each other’s natural-cultural enemies.

So, Germany lost World War II in the Ukraine. It certainly did not appear in the cards. The Germans had the most well-equipped army ever. Their punch was formidable. They even had exotic weapons in their back pockets, but just their infantry was crushingly effective. Both in the air and on land, they mastered the grinding Blitzkrieg. We have always been told that Hitler was this monster who killed millions of Jews with poison gas, but why did he not use poison gas on the Eastern Front in a tight spot? Because the German army focused on speed, mobility and dexterity. Taught by the horrible rigid trenches that Hitler knew from World War I, this was not to be repeated.

The Slavs / Russians did not recognize communism as their own representative. From 1918 there was a constant civil war in Russia. There were constant revolts somewhere in the communist empire. Hand on heart (if you still have that kind of outdated software installed) Euro-communist, dinosaur-communist, social-romantic: Did you know that the Russian people rebelled against Communism BigTime? I do not expect an answer, because the Eurocommunist had absolutely NO idea what communism really was. The same was true of the Roosewelt communist, a totally ignorant moron and a great admirer of Stalin!

There were underground movements all over the Soviet state. There was sabotage everywhere. We heard nothing about it in the West under Stalinism, for the West financed the Soviet state and therefore sided with the oppressors. Which is why you can not have an intelligent conversation with a dinosaur communist or a cultural Marxist today, because they can not make themselves admit their own corruption, their stupidity, their civil cowardice, and thus their co-responsibility for The Great Genocide.

Those who refuse to take a stand on the 300 million victims of communism are morally co-responsible.
Jüri Lina

The Soviet state called the underground movements names like fascists, nationalists and monarchists. Notice how, in our Marxist-infected language, we have taken over and approved of these expressions. A fascist is, of course, a negative term, but the word is neither defined nor understood. The Communist in East and West used is as a derogative meaning: All that are more right wing than Mao Tze Dong. But nationalist has also become negative, and monarchist as well. We are simply speaking Marxist new speak.

The best kept secret of the 20th century is, that communism was created and funded in the United States. Jacob Schiff, a Jewish Rothschild banker from Wall Street, financed and organized the revolution. General Electric (Rockefeller) and Ford Industries built up most of the Soviet infrastructure. Example: Ford built the largest truck factory in the world in Kharkov, Ukraine, and all trucks in the Soviet Union left there. Standard Oil built the oil fields to the south (Baku, the Caspian Sea). And so on. The Soviet Union should have been the main enemy through the so-called Cold War, while the big western syndicates invested big-time in the entire Soviet industry? Bullshit, the Cold War was a forgery, a play!

One certain figure was particularly helpful to the obvious failure of the German campaign i Russia in the midst of success. He personified Hitler’s biggest mistake ever. His name was Erich Koch. He was an SS officer and head of the administration in Ukraine. A true bestial butcher. The man worked for Stalin even though he was a Nazi. He was convicted in the Nuremberg trials, but was never prosecuted, because ‘someone’ held his hand over him, and he died a natural death in 1986. The Soviet Union refused to receive him. Already during the war, many Stalinist death squads operated in Ukraine, but none of them went after Koch, even though he should have been their main target. Strange and telling.

Erich Koch, Nazi commissioner for the Ukraine, in his office, on Jan. 12, 1942. (AP Photo)

So, the butcher and Stalinist, disguised as SS officer, Erich Koch, sabotaged the course of the war at its crucial moment, but the German High Command did not grasp it. Therefore, it is impossible to idealize them, for they shot themselves in the foot like fools who were corrupted by their own racism. They had the same attitude as the Bolsheviks when they arrived in Ukraine. They saw an infinity of fertile land and people they did not understand and respect, and which they defeated. How stupid can you be?

Erich Koch was part of the left wing within the NSDAP. They stood in opposition to Canarus, Ribbentrop and Rosenberg, who had a non-racist view of Slavs and Ukraine. Rosenberg actually saw a strong nationalist, orthodox, Ukrainian state as the best ally of Germany. The super-strategist, perhaps the best brain in Nazi Germany, Martin Bohrmann, warned Hitler that anti-Slavism would destroy the entire war project. But Hitler went against it. The hero who turned into a politician who turned into a fool. He was, along with Himmler, in the minority in the party, where there was overwhelming support for a Germanic-Slavic-nationalist community. Yet he trumped his will through.

Alfred Rosenberg

Erich Koch spoke as he was: a Stalinist agent. He called Ukrainians ‘white Negroes’, they were ignorant, they were lazy, they were to be treated as slaves. It was like hearing Lenin or Trotsky speak. Or Stalin himself. He created deportation camps, concentration camps and exploitation on a grand scale. Almost all crops were stolen in a Stalinist way from the peasants.

Rosenberg writes to Himmler in April 1943 that Koch was destroying the German war effort, and those who could have been instrumental in the success were left in the lurch. That the Ukrainians were willing to volunteer for the Germans, where Koch threw them in labor camps – how smart was that? It only makes sense if Koch was an agent for Stalin.

Basic rule no. 14

They think like Stalin. They talk like Stalin.
They act like Stalin. They write like Stalin.
They are, of course, one of our own.

The protagonist, the hero, in any narrative, can assume the character of comic or tragic, depending on whether need or desire is pursued. By comic in the classical sense is not meant fall-on-the-tail comic or funny at all. Happy ending is meant. If the hero pursues his desires, and does not realize his needs, the narrative becomes a tragedy. This is where the story of Germany that set itself up against the Empire ends.

The war hero from World War I who ended up like a tired fool

The rest is history, and we know very well who was allowed to write it. The British and Americans and all those who swallowed up their talking points in hindsight have retold the square, demonized story of Germany, the evil Nazis and their evil leader. Collective stories have even been planted for particularly thoughtful individuals who are not happy with the stereotype: Hitler was an MI6 agent, Hitler was related to Rothschild, Hitler was a Zionist, Hitler was a Jesuit, Hitler was an occultist, bla-bla. Then the villain can be allowed to remain a villain, and people, high and low, clever and stupid, can be allowed to be fundamentally confused. Again: whether he was good or evil is uninteresting. What’s interesting is that the story is falsified, so we have not got the real story, but a post-war propaganda version, whereby we can no longer understand what happened and what the real evil of the two world wars consisted of.

And then, by the way, we must not get closer to the persistent rumor that he did not perish in the bunker but escaped and lived for a few more decades in Argentina. When you check this out, it seems extremely likely.

Richard Nixon

On June 17, 1972, a group of men broke into the building of the Democratic National Committee. It was performed by Cuban professionals in the field wearing surgical gloves. Despite the professionalism, the burglary was so amateurish that it was immediately solved – and immediately attributed to Richard Nixon, who was in the process of being re-elected president. Who else could have come up with ordering the kind of filth, Tricky Dicky, as the Democrats called him, who else? Even a 10-year-old child could understand that.

As with his first election, there was nothing to suggest that he would not totally wipe out his Democratic – and Republican – opponents. Such a clear scenario was destined to go straight into the the public brain. The Democratic opponent, George McGovern, repeated the accusations constantly, before, during and after the election.

Via the tape machines (which were used at the time), which Nixon himself had had installed in the White House, and 3,700 hours of recordings, one can hear Nixon’s own reaction in a conversation with Bob Haldeman:

Of course, this is a Hunt operation. If you open the inflamed field, then there’s a hell of a lot of stuff … It involves these Cubans, Hunt, and a whole lot of hanky-panky that we have nothing to do with … It’s going to open up the whole Bay-of -Pigs thing …

Hunt is the CIA agent, E. Howard Hunt. The Bay of Pigs is known to be the operation that John F. Kennedy should have approved in connection with an invasion of Cuba. He did not, and that and other reluctance on his part, spawned the hatred of the Deep State Mafia, people like Foster-Dulles (the CIA director that Kennedy fired), Howard Hunt and George W. Bush, which cost him his life.

A repentant agent in his old age.

These Cubans, as Nixon mentions, are not further defined. But as the intelligent man he was – and make no mistake about it, he was one of the most well-educated American presidents ever – he was fully aware that the CIA was using Cuban hitmen. We have lately been introduced by the journalist and author, Ole Dammegaard, to Operation 40, a group of mostly exiled Cuban hitmen who repeat a whole string of high-profile political assassinations from Kennedy, Luther King, Malcolm X, Salvador Allende and Olof Palme + cultural personalities with political danger, John Lennon and Bob Marley. The very same group. If the later CIA director diligently used this device, it was established already under Hunt.

Nixon came into office only five years after the Kennedy assassination, and his closest advisers found that he was obsessed with finding out what these bizarre incidents were about, that is, both the murder of JFK and others, and the incident in the Bay of Pigs. He had thus acquired knowledge that potentially made him dangerous. Among other things, he had ordered information from the FBI about the last days of the Kennedy administration in the form of 1000s of documents – which the FBI never delivered. People who know something seriously have always been considered dangerous, and many have had to give their lives for it. We just need to mention heads of state like Ceaucescu, Milosevic, Saddam and Gaddafi. And of course Kennedy himself, just listen to his famous speech, in which he basically describes the whole New World Order phenomenon.

In Nixon’s case, the CIA chose not to assassinate him. Or did they do it anyway, because he died? Possibly because it would be too obvious to ‘do a JFK’ less than 10 years after. There were enough problems to stifle public skepticism at the time the Americans smelled the stench of the Warren Commission’s money laundering and cover-up. Nixon was – and everyone forgot about it afterwards – a popular president. Not popular in the same way as Kennedy, for he divided the public opinion to a greater degree. So, an effectively executed character assassination in the form of a setup and subsequent campaign, would be enough to ruin his reputation forever. Hereafter: Watergate.

We do not even have to guess that he saw through the setup. He had even participated as a so-called action officer in the preparation for the Bay of Pigs. So let’s just state that Nixon is never going to appear as one of those unique good guys who was innocently persecuted. He had his dark sides, just like Kennedy by the way, womanizer and drug addict. What we can already sense, however, with the above information, is that the whole demonizing image of Watergate clinging to him is a forgery.

Nixon smelled the setup and tried to take it as measured as possible. From Bob Haldeman, he was told that FBI Director Richard Gray had contacted CIA Director Richard Helms with the remark: It looks like we have run straight into a secret CIA operation. Nixon and his adviser, John Dean, set out to get the CIA to clean up after itself and settle the case.

Watergate ran for several years. At an early stage, Nixon did not know that the surveillance tapes he himself had installed would be abused, and that his conversation with Haldeman would be twisted and edited, so that it appeared as if he was conspiring to put obstacles in the way of the investigation of the burglary for which he was also hanged.

To make a long and detailed story short: Were there other circumstances that made The Establishment behind the blackout curtains not want him re-elected? Definitely. He had spoken out directly about repealing the petrodollar deal with Saudi Arabia. This agreement, which was in principle a gigantic financial milking machine, where all trade in oil in the World was to take place in dollars, and thus go into the Rockefeller-controlled Bank of America – very simply explained – was so fragile for the Empire that it was life-threatening for a president just to mention it.

So who exactly set Nixon up? The award-winning investigative journalist (a rare breed), Russ Baker, says so in his three-part article series of 89-page closely written, well-documented, detailed report. They are chapters in his book Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

These men will have to ask pretty hard for forgiveness.
In fact, there is nothing to suggest that they want it.

The older one has met his creator.
The younger one is still hiding from his crimes.

Most people feel this way about Nixon and Watergate: they may not be trustworthy, the Americans, but this is for sure!

Think again!

Slobodan Milosevic

I have only met quite a few who have a qualified idea of what the strange war in Central Europe in 1992 was all about. We are talking about Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia. We are talking about the division of what was then Yugoslavia. It’s now 25 years ago, and I flatly admit that I had no idea back then and jumped on the media narrative without second thoughts.

It makes me express a certain confidence in the future of the world. If an evenly gifted, slightly confused happy amateur like me can move from total ignorance in 1992 to continued total ignorance in 2001, when a building complex collapsed in NY and a new streak of wars was shot out of a place out there in the Outskirts, to still total ignorance when the financial crisis set in in 2008 to … wait, what the hell is really going on ?? In other words, in the course of a small decade, to polish the glasses, demand the school fees back, go to the dry dock and do a piece of homework – then things have gone fast, and then there has been a decisive jolt in our common potential reality.

And it’s not just a subjective statement, because all the knowledge that not only I was able to get on the firing line of and then digest and convey, is now available to anyone who sincerely wants it and has the mental ability to sort everything out. Including the garbage that is spilled all over the information field.

Let’s start with a fact unknown to people. Did you know that Slobodan Milosevic, former Serbian president and therefore then Yugoslav president in his days, has been posthumously acquitted of all, repeats ALL! accusations of war crimes, which at the time brought him to court in The Hague, and which caused him to commit suicide in his cell? The news appeared in a parenthetical passage at the bottom of page 23 of the newspaper during the same period, late 2016, that the front pages had been cleared for the circus called the American election campaign. In this election campaign, the favorite candidate, all the mainstream media (who were, of course, quite seriously-journalistically impartial), was the pet, Hillary Clinton, married to Bill Clinton, the then US president who started the 1992 NATO war against Serbia.

Alas, as time goes on, a quarter of a century is like last year!

Yugoslavia is Marshal Tito’s life’s work. So we are talking about a communist country. But the strange thing is that his form of communism had very little to do with Soviet communism. Qualitatively almost nothing. The crucial difference was that the working class was respected and taken seriously in Yugoslavia. The Lenin-Trotsky-Stalin sling despised both workers and peasants. They begged for solidarity, after which they executed a few million of the kind. Every year for 70 years! Tito gave them autonomy in factories and in municipalities.

It was Yugoslavia that was shattered in 1992. Earlier, the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, the globalist predator-capitalist mega-body, which is really just a club for banksters and financial oligarchs as well as their weapons of mass destruction, then launched an attack on Yugoslavia / Serbia. They had the power and means to make the Yugoslav economy crash in a few years. Then they stepped in, as they always do, as the knight on the white horse and offered their ‘help’. The conditions were that Yugoslavia promptly relinquished their local self-government to factories and municipalities and opened their nationally nobler parts to a rape of the country through foreign firms and syndicates’ unconditional access to exploitation and bank looting. By-the-way: that’s what always happens when the IMF arrives. Ask any country on the outskirts, ask any 3rd World Country. Now the time had come to a selected country in Europe.

Banking and warfare are connected like pea straw. Serbia had Europe’s strongest army at the time. It was to be destroyed. Kosovo was the landing site for the flow of drugs, opium / heroin, that the CIA / NATO transported in from Afghanistan via Central Asia and Turkey. In Kosovo, the largest NATO / Pentagon / CIA underground military installations were located in the World. The destruction of Yugoslavia meant the destruction of the remnants of the Soviet Alliance and the Warsaw Pact, so that NATO could continue their expansion relentlessly while the Eastern Pact closed down. It was the beginning of what the United States saw as their new unipolar heyday.

It is in this context that one must see a Serbian president whose country in 1992 was subjected to a financial-cultural and later military attack, and whose person was subsequently subjected to a character assassination. But it does not stop here. A further developed weapon of mass destruction was also used on the same occasion. It was not new, as such, but it was used in a new and very well-designed way: the Muslim cultural implant. A Muslim minority had been deployed in Bosnia with the aim of creating conflict with Serbia. Leaders of the CIA-created terrorist network Al Qaeda in Bosnia had even been deployed to help escalate the conflict.

There is nothing like a victim role in the form of a poor persecuted minority with whom you can declare you good hearted solidarity. One of the British Empire’s favorite images when it comes to jerking self-glorification against the backdrop of the humiliation of their enemies is the legend of Saint George and the Dragon. The brave knight, with the noble cause, saves the Belgian princess from the terrible dragon. Is it not beautiful and noble, and we do not shed a tear over the suffering anguish of the helpless princess? Do we not get the lance up when we pierce the beast in righteous indignation and see its blood pour out of its belly? Do we not get further erection of lances and flags when we consider what noble sacrifice we have made, to quite selflessly step into character as the true protector of the weak, the innocently persecuted, and the captured? Do we not shed tears over our own goodness?

Perhaps the Empire did not pull forth the classic Saint George rhetoric, as immediately before World War I. But all elements were present. And meanwhile, Samuel Huntington had written his infamous insider-elite book The Clash of Civilizations, in which he advocates a large-scale conflict between Islam-Judaism-Christianity as the essence of World War III. When has religious conflict been staged before in world history? When a Venetian spin doctor (Sarpi) launched the great religious war called the Thirty Years’ War, which claimed the lives of half the population of Europe.

The noble knight has impaled a terrible dragon the size of
… a medion-sized dog.

Venice still runs its game 500 years later. The game that takes place is Venetian. Masks are worn for the ball. And we have worn them for at year now …

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

One must be a seriously old guy if one is to have a direct memory-based relationship with Hitler. But this Iranian, most people remember. Except that the contemporary media consumer has developed a memory, like a fly. And this is not a neurological form of early dementia. It is when we as media consumers develop the media-created cartoon 2D reality where everything is fragmented and has nothing to do with anything else that has nothing to do with anything third, we lose the ability to remember from nose to mouth.

Well, says the brain-dead media consumer, was this guy not from the horrific clerical regime in Iran who stood up and said some horrible things? And I have to guarantee you that it is pretty much the only thing that sticks with 99% of the population. And yes, by the way, he had some very black eyebrows that made him extra black and suspicious …

Since we have been around Hitler, the ‘Hitler card’ was drawn several times in relation to the Iranian president when he had just been too open-mouthed. And who, of course, pulled the card out of the hat + a suicide rabbit? The Zionists, you guessed it, why are we not surprised? This in itself has become a cliché. If you have to stick a quick label on someone who says something you do not like and who is perceived to be heard by too many people, and therefore potentially has an influence, then he is suddenly the new Hitler. One can almost translate Hitler with the Empire’s worst enemy, it has become a title. Not surprisingly, since the figure of Hitler is totally dehumanized, caricatured, and depersonalized.

Basic rule no. 15

If you do not have pure flour in the sack, and in a narrow moment want to take advantage of the psychopath’s non-empathetic, de-humanized attitude to other inhuman quantities, then you draw the Hitler card.

The dehumanized people are a thing that can be exposed to anything.

Let’s just reset a few concepts. Pastoral rule is the traditional form of government in Persia / Iran. This has been the case in all Shia and Sunni Muslim countries before the British and French began to wrap their arms around the Middle East. One does not distinguish in Islam between political and religious rule. In other words, there has always been a built-in moral factor in Islamic politics. Amoral as a basic principle, which is now quite clear in the ‘liberated’ Western democracy, is completely foreign to Islam in its original form.

But then the British arrived in the 19th century. With the British came all that we know today as fundamentalism, for that was their invention. Wahhabism, Salafism, the Muslim Brotherhood, the despotism of Saudi Arabia, terrorism, all of it was British inventions. Like the state of Israel and Zionism. And the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire. And obvious conflict between Shia and Sunni. And the division of the whole region with straight lines in the sand (Sykes-Picot). And oil wars. And more terrorism.

In the years between 1917-19, Iran was subjected to genocide during British occupation. Half !! of the Iranian population was killed by a weapon of mass destruction that had been perfected by the British and used against several peoples of the World: starvation through food blockade. This huge genocide has until recently been a well-kept secret. For subsequently, a puppet Shah was deployed for the British. His last name was Pahlavi, and he was the father of the later similarly installed puppet, Shah Reza Pahlavi. Aside from an interim period of democracy, Iran has been under British control, and the Brits have been able to prevent anything from coming out about the massacre at the turn of the century.

In 1953, the democratically elected president, Mohammad Mossadeq, was overthrown in an MI6 / CIA coup. Reason: he believed that Iran’s oil belonged to Iran and not British Petroleum. Result: a new puppet leader inserted by the West to rule for the West. Reaction: a clerical regime with yet another puppet and MI6 agent named Ayatollah Khomeini, an attempt at controlled opposition. A kind of parallel to Fetulah Gülen in relation to Turkey. But he was read and seen through by the priesthood, and he reportedly died and is not rumored naturally, even though he was an elderly gentleman.

The nice man had such a nice wife
who could be seen in the women’s magazines.

Iranians are gifted and likeable people, with an ancient and fine culture. Many of the refugees we have in the West have arrived due to the clergy. They are often well-educated and formerly privileged people in their home country. They have no doubt had their reasons for leaving the country, and the early version of the clerical rule, under Agent Khomeini, was a hard sneeze. That was what he was committed to, and nothing is coincidental when the West’s intelligence services implement a regime change. However, it is, in my opinion, a little sad to see that these in principle sympathetic and educated people, Iranians that have been granted asylum in the West, often have a poor understanding of 20th century history and their own country, and that they simply believe that the puppet shah was a blessing. Unfortunately, this simply shows that it is possible to replace the history of an entire population with a forgery, a lie. It is perhaps one of the saddest things to witness.

It brings us with a little more historical baggage and hopefully a little more context up to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It has been said that there are only two capitals in the world today where one can openly comment on what World War II was really about. One place is Tokyo, the other place is Tehran. And as president of the government in Tehran 2005-13, he regularly took the opportunity to speak straight out of the bag.

For example, he constantly made the hairs rise on the Israeli president, Netanyahu, when he mentioned that the Holocaust as we have been presented was not … as we have been presented. And here it gets really funny and interesting, because there is a video clip on YouTube, where you see him in the company of the hardcore inner circle of rabbis with snake curls in New York. Is he scolded out of the meeting room? No, because they themselves have invited him, and he is embraced and welcomed in a completely authentic style.

How can something so seemingly contradictory take place? This can only be done if one understands that the Orthodox Jews do not recognize the state of Israel at all, nor Zionism, which is a Khazar, political banker, Sabbatean, Chabad Lubowitch ideology. The men with hats, beards, glasses and snake curls know full well that the Holocaust, as it is told, did not take place. There was ‘something’ that took place, but the Hollywood stunt we’ve got stuffed down our throats is a forgery. Ahmadinejad said it openly, and was called Hitler for it. Which, in turn, is an irony of the very great ones, considering that it was Hitler who created the state of Israel through the Ha’avara agreement, in which Jews were allowed to leave Germany free of charge, with all their earthly goods, and go to Palestine. If you have not heard and read about it, it is high time.

Basic rule no. 16

There is a deeper cultural reason for the Hitler as the ultimate evil has been developed. We live in a secularized world where Satan, the Devil disappeared together with God. A vacuum arose, and something had to fill the void. Because evil do exist.

How convenient, let’s put Hitler in the void. That’ll work!

Moammar Gaddafi

A deep silence arrived about Libya after the NATO attack? First, the media and the dumbest among the intelligentsia (an obvious contradiction …) cheered on NATO and the CIA and the genocide and terror coup that took place after the Benghazi fraud. Soon after, they lowered their gaze and switched channels to X Factor and Paradise Island, and in order not to have to admit their bad taste, they ironized over the ridiculous figures who had writhed in front of the screen the night before. First they gobbled up the media shit, then they wrinkled their noses at it, to distance themselves. It is with taste as with morality: double is twice as good.

There was zapping away from the real world. Another cartoon character, a stereotypical bohemian had seen the light of day and had disappeared into the darkness of night.

Give it a try. Go to a representative of the self-proclaimed thinking segment and casually ask: what can you tell me about Gaddafi? And if you have done a fair amount of homework and think you can answer the question yourself, hear what they have to offer. They know zero and a dead owl!

Remember that we are talking about the same people who years ago did not hold back and like little parrots in an echo-room, repeating-eating-ting-ing-ng all the statements that they the week before had been flushed through their pretty heads in front of the flat screen that: Gaddafi was an evil man, Gaddafi abused his people, Gaddafi was a dictator, Gaddafi we do not like, Gaddafi and all Libyans have deserved to be bombed, Gaddafi must die! However, when asked about facts, substance and context, they will not be able to formulate a single coherent and relevant sentence. They had opinions about them having opinions but nothing to hold them in. The shot it was brilliant, but there was no arrow on the bow.

Moammar Gaddafi was an unconditional hero of his own people, the Libyans. He had 95% support in the population. Not surprisingly, since he was the most charitable head of state towards his own people in recent times. People were completely indifferent of their leader being called a dictator because they lived a life of wellfare and thrive. He had created a country of unprecedented prosperity and the highest standard of living in both Africa and the Middle East. We are not talking here about enclaves of oil sheiks, like Qatar, nor would they be able to compete with Libya, because here it was only a stinking rich upper class that benefited from the oil money. In Libya, it was all inhabitants.

All Libyans had access to clean water via The Man Made Project, where large water pipes brought water from a giant lake, under the Libyan desert, out to the coast. Throughout Africa, Gaddafi was considered a true leader. In the Arabic League he had much to say. He worked, before assassinating him, to create an African dinar based on the Libyan gold reserves, to free the African nations from the petrodollar, the unholy alliance between the despot regime in Saudi Arabia and the United States. That was not allowed take place at any cost, according to the Saudis, the Americans, the Israelis, the British, and the French – the real Axis of Evil. George Bush’s ditto, on the other hand, consisted of the remaining countries in the world that were not yet down to earth with the global central banking system, the IMF and the WTO, and which the CIA had not yet overthrown and corrupted. Libya was one of them.

Why was Libya to be destroyed? That said, because his actions threatened the United States and their dollar empire. But also because Gaddafi had insulted the Saudi delegation at a summit in the Arab League, calling them ‘names’ because they had allowed, even urged, the United States to attack a member of the league, Iraq. They never forgave him for telling the truth in a forum where others listened.

Basic rule no. 17

We, the Empire, do not tolerate prosperity and human happiness. When We see prosperity, We must destroy it. The good life among men is a mockery of Us. Without poverty and misery, we cannot feel safe.

Vladimir Putin

When a head of state scores as high on the Hitler stereotype scale as this guy, one can assume as a given fact, that he has real format. The title is not used about the small fish that are unable to make the Empire feel insecure. But just calling Putin the new Hitler must be said to be a bit of an end in itself. For several reasons.

One of the reasons is, that the US government and its inherent neocon cells have been instrumental in a coup in Ukraine, where they installed none other than a genuine neo-Nazi government! Another reason is, as a senior member of the government a couple of years ago stated publicly: It is not the Nazis in Kiev that we are worried about. It’s the Nazis in Washington! (Yes! He said that damn thing!)

It is an old story, of course, but given the permanence of the historical forces, it is deeply topical. It gives us the opportunity to remember that it was the very moneymen from Wall Street, the Rothschild protégé, Jacob Schiff, who financed the Bolshevik coup, which was also over, along with the brothers Warburg, Kuhn-Loeb, Wanderbild, Bush (the grandfather of the baby bush), Rockefeller and all the other members of the Khazar mafia who financed Hitler’s Germany during its construction. If in doubt, go read professor Anthony Sutton, who wrote his books back in the 1970’ties, that have never been refuted.

If we further take into account that there was a significant ‘import’ in the United States of Nazi scientists, Gestapo people, money men + huge funds that throughout the post-war period (the extended war period) have pulled in all sorts of threads, then the Russian quote makes complete sense. The early CIA, OSS, consisted of former Gestapo people. Watch neocon guys like Victoria Nuland and John McCain line up in Kiev and embrace their Nazi puppets! Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.

The neocon types could, of course, claim that because they use Nazis, it is based on the standard slogan They may be Nazis, but they are our Nazis. It is the old British slogan that the British have applied to all the bad comrades they have cultivated to destroy a new nation somewhere in the World (remember: there were only 22 nations they did not manage to fuck up). It is a modular slogan, with a writable field in the middle. At will, can be written: Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Italian fascists (Operation Gladio), Chechens, ISIS terrorists. One can also write high school shooters or just assassins.

The Russian president has an increasingly extensive ‘sin register’ in relation to the Empire:

  • he threw out the oligarchs
  • he stopped the looting of Russia after CIA agent Yeltsin
  • he stopped the neo-Nazis from Kiev in the Crimea.
  • he has brought the Russian military up to a standard capable of defending itself against NATO aggression
  • he has stopped ISIS in Syria
  • he has grabbed the neck of Turkey and helped Erdogan avert a coup. Possibly he also prevented a liquidation of the man. And beware here, Erdogan, it’s something-for-something …
  • he is the forerunner of several initiatives for economic and trade cooperation in countries that, like Russia, can no longer stand the high power of the Empire.
  • he has initiated large-scale cooperation with Japan, which pisses the Americans off as they have parasitized Japan for several human ages
  • he is a statesman, unlike his western counterparts, who with very few exceptions are degenerate blunts of what statesmen and women should be.
  • he is a chess player and judo expert, ie he makes icy well-considered decisions, without raising an eyebrow and without succumbing to prefabricated stereotypes, such as an Obama did – the man who could not figure out how to write his political speeches himself because he were not really a politician. He could not even figure out how to memorize his prescribed speeches, but had to read aloud from a teleprompter.

The Crimean affair is particularly telling for the Western double standard when it comes to the concept of democracy. The people of Crimea, who are for the most part Russians, voted by a clear majority in favor of joining the Russian Federation. Immediately it was announced from Washington that the election was not valid. It was also said that Crimea was invaded and occupied by Russia, even though Crimea has always been Russian. Even if Russia had incorporated Ukraine, the same would have been the case, because Ukraine / Kiev is the very birthplace of what we understand by Russia.

The Pentagon / CIA has a special template lying around that can be triggered every time an election takes place somewhere in the World. If the outcome fits the United States, then it will stay in the drawer. If it does not suit the United States, the election is suddenly invalid. It can also be used internally as we clearly saw with the election 2020-21. In return, a coup or invasion is fully valid according to the template.

But Putin’s biggest ‘sin’ is probably. that he does what he says and that he puts power behind esteem and action behind words. The Americans and the British are right now watching everything happen that they have had bad dreams and bed pissing over for … well, centuries. That they were no longer The King of the Hill able to do just what suited them.

Oh yes, we forgot to say that the Western oligarchs may also come up with calling him the New Tsar. But since you, dear reader, have fought your way through a 30-page blog – and congratulations on that – then you can, with me, pull on the smiley face and take to your head over this intended character murder. Because when you know what the last tsar stood for, that’s the biggest compliment! There are many Russians who think of Putin as a charitable tsar figure in the best Russian tradition. They know full well that tsarist Russia was a golden age, especially in comparison to the hell on earth that followed and terrorized them for 70 years. Vladimir Putin could well be confused with a kind of oligarch. And yet not, for one cannot be an Orthodox Christian and a nationalist and an oligarch at the same time. Actual oligarchy has historically always been incompatible with both. The oligarchy is completely foreign to the nation, that is, the people and its traditions, and thus also the Orthodox Church, which lies deep in the Russian people’s soul.

So, the propagandistic, systematic insult that is taking place with Russians, Russia and their president at the moment, he and they can in a strange backwards way take as a compliment. It takes place, unfortunately, in times when precisely the oligarchy in the West has reached the point of desperation that they are constantly thinking in terms of great war. It is part of the built-in mechanics of liberalism, predator capitalism and banker domination. The war is necessary for the maintenance of the parasite. The World experiences a pause in the endless wars in the Trump era. Not one single war was started. Now the war pigs are trying to start it all again.

The other way round

We could have chosen to expose glorified figures to the same treatment. That is, to direct the spotlight on them and their facade. In that case, it would give the opposite result. From being heroes, patriarchs, glorified icons, yes, even saints, they would fall deep into the very swamp that the Empire has tried to seal.

The following is just a synopsis with bullet points:

Lenin og Trotskij

– mass murderers (genocide: 30 million), simple thieves, with billions in Swiss bank accounts stolen from the Russian people, star psychopaths, Freemasons and members of the Khazar mafia.

Mao Tse-dong

– mass murderers (genocide: 100 millions), member of Skull & Bones of Yale, cannibal (extensive ritual cannibalism took place, parting and eating opponents of the revolution).

John D. Rockefeller

– (well, he was a philanthropist then, and I’ve even seen movies where he hands out pennies to poor people and shakes them heartily), tax evader (philanthropy was for his foundations not to pay a penny in taxes), son of ‘Devil Bill’, a notorious snake oil fraudster, oil magnate who, together with Carnegie, created the pharmaceutical industry and destroyed medical science, destroyer of the American education system, eugenicist and founder of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin (Dr. Mengele, you know … ) + almost all the shit you can think of to say about the United States in the 20th century and into the 21st.

Winston Churchill

– coward, drunkard, mass murderer from the Sudan War and the Boer War, responsible for the sinking of Lusitania, cousin of Roosewelt, bought and paid for millions of pounds by Jewish-liberal financiers and industrialists to start a war with Germany (cf. letters with Chaim Weitzmann), mass murderer from carpet bombings over Germany that exclusively affected civilians (‘This is not a war against Nazi Germany, this is a war against the German people’).

Franklin Deleanor Roosewelt

– cousin of Churchill, communist and admirer of Stalin, co-founder of the UN, the body that acted as a peace organization but which was to maintain the US grip on the countries of the world in the post-war period (founded as an alliance between the allies at Presidio Military Base), knowing all about Pearl Harbor as a false-flag operation, originally had plans in the mid-30s for a war against England, to secure control of opium, but then they deployed Churchill, and the United States was still allowed to take over the drug trade.

Mother Theresa

– (oh no, are you now also going for a ‘saint’?) – the stories of religious fanaticism, sadism, hygiene filth and abuse in her asylums, orphanages and hospitals are many. The propaganda apparatus of the Catholic Church covered her. Suffering was, according to the lady, a gift from God, after which she ‘saved’ her victims with lots of suffering. See Aroup Chatterjee: Mother Theresa – The Untold Story.

Bill Clinton

– deeply involved in drug trafficking as governor of Arkansas, rapist (over 100 cases on the neck), mass murderer (Bosnia), financial swindler and money launderer through The Clinton Foundation, high-level thief (stole all the money that should have rebuilt Haiti after the disaster), voodoo grower (own statement), pedophile (Epstein, Lolita Express), married to Hillary Clinton, who if possible is even more criminal than him.

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